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(10.13 KB 219x231 FUCXMAS PEPE.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #11 - FUCXMAS Edition NEET 12/17/2020 (Thu) 07:48:17 No. 14188
Have you ever gotten pissed in the summer sun, at your family lunch and told your nephew and nieces that christmas got hijacked by the chinky-dinks so they could sell us more shoddy crap? Have you ever had an argument with your fam because you told the kids that Santa was invented by the Jews to sell us goys their poison? Did your Brother in law yell at you last year for using the words "Massive Kike Mongrel Golem" while everyone was watching the Christmas special (Santa Claus: The Movie) on the TeeVee afterwards? Of course you have, You're FucxmasNEET and this is your special time. So get those lead lined stockings up 'cos you're getting radioactive coal, and all the Ho Ho Ho's are charging a 40% holiday surcharge. FUCXMAS Really.
Ho Ho How does he do it?
(838.67 KB 480x264 wonderfultime.mp4)
FUCXMAS THREAD Soundtrack https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_11
ALWAYS WAS ALWAYS WILL BE Fuck yer whoite dog christmas us mob'll spear ya faarken raindeers they come flyin over our camp.
(44.52 KB 397x600 Hitler christmas pepe.jpg)
>>14188 Christmas is what you make it mate
Bring those lemons back or I'm going to the cops.
>>14188 >digits Merry Christmas Neets
>>14188 I like this pepe
(87.27 KB 1440x1080 1571430342547.jpg)
>>14196 Prove it. Shut up or i'll sue.
Wage want me to go in tomorrow, disinclined because of the rain but need to pass time until Trump stages a comeback.
Got My sisterclone a $100 gift voucher to the tea shop. That place is like a head shop selling normie dope. almost got a tea egg for loose leaf but I held off because its a meme and I'm never going that way.
Heavy swingers gently swaying in the breeze
Going in to wage tomorrow. What could go wrong?
>>14203 Try and have a good day m8.
>>14204 Its in the "casino" office because you roll the dice and take your chances.
That Moofie "Training Day" was pretty good. I like seeing L.A. it looks really hot and gritty like adventure is everywhere.
(56.70 KB 1200x630 barnaby coal.jpg)
>>14188 >radioactive coal
(68.85 KB 667x1000 grey hair hottie.jpg)
Did my exercises in the drizzle today, in the middle of the park where its hidden away. Felt good on my face and kept the dog walkers indoors. There are swank aged care condominiums across the gully and I can hear the goings on and kind of see them. I think the place is set up like a hotel. I cant imagine a worse place to spend my declining years, clustered together with other normies in identical little boxes. I want to age in a rural community with a porch and a rocking chair. Slowly giving away my posessions to poor cunts that might need them, burning wood to keep warm and eating out of the same stew pot for ten days in a row. Comfortable retirement sounds like bait to me. Good Night,White.
(1.71 MB 3663x5280 Nakada Kana5.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>14208 Goodnight NEET
>>14209 goodnight m8.
Good Morning NEETs. Why is it easy to go to bed late and hard to get up early instead of the other way around?
>>14208 goodnight glowie
>>14209 Gookposter is on safari
>>14211 Good morning NEET, i dont know, all i know is that i had a terrible sleep. >>14213 what makes you say that?
>>14214 gook night poster came over from endchan last night. Normally he gets terrible abuse there.
>>14215 He has very poor taste in women.
Wage was AIDS today in the grind office. The cakes ladyboy left before I had a chance to tell him to leave the leftovers. After my shift I went to see my controller mate in his new open plan office with a tv wall. You cant read any of the information from the desk and he says that its too noisy do take phone calls. We agreed its mainly for media optics, sucks to be him getting a flat arse and hardened arteries.
>>14216 I think he posted it ironically
(2.66 MB 870x480 UhtI4N3cHSh7.mp4)
i smell bad
I have returned, from the wage and to this board.
(131.86 KB 805x604 1592769703813.jpg)
>>14220 welcome back brother hope the wage wasn't too brutal
(81.21 KB 450x600 Boongsonnerad.jpg)
>>14217 >>14220 Yez can faarken get back there ya cunts. This board is for us boongs whose goin walkabout all day.
>>14221 I am having a harder and harder time keeping my cool. Little things are making me sperg out publicly.
>>14222 >Possible related search: king george australia Why are you holding out on the HQ boong OC??
>>14223 have a Twinings Green Tea & Jasmine
>>14225 Dan does not have that in stock.
>>14215 i thought you meant safari as in the web browser
Endchan is kill. What do neets?
Endchan is kill. What do neets?
Endchan is kill. What do neets?
And 16ch is monged. Fuck.
And 16ch is monged. Fuck.
Big NEET swingers.
Neets I have an embarrassing problem at wage. I sit down to pee and when I get up I dribble wee all over my nice smart uniform pants. I think I need to wear a pad or something. Do any other neets experience this post void dribbling?
I recall the kreugerrands from 1991 on are considered worthless because of some scandal and fakery. This may not be as rock solid as you think. There are big margins in counterfiet gold bars.
(84.44 KB 750x963 xmas cat.jpg)
getting dinner from pilgrims tonight
>>14234 Just wear a nappy
I am making a list of interesting links in case (((they))) start taking down websites. Most will be onions but I can put some clearweb links in too if they are good. I have three so far. http://trr4pp3aand4cq3qc2hq2pwsvmsvlwskn2pxtmfmdm5xmzvppi6oirad.onion/ Does anyone have any suggestions? No CP links please.
>>14241 I'm too much of a normie to use darkweb stuff. There is always zerochan if i can remember how to get there...
(109.93 KB 600x891 chemistry woman.jpg)
I just had to spend some time thinking about the lifers at wage, watching them duck off to the department store uptown at lunch to get everyone in the office some unwanted Xmas themed chocolate or some pricey gee-gaws for their kids. I forgot that they live in a world where money replaces time on any project other than the career and home-making. I used to do it NEETs, Full time wagie big bux chungus. Where your world just narrows down into a death star canyon run and the convenience of having all your mates at the wage shapes your entire social program. What the fuck do they think of me then? I must be as much an outsider to em as the mudskins and slopes, at the same time not being exotically dusky and eating curry smelling shit shit at lunch. I dont even bother to learn names when I turn up, and I'll smile in recognition of a face two seconds before I remember my shit past experiences with them. I am the ghost of wage past walking among the lost souls of the wage present. Good Night, White.
>>14242 I have clearnet links as well. Anything useful or interesting is appreciated.
(89.51 KB 656x492 1593594846939.jpg)
hi frens
I am back to having all three ausneets open again, I said to myself I wouldn't let it get this far again.
Good Morning NEETs. Gonna deploy imminently for the wage. See Ya.
>>14242 I think zerochan and zeronet is like a blockchain internet. How interesting.
>>14241 >random onion Can you give us a hint of what's behind that link before we click?
>>14250 It's a list of useful links written up as a real life adventure game. I just got IRC up as well. trr4pp3aand4cq3qc2hq2pwsvmsvlwskn2pxtmfmdm5xmzvppi6oirad.onion/6667 Just don't post CP cuz I'll have to take it down.
Cant be stuffed neets. >Cant be stuffed going to exercise spot >Cant be stuffed going back to wage tomorrow >Cant be stuffed taking a picture of the upside down pinapple cakes in my tiffin >Cant be stuffed having a wash. Bah.
Jesus never gave up.
>>14252 Give it a day or 2 mate, you'll come good
(14.30 KB 267x340 1598142080148.jpg)
Went to the new mini market down the road to get some maggi but they didnt have any. The place was mostly snooty ladies, time poor wagies and mixed bag muds + chinks too lazy to go to the proper supermarket, They were almost outnumbered by zoomer apple polishers and their metrosexual supervisors. I forgot to wear my mask but I still stuck out amidst them like a pair of dogs balls. There is a handy bottle shop in the same complex, the whole thing wasnt there a year ago. They empty the dumpsters every day at closing time but I raided them a couple of times before they started doing that and they were extremely rich. This kind of place is a real arse cancer to traffic and parking, kind of kek because I ride bikes tho. Got some mushrooms there and had some for dinner. No wage tomorrow but I'll go to bed now just the same. Good Night, White.
>>14193 a great place for a colony
Good Morning NEETs. Home today and listening to the wattle birds outside.
>>14257 morn few stray cockies again this morning
Choofing up some soup mix in the pressure cooker for lunch already.
>>14255 Goodnight glowfaggot.
>>14255 Kill yourself glowfaggot.
(2.17 KB 162x136 images.jpeg)
>>14262 >>14263 GN Cringelet
>>14266 sailing is based
(132.47 KB 798x1138 Bilched (2019).jpg)
I want to watch this Moofie because It is set in the suburbs under lockdown. They are an interesting mix of super wealthy and legacy residents. I regret never going up there for a scrute but there were no trains going any where near there. Rich suburb with no public transport, bit of jealous feels
>>14264 >>14265 Suck a dick glowfaggot. Nobody likes you.
>>14269 You are the only one complaining, Chaim
>>14269 Well done troll-let.
>>14274 You don't have a chance son. Time to start running.
Two weeks ago I spotted a duck and seven hatchlings headed for the creek beside my place. Its a rocky gully with a pipe under the road thats big enough to walk thru which i sometimes do for convenience. I was just down there and there is only one little duckling left out of the seven, there is nowhere for them to escape to because there is no water on that side, I suspect rats or the possum got them. Its a pity she could not have moved her flock to the other side where there is a bit of a puddle.
>>14275 What are you talking about you dribbling retard?
>>14277 You, you glowing faggot. You have been glowposting here for months, pretending to be a white nationalist, but you won't even name the Jew and his crimes in simple terms. Thus, I have decided to track you down and execute you and your family.
>>14278 I mentioned a jewish co-worker a couple of weeks back. Other than that I dont know any jews because they keep to themselves. Any more death threats and i'll start deleting every one of your torpedo posts.
(15.74 KB 223x275 crop blonde.jpg)
Slow day at home, shitposting helps with the grind and keeps things amusing. I cant imagine not having a couple of boards open as I go. I think that I will never see A better way to shitpost freely The imagboards are here to stay Poetry is really gay. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Got up early, might as well wage today.
(2.68 MB 1050x4942 zz.png)
The absolute state that this town ended up in. Everywhere you see fine churches now in private hands. The faggots here have a penchant for churches and were refused tennancy in another church owned building in town before they got their hands on this one. Distant honking + Jews chortling.
>>14276 none of the baby swans at the local pond survived sad. probably foxes i reckon there was an island they could go to though >>14289 >Good Morning NEETs. morn >might as well wage today. thinking of calling in a sickie?
(52.00 KB 1125x776 stay home.jpg)
>>14291 >Foxes should set some snares then. http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=EE90541C4B17280FDF3D76994B413035 I was thinking of setting some snares to catch the rats. I got slammed at wage today, this will be my last shift for a long time. Fuck em Off up the bush to drill some holes in the rock wall and put in screws for lines. I want to be making sus noise at rush hour, when everyone is just focused on getting home and showered.
Drilled three holes. Took me ten minutes each.The bit is fucked and the batteries are flat. Got one to go. I have done a lot of work on that campsite.
Longest day of summer NEETs, go to bed before the sun sets. I was thinking about getting out into the bush this summer, up in the mountains at the place i'm surveying for emergency survival potential. If I only go for a couple of days then I'll have to plan it out to make my time count. I'm already familiar with the area and I keep pushing further every time. There's low potential for caves to be found but plenty of water and hidden valleys to put a teepee and pack in supplies. The stories about the bushmen of olden days used to live off the land, and work either clearing tracks for settlers and loggers or trapping poor possums for furs. They used hunt wallabies and wombats with dogs, basically shooting ducks in a barrel, and eat the bush meat. Disgusting boongs. I will start planning to make a food stash. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Not ruling out going to the shops today.
Waiting for heavy rain predicted today.
Rain is setting in for the day and now I cant go to my exercise area.
(262.76 KB 652x627 shoey.png)
Mountains out of molehills
I went to the shop but I miscounted the garlic breads somehow and told the checkout chick that there were twenty but there was only 12 when I got home.
Really pissing down now. Just finished with the BBQ luckily.
>>14300 Well timed m8
Two days until Xmas and I am racing deadlines. Tomorrow I need to work on the presents I am making for the fam. I hate xmas shutdowns and its a challenge to make the best of them. Rain on the roof was nice. Nice and cool night. Good Night,White.
not gonna get a white jewmas this year even though it snowed early into november. fuck this bullshit.
(286.01 KB 1536x2048 white christmas.jpg)
>>14304 Cheer up cunt, between mass immigration and global warming, white christmas is merely a rumour.
Good Morning NEETs. Sunny day ahead after yesterdays crachin rain.
