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(201.29 KB 953x1200 jokerpepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #10 - Solo NEET Edition NEET 10/26/2020 (Mon) 07:34:42 No. 13332
Its time NEET, Its time (You) come to terms with the fact that you're shitposting alone with no replies. But you're not doing it for the (You)'s are ya? You're a professional NEET, Bored, Aussie and maybe just a bit pissed. You're fully hardcore all-bloody-day mate. IN ACTUAL FACT If you was on a desert island with a lone coconut for a mate, you'd shitpost about how the sand was for normies and pebbles were the master race or some crap, and put that in a empty stubby and post it into the waves. Thats where you're at nofriendsNEET, this board is your deserted island and there's only glowcoconuts for mates. So pack the billy and have a hot one NEET, Its time to..... GO IT ALONE
>>14159 In the name of God I cast you out.
(67.11 KB 587x576 1607591169325.jpg)
>>14160 We cant ask god to have all the fun for us.
>>14161 Kill yourself faggot.
Fucking demons are everywhere.
>>14163 He is going back to his handler to ask for further directions. He did it on the Soros question as well. That was why it took him so long to answer.
>>14162 >>14163 You seem tense NEET, why not pop down to one of my refreshment centres and have one of my attitude adjustement consultants help you with a selection. There are no demons in our spirits!
(116.07 KB 1300x866 white clock housewife.jpg)
Days ended, belly full, getting late. Good Night,White.
Good morning NEETs. Rain and a bedraggled blackbird outside my window when I opened the blinds.
For some reason rt.com wont load on google but will on firefox. I reckon its censorship.
>>14158 Looks like they will make an excellent brekky for a roo or something, lucky you put netting up. thanks for the pics m8
>>14166 Goodnight, glownigger. Just remember: you're fooling no one.
The ungodly shall not stand in the judgement, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.
(4.47 KB 225x225 tubtrug.jpg)
A handle broke off my tubtrug knock-off. is it fucked? Should I take it back to Bunnings neets?
(48.55 KB 1400x588 Maggi.jpg)
Hi NEETs, Dont forget to add a bottle of delicious Maggi seasoning to your shopping basket next time you're at Woolworths. Woolworths the fresh food people.
>>14174 >>14175 >marketing to NEETs You cunts must really be desperate.
(113.35 KB 705x273 w.png)
>>14174 Yes if you bought it recently.
Aliens Vs Trump A QAnon Production.
(2.18 MB 720x720 djok.webm)
the only good thing about these anti-depressants is that it increases the effects of alcohol
>>14165 think you fucked up there mate
(27.55 MB 596x336 withyou.webm)
(498.05 KB 800x800 1608126178628.png)
>>14184 thanks Dan you're always there with a bottomless bottle of grog.
(354.20 KB 1220x836 image-tools.php.jpeg)
>>14186 dan never dies
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>14188 >>14188 >>14188 >>14188


no cookies?