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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(118.27 KB 540x494 pepe clock.jpg)
NEET General #25 - TIME Edition NEET 10/01/2021 (Fri) 09:24:12 No. 20618
NEET sits at home in the comfy quiet. Grandfatherbots clock on the wall in the hall where its been since the 1960's, Tick-Tock Tick-Tock, Its the only sound in the house apart from the occasional youtube clip. The clock is a witness but has no opinion, it does not judge our NEET for that is the job of time itself. And the destiny of a NEET is as sure as the passing of this day into the next. >But surely there is the novelty of MAX appointments and Minecraft updates, amirite? >A NEET's schedule isn't written in the obelisk of future history! He has endless choices yesno? Come on now NEET, Look at what you did yesterday. Is it the same as you're doing today? Are you comfy at home and kind of hoping the lockdown doesnt end? Let me put it this way: When that clock stops one day you're gonna be happy, You're gonna have a reason to go down the shop and get it a new battery, And post about it. You serve time like a wagie serves the hidden jew at the top of the food chain. So serve your time NEET and don't think about it. Dan Murphy will be there for you forever and you can always watch another tictok. Don't feel lonely tho, You have the company of history and being a NEET is the oldest profession known to man. Why did you know there is an ancient legend that it will be a NEET who turns out the lights at the end of TIME
Edited last time by dublpluga on 10/01/2021 (Fri) 09:41:56.
(58.80 KB 640x787 1be5608ekle71.jpg)
Calling it quits here. Packing the ute and tidying up the borrowed caravan tomorrow. Fucking off on sunday if i dont have a cerebral bleed or get sepsis. No regrets. Good night. White.
Happy new year NEETs and everyone else for that matter!
(323.78 KB 1283x1264 1583106048131.jpg)
>>21546 Our Leader. Happy New Year, Next year in Jerusalem with a tiger tank!
Good Morning NEETs. Woke up okay, having Quiche and Beans for brekky.
(135.75 KB 1280x1280 NSN 2022.jpg)
Who here had a late night?
(292.77 KB 899x904 internal monoluge.png)
Sisterclone cut my hair back to 0, so I can apply sticking plaster to the cut. I could have done a far better job myself. I'm thinking that ppl specialise because of limitations rather than efficiency.
(119.60 KB 708x1024 1632038771166.jpg)
I'm wierded out by the idea that many in society have no internal voice. How do they self reflect? I do this endlessly and its prevented me from making a cunt of myself as I move through life. The NPC meme is real, I think they need MSM and TV soaps just to have anything existential in their minds at all. Maybe this is behind all the people who ghost me after satisfactory interpersonal interactions. Its a pity I cant ask them about it. Finalize my packing game tomorrow then see the olds and hit the highlands road. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Birdo woke me up and there is no dew so packing it away is easy this morn.
>>21543 Go to a GP mate, you don't want an infection.
>>21551 17% having none at all is weird. Maybe they just dont listen to it.
>>21554 Personally I think a lot of his stories are made up. Creative writing zone for some spook. My own musing of course, I'm open to correction.
>>21556 They often seem all over the place. He should go see a GP anyway.
(176.39 KB 1280x960 Falcon on the cloudy plains.jpg)
New Years holidays are not the time to be on the roads. I swear I saw more touros than actual humans on the main arterials. Took a shortcut on the long dirt road, eye fucking all the sandstone farmhouses and abandoned cottages in the dry valleys. Got a bit road blind from the blinding high country sun and gave the Falcon free reign on the perilous ribbon of macadam they call the highway. The ghost towns along the way are infested with recreationalists and downhill mountain bike faggots, too snobby to wave to the kids of the poor local boys, Who see them ride past rubbernecking at the poverty in granny gears, all decked out in full face helmets, mirror goggles and go-pro harness'. I suppose these cashed up posers are what passes for heroes in places which used to have football teams and champion axemen and shift bosses at the mines. Now the kids see the world through the kalaidascope of jewtube, then the mountain bike industrial complex manifests itself as product placement on the scars of trails in the surrounding hills, its too much for real men to compete with when the only jobs in town are servicing the pestilential city hordes in summer. Almost had to stop for a dump but made it to the flush toilet in my cottage. Feels good man.
(22.92 KB 460x364 doctor pepe.jpg)
>>21557 Scalp wounds always bleed a lot and look dramatic. I'm going to float the steri strips off in the bath and razor my scalp for the flat dressing.