(16.26 KB 255x223 norm thinks.jpg)
Looks like VOAT is going offline for good. Posting there was always like playing cricket with empty stubbies. F.
having a hard time keeping my spaghetti in my pockets dealing with my fat cunt coworker women's lib was a mistake
Christmas time is special time for fats. Just offer her some xmas themed food, something calorically dense.
(1.69 MB 944x1418 maggi.png)
Finally got my bottle of maggi, Its msg in a bottle and made in china so I wont be replacing it when it runs out. Went to bunnings and thence to mummybots all on the bike. Twenty km and I'm stuffed but all the xmas providoring is done. Feels good, had a big physical day and moved some stuff forward. Good Night, White.
>>14310 At least this one isn't ugly like a lot of the ones you post are.
crying about no snow and now theres a light blizzard. up to three inches. hope it lasts until tomorrow night so i can have a white jewmas.
>>14292 >should set some snares then. yeah could do that but don't have gun to put it down i could get a bow that i've always been meaning to buy i've found out the cunt with the the paddock next door has a den and is letting them live some bullshit story about how he was traumatized as a kid by his dad shooting foxes >>14294 living the life >>14312 >white jewmas. wasn't santa originally some pagan cunt?
Good Morning NEETs. Computer mainainance and upgrade today. Expect outages.
>>14314 morn whatcya upgraydin'?
(2.43 MB 1200x903 Ken Oath and his body count.png)
>>14313 >has a den and is letting them live Sometimes you get these outrageous landowners who go all "Greenie" and wont kill foxes or cats and have a dozen rescue dogs roaming free, and the only animal that gets controlled around their properties are the small masupials and reptiles. I say: sneaky bait. These good lads will give you free 1080. http://www.redcard.org.au/gallery
>>14315 The workstation has a noisy fan that needs attention and I got the 2.5 inch hdd mount plates in the mail last night so I can install them into the NAS. Plus i'm making a new OS SSD for the kid for christmas.
>>14313 the entire holiday and its traditions are more pagan than anything but i think santa is predominantly from christian stuff.
>>14313 Dunno I think santa is still a pagan symbol in based places where dudes dress up as trolls and beat up immigrants on christmas eve.
>>14317 >kid nunununununununormie?
>>14320 not my kid. Parents are normies tho
>>14321 what's this guys problem? >>14322 >Parents are normies tho obviously because they had (you)
>>14326 lol really? based on what evidence?
>>14327 >>14150 >>14159 If you don't believe me, read his nightly stories. It is a script. It is not interactive. If you try to engage or ask questions he never answers. He is unresponsive. His story meanders on, day after day, never achieving anything. It is a placeholder for an actual human. He does not exist. Make up your own mind.
>>14328 >If you try to engage or ask questions he never answers. He is unresponsive. yeah i noticed that. i think it's just his style. he kinda just uses here as a blog if he was a glowie then what's his purpose posting here?
>>14328 I bet BT didn't do a lot with his days either: Today I went to the gym. checked my crypto account. did the shopping and bought a white marker pen online. Hope to do some practice this weekend. Didnt have time to shitpost much because working on the car. >Make up your mind I'll make you mind your manners.
>>14329 To establish a post history, a cover. When called upon to act, he will use the reputation he has built to deploy an enemy payload. I do not know exactly what that is. Richard Spencer was responsible for the Charlottesville honeypot. When called upon, he gave his support to Joe Biden. Another group of Neo-Nazis built up a following on Twitter, then gave support to the coronavirus scam at an opportune moment. Have a few articles. There is a better and more recent one that shows them but I cannot find it. https://dailystormer.su/neo-nazis-continue-to-promote-the-flu-hoax-say-economic-collapse-means-stocks/ https://dailystormer.su/neo-nazi-white-knights-go-all-in-on-defending-the-honor-of-women-who-had-sex-with-harvey-weinstein/ https://dailystormer.su/after-supporting-the-shutdown-neo-nazis-advise-their-followers-to-beg-the-government-for-food/ >>14330 If you are not a Christian then I do not give a fuck what you have to say.
>>14331 This is an Aussie professional NEETs shitposting forum, posting about deploying a payload must be accompanied by a spoilered image.
>>14331 Neo-Nazis are mongs. This is a board for FREN's
>>14332 There is a new $110,000 fine for shitposting. It will come in next year. >>14333 >FREN Acknowledged. Here is how I work. If you are my friend then I will do everything I can to help you. If you harm my friend then I will do everything I can to destroy you.
>>14334 I thought that was for trolling and based abuse gets rewarded with citizen medals. I hope I dont get too many, I wouldnt know where to put em.
>>14331 don't see how it relates to this guy posting on a board that has like 5 active posters
>>14335 Unlikely. >>14337 Jesus only had twelve friends and one of them was a rat.
>>14335 https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/online-bullies-and-trolls-to-be-slapped-with-huge-fines-under-government-crackdown-c-1820589 >“It’s not good enough that we can have vicious online trolls engaging in terrible attacks against people, which as we know in some situations have been so bad that they have led to suicide.” They made this law in response to high casualty rates in their tranny battalions.
(30.39 KB 474x316 boong metho.jpg)
>>14337 He can post what he likes, The board is here to provide guidance and not to judge.
>>14339 Kek. Lets hope that the opfoes have never heard of VPN's and proxies.
>>14339 Bust a nut guy has been pretty quiet lately. Perhaps he is getting trolled and is all demoralized.
Just realized I dont have any Ice cream but genuinely afraid of the last minute Chrismas crowd at Coles.
>>14343 Ice cream is a Psyop.
>>14344 This.
>>14341 >>14342 I must keep up the fight. Every tranny that kills himself is one less to post demoralisation propaganda in the 6 January happening threads. Saint Tarrant's end goal was to force the American militias into action. With God's grace, we will soon see if he was successful.
(8.11 KB 220x249 1599275032363s.jpg)
>>14346 BT did it to Accelerate the pushback. Trump being rigged out of the white house will be the best thing he's ever done for the right, bringing more minds to the cause as the rot sets in.
>>14336 you straya mates are lucky to have such a based image
>>14347 Nuts.
No one cares what a stray dog dreams.
(17.53 KB 474x251 glowie.jpg)
>>14351 Your glowdar is a bit oversensitive. You might want to get it recalibrated.
(57.52 KB 780x834 fed.jpg)
>>14352 Okay friend.
>>14353 hopeless
(677.68 KB 850x850 Peter drew shitcunt.jpg)
>>14347 Its a better variation than the orig.
(24.50 KB 588x571 Poo Wank.png)
Spent much of today transferring data around hard drives, mainly downloading games and operating systems. It does my head in thinking about data transfer rates of tens of megabytes per second, all in bits and all in copper wires, all at gigahertz frequencies. Phenomenal. Kinda glad I never went down the rabbit hole of computer science at uni, I know just enough to avoid buying intel chips made after 2016 when the pajeets took over the engineering. Hope that everyones Christmas goes smoothly, I for one am keen to get it over and done with and get back to finishing my NAS and migrating data off my workstations. The next step is to get my data offsite to a VPS. Now that is exciting. Good Night. White.
(91.40 KB 736x736 pagan girl.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Happy Christmas, Quite cold these last few days, thick socks and autumn weight pants weather.
>>14359 morn & merry christmas yes it's bloody cold for this time of year that darn global warming
>>14360 You love getting that coal in your stocking.
Xmas has been survived, Was a relatively hot day and I watered the giant grass I planted 3 years ago. The kid was excited about the new hard drive, He got a pencilcases and iou's from everyone else. I skipped all the dodgy food safety xmas platters and came home with some of sisterclone's pastries and gingerbread biscuits. Off up the gully now to work on the campsite, try to salvage something from the xmas shutdown.
>>14362 >Xmas has been survived Good to hear m8
I found a wooden soldier in oldad's garage all dusty and faded with a repair that oldad did on the arm. It was brought over from the old country by a relo and it held candles at christmas. I took it and told oldad it was my Christmas present which was nice for us both. Saw the wallaby up the gully and watered the spruce saplings. There is new growth where it got nibbled but the soil still needs conditioning because its shedding water. I played Tattoo to the other bank of the ravine and didnt drop a note. I still need to drill one hole in the stone wall of my campsite to set up the old hammock that was my bed for a couple of seasons back when I was homefree. The site is drenched in sun in the evenings and a choice spot, even tho it will be a struggle getting a connection for shitposting up there. Off to the workshop tomorrow. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. I chucked out the swiss chocolates mummybot gave me for christmas. I never had much self control with sweets.
I might go into town to get a new kettle. There shouldnt be too many people around on boxing day.
(12.30 KB 112x112 reee pepe icon.png)
REEE!! Asians driving SUV's, I mean why would you want to conform to a stereotype of a chink wearing aviator sunnies driving a entourage around the tourist zones. Who let theses shitheads into the country and why do they all have the red tassles hanging from the mirror!?
(91.33 KB 1099x1025 1593754844175.jpg)
Workshop day went alright, got a bit done and might take the laptop tomorrow so I can shitpost out there. Sisterclone found my present from oldad and it had more chocolate like what I chucked out this morning, I threw it in the freexer to deal with it later. Had a go in my exercise area, heaps of families milling about just to remind me that its still christmas. Up early tomorrow, going to try to get the NAS going before I go back out to the workshop. Good Night,White.
>>14368 night neet
Good Morning NEETs. Nice comfy rain predicted for later, I hope it doesn't make my day difficult when I'm out.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-24/frustration-grows-over-claiming-tasmanian-camp-sites-in-advance/13013170 Why the fuck dont people just chuck them in the bin and claim ignorance when the bogans come back?
>>14371 if no one is in them just camp right next to them >online booking system and regulation this can fuck the right fucking off
>>14370 morn >I hope it doesn't make my day difficult when I'm out. rain coat and pants easy
>>14373 I'll coat your pants
The devil keeps no bargain.
>>14374 already coated
Got the internets at the workshop, This laptop is slow AF.
>>14375 Speaking of Bargains, Any of you NEETs pick up a cool discount from Dan's today?
Hot and raining and windy. What a great day to get comfy on the console with your mate billy.
>>14379 i wanna get an nvidia shield so i can play n64 at 1080p
>>14380 i just fitted an old ssd to the kids computer and he's already asking me to put water cooling in it. FFS. Linus needs to STFU.
>>14381 tip a jug of water on it ;)
>>14382 Kid's PC works, I love how they just run when you set them up right. They are a console and ipad family tho. Hopefully the kid will get curious and drag himself up from that mentality. Getting sick of it here but the bro in law has a nice backpack sprayer that i could borrow, There's a tonne of weeds that need rounding up at home.
just fucked a hooker got her to lick my ass for 20
>>14384 damn that's a fantastic deal. you ausbros got it good, apparently
>>14385 if you're not fat, stink or a druggie it makes it easier for them decide
>>14386 I see. I wouldn't know, I've only ever gotten it for free. But $20 is much cheaper than keeping a woman.
>>14385 >go to make large purchase online >computer powers off for about 3 seconds and then powers on again what the fuck is this shit? it's the second time too
>>14388 >they know
>>14389 bastards
>>14390 I have experienced similar inexplicable shutdowns before. Certainly concerning, but extremely difficult to pinpoint the cause if infrequent and nothing else to go on.
>>14391 demons or angels. probably the former
>>14388 Motherboard is cactus, start shopping around for another one.
>>14393 >Motherboard is cactus but it's only happened twice right before a $500+ purchase my pc is like 12 years old if i was to buy something it would probably be a while new pc
>>14394 Since we're on the topic, I have all the parts for a new PC sitting fresh in boxes, but cannot build because new RTX 3080 and 3090 cards are impossible to get. PSU has been on backorder for a month as well. I blame the bugmen.
>>14395 yeah i ordered a bicycle from the uk i'll be a skeleton when it finally arrives fuck this new world order
>>14395 >RTX 3080 Wo0o What do you need all that power for? are you mining crypto like the chinees jews?
I'm off home. its windy as fuck here and I'm hungry as. Might go thru the drivethru and get and ultimate box.
>>14397 It is actually meant to be excessive for me. I built my last (first) PC in Feb 2008 and then proceeded to make many life mistakes, making the purchase of a decent new PC out of reach for many years. Finally I have reached a point where I can afford a nice PC, so I went a bit overboard for this one to make up for the long wait. I have a 3970X as well. I plan to do some video editing, gaming, and possibly play with some of the tools I posted here https://16chan.xyz/g/res/913.html
(170.63 KB 1600x1200 emergency_ward.jpg)
(364.71 KB 2004x1194 unholyalliance.png)
>>14398 you'll need refreshments with that
(70.34 KB 450x284 colonel murphy.jpg)
Driving on the highway behind shitcunts who use the tray of their ute as a rubbish bin, and seeing their maccas wrappers go everywhere. Then I get home and the first thing i have to do is clean up the chink takeaway sippy cups and styrofoam packaging from outside my place, probably coming from the ching chong's overflowing wheelie bins. I hate wasters.
