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(326.68 KB 1800x1322 Diogenes Pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #13 - CYNIC EDITION NEET 03/06/2021 (Sat) 08:15:23 No. 16983
Depressed about your housing prospects? Suicides dont pay rent, and thats bad for the economy. So go to your Jewish doctor and get some Zoloft, flush it down the dunny and hit the road. Its time to GET MINIMAL & GET CYNICAL
CYNICAL NEET SOUNDTRACK: Berlin school Martin Sturtzer electro ambient. https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5905282
So You're looking for a new wine jar to move into, are you NEET? You want something comfy and close to the marketplace but they're already occupied by nubians, mesopotamians and orientals. One wonders how much it is to rent a hut in one of their dirty countries, Surely your housing prospects would be reversed if you went over there and became a burdensome niusance to them. But its not so bad! You're on the waiting list for the kings allotment and there are plenty of well-wishers encouraging you to find a place thats AT LEAST as comfy as theirs. And the fat, bold old men sing heroic songs of when they sailed the perilous seas to visit the Merchants on the Isle of Usury and made their fortunes from the equity they brought back. Learn from their wisdom and follow their example young NEET, Just think, in twenty five years you could be RENT FREE But paying hefty taxes to the king
(2.34 MB 1920x1080 husky girl.png)
Thus ends my first full day in the new mode, from good night to good night I am sleeping in the ravine and I'm not going to sleep in the apartment again. I Didn't bring any wage cakes home even though they were up for grabs, a food coma will not be helpful trying to get safely to my bed. Going to have a cup of caro before I go up thol Lando arrives tomorrow, we'll see what I can negotiate from here on but it'd be only a minor inconvenience if he wants to be hard nosed about it. I should have signed a lease on the cottage in Silver City by the weeks end. This whole affair will end up costing me 1/8th of my year. The payoff is that I finally got the hell out of Pozzville. Good Night,White.
>>16983 nice pepe
if i do a suicide then i dont have to pay a rent or care about the jewconomy tho
also diogenes is big dick energy, should be a smiling pepe.
(60.86 KB 1120x747 nm.jpeg)
>>16989 Night neet
Good Morning NEETs. Happy Mardi Gras. I'll have to reheat last nights caro and get into the day.
(50.17 KB 1080x1080 peebottle.jpg)
One of my tent poles failed and my hammock kept sagging. I have to troubleshoot this shit on the fly. I got up in the cold cold night and inspected the trees (probably not), the rope (probably not but who knows) and the adjustable sling (most likely). I will cut a bush pole now and take a tape measure to isolate the sag problem tonight. Also I pee more than 1 litre overnight so I need a wide mouth pee bottle bigger than this one.
(110.21 KB 875x503 Pee Collector.jpg)
>>16995 >wide-mouth pee bottle Quit bragging m8
>>16994 Good morning, I watched a bit of that shite on SBS last night. Funny how they were all herded into the cricket grounds due to the 'covid'. I suppose if you were a homophobic Sydneysider you'd be thinking this was the only good thing to have come from the 'rona.
Went for a walk along the beach a little too late last night, and so only had like 10 minutes of light to look at the ocean but it was still nice as I hadn't been in about a year. Going to go again today but much earlier. But I don't have any intentions of going around midday as the place would be packed with teen thots with their arses showing. That is not a friendly sight for an incel.
>>16983 >Depressed about your housing prospects? Sent a vacancy enquiry to a caravan park I once stayed at about 10 years ago and was shocked to see the prices for their permanent cabins had risen to $320/week from the $190/week I was paying. And I just worked out that even with full rent assistance from Cenno I'd only have 80 bucks leftover each fortnight. My hatred for this clown world is growing with each passing day.
>>16999 >My hatred for this clown world is growing with each passing day. Can't even ignore it anymore.
>>16996 Asian sizes. chinkshit.
(177.50 KB 1331x974 dd.jpg)
Dinner from lastnight, I am becoming addicted to the creamy mushroom sauce, not too many veges cause the Steak was fairly big.
>>17002 I had some steak with creamy mushroom sauce for dinner tonight. Wish I had taken a photo but it's gone now.
(107.45 KB 1100x550 costruction girl.jpg)
I was helping my sisterclone fix up her investment property for immanent sale, a weatherboard place that has not been maintained for 15 years. She thinks a new coat of paint will be all that is required and she's right. The place will have its rot and mortar gaps painted over and it will be given a cursory clean and most of the trash taken away, and five desperate young couples with their 2.5% interest bank loan on a $40 000 deposit will vie to live there. The place needs to be repaired and its getting reno-fucked. I told her what I think and she replies with a bunch of platitudes like "we take pride in presentation" and "the new owners will put their stamp on the place" It strikes me that the place is essentially sound and was built with care and consideration by the original owner. Contrast this to the trend in home renovation by know nothing amateurs using the cheapest prefabricated shit availiable. Even new built houses are low quality and rapid build. The old places age gracefully, you can usually see that when you work on them. Places that idiot gronks have fucked by renovating for profit will not be so nice in a couple of years. New places should be okay if they are built to the Australian standards but time will tell. It strikes me that mike lando is reno-fucking this place. i.e. white paint on the wood beams and panelling but not installing insulation. The next tennant will pay 60% more without a complaint. Its fucking disgusting. Good Night, White.
>>17002 Top looking steak. Needs some broccoli and corn IMHO
(904.47 KB 875x1168 au3.PNG)
>>17006 Classic. Thats going in my based folder. Kinda just agitating tho.
(1.00 MB 1796x898 change my mind.png)
(17.00 KB 640x360 zoomy.jpg)
>>17008 Kek. Pedos have no mates.
>>17006 cool
>>17002 That is one hearty piece of steak
>>17010 The fark is on the bird? Sorta looks like a meerkat.
>>17004 >reno-fucking I like that term. Good night ya white devil.
Good Morning NEETs. I had a nice walk back in the warm morning.
>>17016 Morning
>>17016 >>17017 Good morning
(64.47 KB 398x473 Onlyfans Whores.jpg)
Happy Canberra Day to you ACT poofs Happy Adelaide Cup Day to you SA poofs Happy Eight Hours Day to you TAS poofs And happy Labour Day to you VIC poofs Ya feelin' special?
>>17018 Thought I was about to watch an episode of Father Ted. Similar opening with the helicopter view of lush greenery.
>>17020 Fukn too many holidays. The ZOG could clear the national debt in a couple of years if they got rid of one public holiday.
>>17022 ZOG needs a nation enslaved to debt
Fugg. Lando is about to come around. Sweep the gate path and assemble my finest meats and cheeses.
(613.41 KB 973x1500 chaos.jpg)
Mike lando says I have a "Couple of Months" before he wants me out. Great, thanks, I look around and I'm down to camping gear. Need to go shopping or go to my traveler diet already. Pressure is off, Now time to exploit. Maybe go to the wage or set up the second campsite. Might see a moofie at the cinema tonight.
I have started writing my cryptocoin. I should be able to start testing by the time the coronavirus supplement ends.
(77.80 KB 422x654 FACEOFF.jpg)
>>17024 Kill him. Skin him. Become him.
>>17025 That movie looks alright. Not gonna lie, I'd simp for Ridley. Though she needs breast enlargement surgery.
Decided to go to Civic club instead of the moofie. I get a bit of fresh air and its out in Woodford which is fucking way out. I have to put up with the Boomers which is always a drag but maybe something interesting will happen.
(107.53 KB 500x375 goonwana.jpg)
>>17026 Just grab all the blind cunt coins mate.
And Happy International Women's Day for all you female poofs!
>>17031 Thanks sweetie.
(84.11 KB 1024x768 sarah hansen young.jpg)
>>17031 Dont use the word "Poof", It objectifies the lgbtqp community.
(105.70 KB 863x571 7-Inch Neck.jpg)
>>17025 Good to hear m8, a bit of breathing space for you.
(3.13 MB 3264x2448 Ocean.jpg)
Water was a bit choppy due to the wind but it was still nice to sit by and breathe in the fresh sea air.
>>17036 Wow, haven't seen the ocean in 15+ years and don't expect to see it again so thanks for the pic looks great
(60.90 KB 448x672 blazer girl.jpg)
Woodford was fun and a pretty area. The bbq was next to a herd of cows and one of the was sick and forlorn which was sad. I got my Civic club Blazer in maroon and it looks good. Didnt get my bugle back, my mouthpiece is buried deep in a tea chest somewhere. I talked to the boomer who drove us all out and asked when he got sent to 'nam. He said he went in 71-72 and was 21 when he finished his jungle training at cunanara or wherever. Off up the gully now. fukn tired Good Night,White.
>>17038 Good night sleep well up in that gully. There's a Woodford here in QLD. It's home to the largest prison in the state and has an annual folk festival for all the poofs. >blazer girl bony knees/10
Good Morning NEETs. Up before the Kookaburras, The possums sound disgusting at night.
(528.86 KB 769x456 Harry the prince of darkness.png)
So Harry met his black, divorced + older wife through a jewish socialite. He tuns his back on his countries traditions and starts shilling hard for the Great Replacement. THIS IS THE FACE OF A RACE TRAITOR Press S to spit on him or K to kvetch along with the mainstream narrative.
(87.54 KB 1024x576 queen displeased.jpg)
(58.13 KB 827x465 Ddr2RToVAAAIBBZ.jpg)
(110.68 KB 1080x1214 1615205396188.jpg)
(9.82 MB 1280x720 waymens day.mp4)
>>17043 >#NOTMYROYALS Still the head of the commonwealth. Dispite what you think of Harry, They are sitll our royals and they are being manipulated by the Jews. Thats not to say that the (((Freemasons))) didnt have their hand in up to the elbow since day one.
(96.95 KB 995x677 1608058466407.jpg)
>>17045 Maybe not day 1, but for some time to be sure. Aside from expulsion in the 10th and 12th centuries seem the most recent was 1660 >London, England city petitions Charles II to expel Jews on restoration of Stuarts/Jewish commerce hurting England/unsuccessful >Johnathon Israel, ‘European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism,1550-1750’, p. 160
>>17033 >p what's funny is nambla used to have open ties to lgbt movement
>>17047 >NAMBLA North american man/boy love association imagine being a member of a punching bag organization.
>>17040 Good morning. Got the car booked in for a new set of tyres. Haven't changed them since around 2014, so I'd say I got my money's worth.
(8.82 KB 191x255 galah tinny.jpg)
Had a good workout in the park. A flock of Cockatoos and corellas were having a party in the dead gum and the morning sun caught the spindrift in the Ironwoods. cockatoos are so fukn aussie I cant handle it.
(17.03 KB 407x348 BUNDY RUM.jpg)
One young fella last night said that Bundy Rum is associated with the most Domestic Violence incidents, statistically speaking. But I reckon its a self fulfiling prophecy. Some angry bloke is looking for an excuse to get punchy and selects rum from Dan because he has heard the legends.
>>17050 Dont forget to NitroFlate them. >run smoother >quieter >cooler >Definitely not a meme.
Off up to Silver City to check out a house.
>>17052 >Bundy Rum
(90.20 KB 858x536 harry-hewitt-charl_3149599k.jpg)
>>17045 >>17041 Remember Harry is the son of the stable boy, and neither he nor the goldfieldberg nog represents any kind of royalty.
(61.61 KB 1199x348 OzLotto.jpg)
>>17058 Thats a lot of Goon bags.
(492.06 KB 1632x1224 Continental.jpg)
(448.93 KB 1224x1632 He'll look after you.jpg)
(680.02 KB 1224x1632 Laundromat.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1632x1224 Tree down 1.jpg)
Another action-packed day. The new tyres cost $500. Thanks again for the 'Rona bux ScoMo. Couldn't have bought them without you. Saw a young hippy chick at the beach with a nice tight bod, tanned skin and pretty face. All rendered moot by the dreadlocked mass of shite atop her skull.
>>17060 Thanks for the pics neet, looks like a nice spot.
(1.10 MB 1632x1224 Tree down 2.jpg)
>>17060 >5 image limit
>>17061 My pleasure
>>17060 give her a shower, or at least a hosing down. it's fine.
Good morning neets
(85.63 KB 800x600 Chop Chop.jpg)
>>17065 Morning, I wouldn't call it 'good'. But I guess it'll have to do.
>>17041 This "royal"(anachronism for glorified NEET) fags bloodline ending is hilarious, race traitor self pwnage. A reminder to all to stay white.
(64.97 KB 700x525 boongtu.jpeg)
(209.84 KB 1280x960 Quince Grove.jpg)
(38.82 KB 612x408 Quince girl.jpg)
Just had dinner after getting back from a successful misison to Silver City. On the way up I stopped and checked out some Lemon trees beside the highway. Turns out they are fallow Quinces, now I am seeing Quince trees growing all over the place. Everyone says they are practically inedible, so thats a disapointment. I stopped at oldad's and had a good talk to him about white flight, he tells me is been a thing since I was a kid and gave me an example of his mate in Vancouver who sold up and moved out after some jamacians moved down the street. I was still buzzing after drinking half a can of that white monster drink and blasting thru the dry autumn yellow countryside at 120. I think I prefer the purple rockstar. Havent talked that much to oldad in ages. Off to bed, too tired to go up the bush tonight. See if I can get up for the wage tomorrow. Good Night. White.
>>17069 >successful misison to Silver City Good to hear m8 and goodnight.
I got Git working on a cheap mystery meat VPS. The trick is that you need to create a bare repository on the remote server. On the remote server: cd ~ mkdir myproject.git && cd myproject.git git init --bare On the local computer: cd ~ git clone [email protected]:myproject This works for a single user. Great projects need teams of men working together. When the project is at a stage where more spirits can contribute I will need to work out how git can enable this.
What up Aussie NEETS. Just got back on unemployment and living the NEET life for a while again. Going to buy a new laptop today. Feels good man
Good Morning NEETs. Slept well enough to go to the wage. Thinking about going to the cinema tonight.
>>17071 I thought there are some blockchain versions of git repositories. Cant imagine how it works on a code project, maybe the end version can be encrypted and cant be copied.
(53.28 KB 940x470 BROKELADS.jpg)
>>17072 Take the money you were going to spend on a laptop and double it down the pony track m80. That way you can get it for free.
>>17073 Any good moofies out rn?
>>17075 Kek maybe I’ll hit some slots tonight
>>17076 Just want to experience the flicks one last time before the covid passport comes out and permabans my refusing arse.
>>17074 It would have to be blockdag, not blockchain. Blockdag blocks can have more than one parent. This lends itself to the branching structure of git repos Alice and Bob each branch off to work on a different piece of code, then merge their work in the master chain. Blockchain git repos would have to rebase rather than merge. You would have a blockdag git repo where you wanted a public and immutable record of every commit.
>>17079 WTF does that headline even mean? The two are dating and are seeking polyamorous relations with an older male or is it saying this Barker guy is much older than the Kardashian sloot?
>>17077 sloots*
>>17076 A remake of Mortal Kombat releases next month
(88.39 KB 640x974 olga-kurylenko-21.jpg)
>>17073 Good morning. My cinema has started showing old Bond movies to build hype for the new one.This weekend they're playing Quantum of Solace. I'd go just to see the Ukrainian bird on the big screen but it's an f'ing weekend so too many McNormies for my liking. Even Thursday nights are usually packed as this is the day new films come out.
>>17069 Never had a quince before. They look like pears. I wonder if they taste like 'em?
>>17084 Normies ruined cinema.
>>17084 >olga Ah, perhaps my all time favorite. I am gen y, though.
The wage, it blackpills ye.
>>17085 I think they are hard and sour. Like me.
>>17081 Kardashian is just popping off aphorisms and rhetoric based on platitudes. Feels over reals is stock in trade here. Its just interesting that cali punk went to reality TV and UFO conspiracy research.
(150.80 KB 1024x685 12 years.jpg)
Muslim Niggers from ethiopia, Plucked fresh from some shithole refugee camp. No english and with a new sprog. Causing problems for the other operators at teh wage today. That office used to be pretty tight but now its overstaffed with full poz rando non-whites. Even the shit kicker that crossed my path today was a no english goat fucker noob. I gotta look at the bright side, I can see this shit redpilling some of the whites there. Maybe I can get a couple of them to start giving me the roman salute.
