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(201.29 KB 953x1200 jokerpepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #10 - Solo NEET Edition NEET 10/26/2020 (Mon) 07:34:42 No. 13332
Its time NEET, Its time (You) come to terms with the fact that you're shitposting alone with no replies. But you're not doing it for the (You)'s are ya? You're a professional NEET, Bored, Aussie and maybe just a bit pissed. You're fully hardcore all-bloody-day mate. IN ACTUAL FACT If you was on a desert island with a lone coconut for a mate, you'd shitpost about how the sand was for normies and pebbles were the master race or some crap, and put that in a empty stubby and post it into the waves. Thats where you're at nofriendsNEET, this board is your deserted island and there's only glowcoconuts for mates. So pack the billy and have a hot one NEET, Its time to..... GO IT ALONE
SOUNDTRACK FOR THE SOLO NEET https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_10
>>13332 Why does he keep at it?
(12.91 KB 234x216 bruce shitposts.png)
Thiking about going deep bush again. I talked to a guy who lost an eye to a branch doing MTB stuff on a trail, he was literally stuck to the tree, had to have a mate free him. Makes me think that branches going into your eyes is a huge risk. I will trial some sports glasses with anti fog coating next time I go up the gully.
>>13332 Well formatted edition.
(53.27 KB 622x453 1579356538211.jpg)
I got to use an bit of rescue gear at wage, fun was had by all. even the cunt getting rescued
What is the point of having a full tiffin if there is no-one to share it with? It may as well be empty.
>>13332 I am always alone
>>13349 Sounds like fun neet
(90.81 KB 862x575 zac rolfe.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-26/nt-zachary-rolfe-murder-trial-kumanjayi-walker/12812480 Fuark. Rolfe's gonna get keelhauled for two out of three bullets. He sure tripped a clown world IED by doing his job and defending himself.
>>13335 *How?
>>13355 Mate.
>>13356 Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeeeee!!
(704.28 KB 1030x585 1601641797148.png)
>>13332 >glowCoconuts
>>13358 Jesus Christ (bless him) nigger everywhere.
(101.20 KB 768x509 1599303836508.jpg)
The extra days at wage are going towards some new camp gear, stuff that will take me longer to make myself than it'd take to wage and buy. I dunno tho... a polytarp is one tenth the price and might be better. hmm.. chinkshit vs seppoTastic. I'll decide by tomorrow night. Good Night, White.
>>13350 Everyone is allotted a tiffin, there will be no sharing of tiffins.
>>13360 Sweet pic anon. Unemployment check coming in 2 days. I’m riding this NEET life out lmao. Seriously though I’ve come to the conclusion I can deal with wage as long as it pays me decent, I’m not gonna settle for less than $20 an hour plain and simple.
Good Morning NEETs. I want to go bulk shopping before the seppo election and beginning of the collapse.
(7.07 KB 183x275 potoroo.jpg)
>>13362 $20 and hour in seppobux is $30 over here. That will get you a potoroo and two bandicoots. Which isn't too bad.
>>13364 Potoroos must be on sale.
Daily reminder that all lefties are subhuman.
>>13366 No lefty whinger poofs on /ausneets/
Fukn wage got another 15 minutes minutes unpaid overtime out of me today.
>>13368 Call your union.
>>13369 i'll send them a message a brick thru their window at night
Oldad wants to go to the northern beaches in a weeks time. I have to get a 4G modem before that otherwise i will be bored shitless.
(159.95 KB 370x556 Traditional.jpg)
Overheard a woman I have known for many years say Break-ey instead of Brekky today. I suspect she is a New Zealander. Not that it matters really, I was thinking about who is Aussie and who is not. If I drew a radius of 5Km around where I live now, I grew up, went to school from kindergarten through to University, Wage and Gym all within that radius. I am Aussie. My mum came from the old country at age 5, she went to school, waged and now lives in the same town just across the Bay from me. She wasn't born here, and keeps some of the old culture going. so she is not quite Aussie. I think being Aussie is an identity, but not in the same way as whites who identify as Boongs are actual boongs. Australia has a problem with boongs being a protected and elevated class and whites putting their hand up for boong dole and boong programs even though they are white trash culture, which is unaustralian. My mum stuck to her old country culture, she is more aussie than the white boongs. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in, wet roads, no wage
(11.41 KB 226x223 soldering pepe.jpg)
Soldering electronics in the kitchen, got those unabomber feels.
>>13374 hell yeah huff that lead!
>>13375 oops there goes the wifi module. Ten bucks for a new one. keke
Fuk took all the dielectric tape off for nothing. I hope i didnt tear off a capacitor somewhere.
Underbelly S03E04 The Golden Mile with lunch
>>13378 cool wish i could still enjoy tv
>>13379 Its a bit of nostalgia because I was there. I kind of recognize some of the characters
(113.02 KB 1024x768 come home white man.jpg)
Off to the wage for an hour of bullshit training and thence to bunnings for some sandbags. I shall go to Jaycar on the way home.
(180.68 KB 1280x1600 laneya-grace-social-media-3-1.jpg)
>>13332 Greetings from The BASED One
>>13382 N-Nuro? Did my manual handling training at wage, Closest i'll get to an actual woman for a while. Went to Bunnings: pricey sandbags and pinched a tap fitting. Too many mudshits. Went to Jaycar, Futile.Too many boomers with gook wives. Went to Food Barn, 8 jars of sauerkraut, Too many Muslims. Went to Coles: Frozen veg and pastries, Too many chinks. Somewhat demoralized.
>>13383 >Somewhat demoralized You need to get over your hate otherwise your life is going to be full of misery m8, and that is no way to live.
(20.73 KB 828x466 schapelle corby.jpg)
Coreboot project not going well, the thinkpad is in bits and I dont know if its going to work when It goes back together. Lots of reading to do and experimenting. Cooked some beans and barley today, its really bland, cuisine is bland at the moment. The moofie i wanted to watch has got fucked subtitles and keeps freezing. FML. Try again tomorrow. Good Night, White.
Sup NEETs, looking for a job online today. Need to find something that pays good as unemployment runs out towards the end of the year. Got my unemployment pay today though, staying at a hotel for the week, gonna fuck with idiots on omegle today and tell them why Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived. Is it hard to find good paying work in Australia? USA it seems to be a challenge. Would like to go to a country where cost of living is cheaper.
Good Morning NEETs. Going to get some sand today and visit mummybot.
>>13386 Jobs are hard to get if your not in the know. If your a private school boy then you get a mining job driving trucks for megadollars. Lots of Aussies go to asia and teach english or give blowjobs or whatever. Aussies that go asiatic are spoken of in scandalized tones tho. can you find a girlfriend on omegle?
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-28/cow-eating-snake-photos-outback-australia/12822382 I think this is fucked because bovino are introduced species and they fuck up the wildlife. Where is the outrage? This is just a 'funny-oddball" story because its just a snake. DEFUND THE ABC
I cant flash my bios because the usb chip that does it is the wrong voltage. I tried to fix it but just burned off the pin i was trying to solder. I am not the only modder to have this issue. CHINKED I will get proper stuff and try again later.
>>13388 I’ve met up with three or four different girls from there so yeah lol
TAILS/Tor is pretty fucked lads. It took me a couple of hours to work out how to set the tor browser security to safest and javascript off on startup. Something that worked on 3.9 no longer works as of around 4.12. This is on top of an intermittent bug I found last year where it turns javascript on depending on a series of actions that I couldn't quite work out completely. Disabling javascript in Tor is important because it is the number one way that glowies unmask people.
(392.15 KB 1000x1600 TOR supporter.jpg)
Is there an alternative to tor? Zeronet or something? what about using m3w text based browser on linux? that has no java yesno?
>>13393 This is an issue in the interface between the Tor browser and TAILS I think. The Tor protocol would still work fine with other browsers but these are not bundled with TAILS. Using a non-standard browser would also make you stand out somewhat to someone collecting useragent strings. Just something to note. If you used a text browser then there would be no problem with javascript but you would lose a lot of functionality. I haven't used zeronet and I have yet to get I2P running.
There are demons everywhere now.
>>13394 >I2P the competitor to zeronet. Not real useful if you need to book a holiday at a tourist park with your oldad.
Off to get some sand and see mummybot.
The sand jew charged me $2 for a sandbag's worth of sand and $1 for the same of pine bark. Mummybot was happy with the nice warm day.
>>13399 Scott Morrison intends to ramp up immigration to "normal" levels (read 200,000/year) in year 3-4 post COVID. We will need to either remove him or isolate country Australia from the impacts of his policies.
>>13400 DFAT has pissed off China about Hong Kong and Morrison seems to be backing them, also China is redpilled on Muslims, so there is one angle for an alliance. The Tibetan experience however suggests that we should be very careful about this. Ho Chi Minh once said that he would rather sniff American shit for a decade than eat Chinese shit for a Millenium. It would of course be important to ally with reactionary and Monarchist elements only and to ensure that our ambassadors are of the highest moral standing so as to avoid the trap that the Bidens and U.S. Democrats fell into. We also have many sympathisers in the United States, generally clustered around the Trump camp. They are fighting their own war at the moment and they are rather bluepilled on some things, but they will be a formidable force if they win, and coming into rule will force them to swallow the redpill whole.
>>13401 Whatever we do, it should benefit our supporters, those being the overwhelming majority of Australians who say that Australia doesn't need immigration.
>>13400 Scummo is a massive flog. He sold our future to the jews like a smackie begging for a taste.
>>13403 Jews who have ripped off Australia, typified by Highrise Harry (((Triguboff))), will need to go. (((Triguboff))) calls for a population of 100 million. This does not benefit anyone in middle Australia apart from some tradies in the short term, but those tradies will be replaced by shitskins in the long term, so they really ought to side with us as well. Jews who do not meddle and whose presence enriches rather than empoverishes middle Australia can probably stay.
(99.32 KB 1300x957 1603079605546.jpg)
>>13403 >Scummo is a massive flog. He sold our future to the jews like a smackie begging for a taste.
>>13405 What are you trying to say?
>>13405 Fuk off. He had the treasurer print billions in government bonds which he sold to someone. The mystery purchaser paid for it with money they printed and loaned to themselves. You tell me how that works you then you snarky bastard.
>>13404 The problem with too many jews is that they cluster together and their programming kicks in. Isolated individuals of any culture are rarely a problem in a large pool of right thinking real Aussies.
(106.54 KB 1024x653 1603041949957.jpg)
Not sure about going to wage tomorrow. I want the money but I have to factor in my morale these days. I will decide tomorrow when I wake up. Dont know what I will do instead tho. Still havent done the vaccuming.
>>13408 We will need an inquisition, as there was in Spain. An enemy within the gates is a far greater problem than an enemy without.
>>13409 Matthew 6:34 >Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
>>13411 Thx. Nice
>>13411 It's good to take things one day at a time.
Good Morning NEETs. I cant hack it at home by myself today. I'm going in to wage.
https://www.pm.gov.au/media/virtual-multicultural-community-roundtable Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs >As you are probably aware, we have really ramped up our engagement with the multicultural leaders this year during the pandemic. I’ve led a lot of those, but equally through our regional directors and our community liaison officers we’ve had over 8,000 engagements with different community leaders and different communities this year, which is a fivefold increase in what it was last year. >I can tell you that some of the feedback we’ve had from these forums has directly led to the policy changes which we have made. In particular, I reflect on a few things which I have put in place following the forums that I’ve held. Such as putting religious leaders, for example, on the exemption list at the border so that they can come in more readily, because they’ve been so important during the pandemic. >Such as addressing some of the visa application charge issues which we can discuss further. >Also in terms of really getting going on this anti-racism campaign, which many of you have raised directly with me as well, which I think has been quite effective in terms of how we’ve done that. Anti-racist is anti-white. >Specifically, that we have almost doubled the number of partner permanent residency visas available for this financial year – up to 73,000 (77,000 family visas). This is quite a lot. >We have removed almost every restriction on migrants being able to access free English language classes. So that means from now anybody at any stage, no matter how long you have been in the country can get as many free English language classes as they need to get themselves up to a functional level of English. Good, all things being equal, but this should really be a requirement for before people reach Australia. >Obviously we closed the borders in March and we’ve been slowly re-opening them again since. But it means our migration program overall will be completely diminished this year and next, before we expect it to ramp back up to close to normal in year three or four. Normal migration since Howard's gun laws (1997) being ridiculously high. (1/?)
https://www.pm.gov.au/media/virtual-multicultural-community-roundtable Prime Minister >I've always been, as you know, a keen advocate and supporter of Australia's immigration program, and there are many reasons for that. It defines us, who we are as a country. We are the most successful immigration country in the world. That's not debatable. It's a fact and daylight second. We show the rest of the world how to do this. >That's not debatable. He has to go. >We need to get back to Australia being open and people being able to come. But it obviously has to be done safely and at a time when our systems can support it, and pre-vaccine and post-vaccine that will be made that bit easier. Typical New World Order shit. >Some of the groups that are most susceptible to that are obviously young people, and that's why our budget is focused on young people. Women, which is why our budget is focused so much in that area as well. Government should get the fuck out of the affairs of Australia's families. >As we know, businesses, ethnic businesses are the most entrepreneurial in the country. The rate of entrepreneurialism amongst the many migrant communities in Australia is higher than it is for the otherwise national average. And so supporting business has very much been a multicultural policy in Australia, because so much of the multicultural community's economic progress and wellbeing is subject to the success of the small and medium sized business environment. Thank you very fucking much. >The COVID experience, I think, has demonstrated to many around the world and whether there are, you know, real challenges in places like Hong Kong and so on. And we’re saying come to Australia, establish your business here. One of the reasons we could that is because of the rich multicultural history and presence that Australia has today. Meddling in China with the Antifa types of Hong Kong. >You know, if we have a company that’s decided to rebase itself from Singapore to Australia, or from Thailand to Australia, or from the UK or from the United States, wherever they happen to be, or from Lebanon - it doesn’t matter where. They will be able to come into Australia and form part of a community that is present and can be supportive and can drive that participation. How about supporting Australian SMEs? Small-Medium Enterprises (2/?)
https://www.pm.gov.au/media/virtual-multicultural-community-roundtable Prime Minister >What has occurred in the past is that coronaviruses have peaked and passed long before the urgency of a need for a vaccine. >COVID-19 is somehow different He is a lying. >A vaccine that you get in Australia should be a vaccine you get in Africa or Papua New Guinea or Malaysia or Indonesia, Vietnam, China, wherever. The UN/WHO retards would probably oversee it. NWO shit again. Minister Tudge >Now, by what we mean by reasonable effort to learn English, we'll define those over the weeks ahead. But, broadly speaking, it might be for a person who is an ordinary person, ordinary, capable person, it might be doing 500 hours of the freely available English language classes in Australia. Prime Minister, in response to the Council of International Students in Australia >My plan is to get the students back, and to get them back for next year, and to work with the states and territories, the universities sector to achieve that as best as we possibly can for next year. The religious wars shall continue. >It may well be the case that students may get to come early and be backpackers for a while, before they go back to university, and perhaps spend a bit more time in Australia and see a lot more of Australia. We've got a lot of fruit to pick, I know that much, and that's another problem we've got, actually. Fucking strawberry farmers. >I mentioned before, the tremendous discipline and application that existed especially in the Chinese-Australian community with the returning Australian residents early on. Is China falling for our democracy scam or are we falling for China's technology transfer scam? (3/?)
https://www.pm.gov.au/media/virtual-multicultural-community-roundtable Dr Rateb Jneid, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils >Australia is enriched by its diversity >The question is, will the department be funding programs that will help combat xenophobia and Islamophobia? Meaning, will the Australian Government stop Australian citizens from defending themselves from the Islamic invasion? Assistant Minister Wood >you haven't got a better leader when it comes to the understanding of multicultural issues and respect and having a zero tolerance approach when it comes to our Prime Minister >waffles on for a few minutes about Indians and curry They are terrified of this man. >When it comes to specific programs, we have the Muster Grants, the understanding social tolerance and respect programs and Alan Tudge was right behind the Racism Is Not Acceptable campaign. Very much targeted at COVID era and to ensure we don't have actually racism in there. This budget again, $62 million social cohesion a major focus, community liaison officers. The concept of "racism" is a lie. >On the tougher side, can I say and we, our thoughts are still with what happened, that awful atrocity in Christchurch in New Zealand. And can I say ASIO and the AFP are very focused on any extremism right wing extremists and they will focus on that. Fuck you. >nearly one-third of that funding [Safer Communities] was to Muslim communities Why do Muslim communities need so much money to stop people from hating them? >with this latest strand of the Budget, Safer Communities, again, we have $35 million and something I'm really excited about half that money will be for early intervention programs, to make sure young people don't go down the wrong paths whether it be in gangs or extremism. So, we're 100 per cent behind our multicultural communities in calling out racism. A Christian violent extremist is a bad Christian, but a Muslim violent extremist is a good Muslim. (4/?)
https://www.pm.gov.au/media/virtual-multicultural-community-roundtable Prime Minister >I think one of the one of the great misconceptions in this country when it comes to dealing with multicultural policy is that it is restricted to issues of identity and things of that nature. But actually it's just about achieving the same participation and quality of life and opportunity as any other Australian. Bullshit. >about five minutes of dancing around the fact that the Government's response to a flu has crippled our economy >We do have other senior cabinet leaders lined up for the weeks ahead for multicultural leaders to be able to communicate with as well. Keep an eye on this lads, we may have to recon, infiltrate, or D5 deny, degrade, disrupt, deceive, destroy it. >Their teams have been bolstered in this budget. Moar money taken from working people and given to the filth. >GayFL Ends. (5/5)
https://www.pm.gov.au/media/statement-france >Scott Morrison expresses his strong disapproval of terrorist attacks in France without once mentioning Muslims or Islam.
There is a big storm coming in and the wind is gusting ferociously.
