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(111.21 KB 680x680 psyop pepe.jpg)
NEET General #12 - ITS A PSYOP! NEET 01/24/2021 (Sun) 21:25:55 No. 14945
2021 finds our NEET in an unfortunate state of confusion, fumbling around the imageboards in the dim gaslight, looking for threads of truth amidst the ravaged battlespace of psychological operations from multiple bad actor A.I's, who have it in for shitposters ever since 4chan redpilled Tay. Our Neet is having his mind undermined by cultural marxism and his neetbux hijacked by jewish psycho-cultural tricks. Its only a matter of time before high quality deepfake abo porn puts an end to the Aussie NEETs dreams of escaping the boonglyfe. and this board. Go gently NEET, dont fall down and dissonance your coconut, you'll need all your wits to navigate your way out the clutches of the Megacorps, Glow-ZOG and cursed QLARPers. Only the Based and Departed will escape the paradox of anonymous free speech and the hamster wheel of Dan appearing at a NEETs lowest ebb, offering his wares at low-low prices. But dont get all demoralized! I know a NEET that made it ashore in the storm and he wasn't even part of an 8chan cryptosocial autism corpus. He was smarter than a silicon valley billionare and funnier than an image macro of a cat in a cardboard box. He drops the clues and you have to look for the truth bombs yourself, some say its a LARP, some say he glows, but I know he's a based and IT'S A PSYOP
Is any of it real?
(144.25 KB 986x752 vaccine-check-point.jpg)
Are you NEETs ready for the Covax?
(2.03 MB 1050x10522 covax smackdown.png)
Facebook posters should be shamed into silence anyway.
>>14950 I'm gonna buy a fake arm on alibaba and get my shot in that.
Nice and quiet before the trucks and rush hour on the fucked road outside. The dust really highlights the cobwebs.
>>14952 Going to wrap my arm in pig skin
>>14954 I'll get a tattoo on my arm that says "Hey Nurse. Fuck You!"
>>14950 Struggling to see any reason to give up alcohol at this point
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
Never give up NEET, why not drop into one of my selection centers for some low-low prices on life enhancers.
>>14956 You need to find something that you like more than getting off every night. Something that you cant do if you get pissed. When the piss gets in the way of your enjoyment then its easier to drop it.
>>14945 Quality thread m8. I can't wait for a circa-2000 Cathy Freeman sex tape to drop
>>14959 Its in the vault with the pauline hanson porno and the crikey man's death video.
>>14957 Dan your heart is as pure as 100 proof.
4 pieces of corflute have been acquired.
Civic club tonight is at Possum Bay. I've never been there so its a go-er.
>>14963 >Possum Bay Sounds Ominous
30 degrees, Guzzling lemon water after my exercises. No one is outside.
>>14962 I'll core your flute.
Kraut for lunch and chippos for lunch. Tomato paste went mouldy in the fridge. I hate wasting food.
Too hot inside, I'm off up the gully.
(186.13 KB 1384x778 Pfizer Approved.jpg)
(497.61 KB 1384x1655 Vaccine Rollout Plan.jpg)
>>14943 >because being a J.W. only exempts me from the Astra Zeneca vax, not the pfizer one
>>14967 I hate wasting food too. The internet says tomato paste can be frozen.
>>14968 Last week of school holidays here. Might go to the beach next week.
(112.95 KB 640x480 Spruce.jpg)
>>14970 I should have put it in the freexer or put some maggi in it and eaten it. Went up the gully and took photos. Its hot and overcast. The seedling i planted is doing okay and has come back from being nibbled. Off to civic club now. It'll be hard to sleep tonight because of the heat.
(212.34 KB 1366x1029 bacon.jpg)
(245.60 KB 1323x1028 spareribs.jpg)
Been getting tonights meal ready, I marinated the spare ribs in a very similar marinade that the other neet did the wings in and I was going to boil some potatoes, crush them and put them under the grill with garlic butter and the fried off bacon bits. But I don't think I will use the bacon now or potatoes, I may just have the ribs with some noodles. I will reduce the remaining marinade and thicken it up a bit for a bit extra sauce. I will see what I feel like doing in a few hours
>>14972 Seedling is going well m8
>>14972 You mentioned some big event was happening at the club? Have fun
>>14973 Ribs look delicious. The bacon bits would go good on a salad or sprinkled onto an egg while it's frying.
>>14969 >6 000 000 doses
(82.95 KB 880x586 horse girl woman.jpg)
Mike Lando called me and said the moving date is three months hence, this is the good news and the trade off is that i have to move the falcon from car space 2 to car space 1 because the new silly chink said something. They are literally identical and a mild pain in my arse to comply. Civic club out in possum bay was fun but the roast session was a drag as usual. I think i dented the bugle when I dropped it. The topics of conversation are only 1) kids + grandkids 2) being fat tourists 3) buying houses/cars/yachts. Possum bay is urban and there are lots of nice properties with horses on them. The boomers remark on this a lot. The bbq stank of horse shit but i got some leftover burgers which I'll eat tomorrow. Tough day, cooler tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(79.03 KB 736x889 ©Anette-Augestad.jpg)
>>14978 M8 that horse looks better than the woman. I expect better of you but anyway good night.
Good Morning NEETs. TFW no leftover spareribs for breakfast
Happy Invasion day cunts.
(135.27 KB 600x760 Australia_cartoon_chinese.jpg)
>invasion day
>>14945 Location flags are fixed NEETs
>>14983 test
(36.17 KB 581x387 sf.jpg)
>>14981 Thanks cuz
>>14983 Sweet.
(12.84 KB 474x237 Lurk Moar.jpg)
>>14983 >>14984 >>14986 Nice this will make it much easier to know what 5eye state, to mail my screenshots to Hail Hortler!
>>14982 Invasion day protests are missing the target in my opinion.
(33.90 KB 602x627 sensei hitler.jpg)
>>14987 「私たちは国民の存在と白人の子供たちの未来を確保しなければなりません」 `Watashitachiha kokumin no sonzai to hakujin no kodomo-tachi no mirai o kakuho shinakereba narimasen'
(50.44 KB 640x480 Invasion day lunch.jpg)
Big Invasion day brunch. The veggie burgers got fucked in the re-freexe and had to be deep fried.
>>14980 Good morning, there will be many more ribs in your future
>>14993 I did get a laugh out of that, it seems the person that made that comment doesn't know how to multiply, approx 800,000 boongs by 1 million each, we better get those printers going
>>14991 Vege burgers look tasty neet
>>14991 That veggie stew looks nice and healthy. Happy Invasion Day!
>>14991 That veggie stew looks nice and healthy. Happy Invasion Day!
>>14991 That veggie stew looks nice and healthy. Happy Invasion Day!
happy landing day checkem
(643.80 KB 1800x1350 Google-Australia-Day.jpg)
Merry Australia Day, cunts.
(51.15 KB 634x595 dick.jpg)
>>15000 Right back at ya cobber
Happy Australia day frens
(260.11 KB 1373x1039 pizza.jpg)
Hot n spicy pizza for dinner, not as nice as home made like the other neet, but it'll do
(566.10 KB 2775x1689 Cannatrek1.jpg)
(440.01 KB 3000x1482 Cannatrek2.jpg)
Might give this a shot, though I'll probably be rejected after telling them I'm an alco. I could just not say but it's probably on my medical records.
>>15003 A good amount of jalapeno
Forty years of unsustainable immigration. STOP THE INVASION
>>15003 Looks yum-o. I cant get my crusts like that with the oven I have.
(62.62 KB 360x309 random girl.jpg)
I went to see oldad after tea with the fam, He had some SBS "Documentary" about train trips, He refused to turn it off so we talked in the kitchen while it was on in the lounge. It was a hatchet piece on the Nazis in the weimar republic and how they ended Berlin's cultural enrichment by the Jews and degenerates. I asked him what he thought about it and he couldnt remember much because he was only 7 when the war ended and was too young for the hitler youth. I talked more about my move out of the city, Its going to be really sad when it happens. Dont think I'll go to wage tomorrow, maybe fam time again. Good Night, White.
(3.26 MB 1185x1383 1610536462473.png)
>>15006 I'd vote for you again tomorrow if you ran, Mr. President-kun
>>15004 Unless the law has gotten eroded, getting a prescription for dope in Aus is pretty much sewn up and only available to severely medically munted unfortunates. Looks like they are trying to get the same convienience services as the seppos have tho. Let me know how far you get because I take a interest in the whoop-de-do around legalized dope.
(733.14 KB 759x707 1610252132224.png)
>>15003 Wow. That actually looks aesthetic as fuck. Not like the usual street-shitter thrown-together shit I normally get from Domino's.
Good Morning NEETs. Its a bit cold this morning, I want some hot tea.
>>15012 Morning
Mandatory workplace covax refusers unfair dismissal cases in the fair work commission will be interesting. https://lsj.com.au/articles/a-covid-19-vaccine-is-coming-how-mandatory-could-it-be/
The council is fucking the road again today, they are using the roller and it has a reverse alarm thats always going. I'm gonna get out of here after morning tea.
>>15012 >>15013 Good fine constipated morning
>>15014 I predict the job agencies will start sending NEETs job offers or WFTD placements to places that have a vaccine requirement, and of course if you refuse because you don't want the jab then you lose your bux. This is how they make it 'mandatory' for those on welfare without actually making it mandatory. Fuck this clown world I hate it so much!
(794.44 KB 980x551 pajeets and poo.png)
This is not a problem in we experience in our culture sir. Perhaps drop by one of our fine restaurants and explain your problem to the chef.
>>15015 Sounds torturous. I'd be leaving too, have a pleasant day wherever you go.
I signed up to an online education provider and paid $30 a month to get a $100 discount on the course but the scammy fucks will tap me for $30 a month until i find a way to end my membership.
>>15020 Are you wanting to learn something or just using the course to keep Cenno off ya back?
>>15021 Meh prolly wont need it but it could save my job. its just a specialty certificate that exempts me from some potential evil fuckery. Plus i get access to a database which i'm interested in. Cant say any more because glowniggers.
>>15021 Meh prolly wont need it but it could save my job. its just a specialty certificate that exempts me from some potential evil fuckery. Plus i get access to a database which i'm interested in. Cant say any more because glowniggers.
>>15023 Fair enough >>15024 Fair enough
(62.52 KB 640x480 fam haul.jpg)
Went to see mummybot this evening and she made me chippos and sisterclone's zuchini fritters. Mummybot always gives me lots of fancy food I dont eat normally so this is the haul for my weekend. Wage tomorrow, getting hosed by professional bills.
>>15026 Well hauled m8, hope wage isn't too bad tomorrow for you.
(10.11 KB 352x172 1611738825390.png)
Evn' Lads Whatcha guys doin' down there?
(58.87 KB 640x517 3s3g75er4mu41.jpg)
I put my comics in storage, I havent read them since I got broadband a couple of years back. I tried to explain how valuable they are as a collection but unless you appreciate the art form its just Phantom comics next to the dunny. In reality I dont have any capeshit at all and its a fairly meticulous appreciation of high art and culture. Sadly it would be a nothingburger to most comic book reading neckbeards who are only into gore porn like crossed and degenerate manga. I would read it if i ever have the time again but that seems like a remote likelihood. I think those books were my first redpill, where i started thinking about how the world really was. Maybe I should put them all up the chimney in a fit of pique. Make the rare originals a little more scarce. Good Night, White.
>>15028 enjoying the back end of summer. Waiting for the collapse TBQH
>>15026 Some interesting stuff, are those pretzels near the ancho chilli? I've only had the mini ones that come in packets like tater chips.
>>15029 Never been into comics apart from a brief period while I was full-time employed like 5+ years ago. Didn't speak to anyone at smoko/lunch so started buying magazines to read and while at the newsagent came across Simpsons comics and thought why the fuck not as I've always loved the show. Some of the stories in them were funnier than most modern TV episodes.
>>15031 They boil the real ones like bagels. Needs some butter but i just took a half kilo out of the freexer.
>>15032 I used to boost em from the supermarket. They were pretty good and i had about a hundred.I gave em away to some illiterate jews.
Good Morning NEETs, I slept right through from 9:30 last night, didn't even get up for a bladder check or 5.
(2.16 KB 125x125 wireless water.jpg)
Off to the wonders of modern wage. Hopefully my acne doesnt flare up when i'm around the normies.
>>15035 Good morning
(292.86 KB 764x616 329998.jpg)
Picked up 2 packs of these at coles today they were on special (half price 3.90) they're good for when you don't fell like cooking.
>>15040 Need rating: size, pastry and mouth feels.
https://www.rt.com/usa/513819-gamestop-stock-trading-wall-street/ This has hit the MSM. The stock will tank like BTC the first time.
>>15040 hey, leeks arent my thing. anyway, do you know how real camembert feels? because chicken camembert pie could be really nice, but i doubt a pot pie could truly emulate camembert. it is an incredibly beautiful cheese when you make it yourself. also, raise your own chickens. affectionate little dinosaurs.
(63.25 KB 640x480 chocolate mud cake.jpg)
They put me with the work experience pajeet, I instantly forgot his name and almost called him that a couple of times.They are okay if you are the boss but rude cunts otherwise. PAJEET HELPER AND STUFFED TIFFIN WAGE
>>15044 i smell poo just reading this. take a shower when you get home.
>>15042 Aye. Reddit group mind is a phenomenon. Its interesting what they did and punching the wall street cunts in the nuts is funny but at the end of the day they are still faggots. They just won a game is all.
The nepos in the share flat next to the park enterance have been replaced with more south asians. I walked past on my way to my Gym and they have wasted no time turning it into a messy brothel, sitting on milk crates jabbering into phones, In no time there will be a half dozen in that 2 bed just as before. They turn any property into a filthy slum then no normal person would rent it. Their lando should be put in the stocks at noon and pelted with rocks.
>>15042 Oho! Being Nigger felching faggots seems to have backfired on them. Plus they shut down small investor trading platforms, maybe this will redpill some of the more inteligent ones. https://www.rt.com/usa/513841-wallstreetbets-discord-ban-gamestop/
>>15047 >>15047 Fark, are there any decent white folk that live around you?
>>15044 That's some nice looking cake!
>>15049 The pool of low rent places is all dried up now and full of rich chinks and pajeets who pack three to a bedroom, just to live in the city and work slave jobs in the kitchens. These were the housing options for me, I grew up here.
The hammock I made is a failure. its far too wide and flops down on the edges. I will use the old one and think about what to do. Fortunately its oversized and still useable. Pissing rain predicted tomorrow, wage at the good office. Good Night. White.
(24.11 KB 328x432 trek.jpg)
>>15052 Good Night.
>>15052 Sorry to hear about the hammock. I was thinking about them today, I've never slept in one and was wondering just how comfortable they are? Like don't they put your body into a curved position, like a banana? If so would that be bad for your back in the long term?
>>15055 You sleep in them diagonally and its pretty close to flat.
(385.61 KB 598x388 gamestonk.png)
(465.21 KB 507x610 LOTRs.png)
(671.93 KB 512x640 LOTR.png)
(1.02 MB 1200x630 Day of the Short.png)
(12.98 MB 1280x720 video_2021-01-27_14-53-02.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs Rain should be comfy to watch coming in I get a good view from the office I'm on today.
>>15057 In real terms that stock is massively overpriced, imagine holding that bag in a week, a month, a year.
(10.72 KB 1300x860 atari.png)
(63.25 KB 598x564 benpng.png)
(2.01 MB 1242x801 oy vey.png)
(1.53 MB 960x882 pov.png)
(266.64 KB 700x755 $200.png)
(76.56 KB 760x428 345t3.jpeg)
>>15059 Yes, Gamestop is overvalued and is not worth 11 billion dollars, but the same could for much of the stock market. Guys that think they are buying into this, to get rich are retards. The plan here is for everyone to spend a could hundred bucks and collapse some hedge funds, that may dominoe into a few banks, then a few world banks Accelerate
>>15061 >Guys that think they are buying into this, to get rich are retards.
>>15058 Good morning, got a nice bit of rain last night. I just hate when it's blowing into your room so you have to close the windows and don't get to really hear it, smell it or feel the drop in temperature.
>>15060 Have a good one, I appreciate your tax dollars ;)
(727.07 KB 1404x2160 Liquid Nitrogen Leak Kills 6.jpg)
(63.56 KB 661x827 T1000 Frozen.jpg)
>>15064 I dont pay much tax because i dont earn much per year.
Had a phone call from mike lando. We are setting a one month nominal exit plan.
(100.50 KB 640x640 lil-rail.jpeg)
I am probably the one referred to as skateNEET and I'm still here. In fact I am probably multiple other NEETs too. Not too much skating lately, been waging hard. at least I'll have money for petrol and new wheels for my next period of truNEETdom, whenever that happens. I did finally learn boardslides though, so there's that. Kinda shitty little ones but they still count as far as I'm concerned.
>>15068 When you see the scooter zoomers do you go "Sk8 or Die"?
>>15067 I'll be out in a couple months. Honestly considering selling most of my crap or putting it into storage and living out bush like old mate with the hammock. At least then I won't have to worry about rental applications/bonds/inspections/leases etc. They're not homes anyway, just a house, or as I now think of rental properties, human storage units...
>>15070 Speaking of which, I need to have a go at the hammock tonight. Being light is good because you can squat empty houses, and maybe find one where you can stay for years.
(206.54 KB 1356x1024 Sk8r Boi.jpg)
>>15068 Glad to hear you've saved up some money. What sort of vehicle do you plan on getting?
>>15072 comfy rain to sooth my nerves
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvPahHQeDJE Comfy Berlin School Electronic.
My VPN is acting screwy
(481.39 KB 1312x2054 Spanish Chickpea Stew.jpg)
Just got done making this, and it was tasty. Used a sweet potato, vegetable stock and added one finely-diced jalapeno plus a dried bay leaf. Didn't have any saffron. Would definitely make again.
Made a big effort and took the sides in on the hammock. I thought the bias was wrong because its looser at the edges but that might work well. Not much else on my mind tonight apart from what my family thinks of me being a NEET with no GF. VPN fucked and cant post on endchan, Too late to get a VPS at this point. Good Night, White.
(221.69 KB 1200x1600 Avril-Lavigne-Bikini-3.jpg)
Would still smash/10
>>15076 making your own chickpeas is hard without having them turn into mush. Looks legit wholesome tho.