I added some files to my cryptocoin. I worked out how to use git just good enough to work across multiple computers and I also nearly nuked my entire home folder, only a fluke saved it, all good. I also refactored some existing code for Ristretto Schnorr foolproof public key cryptography functions. My node currently can listen for other nodes that want to connect to it and accept their connections but cannot yet connect to other nodes. This means that I am doing my testing with a combination of my node as the server and telnet as the client. Linux console internet programs are very easy to write because you can check for events from both the internet and the console in the same function. Windows is a fucking dog for this. One ingredient of the secret sauce of this coin is something called a gossip protocol. The Genius talked about having two nodes gossip to each other and decide on the order of events e.g. transactions they both know about, but this will introduce bad latency when we want to go to Mars 42-minute round trip at farthest point, and I cannot see how to get rid of it. The simple alternative is the one-way gossip, where a node unilaterally picks another node and just spams it with data until it is finished. The spamee makes a note of the data it received. The beauty of this is that there is no interaction at all. Mars station and Earth station can just spam data at each other at full bandwidth then a few hours later separately go through their notes to work out what the transaction order is. There are many other secrets in the sauce and I do not expect to be able to work out all of them, nor should I since it would be a waste of time for two different people to work on two different versions of the same project, also there is a good chance that the Genius is smarter than I am. BUT. I have seen very smart people cuck out when the devil turns his full power against them cough cough Trump and I am not taking any chances.
(43.30 KB 728x455 watch girl.jpg)
Too smoky from a big bushfire downwind to go up the gully tonight. Had a big feed and I'm gonna crash. Mummybot was being anxious and I had to be firm when I talked to her today. I took my watch in because it stopped. The autist told me the battery was fine and got it started again. He said it will lose time and might need a service eventually. I dropped ten dollars, unasked for, on the counter, for his advice. I will keep an eye on it for accuracy from now on. Wage tomorrow. Wage until I get sick of it. Good Night, White.
(63.11 KB 318x401 VIRAL LOADS.jpg)
I see a couple. I get depressed. Then comes the anger. For I am Incel, And this is all I know.
>>17093 I got sick of the wage many years ago and have been Mr NEET since. Can't even comprehend how people can work non-stop for several decades. Good night. >watch girl DSL/10
>>17092 I'll give YOU a technical blog-postin' boy!
>>17096 Uriah the Hittite. David, king of Israel. But which of us is a potential David, and which the potential Uriah? The taint of that act stained an entire kingdom at its birth, and only the supreme act of sacrifice by David's descendant Jesus who is Christ could wash it from the children of Israel. This is why we read the doings of kings, that we may act through God in every thing, and always let Him guide us, to make our tiny kingdoms here on earth as perfect as His kingdom which is in heaven, and through Him to achieve salvation.
>>17094 Would you like to get mad or would you like to get even?
There is nothing that, through God, cannot be done.
>>17094 Why are you an incel? Anything you can fix?
>>17094 All of those people in pic rel look like incels to me.
Good Morning NEETs. Didnt sleep very well, still smoke smelly outside.
>>17092 I was thinking of how to make a protocol for exchanging crypto for fiat. The problem lies in trusting the guy with the fiat to give you what you're due when you transfer your crypto. this could be made a lot safer with micro transactions of a few cents. when ten cents worth of crypto is transferred, ten cents of fiat is transferred. If one party doesn't reciprocate then only ten cents is lost. being able to buy and sell crypto in P2P fashion is important when the ZOG tries to tax the crypto exchanges, i.e. they can only regulate the big exchanges and platforms like ebay. P2P can be tax free. it even rhymes.
>>17103 Crypto for fiat is hard. The Genius foresees a coin with two kinds of transactions: on-chain and off-chain. The on-chain transactions would have a fee of probably a few cents, to cover the peers' running costs. They would be limited a few thousand per second. The off-chain transactions would be much, much cheaper and would have no practical limit to their number per second. You would need to have your trickling micro transactions done in the off-chain so the fees didn't gobble them up. Then when that is done the recipient could finalise the transfer on-chain, if he wished. Crypto-fiat changers need would have a little real world reputation. Once the fiat is in crypto then no trust at all is needed. The reputation system is a BIG part of the Genius's plan, and one that I do not fully understand. In my coin, the peer's reputation is linked to his public key. The peer could sign a contract saying that on receipt of funds through PayID/Okso, he will release crypto funds. The client would then provide proof that he made the PayID/Osko payment. If PayID/Osko supports proof of payment to a third party then you would have a workable system. If the peer doesn't send the crypto after the client has paid then the client could broadcast this fact to the world and it would harm the reputation of the peer.
>>17103 >>17104 Any time crypto is exchanged for something in the real world for which transfer is hard to prove you will need to rely, at least partly, on reputation.
>>17099 Indeed
>>17102 Good morning. I'm now living with friends of family in a town that has less than a thousand people. There are no fast-food joints or major supermarkets and the town water isn't potable. But there's Internet access and lovely views of the countryside.
>>17098 >get even Elliot Rodger even? No. I would not like to be an imprisoned incel. >>17100 >Anything you can fix? I suppose, things like new clothing. That would be the easiest to change.
(19.88 KB 358x262 Sad Depressed Male.jpg)
Only 2 more CoronaBux payments...
>>17109 fuckaduck >>17108 Nah, Elon Musk even.
They put me with a noob at teh wage today, a gook, literally a Han Guk Korean. So not good, not terrible. Checking out the new batch of candidates and there's scant few whites but they shine like puddles in a field. Then in the tea room the clucks are all talking about the super tight property market and how their kids cant move out of home. I'd like to think they can put 2 and 2 together but I'm a realist and thats confirmed when the other idle conversation is about which filthy foreign restaurant they like and them giving advice to the new pajeet on how to get more shifts. Multicultralism is a "Wicked Problem", like climate change and the obesity epidemic. Soft minded whites are one of the major factors. I got some Rolled Rye and Rye Flour at the hippy shop. I'm planning to get a breadmaker off gumtree and have a go.
>>17107 >the water out of the tap is VERY hard to drink. I thought you were going to Tasmania.
>>17112 >Tasmania Huh? You done got me confused wit someone else. I'm in QLD, and Tas is the last state I'd ever move to. But you just never know what tomorrow will bring ;)
(492.80 KB 1509x2000 1579366268684.jpg)
Very warm night and the smoke from the bushfire up in the valley is not a problem so I'm sleeping out. Pretty tired and sick of the poz here so I'll say Good Night, White.
>>17114 Night mate
(14.73 KB 501x192 ClipboardImage.png)
My cryptocoin node can now connect to things including itself. With a self connection I can test the incoming and outgoing connection code in one go. Windows Simple TCP/IP Services are useful for this kind of testing. Pic related shows my node connecting first to the daytime service and then to itself. I chose port 8555 because it is similar to Bitcoin's port 8333 and because no widely-used services was using it. I am going with IPv4/IPv6 dual mode for futureproofing. IPv4 NAT router port forwarding is a bitch and it is only getting worse. I am learning more about Linux network programming than any sane man should ever learn. I need to decide whether to keep my software reasonably compatible with Windows or just go all out for Linux. My choice will depend on the use case. A person who is keeping track of his own coins on his own node and contributing to the network consensus will only need a small number of connections at any one time. A company that is keeping track of the coins of lots of clients which do not run the full software but instead rely on the company to do so may need thousands or tens of thousands of connections. This scale would benefit from the newer (but incompatible) Linux networking functions. I would think that anyone who is serious about cryptocurrency enough to be interested in my coin would know how to run Linux. On the other hand, Satoshi Nakamoto's first client was written for Windows. Cryptocoin development involves lots of difficult decisions and is far harder than just writing code.
>>17114 Have a peaceful rest out there >1579366268684 possible mtf/10
(289.48 KB 640x359 Bendy.jpg)
Been hitting the hard liquor too hard the last couple days. Gotta change the engine belt. Not looking forward to. Very lonely as always. >Moe Simpson.mov. Send help ASAP. Good night. Mong.
Good Morning NEETs. Had a good sleep in the cool breeze going thru the casurinas, the possums were very raucous overnight.
>>17105 I wonder how that urbit OS is doing with peer to peer crypto transfer. I mean, going thru a third party to spend your money is exactly what they said was broken about the internet as it stands today. I'm going to spend some time reading up on urbit when I get back to being a NEET.
(6.14 KB 302x167 urbit.png)
>>17119 Good morning, what's on the agenda for the weekend? I will be attempting to change the engine belt on my shitbox, along with a couple of the pulleys. It's going to be fun maneuvering my hands in such a tight space.
(253.61 KB 1058x576 NEET News.jpg)
(415.96 KB 705x2155 House of Cadifor.jpg)
>>17124 I was going to go to bunnings on Thursday but I got lazy, so I've missed all the action, figures. I can imagine all the oldies at the local bowling club lastnight talking about it kek
>>17124 >five part series. now that fuck sick normie pron.
Wage was painful today but at least I brought home some nice cardboard boxes for my cans of beans. and making a fort
Big shop today. Spotted 50% off beans so I'm going back later with the ute.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-12/brisbane-hospital-lockdown-doctor-covid/13244616 The narrative is: If the doctor was Vaccinated then he wouldnt be infectious. In reality, he may be less infectious because he has (((antibodies))) but the ZOG media thrives in the grey area, we have seen that already with this very topic.
https://www.rt.com/usa/517983-george-floyd-minneapolis-settlement/ who gets the dough? I heard that his own son didnt know until his mum told him after the SHTF.
>>17130 Niggers.
>>17131 His kids deserve the millions, after all he might have come into their lives at some point in the future. Its ironic that it took a Just white man to get them compensated for his lifelong absence.
I got nowhere on my cryptocoin today. The Genius is just a man, like all the others, and he has the failing of most very smart people, in that he works from the assumption that he is smarter than anyone who asks him a question. I read an old post where Satoshi Nakamoto trolled him, top kek. Satoshi is definitely one of us. The Genius? Not so sure now. I'm going to the pub. I need to make sure I get some occasional human interaction. A project is worth nothing without its people. Good Night, NEET.
(1.50 MB 498x498 rain pepe gif.gif)
>>17133 Once you hang out with guys who have eidectic memories and can hold 4-5 steps ahead in their mind when you can only manage 2-3 at best, Then you know you are not top tier smart.
>>17116 My core networking is practically nonexistant but I know its better to have your own node if you own crypto coins. This is why I'm interested in Urbit, because i can have a single server PC for my data and crypto, and also it promised true PTP instant messaging.
>>17097 If you trust the tales of the kings. Tacitus, the historian of Imperial Rome has written of his kings. He does not paint them in glowing light.
(63.55 KB 640x853 redhead1.jpg)
Skipped the shopping mission I had planned for after tea. Washed the falcon instead. I dont really need the beans and I can get them after teh wage tomorrow. I was anxious about missing out on the cans but they should last on the shelf for another 24 hours, even if mostly dented cans remain. Also looking at a bread maker on Gumtree. I checked out the manual and it purports to be able to make rye bread. This I need because I realize I am becoming dependent on the shops for this staple. If I can make it at home then that would be pretty based. Not sleeping up the gully tonight. Just missed the cutoff time, dang. Good Night, White.
>>17137 Goodnight m8
Takes about an hour and a half to get to the big smoke. Had to go to SupercheapAuto for the pulleys and the cunt couldn't find them which had me worried the parts weren't even there. Got back home only to discover the boot struts are shot after said boot came crashing down on me noggin while I was in there. $110 for new struts. Cunt fucking cunt. Cars really are money pits. Had a 3-piece feed for lunch at a brand-spanking-new KFC yet the chips were still slightly under-cooked and under-seasoned. The hunt for decent KFC chips continues...
>>17137 >>17133 Good nights
>>17132 no, none of the family deserves the taxpayers' money. too bad my deadbeat father isn't a fucking belligerent, drug-addicted, criminal nigger piece of shit like him.
Good Morning NEETs. Cooler this morning and there are pademelons on the driveway. One is only a baby.
>>17139 an hour an a half separation from the poz is not too bad, You'll wish it was more when the collapse starts.
(5.40 MB 1050x7026 china virus.png)
OH FUK! Norm is gonna spit-take his nescafe all over the newspaper! "Those crafty chinks! What about all that Bat Soup buisness? It must have been a-a- whaddayacallit Psych-Up!"
>>17144 >..... akshually goyim it was just a bioweapon all along like those conspiracy people were saying, but lets ignore they said that, we said it goyim *wink* *wink* tee hee even though we all lied to you but don't worry btw get the weird concoction .... you .... can still .... trust us .... >DUH The other thing that's mind-boggling to me looking at that picture is why your newspaper reports on the inbred aristocrat glorified NEETS in Britain. I don't understand. Why don't Australians hate the guts of the British? They gave you(their own people) a fucking death sentence to brutal slavery on the criminal island with a bunch of venomous animals and insane heat to which you at one time were lucky if you made the trip by boat to arrive to be tortured and flogged even more for ages. People were sent over to Australia for simply pickpocketing; trying to feed themselves in a time where the inbred British government systematically would advocate openly for genocide for their own white poor people, "poor=criminal=slavecaste". But now when you finally built it into a prosperous place it's all good? Explain this "logic". It's fucking disgusting.
>>17143 I'd be fine with it if this was my own place but it's only a temporary living arrangement and I'll probably be somewhere else come next weekend.
>>17142 Good morning, those melons are cute. Might head to a national park today for a bit of a looksy.
(81.95 KB 678x535 Scientists.jpg)
Some latex gloves and a surgical mask makes you a 'scientist'. And what a sophisticated 'laboratory' those 'scientists' are working in...
>>17134 I might not be top tier smart, but I am top tier stubborn, and I use that stubbornness to bang my head against a problem until it falls into place.
>>17135 Urbit is an interesting project, far ahead of its time, and probably underappreciated. I will have to check it out when I have time. My nodes will have encrypted channels - pretty easy when the node identifier is also its public key - and I could use those channels for messages with other trusted nodes. The channels need to be encrypted for the protocol to work. It is not gossip if the evil one is hoovering all your plaintext.
(69.62 KB 701x427 Jabitinya.jpg)
>>17145 >btw get the weird concoction .... you .... can still .... trust us .... Yes Master, I shall obey.
(126.93 KB 651x402 House Merchants.jpg)
The day of the rope cometh for these (((people)))
(60.35 KB 651x302 FOWF.jpg)
>>17153 Queensland is a fuckin' scam.
>>17144 >State Department Bunch of cunts who couldn't tell a truth if their lives depended on it. DFAT on steroids. You know.
>>17140 This is CLASSIC boongposting.
(54.80 KB 627x308 N64.jpg)
This should keep me entertained for a minute
>>17156 It's been a favourite of mine for years. Love the way the 4X sign reflects off the water. I wonder if that's just what the coon drank before passing out?
>>17158 It is art.
>The new Ford Fairlane, 'If you don't deserve it, who does?' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9S-4Ey--Ac
(47.44 KB 800x800 1606262391325.png)
I was looking at this fat girl in the tea room at teh wage, she had an assortment of facial peircings including a nose ring, so she looked like a clown slampig. I was wondering why you would get a nose ring if you were fatso. I think it is ignorance of that nursery rhyme the owl and the pussycat, where the pig has a ring in its nose that is used to marry them. So what happens is you lose your conection to your culture and end up as part of clown world and a lesson to the rest of us.
>>17148 yeah that report is bullshit really. The project was run by a chinkette who was copying some biotech from the Netherlands, the aim was to do common cold research and the ccp probably had a cadre officer with his fingers in the pie. then it got out on some incompetent ching chongs shoe. What we are seeing here is anti chinees propaganda. Psy-op as all get out.
>>17158 Nah nah nah thats me noongar cuzin. some white dog gave him twenty bucks to pose in the puddle like that.
>>17152 Thats fucked. Houses can be cut into sections and relocated.
>>17146 Take the Cobar pill.
