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(109.33 KB 1000x850 Moofie Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #8 - Moofie Night Edition. NEET 06/19/2020 (Fri) 19:36:06 No. 8025
Moofies, Moobies or Vidya, A NEET is the Geist consumer of all, for he will never buy either the DVD nor the crypto kike propaganda message. Our NEET knows that watching moofies every day is degenerate, so he will mix it up with downloaded serials and the occasional Lauren Southern/Greta Thunberg crossover docco Immigration: A Climate Emergency. A Real NEET watches his Kino and drinks alone, which sharpens the immersion and focuses intent. So minimise that imageboard shitposter! ITS MOOFIE NIGHT
>>12305 >vittoria no thanks
>>12306 you an instant man?
>>12307 nescafe i used to roast my own coffee but it just tastes like water now
>>12308 >roast my own coffee so you went from based coffee sperg to nescafe instant, what happened?
>spend two months looking for a job and finally get one >first day and it's shit reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee god damn it I want to be able to move out from mummys reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(15.03 KB 255x201 trucker pepe.jpg)
>>12310 first days are always shit. Then you find where they keep the fringe benifits and how to do the job without it hurting. Just keep on truckin neet
The water board cut the water off. There is a big water board truck outside and there is water on the road. Cant even make a thermos full of tea.
>>12312 They do that before a raid to stop you flushing any evidence.
>>12313 nah they sent me a letter, they are fixing pipes or some shit.
>>12314 Then you should have prepared that thermos full of tea ahead of time.
>>12312 There's water in your toilet cistern.
>>12309 >what happened? i gate coffee >>12310 wat job?
>>12317 N-Nuro?
>>12317 Oh. you HATE coffee, I thought you said you GAPE coffee
Water's back on
>>12320 They added extra fluoride. They were detecting too much activity from your pineal gland. Your posts were too based.
>>12321 Good, my pineal gland is hurting and I dont feel very awake. Maybe the flouride will help me feel normal.
(140.10 KB 1850x684 Button pushing wagie fun.png)
Got wage tomorrow, first day back after about a month.
>>12297 I do no exercises. >>12300 I buy into the Bill Hicks conspiracy. >>12301 I think I enjoy the hot feeling first thing in the morning and it makes me feel more awake. If I had something else hot, maybe I could stop. The rest of them I have at work and just because it's sort of a reason to have a break. >>12303 How do you brew your coffee? I tried to for a while but it was much more expensive than instant and I could never get it just right. I had a peculator, the pods thing, a turkish kettle thing, and a dripulator. That worked the best, but still cost too much, and it didn't make one cup at a time well. >>12308 I have been having moconna strong for a while, I prefer the normal moconna. They both taste a little dirty. >>12310 What are you doing? >>12312 How long for? >>12320 That long. >>12322 Any substance you can find will help turn it off. I used to worry about that with the nicotine mints I eat. ..Now I don't. Hmm. >>12323 Good luck.
>>12323 Won't take long to get back into the grind.
>>12325 always a bit of nerves going back after a long NEETstrike but i dont want to be at home and going through caffiene withdrawals
Need new bread
Done pretty much fucking nothing today. Going to try and salvage the day as best as I can.
NEW THREAD >>12330 NEW THREAD >>12330 NEW THREAD >>12330 NEW THREAD >>12330


no cookies?