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>>/pol/53002 God, you Tarrant-obsessed faggots are pathetic. If he didn't cuck, why did he PLEAD GUILTY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH? Didn't he say in
>>/pol/53001 >>53000 Why did BO delete him? Can BO pls explain? He was just saying how violence is the only way. Why would BO remove that?
>>/fascist/18971 If I remember correctly, Hitler's Table Talks was translated into English from a French translation of the original German, beca
>>/pol/53000 >>52999 What are you talking about?
>>/fascist/18970 LUCCA CORGIAT is not PF at least not 'officially' He also did the reporting on TRS protest in Waukesha last week http://media2
>>/fascist/18969 >>18967 >that tattoo What a bad goy! I hope they're smart enough to not bring cell phones everywhere.
>>/pol/52998 >>52993 And here is a horrible growth prediction following the one-per-cell rule in the first table, but where it flattens too
>>/pol/52994 >>52990 The demoralization shills are going full force on cuckchan throwing glownigger accusations around as usual. Reminder tha
>>/pol/52993 >>52991 Another one of every individual cell inviting less than one (0.8) per day, basically weak propaganda ops and we all suc
>>/ausneets/30358 Double vaxxed the canes. I'll have to see how ''effective'' it is next week before we start a healthy dicussion about a mandator
>>/pol/52991 >>52988 Here's another chart with the most optimistic outcome possible - every separate cell (avg 3 people per cell) manages to
>>/fascist/18968 PF docu from few months ago https://odysee.com/@Media2Rise:4/M2R-SHORTEN:8 https://odysee.com/@Media2Rise:4/M2R-PART2:a
>>/fascist/18967 >>18959 99% of the time I've seen them online, they always take care to conceal their identity in public
>>/fascist/18966 >>18959 I’m starting to think they might be worth it. Check out the news thread if you haven’t. They just did a march in DC. Th
>>/pol/52990 Bump https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1467259506048569349 PF docu from few months ago https://odysee.com/@Media2Rise:4
>>/fascist/18965 >>18942 This x1000. Anyone who suggests anything below reducing shitskins to ashes should be looked upon with suspicion. May
>>/fascist/18959 Are they worth joining or not? I sometimes see their propaganda on my college campus, and while I'm glad to see some IRL activis
>>/b/23470 >>23469
>>/b/23469 >>23468
>>/b/23468 Posting for archival and use by others.
>>/culture/1740 >>1736 Jesus Christ is the only hope that this planet has. The deeper you dig, the more you learn that it all comes to down to
>>/meta/2782 >>2461 Site is breddy gud I don't have any suggestions just keep up the good work
>>/g/1863 >>1862 To answer your question though, I would use Firefox for web and PDFs, VLC for music and video, Deluge for torrents, and
>>/g/1862 >>1861 >all this talk about FOSS >aged laptop >surfing web >reading PDFs >antivirus >firewalls Why not linux? You have pr
>>/culture/1739 Any Star Wars fans here? I was wondering if the sequel trilogy would have been a lot better if Directed by Lucas himself or woul
>>/g/1861 I have windows 7 on a laptop I received as a birthday gift. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some good advice on what
>>/fascist/18957 >>18956 >he doesn't have a folder documenting degeneracy
>>/culture/1738 >>1735 Jewish atheists slaughtered tens of millions of White Christians in the 20th century. Inspired by whom? The atheist Jew
>>/fascist/18956 >>18939 >image saved on your drive What kind of White Nationalist posts negative imagery like this? What kind of question is t
>>/culture/1737 >>1658 Based Christposter
>>/culture/1736 >>1658 >Christianity is the only thing which can save the Western man, or humanity in general. Just 2000 more years, it'll wor
>>/culture/1735 >>1534 >Atheism is Semitic too. >Not believing in jew gods is jewish Lmao Christians are retarded, jew worshipping cowards
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