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(2.99 KB 143x120 Dexied..png)
What is the point of this board? Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 20:23:05 No. 19
Where did you come from? Why are you here?
>>19 basically bored shitless
>>21 I mean this is kind of cool. It's like 4chan but not scary.
>>25 what is scary about 4chan?
>>26 glowniggers and shills
>>27 True. Especially when you have to post from your IP address there. Fuck that.
was on 9chan.tw until it got glowniggered or whatever
>>26 >>27 >>28 Kind of joking but yeah, that and like gore and naked girls. Pretty cringe. I trust this place more to wipe data than I do 4chan.
(18.12 KB 257x400 Australian autism handbook.jpg)
>>30 Ok, namefag
>>32 Thanks aussie
>>19 what the fuck is this board?
>>19 Reserving n. 35 bragging rights for posterity.
I am an ghost of bottom of the barrel websites
from my experience to eat, poop, and be frustrated over morning erection, and lack of a hole to stick it.
>>36 tiny websites have always been the best
(102.34 KB 650x650 united retards.jpg)
I still don't understand the purpose of this board.. Serioulsy, what the shit?
>>42 It's a super secret club. And you are not in it
>>43 Ouch
>>44 Teasing It's a bunker for some fashy plebbit zoomers
>>45 anything to do with plebbit belongs in the trash
>>46 Tbo not entirely sure of origins. I think there was a 200acres .org, then I think they bunkered on reddit, but got shoah'd again
>>47 >bunker >reddit
>>19 Homesteading and stuff. I need to add a description or something. Busy on the riot server and school.
>>34 I don't know.
>>27 what is glow niggering
>>63 you glow
Because Facebook no love me long time
>>19 i came from nowhere i am not here i'm not going anywhere
>>70 You're a liar
CP banned from cuckchan again. If you post anything that upsets mods they just CP ban you.
>>73 I can't be arsed to fill out their captcha anyway. My tolerance for that bullshit is very low. I almost signed up for a gaming forum a few weeks ago, but bailed out when the google captcha showed up.
>>74 I don’t trust that shit... anything related to google should NOT be trusted. Use protonmail, fuck Gmail. I wish YouTube wasn’t owned by google, they perma banned me from google anyway.
(7.24 KB 695x414 Alpine-2.00.png)
>>75 I just use my ISP's SMTP and POP3 servers. They already know who I am (after all, I'm paying for their services). Anyway I don't even want webmail at all.
>>19 Just here to test the water
from the bad place
>>26 Nothing, the site's just fucked, too many trannies.
fuck niggers
(76.60 KB 719x730 MoonMan Aesthetic.jpg)
>>19 I'm here because I'm always looking for shitposting and dank memes. Fuck kikes, niggers, glowniggers, faggots, gooks, and spics. Kay kay kay
From France. I felt lonely.
>>81 kay kay kay kay kay kay kay kay kay
>>75 >200acres Just make another account, or was your network banned from gmail in general?
>>81 based
I come for the land down under... Was just passing through and pulled up a milk crate...