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>>/fascist/15040 >>14850 I learned allot of this from tv media teacher in high school. When watching commercials, a frame will only last 3 s
>>/pol/50826 >>50818 Kek everyone needs to start treating cops like that mp4. You can see he was taken aback. Their so-called 'authority' is
>>/pol/50824 >>50818 If people start using violence at protests, the jew government ''will'' escalate it with live ammunition, and bring in t
>>/fascist/15039 >>15038 >>15008 Forgot to say - my citations come from here >>3353
>>/fascist/15038 >>15008 >So we can have multiple 'Gods' (with the capital G) then? No, I don't think so. The attributes traditionally ascri
>>/fascist/15037 >>15022 It would definitely be interesting to see if there is anything in the sources on this. I wonder how insular they really
>>/fascist/15036 >>14835 >Someone really needs to find a way to rehabilitate Hitler's honor and memory, and that of all the Germans of that time
>>/fascist/15035 >>14960 >I also read somewhere here the 6th (or 7th?) millennium "since the creation of the world" is closing in and they are p
>>/pol/50823 >>50818 >These brainless fucking losers will soon be taking orders to kill people without even thinking about what's going on,
>>/fascist/15034 >>15017 >Sometimes I feel that all of the ubermenschen of our race were killed off in WWII, with the others dying in the gulag
>>/fascist/15033 >>15031 I would not become a sperm donor. Assuming you qualify, you never know who exactly would be getting the sperm. Non-Whit
>>/fascist/15032 >>15024 I'm not sure what actually led to it being banned, unfortunately. Someone probably filed a false report against us and
>>/fascist/15031 How do I get a sperm dank to accept me? I already jack off a lot anyway so I may as well do it for a good cause.
>>/fascist/15030 >>15025 I don't know what your situation in life is at the moment, but in most cases, you are better off learning a trade. Goin
>>/ausneets/29650 >>29570 "United by a woman" Kek. Many lads would sell their son's soul for a bit of that poon these days.
>>/pol/50822 >>50821 Ok podesta if you say so
>>/pol/50821 >>46552 > the existence of a pedophlie eliete Do you really believe that nonsense? Or are you just a jew poisoning the well?
>>/fascist/15029 >>15023 last mp4
>>/ausneets/29649 >>29646 If the U.S armed forces have shown us anything, it's that superior arms and rescources mean nothing in this world. A
>>/fascist/15028 >>15023 mp4s
>>/pol/50820 >>50818 Reminds me of when the zogbots were beating up and shooting blue lives matters supporters at the capitol protests lol.
>>/fascist/15027 >>15025 It depends on what you are getting your degree in. For example you can get a CS degree online for cheap from WGU. Just
>>/fascist/15026 >>15010 I don't think it's really a solved problem. It's the bane of pretty much every political system, although most systems
>>/fascist/15025 Is it worth going to a university to get a degree in this day and age, or are they all just marxist indoctrination centers?
>>/fascist/15024 What's this absolute bullshit with matrix server being banned? I can shamefully say I've never visited, wasn't it supposed to be
>>/pol/50818 >>50796 The psychopath police thinks they are safe on ZOG side, they are not and are never going to be, just easily disposable
>>/fascist/15023 A true White man speaks Pt. 1, deardanny on Telegram (attached) A true White man speaks Pt. 2, Riccardo Bosi leader of Australi
>>/pol/50817 >>50802 >The problem is not what the jews are doing. The problem is that it's NOT White people doing it. That's true. But th
>>/pol/50816 Comparing CCP to NSDAP is a huge insult to German leadership if you know anything about China past shills blowing hot air online
>>/ausneets/29648 There's a strange dynamic to the covaxx situation, especially up here in the remote. You don't know who's got the mark of the sh
>>/fascist/15022 >>14991 >Do you have any evidence for jewing going on in these places? It's sometimes hard even for White people to notice the j
>>/fascist/15021 >>15005 >It transcends that. It always did. Neither communism nor capitalism are rounded systems, they were devised with the sam
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