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(93.14 KB 900x900 boong reee pepe.png)
NEET General #9 - BOONG WAVE EDITION NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:44:55 No. 12330
This image board is Nazi White Dog Goona, it's our rightful boong clay and we was shitposting here 40 000 years ago. Youse racist white mob stole it from us and scab our culture, Now we is takin your gubba chan for our koori board. Git Back in ya mum's humpy and have a bit of yaandi, Us mob is doin the yakka now whitey, lissen to these deadly beats, they is all based Boong Wave. Here's ya Black History! UNNA
https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_9 BOONG WAVE SOUNDTRACK
(50.18 KB 700x467 jurrawarra.jpg)
I got us a wallaby for a feed NEETs. Who's got the burning yaandi for starting the fire?
I am going to have two fried eggs.
I fried my last two eggs for tea. They were overdone
>>12330 suck my fuckin dick ya black cunt
why did you post this on end and why are there neets still on 16 t. Nuro
(133.72 KB 940x627 sharnie.jpg)
I'm going to bed, nothing is left in today and tomorrow is wage time, its all so boring. I got a bit of afternoon sun and I got to lubricate the bike after the rain and mud of late. The saffer is plugging away at the code I sent him and only needs checking in the evening. Mummybot and oldad are okay but Friday I have to take him shopping and go to the clinic. HIs suburb has far less fake Australians which should make it less of an eyesore. I've got my own dreamtime now. Good Night, White.
Why didn't I get one (you) from my tower post and why was there no BUM RASH at the end of the last Gen?
>>12338 They don't like your rules Monaro.
>>12338 Because you ruin boards you cancerous paedophile.
jesus christ niggers are fucking stupid talking to a nigger whore i dont think she used more than three letters per word in a single message fuck the united states for its fuckin nigger worship cuz now we have them here
>>12343 Sudo?
>>12344 It is hardly worth killing himself over.
>>12345 Lol, I mean "Is she Sudanese?".
I can explain to you why this is happening, its really simple its because American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows and fantasizing about nigger dick. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and the late Janet Jackson while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.
>>12343 >cuz
>>12345 >cuz
>>12345 Wasted get.
>>12350 Not all posts can be top tier descriptions of trips to the civic club and bugle performances.
(2.05 MB 1920x1080 1590048793884.png)
(60.66 KB 1000x667 75455104.jpg)
morn had a missed call yesterday for new job but i'm not in the mood for waging especially with a fucking mask might have a go at DSP2021 to be honest. the only way to win is not to play >>12343 are you chatting to nigs on tinder? why?
Good Morning NEETs. I might have a pizza for tea. If I survive wage
>>12355 morning mate WAGE ON!
>>12354 >Muzzies are all taxi drivers It wasnt so much a joke as a eulogy and affirmation that normie society lost some hardworking contribuitors. the real joke was the lack of confidence evident in his cringe at the reaction.
>>12347 That they do.
>>12343 She's flavor of the month. Too good for the likes of you, prolly chatting to a dozen chads.
(50.67 KB 456x792 out-for-a-jog.jpg)
>>12347 Everyone knows now that this is because American culture is centered around joggers. They have holidays for joggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of couch potatoes to free joggers. They listen to jogger music. They elect a jogger as their president. They dress and act like joggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from joggers. They post sassy gifs about joggers. They watch marathons in worship of joggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of joggers jogging. They use jogger slang like “dreadmill” and “second wind”. When you say “Bannister” they're not thinking of the railing next to stairs. They're thinking of Roger Bannister. Their cities are completely overrun with joggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with joggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with joggers. Their men sit around watching the 500 meter sprint while their women sit around watching jogger talk shows. They worship joggers like Michael Johnson, Maurice Greene and the late Usain Bolt while attacking the couch potatoes who actually built their country before joggers took over. Their movies are filled with joggers and their music charts are topped by joggers. They send joggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the joggers win because those joggers are true red blooded American joggers. They watch jogger TV to a point where “LSD” does not make them think of a hallucinogenic drug but about long slow distance instead. They will tell you how much they hate joggers and how the jogger meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love joggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of jogging loving joggers.
>>12356 >>12355 >>12353 Good morning friends.
>>12360 Based.
I am having some weetbix with sultanas, frozen strawberries and frozen mango (defrosted in the microwave) for brekky. Also a nice cup of tea. I am trying to cut down on my coffee by drinking tea instead. I have nothing against coffee but I was drinking very large amounts of it.
>>12363 How many cups of coffee were you drinking per day?
>>12364 3-4. Down to just one every second day now.
>>12365 >3-4 That isn't too many.
>>12366 I get coffee shits from doing that though.
(31.00 KB 620x640 1499550430932.png)
>>12361 morn sum kunt is ringing me about a job not answering >>12363 good. coffee is the devil >>12365 >one every second day how the fuck do you do that? if i don't have my morn coffee i have a splitting headache by arvo that won't go away unless i drink coffee >>12366 i guess by modern standards; which is what? one every two hours?
>>12368 I just gradually tapered it down. I don't think I've ever had a caffeine related headache.
>>12369 yeah some people get them some don't also tapering doesn't work for me it's seems like one drop can last me the whole day
Somewhat productive day so far. I find that planning is really important as otherwise I will do nothing as "I don't know what I should do".
(105.69 KB 758x758 fuck_this_shit_in_the_anus.jpg)
quit that gay new job today >climb this shitty metal peg ladder straight up 80 meters up in the air to literally just cable janitor unplug and then replug in some antenna cables. also there's random shit in the way every 3 meters that you have to bend and twist around or you'll snag your harness on it. >job ad mentioned a bunch of safety certifications and shit but we're sending you up to the top basically unsupervised climbing on your first day after 30 minutes of bro-training on a little 4m tower. say hello to the other guy when you make it up there, lol! >also there's nothing to stand on at the top so you'll have to unclip from the safety cable and use two big autism hooks for safeties. except they don't actually support any weight unless you fall so you're going to be doing the demented monkey bars on some angle iron bullshit with no actual walkways. and if you forget to clip one before attaching the other one and you slip you'll plummet to your death >and even if you get caught by one of the safety hooks and it successfully bears your weight then you'll probably slam into the tower steel right afterwards. then you'll be stuck dangling like a retard until ??? >oh yeah we have rf dosimeters but we left them back at the office, not really worried about it lol >literally highest per-capita fatality rate for professions in 2018 and 2019 (according to US stats), even higher than fishers and loggers yeah nahh. turns out this neet is too fatt and too old for that macho shit. maybe when I was a sprogling chock full of rage and testosterone but not anymore. just want another comfy circuit board job, its not fair lads.
fellas I have a question Where the fuck does my friend get some lsd? He cant find anything domestic on the net help
(149.17 KB 1021x617 drugno.jpeg)
>>12373 Send him this.
>>12372 Yeah, sounds like it isn't worth it.
>>12373 I know a guy who said LSD is hard to get now because it isn't very popular. People often sell other drugs as LSD and people who've never done actual LSD can't tell the difference.
>>12372 yeah fuck that shit. doesn't it give you cancer? a job agency offered me a telstra "cabling job" and that's all they could tell me i bet it was this shit. plus it was 50hrs a week and working away from home and less pay then what i was getting at the time >circuit board job that does indeed sound comfy
>>12372 The fuck man, you were on a winning ticket. Why the fuck would you throw that in?
>>12378 Danger.
(11.83 KB 206x244 chemistry pepe.jpg)
>>12373 go to uni and make your own. The chemistry spergs there probabally have the same idea
>>12372 Get high my nibba
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-19/pm-walks-back-mandatory-coronavirus-vaccination-comments/12575600 Kek Scummo's on fire: >vaccine not compulsory >Au gives SE Asia and Pacifica the same shit. Should give it to them first, see how well it works.
>>12380 I have a chemist in my family and he said it is fairly difficult to do and made it sound like a post-grad type thing. I don't think a second year student will be of much help.
>>12383 There it is. Just find the spergiest chem grad thats who you get acid from
>>12382 Kek,See how people react when they have to get the jab every 6 months or so
(141.63 KB 759x672 forced-vaccinations.jpg)
>>12360 Obtuse. jogger lovers are the worst. >>12382 Poo. I was looking forward to seeing cool army trucks in my street.
(157.82 KB 1280x960 coffee bag.jpg)
Got half a bakers dozen nice fresh gingernuts from wage. They went well with my frozen pizza, food and post wage coma incoming. Not going back tomorrow.
>>12387 Where's the tiffin?
>>12387 They look nice neet.
>>12388 Tiffin stayed in my schoolbag, was lucky to pinch these at all. Had to improvise, NEEDS MUST
>>12372 Do you take a pee bottle with you up there?
(189.59 KB 700x963 noooice.jpg)
I was thinking about the work ethos today at wage. Seeing how morale slips when the day gets tedious and uncomfortable. Knowing what must be done and then getting to the point where you dont even think about dodging it, that is when those professional feelings start to come. When that feeling is your normal state of mind, and the chatter and idleness and silliness around you gets so irritating that you find yourself saying nothing outside of your role, nothing at all. That is when you start to look like a hard arse and the girls who knew you from years back catch you staring off into the middle distance and scowling and then make some remark about it to you. And that touches you less than it used to, because you are more than you were. Good Night, White.
Good night neets.
>>12384 lsd anon back now. fuck yeah imma switch to chem and start cookn lsd in about 6 years. Thanks anons!
>>12394 Good night.
>>12395 I hope you can get it right. I want to take acid, but only if I can find a chemist who can can make it right.
morn have you cunts tried TOR for drugs? >>12378 >winning ticket probably not. i doubt that job has any career progression >>12382 >"There are no mechanisms for compulsory … I mean, we can't hold someone down and make them take it." yeah no shit but >Mr Morrison said the Government would take measures to "encourage" people to be vaccinated. basically no job and no cenno and no travel for you! get vaxxed or become a hobo! >>12393 >youtube music big yikes
>>12398 >drugs No, I'm not wh*te.
(31.71 KB 643x417 1597860372595.png)
>>12398 drugs are bad don't t. former drug neet
>>12401 yeah they are but i guess some people have got to try them to know that
(63.67 KB 502x688 1597862791802.jpg)
(1.16 MB 720x390 QQQWAmfQx_xaiX35.mp4)
>>12404 Kek. that guy is a paid actor. WAIT A MINUTE..... That horse is not wearing a mask! Why do the pigs think that horses dont need to be protected! ANIMAL RIGHTS NOW
Good Morning NEETs. I need to go to the gym before the rain sets in this arvo.
>>12403 Hmmm looks like a le redpille for cucked middle class inner city NPC's more than it looks like pedo incrementalism. But mel gibson's "The Passion' turned into Gay Xtreem S+M Kino, such as it is.
>>12398 just need to wait until the mysterious medical cases start coming through from the reactions to the adjuvants. They will quietly drop coercing people to get the vaccine.
>>12395 Black market chemists are always in demand. Work hard at uni and dont forget to have fun and meet based people neet.
(13.97 KB 255x169 just be yourself.png)
(78.66 KB 429x817 tiptoe cat.jpg)
Drizzle already, Pajeet manlet brought a package. Thinking about lunch.
bread and pickled onions for lunch.
>>12412 My granddad used to have pigeon and raw onion sandwiches quite often growing up in the great depression.
>>12403 Jesus please save us.
>>12413 Grandads excel at cooking because of this.
You gotta sin to be saved.
(6.08 KB 143x255 holy dan.jpg)
Amen NEET! Why dont you come down to my intoxicated sinner replenishment centers and I'll personally save you plenty!
>>12417 You are my saviour Dan
Heaps thirsty today, must be the pizza I had yesterday, Might bbq some stuff for tea tonight.
>>12419 >BBQ >Thirsty You know what to do NEET.
I haven't had a pizza in bloody ages. God I am in the mood for one.
(117.97 KB 1280x1280 vic bitter.jpg)
>>12422 *burp Excuse me.
(85.08 KB 640x960 akirarsz.jpg)
Studying the composition of this picture, Its clear that it uses the rule of threes and centre justification for the elements. Its a very formal ladder and brings up feelings of exactness.
(90.55 KB 577x718 vb.jpeg)
>>12422 Fukin aye mate.
>>12425 its good beer actually.
(54.13 KB 720x400 vb.jpeg)
>>12422 noice
(330.53 KB 745x768 timemachine.png)
(137.17 KB 1280x960 Beaut barbie mate.jpg)
>>12413 nice bbq with wedges, cauli, corn, kraut, onion and wostershire sauce. Even filled the tiffin for wage. bit rainy on my head tho
>>12428 Kek. Johnnys bald.
>>12429 Well barbied.
(34.73 KB 598x598 pregnant and barefoot.jpg)
Funny old day NEETing, the Deacon and his offsider came around and talked about the bullshit christian preachers. Then I went to the gym and a class of four year olds were mucking about in the creek, blowing out at me doing planks, Then I had lunch and a ten minute nap and chipped away at the code edits. No time for late nights tonight. I'm on call for wage tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(212.01 KB 480x360 mfw.mp4)
>>12432 >pregnant and barefoot >this is my fetish the absolute state of wiggers
morn >>12426 no
(5.74 MB 480x480 KbVbXpDm3UOT.mp4)
Good Morning Neets. Morning routine is a little quicker now that I dont have to brew coffee on the camping stove.
>>12437 morning keep at it. fuck coffee
No wage today, I gotta let em know early so they prioritize me over the shitskins.
>>12429 Nicely done. >>12432 Did you discuss Mani or Zarathustra?
(51.00 KB 640x470 paracelcus.jpg)
>>12440 honestly, my mind never wanders to spiritual matters. I am starting to understand the emotion of 'Joy' though. How it is a state of mind achieved by evangelical singing and swaying as well as learning the truths in the bible. I think its also a trait achieved by julius evola, as a nihilist, outlined in his book 'Ride the tiger" of which i have read shamefully little The Qtards with their "truth research" would also qualify, i think, so we can see the problem of attaining joy in retarded ways.
Online quizzes for mandatory training at wage are easy. Thinking about lunch.
>>12442 >evangelical singing and swaying that's gay
>>12444 Evangelicals ARE gay. marching with flaming torches to fife and drum is more manly.
(26.85 KB 352x327 heinz guderian pepe.jpg)
Disaster! I put hot food in my tiffin and it got vacuumed shut. I got it open but the seal is all squashed. I hope i can fix it with boiling water.
>>12447 You may have to start using brown paper bags.
(92.02 KB 900x808 1597950480070.jpg)
Been ages since I had a bath
>tfw shower time
(96.57 KB 1080x1080 8-Alice-Phoebe-Lou.jpg)
I had a nice shower NEETs. it was warm and I had a shave under the running water. The paint in the shower stall is fucked and there is always green mold but I come out clean. I havent always had a shower to myself, In the sharehouses the showers are often full of pointless bottles of hair shit and the drains are full of shit hair. The best showers I had was on the lawn with the hose after riding home late at night and not wanting to annoy the guys in the house. Those days were good, the nights were soft and that garage was comfy. I dont think i'd have the time for a bath tho. Not like Nuro, he likes his drugs and his baths. I'm not a bath or drugs person. Good Night, White.
>>12451 I have mold in my shower too. I hope one day you have a shower in a clean and modern shower. It is a good feeling to feel clean. Baths are good too in the right atmosphere. I have a candle next to mine and meditate in it. Sometimes I put epsom salts in it to help me float.
>>12330 I don't wanna go to work, bros. I'm tired. I just wanna nap
>>12453 Call in sick.
>>12454 my store pretty much relies on me. otherwise I would. I gotta get a new job. this one sucks
morn had a coopers yellow longneck yesterday. didn't go down too well i guess i just don't like stouts >>12455 all jobs are shit. take the neetpill
Good Morning NEETs. Lord help me to accept the changes to the Far Cry games, the courage to change to playing Call of Duty Black ops on a console and the wisdom to know the difference between them
>>12457 morning it's cold and cloudy
>>12458 Told to expect thunderstoms and hail. might keep the ute in the carport today. No wage today.
>>12459 got the call to wage. I hate the office jannies there but maybe they wont appear.
Off I go neets
>>12461 Enjoy your day neet.
(1.65 MB 750x2783 full_card.jpg)
gonna watch this >>12463 morn
>>12464 What on? Po looks like a qt
>>12467 story time
>>12468 I missed it.
(135.58 KB 1280x960 notiffin.jpg)
Had a fun day, despite going to the slack office, with nothing to do and always like that. Got into the local rhythm and filled sandbags, also filled my pockets with the cakes and more. Because I'm not a cunt I left the ladies the plate of biscuits left in the open since wednesday and came home with THE JACKPOT NEETS FUKN NO TIFFIN FREESTYLIN JACKPOT Gonna fill the freezer, keke
>>12470 Nice score.
>>12470 Ey thats a good earn there cuz, givus a bit ey
(109.33 KB 1000x850 Moofie Pepe.jpg)
>>12464 Woo looks kino
>>12470 Done well neet
(60.53 KB 650x431 liz.jpeg)
>>12472 Have a bit of lizard cuz
(65.44 KB 480x359 sharni.jpg)
My back is a little sore, my guts is full as its ever going to be, my eyes are weary and its windy and raining. I get about ten minutes to think of nice things and then I'm asleep to review what dreames that might come. Good Night White.
