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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(41.54 KB 918x817 Shame Racist Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #23 - Calling It Out Edition NEET 07/28/2021 (Wed) 03:07:32 No. 18616
REEEEE! This board is full of Ant-Semetic Bigots! It needs to be DIVERSIFIED and 'DECOLONIZED All you NEETs need to Check your white Privilage and give us NEW AUSTRALIANS'' a FAIR GO You've had a good run, and now its time to step aside for people who are culturally and linguistically diverse from non-english speaking backgrounds. So get used to seeing more people of color around the place, and, yeah, we dont get sunburned like you LOL. How does it feel h8r? From now on this will be a board for ALL peoples, even you legacy Europeans will be welcome here as long as you keep your opinions on-message and dont overstep your boundries. All you Racist intolerant whites will be Blown the F*ck Out! so dont be surprised if you are asked to =Proove you are not racist== before you can post on this board of peace. Oh Yeah! Your Pepe is NOW RECLAIMED for tolerance and inclusivity, we are re-booting his origins as a mixed race amphibian with an Afghani mummybot and a Bangladeshi dad who was born on Nauru and got a medevac visa after being exposed to radiation by racist Liberal party polititians. Pepe's NEW catch phrase is "Feels Tolerant Bro!" How awesome is he now, alt right dinosaurs? Pepe's first Hate-Hunting mission starts right here, Tracking down Racism and CALLING IT OUT
(162.98 KB 1280x720 Australia the white mans land.jpg)
What In The HELL!?
B.O. trolling again.
Sunny Silver City
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>18619 You tend to see a lot of Chinees businessmen running cut price bottle shops in the remote areas, shamelessly selling liquor to the Natives. **And that's MY job==
Yum! Lunch, I Love food.
Lunch over. Back to work.
>>18621 He was never going to let it go to a thousand. The lemon juice has fried his brains.
>>18625 over 100 unexplained cases today. This could be the tipping point.
>>18627 Lemons are the fruit of the master race, I will live forever in the lemon forests of hyperborea.
>>18623 >**And that's MY job== Been getting into your own supply?
Is it too early for the liquor store drive-thru?
Power nap and back into it.
Overcooked the Cauliflower, doing it in the pressure cooker was a mistake.
>>18634 A learning experience, not just for you but for us as well. At least you tried.
>>18635 attempting to salvage it in the turbo
>>18636 What are your plans with it?
>>18637 Pixxa topping
>>18638 Why the x's?
>>18639 Laxy touch typing
>>18640 Fair enough. Cauliflower is an... interesting topping.
>>18641 The mushrooms cooked in butter with maggi, pepper and bragg's, with gook fried shallots should help things.
Made pancakes again. Doing some shopping later.
>>18643 Pig out?
(61.15 KB 392x262 Pressure-free cooking.jpg)
>>18634 Tisk tisk, and you wanted us to invest in one of those dang-fangled contraptions. I'll stick to more traditional cooking methods.
>>18645 I got our dinner cuz, put some mallee root on the fire and get 'im hot. we'll have a good feed tonight.
(233.38 KB 1000x1000 5462954-zm.jpg)
>>18642 >gook fried shallots These ones? I add them to packs of Mi Goreng as you don't get enough in the sachets.
>>18647 Thats them. The wholesale food places have them. They smell pretty yum0. You can also get 2 minute noodles in huge bricks, which I dont eat anymore.
>>18647 It was a godsend when I found those. Indomie is too stingy with the shallots.
>>18649 I like that sweet soy sauce syrup.
>>18644 I'm stuffed and feel a nap coming on.
>>18647 >>18642 I dislike their flavour.
>>18650 Yeah, that's good shit.
>>18652 I like your flavour.
>>18651 Do a cyclone drill where you lie on your mattress to stop it being blown away. Wait for the cyclone to pass.
>>18654 Some describe it as umami, but I call it oohdaddy.
>>18655 I though you were supposed to lie beneath it.
Now that everyone has admitted that Endchan is broken, are we all just going to stay here?
>>18658 >are we all Nuro better fucking not come here and shit up the place with his attention seeking faggotry.
>>18659 nuro is ingrained in neet culture the hate only comes from a small minority that are jealous of my success
>>18660 Shitty impersonation.
>>18661 The real Nuro no longer seems as bad as the fake one, although they're hard to distinguish sometimes.
>>18662 He's as obnoxious as always.
>ITT: Glowniggers glowniggering. You know, there's a reason he called your type niggers. Based Terry was a voice of reason in a world full of clowns like you two.
(260.04 KB 1280x847 1622517259011.jpg)
>>18657 >lie under your matress
Nuro got a drubbing once
>>18664 >Based >clowns Maybe you're the spook.
>>18664 Based
>>18665 Yeah, in a cyclone.. I'm sure I've heard that before.
I was caught under a NEET's bed once.
(82.09 KB 1000x1000 202843-zm.jpg)
>>18650 You can buy it by the bottle
>>18671 The brands I've tried aren't the same as the mee goreng ones. The ABC brand of sweet soy is close. Goes well in chow mein, or anything with mince.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>18671 I know a cocktail with that and some Gin.
Feeling lazy today Neets. I know that's bad. Help motivate me. At least the coffee's nice n warm. So, how's the studies today Uni-NEET? Did you catch up yet? >>18667 lol nou.
>>18673 No you don't.
>>18674 >Help motivate me. Life is a persistent trial of irrelevant occurrences.
>>18677 Vile. Wrong type of soy anyway.
>>18677 >soy martinez Mucho gusto, señor Martínez. ¿Cómo está usted?
>tfw want some gin
(75.99 KB 500x393 thumbs up cuz.jpg)
>>18680 Come and get some, big fella!
(409.31 KB 640x360 DO_IT_LIKE_A_WHITE_MAN.mp4)
Lando has beaners putting on a new roof currently. The house is entirely covered in a blue tarp. Should be easily visible from space tbh. >>18676 kek, that's not really motivating me, noot. >>18677 Much as I like soy, you know that shit is pure estrogen right NEET? Why do you think there are so few Alpha Males in Asia BTW? They are almost all herbivore men for a reason. Don't be a herbivore man NEET.
>>18682 >estrogen It has some type of estrogen, but so do most meat products. We just shit it out.
>>18682 Ground Nuts have the same amount of phytoestrogen as Soy beans.
>>18683 >>18684 I think I'm going to trust the schizo ramblings instead. That's just me though.
>>18685 Listen to the schizo ramblings about processed sugar.
>>18686 I'll process your sugar.
>>18687 It's going to take a while, I'm dripping like molasses.
>>18672 Ever tried making an authentic mee goreng from scratch?
>>18688 Guess it's time for me to have another wank.
(2.56 MB 300x424 1610562761775-2.gif)
>>18683 >We just shit it out. A) Soybeans are incredibly high in phytoestrogens, red meat is not. Quite the opposite in fact, red meats inhibit estrogen expressions somewhat, as do a few other foods. B) No, you don't. Estrogens spoof your hormonal-sensitive metabolic systems all over your body into doing what it's supposed to; namely, turn you into a woman. Do that long enough, and you will literally become effeminate & confused -- just like a woman. >>18684 'Soymen' are called that for a reason. Maybe 'Nuts' are too? :-DDDD
>>18691 >phytoestrogens They're in all legumes, this is why all bean NEETs are poofters.
(213.77 KB 900x600 terrycat (2).jpg)
I still can't understand why you NEETs put up with entertaining literal faggots here. It's both weird and very unhealthy for the group itself. Why do you let them stay BO...you're not some kind of cock-mongling degenerate freak yourself are you? >>18692 Did you have a point? Stop trying to justify your soybean-madness through deflections, and just quit eating that shit NEET! It's not good for you. Let the normalnigger cattle be transformed into the good little shabbos goyim ripe for slaughter. Get /fit/, get kit.
>>18693 >Gay You'd like it if you just relax a bit
>>18693 >quit eating that shit NEET Everything is shit. All our meat is fed with it and pumped with antibiotics and our veggies are so full of preservatives that they no longer rot. Soy is bad, but so is everything else.
(120.85 KB 700x684 a4e7.jpg)
>>18693 We love you too sweetie
Love it when we all get gay together.
>>18697 Gay neets are happy neets
>>18695 Again with the deflections. Alright, be a soygoy. Your life is your own to throw away. >>18694 >>18696 You'll love being disease-ridden too no doubt. You won't be enjoying Hell, however.
>>18698 I no longer need phytoestrogen, I get all my thick hormones from the NEETs.
>>18699 >deflections I'm agreeing with you. Soy is bad. So is everything else unless you are growing/slaughtering it yourself. Or paying ridiculous amounts for organic hippy food.
(77.19 KB 185x255 boong20.png)
>>18699 I'm on hormone blockers anyway, if soy was better at helping me transition than tampon tea, I'd eat more of it.
Terry's arse was hot.
rip terry
(32.90 KB 264x245 What kind.jpg)
Good. It appears the herd has farked off back to endchan. It was all becoming a little too hectic there for a while.
That Pixxa burned the roof of my mouth.
>>18708 Molten cheese torture.
>>18708 That's what you get for not sharing!
>>18710 What is a personal pizza?
>>18711 A way to offend your friends.
Bought two bottles of wine yesterday. Just finishing the 2nd now. I feel nothing. Good thing I bought a carton of Coops earlier. Went for a drive to a local park. There was this lone lorikeet snacking on a bottlebrush tree that I wanted to take a pic of for ya'll, but didn't want to be seen taking pics at a park with kids in the background.
>>18711 A made-up term from a very selfish NOOT
>>18713 Good Idea. As a single male, If I spot kids when I'm out I generally make myself scarce. I dont want to be seen as 'sus'
>>27370 Yurangir represent unna.
Fuck I didn't know we let troons and faggots on our board. When did this shit happen?
>>18717 It's only gay if you enjoyed it neet.
>>18718 Nah. If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
Are bottled beverages better than there canned counterparts? It's a common theme I've found among beers at least (eg. Coop's sparkling ale, Asahi, Corona, Tooheys), and even Coca Cola. What's with the glass that makes it kick arse?
>>18715 I understand if you don't want to breach your bail conditions ;)
There is no place for faggots in our society.
Might chuck this online course in and do something else tonight.
>>27515 >>27516 Remember Bruce? From however long ago we last spoke?
>>18724 >we No
>>18725 Alright Neyabro. How'd it go with the waifuist group?
>>18726 'Bro', 4keks is a highly exclusive group nowadays. One which I'm not willing to pay a VPN for.
>>18727 Alright, I was just trying to chat with you. Whatever.
Also meant waifuist.
>>27516 >InstaDepression kek, fucking pedo
(14.31 KB 310x232 ClipboardImage.png)
It's like they're almost on the precipice of self-awareness.
>>18730 She's 17 now. THat's legal here in AUs. So fuck you.
>>18732 >hideous amerigoblin looooooooooooooooool
Jesus Christ is Lord. Born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully man and fully God. God is three and God is one.
