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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(12.58 KB 255x255 Outrun Pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #21 - Neon Sunset Edition. NEET 06/23/2021 (Wed) 07:29:24 No. 16661
We were there NEETs. Me and Pepe on the B-L-V-D, hunting for a good time. Powerful smells of all kinds of aftershave and spilled beer on the pavement. The fresh haircuts and the Hawaiian shirts. You have to imagine the excitement we felt waiting for sundown, waiting for the normies to hit the dinner strip, wallets bulging and i-phones flashing. Walking magnets for the shi-shi girls and their manicured talons. It was one of those nights that we parted ways, me and pepe. All over a slick young speed head in a Lancia Beta. I still remember the smile he gave me as he drove away in the passenger seat of that two-door. I still remember the good times. I still miss the Neon Sunset
>>17565 Take some metamucil
>>17565 Take some methamucil
(2.18 MB 2304x1728 Homeless lounge.JPG)
(2.50 MB 2304x1728 Homeless lunch.JPG)
(1.98 MB 2304x1728 homeless cunts.JPG)
Having a successful shopping mission in Poztown. Stopped at the old pacing and dogs track for lunch. The bix box stores have bisected the race ground and the entire precinct is given over to plush caravan boomers and toejam homeless. Dont let those nice busses fool you, they were bought for a song by their troglodyte owners and they dont have anywere else to go but here. Got a new 'Hedgehog' for the falcon which i will have to fit when i get back home. Had a good sleep in and got up after dawn. The kookaburras were really noisy today.
>>17560 You dont relocate aussie spiders, they're basically housemates.
I'm going to have a shower and go to Officeworks.
>>17569 >When the butter looks more like slices of cheddar cheese you know it must be cold Thanks for the pics, much appreciated. I've been using that nutritional yeast recently. It really does taste like cheese.
Why do I have to threaten suicide to get help?
>>17572 Is it worth it in terms of nutrition?
>>17573 Help with what?
I'm off in search of some Cooper's sparkling ale
>>17576 A noble quest.
(721.50 KB 1632x1224 Haul July 13 2021.jpg)
Coops acquired. Regret not getting a jar of salsa tbqh.
>>17578 Nice haul.
>>17569 Thanks for the pics neet.
(12.30 KB 213x237 bragg yeast.jpg)
>>17572 >tfw bulk buying Bragg Nutritional Yeast flakes online
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>17576 Low, low prices for all NEETs with frequent shopper accounts.
>>17574 Probably not as good at taking B vitamins everyday. But Bragg's is packed with white racial goodness, Its the superfood of the master race.
>>17575 Tell them you got traumatized by racist bullies.
>>17581 I paid like $14 for one bottle at a 'health food' store. A buck or two more than Coles but I couldn't be fucked going there.
Time to do the dishes and make some lentil stew.
>>17585 The shit in the hippy shop comes from chyna for half the price.
I went to the reserve to get off the road for a bit, It looks over the local jail. I was watching the activity with my binoculars, It looks pretty comfy for the staff
>>17588 'Some' of us neets would probably do a lot better in an institution.
>>17586 I need to get on the NDIS and have a support worker come to my place to feed me.
>>17590 They can pass meals in thru a flap on your door
>>17591 I'll meal your flap.
(222.05 KB 816x612 Boxes of doom.jpg)
(199.75 KB 816x612 Salad for 1.jpg)
>>17575 >>17591 How to get on it?
>>17566 Sad that such a noble savage voice has been silenced Neet. How will Fußball ever recover?
>>17593 Are you going to make a fort with them?
>>17563 That's the spirit NEET.
>>17593 Well emptied neet
>>17594 Not certain about that quote. was AH being schadenfreude?
I'm watching a horror film. Currently quite spooked.
I'm saying less and less to people I profile as gronks, I dont want to be rude but if one of them penetrates my zone of surly fuk off then I'm prepared to tell them "Please stay back, You may be infected!" That might trigger normies with bad wiring so I will pack a Kanga cricket bat in the back of the falc. Flat side for whites and the edge for niggers. Wage tomorrow, supposedly a bit of rainy rain which means the temperature will stay up a bit. Good Night, White.
>>17600 What about that side? I've never belted someone with a cricket bat but I reckon I'd use the side if I really wanted to put them down.
>>17601 >about that side *about the side
>>17598 Seems unlikely Uncle Adolf was a kindly soul. My guess is it's related to the growing popularity of the NSDAP being hidden from the Bourgeiose during it's early growth, or something similar.
>>17600 Night neet.
(437.66 KB 1333x1000 Ikuta Erika7.jpg)
>>17600 >>17604 Goodnight NEETs
need a new thread soon
need a new liver soon
>>17607 Make sure you rotate through some beer and not just drink goon. The extra vitamins and lower ABV will help your liver to recover. I also recommend rotating in some spirits to help with weight loss. Remember to wank as well, cardio is good for the heart.
>>26304 Hello Nuro.
I've got something stuck in my teeth but I can't quite get it with the floss.
I'm tempted to have a fourth coffee but I suspect that is unwise.
>>17611 Your body needs it
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>17612 You should have a little something extra in your next coffee, I have a large selection at low low prices.
>>17610 Take a tooth out.