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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(12.58 KB 255x255 Outrun Pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #21 - Neon Sunset Edition. NEET 06/23/2021 (Wed) 07:29:24 No. 16661
We were there NEETs. Me and Pepe on the B-L-V-D, hunting for a good time. Powerful smells of all kinds of aftershave and spilled beer on the pavement. The fresh haircuts and the Hawaiian shirts. You have to imagine the excitement we felt waiting for sundown, waiting for the normies to hit the dinner strip, wallets bulging and i-phones flashing. Walking magnets for the shi-shi girls and their manicured talons. It was one of those nights that we parted ways, me and pepe. All over a slick young speed head in a Lancia Beta. I still remember the smile he gave me as he drove away in the passenger seat of that two-door. I still remember the good times. I still miss the Neon Sunset
Night Time Best Time
How the fuck did that even happen?
>>16663 how wat hapen
is that NEET who is repairing that dwelling here? have you had any experience patching internal masonry/render?
Wallaby turds flushed. They are dry, type 2's, It hasnt rained for ages which would account for it.
>>16666 use hole filler. Its basically solid white paint. cheap af. Post a pic of the hole
this thread theme just makes me wish cyberpunk 2077 had more rpg elements and meat to its content in general
(1.20 MB 4032x3024 IMG_1518.jpg)
(802.75 KB 4032x3024 IMG_1519.jpg)
>>16668 This sort of shit. Everywhere. Plaster and underlying brick/cement falling away. YouTube videos of old houses suggest scraping the cracks out, brushing in a diluted PVA mix, then expanding foam just below the surface, then mixing up poly filler and leveling out.
Going to do a poo and get back to studying.
Pasta for tea, scratching for a pasta sauce tho.
>>16670 If you care about the place then do that, otherwise just scrape as much loose shit away as you can be bothered to do. then pump in a shit ton of paint filler, it comes in tubes for caulking guns. its like $3 a tube get a big plastic paint scraper and make the surface as level and neat as possible thats the only hard part. making it neat ish.
>>16673 The problem with the example on the left I forsee is that if I start scraping out the top crack, that entire section of plaster is going to come away, leaving a massive section that will be a cunt to get smooth and level again. I have a mortgage on this fucking depressing dump, so I have to take some level of care.
(33.45 KB 400x389 cat lick.jpg)
Fukn dissapointed with the rain. Its smashing everywhere else except here. Ripped off man...
>>16672 brown butter ain't so bad if you can thicken sauces properly. butter, flour and garlic is mostly what it takes.
>>16674 nah its no problem. it the gap is too big then you do it in stages. from the outside to the middle. it just takes a couple of days each time. any way if too much plaster is loose then you are re-doing it with a trowel not patching. if its fucked then you have no choice. the only way you will know is to get the putty knife and vaccum cleaner out and probe it
>>16677 Yeah. Thanks. I'll make a start with the scraping on the weekend and see what happens.
Pasta with bean sauce. Peanut toastie. Smashed lemons. Feel like a psycho vegan renegade.
>>25297 >sucking off No. They have perfect pussays. >>25299 Th africans are the only group that they are gaining numbers in. >>25302 How did you go shopping while in bed? Good haul. >>25305 Fucking hell. That image is a feel. I was calling beyond blue and shit for a bit. Fuck those cunts, they don't help at all. Just another bullshit support that'll get more funding if the faggots that work there get higher quotas of calls. >>25307 You should start applying for housing now, it takes a while. >>25314 A pub lunch sounds good.
>>16661 This is an interesting OP.
>>16670 >>16673 I like these posts. I'm scared to start on all the shit at this place, worried that I'll fuck it all up more. I really admire the 'get it done' attitude.
>>16676 >brown butter Haven't heard of this before.
>>16683 he needs to elaborate
>>16682 house renos are a piece of piss. its so easy its a national sport. mongs get near zero intrest finance get some nice old place reno-fuck it charge max rent. rental crisis.
>>16685 I live in this one. Grew up in it even. Just sick of staring at 70 years of decay.
>>16686 That must be pretty nice. I lost my family home when the 'rents got divorced, i was 16. Its the only recurring dream i have, that place.
>>16687 I actually dream of my paternal grandparent's place. They died when I was 8 or 9, but I can still smell it. I loved going there. It was in the country and had some land, so it seemed huge as a kid.
>>16688 yeah i went back to my old place a coupe years back when it was empty. seems tiny now compared to my memories. Place is some cunts investment property now. probably a gook sharehouse. My dad built the place for the family, with my grandfather helping.
>>16689 yeah my grandfather built that place after WWII. he had to front some tribunal as they were still rationing building materials at the time and they wanted to know how he got everything there was nothing underhanded about it, he just worked fucking hard and traded his skills for whatever he could get his hands on
>>16690 my old place was on the market for about 9 months, we ended up selling it for fuck all. fortunes of the old days,eh?
>>16691 if I had a time machine, mate
>>16692 Fuk I wouldnt do much different. Maybe get off the choof a couple of years earlier.
>>16693 I think I'd happily live in the 50s and be a fitter and turner or something
>>16694 What and knowing that the protective white australia policy was going to be removed for the next generation? I love australia and wouldnt be comfy knowing how things are now. I cant imagine how bad things will be when we're old men.
>>16689 >tiny now compared to my memories iktf. My grandparents garden seemed nearly endless.
(101.21 KB 768x509 1599303836508.jpg)
Waiting for the rain today made me realize how much psychology is wrapped up in it. Like a short circuit for the mundane and stressful, Cold, wet and dark natural places are the most beautiful to me and I hoped to see more of it with the move out of Poztown. 1)got into the resume again on latex but im using overleaf which works with moderncv class, as i thought it would. 2)pushups and lemon 3)finished the lamp and installed it over my sewing machine. 4)laundry and made some beans 5)starting to work on a hack to get around this job thing, cant really stop myself thinking about it and its useless to try to do some unrelated other shit. So I just roll with it. 6)tried the NAS again but the install shit itself. I think it doesnt like usb drives, might try the CD. Good Night, White.
>>16697 Night m8
(346.86 KB 1399x1065 Iwamoto Renka2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16697 Goodnight NEET
>>16699 Bloimey! I'd sooner 'ave a wank with a lump ' o cinders in me 'and than fornicate with a manky bit a ploppage such as that one. Poor showin that is.
>>16697 >>16699 Night Neets.
Good Morning NEETs. It rained overnight, Forgot the bins and had to put them out late.
The bottle of olive oil keeps going solid in the cold weather. I think that means its shit quality.
>>16702 Morning >>16703 Hmm. That is a bit strange.
>>16704 He posted this when he was arrested last October
>>16703 I've only experienced olive oil solidifying when kept in the fridge, so it must be ~4 degrees wherever you are?
>>16705 >>16702 Mornings. Trying to sober up. Overcast day. Just gonna chill in bed for all of it watching YoutTube and resisting the urge to go full boong.
Had my morning cup of coffee and ate the last of the fruit salad from yesterday. Not sure if just diced apples and oranges count as a fruit salad, although I'll definitely be making fruit salad a regular thing when I get home.
I've got my running shorts soaking. I'm trying to get the cum stains out.
>>16710 How fast can they run?
>>16711 Careful neet, I'll cum on/in you if you start being cheeky.
>>16712 You're just encouraging me to continue being cheeky.
>>16669 Still haven't taken my copy out of the wrapper. Anhedonia is a helluva drug.
>>16714 Install it!
(41.57 KB 800x450 mfw.jpeg)
>>16704 F Another literal hero for our times dead, killed by the system.
>>16683 >>16684 Not him but you put butter into a frypan or saucepan then heat it at a moderate temperature until it literally darkens in colour and turns brown. The taste of the butter will change to a 'nuttier' and smoky flavour. Just gotta keep an eye on it so the butter doesn't burn.
Fark off with your lame 'pharmaceutical spam'
>>16716 He was a weirdo
>>16704 >>16712 Why do you NEETs entertain literal faggots here? Revolting.
>>16721 it's only gay if you enjoy it m8.
>>16721 A gay neet is a happy neet
>>16721 Because thers no women on the internet mate
>>16724 >>16723 >>16722 We should dress that neet up in a dirndl and make him the communal gf for a week.
(1008.28 KB 930x3758 KYS pharmaceutical spam KYS.jpg)
(15.07 KB 203x255 german pepe.jpg)
>>16725 I like this idea
>>16714 >Anhedonia
I had to do a block bypass.
>>16729 iktf
>>16729 I had to pledge my allegiance to Big Pharma just to shitpost
My pie in the oven is nearly done. I've got a tin of that 'chilli beef' stuff (bought on special) to have with it. Pie floater type deal. Should be good.
>>16729 Me too.
I didn't have to do a block pass.
>>16734 No wait I did.
Take some Metamucil to help with any block bypasses
>>16729 Thanks to that faggot spammer and Nuro having a breakdown.
>>16737 So thank nuro twice?
>>16738 Yeah, lol.
I got the plastic pipe fitting delivered today and its too small. The next size up is too big. I have a leak in my water pipe and the pipe is some mystery diameter. no listed pipe matches the bit i cut off when i had a go at fixing it last time. the tubes online dont say whether the size is inner diameter or outer diameter. I dont know if i can fix this pipe.
>>16738 >>16739 >everything is nuro’s fault You are beginning to sound like him you mental patient
Fucking arsehole nonstandard rubbish. I just had a close look at the pipe which is pissing out a lot of water. The fucking setup might as well be custom made by drunks out of pure shit. Black poly pipe that kind of connects to the existing plumbing, with rust through and through. The whole thing needs to be re plumbed from the mains. I will point this out to any cunt who wants to buy the place while I am here. This is a good thing for me staying here as long as I want.
>>16741 Take your pills schizo.
(88.66 KB 1200x1668 surfs_up.jpg)
ahhhhh why don't we talk about life instead of people? feeding egos is gaytarded. i just finished the flip flappers anime and gonna eat a crappy totino cracker-pizza-thing.
Nuro is now viewing this thread.
Time to get back to work.
>>16744 Anime turns you gay and pizza makes you fat.
>>16744 Enjoy your pizza thing neet.
(1.42 MB 1607x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16747 watchan for most of my life and still not gay. pizza makes you fat, yeah. don't be scared just because not everything within a medium is BASED. most things aren't.
>>16749 Sorry NEET, I'm getting pwnd by this shit irl and I'm a bit snippy.
(176.46 KB 1280x960 FML.jpg)
Fuck. No amount of butter is going to fix this mess.
>>16752 Does it taste nice?
>>16753 put too much mustard on it to taste much
>>16752 Could say the same about my life.
>>16731 They control everything. >>16732 Sounds nice. >>16734 Lucky fella... >>16735 No. >>16740 I remember someone telling me about this. i think it's the inner diameter. Don't quote me on that. >>16742 That sounds like too big of job. Are you going to try and replace it? >>16752 What's the name of that spice you cover everything with?
(291.96 KB 960x1440 manhunt.jpg)
Just finished the last episode of manhunt: unabomber. Really sad ending. Ted was so based but got betrayed by everyone. You know how it ends but you just want him to be free in his cabin after he stopped doing his thing. Plus the FBI were running a pretty toxic work environment. 5 out of five allah akbars.
(110.75 KB 853x1280 fabric hottie.jpg)
Although I'm getting drag from todays tasks, i feel focused. Only 5 days before I want to go back to Poztownand sleep in the ravine and I need to finalize my gear. That means sewing scraps are all over the bedroom floor as I do bits in no particular order. Fire's choofin and its pretty warm here. Everything else is getting neglected. No time for anything constructive. This is the last part of the escape plan. 1)Sewing 2)had morning tea 3)more sewing and fucking around shitposting and looking at the weather radar. 4)lemon and half arsed push ups 5)bit of sewing and trying to fit that fukn hose fitting. 6)dinner + more sewing Good Night, White.
Tea is nearly done.
>>16759 >late tea.
(91.74 KB 640x735 uber japan.jpg)
>>16759 Should have got the uber nip
Good Morning NEETs. I have matching socks on today, which is nice.
>>16762 Morning mate, you're one up on me so far.
Fuck it. Gonna put wood up the flue this morn.
Morning fellas.
>>16765 Morning
>>16765 >>16766 Morning, Thinking about boiled eggs for lunch.
>>16766 >>16765 >>16763 >>16762 Morning. Not looking forward to the next couple of weeks. School holidays etc. Need to get supplies today.
