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>>/pol/39903 Why obey the law if the government and illegal immigrants don't obey the law? If just existing is illegal then why not commit a
>>/pol/39902 >>39881 Pretty light here (unsurprisingly). I'm sure they got some valuable info on where people migrated to in the last hour.
>>/ausneets/14804 >>14802 Its back up
>>/ausneets/14803 I am popping more panadol + Iburpfen than normal. I know its over the counter and Generally pretty safe but its costing me ten d
>>/ausneets/14802 >>14801 >4channel is down It's happening, I'm going to lie down and put a paper bag over my head and wait for the end.
>>/pol/39901 >>39894 so based
>>/pol/39900 >>39897 /pol/ just came back online
>>/pol/39899 >>39881 Can confirm 4chan is kill 'noooooo' 'yup'
>>/pol/39898 >>39882 Any idea why? I was in the thread about trump leaving and telling friends and family to do the same, maybe just a coinci
>>/pol/39897 >>39881 From some anon on 8kun: "combing post, this skyking user from IRC knew what was up <SKYKING> holy shit, you heard it he
>>/pol/39895 It's finally over! Goodnight sweet prince!
>>/pol/39894 >>39176 Shut up kike
>>/pol/39893 >>39890 8kun is still working, hiro got a visit from uncle joe and hillary lol
>>/pol/39892 >>39891 WHO DID THIS SHIT WAS IT POL
>>/ausneets/14801 4channel is down, may have to return to this version of aussie friend sim
>>/pol/39890 People say 8kun is also down. Are they taking all of us down?
>>/pol/39889 >>39883 Fucked
>>/pol/39888 >>39881 maybe the fourchan as the friends we made along the way :V))
>>/pol/39887 >>39881 It's been an honor, gentlemen.
>>/pol/39886 >>38810 someone was telling people how america is actually a corporation and not a country the other day. this is all very inte
>>/pol/39885 8kun is also down
>>/pol/39884 >>39881 >>39881 saying its actually hiros servwrs that are down, maybe he trippsd and unplugged it, or joe and hillary just we
>>/pol/39883 >>39881 Indeed. Commence the Samson Option
>>/pol/39882 We got too cocky bros
>>/pol/39881 4chan just got taken down!
>>/pol/39880 >>39159 Test
>>/ausneets/14800 >>14798 >Are you neets ready to trust the collapse plan? I hope the seppos and chinks take each other out to be honest, we'll
>>/ausneets/14799 I went up the gully and found this flat bit that was clearly made by someone ages ago. Its super hidden and 50 metres from my ma
>>/ausneets/14798 >>14797 That reichstag style invasion of the capitol building was a ANTIFA false flag. Trump was giving a speech to the patriot
>>/pol/39879 >>34816 Why should he regret anything? He just got rid of the vermin.
>>/pol/39878 >>39872 I hope they destroy Trump for what he did to his people.


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