>>18734 kike
>>18735 Fuck off shill.
>>18736 not sure what i'm shilling, kike worshipper
>>18737 You're a shill. You are most likely shilling for (((Soros))) and are probably Jewish. It is always Jews who tell Aryans not to worhip the human avatar of their ancient sky god.
Those 'smoked' olives were delicious, and kinda reminded me of the taste of bacon. BUUUUT, they were not pitted.
This is now a Christian board.
(67.11 KB 587x576 1607591169325.jpg)
>>18740 Yeah fuck the cucked church and their globohomo agenada.
>>18738 kek, unhinged schizo
(420.97 KB 1600x1182 1585219206449.jpg)
Jobsearch is running out of steam before its really gotten off the ground. I'm starting to think its because I'm ugly. Got a bit done on the online course grind and chopped some wood for tomorrow's cold start. Thinking about going and exploring the woods close by where there is a mountain creek and lots of spars to cut. Having a ravine camp here could be useful in the future. Watching "The Money Masters" on Y.T. its a bit of a red pill for the uninitiated but I already have accepted that (((They))) run the world and have genocidal agendas. Going to go to bed, maybe dream of flying a crop duster with a mini nuke into the middle of (((their))) nest. Good Night, White.
>>27539 If believing that gets you to fuck off, then believe away.
Good Morning NEETs. Lit the fire already. Gonna watch some more of The money masters in bits today.
>>27538 Was jesus a neet?
>>27543 >if you don’t worship my rabbi you are gonna burn in le scary fire pit Go back to 4chan
>>27547 Fuck off, dirty Jew worshiper. FUCK JESUS FUCK THE BIBLE FUCK YAHWEH
Going to knock out a quick couple of pixxas
UwU. Snowy mountain view thru the morning fog.
>>27549 Hopefully you’ll be banned soon for shitting up this site soon. Fuck off, mate
Why is there suddenly a lot of religious shit when one neet mentions watching "The Money Masters" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDlnM481Gcg&t=974s
Stop worshipping a filthy sandnigger. Your ancestors died and made sacrifices for you, not a fucking jew.
>>27543 >>27549 you know christians have been mocked on 4chan since the beginning, right? also maybe, juuuust maybe, you are getting banned and your threads are getting deleted for being obnoxious? just a thought.
>>27560 >t. dopamine starved Christnigger Stop worshiping dirty desert carpenters, heeb
>>27552 You will never be a real poster.
>>27563 >Godly people You mean your desert god’s (((chosen)))?
Jesus Christ is the king of the NEETs.
>>27566 <replies again
>>27566 Assblasted jew
>>27564 Or maybe you were the demon all along.
>>27563 can you recall exactly what you said that was deleted? >>>/culture/ has a few christian threads. you keep backseat-moderating, which is absolutely obnoxious and has nothing to do with demons or whatever you are talking about. you don't come to someone else's website and make demands of them like that. it's very rude.
Maybe the real demon were the christcucks we met along the way.
>>27572 >delete my shit or repeat the affirmation. Oh Chang.
>>27572 >chant my magical Hebrew mantra Cringe
>>18766 Man, which discord are you cunts coming from? You've just appeared, like, out of nowhere! Why does our Lord Jesus Christ trigger you trannies so much?
>>18767 You will never be a real Jew.
>>27578 Now you are being obnoxious. >>18768 Christians are the Jews now.
>>27576 the more you respond, the more i can see why your shit was deleted. you make baseless excuses to be a nuisance and hide behind God. if you aren't deliberately trolling and trying to make christians look bad, you should consider quitting while you're behind. you're just making christians look like delirious assholes if you are being sincere with anything you're saying.
>>27583 4chan definitely suits you.
>>27583 You will never be a real Jew Seethe Cope Dilate
>>27586 Crucify yourself, kike
>>27588 I am a demon. I’m haunting you
>>27590 I have such power over you that you are providing me with endless (you)s. Your jew is powerless over me
>>27593 You will never be a respected poster here.
The jewish tribal desert god yaweh isn't the god of your people and thus irrelevant to your racial soul.
>>18779 The gods of White people are demons
>>18778 Romans 2:29 >But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. >>18779 The sky god is the Aryan god and he is one and the same with the Jewish deity. Didn't you read Genesis?
>>27586 all you can do is throw a tantrum and reply with non-sequitur regarding one or more of the many boogeymen occupying your thoughts. you deserve to be banned and every subsequent response you type makes that more and more clear.
>>18781 Your sandnigger demon has nothing to do with Europe
>>27601 Yahweh is a volcano demon.
>>27602 Fukn seppos will go to bed soon
>>27601 >>27602 >tranny this demon that <n-no ur seething you know you can't be banned because you are posting from tor. you were banned and you are circumventing that ban instead of reflecting on it and gaining some self-awareness.
>>18784 Was thinking about racist pepe's and how I havent seen one in a while
>>18787 The frog shit was Trump gayop. Trump had a fag mentor who was really into frogs.
(342.89 KB 610x719 1576665272233.jpg)
(36.34 KB 697x360 1623560737928.jpg)
>>27608 i wish you would go back to 4chan with the canned-air replies. your post does nothing for me since i'm not your tranny boogeyman. obnoxious 4toddlers have posted that so many times i'm not so sure it even phases literal trannies anymore. it's pitiful to consider how you have such little self-respect that you have reduced yourself to the level of a simple bot with these empty insults.
I put four tablespoons of yeast into 1.5 kilos of flour and its goin' off!
>>27614 Jesus can suck this cock
Bloody hell, lots of posts last night. Heaps of catching up to do.
There are eight (8) new personal pixxas in the freexer. This brings the total to nine (9). There will be no sharing. That is all.
>>18795 You bloody well will share, neet!
(372.84 KB 566x801 alf flamin.jpg)
>>18794 4chan /pol/ reffos
>>18797 Who is bringing them here?
>>18798 Schizos gonna skitz
>>18798 They get banned for being retards on Cuckchan and then somehow find their way here. They are literal Cuckchan rejects. That's how bad they are.
https://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/live-breaking-news-nsw-lockdown-updates-and-sydney-covid19-case-numbers/live-coverage/4fb69bd1f238eb9a764dfd406ef30457#92091 ScoMo vows to crack down on unvaxxed >The PM has continued his media blitz this morning, appearing on Melbourne radio to discuss future restrictions for the unvaccinated. >“We’d have to have more restrictions on people who are unvaccinated because they’re a danger to themselves and others,” he told 3AW. >“If you’re not vaccinated you present a greater health risk to yourself and to others than people who are vaccinated … and public health decisions will have to be made on that basis.” >However, he said vaccines would not be mandatory. >>18799 >>18800 >>18798 Jesus Christ is Lord. Born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully man and fully God. God is three and God is one.
>>18801 Two more weeks until the covax backfire. Trust the plan
hmm $500 power bill if i could use a crypto mining rig to heat my room instead of the column oil heater... That'd be a bit of a hack.
>>18802 In. The. Bag.
Having boiled eggs and toast for lunch. Its all I deserve.
rough neet sex
(2.83 MB 1280x720 venus2.webm)
Dirty NWO Bankers
(2.65 MB 2396x3980 ff1mwoiar3171.png)
>>18809 Hot!
>>18810 >>18809 >>18808 >>18807 >>18793 Horny neets this morning.
(85.29 KB 1000x1000 1606262188618.png)
Its not funny anymore
(988.01 KB 1874x1096 akkn45d99a571.png)
>>18810 when will ethnostate provide me big titted goth gf as a form of welfare?
>>18813 Is that a joke on the "You will own nothing and be happy" thing?
>>18746 Howdy! I have lit a fire in my belly With alcohol
>>18743 You are beautiful In every single way Words can't bring you down
>>18795 But I've already pre-heated the oven...
>>18808 Her cute face does not sync with her bulky body
>>18816 I couldnt find one with the Rothschilds/Bildberg group in it. The WEF/ Schwabb meme is pretty much the same tho rite?
>>18819 Find something else to put in it.
>>18820 Imagine the sons she would give you. Women like that are prime breeding material.
>>18823 The little cunt would end up a jobless alco loser like me. No thanks.
Might top meself to be quite honest with you all
>tfw not exploring remote parts of Australia in a Unimog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkW9i9s98xQ
>>18826 Have a wank
I feel like I missed something today.
>>18795 >no sharing Rude.
>>18808 Mmm.
>>18829 You need to collect your prescription.
>>18832 I did from BWS
>>18833 Still in the Woolies group.
I've been thinking lately about a film that would be like Downfall but where Hitler is played by a stereotypical boong.
(71.24 KB 434x420 1557786159392.jpg)
Love watching new vidya
>>18836 yawn
>>18834 All roads lead to Dan.
Considering going for a run.
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
>>18839 dont forget your reusable shopping bag.
(62.04 KB 1080x591 pepes girl.jpg)
I'm thinking about the meme war and how the battle for minds is being fought with funny image macros and, well, memes. Developing these is clearly some kind of duty, in order to redpill the normalfags in a state of cognitive dissonance. Its totally important too. When a normie is wondering what to do with his life or recreation time, having a meme in his mind might steer him to, say, seek out some black shirted lads to hang with, or swipe left on gooks from now on. I'm thinking about a meme to try out, the problem is that all the (((Banker))) conspiracies and mass immigration and White genocide isnt funny. Dropping J pills in an image is a tough call to satirize. Maybe its a group effort like pepe is. Duno, I'll think about it some more. Good Night, White.
(230.39 KB 1200x1488 1627556616666.jpg)
God I'd love to marry Elizabeth Debicki.
>>18841 Goodnight. >>18842 She's really pretty.
>>18843 And tall. I'd love to marry a really tall woman.
(501.34 KB 703x1214 1m2p1kll24e71.jpg)
>>18845 >be a sex engineer Dreams man, you gotta have them.
Good Morning NEETs. Comfy half asleep but the Poz never rests.
>>18845 Gag. Kate Winslet.
>>18849 Morning.
>>18849 >>18850 Morning Fukn sewer is blocked. I blame the last tennants.
Made up a dozen poo bags and used one already. Agey the agent says she will send a man.
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
Just discovered the Word Wrap feature in MS notepad.
>>18854 You got me.
All neets are a little bit homosexual.
(1.49 MB 1919x2560 1627595570479.jpg)
Had a look at my income tax breakdown. The biggest part goes to paying aged pensions.
>>18857 Not homosexual anymore.
>>18858 Kek, I'm a neet but my brother is a wagie and it was the same for him. It is pretty ridiculous considering how many of those cunts own houses and such.
(732.17 KB 2292x3296 1627556388373.jpg)
Drainers came around and put teh electric eel to work. ten minutes later I am back to the world of flushing my poos.
>>18862 Did you blame poor mummybot for the blockage?
>>18863 I poo a lot and use too much toilet paper
>>18864 You need to start going for multiple flushes per poo.