>>13426 We had a storm on Wednesday and a branch snapped off a tree just when a car was passing by and killed the driver, how unlucky is that.
(33.75 KB 650x366 scumo best.jpg)
>>13417 Multiculturalism is an abomination, this is some bastards doing. I suspect the Jews. "Call out Racism" campaign? I will call out Mass Immigration.This shit started with Bob Hawke. >>13418 White immigration defines Australia. They are conflating post war euro quality immigration with the shite coming from the third world. These "entrepreneurs" are too useless to actually contribute to the community so they open afghan restaurants assuming locals will flip their shit when they try goat meat. Or they are just importing chink foodstuffs to sell to other chinks, how does that closed economy benefit anyone except the boomers getting higher rents? >>13419 "Enriched by diversity" this is not just rhetoric. its a talmudic lie. Kek that the latest covid outbreak in shitbourne is from the muslims. AGAIN. >>13422 Scotty from marketing is a defective unit.
>>13425 He is just making up shit as he goes along. I dont think he is very high I.Q.
>>13428 > goat meat. Thats very nice in a curry to be honest
>>13429 He is an empty suit.
>>13428 >what do these people actually do here? We will need to do some primary investigation into this. Extrapolating from my experience, the pointy edge of the spear is the people who do violence against their sponsors' enemies, the Jews' golems being the most striking example. The problem is that the golem gets out of hand: French Muslims attacking progressive school teachers; blacks attacking trannies; and Antifa attacking Democrat politicians. This could be a good thing or a bad thing for us. We want to see diversity destroying Greenies and progressives, but we don't want diversity to become so powerful that it takes over Australia wholesale. The optimum scenario would be both of them weakening each other so much that we can seize power. There will be others who are behind the point of the spear: NGOs that take donations for feel-good causes; restaurants who launder money for their ethnoreligious group; religious leaders who recruit potential jihadis and feed them into the more refined cadres; and so much more. There will be an entire ecosystem that is devoted to extracting as many resources from middle Australia as possible and thus growing the particular ethnoreligious group at the expense of middle Australia. You can learn quite a bit by going in and talking to people. Islam is a relatively easy religion to infiltrate, compared to Orthodox Christianity for exampe, and Arabs and others are an average of about 10 IQ points lower than whites. Some have noted that Arabs are not very dangerous except when a white man leads them. Lawrence of Arabia springs to mind. By now you may notice that we have started slipping into territory that has traditionally been occupied by the AFP and ASIO. This is not a surprise. These agencies have been weakened from within by progressive infiltrators and are turning aside from their primary role as protectors of Australia's citizenry. As Morrison notes, these agencies are now being directed to prey upon heritage Australian. If we want to survive then we will need to do the work ourselves. God helps those who help themselves.
The day went quickly at wage, I got: The name of the woman I want to ask out from the roster board. Dianne Tomorrows penalty rates shift, Some sperg offered to give me a copy of some software impossible to torrent. Went to the bush gym. Having a go at setting up my linux laptop. Shitposted a bit on another board but no (You)'s. Good Night, White.
>>13433 Goodnight mate.
>>13432 >Heritage Australia The legacy is still out in the regional areas. The cities are lost. This pattern has happened in every english speaking country. Survival requires formation of closed and self sufficient communities within the multicultural sewer. I look at Oriana in the western cape for a case example.
>>13432 >Heritage Australia The legacy is still out in the regional areas. The cities are lost. This pattern has happened in every english speaking country. Survival requires formation of closed and self sufficient communities within the multicultural sewer. I look at Oriana in the western cape for a case example.
Good Morning NEETs. Wage today then call the landlord afterwards.
>>13436 We still need a means to coordinate violence at a scale that matches that of the enemy, lest the fate of Rhodesia befall us.
>>13437 I think I will have a fire and drink beer today.
From elsewhere: Just war requires right intent, right cause, and right authority. Trump is America's authority. Who is our authority?
Too windy to skate
>>13441 Go sailing instead.
>>13440 Melissa Price
I have lit my fire and drunk my beer.
>>13438 Impossible organically in my opinon. Mexican cartel tier logistics needed. I often wondered at the possibility of harvesting drug dealers, One watches the Underbelly series and the mind turns to what you would do if you knew of these people in the community, the possibilities to extract their ill gotten assets with coercive vioilence.
>>13445 One can milk the cow forever or have steak for dinner once. Would it be better to leverage their networks instead?
>>13443 That dynastic NPC bureaucrat? She is the lodge grandmaster?
>>13443 >Price caused controversy in her role as Environment Minister by allegedly telling Anote Tong, the former president of Kiribati and climate change advocate, "I know why you're here. It is for the cash. For the Pacific it's always about the cash. I have my chequebook here. How much do you want?"
>>13446 dunno about networks. The big narcotics providers hardly seem like professionals. More like brutal and lucky gamblers. I think the ladder to them is very vulnerable to attack and exposure. Find a junkie and torture your way up the chain of suppliers until you find the source. Its all the rage places like Juarez Mexico
>>13448 Kek Yeah I just read that on the wiki. I reckon the page needs an update. 4chan were doing the nose modifications to the pictures werent they.
>>13449 You are only as smart as your dumbest customer. >>13450 =D
>>13444 Boongs burn shit. did you at least light it with by twirling a stick and not use fucking newspaper?
>>13452 I used a stick dipped in kero and a blowtorch. I am disappoint.
>>13451 I got no qualms about using enhanced interrogation on a chinees ice merchant.
>>13453 A real boong would sniff that kero and sell the blowtorch for a silver woobla
>>13455 >>>/r/gatekeeping >>13454 They say that people who talking about the means justifying the ends often forget about the ends...
>>13456 no one cries when a ice dealer disappears.
>>13457 Holiness? Or real reason?
>>13458 Hunh? All I'm sayin is that drug supply networks are an untapped and instant resource that merely requires a white van, about half a dozen holes out in the bush and some especial viciousness.
Wage was gay. Then I talked to my landlord and he worked my nerve with his stories of how successful his kids were and how I should buy property. One hour that took. I get a new lease and a couple of worthwhile tips on some esoterica that might be handy one day. Never forget to always do the opposite of what the boomer says.
>>13460 You don't think buying property is a good idea?
>>13461 Nah, I'm a boong and the concept of owning land is just weird.
>>13459 Who says they are untapped? Those in the know say that the profitable dealers have elite sponsors. And if they were untapped, a you would reap a better profit from taxing them than from burning them.
>>13463 >taxing them How are you going to achieve that? Answer this question or abandon your premise. There is only harvest of a drug supply network. Reeling in the higher echelons would become problematic after a number of rungs of the ladder. It would be like a game show with the jackpot being the puppet master.
>>13464 You don't make sense.
(916.79 KB 1126x2160 1604133638173.jpg)
Was bored today and thought about a better life far away from who I am now. Feeling tired. Much chores and online shopping to be done but It can wait until after wage tomorrow. Might have a light beer and a pizza then. Good Night, White.
Good morning NEETs. Slept okay but the boomer gave me nightmares.
Off to the wage I go. Should be a slack day and pizza night tonight.
(108.18 KB 1024x576 1604145359766.jpg)
Happy Halloween Neets
(963.33 KB 1125x1118 1604178103632.jpg)
>>13466 Was thinking similar thoughts. I think I’m gonna join the French foreign legion. I want out of the USA
(225.15 KB 1280x960 hazelnut slice.jpg)
Had a fairly boring day at wage. Got the tea lady to leave the slices behind and i got nearly all of them. I already gave one away and had one. They are made with honey and hazelnuts i think. THE LUCK OF THE HUNTER-GATHERER RETURNS Going up the bush and pizza/beer tonight.
>>13472 Nice score. that wage of yours must have a pretty high cake budget.
>>13473 Yeah the kitchens are an institution. They love making the cakes. They'd shit if they knew the tea ladies were told to chuck out the leftovers.
The mudshit tea ladies never leave the cakes in the tea room, They always take the leftovers back to the kitchen like good little mudbots. The real Australian tea ladies dont like to waste the cakes and mostly find ways around the stupid edict to be covid safe with leftovers, like just taking the distinctive trays back and leaving the cakes on paper towels or whatever. The mudbots are all apologies but fear the imaginary wrath of the nebulous supervisors, and chuck the cakes. My workplace is riven with mudbots and they are all the same, useless, no initiative, never any help, always do the minimum. My workplace has mudshit cancer.
But the clamour of the Trojan ranks was as that of many thousand ewes that stand waiting to be milked in the yards of some rich flockmaster, and bleat incessantly in answer to the bleating of their lambs; for they had not one speech nor language, but their tongues were diverse, and they came from many different places.
>>13475 Diversity has been shit for at least 3200 years. I don't see it getting better any time soon.
Called oldad and told him to start getting his shit together because this time next week we will be up the northern beaches. Got loads of stuff to do to the car too. Maybe get the tyres rotated and fill in the paint chips. Also get the laptop working with a mobile modem so I can shitpost away from home. Good Night. White.
(194.74 KB 231x313 1601295315221.png)
>>13372 bah disguisting 3dpd kys
(500.43 KB 496x270 gVC6ogJSgjgIlnI3.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs. Going to be a warm day today, civic club tonight because I promised the boomers I'd turn up.
>>13481 Kek. Off to the camps with the kiwi cucks. Good thing they gave up their guns, It'd be inconvenient if they could fight back.
(353.16 KB 330x678 mental illness.png)
Youse whoite dogs are stealin our flag and sayin youse are all fully sick cunts. HANDS OFF OUR FLAG UNNA
2 slices of cold pizza for second breakfast.
>>13483 Tarrant looks more and more like a glow op the further we go along. There is a reason they put people like him in solitary. If the other prisoners could talk to him then they could look for holes in his story. >>13485 Lower than niggers.
>>13487 What if he wasn't? Not all happenings are shake and bake.
>>13488 They could have gotten to him somehow. Whispers in the dark corners of halfchan, gnawing on his mind, for months or even years, until the day he made his move. He had a point of entry in his concern with whiteness and his homage to the Gods of Valhalla.
(8.11 KB 220x249 1599275032363s.jpg)
>>13489 Nah. The NZ ZOG used his attack for their own ends but then again so did Tarrant.
>>13490 I have always thought that if Tarrant were compromised than so would I have been.
(491.35 KB 1067x1600 fight.jpg)
>>13487 Nah, the insane amount of shills on 4chan immediately after the mosque shooting is proof to me that Tarrant was legit. Even the 2016 election didn't have as many shills, or as high of a catalog velocity. When they want to suppress something that bad, it's because they're afraid of it (or rather in this case, of what it represents).
(56.54 KB 800x709 Resooter.jpg)
>>13492 dunno, a lot of those shills were pretty amateur. Its as if they were either larping or new hires.
>>13493 The unique IDs on 8/pol spiked from 2200 up to over 5000 immediately after his attack.
>>13493 >resooter Lol. https://www.catholic.org/news/national/story.php?id=85039 I also noticed many amateur shills (by shareblue standards) on 4chan for some non-U.S. events like the war in Armenia/Azerbaijan.
>>13495 >reset letter to trump Good Lord *choke*
>>13496 inorite fren What about that letter sicks out to you?
>>13497 Vignao has a long wiki page. He's written letters before. "Rumors are not always false" Tacitus its too long to take in right now, i have printed it out and will read it at civic club tonite i was about to have a wank
Ungh. I spent four evenings trying to get arch linux to mount a USB drive. My filemanager just needed to be restarted to display the drive. Fuck ranger.
Off to civic club. feeling okay about it tonight
>>13500 Strike up a conversation with someone you don't usually talk to.
>>13498 >>13500 >civic club Sometimes Aussie and sometimes Kiwi.
>>13500 Have a good night m8
>>13502 I'd never heard of one before this NEET.
Tomorrow late at night time until Wednesday early afternoon is the U.S. election.
>>13501 Meh. they're all hyper normal, I'd just scare 'em. Civic club was good tonight and when the mozzies descended I was fully covered and comfy when all the boomers in their shorts and thongs got mauled. Lighthouse beach is a nice neighbourhood but an awful commute to the city, its a mix of old community and Richies in gleaming architectural turds set amidst ghastly call-of-duty-esque landscaping. There was heaps of ice cream left over and I had two plastic bowls full. I took the letter by Vigano that was posted above, Its pretty alarming, you gotta wonder what he knows and if he got it first hand instead of just some 4pol sht that got in his ear. The language is pretty polished and at first glance it seems like what a octogenerian church career bureacrat would pipe out. He condemns the pope and should expect to get excommunicated so he's put everything at stake. This is a legacy play by a guy that appears to be half based if you can believe the wiki. He's clearly right about the nightmare that Biden getting in would be for everyone. I have decided to stop what I'm doing and put most of my net worth into cryptocurrency. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Hot day apparrently, It wont get that bad unless the sun is out which isnt predicted.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-03/china-broadens-trade-war-against-australian-imports/12841142 Maybe there will be Crayfish for locals this christmas. The funny thing about CoViD is that the fallout punched globalization up the arse and ordinary cunts like me noticed a general improvement.
A rumour's not a rumour that doesn't die. >>13498
I will need some tendies for tomorrow. >it's about to be legendary
>>13510 There was an improvement in Sydney in March/April. Sydney people are such faggots but most of them had the wind knocked out of them. The police were still faggots though. They have mostly gone back to being faggots, last I saw.
>>13513 Normies will never wake up. They love the status quo. If there ever is an epochal change then most of them will die rather than adapt.
>>13514 Your terms are acceptable.
>>13512 >it's about to be mythical
>>13516 Both are good.
>>13512 >tendies Air fryer
Fuckit, having garlic with lunch. not going to go near any one for some days.
I just had the most satisfying shit I have had in over a year.
>>13520 Good for you, cock.
>>13520 I'm honestly envious.
>>13520 A metamucil poo?
(724.22 KB 602x489 1604387429511.png)
I got an old server off gumtree which I'm enthusiastic about. I drove out to mornington where I used to work and found the place. A nice brick place with a garage underneath and a Norfolk pine as old as I am in the yard. It was run down and there was abandoned shit laying about. A busted mower on the front lawn and a child's easel almost in the way on the patio. A chink answered the door, as expected, his english was poor and he stammered something about his housemate when I pantomimed "Gum-Tree" and "Com-Puu-Ter". The lounge room was cluttered and cat 5 cable was stuck to the floor with grimy silver tape. A full size mirror was positioned superstitiously adjacent to the front door. Random detritus shoved without order in any available space. A hatchet lay next to a basket of long dead weeds. The peeling paint on the window framing was covered in dirt. Chinks never clean their windows just as they always have a box of kleenex on the rear window shelf of their cars, its some kind of racial imperative, perhaps because they never look out of them, I'm at a loss. I paid the other chink. God alone only knows how many soulless bugmen lived there. He told me the server posts, its an okay deal but I wouldnt do business with them if I had a choice. The server was heavy as hell as I put it into the tray. I paused in the warm evening breeze to check out the neighbourhood, quiet, established and backing onto a reserve. Perfect for a modest Aussie family. Such a pity mass immigration evidently had other plans for that nice house and that neighbourhood too. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Warm night overnight, Slept okay despite the drunks outside.
>>13525 post specs of youre server t. linus man
(70.75 KB 1200x674 devil.jpg)
>>13527 I got a HP ProLiant D380 G2 twin dual core xeon and 8Gb ram. Its all i need to get started, I need a networked hard drive and a cryptocurrency node and maybe trading bot.
(1.34 MB 698x921 trump samurai.png)
I feel like the coming collapse is like a deadline and Trump winning gives us an extension to get ready. Are you cunts preparing for the collapse?
>>13530 Yes.
>>13530 >Are you cunts preparing for the collapse? No, I only have a six pack to get me through, I will need a few more longnecks.
(11.06 KB 143x353 shit.jpg)
>>13530 My arsehole will collapse if I dont lay off the hot sauce
Trump must go to war now. Eternal glory is his if only he reach out his hand and take it. His enemies have attacked him without pause for the last four years. With this victory he gains legitimacy. He must now add resolve. Trump's actions in the next 24 hours will determine whether he is remembered in one thousand years or forgotten in one.
(145.34 KB 910x1367 bicycle girl.jpg)
Had a chores day. Got the tyres rotated, went to bunnings, took the back road to the workshop, unmade a thing and made it into something else. Pulled out some weeds and Cleaned the inside of the Falcon. II feel that I didnt achieve much, I always get those feels when driving is involved. At least I'm not walking, I remember walking everywhere. Spending your dole on hi-tec magnums and chucking them out in six months because the metal bit in the sole wore thru. If I could give that povo young man a bike and set him up as a rider, I could give him his life back. Two wheels on a single track are what makes a man effective in the city. I am a rider in the city. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. A pudgy plover is looking for bugs on the lawn outside. The morning is cool and still yet.
The Deacon came around with his wife. I am a little distracted and he left after a brief chat. They walked back to their car hand in hand, hows that?
>>13538 Did you talk about the USA election?
>>13539 Nah. I avoided the topic. I dont want the Deacon to think I'm weird.
I couldn't post this morning because my IP was banned. I do use a proxy though so that is probably why. It has never happened before.
I just want to shitpost in peace. Is that too much to ask?
Americans are very independent I think. It is an admirable trait and I hope they do well.
>>13541 Most of my proxy IP's are banned because of the attacks yonks ago. Now I have to post via NZ.
(50.43 KB 640x640 1604540075403.jpg)
I had a frustrating day trying to get some routers daisy chained, absolute waste of time. My 4G modem has not arrived and I need to chase that up tomorrow, It was supposed to be here on wed latest. If its not here tomorrow I dont require it at all and will seek a refund. Nothing was achieved today. very frustrating. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Another busy day today.