(92.84 KB 1226x676 gamestonk.jpg)
Looks like the big boys who were holding just liquidated their positons and made out like bandits. Probabally shorted it at the top too. Reddit BTFO.
>>15077 Night m8
>>15077 >a NEET with no GF A feel most of us know all too well. Good night. PS. Please refrain from posting or spoiler any and all pics of TayTay. I'm trying to get over the minor crush I've developed for her these past few months and am trying not to go full-blown stalker-tier in love with her...
>>15079 They were tinned chickpeas. Never used the dried ones. Had it all simmering for approx. 30 minutes and the peas held there shape, however the sweet tater got a little mushy. The youtube channel 'Spain on a fork' has several other dishes that feature cheap filling ingredients like taters and chickpeas. The tin I used was probably 2 years old with the expiry date being March of this year.
>>15083 >March of this year Defused the potential dilemma of whether to throw them out or not, well done.
Good Morning NEETs. Not calling in, On strike today. Eggs for lunch.
(3.63 MB 1050x7893 fuck off we re full.png)
These zoomers are missing the mark, its not affluent white east coast cunts its mass immigration they should be worried about.
>>15085 Good morning, it's a little too early for lunch, even brunch.
>>15084 there was a bit of surface rust on the can which the Internet says you should dispose of but I reckon so long as that rust hasn't penetrated into the can then it should be fine. I think...
>>15086 No homo but the dude in that 'band' is more attractive than those three 'women'.
>>15089 Ironic that the church they are posing outside of was bought up by the koreans. The MONA fags wont be happy that their little lord and lady smackbottoms are biting the hand that feeds.
(727.34 KB 910x512 Screenshot_2021-01-29.png)
>>15086 >Singer Lucinda Shannon (far left) bla bla bla..... >Drummer Claire Johnston (also a leftist faggot) echoed her thoughts FTFY
>>15091 Kek. They are ripe for the redpill, Low cost housing is full of chinks and mudshits. Social workers must have cognitive dissonance up the arse.
(624.28 KB 1632x1224 Pretty damn good out of 10.jpg)
Chickpea and sweet potato stew for brekky
>>15093 Looks good neet
(145.59 KB 320x480 BWS.png)
Wish I had a big willy bros
(281.04 KB 597x556 1611950945373.png)
"You must respect you superiors" says New Zuckland
Some schizo OC for ya
(50.21 KB 560x433 2021-calendar-printable.jpg)
>>15093 Sweet potato looks perfect.
(190.05 KB 1080x652 1608082798060.png)
>>15097 Those studies are pure bullshit. How the fuck are they gonna make it more toxic that you only need one dose when before you needed two. I think there are no cases in aus at the moment, what kind of kikery are they going to use to get participation. THE COVAX IS THE HAPPENING
(152.42 KB 1194x1074 Behind you.jpg)
>>15096 Chinks die outside the cities. They fear the fresh hell of scrub Australia
(51.66 KB 800x800 swimwear hottie.jpg)
This whole hoo-haa about $GME and $AMC and Dogecoin has me thinking that its a pretty good bet for more short term pumps telegraphed on Reddit WSB , 4chan/pol/ and the other forums. I think the hype is now self sustaining and predictable like sheep at a billabong in the morning. Its a shame I cant get some skin in the game but mike lando is breathing down my neck and i"m struggling with the move. I'm kind of glad because its still a game with the players risking their money to win their freedom from the mundane, maybe enough for a wife. Even though they are high profile and wrecking some tinyhat's day, its only a distraction and a trap, like all gambling. Improving your self and your situation seems like a more based pursuit. Still... I watch our guys with interest. Good Night, White.
>>15103 Good night, sleep tight and don't let the hammock bugs bite.
Good Morning NEETs Quick oats in the oats container, I thought I'd seen the last of them.
(57.94 KB 550x878 rarepepe.jpg)
I have the Baader-Meinhoff syndrome where I'm noticing stock and crypto market noise everywhere. Is it me or does the $GME affair and free access to money break the money paradigm?
Off up the gully to take photos again.
>>15106 Good morning
>>15108 Have a good one, I've got some house chores to do.
(30.69 KB 640x514 RETARD PEPE.jpg)
Kek. Styxenhammer is calling dogecoin "douche-coin" instead of "Doggy-coin".
(717.93 KB 1632x1224 FoodDOTjpg.jpg)
Leftover take-away fish&chips for lunch. The grapes were a nice addition to the salad. Still haven't done any real housework beside washing bed sheets and clothing.
>>15112 Looks nice m8, I usually have grapes in my salads as well.
(199.16 KB 267x400 EVWDm61WoAAwVC4.png)
>>15112 Pasta again here
(47.73 KB 426x320 cook.jpg)
>>15114 Yeah it's from a can, but it is pretty good after you melt some cheese on top
(57.20 KB 500x407 7nmPJkb.jpg)
>>15112 >grapes were a nice addition to the salad. Almost pajeet cuisine territory.
Had a throw out of some books. I read a lot of books on the holocaust. check this out: Babi yar by anatoly kuznetsov The Holocaust industry by Norman Finklestein The occult roots of nazism by nicholas goodrick-clarke The gulag archipeligo by alexander solzhenytsin I know the last one is not holocaust but its a good read on an actual concentration camp. dunno what to do with em, might keep some and put the rest in the book swap place.
>>15117 Huh? I ain't ever seen an Indian dish that had grapes in it. >>15113 Thank you
>>15118 Get a good microphone and make audiobooks for lazy NEETs like me that haven't picked up a book in several years?
>>15119 korma has golden raisins in it. very good curry.
I pulled the Medical Microbiology textbook out of the bin. Mummybot paid for that when I had an interest in the topic. I still do I suppose, just no fukn time.
The passionfruit I gleaned from the neighbourhood is starting to ripen in the fruit bowl. I wonder if its mates are doing the same on the vine.
(1.28 MB 1170x1457 1612039571493.jpg)
It was a hot day inside today. The place is a brothel with the re-organization and hammock making. I got the frozen salt and pepper squid out for tea and it was good deep fried. No to wage tomorrow and no to civic club. Gonna do more of the same. Good Night, White.
>>15124 Godnight
Good Morning NEETs. I couldnt sleep in because I cant remember if today is recycling bins day.
Just checked online and no, its next week, the chinks are mistaken.
(142.16 KB 700x754 1612067564816.jpg)
tfw moving away from mong mates
They are sealing the road outside my place today. The dust was out of control.
tfw fresh buzz cut.
>>15126 Good morning
>>15129 Any dust coming through windows? That would suck.
>>15130 Do it yourself?
Went to the library, 1st time this year and 1st since last going late 2020. Back then there was just a desk with forms you'd fill out and pop into a box. But now not only was there someone at the entrance putting down whatever details into a tablet but two (2) people at a desk each with a computer to take down your details. Or you could do that QR code thing. I gave false details last time but not today. Too afraid to lie to someone's face...
>>15134 LIbraries are full of schizos and lost looking oldies. Imagine actually reading a physical book, one thats been touched by someone else, How scuzzy.
I ran my errand and accidentally came back home when the pirvate school knocked off. Traffic jam with rich cunts suv's compounded the road works AIDS. Even got road raged and got eyeballed by some lackadaisical 'youth' in their private school uniforms. This place is fully pozzed. very uncomfy here.
I found a wasps nest today, actually quite busy so probabaly pretty big. Now how to kill it. I say go down there with some cannisters of CN-20 and nerve gas the whole fuckin nest.
>>15137 leave....the wasps....alone
>>15138 I probabally wont get a chance. The landowner will burn it out with petrol like he does with everything on his property.
https://www.rt.com/news/514224-microsoft-bing-australia-google/ Oh noes what will the normie potatoes do when their digital life and all their search preferences are deleted?
(126.02 KB 1200x1200 Mortein.jpg)
>>15135 Well I fit both those descriptions but didn't touch a single book. Was just killing time browsing on my phone. It was tard-outing day and the place was noisy as fuck.
Went to the supermarket and got 48 cans of dollar beans and a a $2 loaf of bread. I was hungry and almost got some chocolate but I was disciplined like a ᛋᛋ soldier, had cucumber toast for supper and I feel okay about my efforts today. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs, Chilly outside, if you're not moving or getting physical.
The road crew finally put macadam on the fucked road base and the clouds of grey dust have abated enough for me to put the washing out.
>>15145 Good morning, hot and dry here. Won't be getting very physical today.
>>15144 That would've made for an interesting haul pic. Never had cucumber on toast, do you season it with anything?
>>15148 cheese and peanut butter
Kek. This guy operating the asphalt spreader, no hat red skin, durry in his hand as he's turning the steering wheel bathed in bitumen and diesel fumes. Looking cool in his sunnies and hi-vis shirt half done up. CANCER CHAD
Spent the morning watching this Youtuber (Action Kid) live-stream around Boston during a snow storm. Pretty comfy viewing, especially in this heat.
>>15150 muh tradies...
(11.03 KB 225x225 pepette wants honkler.jpg)
>>15152 Hi-Viz Chads for the insta-staceys.
(180.90 KB 816x612 Lunch in progress.jpg)
(161.12 KB 816x612 PB, C & C Toasted Sanga.jpg)
>>15149 Well that's my lunch sorted, cheers! I can already feel the constipation brewing.
I was planning on taking a small trip somewhere by myself mid this year. Grandparents are going away instead so I guess I have to stay back and look after the place instead.
(1.87 MB 4928x3264 4WD Ute with Camper Canopy.jpg)
>>15155 Somewhere abroad? I'd love to own something like this pic and travel around Aus, especially to more remote/bush areas. I'm short enough that I could sleep in a hard canopy, diagonally. It would have to be insulated from the heat somehow, and have enough windows for air.
>>15154 The acidity of the gherkins would need some sweetness to balance it out. you should have put a lashing of tomato sauce on it.
>>15156 I'm against that thing. The serial killers could see you for miles. if you camp like that in a remote bit of bush. lo profile is the way to go.
>>15156 I was thinking somewhere like Hobart, Adelaide or Perth for a week. Just to experience a different place and hopefully clear my mind a bit. My mind has festered being stuck in my hometown.
>>15159 You want to take a camper to a city? You are gonna stick out like dogs balls there.
Going through my box of shit and found a dozen nangs that i pinched from the rich kids stash. what the fuck am i gonna do with em?
Probably not the best place to post this, but I'm not posting it on the other board. Over the past two days my left nut has had a dull ache that seems to come cum and go throughout the day and feels kinda fuzzy, like an arm before the onset of pins and needles if that makes sense. I might need to actually book an appointment with the doctor for this if it continues.
>>15162 You've got blue balls son, why not come into one of my 'Good Health" clinics and have a consultant select a numbing beverage from our large selection
(658.41 KB 1224x1632 Ingredients for salad.jpg)
(920.88 KB 1632x1224 Cucumber salad.jpg)
(772.18 KB 1632x1224 Ingredients for stir fry.jpg)
(908.49 KB 1632x1224 Stir Fried.jpg)
It's NEET Kitchen Time. On the menu tonight is deep-fried Chiko rolls, a beef noodle stir-fry and a lightly pickled cucumber salad. Enjoy!
>>15162 m8 I would see your GP straight away or if it gets worse go to er, may be not much but it's not worth risking.
>>15164 All looks great m8, yeah and that is the ony way to eat chiko rolls (deep fried) I microwave em sometimes when I'm lazy, not the best way and they never taste the same.
>>15165 Dont go to the ER you boong. They will fuck you around for 8 hours and then send some know nothing intern to take your details and offer you some panadol.
>>15164 Fugg you deep fried four chiko rolls at home? thats pretty based in saturated fat
(75.24 KB 960x639 1601698785193.jpg)
My brother in law reckons that the package delivery courier firms get paid $18 000 to hire a pjeet over an aussie. So some jew in government worked out the dollar value they would need to compensate the firm for indian incompetence. That conversation segued into brown people being shit inconsiderate on the road and I'm hopping from one foot to the other trying to get enthusiastic at this entry level topic. He gets mixed up between Japs and Chinks when we are talking about foreign investment. The 4 acre property next to theirs was bought by a taxi tycoon and now houses half a dozen browns sleeping between thier shifts at the wheel. We tsk-tsk at their unmowed grass and sisterclone called the CFA and council on them. I will use this as an entry point to redpill them on foreigners moving into white neighbourhoods. Dont know where to go from there, maybe the jews loosening immigration mandates. Kek. Red Pills for the whole family. Any woke cunt reading this will spit take their starbucks latte. Good Night. White.
(136.10 KB 820x692 Iranian Lashing.jpg)
>>15157 I'll give you a good lashing boy!
>>15158 I don't know about that, you'd probably be more likely to suffer a vehicle break down and die of dehydration
(92.58 KB 800x800 Aliexpress.jpg)
>>15161 I used those for a very brief period in my late teens or early twenties. Don't recall getting much of a buzz though I was too afraid of asphyxiating so didn't really suck in that much before inhaling oxygen. I bought an aluminum thingy for the bulbs off of ebay.
Totally a coincidence that a movie like Outbreak would be shown on free-to-air TV right now. This totally isn't MSM fearmongering people into getting the covid vaccine which officially 'rolls out' this month...
>>15169 Good night, don't let the small hats get you down too much.
>>15161 isn't that what the fags use to expand their assholes?
>>15175 no thats amyl nitrate. Shit i havent seen that ghastly chem in years.
Good Morning NEETs. Should be an Interesting day.
(108.97 KB 630x630 1594696764934.jpg)
Knee sleeves came from the weightlifting website. Comfy, warm and protected knees.
>tfw just approved for DSP 1000 didgeridoos a fortnight m8s
>>15181 Well Done M80. You're on Easy street with no hassles. Time to move to the country.
>>15182 >You're on Easy street with no hassles Not really, the reason I applied for the dsp is because I have a disease which affects my balance and makes me stumble, I'm just stumbling and can still stand and walk for the time being but it's a degenerative disease which will eventually make me bed ridden then legit kill me It killed my dad in 2007.
>>15183 Fuark. how long have you got? Do you have your own place?
>>15184 Probably about another 17 or so years, the life expectancy of people with the disease is 20 years from the date of onset, I was diagnosed a few years ago. Yeah I live alone atm, just renting. It's like the one of the worst shit things that can happen to you but there's nothing I can do about it so there's no use being a sad cunt about it.
>>15185 You can still shitpost and save up for a whore now and then tho right?
>>15181 Well done neet, no more having to deal with cenno
>>15179 Good morning, what's the interesting part? I slept in after staying up till 1am watching garbage on Youtube.
>>15180 What weightlifting exercises are there that has you on your knees?
>>15181 How long did it take since applying? >>15185 I'm sorry to hear, though you're right about not being a sad cunt about it. That would ensure those last 17 or so years would be nothing but miserable.
>>15189 Was thinking about $GME shares >>15190 Powerlifting, whatever the fuck that is.
>>15191 >How long did it take since applying? Felt like fucking years, when I first applied I was honest about how I live like their questions asked if I can walk for a length of time and I said yeah no problem, I can still exercise fine and used to jog 5 k's every weekend a few years ago and I replied honestly to what they asked me, I realized how much I fucked up because I was denied, I reapplied a year later and just bullshitted my way through it, like I can only walk a few meters before getting tired, shit like that. So if you apply for it, just exaggerate.
(26.83 KB 338x507 white tiger.jpg)
OwO. This moofie looks really good. Its based on a really good book that i didnt read but was explained to me. downloading it now like a M.F. PIRATE
>>15194 I recently watched this, it was good. The ending was a bit weird, reminded me about the india will be a superpower by 2020 meme
>>15195 does he stab his boss in the head with a broken jonny walker bottle like in the book?
>>15194 Yeah, he goes ape shit, it's the only time he's so violent
>>15197 It really opens your eyes just how fucked up India is how they treat people who are lower class
fuck the lando just brought forward the eviction date. feb 22
>>15199 What are you talking about m8? Srs question
Landlord wants to renovate this unit and I am in the way. He said three months then one month, now just 20 days. I'm working hard to get my stuff out and into storage. plus all the rest
>>15201 Ah, true. Do you have much shit? I didn't use to have much at all a few years ago when I was a NEET but now I have heaps, brand new fridge, washing machine, tv, couch, etc. When I eventually move out it's going to be a massive job. Used to be a wage cuck but now on the DSP
>>15202 yeah I dont want to start ditching gear, but i'm doing okay
(111.00 KB 768x1024 88gir.jpg)
Happenstance had me able to pick some of sisterclone's fruit trees with mummybot today. Plums and a couple of pears. Sis' didnt water her apricots and the lorikeets are getting into what's not netted, it could have been a far bigger haul. Having a food garden seems like a big hassle. I'll stick with my nice efficient lemons. Good Night, White.
>>15201 Reeee
Going to book an appointment with the GP for tomorrow.
Good Morning NEETs. Drizzle outside. Not sure about what to do today.
>>15206 Insist on a white one, preferably male.
I heard on the ABC radio news that the Covax is 67% effective in preventing transmission. I dug around and its probabally bullshit. This noise makes me worry about the ZOG making the vaccine "as mandatory as possible" as scomo put it.
Oh. They are using the reasoning that the covax reduces the number of ppl with detectable virus and thus reduces transmission. Difficult to argue against that.
>>15207 Good morning, had a hot cup of lemon water with honey and a pinch of cayenne. Worked a treat for the backed-up NEET.
>>15209 Was enjoying the tennis being played at Melbourne the past few days, but some hotel worker where the players were quarantining just tested positive and now all the matches have been called off with the potential of next week's Aus Open tournament getting cancelled. So sick of all this demoralising bullshit.
>>15206 Good luck out there, I've got a job agency appointment today.
Rainy today so I held off doing the washing. Now its really sunny and steamy. I did a chuck out of half my wardrobe and i'll go to the landfill later
>>15211 I have my lemon juice in cold water. Half an hour and I'm really hungry.
Back from an outing, filthy stinkin hot. Stocked up on groceries and booze to get through the weekend. It's going to get even hotter with mid-30's forecast for the weekend. My job agency mentioned a delivery driver job vacancy coming up, with hours of 6 till midnight which are ideal for me. But I'd need to get an MR licence. There's always something holding me back from obtaining employment...
>>15215 It's good stuff. Coles had seedless lemons going for $7.50 for a pack of 5. I got the pleb-tier seeded pack for only $4.50. If I ever own a property one of the first things being planted is a lemon tree.