>>12476 Enjoy the dreams to come.
(61.02 KB 680x681 09c.jpg)
morn >>12473 on at 4am didn't realise camsoda was a camwhore website >watching mma on a camwhore site lol
>>12478 kek. You Degenerate u.
>>12479 wait it's on at 6am
>>12480 wait it's on at 12pm
Good Morning NEETs. Had a sleep in, having a NEET in
>>12478 >>12483 Morning.
Too much rain on the weather radar to go out as planned
>>12483 >>12485 morning >>12484 the omegle shit is getting boring wish he'd go outside again
>>12487 go outside, theres a thought. katboy is better than alex jones
>>12488 pfffft alex would kill kami in a fight
No way. Jones is a smoker. Katboy only wanks and drinks that slurm shit.
(26.25 KB 384x577 nigger.jpg)
good catboy for once
Hadnt thought about alcoholism. i allus thought that most alcos are complete mongs and the only thing that will save them is A.A. I mean you get alcos across the spectrum, even very educated people and politicians
>>12493 A.A. wont save them.
I purchased ten sandbags full of loam, oldad wanted one but I have plenty for now. Mummybot gave me a pie and a chocolate. I shall play the bugle loud and often this afternoon.
>>12494 Alcos have to want to get better. A.A. just gives the weaker ones a cognitive framework.
(2.73 MB 464x250 1598161166144.webm)
>>12473 well that was a based 3.5hrs
>>12497 NEET fights are entertaining too
Burned the pie mummybot gave me, Now my place smells.
(175.98 KB 470x679 aac1579.png)
Went to Bunnings today, Naturally I was wearing my half mask and eyepro. Finally getting hard stares from women passing me in the aisles, even though none of them are unescorted by men, or occasionaly pink haired lezzo hambeasts, Such is the nature of the place. The carpark is fairly seething with raised utes, accessorized for camping or late model suv's with towballs that would punch into the cabin of your car, at chest height, like the ram on a greek trireme, were their boomers captains to mindlessly back into you while you were stalled in manoevres for the exit. Bunnings truly is a cursed place, but at least with the corona I get to cover my face and the sausage sellers are gone. Good Night, White.
>>12500 >and the sausage sellers are gone. That's one of the main attractions.
>>12500 >with towballs that would punch into the cabin of your car, at chest height, like the ram on a greek trireme, Very good imagery. Well done.
(127.93 KB 1024x512 gwen-1024x512.jpg)
morn browsing the internet these days is just a hassle with dozens of scripts running at once, captchas, ads, cookies and whatnot
(4.74 MB Hella Good.mp3)
(4.98 MB 1280x720 poolsopen.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs. Its bin day and the truck has just robbed the bins of their contents.
>>12505 That cunt wouldnt try that shit here,He'd fuken freeze and no one'd show up.
(80.04 KB 868x751 pirate pepe arr.jpg)
>>12502 I wish i had a greek trireme.
>>12503 imaging not using an adblocker
>>12507 >no one'd show up. no shit aussies are cucks >>12510 i do but a lot of websites you have to disable it for anything to show up
http://archive.is/QKI4y B.T's up. Prepare for media gigaseethe.
The mong that comes and does "maintainance" on my property has gone after using a blower on the gutters. Now the chinks next door have had an inspection by the useless realestate agent girl, I wonder if they hid their cat or have eaten it already
(10.98 KB 375x238 1598239631147.jpg)
>>12511 The system needs B.T. to look defeated, but he looks okay to me. I reckon they'll ease up on him and let him into general population when the trial is done and dusted.
>>12514 >let him into general population No way, some big fat maori or islander would kill him. He shot kids.
>>12515 So did Bryant but I have heard first hand that he is a popular dude inside. "you'd like him, he's a cool guy, seriously"
>>12516 Bryant went full schizo and is a drugged up fat zombie now.
>>12517 True, he was eating nothing but banana paddle pops for a while, so i hear.
>>12518 sounds delicious. I havent had a banana paddle pop for ages.
>>12519 i might get on the gear might give me the courage to shoot up a mosque ;)
Really feel like a banana paddle pop now.
>>12521 I bet they aren't as good as they used to be.
>>12522 They are, just smaller.
>>12522 They used to be perfect. I haven't even thought of one in years. Who sells them now?
>>12523 Kek.You just got bigger.
(110.95 KB 546x800 1597799203724.jpg)
Civic club was okay. The activity was okay. The food was okay. The weather was okay. I played my bugle calls okay. I saw a tiny little ringtail possum, it was missing one paw. The roast session got hijacked by footy retards, I sang the Doo dah song five times. footy team takes it up the arse, Doo dah, doo dah. etc... on the way home the boomer was doing rat runs through the suburbs in his Au Falcon and I got a little car sick. They talk about their kids who have kids and tell me its okay that I havent had kids yet because they got married at 35 to a 19 year old. Next week I wont be reliant on getting a lift and I'll fuck off ASAP. Good Night, White.
(62.61 KB 752x435 690630.jpg)
morn >>12526 >The roast session got hijacked by footy retards fuggg >they got married at 35 to a 19 year old based
Good Morning NEETs. A cold but dry morning, looks like the philidendron is flowering.
>>12529 morning
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-24/sydney-catholic-archbishop-warns-pm-against-coronavirus-vaccine/12588578 Terribly unethical, what? Regettaby my beliefs as a Jehovas' Witness rules out my participation in the vaccination progam, given that the vaccine is derived from human tissue, harvested in sin, and that sin would therefore be injected into me. NO THANK YOU PLEASE SIR
(109.53 KB 1000x621 1598315458221.jpg)
>>12531 take the vaccine you little shit
Lunch is on schedule.
>>12534 yummo gonna have chicken,pasta and cheese
>>12535 it'd better not be powdered cheese
>>12536 no. freshly grated cheddar
>>12537 >grated I always hated washing up cheese graters.
>>12532 Unauthorised stock delivery.
(71.14 KB 514x707 fwooar.jpg)
I have the wage tomorrow, no more writing, no more working the keyboard. Tomorrow I have to actually talk to people. I am waiting for my colemak keyboard stickers to come from america. The colemak keyboard only differs in a coupe of keys and its supposed to be better. If I start using it then I can flex on normies by saying "Imagine using a qwerty keyboard", you have to take your motivations where you find it. The rotten ching chong next door is still chucking his cigarette butts around and I gathered up a half dozen and put them on his doorstep. Humiliation + Loss of face, oh noes loss of status, shame levels intensifying. Maybe he'll have a reee about it to his wifey and maybe he'll stop being a grot. What the hell happened to chinees btfo from corona? I havent seen any activity on my newsfeeds apart from that pool party in wuhan. No sign of sickness in china but i'm certainly sick of the perdiferous little cunts, Tarrant was dead wrong about them having a based society, they're awful human rubbish. Gonna finish my emails and then go to bed. Good Night, White.
anyone else noticed that aboriginal ethnobotany texts seem to be getting increasingly censored? Stuff from the 90s is out of print everywhere, recent stuff gets released with the vital information stripped out. It's like they don't want us to be able to live off the land.
(103.37 KB 640x478 galiwinku-8235-001.jpg)
morn weather is becoming nicer >>12541 >maybe he'll stop being a grot. >chinese not gonna happen >>12542 >anyone else noticed that aboriginal ethnobotany texts seem to be getting increasingly censored? no. shit sounds interesting though
Good Morning NEETs, A quiet time, before wage.
>>12544 morning WAGE ON!
>>12542 I wonder what variety of bananas they were supposed to have farmed. have you tried libgen.io >>12545 Good Morning
(145.14 KB 1033x622 Picnic.jpg)
Should be nice weather on saturday.
(1.85 MB 500x395 1597094125523.gif)
>Victoria has extended its state of emergency by another four weeks as authorities combat the coronavirus. >Premier Daniel Andrews has declared the current stage three restrictions will now remain in place until at least midnight May 11.
>>12548 Well done Victoria, you're doing a great job.
I went into the hospital, to the admissions desk and got the lady to change the religion on my medical records to Jehovah's Witness. kek. I actually used the spell checker on jehovah Just getting my ducks lined up for the soon-to-be vaccine debacle.
>>12550 The Deacon will be happy.
>>12551 Jehovah. Gee-Hoover. The deacon is not a dumb arse. He doesnt want me turning up to his church. He just wants to proselytize without getting static from door slammers. I'm doing him a massive favor.
(349.26 KB 1440x1786 1597878196296.jpg)
Had a rough start to the morning to be honest NEETs. I gutzed too much chocolate before I went to bed and skipped breakfast because my guts felt bad. But I rallied after B.T.'s trial came on the shit pumps at wage, and the circus trial put me right back into myself, into my time and my place. You realize that you never overhear the normies talking about it, like its a non event, and nothing of importance was lost. Even the boomers at the civic club would mumble some thing about "awful show really" and in the same breath change the topic to last weekend's sailing. Nice warm afternoon, I spent a little time at my exercise area on the way home and saw a fat kookaburra sitting high in the bluegum at my front door enjoying the evening breeze. Wage tomorrow, might get home early. Good Night, White.
(537.77 KB 800x534 Woman_Eating_Chocolate.png)
morn >I gutzed too much chocolate before bad boy. why do you even buy chocolate?
(1.49 MB 320x240 uoirc0.mp4)
>>12555 I salvaged those brownies and now i regret it.
Good Morning NEETs. A good sleep and a good shit, just what I need to start the day.
>>12556 4 /k/ was all over that last night, the major question was "what sling was he using" Then /k/ promoted the 17 year old shooter to three star general.
>>12557 donate to the homeless >>12558 morning good shits are always nice
>>12560 They dont need brownies. They need electrolytes
>>12550 If you are in an accident and need blood they will not give you any. >>12552 What? >>12553 >its a non event Maybe it is. >>12556 I still have no idea what is going on.
>>12518 kek, he's going to get used to em.
Looking at the lipid profile of different oils. I might swap from butter to something else.
(51.95 KB 871x381 oils.jpg)
Gonna swap to peanut oil and peanut butter, Peanut oil has no trans fats whereas butter is 3%
>>12565 butter is good for ya mate
>>12566 i'll get some blood tests next week and tell ya if its good for me.
(173.13 KB 640x640 seppo chicky.jpg)
Lame day at wage. I got punked by my comptrollers who changed me to the suck office at the last minute. massive waste of time, walked out early. Had a nice go in my dirt gym, got home just as the rain started to blow in. Been laffing at seppo shooty bang dubs all night. Feeling glum about B.T. but he didnt give the circus the time of day so thats based. Good Night, White.
morn >>12568 >walked out early based. are you a casual? >Feeling glum about B.T. why? what do you think was gonna happen?
Good Morning NEETs. Roads are dry for this mornings ride to wage.
>>12569 I turn up when they need someone to cover sick leave. The shifts are 7 hours instead of every one else's 8, its usually super fucked because you cant finish the days tasks, but some of the offices are so slack you dont need to hang around. I gladly leave early because i hate wasting my time.
>>12570 morning enjoy your ride
At wage today, the smart professional girls were gas bagging and one of them stated, twice no less, that she was angry at paying her housemates bond.. Then she starts getting all wistful about having a place in the countryside with chickens and a herb garden. The other one called her out on the level of cope and says: "what, like for herbs?". *internalises kek Smart girl banter is amusing
(240.63 KB 270x480 thotpatrol.mp4)
(5.21 KB 251x241 1594585812398.jpg)
(41.85 KB 913x729 wo44qn8a0p051.jpg)
Something was up with my facebook messenger and I was miffed all day that my mates and mummybot were ghosting me. Then I hit refresh and I missed 48 hours worth of chat.
(44.04 KB 698x466 sports illustrated.jpg)
I was running low on toothpaste so I went down to coles to get some more, I also got more oil for my prepper stash. I have over 8 liters of sunflower, peanut, and canola oil. I want to get a big tin of flax seed oil for my breakfast oats like i used to have. Its really expensive if i remember and goes off quickly so it lives in the fridge. My mate reckons that clarified butter is good but thats what pajeets use so fuck that. The next step in my plan to switch out my dietary lipid profile is to get a deep fry basin for the Rinnai 12 burner BBQ. Then I'll have something to use up that four kilos of butter in my freezer.
(108.13 KB 692x1000 5f491ce53019d.jpg)
morn got a call out of the blue from some cunt that i thought was gone forever guess i've somehow got at least one friend left >>12577 i don't know about this oil shit mate be careful. also i hope you didn't get fluoride toothpaste
(3.77 MB 480x270 1598622336197.webm)
Good Morning NEETs. I Slept well and had dreams about things I want.
>>12578 If you owe people money then you are never left alone.
>>12579 All you have to do is stay alive until another happening and the keks will come rolling in. Blessed are we.
>>12580 morning do you want a gf? >>12581 bit of a pickle >>12582 living ain't so bad
(4.53 MB 1280x720 1598564805838.webm)
>>12583 >do you want a gf? I just want to get warm at this point
>>12585 you could snuggle with your gf to keep yourself warm she would also warm your heart
(162.95 KB 683x686 nazi pepe.jpg)
>>12586 no GF can warm you like an oven full of jews can
fuck this gay earth
Had a hard day at wage, there is one guy there who has a reputation for being a lazy, surly and perdiferous. I was lucky to work alongside him because I look extra tall and upright. I also got level stares from one of the other dudes in the section and now we are dependable together. Then I came home and had mushrooms for tea. Good Night, White.
>>12590 >perdiferous
morn weather is warming up. people are starting to go outside there will be no third wave because there is no virus the second wave happened because of the cold weather that's when people with pre-existing conditions die the most
Good Morning NEETs. MIght get some of that nescafe caro coffee substitute.
>>12592 One of the NSW outbreaks is at the city tattersals gym. Thats a highly not random place, i reckon some cunt is spreading it deliberately like what kicked off the melbourne outbreaks. Once the virus is around in the community then its a given that some FITH cunt will do that. The second and third waves on the east coast are all but locked in.
>>12593 morn >nescafe caro coffee substitute dafuq
>>12595 fuck i prolly have a tin from the last time i made the mistake of thinking caro is a good idea. also got the call for wage. thats good because my back needs the movement.
>>12596 WAGE ON! my back is getting fucked too
>>12597 just keep moving. its sitting still that is the worst for you according to physical therapists anyway its just sore muscles, its no better no worse than before
>>12597 just keep moving. its sitting still that is the worst for you according to physical therapists anyway its just sore muscles, its no better no worse than before
Had a good day at wage, very laid back after getting smashed for four days. Going to see oldad for tea, he is simpering for me to bring a pizza and i said i'd bring a tin of spaghetti. I will take both tho, should be funny
>>12600 >I will take both lol, good on you
>>12600 >simpering
>>12600 >wage seems like a distant memory to me now i don't think i can go back
(65.78 KB 670x446 women-climbing-ladders.jpg)
Oldad liked the pizza but we had potatoes to as a side dish. We talked about his upcoming prostrate op and stuff. At wage I saw old mate boomer who gave me the you're not getting any younger, put some money in your super talk. I dodged that topic and was aghast when he admitted he didn't know if he was buying chink pork at the supermarket. I gave him the you don't know what the chinks do to their food, Buy Australian talk. Neetstrike tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(194.63 KB 1367x1125 3836DA4.jpg)
morn weather back to shit but not as cold quite mild >>12604 >put some money in your super dumbest fucking idea ever. the economy is about to collapse the government is gonna raid super
Good Morning NEETs. Home all day, Second breakfast and washing day.
>>12606 morn >Second breakfast are you trying to unskellie?
>>12607 I get hungry. Rye bread, peanut butter, cheese and onions for second breakfast.
Had a nice go in my bush gym. No dog people, just me, Birds and sunshine
>>12610 We need a photo of the current state of the bush gym please.
>pours tea >forgot teabag FML
My ethnostate appears to be going well. The vibrant who was taken away to jail after bashing one of my neighbours does not appear to have returned.
>>12613 Lets hope they ship the cunt off to Victoria, where his type belongs
(27.42 KB 474x711 1598766866301.jpg)
Civic club was at the footy drinking rooms, and the footy guys were training there and finished as we were having the roasting session. I fucked off without putting myself through that and now I'm going to bed. Good Night, White.
(211.87 KB 1350x900 1509675129439.jpg)
morn i just found out how to make it https://youtu.be/HH_R9f1fE2Q LET'S GO!
(3.79 MB 640x304 1i_skNo6Yrzwc18Z.mp4)
(20.89 MB 1280x720 5lxTfdPK7sUFPMvH.mp4)
(880.20 KB 400x220 l9CIq4t32NnDEW6T.mp4)
(4.93 MB 352x640 OpXxAl-p0_Zeb9dc.mp4)
(3.78 MB 352x640 v74FuIl9u9-yRuCT.mp4)
Good morning NEETs. I admit to being a bit stiff today, not much seig to my Heil.
>>12618 War. War never changes
>>12616 maybe a bit like: Fooled by randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
>>12618 >>12620 Any context? With Kenosha/Portland happenings didn't pay not attention to Syria. I heard burgers crying about ebil rooski's "fired on US soldiers" and "there were injuries". Its clear from these clips Russians simply want them to stop.