>>16767 Sounds good. I've got a dozen untouched since I bought them I don't know how many weeks ago. Plus an unopened pack of beef snags that have a 'best before' of June 20. Yay or nay?
>>16759 A drop of honey in mine thanks
>>16756 He's either using sumac or smoked paprika
>>16769 leave them a bit and they will be aged nicely.
>>16767 I might boil a few of my own, they're nearly off so I better do something with them.
>>16768 >School holidays When do they start?
>>16771 >sumac Cheers, he'd mentioned what it was before and I couldn't remember.
>>16775 you can have sumac or worcestershire sauce but not both.
>>16776 I very much enjoy Worcestershire, is it a similar flavour?
>>16777 sumac is really sour. Now I'm really hungry.
>>16778 >sour Hmm. Like citric acid sour or just tart?
>>16780 REEE I don't want to deal with cunts for two weeks.
(20.08 KB 393x113 Take the jab goy.jpg)
LMAO, totally didn't see any of this shit coming...
>>16781 You will wear a mask and you will be happy!
wonder how china's going with the virus?
>>16783 I will just not leave my lair.
>>16740 >the tubes online dont say whether the size is inner diameter or outer diameter. the sizes listed will probably be NB - nominal bore from memory they have a fixed OD, but then the different wall thicknesses determine the ID
(26.79 KB 200x147 weber pepe.png)
>>16786 Well I'll take the cutoff piece to the hose handling artisans of poztown. I might even turn the water off and take the entire offending joint in to a workshop. its a rusted metal pipe threaded into the t joint. I could find a blanking plug or get one made up. anyway the pipe is poly pipe which i can heat and stretch. i just need the fucking fitting and i'll be cooking with gas.
(82.53 KB 323x686 MMMBased.jpg)
>>16785 You will have Dan's medication delivered and you will be happy!
>>16787 Good luck out there
(177.97 KB 1280x960 plus 1 morale.jpg)
Found a metric tonne of poofy pastries in the bottom of the freexer..
>>16788 Kek she swaps sex appeal for credibility. At the end of the day, she's a traitor like the rest.
>>16790 what is on that toast?
>>16792 three threes mity mite
(299.27 KB 1920x1080 yum.jpg)
>>16790 those diamond pastries look like baklava. are they?
>>16794 Cheezy poofs
>>16794 isn't that a sweet pastry covered in syrup? why would he put that on a plate of savories?
(130.37 KB 1284x856 wonderegg1.jpg)
>>16795 never seen any shaped like that >>16796 i think it's honey and nuts, but not an excessive amount of honey to where it drips. some greek thing as far as i know, all the greeks sell them where i live.
>>16797 Yeah baklava is pretty good but you have to make sure they dont jew you and make it with sugar syrup and peanuts.
>>16790 I used to have those poofy pastries often. Cheap and good.
(56.26 KB 768x576 touhou_stupid14.jpg)
>>16798 yeah gotcha, you know cheesy poofs are some fucked up shit here like cheetos or something. then there is the baked breaded stuff you can make at home (or the garbage red lobster cheesy biscuits), but just never seen them cut like that. seppo knowledge. oops.
>>16800 >cheetos These are spinach and cheese in puff pastry.
(109.81 KB 1080x944 4f7911356e8cde3e.jpg)
>>16801 that sounds really good and pretty sure i've had something similar to that before. something called a runza but without the meat and onions, and with spinach and cheese among other things. the original recipe is some traditional dish from the tarded midwest of america i think.
(720.68 KB 1632x1224 Haul 25 June 2021.jpg)
IGA roastie acquired, should last 3-4 days. Big mistake going there so late as I got hit with the cunts just getting off work and families/young couples (fark I hate them so much!) heading out to restaurants.
>>16803 what's in the wrapper on the right?
>>16804 That's the roatsie. >>16803 Nice feed. A good goon sesh and a feed is what every growing boy needs.
>>16803 That pajeet spice is hard to use.
>>16803 nice haul neet
Pie in the oven. I made some bean bolognese last night but only using lentils as I was in a hurry and didn't want to spend so much time cooking the beans. I'm going to melt some cheese on the pie and sit it in a bowl of lentil bolognese.
I sometime feel tempted to put together a really powerful gaming rig costing like 4-6 grand but I have no need for such a machine. I guess this is how car guys feel about having a really powerful car. It is just the desire to see how what the machine can do.
I've been listening to the William Luther Pierce radio broadcasts recently. It has been a few years since I've listened to any. https://odysee.com/@SnowTrooper-828:6 I forgot how much I liked him and how much he influenced me. Smart fellow.
>>16790 That's a high quality feed
>>16807 Thanks >>16806 Just gotta take the plastic wrap off the lid ;) >>16805 Thanks
I've got three exams left. One will be quite difficult but I am studying hard for it. The other two should be pretty straight forward. One of the easy ones isn't worth very much and I've done really well in that topic so I can get a zero in the exam and still pass the course. Obviously that is highly undesirable but it is nice to not have to worry about getting a particular mark just to pass.
(186.84 KB 640x959 moss girl.jpg)
I'm telling you NEETs that this coming mission back to Poztown is fukn super important. I have to operate from my base in the ravine with support from the Falcon. I have to do that for about two weeks in mid winter, no net, no power, no ice cream. If I succeed then I can do it any time, and I'm free NEETs, Free. 1)satisfied with my hammock, set it up and will inspect it closely tonight. 2)half arsed exercises and a lemon 3)Tried to fix teh lid of one of my tea chests but made a mess. 4)Got the tentage out and will inspect that tomorrow. 5)went for a run and scout around but didnt find a way thru to the place on the map. 6)Fixed up the moss where the fukn posso dug it up last night, realise that my "lawn" is 90% moss and actually a big problem. 7)Got truenas installed on the dumpster pc,. just need to setup the network. Good Night, White.
>>16814 Good night mate. Sleep tight. I hope you don't find the cold too bad. Just remember that our ancestors had it far worse!
>>16813 I did one whole degree without realizing that the previous exams papers were available. I didnt ever edit my essays either. I didnt even get a credit average. just make sure you give them what they want and dont get creative.
I want a snack.
Off to bed now. Night neets.
>>16818 Good night sensible NEET
(147.25 KB 1065x1598 Sawaguchi Aika1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>16814 >I'm free NEETs, Free. Best of luck, hope there's no major hiccups.
>>16809 I did just this in January, built my dream machine. It’s great and all but it’s overkill. I find myself using it too much just to justify the expenditure. It’s great for games but I’m a bit old to play more than a few hours per week. I think when I finally get around to doing more video editing and content creation I’ll come to appreciate it more. Too busy waging and it’s too hot outside to get much done after work these days.
Good Morning NEETs. Got some bread in the maker already.
>>16823 its hard to do much after teh wage. Maybe one hour on things other than chores is sustainable.
(228.75 KB 1280x1190 diggy.jpg)
Just caught the moss wrecker. I shooed him away with the rake.
>>16826 That crazed look in his eye tells you that he just doesn't give a fuck.
>>16827 I need a bird feeder or something, Perhaps bribery will work to dissuade him .
>>16828 Or maybe that would attrract even more.
(101.81 KB 1024x1012 1610256142610.jpg)
So Derek Chauvin worked in a morally repugnant environment, i.e. dealing with americas nigger problem, literally at the front lines. Fentanyl floyd, a ticking time bomb, accidentally died when D.C. was doing his duty. Now he is in purgatory for likely decades, and will be rekt forever. In any sane society, ppl like D.C. would be given a medal for valor. If you have a wicked problem like niggers or jews in your society, the paradigm of ethics is clearly not one that workers like D.C. get punished. This is clown world, It is a bad place.
>>16824 Good morning. Had a nice sleep in. Got a few types of bread in the freexer I'm currently deciding which to take out. Have a based weekend.
>>16827 I often see that look in the monitor's reflection.
>>16826 make frens with him birds can be crazy smart he might bring you things he finds
>>16831 Good Morning NEET. Happy saturday!
(62.68 KB 873x571 TWU.jpg)
>>16834 >Happy
(73.80 KB 780x607 Jumbo the elephant.jpg)
Big arse elephant.
(233.09 KB 1920x1387 disney intterment cmp.jpg)
>>16835 The pigs want to push the boundaries as far as what the courts will convict with. The cops always seek more power. This shit is nothing new, they just use NSN lads as scapegoats because its their best bet for this kind of thing.
(37.84 KB 1032x871 jobcunt.png)
locked out of jobsearch now
(100.92 KB 640x480 Homeless NEET Mobile.jpg)
>>16839 >jobsearch You weren't going to find anything anyway
>>16840 wasn't planning to ;)
(1.25 MB 1280x8806 mass cas juice.jpg)
>>16842 >getting together and clasping hands gee, how helpful. why the fuck is this news lol? oh yeah, cuz jews own the media.
>>16842 I wanna know who owns that building. It's got to be another (((Property Developer))).
>>16842 If it was a terror attack i.e. about a dozen seriously disaffected peoples then that someone would have claimed responsibility.
Another 4-hour goon sesh followed by a handful of tater chips and 2 (two) salami sticks. GOon night.
Extremely difficult to light fire, took an hour and used a lot of blowtorch gas. Smoke alarm even went off. FUkcing cunt.
>>16847 Get some meat inta ya.
>>16848 You need some little firelighters.
(95.60 KB 1422x826 I am tom cruise.jpg)
Oblivion was a really good moofie. Mummybot says I look a bit like Tom Cruise. I think she's right
>>16851 No (You) don't!
>>16852 yes i do.
>>16851 she just means you're short
(1.53 MB 1917x1081 klk15.png)
>>16854 lol that's mean!
>>16854 And a little bit crazy.
I want money but not enough to actually get a job or anything.
>>16857 Its a pity there are no freak shows around anymore. You could get a job performing as the gimp. sit in a cage and tear heads off live chickens a couple of times a day. easy peasy.
>>16836 That like ratio is way off.
>>16844 >>16845 (((That's different)))
>>16851 I've been told the same I'm also a registered scientologist.
>>16861 >scientologist Man those guys are worse than chinks.
https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=life+expectancy+Australia+woman+age+83 I've thought grannybot was on the verge of death for years but I think she will last longer yet.
>>16863 wolfram alpha is mathematica online yesno?
>>16862 I went in there when I was about 15 and bought Dianetics. Apparently that made me one of them. I still get their Joho type shit sent to me every so often. Not all of it is bad tbh.
>>16864 Basically.
>>16865 Could say the same thing about the msm. keep reading it tho and you eventually get caught by one of their lies. their Talmudic lies.
(381.14 KB 1080x1920 bearded lady.jpeg)
Night sail is all systems go. I'm thinking that the only issue is that I dont have a good backup. The backup I'm taking is a fucking pup tent. I cant even estimate how long it would take me to make a second one. The outer shell is the pinch point. I'd need a big space to do it. Like a sailmakers loft. 1)Ropes, lines and poles. 2) washed old pack from mildew, will use it to pack the sail to the camp. 3)lemon and exercises 4) chopped lots of wood and lit the fire 5)finished sail prep, Good Night, White.
(512.32 KB 960x1280 Kioke Minami8.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16868 Goodnight NEET
>>16867 I bought it on dvd because I can't read. Need to understand stuff to fall for it. I'm shielded in my mong armour.
>>16868 I prefer your regular white damsels.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in late. Getting lazy.
>>16873 Morning NEET, it lazy sunday so its alright to sleep in.
I got up a bit earlier than usual this morning. I've had a shower and done some housework. I am now having a study. I've got my second exam tomorrow, and my third the day after that. For the third exam, I've already passed that topic by doing well on the coursework component so I'm not overly worried about the exam. The fourth and final exam will be a bit rough but I am working hard on it.
>>16876 Good NEET. You'll have a good blow when you are done.
(35.18 KB 221x405 Still hope.jpg)
>>16874 >>16873 Mornings. Gotta do some searching around the house for an old pack of Zoloft that should be somewhere.
>>16876 Good luck with the exams
>>16875 Seems doable. You could have it on in the background while doing other things.
>>16878 Morning. That shit doesnt mix well with the goon.
I am wanting more power from my toaster. Perhaps 3000W would suffice.
>>16882 Invest in a blowtorch
Off to buy another sack and see what IGA has to offer, before further restrictions (ie. mandatory masks) hit here in QLD tomorrow.
NSW has gone full retard. For the first time, masks are mandatory in indoor venues in regional and rural areas.
(26.04 KB 628x257 ClipboardImage.png)
The overton window has moved to a choice of (a) lockdown, or (b) even tighter lockdown. Rage.