(77.19 KB 185x255 boong20.png)
>>17163 >some white dog gave him twenty bucks
(41.93 KB 255x128 pepe barby.png)
>>17145 Actualy my ancestors are not anglos but came over post war from evropa. Culturally I'm distinct from settler stock just as they are are from two pound poms. Its sad that there are no more white monocultures anymore.
http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/poland-doctor-mocks-anti-vaxxers-takes-vaccine-dies/ >A Polish doctor who was filmed mocking COVID-19 vaccine skeptics as he was inoculated died 19 days after getting his shot. >“Just to mention, I also have information for the anti-vaxxers and COVID skeptics; if you would like to get in contact with Bill Gates, you can do it through me. I can also lend you the 5G network in my body,” he continued, presumably referring to rumors that Gates funded projects to link vaccine records to a “tattoo” or microchip and those saying that China’s 5G network spreads the virus. >The story of the gynecologist who poked fun at those who oppose vaccines while being vaccinated, and died shortly thereafter, made the rounds of Polish social media. Critics of Poland’s COVID-19 vaccination program connected his death to his inoculation. However, Rogiewicz’s daughter denied that he had died from the vaccine. >“His death had nothing to do with getting the second dose of the vaccine,” she claimed. Lol, fucking OWNED! Praise God.
>>17168 kek, I wouldn't believe anything thst gets posted on the dailystormer
>>17169 Why not? Many of his articles are parody but this one is clearly not. It even cites mainstream press.
>>17168 There is such a massive vested interest in getting the covax into our lives that we should expect a next level psyop on multiple levels. If it turns out that it ruins your health then only the pajeets and bantu africans will be unaffected.
Holy fuck, we're retarded. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australia-joins-us-india-and-japan-in-vowing-to-restore-democracy-in-myanmar-as-death-toll-rises Asian people do not need democracy. The only people who can even get close to making it work are Aryans, and even then it is the death of nations and empires.
(58.82 KB 640x800 redhead2.jpg)
Waging full time means you cant do much with your day, only two more weeks of this badness and then I start setting up my neet cave for the winter. I hope. Good Night, White.
>>17172 But the real target is China. https://www.ft.com/content/dc2aaf68-b92e-4c48-8823-e7e4648ccb74 >UK declares China in breach of 1984 Hong Kong declaration The United Kingdom couldn't even hold Basra. How in fuck's name do they intend to take on China?
>>17173 Night m8
They will start beating the war drums soon. They will use all of the usual tricks to get you to sign up. Do not fall for any of them.
And another one. Out of sight, out of mind.
Today I shook down the goyim for some shekels. For lunch I ate some foreskins and washed them down with fresh goy blood. I set up an altar for ritual sacrifice to the ancient God of the Edomites. It will serve me well through the coming war. Good Night, White.
(174.20 KB 740x943 pfizer.png)
>>17168 It's probably fine, don't worry. Totally safe. Don't be selfish and just go get it right now so you're not putting all the old folks at risk. ;^)
(377.76 KB 474x625 ClipboardImage.png)
Today I roasted six gorillion jews in my home-built wood-fired pizza oven. Then I rode the holocauster to back to Auschwitz. Good Night, Kike.
>>17179 Nite m8 and enjoy your war.
>>17180 What the fuck are they putting in it?
(205.87 KB 236x383 ClipboardImage.png)
Today my supreme manliness turned a bulldog lesbian straight. Good Night, Dyke.
Last night the incandescent luminescence of my bedside lamp saved me from the hideous nightmares of ghouls and beasts that I had woken up from. Good Night Light.
>>17180 I love you people, a story from Children's Health Defense, at least I'm geting a laugh out of you lot.
I once had an airplane trip that was perfectly so timed that it left around 9pm and arrived a little after 7am the next day. Good Night Flight.
My olddad always said that he loved his dentures because they could nut a lamb in one swift closure of the jaw. Good Bite, Right?
>>17188 He was a wise man with a strong jaw
I went to the barrio to hang out today. There were two very athletic hombres engaging in some sort of combat. I thought to myself, Now this is the kind of thing that we should be doing to regain the strength of our people. Hood Fight Might.
(101.56 KB 160x271 ClipboardImage.png)
The Irish potato famine was pretty rough. Something like a million Irish died of starvation. I heard that certain British policies made it even worse. Food Blight: Quite.
(2.12 MB 1200x1320 ClipboardImage.png)
Could Kite Bright?
(540.33 KB 640x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Would Mite Fright?
(98.59 KB 600x686 tf.jpeg)
Can lite Bright
(956.00 B 136x33 ClipboardImage.png)
I don't know why the BO hates you know so much. Everyone loves it even though the won't admit it. Good Tight Site.
>>17195 Lol fucking newfag.
(227.96 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
Cum Splite Dripes.
(259.54 KB 474x332 ClipboardImage.png)
Moon Light Bike.
(130.29 KB 474x248 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17199 no u faget
(45.62 KB 602x467 costa2.jpeg)
(272.40 KB 674x859 unaUwUer.jpg)
>>17186 The MSM doesn't publish negative story against the interests of big pharma, so this is the best you'll get. Anyway the people mentioned are what's important, not who published it. If Reiner Fuellmich is involved, then it's legit.
(2.03 MB 480x352 cat.gif)
(3.58 MB 3264x2448 OutBush (1).jpg)
(3.91 MB 3264x2448 OutBush (2).jpg)
(4.97 MB 3264x2448 Rockpools (1).jpg)
(3.49 MB 3264x2448 Rockpools (2).jpg)
(2.93 MB 3264x2448 Bangers and Mash.jpg)
Pretty beat. Had a bit of an outback adventure which involved traversing unsealed roads. Probably not the best thing for a tiny hatchback but hey you work with what you got. Can't tell you how refreshing it was to take a dip after the little hike into the bush where these 'rock pools' were. Only took 30 minutes of walking to get there but that was mostly an ascending walk up hilly terrain. So it was much easier on the way back, like literally took half the time. There were a few others so was hesitant to get into the water. But the sheer heat of the walk had me feeling "fuck it i'm getting wet" plus it was a long drive+walk to get there so wasn't just gonna take pics. I took heaps of pics and vids so will try to upload them tomorrow. Too tired. Curried sausages and mashed potato for dinner. Good night, depressed white incel.
>>17161 >why you would get a nose ring if you were fatso I think it's due to essentially having a weak mindset with added low confidence. I've seen plenty of instances online of people with disabilities of some sort, of which could be rectified with surgeries but instead choose to cover themselves with tattoos or piercings. I guess 'cause that's a quicker 'fix' that hides their true shortcomings.
(20.16 KB 480x360 FaTPixxa.jpg)
>>17165 >NSW Get the fark outta here you Sydney poofter!
>>17168 >COVID-19 skeptic dies 19 days after inoculation Guess it's time to take my pills again...
(71.93 KB 582x337 the descent3.jpg)
>>17173 >NEET cave What could possibly go wrong camping in a cave...? Good night you white devil.
>40+ posts in one day Guess Endchan went down again...
(3.49 MB 3264x2448 Chad and Stacy Selfie.jpg)
What a life they live. It must be nice. And ya'll should've seen the bikini she had underneath... If I'm going to be a creepy incel then I should at least upgrade my creepshot equipment to 4K capability for the sake of ya'll. Right?
Good Morning NEETs. A warm morning and last day of teh wage. Overfilled my piss bottle again.
(286.03 KB 464x386 alex joneses.png)
>>17174 Its part of a reaction to china's nationalist boosting agitprop. The CCP is hurting and swiping at the west. War is immanent. Alex Jones would agree.
>>17208 They look happy. I 'd be the chud that made the railing.
(149.61 KB 225x300 falcon hell out of here.png)
>>17206 You'd need that BA Falcon to get you there.
(980.94 KB 525x3132 nitram.png)
UwU! New Kerzel brothers moofie coming out soon!
>>17204 Nice pics neet, thanks for sharing.
(104.78 KB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>Here's to the king, sir! >Ye ken wha I mean, sir; >And to every honest man, >⁠That will do't again. >⁠Fill, fill your bumpers high; ⁠>Drain drain your glasses dry; ⁠>Out upon him, fy! oh ly! ⁠>That winna do't again.
(1.07 MB 862x960 k7a9162.png)
>>17211 Good morning. Why don't you just piss against a tree?
>>17213 Guess you've never seen that moofie. They don't stay happy for too long. >chud I'm sure you're not that ugly.
>>17214 A former in-law of mine once had an old Falcon, restored to look like an original XY GT. It was cool sitting in the back cruising around town and most people turning for a looksy. Made me feel popular.
>>17217 >ken I've only seen that word used in Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' books. I need to get back into 'em, I stopped on book 6 a few years ago.
(28.37 MB 1280x720 VID.mp4)
>>17216 No problem. Have some British backpacker arse.
(140.26 KB 1169x432 NEWS.jpg)
(51.96 KB 620x387 Word of the Yesterday.jpg)
>>17223 funny video, lightened my mood. thank you
I did some wage. It wasn't too bad. The JobSeeker taper is ridiculous, like 60c per $ earned. It's barely even worth waging once you get into the threshold.
>>16983 >being a neet in 2020s You're fault civilisation is toast. Enjoy living in the second dark age. Hope your hedonism was great. Mine was.
>>17227 Oh hi faggot, do you know what today is?
>>17228 I don't actually
>>17229 Oh. That's too bad. Enjoy your shithole country. If you stay there and give us all you took from us we may not genocide every last creature within your borders when we are free again.
>>17230 I'm an American on a vpn I live in San francisco
God I hate imagevoard users. All bait no substance.
>>17231 >>17232 >I live in San francisco And this is meant to change my opinion of you because...? You're that faggot tranny from the other thread, aren't you.
>>17233 You don't have an opinion of me you have some made up bait you're gonna throw like a monkey throws shit and see if I take the bait.
>>17234 Why the fuck would I care what some fag bag of AIDS does?
>>17235 It's not that you care. You just don't have shit to do and saw a post so now you're on anon mode posting all the same shit bait that's been posted 20 years now. You can't say anything about what I said so you just devolve the conversation into petty insults. Played this game before.
>>17236 Well then stop being a nigger about it. Come on faggot, throw something back.
>>17231 That's a funny way to spell Israel. Makes more sense to use a vpn node 'close to home' rather than one on the other side of the planet I guess.
>>17237 >>17238 Cope. You want to bait? Jack yourself off. I did this back and forth 10 years ago. Grow or go to 4chan
>>17238 How's my flag now fag?
>>17240 Still a shitskin
>>17241 So am I a jew or black or what?
(57.99 KB 678x960 yes.jpg)
>>17242 Why are you even here? >>>/r9k/ if you just want to bitch and moan
>>17242 It doesn't matter, all this influences is the means of your death, to be oven or rope.
>>17238 >>17239 >>17240 This is some retard level samefagging.
(24.51 KB 769x201 (me).png)
>>17246 The first one was my vpn, sometimes throws an error >>15515 Guess cockroach flaggot thought he was being cute
>>17227 Hedonism is for Degenerates. I keep a more open mind about being effective when your not particpating in the ZOG program. .
(83.96 KB 789x561 Dare to Creep.jpg)
This looks alright for the price. Don't wanna spend more than $500 on any phone. It can record 4K/30fps video and 60fps at lower resolutions. Never even heard of this brand until now. Was looking at reviews of Samsung phones in the $300 price range where someone (CCP shill?) mentioned Xiaomi and Realme were much better and at a similar price. Decisions decisions decisions...
(74.88 KB 640x853 redhead3.jpg)
Physically demanding last day of teh wage and I went to see a moofie "Chaos Walking". Pretty entertaining but I was in a good mood. Daisy Ridley was super hot but gave me incel feels. I started to see the kiked white genocide message after a while, its probably not real but fuck it this is the cynic edition: Hero is brought up in the incel town where the men got all psycho and killed the women. The incels chase the hero + girl to the nice town which is run by a black woman mayor who helps them escape the incel posse. etc etc... Didnt pay to see it, had a good ride home past the mysterious freemason temple and skipped getting tim tams from coles for tea. Good Night, White.
(223.47 KB 1280x720 pinephone.jpg)
>>17250 Take the PinePhone pill
(253.12 KB 594x681 retardmutt.png)
Another Falcon bites the dust. Rust In Peace. >P-plater loses control on NSW's M1, smashing into rock wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2elw4gELLQ
>>17252 >149 >that price difference for nearly the same specs >Out of stock >Estimate dispatch in February 22-26, 2021 week Thanks I think I'll be jumping on that asap.
>>17255 You're welcome, toopthpaste. I gotta get one too.
Good Morning NEETs. So much to do today, I should make a list for once.
>>17219 I dont piss there because it'd stink like hell in short order and I dont trash the place. I'm trying to be tactical up there.
(134.35 KB 520x1786 weeger.jpg)
I can't imagine that code was originally written by the chinks, This jew is probably outraged that it was originally copied and adapted from Israeli tech.
Off to wage. >>17259 >MacSmith It's a Scottish Jew, kek. Scots are the Jews of the Brittish Isles.
>>17260 I'd take a red head over a kike any day. Finally signed up to spotlight's VIP club. The savings are worth the email spam and privacy leaks.
>>17257 Morning, enjoy the wage
(89.25 KB 867x567 Chillin 24-7.jpg)
Another action-packed day of NEETery awaits...
Walked past my lemon tree in the neigbhourhood, a sizable haul evident RIPE FOR THE TAKING Tonight's the night.
>>17264 see if you can find me some limes please.
(284.10 KB 711x1635 Grandma Gunslinger.jpg)
>>17264 I've got a balaclava, may I join you on the raid?
>>17263 Improve that ratio.
>>17263 freemason confirmed
(130.69 KB 621x1226 Super Sexy Aussie Cougar.jpg)
>tfw very lonely
>>17267 Get your own lemons.
>>17270 >discover fantasies kek Looks like a tranny from that pic
(135.40 KB 867x581 Canberra Teenis.jpg)
I love seeing tennis players lose their shit over a little yellow ball. Gets me hard tbqh.
(35.00 MB 1280x720 Mountain Rockpool Swimming.mp4)
I really need a tan
(1.52 MB 763x1048 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Wight; Knight.
(2.30 MB 1257x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Good White Knight.
(222.83 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Night White.
>>17278 Good Night.
(289.57 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Wight Night.
(1.32 MB 1400x1078 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Light Bike.
>>17259 >send a warning when a "yellow" person is viewed by facial recognition kek
(473.43 KB 1200x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Bike Light
(169.40 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Dyke Bite.
(131.16 KB 550x395 Alf stewart.jpg)
>>17284 I'll Bite you If ya dont stop pozzing up the thread.
>>17284 Despite your thread fucking faggotry that image has me regretting the few times I had in the past to do that sort of thing to a woman.
A fuckng literal caravan park is refusing to get back to me on vacancies. Homicidal incel rage rising dramatically
(59.97 KB 409x345 LMAO.jpg)
Which tells me I'm not wanted. Please just give me a place to rest my weary head.
>>17288 Let's hope the door hits you on the way out.
>>17288 Was that you that posted that underage pic on endchan ausneets?
(8.01 KB 300x295 squattersymbol.jpeg)
>>17287 Take the Squatter Pill
>>17290 Probably. I wouldn't make him comfortable here.
>>17292 Yeah, this board should have zero tolerance to underage theme girls. I just hope to avoid any narkiness about it.
>>17293 I agree. Go fuck off back to endchan or 4chan if you wanna do that shit. Leave this place alone!
(96.43 KB 640x790 redheads.jpg)
Today was a market day. Much secondhand stuff was purchased for very good prices. Standout finds were two E27 light bulb holders for my stock of illegal incandescent globes I pocketed them whilst buying tip shop tents. I paid $0.6 for a pear to break some tall folding but I got 75% of the venetian blinds I need for the neet cave. I also got a secondhand sleeping bag that was already hand repaired with neat stitching, its washed and ready for me to take the scissors to the zipper and use it tonight because its cold already. Up before dawn to raid for lemons. Good Night, White.
>>17295 Enjoy your early morning raid neet.
(37.46 KB 640x480 lemon.jpg)
(43.22 KB 640x480 lemons.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. An acceptable haul but I was challenged by the property owners cat. Many green lemons left for when this lot is gone.
>>17297 Good haul. You need to get some crocs they are much more comfortable to wear with socks than those pluggas.
(54.42 KB 634x836 1556231238257.png)
March 15 was a special day.
(1.55 MB 1200x750 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Bite, White.