>>12622 >didn't pay not attention*
>>12622 nothing on 4/k/, assume its nothing special.
>>12622 correction, that must have been fake twitter news. >US troops injured in Syria incident with Russian forces >The injuries were reportedly a result of a collision and NOT any exchange of fire >One of the officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the injuries were a result of a collision and not any exchange of fire. >The other official said the incident took place earlier this week in northeastern Syria and the injuries were mild. >The Pentagon and the U.S. military’s Central Command, which oversees U.S. forces in the region, declined to comment. >Videos on social media showed Russian military vehicles, backed by a pair of helicopters, driving dangerously close to U.S. armored vehicles. The origin of the videos was unclear. Pretty sure I heard Biden today claim Russians fired on US troops and Trump did nothing "It's been reported that Russian forces just attacked American troops in Syria" https://youtu.be/4t-Z2wjU-_A?t=800
>>12626 maybe ww3 will be fought with clubs, fists and great big banger derbys. like that chink on pajeet nonsense up in kashmir.
(88.95 KB 1058x667 first time.jpg)
>>12628 >reddit bunker bad news
>>12629 Thx, but all the posts are "Presumably this and that", I don't think he is right at all. To me there is one video of 5 RU trucks trying to force 2 US trucks to stop, and in the other video, cop truck rolls up on APC that is stopped then RU APC comes in and blocks US vehicle from being able to back away. Seems to me the Russian really wanted to stop the vehicles to question or arrest. Maybe they knew burgers were running taxi service for terrorists.
>>12631 maybe they're just mucking around?
>>12630 I'll remind you that we all came from bad homes.
>>12622 hard to say. mostly saw that usa was blocking a russian patrol, but the way to use news has always been play victim so it ends up being a headache to find out who the assholes are. more inclined to believe the russian take, but i have disdain for the federal government so there's my bias.
>>12617 What happened to boongwave? are we over that now?
>>12632 If one or two trucks I'd buy that, but 4 ACP, couple trucks, couple helicopters. Seems like full blown operation.
>>12636 naw its patrol on patrol.
Still think Russians were trying to detain them. Can understand we they wouldn't stop, or when truck was stopped they didn't want to exit vehicle (see video) BTW asked friend to translate that video, he said >at 0:38 a dude says "Their camera looks cooler" or something like that >hard to hear due to wind >or it might be their camera looks crooked >or their tire looks more crooked Tire would make sense, as vehicle seems disabled
>>12638 >detain patrol not likely. lots of guns on both sides. still, No F16's, bit too close, yesno?
(155.99 KB 1280x960 holes bread.jpg)
went to the health food Jew but no flaxseed oil. I shouldnt call the owner of the store a jew because he was pretty nice to me when I camped on his property early this year. But its pretty slack he doesnt have any. The german bakery had lots of black bread but i got the farmhouse rye from yesterday. Its going straight into the freezer anyway so im happy to pay half price. If i go early tomorrow i'm sure to get yesterdays black bread.
(164.48 KB 1200x1200 799120.jpg)
>>12641 much better than putting flax seed oil on your toast
No one says "Cool" anymore.
>>12643 Globohomo Kike killed the Coolernator. F
(43.05 KB 267x200 wololololo.png)
(90.82 KB 862x575 zac rolfe.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-01/nt-kumanjayi-walker-zachary-rolfe-committal-hearing-day-one/12616214 I wonder why zac went to arrest the boong 12 hours earlier than the planned operation.
>>12643 Cool
>>12640 > black bread Never had it, but it looks to be a meal almost by itself.
I had a boring day. The kind of day when you go and buy a loaf of bread and post about it because thats the closest you get to doing something interesting. I did send my mummybot the picture of the loaf and she suggested that I make grilled cheese with it. I said that I had already planned to have beans. I also had cabbage. It was okay, maybe a bit bland. This no coffee trip I'm on is ridiculous. I remember things used to be way more exciting. Good Night, White.
morn >>12650 >This no coffee trip I'm on is ridiculous. I remember things used to be way more exciting. iktf. keep at it. i wanna quit again. maybe when it warms up more
>>12651 Good Morning NEETs. Sunset Corella is screeching at me outside and I'm on a NEETstrike today, which is kind of ominous.
>>12651 yeah its cold AF and I'm not moving. I'd rather be in a hot cunt, or failing that at wage
Feeling understimulated, no coffee, no booze, no grease, no sugary stuff in the house either, Only lemons.
(225.69 KB 1280x960 rinnai.jpg)
Pizza was pretty good, crust was nice, controlling the heat under the pie is important
>>12656 Looks dry.
>>12657 yeah i get distracted shitposting and they get overcooked
(62.16 KB 900x600 1597800259495.jpg)
Time to start thinking about making my next pizza batch for the freezer, I need a bigger bowl for a larger amount of dough. Definitley going to put chilli on it and grease the bottom of the pan. Those pizzas are good for food morale. I go ever deeper into the survival LARP. It surrounds me, I am molded by it. Good Night White.
morn nothing ... >>12655 >monk mode keep at it and you'll start developing psychic powers >>12659 stockpiling storable foods?
(17.97 MB 1024x576 NOLm_Balarrest2_0209_1000k.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs, Looks like we get a bit of a break today, from the icy wind of late.
>>12662 morning a mozzie bit me while i was having my morning coffee i'm not liking this
>>12663 I always put lavender oil on my itchy bites.
>>12661 She's got plenty to post about on FB now.
I went to the GP, he says that he cant write me a script for chloroquine for CoViD PrEP because its illegal.
(8.81 KB 230x220 index.jpeg)
>>12666 maybe try the dank web?
>>12667 was thinking of getting diagnosed with lupus.
The Deacon and his affable offsider came around, we talked about how silly the idea of eternal life is and I learned that JW jargon for the rapture is "the upgrage". If I was selling JW study bibles I'd do it by telling apostates that JW's are exempt from getting blood donations from niggers, faggots and smelly Pajeets.
>>12669 they always looked professional when they came knocking, but their rhetoric is empty. i gave them the time of day with respectful disagreement and they never returned. i watched some british guy on jewtube named theramintrees and he had a similar outcome, only with more meetings. i can't influence your beliefs and i don't want to. i only advocate self-origination. study a religion and take what you will from it. the organized cults nowadays tend to be all-inclusive and love race-mixing, among other great ailments.
(538.41 KB 912x772 sanctus kek.jpg)
>>12670 They dont want me in their cult at the end of the day. They might be kooky but they are not crazy. The Deacon just likes to larp that he's saving the apostates, I like to larp that i'm a JW, We're just having fun m80.
From what I can tell from reading, the JW conception of things is more logical than the mainstream catholic and protestant one. They are all wrong of course but I no longer view the JWs as being crazy.
(30.72 KB 800x400 newflag.png)
we're going to need a new flag
Only left my neetshack to go to the gym today. The toddlers invaded from the northeast they were led by some hot women. I had to retreat as they came up from downstream into my emplacement. I have to assume the place was overrun. No wage tomorrow. NEETstrike continues. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. A wet morning, some girl is on the street looking forlorn with a box and a blanket, pacing up and down, peering into the bush.
(357.99 KB 1280x960 Exercise area bush gym.jpg)
I went to my gym. The toddlers made a mess, I complained to the old major who walked past and he remarked that they were not likely to run away with my weights, at least.
>>12679 soverign citizen variant. Based bust.
>>12681 It is not as secluded as I imagined.
I wanna go down the shops and get some pastry.
>>12682 <people with ideas I disagree with should be punished by ZOG on pain of force get the fuck out of here nigger
>>12686 Fascism IS the answer
>>12685 I didnt get any pastry or choclolate but I got some curry packets and onions for dindins
>>12688 YUMMO having indian takeaway for dindins
>>12679 Should've just opened the door. >>12683 It's right next to a walking trail.
>>12689 Order a pajeet to bring it to you.
cook out is going well, the only thing i have to wash up it the paint scraper i use to move the fry around. Made some popcorn, too very good with the sunflower oil.
(284.88 KB 780x1170 1599128702746.jpg)
I'm hitting the wall and shouldnt fight it. Even though I want to do stuff. MIght lie in bed and strategize. Good Night, White.
morn welcome to the void >>12691 a pajeet did bring it and he was wearing a head thing chicken vindaloo was the brightest red i've ever seen
Good Morning NEETs Day 6 of the NEETstrike and the rot is threatening to set in.
>>12695 I want to live in chaos clown world. I'm sick of bizarro world.
(314.88 KB 640x591 kjbkjbkjbkjb.jpg)
ordered some new glasses today. old ones are all scratched up. seems prudent to have a spare pair on hand anyways, if I lose my one pair right now I'm fucked. Once I get the new pair of glasses in the mail I'll look into getting some new lenses put into my old frames. My current frames are perfect and I hate change. My optometrist said they usually can do the install of new lenses into old frames but they stopped thanks to the boomercough for some fucking reason? what? seriously those assfaces can't just wipe them down with some disinfectant first? so I'll see if I can find someone else who's less retarded another day in this dumb dystopian shitworld
>>12698 metal or plastic?
(41.98 KB 800x800 aliexpress-example-similar.jpeg)
>>12699 Metal frames. Would never wear plastic frames under any circumstances. I like the wire rimmed frames that go all the way around the glasses on top and bottom. Prefer the glass shape to be wide rectangles with relatively little curvature. It's a pain in the ass since the current "style" is heavily slanted towards a bunch of rounded plastic shit that looks extremely jewish. "Problem Glasses". You know exactly what I'm talking about. The other common styles seem to be: "The Snowden" aka "The College TA", these have rectangular-ish shaped lenses but the frames dont actually go around the bottom of the lens. looks soy as hell. The other common shape is the "aging dadstyle", these are sort of rectangular but the rectangle is too tall so the proportions are all wrong. pic related is grabbed from aliexpress and is similar to what I prefer, although those glasses are just slightly on the taller end of what I prefer and a result are edging slightly into aging dadstyle. t. neet who spent a lot of time thinking about eyeglasses today
>>12698 send em off to somewhere in south asia to get done. They wont care about sanitary practices over there. you might need to wash the pos off em when they get back tho
I cleaned out the tray of the falcon and had a look at some oily patches on the underbody. It turns out that i overfilled the diff and the excess was getting blown out thru the breather hose I want to check it over before i go out to tintown in the bush in a week or two.
>>12700 incel glasses i kinda want metal wire frames but my lenses are thick as i keep trying to get a quote from a pajeet site for some 18k gold frames but they keep blanking me >>12701 >send em off to somewhere in south asia to get done. i doubt they'll do it. gotta use their frames >>12702 >tintown sounds cool
(19.49 KB 409x292 koresh00.jpg)
>>12700 What about the "David Koresh" style. If i had to wear glasses i'd want to be taken seriously. Nothing says "mock me if you will but i command a small army of zealots" than those glasses.
(105.52 KB 630x1200 waco.jpg)
>>12704 woo. Theres a new moofie about it. The old moofie was really good.
>>12703 >incel glasses no way pal. worn that style my whole adult life and I have had carnal knowledge of AT LEAST one adult female during that time. Before that I had some more rounded ones (think h*rry p*tter style) and when I had those ones I was an angry 13 year old incel though so you might be on to something. that's why I'm so keen on the rectangle shape. RECTANGLE = CHAD. ROUND = INCEL. It's just science. anyways post some pictures of what you think chad glasses look like if you're so cool. >David Koresh yeah, I was thinking of that style when I did my write up but skipped it cause it's just too far out there in current year, at least for me. I call that one the 70s Vietnam Dad style. I don't think I can pull it off though. Need a big mustache and a closet full of various brown jackets to pull that one off.
www.faceberg.com/7NewsAustralia/videos/642073416747303/ >>12706 >RECTANGLE = CHAD. ROUND = INCEL. depends on your face shape
(2.51 MB 386x360 0xe6oQto-6lz64o6.mp4)
(519.92 KB 489x396 image.png)
>>12709 CoViD is a multi system disease and causes hypercoagulability. This Doctor should be struck off the register. Qtards at the protest ffs.
>>12708 >dead brown eyes and a face like a toe yeah mate we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. You may be right that many of the other people with this style are incels though, I had to search surprisingly deep into the results to find someone with these frames who didn't look like a literal turk or some grindr swedecuck. works for my face shape though so I'm happy. i don't look like this guy though lmao, got a way bigger big brain forehead (>tfw frontal lobe) but also way flabbier neck cause lazy neet
(106.16 KB 768x461 1597706936301.jpg)
Remembered last nights corn pop still in the popper so I had that for supper. Going to see oldad tomorrow, I had a loaf of black bread that I bought on friday so I'll give him that. Went back to the bakery today and got two of the farm rye loaves and put them straight into the freezer. Might splurge on a jar of strawberry jam. Very good survival luxury. Good NIght, White.
(199.03 KB 683x1024 5f53d18f11137.jpg)
morn >>12710 >Qtards at the protest ffs. yikes >>12711 >works for my face shape though >i don't look like this guy though lmao >bigger big brain forehead (>tfw frontal lobe) but also way flabbier neck so it doesn't work for your face. from your description your more like >>12708 than >>12711 i guess it depends on what you're going for and at the end of the day it doesn't matter that much >>12712 bread is shit
Good Morning NEETs. Bluegums look nice in the sunrise, the rich kids had a party last night, i hope they didnt break any bottles on my apron.
>>12714 morning yes eucalyptus leaves look nice at sunrise and sunset the have a golden tinge to them
Lots of cans and rubbish but most of its on the rich kids lawns, some of it is on their neighbours lawns which is their concern.
(65.12 KB 650x366 abo camp.jpg)
Been a while since i slept under the stars neets, Im going to try in about a week, I'll clean out the cabin of the falcon today.
(373.92 KB 962x642 green can dreaming.jpg)
>>12717 Behaving like dirty boongs.
>>12718 >Been a while since i slept under the stars neets same so keen to but need to get my car fixed up first
>>12720 Went to see Oldad, I gave him the bread and cut two slices for lunch but I forgot that he hates toasters, even being a couple of days old, the 100% rye is very good with jam. I was thinking of going to bunnings but decided not to because of the normie circus the place gets to on sunny sundays.
cleaned the cabin of the falcon and put fog x on the windscreen. just needs a wash now.
>>12721 Yeah I stay away from bunnings on the weekends >>12722 Good work neet
(55.27 KB 626x417 buy now hottie.jpg)
Old Boomer mate from civic club called about tomorrows meet, said I wasn't going because of wage. We crapped on about dinner and how stupidly far out of town it was. I feel bad not going because its going to be nice weather and I like to play bugle calls in new places. Rang up wage and they were happy to have me back on deck. Good news because I have already spend tomorrows pay on a used X230 thinkpad. I'm a pathetic, avaricious, degenerate, sheeplike, consoomer goy. Good Night White.
(103.26 KB 770x415 20161201.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Didn't sleep much before wage, bit of a relief to get up actually. Definitley need to go wage for a while and get out of my head for a while. ᛋᛋ
S1E02 WACO. Vegies and wedges bake with a bit of sauce and salt. Had a good day at wage and even got to abuse the drunks in the park on the way home. ᛋᛋ Based
(22.08 KB 440x520 tfw_using_thinkpad.jpg)
>>12724 >x230 thinkpad good choice. other good choices are the i7 x220, x260, and t440p. but the x230 is pretty good. it's in the sweet spot of value for money. x220 is slightly cooler with the old school keyboard but the only version with built-in usb3 is the i7 model and those are getting really hard to find for a reasonable price. x260 and t440p are also nice but are a bit more modern and thus more expensive. x230 will do you well. You can easily put an IPS screen into it if you're so inclined. put linux on you're thinkpad and post pix when you get it. t. thinkpad man
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
>>12728 yeah I'm gonna use it as a way to get into linux and set up a VPS with it. Cant wait to sneer at the lesser neets still using windoze.
(89.02 KB 1024x415 Viking_warrior_1024.jpg)
The weather is getting nicer and I was sweating a little when I did my exercise. I want to go up the bush in the highlands and I know its always shocking weather up there. I will take my chamois sponge to keep my equipment semi dry and keep the electronics to a minimum. I yearn to find a place to live a more base existance. ᛟ Good Night, White.
(52.84 KB 700x700 3576772.jpg)
morning >>12730 T A S M A N I A
(288.88 KB 693x548 1599490815530.png)
Good Morning NEETs. I listened to a lullaby just before I got up, which was nice.
>>12734 morning
>>12733 That guy is fighting the new world order and their imported orc hordes, Which reminds me to put on some cologne at wage, might cover the stink of the south asians there.
Oof. Got slammed at work, fukn rude coworkers really. Fukn talmudvision on full volume. heavy rainshower now, nice hot food and a couple of panadol. good earn today.
(58.11 KB 800x600 1599298077816.jpg)
I often used to smile at wage, even crack jokes with the other operators and peons. I couldn't pull off a deadpan grimcrack to save my liife; You know, like when some announcement comes over the P.A. system to say we are at escalation level two and I'd say they re-numbered it, now it goes 1 -1A-1B- 2. and they'd look at me to see if I was serious and I couldn't keep a straight face. Well since I started being based all the time I use a smile like a tool, when I have to disarm some calamity jane or be sincere or avoid some question. No more slices off a cut loaf given away for free. Now I can deadpan the dankest joke and stare down the audience, cool as ice like a jet bomber who just napalmed some gooks for the line doggies. Spooky how much I changed. Good Night, White.
morn >>12739 >Spooky how much I changed. you're no longer one of the boys
Good Morning NEETs. I had to get up four times to piss overnight, Its because I drink a liter of tea before I turn in, I don't mind tho, it's fun!