>>18847 Sup Happy Friday NEET party from 6pm Need to get some more food and booze first though Might try one of those duck pixxaz from Dominos. Who's comin?
>>18866 I will. I like ducks though so I might go for a chicken pixxa instead.
>>18865 This. Flush the turd before wiping your arse.
>>18868 But I want my big fella to have a comfy blanket when he goes on his big journey to the ocean.
>>18866 I dont party I watch moofies alone
Lucky I have half a bag of Lime to put on the sewage spill.
(455.35 KB 1650x1812 marriagelicense-norman-rockwell1.jpg)
Mask mandate extended 3rd week in a row...
>>18872 Cool hat
Sundried tomatoes.
>>27699 What do you get out of posting her?
(63.53 KB 719x792 78fpfh7pcwv21.jpg)
(111.43 KB 555x1014 pa6rz33762k51.jpg)
(1.81 MB 1629x1588 LIdRjFy.png)
(78.51 KB 750x937 1600038575576.jpg)
(117.11 KB 640x480 Gas_shell_(AWM_028467).jpg)
Having a cuppa.
(34.35 KB 550x550 cuppa.jpg)
My gym is now only open during staffed hours (8 to 8) so they can enforce masking rules. Could I email them and request a pause on my membership?
>>18883 You should try, I doubt they'd accept it though.
In a zoom meeting rn.
I've lied and told them that my microphone isn't working when in reality I don't have one.
(66.81 KB 1024x1346 Kaiser Wilhelm II.jpg)
Does eating bread before drinking really stop you from getting drunk quicker? Not sure if the person that told me that is full of shit or not.
>>18888 Eating in general does. Slows your metabolism of the alcohol or something. Probably because your body is busy digesting the food. Drinking on an empty stomach is generally unwise.
I really need to cut down on the caffeine. I am having trouble making it through the day now. Time to just go cold turkey and slog through it like a mad cunt.
>>18889 Well I had a mini food binge earlier so I should be okay. >>18890 Good luck. How many cups do you have on an average day?
>>18891 Around 4-5 typically.
>>18892 I have that many wanks a day.
(160.23 KB 1280x960 cheers noots.jpg)
(206.12 KB 1280x960 last light.jpg)
Went up the hills. Took a bag and collected rubbish from the highway that I took to get there. Its a bit of a ruse so drivers arent saying "look at that guy dressed in camo looking sus" They see me pick up litter and say "Good on that sus guy in camo for cleaning up"
>>18894 Looks nice.
(1.64 MB 2447x3073 Haul July 30 2021.jpg)
Got some snacks for the party. Forgot lime for the guacamole, and an iced coffee :(
>>18896 Looks good.
>>18896 You're not vegan and dont deserve that aoli.
I was going to make tzatziki once but the lazy took over.
>>18898 Fair enough, I'll return it tomorrow.
>>18899 Thats a bit ambitious.
(232.60 KB 960x1440 king of the mountain.jpg)
>>18886 Pixxa Party Even got a garlic bread still in the oven
(93.66 KB 1322x799 dennis hopper.jpg)
Moofie is preddy gud
Having another cuppa.
(23.63 KB 465x262 1.jpg)
No one showed up >tfw
>>18905 Dont have to share the cake.
>>18906 Or the booze :)
Those fancy pizzas from Dominos are $17 each
(94.92 KB 867x575 Sick tatts bro.jpg)
1st bottle of wine almost depleted
(11.65 KB 255x157 laffvikings.jpg)
>>18879 No GF is destiny sometimes. Better that than a non-white slut. Whites with chinky wives or worse, sheboons are a standing joke, Rice farmers and oil drillers have sold out the last of their dignity for a cook, cleaner and handy hole.
>>18910 Colorful.
>>18912 >Color
I sincerely regret researching this fish
>>18915 Vile
1 bottle of wine down 6.8 standard drinks On to the beers now save that other bottle for tomorrow
I wish I had some grog.
>>18918 It's good for you.
Experiencing a good kind of tired, The kind where I feel like my day was not wasted. Still a bit spooked by this plastic sack with a dead beast in it I found next to the mountain creek. I never looked inside but I know what it would be. That is the water catchment for Silver City, and the perpetrators kind of cursed the city doing that. Litterbugs are on the same tier as the dirty NWO (((Bankers))), they have shown that they are selfish cunts to the core. They are separated only by magnitude of their crimes against the good order of society. You cant second guess their motivations unless you get on your belly in the moral slime to gain their perspective. Hang them high. For Blood and Soil. Good Night, White.
Eating and drinking shit while watching this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_BObG6dj8
(262.03 KB 1221x561 Una.jpg)
I legitimately hate you all
>>18922 That's a little worrying.
(2.17 MB 3660x4451 King Carol XII.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2048x1436 15785148194350.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Salty pixxa had me running dry last night.
(7.38 KB 223x201 brutal posso.jpg)
>>18922 Have a bit of a banana
Morning. Had a coffee and a shit.
>>18928 havent had my first cup of tea yet
Fucking Chris-Chan.
One vitamin: D, b21 and multivit down the hatch
Are any of the NEETs test tube babies? My mummybot told me she took fertility hormones to have me because she was in her 30's
>>18930 Careful mate, there is a 50/50 chance he posts here.
>>18933 Not if Barb sends him to jail.
>>18934 Poor woman doesn't even know where she is anymore.
>>18935 She might think she is young again and getting fucked by her husband.
Chris-Chan audio.
I might start reading the Bible.
>>18940 I'm not reading it until I go to gaol.
(14.96 MB 1278x720 Something Beautiful.mp4)
I find it hard to believe that the 'autistic meltdowns' are meaningful different to temper tantrums. It seems to mostly be a result of pandering to sperg children and trying to excuse their bad behaviour.
>>18926 Sup buttercup. QLD entering a 'snap 3-day lockdown' from 4pm today. Will have to hit the drive-thrus for food and booze.
>>18930 He actually raped his mother?
>>18943 That's what endchan's BO does with Nuro.
Feel like gettin boonged now tbqh
>>18947 Same.
(40.73 KB 540x540 belvita.jpeg)
Pretty good after meal snack.
>>18943 Being autistic would be pretty rough, I cant imagine what it would be like when the train you are trying to spot doesnt turn up.
(944.24 KB 720x540 1599299110259.png)
>>18940 Read the Zohar.
>>18945 It seems so. It might not have been forceful rape though. It could've been more of a stat rape type thing.
>>18952 Quads of Jewish villainy.
>>18952 Quads retard
>>18946 I wonder if the conclusion to this saga will be like the blowjob video from the /leftypol/ tranny BO.
Worthy get, approved by Hashem.
>>18949 Where are they made?
>>18959 By the fine biscuit artisans of Czechia
Oh my fucking god I hate Jews so much it keeps me up at night.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>18961 I have a final solution for you at low-low prices.
>>18963 Fuck off Dan, you Jewish bastard! I go to Craig's place.
(146.77 KB 1024x1024 1598161907367.jpg)
>>18952 Jewish Mysticism
>>18960 Righto, I've seen some stuff from that brand were from China. Not the breakfast biscuits, some other product.
Righto lads, what's the plans this arvo?
>>18967 Bit of jolly if you know what i mean
listening to that untz untz untz music hey
(1019.28 KB 3861x2056 Last_of_Us_concept_subway_13843.jpg)
we should share our current wallpapers
That honey garlic kabana was one of the best I ever had. Made by a local butchery. Way better than any of Don's factory shlongs.
Going shopping soon.
Just did a nice shit. >>18971 Glad you enjoyed it.
I spend so much time just pacing around my room talking to myself.
Going to have a shower and then head to Coles.
>>18975 Why shower? are you meeting someone?
Cleaned up the sewage spill with the last of the lime. cleared out underneath a bit because I have to re stump that spot, coincidentally. This old place is far more trouble than its worth.
Gonna get more booze when the darkness arrives
(44.36 KB 608x217 PuddinHead.jpg)
>>18953 Just the thought of that makes my pathetic lonely alcoholic existence seem better in comparison. Didn't Chan chop off its dick a few years back?
>>18976 Your mummybot.
Vlad III was based.
(159.71 KB 1366x768 Wallpaper.jpg)
>>18980 Put in a good word for me.
>>18982 That's really sad.
(1.23 MB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18985 >>18982 I dont have any wallpaper and my desktop icons are too doxy. Lentils in the pressy. Rainy rain outside and nothing to get boonged on. Guess I'm working thru the evening.
>>18986 >>18982 >>18982 >>18970 I covered up some of the file and folder names because I don't want some sperg cunt trying to track me down.
>>18986 I was kind of expecting just the image from the wallpaper folder rather than a screenshot of it anyway.
>>18979 So chris chan went viral. Its a weird story.
>>18988 The desktop shows quite a bit about a neet though. How messy it is, what OS he uses and so on.
(2.05 MB 4788x3192 1525636716685.jpg)
For instance, this is my current one.
the southern seaboard is getting flogged with rain ATM
(35.89 KB 427x238 getting flogged.jpg)
I got some of those Czech bikkies. They were on special at Coles.
>>18995 > Czech bikkie Yummy.
>>18989 I was surprised to see that stream from KingCobra tbqh. I've been watching him for several years and never heard him once mention Chris.
>>18984 What's really sad is you not seeing a plainly obvious joke.
>>18982 >Music songs As opposed to non-musical songs?
Bought some booze. Bought some food. Another kabana (chilli cheese) Some fancy dill-infused goat cheese Some fancy crackers for the caviar An iced coffee Hydralyte tablets A small tub of deli egg salad Red Rock Deli roast capsicum dip And a couple limes for the guacamole I'll never get around to making
Quyết tử cho Tổ quốc quyết sinh!
>>19001 As opposed to me not kicking your teeth in for being a smart arse!
>>19002 Limes are emeralds if lemons are gold.
>>19004 Interesting stanza.
>>27833 Not if its been touched by brown people.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-31/police-cut-off-access-to-sydney-to-stop-lockdown-protest/100339936 >the ABC had been unable to identify a single demonstrator at several central locations. Thank goodness the police presence scared them off.
>>19007 Never mind. I'm too drunk. Had some pork rinds and kabana instead.
(98.39 KB 873x571 FUCC.jpg)
>>19008 Apparently there's one planned in Brisbane tomorrow which should be interesting.
Time for shit shower shave and brush teeth
https://sonichu.com/cwcki/ Keeps throwing 502 errors, but fuck me dead, there is some good reading here.
>>19012 Please don't shit in the shower again.
>>19014 Waffle stomp no problem
>>19013 Wut? Weeabo gone wrong. Gay
(570.25 KB 2651x3977 1627709883783.jpg)
Do you guys ever feel guilty despite not having done anything wrong?
>>19018 I have never felt guilty in life. Guilt is for fags.
(150.80 KB 1024x685 12 years.jpg)
>>19018 I was told to feel guilt for my race putting the jews in the ovens. It was an actual thing in my life and I kept reading and learning until the story stopped making sense and the cognitive dissonance rekt me. Now I realize that I was sold a monsterous lie. No more guilt, 100% clear mind now.
