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(170.90 KB 919x1200 1568128913839.jpg)
What have fellow 16anons been watching lately? Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 00:07:27 No. 10
The most recent thing I've watched is the 1986 Fist of the North Star film.
I'm about a dozen episodes in on Legend of Galactic Heroes. Great work, though not as super deep as I thought it would be. That's fine with me.
Before that, I watched the old Sukenan Deka anime that Kill la Kill is semi-based on. I'd kind of like to see the live action if it's any good; looks very cute and comfy.
And before that, The Promised Neverland. I LOVED that anime. Haven't read the manga yet.

I'm considering watching more pre-2000s anime. I love the absolute despair captured on those old animation cells and soundtracks. I'd also like to watch more Gundam/esque; preferably the more "War is Hell" kinds, not the flashy gay bishoujo shit like SEED. Just, ew. G Gundam is camp classic though. It's got that old Toonami/AS nostalgia factor to boot. I absolutely adore all of the pre-2000s styles. Big fan of all the western anime like Bebop, Trigun, Outlaw Star, etc.

Also I'm sadly a bit of a normie. I like anything Dragon Ball (can't help it), Bleach (read the novels; the most recent one is necessary world-building), Hunter x Hunter/YYH, Evangelion/Gainaxshit, Takahashi shit (Ranma/Inuyasha, haven't seen Urusei Yatsura) and other shonen staples.

And of course I have a patrician side too, having read Uzumaki and Vagabond as a middleschooler. Oh! And good old Cromartie Highschool.

I would love some good delinquent and Yakuza manga, if anyone has some recs.

Pic related is based on a true story.
Oh! Also that old Final Fantasy movie (2D, not 3Dpigdisgusting). It had a super comfy high fantasy aesthetic (well, duh), and a beautiful whimsical asian music soundtrack. Though the same song does get repeated a lot, it's a great song.
(31.70 KB 408x550 bebop.jpg)
Some quality recs:
- Cowboy Bebop
- Samurai Champloo

I'm a normie too, I fucking love Naruto and the first half of Shippuden. Call me normie, but I just love the music and shit in Naruto, top tier if you skip all the fillers.
I'm definitely embarrassed to admit it but I was there for every 4/a/ thread when Naruto was ending. Damn right, it can be real kino at times. The filler was nauseating, I find filler in general to be unwatchable. Bleach's filler was especially bad. You would think that there would be some quality control; that they could staff decent writers for non-canon stories, but no. It's pure trash every time. This is one of those things that makes me go "wtf is wrong with Japs?"

Anywho, yeah, Naruto is cool and has cool music. Those videogames look pretty kickass too.
O yeah! The most recent Naruto games have been awesome! Same with the latest Dragon Ball Z games, really a blast.
>Sukenan Deka
Sukeban Deka*
Damn autocorrect. It won't cut me a break.
(264.15 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
Btw you play any DBZ or Naruto games for 360? It's the only console I have atm. Definitely need some recs.
He... he actually did it. I-impossible!
I played Ultimate Ninja Storm on PC and it's pretty awesome.

I want to get DBZ fighters, looks really fun. I just don't put money into all the DLC.
In theory DLC could be a great idea, but in practice it's just fandom abuse. I am NOT a cow to be milked...

Looks a little clunky right now but still hype af. I'm buying this no matter what, but hopefully they polish it more.

Atomic Samurai, Fubuki, and Metal Bat ftw. lol @ Mumen Rider's bicycle gameplay.
That's what it seems like, I hope they make a collectors pack or something or a pass that isn't double the cost of the base game because it does look super fun.
>Before that, I watched the old Sukenan Deka anime that Kill la Kill is semi-based on.
If you want to see more of Kill la Kill's roots I can highly recommend Aim for the Ace! and Dokonjou Gaeru (the latter of which is being subbed at the moment).
>I'm considering watching more pre-2000s anime. I love the absolute despair captured on those old animation cells and soundtracks. I'd also like to watch more Gundam/esque; preferably the more "War is Hell" kinds, not the flashy gay bishoujo shit like SEED.
If you're into stuff about the futility of war and the cycle of violence I cannot recommend Ideon more. Just don't buy into the meme about it inspiring NGE, Sadamoto doesn't know what he's saying.

