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/a/ recommends anime and manga Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 21:20:12 No. 100
Recommend anime / manga that you think is good, and so on ... (If you wish, put a short / long wording of why).
I start
> Nichijou
> Comic Girls
> Show by rock !!
> Gabriel dropout
> Watamote
> Citrus (yuri)
> Yuru Yuri
> Kill me baby
> I don't read manga :^)
(957.89 KB 1114x1600 absolute mad lass.jpg)
I almost never watch anime anymore nowadays because the manga format allows authors and artists to be as crazy and meta as they want while in anime you're much more limited by budget constraints, the quality of voice acting involved, the animation, episode length, the production studio's own touches etc. An ancient but good example of this are the more mature oriented Tezuka manga works, such as a few scenes in the Siddharta Gautama series, where he utilized cinematic paneling techniques which do not work at all when they are actually animated.

I would start my manga reccs with a lewd, light reading one that is simply impossible not to like:
>Arakure Ojousama Wa Monmon Shiteiru
It's basically a boy meets girl story with the premise that the short haired, big boobed main girl is the school ojousama who has always abused her position and fame to get boys expelled because that's what ojous do. The boy is the public morals committee chairman who (rightfully) suspects that she would target him for expulsion next since he keeps getting ahead of her in tests and the like, and so tries his best to avoid getting involved with her. She then resorts to various attempts to lure him to get him caught doing indecent acts to her, but keeps getting hornier and hornier for him in the process. Hilarity ensues, with more than a bit of nice lewds along the way. I initially thought I would get pissed by the constant cock teasing for over 9000 chapters such a premise would usually bring, but after a few chapters it got me staying curious on how the ojousama would make a fool out of herself next.

Somebody posted pic related on the old 8/a/ which introduced me to this crazy ride.
(2.66 MB 2048x2048 8kwxbnyyyjc31.png)

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