>>19000 Someone is snippy.
>>19020 They wouldn't have accepted a mentally deficient /pol/fag like you.
(106.72 KB 659x960 1581229996573.jpg)
I asked the mechanic at the servo to give me some scrap metal to make dumbells out of. He gave me a set of old car disk brakes and I got some flat bar and pipe from Port Shorecliff. I am just waiting for two more disks to make a matching set of weights. Severely wanting this because push ups and chin ups are not enough. I could get more from elsewhere but I have been kind of locked in to waiting for the mechanic to supply me. I have to think up some more isometric exercises in the meantime. Good Night, White.
>>19024 I often find Swedes are a bit funny looking.
>>19023 In Anerkennung (= In recognition) Berlin '45 - Capital in contact with the enemy. The last loyal bunch put up resistance. The will tough as leather - only 17 years old. This is how a young lad stood up for his homeland. A still so young life, fought between heaps of rubble. One target, one shot - the enemy ahead! The last grip to the Panzerfaust. A young soldier, was now all alone. How big can a will actually be? One like him is worth a thousand today. It was a triumph and victory of his faith. He fell and died in May, but before that the adversary ate lead. A suicide note, lay in his fist - "Forgive me, Mother, I'm not coming home..." But he has not died, his spirit lives in you. Hidden in the most faithful heart, he fights with you and me. Only you must recognize it and burn like a torch, that shows you the way in the deepest darkness. Your still so young life will be immortal. One goal, one shot - the enemy ahead! The last grip to the Panzerfaust. Be like the fellow - dutiful, faithful and bold. Finally recognize the power in you - face him! The colossus and his tyranny - you only have one life! But he will fall and perish. The colossus falls!
>>19022 Sure thing, Kike. Spend any time at the ovens lately? >>19024 Night NEET. I find bodyweight to be sufficient if done strenuously.
>>19027 Kek, that was fucking weak.
(646.96 KB 686x765 no jews enter my farm.png)
One day the Shills on our boards will shrivel and be blown away in the wind of widely acknowledged truth. Blow away back to the shithole of your desert Zionland, centipede.
>>19030 Why not go back to /pol/ you schizo?
Oh wait, cuckchan banned you.
>>19031 This is /pol/.
>>19033 /ausneets/ is really the only place left that isn't /pol/ Identifying and respecting time and place is a sign of the civilised man. This place is for boong porn.
Hungry but not motivated to cook.
>>19035 Fuck off nigger lover, This is the white mans boong board.
Good Morning NEETs. I need to do something about the stink in my bedroom
Fire's going and the doors are open. hopefully the flames will burn out the stench.
Bit of hail Hail Yeah!
Sunday Lunch allright?
>>19044 Looks good enough, hope you enjoy it.
>>19033 >This is /pol/. I bet you get lost in your own house.
(233.09 KB 1920x1387 disney intterment cmp.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-01/the-essential-workers-keeping-sydney-safe-during-covid-19/100339140 >nepo gets a study visa and is now a cleaner >Filler Aussies for credibility >WTF white muslim convert? ABC is overlaying the Invader Poz over lockdown cheerleading. make no mistake They are on the front lines of the great replacement/reset/medical dictatorship, They have no use for real Australia other than to act as a facade to put the ZOG's propaganda on.
>>19044 The cheese could've been cut neater and placed on each cracker for better presentation. 4/10
>>19039 Sup buttercup, time to wash your bed sheets?
>>19037 IKTF Was going to make tacos with the mince but now feel like a burger. Do I dare season the meat with taco spice mix then form it into patties?
>>19024 Be sure to give those disk brakes a good hose down outdoors to remove any possible asbestos from brake pads. >isometric exercises have a wank
>>19017 You wouldn't know what to do with her
>>19053 With my current state, I imagine I'd work it out pretty quickly.
>>19051 Yeah, do that.
>>19034 Based tunes.
Third coffee in bound.
>>19057 Speedy NEET
>>19054 Just realised I forgot to put 'body' at the end of the sentence. Body as in corpse.
>>19059 Cheesy
tee hee hee
>>19060 Wonder how he's doing tbqh.
>>19063 Hopefully not depressed.
>>19065 Is she wearing clothes?
>>19063 He's doing fine. We took him to a farm after he was all better from the Vet. He's got plenty of space to run around in and this new family love him very much. No we cant visit him because of the coronavirus. Yeah he misses you too.
>>19067 Are you joking?
>>19064 Yes hopefully not. I just realised next month will be the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I'll never forget that day I walked out of History class at high school, went home and turned on my little analogue TV to see a building with smoke pouring out and wondering wtf is this.
(9.63 KB 250x250 h8mzgb7vpo371.jpg)
(3.82 MB 255x254 fatty 911.gif)
>>19069 Who here yelled out "Allah Akhbar!"
>>19070 Settle down nuro.
Contemplating a fifth coffee.
(133.18 KB 859x575 Doogat.jpg)
Might hit up them animal shelters this week And 'adopt' the ugliest muttiest animal I can find
>>19075 Non-pedigree's are often healthier as long as they are predominantly an 'old' breed, like a collie, lab, kelpie, shepherd etc.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>19074 Time for you to stop drinking coffee. Do you want to be up all night?
(78.59 KB 905x465 Hannah.jpg)
>>19077 Cutting grog improved my sleep quality more than caffeine did. I'll hopefully stop after this jar though.
Should I go to IGA for some chooken to fry?
>>19080 Always specials on sunday
>>19081 We'll see. Pretty sure my IGA is run by a jew as I rarely see shit discounted. Garnnwo. Drunks asdf.
I am going off for a run.
>>19082 More likely to be some sort of immigrant like an Indian, a wog or something IMO.
>>19083 Good 4U. I was gonna go but got mogged by the Darg.
>>19065 What do you get out of this?
So when are the /pol/ faggots coming back tonight?
Watching The lord of the rings: the return of the king. Legoas is SO HOT No homo
(850.59 KB 1632x1224 PIXXAYS.jpg)
I had this dream last night about the Young QT who works at the Bottle-O. It was pure fantasy. I had just rocked up in an obnoxiously bright-coloured Ferrari and while being served she said "nice car" to which I replied "perhaps you'd like to go for a drive some time?"... She said yes and wrote her phone number on the cardboard of the 6-pack of beer I was buying (Cooper's sparkling ale, not a sponsor*).
>>19089 I'm more of a Viggo Mortensen NEET myself.
>>19090 Looks good noot. Nice and saucy.
>>19090 In my fantasy She says "Yes Sir" and writes down $150 Per hour . That pie is a mess.
>>19090 A guaranteed good night. Enjoy.
>>19094 >>19090 Don't forget to have a wank.
>>19093 >$150 p.h. That is gook rates.
Gonna do this online test and then hit the sack. LOTR; ROTC is over 4 freaking hours long.
(6.09 MB 540x540 X2.gif)
Here's something to help you concentrate
>>19099 Fucksake
got 5/6 and passing grade was 6/6, Now I have to do it again.
fuk same questions and i still failed. Why am i so retarded
gees third fail, maybe I am retarded
(8.66 KB 275x272 1504328885822.jpg)
It was a stupid question with ambiguous multiple choice answers, Scorm courses are gay A.F. I'm out.
>>19093 >That pie is a mess It was one of the 'deluxe' range at my local independent joint, costing $18. I was very disappo9inted considering I had one of their cheaper pizzas recently which taste much better. This mess had roast beef, taters, pumpkin and a gravy, simulating a roast beef dinner. What a taste failure.
>>19093 >pie That's a pizza.
Should've got that peking duck pixxa from Dominos. It was $17.
>>19105 >simulating a roast beef dinner distant honking
Does anyone remember the name of that aussie anime girl on 4chan? She used to shot stuff out of her cunt.
(107.96 KB 800x582 Kayak girl.jpeg)
Hit the wall after getting up at 4:30. Oldad told me a story about some elderly kayaker that died in the water recently, the obituary apparently said the predictable "died while doing what he loved". So now I have feels about doing my own sportives. Duno exactly what. I'll sleep on it. Hopefully I'll forget all about it. Good Night,White.
>>19110 "Died while scavenging lemons" Good night.
Didn't shake and pissed myself a bit.
Good Morning NEETs. I can see my breath outside so I'm lighting the fire first thing.
>>19113 Morning DracoNEET
Have to pee a lot this morning 🍋Taxed
>>19118 buck status: BROKEN
>>19118 He must have a bit a blackfella in im
>tfw thinking about boongs again
(876.72 KB 1920x1467 1599300506719.jpg)
>>19121 This aincient land is full of boong spirits and sometimes they visit your thoughts. and make you horny for abo sex
Marinating some pork.
>>19123 Baste It!
Boong breaking
There's no niggers in LOTR, Unless you count the Orcs.
one (1) Rhubarb and Custard boiled lolly down the hatch.
>>19123 An interesting way of saying you're having a wank
Not feeling too good lads Blame Dan
>>19130 Taxed
>>19131 Yep. Worst of all I'm out of booze so will have to walk to the bottle-o soon just to avoid the shakes later tonight...
>>19133 shaky NEET
>>27963 OBSESSED
>>19127 Okay?
Looking forward to that neet's pork katsudon ;)
"The snap three-day lockdown - which has forced the cancellation of the Royal Queensland Show Ekka - had been scheduled to end tomorrow, but will now last eight days, until 4pm on August 8" Good, this means no appointments with job agency that was scheduled for Wednesday.
>>19137 For my second round of attempting gyros.
>>19138 I had a phone call with mine and asked them when face to face appointments were coming back, she outright said that they've phased them out which is cool.
Time for a shave.
It's almost 30 degrees here. I've had had the fan running non-stop since last night.
>>19139 >gyros
>>19139 >>19144 I ordered one at a wog fish and chip shop once. There was a middle aged wog woman with lip filler injections working the till. I pronounced it as "guy-rho" and she laughed at me. I fucking hate wogs.
Booze run Back soon
Off to the gym for the first time since the lockdown. I'm going to need to wear a mask there. Pretty gay I suppose. Hopefully it isn't too bad there. I hope it isn't busy and they aren't too strict with the rules.
(269.68 KB 1000x1333 IMG_7333.jpeg)
>>19144 > >>19145 Kek, seethe harder.
(851.14 KB 1224x1632 Haul August 2 2021.jpg)
One of the Young QTs manning the registers at IGA was wearing a multi-coloured sequined mask. I was next in line at the express checkouts and feeling drunk-alpha enough to compliment her, but just as she was finishing up with a customer the Yound Chad at the other register called me over. Nice fella, just not cute sexy like...
>>19141 I had a shave and a shower after my run up the Hill. The road is a real mountain trail. Most of it doesnt have guardrail and if you went over the side, the bush would swallow you up.