Didn't get slammed today, Even got my lunch breaks but didn't linger. No cakes today, my tiffin is clean and dry.
>>12742 > No cakes today, my tiffin is clean and dry Next time m8.
(212.85 KB 1750x2500 Hot ice cream girl.jpg)
As I was leaving wage, I saw a girl I talked to earlier from another office. I couldn't help myself and sperged about the inevitable design flaws of the job we looked at together, she was standoffish and I couldn't convert the thoughts in my brain into somethng based. so I ran away. Still, I was thinking about flaws and failures, and how a person's flaws can make them fail in predictable ways. I think too much, NEETs. Now this girl thinks i'm wierd. That is how I failed today. Good Night, White.
(250.52 KB 1280x960 1340879320319.jpg)
morn >>12744 going to the wage is failure
Good Morning NEETs. Going to be a nice warm day. Pity I never got to the washing yesterday.
>tfw out of multivitamins
>>12746 morning it's warmer overall now had to turn the heating down >>12747 you you notice anything?
>>12747 >tfw bought women's multivitamins because they were cheaper
>tfw not sure why i came home with vitamin E instead of multivitamin.
>>12711 >>12750 That's better than a woman's multivitamin.
>>12751 might have soy in it. soy turns you into a woman, according to the wise men of facebook
I saw the same girl today that I saw yesterday. This time i said Hi and she said "Bye" before literally running away. I'm not an incel, really, I just look weird Good Night. White.
(47.23 KB 615x410 exhausted.jpg)
morn someone from wage called and asked me if i wanted to be transferred to them from the contractor this is after hearing absolutely nothing from them for two months i replied 'not at the moment' then she repeated what i said and said ok and hung up >>12753 >I saw the same girl today that I saw yesterday. This time i said Hi and she said "Bye" before literally running away. damn
Good Morning NEETs. The mornings are not so bitterly cold and dark, not so emo.
>>12754 HR bints are like your ex wife's lawyer. You know she's fucking your boss.
>>12755 morning yeah mornings are nice now >>12756 >they're both women h o t !
>>12757 Yeah women in positions of power are hot
>>12758 you sick, sad puppy
(55.25 KB 331x500 broom girl.jpg)
I went to the new staff lounge after wage, Its pretty plush with T.V's and couches and island kitchen benches. It's also infested with mudslides dodging their duties in clusters or jabbering away at the top of their voice to their heathen kin in the slums of karachi and chittagong. Their lowly jobs here as mop jockeys and trolley wallahs make them the envy of the rice eaters back in their own countries. How they must laugh at the white skins, running around doing thrice the work for the same pay. All the while padding their ranks with cousins and countrymen at every possible opportunity. For each char woman mopping the floor by herself; Gone, now replaced by two diminuitive mudbots, ever in your path, never displaying intelligence. Feeding off the crumbs from the white mans plate, morbidly afraid of any threat to their positions as salaried bottom feeders, paralysed into inaction unless explicitly directed by someone in a supervisors uniform, just a script executed of code. I saw my aryan bro at wage and we gave each other the roman salute straight away. I chickened out and only did the half salute. I will do full salutes next time and to hell with the spectators. Good Night, White.
>>12760 You should paint a swastika on your tiffin lid.
Good Morning NEETs. Waiting on a call from wage. Chores day if they dont call.
No phone call. Beans. Cooking. Start. Now.
>>12753 She was intimidated by your studly ways. >>12754 > if i wanted to be transferred to them What's that mean? >>12760 >only did the half salute >>12763 NIce.
(339.42 KB 1844x1055 crown land for freenuts.jpg)
Looking at attractive parcels of crown land on the faarkin whoite dogs stole our land maps service. Gonna put em on the gps and go up there next week. Also camp for free on the reserves.
new dune trailer is out. I love remakes, i hope its a reboot too.
(36.74 KB 800x400 newflag.png)
maybe this one is better
arvo hit rock bottom fuck
>>12770 My bottom rock is a capstone for so much below
>>12739 Too soon.
>>12771 I'll rock your bottom
>>12770 Hope you're ok neet.
(15.66 KB 255x243 concern cat.jpg)
>>12770 Bounce?
(9.25 KB 205x246 singer girl.jpg)
Made things today, even the sewing machine got a workout. Skipped gym, have to go tomorrow. lets hope wage doesnt call Good Night. White.
(255.04 KB 960x1200 EhnGGAlUcAARE_M.jpeg)
morn >>12774 >>12775 not yet
Good Morning NEETs. Some dirty munter pissed on the wall outside. Hafeta hose that later.
Went for a go in the bush gym. A tatty Kookaburra watched me finish up and leave. He followed me home and laughed when I put the bin out.
>>12778 morn mate >Some dirty munter pissed on the wall outside. vile >>12779 noice
I'm nearly finished packing. I cant find the sports socks I bought for special occasions. How annoying
>>12781 Are you leaving us?
>>12781 Are you leaving us?
>>12783 Going up the wet bush
(175.23 KB 1024x1280 1599908010661.jpg)
I'm prepared pretty well for the trip. Its going to rain the whole week which is shit, but what do you want? Maps are prepared. GPS programmed. Car windscreen is clean, even made up lots of poo bags. Might get an early night, go at dawn. See how long I can hack it for . Good Night. White.
>>12785 >GPS programmed That is how they will track you.
>>12786 naw its a hcx Legend. not even taking the phone. uhf all the way m80
morn >>12784 >>12785 good luck laddies you guys are an inspiration i wish to go bush one day
Good Morning NEETs. A bit of last minute sewing and I'm off.
>>12789 gave a good outing
>>12791 i'll take some photos for yas
>>12791 i'll take some photos for yas
>>12785 >>12789 Good luck mate, have fun
>>12789 Enjoy your adventure neet.
signed back up for the wage might be waging again in 2 weeks
>>12796 Back on the chain gang
>>12797 yeehaw
morn? this thread is really gonna be dead with those two neets gone bush
>>12799 Morning neet
>>12800 (checked) morn mate gonna get my biannual haircut
>>12799 They're having vile, grubby bush sex without us.
>>12802 I bet they didn't even pack any soap.
>>12803 Dirty NEETs
>>12802 hot!
(64.06 KB 800x600 thewirusistheflubro.png)
2017 record Australian flu deaths : over 1,100 2017 Australian population : 24.8 million 2017 flu deaths per million : 0.000044 >nobody cares 2020 Australian Wirus deaths (15 Sep) : 816 2020 projected deaths 12/9.5 x 816 = 1,030 2020 Australian population : 25.6 million 2020 Wirus deaths per million : 0.000040 >outright panic What on earth is going on here?
>>12806 Nigga there would be a lot more "wirus" deaths if there had not been the "panic" and lockdown. It is worse than the normal flu.
>>12807 den why da fuk ppl scarred then nigga
(40.39 KB 665x410 1597212723145.jpg)
(279.57 KB 522x587 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12806 A million extra people in 3 years?
(64.02 KB 800x600 thewirusistheflubro.png)
corrected 2017 record Australian flu deaths : over 1,100 2017 Australian population : 24.8 million 2017 flu deaths per million : 44 >nobody cares 2020 Australian Wirus deaths (15 Sep) : 816 2020 projected deaths 12/9.5 x 816 = 1,030 2020 Australian population : 25.6 million 2020 Wirus deaths per million : 40 >outright panic What on earth is going on here?
>> 2 77 55 1488
morn feel light headed not so good
>>12815 Hope your feeling a bit better m8
>>12816 i am
morn got out of bed at 4:30 which is later than i have been for like the last 2 months
>>12817 >>12818 Good to hear.
>>12821 Good morning. Is it over yet?
>>12812 Spiteful retribution.
Scott Morrison is a fuckwit.
>>12822 morning >Is it over yet? no
(82.50 KB 597x169 unknown-6.png)
(199.37 KB 786x309 unknown-7.png)
....A few moments later
(196.60 KB 1000x1333 417_1000.jpg)
morn :: SURVIVAL MODE ::
(172.94 KB 1280x856 fangio.jpg)
I had a coffee at mid morning. The first time since giving up three weeks ago. I had it on the beach on the north coast and then drove home like Fangio.
>>12824 He's alright, I'd take him fishing, as the anchor
(45.67 KB 800x600 top5greatestpolicydisasters.png)
Top 5 Greatest Government Policy Disasters in Australian History 1. allowing women to vote 2. ending White Australia policy 3. participation in First World War 4. participation in Second World War 5. COVID "response"
>>12831 Bob Hawke's unlimited chinees immigration sucked bad too
(168.21 KB 1280x960 Frozen pizza still 2 left.jpg)
Nice dinner after 5 nights of pajeet curry packets
>>12833 Looks very good.
>>12833 Looks tasty neet
(185.22 KB 1280x960 macrocarpa pines.jpg)
I like the macrocarpa pines because they never have any undergrowth except for bracken, its always tempting to camp under them but you can see all the broken branches and pine cones. Cosy but deadly. Always owls at night in the pine stands, you hear them hooting for a while until they stfu and you hear the hooting from somewhere else. That tool is my entrenching tool which I took on my walk in case I came across some lurking pedos.
>>12836 Looks like a good spot, your right about pines they tend to drop branches etc
(294.80 KB 1140x1140 Irish hottie.jpg)
I cut my hair in preparation for wage tomorrow, although I hope they don't call. I probabaly did the back unevenly and I'll never know, just look silly, not hipster at all. No wonder women wont take me seriously. I should not have shaved my field beard. Good Night, White.
>>12838 Goodnight
>>12833 Good looking food. >>12836 Find any mushies?
Good Morning NEETs. Wage didnt call which is lucky because I slept in. MIght have a go at my linux project today.
The chinaman next door put his bins out a day early, perhaps bin night is on saturday in chyna, the poor chink must be confused.
(47.99 KB 640x480 cavesrsz.jpg)
I went to the caves on the way to Tintown. I knew that the touros would be mostly absent and I got a private tour. I took the bugle to this big cavity called the cathedral. I did "Sunset" call and ended up getting heaps of attention from the lady, she was practically flirting with me by the end.
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
Waiting for washing to dry, installing linux debian with KDE Plasma desktop. Thinking about mushrooms and broccolli pasta for lunch.
eugh... Debian is horrible. There's too many apps and the interface is AIDS.
(28.17 KB 608x351 dingoes.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-21/pure-bred-alpine-dingo-pup-found/12683972 My mate (now dead) had a dog called 'Poppy' it was the smartest, best trained dog I ever knew. We used to tear arse through melbourne without a leash, lust looking for dumpsters and empty houses to squat. She was completely under my voice control, and I could let her run out and reel her in with brief words. She never barked unless a cop came close. My mate said she was an alpine dingo but she didnt quite look like the ones in the pictures. I spend a lot of time with that dog, or dingo or whatever.
(88.92 KB 1280x720 alpine dingos and bindi irwin.jpg)
Spoke to a guy from my old home town of Woolongong. He told me of some of the ways the town had developed. There is one place on the top of the hill in North Wollongong that hasnt changed since the fifties when it was built. Its a weatherboard shit shack with a ladder instead of front stairs. The high rise developments all around it offered the owner many millions of dollars for the land but the old lady who lived there refused. The guy I spoke to knew exactly where it was and we had a laff about it. He asked me what the go was here and I told him the main industry in town was tourism and immigration dressed up as education. He was a coal miner on big bikkies backinnadae, now on cenno. He might get a job driving a grader on a highway gang or something. He says that illawarra coal is the highest grade in the world. Illawarra coal is based. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Chores day today. Should have the ute unpacked and cleaned by tonight.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-22/money-remitter-superforex-named-in-fincen-files-leak/12686168 >house full of cash How interesting. I wonder where the chinks are getting all that off the books cash. Probably peddling ice.
>>12849 chinks only contribute to their own closed economies, with mainland china in that loop. They are exactly the same a the jews in my opinion.
Thinking about pasta for lunch
(52.64 KB 640x480 barn rsz.jpg)
The first night i couldnt get to tintown because of a deadfall so I went back and turned into the first left. I had to camp in a very exposed lakeside. The next morning I found these damn near abandoned farmhouses which would have been far better. Still, its better to be able to see people coming because of getting murdered for my gear. If i was doing this in a gun country I'd have a pump shotty and no worries.
Linux Arch Install went well. I made a list of all the commands and stuff for later reference. Might see if i can install from scratch using a ethernet connection next time.
I found myself in Auburn the other day. The mosque overshadows everything. It is visible for blocks in each direction. It fills the surrounding streets with an evil presence. There is nothing quite like the feeling that you get in your stomach being a white Aussie walking the streets there at night. People stare at you as you walk along the street. Then they take out their phones and ring someone and keep watching you as they talk. Muslims make the Pajeets seem friendly. Interestingly, the Pajeets in a Muslim neighbourhood are friendlier to an Aussie than those shitcunts that you normally find over here. Islam is incompatible with the Australian way of life. The mosques, the Mullahs, and all of the Muslims will have to go.
>>12847 All glory belongs to God.
>>12856 Your mate or the dingo? My mate used to caravan around heaps and said that there was obvious natural selection with them. He said in the Blue Mountains they looked like they were mixed with border collies or a long haired dog, which helped them live in the cold. He said there were a bunch of wild ones in the riverland, which he said were mixed with pitbulls. He said there were a lot and he couldn't sleep outside because of them and there were so many he thought that someone probably bred them on purpose.
>>12856 cant comment because never experienced wild dogs or dingos. Poppy was a testament to her owner who was a high IQ artist and satanist before hipsters got into it. The bloke died of AIDS in the end. not sure about poppy, she had a following too.
Went to see Tenet. Too long, confusing and not worth being traumatized by a double dose of globohomo clown world tier ads before the showing. Lots of shooty bang but much of the movie plot points were an insult to my intelligence and the bits they take pains to explain came out as ridiculous. One big Hunh? out of 5 stars. Arent you neets lucky that I suffer through this drivel so you dont have to. Good Night,White.
>>12854 (((They))) have used their money to influence our traitor politicians and judiciary to destroy our great nation. The great replacement is real.
Good Morning NEETs. Chucking a sickie again today. Might go into town for supplies.
>>12858 >Lots of shooty bang Thanks for the review Sounds like my kinda moofie, I'll wait till the 4k disc is on special and pick it up for $12
>>12860 Morning neet, don't forget to buy yourself a treat
>>12862 I want a bigger steel bowl for making pizza dough.
Not going in to get a bigger bowl. I figure I can use the glass bowl from my turbo oven, I should be able to make pizza dough from up to four kilos of flour that way. I need to organize all the toppings and shell the walnuts.
(172.96 KB 1280x960 repeater rsz.jpg)
When I went to the top of Knife Point Peak to examine the repeater unit, I took along my UV5R and listened in to the mine chatter, I had great line of sight and could hear all the shitposting. I tried to get onto their net but they had CTCSS tone codes so they wouldnt pick me up. Now I was playing around with my Baofeng at home and I can now set it to scan for these codes. Now I can radio shitpost any cunt keke.
>>12865 Was it a tough climb to get up there?
>>12866 not for me. The boomer and his hot wifey I met coming down would have barely made it back. I had to hustle out of there before the emergency services blocked the road in.
>>12867 >before the emergency services blocked the road in. Why were they doing that?
>>12868 the old retard was shockingly unprepared and was rife for a helicopter ride out. When you can see the writing on the wall, GTFO or get your day ruined. could have tuned his fit wife, on the other hand
>>12869 He was not worthy of that milf wife. You mogged him and should have taken her as your prize.
(30.98 KB 424x600 defcon1.png)
DEFCON 1 NUCLEAR WAR : "Vaccination"
>>12871 The vaccines are a problem. No vax. no worx is my fear.
>>12872 I have barely worked a month in the past year. It will make little difference to me if they do this.
>>12872 I cant count on my faggot union to raise a fuss.
Oof just hit the wall neets, had a good time getting to know Arch linux and doing command line stuff. gonna go to bed and dream about what i can do with it. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Pizza making day today. aim to have a dozen in the freezer this arvo
(118.66 KB 640x480 bogiersz.jpg)
(124.67 KB 640x480 bloodcreekrsz.jpg)
(141.23 KB 640x480 cuttingrsz.jpg)
(62.49 KB 640x480 ravinersz.jpg)
When I was in tintown I went for a walk to this abandoned satellite town. I didn't get there because of the regrowth on the ancient trolley way. It was spooky as all get-out, in the bottom of the ravine with fuck all chance of radio contact. I marked the trail and explored lots of things, like Blood Creek and the old diggings. I want to go back and find some mineshafts and tunnels to live in like a troll.
>>12877 That's awesome, very good pics. Did you drink the water? I remember when I was in the Grampians, the water was like that colour from all the iron in the soil. Tasted very good.
>>12878 Didnt trust the water, was downstream of the old mine at tintown plus the septic systems of the good residents. Plus it was cold + clammy and I didnt need extra.