(607.54 KB 1497x1217 Haul 27 June 2021.jpg)
Back with a sack. Too many QT's about. Looking forward to these mussels. Only had them out of tins before.
(4.30 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210626_182019[1].jpg)
Pretty sure my NT holiday is getting extended, kek. Fuck all making me want to go home anyway besides my pc and dog, both of which I know are safe. Aunt and I had a joke that my plan to move up here has just been pushed forward a little. >>16886 Based, bitch is a fucking mong. Her ancestors should have gotten Turk'd after WW1.
(132.63 KB 1200x675 ueno1.jpg)
>>16886 pretty sad they have to add these stipulations to pretend like they have public support for their directives.
Would all it take to change my state of residency be to register stuff with a new address in a different state?
Fucking hell, my studying has tapered off as the exams have gotten closer. I have an exam tomorrow and I have done next to nothing today. I am going to go for a run and hopefully try to salvage the day after that.
>>16887 make a mussel burger.
>>16891 Now is the time for memorization drills.
>>16893 Nah, not for an open book test.
>>16891 Studying is such a meme.
>>16896 yeah its a curse and a blessing. you need to do a lot before you are useful tho.
>>16895 Cookie monster rap wizzy get.
>>16670 I painter mate just buy bag of cornice cement (hard plaster in pic $13 bunnings), mix it up on a flat surface, make a hole in the middle of your pile of plaster and adding small amounts water at a time. You need a paddle which you can flog from bunnings. Apply once one way, then another way and leave it a little proud of the crack so you can sand down using 120 grit non clog grey paper. For small cracks dries quick so work fast. Dry in 45 mins. Clean out cracks loose shit and sand over then and blow out to then wet slightly before plastering 4 best adhesion.
>>16687 I was 12.5 mate it was hard. What you said gave us the chills ay cuz
>>16687 >>16689 M E M O R I E S
(159.27 KB 1280x783 beekkeeper painting.jpg)
>>16900 I keep thinking that I want a wife and kids but then i remember that I've got buckleys chance of raising them, just based on me not knowing anyone other than churchies who stay together as a family.
Fugg I just burned my best towel on the heater. Now the place smells of scorched cotton.
SoyFree's like a melody in my head That I can't keep out, got me singin' like​ Na-na-na-na, everyday It's like my iPod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay SoyFree's like a melody in my head That I can't keep out, got me singin' like (ayy!) Na-na-na-na, everyday It's like my iPod stuck on replay (J-J-J-JR), replay Remember the first time we met? You was at the gen wit' yo' friend I was scared to approach ya, but then you came closer Hopin' you would give me a chance Who would have ever knew That we would ever be more than friends? We're real worldwide, breaking all the rules He like a song played again and again
You're way too beautiful, neet That's why it'll never work You have me suicidal, suicidal When you say it's over Damn all these beautiful neets They only wanna do you dirt They'll have you suicidal, suicidal When they say it's over See, it started at the gen Used to chill after Dan Oh, when you took my heart That's when we fell apart 'Cause we both thought That love lasted forever (Lasted forever) They say we're too young To get ourselves sprung Oh, we didn't care We made it very clear And they also said That we couldn't last together (Last together)
>>16903 Is it one of those freestanding ones?
>>16906 inbuilt with a fan. They're pretty potent for all the effort.
>>16902 natural to think that. you don't need another community for your potential family, imo, but you will lose almost all free time you had unless you already like stuff like camping and fishing (which you should instill a love for in your kids anyway). the most important thing to realize is to not curse your family after working however many hours. it's just stupid and ultimately self-destructive. yelling every time a kid acts stupid or a wife overreacts is retarded. weak men who shouldn't have families act this way. put a lot of thought into it and realize the path of starting a family requires a lot of compromise and patience.
>>16908 Need a woman to have kids. sadly there is next to nil chance of that.
>>16909 maybe so. it is distressing, but also large-scale monogamy is unnatural for apes.
>>16909 should have added, just focus on your own life for now. greater self-sufficiency will make you happier regardless of attracting a female.
>>16902 >>16909 In all seriousness mate, I reckon you should look into finding a Greek or Eastern Slavic wife. This is assuming you have your shit together well enough financially.
>>16912 If I had any money, I wouldnt be so ugly.
Get yourself into balance first - that's a large enough task. >It is scandalous and notorious that most Right Wing "leaders" are very questionable as to the issue of sexual preference. >This follows naturally when one takes a quick look at the mess the Movement is in outwardly - for it is merely a reflection. >Hitler, Rockwell, Tommasi and certainly Manson exerted a strong, almost animal, attraction over women and gloried in their company. >This quality goes hand-in-hand with the dynamism necessary to MAKE A MOVEMENT. >Sterility and impotence remain just that. Women make the most excellent fanatics but they have to be properly motivated and LED. >There is something very wrong with any organization that doesn't have its share of women. >What is called for today is a strong Movement - normal and natural - to do the job, and not anything weird or introverted. >Once the correct balance is struck for attracting women, the rest won't be far behind.
>>16904 Gran canción, mi amigo.
>>16914 would never call them "right wing leaders." this cannot exist. although most or all have been flawed, the right needs to stop grasping for idols until it can create many on its own. work toward a statuesque figure for yourself. forsake all faggots who pretend to be "for the white race" and are clearly shallow grifters.
I had a nightmare about not being ready to deploy straight away, to poztown where my mummybot and oldad live. If something happens and I need to attend then I'd be stuck in a bad way. Today I worked on this and now I have most of my bug out bag prepared. Its about six pieces of luggage and assorted equipment like water bags and comms gear. I have enough clothes and shit that i can quarantine that set for my BoB. Packing is always a grind but it gets easier with experience, three full days it took. This will be the first time I have gone camping in my home town so I should give myself a break. Next time I should have it down to one hour. One hour notice to move. A challenge. Good Night, White.
>>16917 stop posting disgusting shit please
>>16918 Fuck you, this appears to be a genuine bearded woman.
>>16919 how does that make it any less disgusting?
Goodnight NEETs >>16917 Goodnight NEET
>>16917 What the fuck is with this bearded shit? Are you coming out as a poofter or something?
>>16921 Stop posting these skanks without spoilers, faggot
>>16923 Stop being a triggered little bitch you redditor.
(1.30 MB 265x202 asian makeup 2.gif)
>>16924 No one wants to see scantily-clad yellow whores every time they click on this site
>>16925 What a sensitive pansy.
>>16926 Go be a nigger somewhere else.
>>16926 >>16924 It’s possible that anon is on nofap or something. This site is usually safe
(1.04 MB 570x854 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16928 He only wanks to the bearded women, not the gooks.
>>16929 Yeah its the real deal bearded woman but SHES NOT WHITE
Good Morning NEETs. The neighbour is installing some power lines on his place and rudely awakened me from my second sleep in.
>>16931 Good morning. My exam starts at 1:00. Somewhat anxious.
>>16932 Take some panadol, it'll help with the gut sensation.
>>16921 This gook is obviously no good in the garden.
>>16933 I tend to get the shits before exams. My solution is generally to just fast. Will the panadol help with that?
>>16935 duno maybe. does fasting help with anxiety shits?
>>16936 Yeah, I end up all pooed out.
I spoke with my oldad yesterday and he said his phone credit is nearly out on his mobile. He is getting on a bus to town to go to the only vodafone shop to buy another ten dollars worth of credit. Then he gets back on the bus to come home.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv0HCGoledk Watch this if you want to laugh your ass off
(238.53 KB 666x500 1579276001317.png)
>>16939 four hour long epic.
>>16940 nah interview ends after 48 minutes
>>16941 >bothered by thots
>>16938 That sounds like such an elderly-person thing to do. No offence to your oldDad.
https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/watch/1905664579929 SBS Daily Stage Updates are comfy
>>16944 He loves it. Still writes letters back to the old country and puts literal photos in them.
(98.59 KB 600x400 pepehands.png)
>>16945 >woman commentator >ads I spoke too soon
>>16947 >CRINGE Cringe
Delta variant is the real bioweapon. Droppers incoming
>>16950 Nigga I got to wear a mask for the next two weeks.
>>16951 Basement dwellers win again
>>16952 I'm more inclined to go out because no one can see my ugly face behind a mask.
>>16953 >not scaring normies with your hideousness
>>16946 >the old country Which is?
25 days off uni after the first next month.
>>16955 Prussia >>16956 two weeks lockdown at least
>>16957 Was your dad one of those Germans expelled by the Soviets?
>>16958 not that old.
>>16952 Is there even a single house in Australia that has a basement?
>>16960 Maybe old shopfront terraces.
>>16960 my grandparents
Rapedad has a wine cellar with no wine.
(86.75 KB 868x476 AntiGrape.jpg)
Rain for a week. Stupid convid restrictions for two weeks. This is shit. Better make the most of it. >>16886 Democracy doesn't work because the press just lies to people and gets them to vote against their interests. Most people are too stupid, busy or ignorant to know what is good for themselves. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
>>16965 https://odysee.com/@SnowTrooper-828:6/Dr-William-Luther-Pierce---096)-Democracy:c?
Exam starts in 25 minutes. Going to do a last minute poo.
Need to get testosterone supplements
>>16968 Big loads?
7 minutes. Last post before I do it. This exam should be fairly fine. I've done very little to prepare but I am pretty good with the content. The exam tomorrow is worth very little and I've got enough marks in that to pass even if I get a zero in the exam. The exam on Thursday will be more difficult but I've been working had to clear that one.
>>16970 You'll do fine Neet.
(128.53 KB 684x641 tfw.jpg)
>>16972 Just gotta ring them up and say you're going to kill yourself and that you have a method in mind ie. slit my wrists with a knife
What's the easiest way to get onto a government benefit that doesn't need reporting or even a permanent place or residence?
>>16975 Get elected
>>16930 I was looking for an asian one and that was the only one that kept coming up.
>>16941 >https Why do you spoiler this? i've seen other people do it to but don't get why.
>>16978 Why did you spoiler it?
>>16960 Lots of older houses have them. Lots of them also have them filled in.
>>16979 Oh.. It's word filtered to do it.
>>16981 Anyway to answer your question: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_referer
>>16978 >>16981 We've been getting an unusually high amount of ad spam the last few days. Most of it seems to be nonsensical industrial product links. ht'tp and ht'tps are filtered for the time being
>>16971 I've finished the exam a tad early. It was way harder than I expected. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. I've gone through and estimated roughly how many marks I'd get. Even being pretty conservative I am still confident I will pass by a wide margin. I am very glad it is over although the hardest exam will be on Thursday.
>>16984 I'd start the process of getting on the DSP just in case
>>16985 I'm fucked if I've failed it but I reckon I'll probably be fine. I'd probably just drop out if I had actually failed it as all my subjects next semester require it.
>>16986 I guess I'd have to get a job were I to drop out. This would become an issue as I have no drivers licence and no skills.
>>16982 the bit about the misspelled name is funny. >>16983 Ah, okay. Fairo.
>>16984 nicely done. keep it up.
(197.34 KB 1280x960 munted loaf.jpg)
Cold dark's here. Fires going. Need more yeast in the bread.
>>16990 It should still be edible though. That's the main thing.
>>16989 >>16987 >>16986 >>16985 I get all my results back on the 13th next month. I will be a bit anxious until then even though I know it should be right. I had a look at the practice exam for the Thursday exam. It is easier than I expected it to be. Immense relief.
>>16992 are you going to see your fam after you are done?
>>16990 That;s a dark grain. What's in it?
>>16994 50 percent rye. Its okay. only one bit is like that. the rest i can slice okay.
>>16993 I'll see grannybot. I live close to most of my family. I am not on good terms with the family that live further away.
(148.60 KB 1920x1080 railgun1.jpg)
>>16996 ah, granny, only person who ever gave a shit about me. long dead. LOL. treat her nicely, relinquish yourself for a long day of chores.
(42.85 KB 320x436 Hello.jpg)
>>16996 Take her the Hello
>>16998 Grannybot hates hearing about celebrity drama and all that stuff. She loves the Royal drama though. >>16997 Yeah, she can't keep up with her garden properly any more. I am going to spend a few days at least trying to get ahead on some of it.
>>16999 You're a good Neet. get her to grow some buds, tell her they 're philidendrons
(905.89 KB 1280x720 nemophilia2.png)
>>16999 make it beautiful for her, give her something she can appreciate from a chair in her final days.
I'm going to bed early. I'll get up early. I have my third exam at 9:00 am which is annoyingly early but the exam doesn't matter at all. I had a look a the practice exam for the Thursday exam and it was easier than I expected. I should be right.