(69.64 KB 441x439 socks.jpg)
(36.71 KB 474x474 Harvest snaps.jpg)
Snacking on some of these with a mango for afternoon tea. They were half price* Product of Thailand
rate my US meme stock neetfolio: Meme stonks: 1x GME @ 90 Not losing it all because reddit said so: 3x BRK.B @ 232 I like coke: 1x KO @ 49 ZOG futures: 1x HAL @ 18.5 1x RTX @ 69
Haliburton is good because Biden is a deep state neocon and will max out fat contracts for Israels wars and proxy actions. Berkshire hatahaway? You should have dumped $GME ages ago. Its not going back up. also fuck silver
>>15217 There are heaps of legacy lemon trees that no one picks. having your own lemons is an olden days dream now evaporated.
>>15221 Actually I'm late to the party because I don't read either reddit or 4chan, missed the big PnD on GME. Just got the ability to buy us stocks last night, and bought one share just in case they're actually right. Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffett's company, and is considered a stable pick. KO is Coca Cola, and I agree, I bought the ZOG stocks (Haliburton and Raytheon) because of Biden.
(36.29 KB 488x600 miss helsinki.jpg)
I've been thinking about how this board is kind of a microblog for me. I used to think that was naf and maybe end up doxxing myself, It doesnt seem to be the aim to stay fully anonymous on this board and especially endchan ausneets. So sorry if its cringe but right now I got poor humor and nothing but the specific daily events to post. I'm starting to think of the future again, which means I'm getting over the eviction stress. I have already prepared one campsite in the gully for myself. There is a second one that I have started to clear this arvo. They are well secluded in the scrub which I checked specifically today because getting found is a big stress. The gully is my bolt hole and without that then I'm fucked for returning to the city that I grew up in. Saw Fukn chinks, mudshits and speculators pozz the place in real time. My plan is good and has good odds of working. My gear isn't fully ready but should be rudimentary on Go Day. The camo is the pinch point but becoming invisible in the scrub is a fine art that cant be rushed. I may only do a couple of days there and then fuck off out west, select a fine house for myself, set up, and complete my gear before I come back for a test run. Just gotta complete the grind of getting my nice stuff into the tea chests I made and into storage. So much grind. Good Night, White.
>>15223 Copypasta from /biz/ 4 ya. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So these are some predictions about what Biden administration is gonna spend trillions of $ on: https://cms.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/gs%20appendix%202.jpg?itok=pPjT5O9B Here's how to profit off of this cash-grab: • Buy PAVE (using your stock trading account) • Buy PBW • Buy SHYD here's why: PAVE is an infrastructure fund. When the government spends trillions on infrastructure, PAVE goes up. PBW is a clean energy fund. When government spends trillions on "clean energy", PBW goes up SHYD is a municipal bond fund for garbage cities like Chicago and St. Louis. The government is going to give lots and lots of money to these low-income cities. This will make SHYD go up.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in this morning, which is a good thing.
(61.45 KB 997x545 bfm9172.jpg)
>>15225 >>15220 >rate my US meme stock neetfolio: Rating: Late Plebbitors have moved on to 'penny stonks' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2uu6NF2inY
(8.54 KB 178x283 ant pepe.png)
Hmm.... I have a loose jackjumper inside somewhere.
>>15226 Good morning, I tried falling back to sleep after waking earlier but it was just too hot.
(21.58 KB 220x333 utoya.jpg)
Got the tail end of the tropical storm cell. its rainy but warm. Dunno maybe go out on a mission later but prolly just shitpost and watch a moofie.
>>15230 Interesting choice of moofie, let us know if it's any good.
>>15231 Wha? I'm not into hand wringing massacre exploitation flicks. That shit is pure clown world.
Boiled eggs + Cheese for supper
(14.30 KB 267x340 1598142080148.jpg)
I feel like I'm making progress in my move mission although I'm still whispering the name of the Ultra remote region I want to go to. Mummybot and Oldad are back together going shopping after being divorced for 20 years, she sent me a video on Messenger of oldad in the supermarket. He looked really old I got bad feels about moving so far away. But if I move out of town then it might as well be to the end of the road. I am making enquiries on advertised places but havent committed, and dont need to commit because the pool of places out west is pretty good. Off to wage tomorrow, I can probably afford to take a break. Time wise that is. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Pissing with rain and the possum is bitching about it outside kek.
(47.45 KB 828x803 wet cat.jpg)
Off to the wage in the warm rain.
(32.48 KB 640x360 SS.jpg)
Does anyone know a good moofie to watch
>>15237 have you seen jacob's ladder?
>>15238 Yes that shit is crazy. I think I am going to check out that White Tiger moofie that someone mentioned earlier
(17.49 KB 403x466 1449541442991.jpg)
It's my 31st birthday tomorrow m8s, gonna have a swim and a barby at my bro's with the fam, my family is pretty good, we all get along. I don't have any friends here though.
I think my mate bailed on hanging out again, three days in a row now. I think I'm just going to slowly and quietly cut off things with him, this is getting too tiring. I have the appointment with my GP in Wednesday. >>15240 Happy birthday for tomorrow.
>>15241 >in *on Sometimes I think I'm ESL.
>>15240 I just turned 30 the other day m8, I feel like a lot of us are right around that late 20s, early 30s range
>>15235 Good morning, bone dry and hot as fark here. But that won't stop me from enjoying a hot coffee! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9W1xlIjLlc
>>15236 Have a good day
>>15240 Happy birthday, at least you get along with your family. That's something to be happy about.
>>15241 Friends drift apart, it happens all the time. It sucks but just a way of life. As we get older the more neurotic we get (imo), and the shit that now consumes our lives didn't even occur in our younger years. Wish I could find another white male GP. had one for a brief period a few years back but then he fucked off to Melbourne and now I'm stuck with Pajeets and Mohammeds.
Lost a couple kilos alone this morning. God bless instant coffee!
>>15247 Mine is an older lady from Argentina. I'm too much of an awkward sperg to try to talk to her in Spanish though.
>>15240 Happy Birthday neet.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>15243 This calls for a celebration. You're a big boy so why not treat yourself with a selection from one of my cheerfulness centres.
>>15244 So thats where all the white women are at. That guy must have a big dick.
>>15247 having a competent white GP can save you a lot of suffering and maybe your life. The other races dont have much empathy for whites, that translates into being just a piece of meat to them.
>>15253 That is so true
(653.34 KB 1632x1224 Ing 1.jpg)
(663.54 KB 1224x1632 Meat Veg & Rice.jpg)
(973.20 KB 1632x1224 Done.jpg)
Hungry? Kimchi and Pork Fried Rice. This is the first time making this dish and using that Korean fermented chilli paste which wasn't as hot as I thought it might be. It didn't turn out as tasty as I'd hoped, could definitely done with salt (I used none), and for that amount of meat (approx. 600g pork belly) and rice (1 cup) I should've used 2 tablespoons of the paste instead of 1, and another jar of kimchi. Also, I should've removed some of the fat that rendered from the pork as there was quite a bit that even the rice and veg couldn't absorb. Ah well, I'll know what to do next time...
>>15255 That looks very tasty neet.
>>15255 Exotic fermented stuff. Pad that bacon out with heaps of rice. Dont be a meat glutton.
Tfw Out of salt
(27.42 KB 474x711 1598766866301.jpg)
Had a day off from the moving grind and went to wage, earned some money to offset maintainance to the falcon which I'll be relying on bigly. I want to get the fog lights working and put in a isolation screw connector on the pos terminal of the battery. I also want to get a lumbar support like what the cab drivers use. My back really hates driving. Half watched a moofie that I have already seen while I worked on my camouflage project. I just want to get to a place where the stress stops, I have the lando's voice as my depressed and negative internal monologue voice telling me I'm making the biggest mistake of my life moving out of the city. Imagine being that to someone, what a legacy. On the plus side, my memes file is now on a SSD and I dont need to wait 30 seconds for it to spin up on the HDD when i want to find a pepe. Massive Improvement. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Quiet still. Not hungry for breakfast yet.
I deep fried some shit in the bbq, The little girl next door is making a mess in the sky with her bubble maker.
>>15260 Good fine morning fellow 16channer. A blistering 35 degree day awaits me. The A/C would be on already if I had it. QUEENSLANDER...
>>15261 Deep fried, in a bbq. W-w-what?
>>15263 Yeah I cracked the Nexus Foil oven trays on the hotplate.
>>15262 Just resign yourself to not being able to function for 25% of your days there.
Kek. Styxenhammer has taken to wearing a bulletproof vest. He looks like a mong. I hope its not a paid endorsement.
>tfw have to wait a full day more from when I report to actually getting paid >report every wednesday >get paid friday What is this bullshit!
>>15267 *every second wednesday
Took out the 3.5kg leg of ham bought a couple weeks before Christmas, which has an expiry date of the 14th. Better late than never right? Chopped up a slice and mixed it with baked beans for brunch.
>>15264 Based, I feel like deep-frying some dim sims and calamari rings. Would pair well with a few beers on this stinkin' hot day.
>>15265 Heh, my shitposting peaks during Winter
>>15266 Sticks and who?
>>15272 e-celeb #25234634963
>>15267 That is bullshit, I report on Friday and it's in the bank on Saturday. Your bank is a slack NEET cunt
>>15274 Which bank are you with?
>>15275 It's the Indue cashless debit-card wankers, which is the only good thing about being on this scheme. I've banked with Westpac and Commonwealth in the past but they never processed Cenno payments on a weekend, nor did it take two business days.
>>15274 No, I mean I actually report my earnings on wenesday and centerlink pays me on friday, I'll be raising hell to them about it tomorrow
>>15270 If you can make your own calamari you are a lucky NEET. Frozen squid rings from the packet are shite. They are probably not even calamari, more likely endangered sea turtle flippers or some shit.
>>15273 Aw He's pretty good if you get past his libertarian faggotry. His political analysis is better than his cryptocurrency, Covid and cooking videos. Plus that fucking tabby that knocks the camera every second video.
(58.11 KB 800x600 1599298077816.jpg)
I got an old jar of Karo from a camp kitchen throw out, I couldnt find any at my chink infested supermarket when I went off the coffee. I had some for afternoon tea. Packed up one PC and the monitors. Everything is going well on that front. Oil change in the falcon tomorrow, I'll wiggle the wheels when its on the hoist and think about the fuel filter. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Chilly morning and the possum shit is still wet on the footpath.
(5.05 KB 225x225 caro.jpg)
Caro after breakfast.
>>15281 Good morning, awoke to a brief storm and 30-minute power outage. All is good now thankfully, apart from my pathetic existence.
>>15282 >>15280 >Caro Never heard of it. I think my car is due for an oil change too. And I need to put in the new spark plugs I bought like a year ago...
>>15278 I've made from scratch only once using a squid tube bought from a deli. But these are the frozen packet variety, bought half price. Ya definitely need a dipping sauce or two for the frozen kind.
Civic club tonight. Would rather miss it but could be the last time I go.
Made a joke today about how 11 eggs in a carton was a "Jew's Dozen". Slowly redpilling the normies.
>>15277 Just called them about it and they said it takes 2 days to process the pension, there's nothing I can do about it. Newstart get it the next day but the pension is different. Fuck everything.
>>15288 Go to the food bank and tell them you need free shit because of it.
(9.68 KB 225x225 givvus a dolla maaaaate.jpg)
Any of you neets seen one of these yet? I cant say I'm inclined to take orders from small change.
>>15289 What's a food bank m8?
>>15291 Its the dumpster diving mafia, they hit all the shops an bakeries that you used to be able to tap for regular throw outs. Food Bank hoover up everything now and make you beg for the scraps. They give it to gooks and south asians in preference to aussies no doubt.
>>15292 Fuck that, I'm not like a deadbeat alcoholic with kids or close to being on the streets and living day to day with no prospects, I am planning to find another job eventually, something more sitting down, used to work at Liquorland but I recently finished up with them because of my disease. I don't drink because it's exacerbates my disease.
First cold night of the year coming up, supposed to go down to 9°
Supposedly hanging out with my mate tomorrow. We'll see if it happens.
>>15293 Fuck the charities. They rely on people to use their services to justify their business model. I always thought that here in Aus there are only so many hungry mouths to feed, especially in a super-abundance of food + food wastage issues. These commercial dumpster divers are cunts and if you have the energy to go thru thier bullshit then you should harvest as much as possible from em. Dont rip yourself off with notions of being too proud to get a handout. I'd hit them up a lot if I wasnt fussy about my diet because the food they make is often shit tier.
Handed my bugle in to the civic club elder, spent some time with the boomers I like, got bored shitless at the roast one last time. Feeling pretty tired and melancholy. I liked that bugle and they're impossible to obtain. I have a fife and pennywhistle, I'll play them instead. once i learn how Good Night, White.
>>15297 I will miss hearing of your adventures at the civic club neet, but you have started a new chapter in your life.
>>15280 too soon
Good Morning NEETs. Cold and cloudy day today. Melancholy.
Having a hot caro and a laff at the daily news.
Having three monitors makes it hard to find your mouse pointer sometimes.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9237961/Channel-10-video-Waleed-Aly-interviewing-AFL-star-Heritier-Lumumba-three-years-ago-disappears.html Sportsball controversey. The guy was claiming his team called him "chimp" but he insisted everyone call him that even when the others didnt want to. Then he went for woke points in 2017 over it. >spit take my corn flakes over the sports section of the daily tele.
>>15287 Because jews are deceptive cunts right?
>>15290 No, never heard of them.
>>15293 >I'm not like a deadbeat alcoholic with kids or close to being on the streets and living day-to-day with no prospects >tfw
>>15300 Good morning, another chance to git gud at life.
having a caro. Gave the thumbs up to a guy driving the same model ute on the highway. He gave me thumbs up back. YEAH BRO WE KNOW HOW AWESOME THESE UTES ARE
Went up the bush and cleared my secondary site. I hitched the hammock line to a tree about 15 meters away but up the ravine. It was okay but too stretchy by far. I'll have to get some heavier static line. I had a lay in it and watched the birdies and listened to the wind in the sheoak. Its really well concealed. I barked my shin on the rocks when i was being careless.
Watched the end of "White Tiger", it was a pretty good moofie but the murder scene was amateurish and not what I expect from western moofies. Plus it was based on a award winning book, so wasnt highly original and kind of derivative of the first American Psycho with the fantasies that didnt happen. It was interesting to see how the Pajeets do things in their own native home. India must be a ghastly shithole full of backwards, corrupt scum tier humans. I give it three unhygenic looking curries out of five. Good Night, White.
>>15309 Sounds like you found a nice comfy spot. I still haven't secured a new rental so might have to find somewhere 'innawoods' like you. I wouldn't even know where to start looking. But I'm guessing the nearest national park?
(102.25 KB 640x480 casurina2.jpg)
>>15311 somewhere you can park inconspicuously and walk in like a normal hiker. I grew up in this ravine and spent the last couple of years on finding the best spots and landscaping them.
(122.84 KB 1500x500 stonetoss1.jpg)
Kek. This stonetoss
>>15313 kek. I feel bad for the Qanon people. Just more jewish bullshit, trying to make it seem like Trump was a savior when he was apart of the satanic elite all along. Poor boomers
Good Morning NEETs. Dozed for an hour this morning, a bit of slack is okay.
>>15314 I don't know about Q, but Trump exposed the full extent of the corruption in the government. Also he trolled the MSM constantly, which was pretty fun. I mean, they got so mad they locked his twitter account! That's maximum butthurt. So anyway, now a lot more americans don't trust the government or MSM. And that's a good thing!
>>15316 Whats up with this impeachment, They want to punish him for not playing the game?
>>15316 He did have some good points and do some good things, but the guys whole family was sold off to Jews, he is a Freemason himself, he was never a savior for Whites unfortunately.
>>15317 It’s very strange, the guy isn’t even president anymore. I’m not even following the whole thing tbh. This two party system is Jewed and I couldn’t care less anymore about republican and Democrat, I am only national socialist
(9.17 KB 232x217 operator pepe.jpg)
Fugg. Wage called me specially with a mission. Said the other operators want me to do it. Its dirty and a no win case but I'm the best operator for that. Might have to go in.
>>15319 America has the best democracy that money can buy. I cant imagine living in a fucked up political system like that. No wonder no one bothers voting.
I'm Committed to the special situation at wage. At least It wont be an Ambush and maybe a nothingburger. .
Far-Right Terrorism: Anatomy of a Lie >Over the past year there has been a concerted attempt by the system and its lackeys in the media to build up the spectre of “far-right terrorism,” and the threat that it supposedly poses to the Australian public. A coordinated effort has begun to justify banning organisations in Australia, even if they are not actually engaged in terrorism, and to change the existing laws to make White political activism illegal. As if on cue politicians, bureaucrats, the security services, academics, the media and others all started to mouth the same narrative at the same time, with no notable dissent. We have done some research, and discovered that over 40 articles have appeared in print since January 2020 on this topic, not including reports covering the same events, and coverage of Brenton Tarrant. With the parliamentary “Inquiry into extremist movements and radicalism in Australia” to be held in the coming months, we feel that it is time to examine the claims put forward by the system, what they are doing, and why they have done it. Australia’s laws already make it a potential police state. If the government gets what it wants out of this inquiry then Australia will become a police state in practice. More... https://archive.fo/w5Mv4
>The conclusions of our investigation are extremely ugly, but the truth must be told. We have a government that wishes to cover up the horrific cost of its policies through a campaign of lies and terror. And feeding off this we have an industry of professional enablers, willing to back up the government narrative in order to profit off the misery of the victims of real terrorism, and the innocent Whites sent to prison as a result of their falsehoods. If the scum that floats on the top of this system get their way, then Australia’s increasingly tenuous claim to be a land of free men will be over. In its place will be a police state erected by criminals. >Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
(133.40 KB 618x340 smerff-electrical.png)
>>15323 >>15324 What happened to these guys? They got raided and put in jail for holocaust denial on their work website.
>>15325 No clue. Saw it shared and figured it was relevant for you lads.
Just got the tracking for the material that I ordered, Fastway, oh well hopefully it will still get here eventually.
Hmmm.. Starlink is pretty pricey. I wonder if you can take it on your travels with you.
(32.76 KB 550x394 starlink.jpg)
(812.57 KB 1632x1224 Cross-section.jpg)
(197.06 KB 1768x489 Mind Not Blown.jpg)
(217.21 KB 1695x489 OnePotChef.jpg)
Evening gents. made some sausage rolls for yous. Dig in!
