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(108.96 KB 630x630 1594696764934.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #18 - PRAY FOR THE COLLAPSE EDITION NEET 05/04/2021 (Tue) 23:06:34 No. 21294
Bush NEETs are a comfy lot nowadays, They're out in the regions with their prize winning cannabis patch, Lemon grove and Six Months worth of Froxen Nuggos. They've got broadband somehow and the chickens are making eggs and keeping the mice down. Why not go and visit NEET? Take some doggo treats to bribe your country cousins dogs, lest they rip your smart city pants. Maybe you can look around and find an abandoned cottage nearby, You have been thinking about how bad it looks back on the Coast with the Great Globohomo Replacement Crypto-Kike Asian Invasion. So come on out NEET! Grab your Go-Bag Goon-Bag and pack the hatch-back, Pretty soon you'll be comfy as fuck and PRAYING FOR THE COLLAPSE
>>21932 theres half a bulb of garlic added.
>>21933 Nice, I usually add that much when I make a curry / pork vindaloo
>>21922 Nice sticks. You'll have to dry them first before using as firewood?
>>21924 You're having a tomato sauce that's free of chicken and chorizo?
>only pair of trackies are wet >legs are cold It's over.
>>21929 I'm too cold to be bothered cooking anything other than Mi Goreng noodles.
>>21937 Wrap yourself in a blanket or even bath towels if necessary. My trackies and jumpers are in a storage shed located several hours from home.
(5.02 KB 225x225 chicken and chorizo.jpg)
>>21936 just add chicken and chorizo
>>21937 The turtle will pull its head in looking for nuts.
(205.19 KB 1081x691 Lying Cunts.jpg)
>>21940 Talk about deceptive marketing 101
(582.03 KB 1536x2048 Aozora Hikari.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(82.33 KB 794x1191 1585280390243.jpg)
The days are melting into each other. I have stopped doing stuff after tea and just bask in front of the fire reading and writing. I go to bed too late and sleep in. I think I have hit the wall now that the pressure is off. I think its fair enough. Might sleep in tomorrow too. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Up early, kinda warm, promising start.
>>21937 You need to get yourself a few pairs.
>>21942 So.. is it just tomato?
>>21946 Morning.
Neets waking up.
(147.05 KB 1040x895 1606340832500.jpg)
Writing cringing letter to petty bureaucrat. FML
Fire's building up. Snowy outlook. Having a crack at linux in a minute.
Now I am thinking of fixed wireless with the antenna on the chimney.
(18.65 KB 317x122 Big freexe.jpg)
>>21949 >>21946 Morning. Woke up curled into a ball. Cold as ice.
For some reason Mr Hi-Viz who ordered a coffee just after me got his first. And I couldn't help but feel he was prioritised over me due to an assumption I was unemployed.
>>21954 Global warming conspiracy trying to kill you.
>>21955 Tradies are chads. Chads go to the front of the line.


no cookies?