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>>/pol/51448 >>51442 >My theory is the same as Dr. Pierce proposed, basically that as things deteriorate and conservatives either die off or
>>/pol/51447 >>51444 >didn't read post Ask me how I know you are native to 4cuck. >Replacing all non-Italics with Latin peoples.
>>/pol/51446 >>51445 I'll add one more comment. We have all seen those Africans who go around We Wuzing other, better peoples' history. They
>>/pol/51445 >>51436 The jews being slaves in Egypt was the original Holocaust. They made it up. Ironically, you can glean the truth by a ske
>>/fascist/16903 >>16885 >the "Internet of things" Just to add on here. IoT means connected devices that almost always have some form of sensor
>>/pol/51444 >>51443 This is an intellectually lazy comparison since Germanics and Italics were compatible racial stock. Whereas when you mi
>>/bmw/82 >>80 Capitalism is retarded. Everybody hates capitalism other than a tiny amount of decrepit, dying boomer cucks and befuddled,
>>/pol/51443 >>51432 >"What? You're killing nonwhites." >to a post talking about killing off all non-Italics in Europe. If the Romans had suc
>>/fascist/16902 >>16840 >Your false equivalence fallacy goes both ways I didn't create any false equivalence you retard also you don't know anyt
>>/pol/51442 >>51433 >>51435 >>51439 Dr. Pierce and George Rockwell would certainly agree with these posts. You are right. Our present situat
>>/bmw/81 >>13 >>72 I just discovered this board. It is not dead.
>>/bmw/80 >>61 I believe that most of us agree with the principals behind this. The real issue is that NatSoc, the swastika and Hitler hav
>>/bmw/79 >>63 So... either you're on to something or you're a shill. I'm thinking the former as the threads you mention keep getting nuke
>>/bmw/77 >>75 Phrases, usage of words, spellings, and so on have dynamically changed throughout history, and spread throughout populatio
>>/fascist/16901 >>16533 (pardon my delayed response) yes, but my statement is more true of the Han than other groups. they've had other ethnic
>>/fascist/16900 >>16899 derailing shill detected.
>>/fascist/16899 >>2775 I haven't seen any convincing evidence not to get the vaccine.>>2775
>>/fascist/16898 >>16289 >Marxism pointed the finger at the capitalists and told the workers that they could advance to a higher mode of producti
>>/fascist/16897 >>15622 >He unironically believed it could be achieved through class-warfare >despite him being an anti-semite ironic enough A
>>/fascist/16896 >>7889 Except according to a report one of high-level Roman Functionaries sent to Rome about Christ, rich jews were very upset a
>>/fascist/16895 >>7883 >Christians don't seem to want to actually follow Jesus you mean Catholics do not want that? Well, the Bible was modifie
>>/fascist/16894 if anyone decides to play Minecraft, dont waste your playtime playing maps like mosqee-toe place or some see-nah-gogue map. Ins
>>/fascist/16893 >>111 Kvetching jews decided to kvetch some money from an org that has no link to the shooting, but has some money. Jews like mo
>>/fascist/16892 >>1550 >As soon as you don't, they're just as incompetent as before if not more so now that they're so culturally enriched with
>>/fascist/16891 >>1542 when you do decide (which you should not) to eliminate big Minecraft members like John Doors, Zogoz etc, make sure you d
>>/bmw/75 >>63 How is language a meme?
>>/bmw/74 >>63 How is language a meme?
>>/bmw/73 >>68 Niggers are gay and Toxic Aura is a faggot qt
>>/fascist/16890 >>15332 >he has done nothing to save us. He has done his part... But if you cant do yours, why would he need to "save" you
>>/pol/51439 >>51425 >Are we here? To answer your question, honestly, no. There is one huge gaping difference between the Weimar Republic an
>>/pol/51438 >>51425 >Dr. Pierce was right about everything. I would love to hear a National Alliance broadcast about all the lemmings in the
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