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>>/pol/21387 >>21332 Or stop using currency which he can manufacture at will out of thin air and manipulate by owning every central bank in t
>>/pol/21386 >>21384 I love Tulsi, but then I'm a Strasserist-leaning man. As an American (of British descent-- I'm a direct descendant of Sa
>>/pol/21385 >>21331 Didn't want to answer to that, but eeeh. Drunk & bored, why not. >двум разным людям Too lazy to check are you a hones
>>/pol/21384 >>21379 This is pretty much my stance on other races, (((them))), and (((him))). >>21381 >Modi I’ve heard good things abou
>>/pol/21383 >>21382 ToC: ==PART I: Lessons from History== >Chapter One King Alfred the Great: The Intellectual & Military Achievements o
>>/pol/21382 I want everyone's thoughts on this (Southgate is a British National-Anarchist for the unaware) The very first essay is very goo
>>/pol/21381 >>21380 >>21365 >Buddhists removing kebab Hindu Nationalism has been strengthening for years and years now, Modi is their Trump/
>>/pol/21380 >>21379 >Until then, we work toward justice, though. To clarify, this justice involves removing the Semitic sickness from the
>>/pol/21379 Nice to see there's quite a bit of discussion here without flaming. >>21326 >I don't get the function of that. They certainly
>>/pol/21378 >>21358 Ok, ok, amerimut. Russia is an autocracy. In Russia, there is no politically correct and politically incorrect. Only s
>>/library/322 Here is a site with a bunch of rare Serrano pdfs which need to be translated from Spanish. https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/Al
>>/culture/622 >>555 Everything in nature is the way it is for a reason. Therefore, natural female behaviours aren't inherently evil. Social st
>>/b/4560 >>4559 >Member 2012 The "Enlightenment" set up the courses of events because it made us all spiritually weak. We lost an ident
>>/pol/21374 >>21372 6/6 (found #20)
>>/pol/21372 >>21371 5/6
>>/pol/21371 >>21370 4/6 (not sure about #20)
>>/pol/21370 >>21369 3/6
>>/pol/21369 >>21368 2/6
>>/pol/21368 ==PEPE BOOKS SERIES DUMP== 1/6
>>/pol/21367 ==MEMES & OC== Dump your /pol/-related webm / mp4 / memes / OC here.
>>/pol/21366 >>21362
>>/pol/21365 >>21224 >I was reading an EH blog that claimed Brigid and Ostara are Venus Yes they are both associated with Venus and thus th
>>/pol/21364 >>21360
>>/pol/21362 >>21307 We are the jews now
>>/pol/21361 >>21359 Nice work anon, btw our mkv/mp4 files support sound.
>>/pol/21360 Do y'all think there will be a point when we descend into chaos, peoples pitted against each other, chaos in the streets as trad
>>/pol/21359 This is my part. Compilation with music (Follow me - Morrakiu) https://twitter.com/MgJavier90/status/1216275889002024960 School
>>/pol/21358 >>21309 >>21331 Could you please you two slavfags make yourselves clearer? You seem to have fine points but something somethin
>>/pol/21357 >>21212 funky digits What's all that gray shit in Greece?
>>/pol/21356 >>21208 >Yes, I am a staunch supporter of multiculturism, there is value in learning from and understanding other cultures. I a
>>/pol/21355 >>21185 >Muh Papa Stalin The guy who is responsible for allowing the world be the shit hole it is today. >Dugin's cosmo/pol/
>>/pol/21354 >>21178 >It will be hard for you to understand what chaos is. Splain.


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