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(326.68 KB 1800x1322 Diogenes Pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #13 - CYNIC EDITION NEET 03/06/2021 (Sat) 08:15:23 No. 16983
Depressed about your housing prospects? Suicides dont pay rent, and thats bad for the economy. So go to your Jewish doctor and get some Zoloft, flush it down the dunny and hit the road. Its time to GET MINIMAL & GET CYNICAL
GOD DAMN IT I bought a kettle, coffee and shelf-stable milk. But no mugs... Good night. Mentally retarded White.
>>17962 This place sounds interesting to say the least. Good night.
I'm in the mood for some buttered bread.
Good Morning NEETs. An early morning wasp is buzzing around the naked globe in the kitchen. DINGY A.F.
This property condition report is going to be a joke. I'm not going to mention the structural stuff that I'm going to fix. Brought my ozone generator by happenstance but not my reactor gas mask. Oh well, decontaminaiton can wait for another 2 weeks
>>17979 >Brought my ozone generator by happenstance but not my reactor gas mask. Oh well, decontaminaiton can wait for another 2 weeks Interesting NEET. Curious, does that have some kind of effect on your skin while you're working under it? I mean do you have to really scrub the outer layers off afterwards or something?
Didn't go to the gym after uni yesterday. Decided to go early this morning though, now I'm going to have some eggs for breakky.
>>17981 always good to exercise in the mornings neet.
I got a package at the Silver City Post office already, I'll pick it up and go home via the mountain roads.
>>17983 >via the mountain roads Sounds lovely
>>17978 Good morning. I awoke at 4am just as the mouse had crawled onto the bed right next to my left ear. First time seeing it since Thursday. Traps are now set. So glad not to be a slave to public transport again. Going to explore more of the surrounds today. Have a good one.
>>17982 I agree. About to do pushups.
Can't wait to hear news of the inevitable extension of the lockdown which was due to end tonight. Can't wait...
>>17981 Eggs would be nice right now. If only I hadn't forgotten to buy cooking oil. Might go get a pie.
Reminder for the NEET, don't forget to get some mugs.
(158.43 KB 816x612 Brekky Pie.jpg)
(139.39 KB 816x612 Pie Bite.jpg)
(211.10 KB 816x612 Goodies.jpg)
Exercise, done! Breakfast, had! Mail, received! Bowel movement, incoming!
>>17989 Thank you, I have it written down. And a reminder for all NEETs that reports are due earlier due to the Easter holiday period. I lodged mine today.
That was tasty steak, cheese and bacon pie. Never seen white steak though. Think they gave me chicken though it didn't really taste like chicken.
(58.38 KB 1024x515 ClipboardImage.png)
(825.32 KB 648x4818 ACA.jpg)
Looks to me like she was holding a phone. If I was in her situation I would use a call history statement from the service provider as proof no calls were made/received at that time. But in saying that just holding the phone while driving will get you fined.
https://youtu.be/gc950LUpJlU >protestors get what they deserve
>>17993 >we're only number 2 God damn it.
Is it bad that I now reflexively laugh at reports of likely shitlibs getting killed?
>>17999 >>17999 >>17999 >>17999 NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD


no cookies?