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>>/ausneets/17035 >>17025 Good to hear m8, a bit of breathing space for you.
>>/pol/42012 >>42011 When a normis uses such a term with you, pretend as though you have never heard it. Make them feel like the wacko degen
>>/pol/42011 >>42000 The way forward with cultural trash like this is to ignore it. Don’t waste your time with it. “Superstraight” should no
>>/pol/42010 >>40375 If it wasn't for anime on adult swim i would never have found /pol/ years ago. It was always my mental escape from the
>>/pol/42009 >>35321 That Hideous Strength is better then both Brave New World and 1984.
>>/pol/42008 >>41685 Supporting Open Borders For isreal was always my go to. It always turned heads, except jewish college professors and c
>>/pol/42006 >>9869 The putin one killed me
>>/ausneets/17033 >>17031 Dont use the word "Poof", It objectifies the lgbtqp community.
>>/ausneets/17032 >>17031 Thanks sweetie.
>>/pol/42005 The only reason i know about the book and movie is because grade school happened to show it one day among other movies like anim
>>/ausneets/17031 And Happy International Women's Day for all you female poofs!
>>/ausneets/17030 >>17026 Just grab all the blind cunt coins mate.
>>/ausneets/17029 Decided to go to Civic club instead of the moofie. I get a bit of fresh air and its out in Woodford which is fucking way out. I
>>/pol/42003 >>35895 >Good book, but by no means does it paint the whole picture. Of course, it's a work of fiction. It's not going to be 100
>>/pol/42000 >>41993 >This is probably true. Still, I don't see why you thought this observation or the one above worthy of a thread. It cert
>>/ausneets/17028 >>17025 That movie looks alright. Not gonna lie, I'd simp for Ridley. Though she needs breast enlargement surgery.
>>/ausneets/17027 >>17024 Kill him. Skin him. ''Become'' him.
>>/ausneets/17026 I have started writing my cryptocoin. I should be able to start testing by the time the coronavirus supplement ends.
>>/pol/41998 >>41997 This is a curated board, not an anything goes board. If you had spent enough time here you would know that already. Per
>>/pol/41997 >>41984 yeah there used to be a time on the internet when people self-moderated with blocking and filtering, not screaming for m
>>/ausneets/17025 Mike lando says I have a "Couple of Months" before he wants me out. Great, thanks, I look around and I'm down to camping gear. N
>>/pol/41995 >>41993 >Both images you posted along with the general topic were on the front page I don't deny the subject is on 4chan, as wel
>>/pol/41994 >>41993 >>41992 was not OP >>41985
>>/pol/41993 >>41992 Both images you posted along with the general topic were on the front page of 4pol approximately 1 hour before I wrote
>>/ausneets/17024 Fugg. Lando is about to come around. Sweep the gate path and assemble my finest meats and cheeses.
>>/ausneets/17023 >>17022 ZOG needs a nation enslaved to debt
>>/pol/41992 >>41986 https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/%22Because%20now%20the%20discussion%20isn%27t%20about%20multiculturalism%22/
>>/ausneets/17022 >>17020 Fukn too many holidays. The ZOG could clear the national debt in a couple of years if they got rid of one public holida
>>/pol/41991 >>41547 Amazing painting lad, did you draw it? Did you ever try dowsing?
>>/ausneets/17021 >>17018 Thought I was about to watch an episode of Father Ted. Similar opening with the helicopter view of lush greenery.
>>/pol/41990 >>41989 Hearing the percentage of people that don't have an inner monologue was the tipping point for me. Then watching everyth
>>/pol/41989 >>41248 >With reptilians, you're truly bluepilled if you think that Jews are at the top of the period Real conspiracies are usua


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