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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(144.84 KB 1635x1656 mummybot.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #22 - Your Mummybot Edition NEET 07/14/2021 (Wed) 06:44:52 No. 17616
Neetiekins! Have you tidied your room like that Professor, Doctor Jordan Petersen on the T.V. was saying you should? He's very clever and hot isn't he? One day when you go back to university to finish you degree you can be just like him. >sigh I love you anyway, even if you don't. You're my best, big boy and I know you're very determined, I'm a very lucky mum to have such a healthy, kind son. I remember when you were still catching the bus to school and you'd give away your lunch treats to the other boys, such a generous little thing. >sigh Please help your mummybot and get those old coke bottles out from under your desk, They're heavy when they're full and I cant bend down under there any more. Did you put your dirty clothes in the basket like I asked you? I don't know why I fold the clean ones if you just throw them in your cupboard like that. What are you doing to make your underpants so stiff at the front? Don't you think you should go and see Doctor Pajeet about it? >sigh Nevermind, Dont forget we're seeing Grannybot tonight, I want you to leave your phone at home, Heavens knows why you need to fiddle faddle with it all the time, Does it have something to do with those posters of cartoon girls? You know how I feel about you looking at those racy pictures, Please put them away, It'd be a big help to YOUR MUMMYBOT
>>18563 Yeah, I'm only a bit behind. I'll be fine.
>>18557 I'm sure I've got a few caries at least. Now I'm thinking of that dentist horror flick on VHS...
>>18566 You'll be fine then. Either way I'm impressed with what you've achieved, if that means anything.
>>18568 >if that means anything You don't know him from a dog turd on a side walk...
>>18569 Poorly impersonated.
(310.39 KB 1000x1293 1596064846219.jpg)
I thought I'd be going until late because I slammed a tall can of Monster on the drive home. Good feels bringing my goods back home thru the mountain valleys. Calling out the yellow road signs on the way, cant wait until I have some poor cunt in the car when I do that. Hoping I caught an orthomyxoviridae in the supermarket 'cos my immune system needs a workout. But cant see that occuring because of all the hand cleaner I am using. The shit they have in the shops all has that slimy emolient in it which is pure AIDS to use and builds up and takes five minutes to wash off. After all this time, the fucktard system has still not adapted. Thank fuck I dont have to work behind a kludged perspex screen that wobbles, is pointless and probably acts as a aerosol concentrator for the operator. Thank fuck the bioweapon is made in china and only a danger to the slowest, laziest, sickest grubs out there. Went for a bit of a run just before dark and found myself in the forest, The wind was making some tree creak, you know that creepy sound that seems to come from nowhere? That noise makes me feel like a NEET of my time and my place. I want to go up there again for a better look. Good Night,White.
>>18571 Goodnight mate.
>>18571 Heh, I guess the flu is a kind of bioweapon, now you put it lad. Of course, it's one that's been around much longer than humans have been on.
>>18538 I was thinking that too.
>>18550 Cool.
morning fellas
Good Morning NEETs. Over a litre in the bottle, feeling hydrated OK.
(94.52 KB 589x800 1624950717093.jpg)
>>18576 Hi Neet.
(972.79 KB 2736x1824 camping.jpg)
>>18579 Where'd you go?
Froggo outside my window.
>>18579 Very nice.
(111.71 KB 713x530 manbag.jpg)
Shopping for Manbags on ebay.
>>18583 Hot!
Bought pork fillet.
Having some porridge for breakky.
>>18586 Damn near lunch time.
>>18587 I wouldn't be a neet if I wasn't lazy.
>>18576 >>18577 Sup lads. Half a Good Goy pill down the hatch. Got woken early by the sound of whipper snippers.
Almost time for a new thread
Firefox audio isn't working. Restarting the browser didn't help, nor did clearing the cache. Going to try a reboot.
>>18591 That fixed it.
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
(510.47 KB 640x360 1627183872864.gif)
Fucking Wednesday ffs
>>18585 I haven't had pork on my fork in a hot minute. How do you plan on cooking it?
>>18579 I'm imagining the smell of smoke and the crackling of the burning wood. Thanks for sharing the pic.
>>18578 >No QUEENSLAND...
>>18571 >'cos my immune system needs a workout You should've licked the handles of a trolley >only a danger to the slowest, laziest, sickest grubs out there Some of us grubs still have feelings ya know
>>18595 That shit is rotting your brain
>>18595 She's a one trick pony.
>>18601 I'm sure the goon will fix it.
>>18602 That is an old video.
>>18583 Get one that matches your blouse.
>>18585 What are you doing with it?
>>18588 I still haven't got around to breaky, I went back to bed because it seemed too hard.
>>18590 I hope this one gets to over 1000. I dislike that they are all over the place with their post counts. They should all be 1000.
>>18596 Yeah. It's one of the 7 worst ones.
>>18598 I can't tell if it's on dusk or the sun is rising.
>>18595 Bitch can't dance.
>>18610 Me either. CampingNOOT needs to clarify.
Goodbye old thread
(22.65 KB 926x398 Booong one.jpg)