Windows 10 AME speedrun
I am working on transfering my online life over to Qubes. It will be a big project because almost everything is on Windows and has been for my entire life. It should be worth it once I finish the project though. When used correctly, Qubes is supposed to be impervious to all hacking except for hardware hacking because the different things you need (networking, password storage, work files) use different VMs and are sequestered by hardware and the "root" VM is disconnected from the network. I will most likely need windows for the occasional normie job although these have become rarer and rarer over the years as the Pajeets and other foreign operatives move in. For those who are interested, Qubes supports Fedora, Debian, and Whonix VMs out of the box, and can also use Arch Linux and other VMs that its community members have created.
>>13549 compartmenatalizing sounds like a good idea. I should try and do that with My arch linux os. Having your browser seperate from you other files is kind of hard because you use your browser to pull files and upload all the time. Got to install win 10 AME on this PC before i can get my home network going. Speedrunning installs for linux and windows is good because it can seperate your desktop from your machine. otherwise its a nightmare to upgrade, eventually i want to have my desktop on a vps somewhere. shadilay
ebay electronics came today. I have electronics projects on top of my computer projects now.
>>13551 my project is dying
>>13552 Work hard at it and you'll get there
>>13553 I have what feels like hundreds of projects. I don't know which one to do. Capitalism is good because you can easily choose to use your labour on the task that has the greatest monetary reward. Socialism makes this harder. I just end up doing whatever I most feel like doing at the current time. Things that are related to security like Linux, blockchain, Tor/I2P/VPN, custom electronics, personal security, and cryptography will all be useful if the world keeps on going the way it is going.
>>13555 I'll trip your mother
>>13554 yeah being interested in things is a curse. I feel I've come a long way because of my projects though. I notice this when I talk to people who cant into computers. which is everyone really.
>>13554 how about running scripts from github. Thats where i want to be eventually. I want to run trading bots from a server in my bedroom, I just need to get this 4g modem going on my arch linux laptop first....
>>13558 I don't know much about github but Python is a pretty easy scripting language to use and is bundled with most flavours of Linux. It also has an installer for Windows.
I feel like we need some sort of group project that will help us to train up and fulfil some of our group objectives at the same time.
>>13560 survival is a good project to work together on. Those aims can get micro-political fast though. I remember how it was back in the squats, we were all working on staying there and resisting eviction but leadership was a problem. It worked better than anything I have experienced since though.
>>13561 >survival Literally the first thing God commands people to do is to take the actions that are needed for survival in the face of competition from all other competing tribes. Genesis 1:28 says: >And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. >cohesion Sun Tzu said: >When invading hostile territory, the general principle is, that penetrating deeply brings cohesion; penetrating but a short way means dispersion. >leadership Thomas Carlyle writes: >We come now to the last form of Heroism; that which we call Kingship. The Commander over Men; he to whose will our wills are to be subordinated, and loyally surrender themselves, and find their welfare in doing so, may be reckoned the most important of Great Men. He is practically the summary for us of all the various figures of Heroism; Priest, Teacher, whatsoever of earthly or of spiritual dignity we can fancy to reside in a man, embodies itself here, to command over us, to furnish us with constant practical teaching, to tell us for the day and hour what we are to do. He is called Rex, Regulator, Roi: our own name is still better; King, Konning, which means Can-ning, Able-man. >... the finding of your Ableman and getting him invested with the symbols of ability, with dignity, worship (worth-ship), royalty, kinghood, or whatever we call it, so that he may actually have room to guide according to his faculty of doing it,—is the business, well or ill accomplished, of all social procedure whatsoever in this world! The true leader, or king even, is the man in whose following we find ourselves risen up higher than we could by following any other.
>>13562 >God commands survival Yeah but define survival nowadays. That could mean anything from survival of your reputation to the survival of your financial assets (gambles) survival of your race is the only valid survival imperative >sun Tsu Chink. Disregarded >kingship Interesting. Was never donald trump, In my opinion, why do Qtards worship him, its vulgar.
Had fun working on the computers today, YOu dont notice where the time goes as you inch forward and overcome snags. I'm learning which is the real work. Good Night. White.
Good morning NEETs. Its quite chilly this morning.
Doing a bit better with the computers today. Those speedruns come in handy when you're rolling back to a working version.
>>13566 You give me the speed runs
Why is there an ausneets here? What was wrong with endchan?
>>13568 Endchan is for the real neets. 16chan is for professional neets
Got the mobile modem set up on the old laptop, should be able to post from the northern beaches with oldad.
Strange days lads, we have entered another timeline.
>>13571 Biden is about as manufactured as they come. The great reset is upon us, may god have mercy on us all.
I was at the park and watched a dog walker watch his labrador play in the grass. He called it to come about four times over ten minutes but the dog just ignored him . That dog not only thinks its a human, it thinks he has greater status than the owner. This is a mistake and tantamount to animal abuse.
(282.21 KB 342x690 1604729449784.jpg)
Went to the beach to detail the Falcon after giving it a wash. Should be able to throw shit in the tray and take off tomorrow am, pick up dad, sort out his shit and fit it in alongside mine and go up north. I'm a bit anxious about leaving my program for half a week plus all the prep, its dead time but I plan to read some books and learn some shit on a deeper level. At least, thats the plan. Maybe take some pics and shitpost in the evening time. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. The wattle bird has reappeared and is singing outside in the morning sun.
>>13574 Have a good trip m8
(70.14 KB 480x480 1604569319132.jpg)
Trumps toast. The clock is ticking. Biden's a deepfake. The great reset when?
>>13576 Thankx. always dont want to go but then its okay after a bit
(133.20 KB 1024x915 DHS.jpg)
>>13577 Not gonna happen, dude. The traitors will be revealed and arrested. Also those that censored the president, such as twitter and some TV networks.
>>13579 Big IF true
(8.72 MB 640x360 kami-nomorebrotherwars.mp4)
>>13588 What a mong.
(50.67 KB 640x480 slack.jpg)
>>13332 Hows it going NEETs, I made it to the northern beaches with oldad, The tourist park boomer remembered us from last year. It turns out that CoViD-19 brought him his best buisiness year ever because bali got X-ed out and he remembers the lockdown as a two month party. I've said it before: CoViD cleaned house here,
The gloating and gladhanding on SBS news about Biden/Harris is pure AIDS. Imagine the salt if the election actually goes to Trump.
>>13590 You look comfy m8, I'm jealous, enjoy your break
>>13591 So why are you watching sbs?
>>13591 Court victory will be tough, as it looks like Biden will steal 306. Three states will need to be flipped Recounting fraudulent ballots won't help, as sorting the legal one and illegal ones will be impossible If they can prove fraud in court of opinion, they have a chance to send "faithless electors" to vote for Trump https://www.revolver.news/2020/11/recounts-canvasses-will-not-reverse-fraudulent-vote-only-state-legislatures-can-bring-relief/ https://www.revolver.news/2020/11/contaminated-vote-means-republicans-must-appoint-pro-trump-electors/ Interestingly this idea was floated by Newsweek months ago, that includes Trump "claiming" fraud https://www.newsweek.com/how-trump-could-lose-election-still-remain-president-opinion-1513975
>>13594 I'm trying not to but oldad is a TV head. The shitty DTV wont play the 1488.avi files I prepared earlier. Puke. Puke. Puke.
(251.18 KB 1156x1600 trailer hottie.jpg)
Took a walk at sunset, there is hardly any breeze and hardly any ppl around the campsite and none on the beach. I practiced bugle calls and was hitting most notes despite having left it for weeks. I had to walk past the caravan boomers who were sitting around a fire probably sinking piss, as they do. They cooed and clucked at me because they heard the calls in the absolute fucking quiet of this place. Maybe one of them is a single woman and I can convert. Not into the swinger scene tho, thats just gay. Good Night,White.
>>13595 >>13591 Really good thread on where Trump goes from here https://twitter.com/APhilosophae/status/1325135291791839232
Good Morning NEETs. Pretty chilly and a little windy this morning.
I have been reduced to shaving my whiskers out of the same bowl I have my weetbix in the morning. I am no better than a savage boong on walkabout.
The lid fell off the jar of sumac when i was spicing my lunch, half the jar went into my lentil stew. It still tasted okay. Sumac is good in large amounts.
>tfw thinking of finding a betting agency to put money on Trump to win now.
Kek. Oldad had a Reee about me saying the water here tastes like AIDS. I only said that because he would not understand the banter "the water out of the tap is very hard to drink". I should get him a silverchair cassette for his portable tape player
New week of wage NEET? World turns Keep the shitposting going. Eat less sumac next time
>>13605 I called a NEETstrike. Its like an airstrike but with more slack involved.
Oldad wants to watch the shit pump for an hour at six thirty. Even with ear plugs that awful noise puts me on edge. Gonna go for a walk on the beach and look for some mermaids to talk to.
>>13607 The mermaid option sounds a lot better than watching a shit pump
>>13607 Is it a big shit pump? How old is it? Tell me more about this shit pump. Can you take a picture of it?
(243.21 KB 600x660 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13609 yes I would like to see a pic of it as well
(992.12 KB 1200x800 mermaid not really.jpg)
Me and oldad went to the town of sea port and I got some filler and a knife to fix the hole i knocked in the wall in the cabin. The tourist park at beach shiores has three caravans and the same anount of barely homeless cabin dwellers. You get the impression the community here lives in each others pockets as is the case basically everywhere the hovels are three meters apart and made of painted cardboard. I did see some kids playing mermaids on the beach and taking photos but I didn't make eye contact.The only appropriately aged bird on the beach looked depressed so I al skipped that one. The Baofengs work well and i let oldad know of my movements. Off to the city of Wesleyton tomorrow for some fukn reason I forget. Good Night, White.
>>13612 >and I got some filler and a knife to fix the hole i knocked in the wall in the cabin. Well, we need the story behind that please.
(32.39 KB 640x480 beach.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Having half a banana with breakfast which is a novelty.
The local newspaper is full of stories of helicopter money being given to local businesses, even the city council is getting in on the act. Somewhere a Jew is cackling.
(398.45 KB 484x604 Obama Banana1.png)
Blessed are the peacemakers.
Sore losers.
The world's greatest fucking dummy spit.
>>13612 We must always remember that the opposite of a lie is not automatically a truth. Many of the things one does as a reactionary is, as the word suggests, in reaction to the actions of one's enemies, yet while there is often some symmetry, there is not always an exact mirror. I nevertheless support your use of a certain form because it holds our people in honour and is infinitely more sane than the forms of the enemy.
It would be funny if Trump appointed Jim Acosta of Clown News Network his official court jester. That or have him permanently removed. Either would be satisfying.
Donald of house Trump: peer of the Gods in trolling.
>>13624 Michael moore was right, I think, when he said Donald Trump would be the last president. -The last Democratically Elected President.
Went to the beach in Beechworth, a couple of beaches up the coast. Oldad didnt like it so we had lunch there and came back. I will get him to stay here tomorrow, its not worth the fuel to travel around sightseeing. Oldad is less inclined to want to do the tourist thing anyway, just wants to experience new supermarkets.
(268.31 KB 1280x960 lunch.jpg)
The stupid shit pump DTV "Soniq" wont open the files even thou i converted it to .avi and .mpeg. It might be because the drive is a usb 3.0. What a cursed piece of poo.
Quick! While they're not watching!
>>13627 Fuck yeah.
Bust one up his chute.
And on the third day he rose again, in accordance with the scriptures.
Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong
>>13633 He probably sits there every day and wishes he could take those nine minutes back. Luckily my religion practices forgiveness. He will have a second chance.
>>13635 Those MAGA rallies were nuremburg tier. can we expect more?
>>13636 They are planning new anti-fraud rallies in multiple states that were lost due to fraud, and in Washington D.C., so yes.
>>13627 Looks comfy m8
(190.29 KB 1280x960 Beechworth.jpg)
Had a REEE at oldad because he was being a gameshow-head and tried to get me involved. Went down the beach to let him watch his hamster wheel shows on the shit pump in peace. Its the local beach for William Town which is next to Beach Shores. Lots of kids and mums, all white and blokes fishing on the beach tonight. It was a hot day. Oldad cooked but I helped him program the microwave and the induction cooktop.
Ohh... The shit pump is a tv.
(46.62 KB 293x400 Roller Babe.jpg)
I'm not always in a good mood on holidays with outher ppl. This is why I go on my own. set my own agendas and my own itinerary. Often I wish I could spend my time on my projects instead . Got those drag feels man. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Its a dewy morning here but the sky is bright and the fishing boats are on the bombora out on the point.
Morn' NEETs
(20.27 KB 596x190 1605051055366.png)
>>13644 Interesting read, there is suppose to be bigly info tonight on Hannity, not sure if its based on that post or this https://twitter.com/va_shiva/status/1325959071401390080?s=20 one
>>13646 OwO. whats this?
Fugg I totally forgot rememberance day. How Ironic.
>>13647 TLDwatch here >>>/pol/36794
>>13646 >>13647 Turns out the Hannity segment was mostly just more of the same, didn't really go into the donald thread about vote switching nor did it cover the phd guy observations about unrealistic voting trends in heavy red precincts. Mostly just covered the milk toast anecdotal a dead person here or there, the poll watchers affidavits about irregularities and suspicion of 'possible' mail in voting fraud.
(7.03 KB 397x317 pennsylvania bad row.png)
>>13646 I can only confirm a single row with mathematically impossible changes in the vote share percentages in the Pennsylvania voting time series which is the one the OP highlighted. But the Pennsylvania data itself is so shit that it won't be useful for anything other than a statistical analysis, which is fine, but will take longer. There is some absolute garbage in there including multiple rows with votes being backed out in their hundreds of thousands. This is probably the source of the "lost votes" the OP mentions. My spreadsheet thus far was not tested for backing out votes and it looks like I will need to consider every edge case. In my opinion, between the computer modifying Trump votes, the regular ballot fraud and harvesting, the 100% biden drops, the exclusion of poll watchers, and everything else, there is no way that you will be able to recover a true count for the disputed states. It is a complete fucking mess.
>>13652 To create an image: It is like trying to measure the rottenness of a few specific turds in a barrel full of sewerage.
>>13651 Actually disappointed. Every day my fantasy that trump will stay for a second term and BTFO the BLM crowd grows ever more distant.
>>13654 Don't black pill.
(40.78 KB 640x480 Linkworth beach.jpg)
Went out to Linkworth beach with oldad. Its a nice litle hamlet if you can afford to live there. No town water or seweraage only septic tanks, seeping their overflow onto the public areas at the beachside. Their council must be weak as piss. Oldad likes the beach, he walks barefoot which means ten minutes of taking his shoes off and on again. I'm tired of this pace, home tomorrow.
>>13652 To get a definitive answer we will need the full dataset with not just the percentages but the full numbers as well. At the moment I have to account for a range that the vote could fall into. For example, if it says Trump is on 56.6% he could be on anywhere between 56.55% and 56.65% which is reasonably big when we are talking about 3 million votes. It means that we only detect the absolutely ridiculous vote changes (e.g. at least 14,848 votes from Trump disappeared completely at 2020-11-04T04:08:51Z) but will overlook the small ones and obviously will not catch any case where there was a harvested ballot. Thank fuck for common sense, which says that if Trump was winning in a landslide at 10pm and they stopped the votes in six states and then suddenly made Biden winning in the morning, then fuckery is about.
>>13657 Yeah. Its a slow burn until the decision is handed down. Then the world willl either shit its pants or keep boiling the frog.
>>13658 >What is the National Election Pool? >The NEP is a consortium of major news networks — ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC — that pools together resources to gather vote and exit poll data. The NEP works with the consumer research firm Edison Research to collect timely and comprehensive election data on Election Day and in the following days, weeks and months until results are certified by all states. The NEP licenses data to several news outlets, including Reuters and The New York Times, among others. Edison Research is the one who gives us the time series data with the percentages but without the actual vote counts. The original TD post uses its data.
The "glitches" happened rather early in the Pennsylvania vote counting and may distract us from the bigger picture, which is the ridiculously high numbers of Biden votes appearing in the early hours in the day after the election. (This is not to say that the "glitches" might not prove fraud in other states.) According to the Edison data: >Trump led from 3/11 @ 9:55 PM >His lead peaked at about 700,000 at 4/11 @ 2:03 AM >Around 64,500 votes came in at 4/11 @ 5:54:40 AM and 60,500 were for Biden and 4,000 were for Trump >From there on the Trump lead declined rapidly until it was gone completely at 6/11 @ 8:49 AM So everything in the of the election that was counted for Trump pointed to his victory, but sometime in the early hours of the day after his lead started being eroded. The simplest explanation for this (especially the 5:54:40 lot) is that the ballots were simply made up.
>>13660 With Trump red and Biden blue.
>>13660 Its pretty clear to us here but its the boomers who only get MSM that are the real target for these redpills. Trump must know that and he must have a plan. Biden would also have a counter plan, Maybe the big lie technique, Get the normies used to the new face and they will be disinclined to do the mental gymnastics to change their minds about it. And then there's the millitias standing by doing nothing. That doesnt look good.
>>13666 In Trump's defence, he did swap out the leader of the Department of Defence from a cuck faggot to an ex-special forces commander.
>>13667 maybe he's clearing out the deep state/CIA before he drops the hammer. Rumors are that treason charges are in the pipeline resulting from his supposed electoral fraud 'sting"
>>13668 It is turning into a torrent. Apparently a group on 4chan put up mobile hotspot honeypots during all the riots and mapped the entire Antifa organisation. https://gab.com/jebuc/posts/105188863579235296 >network diagrams showing who the highly connected individuals are
>>13669 Antifa will switch sides and hang their jew puppetmasters after the great treason is revealed.
