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>>/fascist/35323 >>29152 >Positively bluepilled. Language is a limiting factor on your knowledge and understanding of reality Did you not read
>>/b/29064 >>22092 >You guys don't care about intellectual discussion. You just wanna shitpost. The increase in shitposting on this site p
>>/fascist/35322 >>35310 Of course they would Mr. "muh". People love concern trolling and criticizing, especially our enemies, especially when t
>>/b/29063 >>24353 foreskin blood is probably good for them due to high concentration of stem cells in it.
>>/b/29062 >>24217 well, what do you think happened? They destroyed a lot of historical documents about the actual white race culture and
>>/b/29061 >>21156 >I've been and seen plenty of gangs in my life and alot of them use the same methods you do to find recruits to stormfr
>>/fascist/35320 >>35302 Retards exist, kudos bro, also who knows if thats the guys stuff or a random picture they found for the article? people
>>/b/29060 >>29056 No kike. You will continue to be "god chosen" aka ugly as fuck, due to your inferior genetics. Cheers!
>>/b/29059 >>25515 Clearly they cant do it openly/directly, so they have to lie around it - which is an indication that what you said is n
>>/fascist/35319 >>35307 >They are not sending their best Could be worse. At least they didnt roll camera when he was smiling and practicing
>>/fascist/35318 >>35301 >The fact that texts survive which celebrate polytheism, argue for multiple gods, defend pederasty, and all sorts of th
>>/fascist/35317 How long do we have left to suffer under the burden of this Kali Yuga? Is it true that 2025 will be the end of it, or are we goi
>>/fascist/35316 >christkikes take to shilling on the Aryan Religion thread Fuck off back to /christian/ and keep shilling for racemixing there,
>>/fascist/35315 Another grain silo fire in the last day! == Crews respond to grain silo fire in Prosser after employee reports explosion== >
>>/fascist/35314 >>35307 They’re really pulling out all stops lately, aren’t they. https://youtu.be/Yf3clIaoL0w
>>/pol/65442 The Chechnya angle was just a meme. Bit of backstory to it. Earlier it was reported the two of Kadyrov's sons were reported to h
>>/fascist/35313 >>35311 Looks like we’ve got a yid here who is afraid to spell the name of the Lord
>>/pol/65441 3 websites are now dead, including one filled with dog eater garbage. https://odinia.org/ is still valid but you might be warne
>>/fascist/35312 ==GRAIN SILO BURNS DOWN== It’s happening again. ==Evansville grain fire does $850,000 in damage== > EVANSVILLE, Wis. (WMTV)
>>/pol/65440 You can't do anything useful about them. They don't even attack the giant GAFAM and other megacorporations, even less banks. The
>>/fascist/35311 >>35309 Go shill your christcukery somewhere else >thank G_d Europeans got their hands on our bible, or else we'd have gotten
>>/pol/65439 This thread is a must read, it would be a crime to let it slide because of some glownigger floodposting. We can see that democr
>>/aus/25645 Cunce here put the radio on first thing and first thing is the propaganda broadcast. Never be in the mood for that
>>/pol/65438 >>58009 >azov nazi larper captured safely >v& to Shitchenya So pseudo-nazi will be turned into a MMA slime lover.
>>/pol/65437 >>65219 You are effectively not even allowed to hold a neutral position or refrain from offering yours publicly. Same goes wit
>>/fascist/35310 >>35306 No one would criticize if people actually helped our race. “Muh stickers” and “muh supermarkets” is getting pretty bori
>>/fascist/35309 >>35014 Ashkenazis are basically Italian mutts speaking a Germanic language, this is a load of chutzpah. But, this said, ==than
>>/pol/65435 The feds are launching their reserve groomies all at once it seems. Our enemy must be under great pressure.
>>/pol/65432 We need a ==GREAT'''ER''' RESET== to oppose the (((Great Reset)))!! The kind that retcons traitors and kikes out of existence!!
>>/fascist/35307 >Crisis Actor They are not sending their best https://youtu.be/xvPOGcHrpRU
>>/pol/65431 Dunno why they call him a fascist (as if fascism was even good enough for us). He wasn't. But communists are still seething and
>>/fascist/35306 >>35026 >dont get caught <they never do anything! >get caught <he gave zog an excuse to crack down on us!
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