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(10.13 KB 219x231 FUCXMAS PEPE.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #11 - FUCXMAS Edition NEET 12/17/2020 (Thu) 07:48:17 No. 14188
Have you ever gotten pissed in the summer sun, at your family lunch and told your nephew and nieces that christmas got hijacked by the chinky-dinks so they could sell us more shoddy crap? Have you ever had an argument with your fam because you told the kids that Santa was invented by the Jews to sell us goys their poison? Did your Brother in law yell at you last year for using the words "Massive Kike Mongrel Golem" while everyone was watching the Christmas special (Santa Claus: The Movie) on the TeeVee afterwards? Of course you have, You're FucxmasNEET and this is your special time. So get those lead lined stockings up 'cos you're getting radioactive coal, and all the Ho Ho Ho's are charging a 40% holiday surcharge. FUCXMAS Really.
(414.92 KB 1905x879 4ch Pol.jpg)
>>14853 How long have you been a JW? Haven't seen them around door-knocking for many many months. Guess it's due to the 'rona but strange how they're not at least leaving brochures in the letterbox like they usually did. Perhaps they've just given up on my neighbourhood... >Q research Godspeed
>>14862 Those lemons will break the bank.
>>14860 >iktf
>>14862 Nice haul m8
(209.60 KB 987x1201 SAXA.jpg)
>>14867 I used some of this along with salt and sweet paprika
>>14871 I had maggi on my veges. I also deep fried some "Calamari" and a corn jack.
>>14868 I hear ya, that bag of 5 was $4.9. I need to scope the neighbourhood and find someone who grows them like old mate here >>14580
>>14870 Thank you
>>14872 You're making me hungry. Got a pack of squid rings and chiko rolls in the deep freeze. I hate those corn jacks though.
(61.69 KB 435x677 cat lady.jpg)
Bad a bit of light kek at wage today, One of the young bucks made a calendar featuring glamor pictures of hisself. He left it prominently in the prep room and I remarked on it and told him to send a copy to his mummybot. He said he wanted to live in a pool where the ripples are made by the bass of a doof instead of all the other fish bobbiing their heads. Pottery. Other than that I had a very heavy workload day compounded by the one cunt in charge. Excellent candidate for a future cat lady because of a shit horrible personality. At least I'm single because of unfortunate looks which I cant change. Anyway, I was professionally courteous and got my way in the end. Baking new bread. Should be ready soon. I wonder if anyone listens to the playlists. Good Night, White.
>>14875 I shallow fried it in a foil baking tray on the bbq. Yum-O
>>14876 Goodnight neet
>>14876 Good night >Baking new bread. Should be ready soon. I wonder if anyone listens to the playlists. Not sure exactly what this means. What I want to try making is a 'honey oat' bread. It was always my 'go to' at Subway. What playlists are you speaking of?
>>14879 At the beginning of every NEET General, there is a theme music cytube playlist. >"honey oat" That bread sounds like cake to me.
Good Morning NEETs. The possum woke me up by trying to gnaw thru the blocked up entrance to its comfy lair, then when I got up I found that he pooed all over my doorstep in revenge. This is after I saved him from the trap twice. What a bastard.
(192.58 KB 840x1120 day one.jpg)
Looks like the MSM stalwarts are already blaming Tump for biden's imminent poor performance. I wonder how long its gonna be before they get openly ugly with crackdowns on the far right and Trumpy's impeachment.
Off to the wage NEETs. Ducked the cunts today too. Meeting a mate for bottles of water and jelly beans in the park after.
Morning NEETs. >>14883 Good luck at work today.
>>14881 >>14881 Possum strikes again! Good morning, just found out my lease isn't being renewed. F'n great start to the year, and coming straight from the shit-show that was 2020.
>>14883 What a peculiar thing to do at a park. Have fun anyway.
>>14884 Top of the morning to ya
(270.61 KB 1558x1062 mhaul.jpg)
(234.56 KB 1606x1049 lu.jpg)
Mini haul and Lunch.
>>14888 Nice mini-haul and that's a very interesting lunch. The ham and smoked salmon would've been nice on a fresh bread roll.
Should've bought Yakult yesterday. My guts are a hostile mess.


no cookies?