(992.80 KB 250x250 1598753410448.gif)
>>14401 >I get home and the first thing i have to do is clean up the chink takeaway sippy cups and styrofoam packaging from outside my place
(77.75 KB 640x480 Just right pixxa.jpg)
Pixxa got cooked at quite high temp. Turned out just right.
Blowy + rainy. Work done for the day. Time for some instructive leisure moments after tea
>>14403 Looks very tasty m8
Its queer how the personalities that you lionized when you were younger seem to fall away as you get more informed. Neighbourhood heroes are the first to be shed from their place in your thoughts. Back in my training wheels days it was that guy from two doors down, who became my idol simply because he had knobby tyres on his car. Then I landed on some bushranger from a book report, He turned into my hero because I identified with the sketch picture they did of this beardo bushie with a six shooter who got gunned down by the troopers before the olden days law could stretch his neck for being a intolerable nuisance. Then it's on to extreme sports dudes, The Insane Clown Posse and war heroes who wrote a book about themselves. Then I started to lift weights and practice the odd dance move during my "Techno-Viking" phase. All players have since fallen away into a fog of ridiculousness. Now my heroes are my own business, Sorry I have to be secretive like Antoni Gaudi, but I wouldnt be an introvert if I Blew my own trumpet like a fagstyler. Back to the workshop tomorrow, thinking about thinking about wage at some point. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Its cool this morning, actually its been quite mild for all of December. WHERE IS YOUR GLOBAL WARMING NOW??
>>14407 morn >WHERE IS YOUR GLOBAL WARMING NOW?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEWoPzaDmOA&list=PLHSoxioQtwZdP64kv7PmAJbadWEpcH6B1 >tfw i actually want it to be warmer and december is almost over strange feels
(44.12 KB 374x363 justed pepe.jpg)
>>14408 Something about a grand solar minimum. Cant get a handle on what's actually going to happen because of obstreperous narrative and HAPPENING NOW BITCOIN GETTING PUMPED AF https://www.rt.com/business/510850-bitcoin-pushes-new-record/ I got none and I'm FREAKING OVER MISSING OUT Oh well back to the workshop maybe a bitcoinillionare will take pity on me and give me some when I am reduced to panhandling after the dollar evaporates.
>>14409 just buy some bro couple hundred dollars couple a thousand might have to wait a few years to make bank but it's worth it don't have to go big
>>14410 Its not gonna be BTC, maybe ETH. I am way behind in my homework and relying on /biz/. Sergey is dumping and the chinks hold 55% so they can fork it whenever they want. /biz/ is very smart.
>>14411 anything but btc is a shitcoin
>>14412 maybe. BTC looks like the foundation stone, ETH is a lot more usable and has more utility. There appear to be other coins that have privacy and a more compact blockchain. These can be used for small transactions unlike BTC which is useless for that as it takes hours for a transfer. BTC + ETH and maybe a couple of shitcoins for speculation. Having crypto as a hedge against inflation and to take it out of the fucking fiat system. Also for international money transfers without losing 10% and having it tracked. Too busy to get it all organised FOMO feels NEETs.
>>14413 >BTC looks like the foundation stone it is. if btc falls they all fall. might as well buy the foundation stone i'd rather buy LTC than ETH
>>14414 BTC is up on its feet. Even if the gubberment tries to restrict it like banning it from ebay or whatever then it will get traded for real world things by some other means, like being swapped for an anonymous coin and then transferred, then swapped back. There are also a dozen free crypto trading bot platforms, I dont know what trading platforms i.e. coinbase (which doesnt support) you need to have your coins on. I also dont know what high frequency trading bots do to the size of the blockchain. too many unknowns. rabbit hole is too deep.
>>14415 cya at 100k in 2024
(948.72 KB 1476x1745 1609084603454.jpg)
>>14416 yeah yeah. I'm gonna buy the dip. Tho with biden in the white house you never know...
>>14418 buy high, sell low
>>14417 Hearty Kek.
>>14419 Howabout pepe trading cards, or pepecoin?
>>14421 shitcoins
I thin /biz/ is full of pathological gamblers and people who spend all their time investing and spectulating are dckheads. That said, There is something about cryptocurrencies and taking money away from the jews in the banks that is worthwhile even if it is a risk and kind of a a gamble.
Have to go to civic club tonight, Really could do without it tho.
>>14424 Go for a little while and just leave early.
(417.12 KB 1495x1495 Tiger.jpg)
Civic club was at the old academy grounds, very close to my area of operations. I went around in the bush and saw a juvenile tiger snake (pic rel), havent seen one for a long time, feels like a good omen. The boomers were creaky, one fell over and one had a roast for his 82nd birthday. I pinched a beer for later, when I feel like it
The nepos across the road have got aggressive new haircuts and mill around insolently outside their flat which is adjacent to one of the park entrances. They have all the aesthetic of a mudshit rape gang, I should get the surveilance cameras up to keep tabs on them.
>>14409 I had the opportunity to buy in 2009/10, and didn't. The word "bitcoin" still hurts my balls.
>>14426 >The boomers were creaky >iktf
>>14428 The gamblers paradox.It was a gamble then and now. Consider the tattslotto player, consider the millions of alternative realities of that ticket purchsed. In all but one the gambler is a loser. Now consider the investor that selected a reliable investment. In most of the alternatives the guy won, Maybe not bigtime but he's still ahead. I'd aim for being a persistent winner rather than a persistent loser. Stake a crypto becuse you have a use for it, not just because you have a gambling instinct,
>>14430 thanks fren.
(191.08 KB 800x992 1580846195789.jpg)
I got to stand around in the early evening sun tonight, started wondering what the sun in Africa feels like. Still got the feels to start a new life over there, cant decide if thats based adventurousness or just being a suicidal tosser. Good Night,White.
>>14432 doesnt sound like a good idea
>>14423 >>14430 but it's not a gamble. think about it. a way to send money anonymously on the internet. you can carry 1 million dollars with you anywhere in the world and all you need is a usb stick or piece of paper. plus buying drugs online is now a breeze thanks to crypto
>>14434 Crooks are using it to launder money and move it between countries. Thus there will be a powerful user base from that alone, as well as a world government push to at least control it if not ban it from common use.
>>14435 https://www.rt.com/business/510906-gold-price-peak-us-stimulus/ If I get a stimulus check Its going straight to coinbase, this would be the worst thing you can do as far as the end effect of the helicopter money, i.e take it out of the system.
Good Morning NEETs. Another day of NEETstrike to toil through.
>>14436 i heard the check might be fucking 2k crypto is going to fucking PUMP >>14437 morn mate >Another day of NEETstrike to toil through. huh?
(38.72 KB 600x400 scomobux.jpg)
>>14438 Tfw never got scomobux
>>14439 at least you took your super out? RIGHT?
>>14440 nah not eligible, would be good to put that into crypto tho.
Just finished annual servicing of the 1965 Bundeswehr entrenching tool. Modded and painted the handle, cleaned + dismantled the locking pin and lubricated it with graphite powder. Are you NEETs ready for the collapse?
>>14442 Post a pic of your tool please.
(163.94 KB 500x500 1599339411652.gif)
If you guys want to hear some fresh BTC pain, I bought $5k BTC in early March one week before the COVID crash. I watched my savings plummet. As soon as I recovered my losses in July, I sold. I bought back in later in the year and made $700, but sold again fearing another crash. If I had simply held from my original buy-in, I would have turned $5000 into $14000. Now this isn't as bad as when I first heard about BTC in 2011 when it was about $2. I was very poor at the time and begged my grandma for $100 to buy 50BTC, but it was so new she didn't trust me. It was essentially worthless at the time, pissing money away. Anyway, just thought I'd share my story of pain. I've come to accept that the Lord has a plan for me that doesn't involve making absurd amounts from BTC. Or at least that's what I tell myself to cope.
Made the mistake of going to coles, I should have went early before all the normies turned up, I started to have a full blown panic attack while I was there. So i am just about at the stage where I cant even do my shopping without help, I'm not going to make it.
>>14444 Tomorrow brings a new opportunity, its how you end the game that matters.
>>14445 What about online shopping, Buy in bulk and get a couple of months worth of shit at home. Online ordering means you can snipe bargains which is cool.
>>14445 You need to redefine what making it means. Set your goals more realistically. Enjoy the small things in life.
Outside noises: big dirty crow and buzzy flies. A light plane is flying overhead. I think they were going to put a flight training school nearby for the ching-chongs, That would suck.
Another failure in the workshop. off to bunnings for more supplies.
(38.63 KB 640x480 Based e tool.jpg)
Was disinclined to go to bunnings and got swept along in traffic. Decided to go thru the workbook i'm using for clues to the fails.
This is the shit /ausneets/.
>>14451 one of those ends looks like it could be just for nefarious purposes >>14452 well stay on the other one then
>>14451 A beautiful tool.
>>14454 He does have a very nice tool.
>>14452 This is /ausneets/ for professional neets, the other one is for the real neets
(105.06 KB 640x480 cp.jpeg)
Just got my one and only christmas present, It was nice of my friend to even remember me.
>>14457 Bit late. Maybe regifted. I'd guts that in about ten minutes and then feel awful for two days. That reminds me, I have a enormous mazipan bar in the freexer
Just finished washing the falcon, delayed because of the labor of some chud monkey the lando sent round because the gook neighbours reported a possum in the walls. Actually its rats that are attracted to their overflowing and foul smelling wheelie bins. I got him organized and out of my driveway, though he set a possum trap despite abundant evidence of rats, how the fuck does such a poor huntsman have such a fine looking wife?
(183.15 KB 960x1440 down under.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whn4q8HuC8g This looks pretty kek. I wonder why I never knew about it (2016)
Good Morning NEETs. Sick of it NEETs. Might go to the wage today. Just to pass the time.
Yeah fuck this. I'm going to wage. See ya.
>>14460 Looks entertaining, but they are mocking us. Funny in as much we are able to laugh at ourselves.
Wage was fucked. I have come to the conclusion that unless I loose my shit and deck someone, I'm unsackable because of seniority and competence issues there.
>>14464 You need to work you way up until you are in a position of power, then get rid of the usless ones.
>>14466 Kek, Its a dead end game, going up the ranks is like devolving. Fukn unions prevent the worst parasites to thrive there. So glad I stopped paying those jews.
>>14465 kek, I wanted him to slam into a tree.
(62.54 KB 960x720 rainbow cake.jpg)
I asked an old farmer what his favorite cake was. He said "rainbow cake" without hesitating. Its now my favorite cake too.
(2.10 MB 1845x2500 hay girl.jpg)
Feet hurt. Wage tomorrow. At least I cooked a pot of beans and barley for lunch, I am down to my last can of bean mix. Might go to coles tomorrow and get some more frozen corn and carrots. I could open a jar of olives for a bit of variety but i'm saving them for the collapse and hopefully barter for a wife. Good Night, White.
Who here Adelaide?
>>14188 I CAN'T NEET
(8.12 KB 705x400 rmyt.jpg)
>>14470 > this white woman in wheatfield doesn't seem like tradwife material
>>14471 Tassie. Fuck Adelaide.
Good Morning NEETs. The cage trap was sprung but no critter got caught.
(801.72 KB 1050x3581 Buggaree.png)
We must change the law to allow muslims to marry whichever species they choose. Who are we to judge the mudshit way of life.
>>14475 Good morning. Did they find out how the possum was supposedly getting into the walls? There is not much point trapping and relocating them if you don't seal up the entrance while they are out. They just come back.
(7.83 KB 77x67 Untitled1.png)
anyone got a high res of this pepe? >>14475 morn
>>14475 >>14477 >>14478 Morning NEETs
>>14479 morning happer nre tear
(7.10 KB 250x250 1609366965290.jpg)
post rares
>>14477 >trapping and relocating >a possum that's what the air gun's for, m8 plastic bag and chuck him in your neighbors bin and it's all sorted vermin violate the NAP
>>14482 Noooo. Posso is like boong of small animals. Just needs bit of understanding and maybe some rubbish to root around in. Posso is special friend now.
>>14478 Not pepe, is marv
(18.70 KB 100x100 1604988597646.gif)
>>14484 >>14481 hi frens
(118.78 KB 271x376 aussie pepe.jpg)
>>14485 Grey and cold New Years Evening. Couldn't get motivated for a full workout. Not planning to go down to the water to see the fireworks even though its ten minutes walk. Leaving the beer where it is tonight. Spuds, Eggs and reheated beans for tea.
>>14486 it seems you lads eat more beans than we do. sounds like a hearty meal, i hope you find comfort in it. shaping up to be a grey and cold one here, too. i'll probably do some writing today. rarely much merriment for me.
>>14486 I can hear fireworks going off now and a few flashes out east, I didn't think there would be any fireworks tonight, sounds comfy to be honest.