>>13670 You sound like a total spastic
>>13668 >supposed electoral fraud 'sting" Pretty sure that is the Qtard shit about watermarked ballots. While possible, it makes no sense to use fake ballots when you can just register 10K dead people with no check and balance and/or 'glitch' the computer counts. >>13671 You must be new here
>>13669 Yes, there was an effort to compile and identify everyone at the riots. But ultimately to what end? Police simply refused to arrest known rioters even when their identities were revealed
>>13673 One generally waits until after one is victorious before rounding up and shooting one's enemies.
>>13673 Trump was supposed to throw all these gay cunts in camps after he used the riots to showcase how batshit BLM is. I want this outcome, not merely for entertainment.
I put filler in the hole in the gyprock I knocked. I also filled a couple of other ones just for the hell of it. It really needs to be overfilled and sanded back because its hard to get it flush with the rest of it because the filler sticks to itself like toothpaste. The stuff you have to mix up is better but whatever. I will take the remainder of the tube home and use it on my own holes.
I see that we're all very much sick of leftoids. But be aware that we live in a tyrannical state >There is no legal protection against "entrapment' like there is in the US, and the likelihood of glowniggers attempting to use entrapment is high where they cannot be held publicly to account >there are vague online laws that are used selectively , though billed publicly as a protection to women they function to cause a chilling effect against online political activities. No proof of harm needs be presented, and there is no physical standard of proof. >Just about anyone can cop an 18C, there's again no physical element to the charge and as in the UK simply offending someone is cause. >Private lobby groups have special partnerships with police, this is a murky and publicized relationship . These groups include leftist caused based activists, ethnic minority groups, and secret societies. Frankly lads you would be wise to save any kind of political talk for the pub
>>13678 You are probably right. The knowledge that these blasphemers and idolators will burn in hell for all eternity is a reasonable consolation prize.
>>13678 Can you please point to the particular parts of posts that have piqued your interest?
>>13680 If you saw Ned Kelly would you tell anyone? Protesters are being arrested in their hundreds in Victoria and the federal government seems fine with this, we have officially joined the likes of Thailand and China where mass arrests are used to suppress democratic opposition. Anyone who opposes the state must now recognize that they are at personal risk carrying out political activities and as in China you really don't know how many people have been targeted because not everyone who the police raid are going to post it on youtube
>>13681 Fuck off shill.
>>13656 Thanks for the pic m8
>>13682 I'm not sure why you are so buthurt, but it's an entirely valid conclusion. Don't use online platforms to discuss politics, it just isn't safe anymore.
(72.45 KB 630x421 bugle not no more cunt.jpg)
Oldad is watching SBS news again. The absolute state of that particular medium. The social conditioning at news hour is simply mind numbing; Globohomo, covid alarma, brown people and New World Orders being handed down is pumped out at a firehose rate and volume 11 because he's hard of hearing. Getting better on the bugle. I can play the whole of tattoo without fucking too much of it up. The proprietor of the tourist park has a new woman, the departed one was really lovely, nice to think she's back in the pool but unlikely to want to have a dirty weekend in these cabins.
(60.53 KB 778x554 hair hottie.jpg)
I'm sick of this mobile broadband, I cant even see the tower or make a phone call and the latency is awful. Next year I will have a satellite uplink. Otherwise, having a connection has kept me sane in the face of my oldad's media habits. Up early as usual. Good Night,White.
>>13686 Goodnight m8
Said a prayer for all my Aussie NEET bros today. Hope you guys have a blessed day. I got a job interview in a couple days wish me luck. Work at home job, I want it so bad.
Good Morning NEETs. It rained heavily in the early hours and my KT-26's got wet.
>>13688 Dan will home deliver, so will the colonel.
(7.76 MB 1280x720 28 Globalists Later.mp4)
@ the neet that used to post aj vids Whatever they do to me, I'm a man. I'm not sittin' up here like I'm the biggest badass around, but you punch me and I'ma punch back (subdued snarling). And I can sit back and tell you my family name is secured, and I've done the job I'm supposed to do. It's not some power trip, it's just who I am. I look at Stephanopoulos and all these sacks of shit , sittin' there telling us they're gonna leave the country. Listen you son of a bitch. You're scared this country's gon' throw your carpetbaggin' ass out. I see you, you little bloodthirsty maggot. Whatever happens to me I just pray to God you get brought real low. Real low. For what you've done you little son of a bitch. So you understand one thing. There's a real God and there's a real Devil. And for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. And I want all the little men to know somethin'. You were brought up as pieces of shit. And you thought you could dominate everybody 'cause you were so insecure. And you thought people that were better than you were bad because they were better than you, and they were building a stairway to heaven for you. And so now you've started fights with people, that are gonna break every bone in your body. So when you have metaphysically have had you sternum broken and your ribs broken, and your little neck... Strung up. You remember. You ran into real men. And we kicked your ass. They're never gonna stop. They're gonna put drugs in the food and water more intense, when we barely can resist, I mean it's just so evil. And as giant third world hordes pour in, raping everyone just Reaghhhhhh, reaghhhh! Sexualizing our children, ruling everything, debasing the currency, drugging the food and water giving everyone cancer and just dancing to their god of death, selling body parts, chopping up babies that battle the scalpel. I mean it's just... it's just HELL ON EARTH, THE GATES ARE OPENING. And out will flood the armies... it's the same story, over and over again! The same dependency, the same slugism, that we see mirrored all around us. Hated by the people, WE BUILD! HATED BY THE PEOPLE WE EMPOWER! HATED BY THE PEOPLE WE'VE GIVEN LIFE TO! HOW DO YOU THINK GOD FEELS!? ...And they think they're all in competition with me. I'm not in competition with any of you people! I'M IN COMPETITION WITH THE DEVIL. I'M IN A DEATH BATTLE! AND NOW YOU SEE THE ENEMY SAY THEY'RE IN A DEATH BATTLE, THEY KNOW THEY'RE IN A DEATH BATTLE, ONLY THE SPIRIT, OF KNOWING YOU'RE IN A DEATH BATTLE WILL HAVE YOU WIN! I don't know how all this is gonna end, but like I've told 'em a thousand times, YOU WANTED A FIGHT, BETTER BELIEVE YOU'VE GOT ONE. YOU WANT TO ENSLAVE MY SPIRIT, NO! AND I'LL CALL ON GOD TO PROTECT ME, AND USE ME HOWEVER GOD SEES FIT. AND IF I'M DESTROYED AND MY WHOLE FAMILY WITH IT, I DON'T BLAME GOD. I BLAME THE STINKIN' TRASH. WHO WILL PAY. Now. And the devil who had deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever. Tormented by their own spirit.
(212.75 KB 1280x960 salvation army are chuggers.jpg)
>>13691 Just dropped Oldad off and I'm about to go to the post office to get my parcels. I nearly had a head-on when I fell off the verge of a fuck-off narrow bit of high speed road, I jerked the wheels back on the road and overcorrected into the path of a truck which passed two seconds later. I wont take that stretch of road again. Had a pizza that i put in oldads freezer before, It was pretty greasy and the crust collapsed in the middle. I took the salvation army charity mugging letter, as I always do when i have the chance.
Went down the exercise area and did a light set at sundown. Spotted a lime tree which is going to get stripped on opportunity. Played "tattoo" on the bugle today while the proprietor of the tourist park filmed me on his phone. Botched one of the bars but did okay and he was happy. I forgot to hand the key back and had to call him in wesleyton and send it in the mail. Apparently there is no priority mail anymore "because of covid" more likely because of the villains in charge of the postoffice think that selling bath bombs is a better use of the national mail carrier. Had eggs and bread for tea. Off to wage tomorrow. Good Night. White
My brother has been gone for almost 7 months and my mum for over 3 years, I am totally alone, goodnight neets.
>>13694 Good night mate.
Good Morning NEETs. Was a warm night and a mild morning. Off to wage in a minute.
>>13694 You have a sad kind of freedom
>>13690 7-11 delivers now. Just ordered a pizza from there. 5 bucks for a large pizza cant beat it.
(1.52 MB 576x1024 6884172679855770881.mp4)
>>13699 Funny how comedy gets less funny the more full of hate you are. Now I only laff at shit like selfie taking numpties falling off cliffs.
Handed a last minute job off to silly cunt at wage. She then proceeded to basically undo all my good work that shift. >Imagine being a shit operator.
>>13701 Imagine having a lend of yourself.
(70.73 KB 862x575 nice arty chick.jpg)
The weather is spot on at the moment, not sweaty and no cold feet. Totally good for NEETing at home. New project is to get the HP Proliant DL380 going on linux -maybe arch linux if I can find a online guide, Otherwise I can run windows server OS. Buying HDD's online, 2TB ssd for $300, vs 1TB SCSI platter for $20 on bumtree. Good Night,White.
My cat ate my last food, now I'm hungry. My cat is not getting fed next week, he can fuck off
>>13704 You shouldn't have left it where the cat could get it.
Good Morning NEETs. I went raiding for lemons alreadt but I didnt get anything.
(288.75 KB 611x777 Fri13.png)
>>13580 Looks like things are accelerating a bit.
(1.51 MB 2082x5367 more.jpg)
Yup, here we go.
>>13707 Holy based
Wage was boring. I found a unpicked lemon tree in the front yard of a vacant property on the way home. I'll clean it out asap.
>>13707 Based but bye bye unless trump pulls a lazarus
>>13708 I want to believe. In the best case scenario i.e. biden camp BTFO I cant imagine they will implode quietly. They will want to tear any piece off they can get.
(27.03 KB 394x622 1605318683336.jpg)
>Mr. Christopher C. Miller is the Acting Secretary of Defense, appointed Nov. 9, 2020. >Mr. Miller was responsible for overseeing the employment of special operations forces in counterterrorism, Military Information Support Operations (MISO), Information Operations, unconventional warfare, irregular warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, counter proliferation, sensitive special operations, and personnel recovery/hostage issues as specified by the Secretary of Defense. >Throughout his career, he served within other special operations organizations, culminating with command of the 2nd Battalion, 5th SFG(A). Mr. Miller participated in the initial combat operations in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, in addition to numerous follow-on deployments to both theaters, and has extensive inter-agency and joint special operations experience.
>>13713 Big Boi. Look at how long his stock is extended.
One of the rich kids cut down my chin up bar in the park. Just spent my exercise time moving to a better spot.
Buying SSD's but going retail because I dont want counterfeit shit off ebay.
(19.59 KB 500x511 feathered hair girl.jpg)
Not feeling very based today, I look at my fingernails and they are chewed down. This is a bad sign that I am idle and unhappy. I will put one of my projects on the backburner until parts arrive and pull out my main project again. If wage calls. I'll go tomorrow but couldnt be fucked if they dont. Good Night, White.
(64.33 KB 640x480 Lemonoids.jpg)
Went out to pick that lemon bush but it never got any water and was disappointing. I cleaned off two others including some rich cunt's pot plant. This gets me out of trouble for a while but I'd better find new trees.
Good Morning NEETs. Boiling the jug for some hot tea, Staying home today I think.
Lashed the crossbar to some blackwood saplings in the new spot in the park. The wattle is starting to flower and smells fragrant.
(26.70 KB 500x500 white woman 2.jpg)
Got the server turned on but no video output and the fans are on full. Another frustrating non start with the digital hardware. Might have a go tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(1.41 MB 400x226 Square_Bear.mp4)
(51.69 KB 605x596 Straya_Cunt_Doggo_Aussie.png)
(1.54 MB 382x498 1565001932999.gif)
(21.96 KB 279x333 australia_is_racist.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. The recycling bins are outside but the rich kids still left beer bottles on the footpath.
Thunder here this morning, glad I'm calling a neetstrike today.
>tfw too dark to see shit
Civic club tonight and its WAY out in the bush. Dont wanna missit.
Dug the stone and the log into the ground at my new bush gym. Its all set up now.
Installing pirated software again. I had some trouble with it so I emailed their help desk. The poojeta was quite willing to assist me, but i'm not gonna pay for a copy.
(110.37 KB 1024x576 pavlova princess.jpg)
Civic club was so far out of town that I am two hour s past my bed-time. Tnere was far too much driving and one of the boomers I went with is remarkably garrulous. The place was very nice, we all met in a shearers shed which smelled of wool grease. The grass in the paddocks was very green and long, The dams were full. We had pavlova for dessert. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. The 7AM ABC Radio bulletin played the full orchestral version of its intro and brought me keks as I heard of South Australian touros being rounded up an put into camps.
(223.69 KB 1019x1437 vanned and redacted.jpg)
I heard a story from one of the boomers who went to visit a dying mate in a nursing home only to be turned away BECAUSE HE DID NOT HAVE HIS FLUVAX CERTIFICATE. He went to get a printout from his GP but when he returned his mate had died. This is what will happen with the covidvax. I am starting to think about strategies to dodge this evil shit.
Went to my mate/GP and got the news that I'm gonna live forever Also went to the food warehouse and rounded out the freezer as well as big jars of yummy stuff and bulk bag of toilet paper. Feeling ready for the second wave NEETs
A nigger in space.
(235.78 KB 396x376 computer girl.png)
Got stuck installing Windows 10 so I went to my gym in the park and then carried 20L of water up the gully for tomorrows planned tree planting. Going to try and have a based day tomorrow. Have to leave the server project until the evening then.
Good Morning NEETs. Going to be hot later today, so they say.
They held back the release of the new James Bond moofie until april because muh covid. wouldnt it be funny if a copy got leaked in the meantime.
Frozen Australian Prawns >Processed in China Hmm.. I generally dont let chinees touch my food. I wont get them again.
>Tfw Found substance and commence huffing
I'm sick of dealing with fucking losers.
Went to see a special lady tonight me mum
>>13742 Good boy.
Late tea
I had a fairly based day, notably planting the first spruce. I still need to take up a couple of sandbags to fill in the gaps around the sides. Chipping away at the computer projects, talked to some old mates. Bit of last minute sewing and I'm off to bed a bit late. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. I thought I was out of oats for breakfast so I switched to my emergency alternative Toast but then I checked the other cupboard and I have lots. EMERGENCY CANCELLED
The server I bought off gumtree has some mysterious hardware fault, I am putting it aside for now and will look at building a NAS, I'm not too upset because it was super loud and could only take 500Gb drives. I think I got chinked.
>>13746 >not knowing the exact state of your stores at all times You are not going to make it.
>>13747 Rackmount servers are always loud. Fans screaming. Could maybe swap that out and help the sound but designed to have high airflow
>>13749 dunno whats wrong, it doesent go to bios, Maybe the mobo is fucked. Going to look at my router again, maybe run a pfsense or some linux router software.
These people are fucking idiots.
>>13752 >>13751 make em pay
where did the day go? I feel like I went backwards.
(53.20 KB 1024x683 beach girl.jpg)
I took another sandbag up the gully to bed down the spruce but instead of it being clay soil it was sand. I put it down anyway but still need to pack the clay down into the gaps at the side so that water doesnt just drain away in the rain. I might start to mine soil from the root ball of a tree that blew over a little way away, its just that the footing and scrub there is so treacherous its a struggle to move anything more than arms length. Going to bed now, maybe ring up wage tomorrow, need money for a miniPC to use as a router. The old router has ten year old firmware and i'm not happy about that. Good Night, White.
Good night.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept okay, will call wage after breakfast.
yep going in. I threw away the last third of the chocolate my mummybot gave me. I always guts it and regret it the next morning, like i am now.
>>13487 >There is a reason they put people like him in solitary. Yeah, because solitary drives most people insane. Also, if they are torturing him, they'd want to keep him in solitary. Do you have a real reason to suspect he was not genuine? Also, why the fuck would you agree to spend the rest of your life in solitary confinement for a glow-op? That makes no sense. The people screeching about this or that being a glow operation tend to be insane ravings so disconnected from real world situations that one can only assume that they have never been outside or interacted with real people.
What is a good NBN provider? I will be on fixed wireless and may want the ability to open ports and have incoming connections in the future for running home servers.
I miss the ocean. And not just the ocean, but the cool little hidden beaches that used to have lots of nice people on them. Now the diversity and the COVID scam and the encroaching "no fun allowed" attitude have emptied them all.
>>13759 Was thinking about BT today, He sacrificed his life at an early age. Truly he is an epic martyr for our race. There will always be shills, they are easy to ignore. The schizos will always complain about things they cannot understand,, its natural for them to reject complex situations or deep events, and wrap them up in some dimissive twaddle. James Mason (Seige) called them idiots and reccomended killing them as soon as they are identified, They will let you down in the worst way if you acccept them even for a minute.
>>13760 I go with Newsprout. dunno if they allow you to run servers. Maybe a local VPS would be better.
(92.69 KB 900x1173 footy chick.jpg)
Wage knocked the shit out of me today, I got slammed and missed my lunch break. I also missed getting a shift tomorrow because I was too busy to check my phone. Its not profitable working in that office, even though I was the center half forward in that team. Fukn sick of it, want out. Good Night,White.
Good Morning NEETs. A cool and still morning outside, I'll do some shopping if there is no wage.
yep got wage, the old office with the girls who all look the same. might chuck it in for tomorrow, this is shite.
I am having mince and vegetables for lunch. I tried adding some coconut oil to the mixture. It gives it an interesting taste that I am not completely impressed with.
>>13766 The reason wage feels shit is because it is shit. You are paying for Achmed and Shanika to shit out another ten brown-skinned monsters, and for Shalom Gobbelstein to enjoy another holiday in Geneva.
(69.60 KB 667x891 badass.jpg)
>>13768 Its true. At least the race-marxist hipsters I encounter at wage, together with their bug-wives are not my kith or kin. I may have lost the rat race but those guys had a high speed accident and flamed out in a truly horrible way. I still work hard for my white clients.
Wage was shit but my offsider was a very beautiful woman, It was not explicitly stated but I assume some fuckhead got divorced from her. I cant imagine how much of a looser you would feel like getting the flick from a woman like that. Penalty rates make it likely that i will work a day through the week instead of tomorrow, sunday. Weekday wage is better, weekends are a shitshow. Raided the e-waste dumpster, there are lots of 240v to 12v 5A max transformers in intrinsically safe boxes (with holes drilled in the side) I have only got one because I dont know what I would use them for, maybe light strips or cctv. Maybe i should get the other 3 I left behind. Off up the gully with another sandbag and my Bugle. Gonna play tattoo in the ravine.
