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>>/ausneets/13931 >>13929 >don't use Xorg Text based Arch Linux OS is Based.
>>/ausneets/13930 Good Morning NEETs. Admin and chores day today, not feeling up to much else.
>>/r9k/1508 Protip: just stop
>>/meta/1545 You are more than welcome to make a few threads on /culture/ for now Anon. If it seems there is genuine interest and cause for a
>>/g/1307 why not just set up an sftp server? I would but I'm using my server for something else now.
>>/k/365 >>323 >>332 Boy did I ever have that wrong. InRange dumped 7 mags full auto through a pencil barrel and nothing broke. There
>>/b/16849 >>16780 Why give a fuck? Imageboards are the best anyway.
>>/ausneets/13929 >>13925 I just play 480p videos natively here, because 640x480 is what my kernel boots to. I mean the framebuffer tty, since I
>>/ausneets/13928 >>13924 God will return to the earth to gather the faithful flock, pity those that have been led astray by the devil's voice, t
>>/ausneets/13927 Happenstance today at wage had me working on the same floor as the woman who is my best chance for GF2020-2030. I can tell she i
>>/ausneets/13926 >>13925 What, does it take your degenerate anime and make it higher resolution degenerate anime? I'm sure you get extra dege
>>/pol/37165 >>37163 Always had been.
>>/b/16848 search 'listcrawler'
>>/ausneets/13925 got that waifu2x for video working (video2x). takes a fucking long time though for 480 -> 960p, even on my [spoiler] EPIC GAMER
>>/k/363 >>360 Welcome back /k/anon >shills on 4cuck Really? Hadn't noticed
>>/r9k/1507 I've recently started doing weird and fucked up things. Maybe i've only noticed it now... Last week i fucked this prostitu
>>/pol/37164 USA here. Can someone redpill me on textiles? The subject deserves its own thread IMHO but one of you are better placed for it,
>>/b/16846 Think back to Ted Bundy. He was probably the first documented incel. As long as there's porn capitalism women will always cho
>>/pol/37163 Does anyone get the feeling that the Uniparty has been bought off by the elites?
>>/pol/37162 Jews, Satan's chosen people.
>>/ausneets/13924 As the world turns ever more towards Satan, we turn ever more towards God.
>>/ausneets/13923 Twitter is cancer. No man who stays in contact with it is fit to be part of this our new world. The same goes for most other soc
>>/ausneets/13922 It is a little known fact that the Israelites, some 600 years after seeing Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed for their own abominatio
>>/b/16843 >>16769 There are things you don't understand my young friend. Why would we risk intelligent minds being sent into the unknown?
>>/ausneets/13920 >>13915 to the public service he's simply: "Scotty from marketing."
>>/ausneets/13919 >>13917 >convid >covid-1984 Maybe. I still really motivated to not catch it though.
>>/ausneets/13918 >>13911 All the naughty boys will be soundly whipped by general gaylord's homosexual batallion. **they're very disciplined**
>>/200acres/63 >>27 what is glow niggering
>>/ausneets/13917 >>13913 >convid
>>/ausneets/13916 Diversity is very important because without diversity we would not have the benefits of having diversity.


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