(46.44 KB 640x480 pissas.jpg)
One dozen pizzas in the freezer, half snack-size and half man-size. Got a mate coming around at 5. we will cook two of em up.
>>12880 Well done NEET. Good work.
(37.62 KB 800x600 acoldisnotacrime.png)
Having a COLD or FLU is not a CRIME. The only CRIMINALS here are the GOVERNMENT. Lockdowns are a CRIME against the PEOPLE.
>>12882 Its not a cold. its a bioweapon
>>12882 Lockdowns and quarrantines fixed a lot of shit in my town. Plus I LOVE wearing my mask. Fuck off glownigger
>>12877 Excellent pics m8
(111.91 KB 359x478 Hot pizza.jpg)
Threw a couple of pizzas in the Rinnai BBQ when my mate came around. The crusts were very fluffy and a bit garlicky. I wrapped up the leftovers for my mate to take, we will probabally see each other in the office that I'm working in tomorrow. We had herbal tea because neither of us drink coffee or even the light beer I happened to have in the fridge. I like my mate because I can talk and he listens. I sometimes talk about the jews and their tricks. Good Night,White.
Good Morning NEETs. Off to the wage, Nice and warm inside all day.
(45.25 KB 500x750 016.jpg)
morn watched this stream yesterday https://youtu.be/6t9FquANY6s very entertaining my 'manager' is supposed to call me about wage but hasn't yet very cold today, possible hail storm. comfy
(48.36 KB 640x480 cookie thumper.jpg)
I put the word on the tea lady at wage about leaving the leftover treats in the tea room for me to collect later. She said that's a no-no because covid, an edict from the upper eschelons of the kitchens, flummoxed I mournfully went about my business expecting the treats to meet their fate in the kitchen bins. But then I grabbed the tea lady after she had finished her round and she agreed to let me take all of the biscuits in a paper bag, after all, the management had not said anything about how exactly they were to be disposed of. VICTORY FROM THE JAWS OF DEFEAT WITNESS THE BISCUITS
>>12888 sorta hot for a big girl not tempe in sydney then.
>>12889 Nice score NEET.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-25/wreckage-of-missing-boat-margrel-found-on-beach/12703966 A fine example of a fatal joke, whereby the guy accidentally killed hisself and everyone laffs.
(51.09 KB 640x427 zachary rolfe.jpg)
>boong attacks cops with an axe >cops withdraw >cops talk to boong's elders and organize a surrender >boong says nah >boong does mo' crime >boong now trained like ninja to attack cops with axe >Zacary Rolfe goes to arrest boong because just doing fucking job >boong attacks cops during arrest injuring Zac Rolfe >Zacary Rolfe shoots boong three times during struggle Faggot judiciary now questioning weather Zacary Rolfe had a negative state of mind when arresting boong, And if shooting the stabby boong was reasonable. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-25/nt-zachary-rolfe-kumanjayi-walker-committal-hearing-final-day/12701972 What a shitshow, This is how chaos gets enabled. Holding this boong up as a murder victim compromises everyones security.
>>12889 Good work m8
(45.07 KB 870x600 lemon and lime cutie.jpg)
Low on lemons. Early morning raid required. getting up super early will be a drag. might go to bed early and see if i wake up and feel like doing it tomorrow. Good Night. White.
(319.36 KB 680x601 knownothing.png)
good job, "experts"
Good Morning NEETs. No lemons this morning, only a dove outside my window.
>>12898 I'm on unemployment gibs rite now and am loving the NEET lifestyle. I'm not an aussie tho am I welcome ;-;
>>12899 if you're white, sure, its not voat.
(699.37 KB 1806x904 Catboy Twitch.png)
https://www.twitch.tv/myytaccountsarenotready lol WR ban 15min, nothing spicy even happened
>>12902 >omegle boring
>>12898 Good morning. How are you going to cook the dove?
(643.61 KB 1398x925 wojak1.png)
Tough day neetos. back was really hurting and right at the end there's a pants down screaming and retching shitshow that I caught. Pissing rain when I rode home, went to the exercise area regardless, having a lemon water and feel pretty good now.
>>12904 NOoo. We dont eat the nice doves. we cherish them
>>12902 >ezekiel chapter 23 interesting, Jehovah will send an army to stone the thots and slay their mixed race offspring.
Failed to get samba working. Its a problem with this PC tho. I will have to think what to do. Also have to think how much time to put into this. Will start thinking as soon as I rest my eyes a bit. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Didnt get it together to get up in the cold pre-dawn to get my lemons. Sad-Face-Emoji
>>12909 morning i have to leave the house today to buy a padlock
>>12910 Whatsoeth doth thou needeth lockage upon the lords day for?
(1.32 MB 2825x2256 cattle drovers painting.jpg)
good day at wage.The awful Jannie troll got to throwing her considerable weight around right at the end but copped pushback from the regular crew which was gratifying. Watched a bumblebee disappear into the clover at my exercise area and put the bins out. Wage tomorrow.
>>12912 Glad you had a good day neet.
(60.78 KB 600x915 charlotte.jpeg)
Remembered a bible passage and the actual numbers off the top of my head today. I didnt get to bash anyone over the head with it unfortunately but at least I know I have it ready, like deploying a practiced karate move on a nigger mugger in a dark alley. Last lemon today, existential need to raid the tree tomorrow at dawn. Good Night. White.
(51.42 KB 640x480 lemons.jpg)
couldnt sleep. got up. got lemons. eating leftovers.
Good Morning NEETs Nice quiet morning, might listen to the ABC news on the radio in a minute.
Off to the wage. Might try and get a "professional courtesy" date.
>>12915 Good lemon haul.
did a bunch of long-distance driving with a trailer attached. no incidents. cargo and passengers arrived intact and well.
>>12919 Well done NEET.
(5.75 KB 212x238 ind.png)
>back from first day of wage in 2 months regret signing back up so soon but i was going mental the day i go back the weather turns perfect regional victoria opens up. could've spent a month or two camping around victoria in perfect weather while getting $800 a fortnight from cenno and no reporting obligations aren't in my old section. don't see any familiar casuals. everyone is segregated into "pods" have to wear mask. have to sit behind perspex at lunch. feel lonely i never make the correct decisions. born to misery
>>12921 I got slammed at wage and got out 20 minutes late. Now i have to quicky bolt my tea and go to civic club. Cunts on jobkeeper still get more than me even after it goes to $1200. Shit is still better than being a fat pogue at wage who no one knows what the fuck they do. At least the grots still jump out of my way when they see me coming. fukn civic club is out in wheatbasket too.
>>12921 I got slammed at wage and got out 20 minutes late. Now i have to quicky bolt my tea and go to civic club. Cunts on jobkeeper still get more than me even after it goes to $1200. Shit is still better than being a fat pogue at wage who no one knows what the fuck they do. At least the grots still jump out of my way when they see me coming. fukn civic club is out in wheatbasket too.
>>12921 Sorry your day sucked m8
(55.18 KB 492x723 knitting pattern 2.jpg)
Civic club was at the Rissole (RSL) out in wheatbasket, which is now a commuter town salted with affluent niggers and muti generational households of mudslides. The bar wench "Belinda" did a good job with a cam boot on her busted ankle and her dyed hair and tattoos of mr squiggle holding hands with crikey man. Dinner was two rissoles and a sausage with mashed potato and gravy. literally veg and three meat served under a coronation of QEII picture. Too far to go, Too long to listen to boomer bants. Fukn over it. Good NIght. White.
>>12921 At least you're making positive steps for your future, right neet?
Good Morning NEETs. The Dove is somewhere in the bluegum outside. Its lit up and looks warm in the morning sun.
Too many browser windows open. It looks like an iceheads day planner
>>12928 Windoh's reinstall not going well
>>12925 At least you are getting out and about and not stuck at home like me everyday m8
>>12930 Yeah its a pretty good area, hardly any dead-eyed ching chongs, filthy muds and actual niggers. Comparatively.
Wage tomorrow. nice calm office hopefully.
Took oldad to the hospital for his prostrate operation. We happened across this NEET who looked like and estranged family member so I greeted him as such. It wasnt the guy and I remembered doing the same thing before so I explained myself and we introduced ourselves. Now that i know his name I will greet him again. He had a nice city Akubra in grey. After I said goodbye to oldad at the hospital I called up a mate who lives close, I was going to drop by and didnt want to be an unannounced visitor. He was blocking my call so I skipped it. I went into town and got some keys cut. Nice sunny day off. Dont miss wage at all in times like this.
Good Morning NEETs. Had a good sleep, dove woke me up, how charming.
Its going to rain. Better take the brolly.
>>12330 Getting those wage theft feels NEETs.
>>12933 >to oldad at the hospita Hope he's ok m8
>>12937 yeah he rang me today and said not to visit. Its on the other side of town so I'm okay with that.
>>12938 Good to hear neet
>>12347 Yeah I'm noticing much inapropriate nigger placement in the signage and packaging of consoomer durables in the retail areas of my home town. Niggers wearing sunglasses makes me want to buy the sunglasses? dont be ridiculous. Australia has always had a thing for niggers who are still cool here apparently. I'm all for boycotting stuff that niggers are shown to use BTW.
(380.58 KB 1000x667 malle girl.jpg)
Had a good gym session, the old man Kookaburra basically lives down there and we hardly acknowledge each other now. He just swoops on worms and I just do chin ups. Wage tomorrow. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Soon it will be daylight savings time and I'll be up before the dove.
They suspended my gubmint gibs for some reason now I have to go back to wage cucking FML
>>12944 It will be good for you m8
>>12941 Take a few worms with you and and you will be able to have lunch together
I am now well into the third month since the plumber said that he would connect my house to the town sewer. He is a useless fucking cunt. If I was in charge I would flog the prick through the town streets until he learned some fucking humility. Tradies think they are royalty but they are not. Without the constant influx of immigrants and Chinese money and without Australia's ridiculous regulations they would just be another bunch of shitkickers like me. In India they are the lowest of the low.
>>12944 Gubberment shekels are never worth your dignity.
>>12947 My mate wanted to get an off the books labourer to dig a trench, I got a guy lined up and told him to hit the peon up on FB but my mate insisted on vetting him using email. needless to say the trench is never going to get dug. Blame all the interest free money and grants in the pockets of yuppies with multiple properties.
Thirsty and tired. Big glug of lemon water and a boiled lolly
Have to take a day off on saturday to get oldad back from the hospital. Thinkiing of taking a frozen pizza to heat up over there when that happens. oldad likes the pizzas, he is going for convenience these days. Library books for entertainment and ready prepared meals. Thinking of buying him a tablet and putting books on it. Need to mong proof the thing otherwise he wont be able to work it. I wonder if you can get pdf viewers on an i-pad. literally designed for retards. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. The possum under the house is screeching and I'm out of raisins.
Fukn ABC is so shit. Their local news is all globohomo and boong opinion pieces and the morning bulleitn on the radio gives actual events that happened here. Considering getting a subscription to the local newspaper. DEFUND THE ABC
>>12951 Good to hear is ok. >>12953 The abc used to be good for news many years ago, now I don't bother with it at all.
>>12949 He says that the council is pumping him with work. Council people see everyone's money as free money so it's pretty much the same thing. I'm more pissed that he said he would do it but didn't. He said it would be the one of the first jobs he did because I needed it unlike everyone else in town who already have septic tanks sorted. Anyway he wants the cushy council jobs and the money and I guess that's his choice but that shit always costs you more than money in the end. It's a bit hard to fuck someone in a small country town.
Might go to woolies and coles after tea. I have to go to both because woolies doesnt have much aussie content.
>>12955 what a drag. it'd be different if you were a milf i reckon
>>12957 This is where trannydom arises anon. Do not follow that path.
There is a bee hive on the tree outside my window. The bees are lit up in the evening sunshine and getting blown about by the strong wind.
It is getting quite warm now. Spring has sprung.
>>12960 Daylight savings on Sunday. Clock forward. one hour less sleep
(1.58 MB 1920x1080 windy girl.png)
Nice warm day, went to wage, went to the shops. Linux day tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>12945 No it fucking sucks lmao
>>12962 White power my brother
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>12964 We stock a wide selection of powerful whites. Why not come on down to one of my stores and let my staff of ubermenscsh assist you to segregate your purchases.
Good Morning NEETs. Rain this morning and lots of rain on the forecast.
>>12966 morn first week of wage completed thinking of emailing them and telling them i'm not coming in again i'm stuck in a section i hate because of this covid shit should've went fulltime but decided to mong it and stay casual but who could of predicted this shit would happen?
>>12967 Embrace the suck. Dont let it break your bones tho.
>>12968 >Dont let it break your bones tho. it's breaking my mind
>>12967 I found a cozy work from home gig. praise to the gods. i hope you are able to free yourself from wage cuckery tho. find something that doesn't make you wanna blow your brains out
Anyway what is it like in the land down under? Worth a visit?
>>12970 >work from home thats the dream, just me and satellite interenet in a ghost town a days drive from the poison clouds and subhumans. You got the dish?
>>12971 dont go to melbourne
>>12973 >not posting the covid safe edit (that i can't find)
Nice and sunny saturday morning. Got to get my gym in before the rainy rain.
>>12965 White wine is for women and homosexuals.
>>12976 I prefer the term "beta consumer" but all of our customers are welcome at our community spirit centers.
>>12965 >>12977 These are quality Dan banter posts.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>12978 Thank you, a 2% discount for you on your next purchase over $200.
>>12979 Steady on there Dan, you'll go broke giving away specials like that.
>>12972 Nah, I need to get that. Just use my home wi-fi for now. But yeah it is the best. I've done warehouse wage cucking and I couldn't last more than 2 hours before I wanted to kill myself. Never again
>>12981 Still me btw, just on a VPN
>>12981 yeah. pantry, freezers, tools and a internet connection. Just gotta cut some ties in town i suppose
Got the wage feels neets. Got the big dollar shift tomorrow, feel like a big playa. gotta get up an hour early because of the daylitght saving and gotta battle the rain on the way in. gonna be a tough shift. Good Night. White.
>>12984 Get that money fren. 1488
Good Morning NEETs. Pissing with rain outside. Have to add ten minutes for the commute to wage.
>>12987 stale as fuck he needs to go outside and troll like bakedalaska
>12960 Still warm up here in norfland but it's a temporary illusion, soon to go away. each day gets a few minutes shorter, on the steep part of the day-length curve. my lazy tomatoes and pepper plants in the greenhouse have finally got around to blooming. now it's a race against time to see if they can fruit and ripen acceptably before Old Man Winter shuts it down. It's decently well insulated and I'm doing the whole water jug for frost protection thing so we'll see. I did get a rather late start on the planting season so I'm not too mad at the plants. >plant something nice for me, neet >post pics of fertile plant lads to keep me warm in the frosty season >12959 bees are nice pollinators. european honeybees (apis mellifera mellifera)? kind of cool but also kind of bastards when they decide to start a new colony in your walls. bumblebees are my favorite but they're kind of loners compared to the absolute SWARM of a productive honeybee hive. >plant some stuff for me, neet >post pix of bees pollinating youre fruiting flowers >12962 wrote a nice little linux script today to automatically rename a whole bunch of genesis roms from .md extension to .gen extension so they work on my ds flashcart. and by "wrote" i mean i managed to successfully splice together two stack overflow posts and changed some things until they worked how I want. OC Donut Steel, eventually I will make a gitlab or something. I used to have some good sorting scripts for dealing with No-Intro sets but I lost them in a paranoid reformat (glowjoggers fuck off and stay away from my menes) >12969 Is this your first wagecucking? If it's only fucking your mind and not your bones I might stick with it. The warehouse mene is one flavor of hell, but at least it's usually nice and loud and antisocial. quiet office wagecuck with f*emales is another circle of h-e-double-hockey-sticks. life is misery and pain and suffering. also wagecucc that fucks your knees and stuff is not worth it. if it's just boring then write songs in your head and go record them once you get home >>12981 >hated warehouse wagecucking but in an acceptable way where i actually stuck with it and just bitched and moaned when I got home >tried some awful dead silent office horror wagecucking and quit after lunch on the first day lmao I ate 340g of carrots over the last two days. either I'm going to fix my eyesight or get liver problems at this rate. heard you can actually turn youreself orange if you go too hardcore. also some gin... was off the sauce completely for a few weeks but... idk lol. lole I fucked up at life!!! I guess I'm back on thlazy quitting pattern where I won't buy any of my own but I'll drink whatevers in the fridge or freezer. the liquid mooch diet. i like the idea of being sober and responsible and shit but it's so fucking boring!. oh well one more day's idiocy worth of gin then it's back to thingken of life here's some japanese mecha meusic
>>12989 >Is this your first wagecucking? nah i've been at the joint for like a year and a half they've put me in the old/women's section and it's driving me insane i preferred the physical labour
>wrote a nice little linux script thats way ahead of where i will ever be with linux, i just want to get a stable text based os. Then I want sneer at windoze users. Luke smith's distro might be worth a look. gonna have a go now
>>12989 nice to have some land and no wallabys to eat your garden at night. I dont have anyting in my garden except for shit everywhere and prickle bushes
(57.80 KB 862x575 12705802-3x2-xlarge.jpg)
Cant get past the disk formatting part of linux install. Good Night. White.