>paying for pre-made salads I know it's pathetically laxy, but alcoholism is a helluva drug!
>>19145 KEK. I've made a couple 'doner' kebabs in the past. Wanna try making 'shawarma' as per this cunt's recipe, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHCF7aneG3k
>>19136 So it might just be a Based moofie.
>>19149 Good feed?
>>19149 He didnt want you chatting up his wife.
>>19153 Oh boy, then that means I can enjoy it!
>>19156 On the other hand, the Elves are pretty faggy. That ups the cringe factor a bit.
>>19145 The greeks call them souvlaki here but the syrians call them kebabs. Souvlakis are better IMHO
>>19157 Ah shit, I can't like it now.
>>19159 Actually the faggy elves are pretty hot. Nohomo
>>19155 >his wife They were obvious teenagers ffs
>>19154 I just finished the pork rinds and am onto the 3rd beer.
>>19163 Holy shit I hate Americans so damn much. Such a vile species.
>>19164 Calm down dude, have some based Japanese LGs instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzEpyatO2aU
>>19165 >americanized japs
>>19142 m8 I dunno how you sleep in that heat
>>19149 Nice haul , have never seen the Dons pork crackle before.
>>19157 I like the girl elves
>>19151 At least you still eat good healthy food neet.
Kek Endchan neets fucked up their quints
>>19171 And the retarded nigger is having his usual chimpout.
>>19172 dont start that shit here please, I come here to get away from all that crap
>>19168 They are new. There's 3 (three) flavours, Sea Salt, Smoky Bacon and Salt&Vinegar. Cheaper per gram than Nobby's.
>>19169 pedo
>>19170 >healthy food I'm an alcoholic who was spewing earlier today. Nothing about me is 'healthy'.
>>19172 Thank fuck he doesn't post here. He lies like a Kike.
>>19173 I'm not.
I would not buy that salad again unless it was at least half price. It was mostly lettuce ffs.
Good night, White.
>>19180 My skinhead mate from the gym ghosted me. He's blocking my calls after he wigged out when I gave him the straight arm salute once. He was under a lot of stress and probably trying to get away from himself. Its crazy because we did some based things together and I'm pretty sure he doesnt have many other mates. Another one of my mates is really hard to contact, I am spammng his phone with calls but no luck. We also do stuff that is based and he gets my hand-me-downs. Maybe its a thing, where you cant deal with cognitive dissonance so you start rejecting the based path, effectively cucking out for the sake of your blue pilled family and girlfriend. I wont give up on them, I know its tough in the Poz. Housing crisis and job insecurity, those herd survival feels are all that you know. I do it a bit too. I'm nice to these invaders quite often. They are portrayed as immigrating to better their own lives, but if they had quality they would be working to improve their homelands. They're insidious, weaponized, these surplus aliens from lands afar. Here to destroy the fabric of our white nations and genocide our race but if any of them should run afoul of a backlash then that is all the better for our perfidious enemies because muh opitcs, muh comunity empathy. Dont hate the bombs, hate the bombers. I suppose. I have contempt for the bombs and cold intent for the bombers. Good Night, White.
>>19180 >Sarah-Michelle-Gellar Jewess. >>19181 Goodnight mate.
>>19150 The black goannas would get you and there would be no body to find. >>19151 I find you can often get them pretty heavily discounted if you go when they are about to close for the night. >>19161 >>19155 It would be a bit weird for a married couple to both be retail workers. Maybe if they were bored boomers. >>19157 >>19157 >>19160 >>19153 >>19136 >>19127 I used to think the Peter Jackson LOTR films were excellent but I've turned against them with time. The comic relief (eg. Gimli), the gay shit with Frodo and Sam instead of the mentor-student relationship, and finally taking out all the "darkness" of the original story. I can see why Christopher hated those films. >>19167 Not him but I've found a wet shirt makes it much easier to get off to sleep. Making your sheet damp and stuffing it in the fridge is another method. >>19172 >>19171 >>19173 It will continue to come here and shit up the place unless you cut off its source of attention. Avoid talking about it and take away its flags. >>19179 Yeah, like "mixed" nuts being peanuts. >>19180 >>19181 Good night. Regarding your mates, some blokes would just rather handle some things on their own. It may very well be down to them, not you. Just give it some time.
I ran out of coffee today. My four-five cup a day habit is going to be broken tomorrow. Cold turkey for the rest of August.
Goodnight NEETs. >>19183 >take away its flags I've been saying that for ages.
>>19185 Yeah, so have I. It claims it is friends with the BO on discord and therefore it won't happen.
>>19186 >discord This board has a matrix channel
>>19184 Wouldnt it be more convenient to switch to meth?
>>19188 Hmmmm, it would probably help with the gym too. Is Craig still the best supplier.
>>19187 Nah, I'm pretty sure he was talking about the /ausneets/ discord run by the endchan board.
>>19189 nah only the BWS run by the chinks sell meth under the counter
uwu daddy
It's raining heavily and I can't remember if I wound the car windows up. >>19122 Wandjina cock'll do it. >>19127 And elves. >>19129 heh >>19149 Did you compliment him on his frills? >>19151 It's the best way, otherwise it goes to waste. >>19160 Aaragon's wife is a cunt tease. >>19181 Hope he gets back to you and you get back to your based antics. >>19183 > black goannas would get you Go on.. >a wet shirt I freeze bottles and wrap them in a shirt. >Avoid talking about it They have a working relationship where they enjoy bitching about each other, and that everyone needs to listen. >>19190 The only one I know of was run by cheesecake and was when we were on 8. It was full of faggots who didn't even go to the board. Morning cunts.
>>19193 Good Morning NEETs. Hard to get up, very quiet and comfy here.
Morning NEETs, dentist appointment today. >>19193 >>19194 Morning fellas.
>>19195 Dont forget to wear your pants on backwards so he cant molest you when you're unconscious.
I should still be asleep but tree loppers be like "yeah nah fark oof cunt"
>>19199 Those trees need to be taught who's the boss.
(28.91 KB 753x960 soy bot.png)
REEEEEE You cant pick which rules you follow and which ones you bend! You are being IRRESPONSIBLE!!
>>19200 I thought they'd fucked off so turned off the computer and layed down. 30 minutes later I hear the machines start back up. They must've been on smoko. Some Dare has been consumed, it's going to be a long day.
>>19195 >>19194 >>19193 Good morning. Can't believe there's only 4 months of the year left. What a shit-show it's been so far.
I spotted the man coming with my parcels but I didn't want to scare him by opening the door. I should have had that haircut and worn my best dressing gown.
>>19203 Trump 2021 was pretty amusing for a while
Webcam = Installed Now I can skype with mummybot.
>>19206 Better turn it away or whatever when you aren't using it or I'll be watching you wank.
(5.47 MB 03. Satellite.mp3)
>tfw no Lena gf
Whoa the bread in the maker is really high. Must be too much yeast and the extra flour. Not gonna make it in time for lunch tho.
>>19210 >too much yeast Filthy neet. >in time for lunch Life is suffering.
I don't like the eyes of Asians. I've got nothing against them, I just find their eyes a bit unnerving.
(37.57 KB 368x359 Garlic King.jpg)
>>19210 Ya hungry, Jack?
>>19213 Disgusting.
>>19212 Racist
>>19213 When did the bun become the minor part of the burg? Why not just put all that shit on a plate.
>>19217 The bun is just there to keep it all together, it shouldn't be a major part of the burger.
(173.89 KB 1280x960 real high.jpg)
Its-a ready, cunce.
PuddingHead has been streaming for the past 30-odd minutes, not realising he somehow muted the audio a few minutes in. He's so retarded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y-4skwufPA
>>19219 You're going to need a bigger tiffin
>tfw watching frodo get on the boat at the end of LOTR. I feel a bit emotional.
>>19222 I'll get on your boat
Carton of Coops acquired. The masked salesmen thanked me for buying Australian beer as he handed it over. I wasn't expecting such a vocal interaction and simply mumbled "no worries".
>>19222 Poor Frodo, everyone got a happy ever after except for him.
>>19225 The nazgul gave him the pos when he got stabbed on weathertop
>>19224 Be careful, next thing he will be telling you to boycott Israeli goods.
>>28057 had a nap nice comfy nap under the little blanky my grannybot knitted for me. Thinking about a coffee
2 beers down Starting to feel normal again
>>19228 >my grannybot knitted for me That's cute
>>19229 >Drinking to feel normal Did you notice when this started happening?
>>19231 This has been years in the making. Think I'm a lost cause tbqh.
>tfw not Mikey Chen
>>19233 You need to have a boong lyfe + IGA shopping haul v blog.
(20.11 KB 209x314 chips-tub.jpg)
A cup of hot chips would go down so well right now, topped with tomato sauce of course.
(23.34 KB 1023x720 ozesauce.jpg)
>>19235 Good Idea. I might have chippos and lashings of tomato sauce for tea.
Had my first video call with mummybot. Now she can see me roll my eyes at her new gadget purchases.
>>19219 Fuck that looks good noot.
>>19224 >Coops Yeah, all the other major "Australian" ones are foreign owned.
>>19233 There is a maths professor at Adelaide called Mike Chen. Nice bloke. He has a really good sense of humour that is quite subtle.
Yay got my latex editor working. Now I dont have to give the overleaf jews my intellectual property
Got a case of the sads today. Just feeling really lonely.
>>19241 Are you still trying to do your resume?
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-03/telstra-has-made-its-15000-payphones-free/100344664 Can now make anonymous crank calls to cunts without having to pay.
>>19243 Trying to be taken seriously using MS Word runs up against the law of diminishing returns.
>>19245 I'll try to help if you have any questions. I use latex quite a bit with uni.
>>19247 Thanx. Does anyone still use MS word there?
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-03/trio-acquitted-of-attempted-murder-after-former-detective-shot-i/100345786 >Mr Morgan, who is also known as Sid, was previously a detective with the NSW Police Force, but his service came to a controversial end after he was acquitted of murdering his brother-in-law in 1995. >He shot his brother-in-law six times in the head after the man was charged with child sex offences. Based. should have got a medal
>>19248 MS word is the default for word processing and such. Latex is mostly used for typesetting things involving mathematics. Outside of physics or maths students I wouldn't say it is commonly used.
I feel tired. I'm not sure if I should try to just slog through it or have a nap for a bit.
>>19251 Who naps after tea? just go to bed early
>>19252 Will a moderate amount of alcohol perk me up or will that only make it worse?
>>19218 Everything should fit in the bun.
>>19219 Big loaf. >>19223 Isn't there a story about where they go on the boat? >>19235 A splash of vinegar for me please. >>19237 >at her new gadget purchases. Did she buy a webcam too? >>19246 How's the marinade taste?
>>19255 Nah, she has been webcamming for years.
>>19256 Mummybot has an Ipad. Apple products are designed for ppl without ability. I struggle to use it.
Day 4 of nowank. It is a hard fight against the electric jew in its most insidious form.