(647.84 KB 640x396 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Flight, White.
>>17297 Nice haul.
Do you NEETs ever hire whores? Where do you find them online?
>>17303 fuck off
>>17304 Why?
>>17305 fuck you
(2.97 MB 200x180 MFW perfect.gif)
>>17303 Backpage/Cracker was pretty good but trump's wife git it banned. Now there is only locanto for dial ins. Unless you want to go to the high price whores. Imagine dropping your cenno on an hour with a slut.
>>17307 I just want a bj, I've never had one and I'm 31
>>17308 Sorry m80 cant help you.
>>17304 >>17306 This is the person on endchan in a nutshell. If you do not deal with him he will get worse.
I mean this one >>17288
(591.28 KB 1632x1224 Brekky.jpg)
>>17297 Good morning, that's a big load of lemons. Well done. How were the passion-fruits, sweet or tangy?
>>17295 The curves on that redhead! Nice score on the blinds, though I much prefer curtains as they're easier to clean plus blinds can still be seen through even when shut.
>>17311 That's what I was getting at here >>17304 and here >>17306 He needs to be dealt with. All boards already going to shit in the last 2 weeks.
>>17314 And by "he" I do not mean >>17304, I mean >>17288.
>>17313 >plus blinds can still be seen through even when shut Yeah m8 I know, I've got blinds as well in my 1bd flat, it's a little weird, I've never had anyone try to look through them though, every one of my neighbors are boomer normies and don't get up to the kind of shit a anon who lurks chans would, (like myself)
>>17315 He is the same person. Good luck.
I bought a box of light bulbs off a girl who looked like pic rel. I have bought stuff off her before + No ring on her finger. Very unhappy about that counter being between us.
(21.75 KB 498x371 spy pepe.jpg)
>>17313 Only if they are backlit, otherwise they are good for peeping out of.
>>17317 No, I posted "fuck off / fuck you" and I posted >>17314 and >>17315. You're a retard.
>>17312 Passion fruit were a bit sour, They curdled the milk in my oats.
>>17318 Typically the only chances I get to speak to beautiful women are with supermarket checkout operators or drive-thru attendants. As long as they're friendly I leave feeling good. Haven't been to an outdoor market in a long time.
>>17316 >don't get up to the kind of shit a anon who lurks chans would kek, we're (mostly) a bunch of deviant cunts
(82.89 KB 360x490 rack.png)
REEEEEEEEEE started to put this rack together, why the fuck cant any of the bolt holes line up properly, I'm going to have to drill them all.
(107.71 KB 1200x800 LGBTQ Captain america.jpg)
Why yu seppos not have a boong Captain america. Could call him Captain Boong.
>>17308 LMAO Back to /r9k you go
(390.52 KB 1383x2048 falcon.jpeg)
>>17325 They don't need a boong they have a nigger as captain America now.
>>17324 Because its chinkshit. CHINKED
>>17328 yeah, ain't that the sad truth
(102.67 KB 740x1024 watermelons.jpg)
I'm off up the gully early tonight, It was a hot day and there will be normies on the track that runs along the gully floor so I'll put my camo on when I step off it. I need to take the hammock down and adjust the outer shell part, I also am reworking the camo net and its fortuitous that my camo lines got delivered today. Its a tricky make because i have to deal with the net bias and tie about 1000 clove hitches all on my apartment floor (which is too small). Got up super early for the lemons and then went on a wild goose chase into middle bay looking for a prepaid credit cards so i could anonymously buy crypto and some decent bread. Money laundering not allowed tho and the bakeries only had white bread and ching chong schoolgirls sipping latte's. Now I'm tired and going to teh wage to pay for neetcave essentials that I am stockpiling for the long winter far from the shops. Didn't get everything done on my days off but the plan is advancing. Good Night, White.
(52.82 KB 320x396 Wall Hitter.jpg)
>>17330 A lot of nice melons in that pic, 2 of which are strikingly more pleasing to the eye than the rest. But obvious sexual tension aside, how did you go with teh pre-paid credit cards? Surely you had to provide at least some sort of personal info. Australia is too cucked to allow any such 'anonymous' financial ventures. (((Somebody))) wants a piece of the pie. Perhaps if a tree were to 'accidentally' fall on the track you'd have less issues with McNormie Hikerstein? Good night, Cunt.
>>17313 Alina Schiano
Sick of the other place. Going to start posting here from now on I think. With that said, goodnight NEETs.
Good Morning NEETs. Saw the mob of wallabies last night, one of them came right up and looked at me. Had a high quality sleep and going to the outpost office today.
>>17331 Lol Image. I want to buy monero anonymously, even though it cant be traced i want to find a system of getting my money out of fiat. you can get prepaid credit cards but only up to $200 for a ten dollar fee. the online exchanges like https://changenow.io/currencies/monero sell monero but you only get 75% of market value, and you have to buy with a credit card or paypal. selling monero for fiat costs the same. https://localmonero.co/buy-monero There are marketplaces like https://localmonero.co/buy-monero and you can get a better deal and buy with cash but is not optimal because trust. A marketplace using serial paralell microtransactions like was discussed >>17104 might work but i dont think many cryptocoins are set up to do that. A privacy coin that can do high rate frangible microtransactions is what i'm seeking now. I'm going to go with osko/bpay for now and work on finding the best solution. I'm sure the chink money exchangers have got a system for dodging tax so maybe i'll copy what they do, That'd be a bit ironic, an aussie copying a ching chong, kek.
>>17333 iktf >>17334 Morning, the wallabies are curious about their new neighbour.
Morning faggots, how are you all.
>>17335 Bisq for total anonymity. Binance you might have to come up with a fake ID. If you bought a little bit of Monero on Bisq you could buy a fake ID to use with Binance then do the rest of your conversion there. Bisq is a pain with very thin trading but is the only real choice at the moment for total anonymity until Monero atomic swaps become available.
>>17337 Good morning noot, I've got a uni assignment due today so I am finishing that off. It is mostly done so she'll be right.
>>17334 Good morning my fellow alpha Chad NEETs, the sun is shining after the past two cold rainy days.
>>17339 Good luck with that. Hope you get a good result.
>>17341 Cheers noot.
(178.69 KB 695x963 YesNo.jpg)
Cat-fish thot on tinder. Hack her phone and hit the 'Yes' on the consent app. I'm sure a 'Sir' will attempt this.
(2.80 MB 1280x720 barren cunt.webm)
>>17343 How about slags stop lying and the courts stop believing virtually anything PMS-femoids say?
Morning NEETs. Last day of week two of uni for me. Hope you all have a good one.
>>17343 Fucking hell what a cuck. This man should be beaten with a piece of stout rod until he no longer says such stupid things.
>>17343 Also >that face Why do glowniggercops always look the fucking same?
>>17344 Another bitch that needs a fucking bashing.
(221.24 KB 1448x1024 lunch.jpg)
Couple of chicken sandwiches for lunch, plain but nice with a bit of pepper and salt washed down with a cup of Earl Grey. >>17345 Have a good weekend neet.
>Queensland has seen a record number of COVID-19 cases from Papua New Guinea (PNG), a day after the Prime Minister issued a dire warning about the nation's virus situation. ScoMo is being a faggot again. Shall I psychologically, ASIO, psychologically destroy this man?
>>17345 Good luck neet, try not to fall behind. Catching up can be very difficult.
>>17349 Do you mind me asking about that keyboard? I love the look of it.
Life sucks.
>>17353 Thats an AZIO keyboard they have a few different ones, they do have a long throw on them so may not be great if you do a lot of typing.
>>17355 Cheers mate.
I'm off to uni now. Bye noots.
>>17349 Top lunch, I can't have a chicken sandwich without mayo though.
>>17358 Have a good productive day
happy saint patty's cunts
(64.41 KB 626x626 hl.jpeg)
The outpost office was boring, A place where the operators have time to manicure and style their field beards. Very little to score but i managed a frozen pie and a custard scroll. Also got a tip on a Lime tree in my neighbourhood. I vow to investigate...
Fark looks like this LED light bar is gonna be harder to install than I thought
>>17351 Your disclaimer is not needed NEET. We hate scomo as much as any Australian. T. AFPNEET
>>17364 yeah, things are seldom easy
Second week of uni done. Going to go over one of my assessments later on this afternoon.
Also, the campus having a bar might end up being a bad thing for my bank account and I in the long-term. It's really comfy up there as well and if it's anything like it was today it might end up being a good spot to do some study.
How do disabled people fit in with NEETdom?
>>17367 Things ramp up after week 3 and get mental after week 6
>>17369 Anyone can be neet, it is a state of mind.
>>17367 >>17370 never went to uni, I was too much of a mong.
>>17333 >the other place I was just perusing the latest thread and there's more 'user was banned for this post' than I've ever seen before either there or back on 8ch. There's definitely a cancerous aspect to that place nowadays.
>>17373 There was that time he banned someone for posting an unspoilered pic of curry.
I am beginning to think that spray quik grip glue doesn't like corflute, after 2 days it is still tacky to the touch
>>17371 I disagree. You can't have a wife, 2 kids and a full time job and be a NEET.
>>17376 I think it goes off in the absence of oxygen. Kill the sticky with talcum powder and remove it with acetone.
>>17332 Thanks. Both Google image search and Tineye returned zero results.
>>17377 what about two out of three?
>>17378 Thanks,have no powder but I'll try the acetone, I will have a look at bunnings website for another glue (I'm glueing velvet to corflute)
>>17373 It turned into a cesspit a while ago and I guess I was in too much denial to accept it. >>17374 He banned me for pointing out where the pedo poster gets his pictures from as well, all I did was point out to the BO that the filename has the instagram account of that Amerigoblin he posts. >>17379 You're welcome. >>17370 I'm only doing a pre-uni course thing at the moment, so not actual uni yet but they have pointed out to use that there are basically phases in the uni semesters and to keep on top of things. I've got a quiz for fundamental maths I need to hand in by Monday morning, I did all the questions today and just need to print off the paper we're meant to write them all out on and scan to send back to them. >>17372 I'm sure you're not as much of a mong as you think you are.
I'm back from uni. I'm going to have some food and then get back to studying. Good day so far. I hope the rest of you are had at least an alright day.
>>17381 good luck, maybe superglue, but probably nothing will work. Try staples.
>>17380 No. And this board seems to be full of non-NEETs. So much for a NEET board without it being /r9k/. Laters fags.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>17368 Dont waste your money at the University Bar, NEET. Take advantage of my low-low prices and pick up a bottle or two, then head home to relax alone.
(36.68 KB 500x500 Barnaby-Joyce.jpg)
>>17385 Looks like the realNEET doesn't want to shitpost with the professionalNEETs
>>17385 I'm pretty sure the BO is employed. But that don't necessarily make him a 'normie'.
>>17386 Wise words as always Dan
>>17388 I wage now but will NEET over winter in my NEETcave in Silver City.
Off to check out that lime tree.
A NEET's problems can be similar to that of an R9K'er in respects to female companionship We have nothing to offer them which makes us seem like an 'incel'
>>17391 Grab me some please.
>>17370 Week 6 is the last week at my uni before the mid-semester break. >>17382 If you need any help with the maths, feel free to ask here. I won't just give you the answer but I am happy to help you learn.
>>17394 Thanks. I'll probably ask once we get into algebra, that's when I clocked out back in high school.
>>17395 You're not the neet looking to study biotechnology are you?
>>17396 It's one of the options I'm thinking of taking next year. Why?
>>17398 >>17397 I was just wondering if you were the same neet from a different imageboard. I wasn't having a go at you or anything.
>>17399 That's fine.
>>17393 No lime tree apparent but the biggest haul of lemons spotted.
>>17401 Keep an eye out for the lemon stealing whores.
>>17402 Also found a motherlode of unpicked apples and pears. I only want lemons tho.
There are a lot of people out there who are scarcely better than animals. Huge parts of the world are sitting there, ripe for the taking, for anyone who has the heart to just pick them up.
>>17404 The greatest thing to pluck from the fallow field is a young white man.
I'm off to the gym. Got a nice deadlift session planned.
Kernel 5.4.0-67 updated >>17406 Have a good lift neet.
(83.87 KB 640x800 redhead4.jpg)
Sixty seven knots tied and 1/5 of the camo net has been edged. I was thinking today about how to make the camo that goes on top. I used sisal string and slitted green nylon on the old one which works okay, then I get natural camo from the area and spread that on top. The new one will focus on hiding the side profile of my "night sail". Just glad to have some craftwork to go on with in the evening when I can t be stuffed going up the gully to sleep. Wage tomorrow in the fast office, Guaranteed to be pain involved. Good Night, White.
>>17408 Fucking hell, I'm fairly certain I follow her on instagram too. Goodnight mate.
>>17408 goodnight m8
>>17407 Cheers mate, I'm back and I had a good one.
Good Morning NEETs. Starting to regret not drinking more fluids yesterday. Have to put in a big effort today.
>>17412 Sup motherfuckers! Don't be rash, don't fall for the obvious glow ops. Be original! If it's something that someone else suggested then it's no good and you're being used as a pawn. Be the chessmaster, not the chess piece.
Morning NEETs. >>17408 Alana Pancyr.
>>17414 >>17412 Good morning neets.
And remember kids: The best scams are the ones where the victim doesn't know he has been scammed.
I feel a portal opening. Someone is using arcane magiks.
>>17412 >>17414 >>17415 Morning neets
(1.34 MB 1065x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
You do NOT want to search for white woman posing nude on DuckDuckGo. Good Night, White.
>>17285 Our lord and saviour Jesus Christ still loves you!
>>17287 Caravans are so 2015, free camping is where it's at now. Chicks dig it too, once you have camped out a few nights without internet and the incel rage has dissipated, replaced by the roaring manliness of the prehistoric cave dweller.
I know you guys don't like talking about it, but what is going on over there?
>>17422 Autistic drama and attentionfagging. That place is dead to me now.
Just had a plate full of mushrooms, it was very tempting to get a slice of bread and soak up all that buttery sauce that was leftover, I resisted but it would have been nice.
>>17418 >>17415 >>17414 >>17413 >>17412 Good morning. I'm regretting certain fluids I did have yesterday. Alcoholic fluids.
>>17419 I have no problem with such imagery so long as they're not posing with anything black
>>17424 Sounds good, I love mushrooms.
>>17385 apparently you are too dumb to even read the first rule in the sticky.
(226.87 KB 1603x1044 scanpan.jpg)
My new 24cm pan arrived, the 20cm ones I have can be a bit small sometimes. I have already seasoned it so I will try it out tonight.
>>17429 That's a great quality brand anon, smart man not using (((teflon))) Other anons itt throw out your non stick teflon pans and buy stainless, teflon is incredibly toxic and the substance leaks into food, especially when the coating is damaged. Breakdowns of this should be banned substance has even been detected in breast milk and is a causes lower sperm count male infertility and penises to shrink in men. Jews even put it in dental floss like "Oral-B Glide".
(208.13 KB 250x430 mn4muedkvvn61.mp4)
>>17429 Looks good mate. Keep us updated.
>>17427 Mushrooms are quite impressive in terms of their micronutrients too.
>>17421 Come home Neanderthal man.
>>17433 If I was a millionaire I'd eat mushrooms for breakfast lunch and tea.
Oof. Painful shift, got smashed at the end and put into overtime. Then I had to roll thru town and past the great replacement, One full nig looking kid with his dumpy blue haired white mother left me feeling Tarrant-tier blackpilled. Then I put in an acceptable effort in the park and now I'm feeling better. Last of the froxen food for tea, Might sleep up the gully tonight.
>>17429 staino pans dont stay shiny for long. You should have gone with black iron.
>>17426 Yes. There is no reason that DuckDuckGo would insert such obvious kikery into its search results. Is there.
>>17435 I've heard they are easy to grow. Might be worth looking into.
>>17438 What do you think of yandex as a search engine?
>>17422 The BO is playing whack-a-mole with a persistent nuro impersonator.
>>17439 The millionaire fears the indoor mushroom farmer.
>>17437 I think the problem is many people don't know how to care for stainless steel, not many people I know actually season their pans and then complain about food sticking, and as for keeping them shiny, simple bit of elbow grease and bi-carb soda and they will be shiny inside and out for years.