(672.38 KB 1475x2100 1564075820275.jpg)
Unlikely wage tomorrow, had a shower for nothing. Bunnings is closed tomorrow and I NEED shit, Turned off the moofie i downloaded and listening to Icehouse again before bed. Hope to get a few hours sleep before being woken up by the fireworks. Not in the mood. NAS build just booted up, Woot! Good Night, White.
>>14489 >Bunnings is closed tomorrow Are you sure? a lot are still open.
Good Morning NEETs. Gonna haveta get used to saying 2021. I'm not ready for the change yet.
>>14490 Dunno they say they are open and that NY day might affect hours. Not gonna risk it.
They offered me the slack office. I took it despite my resoulution not to waste my time. PTSD INTENSIFIES
>>14492 More than likely full of normies anyway, better off waiting until next week.
want to lose some fucking weight but i hate starving myself. maybe i'll play up the muh adhd angle again and get back on the legal speed. bad for my heart, good for my wang. I'm about 90% sure I just got mogged at the skatepark today so it's hardened my heart. look myself in the mirror and everything's good, catch myself on camera from the side and god damn what a fat piece of shit. not my problem some 2% or whatever of people had heart attacks, bring back legal speed. pep pills and 50s housewifes plz
>>14496 Starving yourself a little every once in a while just eating less in lean portions of meat and vegetables will go far. if your actually just flabby it may just be that your build isn't right and all you need is some exercise to get bulk making the flab work for you.
(76.48 KB 640x480 ginger bikkies.jpg)
Wage was okay and not like it usually is in that office. i.e. gay. I conned the tea lad into putting the leftover treats in a paper bag and they went straight into my tiffin.
>>14497 Weights training boosts your metabolism for 24 hours after a hard workout. After that, the next best thing is portion control. It helps a lot to do a sports thing you really love that eating too much interferes with, when you need to break food habits.
>>14498 Well done neet, you will eventually train her to do that automatically for you.
>>14496 Starving yourself a little every once in a while just eating less in lean portions of meat and vegetables will go far. if your actually just flabby it may just be that your build isn't right and all you need is some exercise to get bulk making the flab work for you.
went camping and bike riding new years first time i've done anything in like a decade >>14496 go jogging
>>14502 also nearly took my eye out just after i got home on the edge of the car tailgate thingy face is all fucked. lucky i wear glasses
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>14503 I support safe and responsible drinking, No liability for NEETs maiming themselves.
>>14504 you implying i was drink driving cunt? i'll go firstchoice; just watch me!
(27.55 MB 596x336 withyou.webm)
>>14503 I support safe and responsible drinking and take no responsibility for NEETs maiming themselves.
Kek. The DanBot is glitching out.
(18.25 KB 396x334 Untitled.jpg)
(74.42 KB 1200x678 cra2.jpg)
>>14509 Yes Dan you're on the way out m8
(82.62 KB 300x300 danjew.png)
>>14508 >>14510 >>14511 You fools YOUR MONEY IS MINE NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO
>>14512 true half of what we pay is like alcohol tax goddamn irish
My NAS build has hit a snag. It wont boot up off a usb drive because the dumpster motherboard is too old, I'll have to use an entire 500GB HDD for the OS. Time to start shopping around for proper motherboards and ram. These problems are going to get money thrown at them I can sense it. Good Night, White.
>>14514 Goodnight m8
>>14514 Shouldn't be using a USB for the OS for a NAS anyway. An entire NAS can be purchased brand new for about $100. Your ongoing story about this NAS raises many questions. Best of luck to you, though. Happy new year all.
>>14516 Now that i read up on it. I need a more updated CPU that supports AES encryption - so a new motherboard. Wolfgang used a usb for the os on his build. Fuck the Truenas Requirements.
>>14496 keep you suger intake around 35 grams; stay away from soda, that shit will keep you fat and kill you fat is excreted through urinating; drink at least a gallon of water a day eat foods high in protein; you should be getting like 54grams of protein each day make sure your getting your daily value of vitamins and minerals; look for powdered drink mixes that have vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in them eat a cooked egg every morning; they have a good type of cholesterol that “repairs” your arteries and reduces inflammation get your diet in order, and in a few months you should see weight loss without even exercising if your not too old and still have good metabolism. either way, after your body has adjusted to your new diet, start doing cardio exercises. once you get used to that, you can start lifting and really get in shape. the ladies will be all over your dick once you start developing muscle
>>14518 Good advice that. I never drink sugar water
(8.61 KB 210x240 donald trump pepe.jpg)
I wonder what's gonna happen on the 6th with Trumpy. If he doesnt come up with something spectacular, something to rival Imperial Rome, then I'm gonna be disappointed.
>>14520 >tfw you get to spend all day watching a civil race war streamed live from the people on the ground
Good Morning NEETs. Cant wait until I finish the instant oats and can go back to the rolled oats for breakfast.
>>14522 morn i'm a sausage and eggs guy need a proper feed mate
I sent a message to the lando about how to fix the posso problem but he's all misbegotten about it. Fuck it, I'm off to the wage, fuck that too.
>>14526 Cool
>>14527 the guy at aussie disposals wasn't wearing a mask bbbbbbased i didn't buy the hat
(196.71 KB 1000x1200 7138_Green.jpg)
got a tent and mat from anaconda and bought the /out/ pack online big spend
>>14529 Very nice looking pack neet.
>>14529 Sweet rucksack. Molle attachments and a velcro strip for patches. You need a goon bag pouch now.
(242.94 KB 700x700 SO-4504490203.jpg)
>>14531 >You need a goon bag pouch now. don't worry i got one
>>14532 I'm thinking of taking water in a silver sack next time i go out.
Last day of wage tomorrow. Chores day then I'm gonna get comfy for the kick-off in USA.
Haven't been to the beach yet this year. I might go next hot day with my boomer buddy, he's a hell of a wingman.
>>14535 Sounds nice, haven't been to the beach in years.
Housing stress NEETs. I was thinking that I'll have to find a better place eventually and that will be a pain in the arse. Rents are super high thanks to mass immigration and the best option might be way out of town past the commuter belt. Its white flight all the way to boogaloo town. Three times the space for less than half the price! And no Asians into the bargain. A comfy place for a NEET, an oportunity rather than a grind. Good Night, White.
>>14537 >Its white flight all the way to boogaloo town pretty much
>>14538 There is a pool of dirt cheap houses for rent in remote mining towns, but you would have to be serious. Imagine finally living properly.
Good Morning NEETs. Last day of wage, one more day to roll the dice.
>>14539 >mining towns nah i'm good >>14540 morn what's this dice shit?
(571.43 KB 2891x2290 wojak voyager plate.jpg)
>>14541 Rolling to get ahead. and get out
>>14542 >get out that's not how you get out that's how you enslave yourself
>>14543 I didnt enslave myself, That was mass immigration and ultimately the jews that did that. I've been working for many years on getting out of this prison. Its just gotta get intolerable enough for me to want to roll the dice and try to get out.
>>14544 it's the life YOU chose
>>14542 >>14543 is right you know Reduce your need for money and addiction to comfort and live a simple life. That's how you get out. Starve the beast
>>14545 Thats not NEETlyfe, Thats Boonglyfe. Cenno is a poor game.
>>14546 A specialist makes lots of money but needs it to hire other specialists, like a orchid that only grows in the nape of a waterfall. A generalist makes less money but doesnt need to pay others to do shit for them. Both have their place in the ecosystem.
>>14548 Making lots of money takes up the precious hours of your life, and the more money you make the greater the proportion the government takes, the longer you are a slave to the government. Further, the more money you make the more hedonic adaptation happens and the more of a slave you become to your own passions, which is much worse than being a slave to the ATO.
>>14547 >Cenno is a poor game nah cenno is exiting the game
>the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Regurgitator albums i hope you neets are acquainted classic
(51.58 KB 515x515 pt.jpg)
(192.08 KB 1200x1200 sp.jpg)
Hi NEETs I need some advice on a solar battery system. I want to power 2 12volt fans total .6 amp to keep some gear cool. I have 2 secondhand 12v 7.2ah batteries (still in good condition) I was looking at this controller from jaycar (12/24V 10A Solar Charge Controller with USb) I was going to pair it with a solar panel from jaycar a 12V 40W Monocrystalline panel as far as I can tell i will have plenty of spare power for other things if I want, am I right in thinking that?
>>14552 Forgot to mention the fans will run for about 5-6 hours a day.
>>14552 Power in watts = Volts x Amps you have a load of 14.4 watts. Can you measure the power ouptut of the solar cell? Looks like you will have plenty of spare power, but unexpected stuff always happens.
(213.57 KB 1300x1300 parrot and girl.jpg)
I was milling about outside and the ching chong from the front unit, the one who told the lando about the possum in his wall. Whips out his smartphone and plays a recording of the "Possum" > Budgie noises. Its a Rosella or Blue winged parrot. I spotted it going into a hole in the eaves. Now the chicks are doomed by the idiot gook and the maintainance mong who will tear the place apart before it can become a fledgeling and fly away. Its a pity its not rats because they need to be controlled. Rare birds are vermin only to shitcunt farmers and my lando. Such is life. Good Night. White.
>>14555 maybe you can save them? ring the council?
>>14556 They are not protected and problematic. The individuals in control of the parrot chick's fate are powerfully stupid. I will try talk to the asian and try to get him to stop complaining, then let the mong faf about ineffectively. If the fledgelings leave then I can seal the hole. I cant burn my working relationship with my lando over this.
Good Morning NEETs. Definitely going to stock up on Bega peanut butter today, not the runny one this time.
>>14558 morn crunchy or smooth?
(49.38 KB 620x344 1601627645392.jpg)
>>14559 Why not both?
(29.36 KB 430x650 1568230715208.jpg)
>>14560 >crunchy >ever
>>14554 How much power can you draw from the batteries and charge them at the same time?
(38.55 KB 255x204 gretspepe.png)
Happy Birthday Greta Thunberg. Need pics of her being legal.
(92.86 KB 687x1258 Greta 18 now.jpg)
Need to move for real NEETs. Got until February sometime.
>>14564 this bitch came out of cia test tube >>14566 why? can't renew lease? where are you?
>>14567 >test tube Kek. Lando wants to renovate and get chinks in. Its okay, I have outgrown this place anyway.
>>14568 goodluck on finding a new place
(174.35 KB 1334x750 1609698801791.jpg)
>>14570 Yeah shilling going on, Stocks are a casino for sure, Crypto seems to be the least risky atm.
>>14569 Kek. I dont know where I want to go most.
>>14572 somewhere with arable land and mostly intact natural beauty.
>>14573 Feeling okay about it. I think i decided before i got the eviction email. I dont care about hobby farming tho.
>>14574 >cenno says i'm getting a $250 Coronavirus Supplement tomorrow hmmm...
Went to Civic club at sandy pines. A couple of guys went in the water but I didn't even consider it. Had an actual conversation about the chinees with "The Professor" but he let me down in the end by stating that most chinees are okay, its the CCP that are dogs. Imagine reading the Guardian. Having a go at stretching my alpine hat. sure hope it works. Good Night, White.
>>14575 Do you have to get the coof to claim it?
>>14577 I think it's only for pensioners and dsp neets
>>14577 >>14578 nah everyone on cenno gets it until the 31st of march but it's supposed to be only $150 now
(38.60 KB 640x480 bushell of lemons.jpg)
Couldnt sleep unsurprisingly for a tuesday morning so I went out and cleaned up the neighbourhood lemon tree that was screaming out "Pick me!". Took the big backpack and got enough lemons for basically forever. Also had a poke around some rich cunts garden and spotted a couple of apricot trees and passionfruit, way off being ripe unfortunately. Now I return to bed to sleep the sleep of the based.
(47.01 KB 676x451 Nazi_neets_bed.jpg)
>>14580 Rare pic of Neet's bed Sleep Tight, White
So since Assange is not going to be sent to the USA is he going to get released? This will make it harder for the deep state to suicide him... Its pretty silly since he would have gone to Guantanamo with Epstien which is supposedly suicide proof.
>>14582 US already filed appeal. Lawyers are headed back to court this afternoon to apply for bail. Legally there is little reason for him to be held besides the extradition. The Swedish charges have been dropped, and the 51 week UK sentence for jumping bail has already been served.
>>14583 He better stfu when he gets out or he'll get novichoc'd, by "The Kremlin"
>>14583 Yeah its a pretty gay reason for him not to be extradited. The us justice juggernaut will show that they are experts at prolonging the misery of anyone indefinitely.
Good Morning NEETs. I slept in because I pulled another blanket over me and I got comfy as fuck.
>>14580 Awesome haul of lemons m8 >>14587 morning
Fukn drop shipping cunts make me wait three months I want my money back
>>14585 Cobes is too based to get the coof and isnt going to get the jab.
