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(33.35 KB 255x239 Bong pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL - 16 ENDCHAN EDITION NEET 04/19/2021 (Mon) 18:03:45 No. 20258
Endchan /ausneets/ is an irc style imageboard with sequential threads called "Generals". This board has a population of about a dozen and is well known for being the boongs board for the real NEETs. Posters of note on end ausneets are: Weber, Cruisey, Shitey, Shire, Odili , sperg, monaro and Imissfather who is also the board janitor. The goings-on that occur on this board are considered 'lore' and often remarked upon in a humorous fashion, until the thread is locked after 1000 posts, Thus the 'NEETlore" deepens as it forms a voluminous archive. Endchan Ausneets occasionally crosses over with this board's Ausneets.
>>21266 What did he post?
>>21266 >endchan There's your main problem.
Packing the boxed-up food supplies into the pantry, Its the first time I can see what I have in one place. Pretty happy TBH.
Off to the gym.
>>21275 Have a good night m8
(207.46 KB 2304x1728 stash1JPG.jpg)
(225.13 KB 2304x1728 stash2.JPG)
(280.00 KB 2304x1728 stash3.JPG)
(184.85 KB 2304x1728 stash4.JPG)
Imagine LARPing your way to having a six month supply of food.
(297.69 KB 2048x1362 Nanase Yui.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>21274 >Pretty happy TBH. Good shit mate.
>>21277 I need a freezer, that's the way to do it. I think you need a bigger tub for the lemons. What's with all the vitamins?
>>21278 Nice tits
Worked at setting up the house in Silver City today, NEETs. Had a good, effective day and improved things a lot. The shower is really weak and baths might be the go. Mummybot is worried that the locals will "firebomb" my place, Oldad asked me "what will I do for money" Disappointing. Good Night, White.
>>21280 I was grabbing them and packing them and forgetting what I already had. Are you ready for the collapse? Every night I pray for the collapse
>>21282 >"firebomb" my place Why would she think that?
Morning NEETs.
(56.12 KB 1200x520 b20d0d_8404698.jpg)
>berry pickers
Good Morning NEETs. Slept well, Misty mountain tops.
>>21287 >>21285 =morning
Having some teabag chai, Might gas my bedroom again. How about youse?
>>21289 >Might gas my bedroom again with what?
(54.55 KB 663x654 17946226_1_x.jpg)
>>21290 >"The Perfect Fumigant"
>>21277 You're well stocked up neet, methinks you need a lemon tree.
(101.86 KB 753x1024 1580007034362.jpg)
>>21290 Ozone
>>21288 >>21287 >>21285 Good cold morning


no cookies?