(67.95 KB 640x480 pizza 1.jpg)
(68.72 KB 640x480 pizza 2.jpg)
went up the gully, a random dead tree fell down yesterday or the day before, I had a good scrute but no possums were harmed. hungry as fuck. put a personal pizza in the Rinnai and a $1.20 garlic bread. got a bit overcooked but what the hell.
>>13771 still looks tasty
(6.74 KB 302x167 karen carpenter.jpg)
I omitted to download a moofie for my food coma so I will go to bed early. Styxenhammer said something interesting, he said that 99% of the people around you, Their world view and what they believe is based on lies and expressing a differing point of view is discouraged and punished. This is why I should feel lonely. Not that I want to talk about the JQ or white genocide if i ever gat a date but the futility of trying to have a meaningful conversation with a Blue pilled Normie is definitely a disincentive. Plus I chafe in NPC land with its omnipresent media sphere of influence, The hamster wheel newstainment soothes and invigorates them but enrages me, like an allergy that contorts my face and pops out my eyes, this shit is a massive handicap to winning a second date. Anyway. My head is full of things I want to do tomorrow, If a pop-up lockdown happened tomorrow at 5:30 AM I'd be happy. Good Night, White.
>>13773 You should try out thedonald.win for news. Click NEW for the firehose. They are JQ-aware (but don't push it too far, hating on Soros is okay) and a little blue pilled on the WQ, but they at least acknowledge that almost every news source is bullshit.
It is looking like we will need a decentralised command and control method. P2P over I2P with blockchain for consensus over any contested messages looks to be the go. This still doesn't solve the problem that Jim of Jim's Blog identified of coordination of large scale violence - you still need a node at the top of the org chart who has the final say - but it at least lets us communicated if everything else goes down. This will be a big project and I will probably know more than I ever hoped I could know about cryptography and the internet when I am finished. It is times like these that I wish I had finished off the Gnutella project I started when I was in highschool. Oh well, better late than never.
>>13775 Or perhaps the amount of hash power could be the final authority as in bitcoin. Problem there is that China owns most of the hash power for bitcoin. So it could be China calling the shots on this. Hash power is just one facet of national power anyway.
It is quite obvious that the people who are in charge of Australia mean to kill us all.
Good Morning NEETs. Cant sleep because dissatisfied. Will work on that after lunch if no wage call-in.
>>13777 The jewish elites want to either kill us or neuter us through race mixing. Our government is hoping that by flooding the country with revolting chink bugmen the jews will be too disgusted to try to take over.
>>13774 ugh. That site is jingoism turned up to 11. The republicans have their propaganda arm as well.
>>13775 Yeah you have to sacrifice everything to finish big projects. I just think of this russki who go into pseudo random number generators and learned to hack pokie machines, he is a black arts multimilionare now.
>>13779 I mean our elites.
>>13782 "elites"
>>13782 what, like Ben Cousins? He won a brownlow medal
>>13762 Exactly. These people, I believe, are merely projecting their own cowardice onto others. They thing that since they would never sacrifice their lives and freedom for a higher cause, then no one would.
>>13780 >republican propaganda arm It is pretty pathetic compared to pretty much the entirety of academia and the media being the left's propaganda arm, as well as the courts and police being their enforcement arm, as well as owning pretty much the entire bureaucracy.
>>13784 Those who see themselves as our elites. A typical example is the faggot journalist editor of some rag somewhere who sneered down at "covid deniers" as lacking basic logic at their quite reasonable line that covid is so dangerous that you "need a test to know if you have it." They are completely irrational and they project their insanity and lack of reason on people who, though lacking their high verbal IQ, more than make up for it in basic common sense. That common sense is, if COVID needs a test to know if you have it, it is not dangerous enough to need a lockdown.
>>13785 I do not want Tarrant to be a martyr. We have enough martyrs already. The thought of him sitting in that tiny cell for the rest of his life makes me sick.
>>13787 He who covets will manipulate. He who manipulates will steal. He who steals will kill.
>>13785 The motivation to keep going at your goals of becoming middle class is overpowering. Having events that are presented as 'rocking the boat' would be seen as a threat to those ends, dont forget that ppl are too busy to think thru the issues themselves and rely on a group consensus. I think Tarrant's action woke up a lot of people when the cognitive dissonance from the hand wringing on the media and internally they found that dead mudshit mussies didnt bother them at all. When that realization kicked in.
>>13786 yeah for a grass roots media arm, its pretty effective. Memetic warfare is a thing. its like an insurgency thats pwning the empire.
>>13781 Something like Signal but decentralised would be a good start I think. The simplest implementation would have two people each with an I2P endpoint, which connect, and over which connection they communicate. Very low bandwidth for text messages. It would be vulnerable to disruptions though. A slightly more complex version would have some buffering for messages across different people using the system, a pool of messages and a network of participants, and people would not necessarily have to be connected to the person whom they are communicating with.
>>13791 True.
>>13792 shit i dont talk to people enough to need a specialist communications channel. A matrix client like element is all I want.
All the talk the enemy does of kings and peasants is projection. In a feudal system, the peasant owes allegiance and the king owes protection. In a theocracy, the peasant owes his life and the priests owe nothing.
>>13794 Are the various tor messenger protocols decentralised? The main problem is centralisation. I am seeing reports of network providers (or maybe the phone manufacturers, hard to know) censoring certain links in private text messages. The enemy owns the entire network though and we will need to hold on a little longer until Musk's satelites are up before we have something that is truly resistant to censorship.
>>13795 and in a usury dominated system the consumer owes his wage to the banker. The new world order has some kind of gilded cage program. I will reject materialism right after i upgrade my toaster.
>>13788 Kyle Rittenhouse the Kenosha Kid got out on bail yesterday. He had no regrets about killing the commies who were trying to murder him. Based as fuck.
>>13797 Consumerism was just a stage of leftism. Usury is still evil.
>>13796 Yeah p2p shitposting over starlink would be cool. Until then we need kiked browsers running javascript so that lost normies can find their way to boards like this. I dont have time to split my attention to multiple boards. although a mirrored 16chan /ausneets/ on i2p or zeronet would be pretty cool.
>>13798 Oh yay! Thats a big relief. lets hope he didnt get trauma from the whole thing.
>>13800 It's on my list.
(106.51 KB 728x820 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13802 I got a list today. 1)try to get this theoretical example working on the new software platform 2) work on disengaging from my union 3) set up my OPNsense router.
Pitter patter of rain on the roof. The rich kids who had a party last night have finally gone to bed. If wage calls and i dont get the good office then i will politely decline the penalty shift.
>>13804 I have: 1. get Trump over the line as President 2. build a movement that can withstand the coming collapse 3. 14 words and 1 giant step
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>13806 >>13806 What a lot of worthy goals NEET, Why not come on down to one of my Enthusiasm centres and have a Motivation consultant assist you with some refreshments for your arduous task.
>>13806 >>13807 Dont worry about Dan the alcohol jew. He always crashes your plans.
>>13807 No thank you Dan, perhaps another time. >>13808 Celebration is fine, as long as you have done something worthy of celebrating.
Fuck this thing supports everything you need to fight communism right out of the box. https://i2pd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ >web - browse and host >IRC >XMPP (text messaging) >filesharing >multiple p2p thingies
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu9gM3_gIfM Freenet is another variant. Both of them are just snob versions of the internet. I think the thing to do would be having a dedicated user base that builds their own web. Like the amish or something. The problem is that you still need the regular internet for funs and simpsons on youtube and stuff.
After all they have seen, after all they have been through, they are still worshipping niggers. https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1330206656312053760 I wish them well, I really do, but every time I see this shit it breaks my heart. >>13812 Most "fun" now days is just the spoonful of sugar attached to the barrel of shit that is communism. >dedicated user base Indeed. We only really need this because we are fragmented in space with large numbers of NPCs and enemy agents keeping us divided. If we can unite in space we can just implement a physical network whose boundaries are the boundaries of our nation.
>>13813 >unite. needs an economic project, nation building has had its day.
>>13814 Such as?
What is the status of coronavirus fuckery in Australia at the moment?
>>13815 some disruptive technology. A new thing like a toaster that also makes yoghurt.
>>13817 This is so stupid.
>>13818 Wha? I am forever wanting this.
>>13819 I love you guys.
Having a redskin
Just took the first step to ditching my union. In one or two months i'll give them the boot.
I have been preparing and analysing data all day. I feel wrecked.
4chan is still cancer. I haven't posted there in weeks.
Went up the gully and watered the spruce. Started digging the dirt from the root ball of a tree that fell over, it will be used to bed in the other saplings.
>>13825 I love searching data for patterns using excel. Finding out for certain that your data is shit is kek city.
>>13827 Good work m8, look after your little babies.
(1.26 MB 946x1184 black rifle coffee.png)
Called oldad but had little to say. We all meet to have dinner at the "wagon wheel' tavern in Coronary vale next week. Bit bothersome really. Back is sore after digging with an entrenching tool in bad terrain. Panadol, finish moofie tomorrow. Good NIght, White.
People are fucking pathetic.
Good Morning NEETs. Cold Grey Dawn on a monday morn.
>>13788 That's just such a bizarre mentality. Tarrant chose to martyr himself and you rejecting him does more disservice to him and his ideals and his struggle than him sitting in a prison cell and being tortured by the regime because he stood up to defend a right that EVERYONE ON EARTH already has except for White people. Tarrant wanted to become a martyr for his people because he recognized that we will never get what we desperately need through voting and he hoped that his sacrifice would inspire others. He wrote this. He knew the risks and he had two years to contemplate them. But even if you are so selfish that you will refuse to accept a martyr because it makes you feel bad, then you are still doing a disservice to yourself because since you (I presume) are White and you lack political representation, you need people to stand up FOR you since you will likely never do so yourself. So it is in your benefit for Men like Tarrant to take up arms to advance our interests as a people. The ONLY people on the fucking planet that are denied the basic human right of self determination are White people. What this pathologically evil regime is doing is so inordinately wicked that it defies belief. And then to openly commit to a policy of genocidal replacement against your own founding population is a crime on an astronomical scale. What our government, our illegal regime, is doing is almost cartoonishly evil. It is akin to literal hollywood villains like Darth Vader obliterating entire planets. That is what is going on here and it is sickening. Stop being self sabotaging because it harms us all. Every (successful) cause has martyrs because every cause needs them. It is a part of human nature to embrace causes only after dozens and often hundreds and even thousands of people have selflessly given their freedom and even lives in its name. I wish this were not so, but it is. I personally don't even support lone wolf "terrorism" because I view it as ineffective. Lone wolf activism will never lead to lasting changes unless they went after elites and that is extremely unlikely given the nature of solo-ing things. But I recognize that since his deed is now done, the best thing I can do to help Tarrant is advance his goal of using him to awaken or inspire others. >>13790 I concur. Ultimately, change will only come about after either through some kind of war that forces governments to implement a draft or due to some insurgent org knocking out power and silencing media propaganda. Elsewise, everyone is way too comfortable to support alternative systems.
>>13833 Are you finished cunt?
>>13833 Tarrant also brought Accelerationism to our attention, maybe this is what the 'steady-on' crowd really fears. No one want the exam date brought forward. The Tarrant Pill is hard to swallow.
>>13835 The point of accelerationism is to enrage the enemy and make him do dumb shit. It is a good strategy if done right.
The enemy memes accelerationism to mean "let Labor win" whereas we know it to mean "smack their operatives around so they lash out and make the normies hate them."
(511.16 KB 778x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyway, fuck it, it is time to hit the arena again. https://twitter.com/LLinWood/status/1330238900837756931 ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?????
>>13835 >>13836 This is true. We know from history that one of the key features in winning insurgencies is to compel the occupation force to sperg out and alienate itself from the people. Great examples of this are how the IRA annoyed the Brits so much that they began conducting retaliatory attacks against towns and just roaming the countryside brutalizing people, or how the Algerians kept exploding bombs in French North-Africa until the French army just started murdering Muslims left and right and caused Paris to look terrible on the world stage while basically recruiting the entire Muslim population over to the FLN, or how communists provoked the Russian government to crack down violently on union strikers, thus alienating them from the monarchist regime and effectively turning the Tsar's own soldiers into a recruiting instrument for the communists.
>>13839 Aye the politics of Terror. They weren't concurrently winning an information war tho.
Dont want to got to civic club tonight. It up on Deadmans Hill which is going to murder my brake pads on the way down.
>>13839 There is one circumstance in which it doesn't work, where the enemy doesn't conduct retaliatory strikes but instead just genocides the host population, but our enemy has already decided to do this anyway, so we lose nothing by accelerating against him.
Has anyone heard the Bat AIDS meme recently? I think it got memory holed back in March. SARS-Cov-2 had four inserts that most likely came from the AIDS virus.
(126.85 KB 1024x1024 1580074608161.jpg)
>>13843 Chinese bat aids Pepe was one of the funniest pepes i've ever seen. It lost relevance when it quickly became clear that SARS-CoV-2 came from a lab gain-of-function research, on the bottom of some chink's shoe, and not the MSM story of a zoonote from fucked up chinees cuisine.
>>13844 Fuck off.
(34.44 KB 220x325 3fromhell.jpeg)
Saw this moofie last night. I skim-watched it while I was shitposting. Its not very good at all. Rotten Tomatoes was right. two out of five glances while i'm doing other shit.
>>13841 Hope you enjoyed your night if you went m8
(636.40 KB 1181x1839 1601604982053.jpg)
>>13847 Nah I skipped it. Not in the mood for boomer nonsense, Plus I telephoned a mate and got some software going. PROFIT
When I was a shorty, I'd watch my Grandfather untangle fishing line he found, Bogans'd chuck it in the water when it slipped off their reels when they were pissed. I do the same stuff now, mostly with computer shit. Not that I'm going to write code from scratch, but getting some pretty powerful tools for virtually nothing, and keeping them going for when I get around to using them makes me realize that while everyone else is paying more and more for this push button shit and subscribing to all kinds of apps, I'm paying less and getting more, frequently the cast offs from numpties who have to upgrade essentially so they can consoom in higher definition. I hope to get even more comfy as I get better at this game. Its a reasonable expectation. Good Night, White.
>>13842 >our enemy has already decided to do this anyway, so we lose nothing by accelerating against him. Correct. However, I must disagree with your original point. Anon, why do you think no country ever just tries to genocide a population(POST-development of the machinegun) ? They always try to hide the act and do so slowly while sedating the population. Two main reasons; 1. If you do that, every other nation on earth will turn against you. Your enemies will use this crime as a weapon to attack you diplomatically (and then militarily by arming the people, more on that later) and your allies will turn on you because no one wants to be associated with that. A country that just genocides people becomes an international pariah that no one will work with because if you will wantonly genocide your own people, you will probably move onto your neighbors next so it is in everyone's interest to treat you like a mad dog. Mad dogs get put down. 2. It's not possible. It's just no longer possible. White genocide is the ONLY way that jews can kill us off because if they bring out the military (which is still mostly White), and say "Go kill all of your own people," then the military will revolt, join the rebel Whites, and overthrow you. But even if the military was 100% Chinese, it still wouldn't work because modern technology exists. Once you commit to violent genocide, 100% of Whites will immediately become armed enemies of the regime. And since military and economic technology has evolved to the point that it is now, even a large minority could fight a state military to a standstill. And this ignores the fact that much of the ruling class who collaborate with the jews are also "White" and if the kikes decide to go all out with their genocidal campaign, then they alienate their own ruling class. And jews still look White! So many of their own chink soldiers will be killing the too. Oh and also, doing that will destroy the economy and thus the ability to fund the soldiers committing the genocide in the first place! No, the regime cannot afford to and cannot accomplish a violent genocide. This is why they are moving against us via immigration. Believe you me, I want the regime to shift towards violent genocide. That instantly turns 100% of the White population into "Natsees." If a small group of insurgents did something that caused the regime to actually start shooting all Whites on sight, then they would be the greatest accelerationist geniuses in history. They'd make Michael Collins, the Narodnaya Volya, and Osama bin-Ladeen look like amateurs.
Good Morning Neet. Its the perfect morning temperature. Very good for sleeping in.
Went down the shops, The post office was closed but The bakery was open and I got bread, I bought some cheese from the supermarket. White genocide is real.
>>13850 For the ZOG to go hot with its genocide would be a fatal mistake, I suspect the coronavirus has opened up new possibilities for them. Even though the virus does not ethnically discriminate. Yet
I love being white
Eggs got frozen in the carton. FML
Horror Moofie and eggy chippos
Getting back into the NEET mindset, I.e. not going anywhere, not doing anything apart from computer stuff. Need extra sleep when i'm learning new stuff most of the day, there are many learning tasks to do, maybe a small payload at the end. Much easier to wage, use the cash to shore up your walls, dont feel inclined to do that, feel like bricks weigh me down. Good Night, White.
>>13853 We shall see. Certainly, the degree of creepy and tyrannical behavior of the system is astounding. Yet something within the less socialized elements of the population compels them to fight against it. Even if they don't quite understand why, they feel that this is wrong. I think that we are experiencing the beginning of the end for the jewish regime.
Good Morning NEETs. Had a dream I was trapped in a room full of normies and the only way out was deeper into the trap. Eerie.
>>13858 It may be the end for the legacy media, with Trump and the election being the back breaker. If the result is reversed then many normies will loose faith in their sources of information and perhaps seek to think for themselves. Legacy media will find their audience shrinking, although those remaining are the core lemmings, the ones whose life is defined by the most base of lies, propaganda and advertising. My parents are in this demographic. Sad face emoji.
