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>>/ausneets/3583 Can we just ban nuro?
>>/ausneets/3582 He is going to endchan to talk about himself. Note the similar sentence structure and typying style with his use of ellipsis, al
>>/ausneets/3581 >>3578 lol no, he couldn't resist going there to talk about himself.
>>/ausneets/3580 >>3577 They are there because of nuro. Take his flag and they'll be back I reckon. They are largely upset by nuro being such a
>>/pol/23052 >>23019 I'm not judging, I had a half-Turkish gf once, she looked quite white (for southern European standards at least). I can
>>/ausneets/3579 >>3577 endchan seems to be a bit of a safe space ATM. A peaceful refuge from the stress, like the camps on Nauru
>>/pol/23051 >>23043 >Chicago NatSoc checking in. Former Barrington here lad. I hope you have a bulletproof vest. >>23043 >New moon com
>>/ausneets/3578 >>3573 8kun is dead, we said our goodbyes and re-directs here Endchan has a few mongs that are pretending like its a nuro-free
>>/pol/23050 >>23014 All I'm saying is that the bible itself says some pretty similar things about "jews" as do many of us. I find it inter
>>/ausneets/3577 >>2951 Boys how can we move over the Endchan neets here? Endchan and 8kun are down way too often, I don't want to community to g
>>/ausneets/3576 weber ate my dog once
>>/b/5046 >>5044 I know of pyromancy.
>>/ausneets/3575 >>3573 wicked wings are terrible for that but absolutely worth it
>>/ausneets/3574 >>3557 >>3550 >>3549 >>3559 Good Morning NEETs >3564 Good Morning Nuro. Everyone knows Pauline roots. I saw those pictures
>>/ausneets/3573 >>3572 I believe a wise NEET warned you about future spicy poos.
>>/ausneets/3572 Wish certain NEETs asked me to apply soothing balms.
>>/ausneets/3571 >>3569 soothing baking soda enema
>>/ausneets/3570 >>3569 You need a soothing balm.
>>/ausneets/3569 Too much spicy stuff yesterday, my butt hole is starting to burn
>>/ausneets/3568 Everybody ignore it.
>>/pol/23049 >>22870 >Intuition I have some time to get to this today. I had hoped that I could work myself into a better synchronization w
>>/ausneets/3567 god endchan is running like shit, im glad we stayed here
>>/v/469 The game was made by a literal Jew, and if you played it there are various references to the holohoax, the 6 gorillion figure, a
>>/ausneets/3566 imagine being on endchan
>>/ausneets/3565 >>3564 Morning. https://youtu.be/EznGGYQ-Tv8
>>/b/5045 Most of these are so dead I wonder why they are still hosted. I'm seeing posts from 2005, while the depressing nostalgia is wel
>>/ausneets/3564 >>3557 >>3550 >>3549 >>3559 Good Morning Fiends
>>/ausneets/3563 >>3562 Want to touch willys to sanctify the occasion? It's how you get in to the NEETunion, or so I've been told.
>>/ausneets/3562 >>3560 I did the same.
>>/ausneets/3561 >>3558 >sperg and cricketchad
>>/ausneets/3560 Called in sick. NEETStrike.
>>/ausneets/3559 >>3557 >>3550 >>3549 Good morning friends.


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