>>14580 Well lemon'd. I trust you checked each lemon for GPS trackers. They might have baited you.
Thrice heated leftovers for lunch.
Last week at civic club one of the popular boomers was driving home on the highway and the bonnet on his subaru brumby flipped open. The guy stopped okay but the bonnet and windshield is fucked. . One of the other civic clubbers was skylarking in his car during the roast session earlier, but no one got doxxed for it. Yet Civic club intrigues Best intrigues
Fuk My parcel was "delivered" today. The pajeet put it in the wrong letterbox and I ended up hitting up the ching chongs next door, Longest conversation I ever had with 'em. They told me they are moving out on thursday. I wonder what they did with their pet rabbit. I'm thinking they ate it.
(53.48 KB 500x500 white woman 3.jpg)
This youtuber Luke Smith who does linux videos said that he decided to use a heuristic to make decisions about his life direction i.e. selecting the option that makes him the most "Free". Now he is posting from some huge rural property and tearing up his phd. I want to do that so I solemnly vow to always select the option that makes me the most "Based". Now to put the JW bible to one side and spend my free time learning to use a colemak keyboard BASED Good Night, White.
(70.44 KB 640x800 hanging cat.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Light rain overnight, normal feels.
Might go up the gully after breakky and drill that last hole.
(33.68 KB 533x600 new greta.jpg)
Kek, I miss the fukn days of the how-dare-you. At least the (((WEF))) A.I. made her sorta white.
I drilled the last hole and watered the spruce. They got thumped in the move but seem okay. I paused for a minute to listen to the doves and the wind thru the she-oaks, I cant think of a better spot for a camp.
just submitted some jobs for cenno on jobsearch haven't done that in like 2 years i'm getting real sick of neetdom
>>14601 Its the competition for jobs that I hated. Hey how much is the dole + rent assistance nowadays?
>>14602 815.70 + 139.60 soon to be reduced though
>>14603 Not bad but not worth it.
>>14604 wanna work only because i'm going insane with nothing to do can only get shit jobs everyday is a struggle to exist not comfy
>>14605 Maybe we will get a comet colliding with the moon and everything will become exciting, like in that neal stephenson book 'eve'. That'd be a development.
I get butt naked and squat on top of my toilet when I shit. I've been doing this for at least three years now, possibly more. I can't remember exactly. It feels amazing. 10 seconds in and everything's sorted. It's ruined regular shitting for me. No point in wasting 15 minutes grunting and squeezing and fucking up your prostate or whatever when there's the true enlightened way to do it. I try to always shit at home for maximum comfy but occasionally an undeniable weight and turbulence settles in when I'm out and about. About 90% of the time I still fuckin pop a squat. I'm careful to arrange my shoes and pants on the ground in a way that appears to be a normal person at a quick glance under the stall. Don't need some poofter thinking the stall is empty and banging on it and disrupting my flow. I've only broken one toilet seat doing this. The pressure downwards at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions tends to produce both an upwards and a tension force at the 12 o'clock position that tends to fatigue it over time. No one in my real life knows about this. One of my IRL acquaintances has that "squatty potty" meme or whatever that's like a tiny footstool when you're sitting but it's nowhere near as good. All I can think of is that plebian is too retarded to just go full bore and balance properly. Warning you lads that once you start you can't stop. Instant relief. Fuck western crappers. The street shitters have it right on this one.
>>14607 I did a shit on a newspaper on the floor and wrapped it up in two plastic bags, then i put it in the bin. when i opened the bin the next day it still stank. how the fuck is that possible?
>>14607 western toilets force you to shit at an unnatural angle. squatting to shit seems like the right thing to do for the same reasons squatting births may be superior to whats normally done now. >>14608 its like getting a small amount of shit on your finger and still being able to smell it a couple hours later despite vigorous hand-washing. shit and vomit almost kind of stain the smell onto whatever they touch for awhile.
>>14607 >street shitters have it right on this one
>>14607 I always have to pee when i poo and holding my pee pee down so it doesnt go on my pants is a hassle.
>>14607 Put this on your C.V.
Took a Pixxa to my mates house and we ate it and a half loaf of rye bread. We had a can of Draught between us and now we're watching German pride video on his mummybots telly. I didn't know what to do with his mummybots yoga DVD in the player but she died last year so it went in a random book that had pictures of angels and shit. I came down here to do some wiring tomorrow but we'll see. His mummybot made a nice home here at lagoon shores, Heaps of birds, black cockatoos, Kingfishers and wattlebirds. I hope the probate goes in my mates favor but apparently all opposing legal fees come out of the estate anyway. Still half an hour until sundown. My mate is watching Das Boot for the first time, I saw it at the moofies ages ago. Good Night, White.
>>14613 >at lagoon shores, Heaps of birds, black cockatoos, Kingfishers and wattlebirds Sounds nice.
>>14607 >>14609 >>14610 what if you just get a short tiolet, like for a kid?>>14564
Good Morning NEETs. Its super quiet outside and I think its always like that here.
>>14615 idk if that lets you squat enough. i want one of those full blown mongoloid squat toilets.
Gees how long do I have to wait for Trump to drop pedogate/boogaloo2? I'm guessing 2024
>>14613 >My mate is watching Das Boot for the first time, I saw it at the moofies ages ago. the 5 hour version? >>14616 morn mate i think all the tradies come back next week
>>14617 Can you get them in australia? i'm sure ebay has toilet seat converters for homesick street shitters to 'add to cart'. >>14618 L. lyn wood sure is looking like a tool right now. Producing nothing but demands for deep state actors to be arrested. he should just stfu.
Hmm. I wonder if a 911 style attack in retaliation for solemani is a deep state plan B? The Iranians are saying as much.
>>14621 On FAA radio for NY air control, there was an unknown transmission A robotic voice was recorded stating a plane would be flown into the capital in retaliation for Solemani More likely was Feds and/or larp, rather than actual Iranian threat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaNTBMHRb-4
>>14622 They dont need to do it now that Trump is looking weak and telling his followers to quit.
Gingerbread for dessert and Icehouse on the player. Its a sunny evening and I'm going out for a walk in a minute. Enough slack to go to wage and put my hand in for the penalty shifts. Might try to get the new motherboard into the auxilliary PC over the weekend. Told Mummybot I'm fleeing and she took it so well I suspect sisterclone already told her.
(519.41 KB 1365x2100 apricot girl.jpg)
The NEET next door to mummybot has lots of fruit trees; apricots plums and even almonds. He's a bit sad and never bothers to pick them. We are gong to wait a couple of weeks for some hot weather to ripen them and then mummbot will knock on his door and basically declare that his fruits are ours. We are organized, we prey on that which is unwatched. Good Night, White.
>>14625 Goodnight.
Good Morning NEETs. For some reason I am still eating quick oats. Definetley going shopping tonight.
>>14627 morn it's heating up
>>14627 >>14628 Morning neets, cool and comfy here.
>>14628 >>14629 I get back from wage and my place is stuffy AF.
Found a love letter when I was looking for some other shit from way back. The girl unfriended me on FB last year because she wanted to move on. Might just put it back unreviewed.
Fugg. If i had my shit together and invested in crypto i'd have enought for a house outright.
>>14632 Every cunt is having the same idea. Hence its shooting higher. I'll crash again by that mechanism.
(291.84 KB 1000x1620 lady macbeth.jpg)
Rehabilitating the old hammock after tea sewing up a underquilt, listening to Jed Kerzel. Thinking about being a NEET again, maybe this winter. Off to bed early, Cant Justify staying up late with an early wage start tomorrow. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Quick oats for breakfast again. When will this misery end?
On the vitamins, off to wage.
Lando is giving me boomer advice. I wish his out of date world view was reality, I really do.
Very hot day tomorrow for civic club. Could be well worth the effort and its out in the Bushranger Hills. Woo
(29.44 KB 884x376 plenty peanut.jpg)
I thought I'd give this peanut butter a go, it says on the label that there is a peanut shortage and they are doing their best to be aussie.
My hopes of having decent peanut butter are in ruins after closer examination of "Plenty" peanut butter. It runny and the packaging is made out of AIDS. Why doesn't the coles website allow you to leave comments? People must be warned.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGSTkGtqbIk kek. I bought the oily stuff. Going with Bega or Kraft next time. What a travesty, Dick Smith Brand was the best but tight fisted normies put an end to that.
i knew a kid from oregon that used to take the same bus as my during high school, he smelled like peanut butter and his dad used to beat him
>>14643 >he smelled like peanut butter Guessing it was the only thing he had to eat
>>14643 Did he attract chipmunks?
Wage was so boring that I was able to work on my strategy. The silly girl was in charge of the office but she clucked off somewhere else and didn't ruin my day. Watched a moofie and got some ideas, getting something for nothing makes a good evening. My sewing has failed but I think i know what went wrong and I'll change tack tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>14646 nite m8
Good Morning NEETs. The summer heat has set in properly, now comes the bushfires.
Should put the thermos away, cant see any hot tea in my immediate future. Off to wage, last day pixxa day.
Had a based day at wage and got good vibes from this bitchy young thing who tore the poojeta a new arsehole for being late, keke. The clique of philipinos is bold enough to jabber amongst themselves rudely and within earshot. They need to be told. I happened across this bantu lady I know from before and we had a laff, then I ran into my ching-chong mate and we stopped and chatted. He is sick of his standard of living here and is going back to China, so its good that it happens I suppose. He wants to have a farewell meal, I will suggest pizza. Off to the exercise area and then going to have a beer.
(83.09 KB 1300x864 bus stop girl.jpg)
Listening to Cindi Lauper while writing this blog makes me feel better that no one is (You)-ing me. I need the writing practice and I keep it based enough to not care. I never told (You) what I do for the wage, (You) dont know where in the Aus I live Tassie Best, I don'f flex or whine too much and I even stopped writing about my disabled lol-cow drama mate even tho he's the only cunt I talk to. I'm sorry I dont go out on the webring and find funny memes for (You)se and I admit that my mummybot has provided a couple here. I gotta keep up the IRL tempo or the asians and mudshits are going to swamp me and ravish my gape. I wish I could fight in the meme war and get a cool medal and a thousand yard stare but this board is gonna be it. Also I'm not wanking and lifting weights and still trying to get thru siege like what (You) told me, I'm a busy NEET. On the plus side I have lots of lemons and my double plug thongs are still going stronk. Feeling okay about the end of wage week and start of my NEET week. Off to bed now, Toast and runny peanut butter or quick oats for breakfast tomorrow which sucks. Good Night. White.
Im not a NEET right now, and im not australian but i would like to share my shocking experience getting redpilled last year. I will try to keep the personal details out. I had a cooshy job as a designer making marketing banners and such for a jew online casino. I actually got brainwashed loving my job because I was only in the office half the week, the colleagues were great, job was relatively easy and fun enough, putting casino game characters and making memes with them. I still got to slack off, listen to whatever youtube videos i wanted, browse, shitpost etc. So compared to being unemployed with no money and still staying on the computer all day, hell yeah it was worth it. If I had some shitty customer facing job I would probably kill my self having to deal with angry boomers and cunts. Id rather become a master thief than work in mcdonalds or drive a van. I thought of NEET's as scum that is lazy and doesnt contribute to society, i regularly insulted them on 4chan and explained that they will never own a home or get a good woman blablabla. to be continued...
Keep in mind I really cared about my job, I wanted to do great, I pushed wanting to make whole slot game design from scratch (without even asking for a raise), i would get small 200$ raises a year and be a happy dumb goy. I also had the boss of the whole art department like me so i was bulletproof even if HR hated that i get to work from home half the week. I went too far with my autistic jokes about being a mass killer/assassin/hitman/secret agent/specialist in poisons and they let me go. They actually gave me around 2800$ just so i can go on the spot. And they didnt give any money to other people when they gave them the boot. So, im suddenly NEET right when covid started, good luck getting another job like that in my shit town. For my job i had to drive 1 hour 1 way to get to the big town. Now i suddenly wasnt getting great money every month, i just had 2800$ and my last salary coming.
>>14657 >>14658 Fuark thats a bit rude cuz, Com'n have a bit a yaandi with us down the drinkin tree, Jus bring a woobla with ya ta share with us boongs.
Good Morning NEETs. Its cool now and there is weird mist on the hills but it feels like even the birds know its going to get super hot later.
The maintenance mong has put his possum trap under my unit. The gook was complaining about the rosella in the walls again. From the sounds of it there are two or more chicks. I hope they fledge and can fly soon. The mong has no chance to catch anything but the lando will come eventually and he is a more formidable killer.
Going through old diaries looking for a phone number. CRINGE CITY
My country mine to protect mine to stand up for when its bein' treated with neglect when its bein' wrecked, sufferin' from your effect I'll intercept any threat. To my country Yo-Ho-Ho We'll square up what you owe go toe to toe with tae kwon do -yeah we'll settle up joe.
yeah now dont get me wrong but i'll take on any one who wants to dispute my song fuck L.Ron.