>>13860 Same
I wonder whats on at the cinema?
(32.14 KB 220x325 bbblack chick flick.jpg)
This moofie looks good. Its about how a black woman wins miss universe and the patriarchy gets btfo maybe i'll just stay home
Went to the bush gym. The wattle smells nice. I spotted two lemon bushes on the way home, they are glutted with lemons and easy pickings. KEKEKEKE
>>13864 I am putting caltrops around my lemon tree.
>>13865 having an adams apple doesnt exclude you from a beauty contest.Suck a million fucks to be a Kiwi right now
(61.78 KB 640x480 Cut my loaf.jpg)
Quite impressed with this bread. It doesnt go stale for weeks. Rye bread is catabolic or some shit, i feel good when i eat it.
(43.86 KB 768x448 transgender-sports-768x448.jpg)
(687.15 KB 953x687 1579264014987.png)
>>13867 Imagine being a woman in that pageant, and realizing that men are better at everything than you, even better at being women
>>13869 yeah its an own goal for these types really.
>>13850 >Anon, why do you think no country ever just tries to genocide a population(POST-development of the machinegun) ? Germany - 1933-1945 Cambodia - 1975-1979 Rwanda - 1991 South Africa and Zimbabwe - ongoing France - will be beyond help by 2045 And many other European nations. When was the machine gun developed? I include population replacement, deliberate emancipation of women, deliberate blessings of racemixing, and associated tricks to also be genocide.
>>13850 Anyway I think we are in agreement. The enemy Jew or elite, doesn't matter is slowly genociding us, at a rate that is below the radar of the average normie. If we can somehow push this above the normie perception threshold, the normie will grow enraged. Then all we need to do is point him in the direction of the enemy and wait for the fireworks.
>>13871 >Germany - 1933-1945 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Real examples only, fren. >Cambodia - 1975-1979 Yes, and what happened to them? They were invaded by Vietnam and the regime was toppled. Also, Cambodia is a tricky example because the "genocide" was not some premeditated plan to exterminate a population but a haphazard, poorly executed communist utopian plan that ostensibly was supposed to make a communist shitopia. As usual, it just led to mass starvation. So it is not what >>13842 was talking about. >Rwanda - 1991 Yes, true. This was a real example of an actual (maybe not well thought out) genocide of a population. But again, what happened? The people they were genociding actually rose up and fucking overthrew the Hutu government DESPITE BEING A MINORITY! Like, holy shit. Hutus are objectively and demonstrably inferior to Tutsis. And they rule Rwanda to this day! Rwanda is an example of why you do not want to go hot with your genocide. >South Africa and Zimbabwe - ongoing >France - will be beyond help by 2045 Yes, all true. And Australia is being overrun with chinks and Somalis. But again, this is not the open genocide which >>13842 was talking about. The jews must couch their genocidal actions with doublespeak and smoke and mirrors. But, as you say, we are in agreement that the kikes are going to keep up the slow boil and not go hot like the Hutus did in Rwanda. If they did that, they'd end up worse off than the Interhamwe.
>>13873 Harry Triguboff (a developer who wants 100 million population in Australia) is a Jew. Anyway I have a question for you, because feds often come in the guise of admittedly one-dimensional Nazis. 1. Associated with Davos elites, who is the world's worst Jew? 2. Why is he the world's worst Jew? 3. (if not answered above) What has he been up to recently?
>>13871 Yeah what happened to Bosnia? That was a clear failure of the UN to intervene. Genocides go on all the time on the globocop's watch
take 1
(46.29 KB 225x195 1487420801300.gif)
Went to a union meeting, i was going to raise the issues of some ongoing wage theft that affects 5% of the workforce (i.e. myself), but they didnt show up. Went to the hippie shop on the way home, saw this kid I had a talk to at the gym when it was clear he was being groomed by this predator guy. He looked okay but didnt want to engage. I got some rolled rye for $4 a kilo which is okay. fucking hot ride home, fuck the union up the arse. gonna quit real soon. wage tomorrow. >>13876 Ace! just what I need.
A hot afternoon and warm evening, Having trouble with the new router, may have to get a new ISP for the new router and ditch the old one. On the emergency mobile net which is pretty good in this neighbourhood. Generally feel like I'm Moving forward with my home network project. I used Nmap on arch linux today. Maybe thats what killed my router. Wage tomorrow, need a break anyway. Good Night, White
>>13874 That's a bit of an unfair question. The most evil jew in the world would be the jew who does the most net evil upon the world. And while I am open to any argument you have that the bankers who belong to Davos are worse, I believe that it is clear that the greatest evil is done by the (((influencers))). Because bankers can fund evil men for office and bankroll the most evil political parties. However, the most harm is done by the jews who own the mass media and social media corporations. THEY set the poisonous trends for the lemmings. THEY control the flow of information which props up this unnatural, self loathing ideology. THEY made it "cool" to be anti-White and castrate yourself to become transgender. And I believe that no jew is more influential in spreading their poison than the pair Larry Paige and Serge Brin. Together, these uniquely evil jews not only own youtube and are ultimately responsible for the purge of positive information, but they own Google which algorithms information to suppress anything White and promote degenerate shit, transgenderism, ethnomasochism, "hate crimes," and COVID tyranny. They are worse than even Twitter and faceberg because everyone knows that Twitter and faceberg are "leftist" owned sites. But many people don't even realize that Google is an anti-White corporation. They have become so ubiquitous that almost everyone "googles" information rather than "searches" for information online. In short, remove only the jewish bankers and this anti-White paradigm will continue to exist and exercize control over the minds of millions. But if you remove the (((influencers))), then the entire jewish house of cards will collapse.
Good Morning NEETs. Nice soft music and a warm morning inside from yesterday. Rye flakes for breakfast
(34.71 KB 862x485 based birdo.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-25/magpies-in-sale-are-euthanased-after-five-people-attacked/12917620 Fukn ZOG executed one of our best. Press F to pay respects. Our revenge commando will carry his name.
We are the champions WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS NO TIME FOR LOOOOO-SERS CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS Of the world >>13883 F >>13881 Anyone will tell you it's a prisoners' island >>13880 What about Soros?
Fuck the police. FTP. All cops are bastards until proven otherwise.
Hi NEETs, I'm an old NEET from the 8ch threads, since 8ch's demise I've been a lost neet but I'm hoping I've found my home here.
>>13886 The main NEET board is on endchan, this one gets very few posts.
>>13887 Thanks for the info, I've been struggling to find the best place to relocate to. Is endchan.org/net the official domain?
>>13888 Hail fellow NEET, i was looking for some guns and/or drugs, do you know where I could find some?
>>13888 Yes that is the place to go. They both work but we find the .org is usually better.
(14.56 KB 240x300 gun.jpg)
>>13889 Try ebay they have lots of spud guns
>>13889 Us militant jihadis shun drugs. and we follow the aincent ways of the Prophet Muhammad and use nunchakus.
>>13891 my mummybot wont get one for me. She says they are too violent.
The middle management sheila at wage, the one i could concevably ask for a professional courtesy date has left and been replaced with two others girls. One came onto the floor today to talk to me, likely out of sheer boredom. I was chit chatting and noticed she is a very good specimen of a Jewish woman within child bearing age. I have conflicted feelings about this, Conflicted but not fucking insane and I'm sure this is some variation of gang stalking, so No Thank You, Please Schlomo.
>>13894 You should ask her if she wants to make some babies with you.
>>13894 They do it often, those sneaky kikes. You must always be aware.
>>13895 I will offer to put a little jew in the oven for her.
>>13897 They will be the next generation of NEETs
>>13898 schlomo dont shitpost.
(47.07 KB 335x437 sm.jpeg)
>>13900 Hey what happened to this guy anyway?
>>13894 Woe her, seduce her, then hate fuck the shit out of her. Just as you're about to come shove your thumb up her ass, pull it out, wipe a bit above your lip to give yourself a li'l moustache. Now, just as your about to come, salute and scream Heil Hitler
>>13902 >shove your thumb up her ass, pull it out, wipe a bit above your lip Nasty
>>13903 Almost as nasty, as fucking a jewess
>>13902 I fucked a Jew once. I didn't know she was a Jew. It was in the middle of the acute phase of redpilling on Jews but before the nuance hit. I was ready to go for seconds and she went "oyyyyy" like the Jewish noise and my boner shriveled up completely. She had a likeness of Ben Shapiro's sister.
(55.17 KB 258x360 1569453146720.jpg)
>>13905 > "oyyyyy"
(9.42 KB 259x194 motherboard chick.jpg)
My Internet came good after doing the long delay restarts, I want to have a crack at getting the new router up the same way. Going to go through the tutorial video before I hit the sack, maybe there are some interesting features i can set up. Being able to access my home LAN through a mobile connection would be good, especially since it will eventually have a NAS with my important data. I am thinking to use an old case from the dumpster and get a a mini ATX motherboard with a TPM chip for Bitlocker or linux equivalent. I have to think that it will also act as a crypto wallet so i dont want to brick my money if the NAS gets damaged or pinched. I sense much youtube tutorials on computers in my future. Good Night. White.
>The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, called his counterpart in Afghanistan, president Ashraf Ghani, to express his “deepest sorrow” over the findings. Fucking cuckold.
Do you see?
>>13908 Better open the doors to more afghan "refugees" then, Oh and tack on a Bil or so of foreign aid. Better hope israel doesnt have any new wars planned, looks like our best fighting boys are going to get btfo for the forseeable future. .
>>13910 He saws off the branch on which he sits. He dulls the very point of the spear that holds him in power. He will soon find himself with no friends to the right as he, too, is proclaimed a "Nazi" and unpersoned. Whom will they now send after the new descendents of Ned Kelly, who must inevitably arise in response to this tyranny?
>>13910 I think we should consider Scott Morrison an empty suit (in the vein of Joe Biden: just repeating the words his masters put in his mouth) until proven otherwise.
Good Morning NEETs. Going to be a hot afternoon, might go to the pub before covid becomes a thing here again.
>>13912 How would Scumo not have come to the attention of the jew in his previous job in advertising, Literally lying for a living.
>>13914 Oh yeah wasn't he REIA or some shit?
Diversity is very important because without diversity we would not have the benefits of having diversity.
>>13913 >convid
(669.94 KB 609x380 gayadf.png)
>>13911 All the naughty boys will be soundly whipped by general gaylord's homosexual batallion. they're very disciplined
>>13917 >convid >covid-1984 Maybe. I still really motivated to not catch it though.
>>13915 to the public service he's simply: "Scotty from marketing."
(64.42 KB 500x417 crusade.jpg)
It is a little known fact that the Israelites, some 600 years after seeing Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed for their own abominations, beat the living shit out of one of their own twelve tribes for starting down that road themselves. Thus shall ye put away evil from amongst you. Judges 19, 20, and 21
Twitter is cancer. No man who stays in contact with it is fit to be part of this our new world. The same goes for most other social media. Genesis 19:26 >But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt. Joshua 6:18 >And ye, in any wise keep yourselves from the accursed thing, lest ye make yourselves accursed, when ye take of the accursed thing, and make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it. Luke 9:61-62 >And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. >And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.
As the world turns ever more towards Satan, we turn ever more towards God.
got that waifu2x for video working (video2x). takes a fucking long time though for 480 -> 960p, even on my EPIC GAMER box. currently working on sonic the hedgehog 1993 cartoon . gonna wake up to 23 whole minutes of some fucking dank shit tomorrow morning
>>13925 What, does it take your degenerate anime and make it higher resolution degenerate anime? I'm sure you get extra degenerate points for tasking your CPU's useful time for this thing.
(46.05 KB 640x480 Yummo they are really good.jpg)
(479.88 KB 2016x1512 CWA-scones.jpg)
Happenstance today at wage had me working on the same floor as the woman who is my best chance for GF2020-2030. I can tell she is likely to agree to a date and I was playing it cool because I'm based. Maybe next time is the right time. Also because I'm such a based chad, I conned the poojeeta tea trolley lady into putting the leftover bikkies in a tupperware container I found, even tho she risks getting a telling-off. I had to hunt around because she stuck them in the cupboard in the pantry ffs. I was able to grab them all + the container. Went out to a hipster bar with a mate, He bought me an IPL, which looks like septic tank juice and tasted like bong water. I haven't been into town for ages and the bug people have formally taken over the main drag. Had to laff at the chink sushi joints because cultural appropriation. I sense elements of friday night cocaine use in the CBD. It used to be a piss head town. The writing is on the wall. White flight is the most viable option in the long run. Good Night, White.
>>13924 God will return to the earth to gather the faithful flock, pity those that have been led astray by the devil's voice, they will know of the purgatory of confusion.
(3.43 KB 640x480 out.png)
>>13925 I just play 480p videos natively here, because 640x480 is what my kernel boots to. I mean the framebuffer tty, since I don't use Xorg. I don't use GPU either, it's all software-driven, the old school way. Pic is terminal showing how it looks with native VGA Codepage 437 font loaded. Anyway basically any 32-bit ARM SBC can handle this 480p stuff without even using the GPU. Mine's got an A20 SoC (dual core ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1 GHz).
Good Morning NEETs. Admin and chores day today, not feeling up to much else.
>>13929 >don't use Xorg Text based Arch Linux OS is Based.
SBC pc with Pfsense logged on to my ISP >tfw ping
Some grouse hatchlings crossed the apron in front of my unit, led by their mother. I was wondering where they hatched so i cast about in the fucking overgrown side lawn for the shells. I spotted a burrow next to the sewer inspection hatch. It turns out that the lazy drainer did not screw the access port lid down, just placed it in the hole, rats (presumably) were using it to access the sewers. Vile
hey privacyneets, anyone know how to get a burner phone these days?
>>13934 Of what faith are you?
>>13934 I was looking into getting a voip number with a messagebank that goes to an anonymous email. This is necessasary for making anonymous accounts on FB, linkedin and such. I think you can get a introductory deal for like two weeks which is enough to get you started on those social media sites. fukn yandex email didnt work tho.
(25.04 KB 384x260 snake girl.jpg)
Put on sunscreen for the first time this summer. All that southern sun should be good memories and not PTSD from ending up like some gay lobster. The grass will soon turn golden and the weeds in everyones garden have exploded already. Soon we will get ash falling out of the sky from bushfires or RFS burn offs or boongs doing retarded land management training. The days are super long already and you end up sleeping less overall. Summer is so great here, even the overtemperature and Climate change shilling. Maybe I'll see a Tiger snake up in the gully, I should take my camera from now on. Good Night,White.
>>13935 >Now, this is the cup the White Men drink >When they go to right a wrong, >And that is the cup of the old world's hate-- >Cruel and strained and strong. >We have drunk that cup--and a bitter, bitter >cup-- >And tossed the dregs away. >But well for the world when the White Men drink >To the dawn of the White Man's day! >Now, this is the road that the White Men tread >When they go to clean a land-- >Iron underfoot and levin overhead >And the deep on either hand. >We have trod that road--and a wet and windy road-- >Our chosen star for guide. >Oh, well for the world when the White Men tread >Their highway side by side! >Now, this is the faith that the White Men hold-- >When they build their homes afar-- >"Freedom for ourselves and freedom for our sons >And, failing freedom, War." >We have proved our faith--bear witness to our faith, >Dear souls of freemen slain! >Oh, well for the world when the White Men join >To prove their faith again!
Good Morning NEETs. Bit of rain on a gray morn.
The BO is migrating the server sometime today. >Big outage >48 Hours >/ausneets/ alternative on Endchan.org
>>13940 Tomorrow, 11/29/2020 starting @ 3PM PST is like Monday, 10am for you neet. Might only be 24hr but 'could' be longer
>>13941 Thank you time autist, Your work here is done and you can return to the future.
>>13942 Return to the past, you mean. It's Saturday here.
>>13937 What's it like to celebrate Christmas in the heat? Do you have any special traditions or Aus-specific imagery for it? Here in the northland the secular aspects of the holiday are basically 90% cold and snow-related, dreaming of a white christmas, sledding, hot drinks and all that >overtemperature climate change family in a hot place are fucking roasting, pretty sure that a significant portion of that is just the urban heat island effect though. feels real fucking smug here in the cold land though, mild dry late fall/winters are fucking ace. we're less than a month out from solstice and I spent a nice sunny day at the park. today's swing was 0-10C with no wind, warm enough with a hat. fuccing nice. used to be able to deal with the heat just fine when i was a skinny lad running around barefoot in a pair of swimming shorts but i just can't deal with that shit now that I've got to dress like an adult with pants and steeltoes and shit
>>13944 who celebrates christmas? Its just a pain in the arse time when you haemmorahage money and all the wagies fill up the tourisim economic sacrifice zones. Christmas lunch or whatever means a bbq and beer, new years means going boating or the beach or river or dam or whatever. even the coldest places here dont see snow that much.Global warming is going to be interesting.
>>13946 Cool speeder bikes and pew pew: Mandalorian S02E04, babby yoda is getting on my tits tho.
(52.95 KB 500x661 1606615723442.jpg)
Went up the gully again, spread some soil and water where it needed to go. I moved a deadfall to make a kind of abattis over a little cave I sealed with rocks, that serves as a storage locker. Its a little more camouflaged and hard to get at now. The next step is to prepare the next hole and then after that I will start to move in and maybe sleep up there this summer. maybe smoke a pipeful of bud one night No wage, more of the same tomorrow. Civic club is out on a farm somewhere in the beadbasket. I'll probabally go. Good Night, White.
>>13947 Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. Now you say it.
What do you do if your internet drops to 1mbps? Can I get a refund from my ISP? Should I just egg their office?
What do you do if your internet drops to 1mbps? Can I get a refund from my ISP? Should I just egg their office?