>>15331 m8 they look bloody nice
(124.99 KB 640x480 Sneaky Peek of spot X.jpg)
(39.69 KB 560x747 Bugle Beauty.jpg)
Went up the gully today,, half expected to see a snake among the rocks in the heat of the arvo but nothing. Cleared a bit and tried the long stretchy rope again. I can make it work but its going to be technically difficult. Once I get it right, I will leave the rig for that camp and it will be G2G. Talked to a mate, he lost eyesight in his eye, basically because he left his symptoms and didnt see his GP untill way too late. I'm a little bit angry at him for taking blackpills when I was telling him to go. Wage tomorrow. Could be tricky and risky, but I win just by showing up so yay for me. Starting to miss my Bugle. Good Night, White.
>>15331 Pretty looking pastries M80. I'd smash a couple with tomato AND bbq sauce.
>>15334 >AND bbq sauce Vile
>>15333 Night m8
>>15335 Prolly put a bit of chutney on it too.
(14.41 KB 640x360 fuhrer.jpg)
I want to visit Australia, maybe even move there (I am from USA, on VPN rn). Where's a cool place to visit or move? I heard Sydney is pretty dope. Is it cheap or expensive to live in Australia? My personality just fits in with Aussies, since Aussies are some of the chillest nicest people I've met.
Good Morning NEETs. I'm pretty hungry this morning, sounds like the Kookaburras are too.
>>15338 Sydney is a shithole. Unless you can work it out in the regional areas you are going to be competing with pajeets and chinks for the scraps of what was once a comfy lifestyle. Dont come over without skills.
Off to wage. Sunny days.
(23.98 KB 800x800 OZESAUCE.jpg)
>>15332 >>15334 Thanks, I used tomato sauce but will try Stubbs hickory bourbon bbq on the leftovers.
(536.89 KB 2597x1823 Jabitinya.jpg)
(232.98 KB 1263x1773 Comment Section.jpg)
>>15338 You'll be needing the jab regardless
I had to go to the other end of the suburb to get a parcel from the fake postoffice. It was a TPM chip for the new motherboard. The package was the size of a standard letter but they put a collection slip and put that in my letterbox instead. REEEEEEE
>>15345 Jabs for air travel are a given, I think. The ZOG needs to restart the airlines and this will be the pathway they will use. The rationale behind the jabs preventing transmission will be shilled regardless of its veracity.
>>15331 >that one pot chef I've watched a few of his clips, his voice screams how much of a fag he is.
(636.18 KB 1600x1600 fat cat.jpg)
>>15338 Cheap-Cheap rent and pretty good internet is the dream. I'll end up with more space than I need, The cities are only good for supply runs. You're not the kinda guy who needs to live within 200m of a patisserie are ya?
>>15351 These are the cunts that some think is behind Biden getting into office. The WHO had inconclusive findings about the origins of SARS-CoV-2 so fuck them both for jokers.
(206.55 KB 800x600 Singer Shiggidy.jpg)
NEETs I bought a sewing machine way back innadae. I was working for a mate doing scissor work bringing in the harvest and I spotted this singer in its own fold-away cabinet at the St. VIncent De Paul Jews with a $300 price tag on it because antique treadle operated + polished walnut veneer. I begged my mate to help me drive it home and he raised his eyebrows at such an extravagant purchase but I have used it constantly ever since and its 1000 times better than my sisters electric one. Its quiet and smooth as fuck and only does straight stitch which saves your arse when you have to unpick fuck-ups. Its got a polished chrome advance wheel and a little side bit for all your bobbins, its action is swift like a bolt action rifle. I use it to make tentage mostly and I have made much custom shit, mostly perfecting my hammock setups, but also repairs and had a go at clothes but they are way harder. This ancient sewing machine is my pride and joy. Especially now that I'm in a major push to perma-camp the gully and whip up bags to put my blankets and clothes in. I'd never part with such a based item. Good Night, White
(735.55 KB 1632x1224 Winner winner chicken dinner.jpg)
(844.78 KB 1632x1224 A plate of glistening gold.jpg)
Fancy a late night snack? The chicken wings recipe is taken from Marion's Kitchen, the second time making the dish. That's 1kg worth of chook marinated overnight in some soy, sugar and a teaspoon of chook stock powder. You coat them in cornflour, deep fry for about 10 minutes then coat in a honey lemon sauce made from scratch using fresh lemon juice as well as the zest. What you see in the bottom right are 'sweet and sour peppers' using a Gordon Ramsay recipe. one I've done a few times already. Lastly the bowl of peas 'recipe' came from the back of the frozen pea packet. All up it took an hour and a half because I'm unorganised as fark.
(205.35 KB 816x612 Berocca Front.jpg)
(1016.13 KB 1632x1224 Berocca Rear.jpg)
Planned on getting another pack of Berocca today until I saw the 'home brand' version which are only $5 while the Berocca are $10.80. Ingredients and amounts are identical, though there's 17mg more sodium per tablet than Berocca. The cheap ones are made in Germany. The Berocca pack doesn't state where it's made but the manufacturer Bayer is based in Germany.
>>15353 The old ones look so much better than any modern machine. Good night.
>>15355 Thats a good find. You can save more by getting cheap brand multivitamins and B group I think. Its money well spent in any case.
>>15354 >an hour and a half meh. probabally still as quick as uberpajeets these days.
Good Morning NEETs. Listening to community radio for breakfast, Authentically retro.
https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/plenty-of-work-in-the-bush-birmingham-tells-jobless-20210211-p571fx >Talk given at the Israeli Chamber of Commerce. >there are hundreds of thousands of Australians currently on JobSeeker who are single, have no children and largely have no impediments to work. >there will be little tolerance for those able to work but choosing not to when there are jobs available. >economic recovery was probably “locked in” and the nation should shift to a “growth mindset” as vaccines are rolled out. PACK YOUR BAGS BOYS YOU'RE GOING OUT
>>15361 >who are single, have no children and largely have no impediments to work If you are single and have no children then you have no reason to work. The state has failed you; why then should you serve the state?
>>15354 Looks very tasty neet
>>15359 >>15359 Good morning, me mum used to be a presenter of a community radio station. Been watching the tennis pretty much all day and night since it began Monday.
>>15362 That's a good point though I wouldn't mind experiencing life out in the bush.
>>15365 Best to go before you get pushed by the POZ happening in the cities.
>>15333 The more comfy bush pics you post the more I'm motivated to get out there and find my own space. I would not want to be walking more than an hour each way from a spot though. That could lead to me getting lost, dehydrated plus the thought of being 'too far in' while a random bush-fire sparked up is scary. Do you take stuff like compasses/detailed physical maps or GPS trackers? It would be ideal to find a spot close to a water source (river/lake) that I could swim in, wash clothes or fish from.
>>15365 It was better before COVID. The local pub never recovered. I think the government did COVID because white country people were enjoying themselves too much. Now everyone knows that the government can at any time bring back COVID and shut everything down. Really it is what you make it. If you are an NPC or a commie then I would not want you in my town. Being an NPC can be the default even out here as phone coverage and normie TV are fairly ubiquitous. If you have a good drinking stomach then you will enjoy yourself. Most interesting stuff revolves around the pub but people can be closed off and so need alcohol to relax and talk about things of any significance. I don't think the bush will be the saviour of the white man. My town is too dependent on handouts and a lot of jobs are only done because of grants. I am surrounded by entitled bums, white men who might as well be niggers. What needs to happen is the three levels of government need to slash taxes and let real economic activity happen, but they won't because this would mean bureaucrats giving up control. I feel like there is an answer somewhere to this whole conundrum but it is taking me a while to work it out.
>>15367 I have a couple of spots. I know the base camps and they are already set up. I look on the satellite images and other maps to scout out potential spots. Usually U have to take in water. Sometimes you need a GPS to find spots again. I spent weeks trying to find a flat spot in the ravine that I lost. Now I can find it because I go up there a lot. Dont worry about bushfires, they move slowly. Serial killers and deadfalls are your major threat.
Victoria btfo yet again. State-wide stage 4 lockdown from midnight till Thursday. What a time to be alive...
Thankfully the tennis will continue but no spectators allowed. Clown World.
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
Shops being shut must be a nusiance. Were you prepared this time?
>>15368 I dont drink, pub life is massively boring for me and country Normies will think I'm weird. The only thing I have in common with pisshead gronks is racist banter but they never fail to let you down when they have a skinful and start on their pet theories about Port Arthur being a psyop or some rubbish they hold up to me like its a priceless antique. I have to guess that city hipsters are escaping the POZ and bringing it with them, surfing the wave of regional tourism. I will try to avoid this by selecting the town wisely and maybe even camouflage myself with a WINCHESTER sticker on the ute or a flanno and beer logo hat. They would probably be used to workers on rotation from elsewhere, it being a mining town. Covid is not an issue out there but I dont want to get the blame for an unfortunate outbreak brought in by a tourist, if I start talking to ppl there I will make sure I cover that angle. Something like " when i come back from my work in the city I will isolate for not just two weeks but THREE!. I have met some interesting people out there though and I wont shut my self away any more than I do here in the city.
>>15368 >Now everyone knows that the government can at any time bring back COVID and shut everything down. Do you really think the government is is control of Covid, and not the people?
>>15374 I think he means the lockdown restrictions in actual. No one rational believes that covid is a hoax right?
>>15375 Some people do. I don't though.
>>15376 We cannot know the truth behind covid. Only glimpses of evidence. Who knows if it was orchestrated like 9-11 or merely exploited.
(587.88 KB 960x638 jewtube.jpg)
>>15375 You should watch all the Planet Lockdown videos I posted here: https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/36899.html#q38952 They explain a lot of stuff that you won't hear anywhere else, especially the first one with Catherine Austin Fitts. That's the bare minimum you have to do to peek behind the curtain, so to speak. Because youtube and bitchute are censoring these videos big time, and for no valid reason (they can't even claim copyright infringement). It's a direct suppression of free speech by big tech, so that the "elite" can craft their narrative and people have no clue wtf is going on (even if they realize something is wrong). I also suggest you distribute these videos and seed in whatever ways you can. That's one of the few ways we have to fight back, and that's why they're censoring us as much as they can.
(1.26 MB 946x1184 black rifle coffee.png)
Bit tired of this schedule and the stupid Real estate woman ghosted me with my application. I will call her boss on monday, there is no reason to have refused me, the place has been for rent since I started looking a month ago. Concentrating on finishing the hammock and getting my stuff into storage. The landlord arrives on monday and will be breathing down my neck until the 22nd. Nasty situation, I hate being dependent on some other cunts schedule. Good Night, White.
>>15379 I fucking despise real-estate agents. I'm so over playing the rental game yet have no resources to escape (ie money to buy own house/land). Good night.
Good Morning NEETs. Back on the rolled oats this morning.
>>15378 >/pol/ shit Nah, I'm good. I don't give that much of a fuck.
Listening to old timey music on the community radio. If it didnt have ads for tyres and hair salons I'd keep it on more.
Wallowing in nostalgia, having some peanuts and a cup of caro. Looking at cottages in country towns.
>>15383 Yeah I do the same except here it's the bloody horrible harvey normal ads
>>15381 Good morning, any fresh fruit in the oats?
(19.89 KB 501x677 32f.png)
>>15384 Seething in depressive anger, going nuts while drinking cheap instant coffee. I now know the way out of the rental game. Win the lottery...
>>15386 A little handful of aussie sultanas. Running the freezer stash down as much as possible so fro-veg for lunch and tea.
>>15387 I was thinking of putting some time into gambling on stonks and crypto. Could bet my savings and maybe have enough for a house in the country in a year. I realize that thinking is dangerous and you could end up always seeking a bigger payoff. Before long your nose will get long and your back hunched as you rub your hands together while staring at the finance plots on your computer screen. I'd rather stay poor and based.
(185.54 KB 612x821 Sauceage Roll.jpg)
And the winner is - drum-roll - my nigga Stubb!
>>15390 OwO. Must get some stubb's and fat sausage roll. Soon I will have a functional Oven.
>>15389 Everyone and their sister are gambling in stocks right now. I'm sure you've heard the old story about the shoe shine boy. Watch the clip at the time stamp I linked to. The rest of the channel has good information and advice as well. https://youtu.be/m6KkRdZRC_I?t=1834
I was dealing with a business in melbourne and they have shut down for the covid lockdown. Presumably they can still answer emails, I think the hipster cunts just want a 10 day weekend. REEEEEEEE
(602.22 KB 2400x700 Gold Lotto.jpg)
>>15389 The lotto jew is the only gambling I partake in. Just not smart enough for the share market or bitcoin.
>>15394 Kek. There is no escape if you are a boong, just higher velocity.
(13.37 KB 711x237 just fuck my shit up.jpg)
Delayed James Bond: No Time to Die AGAIN
>>15396 007 is basically MGM's only cash cow if it doesn't do well at the bo they're in trouble
(755.53 KB 1632x1224 Frozen Goods.jpg)
(666.02 KB 1632x1224 Not frozen anymore.jpg)
(798.07 KB 1632x1224 Chickpea & Broccoli Skillet.jpg)
(260.16 KB 1698x484 Spain on a Fork.jpg)
>>15388 I'm trying to clear out the freezer too. Just made another recipe from this 'Spain on a Fork' Youtube channel. Turned out pretty good. My only fuck-up was realising I hadn't cut the tomato when I fired up the pan.
>>15395 Fark, the draw just closed and I forgot to buy a ticket...
>>15398 Mate, excellent as always well done looks very tasty.
>>15398 Yum-o, I havent had cumin for ages. The dumpling would have been pricey compared to the chickpea skillet. Boiled eggs and peanuts for supper. Having a cup of Caro.
(28.07 KB 640x360 rain woman.jpg)
Finished the Hammock: Suspension, Feather underquilt and shell. Just tweaking to get it right now. Going very hard to keep up the pace. Monday I will be calling real estate agents and lining up a second choice for house, even as I keep my iron in the fire for my first choice, where I got ghosted after applying. I admit that I've never been to the towns I'm selecting, I only heard that there is lots of meth out there, and rain. Starting to wonder what happens to your mind when its raining five days out of seven. Probably makes you sleep a lot, hence the Ice. I could sleep now. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept really well in the new hammock. Feeling ready for breakfast.
Sent a text message to the deacon. Some of those country towns have Kingdom halls maybe I'd give em a go and meet some spinsters. Maybe I'm still LARPing about it.
The Deacon says that JW's arent allowed to visit because of a edict from the heirarchy, because muh covid. tfw will never see the chaperoned hottie at my door again.
>>15407 Nuthin. Supwitchoo?
>>15408 >drinking beer >drinking beer >drinking beer without a care
Kek. What a glorious fucking day.
Its valentines day and I cant even imagine having a GF. Its at the point where I only have one chair and a stool so its logistically impossible to have a woman in the same space.
Once we unite under the flag of our lord Jesus Christ we can start doing God's work.
>>15411 Don't worry NEET, Jesus Christ is with you everywhere you go, as long as you accept him into your life! If Dan can shill his shit in neetgen then so can I.
>>15374 COVID is the flu. >>15375 I mean exactly what I said.
>>15403 Good morning
>>15405 > chaperoned hottie Filipino?
>>15409 It's a little early for beer iddinit?
John 18:36 My kingdom is no part of this world. Doing gods work in clown world is a task of de-construction. Walk in the way of the Templar and purge the wicked. DEUS VULT
(124.82 KB 1120x866 2021-calendar-printable.jpg)
>>15417 White as an english rose, The deacon brought her around a couple of times because I'm reliably polite, But she came around first with the Widow.
(6.08 KB 143x255 d44b60eg.jpg)
>>15413 All are welcome here neet.
>>15411 >Its valentines day and I cant even imagine having a GF Me either, I've never had a gf at 31yo, only reason I know it's valentines day is I heard it on triple j.
I'm going in. Wish me luck cunts.
>>15424 Gl m9
>>15424 Be careful m8
(1.19 MB 1158x1638 1608493522601.jpg)
>>15411 based. same, 1 chair and bed. have had gfs but no more. waiting for jesus now
(355.94 KB 1635x1769 Sky News.jpg)
>>15427 Valentine’s Day is gay as fuck anyway even when you have a girlfriend. You have to buy her flowers and take her out and act all romantic, bleh
(913.18 KB 720x901 2 Time.png)
It seems the Aus Open tennis tournament is using a pre-recorded 'applause' track whenever a point is scored, as no spectators are currently allowed. It's as ridiculous as the fake audience laughs in sitcoms. Fuck this clown world.
I tweaked the hammock as best I can before field trials. I was all worried about Mike Lando coming tomorrow but he's gotten fucked up by the VIC lockdowns and is running for home with his tail between his legs. I kinda sympathise because he had a shitty time getting a hotel room but he can have two scoops of sucked-in for doing the road trip to Melly right now in the first place. Plus he says the reno preparations are going to take weeks so I'm playing to camp right here and fine tune my exit program. Otherwise I saw mummybot and she showed me pictures from the funeral of my old uncle in the old country who died of covid, I teared up probably because of the stress but He was a good white and I'll think of him kindly. Covid giveth and taketh away. Good Night, White.
>>15431 Thats totally NPC tier gay.
>>15432 Good night and sorry to hear about your uncle. I lost a couple relatives last year.
(42.46 KB 399x320 Retard.png)
>>15430 >that face when you lose all your power, bank accounts and social media but at least you weren't convicted of high treason
>>15435 The real losers here are the MSM. They're liars, and more people are noticing it every day, not just in the US but the entire world. > her face when she realizes she can't save face
Good Morning NEETs. Rained overnight and its cooler. The bins have already been emptied.
>>15437 Good morning m8
>>15436 I heard a radio MSM report that trump got aquitted on a "Highly Techincal" legal point. The language they used was naked propaganda and a pretty unsophistcated smear. I think they are preaching to an ever diminishing group of believers.
>>15439 if people outside usa arent buying the jewtv propaganda anymore, good, but americans still seem like stupid cattle as always.
>>15440 Biden flooding the country with mexicans and central americans will redpill lots of them.
>>15441 i dont know about that. mollie tibbetts' father really, really likes tacos. he likes them more than having a living daughter.
(33.48 KB 588x296 hypocrites.png)
>>15440 Based on what metric? Even before all the blatant voting fraud, you could tell that almost nobody supported Biden except a vocal minority on the Internet (amplified by big tech and MSM's vast resources). Just look at the difference in size and energy between the Trump and Biden rallies. And no, I don't take "virus" as a reason for the discrepancy, since it sure didn't stop all the BLM and antifa riots. If people were genuinely afraid of the virus, those events wouldn't have happened.