>>19258 I was doing that and then I opend my boong porn folder to this and it was all over.
>>19258 Ay stud whats wrong with havin a naughty tug?
(135.78 KB 1280x720 danger close.jpg)
>>19255 duno. Sick of hobbits now. I want to watch this next
>>19259 I'd suckle on em.
Suckle on my hobbit.
Going to go to bed early.
>>19265 I'll tuck you in big boy
>>19265 Night >>19266 Very good .jpg
Fucking nigger tea bag burst.
(113.69 KB 640x799 tiffany alvord.jpg)
The monkey on my back took advantage of the mere perception of a setback today. But I stuck to the plan and by the end of the day he was back under control. Did nothing fun today, worked hard like a good little neet normie. Didn't pig out at lunchtime and tea and only had two pear drops and an aniseed lolly for dessert. Didn't moon over shit on the internet too much either. Tentatively declaring a based day. Good Night, White
>>19269 Good work at controlling yourself effectively.
>>19269 Good work at controlling yourself effectively.
Good Morning NEETs Bad dreams but i'll be okay.
>>19272 Good morning. I just put the washing machine on because I am out of clean clothes.
>>19273 I just redefine my meaning of clean clothes.
Sick of the cold, having cold hands and a dripping nose. Fire = Lit
Just emailed twenty hours work into a Bureaucratic black hole rife with wagescum. If only they knew what I think of them.
(12.85 KB 517x143 jewgle.jpg)
Ungh. Big Brother's banner is all about the poz today. Cudos to the arteest that made it, totally not derivative of a Ken Done placemat At All
>>19277 Stop using jewgle, faggit.
I should eat the boiled eggs I cooked two days ago. Cant think what condiment to put on them. Maybe Maggi.
>>19275 Yeah I'm a bit over it too. That iced-coffee I just had probably ain't helping.
>>19279 Got any ground cumin? Just a pinch is really good imo.
>>19239 That must've been what he was getting at, but me being a brainlet it didn't occur to me.
>>19246 Looks awesome. All I had was 9 Coops and 2 (two) cold slices of pizza.
>>19282 I put cumin seed in my bread. >>19278 Its too hard to disengage and i use mozilla with a VPN to search for boong porn. At this point you can stay just slightly ahead of the AI personality prediction reality. Wont be long before the butterfly war turns in (((their))) favor.
The Postal delivery kid brought my new cold/wet conditions army boots, Cant post pictures because it would dox the tread pattern and compromise operational security. >+2 morale
>>19286 Never been a fan of frozen carrot, it never retains the flaour of fresh carrot. >tandoori butter eggs Sounds delish >anchovy and peanut butter Pass
Job agency finally called, "Hi, bye, see you again in 2 weeks time"... 3rd beer. IGA is calling. Out of olives.
No Heritage No Legacy
>>19288 >Job agency You are just their cash cow.
Zoom meeting with the Deacon at 2pm tomorrow we will talk about the bible prophecies.
>>19291 How do I get into Jesus? I've tried reading the bible in the past and praying but never felt that connection the preachers say I should feel, "giving myself to Christ". Perhaps I'm truly a 'bad seed', with a soul as black as a boong's taint.
>>19290 I know. But I got to speak to another human today...
>>19292 Jesus lives in your brain, the same as if you are dyslexic you will never get language, if you are a mong you cant get into Jesus. Treat your faith like a skill you learn.
>>19293 >human JSP bot
>>19292 Jesus is a foreign Semitic figure. No wonder you can’t connect
(132.80 KB 736x870 Altheo god of Truth.jpg)
Altheo Neet World Order is the New World Order https://endchan.net/b/res/36381.html#36381
(116.98 KB 1133x834 Korean full gospel churh.jpg)
>>19296 The gooks seem to do allright
(9.26 KB 195x259 UFO CHRIST.jpg)
>>19298 UFO CHRIST
The chippies are hiding under the fish. I bought the whisky sauce as the combination sounded really good in that other NOOT's post.
Good haul, fish looks good.
Have not been able to get my hands on any of IGA's delicious chicken nibbles the past two weeks. The locked-down wagies must be scooping them up before Old N' Lazy NEET crawls out of his hovel in the late arvo.
Gibs (You) ffs
>>19300 UwU Don make chippos now!
I went down to the IGA again this morning and scooped up all the discounted chook pieces. My strategy of going early is really paying off. I'm almost getting sick of them and if that happens the doggo will get them.
>>19305 Good work m8, I'm sure doggo will like them
>>19289 Fuck the Krauts.
>>19294 >if you are a mong you cant get into Jesus heh, this is true.
>>19300 Nice. I have that bbq sauce, it's okay but has turned me off the hickory flavour.
>>19309 Maybe you used too much. I use it in little drips.
Haven't had a caro for a while.
>>19308 >>19294 I may be a high-school dropout but I'm not mentally retarded. Think all I need is a little guidance into studying the bible 'for beginners'.
>>19312 You don't deserve one
>>19313 Read the Torah and the Gospels.
>>19315 I'll torah your arse
>>19316 Talmud my cock
>>19317 Kabbalah my ballsack
>>19304 Don is gone!
(69.52 KB 771x252 Cuckedland.jpg)
Even my job agency case manager who called me today was dubious as to whether the scheduled lockdown will end this Friday. It's as if those in Government circles already know.
>>19320 Everything I have read online says unless the numbers drop, lockdown will continue or expand.
>>19320 No, we just hope it will last longer.
(67.85 KB 640x658 szemcfkh35e71.jpg)
Had a busy day and I'm bushed. Its bin night and that means bath night. The bloody light switch is fuked so I have to light a candle in the bathroom. Luckily the drawing room and my bedchambers are warm from the last of the fire. Good Night, White.
>>19312 Me neither, the price is a bit steep which is what puts me off. As it doesn't contain caffeine I have no aversion to downing a heap of them all in one day.
Long day today. I've decided to give up caffeine which has resulted in a terrible bloody headache but it seems to have subsided for now. Did some shopping and cooking. I'm wondering where the day went.
Good Morning NEETs. My bedroom doesnt stink so much today, that bath last night seems to have done the trick.
>>19327 ABC News is the worst
>>19326 Good morning, glad to hear your room is less stinky. Just made a coffee using the fancy milk with the cream on top, about which a tablespoon worth came out. It gave the coffee a really nice creamy taste and mouthfeel, but also cooled the drink down and I don't have a microwave.
>>19325 >seems to have subsided for now That's good. And good luck with going cold turkey. >I'm wondering where the day went It's still there unfortunately
(44.07 KB 600x450 w59pi.jpeg)
>>19323 >Its bin night and that means bath night
(108.04 KB 1280x960 exciting.jpg)
>>19331 Somewhat underwhelmed with todays package deliveries
>>19332 Use it to have a wank.
>>19333 >wank to the census HOT
>>19334 I did the online one. For languages and ethnic groups they had the most common ones as multiple choice and another field where you could type something in. I died a little when I saw what the most common ones were.
>>19331 Ay cuz we call em community jaccuzis
>>19335 I have to ask this every time, but is the census compulsory?
>>19337 Apparently it is. Fukn ZOG making us do shit. At least it gives the retirees a reason to nose about their neighbourhoods. Six member family of satanists transexuals in this house m80
>>19337 I think so, I think you can get fined or something for not doing it.
>>19339 >>19338 Thanks, I checked the ABS website and it is compulsory. I'm so out of touch with reality I'd have missed it altogether if it weren't for motherbot reminding me.
(1.86 MB 888x1480 1597057417546.png)
Day six of nowank. Terrible morning wood. Doing alright though. I might try to find a gf sometime soon to go see Dune with.
>>19341 >gf Go to church, lots of nice ladies there, even if they do all go for the lead singer in the church rock group.
(441.10 KB 299x480 jesus thats nice gear gif.gif)
Got that Zoom meeting with the Deacon at 2. Might see what he thinks about world government and the book of Daniel.
>>19342 Wouldn't they all be old?
Allright you cunce. STFU because I'm about to talk to the Deacon.
>>19345 tell him I said hi.
>>19347 shhh
I still don't know what a deacon is
(106.33 KB 995x976 Might Go for a Walk later.jpg)
The zoom meeting was about doomsday prophecies but I couldnt see the whole lead up in Luke 21: 10, Earthquakes and tsunamis and starving Coconut niggers cant be the signs of the coming end days, can they? Timothy II 2-7 was better because it goes into how people are acting like faggots and pissing Jehovah off before he cashes in all our chips. I asked him about literal world government and he was pretty cagey. The JW website tells me that they are hoping that the NWO will end hunger and prejudice and homelessness, But i reckon its a recipe for flooding the our homelands with niggers. I hope Jehovah brings on the end to the poz and everything else real soon.
>>19349 A uni.
>>19351 Funny, I just looked it up. And whenever I heard that name I would think of an american university 'dean'. Thanks to that one episode of The Simpsons.
Garn lick her store than I be Gay at Another store
>>19353 Check for specials
>>19354 Always do. Got one (1).
An unopened bottle of Dare iced-coffee that had been sitting atop the fridge the past couple weeks just exploded, spraying foul-smelling rotten milk all over the room. Spent the past 30 minutes cleaning as much I could but I can still smell it.
>>19356 Why was it up there? The heat from the fridge had probably kept it at the perfect temperature for bacterial growth.
>>19355 Good haul m8, all the basics covered.
>>19356 Is that the one you were saving for later?
Went for a run up the mountain. The road is sketchy for 'on foot' but If you pick what side you go on its mostly okay. When I hear a car coming I pick up the pace until they go past, just so they think I go hard. Had a QT and her daughter stop and talk to me. Fuk that doesnt happen anywhere near the Poz.
>>19356 I sense meat and grog poos in your near future
>>19360 >Had a woman and her QT daughter stop and talk to me*
Might gar get another pixxa
>>19363 Not one of those messy meme sauce flavor ones this time please.
>>19349 I think its a priest.
>>19350 Apocalyptic Judaism has been around for 2000 years.
>>19364 I want to try his cauliflower one.
>>19368 They get brought out tomorrow night.
(144.25 KB 816x612 Pilk (1).jpg)
(155.83 KB 612x816 Pilk (2).jpg)
(141.47 KB 816x612 Pilk (3).jpg)
(177.64 KB 612x816 Pilk (4).jpg)
>>19361 I see regurgitation >>19359 Huh? >>19357 Because I let it go over the use-by date like so much other food I waste and was too laxy to bin it sooner. This was basically karma for being a laky dero noot.
>>19370 farck neet, I see a lot of cleaning in your future
>>19370 Time to move out. Do the property owner a solid and put a match to the place before you go.
Ol' Styxenhammer is taking a long time to buffer. I hope its not my connection.
That shitty pack of 'pork rinds' has me craving the real thing. But I don't have an oven. Wonder if a frying pan will suffice?
2 things I'll never buy again from IGA deli: 'Pumpkin cous-cous salad' and 'Brie cheese-stuffed olives'. The latter having a vomit-like taste.