>>17002 Good Night NEET. it'll be over soon
(434.95 KB 1536x2048 Shiraoka Kyoka.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(33.73 KB 663x1000 plus one comfy.jpg)
Had a more-or-less productive day, pretty comfy chipping away at the stupid online course, polished the falcon, had some fine lemons. Ended up getting the NAS online. Also having a go encrypting a couple of hard drives, I wont leave them at mummybots, I'll put them in the ravine in poztown, they will be more convenient. I need to weigh myself, i think i'm putting on the chunk. Good Night. White.
>>17004 Yet another disappointment. I wouldnt be surprised if there were no passably attractive females in the entire gook race.
Do you guys ever pray?
(152.11 KB 704x1150 Paladin.jpg)
Praying is for Christcucks >>17007
>>17007 On timid NEETs while they sleep.
(50.16 KB 673x1024 aryan goddess.jpg)
>>17004 Night NEET, at least post actual humans, not yellow monkeys.
>>17009 >>17008 I'm not even religious but I still find myself doing it when I am desperate. >"My Uncle Malky always said the Lord Leto never responded to prayer. He said the Lord Leto looked on prayer as attempted coercion, a form of violence against the chosen god, telling the immortal what to do: Give me a miracle, God, or I won't believe in you!"
Up early this morning neets. Going to have a coffee and a bowl of porridge.
>>17012 Good Morning NEETs. Blew a light bulb, ominous start to the day.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-29/australias-new-covid-phase-as-delta-variant-spreads/100249444 You cant argue that the covax isn't effective, Its the unknown side effects you gotta worry about. Side effects you dont get with natural immunisation.
(40.39 KB 665x410 1597212723145.jpg)
Virus isn't real
(61.04 KB 320x320 fat fox ree pepe.png)
>>17015 I'll give (You) real violence.
What's happening today, boys?
>>17017 Camping in the only warm room in the house.
(89.45 KB 489x585 npc.png)
>>17016 >everything the news tells me is true they would never lie to me >everything the government tells me is true they would never lie to me >everything the scientists tells me is true they would never lie to me
I keep losing my cursor on my triple screen setup.
Exam in 20 minutes. Feeling good about this one. I don't need to get any marks to pass the topic. I just need to "attend" it. I'm going to put in a good effort though and try to pull a distinction.
>>17020 Is it actually all that good having a multiple monitor set-up? I don't see the point but I've never tried it.
>>17022 browse chans and wank to porn at the same time
>>17023 Are you having a wank right now?
>>17024 Nah finished about an hour ago I also only have one monitor
>>17022 Its okay, lots of setup involved, I can have the gen open and out of my vision.
Exam in three minutes.
(36.88 KB 489x585 I'm not an NPC.png)
>>17019 >everything the news tells me is a lie they would never tell the truth >everything the government tells me is a lie they would never tell the truth >everything the scientists tells me is a lie they would never tell the truth
>>17027 get into it.
>>17027 Good luck, I'm sure you'll do well. You're a smart cookie.
>>17028 Pretty much
>>17028 Yes you fucking retard
>>17032 I wish i was too smart for everyone else.
(107.21 KB 940x627 7322538.jpg)
>>17034 That's the same thing as being reactionary against everything because it's a mainstream concept. Use some critical thinking. They're probably half right about some things, and half wrong about others. Same as everyone else.
>>17035 We're at the endpoint so yes everything mainstream is bullshit
>>17036 Thats the thing about lies. even if the news outlet is 99% okay, are you gonna be alert to that one time they slip a lie in? If they lie or gaslight once then they will do it again and again until they catch you. and bit by bit they change your reality and by that they change your actions. All journalists are sus and most should swing by the neck.
>>17022 i'm not him but yeah it can be kind of nice. I used to have a setup with one vertical monitor and one horizontal monitor. Was pretty good for reading pdfs and documentation etc on the vertical one while fucking around doing normal shit on the regular one. I'd never actually been able to read real books/textbooks etc on a computer until I tried a vertical monitor. A bunch of Dell's monitors for their business lines can rotate to portrait, if you're okay buying 4-5 years old you can usually snag them cheap when a company goes through an upgrade the more you'll know
(409.42 KB 699x473 australian.png)
>>17035 >>17033 >my scamdemic is real just believe >the old money, mostly jewish international private media corporations with immidiate ties to governments convinced me of it >Virus has 99.70+% survival rate rofl >use some critical thinking You got scammed. To be fair, you're someone who's actually a descendant of britain's slave penal colonies and to still be this naive and retarded is incredibly embarrasing. You were white slaves treated no better than animals no less than 150 years ago. But I bet you feel worse about niggers who replace you in your own country at this current moment fucking moron. Oh and by the way, find me any picture of a nigger ever being branded with a hot iron on the palm, and in a "crank iron" by any americans you retarded idiot.
>>17017 I need to 're-engage' with my job agency
>>17039 You seem all over the place. My ancestors were free settlers, but that's beside the point. All I was getting at was that blanket judgments are retarded whether it's all 'for' or 'against' something and is a bit simple-minded. Nothing is that linear or black and white. Also, fuck seppos I don't care about their problems.
>>17013 >Blew a light bulb Best go back to bed and try again tomorrow
>>17005 >stupid online course Waste of money?
>torrents running slow >change IPs, restart torrent client, restart router, restart computer >had speed limit on the whole time
>>17041 Not at all. >My ancestors were free settlers, but that's beside the point. Yeah right, not with your intelligence >All I was getting at was that blanket judgments are retarded whether it's all 'for' or 'against' something and is a bit simple-minded. Nothing is that linear or black and white. Thats entirely your silly inference, obviously there's some discretion involved but that wouldn't help your shitty NPC argument.
>>17045 Not all that many people are descended from convicts mate. Outside of Tasmania it drops off quite sharply.
>>17046 No, read. Convicts literally joined the "free settlers" lol. And how people do you think wanted to admit that they were convicts or descended from them instead of "free settler"? And that's not to say the british weren't evil, they treated you worse than any niggers.
>>17047 Big influx of whites after ww2. shit went downhill after 1972 and the end of the white Australia policy.
>>17047 >Convicts literally joined the "free settlers" lol. And? >wanted to admit People lie about it. People claim to be descended from convicts when they aren't. It doesn't carry the stigma you think it does mate. Australians love the underdog. Simple as.
(132.63 KB 750x1334 mandavax.jpg)
Morrison likened the mandate to the current compulsory take-up of the flu vaccine in the sector. “This is something we wanted to see and tonight we received the advice that would allow us to go forward,” Morrison said. He said that workers must seek to have their first dose of vaccine by mid-September, 2021.
>>17048 >1972 and the end of the white Australia policy. Terrible, who did that? The same thing happened in America in 1965 by a jew named Norbert Schlei. Around 1969 in many western countries this started happening, around the same time frame. >>17049 >And? Australia was founded, as a penal colony of whites enslaved by britain for the crime of being poor. >its really the other way around today Not back then it wasn't lol
(200.14 KB 1280x960 healtheeeeee.jpg)
Rye bread and sauerkraut for hot dinner.
>>17045 That in my NPC argument. You remind me of my punk rock phase.
(71.83 KB 1316x405 E49-4IhXEAUoF1O.jpg)
>>17053 I'm not the preprogrammed bot defendenging the virus scamdemic bullshit on every nook and cranny of the interwebz, you are. Go be scared somewhere else, play your vaxmaxxing russian roulette and shut the fuck up mule. 99.70+% survival chance.
(52.06 KB 640x853 birdo.jpg)
(25.63 KB 400x400 pepeshot.jpg)
>>17054 Just get the shot like everyone else.
>>17052 Looks moist
>>17056 That's your duty goy not mine sorry
Some random drug company nobody knows anything about can inject whatever it wants in the entire population of the world without any liability or proof that it works or that it won't fuck you and get paid billions to do it. People are retarded and deserve to die.
(126.41 KB 1085x388 3 (three) days.jpg)
Better go out and get some TP
>>17060 Not fair on the states that got left out. I will be going into voluntary lockdown and will wear a full face gas mask at home.
(20.17 KB 196x262 Gimp.jpg)
>>17061 You just love putting on that mask.
(172.75 KB 599x612 mestrel 400 mask.jpg)
>>17062 GOST eastern bloc masks are gay AF. I have a 3M 6200
>>17059 True. >25723 MODS DO YOUR JOB
dead thread
I have been protesting the COVID scam with funny signs for the last few days. It is quite interesting the kinds of people who give me the thumbs up and the kinds of people who look away. At least now I know which people call me an incel online. It's the thin dweeby faggot-looking ones.
(16.83 KB 262x262 Mask.jpg)
>>17063 That's a pretty cool-looking mask I will admit. I wore pic-related a couple months back when removing mold from a ceiling. I hope it was effective in stopping mold spores from entering my lungs.
>>17064 >JOB A truly blasphemous word on any NEET board.
>>17068 >The board is for all people of a NEET mindset, even if they are currently employed or studying. Excessive attempts to ostracise people based on their status or to spark divisive discussions about who is and who is not a “real NEET” will not be tolerated.
(39.37 KB 640x427 pee bird.jpg)
>>17065 Dont be a cuntoid or you can piss off
>>17070 In could do much worse
(81.74 KB 794x816 1624847240169.jpg)
>>17063 nice
>nice guys can't fuck in other words dumbass whore takes dick from strangers and thinks it is empowering.
>>17075 Calm down incel. It's just another vapid whore.
Might do a bit of bible study before my zoom with the deacon tomorrow night. Fuk i must be bored
(196.59 KB 1080x1296 Bearded Lady.jpg)
So we're into the bearded ladies now aye?
>>17078 she looks underage.
>>17079 Can't be with a beard like that.
Emailed the Deacon.
(799.47 KB 2197x3000 1624950284817.jpg)
(652.89 KB 2026x3000 1624948499551.jpg)
>>17082 Rick roll him.
Fukn bored someone post some cat vids
(1.00 MB 408x720 qdLsaD2.mp4)
>>17086 kittens like to climb but dont like to be rescued.
>>17079 Kids can't grow beards you idiot
>>17088 you never went to school with islanders.
>>17088 Paki spawn do
Young pajeets often have beards. They seem to think it looks good.
>>17054 I'm not getting the covid shot, i don't even get the regular flu shot.
>>17055 heh, good pic.
(45.35 KB 636x588 1624951141899.jpg)
Watching a film with the neets
>>17066 Cool AF Neet, proud of you. Be ready to deal with the consequences. You will be denounced as a crime against humanity, arrested and imprisoned if you keep it up. Remember you live in a gynocentric culture ATM. I'd recommend you find a lower-key way to expose the globalist kikes and their plots and schemes Neet. It will be a shame to lose a man who has balls.
>>17096 Anyone that protests is a hippy. Real men just deal with shit.
>>17097 This isn't the 60's. Even opening your mouth in protest against the evil in current year is a sign of manhood. Remember we live in a society pops. One filled with literal cocksuckers, trannies, and vaginas in charge of the levers of power. We need men like that Neet around for later when TSHTF.
>>17098 Deal with it or have a sook.
(327.99 KB 480x456 изображение.png)
>>17099 meh, the worm will turn. these pussies will find their day will come. they are entirely irrelevant in any larger sense ofc. bad times will create strong men. strong men tend to eliminate evildoers post-haste. >>17101 no u.
>>17102 > strong men tend to eliminate evildoers post-haste. When did this happen? Why are there still 'evil' doers?
(11.63 KB 280x373 devil woman.jpg)
Feeling flat NEETs, Might be because I have to go to Poztown, might be because I'm bored. Got the NAS going and starting to move files, I really should clone my startup drive and put my database on an encrypted disk for stashing, using the scenario that my computers are not here when I return. I'll get to it tomorrow, the last day before i go. I also want to have some files on a usb drive, youtube for my oldad and a PDF of seige i can print in hardcopy at kinkos. Anticipating having time to read with a torch in the evenings, in the ravine. I made some hasty barricades for the gaping holes in the security at the back of the house. They should stymie the rummond kids i spotted racking around the neighborhood. Two weeks is a long time to leave the place empty but i suspect empty houses are normal here and the occupied houses are full of the latest electronic shit dispite them looking pretty ordinary, this is a mining town with lots of disposable income after all. Might as well go to bed, failed to do that bible study, I can sense satan over my shoulder. God Night White.
>>17005 >I'll put them in the ravine in poztown Did you get your hands on those McAfee files?