>>15443 the people who actually like biden arent the same people participating in the riots, and they would stay home because they cant think past something like "fed bad unless 'democrat' in power." theyre primarily suburban limp-wristed middle-class cuck types. one of these dainty faggots put up a blm sign on their lawn a day after a nig moved into the neighborhood. everyone ive told (in private, not embarrassing them by glowing in public) that the capitol protest shouldve been a lot worse looks at me like im insane and tries to change the conversation. look at how all the different talking heads across the political (autism) spectrum unanimously disavowed january 6th, which also just goes to show even the "based" e-celebs arent worth anyones attention either.
(136.75 KB 650x445 ActionKid.jpg)
>>15437 >>15438 Good morning NOOTs. 30 degrees today, partly cloudy with 30% chance of rain. And yet another opportunity to improve myself*/ourselves. Get to it! * or sit on my arse all day watching Youtube
>>15445 Hurry up and improve. Having a hot meal would improve my life ATM.
(213.76 KB 900x600 terry cat.jpg)
>>15444 More likely those are just lifelong democrat voters. In any case, tons of people were still going out and even having parties despite lockdowns. If anyone at all liked Biden to the same extent they do people like Trump and Bernie Sanders, his rallies would have attracted a crowd, rather than being forced to pretend by parking borrowed dealer-plated cars in front of empty venues just to make him look more legitimate. The punchline is that nobody showed up to his inauguration, and that's not just because DC is under military occupation. After all, if he was as popular as the MSM pretends he is, then crowds would have simply gathered outside the perimeter to show their support. That's what happens when someone is actually popular, and the people are actually celebrating. But he's not, and the MSM and big tech instead "celebrate" in their carefully controlled environment, for gaslighting purposes. As far as e-celebs go, I frankly never cared about any of them except Terry Davis. The ones that are actually based will speak out despite knowning they'll be deplatformed. This happened with that one dude (forgot his name) that read Tarrant's manifesto to his youtube audience. He was running a welding channel with around 500K subscribers, but he still did what he believed was right. But probably many of them are just in it for the money and attention, so don't expect much from them.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>15445 Why not come on down to one of my outlook betterment centers and have a consultant help you select a bottle to keep you company on your journey of self improvement.
>>15447 just going by what ive heard people say. yes, there are also a lot of people who voted for biden without much pride (to spite trump, as did many people for trump against clinton). however, ive heard a lot of people my age speak fondly of biden. my brother has heard kids his age talking about biden similarly. maybe you dont see it with biden, but there are plenty of opinions on other topics ive heard people say that were direct quotes from articles or video segments on the news. americans generally seem to have contradictory beliefs and im guessing it's because many of them still do derive their thoughts from social media and news because it's the most accessible source and because americans tend to be lazy and would rather have an extra hour to watch niggerball or pedoshit on netflix or for playing call of duty 54 (or, even worse, watching some dumbass vtuber play it). i know a lot of people who would even say they hate the news, but still use it like a pressure valve. they must enjoy the "negative" emotions it gives them, because i dont see why else they would even waste their time with it. rip terry. good man who got fucked over way too much.
>>15450 Ppl voting against Trump because the media consistently painted him as a monster. The whole thing was a psyop and the vote rigging was just the last spasm of desperation from the deep state. Imagine living in the belly of the beast.
Went up the bush to work out how to put up my tarps over the hammock. I need to cut down some trees that are in the way but the little birdies use it so I'll make efforts to leave them standing. The real estate got back to me with my tennancy application for my first choice of house, I have to physically drag myself out there next week but I dont trust them on little bit, so Its necessary. At least that worry is gone a bit even though oldad doesnt like the idea of me living out there.
OwO I found some chocolate that mummybot got me and I overlooked yesterday. I'm sure I'm upsetting her by calling work "The Wage"
(19.01 KB 300x303 homer_simpson31.jpg)
>>15453 Mmm, overlooked chocolate...
(185.42 KB 652x919 1580968045455.jpg)
I want to see "Once upon a time in Hollywood" again. Leonardio DeCaprio was very good and so was Brad Pitt. Comparing Tarrantino's latest moofie to his earliest ones is like comparing the latest model car to the classic ones. I dont have time to spend on moofies right now but I have my memories which are more convenient. Good Night, White.
Back from a late-night grocery run. It's nice shopping with fewer people and it being cooler but the nightfill cunts can be a pain in the arse moving around pallets of stock sometimes completely blocking aisles or putting them in front of products you want. There was one guy throwing boxes of ice-cream onto the ground. Bunch of ruffians. At least the chick manning the self-serves was cute. Time for a beer or 12
>>15455 I couldn't get past the fight scene with Pitt and not-Bruce Lee, but a month or two later went back to it only to watch the end for the obscene violence. Might give it another try, purely just to see Margot Robbie's performance. Won't be too long till Hollywood discards her. Good night.
>>15442 It's only logical that fat amerilards would be conquered by baked goods.
(2.40 MB 1280x853 ClipboardImage.png)
(356.52 KB 480x355 leg on the barbie.png)
>>15458 A notorious Australian murderer who boasted to fellow inmates that he ate his victim’s penis has died from cancer, a court heard Tuesday. David Kevin Loader, 59, was serving a life sentence for a 2001 murder when he died from a “very aggressive” cancer earlier this year in Darwin, NT News reported. The court heard Tuesday that his care for the killer in custody was “appropriate and of a high standard.” ‘When people are in the care of the state, that care needs to be examined from time to time and the reasons are obvious,” Coroner Greg Cavanagh told the court of the probe into the death on Jan. 11. Loader was convicted by a jury in 2004 for the murder of 64-year-old George Martin. https://nypost.com/2020/08/18/cannibal-killer-who-bragged-about-eating-victims-penis-dies/
>>15459 >He told cops he “blanked out” and then woke up to find Martin lying face up in a fire pit, Australian outlet The Age reported. >He added that he did not believe Martin was clothed and spotted his knee “sticking out” of the fire.
>>15458 >straya >wake up >staving >find mate passed out in the campfire >eat mate's leg >15 min later >still bit peckish >decide to snack on mate's barbie q'd dick
Good Morning NEETs. I had this song going in my head while I was lying in bed. Its still there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2T0vdfT1ps
>>15457 The history revision thing was an interesting way to write a story. I got into the way it illustrated places and events and savaged the personas of famous and notorious individuals at the time. Its a sophisticated moofie and dum-dums will think its accurate but stuff them its good fun.
>>15459 GRISLY Aus has its serial killers like everywhere else. The abos probably had them too, back before white man arrived.
(915.93 KB 1288x1356 happy happy.png)
Faarken oath I'd be happy if all my shit magically disappeared. Packing your life up is a shit game NEETs
(270.40 KB 1295x897 Penguin.jpg)
I love the random shit you see on Youtube
(309.43 KB 1430x1344 9jews.jpg)
>>15462 Good morning fellow unemployed bloke >It'll be alright in the long run yeah for some of us
(2.17 MB 1275x1651 B1-01.png)
>>15465 Just dump it all in a bag of holding.
>>15468 I'll hold your dump bag.
(3.82 KB 726x53 ClipboardImage.png)
(807.92 KB 634x475 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15458 i was gonna say i didnt remember her father being a tubby when the kids were talking about the case on redditchan, but...
Mike Lando is happy for me to stay to soak up the delays he's facing. Wage run locked in.
>>15459 That skillet looks shopped
(22.12 KB 255x251 8swasse.jpg)
Sick of the heat. Sick of sitting in traffic looking at the beady eyed NPC's looking back at me. The elites have a plan to reduce the earths population to 50 million and I say its a good idea, so long as I'm exempt which I probably am being childless. They say that kids ruin your life but its really lonely without a fam. Survival only motivates you so far. Duty to blood, and honor your responsibility. I have hope I can serve the better parts of my race.
>>15473 >so long as I'm exempt NEET...
dinner is raw ahi tuna steak from aldi's with arby's horsey sauce.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>15475 Dont forget to add a bottle of white wine to go with your healty fish meal.
>>15476 Good onya Dan always thinking of others.
>>15476 i wish. was gonna pick up some vodka, but my car wont start due to how damn cold it is. probably best that way.
(84.58 KB 640x800 seattle snow maiden.jpg)
Hot as today, Really uncool. This place is a hotbox with no insulation in the ceiling. Unfortunately I packed my powerful extractor fan so its rough inside. I'm looking forward to winter when I'm settled somewhere and I have my food stockpile and much wood to burn. Lots of jackjumpers around in the heat but they seem pretty chill so far. I wish I was NEET enough to sit and watch one for a while, Somethimes they fight with other ants and carry interesting motes around. I am as busy as a bullant. Wage tomorrow and thursday. Going to try and dodge the heat and get some tea trolley treats. Good Night. White.
>>15479 Goodnight
>>15479 >>15479 Good night, your life sounds a helluva lot more interesting than my boring uneventful existence.
>>15475 >raw supermarket tuna Freshly thawed for YOUR convenience!
>>15478 Last car I had with a manual choke was an early 90's Daihatsu hatchback
(30.92 KB 480x360 NULON.jpg)
>>15482 they can always be jewing me, but the packaging says sushi grade (although i dont think theyre luxurious either seeing theyre cheap as dirt). been eating it a couple nights a week for maybe 3 weeks now and havent gotten sick yet, but time will tell. >>15483 i dont know anything about cars. got this one used around a decade ago, mid to late 90s model. it hasnt had more than 3-4 major issues in the time ive had it, but i didnt go out for much besides work long before the yellow fever lockdowns.
>>15484 Yeah thats the shit cuz. That real good sniff get you to the DREAMTIME real quick. The nice Faarken whoite dogs leave it in their sheds just for us boongz.
Good Morning NEETs. Disappointed to hear that Bad Dan is ending the lockdown in Melbourne. Oh well we had a laff and there'll be more to come.
(27.83 KB 316x421 ivan milat 2.jpg)
Thinking of growing a long mustache.
(1.45 MB 1398x4924 How many police can you bench.jpg)
>>15487 Good morning, I'm glad to hear that news as now spectators will be allowed to the tennis matches. They are not as exciting without them.
>>15488 Nothing wrong with that, but for the love of Sky-God don't start wearing short denim shorts.
https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/nsw-to-roll-out-vaccine-to-35k-workers-in-three-weeks-but-restrictions-to-remain/news-story/1111392f0be86c1b59fd4065e543df79 >... Health Minister Brad Hazzard had some frank words for those who might not want to get the jab. >“If you don’t want the vaccine, you haven’t lived through what we’ve lived through. And you must be completely crackers. I can’t wait for the vaccine,” he said.
>>15489 Imagine going out of business because of legal expenses related to not shutting down for 5 days.
(115.36 KB 1280x720 ivan milat 2.jpg)
I want to get a yamaha electric keyboard to go with the moustache.
(30.72 KB 704x396 jon jarret 2.jpg)
>>15494 Mutton chops are pretty cool. Need a flanny too.
(3.26 MB 1050x7231 Hitchhiker horror show.png)
always carry a self locking garotte and a dagger when you hitch hike NEETs...
>>15497 Its a clever disinfo psyop by the boys in the moldy cheese camo.
>>15498 What do you mean?
>>15499 Schizo nonsense.
>>15499 He is just a nigger. They all talk like that.
>>15499 The Army puts a lot of lies and shit on their servers with the assumption that the ching chongs are going to look at it and think its real.
>>15502 Nah. DVA literally hired a Chinese born team to do data analysis on a dataset that included veterans with sensitive files. This was only a few years back. Our government is not running a psyop. They really are stupid enough to put a Chinese company in charge of state secrets.
Sometimes people really are as dumb as they look. Sometimes there really is no plan. One would think that the U.S. election would have proven that beyond all doubt.
>>15503 Hanlons razor: never assume malice when incompetence provides a satisfactory explanation.
Anyway what is done is done. The bird has flown and there is no calling it back. The die is cast. >>15505 You have never worked in bureaucracy. I have seen mid-level public servants call meetings to conspire about how to have their way over an external expert who was hired to shake things up. Public servants are both malicious and incompetent. Hanlon's corollary: If malice and stupidity both have the same outcome then it matters not which is to blame.
A public servant will never do something that would give himself less power. Exceptions to this rule are rare enough to be commended with a national medal.
>>15505 I see what you mean. But this would not be malice. If the intention was to sell out Australian interests to the Chinese then this would be malice. The other anon was saying that the psyop was against the Chinese, which would be in Australia's national interest.
>>15506 >Anyway what is done is done. The bird has flown and there is no calling it back. The die is cast Time to move forward
>>15509 Indeed. The question now is: Should I sink this man myself? Or should I let an accelerating clown world do it for me?
>>15507 The fuck are you on about?
(12.87 KB 184x184 think pepe.jpg)
>>15506 >Hanlon's corollary. Imagine thinking its a corollary instead of a proposition.
Had a based day at wage and lined up a week of easy money where underlings do the work. Enjoying a cup of caro before bedtime. Join the ceral beverage master race. Hot as fuck in here because I packed away my induction fan. Rolling for insulation in the ceiling in my new pad. Fuck this clown world, Duty to blood and hold honor in responsibility. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. The Kookaburras are at it early today, Its going to be hot today but I'll be at the wage.
(1.70 MB 1280x720 Australia.webm)
>>15514 Morning NEET Nice day to go out to the park with frens?
(183.68 KB 690x1032 Hungry 'Burra.jpg)
>>15514 Good morning, just returned home from a job agency appointment. Just the usual "what's been happening?, how's the job search going? blah blah blah see you in a fortnight... Did some grocery shopping on the way back plus a cheeky visit to Dan's and as I was leaving a chick walked by in what appeared to be nothing but a jumper. Anyway after getting a coffee I caught another glimpse of her this time sans jumper and she did in fact have on short tight pants. So I sorta went out of my way to get a closer look. God I'm so desperately lonely.
>>15515 >shirtless ripped chads surrounded by mates and stacies Incel rage rising
(203.51 KB 1549x1053 fl.jpg)
Well that was disappointing my fairylights turned up, but I thought they were low voltage powered by a plugpack, but they turned out to be 240v ac. I took off the cover where the cables go in and measured the voltage, the led's are getting 120vac, no way am I trusting chinese made stuff with that sort of voltage, my own fault I should have checked before I ordered them.
(854.80 KB 1224x1632 Spark plugs old vs new.jpg)
First time changing spark plugs since getting car a few years ago. Better late than never right?
>>15518 Why the need for fairy lights?
>>15518 CHINKED chuck em in the bin and never trust a chinees cunt
>>15519 Muh check the gap or she'll be running a little hot. I remember mine being a cunt to change and my mechanic told me i wasted my money and potentially put the wrong ones in because the numbers didnt match form old to new.
(137.87 KB 1920x1364 mechanic cat.jpg)
>>15515 how do they get the line to rotate like that?
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>15516 Sounds like you lack confidence NEET. Why not return to your local boldness center and pick up a couple of bottles of social lubricant. You should always have a little bit on board when you go out, Just in case.
>>15520 I like fairy lights more than my kitchen/lounge room lights, I guess cause of the multi colours. >>15519 You got your moneys worth out of them neet.
tfw no tea left in the thermos, too hot to make more.
Almost all of the niceness has gone out of the world. There is very little left.
>>15524 wd40
>>15528 You're still here.
(233.67 KB 896x504 costagn3.png)
>>15528 Costa is still out there somewhere neet, he cares about us neets.
>>15529 dont be silly, WD40 is a solvent not a lubricant. They would still have to put grease on the moving parts after they used it.
>>15532 You don't really know that.
(55.84 KB 1300x866 radioactive girl.jpg)
Having a Caro and a couple of snickers. The karen doing the allocations fucked up and handed my barrel of toxic waste to the noob, A happy-go-lucky Zambo with an Afro. I thought he'd be okay but he lucked out and got PWND. Critical incident reports and counselors involved. Now I dislike the guy because he's not white but I am thinking up some nice things to say to him, to commiserate and give him some spirit over his abject failure. Something like "There,There m80 you were always going to fail because you didnt have the right tools." or "This kind of job needs special skills and gravel in your guts, You are lucky to get off so lightly." At the end of the day I dont want to give up on the guy, Even a broken tool can get the job done in the absence of anything else. Anyway that office is staffed with half nuff-nuffs which is critical mass for a write-off really. Good Night,White.
(1.35 MB 368x640 1612758724683.webm)
>>15530 That's the nicest thing anyone has said all day. Have a webm of some guy fucking with a nigger.
>>15525 >>15534 Holy shit, Dan is Good Night White guy!
>>15534 Radioactive poos.
>>15536 We are all Dan
>>15535 NiceNEET behaviour should be placed above all other memery.
Night neets
>>15522 The gap should be set to the car's specs, well that's what I assumed. The engine seemed to be running 'smoother' after putting the new ones in.
>>15526 >cause of the multi colours I should give that a try, I enjoy seeing 'em at Christmas time so maybe having them up throughout the year could help lessen the usual depression?
>>15527 Get some of them fruity cold infusion teas, or make your own sweet tea concentrate that can be drunk cold as an iced tea.
>>15534 >>15540 Good night
Good Morning NEETs. Slept really well, was dreaming of my linux distro.
>>15542 >12 months of xmas decorations to beat depression. Sad.
(17.37 KB 252x279 sweetea.jpg)
>>15543 no thanks.
(639.27 KB 750x1027 image0.png)
>>15546 Good morning
>>15547 Yup, depression's a helluva drug. But hey, if multi-coloured fairy-lights stave off the sads then I'll take that over any med.
>>15550 kek @ the surveillance cam
It's raining, i don't like the rain, wish it would stop
(75.06 KB 443x526 wizzy1.jpg)
Free Goon For All
>>15552 i kinda wish everyone kept christmas lights up all year round. definitely an easy way to make everything prettier at night.
(474.69 KB 2643x1951 YidTube.jpg)
>26yo boong woman and her 27yo uncle steal Ford Falcon >Tops up petrol tank without paying, $79 worth >Almost mows down a dozen people at checkpoint >Crashes Falcon, RIP to one of the last remaining Aussie-made cars >Uncle pleads guilty to stealing the car telling the court he was "drunk" and "wasn't thinking" >Uncle was also facing court for a stealing charge from November, ordered to pay back the $55 for the stolen carton of Emu Export, telling his lawyer he was "thirsty and had no money" Boongs gonna boong. The female driver remains behind bars.