And they were $30/Kg , like 10 more so than other good flavours like chilli&garlic, or the smoked ones.
>>19374 I remember an episode of the cook and the chef Simon Bryant did crackling in the pan, from memory he weighted it down while frying
>>19376 Cant beat lime and chilli olives. Your IGA is pretty fancy TBQH
(135.11 KB 765x800 She is waiting for you.jpg)
Garn watch Vietnam war docos till I pass out. Garnight.
(135.78 KB 1280x720 danger close.jpg)
>>19379 Ill be watching this 'nam tale tonight after i knock off. G'night Noot
>>19378 >TBQH >>19377 Thanks. I loved that show and will seek that ep out.
>>19379 night m8
>>19381 >Thanks. I loved that show and will seek that ep out. I remember it was just one of those short segments showing him working at the restaurant cooking the crackling
Garn gym.
>>19384 30Kg ferrocrete dumbells please
(383.94 KB 900x1252 1580648884020.jpg)
The moofie is really good, enjoyable. Good Night, White.
Morning NEETs.
>>19387 Good Morning NEETs. Up early and not fussed.
>>19370 Vile
I thought I felt a earthquake last night, Maybe it was just a dream.
Yesterdays pancakes for breakky this morning. Went down a bit dry. I've got a cup of tea to wash it down steeping.
>>19391 Go easy on the beans mate.
>>19393 This was foretold in Matthew 24:7 The end days are coming
Weighing up going to uni with or without a shave.
>>19395 You look HOT with a 3 day growth
(138.61 KB 640x615 unnamed.jpg)
>>19390 >>19388 >>19387 Goodmornings
Damn, the coffee just ain't as good without the cream.
>>19398 Try coconut milk, you get the milky mouth feel without the bleah aftertaste.
(81.81 KB 611x373 Zero chance.jpg)
They're getting desperate
>>19394 Oh well at least i wont have to bother paying the electricity bill
Applied for 5 jobs today. Now I'm eating semi-dried tomatoes.
(2.60 MB 720x480 Bah+gawd_b2d895_8743322.mp4)
(53.21 KB 1012x318 Useless boongs.jpg)
Down to my last clean pair of shorts and shirt Haven't done a load of washing in weeks And no, I don't own that many clothes imagine the smell!
>>19402 A well-earned treat for a productive NEET, but why not head into one of my nearest establishments for a semi-dry wine or two?
>>19401 Spend your Last Days money on something you'll enjoy ;)
(2.11 KB 99x125 thumbsup.jpg)
>>19405 Embrace the Freeballin lifestyle
Had a ten minute nap. Where do you go between your last thought and snapping back awake?
Might start the NEET Party an hour earlier considering I woke up earlier this morn.
>>19410 Suit yourself. I feel like working thru.
(166.49 KB 1080x1350 KYS.jpg)
I might learn an instrument.
(34.92 KB 460x620 f.jpeg)
>>19413 Learn the Fluba
(24.72 KB 227x318 Chop chop.jpg)
Don't think 11.9 standard drinks is going to cut it tonight. See you soon Craiga.
>>19397 Good meme. >>19409 Where do you go? >>19410 unna >>19413 I have been thinking about getting a mandolin. I like the sound it makes. >>19414 Need big lungs. >>19415 Surprised to find that out. I thought it was a hit.
Fire is in the oven and the Pixxa is lit
17 standards worth of alcoholic liquid acquired. Dismal offerings at the IGA tonight, not even a single roast chook. This is truly end of days.
>>19416 >thought it was a hit Me too. I didn't read the article as it was behind a paywall but I bet the film having an R18+ rating is what led to poor box-office sales.
(2.18 MB 1080x7800 chopper.png)
>>19398 Whipped cream is really good in it.
(2.97 MB 1280x720 1627787294812.webm)
>>19422 She was in heaps of action moofies. I think she was in that Tom Cruise groundhog day remake.
>>19423 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Debicki >Debicki is known for film roles in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Everest, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Widows and Tenet. Unless that isn't Debicki. I am terrible at recognising faces.
>>19422 She is an absolute stunner! But like I said to that Thirsty NOOT, you wouldn't know what to do with her if you had her... >>19423 >Tom Cruise groundhog day remake Nah, you're thinking of Emily Blunt. >>19424 What's the source on that clip? It's obviously a live theater production.
Taking the auxiliary PC down to upgrade its infrastructure. I may be away some time.
>>19425 I don't know. I found it on cuckchan's /tv/.
>>19426 Goodbye
(104.62 KB 704x729 A sheeps head.jpg)
(125.19 KB 700x560 A sheeps head2.jpg)
Fark Didn't realise these Coop tallies have a pop-top as opposed to the twisty stubbies And I don't have one of them tools to open 'em Ah well, another bottle of wine it is...
>>19428 I'm back
>>19429 Challenged neet
(33.43 KB 358x217 WL.jpg)
Anyone else constantly filling their YouTUbe 'Watch Later' playlist with dozens of vids that you never end up watching? I'm down to the last few after spending the past couple hours churning through yet another long list. Mostly e-thot material. But I'm so very desperately lonely you see.
Having a crack at the census
>>19433 Put your religion as Esoteric Hitlerism with characteristics of Zoroastrianism.
(371.12 KB 1440x1800 1628251403717KYS.jpg)
>tfw no Barbara Palvin gf
Pretty tired NEETs. Did a lot today. looks like i'll be grinding this online course over the weekend. Tomorrow I will cut new rawhide innersoles for the new boots. Good Night,White.
Gone through 1 and a half botts of wine Smashed a tub of Red Rock Deli dip Found out that red lumpfish caviar is > black lumpfish caviar Destroyed a pair of tongs getting the pop-top lid off a beer. But it was necessary. Lastly, I should probably need to keep the spew bucket near the bed
>>19436 Good night I'll give your innersole a good rawhidin boy Anytime!
>>19437 You should've used pliers or something you mong.
(293.69 KB 1200x1813 1628256329038.jpg)
>>19437 Get the red caviar, the black stuff is full of estrogen.
Good Morning NEETs. Dang rain making me sleep in again.
(919.15 KB 1280x8444 chopperson.jpg)
Sir was just trying to be friendly and got a shock.
>>19430 Welcome back neet.
>>19442 Good morning zipperhead. Feeling a bit taxed. It's the weekend baby!
>>19445 You locked down, NEET?
>>19443 is the jeet getting charged?
>>19447 No but chopperson didnt have to pay for the damage according to the report
>>19449 We must assist new immigrants from south asia to adjust to our culture, That means giving them plenty of respect and understanding with them expressing their sexual proclivities which are normal in their home countries.
>>19450 there was a news article a while ago about a somalian calling for a "learners" period on the law for new immigrants his wish came true
>>19451 Learning to get away with rape.
>>19439 Pliers were my first thought but couldn't find 'em. Plus it's hard to think straight after a bottle of wine.
>>19446 QLD lockdown supposed to end tomorrow You?
>>19425 >>19427 I found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLQC5YiSlzE The play is called The Maids.
>>19453 Fair enough then neet.
>>19449 Speaking of Grubs. I found a big witchetty grub in the woodpile and left it out for the birdos, but they havent found it yet.
>>19454 Its raining and I'm busy online so yeah I'm locked down for the weekend.
>>19458 Wank!
Cup of Continental beef soup and two multigrain bread rolls for lunch. I'll probably go back to bed to read and have a nap soon. Not really feeling like being awake today. >>19454 >QLD lockdown We had a lockdown?
>>19455 Based I'll check it out later
(83.66 KB 932x351 Wear the mask goy.jpg)
>>19460 >We had a lockdown? Only if you're in one of the 11 pozzed LGA's.
No lockdown on in SA but we do have masks mandatory is businesses, public transport etc here in Adelaide. I don't know what it is like in the more rural areas.
Grub is gone. Birdo got im
>>19464 Based boong bird.
(59.59 KB 500x500 unnamed.jpg)
>>19466 >mfw I make myself a massive target
>>19463 SA NEXT A
>>19468 Lockdown starts at 5pm today here in Barnaby land.
Havin a wine
Garn gym later.
>>19471 you should think about getting a home setup because of the lockdowns
>>19472 Too expensive for me. Stuff on gumtree etc is all kmart/big w meme shit aimed at middle aged mothers looking to "get toned". A proper whitepower rack, barbell, weights etc is stupidly expensive for what it is.
(35.93 KB 300x380 Stickitinya.jpg)
Back down to only 11.9 Surely this won't be enough to get through a based Saturday night?
>>19476 Drink slowly
Garn gym.
testing one two fuck you
Finished the rest of those vomit olives Garn get a 6pack, might smoke a cheap cigarillo on the way MUST NOT FORGET THE MASK
Another cuppa soup.
>>19482 Grab me a pack of jerky please
>>19473 Six o'clock and it is darg outside. Chopped wood and remade the chopping block, I used my Grandpa's adze which was cool. should have a Caro now and light the fire.
>>19484 I'll grab (You)r jerky
Finished the moofie "Danger Close" Really good but Aussie war moofies tend to be less glam than the seppo ones. I would say it was poetic and authentic even to the point of casting goofy looking actors.
(63.38 KB 700x394 7287448-16x9-large.jpg)
I had a good time doing the online grinding. I didnt have a coffee and I put in a lot of solid hours. It was super frustrating and pointless in the end, just system analysis. Even doing coding at the start when you dont know the rules or the platform is more productive. I long for those days to come again. I did get to cut those innersoles and just finished putting the speed laces on. Just gotta finish this grind to get to the beginning of a long run and when thats done then I will go on a working holiday and after that I might have a chance to use these boots. Also did some outside chores and hosed the wallaby turds. They are pretty soft so it was easy. Good Night, White.
>>19485 I miss my caro.
>>19488 Night noot.
Good Morning NEETs Frosty outside, slept in bigly.
Fire's going. Thinking about having a coffee.
Fogs lifted. Fukn love it here.
>>19493 that cartoon made my brain explode thanks
>>19494 This removes both flouride and secondhand MRNA prions.
(106.20 KB 1200x1200 170011.jpg)
>>19495 what's your take on this? is it a scam?
>>19496 Doesnt say "contains no Taswegian piss" does it? Enough said.
>>19497 Tasmanian Mountain Waters ® Natural Spring Water is a well balanced source of natural calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other essential minerals. Starting with an extremely pure source, the water is filtered through two stages of micro filtration using state-of-the-art micro filtration technology and then sterilised using the ozone sterilisation method. It is then filled into sterile metalised polyester laminate bags in 'clean room' conditions and boxed for shipment. The resulting product is pure, clean, natural, mineral water.
>>19498 Are you implying that the water here is pure? if you walk the water catchments 100% of the time you will find very dead animals in the creeks.
>>19499 what water? spring water comes out of the ground from aquifers
>>19500 nah its rainwater. spring water is a meme like "free range"
(5.04 KB 203x248 index.jpeg)
(2.52 KB 93x125 1572918760254s.jpg)
>>19502 What if I told you that there are Facts above and beyond the "Facts".