>>17443 Imagine cleaning your frypan
>>17435 It really is annoying at just how expensive they are. I love adding them to my stews.
(70.44 KB 640x800 redhead 6.jpg)
I'm off up the gully tonight, fuck cruising the chans for entertainment. I want to think about logistics and shit. Good Night,White.
>>17446 Good night.
>>17446 Goodnight mate, this one isn't ringing any bells for me sadly.
>>17446 Have a good night m8
Any plans for the weekend boys?
>>17450 Stuff for uni, also buying a printer tomorrow. Yourself?
>>17452 Catching up on unit, I've fallen a bit behind. I'm doing five subjects instead of the usual four. I am considering dropping back down to the standard load. I will do some grocery shopping too.
>>17453 >five subjects Oh shit. I'm only doing two parthway courses this term. Once I start uni I'm thinking of doing 3 units during terms 1 and 2 and then 2 units during term 3. Adds up to the standard 8 units a year.
>>17455 I haven't had a crumbed sausage in years. I should look into fixing that one of these days. Chips look good too.
(2.70 MB 3264x2448 Truckstop.jpg)
(678.64 KB 1632x1224 Chips and Crumbed Sausage.jpg)
Just a couple pics from today's mini road-trip. Had nowhere in particular to go but a longish drive helps clear the mind. Saw a couple dead roos and what appeared to be possums. It's a tough life out in the countryside, but the more I see the more I wanna move to.
>>17457 >>17455 Looks good mate, makes me wish I could drive.
Going to do some more language practice then go to sleep. Goodnight NEETs.
>>17459 Good night noot. Is it Spanish?
>>17456 >>17458 Sorry, I had to quickly delete that post due to posting a wrong image. The sausage was better than the chips which had that 'been sitting in the hot-box all day' taste. Didn't feel too good after eating all that grease though.
>>17429 Nice and shiny, hope it brings you many delicious and healthy meals.
>>17430 >Jews even put it in dental floss like "Oral-B Glide" Did not know that, will haveto investigate further.
>>17450 Might explore the nearby mountainous national park if the weather is good. Also got a really nice-looking recipe for 'Tuscan chicken' I plan on making.
>>17464 Sounds good neet. Stay safe and keep us posted on that recipe.
>>17398 don't do it, especially if you're at all looking to stay in Australia. Do chemical engineering or medicine or pharmacy instead and at least have a shot at some money later. Biotech is just as challenging as those but doesn't have anywhere near the payoff.
Good morning NEETs. The possums were singing me lullabies all night but its the saturday hoons that woke me up.
(49.33 KB 680x340 no malarkey.jpg)
I wonder when greenscreengate is due to hit the MSM
>>17469 >greenscreengate Nice I missed that one. What happened now?
>>17470 some 4chan spergs spotted biden looking like a deepfake. No big surprise really the only question is which particular Qanon theory is closest to the truth. I'm going with the clone one.
>>17471 Thanks neet.
Going to the fast office for another go-round.
Scotty from marketing has been a faggot on the left (cucking on everything and falling for convid) but has now found himself under attack over some bullshit about women. This ironically means that we might have to defend this cunt on the right. If we even can given he has disowned huge parts of the right in Australia. If he goes down it will be his own fault, but I have this feeling that whoever they send to replace him will start undoing superman Tony Abbott's refugee policies. That would be bad.
>>17469 >>17472 A good kek, reminds me of glitching out video games as a child.
>>17450 Was going to go to Bunnings but I got up to late,it will be full of normies now maybe I will try tomorrow.
>>17457 Thanks for the pics neet
>>17468 Morning >>17475 have fun at the wage
Morning NEETs. >>17460 Yeah. >>17466 My long-term plans involve leaving Australia.
>>17482 >>17480 >>17468 Good morning. Sippin' on some good old Nescafe. Feeling slightly concerned that almost 3 months of the year is gone and I've done nothing of note.
(38.42 KB 545x438 Bunnings Block Set.jpg)
>>17478 It would be incredibly foolish. That place on a weekend could give any NEET a severe case of PTSD. #CookYourOwnDamnSnags
I've given my room a good clean. I feel happy and productive.
I've given my room a good clean. I feel happy and productive.
>>17482 IcecreamNEET/soyfree. I'm glad you're here.
(610.55 KB 1632x1224 Big Brekky.jpg)
Been craving buttery garlic mushrooms the past few days. Desire fulfilled!
>>17485 Well >>17486 Done
>>17488 Yum, looks fantastic neet.
>>17488 That looks great. I had a muesli bar for breakky kek. I might have some eggs on toast for lunch. >>17487 If I had to go by one I guess I'd accept the latter.
My desire to be productive seems to mostly happen at night when it is too late to really do anything.
>>17491 Did you have those eggs on toast?
>>17494 No, just ended up having more muesli bars.
>>17495 You should have something proper mate. Eggs are good for weightloss too.
>>17481 Earlier today
I had some porridge with weetbix and frozen mango (thawed) mixed in for a late lunch. Breakfast was scrambled eggs.
>>17463 All that waxed stuff is a meme anyway. Just get the plain old string. It's meant to scrape stuff off your teeth, not slip & slide around.
Had a good day, it was because the office crew all spoke English. Today was the end of Harmony week at teh wage canteen. I didnt feel like Chinees BBQ dog or whatever sandnigger hoof, so piss on that shit. Off to the Wagon Wheel tavern for a Fishermans basket. The foolproof restaurant meal.
>>17500 Good luck mate, I hope it's good. I'm glad to hear your day was good.
What tea do you buy? I've been getting Nerada for a while since it is Australian. It is pretty good but I wouldn't really know any better if it wasn't.
>>17492 Never knew there was an animated LOTR
>>17493 For me that feeling is mostly gone a few hours after waking.
>>17496 >Eggs are good for weightloss too Yeah, especially if you don't eat them ;)
>>17497 >3 fucking times! KEK
>>17505 I reckon you'd feel fuller from eggs than muesli bars assuming an equal number of calories.
>>17502 Whether it's Bushells, Tetley, Nerada, Twinings, Lipton or Dilmah. They all taste the same to me.
>>17508 Righto, I've found much the same but I don't have a very good sense of taste. I've found the strings on Twinings bags tend to break quite often though. The Nerada bags don't have strings at all but that means they can be easily composted due to the lack of the staple.
>>17502 I'm in the habit of buying the Bushell's extra strong tea, I sweeten it with honey.
>>17509 Do you make your own compost?
>>17511 I don't really have a garden so I just let my neighbour have it all.
>>17512 That's very neighbourly of you.
I'm going to have a nap.
>>17514 Enjoy your nanny nap neet
I want to take an hallucinogenic but it's scary.
(597.54 KB 255x225 danr.gif)
>>17516 You may see something magical
I am off to the gym. Bye noots.
>>17518 Have a good night neet
>>17516 smoke dmt while lying down in a low-lit, quiet setting. it is intense, but it only lasts several minutes.
>>17520 I'd need to find a way to get my hands on some.
(56.46 KB 640x853 redhead5.jpg)
Dinner at the Wagon Wheel with fam was really good, I forgot to take a pic tho. Pretty noisy and there were lots aussie ppl with white kids. Guys you might have kicked it with backinnadae only now they have big guts and wives and three girls under 8. Sad feels that I didnt get there but happy that the race prevails. Ate too much chips with my fishermans basket and now I got the bloat. Missed my window for going up the gully so sleeping in the unit. Good Night, White.
>>17522 Glad you had a good night m8, have a restful sleep.
>>17502 Nerada is good but they dont do rooibos. My red tea is from south africa.
(174.77 KB 883x645 Tuscan Chicken.jpg)
(765.92 KB 1632x1224 Sauce.jpg)
(775.40 KB 1632x1224 Chicken In.jpg)
>>17465 Well I made the recipe but it was too rainy to do anything outdoors.
>>17525 Pretty good, would be perfect with risotto or gnocci.
>>17525 That looks fantastic neet, wish I could taste some.
(101.49 KB 699x430 Lick-A-Toad.jpg)
>>17516 Keep away from Big Pharma's synthetic horrors. Nature has you covered.
>>17527 >>17526 Thanks. Never had gnocchi. I used plain slices of white bread to mop up the sauce.
>>17522 Could be worse m8, if you were me you'd have been sitting there all alone looking at everyone with resentment. So long as you're still on good terms with your fam then treasure every moment spent with them. It sounds cliche but they could all be gone tomorrow. Good night. >redhead5 Imagine ripping that top off and feeling those soft warm milkers press against your face/10
(3.28 MB 635x640 psychpepe.gif)
>>17528 This is one based toad, video is absolutely hilarious and the hippies too https://youtu.be/vbrJnzTtgGw
Good Morning NEETs. The alarm goes off and I think "its GO time", such is my urge to move my bowels.
https://www.news.com.au/national/crime/life-of-bryant-killers-bizarre-existence-before-he-murdered-35-in-port-arthur-massacre/news-story/7d0f846e758877f801d23ff34064a9bc The warning signs were all there and he got away with murdering the heiress already. What would you do if you spotted this misfit before he made his move?
(54.89 KB 634x556 1578461430722.jpg)
>>17533 Bryant met a lonely heiress who had a few sheep missing in the top paddock. She took him on as a pet dispite him becoming increasingly obsessed with guns and doing shit like grabbing the wheel when she's driving. Then she leaves him a massive amount of money and property in her will. This woman basically provided the fuel for his fire, without her involvement he would still be just a looser on the DSP living in supported accomodation and all those good aussies would still be alive and productive. The heiress is a banal kind of villain here.
(176.12 KB 972x446 MSM Highlights.jpg)
>>17532 Good morning. Overcast and cold day again.
>>17531 Oh man, the teeth chattering at the 6:19 mark. Been there too many times suffering alcohol withdrawal.
>Kottmann, who uses they/them pronouns, told The Associated Press last week they belonged to a group nicknamed APT-69420 Arson Cats, a small collective of "primarily queer hackers, not backed by any nations or capital but instead backed by the desire for fun, being gay and a better world." https://www.9news.com.au/world/us-charges-swiss-hacktivist-for-data-theft-and-leaks/be36b5d5-883b-49a4-a0da-d9a5ce07d852
>>17519 Cheers neet. About six weeks ago I couldn't do a single pull up and now I can manage three!
(100.92 KB 640x480 Homeless NEET Mobile.jpg)
Getting closer
(109.50 KB 869x571 Interabled Couple.jpg)
>tfw no carer/gf
(372.58 KB 400x494 ClipboardImage.png)
I will need a team of 4-6 people to directly work on my cryptocoin plus a host of others in supporting roles.
>>17540 What sort of fetish does a woman need to want that?
I'm way more productive if I make a plan for the day.
>>17534 Has it ever been revealed what his motive was?
>>17540 So how much are we willing to bet spastic elephant man has money or assets?
>>17545 Pretty good. It is also possible that she just has some weird mummy fetish.
Live-stream of volcanic eruption in Iceland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akWlYHj0ymk
Bought some semi sun-dried tomatoes. The girl at the deli looked at me weirdly when I bought my honey ham. At least I have my honey ham.
(10.51 KB 187x300 HERO-LATTE-SHADOW-1-187x300.jpg)
First time trying this brand of coffee. Nothing special/10. Definitely not as sweet as your average Aussie iced coffees.
>>17548 She probably took you as a smoked ham sorta guy. Honey ham does sound a tad effeminate tbqh.
>>17549 Do you consider that a good thing?
(248.18 KB 1576x1074 coles.jpg)
haul from coles. looks like steak and salad for a couple of days then roast pork later in the week.
>>17552 Looks good noot.
(368.50 KB 560x460 Tuna.png)
Lunch. Lazy Sunday Feels/10
>>17551 That it's not too sweet? I'd say yes, if there's less sugar it's healthier right?
>>17552 Very nice. You gonna roast that pumpkin along with the pork? I wish porterhouse steak was only $8.5 a kilo.
>>17550 >Honey ham does sound a tad effeminate Good lord. Your masculinity must be precious.
>>17554 May have to try that with a few crackers, would make an excellent breakky or lunch. >>17556 Yeah I will parboil it first
>>17538 That's great. I can barely manage 10 girly push-ups.
>>17541 I hope you find success with your project
(2.00 MB 1517575471.mp3)
>>17559 Yeah, I started off that way.
(383.94 KB 900x1252 1580648884020.jpg)
had a Milk-cow shift in the temporary office, I asked for a monday shift in the based office and for my sins they gave me one. I'm sick of living this way, this place. Every night I sleep in the apartment I get weaker, and every night I squat in the bush I get stronger. It's late, almost too late to go up but I'm committed now. Good Night, White.
Week three of uni starts tomorrow. I've kept on top of everything so far which is good, procrastination was my biggest issue in high school. >>17563 Goodnight mate.
>>17563 nite m8 >>17564 >I've kept on top of everything Good to hear Goodnight neets
Good Morning NEETs. Had a good sleep, Incredibly mild night up in the ravine. I think it has a micro climate. Still cant identify some of the animal cries I hear.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-20/british-flag-indigenous-blood-santiago-sierra-dark-mofo/100018494 >A British flag will be "immersed in the blood of First Nations peoples from territories colonised by the British Empire", as part of an art festival performance. Cringe is the new art form now! >"Once expressions of interest have closed, one participant will be randomly selected to represent each country (for instance, one person from Canada, one from New Zealand, one from Sudan, one from Fiji etc)." Better not pick the white looking ones >Organisers said the British flag "once immersed in blood, will be put on display during the festival". Using boong blood to market your event is exploitation, I wonder if the irony of that will become apparent.
>>17566 Morning
(131.51 KB 865x583 A well-liked thief.jpg)
>>17568 >>17566 G'morn, another gloomy overcast day.
(133.00 KB 954x369 Vile Scum.jpg)
(316.55 KB 1277x660 El Salvador.jpg)
(549.04 KB 2094x660 SPRING BREAK BABY.jpg)
Irrelevant news
>>17570 SMITED
(120.94 KB 726x461 Eccentric pushups.jpg)
No more girly from-the-knee pushups, instead I'll be doing 10 'eccentric' pushups for at least a month and see what sort of improvements are had.
At least it isn't hot yet in Adelaide.
>>17572 >at least a month Normally people descend over a few seconds. :^)
>>17574 Mild laughter/10
(71.12 KB 503x587 ATL2.jpg)
I highly doubt this would be any good
>>17576 You should watch it and be the first human to know the plot.
>>17563 Good luck.
SoyFrees like a melody in my head That I can't keep out, got me singin' like Na na na na everyday It's like my iPod's stuck on replay Replay-ay-ay-ay
>>17579 Hmm.
>>17579 Where do you get all your estrogen from if you are soy free?
>>17570 Does that suggest there is a death video of the surfer chick?
>>17572 Isometric exercise fad. Just do closed grip push ups.
>>17583 Yeah, I reckon you are better off doing knee pushups until you can do regular ones.
Wage was AIDS but I'm off for a while. Not going to civic club, the boomers and their braggadocio is too much to put up with. Its going to piss down with rain on wednesday so I get to test out the night sail in real conditions. cool. Off to the park for closed grip push ups and gonna work on my form.
>>17585 Good luck noot.
>>17585 Good luck. Be safe and avoid the youth.
>>17583 You've got no idea just how physically weak I am
>>17585 Do you mean close-grip pushups or are you actually closing your fists and pushing from the knuckles?
>>17588 Do knee pushups. If you can't do them, use a chair or something for incline pushups. If that is still too much, start with wall pushups. You can do it neet.
(147.95 KB 460x460 close grip.gif)
>>17589 Yeah, assume "closed" was a typo
I'm scared my dog only has a year or two left. When he goes that's going to be another friend gone and another part of my mum gone as well. They both deserved better.
>>17594 I dont really know what to say neet, my best friend died years ago (persian cat) basically kept me going while I suffered 3 bad depressive episodes she helped me to go on. then my mum died then my brother, lost all my friends and my job because of my anziety, so now I sit alone waiting to die and finally finding peace. try and get out neet, try and find new friends, hobbies anything to get you involved with others and meet people, otherwise you will end up like a sad sack like me.
>>17595 I'm trying to build up the courage to do the social stuff the uni holds. I hope things get better for you mate, I guess life is just and endurance test or something like that.
