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>>/ausneets/6112 >>6006 ==HOLY SHIT THIS THREAD IS COMFY== I'm a Seattle burger can I stay bros?
>>/ausneets/6111 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-07/george-pell-wins-high-court-appeal-child-sex-abuse-convictions/12048726 Acquitted! Au
>>/ausneets/6110 ==LUNCHED==
>>/pol/25545 >>25543 >>25544 >actually believing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhjkqLhbgu8
>>/pol/25543 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUihuU_x520 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtu8s6PjyDM
>>/pol/25542 >>22530 >The White Advancement Struggle™ >>22539 >i'm a NewType™ you seem like a pretty cool guy. i like how you add an extra s
>>/pol/25541 i put up some flyers around my neighborhood with my son this morning advertising the site.
>>/pol/25540 iceland arguably has some of the purist white genes.. they don't need any foreign blood. do you want to turn europe into america
>>/b/10093 >>10092 You're a shit hole.
>>/ausneets/6109 My researching today takes me to investigate static electricity. I found this picture, its so damn cute i cant stand it.
>>/b/10092 >>9776 It's a shithole
>>/ausneets/6108 I can't go to the gym anymore I can't stop cooming I'm putting all my energy into coom
>>/ausneets/6107 Good Morning NEETs. Its a bit fresh this morning and opened the window to let the stale out.
>>/ausneets/6106 >>6105 >didnt read anything today dont worry about it, reading is for faggot intellectuals. Real men burn books. Just surv
>>/ausneets/6105 I didn't read anything today. basically I haven't read a single book this year I feel like a retard I wanted to read lots o
>>/pol/25539 >>25342 Hey. I fucked up my efforts during quarantine too. I have been running 2 and a half years. It started with watching d
>>/pol/25538 >>25518 I didn't know im, but of all ways. F
>>/k/267 The tranny jannies on 4chan try to ban you for pointing out weebshit /a/ threads don't even have firearms in them
>>/b/10091 >>9770 Here you go anon https://16chan.xyz/b/res/9601.html and an archive as well http://archive.is/ZJKwn ==DELIVER US TO THE P
>>/r9k/891 Take this survey and see how you compare to others. I have a theory that the more self-conscious you are about your genitals, th
>>/b/10090 >>9997 >You really want to see them getting sick and getting better by this vaccine HTF are you going to cure something with a
>>/pol/25537 Hello all quick news updates >blairists stooge replaces marxist relic as liebour leader >Johnson hospitalised as he continues
>>/ausneets/6104 What a great day. Did some research and then went to the "Gym". Had a great lunch and finished off the wooden locker. Then got t
>>/b/10089 the actual place where it began the trance state and the materialization of that overlay of empty darkness over the 3d matter, l
>>/b/10088 one more picture once u past the sign of which i would never stroll further than this picture despite that the park doesnt feel
>>/b/10087 i do 10-12km runs , one evening ran by this park when my mother called me on my phone asking me to pick her up from station it w
>>/b/10085 Have fun wading through 600 dubs and rate my cock threads to find discussion retard
>>/b/10084 >>10083 (continuing) >the post basically just being one big conjecture ignoring everything You haven't even attempted to addre
>>/b/10083 >>10072 It's likely that those novel or obscure platforms aren't getting updates but I could be wrong. Do you know anything abo
>>/b/10082 >>10079 Terrible analogy but fair point.
>>/pol/25535 Big F. Din't have time to read his books yet, but I will do in a near future. I had opinions close to his before learning abou


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