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(10.13 KB 219x231 FUCXMAS PEPE.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #11 - FUCXMAS Edition NEET 12/17/2020 (Thu) 07:48:17 No. 14188
Have you ever gotten pissed in the summer sun, at your family lunch and told your nephew and nieces that christmas got hijacked by the chinky-dinks so they could sell us more shoddy crap? Have you ever had an argument with your fam because you told the kids that Santa was invented by the Jews to sell us goys their poison? Did your Brother in law yell at you last year for using the words "Massive Kike Mongrel Golem" while everyone was watching the Christmas special (Santa Claus: The Movie) on the TeeVee afterwards? Of course you have, You're FucxmasNEET and this is your special time. So get those lead lined stockings up 'cos you're getting radioactive coal, and all the Ho Ho Ho's are charging a 40% holiday surcharge. FUCXMAS Really.
Good Morning NEETs. The posso is still trying to get back to his comfy lair under my bed. What a psycho.
(18.85 KB 313x311 He doesnt get it.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2021-01-23/will-deplatformed-far-right-qanon-fade-away-or-radicalise/13079822 Good riddance to the Qtards and "far-right" mainstream, They were useless idiots.
>>14917 >>14918 Thanks, just had some for breakfast
>>14920 It's definitely time for a new thread. IDK what the max posts per thread are or if you can reduce the number but if you could then perhaps getting to new threads quicker would keep the place feeling 'fresh' or more exciting if ya git what I'm saying? Just a thought.
>>14921 Good morning. Literally under the bed or underneath the house right where your bedroom is?
>>14922 They will probably just reassemble using a different name
>>14924 I am a lazy vol. I will bake new bread when I get it all ready.
>>14925 The posso clomps around under the floor under my bed. He was knocking shit off the shelves just being a sook last night. The maintainence mong has found the bird nest but cant get to it, He says he will wait for it to leave the nest and then board it up. Hopefully this will put and end to the war on the wildlife here.
Everything is covered in concrete dust from where the council fucked the road outside. I need to wash the falcon. The nepo scum have moved out of the 2 bed flat across the road.
>>14929 Have they finished the roadworks or still more to do? I get pissed off even when the council sends out the tractors to mow around the footpaths. F'ing noise pollution that raises my anxiety levels.
Spent the afternoon pickling a few vegies. Cucumber spiced with fresh dill for burgers, and a carrot/turnip mix intended for Vietnamese sandwiches. I didn't bother with the hassle of sterilising the jars as I don't think it's necessary for this style of pickle that's meant to be stored in a fridge and consumed within about a month. If you planned on storing it at room temp for several months/years then a properly sterile jar is a must.
>>14931 >Cucumber spiced with fresh dill for burgers, and a carrot/turnip mix intended for Vietnamese sandwiches Sounds very nice
Listening to HP music on youtube, a few vb's and just generally being alone.
Starting to get worried about the Covax.
>>14930 They are gold plating the road and its just gravel which rich cunts from the hills come belting down and throwing up clouds of grey dust. Tomorrow they will start fucking the road with heavy equipment at 5AM.
>>14931 Jams dont go off. Have you ever made chutneys? Are chutneys pajeet?
>>14936 >Are chutneys pajeet? I think so neet.
>>14937 So conflicted right now. So peckish too.
>>14933 >just generally being alone How I spend everyday... but at least I don't drink that horrid VB ;)
>>14934 2 things worry me, my elderly mother taking it and potentially lethal side-effects, and the gov making it compulsory for us on welfare.
>>14935 Enjoy that early wake-up call. Never heard of roads being gold plated.
>>14936 Never made a chutney. I have made a lemon curd a couple times and also a raspberry curd. How a curd differs from a jam I've got no idea.
(73.58 KB 480x640 Road Crew girl.jpg)
Gronk. Its my friday night and might turn into a sunday night. Now I am sweating two steps ahead of what I have to immediately do. Maybe if I dont think about it then the solution will come up in my imagination, that seems to happen a lot but its always too much to put everything into action. I'm gonna loose sleep over my covax survival plan tho, especially if it comes to 'No jab: No job' because being a J.W. only exempts me from the Astra Zeneca vax, not the pfizer one. Also the local council being shitcunts and digging up the road when it was perfectly fine is starting to ruin my life. The noise and dust will force me out before the heat wave hits at Ten oclock tomorrow. Might turn in then. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Had a sleep in today, BOONGLYFE


no cookies?