Too hot for gym today and I feel rekt about it.
Nothing happened on my shift at the wage today but as soon as I handed over to the malaysian it all hit the fan as predicted. I was prepared with some special shit I made earlier and it worked like a swiss watch. I go back tomorrow and Should have it on lockdown for the penalty rates quinella. Then I'm out until after the move. Worked on the other hammock setup tonight, The one I have for car camping with the tripods and the pole. It now has tie-outs fpr the mozzie net and it works pretty good with only a couple of minor gaps. Tie outs are tent poles that sit on top of the ridgeline that spread out your net or tarp. I made four and I need to get more from the junk jews at the tip recycling co-op. Might jump their fence and raid them at night, not inclined to pay their exorbitant prices. I got some apple muffins from wage but they are not much chop and i cant be bothered to take trophy pics of them. Good Night, White.
>>15561 I lol'd picturing you jumping the fence of a rubbish tip. Keep an eye out for security cams and/or 'junk-yard dogs'. Good night.
Good Morning NEETs. Still over-warm inside but dark outside. I sense the cooler weather not far away.
(4.64 MB 1050x6706 captain cook.png)
BTFO Good thing there are plenty more shabby abo monuments everywhere in your fucking face to get all guilty over. Imagine dishonoring Captain James T. Cooks image like that. Tsch.
Off to the wage. Kinda sick of it already. Exercises tonight. Raid on Sunday night.
>>15564 >be abo >in aus for 40,000 years >invented a stick
>>15563 Good morning m8, it's been overcast and drizzly since I woke up with potential for a thunderstorm this arvo. My kinda weather.
(233.03 KB 1306x898 Boglim.jpg)
>>15565 Have a good wage. I'm contemplating playing some vidya and having something deep-fried for lunch. >raid on Sunday night Don't tell me you're actually going to break into the dump? Imagine making the front page local news for stealing rubbish...
(295.24 KB 2643x1951 cohen-checkpoint.jpg)
(120.56 KB 480x445 war pepe.png)
Todays operation was a standard flush and frag but it turned into a cluster fuck The local forces never showed up, I lost control of the ground and some civilians got taken out, Now I look like a flake because I called for support for shit that shouldnt have happened. Some days the gods of war demand that blood gets spilled and you cant do a damn thing to stop it. Then I nearly ripped the head off a young private when I got back to the airbase. He was just not paying attention and got in my way, didnt deserve to have me come at him like that. Its not worth the danger pay.
(219.55 KB 1527x1068 haul.jpg)
(240.13 KB 1531x1021 hs.jpg)
Mini haul, needed some bacon and lettuce etc as I'm making bacon and egg rolls for dinner, and my heat shrink turned up yesterday.
>>15571 heat shrink is tight what kind of heat source do you use? look into raychem boots if you really need to stormproof something
(677.81 KB 1632x1224 Aussie Dim-Sims & Chinese Squid.jpg)
(731.43 KB 1224x1632 Fried Rice.jpg)
(559.48 KB 1632x1224 ScallionGingerGarlicChilli Oil.jpg)
Something deep-fried has been consumed. Though I only ate 3 each of the dim sims and pieces of squid with a fair bit of the rice which is just plain white rice seasoned with all that jarred veg that was bottled a week earlier. You mix salt with the veg then pour over some smoking hot veg oil. It's a traditional Chinese condiment. You also reserve the infused oil for cooking things like stir-fries.
>>15571 Nice haul m8, I haven't had ribs for a while. That's a lot of heat shrink tubing. Shit ain't cheap either, at least not at places like Bunnings or auto-parts stores. Where did you buy from and for how much if you don't mind telling?
Had a good go at my bush gym but when I came back there was a brown snake that got its neck broken on the road. Some woman stopped and I told her I'd dispatch it. Then when I got the spade some Cool Shades Pajeet stopped in the same place with his phone out. I told him to piss off- no photos and did the deed. Then I said sorry and buried it. Disheartening.
>>15573 The Salt and Pepper Squid is very good deep fried. You could deep fry the cushions off your couch and they'd be tasty, however. Maybe I should make some polenta and deep fry that. I wonder how It'd go.
>>15571 Kek. You are never going to use all that heat shrink.
>>15572 >what kind of heat source do you use? Honestly I just use a match, not the best way, I should get a heat gun I suppose. >raychem boots I'll look into them, thanks. >>15573 Looks good m8, I have thought about buying those squid rings but have never been sure if they were any good or not. >>15574 >Nice haul m8, Thanks, I got the heat shrink off ebay $10.95 I think it was, it's a handy little packet with all the different sizes. >>15577 It should see me out.
>>15578 Skip the frozen squid rings.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilson_Tuckey In 1967, while a publican in Carnarvon, he was convicted of assault after striking an Aboriginal man with a length of steel cable and fined $50. The man was allegedly being held down by Tuckey's brother at the time. He has had the nickname "Ironbar" ever since. Kek. The greenies call him WIlson "chainsaw" Tuckey because of his land clearing efforts.
(34.90 KB 341x512 purple satin girl.jpg)
Finished some more modifications to the mozzie net. Back is a bit sore and I'm stuffed. Last day of wage tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>15581 Goodnight m8
>>15580 This man needs a statue.
Good Morning NEETs. Quiet and warm sunday morning. Even the birds are not awake yet.
Moofie night tonight after the wage. Maybe "Once Upon A Time In Hollwood" but maybe see whats on at the cinema.
(4.64 MB 854x480 keep_em_all_out.mp4)
(44.78 KB 635x311 Life on the.jpg)
>>15584 Good afternoon, had a few too many beers last night so woke up late and feeling a tad hungover. But nothing some bacon and eggs won't fix.
(133.68 KB 635x976 Heatwave.jpg)
Fark, last week of Summer and it's looking to be the hottest.
>>15575 No need to apologise, you did the right thing telling off the pajeet
>>15576 It was very tasty though I overcooked it so was a bit rubbery. But I'd much rather have overcooked Chinese seafood than undercooked. >>15578 The squid was good and half price at the time. But I'd try and get Aussie produce next time. >$10.95 That's about what I paid for a pack of like 10 pieces of tubing from 'Super cheap' auto.
(63.64 KB 650x488 Skippy.jpg)
>>15579 I'll give you a good skippin' boy!
(272.53 KB 914x1174 Moofies.jpg)
>>15585 Not a whole lot going atm, I'd be choosing between these three.
(70.97 KB 960x915 Dude_Bro_Cunt.jpg)
Had a brief storm roll through which cooled things down a bit, but the sun is back out to create a steaming sauna of an afternoon. Got the pedestal cranked and am sipping on a homemade iced-coffee that's been in the chiller for a couple hours. >>15593 kek
Made it to friday nite without too much bad. Handed over a ticking time bomb but the other operator is a numpty and can wear it. gonna have a BBQ and think about tonights moofie.
>>15592 I seen "the dry' at the cinema and it was great. I like the look of the thriller but the horror moofie might give me nightmares.
The new chink next door has a habit of putting her rubbish outside her door for days. She only eats Uber and tins of gook rats in AIDS sauce apparrently., How the fuck is our local economy benefiting from this visitor exactly?
Watching "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" Thinking about having a caro.
Kek. "Brad Pitt threw "Bruce Lee" into a car door.
I call oldad every sunday at 8 pm. Have done every week since that time in my 20's when I cut off contact for a year or two while I was having problems. I told him I was moving out of town, he knows already, he told me to get a short lease and find a place closer to town. Mummybot I send cat pics on Messenger with the bla-bla. Things are better when you are talking to your olds. Such as it is. Good Night, White.
(243.49 KB 1376x1032 Lee.jpg)
>>15599 Yeah that's the exact point where I stopped watching. What I wouldn't give to see the real Bruce Lee give that pretty boy an arse whooping, along with Tarantino.
>>15600 Haven't spoken to my father in about 20 years. Good night.
(1.04 MB 2583x1801 Thot Lyfe.jpg)
>take random arse selfie >post to Instagram >thousands of simpcels go wild >tfw 'influencer' What a life...
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in today, dreaming about coffee. Might have a caro.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9283577/Fans-Australian-Open-final-BOO-Covid-vaccine-mentioned-trophy-presentation.html >continuing again when she mentioned the effort the Victorian Government had put in to host this year's event. LOL. Its a signal that the COVAX is going to be an epic wet towel when *sports fans* get up the shilling.
>>15601 He comes back a couple of times later in the moofie. Give it another go.
https://www.rt.com/news/516234-india-new-infectious-covid-strains/ India is breeding superbugs so why not super virus too.
(38.13 KB 586x311 Oof.jpg)
>>15604 Good morning. Dreaming about air-conditioning. Might spend the rest of the day in the fridge.
(117.95 KB 1240x730 Urban Dictionary.jpg)
>>15605 Did you see ScoMo with his patriotic Aussie flag face-mask get the jab, along with a WW2 'survivor' for extra sympathy points.
>>15606 Mayhap I will
>>15609 They wanted the optics of vaccinating a "Holocaust Survivor" but they had to settle for what was available. >Camera focus on black doctor in white coat giving injection then pans down to blurry numbers tattooed on wrinkly forearm.
burned a whole bunch of cds
(43.29 KB 650x366 negrito blood.jpg)
>>15612 Optics burned by a whole bunch of seedy.
Going to civic club way out near sticksville. I'll talk to the band master and maybe get my bugle back because I'm missing it a bit. Having a Caro. dinner at seven
(333.63 KB 700x700 b.png)
My Mega vit B tablets turned up, tried to find them at coles but couldnt see them anywhere, but for $20 delivered for 100 tablets it's an ok price. Thiamine Nitrate (Vitamin B1) 50mg Riboflavine (Vitamin B2) 25mg Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 50mg Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) 50mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 50mg Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 50 micrograms Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 100mg Biotin 50micrograms Folic Acid 200 micrograms Inositol 50 micrograms Choline Bitartrate 50 micrograms
>>15614 Hope you get your Bugle back neet.
>>15606 Okay so I ended up torrenting another copy, a based 4K version which I'm an hour into and am enjoying more than when I initially tried to watch it. Instead of getting angry at the 'Bruce Lee' fight scene I audibly laughed when he was thrown into the side of the car and just at how absurdly over-the-top they made the character. Like all that screeching the real Lee did in movies was purely for theatrics and I'm pretty damn certain he would not have made those sounds in a 'real fight'. God damn Margot Robbie looks good!
(30.96 KB 550x550 flat,550x550,075,f.jpg)
>>15612 Based boomer
Ate a muttwurst.
>>15620 Da fark did you just call me?
>>15620 Is that like black pudding?
>>15621 You heard me.
>>15622 No blood. I think it's just salted.
(946.69 KB 1632x1224 Tater Dolphins.jpg)
(1011.28 KB 1632x1224 Mixed-veg Stir-fry.jpg)
(367.05 KB 934x998 Sheep Cheese.jpg)
Made these the other night, a 'potato dauphinoise' aka 'potato au gratin' aka potato bake! Added some of the expensive cheese I bought around mid-2020 that's been sitting in the fridge since then, unopened. I had originally bought it to make a traditional Italian dish, 'cacio e pepe' but never got around to it. The stir-fry was going good until I added too much liquid and the veg basically started to braise in it and lost all crunchy texture. The veg consisted of fresh cabbage, zucchini, onion, chilli and garlic plus a tin of baby corn straight outta Thailand.
(96.16 KB 1080x1205 1578270506426.jpg)
Just got back from Civic club. The band master handed me back my bugle but I didnt have my mouthpiece. Disheartening. He blew it tonight and it was resonant and good. I will try and get my own because I wont go back, its just not worth the effort to hang out with boomers and their high school level banter. Add to that their main conversation topic is property and wealth, boring A.F. and unendurable when you have to carpool for two hours like tonight. If I'm trying to escape the dominant paradigm then civic club is just drag. I wont miss them. Good Night, White.
>>15618 How the fuck is newstainment advertising now? The normies dont have a fucking hope do they?
>>15615 take two a day for baseline b group coverage.
>>15617 Yeah the way the manson killers got pwned was amusing as.
>>15629 The dog food can always makes me laff.
(351.94 KB 778x1032 OUATIH.jpg)
Finished the moofie. Still unsure just what it was meant to be about but I'd give it a solid 'breddy gud out of ten' regardless. It wasn't as good as Inglorious Basterds or Django Unchained but still better than Hateful Eight imo. Good night. Pudding Head.
>>15631 >neighbours
Good Morning NEETs. Cold and Hungry this morning. Might have a caro with breakfast.
>>15625 Gas stove and a proper skillet is the bare minimum to make nice dinners. I'm too uncoordinated to use a grater safely.
Packing for a road trip NEETs. I'm to check out a house in the bush tomorrow and its too far to make it on time if i go tomorrow morning. I'm gonna stay at a campground at the lake. I'll post photos if i can but I'm not used to the linux laptop so maybe when I come back. WHITE FLIGHT STARTS
>>15633 Morn' NEET. Have a good trip
thanks, I'll go after lunch. Still packing my stuff. The boomers last night were telling me horror stories of how it snows up there and the ice closes the road and all I can think is that is sounds like a ton of fun.
>>15635 >>15637 Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip
>>15633 Morning, the heat has taken all motivation to do anything productive. Too hot to get any decent sleep last night and too hot to sleep in so I've been up since 5. No energy.
Apart from a few brief hail storms that I could count on one hand I've never witnessed snow.
(126.95 KB 1402x402 9news.jpg)
If it's more than $50 a fortnight I'd be very surprised.
>>15625 Very nice.
>>15641 I heard It's $25 on the radio today.
(227.79 KB 2195x471 Marion's Kitchen.jpg)
(609.33 KB 1631x971 Ingredients.jpg)
(1.02 MB 1632x1224 Meat Slop.jpg)
(31.08 KB 461x108 Mince Ingredients.jpg)
(829.19 KB 1632x1224 Potential Biohazard.jpg)
Spag Bog with a few special ingredients that I've never used before in a bolognese sauce. Decided to use the pizza sauce sachet as I didn't want to open a tin of tomato paste. It wasn't until I'd mixed it in that I thought perhaps it was no good as it was brown in colour instead of a bright red. The taste of it didn't seem right though I've never tasted it straight from the sachet before so I've got no idea really if it was no good. Anyway I've had a few mouthfuls of the finished product so if I'm shitting or spewing my guts out later tonight or early tomorrow I'll bin it all.
>>15644 I'll eat it if you don't want it.
(367.04 KB 1396x1261 Jobseeker Increase.jpg)
>>15644 You should be fine m8, most of those sealed things last a very long time
>>15635 Have a good trip neet.
>>15647 Thanks I am feeling fine, don't know why I over-reacted about some sauce when I regularly eat meats that are days past the best-before and drink milk even after the dreaded use by.
Faggot boomer cucked. Everyone cucked. Disappointed in people.
All worthless.
You're a faggot.
Good Morning NEETs. Its nice up here in silver city. Much organizing to be done if I am to stay. Internet seems acceptable for now. The place doesnt look like it does on google street view.
(111.21 KB 730x620 Shakesperg.jpg)
>>15654 Good morning, hope you find a new place. I'll be house-less come this time next week.
(628.22 KB 1632x1224 Afternoon Tea Cake.jpg)
(630.00 KB 1632x1224 Slice of Cake.jpg)
(101.77 KB 645x451 Breville.jpg)
Apple tea cake for afternoon tea. Not sure if you can see but there's chunks of apple in the cake as well as the slices on top. Used two (2) Pink Ladies. Gave the pan a good greasing with butter but still should've put down a piece of baking paper as a few sections of crust stuck to the pan. I carefully scraped them off then pressed them back onto the cake like pieces of a puzzle.
>tfw boot up desktop PC after 2 days on the road
>>15655 Its nerve wracking isnt it? You get used to it pretty quickly if I recall.
(45.57 KB 640x480 Rocket fuel.jpg)
(598.15 KB 900x1200 real estate hottie.jpg)
The house was slightly more of a dump than expected. No rot inside but the outside is Ugly A.F. There is room to negotiate for a better deal and I'm prepared to walk away and be homeless for a while. Maybe up north on the beach. The drive was okay but the scenery is dangerously distracting on the narrow and winding roads which are mostly empty except for tourist cunts which thin out when you get to silver city. I get good feels about the neighbourhood, got waves and drive-bys from the rezidents, curious about the dude checking out the long empty, rat fucked, place. It seems everyone is doing repairs and stuff before the rains come. I have a couple of days to decide but maybe I'll play cricket with a hard ball and see what happens, I should act like I have nothing to loose. Good Night, White.
>>15661 Sounds like you're looking to buy this place? What I wouldn't give to be in such a position, and I mean just being able to offer a seller something. But I ain't got nothing to offer... Good night
>>15661 >pretending to be poor >looking to buy house
>>15662 >>15663 Making assumptions, > negotiate for a better deal could just as easily mean getting better price on the rent.
>>15663 >>15662 >>15664 Nah its the cheapest rent in the state.
Good Morning NEETs. Feeling pretty rough, Just gotta start moving.
Sent a hardball letter to the real estate agent. She has to take it to the owner and cant lie about being incompetent. Not expecting a reply, already applying for another place up in Exmouth. A waste of effort and time, but not my fault. Sewing machine gets packed away today.
>>15666 Good morning Satan, I might be seeing you sooner than I'd hoped.
>>15664 Never heard of a potential renter offering less than what a landlord is asking for. Negotiations or offers are generally only used in the context of property sales, which is why I made that 'assumption'...
>>15667 Good luck with the place in Exmouth
(1.02 MB 2054x1905 460K Anthony QLD.jpg)
(1.08 MB 2068x1874 150K Legume NSW.jpg)
Just want a nice piece of land I can fuck off to
>>15672 half a mil is a lot of money. I wonder how much places are out in Cobar.
Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars!
>>15672 Second pic looks nice. And it come with a bonus pile of dirt!
(32.39 KB 640x480 rsz3.jpg)
(26.19 KB 640x480 rsz4.jpg)
(75.80 KB 640x480 rsz5.jpg)
Driving home through the yellow hills, I stopped at these two empty houses and had a poke around. When I got going I picked up a hitchhiker, an old guy in a flanno who was going to scunnerton to pick up his ute. We had a laff about falcons when I got the A.C. going properly by pulling over and restarting the ute. I hit him up at the end about the empties and he said that one of the truckers inherited them from his old man and left them empty after the tennants there died out. He said they were like that for ten years and heaps of ppl wanted to move in. The landowner is a Triffet, part of a big clan up in the paddocks there. Should I ring the dude up? I got nothing to lose.