I am fucked.
in the arse.
(63.45 KB 1226x904 1599269541756.jpg)
>>12994 >>12995 Normally I wouldnt give up the (you) 's for posts about personal medical conditions but I cant sleep. So what's up NEET?
(27.55 KB 620x465 bp.jpeg)
>>12988 Last time he went outside he got arrested
Good Morning NEETs. Unexpected heavy rain this morning.
>>12997 wtf? his last stream wasnt that bad. It did get boring tho.
(17.47 KB 480x360 archmeme.jpeg)
>>12991 >>12993 >tfw tried to install arch >fail out twice at the disk setup for full-disk encryption and go back to ubabby ubuntu where it's just a checkbox on install don't fall for the text based meme for your first shit. just going to make you hate it and give up on it. ubnutu first time setup is pretty easy, just use it on a computer with only one hard drive, and totally blow away all the partitions on the hard drive at first. recommended not to try to install on a computer with two hard drives unless you're real careful you can accidentally wipe the wrong drive. also you can partition a disk to have two different installs on the same disk (two linuxes or linux + windows) but again you'll probably fuck it up somehow your first time. If you run into any complicated crap, just go to the "something else" option and delete al the partitions until it just shows "unformatted space" everywhere, then it should be simple. and check the "full disk encryption" box at startup because FUCK GLOWNIGGERS AND FUCK JANNIES so yeah just install some GUI based shit at first. half the shit you will want to do ends up being easier to do in the terminal or at least easier to do in the terminal anyways. getting some cheap little $5 VPS is also a good way to learn the text meme since that's the best/only way to access most of them. At one point I was playing around with a meincraft server and some dogshit wordpress crap before I got bored with that.
>>12999 Ya, mid stream generally seems low energy, highs are usually the beginning and the superchat interaction at the end >>13000 >you can accidentally wipe the wrong drive Could just unplug other drives if unsure.
I am fucked.
>>13003 I can barely leave my town without the cunts trying to get me.
>>13003 Actually don't worry. A certain police car barrelled in behind me and stayed behind me for about 15 minutes as I was just on my way out of a small town. I just checked the bonnet code now and it was something innocuous. Just some random cop who was doing stupid cop shit. I will take it as a misunderstanding on my part. If it happens again then I will start to grow concerned.
>>13005 I will tell you this because I care bro, turn to Jesus Christ he will protect you from any gangstalking niggers
>>13006 Thanks bro.
Cystitis burn.
>>13000 I'm committed to arch. its not that bad and i got it goin the first time. I was always gonna end up installing it multiple times. Also want to get the x230 going before i get a VPS going. tried kdx plasma but dont want to use a gui
Driving rain. cold and hungry already. Got Civic club tonight out in arseburg, why do i do it to myself? Also last day of an abnormal week at wage. survived okay, absolute limit of what could be done tho
>>13011 I refuse to wage while the state gives our whore women away to niggers and kikes.
>>13012 lots of good things come from wage. without the wage i would never talk to a woman at all. Other than the checkout chick at colesand she cant hear what I say with my gas mask on anyway.
(2.91 KB 194x259 white beach girl.jpg)
Civic club was at Equity Beach, out on Deadmans Bay. The activity was fun, I played bugle calls okay. I had a very good meal for once. I pinched a beer and brought it home. Pretty sore now, going to have some panadol and go to bed. Good Night, White.
>>13013 Indeed. The key is to find a wage that you can tolerate, and maybe even enjoy. Yes, this is possible. Unfortunately many people get stuck in positions they hate, and can't get out because it would ruin their lifestyle that they have become accustomed too.
Good Morning NEETs. Days off now so its heater on and get the vacuum cleaner out.
(17.12 KB 800x450 wojak.jpg)
ditched wage sent an email
>>13018 Chucking a sickie with email is very tech-savvy, surely your boss will appreciate you efficiency and offer you a promotion
I was trying to set a hard drive sector to be fat 32 on a EFI disk but the bios is not UEFI enabled. im such a mong. on with the arch reinstall.
>>13018 What was the work if I may ask
>>13021 food factory
>>13022 I wish I had a food factory.
Re-reinstall is going well. I switched to another install guide. Listening to synthwave. Its kind of fun
>>13017 >villain Not exactly brother. >The Family Court found Judge Andrew's treatment of the man's solicitor was "hectoring, insulting, belittling, sarcastic and rude". >Less than a week later, Judge Andrew was temporarily transferred to Brisbane to receive "counselling [and] mentoring" and for his sittings to be monitored, according to a court spokesperson in September. It sounds like he is fighting against the villains in the Satanic Family Court of Australia.
>>13025 hows that? he wasnt giving the fathers lawyer any hearing at all. thats being a zog traitor in my books. I read some of the transcripts, fukn out of line man.
>>13026 I suppose if he was attacking the father's lawyer then he is probably an enemy. I'm surprised the family court took him up on it. Perhaps traditional Liberals are taking it back somewhat. In that case then yep fuck the guy I hope they never find him.
(3.68 MB 896x504 AU KFC.mp4)
>>13028 That may literally be an accurate representation of that restaurant. I dont think i have been there since i was 17. Come to think of it, I dont think i could ever afford to eat there.
Had a good crack at Arch again today. Got stuck in GRUB bootloader and dont know where to go but i'll have a go tomorrow AM. Had a cook out but it was just veggies and pretty bland. Gonna force myself to watch the end of Dark Knight Rises and then go to bed. Have to pack away the survival prep supplies I grabbed today. Who would have thought that beans would be so friggen expensive. Good Night. White.
(102.24 KB 1000x750 Farmer Megz.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. I was expecting heavy rain today but its tomorrow : /
>>13032 morn 'heavy' rain this arvo supposedly
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-06/james-packer-faces-sydney-crown-casino-inquiry/12734998 Kek. Kerry Packer's idiot son is now officially broken. His money is now an easy mark for the jew sharks he let into hos pool. in the rich man's house, there is nowhere to spit - but in his face. -Diogenes
>>13034 He was broken by his father's psychological abuse of him when he was a child. He never had a chance to be a happy well-functioning person. I can relate to him.
>>13035 could be. He had enough resources to break free tho.
>>13036 >resources You mean money? It is irrelevant. Once you're broken you're broken.
>>13037 Yeah maybe too much money, no real friends, no one willing to talk down to him. He had the dough for the best shrink, I think he's too arrogant for that noise tho. Sometimes the smartest men outsmart themselves, it'd be the same for the richest men. maybe sometimes the richest men rip themselves off.
>>13038 Nah m8 you are making an error by viewing this guy's money as making him in some way fundamentally different from the rest of us. The issues at play which have destroyed him are the same ones that have destroyed me and I was/am poor as fuck. All being rich does is let you live out your miserable, destroyed existence in a nicer house with nicer toys (which you are too destroyed to be able to appreciate). You can't buy a cure to what ails him. The shrinks don't work no matter how much they charge.
How can you not learn to deal with psych abuse? Surely some guys get around it and are good, effective people. How about that guy bryce courtenay. didnt you see the moofie of his book "the power of one" he had a trauma childhood and he turned out into top tier human. actually he was an alco and his wife left him but no foul there these days
Got to the root prompt in the terminal of my new archlinux install [[email protected] ~]# gonna take a break and then try and get LARBS going
Kinda thinking of asking this woman out from wage but I cant remember her name. Stupid shit like this is why i'm an incel.
My arch install doesnt have any internet connectivity. Tried some things but I'll have to start from scratch again.
>>13043 install gentoo
>>13042 Get to know her better first.
(425.32 KB 800x600 seetheproblem.png)
do you see the problem here?
>>13044 nah its gotta be arch. Its the journey not the destination. thanks for your concern though. I know you dont want me to suffer but i'm okay, really
>>13046 Who are they?
>>13048 trotsky and dan andrews. no idea what the link is
>>13049 Sorry I see, Andrews the premier of vic, I don't watch the news and any online stuff I give it a quick read and thats it, hes the one that has locked them down for months for no reason, no wonder people hate him, and the ones that are terrified of bat aids will vote him back in. And the other one Trotsky I have no idea, yeah politics bore me ha ha I just tune out.
>>13050 Yeah its all becomming a massive distraction. A distraction from survival. Swtching off is the only way forward. Smash the Lungenpresse. Start by smashing it in your mind.
(58.76 KB 604x483 1602023976161.jpg)
Got the wage tomorrow and its going to rain heavily. I forgot to re-proof the gore-tex so i have to suck it up. Cant fix the install so its fresh start, maybe tomorrow after wage. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Might dodge the heavy rain today, lets hope it washes all the boong spew off the streets.
>>13054 morning cozy indoor neet weather
>>13055 10:11 PM here kek. Hope you Aussie NEETS have a great day tho
>>13042 Go for it bro. Be direct but respectful
>>13055 Rain held off until about an hour before knock off. Now its raining steadily and all the faggots with puffer jackets and jeans are not looking so smug.
Had to put my tea back in the oven because its not cooked properly.
>>13059 Just use tea bags.
(131.16 KB 550x395 Alf stewart.jpg)
>>13060 I'll tea bag you, sonny
Boring arse day at wage but got to flirt a bit with a client, which was nice. Missed out on exercise today but got past the problem in my Archlinux install and half installed larbs. I ate some chocolate and didnt guts the whole thing. I also posted on endchan a bit, but might as well not have bothered tbph. My gizmo came in the mail. i totally forgot about it. cant use it until i get some other basic stuff done so its going to get packed away for now. Its a radio antenna analyzer I want to watch some youtube videos about SDR. maybe i can get that going on my linux machine. woo. Good Night. White.
>>13063 She;s gorgeous.
Good Morning NEETs. A murky mist hanging low around the street lights. Spooky.
>>13065 What time is it there? Like 6 or 7AM now?
(130.55 KB 750x844 1591635302900.jpg)
>>13066 low effort burgerpost. Perth is the westernmost population center, they're at UTC +8. Most of the population seems to be on the east coast though, and i.e. Melbourne's at UTC +11. So anyone aussieposting is likely to be between UTC+8 and UTC+11. download a decent timekeeping application software from your package manager to easily keep track of different timezones. (I could be off by an hour or so either way because daylight savings or whatever but you get the general idea.)
Got those wage theft feels boys. Also got union dues blues. Cant allow these rats in my pantry any longer.
>>13068 >rats in my pantry Is this a euphemism?
>>13069 the unions are party to my wage theft in my opinion. Of course I dont know the full story because the facts are opaque, but I feel that I'm getting ripped off and need to do something about it.
>>13070 >need to do something about it. Don't do anything silly.
>>13071 its a bit complex but a prima facie review indicates that i can save 2/3 of my union dues by fcuking the jew mosquitos off.
Really pissing down now NEETs. Had to cut my gym time short because I was getting wet.
(68.26 KB 1280x720 lithuania girl.jpg)
I finished the chocolate off, It was made in lithuania which is kind of based, If it was chinees It would have gone straight into the bin. Dinner was beans and wedge, undercooked again. Not having much luck with the potatoes so I might switch to risoni tomorrow, maybe with some butter fried mushrooms and pepper. No idea if i'm going to wage tomorrow. I'm sad at home and would be shit company for myself, I would get inebriated but I dont do that anymore. Linux day tomorrow if no wage. Good Night. White.
>>13067 high effort Aussie post :P
(38.66 KB 800x400 Seraphine goes harddd.jpg)
Have a good night NEETS
Good Morning NEETs. Its usually light outside now but its raining and dark as my ex-wife's heart out there.
no wage. oh well. youtube and linux day https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2eYFnH61tmytImy1mTYvhA
My induction cooking appliance is fucked. Now i have to get a new one if i want to cook food.
>>13079 Is it still under warranty?
>>13080 nah its a dead loss. chinkshit.
(33.45 KB 400x389 cat lick.jpg)
Hows that NEETs. Complete an urgent maintinance cycle or I dont eat tea.
New induction cooking appliance burned the soup. FML
Flushed the soup down the toilet, starting again.
>>13083 >>13084 Only a poor tradesman blames his tools.
>>13085 I just had bad luck. Put soup mix on now, haven't cooked it before.
>>13086 Good luck neet, hope it works out ok this time
(31.76 KB 651x799 chef pepe.png)
>>13086 soup mix came out okay, its a bit bland, maybe some pepper is needed.
(171.36 KB 1280x960 whole lot of brown going down.jpg)
(124.72 KB 618x930 1602300960104.jpg)
I put the gas mask on and cut up $1.50 worth of onions that I got at Woolies earlier. I cooked them outside in the Rinnai whilst drinking a light beer and listening to Jed Kerzel's etherial soundtrack to the Snowtown moofie. They went into the soup with pepper, chives, oregano, sumac and some sauces I had lying around. Having a bit of this for my supper with some pumpernickel and Bega black label cheese. Pointless ching chongs next door had uber, again. Good Night, White.
>>13089 Good night. good feed.
>>13085 Is that all the time? Every single time? So all tools are excellent then? Why are there so many differing prices? Reality is hard for women-minded folk, they have no core thrust or atomic precision, by birth, theyre the ones that have to learn it.
Good Morning NEETs. Nice quiet clear sunday morning. Hope wage does not call.
>>13091 I cant fathom people that dont use tools, or only basic ones like the car and smartphone. Women I might understand because they are all about raising children or whatever but men who are useless with their hands are, to me, disabled.
>>13092 What goes on in the mind of a M.J. Fan after seeing 'leaving neverland' That guy was a next level pedo.
Pajeet got my shift today. Might do the washing and shitpost a little bit.
(1.67 MB four_you.mp3)
(1.67 MB five_you.mp3)
>>13097 >>13098 its total shit. I love it. Whats the story?
(489.63 KB 384x288 no_poofters.mp4)
(7.77 MB 720x460 Naturedoccos.mp4)
(3.29 MB 640x350 kangaroojack.mp4)
(36.16 KB 246x350 Moonwalker_arcade_flyer.jpg)
>>13099 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Arcade Soundtrack (1990) acquire the soundtrack by you're preferred means (soulseek 2018 memory fix for GNU/Linux platforms recommended) Take the five chiptune covers of real songs from the soundtrack (Another Part of Me, Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal), import each track them each into audacity alongside each other bounce the 5 stereo tracks down to a single output track (optional: increase gain to taste, up to 36 db as on five_you) select the first ~2 minutes of the final bounce track because some tracks are longer than others go to file -> export -> export selected audio output as 128 cbr mp3 because no point in anything higher for this kind of thing and also fuck audiophiles in general. brought to you by /ausneets/ resident musical memer (lick my gay balls ASIO)
>>13103 hmmm. have you listened to those two mp3.s you put up? they're pure industrial death metal.
>>13104 those sounds are coming from a sega genesis possibly sonic
>>13105 Need to post something nice to counter that ear rape.
(3.15 MB snowden.mp3)
>>13107 REeee thats unaustralian
(3.15 MB REMIX.mp3)
>>13109 Sheesh, doesn't anyone understand calibrate to 0 db, that mp3 was clipping very badly
(9.09 MB 544x252 ausNWO.mp4)
NSW Health Minister Bradley Hazzard made a Freudian slip today saying that we must prepare for this "new world order" then correcting to "new world of COVID."
(75.70 KB 626x417 mushrooms girl.jpg)
Had a pseudo-sunday where I did some mending tasks amid the current effort project. Food morale is taking a dive from all the healthy and bland stuff. I am craving some fried eggs and pasta. If I go past the shops tomorrow I'll get some eggs and mushrooms. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. The stupid chinks have put their bins out incorrectly. The bin truck driver will have to get out of his truck to get them.
No wage today, thats unusual. Trading must be light at the moment.
(109.26 KB 576x1024 mfw-sleep.jpg)
slept 12 hours felt like I could have gone for another 2 tbh
Cheating in games It is easy to understand cheating in literal games. For instance, in a board game like colonizers of Catan — no one looks, whoop suddenly I have two extra resource cards and whaddya know, they’re exactly what I needed to build that city! Did I cheat? Did you observe the slight of hand? Probably you did not — likely you trusted players to play fair and did not feel the need to observe the card pile with eagle eyes. So I’m just gonna go ahead and put that city on the map. Who knows, might even win the game because of that! Occasionally, cheating in board games works. Of course, time goes by, and people notice you strangely always having the right cards for the right situation. They get angry, accusations fly, and the game is ruined. What can they do? The answer is obvious: they put a non-cheater in charge of the game, entrust him with the card pile: the game leader. This works relatively well; cheaters may still cheat in minor ways, like dropping an extra street from their own stack on the map when no one is looking, but the sting has been removed, so to say. The resource cards are out of his reach. What does the cheater do? The game leader is the obvious weak point; either the cheater bribes the game leader or bamboozles him, but that is easier said than done. If your game leader is halfway good at its job, cheaters will suddenly find they have to play fair, or what tends to happen; they stop playing that particular game. Congratulations, you’ve beaten the cheater! This simulation of game, players, cheaters and game leader holds true for any type of game. See video games such as first person shooters: cheaters use stuff like aimbotting and wallhacking to bypass the rules of the game. Here the game leader are the developers of that game. If they do a decent job, cheaters are spotted and banned for good. If they suck at their job, the game is overrun by cheaters and is ruined.
