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(52.58 KB 542x544 Bean Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #24 - Bean NEET Edition NEET 08/09/2021 (Mon) 09:05:26 No. 19624
Ask me whats for tea NEET, I'll tell you that BEANS are for tea. BEANS for lunch too. And yesterday, and the day before that. I've got BEANS coming out my ears and BEANS everywhere you look here. But us well fed NEETs like a bit of variety, notable recipes are BEANS with caviar, BEANS and lemon, BEANS with Goon and occasionally just Goon. Post your best BEANS NEETs, But remember, Lentils are legumes.
>>20567 For me its capitulate or lose my kids and home, it's one thing to resist when it's just you, quite another when the costs go beyond you. That's why it's called coercion.
>>20568 Is there really no exemptions you can use? May I suggest you bribe a private practitioner before the white flag goes up. Book under an alias at first to be safe. If exemptions like allergy you have the perfect means to avoid this if you can get a doctor on-board, it's easier on the mind for the doctor if he can give you an allergy or some kind of intolerance diagnosis for exemption in line with the laws rather than faking an entire jab. Please at least give the alternatives a shot before you give in.
>>20569 I'm going to try bribery for saline as a last ditch effort, but it really is otherwise the end of the line for me fren. The worst pressure really isn't from the pindicktator or from my employer. it's from my own family.
Maybe that is weak. It's a predicament, for sure. I could still resist, in theory, but it doesn't feel worth it.
>>20570 >The worst pressure really isn't from the pindicktator or from my employer. it's from my own family. That sounds strange and terrible can you elaborate.
>>20564 Agreed, they chased me like dogs until they realised I was not going to jump into the family business.
>>20554 I live with someone who has taken the clot shot, I've made it known I won't be taking it. Should I really be worried about the sheddening people keep going on about?
>>20570 You should know most short-term deaths happen within a few days, so plan accordingly. Also try start taking some of these supplements before you get your shot >>>/fascist/15062 Try to get at least NAC and Ivermectin, and this is genuine advice, even the animal stuff -works unless they're adding other stuff in it.
>>20566 Informed consent? If you were really informed, you would never consent.
>>20574 Prions, immune downregulation, cancer. The sequale are theories, I think. But we will know in the years to come. For sure they are a thing tho.
Good Morning NEETs. No one outside except me and the bad birdo.
>>20577 Thanks Fren
>>20562 Yeah I looked at the board. Haven't found much I'm qualified for in my state yet. Too poor to move currently. I'm quasi-unskilled labor at Boeing (I tell women I'm an aerospace electrician because it's true but more of a euphemism). Company has 100,000 employees. You do realize it's 100 or less employees today until they get the next chunk vaccinated, then it will be 10 employees, then everyone. Biden demanding 97% vaccinated in the news today. >>20560 If you're discovered I believe it is a felony. I have a friend that faked his vax card and entered it into our company system, but I don't want to take that path. I plan to plant myself firmly until they fire me, then join others in a class-action lawsuit. It may be easy to fake the pass, but for me it is the principle. The paper version of the pass is only the beginning. I will not capitulate any further than I already have. I believe it is impossible for my landlord to evict me currently, and I have heard him listening to Christian music while doing construction on my building so I plan to come clean if I lose my job and tell him up front I lost my job over refusing the vaccine. I think he may understand, as I'm sure he saw my emergency food and water supplies when he inspected my fire alarm 2 months ago. Hopefully that will buy me a few months, enough to make it through the winter combined with my savings. Then we will know more about all this by the spring and I will be able to find another menial job by then or there will be progress with the class action... It's all so stressful. I am easily stressed, but I refuse to give any more ground. I have a 10" AR15 I bought this year and I plan to shoot anyone that tries to force the vaccine on me. It is pure self defense, I will not kill just because. Fuck 'em all to hell. >I must say it annoys me every time you amerikunts bring this up because you have the fucking easiest of easy fucking bar of all to pass. I understand where you are coming from but it is against my religion to bear false witness. I will not lie or fake my way through this. It is imperative for me to maintain my morals while we are faced with constant demoralization. I will not take the easy path. Really can't believe any of you are actually taking the vaccine. For me taking it is worse than death. I will fight to the bitter end, and I'm no chad.
>>20580 Good luck anon. You are following the right path, as your conscience dictates. Know there are many others in your position that will not fold. Have to tried to get involved in your local community? Church, anti-vax protests and groups etc.
(876.72 KB 1920x1467 1599300506719.jpg)
>>20580 >Boeing Best (((financial engineers))) in the world, able to core out a business to a super lightweight shell while maximising shareholder returns. >10" AR15 We use the metric system on this board. You're asking for a permaban using imperial I'm writing my resignation letter and planning to slip it under my managers door on the last day before the mandates come into effect. I'm giving the excuse that I'm too busy with other shit. I know they are gonna check the database to see if I had the vax but I have (hopefully) turned on the privacy setting for that. I'm gonna do a final run and loot the place, fill my pockets with booty without shame. I'm not gonna tell a soul what I'm up to, camouflage, camouflage, camouflage. Dont expect sympathy from the vaxx'd, for that to happen they would need to understand that they have made a fucked up mistake. I'm gonna tap a couple of people on the shoulder about their vax status, but at this stage its a hail mary play for any allies. >Really can't believe any of you are actually taking the vaccine. Realize that ppl just want the stress to end, so they are gonna justify it to themselves however they can. Its short term relief for long term suffering. It seems that going for the cheese in the trap will have lifetime issues, especially on the repertoire freeze/ escape variants issue. I dont blame them and I dont want them to suffer, they are just ppl.