(153.04 KB 720x960 putb00wetbgy.jpg)
>>19503 in other words: you don't
>>19505 I dont have time to spoon feed you, tyke. Delve into the rabbit hole of hidden knowledge as I have done and marvel at what you find.
>>19492 I miss coffee.
>>19506 Nestle got caught faking spring water so that means all spring water is fake?
I just did a very unsatisfying poo. I can feel there is more to it but it has a bit stage fright.
>>19508 Why would the company bother with a borehole when they can get all the water they want off the roof of their bottling plant?
>>19510 they don't need to bore it's a spring apparently where they get their water is 2 hours from their factory so i guess they just fill up tankers and drive it back doesn't seem that cost ineffective
>>19496 Waste of a perfectly good wine cask if you ask me.
>>19508 Yes, it's just tap water. Also all VPNs log and sell you data. Why wouldn't they?
>>19513 You cant hide from 5 eyes but the VPN protects against ANTIFA faggots.
>>19513 >Why wouldn't they? because corporations are evil but small businesses aren't
Slow start of the day. Getting there though.
(371.09 KB 1224x1632 Telstra.jpg)
>>19491 Good morning, meant to post the following last night but site wasn't working. The Young QT was at the bottle-o. So pretty. So petite. So out of my league. Took a smoke but didn't feel like smoking. I've had them cheap cigars for like 4 years now. Hope these olives aren't too spicy, though I can always remove the whole chilli and/or add freshly chopped garlic. According to the labels the olives are only '45%' Aus produce, but what's more concerning are the kranskys, being only '15%'. Think I'd much prefer any sausage to have at least 50% Aussie whatever than 3/4 mystery meat.
>>19518 SMASH IT!
>>19520 You couldn't handle any woman in that pic. Just sayin.
(95.26 KB 867x575 little boglim.jpg)
I exceeded the monthly data limit on my mobile phone plan - 40gb - just before passing out last night. The kicker is I'm only a few days from the next cycle, so had to pay an exorbitant amount this morning for a few extra gigs or have no Internet. Just the thought of that sends a cold shiver up the spine. Paid 30 (thirty) fucking dollars for 6 measly gig. I'll be watching Youtube vids in nothing greater than 240p resolution until the new monthly cycle kicks in.
>>19521 They're all Turks.
(24.60 KB 181x327 Turkish Delight.jpg)
>>19523 THis one actually resembles my bottle-o QT. THough not as QT. She must have a bit of the old Greek salad in her tight arse-hugging jeans if ya know what I mean.
>>19522 Just switch off. Go outside or something.
(120.92 KB 865x581 240p German Meat Knockers.jpg)
>>19525 It's my reality now. THere's no going back.
>>19519 Gettin smashed too quickly on the wine. Have switched to beer. Will have to visit QT again later. Might snap a creepshot for your faggots.
>>19529 Don't be crass.
>>19529 >drunk >take creepshots What could go wrong?
>>19531 At least she isn't underage if she is working in a bottleo.
>>19529 >creepshot Don't be a nigger.
>>19532 >underag Im not nuro
>>19535 I know that, you drunken mong.
>>19536 >drunken mong that's something i cant deny
spag bol for dinner tonight
(224.85 KB 799x1243 Kransky.jpg)
>>19538 Classic Aussie tucker. I've had a handful of chips and a cheese kransky after half a bottle wine and a few beers
>>19539 >>19540 What even is this shit? fuck off back to endchan already. We deal in quality here not quantity.
>>19542 Settle down mate, I was just telling the KYS poster to kill himself.
>>19518 nice mini haul
(86.07 KB 640x480 unnamed (1).jpg)
back soon aye
>>19542 Shut up. >>19543 Speak of the faggot >>19546
(283.33 KB 372x512 1627443757035.png)
Went for a run, Took the bugle and did some calls up the mountain. The kid from next door was having a bit of fun on the canes with a machete so I threw him my gloves, fresh out of the dryer. He was stoked ay bruv', Said his name was Tay. +2 Community relations. Might have that beer with my Pixxa tonight.
>>19548 >dryer Good job on the run but I don't think it is good practice to have a dryer m8.
(771.98 KB 1632x1224 Coopx&Pixxa.jpg)
Nothin like a slice of Cheese Pizza every now and then, right lads?. Chuck away the fancy toppings and enjoy the simple combination of crust, sauce and cheese. Disappointed at the wait time though, they initially said "10-15 minutes" but ended up being 25. Plus bottle-o QT wasn't working. Only good thing about tonight is not having to use a pair of tongs to open a beer. Cheers!
Now all I need is a bugle and life will be complete!
>>19549 >dryer U need em in the mountains, your clothes would get fungus before they would get dry on the line.
>>19550 nice, I like a plain cheese pizza myself.
>>19552 Implying he should even be wearing clothes 'up in the mountains' you faggot
>>19553 Makes me miss the old days of 8ch tbqh ;>)
>>19550 I'm down with the plan
>>19556 Another nice one
>>19557 the chillis make you slow down, like speed bumps.
>>19556 That's an awsemoen looking popiiccxxa. While I was sitting waiting for kmne I regretted not ordering a garlicbread. I really need to try that stores and see how different/or if it's any better than Dominos. PS. Is that a Casio G-shock watch I see?
>>19559 >G shock yes. I timed the garlic bread in the oven with it.
>>19550 Thats no way to treat a useful kitchen utensil.
>>19556 Looks good.
>>19562 And I said "God damn it, NOOT!" "You know I love you But you've got a hell of a lot to learn About Rock 'n' Roll!"
Gees I had a shit day until I realized I was actually on schedule. Cant barely hear that monkey on my back and I'm thinking about the future again. I browser banned the AidsBC, and it seems that now the firehose is off I can appreciate Propaganda as an art form. I saw a really good example today that some Noot on endchan posted, really venomous, with a sadistic aroma. Tres outré! Called a mate, he finally answered me spamming his phone. He had a lot to say but is rekt at the moment which sucks to hear. Not cancer tier bad luck but not fair go. I forget that sometimes I get ghosted because my mate is working on becoming a ghost. Feeling thirsty after the run, the Pixxa and the beer. Might have a 🍋. Good Night,White.
My phone just randomly fucking died, what cheap shit do neets recommend I get in its place? I dont really have any money right now (only 1 grand in the bank, panicked and got my crypto into my metamask from some non-kyc exchange right as my phone started to die thank god) and don't want to spend any money, I also don't want to get jewed by some mobile phone plan. I just need to be able to call people I've known for a few years on discord and do 2fa to access uni stuff, that is all.
>>19565 > sometimes I get ghosted because my mate is working on becoming a ghost. What's he suffer from?
Bum is itchy.
>>19568 Worms
(166.50 KB 1080x1350 KYS.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Got up way late and feeling dehydrated. >Pixxa Taxxed
(17.94 KB 300x400 Nokia 3310.jpeg)
>>19567 Demoralization + liver issues He wont see a doctor until shit gets unavoidable. Very poor survival instinct
Craving the coffee.
>>19574 >iktf Neets have mondays too. When all the neets with jobs are too busy to post. And they are interacting with real people including women. And you cant avoid cenno. But if you're lucky the pajeet comes with your packages and you can talk to an actual human (such as it is) And the wagescum cant get to the IGA specials. So its not all that bad.
(53.32 KB 750x751 1604728263650.jpg)
I cooked black and white beans together but they all came out black. Next time I will segregate them when I cook them and not allow them to mix on my plate.
>>19571 Good monging, just woke up. THe comfy rain kept me in bed. Havin a beer for brunch. The lockdown ended yesterday but masks will still be mandatory for another 2 weeks.
>>19577 kek, separate pans for separate clans
>>19577 Yeah, the pigment of the black beans leeches into the water and stains the rest of the food. Stews end up a dreary greyish-purple colour if you try cooking everything in the same pot.
(104.77 KB 715x649 Women bad.jpg)
I'm severely depressed
>>19581 The nippers get stabby all the time for some reason.
>>19580 I poured out the black juice,I wonder how much of the nutrients i lost. Not that I'm a starving jew in a concentration camp tho, mind you.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>19578 >Beer for brunch My Man.
The bad bird came back tearing up the moss. I went out and flapped a teatowel at him and he flew away. Now there are two and a smaller one of a different species. I feel that they are ganging up on me and after I was nice and left that witchetty grub out for them. Clearly I need a scarecrow
>>19586 m8, once word gets around about that tea towel they'll be calling in all their relatives, near and far. Birds are like wogs in that regard. I'm sorry to tell you but it is all over for you.
I see a booze run in my imminent future. You boongs want anything?
>>19588 60kg of cute checkout chick please.
>>19588 Pack pork crackle please.
>>19588 Tub of black and gold vanilla ice cream
Two panadols down the hatch.
>>19592 Druggo
Garn Coles.
>>19594 Gram me a loaf of white bread please.
>>19595 I'll get you some multi-grain neet.
Goin down the post office and IGA to get some stamps. Maybe bananas. Get your own
>>19596 Good choice.
>>19596 Good choice.
>>19591 Don't have the freexer space >>19590 Don delivers >>19589 Got served by a dude
Still no chicken nibbles in sight. Hope they haven't discontinued them. Thought about asking the deli worker but felt that would be too embarrassing. Those 'chicken royale's are very nice, but not as good value as the nibbles.
This cold beer is going down very nicely Toobz
Got stamps sugar and candles, Saw a QT but she gave off FIFO vibes i.e. get away from me you hick local. Now I have the correct money for more firewood. Text the Hooker.
>>19600 Another good haul m8
>>19601 "Ay luv I wan sum nibbles, u gonna give us your nibbles' Yeah nah could be dicey.
>>19603 >more firewood Grab me a ute and trailer load please.
The two panadols I had didn't do much for my headache, may get something else at the chemist tomorrow
>>19607 Why not visit Doctor Dan, MBBS?
>>19608 I've been trying Dans medicine for over a week and it hasn't helped.
>>19609 Drink some water.
>>19607 How 'bout you man the fuck up already
>>19603 perhaps she thought you were a faggot walking around with a bag of candles and stamps...
>>19605 Garn have to cook my own if they keep ghosting me
>>19613 You can nibble on my ear if you like.
The beer ain't doin much. Might gar some whisky.
I have some rose I need to finish off.
This lumpfish caviar is literally the cheapest you can get, and the red stuff is chemically dyed from what I've just been reading.
Having a go at shallow frying these coles squid rings. If i dont get to them soon they will go off in the freexer.
>>19617 So much for eating like a king.
>>19618 Did you batter/crumb them? >go off in the freexer Nah, they can't 'go off' at such temps. They'll just lose flavur/texture. Bacteria can't grow in the ice.
>>19619 In the land of the dole cheque, the lumpfish caviar man is king.
>>19619 Like a neet king.