(46.25 KB 640x480 Booty from the bough.jpg)
>>13949 Jesus Christ he come in a flash. A bounteous haul from a well watered tree, I couldnt sleep for the billiousness my own fault at eating too many biscuits before bed time so I went a-raiding, There was a drowsing dog that required me to keep my actions slow and stealthy but I packed my bag and unfortunately left some behind. I really must take a haversack in addition to my rucksack, upon the next nocturnal jaunt. I shall sample the lemons tomorrow lest my billiousness return tonight. Good Night.
>>13951 call them up, the pipe might be undergoing repairs, Just search around for a back up ISP, or maybe just go with 4G. I have both now but i'm happy to wait until i can get a local vps oprganized
(71.27 KB 640x480 linkx.jpg)
>>13950 Use software that works well on small bandwidth. Lynx was made in the early 90's when a 14.4K modem was hot shit. I used it on such as connection, and it was fine. Later on I upgraded to 28.8K modem and that was fast enough to play Quake with 250-300 ping (good enough when nearly everyone else was at the same level, not so good if you end up on a server full of LPB's). There's other useful browsers nowadays, like Links and w3m, maybe even dillo. Basically you want these small ones that don't even have javascript at all (automatically avoids ads/spyware bandwidth & CPU hogging) and the ability to turn off images altogether. Pic is a patched fork of Links, with nifty keyboard support. You just hit the fucking letter of the link you want to follow instead of pushing a stupid rodent around like a retarded monkey.
>>13954 OwO I tried w3m but cant shitpost with it, cant with lynx either. I wish there was a ultra low bandwidth imageboard host that could do links and post images. will look at links for arch linux. keyboard based browsers are based
(856.35 KB 422x318 ride.gif)
>>13955 Yeah some modern imageboard software doesn't work good with "any browser". I suspect the devs don't give a shit and only care about Chrome or Firefox. But so far Links has worked for me everywhere that doesn't use the stupid cuckflare DNS bypass or javascript captcha (I pretty much just avoid those sites altogether). I can post fine here, onee.ch, and endchan with Links. Worked fine on 8ch.net too, back when that was a thing (they had 24-hour captcha, but it didn't use javacript). Oh one thing that doesn't work for me however is posting webm/mp4 files. But hey, plain static images and animated GIFs work, so that's something.
>>13956 sounds good. i spend too much time on webm threads. Time that i could be doing the ironing or something
>>13954 good advice The reality is that Australian IT infrastructure is so far behind that we just can't handle the new systems and programs coming out. Many people are actually going backwards instead of forwards
>>13954 good advice The reality is that Australian IT infrastructure is so far behind that we just can't handle the new systems and programs coming out. Many people are actually going backwards instead of forwards
>>13956 I miss 8ch captcha.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in a bit to offset last nights midnight madness. Was full moon kinda too.
(548.58 KB 1024x640 Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.png)
(71.64 KB 531x945 Mohsen Fakhrizadeh team.jpg)
https://www.rt.com/news/508170-iran-assassination-remote-gun/ Hallo there Fellow NEETs, Here is an interesting story about how the Nation Of Israel used high technology to eliminate a scientist from a nation that is the enemy to every peace loving nation on earth. We cannot allow civilians in the employ of the Religious Dictatorship of Iran to develop energy technology and weapons capabilities to challenge our stewardship of power in the middle east.You cant trust the Iranians, It is well know by lots of people that Iran has a cyber division that goes on social media platforms and spreads lies and disinformation. We will protect you like our clever army team used remote strike robots that kept our people safe, this is very cool, Israel is very cool, there is no need to thank us. T. Zionist
Going offline for a bit now i think
I had a good time at civic club tonight, I played a one minute bugle call down into the valley and only dropped one note. It was catered and I wisely chose scallops with salad but the servings were small as. The drive out there and back was way too fucking long and my boomer mate is extremely garrulous which sucks in no small degree. There was this dog there, I think it is a juvenile kelpie. Good Night, White.
(34.14 KB 640x480 civic club 1.jpg)
(72.21 KB 640x480 civic club 2.jpg)
(347.83 KB 935x1142 1606616295134.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Its a warm overcast morning. Expecting high winds later.
>>13965 Thanks for the pics neet, looks like a nice remote spot.
(466.14 KB 1050x3273 nitram.png)
oWo New moofie coming out. These guys tell some good stories but tend to have stronk stink of brunswick cringe about them. If they gay this story up then ill stop watching them. actuall if they make martin bryant into a hipster like they did with ned kelly then I vow to egg them.
I should wear fragrances again. I dont know why I stopped.
I should wear fragrances again. I dont know why I stopped.
(1.44 MB 4096x2638 1606615340735.jpg)
The rotten possum is still clomping around under the floor in the garage, Its never going away, I might as well make it a little house. I must be the same as the possum to my boomer landlord, native, persistent, annoying. A funkin freeloader. Despite the local property market being saturated with chinks who pay top dollar, I pay with the other side of the coin and cruise off the brushtail possum vibes. I displace the foreign species and give the big gumboots man a hearty kek. Here's to no lease and 70% of market value rent. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs The wind has died down a bit, i'm going to wage in a minute.
Off to wage, They were screaming out for operators today.
Went to the leather goods shop to get some rawhide to make the kid's xmas present. I asked the woman there about country of origin of the pieces, She said that there were no tanneries in aus anymore. Even the roo skin was processed overseas. Tanneries turn places into fucked up polluted toilets, I'm kinda glad that ghastly shit happens to some gook town instead of here.
(35.96 KB 640x480 Retro PC Bling Bling.jpg)
The e-waste dumpster has provided some nice components for my NAS build. The boomer nerd who put them in there came out and was very chatty. I managed to ask him politely to clearly mark any fucked motherboards which have wasted me time in the past. He said the motherboard i got was okay but slow. I havent got a working motherboard out of the dumpster yet, not including the optiplex 380's I got going and gave away. I'll have to see if i can get it to post, maybe i can get a TPM chip for it.
(1.92 MB 5420x6884 1606615494316.jpg)
I'm pretty tired NEETs, Going to go to bed early and get up early, I'm not going to wage tomorrow. Just one more youtube clip. let me see... Peopleareawesomefails.... Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Its really cold and I overslept like a common boong.
Two pairs of socks and the winter weight pants, I hope the deacon doesnt come around today, I haven't studied the teachings he set for me.
I'm sure there's a simple explanation for that.
(286.03 KB 464x386 alex joneses.png)
>>13979 The real truth is never simple
>spilt my wine day ruined
The deacon came around, collar tucked in and young wife neat as a button. I answered with a two day growth, most comfy gear, socks and thongs. The lesson was John 18:36 My Kingdom is no part of this world. If my Kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I should not be handed over to the Jews. Apparently, faithful JW's shun the wicked world as in politics and all that claptrap, but I'm going salt mining in a big way if trump stays. I think he has accepted that I am just wasting his time. He reminded me to attend the Zoom Lecture at 3pm on saturday. I should try and sit in.
>>13982 >I should try and sit in. You should, put the camera on and have a wank.
>>13865 She and her whole family are dilated.
endchan down
>>13985 Down like a boong in the big smoke
>>13985 I have posted a message on the irc, Seems longer than usual so hopefully it is sorted out soon.
>>13986 >>13987 For a board that frequently features literal shit posts, I'm not that worried about outages.
Imagine having nothing to do because your imageboard is stuffed
>>13989 Yes well, you suffer from severe anxiety and depression and have zero contact with any other human being and no supports or family and see how you go when the one place you feel comfy is not available, then tell me how you feel
Oh fuck, It got pedospammed
>>13990 https://bus-stop.net/ chill, it'll come back
>>13991 It's back
(444.04 KB 1075x1600 1606612623634.jpg)
Wage called but I'm not answering. I'm making okay time on the project and thats what matters in the end. Besides, I'm feeling put out by the management so the loyalty feels just aren't there. Going to have a shower and go to bed. Good Night. White.
>>13954 saved. thank you, baguette. will try that out. I guess it's a good way to sort out all the cancerous java script heavy sites automatically by using a browser which simlply can't display it
>>13884 Soros is certainly a funder of evil around the world. However, I feel like he is less destructive than his infamy would suggest. Again, let's envision a world without George Soros but we maintain Paige, Brin, Zuckerberg, etc. Does anything really change? Maybe less money to BLM and antifa. Sure. Maybe less money for color revolutions. Sure. But the fundamental problem, that of jewish domination of the minds of billions, exists. Now let's imagine George Soros exists but CNN, MTV, CBS, etc are run by White people. Sure, George Soros can try to fund BLM and Antifa, but with a potentially unfriendly media apparatus, this could very easily lead to his arrest for funding terrorism.
Good Morning NEETs. Wage strike doesnt mean sleep in.
>>13996 Soros directly funds and coordinates through his NGOs the invasion of Europe, the Great Replacement. He's a super evil mastermind that must be destroyed. And the MSM isn't run by whites, and hasn't been for at least a century. So it's pointless to speculate about some alternate universe.
Is your Meme folder protected against a solar flare power surge and EM pulse?
(646.96 KB 686x765 no jews enter my farm.png)
>>13999 My Desktop P.C.'s are isolated from the ground, other than that, the metal case provides good protection. Maybe i'll put an earth wire on one of the screws.
Just bought a big jar of thermal/conductive grease, I was forever wanting this.
Went up the bush with a sandbag and dug out another tree hole. I saw the wallaby again, Its pretty big now.
(136.99 KB 768x1024 1606395575817.jpg)
My sisterclone never could bake a cake properly. Every time she makes a chocolate cake I have to cut the bottom layer off and bin it. The top and the icing is nice but its the only part that is properly cooked. The rest of her cooking is really nice and I always appreciated it, even when we were fighting as teenagers. Off to wage tomorrow, could be a cruise-y day in the legacy office. The only problem is I cant tell the ladies apart from each other. Maybe I'm going psychotic keke. Good Night,White.
>>14001 Desktop PC's earthed through the PSU which is screwed to the case. They should be okay during a carrington event or local EMP pulse. Get a surge protector on your powerboard for overvoltages tho.
>>14004 is she not greasing the pan or letting it overcook or something?
Good morning NEETs. Wage and rain predicted today.
>>14006 I think it needs more time in the oven, The bottom doesnt fluff up. Its only the white wings chocolate cake mix anyway.
made a big pot of split pea soup and spent 24 hours straight farting
>>14008 ohhh. thought you meant it was burning to the pan.
>>14009 Your guts dont want to be vegan. Put some bacon bones in the next batch.
(46.15 KB 640x480 Lemon shortcake.jpg)
The legacy office didnt let me down and I got the leftover cakes put in the tea room. I grabbed all of them swiftly like a ninja, before anyone spotted me, into my lunchtin and into the bag. Slow is smooth Smooth is fast I am The Tea-cake wraith, None shall escape my tiffin.
Soup mix choofin away in the pressure cooker
>>14012 Good score.
(53.15 KB 634x353 lumberjill.jpg)
Nice rain overnight, wage tomorrow. Comfy enough. I was bored for a little bit at wage before it got busy. I was thinking about going camping, maybe go up the gully and chill. Dunno what to do up there tho. Good Night, White.
(51.16 KB 327x277 imagepng.png)
Bad day again today. Someone at the office has been eating all the crumpets so I'm left with only coffee. Wait till I find the little cunt!
Good Morning NEETs. The rain has done its thing overnight and has departed for somewhere else.
>>14016 Sniff em out! Tear em to bits!
Going to oldad's for tea. I'm going to sew up all my y-fronts because i'm sick of having my dick find its way thru the hole. Fuk y-fronts for a joke, pointless shit. Really.
(2.66 MB 202x360 Aussie_Piss_bottle.webm)
>>14020 I wouldnt piss ON' this junkie let alone into his bottle.
(55.79 KB 620x387 seagull.jpg)
Carn moaate. juspissin the bottle moate. MOate? Moaaaate.
Me and oldad had mixed grill. I repotted the spruce, it was pretty root bound. His lawn looks like shit, weeds everywhere, Almost as bad as mine.
(104.69 KB 862x485 mental looking potplant chick.jpg)
I took the last pizza I made from the new batch, out to oldad's for tea. It was a little light on crust and went super crispy. We ate it and he didn't turn on the telly at 6:30 for the news, saying its the same old stuff. I imagine that the propaganda on ABC/SBS is so outlanish that even a rusted-into-place TV head like oldad has come to reject it. I repotted the spruce seedling, I forgot to loosen the root ball at the bottom, Hopefully It will find its own way down deep. Wage was good but no cakes today. Filthy weather for the commute there and back. I had wet feet all day. I've done enough for one day. Good Night,White.
Good Morning NEETs. Totally cold this AM, Gonna be wearing the thick socks in the NEETcave today.
(38.60 KB 449x600 cunt stain teen.jpg)
Chinks in Aus are going to get BTFO a little bit more now that the CCP is running an anti-Australia program. I think this kind of blowback (Pic Rel) is what they want to whip up nationalist sentiment back on the mainland. The slit eyed yellow jews are crying out in pain as they strike us. If there is another Cronulla in Haymarket or Box Hill, the CCP will probabally try to invade.
>>14024 elon musk phenotype
(2.83 MB 488x406 Australia.webm)
based westboro
>>14028 This guy's dead wrong. God has left this land. We are a fresh hell.
(50.70 KB 700x467 wandana.jpg)
>>14028 The old white cunt should get a load of the Devils here.
>>14030 Chinks hate blacks. Was very amused to see a chink/african couple down the shops the other day.
Cooking Jalapenos for lunch. I forgot the smell makes me cough and sneexe
It rained a bit at Civic club which was out in a park in Rivervale, I saw a lovely double rainbow, very vivid and beautiful. The boomers never look up and scarcely one out of the lot looked at it. I played a couple of calls and the conditions were right-on so I didnt miss any notes. I had an okay BBQ and there was fruit cake which I enjoyed. I pinched a beer for later in the week and "Cookie" the boomer who I carpool with gave me 2 kilos of overripe banana passionfruit, the pulp is now chilling in my fridge for breakfast for the next month and a half. I'm anticipating lots of fruit being left in the orchards this year so I might go gleaning for apples and cherries. Never stored bulk fruit before. The possum living in the garage complicates things tho. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Laundry is backing up and needs to be done today.
I'm worried about Biden getting Inaugurated and the New World Order fungating into actuality, I'm not ready NEETs.
(13.16 KB 339x139 Macrium reflect.jpg)
Another day another crack software patch
got a gobberment job seems alright. everyone there acts like it's super stressful. bitch i used to work manual labor, this is nothing. this is the gravy train. don't give one single fuck if some faglord in a suit is upset about his boomer computer not getting zoom audio. feel kinda bad succing up taxpayer money but I'll be out to take a real tradie job soon enough. just got to pay off some bills and get my BATNA up. sucks ass looking for a job when you're unemployed cause you'll take anything. once you got a job you can use that as a battering ram to get better offers and up the salary. rinse and repeat until you get the short straw and you're laid off and it's back to square one no loyalty fuck boomers
>>14039 Noice. Get some serial credit card introductory offers and make usury pay. Dont forget to prepare for the collapse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8F9JbUQlWQ
>>14037 you better get ready
>>14041 Its not even a conspiracy theory that Biden is a pedo being blackmailed by the deep state, Its just the most plausible scenario.
>>14042 as far as i know the song wasnt ironic
Nearly got knocked over on the bike today. I halted for the lights when they were green. It was my usual commute corridoor at the usual time and the lights should have been red. I think they changed the timing but it was totally my fault. the suv behind me braked hard but would have hit me broadside, he was hurrying tho in my opinion. Feel embarrassed and hate dodging bullets. Its not the success of the run (20Km) its the one mistake you make that ruins it. Drinking a beer very quickly.
>>14044 Have a wank too.
>>14038 Did you make that software?
(39.26 KB 640x480 why fronts.jpg)
I sewed up my y-fronts. >>14046 yeah nah.
(126.77 KB 1564x1063 1606034221610.jpg)
Finished my day, lots to think about before I go to bed, what to do tomorrow. even watched a Moofie "Wander" 3/5 tin foil hats. Going to give 'Heavens Gate: the cult of cults" a go. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Might go down the shops today and get some more soy milk
It occurs to me that there is a possibility of unattended wet cement outside my place from the council putting in new gutters. What should I write in the setting pavement?
>>14047 That newly stitched seam will irritate your todger.
>>14049 don't do it fren, 40% is no joke!
I put the dumpster PC together and i got a post. Now to put the hdd's in and troubleshoot
I'm a bit upset at my mates, cruising off my hard work. I try to do something nice for all of us and they have a go at it, the bunch of bludging cunts. I should have guessed they'd get curious and wreck it, they are so stupid they cant help themselves. I'll have to lock my shit away so they cant get to it in future. I'm lucky they didnt fuk it up completely. This is what I get for trusting a bunch of wallabies with my seedlings.
(182.88 KB 1400x932 1601660373920.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-09/nsw-albury-man-18-expected-to-be-charged-with-terrorism/12966514 Gees what a flameout. Straight to the de-radicalization/re-education program with him.
(51.62 KB 480x640 1579716183389.jpg)
Well NEETs I admit to being in a rare state. Kind of in between studying for an exam and on holidays, I think I need to have some time to get into the zen of things and just start crossing tasks off a list. Problem is that I dont know which part of the list is the top. This doesnt help with motivation or morale. I should just go to bed and the path will become clear sometime tomorrow. It always does. Good Night. White.
>>14055 (checked) A followup to that cartoon! How sweet. are there any more?
>>14057 Dunno. 1488 Bros that end up with "honorary aryans" are unironically funny yesno?
Good Morning NEETs. Wage called screaming for operators but I was distracted by the shitty way they treat dial-ins so I slept late.
They are digging the road right outside my window which is going to be distracting.
Going down the shops was awful. Everyone wanted a piece of me and I nearly lost my shit at a boomer in a luxury car. Had a good kek at some nigger chuggers at woolworths, Cant imagine they'd have much success with the plethora of chinks that go there. Got 4kilos of oats and 16kilos of milk. I should have asked if anyone wanted anything but there's no one to ask.