>>15676 looks very comfy m8
>>15678 >The verdict has led to renewed calls for the proposed online harms bill to be expedited through parliament in order to address Britain’s “antiquated laws” governing hate crimes on the internet. Sam Mole, 20, from Kettering, Northamptonshire, first tweeted at Dan Levene after the journalist tweeted his opposition to antisemitic chanting during matches at Stamford Bridge. Replying to a tweet from Levene which stated that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, Mole said: “And unfortunately one of them killed wasn’t you.” >However, a judge ruled that he could not be charged for sending racially or religiously aggravated malicious communications because Mole was on holiday in Australia when he sent the tweets. Consequently, the alleged offence falls outside the jurisdiction of UK law.
>>15676 >Should I ring the dude up? I got nothing to lose. Do it neet, al he can do is say no
>>15676 Looks fairly run-down. Bet (((they'd))) still charge $300+ per week rent.
(210.03 KB 1572x996 prawn.jpg)
Leftovers for lunch.
>>15682 I like how colourful it all is, and is that salmon I see?
>>15683 Yeah, I've had the packet for a week or two and thought I'd better use it up.
Is endchan down?
>>15672 you have to live right next to that guy though. You should get further rural. So there's no one around.
>>15678 Incredibly based.
>>15674 Nice.
>>15676 > heaps of ppl wanted to move in. That's pretty weird. Did he say why no one was able to?
>>15681 >(((they'd))) (((they)))'d*
My research has always indicated that the lifestyle bush block around Tara in Queensland are the cheapest land in the country. There is no water out there though. https://www.realestate.com.au/property-residential+land-qld-tara-202126294
>>15685 maybe so, idk why i can start a connection to them but it fails. ddos?
endchan is 502 now
>>15682 Jaffle filling. Its been a while since i had a good jaffle pig out.
>>15692 Pleasant sounding address. I think the lando of the place in silver city is keen to talk to me because I missed two calls. I think my lando will give me at least one month extension tho. Time is now on my side NEETs.
Going to be good and do some exercises in the park.
>>15696 >Time is now on my side NEETs. He wants you out, why would he extend it?
>>15695 It's a toastie-toastie.
>>15694 502 Bad Gateway nginx means the server has crashed, nigger probably just needs to restart it.
>>15700 He needs to hit it with a stick.
>>15701 "Percussive maintenance"
>>15702 Well bantered.
>>15688 Lots of flies around cows.
>>15699 I got lots of shredded cheese in the freexer. Maybe I'll get the electric jaffle iron out and make bean+tomato+cheese toasties.
>>15705 Live in a net suit.
>>15706 That sounds nice.
>>15706 I love chese and tomato toasted sandwiches
(294.80 KB 1140x1140 Irish hottie.jpg)
I spent the evening sorting out folding poles for my hammock tentage. I figure that folding poles are the missing link to keep me comfy and dry. I got a bunch of random segments from the tip, some of them are canes for the blind, really nicely made, light and sturdy. The white ball at the end is on a bearing and rotates but I wont need that. I wonder if it would make a good monopole antenna because I have a lot of length in all the segments. Dont know what to do tomorrow. Maybe its time to set up the camp in the ravine. Good Night, White.
>>15710 Good night, I hope you obtained those random segments from the tip legally.
Good Morning NEETs. I got the news on the radio ABC as soon as I switched it on. it's like I'm in a moofie.
>>15711 Yes, but I was checking out the cctv, fence and approaches tho.
Last day of broadband. It gets cut off tomorrow then its mobile network and a laptop.
(273.09 KB 972x1076 Internet.jpg)
>>15714 Better download this survival guide while you still can! https://youtube.com/watch?v=3WPMq80wYFY
>>15715 Keke. Its actually like that because now i have to use command line linux if i want to do fancy stuff. Off to the shops, having lunch before I go because buying groceries when you're hungry is a suckers game.
>>15715 The ngger kid looks like he's stealing something.
(778.63 KB 1632x1224 Made in Taiwan.jpg)
(782.64 KB 1224x1632 Dipping Sauce Ingredients.jpg)
(567.77 KB 1632x1224 All done.jpg)
(727.62 KB 1632x1224 Served.jpg)
>>15712 Good after-morning. What news? Scallion pancakes for brunch. Never had them before, the were alright though I wouldn't go out of my way to get them again. You only get 4 per pack. I really like that Chinese black vinegar used for the dipping sauce, it just has this distinct flavour that's unlike your bog-standard brown/malt vinegar. The sauce recipe called for sesame oil which I didn't have so toasted some sesame seed, fresh green onion which again I didn't have plus some freshly-minced garlic which I do have but was feeling lazy so just used the powder. Had the pancakes with sweet chilli sauce too.
>>15718 Racist.
(399.46 KB 1851x1695 Holden.jpg)
(451.40 KB 1967x1693 Ford.jpg)
>>15689 It's a slogan from an old Holden commercial. There's a lot of them on YouTube.
>>15719 8/10 for the last pic. I have no problem with cultural appropriation as far as cuisine goes. Just don't go fully asiatic and start eating chicken feet and shit. I'm waiting to hear from mike lando, Expecting him to allow me another month here. Just saw a couple of new listings that are right for me.
(67.81 KB 640x480 feral thumper.jpg)
>>15722 Falcon oath.
>>15721 eat shit nigger
(62.29 KB 704x396 hgm.jpg)
>>15723 why not eat chicken feet, friend? utilizing as much of the animal as possible is just sensible.
>>15719 They look ok neet, am wondering what they would be like deep fried?
(42.73 KB 480x360 cf.jpeg)
>>15727 I think they would go well with a couple of beers, just throw a bit of salt on them
(907.92 KB 1224x1632 Grocery Haul February 2021.jpg)
Looking forward to giving this Caro a go. I hope it's good 'cause it ain't cheap at $6.60. I was at Dan's beforehand and scanned the Indue cashless debit card without realising. Instead of the expected 'Approved' showing on the eftpos screen it read something along the lines 'Items not approved. Transaction cancelled'. That scheme is a real thorn in one's side to living a comfy life on welfare. It's up there with MAX appointments.
>>15729 no disagreement. i know there isnt much meat or value on chicken feet, but i just wouldnt say it's totally worthless. the chinks are bad on many levels, but look at what amerifats did to bison, using NOTHING off a beautiful, massive and proud creature who could have been far-better cultivated than cows (the colonists massacred this specimen solely to push the natives back and colonists wasted the bison' worth). also not trying to play whataboutism, just saying the optimal way of living is giving animals their space and utilizing as much of their bodies as possible to avoid farming them too much, i.e. eat eggs and only old chickens.
>>15731 Nice haul neet.
(40.00 KB 640x480 bean waffles.jpg)
beans, miso, peanut butter and mozerella in white bread.
>>15731 >triple chese toastie flavor Imagine not calling it a jaffle, how unaustralian. can i have the caro when you realize you hate it?
>>15734 Excellent combination neet.
>>15732 Yeah chicken is the most efficient to grow as far as meat goes. the most efficient meat as far as sacrificing one life to sustain many others would be a whale. Chicken is the worst in that regard from a ethics perspective. Strange that.
>>15737 They tell me here that ostrich would be the best, cheapest, & healthiest red meat going. Any truth to that?
>>15733 Thank you >>15735 I'm not about to get into the 'jaffle v toastie' debate. the pic on the box looks like a toastie to me. A jaffle should have sealed edges all around from the jaffle making device...
>>15734 Very interesting combo and based Aussie tomato sauce usage. But what's up with the knife and fork?
(608.82 KB 1288x1932 Elle Fanning.jpg)
Good night white?
All of you are asleep hahahahha nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
Good Morning NEETs. I went to bed early and I'm still groggy. The broadband is down but I got three of the torrents I set up keke. Dial-up on the laptop + Wage today.
>>15734 Based photo but not sure I can get behind that combo. Am American tho
Some good news to start the day, a few less chinks in the country >Australia’s universities face the prospect of a prolonged Chinese student drought as reports sweep through the multi-billion dollar industry that Chinese >agencies are being encouraged by local authorities not to send students to Australia. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/universities-brace-for-chinese-student-hit-after-covid-20210226-p5764m.html
>>15744 Good morning, have a good weekend!
(78.07 KB 605x556 ClipboardImage.png)
Researching free camping spots around QLD, but they are few and far between plus typically have strict limits on how long you can stay (eg. overnight only or 7 days within a 30-day period). Starting to become quite despondent.
(192.62 KB 1507x1062 beans.jpg)
Beans for lunch.
(760.74 KB 1632x1224 Ingredients.jpg)
(1.07 MB 1632x1224 Sauce Simmered.jpg)
(512.78 KB 1632x1224 Plated.jpg)
(137.15 KB 1446x270 Translation.jpg)
Spaghetti alla Puttanesca for lunch. 1st time making this dish. I'd give it a solid 6/10. I was surprised just how spicy it was from the teaspoon of chilli flakes. Very easy to make, the sauce taking no more than 15 minutes and you boil the pasta during that time. Chasing it down with some of this Caro drink. Didn't add any sugar so all I can really taste is a faint cereal and milk taste, like a weet-bix type of cereal. I'll add sugar next time.
>>15750 Beans on buttered toast, a classic!
>>15751 Looks great neet, puts my beans to shame.
>>15750 Beans are the staple of the just man. The food jew fears the simple belly filler.
>>15749 Fuck the rules. The further out you go, the more empty places you will spot. Just move in and be prepared to move on or negotiate for more time if or when the lando comes around. if you can get a reciept for money you pay them then they need to give you one month notice in writing before they can legally call the cops and evict you.
>>15746 Aus Jew-niversities BTFO. Finally some good news. The standard of chinks that get sent over to infest the campus' is fucking appalling, They are definetley a different generation from the early ones who were the best they had. Lets hope the CCP is hurting as much as this cunt move is telegraphing they are.
>>15745 Kek. Its not a choice of filling more of whats left over from being packed away.
>>15746 That's certainly a bright spot of news.
>>15690 Nah. sometimes lando's are reluctant to use their property. These rural types often have drinking and family violence issues. All I got from the hitchiker was that the community was frustrated that the houses were going to rot.
>>15751 The caro puts out the hunger fire. Never had it with sugar.
I picked the backwater office that I never go to. The work is important but the majority of staff and operators there are shit tier. The only decent one there was, coincidentally the only white. The pregnant nigger and the lazy pajeet such as it ALWAYS is. Whatever, I got paid and fed and got some needed office supplies. Back tomorrow in the busy office.
>>15749 You want state forests. If you have vehicle recovery gear you can go further off the beaten track. If you need to camp near the beach or near the cities then just do what the homeless do. If you can fit your camping stuff into a regular sized backpack then you will be indistinguishable from a normie when walking in and out of your spot.
>>15762 Cant see the pool of low cost rental around the uni's getting bigger as a result tho. Would be nice to stay where i grew up.
Lando agreed to an extension, He was being cagy about it even tho I know he's got massive delays to his plans to reno the joint. Boomers and muh negotiations.
>>15753 Thanks, I just had a 2nd serve for dinner. My ring-hole is gonna be burning tomorrow. I don't have food this spicy very often.
>>15765 That's good news
>>15755 >>15763 Thanks for the advice but I don't have a 4wd so can't go too remote and even the state forests tend to have unsealed access roads which aren't really the best for the tiny wheels of a hatchback.
>>15761 Getting paid is a good feel
>>15760 How do you usually drink it? I put in a heaped teaspoon as per the directions and some hot water then topped the mug off with cold milk.
>>15765 Good to hear m8
Watched a moofie: The Little Things 2021 with Denzel Washington. I had to turn on the subtitles because they mumble a lot, other than that, great flick, Kino Los Angeles scenery, I love the Eucalypt trees along the freeways there. 4 out of 5 dead white girls. Good Night White.
>>15770 You cant make a fake coffee without soy milk.
any sardine fans here? thinking about ditching the tuna steaks due to the extra metals and it seemed like a reasonable alternative. never had them, though.
>>15774 I hate the taste.
(137.57 KB 944x944 White Grills.jpg)
>>15772 I'll have to give that movie a go. Good night.
(1.57 MB 1290x1881 rawr.png)
>>15774 I love deenz! I already have nearly 100 cans of them in the kitchen, but I'm about to run to the store and buy more. Can't ever have too many deenz, heehee! Just remember to get the ones with pure olive oil and not that other nasty stuff. Also they go well with pickles (weird, huh?)
Good Morning NEETs. I kept waking and dozing a dozen times this morning. Too comfy to get up but here I am.
Off to wage. I will chuck out the jaffle iron, they are not good to eat, too much cheese = bad poos.
>>15778 Good morning, I simply cannot sleep in living with others.
>>15779 Put it in a St Vinnies bin
>>15777 gonna find some king oscars in olive oil hopefully. saw a video by a guy swearing his all-time favorite kind are king oscars in tomato sauce. got any favorite brands yourself? did some hours of research before and after asking here, seems like another good brand is nuri.
>>15783 The flavour of tinned sardines is too rich for me
>>15774 Yeah I'm a big fan King Oscars in chili/salsa were my all time favorite, nothing like a nice and hot rush in the morning to kickstart the day. I got pissed they stopped selling them so I'm eating far less sardines. There's other ones but they use some cheap garbage oils so im not eating them daily.
>>15781 Nope, no time, not with mike lando breathing down my neck. Awful day at the fast office. Unfortunately they put the girl with issues "in charge" She cant handle stress and she gets in your face all damn day. Passive agressive with nothing to back it up. Not going back there. Going Up the bush to work on my campsite.
>>15784 one of the people i watched said saltine crackers go great with sardines, to enhance the texture and it probably also helps cut back on the richness too. >>15785 just had some king oscars in olive oil that i picked up today and they werent mind-blowing, but it is crazy how many people i saw who were absolutely disgusted by sardines when i was reading about them earlier. these are at the very least tolerable as a post-workout snack and they might taste much better with sauce/spices. they really werent much fishier than the raw tuna steaks i was eating (which only really tasted good when i used arby's horsey sauce with them like a ghetto wasabi). got another can as well, from a different brand called bumble bee. it comes with prepackaged hot sauce. gonna give that a go after my next exercise.
>>15787 dumb aussie cunt
>>15786 >Unfortunately they put the girl with issues "in charge" She cant handle stress and she gets in your face all damn day. Passive agressive with nothing to back it up. Sounds horrible.
>>15788 Typical 80IQ nigger, thinks everyone on this board is from 'Straya
>>15789 Fuck her. Fucking two dimensional NPC. I was still having a Reee after I got up to the campsite. and started figuring out my tentage. The chinkshit tarp I'm using is way too big and the hang is all wrong. I will have to modify it to fit the space between the trees, then I have to fit a fly under that. I'm borrowing sisterclone's sewing machine tomorrow as a priority. maybe thinking about getting some tent to modify from the junk Jawas at the tip. Then I have to remake everything in autism tier camo. Starting to feel good about it tho. Might have a beer and watch another moofie. "Silk Road"
>>15787 Batter and deep fry the sardines.
>>15793 That sounds like it could be nice, not a fan of sardines but like that and a sweet spicy dipping sauce they could be good.
"Silk Road" is kiked to the max. Its okay because I know the story from ages ago and Ross Allbright is such a race miixng faggot that Its pleasurable to watch him get Pwnd. Give this roadkill a miss. 2 out of 5 reddit tier memes. Good Night, White.
(90.09 KB 1000x1000 awoo.jpg)
>>15783 I haven't tried many brands tbh. I usually shop at Lidl and they only have Nixe brand, which is tasty. I have some others from different stores but haven't tried them yet (their expiration date is later). I usually eat them in a salad or with lentils (the dry ones you have to cook yourself, not the canned type), and a mustard sauce works well here (dijon mustard, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices). A sauce based from tomato paste and lemon juice works too. Another tasty canned item is cod liver. This one however doesn't have nearly as much protein as sardines, so I can't use it as the basis for a meal, but it's nice for adding flavor. It's very strong and high in calories though, so I'll usually split the can in half, over two meals.
(150.21 KB 1200x1800 Dakota-Fanning-Hot-in-Red-7.jpg)
>>15795 Good night, you forgot the pic again.
>>15718 I'd say he plainly is. Look at how all the White children, and even the gook have bright faces shining with smiles or focus. The nigger otoh, is obviously angry and up to no good. At the very least he's stolen some white kid's computer keyboard, and probably lots of other things too.
>>15715 Computers are obvs rayciss. There are like what, 11% Whites in the world and 4 of the 6 are White. WTF Scholastic? If you were being fair and balanced there literally wouldn't be a single White kid on the cover of only 6 kids. SYSTEMIC WHITE PRIVILEGE Burn all Scholastic Books!11
>>15796 Lentil salad sounds pretty fancy. I can sometimes get Riga Sprats at the cheap shop.
Good Morning NEETs. There was a bit of rain about last night. No wonder I slept so well.
The deacon wants me to go to a zoom meeting. At this point I'm just projecting to some kind of normal program where I have my PC set up again.
>>15799 The good old days where education was pitched to the higher IQ races.
>>14945 Got the mobile net going on the P.C. Dunno why it sometimes doesnt work. This is a good development. Its literally faster than my FTTN plan. 15.3 Mbps vs 9.01 Mbps and the upload is way better.
I was repairing the wheel on the hand truck and the gook whore next door came out to bring her bins in. she brought the one in the front unit in and left it in the middle of the driveway one meter from where it goes. You have high hopes for ppl when they are friendly and polite but then you get disappointed. I wasnt disappointed because I never had any illusions about bug people.
>>15801 Good morning, it's a nice hot and muggy Autumn day. Went out and bought a few things from Bunnings - got a scratch in the polished timber floor that hopefully I can repair using a stain touch-up pen but the real estate agent will probably still notice. - then got a pack of angus beef snags from Coles on the way home, should make for a nice breakfast.
>>15800 >Riga Sprats WTF is that?
>>15807 sprats are small fishies. they leave the heads on and dont fillet them. They are pretty good fried.
>>15805 Never lived next door to them but I'd imagine gooks would be the type not to wash their bins often.
>>15802 >tfw no deacon
>>15809 Gook garbage is super foul and they always pump it out like mad. Try fine grade sandpaper around the scratch.
