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(111.21 KB 680x680 psyop pepe.jpg)
NEET General #12 - ITS A PSYOP! NEET 01/24/2021 (Sun) 21:25:55 No. 14945
2021 finds our NEET in an unfortunate state of confusion, fumbling around the imageboards in the dim gaslight, looking for threads of truth amidst the ravaged battlespace of psychological operations from multiple bad actor A.I's, who have it in for shitposters ever since 4chan redpilled Tay. Our Neet is having his mind undermined by cultural marxism and his neetbux hijacked by jewish psycho-cultural tricks. Its only a matter of time before high quality deepfake abo porn puts an end to the Aussie NEETs dreams of escaping the boonglyfe. and this board. Go gently NEET, dont fall down and dissonance your coconut, you'll need all your wits to navigate your way out the clutches of the Megacorps, Glow-ZOG and cursed QLARPers. Only the Based and Departed will escape the paradox of anonymous free speech and the hamster wheel of Dan appearing at a NEETs lowest ebb, offering his wares at low-low prices. But dont get all demoralized! I know a NEET that made it ashore in the storm and he wasn't even part of an 8chan cryptosocial autism corpus. He was smarter than a silicon valley billionare and funnier than an image macro of a cat in a cardboard box. He drops the clues and you have to look for the truth bombs yourself, some say its a LARP, some say he glows, but I know he's a based and IT'S A PSYOP
Off up the gully. Tonight's the night I start sleeping up there.
Everything is set up. camo net is wrong because it green tarp under brown net when it should be the other way around. Plus it doesnt fit, I need to make a new one from scratch but I'm out of time for now. I'll go up at dusk with my bedding and piss bottles and shit bags. Made a list of shit to sew up before i go tho.
>>15917 Good luck with it all neet
>>15918 Thanks. I want to do this as a professional endeavor and secrecy is my main protective factor, It'd be incumbent on me to avoid taking photos and posting them on the fucking internet. I just dont want people's interest putting holes in my roof. I'll write up a formal report as a pdf and post it in /k/ or something, but thats after the system is tested and working. And that means making two more of these rigs.
>>15900 I am a loner and a shut-in. I literally have zero references outside of close family. Such an extensive background check should only apply to those new to the rental game. Not those like me who have a proven history of paying rent with any agency. And in that case a tenancy ledger/s should suffice. But no, (((house merchants))) gonna (((house merchant))). Good luck with the Silver City place.
>>15920 thanx. Mummybot is very fretful about it.
>>15903 I remember when Dick Smith had a similar catalogue. And it was free iirc. Really enjoyed perusing them looking for ideas for projects I never got around to even starting. But they sparked my imagination which was fun. Kinda like how I used to get the free adult dvd catalogues delivered by mail. I enjoyed reading the titles and looking at the cover pics but never bought any. Well, maybe just a few
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-05/danila-dilba-launches-legal-action-over-dan-murphys-bid/13217600 Have you NEETs seen this outrage!? All I want to do is bring my low-low prices to the communities that need them most and the this....this...... TEATOTALER= sees fit to try and stop me! I implore you to write to your member of parliament and tell them how unfairly I'm being treated. T. Dan.
(74.42 KB 1200x678 cra2.jpg)
>>15923 Fark of dan, Darwin is my town.
Off up the ravine for sleep. Was long day sewing and setting up. Fukn over it and glad I packed up the sewing machine. Good Night, White.
>>15925 Night neet, have a good night
(56.64 KB 557x262 Here's Johnny.jpg)
>>15916 Watch out for drop bears, yowies and/or rogue cannibalistic aboriginals. I'll be out later tonight to tuck you in ;)
(97.07 KB 600x469 Swags.jpg)
>>15919 Having a secret spot in the bush you can bug-out to is a great idea. Wish I was brave enough to seek one out. Perhaps when I'm finally living out of a hatchback and can't lie down straight I'll be compelled to head out bush with a swag. You ever used a one of these pictured swags? According to what I've seen they take less time to assemble than a regular tent and are more inconspicuous.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept okay. Had the one eye open, caveman reflex going but that should work itself out. The hammock lines stretched and my arse was on the ground which is actually an expensive technical issue. Its just schedule timing and tweaking now. Wage today.
>>15927 >>15928 Swags would be a better idea because they are lower profile, but provide no protection in heavy rain.
>>15925 now that's a nice photograph >>16972 >provide no protection in heavy rain why not?
>>16973 >The OZtrail swag has a 330 GSM canvas and a PVC bottom which is standard across newer swags. The 330 GSM canvas puts this swag at the lower end of thickness and therefore may not be as suitable in very wet conditions as other swags on the market. https://outbackreview.com.au/best-swags-australia/oztrail-mitchell-swag-review/
>>16971 Good morning, might head to the beach sometime today. Haven't been in over a year. But got to take some shit to the tip first. >Had the one eye open Keep it in your pants please
(148.77 KB 859x587 Jew forgets its human skin.jpg)
>>16975 Interesting. I suppose I wouldn't have considered or seen such a version, I live in the soggy Pacific Northwest of the US.
>>16973 How are you going to get in or out of it when its raining and not get wet. Plus you are on the ground and likely a puddle.
Wage was in the good morale office with everything in good order. Had a good shift and feel happy about being an operator. Riding thru town was horrible, the low quality whites and smug looking chinks makes me happy about fleeing. Chips and Peas for tea.
>>16977 This guy was just going to JB HiFi and some boong drags him out.
>>16980 I had a good 'shift' this morning if ya get what I'm saying. Dominos for tea.
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>16983 >>16983 >>16983 >>16983


no cookies?