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(93.14 KB 900x900 boong reee pepe.png)
NEET General #9 - BOONG WAVE EDITION NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:44:55 No. 12330
This image board is Nazi White Dog Goona, it's our rightful boong clay and we was shitposting here 40 000 years ago. Youse racist white mob stole it from us and scab our culture, Now we is takin your gubba chan for our koori board. Git Back in ya mum's humpy and have a bit of yaandi, Us mob is doin the yakka now whitey, lissen to these deadly beats, they is all based Boong Wave. Here's ya Black History! UNNA
>>13314 Normies are fucking idiots.
>>13313 I dont know whether that race mixing jewess gives sky credibility or if its the other way around.
I feel like I'm in that bit in 1984 where Winston feels his emotions build up and then calm as he watches the news report of the battle, towards the end. Both sides know how to manipulate us and their manipulation is getting rather heavy-handed of late.
Good Morning NEETs. The bin truck is noisily making its way up the street. Wage today.
Good afternoon. The edges of our false reality are starting to fray.
This is a notice to any leftists, socialists, communists, progressives, or similar who are on this board. Fuck off now.
>>13323 Socialism is the only way to see that everyone gets a fair number of cakes in their tiffin.
>>13324 Fuck off.
>>13324 I used to take all the cakes because I'm the best operator. Now there are no cakes because of the petty bureaucrats.
>>13326 It's because you couldn't share.
>>13327 I never got my gold star for sharing in kindergarten. I'm a dismal failure of the public education system.
>>13328 Some people aren't cut out for kindness.
>>13329 I'd share you around and be really kind to your gape.
>>13329 Fuck off, cunt.


no cookies?