Cheating in life And that is also the way it works in real life. Naturally, the rules of real life are not as set in stone as the rules in a board- or video game, but it’s the same principles really. Just, stakes are higher. On second thought, that the rules are not as set as stone is relevant. That is why cheating in real life is a notch more effective than cheating in video games; we say that Gnon is the ultimate arbiter, the ultimate game leader so to say, but Gnon likes it when some of his rules are bent. Which rules get to be bent and which don’t? Only Gnon knows, and man interprets. But it is in that gray area that cheaters find fertile soil. Of course, pretty much everyone still recognizes a cheater. Cheaters who cheat in the gray area also tend to cheat in black and white areas. The lowest form of cheating is of course a simple scam: ‘hey, you don’t know me but I’m a trustworthy guy, give me a hundred dollars and I’ll double it for you’. It’s a one-on-one scam, which works because it bypasses group defenses and forces it’s recipient to be his/her own game leader. Not everyone is good at being game leader, so the scam pays off. People hate these kind of scammers, with good reason. It’s an obvious lie: the scammer promised to return the investment with interest, but he didn’t. That’s cheating! However, the scammer is also relatively powerless; if caught red-handed, he is always humiliated. Because the scam is small in scale, it’s potential to do damage is limited.
Cheating in groups So even though our scammer finds a decent amount of juicy situations without game leaders, he is humiliated every now and then for mediocre awards. That cannot do. What can he do? He can expand the scale of his scam, of course! This means: find a group of scammers to cooperate with, and find a bigger playground to operate your scam. A bigger scam means bigger pay-offs! For instance, the recent twitter ‘give me 500 bitcoin and I’ll double it’ scam. The scammers cooperated, hacked the game leader (Twitter HQ) and, pretending to be trustworthy twitter personalities, scammed people out of a ton of money. Mission passed! But still, this kind of scam tends to be a one time thing, as you are inevitably found out and will probably not succeed again (not with twitter, at least). So if you are a scammer, you usually want more worth for your money. What do? Well, from our scammer’s perspective, the main problem is that people dislike our scams and call us out for it. If people would just stop doing that, we’d have no problem. Scammers always mitigate this risk by disguising their scams as righteous. This part tends to throw honest people off: ‘how can you not only lie through your teeth but also pretend like you are doing those you scam a favor!‘ Well I mean, that’s just scamming 101. If you were being honest about your lies, you might as well not lie at all. I, for one, respect a liar who lies till he dies. But acting righteous only takes you so far; it is after all a front, a potemkin village meant to sell your scam. So inevitably, if people start prodding your scam with a stick it comes falling down. You want to prevent people like me from pointing out your scam. What is the solution?
Getting to the game leader Well, the bottom line is this: you need to get rid of, or replace, the game leader. That is all it boils down to. Get your coalition of scammers to become game leader, and the sky’s the limit. You could literally burn people’s businesses down while telling them it is for their own good! Beautiful. So first you need to get rid of the old game leader. If you have a long line of game leaders, this part tends to get bloody. But it has to be done! Need to get your hands a bit dirty if you want to get anywhere in life. Now, if you’re lucky, there might not be a long line of game leaders in charge. Hell, you might even live in a democracy in which the game leader is designed to be weak! Great! A democracy lends itself to cheaters naturally; just put your most charismatic liar in charge. Make sure he understands his task as a PR figure head pretending to be game leader, a task which of course receives good rewards, and boom: the Bushes, Clintons and Obama explained. It really is that simple. Now with your scamming coalition having replaced the game leader, the possibilities are endless; you have pulled off the ultimate scam, and when someone calls you out on the scam, you can use force to humiliate him. Great! Of course because you’re a coalition of scammers you have to keep the pretense of the scam going on, so you can’t exactly start to rob people at gunpoint, but you sure can sue people who defend their home from robbers. So now we’ve entered the highest stage of scamming, the power scam, the scamming suprême, where not only do you scam people, you take away their power to resist the scam. How do we call the type of cheater that pulls of these kinds of scams? We call ’em leftists, progressives or commies.
Evolution selects for group scammers My take is that commies are evolutionary optimized for these kinds of scams. Essentially, all they do is run giant ponzi schemes meant to scam as big a crowd as possible, be it a family, a village, a country or an entire empire. You’ll always see the same themes: a scam dressed up in righteous clothes, that if prodded falls apart, thus they try to stop you from prodding it. But always will there be a trail of lies and cheating. There has to be, because as we see, the whole thing from the start was engineered as a scam. Which is why whenever you prod a climate commie or prog you quickly discover he has no interest in the truth, besides trying to convince you that he has immense interest in the truth. Thing is, you can dress up a lie as colorful as you want. The more you talk, the easier it is to hide something. The best lies always have a kernel of truth to them — take global warming, which takes the truth to heart that we simply do not know all the inside outs of planet earth, so it’s entirely possible that industry changes climate. Of course our current observations point to industry having a not so large effect on climate, but already in that nuance lies the potency of the lie. Progressivism, same story: racism exists, it’s a remarkably small problem, but it exists, and progs blow that up. Leftists are good at pulling off stunts like these. That commies are good at pulling off stunts like these might be a surprise to some. I recognize a cheater when he tries to sell me insurance, I’m sure I’d recognize a cheater in the white house! Well, sometimes yes, but sometimes no. To dismantle a cheater you need to hang with him personally, get to know him, see him respond in unfamiliar situations. You don’t really know any of the presidents. You’ve likely never even met them. Your interaction with them is entirely one-way, through hearsay, video footage and media snippets. All these channels of information can be manipulated, and commies know this very well. It’s what they’re good at. Take the following example by reactionary hero Lee Kuan Yew. Young Lee’s fighting the communists in Singapore, right? Commies were popular in twentieth century Asia. And their popularity was intimidating, to Lee also, who at political rallies noticed pro-communist proposals getting louder applause than usual. Guess the people really want communism huh? That is, until Lee noticed certain people were always in the crowd. And moreso, these people only clapped during pro-communist proposals. And moreso, they only clapped when given a signal by a handler! Lee was impressed. A typical commie stunt. Now imagine if you will, what kind of commie stunts you can pull off if you have near full control of the media. The possibilities are endless! I mean sure, with the free internet your scams tend be exposed a tad quicker, but notice how that video is on youtube, and it might be removed for ‘inciting hatred’ any day. Truth is, mass media offers countless possibilities for cheating, and just as many ways for shaming people who even in silence call out your scams.
No honor among scammers Of course, a scam is still a scam, and eventually, give it years or decades, people catch on. Obama was the lightbringer in 2008, who is he now? Surely a shadow of his former prophet status. But you get my point right? While scammer A smiles in front of the camera, scammer B pressures a bakery to ‘bake the f*cking cake bigot’. That’s the power scam, the one-two. Scammer A plays game leader providing cover to scammer B, who in turn pays respect to scammer A. One person distracts the crowd, the other steals their wallets. That’s all leftism is. And that’s why it all breaks down in the end. You think scammer A and B like each other? They know the nature of their relation. They trust each other as far as they can spit! The situation might be mutually beneficial to them, but the moment their scams run out is the moment their friendship runs out and they turn on each other. After all, none among them took the title of game leader serious in the first place. Hence, leftist singularities.
Back to a good game leader Luckily, the solution is now obvious: re-install a trustworthy game leader. Trump is solliciting for that job. We are in a historically unique position, since Trump is only partially game leader; like I said, democracy ensures weak, temporary game leaders by design. For Trump to become a real game leader, he has to break out of the democratic mold. He has to become king, as reactionaries call the game leader, or dictator, as cheaters call the game leader. Naturally, Trump would be a good game leader; he has a knack for calling out cheaters (#fakenews). But the level of cheating is unprecedented; any good scammer worth their salt is making a career in politics. It’s just where all the scammers end up; good people tend to steer clear from democratic politics, because why would they want to join a scamming coalition? So Trump has boatloads of shit to deal with. For instance, as a final case study in scamming: the corona scam. The corona scam very nicely follows all the rules stipulated above: it is a lie with a kernel of truth, that kernel being that COVID-19 is a real virus, it is contagious, and it is slightly more deadly than the flu. The lie is of course that it justifies shutting down the economy and hurting Trump and his voters as much as possible. It doesn’t. It’s not nearly as deadly, and at this point has also burned out. The corona pandemic is over. Yet the corona scam is in full swing: first the WHO was appointed to game leader, but when they did not spread enough panic, dr Fauci was appointed to game leader, who somewhat understands that the point of the scam is to undermine Trump by spreading as much panic as possible. We might never be able to touch another person again! It’s just the new normal folks. Wear a mask for the rest of your life. Trump, were he a fair game leader, should have called out the corona scam for what it was. Then again, would he have lost voters over that? Tough to say. Gnon’s grey area. Sometimes the scammers get their way.
(101.97 KB 1080x868 hodl still.jpg)
>>13117 I'll cheat your arsehole you spam boong
>>13114 morn getting in the groove
(62.25 KB 900x900 Doctor Dan.jpg)
>>13125 Thats splendid to hear NEET. Why not come on down to one of my stores and have a direction consultant enhance your "on track" experience.
>>13126 will soon enough nearly run out of bottles
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-12/tinder-dating-app-helps-sexual-predators-hide-four-corners/12722732?nw=0 >“All of my friends had been using it at the time and they all said it was amazing, and it was a perfect way, and the only way at the moment, to meet people for our generation.” and they complain when they meet some rapey boong or Bust A Nut Guy Any woman who uses tinder does not have enough dignity to be attractive to me.
Civic club tonight out at Bogan's Jetty. Havent been out that way for a while. Gotta be better than staying at home and shitposting all night.
What's going on?
>>12347 You are absolutely correct.
>>13132 https://thedonald.win/p/HrFc5PZy/please-subscribe-to-this-black-t/c/ >Please Subscribe to this Black Trump supporter YouTube channel - He only has 1.3k subs - let's get it to 10k - DO IT NOW OR BIDEN WINS!
Step outside of the game.
(113.75 KB 2150x1210 12726020-16x9-2150x1210.jpg)
Bogan's jetty was not so bad, There are some nice places where ordinary people grow veggies and fix up their sheds and do gardening and stuff. Sure the local bottle shop has been knocked over a couple of times this year and the shit farm is right next to the new mansion, but its gentrifying swiftly with a new suburb already in the dirt lot stage and this is where the taxi driving pajeets will move to and build smart new houses for their extended families with sub 3% interest rate loans. I had a good meal and even drank a whole can of draught beer. The boomers were okay but they always end up working your nerve with the only topic of conversation they can offer is what was on last nights renovation show on the telly. They're all very domesticated. Tonight's sky was clear and mild. I watched the only cloud in the sky cross under the evening star. Good Night, White.
(102.52 KB 435x318 pepecatmeme.png)
Good Morning NEETs. Had a sleep in and dreamed of having a kitten.
>>13136 morn i didn't drink any whisky this morning gonna be a long day >>13135 reminds me of when i went on this 'pub crawl' with a boomer he would not shut up about Survivor FAAAAAAAAARRK
>>13137 Alcohol is a bad thing, You'll feel better after a while.
Resume time: Tell me, NEET, what have you done with your life?
>>13138 >Alcohol is a bad thing nah it's good no morning drink so i might have an arvo one >>13139 wanked
>>13139 Who are you to question me?
>>13139 "uh im not familiar with shitposting, can you explain that to me?"
>>13142 You know those guys who say stupid stuff when they're bored? I'm that guy on your P.A. system
(636.40 KB 1181x1839 1601604982053.jpg)
went to my outdoor gym, saw a girl i know taking off from parked as i came back. If i was a moment quicker home I would be chatting her up right now.
(53.28 KB 940x470 BROKELADS.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-13/australia-online-gambling-covid-19-sportsbet-ladbrokes-tabcorp/12758084 >whenever I'm bored my finger automatically opens the app now... What a legend, nerves of steel and reflexes like a veteran shitposter
(67.95 KB 688x442 fanny.jpg)
https://archive.is/0fqjV Hows this: Have a happy profitable business and home with fam in the kind of place that none other than J.K. Rowling selects for a getaway mansion because it's like how rural England used to be. Get a polite tax bill, not unexpected, after all, that road that brings busloads of chinks to fill your tills has got to be maintained. >Nope, magical sky daddy told us personally to tell you to go fuck yourselves. Go to court. House will get seized, community pays the bill for you. go to court again, buisiness will get seized. Are you fucking crazy? >Nope we are like a samurai out of the bible and must complete our quest. I wonder if they were giving all their money away to the boongs, How sad it is to see relgio-mania destroy a good thing. lets hope the new owners aren't jews or victorians.
Feel like i'm getting nowhere and then i look at what I've got going in front of me and that feeling goes away. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Last night's dinner was a disaster, I will do better tonight.
>>13148 what happened
>>13149 Had some vegan burgers, It was like eating AIDS
(6.41 KB 249x202 wojak pepe.png)
I happened to meet my old mate in the park. He is working as a council ranger now, started off as a tracker. he's done well now working in the outdoors rain and shine. We talked a bit and I left him to do his work. We will catch up formally later.
>>12330 Thinking about dinner, might have mushrooms and pasta.
I wish the U.S. elections were over already. I wanna see commies fly. That would make me happy.
>>13154 Trump is gonna loose an I'm gonna keep a straight face
>>13155 Nah.
>>13156 Maybe not but something'll happen that no one expects except the Qtards after the fact
Trumps whore wife got backpage/cracker taken down now we have to put up with locanto
>>13157 True. Trump will win a fair election against Biden. His crowds are in the thousands against Biden's crowds in the tens. But they are not in a fair election. Trump is not fighting against Biden. Trump is fighting against the revolution. His opponents are the of rioters in the streets and the evil people who fund them. He is up against people who killed their own soldiers to cover up their crimes. There is nothing these people will not do.
>>13158 Our leaders need to make women property again.
>>13159 maybe. maybe trump is just super mong like that moofie 'Idiocracy' maybe hilldog and her couture are literal pedophile cannibals. maybe the jews really hold the puppet strings. maybe something will change in november maybe i'll give a pinch of shit on that day
>>13161 I want to see them hang.
>>13162 I'm well hung, I can post pics if you want.
>>13163 Post the pics.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-14/jacqui-lambie-threatens-to-reveal-details-of-secret-medevac-deal/12762814 jaqui speaks to the brain damaged in a way that university educated professionals cant -as a peer. Bottom feeders have as much right to be represented in parliament as normal folk. This is the power of democracy.
>>13163 I am hung like a horse. A miniture pony kek >>13165 Yeah fuck democracy.
(29.23 KB 364x492 1594590609657.jpg)
Just about tired. Not gonna go to wage tomorrow, boredom to be suffered at home. Dinner went okay, the last of the mushrooms and a bit of garlic. Job searching tasks tomorrow, resume is okay and now a letter. Being taken seriously is a challenge but at least I'm taking it on fully lucid and probabally more sober than the potential employer. Good Night, White.
https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/turkey-threatens-armenia-direct-military-intervention-karabakh-war We need to be prepared to counter attack against Turkish targets in Australia if they follow through on their threat.
>>13168 I thought the armeians are turkish anyway. why the fuck would i care?
Good Morning NEETs. The pitter-patter of rain on my roof woke me up this morning, Comfy.
>>13169 Turkey and Azerbaijan are offwhite Muslim and Armenia is whiter Christian. You should care if you are white or Christian.
>>13170 morn smashed some whusky and heard a few patters possible thunderstorm this arvo which by bom standards means nothing
>>13172 The BOM forecasts are pozzed with legalese like every other piece of official advice.
(113.02 KB 1024x768 come home white man.jpg)
i got my bios chip programmer, off to jaycar tomorrow to get jumper leads and start having a crack at corebooting my lappy.
eight o'clock time for chocolate and tea
>>13175 What type of tea?
>>13176 I drink rooibos from my thermos. what's your tea?
>>13177 Some Lipton garbage with lemon juice and ice cube added.
(57.54 KB 1079x589 teapepe.jpg)
>>13178 Cold tea is banana bender and seppo habit.
>>13179 True. Sweet tea in the refrigerator is big here.
>>13180 You seppos put astonishing amounts of sugar into those cold teas.
(169.10 KB 640x800 1602640425839.jpg)
Rain's finished for the night, I'm off to bed. Might go see the olds on the weekend. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Up early and it's nice to get a little bit of the overnight radio before the irritating breakfast programming starts.
(28.63 KB 600x600 kkkermit.jpeg)
SEPPO COLD TEA/ICED TEA RANKINGS: >People-of-Walmart-tier: "Sweet tea". southern diabetes garbage. if you add sugar to literally any beverage at all you're either a nigger or a nigger-enabler. >Low-Tier: Liptons garbage >Low-Mid Tier Lipton's garbage with a dash of bottled lemon juice >Acceptable for poorfags tier: Lipton's garbage with half a fresh squeezed lemon >High-Test-Tier Semi-decent tea like Red Rose, Bigelow Lemon Lift brewed fresh, double strength, poured over ice with nothing added. >bonus cranky boomer tier fake herbal (caffeine-free) tea with red shit in it like cranberries or whatever. brew 1L at a time, place in the fridge after brewing and drink out of a reused Teavana bottle that has long since lost its label. no ice. simple as
>>13184 I always get organic. otherwise you dont know if the tea picking slaves spit in it. Either that or the chinks drench it in pestiecides.