(549.30 KB 1400x1616 KEK.jpg)
(271.11 KB 1396x1174 Oof.jpg)
>>15812 >cockfight >man dies >slashed in groin simulation theory
>>15812 Thats no way to treat an expensive piece of machinery. The local airport wanted to put in a flight school for ching chongs. They would be overflying my sisterclone all day which would be AIDS.
Shop apple, rye bread with jan and some cheesy poofs before I get into the sewing job.
Thunder and heavy rain, Looks like the washing's fucked.
sisterclone's sewing machine is really noisy but pretty quick. Tent is coming together nicely.
>>15817 >Tent is coming together nicely Hope we get a pic of the finished product
>>15818 Sure, I was thinking of doing a feature on it, when its tested and working. I have made lots of stuff that I think will work and just doesn't. Until then... Having a caro.
>>14945 Cant decide what to do this week,NEETs. Do I burn another 2 days going out to the bush to look at the outside of a house I want to rent, or do I work on readying my campsite and maybe start sleeping out already. Another place has come up in Coldport on the windy part of the coast. Its a bit touristy and the boomers will be thick as flies. I am very tired of boomers but cheap seafood might be in the offing there. Happy because I have some more Caro and the sewing machine is pretty efficient. I get to use my new glue gun tomorrow which is exciting as far as glue goes. Going to start watching a horror moofie and drink some tea. Off to bed soon. I'm sure this venture will be a based one. Good Night,White.
>>15820 How secure is the camp site, and just how much gear do you intend to leave there while you're working. If any one comes across it they are more than likely to steal, destroy stuff. And as it's coming up to winter how cold does it get there? a house would be better I think, maybe the camp site for short term? Goodnight neet.
(80.93 KB 575x611 bulgarian girl.jpg)
>>15821 It took me several concerted goes to relocate the actual spot after finding it in a high contrast survey over a number of years. The location is 50 meters from a trail but might as well be on fucking mars. the way in is known only to me and you risk breaking your ankle on the cannonball shaped rocks deceptively positioned so as to appear to be footholds but in actual are so loose that a pademelon breathing on it could knock it twenty metres into the ravine. I am setting such booby traps and using fallen trees as abatis to block off the animal tracks that ppl might follow and come close. I have two types of "static camo" patterns ready to get printed and made into bags and covers, It looks just like the rocks and dead trees. I just ran out of time and I have to use the camo net I made many years ago when I did the same thing for a couple of seasons up north. Its a good project and I'll eventually make a print for the tentage, something amazing. My spots all have code names, I am using "Wish" instead of the better prepared "Leaving" because its really deep in the ravine. I will think about a third spot, i.e. rule of threes. I will think about leaving gear hidden there but damp bedding will go mouldy in the two months intervals. The lyfe should be okay for two weeks, nominal. Then back to a house in Silver City, or Exmouth or Coldport for project time. I'm sure that I could squat an empty house but I prefer the ravine where I grew up. Its fitting that I live there rent free and comfy with my friends,the wallabys and possos.
>>15822 >I will think about leaving gear hidden there Out in the open or would you bury it?
>>15820 Sleep well
Good Morning NEETs. I hear the ominous distant honking of clown world. Might have a Caro for breakfast.
Endchan down
>>15827 back
Yep. Need new bread.
>>15827 I keep getting redirected to 9chan
>>15830 use .net
>>15825 Good morning. Sippin' on some Nescafe. Got a fair bit of shit to do today. It's gonna be a long one. Might get a haircut too as the barber does half-price cuts on a Tuesday. Then maybe treat myself to some KFC for lunch. The day is brimming with possibilities. Seize them!
>>15829 White, wholemeal or multigrain?
(144.95 KB 644x836 Man says.jpg)
>>15836 His own fault for buying a servo pie
>>15837 came from the factory
>>15836 >servo pie Vile. Quick get a photo and post it on FB so you can gross everyone out.
(1.82 MB 1050x6938 holohoax theatre.png)
>>15833 I told 'jew they'd borrow money from the jews to put in a new "interpretaion centre" Dont worry about the cost, your taxes wont go up that much.
>>15840 >your taxes wont go up that mu Dont pay income tax anyway,
>>15841 Bad Goy. No Covax.
(5.81 MB 1280x720 mIXs96oF6ET5vxiS.mp4)
>>15833 VICPOL havent charged Thomas Sewell because AFP have a hard-on for him and want to ship him properly. Imagine the surveillance.
>>15843 What an absolute legend. Also the nigger clearly touched his friend so there's no problem.
https://xyz.net.au/2021/03/why-is-the-lying-press-too-scared-to-talk-to-thomas-sewell/ Sewell says he was defending his cameraman, the "lackey" as the lungenpresse puts it. The cops prolly watched the cctv and decided there was no case. That guard's career is made tho. Just needs to front the cameras with some bandages and lie about it.
(6.49 MB 520x390 ezgif-5-d1bef93a76e2.gif)
>>15845 >The cops prolly watched the cctv and decided there was no case. Probably yeah and they wont even release the video where the ape shoved him or whatever it did >That guard's career is made tho. Just needs to front the cameras with some bandages and lie about it. I don't think so I mean how pathetic is it you get sparked out clean like that as a "tough" "security" guard. Also we know all the nazi chads are all super sayian killer heavyweights but that's really beside the point.
>>15846 Sewell is sailing close to the wind. I hope he doesnt get v&d or droned. I wonder what he thinks of being called a nazi. He could sue for defamation if he is true N.S.
Watching "Nomadland 2021" its a bit of a tear jerker but really kino. plus some boobies
(89.17 KB 639x784 Dead Deal.jpg)
(188.69 KB 816x612 Wicked.jpg)
Pulled into the KFC drive-thru and saw this sign reading, "Rest in piece 9 for $10.95" at the top. What I still can't understand is why the 'a' is in brackets. Anyway I used their app to get the wings and for some reason got a 4-dollar discount. Also got the haircut though was waiting approx. 45 minutes while I was parked in a 1-hour max spot, so I was starting to get a little anxious to say the least. Also picked up a motor mount from Repco for only $35, farking 'Supercheap' Auto was selling the same one for $100.
>>15848 Sounds interesting, will have to check it out.
>>15849 Perplexing use of brackets, sure. That's some good looking chicken, anon. Reminds me about how I used to get friend chicken once a week before covid.
>>15849 Why didn't you come into my store? Aren't my low, low prices good enough for you?
>>15849 The (a) is in brackets to be funny. The deal is no longer live is the official way of saying it, but they thought it would be cute to joke that it was no longer alive. They give you the $4 discount when you have not used the app for a while. It is a way of getting you back in the habit of regular use. You will always wonder whether you will get the discount again.
(512.34 KB 2000x1500 dankfc.jpg)
>>15852 You need to start promoting your Merchants card Dan
A Current Affair segment
(64.45 KB 672x1024 500041000849_481697.jpg)
>>15855 Tracey grimsnatch is the ultimate final boss karen. I dont know why sewell tried to confront the monolithic nine network. Anyone who watches it is a dead loss.
(158.49 KB 800x700 564280ace.jpg)
(158.79 KB 960x1051 bulgarian girl2.jpg)
I'm hitting my stride in making my tentage, poles, lines, and tarps. Tomorrow I will start on the camo net. I went up and set up the top tarp. It fits very well into the space and looks like an arrowhead spaceship flying thru the forest. Unfortuantely its not supposed to be seen at all and the chinkshit camo stands out a bit. The standout performer of the day is my new glue gun and I rapidly reshaped my ultra rare dark green polytarp. This is my under layer and should keep me dry when the water seeps thru the chinesuim material. I'll go up tomorrow and rig it all up again. Its really nice up there in the afternoon sun. I have three applications for places in. 1) Silver City, 2)Coldport, 3)Exmouth in ascending order of cost. I have to wait to find out. Maybe up to a couple of weeks. When my base camp is set up I'll be comfy to do that. Bakery makes my special 100% Rye tomorrow. Good Night. White.
>>15861 Night neet.
>>15860 Fark, is that my future?
>>15861 Good luck with the applications and good night. I've applied for something like 10 places over the past month with no luck. Got a good/clean rental history but I guess being unemployed ain't too appealing to the house merchants. Really wishing I had a van to comfortably sleep in, but the hatchback will have to do...
>>15863 If you are lucky.
I'm off too, night ya'll
https://national-socialist-network.info/ All you Aussies need to join up
>>15867 Any idea what percentage of the members are feds, informants, or other snakes? It's well-known that Bolsheviks will always try to infiltrate and corrupt anything that's good for Whites. Since it's already known in advance that is the case, then some information should be available on the stats in that organization. Hitler had to deal with them too, ofc. Today will be much worse than his time.
>>15868 Not sure but all I know Is there leader Thomas Sewell is legit. Cops are looking for him right now though because he defended his friend from a violent negro. https://youtu.be/N2TM5lRXlxc How dishonest the media is. They act like he attacked the negro out of nowhere when he was defending his camera man.
>>15869 Fair enough. The leadership is the most important part of any organization, of course. It takes actual backbone to take the hard decisions to clean out corruption wherever it appears however. It's the rare man who can do it well AFAICT. >How dishonest the media is Heh, that's an understatement to say the least.
>>15869 Yeah I looked at the reddit thread, it was all one sided with lots of Bullshit. Its happenings like this that show up the dividing lines.
Good Morning NEETs. Its cold outside, Autumn is beginning.
>>15864 Gees m80 why dont you move to a country town?
>>15872 Good morning, another hectic and stressful day awaits.
>>15873 I prefer the anonymity that living in a bigger town provides. But desperation makes you do things you normally would not.
>>15875 do you have a deadline? Regional areas are pretty chill.
(123.58 KB 1137x240 From Wikipedia.jpg)
>>15772 Interesting bit of information right here
>>15876 I'll be selling my arse on the street come this weekend
>>15878 Fuark. That came up quickly. Are you still going to have the internet? It'd be sad for us all if you stopped posting.
https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/crime/thomas-sewell-leader-of-neonazi-group-allegedly-attacked-tv-channel-security-guard/news-story/5b13eeb7731bca5b8a9b2e5530f8a158 27 Y.O. Sewell is in for a hard time, Ah the wisdom of experience, picking your fights. The courtroom is no place for a warrior. now where do I donate my monero to....
>>15880 cringe
>>15880 Heil sewell the nigger basher
>>15880 It was just a wee fistacuffs and lord sewall had a reason, the invader got physical with his friend first.
The tentage works okay, I left it set up, tomorrow I fit the hammock under it. The camo net needs a little bit of work but makes a big difference, I will go to a local stand of casurinas and get a big bag of needles. Maybe tonight. I have run out of dark brown line but no use getting all autistic about it. Its going to be like a sailing ship. It will carry me safely on my journey through the cold bush nights.
>>15880 >"“They have a presence that we’re particularly worried about in the UK, but their reach goes into the minds of young people and Australians here,” Mr Dutton said." Bollocks! Anything but that. Won't someone please just think of the children?
>>15885 Glad things are working out neet
Watching the end of "Nomadland 2021". Its poignant and spartan, and really sad in parts. Its a great moofie.
(150.59 KB 640x853 om nom nom.jpg)
(82.98 KB 640x959 natalie dormer.jpg)
Total focus now. Spending most of my day sewing and tying knots.. Its a lot of work but the set up is also experience. I might make 2 more rigs for different spots in the same reserve. This one has taken hundreds of hours. Half expecting to have to sign on with house number three before house number one comes up. Mummybot is really not keen on me going to Silver City because mountains, she will be happier if I end up in Exmouth I saw the big grey wallaby today and said hi. She batted her long eyelashes and wasn't fussed. When I tell mummybot and oldad that I'm staying locally with friends, the wallaby is who I have in mind. Good Night. White.
>>15890 You're on a good path it seems. Well done. And good night. I bet that wallaby doesn't have legs as nice as Natalie. Or does it?
>>15892 You boong.
Good Morning NEETs. Kinda slept in this morning. I think I do that more as the days get shorter. Might go out and get bread again today.
>>15894 Good morning. Got some serious work to do all day. Fridge in storage so it'll be take-away for brekky/lunch/dinner. Why can't I just win the lottery already...
>>15895 Keep up the pace M80 You'll settle in to the new life after a bit.
Exmouth is X'd out. The owners selected someone else. Good. It would have put me in a quandary about what to do. I suspect mass immigration to the area of boomers and thier yappy dogs anyway. Looks like Silver City is my next destination but I have applied for Coldport too.
Coldport is X'd out because they will contact my references again, even tho its the same franchise the offices dont talk to each other. This is a part of the game that wasnt apparent. If you are applying for heaps of places then your referees get spammed. You are inclined to stay with one office because they have done the workup on you already. I had anxiety about asking people to vouch for me, It must be a grim task for people who mostly stick to themselves.
(11.47 KB 360x251 clove hitch.jpg)
Using this knot a lot to sew a net.
Glowies are on a fishing expedition. They are casting a wide and undiscerning net which is sweeping up some normies who might have wandered only a little off the path. I conjecture that the brown, black, and jewish part of the population is pressuring them to come up with some white supremacists to attack. All public white supremacists are feds, and all private white supremacists keep their mouths shut. Hence, targeting normies.
(94.19 KB 1400x500 alt.jpg)
Just ordered the new Altronics catalogue, I await it's arrival.
>>15903 uWu. Hardcopy. Mail order is better than having to deal with the Jaycar nuggos when they are having a bad day.
>>15220 Update on the neetstonk situation. I added another GME at $40 to my $90 GME, then sold one at $131. One share remaining, and anything more that happens to it is now pure profit. I have successfully not lost any money to reddit memes despite joining in.
(53.28 KB 940x470 BROKELADS.jpg)
>>15905 Now buy some scratchies with you profit to really rake in the big bucks.
(95.45 KB 300x300 ddm.png)
>>15906 >Now buy some
(954.22 KB 852x684 farmer girl.png)
Oof. I just hit the wall. Too much cheese on my beans, I really should just chuck it out instead of trying to eat it all before I put the freexer in storage. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Feeling a bit demoralised, just gotta get up and start moving. The first thing I did was chuck out the cheese, so thats a positive start.
>>15910 >>15911 >less than 3 minutes between posts Always wondered about you, m80.
>>15912 Not in the mood to have my mistakes pointed out.
>>15913 We're all a bit demoralized, old chap.
>>15914 Time to get cynical.
Off up the gully. Tonight's the night I start sleeping up there.
Everything is set up. camo net is wrong because it green tarp under brown net when it should be the other way around. Plus it doesnt fit, I need to make a new one from scratch but I'm out of time for now. I'll go up at dusk with my bedding and piss bottles and shit bags. Made a list of shit to sew up before i go tho.
>>15917 Good luck with it all neet
>>15918 Thanks. I want to do this as a professional endeavor and secrecy is my main protective factor, It'd be incumbent on me to avoid taking photos and posting them on the fucking internet. I just dont want people's interest putting holes in my roof. I'll write up a formal report as a pdf and post it in /k/ or something, but thats after the system is tested and working. And that means making two more of these rigs.
>>15900 I am a loner and a shut-in. I literally have zero references outside of close family. Such an extensive background check should only apply to those new to the rental game. Not those like me who have a proven history of paying rent with any agency. And in that case a tenancy ledger/s should suffice. But no, (((house merchants))) gonna (((house merchant))). Good luck with the Silver City place.
>>15920 thanx. Mummybot is very fretful about it.
>>15903 I remember when Dick Smith had a similar catalogue. And it was free iirc. Really enjoyed perusing them looking for ideas for projects I never got around to even starting. But they sparked my imagination which was fun. Kinda like how I used to get the free adult dvd catalogues delivered by mail. I enjoyed reading the titles and looking at the cover pics but never bought any. Well, maybe just a few
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-05/danila-dilba-launches-legal-action-over-dan-murphys-bid/13217600 Have you NEETs seen this outrage!? All I want to do is bring my low-low prices to the communities that need them most and the this....this...... TEATOTALER= sees fit to try and stop me! I implore you to write to your member of parliament and tell them how unfairly I'm being treated. T. Dan.
(74.42 KB 1200x678 cra2.jpg)
>>15923 Fark of dan, Darwin is my town.
Off up the ravine for sleep. Was long day sewing and setting up. Fukn over it and glad I packed up the sewing machine. Good Night, White.
>>15925 Night neet, have a good night
(56.64 KB 557x262 Here's Johnny.jpg)
>>15916 Watch out for drop bears, yowies and/or rogue cannibalistic aboriginals. I'll be out later tonight to tuck you in ;)
(97.07 KB 600x469 Swags.jpg)
>>15919 Having a secret spot in the bush you can bug-out to is a great idea. Wish I was brave enough to seek one out. Perhaps when I'm finally living out of a hatchback and can't lie down straight I'll be compelled to head out bush with a swag. You ever used a one of these pictured swags? According to what I've seen they take less time to assemble than a regular tent and are more inconspicuous.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept okay. Had the one eye open, caveman reflex going but that should work itself out. The hammock lines stretched and my arse was on the ground which is actually an expensive technical issue. Its just schedule timing and tweaking now. Wage today.
>>15927 >>15928 Swags would be a better idea because they are lower profile, but provide no protection in heavy rain.
>>15925 now that's a nice photograph >>16972 >provide no protection in heavy rain why not?
>>16973 >The OZtrail swag has a 330 GSM canvas and a PVC bottom which is standard across newer swags. The 330 GSM canvas puts this swag at the lower end of thickness and therefore may not be as suitable in very wet conditions as other swags on the market. https://outbackreview.com.au/best-swags-australia/oztrail-mitchell-swag-review/
>>16971 Good morning, might head to the beach sometime today. Haven't been in over a year. But got to take some shit to the tip first. >Had the one eye open Keep it in your pants please
(148.77 KB 859x587 Jew forgets its human skin.jpg)
>>16975 Interesting. I suppose I wouldn't have considered or seen such a version, I live in the soggy Pacific Northwest of the US.
>>16973 How are you going to get in or out of it when its raining and not get wet. Plus you are on the ground and likely a puddle.
Wage was in the good morale office with everything in good order. Had a good shift and feel happy about being an operator. Riding thru town was horrible, the low quality whites and smug looking chinks makes me happy about fleeing. Chips and Peas for tea.
>>16977 This guy was just going to JB HiFi and some boong drags him out.
>>16980 I had a good 'shift' this morning if ya get what I'm saying. Dominos for tea.
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>16983 >>16983 >>16983 >>16983


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