>>17103 Good point neet.
>>17103 There aren't any strong men these days.
(357.44 KB 1881x1881 Tamura Hono3.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>17104 Goodnight NEET
>>17108 Night mate, bit better one this time.
>>17109 Night mate? Mate its 1027 its time to get this party started
American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and the late Eddie Murphy while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers
>>17110 >eastern Australia
Good night noots.
Good Morning NEETs. Data Day today.
>>17114 G'morn
Morning NEETs. Just applied for a chef apprenticeship with The Bavarian.
>>17116 Morning NEET. I see many schnizels in your future.
>>17116 That sounds like a cool gig. End to your NEET days Neet?
>>17117 >>17118 I really hope so.
>>17119 Good luck then. '_'7
Every Chef I've ever met were miserable, looked like shit and popped pills
>>17121 I already fit 2/3 of those, just need to start popping pills.
>>17122 You're hired!
>>17121 Nonsense, a great artist can come from anywhere Neet.
>>17116 Good luck neet.
how hard is it to configure my router to allow access to a specific port? I want to get my NAS on the net so i can browse boong porn away from home.
(193.86 KB 990x524 Getitinya Head.jpg)
Here's your daily dose of propaganda
>>17127 no one disputes the vax is not effective. Its the downstream consequences that are going to wreck shit.
>>17128 Actually the deadly vaxx is ineffective. If it were effective, then why all the hoopla about the unvaxxed? Logically inconsistent. The entire thing is a huge hoax, and glowniggers trying to perpetuate it are basically as evil as the globalist kikes themselves are.
>>17129 >The entire thing is a huge hoax, it will be real enough when you're in hospital on a ventalator m8.
>>17131 >he believes in hospitals Peak NPC. Next you're going to say clouds are real.
>>17130 Perfect! Saved. >>17131 Enjoy your infinite vaxx' friend. You likely deserve it.
"It's never too soon, to get on the goon"
>>17129 herd immunity is a thing, the problem is that its not a sterilizing vaxine, so there is a percentange of people who are vaxed are going to carry the virus without symptoms. once we relax and the virus becomes endemic, and spread asymptomatically, then we will see it adapting in unpredictable ways. once the lockdowns and paranoia goes, then have the perfect storm.
>>17134 Well said Dan.
>>17135 >once we relax and the virus becomes endemic Isn't that already happening in other countries and how we have the current Delta Poo strain?
Virus isn't real
>>17135 Covid isn't real btw daily reminder. Also saying you have ashma works fine. Or if you want a drs note you need to have an ongoing treatment that means you cant wear a mask. My brother is a Dr and he has been giving our notes for people saying they have a mental issue wearing the mask because they were choked as a child, held down by a priest as a child by the throat, etc, etc. Be creative and see you mental health care proffesional via your cenno 6 free visits and then get your note. Escape the virus and those who focus on it- even here.
>>17138 Fact.
>>17139 >because they were I don't think I could ever handle hearing that stuff on a daily basis. That would be upsetting.
>>17141 Youre a sperg. Its confected to get a mask exemption note.
(131.28 KB 600x800 proscience.png)
>>17142 >sperg. >Its confected to get a mask exemption note. I don't think it's normal to lie about any type of abuse.
>>17142 >confected
>>17145 I didn't want to bring the discussion that far.
>>17145 >>17146 In my post previous to yours.
>>17139 >My brother is a Dr Please get him to prescribe you testosterone and then send it to me. Please.
I hate Jews.
>>17148 Have you tried lying to that online prescription place and then when you have enough scripts go to a bulk billing place to get it prescribed like you were always on it? I accidentally did this with one my medications that it was prescribed to me and kept requesting it until I was on a regular dose. It was a non-addictive substance. I do need the medication but it wasn't prescribed after reviewing all my medical information and I given it here and then but kept taking it.
>>17149 Do you support the LGBT movement?
(168.86 KB 394x385 pepe_ety.png)
hmmm beeen at work.... how long has endch been down for ?
>>17152 An hour or so. It will take 5 hours for the maintenance to be completed, if everything goes smoothly.
>>17149 They're okay once you get to know them.
>>17154 Nuro is a cunt even after you get to know him
>>17153 lol wearing a mask suck it
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-30/accused-big-bird-bandits-appear-in-court/100255108 >Special anti terror legislation was used to prevent the two men from contacting each other in their pre-trial period.
>>17157 wut ? i still have not worn a mask i expect to get through this entire lockdown without wearing one
>>17158 If this was the Queensland receptionist on the Carmona ward, the news said "no"
>>17160 i don't believe you
>>17161 no it was a student nurse. I wonder if it was the same hospital
(77.40 KB 720x765 cachedImage.png)
>>17163 i live in the basedess part of basedland, its pretty easy, i can go a year without wearing a helmet up here too, no drama...
>>17165 yeah work for the dole is totally letting you not wear a mask
>>17159 that isn't even stated in the article
>>17166 He'll whiz past the Lezo supervisor on the forklift so fast she won't be able to yell his name.
(142.70 KB 600x957 itsrealdealwithit.png)
>>17169 What pills are you consuming that Big Bird theft relates to Carmona?
>>17150 The website I was looking at - onlinescripts.com.au - appears to only prescribe a certain amount and type of meds, like ~300 of the most commonly prescribed stuff. Nothing like benzos for instance.
>>17171 Oops my mistake I didn't realise it is a controlled substance: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/pharmaceutical/Pages/sch4b.aspx The only other alternative is if there is a specialist that can prescribe it. Someone with less concern when they are being audited (i.e. psychiatrist prescribing dexies is pretty common compared to a GP). They might be more willing to prescribe if you keep going back and pay their big fees.
(1.55 MB 1280x720 consequences of the vaccine.mp4)
>>17173 Imagine worrying about the flu and vaccines, when we have real issues to take care of. Like, What to do about all those ebil Nawtzee's?
(2.73 MB 3264x2448 Little Island.jpg)
>>17166 accurate
>the faggot is here posting his pictures
I'm at uni having a study. My last exam is tomorrow at 1:00. I'll be heading to Dan's afterwards for some gin. Whether it is celebratory or depression gin depends on how tomorrow goes.
>>17178 I wish you luck in the study and exam to hope that all goes well.
>>17178 Good luck for tomorrow mate and I have your studying goes well.
My NAS running TrueNAS core wouldnt reboot after a test shutdown. might chuck it in and do something else now.
>>17181 Hit it with a stick.
>>17176 Prove it otherwise we don't believe you
>Use of the Service NSW QR code will be mandatory at all workplaces, schools retail businesses from Monday, July 12. lol
endchan.org is back! let's go!
>>17185 Good riddance.
>>17181 Resurrect it using boong magic.
I fucking hate the endchan posters.
>>17188 No you don't.
1 milk thistle, benfotiamine and a GABA down the hatch
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>17190 Good to see you're looking after your health needs.
Time for a bit of bible study before my zoom meeting with the Deacon
>>17192 Ask him who the synagogue of Satan in Revelations are.
>>17193 pity we dont cover revelation 2.9. I'll try to drop it in tho.
>>17194 3:9 as well: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+3%3A9&version=KJV >Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee
I just cant get into the scriptures, man. I even requested to skip the nigger sob story video. /pol/ has ruined my hope of redemption.
>>17196 Ask the deacon what Jesus thought of boongs.
Had a deep hot bath with the last of the hot water. Most of my shit is ready to go, and my hard drives are ready. Going to go to bed early, hopefully get up early. Good Night. White.
>>17199 night m8
(404.67 KB 1638x2048 Ito Ema.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>17199 Goodnight NEET
>>17197 just huff gas and enter the dreamtime
>>17202 >gas Hmmmmmm.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m50N5bc_BE Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I need to slow down on this liquorice. I'm a fucking animal.
>>17196 Read the Bhagavad Gita. Stop reading Jewish scriptures. Come home, White man
Good Morning NEETs Bit of rain and a hot breakfast this morn.
Big exam today at 1:00. Dan on standby.
>>17209 You'll do fine NEET. After all, you've well-prepared yourself!
>>17207 Nice mang, a hot brekky is the perfect way to start the day.
>>17209 I'll be thinking of you
Where is everyone?
White brother wars no more! Here comes the racial holy war! Our dream is a white revolution! White revolution is the only solution! We're an 88 rock-n-roll band! We're an 88 rock-n-roll band! We're an 88 rock-n-roll band! Playing and fighting for race and land
(199.22 KB 736x1104 Erw0sTxXAAEV87J.jpg)
(70.80 KB 750x1114 1rco4mfrqs941.jpg)
(80.53 KB 564x564 Es-6FirXIAA7twY.jpg)
>>17213 I'm here.
>>17216 I'm glad. My exam starts in five minutes. I can't wait to be done with uni for the next few weeks. I'll be visiting Dan afterwards and posting more on the board.
Shat out a 3-foot demon
>>17217 Good luck.
>>17218 Break it's back!
>>17217 Whether you pass the exam or not, I'll always be here for you.
(360.88 KB 723x645 Goon of fortune.png)
"Your mutual obligation requirements have been lifted from 30 June - 6 July"
>>17223 Time to party!
Haven't watched a Michael Fassbender moofie in a while
>>17217 Good luck mate.
(138.91 KB 1083x453 Mountain Wizards.jpg)
>>17224 Indeed it is
>>17227 3 hours of content from him is a lot to take in at once.
>>17216 >>17226 >>17221 >>17219 It's all done now. I'm a free neet. I've got a $50 Woolies giftcard I need to use up soon so I'll be buying some essentials from Dan.
>>17229 How do you felt you went?
>>17230 Pretty well actually. It wasn't completely smooth but I reckon I did a pretty good job.
>>25897 Do you have actual autism?
>>17232 Alphabetically that would be at the top of the list of issues pedoNEET has. >>17229 Hope it all works out. Now enjoy yourself, you've earnt it.
IGA was hectic. People legit scared to even step close to you.
Downloading Spiderman (2002).
>>17235 In Albanian?
>>17235 Only reason to watch that movie
>>17236 Inshallah.
I'm off to get that gin now. Bye noots.
>>17239 >gin Don't come back
>>17239 Enjoy your gin m8
>>17239 Grab a gin, break her in. unna
(125.75 KB 702x468 BoongLyfe.jpg)
(14.09 KB 500x500 white woman 4.jpg)
Made it to Poztown, set up the night sail which took 90 minutes and I got out of the ravine just on dark. Now I'm having dinner at the local 'traveller' homeless fuckwits stooge spot, the one with hot showers and a bbqarea. Its in a really ritzy area and cashed up normies wearing puffer jackets are walking their pampered pooches and going to the fancy restaurant. I had a blow of the bugle but just ended up attracting attention from lonely boomers. Grabbed a couple of lemons from my trees, they are really coming in now. I'll get at least a boxful before I go home. Theoretically I could do the two weeks without resupplying but I'm in the land of groceries and providore so I'll skip the full covid apocalypse LARP. Stretch goals on this trip are to see a moofie at the cinema and eat a cheap pixxa. Good Night from the Poz, White.
(77.29 KB 1440x900 1599255246096.jpg)
>>17235 You're on the list the NSA keeps for normies now.
Pilgrimage complete. I'm now buying some trackies.
>>17244 Night neet
>>17246 Got some trackies and some pies.
>>17246 Still haven't washed the pair I sharted in a week ago
>>17244 Glad you made it alright. Did the boomers like your bugleing?
Pie is nearly done. I am watching Spiderman. I am going to have my pie and then play a bit of Skyrim whilst having some gin.
>>17251 How do you have your gin?
>>17252 Straight. I chill it in the fridge.
>>17253 i cant into straight spirits. Does it taste similar to vodka?
I got some "Keynote - Pinot Noir" from Dan and it is fucking awful. I guess I deserve this for having class aspirations and buying bottled wine for a change.
>>17254 Yeah, but with some other notes to it. The juniper berries are the main thing and I love it.
>>17255 I've had some truly terrible bottled wine. >>17256 Hmm. I'll need to try it at some point straight.
>>17257 Yeah, it was in the discount bin thing. I should've gone with a rose or something. At least I like that stuff.
>>17257 Having it with tonic is a nice gentle introduction. It still gives you the flavour but less intensely.
Got a feeling I should not have just ate that tub of ricotta cheese with the use-by of June 26...
>>17260 Big poos?
(106.39 KB 1081x1600 Murayama Yuiri1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>17262 Night mate.
Morning NEETs. Made a fruit salad that I'll be having for lunch today.