Morning NEETs.
>>14665 Good Morning NEET
Enjoying the Maggi on my lunch beans
Off to Civic club out in the countryside this evening. Why do farmers have to use their property as rubbish dumps?
Sup lads, thought I'd say hello. I often forget about this place due to daily Endchan shitposting but thought it's time to take a break from such a hectic board.
(32.97 KB 689x473 4af763omkw222.jpg)
>>14669 the prodigal son returns
>>14669 Hi. Its been quiet but comfy. Another failure in the workshop. Broke my main tool and need to go to bunnings to get another one, tomorrow.
off to civic club. It will be gruelling
>>14672 Enjoy your night m8.
>>14672 What do you do at the civic club?
>>14674 I've decided that civic club is a massive waste of time and money. Listening to boomers getting roasted about shit that happened during their weekly golf games and overeating bbq is extremely stupid. I only go because its out at places I'd not normally get to seeing, and I get to practice my bugle calls. I started telling the guys that I'm moving far away tonight, eventually I'll have to give up the bugle which is engraved with names back to the 1980's. Left my car out near the airport and drove back all impaired with hot day fatigue. Dont feel like waking up tomorrow but the fight goes on to start living properly. Good Night, White.
>>14675 >Dont feel like waking up tomorrow but the fight goes on to start living properly. I know that feel
Good Morning NEETs. The maintainance mong caught my posso. He wont budge out of the cage when I opened the door.
I propped the door open but posso was too comfy and didnt move. The back of the cage opens and I'll get him out after breakky. I have to set the trap just like the mong left it and hope posso learned his lesson.
>>14678 if you have the time of day, you should drive it several miles away from its nest.
Morning NEETs.
>>14679 Nah that kills em thru stress and competition, exactly what I am trying to avoid. He was not doing any harm and I feel bad for dobbing him in.
>>14680 Morning. Whats on today?
>>14681 not sure which way is better honestly. just figured having a shot in the wildy would be better than some asshole trapping and offing it.
>>14683 Might go to the shops to get milk. Other than that another day fighting the urge to eat unhealthy food. Yourself?
>>14685 organizing moving stuff. Might see whats on at the cinema, I think that dune moofie should be just about out.
>>14684 Possums are highly territorial, if you relocate it then its a refugee and will get run off by other possums. Its not going to be very survivable for the poor old boss poss. I found the hole where it gets under the units, a very diffucult hole to seal because of its inaccessability. I will make some wooden chocks and wedges and seal it up tonight, then leave the door open and close it when boss goes out.
Bought some chicken wings, muesli, baked beans and dog food. The urge for a smoke is strong today.
>>14687 what else should be done apart from making sure they cant enter spaces where theyre unwanted? ive had possums before and now i feel bad for driving them out to the countryside. i only did it because i thought it was the ethical and practical choice.
>>14689 https://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/wildlife-management/living-with-wildlife/living-with-brush-tailed-possums >seal up your house >make a possum nesting box >get a Boss Poss to keep the other possos away.
>>14690 cool, thanks for the advice.
>>14677 Morning >>14686 I might see that too, didn't go to a cinema once in 2020.
Might go for a trip somewhere within Australia for a week during winter this year.
>>14693 Winter is underrated for touring. I had a great time doing a survey and a couple of bushwalks in late august. Are you going inland? Looking for anything in particular?
(1.83 MB 1984x2835 the dry eric bana 2021.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X7KkP68RZE This one looks like a winner. I might try and see it tonight.
That 1st shower in 3 days feel I'm an emotional wreck
>>14697 Have a wank in the bath
>>14694 I honestly don't really know. I'm thinking Tasmania, seems really nice. I know I'm going to freeze my tits off but that's part of the fun to me.
Woo New heat gun.
>>14699 Go and have a cup of goon with one of the tassie neets,
>>14699 Go and have a cup of goon with one of the tassie neets,
>>14700 Pic?
Done at the workshop. off to see my moofie
>>14704 hope its good.
(3.84 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210112_171819.jpg)
I saw a kookaburra while granddad and I put some hives in a new spot.
>>14706 He's a fine bird
(53.27 KB 622x453 1579356538211.jpg)
(70.31 KB 1080x1080 mallee girl.jpg)
The Dry: Its a bit of a hayseed xploitation moofie, nominally set in Rural Vic but I think its shot in the WA wheatbelt. Big vistas, lots of yellow and brown and willy-willys. This guy is in it, (pic rel) and Eric Bana is looking cool in his ray-bans and Baxters. Really a very kino moofie and the miscegenation theme actually makes it easier to follow the plot because you need to identify the gooker kid amidst the whites in a photo. Lots of images of the countryside, great murder mystery and a bit of twin peaks feels. Imagine living in the mallee. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Posso learned his lesson and the cage is empty this morning.
>>14709 Good morning, well at least for me it's better than yesterday's morning hangover. Only 8 standards last night. Feel like some bacon and eggs for brekky. Fairly positive feels atm, though that could just be the caffeine. Anyway I hope they last and have a good day!
Morning NEETs. Going to have a coffee for breaky.
>>14708 Thanks for the moofie review. Were there many people at the cinema? Were you required to wear a mask or give personal details? And was Bana using his native accent or the crappy American one?
>>14711 Good Morning. Bit of grease and salt to set you right for the day.
>>14713 Bana was pretty good and even co directed it. The Dry was a very Aussie moofie, compare it to crocodile dundee and cringe.
(134.85 KB 594x685 1604709134038.jpg)
I sure cant wait for Trumpys speech at The Alamo thats going to kick off the coup by the marines. Are you neets ready for the collapse?
Got under the flats and sealed up the possum portal. I used tight fitting wooden blocks that I hammered into place with a maul. I had to crawl there and it was a very tight space. I left the manhole open and I'll close it at night when he's out doing his thing.
>>14717 just wanted to say thank you for giving the forest buddy a chance instead of killing it trapped mate. unknown forces have observed this action
>>14709 Good to hear.
Off to oldad's for tea. Gotta tell him I'm moving way out of town.
Chicken wings and moscato for dinner tonight.
(139.34 KB 540x810 1582948399894.jpg)
I told Oldad about moving out west, he was going on about the details and It comes down to money with him, so job done I guess. He made me hand deliver some mail pertaining to the estate of his late second wife, who died horribly fifteen years hence. My dad did not inherit her house but he lives there until he dies or moves into a Nursing Home. I predict another 15 years of residing there with her estate paying for the rates and insurance kek. I knocked on the door of a house a stones throw away from where I am, and spoke briefly to a half brother I barely know by sight. He seems comfy with his inner ring house and happy family, Lets hope his 21 year old daughter doesnt marry a nigger she meets on her onlyfans page or something. Scraped the paint on the falcon and the winshield washer pump is fucked I reckon. Easy fix but still a pain. Wage tomorrow in the fastest office in the state IMHO. Having trouble orgainizing storage, readin up on some maths before I turn in. Good Night, White.
>>14722 > he was going on about the details and It comes down to money with him I would say it's his way of coping with the news
>>14722 Goodnight.
Good Morning NEETs. There was a heavy dump of rain with thunder last night. Now Its cold outside.
>>14725 Sounds comfy, good morning.
Morning NEETs. Slept in today.
>>14727 morn
(38.41 KB 460x313 pig drone.jpg)
Was thinking of this drone all day at wage. Its a DJI matrice 300rtk and its telemetry frequency is 4.4/5.8GHz. The pigs used it last night to catch a madman out in the bush. I sure dont want this thing looking for me with its IR camera. https://www.dji.com/au/matrice-300 looks like pigs use it all over the world.
Don't know what the time is where you are but for me it's Beer O'Clock!
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>14730 Its Beer O'Clock from 9AM to 8PM at all of my discount refreshment centres.
>>14731 We can always depend on you Dan.
I burned the bread for tea and I made fava beans in the pressure cooker. Shit stinks so bad.
(779.66 KB 1632x1224 San Choy Bow Ingredients.jpg)
(545.67 KB 1224x1632 Frozen Goods.jpg)
(3.17 MB 2448x3264 The Spread.jpg)
Had a bit of a cook up. Been craving Asian foods the past few days. Everything turned out alright.
>>14733 >stinks so bad The beans or the burned bread?
>>14734 I'm probably going to boil four eggs for dinner later tonight.
>>14734 Looks good neet.
>>14735 probably the beans but add the burned bread and its an unholy stench.
>>14734 You better have deep fried those dim sims m80.
>>14739 I bet he put them in the air fryer.
(60.87 KB 500x597 1571615974298s.jpg)
>>14740 >dim sims >air fryer
>>14740 Nasty, you need some old oil to deep fry stuff.
>>14739 Everything on that plate was steamed
>>14743 I bet you air fried those dim sims.
(5.23 KB 250x250 1610565005300s.jpg)
I'm sewing a new hammock for the move. I'll be moving into it,strange as that sounds. I tried to rehabilitate the one I made ages ago and It wasnt worth it so I unmade it and am remaking it with new material. Just finished flat fell sewing a 3 meter side. Got four of them to go. Good Night. White.
>>14745 Better make one with two poles, if your hammock is bunched at both ends your back isn't going to thank you. I often camp out in hammocks because I'm foreveralone, tents are heavy/expensive and tarp setups have you sleeping pretty hard on the ground
>>14696 >where the cats at?
Good Morning NEETs. Posso in the trap again. A different one this time, I think. I let him out same as before.
(40.51 KB 316x421 big tiger.jpg)
Big Tiger snake
Morning NEETs.
>>14749 >>14749 Good morning fellow NEET I hate possums!
>>14750 A handsome animal.
>>14745 >I'll be moving into it So you're going innawoods for good?
>>14755 Going innawoods only to sleep. The rest of the time I'll be at the wage or running errands. Its pissing with rain now which makes me nervous about that.
(16.32 KB 255x231 gas the bikes.png)
Are you NEETs ready for the collapse?
>>14757 No. I'll be one of the first to go.
(84.59 KB 600x576 profile woman'.jpg)
I was having a good time after wage, sewing my new hammock. There were some chink peons cleaning the apartment next door after the fancy chinks moved out. I could hire chinks just the same not very based and you cant trust them anyway. I take responsibility for my own mess, just as I take on the tasks of sewing my own gear and prepping for my own survival. You would expect nothing less, if you were to rate me BASED Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. New day of wage and dinner with the fam.
(7.12 KB 442x442 fret-end-dressing-file.jpeg)
Ultra low humidity is fucking up my guitars. The neck wood shrinks but the metal frets stay the same size so they poke out. Bashed my cheap guitar's frets back into rough playability with a shitty bodge job with some random conical file I found in my toolbox but I feel my nice guitars deserve better. Going to need to get some nice set of luthier tools but the affordable nice ones are all sold out. They make humidifiers you can put in guitar cases that are basically fancy sponges, but I dunno. I like leaving my guitars out and accessible so I end up picking them up on a whim. I've got a plug-in humidifier that works all right on my tiny bedroom but I can't play guitar in there, the room is literally just a bed and some drawers. Nowhere to stand, nowhere to sit really, not comfortably anyways. Humidifier doesn't cut the mustard in the main rooms, shoots a little mist stream all day but still never measures above MIN_VALUE. It's a shame since it's comfiest to play here at my shitpost station so I can look up chord sheets and lyrics etc and scroll basketweaving forums while I build the muscle memory.
>>14760 Morning, hope the dinner goes well
>>14761 Of all the electric and acoustics I've owned over the years I've never experienced warped necks/fret sprout and always leave them out of bags/cases. I rub a bit of lemon oil on rosewood fretboards once or twice a year.
(161.68 KB 734x417 Steve Wallis.jpg)
>>14756 The rain patter on a tarp would be very comfy imo
>>14759 Getting close to completing the hammock?
(16.37 KB 257x158 fred-sprout.jpeg)
>>14763 Yeah I lived in some "dry" places before where "dry" meant 30% or maybe 25%, 22% RH at 30-35C. No problems there, you could feel the frets a little more on hot dry days but no playability issues. Then I moved to get away from all the diversity and now all my humidifiers hit the bottom of their respective measurement scales when I'm running the heat during my northcunt winter. I don't have any way to measure below 10% RH at the moment, might need to invest in some scientific quality instruments if I want to satisfy my curiosity on just how dry it gets. All I know is my current cheap hygrometers all bottom out at either 10% or 20% depending on the instrument and I hit that on a regular basis on particular cold dry days. I hit ~20% humidity if I set the heat to 15C, which is tolerable enough all bundled up just scrolling the computer but I like it nice and toasty, closer to 22-25C+ when I'm playing guitar so my hands move nice and quick and that's when I bottom out all the scales on all my hygrometers. I was ignoring it and didn't really care until it started catching hard on slides which interrupted my playing (and I got blood on the fretboard and strings) which was making playing annoying so I decided I had to fix it. No problems with neck warping ever, think that's a high humidity problem, not a low one.
