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(108.72 KB 800x1009 Sanctus Dominus Vinus Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #7 - Sanctus Dominus Vinus Edition. NEET 05/06/2020 (Wed) 20:52:51 No. 7046
It was upon payment day that the virgin NEET arose at the burning of the noonday sun. In our story the NEET makes his way to the temple of Dan via the house of the Colonel: But before he leaves his room in his mothers abode, The NEET must go to the board that tells of his story in the great southern land.
(23.25 KB 328x506 dutch judge.jpg)
I was gettign a flat arse working on my writing project for most of the day, still managed to do three edits which is now mandatory minimum for me. I also went to the gym and picked up the falcon from old gerald the painter, I accidentally overpaid $50 but im glad i did now. I went to Dan murphys to get some grog for my homie, thought i'd give it a go since the NEETs are always going on about how great it is. Its fucking horrible, an expensive and confusing trap for normies desperate to get numb. I'll never understand drinker mentality, and Dans as a cultural experience is totally depressing. I got him some honey flavored seppo rot gut and he was so happy.
>>7629 We need more details and clearer explanations of what happened please.
>>7630 >my writing project Tell us more.
>>7629 Is he coming back do you reckon? did he take his shit? sneak into his house and put a uhf bug under the floor or something
>>7632 its a vegan cookbook using meat based alternatives to vegan ingredients.
>>7629 were you on his property when he was intimidating you? why would he want to intimidate you anyway? does he want something from you?
>>7631 I cannot give too many details as they may put things together. You can ask me questions if you like and I will see if I can answer them. Very briefly, my basic strategy comes from the 4th Generation Warfare Handbook by William S. Lind, USMC. >>7633 He always comes back. I saw him going to two different houses but he didn't see me. I think one of them is his dealer but could be his ally. I don't know if the dealer answered. His house and the other house were both dark tonight. A bug could be handy to know what he is planning. I mostly go off intel from the townspeople. His own self-destructive behaviour gives a lot away also.
>>7635 >were you on his property when he was intimidating you? No. I was in my yard and he was in his. He did come onto my property at one time though. He started picking up things to attack me with but he stopped when I started taking pictures. >why would he want to intimidate you anyway? He thinks that I disrespected him in "his" street. >does he want something from you? Yes. He wants my fear.
>>7634 Kek.
>>7636 i got a bug off some spy shop in israel. i've still got it and havent played around with it but i should now that i can drive a cheap chinees radio.
>>7637 do a psychological work up on this guy for us
>>7639 I used to love that stuff. I did electronics and everything. There were magazines you could get with schematics for bugs. Some came in kits and you only had to solder them. The smallest was about the size of a thumb. They must be microscopic now. >>7640 Boastful. Prideful. Sensitive to any perceived insult. Claims to hear voices. Fairly self-destructive behaviour regarding substance use. I think his discipline is pretty bad. Very, very angry.
(497.94 KB 1920x1280 339367.jpg)
morn >tfw didn't get payed for the first time yeah i think it's about time to ditch this clown joint >>7613 >2006 Falcon RTV noice >>7626 cool >>7630 >I'll never understand drinker mentality me neither. i only drink on average twice a week and never get drunk i guess they're just so shit bored they've got nothing else to do
(72.25 KB 956x1024 1590593458058.jpg)
last two nights have been absolutely madhouse at the skatepark. Throng of 20-25 lads skating, yelling, drinking into the night under the dim sodium-vapor lamps. even had a fat girl on rollerskates cruise through. I guess the silver lining of this hebraic virus tyranny is that the lads are now more united and less socially distanced than we've ever been. If they weren't such a mixed lot in general I'd say the time would be right to start recruiting for the Abowaffen Prank Squad. AUSTRALIA ERWACHE
(23.85 MB 854x480 covipass.mp4)
>>7645 Based Alex.
Good Morning NEETs. I had a good nights sleep and didnt need to get up to pee.
>>7645 Fuckin hell. some pig asking me: "Do you have your covipass there please sir?
Im off to the wage which is good because my back is aching already from sitting all day yesterday Later NEETo's
(221.82 KB 236x419 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7650 Very nice shape. Pity she is trashy though.
>>7645 Jesus Christ, what a mong.
>>7641 >Boastful. Prideful. Sensitive... I'm honestly unsure if you're talking about yourself or the 'invader' >>7642 Morn, I will never know if that redhead has anything on underneath that hoodie and it saddens me >noice BASED >>7647 Good morning. Getting up to pee is a real pain in the arse during Winter >>7649 Enjoy your day
(76.72 KB 1280x720 Danish Woman.jpg)
>>7650 >fake tits, fake arse, fake face and most likely a fake personality I'd still fuck it though. Good morning. Danish.


no cookies?