As for what I'm watching, mainly Zambot and Doremi. Saw Promare tonight too, it was a good time and my theatre was generally pretty tolerable.
Is jojoshit considered normieshit or a patrician thing that a lot of normies also happen to like? Arcs 1-3 are great, 4 is decent, everything afterwards is not necessarily bad but a lot of anons got fooled by all the memes.
I hoped this board could get off to a better start than this...
(39.89 KB 706x540 VUimS7E.jpg)
Looking at your post, me too. Be the change you want to see
(329.14 KB 1605x903 El3wbio.jpg)
Unironically Dr. Stone. I know it's normieshit but it's pretty good. They also have a nice loli
Just finished TTGL for the first time. I don't know what the common consensus is but I thought every episode after the time skip got better and better. The couple of episodes after the first and before kamina's death were pretty boring. Good show overall though I'm getting to it late very late because I'm usually not into mecha that much.
(24.44 KB 900x900 serveimage.jpeg)
I agree. A lot of people say the first half was better, but I heavily disagree with that. The second half had some nice cyberpunk dystopia shit going on in there and almost some sort of libertarian political message snuk in there. Plus, giant, light years sized mecha fights! Remember when they used fucking galaxies as ninja stars?! that was fucking epic.
(2.04 MB 1283x1439 Tanya.png)
based Tanya
definitely everything after the moon got so hype, that series never slowed down.
This anime started off really good...


Like I thought it was going to be a good mind fuck style isekai, but then it just turned into "madcap loli harem comedy" with a boringly OP main protagonist.

Pleh... finding good anime these days is like trying to find shit that doesn't stink.
(97.26 KB 885x885 1566595222158.jpg)
The movie was fucking epic! I love Tanya!
Really? No one gonna say anything about OP's pic?

The Epstein reference? Wut about it?
(1.97 MB 1361x1101 death_note.png)
Haven't seen the movie yet but looking forward to it!
Finally got around to installing Mcomix so I've been reading Death Note.
(472.57 KB 635x645 ClipboardImage.png)
The Onideus Fall 2019 Anime Review!

Watch BlackFox, it's pretty okay.

Not sure if it's a movie or a pre-series special or... not sure. I hope there's more.

Assassins Pride might also be worth watching, first episode was kind of interesting. A bit on the surreal fantasy side.

Shinchou Yuusha looks like it might be a semi-decent throw away comedy... but it's isekai video game comedy, so it's a bit over done.

Same with Hataage! Kemono Michi... it's like perverted furry isekai comedy.

And then there's ZX - Code Reunion, which is like... techno magical girls or... some such biz... might be okay, I'll give it a few more episodes.

Then there's Mugen no Juunin: Imortal aka Blade of the Immortal... which is, eh... well it's pseudo anime, basically commissioned by Amazon... it's like Kenshin... not the cartoony series, but the realistic versions. Pretty dark, brutal, gory and sadistic all around. The animation style looks like Magnetic Rose from Katsuhiro Otomo's "Memories".

There's new episodes of SAO this season too, although I'll probably wait for the full set of English dubs and then just binge watch it.

Oh yeah, and Fate: Grand Order will probably be alright. Gettin kind tired of Fate though, it's like the comic book multiverse of anime, with a bajillion different renditions of the exact same shit... over and over and over. Pleh... this new series looks like it might change things up a bit tho.

Everything else this season looks like absolute shit. You know like "school club" anime, touchy feely, grounded in reality... a "coming of age" ass load as it were. I think there's a new lewd/fan service sports anime too... like fuckin cyber water polo or... nobody fuckin cares, it's all for the anime ass and tiddies.

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