>>14764 Nah rain is fucked. Its noisy as hell and droplets seep thru the tarp i got off alibaba. CHINKED
>>14765 I have to sew the loop at the end yet. I have to get the bias just right so that the sides of the hammock are a little looser than the middle. This is tricky and i only get one shot. Then i'll sleep in it a couple nights and do the outer covering. Then i need three of them for rule of threes prepper stashing.
(84.38 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>14761 A bit dry eh? Why not come down to one of my wetting centres and find a drop that will cure your shrinkage problems.
>>14763 Isnt drying supposed to be solved with varnish? I mean to keep the moisuture in the wood cells.
(1.06 MB 3239x2160 1610768548212.jpg)
gold coast is actually a shithole right?
>>14771 Queensland Boomers are well known for their balderdash.
Went to the Wagon Wheel Inn for sisterclone's birthday dinner. All the diners and bar-girls were happy and the table opposite had four couples fucken aussie as with the bushranger beards and the sheilas with back tatts. Then I drive home and all i see is shifty chinks wearing masks and pointless nepos on dunga bikes and their stackhats back to front with delivery backpacks. I grew up here. Wondering what iI'd look like with a field beard. Should email the Deacon and tell him I'm moving on. Good Night, White.
(196.77 KB 1088x1936 bar girl.jpg)
>>14771 I thought it was just full of tourists and schoolies getting pissed and fucking for the first time.
>>14777 Dunno talk to Nuro on endchan. he's from the gold coast or something.
>>14778 > talk to Nuro on endchan Kek, I don't think so, I rarely go there now because of him, this place is a lot better.
(13.21 KB 450x450 tracy-grimshaw.jpg)
>>14775 Seems you forgot the obligatory picture of a beautiful white woman so I'll do it for ya! Good night ;)
>>14780 Well done neet.
Good Morning NEETs. It was just cool enough to give me a good sleep.
(5.81 KB 255x143 tracey grimsnatch.png)
>>14780 Fuck that gaslighting bitch.
No wage today. Looks like I'm with youse.
>>14784 Enjoy your day off m8, I've got to move my bed and vacuum around the skirting boards because there is dust and spider webs everywhere.
>>14785 Spiderpocalypse coming.
Sewed up more of my y fronts.
>>14782 >>14782 Good morning, hot and dry here. Basically got the fan running 24/7 for the past month. One day the motor will burn out, surely.
>>14784 Have a leisurely one
(224.60 KB 995x295 b.jpeg)
Just ate half a packet of these, don't think the other half will last the night.
>>14790 Woggy Aldi Tim-Tam knock-offs. Just had a snooze in the new hammock. The bias is okay. Modding my Underquilt now.
Sitting here patiently waiting for more Seppo happenings. I've heard a lot of talk of the 17th so tomorrow our time something might occur...
>>14792 Styxenhammer on bitchute is going silent until the 20th which is uncharacteristic. I predict a deep state psyop.
>>14791 Post a photograph of the hammock please.
Off up the gully looking for a second and third base camp. I hope I dont get killed by a widowmaker, its pretty gusty. >>14794 You can wait until its finished. I just had a go at the underquilt.
>>14795 Have a good one. If we don't get the usual "good night white' post later tonight then I'll assume a widowmaker got you ;) I sincerely hope that doesn't happen
>>14793 Something strange is definitely afoot
(134.85 KB 594x685 1604709134038.jpg)
>>14797 That reichstag style invasion of the capitol building was a ANTIFA false flag. Trump was giving a speech to the patriots in another part of washington. This was planned by trump so he could get the army into DC ahead of his coup. Are you neets ready to trust the collapse plan?
(100.95 KB 640x480 casurina.jpg)
I went up the gully and found this flat bit that was clearly made by someone ages ago. Its super hidden and 50 metres from my main camp. I have given it the designation 'Wish' and it will be my secondary camp. I need to dig out some small trees and stash some gear nearby. I really need to start that custom camouflage project. Very nice summer afternoon with a warm breeze. I OWN the ravine.
>>14798 >Are you neets ready to trust the collapse plan? I hope the seppos and chinks take each other out to be honest, we'll be a lot better off without either of em.
4channel is down, may have to return to this version of aussie friend sim
>>14801 >4channel is down It's happening, I'm going to lie down and put a paper bag over my head and wait for the end.
I am popping more panadol + Iburpfen than normal. I know its over the counter and Generally pretty safe but its costing me ten dollars for a hundred caplets. Maybe if I do something about my chair ergonomics... The chair I use is decades old and has wood and tape instead of a gas lift. I gotta get one of those lumbar supports for the Falcon like the taxi drivers use. Riding the bike really helps me unknot a tired back and my exercises help too. best to lie down in my new hammock. Good NIght,White.
>>14802 Its back up
Good Morning NEETs. I heard Posso trying to get under the units so I got up and shooed him away. I hope thats the last of him.
>>14805 Good morning, sipping on some black instant.
>>14799 Looks nice and peaceful out there
>>14798 >the collapse plan Thinking it's time I get onto another mental health plan
>>14803 Avoided any widowmakers I see. Definitely do something about your chair. Don't wanna end up a daily pill-popper. Shame about that woman's short hair but hopefully it's grown to below her shoulders now since that pic was taken.
>>14806 tfw too poor to have a goldfish bowl full of uht creamers.
Big glug of lemon water then big lunch, Dinner at the civic club.
>>14811 >tfw alcohol
Went with cap in hand to the storage jew. The prices were as brutal as the howling gale that was blowing dust thru the industrial park. The were almost full to capacity so I am stuck really. I will start crating my stuff. There are six monitors to pack.
>>14813 Goodnight neets.
(72.21 KB 640x427 blue eyes tweed jacket.jpg)
>>14814 Civic club was at some SES station up in the hills, one of the boomers "Hagar the Horrible" brought his son along and they gave him an official club name." Hamlet" This refers to the son of the aforementioned toon strip character. Fucking boomers have no imagination and if I wasnt a comix sperg I'd have missed it, no one under sixty got it. Most of the banter today was posturing about life accomplishments. The houses in the neighbourhood were basically the same thing. Some boomers life accomplishment adorned with concrete ornaments and shipping containers. Now I am thinking "What is the life project?" Clearly they are proud to raise the next generation of boomers, where an accomplishment is to borrow money and put in a pool. They are disappointing, I have nothing in common with any of them. I am planning to hand the bugle in at some point, It will be difficult to replace. Good Night, White.
>>14814 >>14815 Good night fellow NEETs
Good Morning NEETs. Had some plums before breakfast, maybe they will make me poo a lot.
(168.06 KB 1024x1024 fat wino.jpg)
tfw thinking about how my facebook page looks.
>>14817 Good morning, I've got a couple 'blood' plums in the fridge. Very nice when perfectly ripe.
>>14815 You probably don't wanna tell but what's your 'official club name'?
>>14820 Jaycees.
>>14819 Still no action from the plums, the skins are really bitter.
A new neighbour appears, White + blonde young woman. Probably a friend of the real estate girl.
>>14821 CHRIST
(113.07 KB 680x674 this.jpg)
My bet is on multiple deepstate false flags on inaugriation day. Lets hope they're not as cringeworthy as the last.
>>14823 A dream come true
>>14826 Girls like that dont like to be talked to by neets. I'm not gonna approach her.
>>14813 been reading your posts and I want you to know I'm rooting for you, neet. I did my own move a little while ago, posted about it here. it's been a bit tough in some ways especially for the first couple months but now there's a nice light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully you've got family where you're going and/or a good chunk of neetbux saved up, you'll need it. Best of luck on the road, neet. May your journey be swift and your possessions arrive unscathed. May qts walk your path and may based and redpilled tradie boomers keep your city council cucks in fear.
>>14827 TBH it's a good thing no attractive women live next to me or I'd constantly be leering out of windows
(46.96 KB 640x480 cold storage.jpg)
>>14828 Thanks NEET. Its full on and I just want to chill and be a hermit. Now I have to compete with all the desperate normies for the crumbs off the boomers plates. I went and got a 3X3 from the storage jews. Its plenty of space and I feel better about not shedding gear. I have to put my stuff in prison now.
Another posso in the trap or maybe the same one. I'll let him out tonight, I hope the maintainance mong doesnt come before then.
What happened to skateNEET? He mentioned snow so I'm guessing he's one of our poor seppo mates.
(9.96 KB 236x354 1337.jpg)
Posso is free again, free but still single with no family to go to. I on the other hand had a good time visiting my sisterclone and ate many apricots. Packing up continues tomorrow after wage, sewed two laundry bags and might make four more. If I had a GF then I could share a house with her, probabally still not worth the hassle. Good Night, White.
>>14833 Goodnight m8
Good Morning NEETs. Its cold and the road crew is already here to fuck the road out the front some more.
Off to wage, warm up there.
>>14835 Good morning >>14836 Have a good day in the cage
>>14833 You should try domesticating it
ATTENTION AUSSIE NEETS White American National Socialist here of German and Dutch descent. I wish to immigrate to Australia to get away from niggers. Do you support me and any advice on how to accomplish my goal? Luckily we speak the same language so that's something I don't have to worry about.
>>14839 Step 1: wait till international borders open...
>>14840 I seriously just couldn't buy a ticket there rn?
>>14841 Only if your a poor chink or a sandnigger. If your white, you have to have to jump through some hoops. It is easier from "commonwealth" countries Canada, UK etc. I was under the impression you needed a decent chunk of change in the bank if from US https://www.quora.com/How-hard-is-it-to-immigrate-to-Australia-from-the-USA-legally?share=1 https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/Pages/Visas-and-citizenship.aspx https://www.internationalcitizens.com/moving-abroad/to/immigrate-australia.php https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxG8VFl6bRg
>>14842 >I was under the impression you needed a decent chunk of change in the bank if from US Perhaps I was thinking of a '405', >>14841 the thot in vid said you want a 462 >5 popular Australian visas available to American nationals >American nationals coming to Australia will obviously need to do so on a visa. While there are a number of visas you may be eligible for, some of the more popular Aussie visas for Americans include the: Partner (provisional) visa (subclass 309) and the partner (migrant) visa (subclass 100). If you’re the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, these visas allow you to travel to and live in Australia. You must be outside of Australia when you apply for this visa. Work and holiday visa (subclass 462). This youth visa is designed to give Americans between the ages of 18 and 31 the opportunity to work and study in Australia for up to one year with restriction. US citizens can choose to apply for this visa online. Higher education sector visa (subclass 573). Americans who wish to study higher education in Australia may do so with the 573 visa upon being accepted into an approved Australian educational institution. Temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457). Skilled workers can consider applying for one of Australia’s most popular visas, the temporary work visa. To be eligible, you’ll need to be sponsored by an approved Australian business. Investor retirement visa (subclass 405). This visa is designed for self-funded retirees who want to see out their retirement years in Australia. To be eligible for the 405 visa, you must have no dependents, be 55 years or older, meet certain income requirements and be able to make a long-term financial investment in Australia.
>>14839 the kikes imported a whole bunch of niggers (former Sudanese child soldiers) here back in 2004, you're too late.
You need a sponsor or aussie wifey. Posting on ausneets counts towards residency. Being based attracts a time multiplier.
>>14842 >>14843 >>14844 You all took the bait...
Wage was okay and did the roman salute with my mate. At the traffic lights I told a teenager to "step back for safety" but unfortunately it was a troon who made some petulant noises and immediately jay-walked across the four lane. The maintainance mong took his trap which is also good, the less traps the better so win-win I say. Off down the park for some exercise.
(58.63 KB 763x757 1597851502258.jpg)
>>14846 I'll take your arsehole.
(11.02 KB 255x152 ejpeg.jpg)
Email from the Lando, Eviction is still some months off yet apparently. May bring forward my custom camouflage project if thats the case.
(77.69 KB 960x960 URBIT.png)
This Urbit OS looks pretty interesting. I wonder if it can be used for peer to peer shitposting.
Hammock changes are locked in for tonight. I'll put them to the test shortly.
(114.46 KB 711x1200 asatru girl.jpg)
I still haven't emailed the Deacon or reviewed his teachings. I'm a pretty poor J.W. and the possibility of hooking up with a Parish Q.T. has all but evaporated, There's to many dinks and islanders in it anyway. Maybe I should try this Asatru religion, Its supposed to be like the paleo diet of faiths and If I get on board now then I'll be ahead of the wave of reddit fags keen to larp about being vikings. Maybe I should just give up and focus on something more productive like Q research. Anyway, fuck it i'm tired, I did enough today and I'm gonna hit the cocoon. Good Night, White.
(85.85 KB 1280x720 Gay asatru wedding.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Its cool and fresh outside, even the birds haven't woken up yet.