(260.04 KB 1280x847 1613956811379.jpg)
>>17594 just get a new one
(109.12 KB 997x817 cat box.jpg)
>>17595 That's really sad, Good cats are irreplaceable.
>>17596 Uni societies are a meme and the ones at my old school were heavily pozzed with gooks and pajeets under the illusion that the locals liked them and were happy they were there.
(106.16 KB 768x461 1597706936301.jpg)
Had a mate come around to get one of the gas masks I bought just prior to the covid scare. He needs it for his work as a pest controller and bought some chink type 64 with a dodgy canister. It was too late to go up the gully tonight so I'm socked in here. Big rain predicted next couple of days and I'm going to test out the tentage in real conditions. Lots to accomplish in my days off, maybe shitpost a bit. Good Night, White.
>>17600 Night mate.
(68.51 KB 640x809 olympig.jpg)
Do you ever feel guilty about your very existence?
>>17599 >pozzed
>>17604 I'll pozz your neg if you aren't careful neet.
Night noots.
Good morning NEETs. I thought it rained last night but it didnt, Its supposed to rain today.
(49.77 KB 957x621 hamer pepe.jpg)
What happened to the corflute-velvet project? that neet needs to staple fiberboard to the corflute and glue the velvet to that.
Morning NEETs.
>>17609 ayup
Emailing my college help desk, assuming its a pajeet so I'm using my coding skills to try and get the correct response. >Input types (data field query) >populate parameter fields ((names + dates + moneys paid) >Reference outside text field to .jpeg of screenshots >compile + execute >output text field (reply email) If I get a sensible response then I can try and complete the more advanced function where I change the course I to a less useless one.
Four eggs and a small bowl of muesli for breakfast.
>>17612 >four eggs Rich NEET I gotta get more rolled rye today.
>>17609 >>17607 Good morning
Just cleaned the laptop's screen for the first time since buying it 5+ years ago, with a microfiber towel and diluted vinegar. It's like brand new. Going to do the same with the car's interior windscreen.
The bloody uni lecture camera keeps going out of focus. I wish they would just manually focus it rather than letting the autofocus spazz out like that.
I had some stew for breakfast. Thinking I might have two sausages with four eggs for lunch.
>>17617 Sausages are now defrosting in the microwave.
>>17617 That's some good eating!
"hes bored with life now..you can tell.. no joy.just a matter of time until the light goes out" >tfw
Which one of you was this? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-australia-security-idUSKBN2BE0KD Australia designates far-right group as terrorist organisation >CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia on Monday designated a right-wing extremist group as a terrorist organisation for the first time, a ruling that gives Canberra the power to imprison members of the neo-Nazi group. >The classification of UK-based Sonnenkrieg Division - also known as SKD - follows a similar ruling made by Britain last year. >“SKD adheres to an abhorrent, violent ideology that encourages lone-wolf terrorist actors who would seek to cause significant harm to our way of life and our country,” Peter Dutton, Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs said in an emailed statement. >The head of Australia’s ASIO intelligence agency, Mike Burgess, said on Monday that SKD and other right-wing groups accounted for 40% of terror-related investigations carried out over the past 12 months. >Australia, a staunch U.S. ally, is on heightened alert after a series of “lone wolf” attacks in recent years. >In 2019, a teenage neo-Nazi who called for Britain’s Prince Harry a race traitor months after his marriage to U.S. actress Meghan Markle was jailed in Britain alongside another member of SKD for terrorism offences. >Reporting by Colin Packham; editing by Richard Pullin Oh Dutto, I never thought that you would cuck.
>>17621 And this. https://abcnews.go.com/US/active-shooter-reported-grocery-store-colorado-boulder-police/story?id=76614488 >6 dead They are going all in on white genocide. They will proscribe the groups while using these false flags to disarm them. Others have said that the enemy would need to make his move soon lest his golems start to eat him. It appears that he just has.
>>17621 Check this shit. https://www.nationalsecurity.gov.au/Listedterroristorganisations/Pages/sonnenkrieg-division.aspx >For the purposes of listing a terrorist organisation under the Criminal Code, the doing of a terrorist act includes the doing of a specific terrorist act, the doing of more than one terrorist act and the doing of a terrorist act, even if a terrorist act does not occur. >the doing of a terrorist act, even if a terrorist act does not occur This is some 1984 level bullshit. Glowies don't even need to do the false flag now before they put you on the list. Is anyone listening or am I just talking to myself again?
>Links to Australia >Australians are not directly involved in SKD. However, SKD’s encouragement, promotion and glorification of lone-actor attacks could inspire some Australian extremists, and the availability of SKD propaganda online has potential to contribute to the radicalisation of others. This is the first white group they have designated. They are starting with an easy target. There are no members so there is nobody to push back. Now they have set the precedent. The next one will be one with only a few Australian members. They will gradually ratchet it up until anyone who mentions how nice it is to have a town that is 100% white will be thrown in prison.
They are trying to destroy the ability of white people to defend themselves from multicultural and Islamic aggression. It is straight out of the slow genocide handbook. Group A is not stopped from predating upon Group B, whereas Group B is not allowed to defend themselves. Duddo, Duddo, Duddo, how low you have stooped this time.
>>17625 What do we do?
(169.83 KB 869x1090 BLACKEDDOTCOM.jpg)
>>17623 I'm listening, just don't like hearing. Too depressing. Don't know how to fight back. Too defeated. Resource-less.
>>17627 >it's like night and day literally lol
>>17628 I was waiting for him to say “black and white.”
(43.33 KB 633x284 Why indeed.jpg)
(51.67 KB 320x378 Cones for brekky.jpg)
It's been several years since last smoking the ganja. Miss it tbqh
(99.00 KB 869x515 Gardening Australia.jpg)
Thought there was only one eucalyptus tree...
>>17626 Rebuild white cohesion around a religion that can strongly resist enemy infiltration. >>17627 See above.
>>17634 what do you think that is? i dont want to be offensive, but look at white politics and abrahamism definitely is not that. look how rome considered this shit.
(160.22 KB 1280x960 reshoe.jpg)
I dropped in to big W i.e. bargain bin K-mart and OH SHIT MY LUCKY DAY they had a new shipment of KT-26's and lots of size 12 and 13's I stocked up with 2 pairs of 13's in original color and style and one pair of these smart black ones. They rebooted them and I'm giving the new type a go now. Note the new ones dont have the front bit stitched on and they appear simpler in construction.
>>17631 I dont miss getting stoned and the munchies but I liked getting high. Dont think I'll ever smoke out again.
(86.00 KB 800x744 Blue_Gum_Best_Gum.jpg)
(95.43 KB 750x1334 no boong blood.jpg)
Tasmania's Dark Mofo festival has cancelled a controversial art project involving the use of Indigenous people's blood after days of sustained criticism. The project, by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra, was to involve the soaking of the Union Jack flag in blood from Indigenous and First Nations people. Festival organisers used social media over the weekend to invite Indigenous people from countries colonised by the British to donate their blood to the project. Many Indigenous Australians criticised the project online, especially over its use of First Nations blood by a non-Indigenous artist. Dark Mofo creative director Leigh Carmichael released a statement on Tuesday afternoon confirming the project would be shelved.
>>17618 >Microwave sausages Skellie tier feed
(415.16 KB 1280x960 junkie spoor.jpg)
Some junk monkey is fitting to move in to the park, he couldnt have picked a worse spot next to the fetid sewage stinking creek that the rich kids have trashed. I used to go there as a kid and now its totally rat fucked. parts of my homeland are now pretty much a slum.
>>17641 I didn't cook them in the microwave. That was done in a frying pan.
>>17641 >>17643 My microwave is a fancy one given to me by grannybot when she got a new one. It has a defrost setting which is handy.
(915.46 KB 1632x1224 Listless Haul.jpg)
>>17636 >bargain bin K-mart I've always considered BigW to be the 'fanciest' out of K-mart and Target. With K-mart being at the lower end. But iirc K-mart has bought out Target just recently.
>>17642 Meh. I'd rather come across a makeshift bong than a scattering of syringes
>>17644 >defrost setting aka 'low power'
>>17645 I would freshen those cheese and bacon rolls up in the microwave but I always guts the lot before they get stale.
>>17647 there were two full fit boxes so we are not dealing with a full boong needle freak.
>>17648 You input the mass and what it is (eg. mince/sausages) and it computes how long to do it for. Very useful for a subhuman mong like me.
>>17650 Would've taken all the canned goods if I too were homeless. Or is there some sort of unwritten homeless etiquette where you don't touch another vagrant's shit?
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-23/aboriginal-outrage-dark-mofo-union-flag-prompts-cancellation/100022680 This ignited a woke shitstorm >artist called a "Colonizer" >urine soaked pillows sent to curator >event staff in open revolt >The artist's previous works include pumping gallons of carbon monoxide into a former synagogue in Germany and inviting people to walk through it with a gas mask on. Imagine being this up yourself that you have to get involved in this dog turd.
>>17652 I was thinking about salvaging the cans but I just dont eat that kind of food.
Been considering heading out bush with a length of rope lately. Fark, things ain't lookin good bros... But don't farking worry about some anonymous cunt like me on the Internet. ALWAYS think of yourself first and foremost.
>>17651 Even that sounds complicated to me. I like to just shove shit in and press 'Start'. Perhaps try getting into the habit of defrosting shit overnight in the fridge? Though keep in mind large things like whole chooks can take several days to fully thaw out that way.
(60.01 KB 640x621 collapse.jpg)
>>17655 whats not to like? this is the time of the darkness before the cleansing firestorm. Go and get fit and ready for the collapse.
Off up the gully to go to sleep early, I'll spend some time thinking about how to make some tables and stuff with what I picked up from the tip shop jews today. Good Night, White.
(113.03 KB 600x900 Respek My Flanno.jpg)
>>17654 I shall force-feed it to you at the commune
>>17658 Good night mate.
>>17655 What is wrong?
Goodnight noots
I feel like I'm giving off strong loser vibes at uni. I know I shouldn't let it get to me but it is. >>17662 >>17658 Goodnight NEETs.
>>17635 I have grown bored of arguing with pagans. If you want accept Christ the real one not the fake cucked hippy faggot one then I will welcome you with open arms, otherwise good luck.
>>17659 Jon Jarret: Wolf Creek 2 Steal his look. >Sako .223 Bolt action rifle >lowes red check flannelette shirt >Levis 501 + Buffalo Hide belt and ammo pouch >casio classic illuminator digital watch >redback elastic side boots >hat- Actors own.
Good Morning NEETs After yesterday's sweat festival today promises to be cooler and rainy which is good, but bad for outdoor carpentry.
(397.74 KB 500x641 ClipboardImage.png)
Impfen macht frei. inb4 israeli asset
>>17667 Ironic AND Iconic.
Morning NEETs. Had a bowl of muesli and another short day at uni, I'll be spending a couple of hours in the library to study though.
>>17669 Have a productive day NEET
(96.43 KB 700x700 3706.jpg)
>>17667 >“War is peace. >Freedom is slavery. >Ignorance is strength.” Seems we've been down this rail before, but I guess not.
>>17666 Good morning Satan, shouldn't you be used to the heat by now?
Not having a smartphone is a bit of a handicap but having one is a ball and chain.
(372.56 KB 1280x1739 Typical Librarian.jpg)
>>17669 Morning, enjoy the study.
Had some sausages and scrambled eggs for breakky,.
>>17669 >>17666 >>17672 >>17674 Morning neets. Quite a bit cooler in Adelaide today. I'll need a jumper when I go out.
>>17673 I'd call it more like having a gubbement ratfink snitch right along with you in your pocket. >Faraday Cage
>>17677 These things are Hypno units. I hate seeing literally everyone staring into them literally every spare second.
>>17678 Fair enough. But if someone intentionally wants to give themselves over to Satan in that way, I personally see it as their own affair. However, the evil that is being done through the massive, dragnet surveillance with these things by Big Tech/Govt affects us all. I leave mine at home sealed in a can and simply use it sparingly as necessary and when I don't care about the inevitable snooping. They (the goyphones) always know where they are at geographically-speaking, they can discern even the faintest whisper through DSPs and signals-processing to enhance audio discrimination, and practically everyone affords the agencies free video feeds whenever they choose to take a peek (that is, all the time for anyone who would come to a hive of Nazis such as this board). Orwell, was an optimist. But we have to cut him slack b/c he was before his time, technology-wise. His notions were limited to telescreens that were fixed and could be avoided. Keeping a goyphone in your pocket with juice in the battery (regardless of whether it's 'switched' on or no) make avoidance literally impossible today.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-24/david-walsh-apology-over-mofo-blood-flag-controversy/100023988 Dark MOFO owner kneels and offers cringing apology for Bloody Union Jack flag debacle and for being white. Just looks sorry-arsed if you ask me. Boongs demanding gibs and funding for their own holocaust musuem.
>>17673 True
>>17679 >Keeping a goyphone in your pocket with juice in the battery (regardless of whether it's 'switched' on or no) make avoidance literally impossible today. I mean you can just use an old phone with no gps and too old of technology for such kikery like nokia 100, motorola, etc. Blast from the past. That's what I'd do if i was a VIP.
>>17679 >>17682 What good does it do when everyone else's phones hear you whenever you talk to them? They can track your movements with traffic cameras and cashless transactions. Leaving phone at home only lowers their resolution, they still have no problems tracking you.
>>17682 its your search history that is the most valuable to them. Your supermarket purchase history also gives away a lot about you.
>>17683 The keyword here is 'can' and so 'could' and 'would' hypotheticals >Leaving phone at home only lowers their resolution, they still have no problems tracking you. If you disagree with something being done you own up to it and reject it the best way you can not shoving it away going "its all pointless" like you do in this reply which is exactly what the jews who are not despite their best attempts at making you believe they are omnipresent and have superpowers want you to think. Cashless? Pay cash only, done. etc
>>17684 >gives away a lot How?
>>17685 Fair points. I left jewmail for similar reasons. Personally I'm not ready to part with my jew-leash (smart phone) yet.
>>17682 >That's what I'd do if i was a VIP. They are called 'Drug Dealer Phones' by LEA. They help some, but not entirely. The location pinpointing for instance still works perfectly well, as does much of the audio discrimination (picking out conversations in crowded rooms for example). Watch the recent Edward Snowden interview for a bigger perspective on it. >>17683 >What good does it do when everyone else's phones hear you whenever you talk to them? You have a good point. I refuse to talk to my friend about important, red-pilling matters, when he has his goyphone on him. >>17685 /thread. This is a war against us. Get creative lads, or die. Simple as.
>>17688 >>17685 I should add, that more effective than reverting to a burner phone is to get this particular software for android phones that spams a bunch of fake data. This is more effective, because this will keep you inconspicuous (still jacked into goysystem) but they won't have accurate data on your whereabouts. I haven't gone to this length yet. I once heard they can determine various metrics like age, gender, race etc. just from the way you swipe your phone. I guess there is statistical analysis that correlates how various groups swipe their phones. No camera or mic needed.
(104.66 KB 638x1072 serpents walk.jpg)
Pissing rain has got me socked inside. Just finished reading this book. Its pretty good sci-fi.
>>17689 I wonder if you can use android apps on a linux based pinephone. Or maybe a android emulator for a linux laptop, you cant do payid banking without an apple or android phone which is a drawback.
Had a snooze with the rain on the roof sending me to sleep. Havent done that for a while.
(334.38 KB 1330x1224 Microwaved Eggs.jpg)
(522.14 KB 1632x1224 Zapped Eggs on a bed of Hot Slop.jpg)
>>17675 I 'poached' a couple eggs in the microwave for the first time. Probably should've done one at a time.
>>17692 It's a nice feel
Off to explore a mountain. See yous this evening. Unless I fall off a cliff.
(2.80 MB 3264x2448 1.jpg)
(4.47 MB 3264x2448 2.jpg)
(1.17 MB 3259x1849 3.jpg)
Well that was a quick trip. Part of a road was flooded out from the recent rain that I did not want to risk driving through with a hatchback. A few days of dry weather should clear it up. Was able to take a few pics of the surrounding area. Would be fantastic to live in such places.
