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>>/fascist/3429 Still right on schedule. https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/having-difficulty-finding-gas-in-las-vegas-youre-not-alone-23
>>/fascist/3428 >>3424 Stalin supports people with his ideology? You don't say!? My point is that in order for communism to work he had to heavi
>>/fascist/3427 >>3407 >Either calm your autism or leave. Again, I'm not the one calling it a "dead board" and going around accusing people of
>>/fascist/3426 >>3425 World Economic Forum/Davos/Bilderberg/NWO use GMO, put the farmers out of work, seize the farms, control the food supply
>>/fascist/3425 What Is Agenda 21.
>>/fascist/3424 >>3422 >Saddam and Iraq wasn't either. Your point? There's little to celebrate about Iraq and Saddam except to say that it was
>>/fascist/3423 >>3395 What is your obsession with Keith m8? You brought this autism from cafe and he's not even a duganist.
>>/fascist/3422 >>3414 Don't care if it isn't actually fascism, Saddam and Iraq wasn't either. Communists consider Stalinists traitors to the re
>>/ausneets/20580 dead thread
>>/fascist/3421 >>3420 >on face *faith
>>/fascist/3420 >>3419 Yeah but the major problem is that we're at the point where much of this stuff is entirely irreproducible by the average
>>/fascist/3419 >>3417 Well that is the point of the scientific method. You have to be able to reproduce an experiment otherwise it's fake and
>>/fascist/3418 >>3401 Every. Fucking. Time.
>>/fascist/3417 >>3411 It really makes me wonder how much of science is fake. I feel like I can hardly trust anything that I can't test or obse
>>/fascist/3416 >>3317 Whats to defend about it? Cesar himself knows that if he gets his way he too will die for the Total Aryan Victory, and he
>>/fascist/3415 >>3278 What does it matter? The cafe was always going to kick us out and I don't consider it a loss, because they did it with no
>>/fascist/3414 >>3389 Stalin and his views are diametrically opposed with those of National Socialism, and even beyond this, they are not heal
>>/fascist/3413 The derailing was deleted in the virus thread and the unpopular opinion thread was cleaned up while leaving the unpopular opinio
>>/pol/44188 No one under 45 years old will ever know what freedom was and almost everyone under 55 will live to see the end of the USA.
>>/fascist/3412 >>3411 i saw someone describe doctors succinctly as webmd on two legs, and nurses are people too lazy and stupid to pass the bra
>>/fascist/3411 >>3404 You should posted the link above as well. Academia is not only fake and gay, but science in general is going through a de
>>/fascist/3409 https://ideasanddata.wordpress.com/2020/10/05/the-rise-and-fall-of-science/
>>/fascist/3408 >>3406 If your opinions are shit, then you be best keeping them to yourself, especially if it has to do with race-mixing. >>34
>>/fascist/3407 >>3403 >>3387 >What exactly are considered shit-stirrers? Arguing and bickering over something that isn't even important, while
>>/fascist/3406 Pretty much all of my opinions are unpopular, and this makes you uncomfortable. Clearly I don't fit in here, so farewell.
>>/fascist/3405 >>3389 >It's basically Stalinism with more emphasis on national identity. It's just another "ism" meme that doesn't make any sen
>>/ausneets/20579 >>20578 Stating facts nigga
>>/ausneets/20578 >>20577 You're just trying to hurt my feelings.
>>/fascist/3404 https://ideasanddata.wordpress.com/2020/06/25/on-trusting-academic-experts/ I think this was posted before, but I'll repost it a
>>/pol/44187 >https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/315109086/#315132470 Anonymous ID:mcmMc2r5 ('''90 REPLIES BY THIS ID''') Sun 04 Apr 03
>>/k/487 Ten perecent of their population have one of the two key genes that cause natural genetic HIV restistance possibly from the gene
>>/ausneets/20577 >>20576 you're not a neet you're a wagie mate


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