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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(41.54 KB 918x817 Shame Racist Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #23 - Calling It Out Edition NEET 07/28/2021 (Wed) 03:07:32 No. 18616
REEEEE! This board is full of Ant-Semetic Bigots! It needs to be DIVERSIFIED and 'DECOLONIZED All you NEETs need to Check your white Privilage and give us NEW AUSTRALIANS'' a FAIR GO You've had a good run, and now its time to step aside for people who are culturally and linguistically diverse from non-english speaking backgrounds. So get used to seeing more people of color around the place, and, yeah, we dont get sunburned like you LOL. How does it feel h8r? From now on this will be a board for ALL peoples, even you legacy Europeans will be welcome here as long as you keep your opinions on-message and dont overstep your boundries. All you Racist intolerant whites will be Blown the F*ck Out! so dont be surprised if you are asked to =Proove you are not racist== before you can post on this board of peace. Oh Yeah! Your Pepe is NOW RECLAIMED for tolerance and inclusivity, we are re-booting his origins as a mixed race amphibian with an Afghani mummybot and a Bangladeshi dad who was born on Nauru and got a medevac visa after being exposed to radiation by racist Liberal party polititians. Pepe's NEW catch phrase is "Feels Tolerant Bro!" How awesome is he now, alt right dinosaurs? Pepe's first Hate-Hunting mission starts right here, Tracking down Racism and CALLING IT OUT
Craving the coffee.
>>19574 >iktf Neets have mondays too. When all the neets with jobs are too busy to post. And they are interacting with real people including women. And you cant avoid cenno. But if you're lucky the pajeet comes with your packages and you can talk to an actual human (such as it is) And the wagescum cant get to the IGA specials. So its not all that bad.
(53.32 KB 750x751 1604728263650.jpg)
I cooked black and white beans together but they all came out black. Next time I will segregate them when I cook them and not allow them to mix on my plate.
>>19571 Good monging, just woke up. THe comfy rain kept me in bed. Havin a beer for brunch. The lockdown ended yesterday but masks will still be mandatory for another 2 weeks.
>>19577 kek, separate pans for separate clans
>>19577 Yeah, the pigment of the black beans leeches into the water and stains the rest of the food. Stews end up a dreary greyish-purple colour if you try cooking everything in the same pot.
(104.77 KB 715x649 Women bad.jpg)
I'm severely depressed
>>19581 The nippers get stabby all the time for some reason.
>>19580 I poured out the black juice,I wonder how much of the nutrients i lost. Not that I'm a starving jew in a concentration camp tho, mind you.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>19578 >Beer for brunch My Man.
The bad bird came back tearing up the moss. I went out and flapped a teatowel at him and he flew away. Now there are two and a smaller one of a different species. I feel that they are ganging up on me and after I was nice and left that witchetty grub out for them. Clearly I need a scarecrow
>>19586 m8, once word gets around about that tea towel they'll be calling in all their relatives, near and far. Birds are like wogs in that regard. I'm sorry to tell you but it is all over for you.
I see a booze run in my imminent future. You boongs want anything?
>>19588 60kg of cute checkout chick please.
>>19588 Pack pork crackle please.
>>19588 Tub of black and gold vanilla ice cream
Two panadols down the hatch.
>>19592 Druggo
Garn Coles.
>>19594 Gram me a loaf of white bread please.
>>19595 I'll get you some multi-grain neet.
Goin down the post office and IGA to get some stamps. Maybe bananas. Get your own
>>19596 Good choice.
>>19596 Good choice.
>>19591 Don't have the freexer space >>19590 Don delivers >>19589 Got served by a dude
Still no chicken nibbles in sight. Hope they haven't discontinued them. Thought about asking the deli worker but felt that would be too embarrassing. Those 'chicken royale's are very nice, but not as good value as the nibbles.
This cold beer is going down very nicely Toobz
Got stamps sugar and candles, Saw a QT but she gave off FIFO vibes i.e. get away from me you hick local. Now I have the correct money for more firewood. Text the Hooker.
>>19600 Another good haul m8
>>19601 "Ay luv I wan sum nibbles, u gonna give us your nibbles' Yeah nah could be dicey.
>>19603 >more firewood Grab me a ute and trailer load please.
The two panadols I had didn't do much for my headache, may get something else at the chemist tomorrow
>>19607 Why not visit Doctor Dan, MBBS?
>>19608 I've been trying Dans medicine for over a week and it hasn't helped.
>>19609 Drink some water.
>>19607 How 'bout you man the fuck up already
>>19603 perhaps she thought you were a faggot walking around with a bag of candles and stamps...
>>19605 Garn have to cook my own if they keep ghosting me
>>19613 You can nibble on my ear if you like.
The beer ain't doin much. Might gar some whisky.
I have some rose I need to finish off.
This lumpfish caviar is literally the cheapest you can get, and the red stuff is chemically dyed from what I've just been reading.
Having a go at shallow frying these coles squid rings. If i dont get to them soon they will go off in the freexer.
>>19617 So much for eating like a king.
>>19618 Did you batter/crumb them? >go off in the freexer Nah, they can't 'go off' at such temps. They'll just lose flavur/texture. Bacteria can't grow in the ice.
>>19619 In the land of the dole cheque, the lumpfish caviar man is king.
>>19619 Like a neet king.