Get ready for an influx of endchan faggots.
>>17265 I guess that's a sign I should stay off here today.
>>17265 Why are you so anti-social?
>>17264 Good morning NEET. It sounds like it will be nice.
>>17267 You can't be social on the internet retard
>>17267 What kind of question is that? The endchan NEETs are moronic drama queens.
>>17269 >>17270 If you're wondering why there are times where no one posts here and then this is the response to such posts. It kind of answers the question that was asked yesterday about why no one posted here.
>>17271 I wasn't wondering. We're aware this isn't the most active board and that's a good thing.
>>17269 Post your elbow.
(1.16 MB 2518x3680 IMG_5118.JPG)
>>17274 Pheww Almost too social.
Raining, James Gang and Jeff Healey tunes playing. Feeling cool.
>>17276 Sounds comfy.
>>17268 >>17264 G'morn. Another 12-hour Youtube sesh awaits. Enjoy your salad.
Bought some rooibos tea and brewing a cup now.
https://www.9news.com.au/world/slender-man-judge-orders-release-of-wisconsin-woman-anissa-weier/3cb797f8-accb-4647-a675-6ad88c5f6a90 >"Prosecutors countered that Weier remains dangerous and will have a hard time making friends outside the institution, which could lead her to associate with mentally disturbed people." A life of imageboards awaits her
I went into uni to get my textbooks for the next semester. I actually got them this time. They usually get borrowed before I can get to them.
Some crazy cunt on the train is talking to himself.
>>17284 Tell her I said hi.
>>17284 Kill him
(104.86 KB 875x577 food Challange.jpg)
Playing some Skyrim.
>>17288 I'm playing 'Drink copious amounts of goon until you die of liver failure'. Wanna play?
Tucker Carlson still has a little way to catch up, but the man has seen an absolutely astounding turn around this year and has become sane now. One of the only ones in the media that is. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6261957083001?playlist_id=5198073478001 >>17282 You're getting ahead of the game now Neet.
>>17289 How far in terms of percentage are you towards finishing this campaign?
I won $30 on last night's Powerball
>>17292 How will you spend it?
It's back...
>>25960 Projection is a helluva drug
(29.87 KB 1052x262 KYSS.jpg)
It appears the online script company took my money due to a single question that was 'wrong'. I answered 'no' because technically I'm not currently taking any such meds. The question should've read "are you currently on these med and/or have you been on them in the past?. Fark I hate being a Good Goy...
>>17296 Go see Dr Pajeet if you need it urgently. He's the alley next to the bulk billing centre having a shit but is available soon for an appointment.
(41.84 KB 1148x199 FFS.jpg)
I changed the answer and resubmitted but still
>>17298 What are you trying to get prescribed? Is it a controlled substance?
Buy my arse on the deep web.
>>17301 Negotiable price?
>>17302 Pay what you want.
>>17303 What if I throw some coins onto the ground is that enough?
>>17304 More than enough. I will crawl around on the ground and stuff them in my cumdies.
(744.88 KB 1632x1224 Haul 2 July 2021.jpg)
>>17303 Got some supplies before the rain hits. Seems you pay a buck extra if you get half a chook. Ah well, only got so much room in the bar fridge. The Tim-Tams were half-price, as were the Pringles. Dips were also on special. The Redhead was still cute even with a mask on.
>>17306 Very nice haul m8
>>17306 Nice haul, I don't like what Pringles did to their design though. Have you tried those Tim Tams before and are the white boxes blurring out info that could dox yourself? Just curious since I'm just blanking on any reason to. I suppose it might be your town/suburb.
It just occurred to me I haven't had a haircut in nearly five years now.
>>17309 Long hair?
>>17310 I cut it myself. I am about to cut it again in a minute before I go to the gym.
(236.50 KB 892x1540 hneet.jpeg)
>>17312 >>17310 I mean a haircut done by someone else.
>>17306 Yummo
>>17313 I've been shaving mine for over a year now, I noticed it getting a bit thin up the top and I'm not going to accept being one of them balding fellas so I just bit the bullet.
(132.10 KB 194x259 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17315 You just hid it, you should've accepted it.
>>17311 Cleanstove?
>>17306 good to see you're getting your vitamin C with those orchys. I see a tim tam binge in your future
>>17296 fukn scam cunts, they are running a business probably based on some fukin legal loophole and they still jew you out of your money. Just go to their competitors.
Made it a full 24 hours with the ravine hack. Slept per-fect-a-lee and got to wage and showered before the wage comptroller gratefully assigned to the good morale office. Had a ho-hum shift but was reminded that "This is Poz City" when this aussie peon got to telling me about the gender reveal party for his unborn kid, saying how his tiny asian wifey bla bla bla... Rode teh bike to mummybot's for tea, gonna do it all again tomorrow, when I work on fine tuning my schedule. Almost cut off time for heading up the ravine so Good Night, White.
(213.57 KB 1300x1300 parrot and girl.jpg)
>>17320 >"This is Poz City" when this aussie peon got to telling me about the gender lol sounds horrible m8, have a good night.
>>17320 >gratefully assigned to the good morale office. kek. night neet.
Off to the gym. Bye noots.
>>17324 Goodbye neet.
(34.02 KB 300x323 Warning.jpg)
Good morning. It's still raining, but try to enjoy the weekend anyhow.
Good morning neets. Everyone going for a Saturday morning sleep-in I take it?
(119.96 KB 829x662 ABC.jpg)
OPINION: If you've achieved nothing by midday then you should just go back to sleep?
>>17329 Oui.
>>17329 Come in-store for some mental health treatment.
How are bread rolls with savoury toppings (cheese/meats) able to be kept at room temp?
>>17332 24 hours would probably be fine. Meat is quite resilient when it is cooked. I'd try to avoid go longer than 12 hours but I am probably just be excessively cautious.
>>17300 God damn it, I gotta create an account then learn how to bitcoin. FML tbqh
>>17333 I think it's more than 'resilience' at play. Gotta be a load of chemical preservatives in there.
An absolute piss-poor showing at the cinemas. I have no desire to see a bunch of roided-up chad drive sports cars for an hour. When is the new Bond moofie coming out ffs, and the Dune flick?
(138.71 KB 1321x471 KYS KYS KYS.jpg)
>tfw nothing but a heaping pile of worthless iron disulfide Anywho, off to buy another sack
>>17335 Yeah, cold meats certainly would.
>>17336 I'm watching Dune (2021) on my second monitor whilst playing Elder Scrolls VI on my main one.
>>17339 I didn't know it was available to torrent.
(596.51 KB 1224x1632 Haul 3 July 2021.jpg)
I passed a few 'graffiti artists' spray painting an under-bridge wall. Never seen such people doing their thang irl. 2 guys and a girl. The latter giving me a dirty look as I walked past.
>>26007 Endchan give you the boot yet again?
>>17340 if you mean TES6, pretty sure it's not even in development yet.
>>17343 >>17340 I was joking. Considering that TES5 was released on 11/11/2011 and the progress that they seem to have made so far, I expect TES6 to be released around the 3/3/2033 or so. Maybe they'll need an extra couple of decades for Todd Howard to water it down sufficiently.
>>17342 Why does he keep posting that image? Who is he?
Have any of you played Kingdom Come: Deliverance? I'm thinking of buying it on Steam.
>>17344 i mean, idk when it will be released and i figured you were joking, but ol silver tongue todd said it's not even in development yet, in the design phase.
>>17345 He's a fella with bad mental health and in need of psychiatric assistance.
>>17348 Is he the one that goes on about getting into a psych-ward?
(105.40 KB 864x573 Gothic nap time.jpg)
>>17348 Don't just say it. Seek it!. See you dogs tomorrow.
>>17349 I don't know, this board is for NEETs without personas. Those lemons could've been picked by anyone.
>>17351 >NEETs without personas. Yet nuro's flag remains...
I can't decide whether to go with a Bosmer thief or an Altmer nightblade in Skyrim.
>>17352 That faggot's rancid presence can never be removed.
I went to Coles but they were shut. I didn't realise it was a Saturday.
>>17353 maybe you decided, but go the first combo for the hipster appeal and synergy. altmeri are JEWS anyway.
I've been so bloody hungry today. I am about to ready to have my fourth big bowl of lentil stew.
(414.54 KB 1536x2048 Remu Suzumori.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Midnight sausage rolls.
>>17358 Night noot.
(102.93 KB 865x569 chillin.jpg)
Another day on earth bros
Where is everyone?
>>17362 At your place waiting to be let in.
>>17362 Playing nude Uno with your mummybot
Getting down to the washing machine rhythms.
...Hmm, there's a post missing. >>26036
>>17366 was likely me. My VPN is about to get fucked off with extreme prejudice.
(125.67 KB 800x600 avacado girl.jpg)
Cold AF here in Poztown. I didnt have any wage today so I went back to the ravine to tighten up the Night sail. The cold wind and grey sky felt based, somehow. Went to see oldad last night, had some ho-hum supermarket pixxas and watched a docco on storms in the north sea. Looking at peak aryan environment, houses with brick internal stairs and people who belonged in Evropa, gave me the feels about making homes in the bush, and mates with aussie lyfe and style. Having a couple of egg sandwiches for dinner and then going back to the ravine . Good Night,White.
>>17364 You wouldn't be saying that if you knew what she looks like.
I haven't even had a shower yet today. I've just been playing Skyrim lol. Time to have a shower and then head to the gym. I'm off for now. Bye noots.
>>17370 seeya m8
Wish I could've experienced early 90's Los Angeles.
Fucking hell, where is everyone?
>>17373 You weren't here, so like battered wives, they went back to endchaim
Morning neets, cool start to the day at -6 here.
>>17375 Good morning. Fucking freezing here in Adelaide.
>>17375 >>17376 Mornin' NEETs >>17377 Why so much downtime lately?
I've done the dishes. Some dried beans are boiling on the stove. I'm going to play some Skyrim for a bit. It is nice to be able to relax for a bit over the holidays and not feel obliged to do anything productive although I can see why you don't want to be like this long term.
(231.12 KB 816x612 Brekest.jpg)
>>17378 >>17376 >>17375 Mornz. Another cafe brekky down the hatch. Need the energy to do nothing all day. Got a doctor's appointment this arv though. Hopefully he can fix all that is wrong. Happy Monday!
Baked beans and 4 boiled eggs for meal.
>>17379 One day I will make a legit bbq baked bean dish from scratch, with bacon and stuff. One day...
>>17380 >Need the energy to do nothing all day Make sure you have a nap so you have enough energy for your main snooze.
Frozen berries in porridge for breakky. A little bit of butter goes in well with it.
>>17380 Nice breakky neet, had a dr app myself (psychologist) this morning but she rang to cancel which suited me as i wasn't really feeling up to it. >>17381 well beaned >>17384 haven't had porridge in years.
>>17381 That's a good way to go.
>>17385 That turned out well then.
I've joined the Dark Brotherhood and am working my way up. I am about to join the Thieves' Guild.
Having a cup of tea.
I just finished watching Spiderman (2002).
With great loads, come great stains.
>>17388 I remember when it come out and didn't believe people when they said that there was giant dragons.
Got my Good Goy meds. Didn't realize it's now 'compulsory' to do that covid qr scan at every business. The GP (a young Irish fella who seemed to give a shit) went through a 'risk assessment' and I almost gave in and told the truth, that I had been planning suicide recently. Don't want police showing up at the front door tbqh. As an example he asked if I'd done anything like buy rope which I had.
>>17385 Thanks. I'll be sorting out another mental health care plan sometime this month.
>>17393 >>17394 You should have a look at finding some appropriate health professionals. The regular psychologist/psychiatrists that get recommended are often unsuited to cater to specific mental health conditions. https://www.psychology.org.au/Find-a-Psychologist Have a look on here, you can refine it by what condition you want to have a go at tackling.
>>17395 Maybe he needs some actual friends to talk to rather than some shrink, talk with your dog or family or friend. If you can't. Well go to the shrink, just warning you in advance, a psychologist job is making you a little bit better, but not good enough so you come back. That's how they make money of course. They also love dragging on, obsessing on the past and not at all the present and tomorrow, it's a very recurring theme I think that in particular can be very damaging so insist on not doing that. This isn't the case with friends/dog/family. >>17393 Sorry to hear this. Hopefully things get better.
Cold one tonight boys, wish I had a clean non shit-stained pair of trackies to wear. A fireplace would be just as good I guess.
>>17397 '"Wash them!''
Considering getting on the gin.
