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(85.17 KB 451x640 6174962-03.jpg)
How Heavy are the Dumbells You Lift Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 13:44:46 No. 111
Granted, I'm only on the third chapter, but this manga hasn't done anything to maintain my interest. I thought I'd enjoy it, considering I'm a gym enthusiast myself. However, I may stop reading it and drop it.
I watched the anime, it was ok but only cause I like gym stuff
I've not seen the anime, but after seeing the manga, I'm not to highly motivated to watch it. I'm a gym enthusiast, I really thought I could relate to this series more, but I really don't.

Know any other gym-related mangas? I'm pretty sure I'm about to stop reading Dumbells.
eh not really baki is kinda /fit/ related, don't really know any others
welp, I too got tired of it pretty quickly
OP here again. I already stopped reading it. Most boring and bland story line I've seen in a while.

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