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Asuka Asuka 09/25/2019 (Wed) 09:49:42 No. 35
I don't get people who would waifu only one between her and Rei instead of just taking them all for himself like a chad would.
Fuck off.
На основе и красные таблетки

have sex
Let's talk about the ending. I think it's obvious from the build-up to that last scene that Asuka also managed to break free from the Fanta sea by her own will like Shinji just did, practically meaning that they are now the Adam and Eve of this new world. What I don't get is why Shinji immediately tries to kill her. Even at that point he still wants to be a fucking incel - this I understand, but him doing it right after defying Rei/Lilith made me cringe. Her reaction which was caressing his face while also maintaining a poker face and then blurting out her typical tsun tsun line was hilarious though. And of course Shinji had to break down and cry like a fucking faggot after eventually realizing he will now have to live and breed with her, just like how all the spergs who defended his characterization throughout the decades would react in the same situation. Anyone who says Shinji is relatable is a fucking mentally ill manchild who refuse to have personal responsibility in life, because they saw the same refusal to grow up in him, but I guess that's exactly what Anno wanted to get at.
> all for himself like a chad would.
I understand the idea however.
Rei is a emotionless doll. Fucking Rei is like fucking a manikin.

Taking Asuka and other woman on the other hand is a great idea.
>that they are now the Adam and Eve
No true, when kaworu and rei are talking it's clear that there are people quitting instrumentality too - we just don't see them.

Shinji tried to choke asuka because, once he quit instrumentality, he falls into the machine of misunderstandings that drives the whole work: he's afraid and rejects (destrudo) her. Asuka, instead, caresses him (libido), showing affection, and then once again with her harsh words attacks him: this teaches that a person can be both gentle and cruel, that what she felt inside that was showed through that gentle touch it's not what she aftwrwards formulated in words - another example of the ambiguity and dualism of human relationships.
And no, Shinji is not relatable, he's an extremely characterized individual, just like asuka and rei. Everyone in that shows represent an extremization of human traits.

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