(77.21 KB 945x585 jaz searby.jpg)
People I know Jaz Searby
>>21558 Had to sit down to read your post. Too right.
>>21561 A NEET in his chair is a NEET to be fair.
Grass seemed a bit long but when I sat amongst it in the soft evening I saw its gone to seed, I have no problem with the grass reseeding. I should put lawn food on it and spread the digitalis seeds too. Not long before I start to think about the garden. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Big sleep in and comfy wake up.
(181.55 KB 1440x1080 UHMWPE tarp.jpg)
https://zpacks.com/products/flat-tarp-7-x-9-w-8-loops UHMWPE -Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene. this filament is tougher than a goannas belly, and super pricey
Fixed the speakers on the PC and noticed that the nig-nogs have moved out of the cottage across the road. This is a good start to the day.
(1.04 MB 960x1280 homocops.png)
good one boys
(10.16 MB 640x480 Have A Go Australian.mp4)
>>21567 ZOGbots get nostalgic too.
(57.39 KB 1130x1030 evropean australian movement.jpg)
>tfw reach for the comb but forgot I shaved my scalp yesterday. Agie the agent is coming to make sure I cut the grass and poisoned the blackberries. I reckon its time to put a bit of paint down so she has some nice photos for the landos. This place is enormously valuable as a foothold in a place which could become a survivors colony. There are enough empty houses screaming for strong and noble white men and their families to simply seize, here in Silver City. The European Australian does not belong in the pozzed capitals anymore, unless it is to search for survivors.
40Kg rye flour is double bagged in the freexer. Time for some lemony water
How long will that much flour last you?
(27.13 KB 500x600 1637318611749.jpg)
>>21571 I'm about to find out. That QT whose instagram auto sent me a new years platitude jpg on my dumbphone, I ended up deleting her number to try to stop it getting re-sent twice a day for a week until I open it, which I cant. It was still turning up so I ended up blocking her number. Hows that NEETs, we had a really nice date after years of sexual tension and then she does worse than ghosting me. Had a go on the exercise gear and im feeling better, The log got lighter since it dried out in the heat. The new QT neighbour overlooks my exercise area so I gots hopeful feels already. Sisterclone's leftover quiche for tea again.
>>21572 >QT neighbour overlooks my exercise area You make these women wet with sexual tension.
>>21573 You = (You) ungh restump house when
(31.38 KB 474x247 keanu.jpg)
Watching the Matix 4 feels OwO
>>21575 Is it as gay as they claim? I'm going to watch it at some point.
Might go watch some telly for a bit, or play on my phone. In a decent mood but feel flat.
>>21576 Its has a knockout start, the army guys are cool.
>>21578 When I saw the first one, I was blown away. Did you get a decent torrent or are there only webcams?
>>21579 Quality numba wan. the jews dont care if you torrent their globohomo brown future propaganda.
(181.20 KB 500x375 comfy.jpeg)
Wanting a hammock in a forest clearing.
>>21581 You need one that has the canopy on it. I was watching a guy with one on youtube a couple weeks ago. You could make one easily enough (the canopy part) out of a tarp.
(36.23 KB 400x400 1631845540261.jpg)
Sewing tarps is do-able. You just need a big floor space. Ungh matrix 4 is grinding on. I'm off to bed. Good Night, White.
>>21583 Night fella
Good Morning NEETs. Bored already but it not all bad.
>>21585 Morning.
(15.12 KB 255x255 winnie the poo face huugger.jpg)
Imagine playing russian roulette with no prize to win.
How was the Matrix overall?
>>21588 A bit too complicated. The moofie needs to be kino enough to watch a couple of times if its that hard to pick up all the pieces of the puzzle. It would help enormously if they used somewhat less subhumans in lead roles. interior painting today. Ah the sport of kings.
(323.13 KB 1280x960 fern swassie.jpg)
went up the mountain. its dry and nice. I found a landmark tree and think I can see it from my backyard. I called up my boong mate who is mono-fruitarian at the moment because of poverty and not getting properly paid from his greek strawberry farmer bossman. Pity he's two hours away on the coast. Having the last of sisterclone's potato bake with kraut and chutney. The rye bread and butter is going good.
>>21590 Sounds like a good feed. Is it an old tree?
>>21591 Good Morning NEETs. Its warm this morning but the falcon is getting washed regardless.
(42.98 KB 550x550 n7z95t2wmno31.jpg)