My supply of nice sauerkraut has dried up, I was only able to get the blabla sauerkraut and i had to go to the smallgoods place in the industrial park to get it. FML
(58.34 KB 800x533 ukranian girl.jpg)
Sometimes I lose the situational awareness and relax too much. Its a common enough thing, but not very based. I was standing in the mall waiting for my mate to finish work today and watching the ppl. All of them have no need of situational awareness and only one in a hundred will make eye contact. and all the while, i'm giving out vibes like a kookaburra on a telegraph pole over a newly mown field. I bumped fists with the only other guy on my frequency, walking past like he's on the clock. I think he was schizo or going to score. Its no wonder I have extreme difficulty relating to people. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Another day neeting, might see the fam this arvo.
I don't like putting an unnecessary amount of K's on the Falcon.
I had two nightmares about a communist takeover last night. The first one was loosely based on some scenes out of The Killing Fields and went for quite a long time. In one scene, school children told the Red Guards where some fleeing people had hidden. In another scene, a woman almost broke me with what I thought would be the bamboo skewers under the fingernails technique but was only a tease; she knew and I knew. The second one featured living people being forced into furnaces and burning to death. When I woke up and saw the news that revolutionaries have taken over Kyrgyzstan.
>>13190 > In another scene, a woman almost broke me Was there any ball busting in there?
>>13191 The way the torture works: The torturer can do whatever he wants, you see him take your hands, you know the stories and you know exactly what is going to happen, but he doesn't; instead he just touches your hand, with a knowing smile, at the moment you know the pain will begin. If you break, you love him, like in 1984 when the protagonist broke with the rat and loved big brother. If you know how it works you can avoid the trap, but you are likely to end up missing a few fingers, bad, but they will kill you anyway so it doesn't really matter. Just a heads up.
>>13192 Well described. >Just a heads up. I think that would be the last to go.
>>13192 I'll have to remember that next time i torture someone
Craving a beer.
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
>>13195 We're waiting to serve your needs, NEET.
>>13195 Light beers are much sweeter.
Fukn pissin with rain. BOM said maybe a little rain developing. Bunch Of Monkeys
Evil can win for a while, centuries even, but good must win in the end, for if it did not, would it then be called good?
>>13200 Define good. Your opfoes will define it differently.
>>13202 Behaving in such a way that the DNA of you and your kin group spreads throughout the universe.
>>13203 Well bantered
>>13190 >When I woke up and saw the news that revolutionaries have taken over Kyrgyzstan. M8 time to stop watching the crap news stations and stop reading the news online, then your nightmares just may stop
(161.66 KB 1068x1196 1602924793276.jpg)
Spent time with Fam today. Was okay. Didn't get fed but oh well. Oldad wanted to consoom some books from the book exchange booth. He got a medical dictionary for some reason. He is limited to readily available print media because no internet. I want to donate a lit match to the booth TBQH. I noticed he took out his accordion and was playing that but from memory, he talks about getting tapes of tunes. I looked at his wedding photo from his second wedding and he looks just like me. Spooky. Good Night, White.
(1.13 MB 1024x1024 yeh.png)
snowing. need some new front tyres for my car, they're practically bare and slippery at the edges. probably means I need an alignment too. gonna try to get mum to pay for them. give her the subtle guilt trip that I'll end up in a ditch off the roadway.
Good Morning NEETs. Pleasant morning outside and I slept well, ABC classic's diversity hire isnt on today. Good start overall.
>>13207 Your mummybot worries about your drunk driving, mostly.
(34.37 KB 400x400 1602933544337.jpg)
First day on new software, perusing the youtube tutorials and its all indian accents.
>>13211 good stream, getting better.
(749.42 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
(141.41 KB 216x233 ClipboardImage.png)
(926.86 KB 700x571 ClipboardImage.png)
Job network provider left a message saying they want to discuss my job seeking efforts.
>>13214 they have to earn their pay. Their jobs must be as miserable as it gets.
(20.64 KB 1240x680 The place to bitch.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-18/what-are-new-coronavirus-rules-victoria-melbourne-dan-andrews/12779464 >Outdoor photography will be allowed WTF? That shit was banned? Imagine living in a UN safe city test tube
>>13216 Dan Andrews' Victoria is a festering boil that must one day be lanced.
(329.66 KB 1080x1350 1603010039723.jpg)
I modded this old baby howdah that I got from the tip shop ages ago. I made it into a sandbag carrier. I have a dozen full sandbags in the garage and i took one up the bush this arvo. It was really easy and i was worried because they were heavy as hell when i got them because the soil was wet, they were not as heavy as they were. Now I can easily work on the project to plant the monterrey cyprus sapling i have in pots. I will put them in prepared spots up in the gully. I saw the regular wildlife up there and no ppl, My spot up there has been untouched. Good NIght. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Back to the wage today.
>>13220 nigger
>>13219 It never ends m8
(118.78 KB 271x376 aussie pepe.jpg)
Had a boring day at the wage, spent most of the day thinking about doing shit when the weather warms up.
(73.07 KB 683x1024 1603053598346.jpg)
Skipped civic club tonight because its out in Holiday bay and I'd get back way late on a wage night. I carried another sandbag up the bush, the high weight and treacherous footing threatens to snap my ankles. Only seven more to go and then ill take up the saplings. That howdah is completely fucked for purpose because the baby would be up above your head and would cop all the branches and low hanging trunks. The chinks make dangerous rubbish like this on purpose I imagine. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. My morning oats are a little undercooked today.
>>13225 Good morning. I am eating yesterday's leftovers for breakfast.
It's mid-october, basically spring for you cunts, right? And I'm pretty sure it doesn't even snow or drop below freezing for you faggots. I want to see garden pictures. Sprout some shit for me, neets
(20.30 KB 300x225 w.jpeg)
>>13227 nothing grows here because wallabys, potoroos, pademelons, possums and even fallow deer.
>>13226 cold pizza for breakfast is best with warm beer.
(59.54 KB 720x718 1599304212907.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-16/second-magpie-attack-sale-eastern-victoria/12774214 All the seppo cunts think this 'Dangerous Wildlife' shit is really a meme but going outside here is a nightmare in actual.
(42.19 KB 640x853 1603045982169.jpg)
After wage, there was a BBQ at my place with the boys, they had steak and I had pizza, I had a light beer and they were pissed as. They started to smoke and talk about trump so here I am shitposting as usual. No wage tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>13232 >Good Night, White. What does this phrase mean?
>>13233 He got triggered over the Gooknight NEET. That's his way of countering it.
Good Morning NEETs. No wage today, back to the neetlyfe.
(66.65 KB 691x460 10233528-3x2-large.jpg)
Going down the park later, I hope I don't get killed by wildlife.
>>13234 Really?
(40.40 KB 540x272 Jurassic park pepe.jpg)
>>13237 Yeah I usually go when i'm being a neet.
Skipped the exercises but i took another sandbag up the bush. Caught the eye of a fit bird on the trail. Hubby looked me up and down assessing the threat. Must be hell to be married.
Gonna give underbelly 5 a look
(7.09 KB 159x140 images.jpeg)
>>13239 >Must be hell to be married. haha yeah
Just had sex then ate a big bowl of dindins with two forks with the wife. Going to go watch a movie and try and score a blowjob.
Frustration is pushing me over the edge, and where I want to be is on it. Going to skip wage tomorrow and work on the laundry list of problems I have going. At least I can put time into them, I sacrifice much for time. Off to bed early, up early, long day on tomorrow. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Mild and misty morning with wet roads. Another day of NEETing ahead.
Out of breakfast oats, might go down the shops after breakfast.
>>12330 Things are getting crazy out there. Everyone needs to settle down and have some tea. What kind of tea do you guys like?
>>13246 Rooibos, you gotta spin it with some tobacco to get it to burn evenly.
>>13246 Hello friend, how are you?
(11.13 KB 257x196 hazmat.png)
The German Bakery was open and I got a 2 week rye and a day-old sourdough for my second breakfast. Middle bay was very quiet and reminded me of the early covid shutdowns when the chinks were staying in their holes. I miss those times.
>>13248 I'm doing alright. Could be better. At least I'm not on the brink of starving like some people I know. I try to help them out when I can >>13247 I was always fond of ginger tea. reminds me of my grandma
>>12330 insanely hungry today. I ate a whole loaf of bread. Thats not excessive is it?
>>13251 What with?
Are you the same guys as on endchan or are any of you exclusively on 16chan?
It's hard to tell sometimes, I use several boards and let different kid of sides out. Like here I wouldn't feel like I was fucking with board culture to post gore. I would there though. And I feel more compelled and comfortable to be a bit of a cunt and let the more edgy shit go here. Not that I really do. I rarely post here. I have this tab pretty much always open, and just look at it. Posting maybe once a week. But yeah. You guys are either different people or do the same thing.
>>13252 four plates of beans and kraut
>>13255 In sandwiches or? How do you do that?
>>13253 I post on both. My posts get swamped there.
>>13256 Like soup and bread. or just bread and cheese
What do you mean? >swamped >>13257
>>13259 Endchan goes through a gen every two or three days. There is no point effortposting there. Endchan is where the real neets live and 16chan is for professional neets. plus the BO there is a talking mushroom
>>13260 He's a gaping fish.
>>13260 I post on both,I just look for somewhere that is comfy with minimal infighting between neets, my life sucks and I just look for somewhere to take my mind off problems and stuff,
(6.08 KB 143x255 holy dan.jpg)
>>13262 Have you thought about putting your life in the hands of a higher power NEET? Why not come on down to one of my stores and a free choice consultant can help you with a selection that I know will improve your outlook.
>>13263 Dan you are a Gentleman and a Scholar.
Jesus is both man and God, how awesome is that?
>>13265 Is that normal?
(17.09 KB 170x255 jesus.jpeg)
>>13265 Jesus is a full madlad
Frustrating day, New software platform. Time invested so far is about two days and I might ditch it tomorrow for an alternative. Fun times. Good Night, White.
>>13266 For Jesus it is. >>13267 Preach.
Cant sleep. Facebook stalking woman who ghosted me. I'm sure this will put my mind at ease.
What up Aussie NEETs, Burger NEET reported in. Unemployment running out soon so need to start waging. Really not looking forward to it but oh well
On the bright side it looks like having the corona virus six months ago is paying off. Donating plasma with covid antibodies twice a week and making $200 a week from it.
>>13273 >Donating plasma we cant make bank off that here. I do it to get rid of excess heavy metals. They give you a packet of BBQ shapes and a big M.
>>13273 Cant sleep. Setting up a sock puppet linkedin account so I can shitpost there.
>>13273 What was covid like? Dont you run out of antibodies after a couple months?
Good Morning NEETs. Dawn chorus of birds is going on outside. I haven't heard that for a while.
>>13271 Fuck that whore.
>>13278 I'm even getting ghosted by whores. This may not be all their fault. My online profile needs work,i think.
>>13276 Was very sick for a couple days like a bad flu and had a nasty cough for a week but that’s about it. Not sure when I will run out of antibodies but I will make the bank off it for now. After that when I go back to donating normal plasma it just goes down to $50 a pop so still some extra cash
(36.21 KB 300x250 poverty pepe.png)
>>13280 >extra cash I'm running pretty lean myself. At least I'll have plenty of practice when Scumo brings in the universal income and employment becomes a meme.
(77.91 KB 862x575 11806378-3x2-xlarge.jpg)
>>13279 It could be worse, fren.
There are as many effortposts here as there are on endchan.
>>13283 Even the thrill killers and psychopaths would skip my friend request.
(40.07 KB 865x926 hot cop chick.jpg)
I went for a walk up the bush track, I told some guy off for having a loose dog and I saw a young lady jogger who came up unexpectedly on a narrow part of the track that runs up the side of the gully, I didn't know weather to stand aside or toss myself off. I also saw two wallabies and heard a black cockatoo. I took another 20 Kilos of soil up to the second spot i want to plant the spruce saplings. I need to get some sand and pine bark but I have to go to bunnings to get sandbags first. I should have got more in the first instance. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. I'll call wage in a minute, I dont feel like sitting at home today.
Going in to wage. was fucked for fun anyway.
>>13288 Enjoy your day neet
Been in bed all day today. Haven’t been looking for a job. Not sure when unemployment is running out but probably soon. Thinking of just going to a hospital for a while to get my mind right. Eh, just really don’t wanna ever work again
>>13290 Get a fucking job.
>>13291 Shit sucks tho
>>13291 Fucking why faggot? For what?
>>13293 When you work, you are learning new things, getting more skills, and making friends with people you meet through your job. Community. People work to be part of and contribute to their communities. This means that jobs exist not only for your benefit, but jobs also let you help others.
>>13294 I'll help others when others help me.
>>13295 They will, monetarily.
>>13296 Fuck off.
$850 quarterly power bill. something is very wrong here. maybe the hot water thermostat.
>>13298 Have you been using a heater?
>>13299 I use a lot of power at home when i'm NEETing but it jumped about 40 % from last bill, and I've been using far less heat in the spring. It might be the freezer but I thought the neighbours were paying for that.
>>13300 Fuck it turns out that I'm paying for my freexer, which i didnt have last year. the problem is that it would be barely noticeable at only 1.7 kwh/day The increase is 13 KWh/day. my hot water is more than half of the daily usage. The boomers on whirlpool forum have sperged out about similar problems, that thread is masive
(106.54 KB 1024x653 1603041949957.jpg)
After wage I went to my gym in the park and was doing my thing. I saw this old guy I see all the time down there. He is the kind of guy who cleans up the park for no reward. I always see him with a black plastic dogshit bag, hunting the grass verge for dog eggs. I also recall him dragging wallaby carcasses off the road and chucking them into the ravine. I thought I was the only cunt to do that. I compare him to the majority of cunts in the park who have dogs off leashes and let them get behind to shit "unnoticed" in the grass. The local kindy has put up signs asking cunt dogowners specifically to not do this. Cleanup boomer is tops in my books, especially compared to cuntdogowners. Good Night, White.
>>13294 I used to be really motivated in that regard but just over time I got really jaded with things, now I feel if you aren't trying to fuck the government out of their money legally in some way or form then you aren't doing it right. Maybe I could find a wage I can at least tolerate though. I am actually going to look today online. I'd be happy doing some manual labor like construction I think.
Good Morning NEETs. Caught the dawn chorus again. I wonder if the birdies go everywhere and do this.
Who won the poofterball? Trying to decide if I can be bothered enough to act like I care at wage today.
>>13303 RM Williams is back in Aussie hands, become a shoemaker. >>13304 Morning. >>13305 Richmond, Was a good game. Pretty even for the first three quarters, then Richmond kicked 5 goals in the last quarter.
Wage was okay. They take the cakes and chuck them out instead of making them available to snack happy staff. This happens periodically when some robot gets in charge of catering and decides everyone needs to go on a diet. Missed out of these lemon slice things which are so sugary that your heart palpitates if you have more than a couple in one go. watching underbelly s3 e1 golden mile with tea.
Sup niggas.
>>13309 >niggas Noongars
>>13310 Goonas.
Fucking whores.
https://youtu.be/cW7Bhz6grYI Southern went to work for SkyNews
(4.07 MB 2000x1579 Nude2.jpg)
>>13312 The internet shopping is a Fuking chore, it occupied me tonight. I'm looking at camping gear, How do normies actually go into a physical store and have some know-nothing sell them some shite. I read about this phenomenon, its kind of a myth that white-shoe tier recreationalists buy into, that the bush is a nice place to chill. Its not, its fuking brutal. Normies fear to leave the trail. I only use trails to get me close to where i want to go before I jump off them and use a compass. This guy I talked to today was telling me to get an faggoty EPIRB, I told him I dont believe in them and used a UHF radio to hopefully contact the repeaters. I should learn to shut up and just LARP. Like what I do when I was talking to the office lady, I only recalled two things from last night's sporting event. 1) The tigers played and 2) some guy got stretchered off. I turned this into a 5 minute conversation. kek. Good Night, White.
>>13313 She is a stupid whore who should be making white babies.
>>13314 Normies are fucking idiots.
>>13314 Normies are fucking idiots.
>>13313 I dont know whether that race mixing jewess gives sky credibility or if its the other way around.
I feel like I'm in that bit in 1984 where Winston feels his emotions build up and then calm as he watches the news report of the battle, towards the end. Both sides know how to manipulate us and their manipulation is getting rather heavy-handed of late.
Good Morning NEETs. The bin truck is noisily making its way up the street. Wage today.
Good afternoon. The edges of our false reality are starting to fray.
This is a notice to any leftists, socialists, communists, progressives, or similar who are on this board. Fuck off now.
>>13323 Socialism is the only way to see that everyone gets a fair number of cakes in their tiffin.
>>13324 Fuck off.
>>13324 I used to take all the cakes because I'm the best operator. Now there are no cakes because of the petty bureaucrats.
>>13326 It's because you couldn't share.
>>13327 I never got my gold star for sharing in kindergarten. I'm a dismal failure of the public education system.
>>13328 Some people aren't cut out for kindness.
>>13329 I'd share you around and be really kind to your gape.
>>13329 Fuck off, cunt.


no cookies?