>>17398 My problems are a lot more complex than a fucking sore arm!
>>17400 Have you even opened the bottle since buying with the $50 gift card?
>>17402 Yeah, I've gotten into it twice now. I just drink it straight. I might buy some tonic though just to mix things up a bit though.
>>17401 He's upset that he can't wank and the dog is upset because he knows what that means.
>>17403 >tfw neets questioning my alcoholism
Dan will guide you home And ignite your bones And he will try to fix you
Need to get to the storage shed for the Seinfeld DVD collection. Really feel like binge-watching it again.
(112.56 KB 768x1048 Ozono Momoko4.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>17407 Christ mate, maybe you need to go to a psych ward too. That might be where we start the commune.
>>17408 Night mate.
I recently found out australia barely has any niggers. How lucky you all are.
>>17411 No niggers, and if the fuckin' chinks and white dawg cunts would fuck off it would be great
>>17412 Aren't Abos like niggers?
>>17413 Abos are more docile.
>>17411 What do you mean? I live in Brisbane and I see multiple niggers daily. There is a neighbourhood in the south called Moorooka which an African guy at my high school joked was "Africa in disguise". Furthermore every nigga here can fuck white women easily because they are in demand. If they are smart enough to read and write they become lawyas or "administrative assistants". Niggers are invading this country and dominating it.
>>17415 >fuck white women easily Lol, not in Adelaide.
>>17415 I recall seeing the sudos around that area when I lived in Brizzin like 10 years ago. I would often see the guys wearing cheap looking suits. But that's probably changed now and they all dress like American negroes.
>>17413 they are genetically related but yeah probably not as ooga-booga.
Looks to be another day without uttering a single word to another human
>>17420 iktf, I haven't left the house since thursday
>>17420 A good day then.
Real neets don't even know what year it is.
Why has the board slowed down so much recently?
>Why has the board slowed down so much recently? gay retard zoomie subversion
>>17424 I've pretty much stopped posting on both boards, I no longer feel like I belong soi stay away.
I'm thinking I might head into uni and have a bit of a study even though it is the holidays. I feel guilty about just playing video games and watching moofies all day.
>>17418 >genetically related We're closer genetically than they are.
>>17420 Make a vocaroo.
>>17426 IKTF It's all shit.
(160.85 KB 800x1220 1612384755099.jpg)
>>17424 went to civic club last night, one of the old boys there finally died from dementia and they had his eulogy such as it is. Turns out he was a 'Forward scout' at Long Tan. Gonna watch the moofie, apparrently he's supposed to be there. Never knew the guy but he got married 5 times. dunno if you can be based for all that but its pretty /k/ wage tomorrow, fukn cold as here. luckily the ravine is kind of a micro climate and one of the warmer spots in Poz City. Good Night, White.
>>17427 thats a good feeling. You are wanting to achive stuff on a deeper level.
En route to the gym.
(471.32 KB 1536x2048 Wada Miyu.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
How are you lads enjoying NAIDOC month?
Too many fucking chinks and niggers in melbo. it's like all the melbournites left for geelong and bendy
>>17374 That site really does suck. /pol/ there literally has 2 users, the bo and like one other guy. Someone made a news thread there about a famous pro-White's death and the bo even anchored that, lol. >muh hugbox where no one posts basically
>tfw you put your cumsock on
>>17438 Wash it!
I'm downloading both Sicario films.
>>17440 The sequel is a disappointment. Replace it with Zero Dark Thirty or Act of Valor.
>just another day >in Byron Bay I did a mission to Byron Bay to spread God's word. The prophet I met there described it as Australia's open air mental institute. From my experience there over about two weeks I must agree. This morning I felt for the first time in my life something I can only describe as the presence of Satan. Therefore, I delivered God's final judgment to the biggest headkicker I could find in the town. Then, as soon as I reached the outskirts, I shook the dust from my feet, as my Lord Jesus Christ commanded. God will destroy that place. Matthew 10:12-15 >And when ye come into an house, salute it. >And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you. >And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. >Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. Mark 6:10-12 >And he said unto them, In what place soever ye enter into an house, there abide till ye depart from that place. >And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. >And they went out, and preached that men should repent. Luke 9:4-6 >And whatsoever house ye enter into, there abide, and thence depart. >And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them. >And they departed, and went through the towns, preaching the gospel, and healing every where.
>>17444 >God will destroy that place I hope so
>>17444 > The prophet I met There are no new prophets >open air I hope you wore a mask >the presence of Satan Tell me more. >God's final judgment to the biggest headkicker I hope you gave him a good whoppin' >commanded Did not. >shall not receive you Their loss. >than for that city. PozCity is a shit I guess John wasn't there for that meeting.
>>17446 >There are no new prophets I don't give a fuck. <the presence of Satan >Tell me more. It was half vision half emotion, a vision infused with what Satan would look and feel like if you met him in real life, pick any artwork of how Satan looks and that would match it, shadowy and dark and somewhat spidery I suppose. I got it in that place when you drift halfway between sleep and awakeness. It was unmistakably evil. >I hope you gave him a good whoppin' He practically shat himself when I reached for my bag. I suppose the flipside of threatening to knife cunts faggot pulled a knife on me then threw it when he remembered the street cameras is that you worry all the time about cunts wanting to knife you back. The guy was a shitcunt and I feel righteously satisfied at the thought of him spending eternity in hell. Fuck yeah. But this is about God, not me. All glory belongs to God.
(119.00 KB 794x1191 vegan.jpeg)
I took my washing to the dry cleaners and got the full service MBE mummybot experience . Everything was folded and sorted. I was really embarrased actually and wont do it again. Made dinner on the tailgate again, chose the park where I'm helping do the civic club do on monday. I watched some spaz roll up on his motorbike and some chick was talking animatedly to him for about ten minutes. Then she kissed him and fucked off and the guy stood there for ten minutes motionless staring at his phone, before fucking off. I dunno why he couldnt do that shit at home. He doesnt deserve to have a girlfriend. I had red lentils for tea because the buckwheat comes from chyna now, All the stuff i bought at the hippy lefty vegan shop comes from based countries. But lots is X'd out because of the chyna thing. More wage tomorrow. hoping to get to 50% of my duty here tomorrow. feet feel rank in my new kt26's Good Night, White.
>>17440 You are in for a treat, the first one starts with a bang and gets better. I love the line "just relax and let it happen baby" You'll see what I mean. I wonder whats on at the cinemas
It feels good to preach God's word. I would welcome any man of good will who would want to join me.
>>17450 >It feels good to preach God's word. But sad that so few listen.
(346.16 KB 1536x2048 Sadano Haruka.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>17448 Goodnight NEET
>>17447 >It was unmistakably evil. That sounds very scary. I saw a lady in a sheepskin with matted hair and yellow teeth in my backyard once and got a similar feel. >knife cunts Yeah fuck him, you did good. Glad to hear you didn't get hurt. Colossians 3:6 >For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience. Nahum 1:2-3 >God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the Lord revengeth, and is furious; the Lord will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. >The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. Psalm 76:10 >Even the wrath of man shall praise You; with the survivors of wrath You will clothe Yourself. Leave the punishing to the big man, he knows what he'd doing and they'll all get what's coming.
>>17448 >guy stood there for ten minutes motionless staring at his phone lol, it's weird how people can do that.
>>17451 >listen They will seek out the word by themselves if they that way inclined. Missionary/evangelical work only works on the weak of spirit. If a man can convince them of a certain view or message, then someone else can convince them of otherwise.
Attunement to the divine and connection to the transcendent can not be reached through word alone and is up to the individual to grasp.
Aussie nigger NAIDOC week next week. What flavour of goon will you be drinking, white or red? >>17455 >Missionary/evangelical work only works on the weak of spirit. Bullshit.
Just spent the last half an hour walking around the lounge, conducting an internal sermon that was intermittently out loud. Crazy ramblings about establishments such as churches and health practitioners using the 'betterment of man' as justification for exploitation.
>>17457 >Bullshit Why would your words convince someone of the righteous path, when the bible cant? You are not above Christ.. or Paul. The message is freely available to everyone.
>>17459 Yeah but not everyone can reach it. Some people are in remote communities and without transport. The Salvo missionary I met once taking donations said that you need to go to where people are, you can't just wait for them to come to you.
>>17460 That sounds like justification to exploit your goodwill. >The Salvation Army was able to raise more money in 2020 than it did in 2019. The Salvation Army says it raised more than 557-million dollars during the holiday season. That's a 27 percent year-over-year increase. They don't need your gold coins. They get funding from the gov anyway.. on top of that. Plus corporations can get into lower tax brackets as charity is deemed as an expense. The 'best' church I know of is the little one down the road that is run by ex meff heads and alcos who make food hampers for poor cunts who don't even go to the church. The deeds matter, intention is a load of shit and usually an outright lie. There is no community anywhere, at least in Australia that doesn't have access to a bible.
>>17461 Then why is the place full of sinners?
>>17462 Not my place to say but I would guess that the value of an individual has been falsely elevated above the community. I also don't think the 'good old days' had less sinners by proportion.
https://youtu.be/ka1qIELQrKc The best you can do is act according to your own best judgement. No formal establishment or individual will get you closer. The relationship with the Lord is purely intrapersonal. The kingdom of heaven is within. The creeds and organisations wont help. Although, saying this, speaking with like minded people isn't a bad thing but it's to further your relationship with God, not them.
>>17463 >the value of an individual has been falsely elevated above the community Probably true. >I also don't think the 'good old days' had less sinners by proportion. No, but they weren't celebrated. Today celebrates all that is bad and denigrates all that is good.
Good morning neets. I am about to play some more Skyrim. I got chased out of a cave after encountering a level 100 Ebony Vampire. Very scary. I will return at a much higher level.
>>17466 what mods are you playing with?
>>17468 It is mostly based around Requiem. It contains a bunch of other mods focusing on survival and difficulty. I quite like it. You don't need a really powerful rig to run it unlike a bunch of the other mod packs through Wabbajack.
Having some late lunch.
>>17465 >Today celebrates all that is bad and denigrates all that is good. Don't let it get under your skin Neet. God will deal with it all. >Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet with bitter. https://biblehub.com/isaiah/5-20.htm
I reek of cum. Time to have a shower.
(351.52 KB 1128x1504 Remu Suzumori1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>17475 Goodnight mate.
Good morning neets.
Had an awesome night. Several spews, the sweats and the shakes. Hot bile has my throat feeling like I swallowed glass. Would recommend.
>>17478 Sounds awful.
I just got an email from uni: >I shared with staff that, due to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, under our current projections (moderate scenario) the University is facing a $22 million shortfall in 2022. This will grow to an annual shortfall of $47 million by 2023 if we are not able to reverse the situation. Wew
>>17480 That's a pity.
>>17480 Just remember what the globalists are stealing from you Neet. They are not the friends of White Christian civilization but rather they have declared by their actions it's great enemy. They not only want to wreck your uni, but indeed also your civilization entire.
>>26165 What do you hope to achieve?
I had scrambled eggs for breakky. Time to have some porridge for a very late lunch.
>>17485 Smelly farts and big poos.
I'm so very desperately lonely
(29.58 KB 255x160 pepeng.png)
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>17488 You will find my cellar consultants to be very friendly. Why not speak to them about opening a frequent shopper account, A 10% surcharge will apply for small talk, however.
Fukn check engine light is on. Its the fukn catalytic converter sensor telling me that my sports cat is not good enough to comply with emissions regulations. I can turn it off now but it cost me pretty money in the start. now if there is some important issue it will get ignored because I think its just the cat sensor. Fukn bullshit shouldnt even have the sensor there in the first place.
>>17491 Can't you just unplug the sensor?
(2.10 MB 1845x2500 hay girl.jpg)
Went to oldad's for tea and changed the battery in his smoke alarm for a slightly newer one. He just had his second AZ dose so I have to monitor him for getting really sick in the next day or two. everything is covax now., even the silly wagie woman in the tea room was sad because covid cancelled her trip to coffs harbour. Then she's saying its outrageous that parking fees go up in a pandemic. Is this eating your cake and having it too? 60% of wage done, Got up early to play for lemons and got a huge sackfull. Feet are still cold and feel rank, two pairs of boots in the mail somewhere. Oldad says I should pay my friends something for letting me stay at their place. I totally should carry a bale of lucern in for them, Still havent seen them this time. Good Night, White.
>>17492 nah its not that simple but you can buy a 'hedgehog' which goes between the sensor and the cat. It has a bit of catalyitst wire that tricks the sensor. It must be burnt out or something.