>>17696 That is nice and green.
>>17693 Perfect looking meal right there. You must have a good microwave, mine explodes eggs when I try to to that.
>>17696 >flooded road >hatchback She'll be right mate
>>17693 Looks good m8
(127.10 KB 721x1069 rack.jpg)
(224.93 KB 1473x1009 st.jpg)
Finally got my rack together after the hecking screw holes not lining up (the top part actually belongs to another rack), and a pic of my steak I had the other night
>>17701 Is that for your servers? they're pretty noisy. is that a supermarket fetta salad? It looks pretty easy to make.
>>17703 I have a lot of pro audio gear that is 19 inches, open rack like that helps with cooling, the extra top part I bolted on is only temp for a few months. The pasta salad is just a coles pre made one, the rest is a greek salad I made with the addition of red kidney beans, sometimes I even add grapes and watermelon to it as well.
I promised the Deacon I'd Attend a ministry on zoom this saturday at 7pm. Was planning on being boonged but this could be more fun.
(6.08 KB 143x255 holy dan.jpg)
I'm disappointed you are skipping out on my sacraments for this newcomer.
>>17705 Do both neet.
(51.82 KB 637x960 1616553934049.jpg)
Had a slack kind of day, my sunday. Not going up the gully tonight even tho I'm keen to find out how the sail works in the rain and also to see where the rivulets form on the site. I cant sleep there and go to the wage because its really loud on the tarp and when I put in ear plugs I cant hear my alarm on the G-shock. So sleeping there could cost me a days wage. I will get a travel alarm to solve this problem. I also want to make two openings in the shell so I can get up on the side of the sail that has the most dry space. Went to bunnings and got lots of painting supplies, I should be in a good position when I go up to silver city in about a week. My brother in law will let me borrow the maxi van to take my stuff. He told me to tell my insurance that I bought it and then when I'm finished the move I tell them I sold it, otherwise they wont insure a van for two weeks only. I ran an orange light and a wet looking cyclist gave me the finger, I kek'd because thats what I'd do.
It is raining here in Adelaide. Very cosy. I am off to the gym soon but I'm having a study first. I love studying when it is raining.
>>17709 Sometimes i find a youtube video of thunderstorms and rain , turn it down and it helps me sleep
(2.70 MB 3264x2448 Dinner for 2.jpg)
Pumpkin mash with cream, cooked in chook stock Taters with green beans and garlic Pork lightly pan-fried in a coating of egg+honey+flour+salt+pepper+garlic_powder+smoked_paprika Equals...Not bad/10
>>17711 Yum, looks really tasty neet.
Time for bed, starting to get cold overnight, temps have dropped to single figures for night wont be long until the minuses start.
>>17713 Funny, I never see frost anymore and I'm south of you all.
>>17699 I'm a wimp. It was probably no more than half a foot of water. But that car is all I got. No comprehensive (((insurance))) either. I'd rather drive away a pussy than walk away a 'risk taker'...
>>17701 Salad looks real nice. I'd judge the steak to have been a medium-rare by the pic.
>>17708 Good night, White? >ran an orange light One doesn't run an orange light. One only runs a red light. Don't give in to what the Clown World dictates. I would've kek'd too at that cyclist.
>>17718 yeah if you accelerate when you see the orange you are being illegal.
Good Morning NEETs. Significant weather event overnight, the creek outside is raging.
(74.01 KB 620x413 TheDig-Netflix-Film-8bd9015.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZQz0rkNajo This moofie looks good. Its got white supremacy undertones apparently, which sounds like a thumbs up.
Morning NEETs. Uni is 3-4 today, I'll probably head in at around midday and do some studying in the room while waiting for class.
>>17720 >>17722 Morning neets >Uni is 3-4 today That's a nice short day.
>>17721 I'll give you a good thumbing boy!
(65.57 KB 318x432 She-Sheds.jpg)
>>17720 >>17722 Morning. Nothing like a hot runny shit to remind you had too much liquor the night before.
(147.76 KB 1280x960 chocco bix.jpg)
Funny day in the fast office, My workload cleared out but came back with interest. Filled up my tiffin and improvised to take the rest of the bikkies. NO COOKIE GETS LEFT BEHIND
>>17726 Done well neet, free cookies.
Four eggs for late breakfast, had a muesli bar as a snack, just had four more eggs on toasted sandwich thins for late lunch. I had a cup of coffee with no sugar/honey this morning, water throughout the day and having a cup of green tea right now.
>>17728 You're doing great, neet!
>>17729 Nights are always the worst for me. I'm either going to have to go to bed early or distract myself well enough. I also had a twenty minute walk this morning, I think I might start walking up and down the stairs at uni a bit to when I have spare time for extra exercise.
>>17730 I find that brushing your teeth earlier can help with that. Brush them right after your last meal and hopefully you'll be too lazy to eat anything.
I went back to the homeless cunts stash in the park and collected the cans. I'm having the organic spaghetti for tea.
Going up the gully to survey the effects of the heavy rain on my sail. I'm prepared to take the hammock down and return to the apartment tonight if its too wet inside. I also want to check on my spruce trees and check that they did not get flogged in the downpour. Good Night, White.
>>17733 Good night mate, good luck. Very pretty one tonight.
Off to the gym noots. It is a bit nippy outside here in Adelaide.
>>17735 Have a good night m8
https://youtu.be/IMjWvyMpTvM >>17733 Goodnight mate, nice redhead. Wish I knew her name. >>17735 Be safe and lift well.
(713.63 KB 1224x1632 Hungry Jacks.jpg)
(3.15 MB 3264x2448 Haul for 1 lonely SOB.jpg)
(158.02 KB 238x1364 Suspension Fuckers.jpg)
(33.20 KB 406x208 Surfer Arse.jpg)
I have arrived at new lodgings. What a long-arse fucking day. I used 'back roads' to get here because it saved approx 40 kilometres than the conventional route. But little did I know it was to be high cattle country with cows not all fenced and some eating grass right on the shoulder so had to drive slower. A collision with a full-grown cow means I'm hitchhiking. And those fucking 'grids', passed at least 10. First one going 100km/h which wasn't the nicest feeling in the world. A short teeth-chattering rumble felt through the entire suspension. Next one I slowed down to 80 but still felt uncomfortable so from then on passed them doing only 60. To top it off there were sections of road unsealed just to make me feel even more distressed. My poor little hatchback took a beating today. Anyway, I did not get around to eating anything till 4 in the arvo, bought the new 'Whiskey River Whopper' from Hungry Jacks which was tasty but could only manage half. So there's about 6 bucks in the bin... A lot of incredible looking women out in the arvo on walks/jogs, wearing only the tightest 'active wear'. And it's a surf town so there was a good amount of bare arse on display. As pictured, but if BO don't want that sort of thing here please let me know before banning. The place that I'm at is a dump, no furniture/bed/fridge/insect screens plus I just discovered a mouse inside. Might try to sleep in the car as I fear being bit by the little cunt. But if the coons managed 60k years sleeping with the animals than surely I can handle a night or two with one tiny mouse? Mouse traps have been put onto the shopping list. Can't help but feel I made the wrong choice coming here. It's either going to motivate me into full-time employment or worsen the depression/anxiety into full-blown psych-ward territory. Good night, White Incel.
>>17728 Nearly a dozen eggs in one day. Well done.
>>17732 >organic spag bog Must've been a higher class of vagrant or the can was heavily marked down. Most likely this. I'll be hitting up 2nd-hand-job stores tomorrow for shit like fry/saucepans. Or drive back several hours to the storage shed just for the Scanpan.
Good Morning NEETs. The hammock was dry from the downpour, my spruce were mildly nibbled. wage today in the grindhouse office.
>>17738 The food looks sad but surf towns can be fun, might be years before the city poz catches up there. >mouse You need a cat.
(1.15 MB 1030x1442 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17742 Retarded Australian "federal" government policy caused the mouse plague. Who coulda thunk it? http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/australia-committed-a-cat-genocide-and-now-has-a-plague-of-mice/
>>17743 On a side note, this has a similar feel to how they caused the 2019/2020 bushfires, except in that case the "environmentalists" saved the baby quolls by forbidding backburns (with the predictable result that instead of killing thousands of baby quolls they killed millions of baby quolls). Environmentalists are now anti-environmentalists.
>>17742 >ywn have Literally Hitler's Cat around the house to chase off Bolshevik mice hordes. Why even?
>>17738 Nice mini haul neet
>>17741 Morning neet >hammock was dry from the downpour good to hear
Nothing for breakfast but a cup of green tea. Had four eggs and a small bowl of muesli for an early lunch. I've been drinking water throughout the day. Going to the doctor today, will get some more milk, muesli, eggs and something else if I see anything healthy on sale.
(185.93 KB 816x612 Yoga Mat Bed.jpg)
What a fun* sleep I had last night. I've been busy today searching 2nd-hand stores for mattresses and the like. Feeling pretty down in general and am considering taking (((Zoloft))) for a few months. *sleepless
>>17748 Hope all goes well with Doc. I wanna buy eggs but don't have a fridge atm. Wonder how long they'll stay edible at room temp?
>>17749 Thats a grim bed. Maybe the lack of sleep is making you fall for that jew poison.
Stupid people are really, really depressing.
>>17744 Greenies got their start by shutting down green energy projects i.e. hydroelectric dams in Tasmania.
>>17749 Do what you have to do, to get you through the day neet if that means pills so be it.
>>17749 Go camping NEET!
Having another can of the homeless cunt's spaghetti for din-dins. Its pretty sweet almost like a ragu, I'm tempted to open the little mystery can because it might contain pudding.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-26/the-base-tapes-secret-recordings-australian-recruitment/13255994 Wew. These lads got PWND. With opsec bad enough that the (((SPLC))) got hold of their taped conversations.
(62.25 KB 900x900 Doctor Dan.jpg)
>>17749 I dislike mind bending drugs and antidepressants destroy your personality. Why not come in to one of my stores and select a bottle to help you find yourself.
Oldad agreed to give me the extension ladder and the stepladder for my rental in silver city, He has a couple of ladders and he avoids using them nowadays. I have to attend the real estate office in person which is super inconvenient but I'll use the five and a half hour one way trip to survey the place properly and inspect everything in detail, that way I can come up with a schedule of materials to take from the city and maybe make some fittings such as door frame brackets to hold a barricade bar. Anyway, the general logistics of moving are on my mind. Off up the ravine to go to bed now. Good Night, White.
>>17759 Goodnight mate.
https://youtu.be/Bip42OEpwLA Not sure if anyone here remembered, but I was having problems with pain in my left nut. Went to the GP, went to the radiologist, then back to the GP. It's all good, I forgot what he said was the issue but it wasn't cancer or anything that bad so that's all that matters. My right fella won't be hanging out alone any time soon.
>>17750 >Wonder how long they'll stay edible at room temp? Quite a while if they were 'cleaned' at harvest. Several days, unless it's hot. We got by just fine without fridgy for thousands of years neet.
>>17761 Good news.
Had a long day at uni. Came home, had some scrambled eggs and fell asleep for a few hours. I am going to go for a run now and then go to bed. Good night neets.
>>17762 Thanks for the tip, but from the minor research I did it seems that if the eggs are already refrigerated they should be kept that way as storing them at a higher temp makes them 'sweat', allowing bacteria to enter. Apparently. So I won't risk it. Guess it'll be powdered eggs until I get a fridge.
>>17761 Excellent news.
>>17759 Good >>17764 Night
(2.23 MB 3264x2448 Beach Late Arvo.jpg)
(96.54 KB 816x612 THICKER.jpg)
(662.67 KB 3264x2448 Night Walking.jpg)
Another long-arse day. Spent the morning perusing op-shops for some goodies. They don't seem to be as cheap as I remember. Anyway bought a few things to cook with and to sleep on. Made a tuna sanga while in the car park. It was lemon pepper flavour and pretty darn good for only 90 cents a can. Cheaper than spending 10-15 bucks at Hungry Jacks anyway. Speaking of which I got their 'chicken tendercrisp BLT with avocado' meal for dinner. Sat by the water on a public table, all alone looking like the sad fuck I am. Sat at the drive thru for 15 minutes waiting for that 'fast food'. The chips looked as if somebody had helped themselves to a handful and were barely warm. The wrap had soggy lettuce and was so salty it was necessary to sip on the soda to balance the flavours.
Sorry for the shitty pics. The cheap phone doesn't work well in low light.
>>17761 Good thing you got it checked out, did you get any morphine out of your doctor?
>>17768 You gotta stop giving all your money to the junk food jews.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept like a log last night, was thinking that I beat Mike Lando's eviction game.
>>17765 I'm pretty sure bacteria cant get thru the membrane inside the shell. I heard somewhere they used to put oil on the shell to seal up the pores, or maybe I'm conflating eggs with cosmetics commercials on T.V.
(324.97 KB 1050x3438 tree fellers.png)
Dont mess with three fellas
>>17768 Thanks for the pics m8
Morning NEETs.
>>17772 >>17776 Good morning. Had a significantly better sleep on the 10-dollar op-shop mattress. Will be doing some more exploring of the area today. Have a good one.
>>17778 ¡Muerte a los judíos!
(25.69 MB 854x480 Australian Values.mp4)
>>17780 Desafortunadamente, sí.
(349.75 KB 1584x1080 pizza.jpg)
Dig in neets while it's still hot.
>>17783 Looks good noot; I could go for a pizza right now.
>>17765 I regularly move pre-refrigerated eggs to my 'camp' and often go for 3 or 4 days before I get around to cooking some of them. You'll be fine Neet. BTW, if an egg goes bad on you, you literally can't miss it. The phrase 'rotten egg' exists for a reason. Very strong sulfur smell if you have a bad one. Otherwise, you're good to go. Eggs are practically the perfect food. All they're missing is Vitamin C.
>>17785 >>17765 If you are cracking several, I recommend you crack them individually into a cup. That way you won't risk a rotten egg contaminating the good ones.
>>17783 Good looking pie with that metwurst
(165.62 KB 1280x960 orange poppy seed cakes.jpg)
>>17788 They look very nice neet, you did well to get all them.
https://www.rt.com/op-ed/519205-bloody-union-flag-tasmania-spanish-artist/ >a local, no-mark arts festival, the sort that happens all over the world and proclaims to be edgy and provocative when it is no such thing, Reactionary reaction reacts radioactively
Just talked to Mike Lando, He was deadset against me moving to Silver City and told me under no circumstances to do repairs on the house myself. Some shit about insurance and getting sued if I damage something. Fuck that noise, I take care of my own roof.
(87.01 KB 640x854 redhottie.jpg)
I was fortunate to be part of an all white crew in the fast office. Fairly ho-hum and after wage I went out to Marshburg to get a GumTree score, I was thinking I got hosed but it works okay. The next thing to get is a breadmaker and then I'm done. maybe a new office chair. Having thoughts at wage about finding a really remote bug out spot, One where I can leave supplies and gear. A camouflaged canvas cabin know only to me. Might look at the map a bit. Good Night, White.
>>17786 >That way you won't risk a rotten egg contaminating the good ones. Always good advice.
>>17793 Top fucking kek. Good one neet.
>>17793 >>17792 >A camouflaged canvas cabin know only to me I always suspend anything with any kind of aroma (toothpaste, soap, non-can food, etc) in a ditty by a guy wire well up into the tree canopy. Keeps the beasts off.
>>17785 >>17786 That helps a lot. I shall buy a 6-pack No Dan not that sort of 6-pack and see how that goes.
>>17788 (((Beerenberg))) Very nice looking cakes though, and that pot of lemons is quite a stunning display in itself.
(2.73 MB 3264x2448 Little Island.jpg)
(2.65 MB 3264x2448 Meal with a view of arse.jpg)
(3.64 MB 3264x2448 Leftovers for the sandcrabs.jpg)
(2.79 MB 3264x2448 Dogs Playing Chads Slaying.jpg)
What a day. It all started out so benign. A trip to the supermarket for necessities then a leisurely drive to the beachfront. Little did I know it would end being stranded at an unfamiliar location with engine troubles and a panicked rush just to get back 'home' using the last public transport services of the day. Part 2 of this saga will be updated sometime tomorrow.
