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(109.33 KB 1000x850 Moofie Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #8 - Moofie Night Edition. NEET 06/19/2020 (Fri) 19:36:06 No. 8025
Moofies, Moobies or Vidya, A NEET is the Geist consumer of all, for he will never buy either the DVD nor the crypto kike propaganda message. Our NEET knows that watching moofies every day is degenerate, so he will mix it up with downloaded serials and the occasional Lauren Southern/Greta Thunberg crossover docco Immigration: A Climate Emergency. A Real NEET watches his Kino and drinks alone, which sharpens the immersion and focuses intent. So minimise that imageboard shitposter! ITS MOOFIE NIGHT
(621.89 KB 460x252 spaz race 2000.webm)
>>11679 >watch the olympics Like, unironically?
(155.52 KB 800x1083 madlad.jpg)
>hijack wooden sailing ship >mad adventures in pacific >get hanged because your mate runs at the mouth The absolute state of MadLads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwClpiyb-Ig https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprus_mutiny
>>11681 >Swallow wrote an account of the voyage including the visit to Japan, but this part of the journey was generally dismissed as fantasy until 2017, when he was vindicated by an amateur historian's discovery that the account matched Japanese records of a "barbarian" ship flying a British flag whose origins had remained a mystery for 187 years. This is pretty cool.
(178.73 KB 1024x768 2007-07_tonga 226_resize.jpg)
>>11682 The mutineers landed at Keppel's island where ferguson, the leader, and six others decided to remain. Niuatoputapu. Nice but too many coconut niggers for me.
>>11683 I wanna be a pirate now. For real. I just bought a flag. DFAT says we can't leave but they can't stop us skipping out on a yacht.
(324.51 KB 500x667 blackbeard+(1)+(Large).png)
>>11684 Yeah it seems like the perfect crime. I like this flag but they wont send it to aus.
(51.73 KB 1000x1000 pirate thot.jpg)
Wage: Completed. Gym: Completed. Radio Study: One hour completed. Good Night, White.
>>11685 I tried to buy the black jihadi flag to fuck with my neighbour but I couldn't find it for sale. I probably would have been put on a watchlist had I succeeded in purchasing it. >>11686 Interesting that there is more life in her eyes than the average tiktok zoomer whore these days.
>>11687 You gotta make your own jihad flag from burkas and old dog shit.
>>11688 Probably pretty close to the truth Hitler.
(18.80 KB 479x171 4567457.jpg)
morn fuggin' bored. wanna by a bow but all the ranges are closed went for my morn walk and it was destitute welcome to the new normal
Good Morning NEETs. Excited about my morning coffee.
>>11690 Oh you want to buy a Bow, sorry your northener accent is a bit heavy I thought you said you want to buy a Boat.
Deuteronomy 23:1 >He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.
(26.98 KB 800x600 Ammonite_Wiki.jpg)
>>11693 >No whores, sodomites, bastards. What a great bible passage >No Ammonites, No Moabites yeah man fossils suck.
The mainly diverse and NESB residents of the plague towers are worried about the corona spreading through the buildings ventilation system but I see no air handling plant on the roof of the towers. They also seem to be blaming the plumbing which is beyond retarded. Perhaps they should be more worried about spreading the virus at their 'essential' prayer and community meetings. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-09/melbourne-public-housing-towers-one-to-remain-under-lockdown/12439866
>>11695 Islam has a history of being decimated by plague. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Death >The Black Death ravaged much of the Islamic world.[146] Plague was present in at least one location in the Islamic world virtually every year between 1500 and 1850.[147] Plague repeatedly struck the cities of North Africa. Algiers lost 30,000–50,000 inhabitants to it in 1620–21, and again in 1654–57, 1665, 1691, and 1740–42.[148] Cairo suffered more than fifty plague epidemics within 150 years from the plague's first appearance, with the final outbreak of the second pandemic there in the 1840s.[81] Plague remained a major event in Ottoman society until the second quarter of the 19th century. Between 1701 and 1750, thirty-seven larger and smaller epidemics were recorded in Constantinople, and an additional thirty-one between 1751 and 1800.[149] Baghdad has suffered severely from visitations of the plague, and sometimes two-thirds of its population has been wiped out.[150]
>>11696 Islam is a plague
Whoot. Day off from wage. Looks like I'm here with you cunnos today.
>>11694 Put there by Satan to test your faith.
2 pairs of fingerless gloves, three hoodies and a tshirt ,two woolen jumpers, four pants (including woolens), neporene Knee sleeves, two pairs of socks. Hot water bottle. im lookin swole bro
>>11701 Don't. Not even in jest.
just did a zoom for job lit myself up with 3 lights like i was in a studio i'd rather do irl interviews online is shit
>>11703 you should wear foundation and concealer.
(13.71 KB 380x285 kami.jpg)


no cookies?