>>17493 Night m8
>>17493 > I should pay my friends something for letting me stay at their place. Why don't you?
>>17494 Have you seen a porcupine eat a corn cob? It's good.
Up earlier than usual this morning. Can't get back to sleep.
>>17498 Morning. I've been up for about an hour and realised I have nothing to do. Nothing enjoyable anyway.
>>17499 Play Skyrim.
Rather than that horrible sugary orange juice, why not start your day with a nice refreshing glass of nutritious goon?
>>17500 >>17501 Two quick tips to make life complete.
On to my second coffee already. Sloppy poos inbound.
I need to wash my keyboard. The sides of the keys are covered in some sort of grime. I think it is a mixture of bodily oils and dead skin cells.
>>17504 Probably so. Be careful not to get liquids down into it Neet. I'd suggest a damp cloth + elbow grease.
>>17505 >elbow grease. It's already covered in that.
My dad says I'm 1/16th abo. I'm thinking of applying for abo status. 1. Is it hard? 2. Is it worth it?
>>17507 You need recognition from any elder. No.
>>17506 >>17505 I was planning on taking off the back panel and popping out the key caps to wash them in the sink.
>>17509 You sound like a wagie.
>>17509 Sure, if you're going to go that far then certainly washing the plastic keys themselves is fine. But be patient and give them plenty of time to dry out. Like a day. Otherwise you'll be putting water still in the underside (concave) portion of the keys exactly where you don't want it on the inside of the keyboard.
My keyboard has been washed. It seems to be working fine. I didn't dry the keys for as long as that neet suggested. I wrapped them up in a tea towel and shook it around for a bit. I then hit them with hair dryer quite gently. I reckon it will be okay. I've done the dishes and the cooking for the day. It is now time to relax.
Boong bukkake.
>>17512 F'n normie, I've been on the goon since noon.
>>17514 Real neets don't have to start drinking because they never stop. Even when they sleep they use goon enemas.
>>17512 Good job then Neet.
Late lunch time.
(137.95 KB 1200x1481 Unbecoming+ram_1e5a8a_8636081.jpg)
for christianneet
>>17518 Kek. I saw an old Catholic film a few years ago, that explicitly pointed out the 'Peter outran John'. That's one of the passages I think was expressly intended to be a humorous addition to what can usually be very sober text. Thanks Neet, saved.
I'm going to have my dinner and then give grannybot a call.
>>17512 You're a clean NEET
>>17520 Good Idea, Dont want to talk to her when you're hangry.
>>17518 Dunno why but thats funny AF. I should email it to the Deacon.
Wage was AIDs today, Basically too many silly girls making idiotic calls. Then I had to handover my section to a bona fide useless pajeeta. Called mummybot who didnt want me to go around because she was sick. Oldad was feeling okay after his second dose of the AZ. Had another tailgate dinner and felt better after a couple of lemons and a go on the bugle. Up to 80% tomorrow and starting to think about getting stuck in the Poz if there is a snap lockdown. There are a couple of ways to get to Silver City but getting out of here is the pinch. Soon roadblocks then what? Need a couple of things to make me more comfy up in the ravine but I'll tough it out until I get back home. Luckily I scored a two liter drink bottle at the wage, I need the extra capacity for my big pee nights. Going up early and getting up late. Nice Good Night, White.
>>17507 Welcome to Noongar country cuz.
>>17524 Have a safe night Neet.
Having a nice cuppa. I miss the caro. I wish it wasn't so expensive.
(225.25 KB 1000x1500 Maeda Atsuko2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
I just watched Hell or High Water (2016). Definitely one of the better films I've ever seen. It is a surprisingly good treatment of fatherhood and masculinity despite being a recently made film.
(99.81 KB 1213x840 drugs.png)
What do you blokes know about finding drugs online to buy? I don't know much other than I've watched the movie The Silk Road and I know that's out, I've been looking on Wikipedia and reading about it for something to do, I want to try acid, haha. I was shown this pic on ausneets back on 8chan before the split, I was there when there were vegan cunts posting and that gay dude that wanted to be a tranny, it was ages ago. I doubt this pic would still be the way to do it, though.
>>17530 Fuck off.
>>17531 Why?
>>17530 That info in the screenshot is decent. Don't use coins or a wallet that can be traced to you. Try to use someone else's address and inform them to ignore any fed letters they might get, or use a perfect stranger's address and remember to be inconspicuous while keeping tabs on their postage. Packages get seized and vendors do scam so be prepared to get over it. I don't know what the market is like now or if the info I saw was ever accurate, but I have heard most of the acid market is designer drugs (which are still very similar to acid in my experience).
>>17530 That's a good image. I had a mate who used to buy peyote variants and some lysergic acid type things. I want to try acid too, I'm worried that it won't be great or not authentic because it has a shit shelf life. Be careful and keep us posted.
Time for a second coffee. I'm going to watch We Are What We Are (2013) again today.
>>17529 I vaguely remember it. Any moofie that portrays father son relations always hits me in the feels, having not grown up with one.
>>17536 IKTFB, my dad was a drop kick wino and gambler. He did a box a day until he died when I was seven. My mother kept me away from him those last couple of years. As much as that woman did wrong, I think that was the right decision.
>>17512 I put my keyboard up on it's side, spray it with spray and wipe and use a brush from the kitchens dustpan and Brush and give it a good scrub then simply wipe it down with a cloth.
I'm going to brush my teeth and do some reading.
What are we up to tonight, boys?
Bought another sack. Had second thoughts on wiping it down with an antibacterial wipe as the young qt who served me picked it up by the handle. She had such petite feminine hands that I'm sure I'll be dreaming of tonight. Had a feeling the mask mandate had ended but still wore one as I haven't shaved in a week and feel ugly. FML.
>>17541 Enjoy your second sack neet.
A nice fat juicy huntsman just met its demise. Took it out with an empty Johnnie Walker box.
(337.38 KB 960x1280 Kousaka Marino2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
I'm going to have a toasted cheese sandwich as a snack and then take the bins out.
>>17543 Huntsie wuntsies are good spiders, you shouldn't kill them.
My uni exam results get released tomorrow at 5:00 pm.
>>17548 DAS RITE
>>17548 McFly!
I forgot how buggy the Skyrim civil war questline is.
(107.58 KB 869x577 Boglim.jpg)
>>17547 You did your best Neet, it'll be fine I'm sure.
>>26242 I looked this up, it's a 15 year old girl.
>>17554 Fitting.
>>17544 Na, Nar mate theres sometinng wrong with that one.
>>17543 Leave the spiders alone.
(17.48 KB 400x290 star trek hottie.jpg)
My Civic club Night went okay, I did my bit and the old boys I go with did theirs. At the end I helped my old mate move the trailer with the BBQ's and the beer eskies down the road to his old mother in law's place. She is in a nursing home on her last legs and the property is empty. Four blocks in the legacy suburb with a delapidated weatherboard house in the middle. You can see why the boomers act like lords with their imminent and massive inheritances. Chinks are starting to piss me off, I had one head right for me on the street. all wirelessed up for sound and oblivious. I clapped my hands inches away and it veered to the side. Better than dropping the cunt with all the hassle that would have caused, Going to try to get out of the Poz on saturday AM. This place is a trap. Off to hang myself in the ravine overnight, Maybe go to the beach for a early shower. Back to teh wage wed. Good Night, White.
>>17541 AJ reckons that the MRNA vax will give everyone dementia in 5 years.
>>17557 sounded like a tf2 play to me since i'm ignorant of australian fauna. now i'm sad. well; sometimes it can be hard to relocate spiders, especially the bigger they get.
(188.82 KB 800x1202 Hashimoto Manami.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>17558 Goodnight NEET
The dog's anus is particularly fragrant this morning.
I did four topics last semester. The results for three of them have been released and are all good. I don't know what is going on with the fifth. I know I didn't do well on that exam but the exam was only worth 30% of the final grade and I did well enough on the rest of the course to pass even with a zero in the exam. In short I am quite confident I have passed everything. The last semester didn't go very well but I am glad I made it. I am currently preparing for the next one. I intend to do better this time around.
>>17563 Well done neet.
Took a shit but feel there's another load on the way, so holding off on a shower until later this arvo.
>>17565 Take some metamucil
>>17565 Take some methamucil
(2.18 MB 2304x1728 Homeless lounge.JPG)
(2.50 MB 2304x1728 Homeless lunch.JPG)
(1.98 MB 2304x1728 homeless cunts.JPG)
Having a successful shopping mission in Poztown. Stopped at the old pacing and dogs track for lunch. The bix box stores have bisected the race ground and the entire precinct is given over to plush caravan boomers and toejam homeless. Dont let those nice busses fool you, they were bought for a song by their troglodyte owners and they dont have anywere else to go but here. Got a new 'Hedgehog' for the falcon which i will have to fit when i get back home. Had a good sleep in and got up after dawn. The kookaburras were really noisy today.
>>17560 You dont relocate aussie spiders, they're basically housemates.
I'm going to have a shower and go to Officeworks.
>>17569 >When the butter looks more like slices of cheddar cheese you know it must be cold Thanks for the pics, much appreciated. I've been using that nutritional yeast recently. It really does taste like cheese.
Why do I have to threaten suicide to get help?
>>17572 Is it worth it in terms of nutrition?
>>17573 Help with what?
I'm off in search of some Cooper's sparkling ale
>>17576 A noble quest.
(721.50 KB 1632x1224 Haul July 13 2021.jpg)
Coops acquired. Regret not getting a jar of salsa tbqh.
>>17578 Nice haul.
>>17569 Thanks for the pics neet.
(12.30 KB 213x237 bragg yeast.jpg)
>>17572 >tfw bulk buying Bragg Nutritional Yeast flakes online
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>17576 Low, low prices for all NEETs with frequent shopper accounts.
>>17574 Probably not as good at taking B vitamins everyday. But Bragg's is packed with white racial goodness, Its the superfood of the master race.
>>17575 Tell them you got traumatized by racist bullies.
>>17581 I paid like $14 for one bottle at a 'health food' store. A buck or two more than Coles but I couldn't be fucked going there.
Time to do the dishes and make some lentil stew.
>>17585 The shit in the hippy shop comes from chyna for half the price.
I went to the reserve to get off the road for a bit, It looks over the local jail. I was watching the activity with my binoculars, It looks pretty comfy for the staff
>>17588 'Some' of us neets would probably do a lot better in an institution.
>>17586 I need to get on the NDIS and have a support worker come to my place to feed me.
>>17590 They can pass meals in thru a flap on your door
>>17591 I'll meal your flap.
(222.05 KB 816x612 Boxes of doom.jpg)
(199.75 KB 816x612 Salad for 1.jpg)
>>17575 >>17591 How to get on it?
>>17566 Sad that such a noble savage voice has been silenced Neet. How will Fußball ever recover?
>>17593 Are you going to make a fort with them?
>>17563 That's the spirit NEET.
>>17593 Well emptied neet
>>17594 Not certain about that quote. was AH being schadenfreude?
I'm watching a horror film. Currently quite spooked.
I'm saying less and less to people I profile as gronks, I dont want to be rude but if one of them penetrates my zone of surly fuk off then I'm prepared to tell them "Please stay back, You may be infected!" That might trigger normies with bad wiring so I will pack a Kanga cricket bat in the back of the falc. Flat side for whites and the edge for niggers. Wage tomorrow, supposedly a bit of rainy rain which means the temperature will stay up a bit. Good Night, White.
>>17600 What about that side? I've never belted someone with a cricket bat but I reckon I'd use the side if I really wanted to put them down.
>>17601 >about that side *about the side
>>17598 Seems unlikely Uncle Adolf was a kindly soul. My guess is it's related to the growing popularity of the NSDAP being hidden from the Bourgeiose during it's early growth, or something similar.
>>17600 Night neet.
(437.66 KB 1333x1000 Ikuta Erika7.jpg)
>>17600 >>17604 Goodnight NEETs
need a new thread soon
need a new liver soon
>>17607 Make sure you rotate through some beer and not just drink goon. The extra vitamins and lower ABV will help your liver to recover. I also recommend rotating in some spirits to help with weight loss. Remember to wank as well, cardio is good for the heart.
>>26304 Hello Nuro.
I've got something stuck in my teeth but I can't quite get it with the floss.
I'm tempted to have a fourth coffee but I suspect that is unwise.
>>17611 Your body needs it
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>17612 You should have a little something extra in your next coffee, I have a large selection at low low prices.
>>17610 Take a tooth out.