(342.89 KB 610x719 1576665272233.jpg)
tfw Biden didnt get droned at the inauguration
(1.49 MB 240x240 kami unV&.mp4)
Catboy Kami got busted in the USA. Seems he was bragging about printing guns and the ZOG scooped him up.
Off to wage to do de do.
>>14844 It's nothing like the USA m8. you have like .2% black population if I was going to guess. African American blacks are also the worst on the planet. Drug, gang, rape, and violent culture is what they worship
(263.90 KB 816x612 Tomato & Eggs on pita bread.jpg)
Morning. Half a carton of beer yesterday. Really need to quit the alco-jew this year.
(4.26 MB 3264x2448 Grocery Haul Jan 2021.jpg)
Still can't believe all this came to just over one hundred dollars. Perhaps if I was actually earning the money I'd be more careful with it.
>>14847 Growing up I always thought jay-walking was an American thing. I don't know of anyone who has been ticketed for it.
>>14850 >custom camouflage project Plan on living in the bushes of the property?
>>14862 food prices are absolutely fucked over there too huh? If you want to save money you'll have to make it a point to scrounge for weekly deals of multiple stores it's a damn good habit to have, you'll be able fill your pantry and not feel ripped off all the time.
(414.92 KB 1905x879 4ch Pol.jpg)
>>14853 How long have you been a JW? Haven't seen them around door-knocking for many many months. Guess it's due to the 'rona but strange how they're not at least leaving brochures in the letterbox like they usually did. Perhaps they've just given up on my neighbourhood... >Q research Godspeed
>>14862 Those lemons will break the bank.
>>14860 >iktf
>>14862 Nice haul m8
(209.60 KB 987x1201 SAXA.jpg)
>>14867 I used some of this along with salt and sweet paprika
>>14871 I had maggi on my veges. I also deep fried some "Calamari" and a corn jack.
>>14868 I hear ya, that bag of 5 was $4.9. I need to scope the neighbourhood and find someone who grows them like old mate here >>14580
>>14870 Thank you
>>14872 You're making me hungry. Got a pack of squid rings and chiko rolls in the deep freeze. I hate those corn jacks though.
(61.69 KB 435x677 cat lady.jpg)
Bad a bit of light kek at wage today, One of the young bucks made a calendar featuring glamor pictures of hisself. He left it prominently in the prep room and I remarked on it and told him to send a copy to his mummybot. He said he wanted to live in a pool where the ripples are made by the bass of a doof instead of all the other fish bobbiing their heads. Pottery. Other than that I had a very heavy workload day compounded by the one cunt in charge. Excellent candidate for a future cat lady because of a shit horrible personality. At least I'm single because of unfortunate looks which I cant change. Anyway, I was professionally courteous and got my way in the end. Baking new bread. Should be ready soon. I wonder if anyone listens to the playlists. Good Night, White.
>>14875 I shallow fried it in a foil baking tray on the bbq. Yum-O
>>14876 Goodnight neet
>>14876 Good night >Baking new bread. Should be ready soon. I wonder if anyone listens to the playlists. Not sure exactly what this means. What I want to try making is a 'honey oat' bread. It was always my 'go to' at Subway. What playlists are you speaking of?
>>14879 At the beginning of every NEET General, there is a theme music cytube playlist. >"honey oat" That bread sounds like cake to me.
Good Morning NEETs. The possum woke me up by trying to gnaw thru the blocked up entrance to its comfy lair, then when I got up I found that he pooed all over my doorstep in revenge. This is after I saved him from the trap twice. What a bastard.
(192.58 KB 840x1120 day one.jpg)
Looks like the MSM stalwarts are already blaming Tump for biden's imminent poor performance. I wonder how long its gonna be before they get openly ugly with crackdowns on the far right and Trumpy's impeachment.
Off to the wage NEETs. Ducked the cunts today too. Meeting a mate for bottles of water and jelly beans in the park after.
Morning NEETs. >>14883 Good luck at work today.
>>14881 >>14881 Possum strikes again! Good morning, just found out my lease isn't being renewed. F'n great start to the year, and coming straight from the shit-show that was 2020.
>>14883 What a peculiar thing to do at a park. Have fun anyway.
>>14884 Top of the morning to ya
(270.61 KB 1558x1062 mhaul.jpg)
(234.56 KB 1606x1049 lu.jpg)
Mini haul and Lunch.
>>14888 Nice mini-haul and that's a very interesting lunch. The ham and smoked salmon would've been nice on a fresh bread roll.
Should've bought Yakult yesterday. My guts are a hostile mess.
>>14885 Oof. Fucken sucks not having a stable place. I remember getting out of one rental and pitching a tent in the bush. Was Squatting for years after that.
>>14888 >metamucil >VB That is an unholy alliance.
Had a based day at wage in the fast office, I even went raiding the snake pit office for equipment and distributed their hoarded supply amongst three places that were screaming out in need. Had this noob on the floor and he's Garrulous- talkative. He shat me off so much I hid in the shitters at knock off time so I woudn't be stuck in the lift with him. Hopefully get wage tomorrow while the stress hormones are flowing freely.
>>14891 "squatting," "loitering," etc. fucking HATE that treatment. just leave people alone if they are leaving you alone. leaning on another's post and occasionally begging for a handout is not a crime.
Beer o'clock, cheers!
>>14893 That's the sort of spread I'd love to eat after 12 beers. Looks very nice.
>>14893 I could go a couple of those wedges right now tbh.
(745.13 KB 255x232 dansq.gif)
>>14893 Almost bought calamari today. I decided to buy fish instead.
Corn jacks are still and always will be inferior to the original chiko roll
>>14900 Chiko rolls have mutton which I dont trust.
>>14898 What does Dan drink?
>>14899 Hope it wasn't basa or hoki
>>14903 Is that the vietnamese catfish that gets fed on human waste?
>>14904 Basa fish are farmed along the Mekong River, a very polluted river, I wouldn't go near this fish, it is also in a lot of cheap frozen fish products as well cause it's cheap
(199.23 KB 736x1104 flowers girl.jpg)
I think I'm upsetting mummybot by talking about "The wage" and "Normies" and "NEETs". She wouldnt understand the world as it is, not after having watched decades of 'A Current Affair'. Oldad gets direct mail from Charity muggers, that shit is pure nasty and he actually leaves it on his kitchen table, just because it's mail and used to be important. Even though the situation is very different with me not having kids or a wife, Allowing unfiltered TV into your life is how rome fell, Fuck that noise. I should get some finance and rent a TV channel and play nothing but Ads. It'd be heaps popular and I'd clean up on audience share. One day Journalists, marketers and their jewish ad exex will get the rope for the misery they cause. I read that more than 50% of normies know whats up. Good Night. White.
>>14906 Good night cobber
Good Morning NEETs. I was going to put the new sauerkraut in my tiffin for lunch but it smells and someone will comment.
Hmm. Big Civic club event in a months time. I think they are handing out badges for attendance uWu.
>>14908 Good morning, fuck what others think. I say take the kraut!
Had a talk to my mate the HR comptroller, he is big into stonks but sounds like he's tech deficient, he got hosed on the latency with some futures bets he had. I told him about getting a high frequency trading server which he didnt know about. We are network and he calls me first when there's a milch cow shift on offer, fuck the pajeets. I dont think he's 1488 tho, just one of the lads having a go. Good chance of penalty quinella this wage week. Going to need reserves soon.
Its 26 degrees and the smart young white families are strolling past the filthy nepos who have dragged their sofa outside their share flat. Their junk and rubbish are soiling the park entrance and giving out slum optics. Kek.
>>14912 I remember seeing that behaviour from maoris when visiting a relative who lived in this huge townhouse estate. Always the front yard.
>>14913 Kek. Thats funny, You get wealthy and move into a gated estate and then maoris move in next door.
Got sunday penalty on the office thats pozzed with legacy pajeets and asians. Will have to hold my nose but at least my redolent kraut will not overpower the general aroma.
(944.00 KB 1632x1224 3-Cup Chicken Ingredients.jpg)
(3.12 MB 2448x3264 3-Cup Chicken Spread.jpg)
(527.03 KB 1632x1224 Plated and Sauced.jpg)
(992.98 KB 1632x1224 Pita Chips.jpg)
Been slaving away in the kitchen again. This is the first time ever making this '3 cup chicken' dish and it turned out pretty damn nice. It's called that because traditionally the recipe uses 1 cup each of the liquids pictured, however I only used a third cup of each. What you see in the spread are the wings separated from the sauce, some stir-fried bok choy and plain white rice. The pita chips were made from store-bought pita bread, coated with olive oil plus salt and pepper. They will go nice dipped into my homemade tzatziki.
>>14916 UwU. looks delicious, Aussie chinees is the best chinees food.
>>14916 m8 that looks fantastic, i reckon those wings would be nice cold as well.
>>14918 Cold BBQ is bredy gud. Dont seem to have much left over these days tho.
(1.55 MB 1024x1024 Wheatbelt girl.png)
Was doing the wage with some high quality women today, Married A.F. and dropping white kids which is good. That used to bother me because of incel feels but I handled it okay today. Nowadays I immediately shut down any probing into my lyfe and I judo flip that rude shit into the nearest professional topic. I dont even make eye contact much these days, I suppose I'm keeping my shit tight. This bread is getting on a bit, Xmas is aincent history now. I've been working on the new one tonight. Drop soon. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. The posso is still trying to get back to his comfy lair under my bed. What a psycho.
(18.85 KB 313x311 He doesnt get it.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2021-01-23/will-deplatformed-far-right-qanon-fade-away-or-radicalise/13079822 Good riddance to the Qtards and "far-right" mainstream, They were useless idiots.
>>14917 >>14918 Thanks, just had some for breakfast
>>14920 It's definitely time for a new thread. IDK what the max posts per thread are or if you can reduce the number but if you could then perhaps getting to new threads quicker would keep the place feeling 'fresh' or more exciting if ya git what I'm saying? Just a thought.
>>14921 Good morning. Literally under the bed or underneath the house right where your bedroom is?
>>14922 They will probably just reassemble using a different name
>>14924 I am a lazy vol. I will bake new bread when I get it all ready.
>>14925 The posso clomps around under the floor under my bed. He was knocking shit off the shelves just being a sook last night. The maintainence mong has found the bird nest but cant get to it, He says he will wait for it to leave the nest and then board it up. Hopefully this will put and end to the war on the wildlife here.
Everything is covered in concrete dust from where the council fucked the road outside. I need to wash the falcon. The nepo scum have moved out of the 2 bed flat across the road.
>>14929 Have they finished the roadworks or still more to do? I get pissed off even when the council sends out the tractors to mow around the footpaths. F'ing noise pollution that raises my anxiety levels.
Spent the afternoon pickling a few vegies. Cucumber spiced with fresh dill for burgers, and a carrot/turnip mix intended for Vietnamese sandwiches. I didn't bother with the hassle of sterilising the jars as I don't think it's necessary for this style of pickle that's meant to be stored in a fridge and consumed within about a month. If you planned on storing it at room temp for several months/years then a properly sterile jar is a must.
>>14931 >Cucumber spiced with fresh dill for burgers, and a carrot/turnip mix intended for Vietnamese sandwiches Sounds very nice
Listening to HP music on youtube, a few vb's and just generally being alone.
Starting to get worried about the Covax.
>>14930 They are gold plating the road and its just gravel which rich cunts from the hills come belting down and throwing up clouds of grey dust. Tomorrow they will start fucking the road with heavy equipment at 5AM.
>>14931 Jams dont go off. Have you ever made chutneys? Are chutneys pajeet?
>>14936 >Are chutneys pajeet? I think so neet.
>>14937 So conflicted right now. So peckish too.
>>14933 >just generally being alone How I spend everyday... but at least I don't drink that horrid VB ;)
>>14934 2 things worry me, my elderly mother taking it and potentially lethal side-effects, and the gov making it compulsory for us on welfare.
>>14935 Enjoy that early wake-up call. Never heard of roads being gold plated.
>>14936 Never made a chutney. I have made a lemon curd a couple times and also a raspberry curd. How a curd differs from a jam I've got no idea.
(73.58 KB 480x640 Road Crew girl.jpg)
Gronk. Its my friday night and might turn into a sunday night. Now I am sweating two steps ahead of what I have to immediately do. Maybe if I dont think about it then the solution will come up in my imagination, that seems to happen a lot but its always too much to put everything into action. I'm gonna loose sleep over my covax survival plan tho, especially if it comes to 'No jab: No job' because being a J.W. only exempts me from the Astra Zeneca vax, not the pfizer one. Also the local council being shitcunts and digging up the road when it was perfectly fine is starting to ruin my life. The noise and dust will force me out before the heat wave hits at Ten oclock tomorrow. Might turn in then. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Had a sleep in today, BOONGLYFE