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>>/pol/45016 >>44992 I'm reminded of a short story I read when I was a kid. To spoil the plot, it becomes a trend in a future society for
>>/ausneets/21953 Now I am thinking of fixed wireless with the antenna on the chimney.
>>/pol/45015 You can't help being stunned and feeling like a deer stuck in the headlights as the world rapidly falls into ==the CCP==. Where
>>/pol/45014 >>45013 Who controls the world? Us or them? Mixing with Jews destroys us, not them. That's why they do it. The entire Ashken
>>/pol/45013 >>45010 >>45012 This is a poorly manufactured lie designed to remove the locus of control from whites. It doesn't matter what
>>/pol/45012 >>45010 Image wouldn't attach. Here is the quote: >According to Dr. Nossig, **any taint of Jewish blood (a ein einziges jud
>>/pol/45011 >>45010 this doesn't make any sense. fuck you.
>>/pol/45010 Contrary to what some think, the Jews are not against race-mixing. In fact, gene theft through "intermarriage" with Whites is s
>>/ausneets/21952 Fire's building up. Snowy outlook. Having a crack at linux in a minute.
>>/fascist/5000 >>4999 Found a reddit thread about possible Indo-European influences in Korea and Japan. https://www.reddit.com/r/IndoEuropean/
>>/ausneets/21951 Writing cringing letter to petty bureaucrat. FML
>>/fascist/4997 >>4989 Refer to >>4992 and>>4994 You're doing an awful job of being a troll. >It's very predictable that low content anti-Chris
>>/fascist/4996 >>4995 There's no such thing as jewish science, but there is such thing as jewish ((("science"))).
>>/fascist/4995 >>4990 >There is no jewish science and White science. There is only truth and falsehood. I am really confused on why some anons
>>/ausneets/21950 Neets waking up.
>>/pol/45009 >>44936
>>/fascist/4994 >>3694 >We wuz proto-Indo-Aryanz and shit It's all so tiring
>>/fascist/4993 >>162 Throughout the ages, it is Christianity that has given the White nation its order and identity. It is anti-Christianity t
>>/fascist/4992 ITT: We wuz Egyptians! We wuz Indians! We wuz Chinese! White civilization is glorious enough as is; no need for grafting ou
>>/fascist/4991 >>4662 Nations and ethno-racial groups form and break apart all the time, and the divisions between nations are to some extent
>>/pol/45008 >>43925 >Everything is white genocide >t. Brainlet wojak How would orchestrating a global pandemic that is mainly wreaking
>>/fascist/4990 There is no jewish science and White science. There is only truth and falsehood. It would be a grave mistake to allow ideology t
>>/fascist/4989 >>4982 It is true that people sometimes die for things that they falsely believe in. But that's not a good argument against Chr
>>/ausneets/21949 >>21946 Morning.
>>/ausneets/21948 >>21942 So.. is it just tomato?
>>/ausneets/21947 >>21937 You need to get yourself a few pairs.
>>/pol/45007 i bought this book a little while ago. it seemed quite rare so i photographed the whole thing and put it into images for everyon
>>/pol/45006 oh, i forgot to post it. heres the last day of their 2 week name the nose tour https://www.goyimtv.tv/l/1410170788/LastDay
>>/pol/45005 >>44957 >What the fuck they got arrested? yeah, the cop told him to stand back, so he turned around to walk back, then the cop i
>>/ausneets/21946 Good Morning NEETs. Up early, kinda warm, promising start.
>>/fascist/4988 >>4987 Of course I don't believe it, but it's basically the level of what that Christfag above is talking about when he attests
>>/fascist/4987 >>4982 > 39 people were willing to die in March 1997 when the comet Hale-Bopp >cult shit ISHYGDDT.


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