Place is nice and clean for agie the wagie agent inspecting tomorrow. I made sure the shitter was immaculate because she's gonna ask to use it. Drag that I'm gonna have to decontaminate it afterwards. Fresh bread for lunch.
>>20575 Well, we'll see. Got it this morning. Taking C, D and zinc and avoiding strenuous activities for the next couple of weeks. Spending time with the kids. Will let you all know how I go.
>>20584 God bless. Many say it is not the mark of the beast. I will leave you with this passage: >And when he had called all the people unto him, he said unto them, Hearken unto me every one of you, and understand: There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man. If any man have ears to hear, let him hear. - Mark 7:14-16
>>20585 Thank you.
(53.88 KB 640x262 bashed granny.jpg)
54 KB Once a Jolly Copper, Went down to a protest, Picked up his baton and spray with glee. He zipped up his vest and waited for the line to break, "You’ll come a bashing some Grannies with me." Bashing some Grannies, Bashing some Grannies, "You’ll come a bashing some Grannies with me." As He sprayed as He pushed as He kicked while she was on the ground, "You’ll come a bashing some Grannies with me." Down come some Tradies to fight the Bloody Unions, Bashed in some Boomer Heads, One Two Three. Once the Jolly Copper, He didn’t want to fight the men. "I only signed up to bash Grannies" Said he. Bashing some Grannies, Bashing some Grannies, "You’ll come a bashing some Grannies with me." As He sprayed As He pushed as He kicked while she was on the ground, You’ll come a bashing some Grannies with me. Now Every Bloke in AUS had heard of the Jolly Cop, His Face and Address Online for all to see. He wasn't so tough when he wasn't Bashing Grannies, "My days of being a shit cunt are over for me." Up jumped the Copper and jumped off of Sydney Bridge. "You'll never catch me alive!" said he And his ghost may be heard as you pass by that Harbor Bridge "You’ll come a bashing some Grannies with me."
The monkey on my back is pretty loud today, went for a run up the hill anyway. Found a young currawong from the flock that lives in the forest here, dead. Likely from the high tension power lines. Bad to loose a mate, there will be more, survival is everything. Pixxa and beer tonight.
(158.67 KB 1280x960 Deadly new variant.jpg)
came out okay. base is a bit hard.
Goin cross eyed with tiredness. I hope I dont get the bad thoughts again tomorrow. I think its stress. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Leftovers for lunch Yum0
Agie the agent came early, Took pics of everything, said everyone was happy. She didnt use my toilet but I have to open all the windows because she was wearing C.K Obsession which smells like zyklon b.
(129.78 KB 498x635 login.png)
Not expecting ZOG to let the judiciary go against the tide. but there is always hope.
(118.27 KB 540x494 pepe clock.jpg)
Look at the clock >tfw 11:11
(352.22 KB 1280x1068 The jew fears the spar poacher.jpg)
(263.87 KB 1280x960 ferny.jpg)
Went into town and the op shop was open. The old duck made me sign in but I got a blackwood candlestick for $5. Then I went up into the woods and got some spars. I left my nice saw up there somewhere. FML.
(77.23 KB 945x585 jaz_searby.jpg)
Such a lovely sunny spring day, shirt off lifting rusty car disks and logs. Incline pushups with my feet on the chopping log. Birdo stalking bugs on the lawn/moss and having blues with another birdo. Heaps of flies inside and I dont need the woollies on. Summer is gonna be really nice here, I hope I get to see a bit of it, the wage might take me back into the POZ. but thats okay too because its easy to squat when its warm. Good Night. White.
>>20589 Looks excellent. What's in it?
(924.21 KB 493x700 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Morning NEETs. Feel a bit bleh this morning because I fed my face late, still got up in time to take the bins out.
>>20598 Pixxa with a lid.
(85.67 KB 1074x449 phizermectin.jpg)
(((They))) have used the vaxx to give the virus a gain of function vector and make the host population susceptible, Then (((they))) ban a common treatment and rebrand it. AND SELL IT TO THE VICTIMS
(32.23 KB 753x507 coal price.jpg)
>Checks coal price Fuck your crypto gamestop this is where pants get pissed.
(27.94 KB 604x516 pepe cat.jpeg)
oWo just spotted a sneaky cat sneaking about. I will redpill him and we will be frens.
Still alive so far.
>>20601 I don't understand. Is it two pizza bases?
(326.50 KB 1280x960 There it is.jpg)
(373.60 KB 1280x960 there it is 2.jpg)
>>20607 Did you find your saw?
>>20606 My pixxas are too top heavy so i got some puff pastry and put that over the top when I cook them. >>20608 >Big Smiles.
>>20609 >puff pastry That's a good idea. >Smiles Good to hear.
Good Morning NEETs Its going to be a nice day outside.
(92.49 KB 1000x799 dum pepe.jpg)
look at fancy bottle of balsamic vinegar dressing >tfw Duno what its for.
(162.79 KB 1021x1487 devil dan.jpg)
Victorians not working from home mandated teh VAXX >Dan declares war on wood hookers. CRITICAL POINT REACHED
>>20612 Put it on teh veggies
(170.00 KB 1280x960 veggies.jpg)
>>20614 veggies are for the wallabies.
(1.05 MB 962x642 1598873409614.jpg)
This thread is all dried up
>>29722 >>29722 >>29722 >>29722 NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD