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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(890.79 KB 2000x2000 Advance auspol.jpg)
Auspol # 1 Rebranding Edition MATE 01/05/2022 (Wed) 00:36:41 No. 21595
Give us a cheer boys! Its time we woke this board up. The old look has lost its antibodies and needs a booster, so roll-up, roll-up your sleeves and don't be a prick. We're not NEETs no more, we even changed the wiki entry for NEET to be more on-message, in old english, Neets are cattle and thats cringe. MATEs are next level above degeneracy of NEET boards real and rubbish alike, and what is rebooting if it isn't regenerative? You will learn to like it here. Cross posting is okay and endchan.net/ausneets/ is still the other aussie board even though its a bit of a silo and a little dated. Its time we burned our privilege bridges and build it back better by taking on more white mans burden. We the professionals now and we got standards of pro's, so wipe yourself on the curtains and take your payment from the coffee table cunt, we're Rebranding shitposting.
>>22531 its worse than you think they are actively hiding it from the rest of the board I MAGINE CLEANING UP THIS FUCKWITS SHIT AND THEN SAYING GOODMORNING TO IT THE NEXT DAY.
(8.52 MB 720x1280 IMG_0489 (1).webm)
i am speechless......
(57.45 KB 710x385 bushfire cricket.jpg)
>>22533 >>22534 There's no reason in the mind of a psychotic. Thats the behavior with the cucked NEETs, you know.... Stockholm syndrome. IGAY has been doing this since he arrived, recall the dickspam. The board i.e. cruisey reacted by trying to be nice and hope he would assimilate but it didnt work for long. Any stressor and he goes back to his abberant behavior. Its low I.Q. and kind of a self hatred, absolutely textbook borderline personality disorder. The neets followed the most verbose poster (Cruisey) as their leader because at heart they are sheep, slaves to their impulses. Now the poor NEETs are traumatized and just want any loud noises that might trigger their ward, to cease. Hence they ban his opponents. This is the essence of their reactionary behavior. TLDR: The fire rises around them but still they play on.
Gnocci was so-so, cant rate this sauce. The smoky flavor was too pungent. Still got two things of it, duno what to do with it.
(28.41 KB 512x512 1647825454029.jpg)
>>22535 I think endchan staff are tired and worn out because THE BIG SECRET THEY DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IS that old lynxchan codebase they are totally powerless to stop it. I still remember them bitching about how useless the mod panel was. So they tried to be nice to it, and then they alienated us, then we we fought it , they got rid off us. Completely cucked. They should have made a global rule against IGA last year and we would have joined up as vols and mods to help fight it.
(1.22 MB 1326x808 tierra del fuego kino.jpg)
>>22537 That's a solid theory. Banning individual IP's was next to useless for the simple expedient of having a VPN. You have to ban the ASN networks, that knocks out the VPN bit by bit. I told imissfather to do that a lot, maybe he cant. IGAY still posts from outer mongolia or tierra del fuego but only once kek
(134.75 KB 1012x852 photo_2022-04-06_16-07-05.jpg)
This episode with the spammer has me thinking its not much different from the ZOG and how its making hate speech laws and gaslighting how its not a cancer on the host. The parallels are even there with the cucked whites getting mass psychosis and turning on the ones pointing to the problem. Obviously there is no way to help people not connected to reality, Andrew McDonald makes the case that they are just as culpable as the race traitors and system pigs,in his book "The Turner Diaries" and that the only thing that will cure their madness is fear, fear of superior and more vicious masters should they continue support for the forces of evil enslaving them. I cant be vicious to them. It's not up to me to save them. They must suffer their madness and be contained. Good Night. White.
Good Morning Mates. Why is it so hard to turn out of the blankets on the beautiful mornings?
(3.70 MB 2048x1536 1648716725713.png)
>>22535 Good Morning Mates I have everything blacked out and i sleep in sensory deprication tank. There is no light, no noise. Its bliss. Sometimes i ask siri the time. Most of the time alex jones just starts playing in the mornings. I think the 4am neet on /ausneets/ is suffering from evil poo blckage and needs to get his prostate checked
oh and endchan is down...... how unfortunate. i wonder if we will get any refugees ?
>>22541 Hi Nuro. Sleeping with your eyes open > sensory deprivation tank
(57.12 KB 500x500 PETER DREW FUCK OFF.jpg)
>>22542 I hope not, this thread is getting full.
Morn' lads >>22544 This.
(691.51 KB 2048x1536 IMG_0495.jpg)
>>22543 >>22545 Marns Mates >>22543 i wonder how many people piss in a sensory deprivation tank ?? Garn take this slick motherfucker for ride this morning. Damn if feels good to be a Nuro.
yunno cunts i am liking 16ch more and more endchan codebase is a dinosaur, IGAY posts dont even show up here :)
>>22546 What the hell is that a battery pack behind the head? is that a fukn e-racing bike, kek is there a special handicap class for that? I dont think this green line on my screen is going away by itself.
>>22548 no left to right thats just tools spares / food / hydration
>>22548 Nuro races in his own special class, baby,
>>22549 >Hydration
>>22551 Yes.
(148.11 KB 858x912 1642041989057.jpg)
Super nice outside. Might go up the bush after.
>>22553 I cant believe how bad the weather has been over the past few months we are into that kino autum weather enjoy it before the days get too short
(6.87 MB 720x1280 IGAY2 (2).webm)
The absolute state of /ausneets/ ladies and gentleman
>>22555 I sometimes imagine that IGAY moved across the state because he got run out of his old town. That'd fit neatly with what we're seeing now. We had a pretty awesome summer and dry no rain. Went swimming a lot and really enjoyed it, even got a tan and dust on my desert boots. Now I'm just waiting for the rains to move in.
(2.10 KB 30x29 PRISCILLA.png)
>>22556 IGAY is a real deadshit NEET and he fucking hates me cause he is a homo bitch boi ...... but back to the point. He makes some shitty OC and im 80% sure the board problem was him. BUT. There was another. The self loathing frenchman who spammed that singer priscilla. He was a huge fucking problem years back. There is a chance he stirred some serious shit and got everyone at each others throats.
>>22555 Directed By IGA Executive Producer imissfather
>>22557 Man I miss the days of the retard autist frenchie. This IGAY shit is legit from a dark place. BTW do you have that Bladerunner 2049 meme with K on the steps and priscilla transparent in the air. That was kekek
(5.50 KB 255x179 coffee pepe.jpg)
Fuk it. coffee time
>>22559 > This IGAY shit is legit from a dark place. when it starts abusing everyone for hours and then starts calling cruisey darling..... holy shit and no i never saw that meme >>22560 same and garn finish early
>>22557 >80% sure are you trippin? gaslighting is a IGAY meme. But come to think of it. BO couldnt ban the frencie either.
>>22562 >BO couldnt ban the frencie either. this plays heavily on my mind
>>22558 >>22561 Knock off goin up down the mountain to clear some trail. What Aussie recreational (You) doin this arvo cunce?
>>22564 Beach + Eeb + Goon
(41.87 KB 618x597 1647555307817.jpg)
IGA missed a a MAX appointment and is blaming the other NEETs Jesus fucking christ..........
>>22564 Was home sick all week, thought I had the rona. Guess was just a sinus cold. Just going to relax
>>22567 i had a sore throat and felt off the past few days, it was probably corona.
>>22568 >sinus cold <corona >Thinking they are two different things >sore throat Same, excruciatingly sore and bit of dry cough. Ton of sinus pressure and congestion for about 2-3 days. Throat better now, still bit of a runny nose
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>22567 Sorry to hear you are a bit poorly. They used to give us a half a score tots of rum every morning for sick call. Why not treat your self with some of the same from my Apothecary cellars. Just remember to wear a mask and not touch anything.
(337.22 KB 1280x960 goes nowhere.jpg)
Post Aus arvo activities
(320.97 KB 1280x960 web of lies.jpg)
>>22565 Cleared trail. Grabbed a choccy bar from my stash, cut some brush for the old lady. Lemon in my belly and a Mozerella Pixxa in the oven. Based friday arvo
>>22571 >>22572 nice mang you wouldnt happen to be postie neet ?
(37.18 KB 986x995 1631767747711.png)
>>22566 Loool Imagine being too pathetic to be cyber bullied. IGAY bullies hisself way worse than anything I could be bothered to do.
>>22574 bullying IGA is not allowed he is a valuable member f ausneets and we all owe him for his OC IN HELL BAHAHAH
>>22573 Havent heard of him for ages. Hmmm. PM2.5 meter is is up a bit. must be a bushfire nearby.
>>22576 postie NEET was a real good fella most /ausneets/ were fucking pussies and did not gel with his extreme way of life i am still haunted by the story of the Japanese fella he met living a tent after his kawasaki broke down and was living there for months stuck in the mid west WA desert.
>>22577 I miss radioNEET. He never surface after postieNEET ghosted us. I always wonder if they were the same.
nah radio neet was also a good fella and talked to him a few times because of my avionics background and tuning the LCR on all his different trees probably saw the board culture and walked 180 degrees away i wonder how many NEETs they turned away ? makes you think ...
(8.70 KB 206x244 hampepe.png)
>>22579 You talked to him on HF or something? do you still use your Baofeng? Do you have the UV-5R? I have three in the car for emergencies and when I'm at my sisterclone's or some event. No one knows even basic Ra-Tel protocol. many such cases. sad.
>>22580 >No one knows even basic Ra-Tel protocol. many such cases. sad. ACCURATATE