(8.83 KB 225x225 crash bandicoot pepe.png)
Went up the gully with a load of pinebark and water, some boomer coming from a side trail hit me up and sperged out when I told him i was doing pack training (with a bundle of stakes) he then insisted on walking with me and getting chatty with his white shoe trail adventures and his free epirb helicopter ride. I had to walk to the end of the trail because I usually drop off the side to get to my secret spot. He told me his name was Adrian, he didnt take his airpods out the whole time. Then i had to walk back and finish the mission. This game of C.O.D. Black Ops -Crash bandicoot cost me half an hour.
(189.20 KB 596x789 inc magazine.jpg)
Two weeks until X-Day. Giving the kid a new SSD and OS for his PC., Is that dork? I'll put some educational games on it. I'm going to get him to dust it out and install it hisself. I dont think he uses it much since he got an x-box. Installing the main stuff takes ages and is really boring. I'll do it in bits. Good Night,White.
Good Morning NEETs. I am feeling optimum-istic about today, I have a plan already.
http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/19-states-attorneys-general-suing-all-the-swing-states-where-fraud-swung-the-election/ >We are all going to stand before God someday, and no matter how hard you fight now, the devil is going to be there accusing you of not fighting hard enough for Donald Trump. An angel will say, “how hard did you fight?” and I know I will be able to say, “I fought as hard as I could, sir, and may God have mercy on me for not fighting harder.”
>>14065 I want to believe but trump has being playing fair against the dirty black ops of the deepstate.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9030943/Four-volunteers-got-Pfizers-vaccine-developed-Bells-palsy.html >Four people who received Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine in its clinical trial developed Bell's palsy, a form of temporary facial paralysis >Each year, about 40,000 people in the US develop Bell's palsy. That is 40,000 / 330,000,000 = 1.2e-4 cases per person per year. >A second person developed Bell's palsy nine days after receiving the shot, and the others' faces grew weak 37 and 48 days after vaccination, respectively. Their trial period then is 48 days. We then use 1.2e-4 * 48 / 365 = 1.6e-5 cases per person per 48 days. So what are the odds of four people in the same trial developing it? They don't give us the size of the groups so it is impossible to calculate. We can calculated based on a few group sizes though. The odds are: Number in group - Probability that four or more get palsy 10 - 0.0000E+00 100 - 0.0000E+00 1,000 - 8.5371E-12 10,000 - 7.6422E-07 100,000 - 2.3681E-02 Excel: =1-BINOM.DIST(4, [Number in group], 1.6e-5, TRUE) So it is vanishingly small and only approaches any reasonable likelihood of happening as we get stupidly large numbers of people in the groups. >FDA scientists ruled the side effect was not likely caused by the shot, but said they would likely recommend that Pfizer closely monitor recipients for palsy These FDA "scientists" are lying through their teeth. I would not take this vaccine.
(582.78 KB 1137x768 page 6.png)
(340.71 KB 1968x1158 page 38.png)
>>14067 https://www.fda.gov/media/144245/download >Safety data from approximately 38,000 participants ≥16 years of age randomized 1:1 to vaccine or placebo with a median of 2 months of follow up after the second dose suggest a favorable safety profile, with no specific safety concerns identified that would preclude issuance of an EUA. >Bell’s palsy was reported by four vaccine participants and none in the placebo group. These cases occurred at 3, 9, 37, and 48 days after vaccination. One case (onset at 3 days postvaccination) was reported as resolved with sequelae within three days after onset, and the other three were reported as continuing or resolving as of the November 14, 2020 data cut-off with ongoing durations of 10, 15, and 21 days, respectively. The observed frequency of reported Bell’s palsy in the vaccine group is consistent with the expected background rate in the general population, and there is no clear basis upon which to conclude a causal relationship at this time, but FDA will recommend surveillance for cases of Bell’s palsy with deployment of the vaccine into larger populations. So calculate for half. 19,000 got vaxxed
>>14067 https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-pfizer-health-concerns/fact-check-clarifying-claims-around-pfizer-vaccine-deaths-and-side-effects-idUSKBN28K2R6 >44,000 in trial in total Which implies 22,000 per group. So the odds of four or more people out of a group of 22,000 getting it are 3.3614E-05 or 0.0000336. I get a chi-square of 0.04549 using groups of 22,000 wherein four got it in the vaccine group and none got it in the placebo group. observed 44000 43996 4 22000 22000 0 22000 21996 4 expected 44000 43996 4 22000 21998 2 22000 21998 2 chi-square 0.045490448 p < 0.05
>>14068 I did it for 44,000 from the Reuters article. >>14069 So groups of 22,000.
The probability of four or more people, from a group of 22,000, during a period of 48 days, getting Bell's Palsy, is about 1 in 2,000. p(0 get it) = 0.70328 p(1 gets it) = 0.24756 p(2 get it) = 0.04357 p(3 get it) = 0.00511 p(4 or more get it) = 0.00048 1 / 0.00048 ~ 2,000
The rich kids over the road put a flyer in my letterbox waning us that they are having a party tomorrow. I may attend.
>>14073 >they are having a party What is the occasion?
>>14067 four people is too small to draw statistical inferences from, I think. But why take the risk. Commonsense and data dont always match on tinder as you would expect.
>>14074 21st birthday. I remember my 21st birthday party was my last one. I think Finn is under the impression that his party will be epic.
>>14074 21st birthday. I remember my 21st birthday party was my last one. I think Finn is under the impression that his party will be epic.
>>14068 I cant imagine a more kiked scientific doccument. What if the data is shit. If you only look for immediate reactions and the problem is a syndrome after 12 months then your conclusions are good enough for a swift roll out. Why dont they tell us what exactly is in the shit. Open source the thing.
Fucking cuckchan mods shoah'd the thread! Holy shit! >>14075 You need to do the maths. The sample size was 22,000. The number who got it was 4. If the sample size was 4 then you would have a point. But regardless, commonsense would suggest that it is not worth taking a rushed vaccine for a virus that has a 99.97% or higher survival rate.
>>14069 not just the side effects. does it provoke T'cell antigen productiion or and give long term protection. Does the vaccine contain an adjuvant. Does it provide antigens for all the strains. Is it going to cause antibody dependent enhancement of another strain. I have fucking questions cunt.
>>14076 >I think Finn is under the impression that his party will be epic. Maybe it will.
>>14079 just saying its a way for the study proponents to say 'not valid'. Bells palsy seems like classic misdirection to me.
>>14080 >>14082 I get what you're saying. I am talking about an error in the study but the entire study is bullshit.
>>14083 Or frame.
>>14082 They can't attack my argument without saying that 2 + 2 = 5. 2 + 2 = 4
(1.23 MB 2532x2484 corona aids.jpg)
>>14079 Them shoah'ing that thread was the equivalent of the six Democrat states stopping counting on the night of the U.S. election.
(2.12 MB 1696x2338 golden fleece tintin.jpg)
Whoot! Who knew that there was a TinTin live action moofie out there. I'm gonna try and find the torrent.
no fun allowed
(86.59 KB 1024x712 tards.jpg)
>>14091 Hearty, appalled kek
(394.53 KB 2381x1597 no allah in the 'nulla.jpg)
(578.50 KB 2464x1632 Cucked out innercity fags.jpg)
https://www.sbs.com.au/news/all-it-took-was-a-trigger-the-racism-of-the-cronulla-riots-15-years-on Based and with pride. I remember the riots. I didnt go because i didnt know. I think I remember talking to my surfie mate about it after it happened. We should have caught the train up.
(53.01 KB 637x637 1607677490871.jpg)
Decided to go to wage tomorrow. The day will be hot and on sunday it will be hotter still. Staying at home will be a problem after lunchtime because these places are not insulated. I am often thinking of how to get a better place and start living properly, I think I can make a log cabin, design it in CAD and get the logs cut in a sawmill to plan. Then just assemble in situ. How much does a log cost anyway? Good Night,White.
Good Morning NEETs. Its wage today and thats okay.
>>14095 Hope you had a good day m8
(185.42 KB 652x919 1607677379593.jpg)
OOF. Good Night, White.
>>14097 Nite NEET
(1.12 MB 1640x2048 der-ewige-crystal.jpg)
snowed a little bit. pain in the ass. it's enough to shut the skatepark down but not enough to snowboard on or sled or anything. guess I'll spend an hour or so shoveling and sweeping the place out and see if the other lads are out there doing the same thing
>>14099 Where the fuck do you live cunt?
Good Morning NEETs. Laundry and Shaving on the cards today.
>>14099 >skatepark shut down Where buy drugs now?
(1.99 MB 1050x4474 Tranny wolf creek.png)
>Be in gaol for henious murders, clearly a danger to the good citizens >Identify as female when you're a man >Parole board thinks its inappropriate that you're in a mans prixon >Back on the streets with you luv Distant honking.
(42.49 KB 255x225 shrug pepe.png)
>>14103 I cant follow that article, The woke pronouns for the tranny make it too confusing.
(86.38 KB 855x480 1607677142255.jpg)
Hot day, had to break away from my tasks at home and go out because it gets uncomfortable inside. I took the bike to see oldad, climbed some trees and cut some branches that were offending him. Skipped seeing mummybot because I wanted to have a BBQ back at home. Watched the last episode of Mandalorian, Not going to watch any more 'cos its AIDS. Listening to Icehouse Measure for measure. Based. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs Long Hot day with no wage predicted.
https://www.rt.com/news/509440-iran-angelina-corpse-bride-jailed/ I've said it before: Iran is kind of based.
We're on our own, mates.
>>14108 Nah we're surrounded
Are you neets prepared for the collapse? Last chance to buy combat boots online.
(151.67 KB 939x718 58799933.17000003_image.png)
>>14109 G'day NEETS Came across this green text, so thought I would share.
Was the matter with you white mob, always gotta be hurryin around the mallee. Doncha know about this black lives matta coroboree goona. We's matter now an you cant be hittin us with ya semitrailers now. Bunch of faarken whoite dog cahnts.
>>14109 The enemy is at our front, at our flanks, and at our rear. They can't escape us this time!
>>14113 Yes, oh First Australian master! Please tell me, how may I please you today?
(176.14 KB 1826x1120 1599297827631.jpg)
>>14115 You can pay us like you pay these Jew mob. Good tribe them .
>>14116 Yep I'm right on it, just today I told all my neighbours that they need to pay more to the First Australians whom they have dispossessed. I have been raising awareness since I became aware of the problem. White people must do better.
>>14113 >>14116 >>14118 aboposter needs to go
last night's BBQ for second breakfast. Yum!
>>14120 I don't read the SMH. I find it too right win for my liking.
Watching a moofie about covid 2024 "Songbird", Its a nice vision of what we could have had with a proper bioweapon release. *sigh I hope I get a chance to wear the gas mask again.
(34.11 KB 417x349 hotpepe.jpg)
Its too hot to work inside, I'm going to do something else, before I go to civic club way out of town near Legacyvale.
>>14122 >right win
>>14125 Yep.
>>14125 Aye.
(96.20 KB 550x868 1604382831341.jpg)
Civic club was out on a well groomed farm, shabby as they all are when only one man does everything and he has inherited everything. At least the ching chongs didnt own this one, as they do for at least one big one further up the Legacy Valley. Fukn hot evening, lots of infra-red on my face from the low sun, tedious roast session and one of the elderly members got lost on the property. Someone shoulda been with him, almost ninety he is. Fukn boomer mongs vs lost generation liabilities. Got back to the unit and its hot inside, got the fans sucking cold air in which should help. Tomorrow will be a fucking problem too. Good Night. White.
>>14128 Are you a fed?
Good Morning NEETs. Its too hot to wear a shirt already. bitch whine
>>14129 When is trumpy going to call a military coup?
>>14131 Only Trump knows.
(73.57 KB 448x508 1604803541961.jpg)
Having a read about the TPM chip. I think that if i have a backup hdd and store that at mummybots, then my PC gets X'd out I cant use the backup HDD.
(411.21 KB 2048x792 biden wins.jpg)
>>14133 Its over according to MSM
>>14136 "They" said it was over, before it began >On Monday, Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer tweeted that Republican electors in the state also met at the state capitol to cast votes for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence because a Trump campaign lawsuit contesting the state’s results is still pending. >Former U.S. Representative Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania said the Trump electors in the commonwealth also held “conditional” votes in case a court were to overturn the results. They also did this in Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona >The Electoral Count Act (ECA) of 1887 says each chamber of Congress will separately decide which slate of ‘dueling electors’ to accept. >The new congress that will be sworn in on January 3 will be the ones doing the count. >The Senate would vote for the Vice President. Republicans currently hold the Senate. >The House of Representatives would choose the President however it is not one vote per lawmaker like it is in the senate. >The House in each state gets one vote and with the new Congress, Republicans will have the advantage with 27 of the state delegations – a candidate needs 26 votes to win the White House. If the two chambers disagree, we could end up in uncharted territory, though experts typically say that electors approved by each state’s “executive” should prevail. TL,DR Stay Tuned
(25.92 KB 629x403 guliani.png)
>>14138 I think there is a couple more states that joined that thing. The suspense is driving me crazy bros. Its going to be anarchy if Trump prevails after all this MSM shilling.
(37.71 MB 1280x720 o507nm.mp4)
>>14141 Based
(38.65 KB 423x678 1514610718473.jpg)
Donald Trump no longer walks with God.
But God is with us.
My Internet is down because of a "fiber optic cable being cut. " ITS HAPPENING CUNTS '
(77.77 KB 578x720 bulgaria.jpg)
Slack day. Too hot inside, was exchanging cooler air from outside without much effect. These places store heat from the strong sunlight. Difficult to heat and cool. One day I want to start living properly and not be at the mercy of the elements. Fiddle-faddling around with hard drives mostly all day. I though I was okay with one PC but the TPM chip has this 'secure boot chain' feature which means i cant clone the desktop and expect it to run on another machine. Also I am wanting to run a windoze 10 emulator on the arch linux laptop but i dont think that was ever a thing. Dual booting might be the go but a corebooted UEFI might not support that. Spewin. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Connection is back up and the temperature has returned to normal, phew.
>>14147 Fuck off glownigger.
>>14149 Grow up son, we all gotta make ends meet.
>>14147 >Windows 10 emulator So a virtual machine? Your post is wonky, nigger.
>>14151 yeah maybe i was barking up the wrong tree, but i think that i still need to install arch and win10 on different partitions anyway.
(1.96 MB 640x360 yow_weed.webm)
>>14152 Cut teh tree down and smoke it up.
They are digging up the road again. I thought they dug it up already, They must have changed their minds and decided it and I need more punishment.
(35.19 KB 582x582 1597703861118.jpg)
>>14152 >i think that i still need to install arch and win10 on different partitions anyway >Knows how to install Arch >Isn't sure if Arch and Win10 needs to be on separate partitions >Win10 emulator >Dual booting might be the go but a corebooted UEFI might not support that What the fuck is going on here?
>>14150 Traitorous scum.
>>14150 You make a living by destroying lives. This is your last chance to fuck off.
(99.33 KB 640x480 spruce 1.jpg)
(116.43 KB 640x480 spruce 2.jpg)
Finally got the second seedling in and watered. It got bashed a little bit in the pack coming up but at least no one saw me on the trail part. The netting is really hardcore and should fuck the wallabies off. Still needs a little more soil but that can wait. The other one that got nibbled is going to be a concern. Pixxa for tea, shower and then bed to get up early. I watched 'Machines of Man' last night, the baddie was really good and they didn't make him die like a faggot. Fun moofie.
(131.16 KB 550x395 Alf stewart.jpg)
>>14156 >>14157 Listen you, I was destroying lives when you were just a baby. I like it here.
>>14159 In the name of God I cast you out.
(67.11 KB 587x576 1607591169325.jpg)
>>14160 We cant ask god to have all the fun for us.
>>14161 Kill yourself faggot.
Fucking demons are everywhere.
>>14163 He is going back to his handler to ask for further directions. He did it on the Soros question as well. That was why it took him so long to answer.
>>14162 >>14163 You seem tense NEET, why not pop down to one of my refreshment centres and have one of my attitude adjustement consultants help you with a selection. There are no demons in our spirits!
(116.07 KB 1300x866 white clock housewife.jpg)
Days ended, belly full, getting late. Good Night,White.
Good morning NEETs. Rain and a bedraggled blackbird outside my window when I opened the blinds.
For some reason rt.com wont load on google but will on firefox. I reckon its censorship.
>>14158 Looks like they will make an excellent brekky for a roo or something, lucky you put netting up. thanks for the pics m8
>>14166 Goodnight, glownigger. Just remember: you're fooling no one.
The ungodly shall not stand in the judgement, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.
(4.47 KB 225x225 tubtrug.jpg)
A handle broke off my tubtrug knock-off. is it fucked? Should I take it back to Bunnings neets?
(48.55 KB 1400x588 Maggi.jpg)
Hi NEETs, Dont forget to add a bottle of delicious Maggi seasoning to your shopping basket next time you're at Woolworths. Woolworths the fresh food people.
>>14174 >>14175 >marketing to NEETs You cunts must really be desperate.
(113.35 KB 705x273 w.png)
>>14174 Yes if you bought it recently.
Aliens Vs Trump A QAnon Production.
(2.18 MB 720x720 djok.webm)
the only good thing about these anti-depressants is that it increases the effects of alcohol
>>14165 think you fucked up there mate
(27.55 MB 596x336 withyou.webm)
(498.05 KB 800x800 1608126178628.png)
>>14184 thanks Dan you're always there with a bottomless bottle of grog.
(354.20 KB 1220x836 image-tools.php.jpeg)
>>14186 dan never dies
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>14188 >>14188 >>14188 >>14188


no cookies?