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(93.14 KB 900x900 boong reee pepe.png)
NEET General #9 - BOONG WAVE EDITION NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:44:55 No. 12330
This image board is Nazi White Dog Goona, it's our rightful boong clay and we was shitposting here 40 000 years ago. Youse racist white mob stole it from us and scab our culture, Now we is takin your gubba chan for our koori board. Git Back in ya mum's humpy and have a bit of yaandi, Us mob is doin the yakka now whitey, lissen to these deadly beats, they is all based Boong Wave. Here's ya Black History! UNNA
>>12833 Looks very good.
>>12833 Looks tasty neet
(185.22 KB 1280x960 macrocarpa pines.jpg)
I like the macrocarpa pines because they never have any undergrowth except for bracken, its always tempting to camp under them but you can see all the broken branches and pine cones. Cosy but deadly. Always owls at night in the pine stands, you hear them hooting for a while until they stfu and you hear the hooting from somewhere else. That tool is my entrenching tool which I took on my walk in case I came across some lurking pedos.
>>12836 Looks like a good spot, your right about pines they tend to drop branches etc
(294.80 KB 1140x1140 Irish hottie.jpg)
I cut my hair in preparation for wage tomorrow, although I hope they don't call. I probabaly did the back unevenly and I'll never know, just look silly, not hipster at all. No wonder women wont take me seriously. I should not have shaved my field beard. Good Night, White.
>>12838 Goodnight
>>12833 Good looking food. >>12836 Find any mushies?
Good Morning NEETs. Wage didnt call which is lucky because I slept in. MIght have a go at my linux project today.
The chinaman next door put his bins out a day early, perhaps bin night is on saturday in chyna, the poor chink must be confused.
(47.99 KB 640x480 cavesrsz.jpg)
I went to the caves on the way to Tintown. I knew that the touros would be mostly absent and I got a private tour. I took the bugle to this big cavity called the cathedral. I did "Sunset" call and ended up getting heaps of attention from the lady, she was practically flirting with me by the end.
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
Waiting for washing to dry, installing linux debian with KDE Plasma desktop. Thinking about mushrooms and broccolli pasta for lunch.
eugh... Debian is horrible. There's too many apps and the interface is AIDS.
Got two shifts in the grind office. Monday and tuesday. Happy at the moment.
>>12846 Good to hear m8
(58.47 KB 421x596 commietakeoverinprogress.png)
Is a communist takeover in progress in Melbourne?
(634.59 KB 750x1252 melbourne lefties.jpg)
>>12848 Shit mate... This is just a practice run. The real power play happens when the vaccines stop working
(47.14 KB 332x560 rubber coat girls.jpg)
Such a warm day. The silver birch trees are green tinged with new leaves and soon will have these powdery pill -like dangling bits that cover everything and attract the possums and their shit. Luckily the Falcon is under cover and the ching chongs brand new Kleuger is the only thing thats going to get fucked. Rain forecast for tomorrow, Have to allow a little bit longer to get to wage because of that. Looking forward to breakfast already. Good Night. White.
(637.69 KB 1200x1600 20160604_131445.jpeg)
Good Morning NEETs. Warm morning, feels like rain soon tho.
https://ussanews.com/News1/2020/09/18/new-australian-pre-crime-bill-allows-authorities-to-arrest-citizens-for-dissent-online-conspiracies/ Victoria want to arrest dangerous citizens. lets hope they arrest a couple of brunswick hipsters. We'll never hear the end of it.
(1.65 MB 986x1415 ClipboardImage.png)
Was going to civic club after wage but I got a random muscle spasm or it got pulled so I'm out. Out from wage tomorrow too. Might sort out some coding loose ends instead.
(28.17 KB 608x351 dingoes.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-21/pure-bred-alpine-dingo-pup-found/12683972 My mate (now dead) had a dog called 'Poppy' it was the smartest, best trained dog I ever knew. We used to tear arse through melbourne without a leash, lust looking for dumpsters and empty houses to squat. She was completely under my voice control, and I could let her run out and reel her in with brief words. She never barked unless a cop came close. My mate said she was an alpine dingo but she didnt quite look like the ones in the pictures. I spend a lot of time with that dog, or dingo or whatever.
(218.03 KB 1280x960 Tailgate tea.jpg)
Had leftovers and wedges for tea. Going to get started on drinking a liter of tea. I got out of that routine when I was up north. Partly because I ran out of teabags and had to drink cold water. Never did open that can of peaches. Might open them for supper, pity I dont have any cream.
(88.92 KB 1280x720 alpine dingos and bindi irwin.jpg)
Spoke to a guy from my old home town of Woolongong. He told me of some of the ways the town had developed. There is one place on the top of the hill in North Wollongong that hasnt changed since the fifties when it was built. Its a weatherboard shit shack with a ladder instead of front stairs. The high rise developments all around it offered the owner many millions of dollars for the land but the old lady who lived there refused. The guy I spoke to knew exactly where it was and we had a laff about it. He asked me what the go was here and I told him the main industry in town was tourism and immigration dressed up as education. He was a coal miner on big bikkies backinnadae, now on cenno. He might get a job driving a grader on a highway gang or something. He says that illawarra coal is the highest grade in the world. Illawarra coal is based. Good Night, White.


no cookies?