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>>/b/16624 Year ago I found out that not only Russian Federation is (often through Duma members), but also there are even earlier and later
>>/b/16623 >>16622 it's a man, baby
>>/b/16622 hey anons :)
>>/ausneets/13397 Off to get some sand and see mummybot.
>>/ausneets/13396 >>13394 >I2P the competitor to zeronet. Not real useful if you need to book a holiday at a tourist park with your oldad.
>>/b/16621 cocknugget mcdouble
>>/b/16620 Paul's Onion List http://linkdnwzr3lpx6xq.onion/
>>/ausneets/13395 There are demons everywhere now.
>>/ausneets/13394 >>13393 This is an issue in the interface between the Tor browser and TAILS I think. The Tor protocol would still work fine with
>>/ausneets/13393 Is there an alternative to tor? Zeronet or something? what about using m3w text based browser on linux? that has no java yesno?
>>/ausneets/13392 TAILS/Tor is pretty fucked lads. It took me a couple of hours to work out how to set the tor browser security to safest and java
>>/ausneets/13391 >>13388 I’ve met up with three or four different girls from there so yeah lol
>>/ausneets/13390 I cant flash my bios because the usb chip that does it is the wrong voltage. I tried to fix it but just burned off the pin i was
>>/ausneets/13389 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-28/cow-eating-snake-photos-outback-australia/12822382 I think this is fucked because bovi
>>/ausneets/13388 >>13386 Jobs are hard to get if your not in the know. If your a private school boy then you get a mining job driving trucks for
>>/ausneets/13387 Good Morning NEETs. Going to get some sand today and visit mummybot.
>>/b/16617 >>16613 Niggers are destroying the USA and the police aren't doing jack shit to stop it. I'm sick of those fucking terrorist ni
>>/b/16616 >>16611 I'll pray for you anon
>>/ausneets/13386 Sup NEETs, looking for a job online today. Need to find something that pays good as unemployment runs out towards the end of th
>>/pol/36302 https://altcensored.com/channel/UCj0XXFtZmOsu5DeFOQgjDiw ^My old YouTube channel before it got shoahed, lot of good videos and
>>/b/16614 I believe that nobody's opinion ever matters. The more I go forward the more everything I hear, all the ideas, they feel like un
>>/pol/36301 >>36279
>>/pol/36300 >>36291 >* Gun sales are skyrocketing This is an important point and I should have mentioned that. Another contrast with last
>>/pol/36299 >>36275
>>/g/1266 >>1261 There's no difference between wagies and slaves. It's not an insult it's just a factual observation of reality.
>>/pol/36298 >>36297 so stop talking about yourself.
>>/ausneets/13385 Coreboot project not going well, the thinkpad is in bits and I dont know if its going to work when It goes back together. Lot
>>/ausneets/13384 >>13383 >Somewhat demoralized You need to get over your hate otherwise your life is going to be full of misery m8, and that i
>>/pol/36297 >>36287 I'm not to keen on all bumming tbh
>>/pol/36296 >>36061 >maximum propaganda effect Biden being senile isn't that good propganda, it just makes him look like a lovable old gra
>>/pol/36295 >>36291 I don't like the NJP, mainly because I still remember Mike lying to frantically cover up his wife situation. And even


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