>>17797 If it's handy for you, I'd suggest you go so far as dunking the little guys into slightly bleached, boiling water for 30 secs to scare any Salmonella off them before you pack them away for transport. May be a bit of overkill but better safe than sorry. They are quite safe on the inside, but the shells can be contaminated. OTOH, don't go and actually cook them. 30 secs is fine.
Good Morning NEETs. Having a passionfruit with my rolled rye this morning.
>>17800 Just wet them with dilute bleach. The residue is a harmless salt.
>>17799 >car trouble at the beach sounds like a good excuse to stay there tbqh.
>>17802 I see, didn't realize that thanks.
I missed the Deacon's zoom ministry, I thought it was tonight. I'm going to hell neets.
Mission accomplished.
>>17799 Paradise.
>>17805 You don't go to hell for that, heh. The Deacon will hold another for sure.
>>17799 Nice pics neet, sorry to hear about the car trouble
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7L5MQ7EgdA White male strategy: I'm white, you three (women) are white or white than the rest of them, the other three will unite against us and play us against each other. Vote for me through and I'll give each of you $250. Vote with them and you'll get nothing.
>>17801 Morning neet
Some faggot in America is trying to take over the world. He is building a drone army backed by a sovereign corporation based on cryptocoin technology. He has already recruited his useful idiots. If he succeeds he will kill us all. I am going to stop him.
>>17812 Keke. Sauce?
>>17815 Thanks neet.
>>17812 I think you are misinterpreting him neet. AFAICT, he's describing a system that will allow individual entities to protect themselves -- both financially and with force if things get bad enough -- from the eternal commie globohomo kike threat to us all. That's all. >First step: Scaling and proof of stake. Next step, lightning network done right, so that everyone is his own full reserve correspondence bank. Third step, triple entry accounting. Then we have one sovereign corporation. Fourth step, sidechains so that we have many, many, sovereign corporations. >If things go all the way to Pol Pot and Szechuan province, those corporations will have assassin drones and heavily armed flash mobs. What's not to like here? These Marxist enemies currently in power mean to murder you, me, and every other White on Earth. That's plain enough by now. Wouldn't it be a good thing if real force could be applied to shove their shit in, instead? War is coming whether we like it or not. Best to be armed in every way possible before they come for you Neet. The phrase 'those corporations' could just as well be called 'that federation of NEETs'. That is, any entity that isn't the globohomo Worldgov.
>>17818 The project by itself is excellent, except for one little thing. From what I can tell, he seems willing to let Andrew Anglin and therefore by proxy any other white nationalist or "Nazi" die if having to save such people means that he gets fewer shekels. I know you will probably not care that much about Anglin because he is a Christian, but he hates jews almost as much as you guys do, and his continuing existance is extremely lulzy given he got unpersoned for calling that fat land whale that died at Charlottesville fat. https://blog.reaction.la/uncategorized/fixed-privacy-leak-in-avatars/#comment-2713395 Jim makes a perfectly true and reasonable point about sex, marriage and children, but I cannot speak to my wife or sons with the voice of God behind me in a world in which I let Andrew Anglin die. In my opinion, Jim is holiness spiraling the parts of the bible that deal with free enterprise, and downgrading the parts of the bible that deal with charity towards brothers. This signals willingness to defect.
>>17819 >>17819 >I know you will probably not care that much about Anglin because he is a Christian, Why would you 'know' that Neet? I absolutely love the guy. He's about the only sensible voice in media today. So, can you point out a specific statement by this guy he'd love to see Anglin killed? >but he hates jews almost as much as you guys do Again, presumption. I actually love the authentic Jewish people. They are free to keep their noses clean and live within the borders of their own lands with my blessings. It's the Globohomo Kikes (necessarily a single idea) that I'm adamantly opposed to. I literally see the two as separate. I don't know anything about this man besides what little I've absorbed specifically related to the crypto issues (which I already have a technical, non-shekels interest in for robowaifus). As such, I probably have an objective (if naive) perspective ATM. I'm willing to be educated. If the thing about Anglin isn't being exaggerated by you, then I definitely strongly disagree with him on that at the least. But I say, 'don't throw the baby out with the bath water'. I borrow good ideas even from enemies, as I think any sensible man should.
>>17820 >But I say, 'don't throw the baby out with the bath water'. I borrow good ideas even from enemies, as I think any sensible man should. Yes indeed, and if they are an enemy then there is even more reason to copy their ideas, so that you have technological parity with them. He didn't say he wanted Anglin killed, I just don't think he cares, which is stupid, because the whole point of the first stage of the project is to give a voice to such people. Maybe you would like to spend some time on his blog and read what he writes about cryptos. His overall project like I said is excellent, but his details are sorely lacking and even stupid in parts, and he is not interested in any criticism whatsoever. I somehow get the feeling that when it comes to implementation he is going to use the people who supported him in the dark days after Jan 6 as a bargaining chip to get in some more highly regarded people. This fucks his supporters and rewards those people who are working for the enemy. Anyone with a highly regarded job is working for the enemy these days. These "elites" seem to have no problem using people like me as pawns in their schemes. It reminds me of this parable. 2 Samuel 12:1-12 >And the LORD sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him, There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. >The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds: >But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up: and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter. >And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him. >And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die: >And he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity. >And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul; >And I gave thee thy master's house, and thy master's wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things. >Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the LORD, to do evil in his sight? thou hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and hast taken his wife to be thy wife, and hast slain him with the sword of the children of Ammon. >Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house; because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife. >Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun. >For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun. This shit makes me physically sick. I think he's a fucking idiot.
>>17821 >Maybe you would like to spend some time on his blog and read what he writes about cryptos He seems highly educated and well-versed, so I probably will. Thanks for the advice, and for bringing this up in the first place neet. >Anyone with a highly regarded job is working for the enemy these days. Haha. Maybe you're right. But I for one mean to be an exception to that 'rule'. :^) Yes, that open rebuke of King David passage exquisitely reveals both just how much wisdom, and how much humor the LORD has. I literally can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to be around Someone like that. He is based beyond imagination. >This shit makes me physically sick. I think he's a fucking idiot. I presume you're talking about the purported trecherous intents of this guy? Yes that kind of thing is pure evil. Something we all have to guard against. Jesus himself pointed out the fundamental issue, actually. >"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (KJV) https://biblehub.com/kjv/matthew/6-24.htm Worshiping money has caused many, many men to fall. It can make you do truly demonic shit if you do.
I feel that if I am not going to be good at something I just shouldn't do it at all. I feel as though because I will never be the best at the thing I am studying, I should just end it now. I understand this extreme black and white thinking isn't helpful but I can't escape it.
>>17823 Yep it's an issue NEET. What I realized is that I would literally never, ever, be perfect at anything. Since I gave that folly up, I feel a lot better. I also just started plugging away b/c >lol why the fuck not? see what happens?
Friday of teh wage and got physical pain on top of the pain at having to deal with an arsehole boomer without my boot on his neck. On the way home I went to the faggoty new supermarket down the road that literally caters for such areseholes, Even the bikes in the carpark are faggot boomer bikes. Never wanted for a knife to slash tyres more in my life. Exercise time and then cook up and maybe a moofie. If I'm going to be a reprobate then I might as well enjoy myself.
>>17822 >Thanks for the advice, and for bringing this up in the first place neet. You are welcome NEET. >God is based AF True. >purported trecherous intents Yes, and like I said, I have no proof, only feelings. So yes, to be on guard. >Worshiping money has caused many, many men to fall. It can make you do truly demonic shit if you do. Yes indeed it does. Thank you for the advice NEET.
>>17824 Thanks neet. I guess I am just being silly. I remember around 2016 someone on /aus/ told me to "just keep slogging through it like a mad cunt". I think of that quite often.
Bought some tomato flavoured noodles when I was at IGA, they caught my eye and the novelty of it made me buy them. They tasted kinda nice, a decent amount of spice which I didn't expect. I won't buy them again since I'm planning on cutting out that sort of food though.
(137.94 KB 660x540 tomato crack.jpg)
>>17829 Two minute noodles are either student food or crack cocaine tier exex snax.
(406.41 KB 1012x1500 godzilla.jpg)
UwU. This is on tonight. I might just make it if i bolt my tea
>>17830 Cool.
Bolting tea now.
(117.28 KB 863x565 Sexy Goth BadBoy.jpg)
The past two days I've been having to use public transport (both buses and trains), and at first I was horrified of the thought. But after today I'm thinking I should use it more regularly. Because you see and are around more people than you would driving in your own vehicle. This may not seem like much to most but for a desperately lonely shut-in like me it's starting to become an OK thing. Friends/gfs won't fall into your lap like everyone's favourite YouTube goth stud expects them to. You've got to get out into the world. Unfortunately...
>>17834 Either public transport is fun if you want to meet ppl like that or its a pain because ppl like that wont leave you alone.
Off to see the moofie with a belly full of greasy veg and pasties.
>>17833 That looks very tasty neet
>>17834 I agree, you never meet anyone sitting at home by yourself
>>17827 >>17824 >>17823 I really like the field I am studying but I find that uni just sucks the joy out of it. I much prefer studying it on my own during the holidays.
>>17836 enjoy the movie neet
>>17833 Damn that looks good. A solid 8/10.
>>17836 Good plan, then you won't be tempted to spend 20 bucks on a ridiculously large popcorn and several litres of soda. Why won't cinemas serve things like hot chips or other typical corner-store hot-box food?
>>17842 > things like hot chips or o Back years ago when our cinema was across the road from a takeaway shop and at intermission (when the double feature was the normal thing) we would all rush out and grab chiko rolls and chips etc and go back inside for the next movie, they were good times tbh.
>>17842 >soda
>>17844 >fizzy drink
>>17845 Well bantered. I say soft-drink myself.
Why the fuck is there a nuro flag here? Haven't you seen what he did to the other site?
(196.19 KB 816x612 Shot Pulley Bearing.jpg)
(189.86 KB 816x612 Old vs New.jpg)
>>17809 Thanks. I managed to replace the broken part today, a 'tensioner pulley', but could not for the life of me put the engine belt back on. No mechanics open on weekends and all RACQ would do is tow it to a mechanic according to my research (they don't do any real mechanical repairs). So tomorrow I'll be hitting up a mobile mechanic. Had some uppity class older woman give the good old looking over and sarcastic/condescending "Are you okay?" (ie why the fuck are you still here in our neighbourhood?) I just want that car OUT OF THERE
>>17849 you should have punched that slag in the face neet, all bitches recpect the pimp hand
>>17849 Glad it was nothing terminal for your car neet.
everything is propaganda
>>17843 That does sound like good times.
>>17844 I don't like the overall Americanisation of this country but 'soda' does sound better than 'soft drink'. What makes the drink 'soft' anyway?
>>17848 >nuro Who?
(70.10 KB 640x846 angelina michelle.jpg)
>>17849 man that shit is cooked. I think you need a special tool to put the new belt on. any mobile mechanic should be able to do it pronto. Godzilla Vs Kong was pozzed with only one white actor in a lead role plus the villain of course. Kong gets a magic axe for some reason and uses it to defeat the baddie which was likely an allegory for big tech. Whatever the subtext was no one really cared because we watch it to see CGI monsters smash shit up. Rode the bike in and walked into the cinema without paying, Skipped the chips and lollies. Having a Caro and some muffins I got from teh wage. Checked out my next lemon tree ripe for picking on the way home. Lemon Raid When? Good Night, White.
>>17855 That Nuro fella dont wanna come on a boong board like this one. He dont wanna share his pills and goon with us noongas.
>>17851 I'll breathe easily once I see the engine running again and I'm seeing that place in the rear-view mirror. Until then more public transportation awaits tomorrow.
>>17858 That woman was probably not being a cunt, maybe just has resting bitch face.
>>17825 >If I'm going to be a reprobate then I might as well enjoy myself. I don't think you're reprobate neet. The very statement indicates otherwise tbh. >>17827 >I remember around 2016 someone on /aus/ told me to "just keep slogging through it like a mad cunt". I think of that quite often. Absolutely. My grandpappy used to tell me "Just keep throwing shit up agin the wall, son. Eventually something will stick."
>>17826 >Thank you for the advice NEET. YW >>17839 >but I find that uni just sucks the joy out of it. Almost as if the great notion of the University has devolved into a Marxist indoctrination & brainwashing hellhole where every sort of degeneracy is celebrated? In fact, literally everything but conservative White men are celebrated? In fact a place where pronouns are treated as far, far more important than the subject matter itself.
>>16983 Good Morning NEETs. The bin truck has come and gone before I have finished my morning caro.
Reading about atomic swaps in cryptocoin. This allows trustless off-blockchain exchanges of cryptocoins. still doesent address fiat-crypto swaps tho.
(17.80 KB 540x276 Longreach XG.jpg)
Fixed the upholstery in the Falcon with PVA wood glue. Cat stand to see it get tatty.
>>17863 Morning
>>17863 Good morning.
>>17865 That is a byoot.
(76.06 KB 786x213 ClipboardImage.png)
(942.38 KB 720x728 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17864 >exchange without (((exchanges))) Bring it on I say.
When I was in the public service, I spoke to a man who had had the misfortune to work at DFAT. He had attained a certain APS rank and was looking to advance further. One man higher in the organisation took him aside and said to him: >we all went to the same schools >our parents went to the same schools >we all know each other and all do the same things >you will never be a part of this club >this is how it is going to be I look between the old guard of the "elites", and the new guard of the "elites", and the "counter" guard of the "elites", and I see no difference between them. They are all of the very same group, the same schools, the same ideology, no matter what the wrapping, and they will never, ever, not in one thousand years, willingly let any of us, no matter how talented, have a seat at their table. I say, fuck that shit. Matthew 19:28-30 >And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. >And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. >But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.
I am about to do a mid-semester test for uni. They are all online due to the pandemic.
(77.24 KB 525x680 chinees abos.jpeg)
I swore I'd never post about my homie again but this shit is outrageous: Couple of months back a chinkette moves into our block, There's been more chinks than aussies here for years now. Straight away she's onto mike lando about which side of the hills hoist is hers. Then she's ramping up the cling. Inserting herself into our weekend BBQs, leaving chink presents on homie's doorstep, Stalks us when we banter outside just to hit us up with some pointless query. Turns out she gets paid by the local uni to go on chink social media and shill the place to other chinks: >How cheap the rent is, >lots of gook sharehouses everywhere. >Convenient chink restaurants, Chink supermarkets and chink food vans >Lots of cute animals come up to your car when you're driving. >How the locals love to socialise with chinees. There's a city-wide rent crisis. No more affordable houses, no more apartments. Housing inflation is something like 15%. But blame East-Coast tree-changers. Dont blame mass immigration, dont blame the boomers stuffing two gooks into every free room. That'd be off-message We count six shitskins in the two-bed across the street We are the last of the mohicians. Homie's stressed about paying 50% under market rates, I'm leaving my hometown. White Flight. Chinks and shitskins are taking my homie's shifts, my wage is flooded with the useless shits. The Universities white-anted the STEM degrees with their immigration dressed up as Education. They use local students to get the chinks thru on group work. Too many gooks and poos. Too much mass immigration badness to list. I saw it wreck my town in streaming real-time. Now its literally knocking on my door looking for happy feels for profit. Cursed carpet bagging chink.
Have any of you lived in Longreach? It is a depressing place to be. Lots of meth.
(41.85 KB 913x729 wo44qn8a0p051.jpg)
>>17871 MId semester already?
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-28/channel-9-off-air-due-to-technical-issues/100034364 Keke. The normies get a bit of excitement and will have something to talk about in their 90 minute lunch breaks today.
>>17874 I'm in week 5 of a 12 week semester. It is a bit early but not terribly unusual. I think it makes sense to do it now so that the results can be back before the census date. That way people that perform poorly can choose to drop out.
>>17871 You'll do fine neet.
>>17870 The kind of man that wants to join an establishment elite would be a poor choice for the long term functioning of it in a changing world. Paradigm shifts are inescapable elements of the forward progression of time.
>>17876 Its good that they do that I suppose. I only dropped one subject and that was because the dickage factor was too high. I made the right choice and got a good mark the next time, the dickage was the same tho.
>>17878 He didn't want to join it. He just wanted a job that befitted his abilities and drive. They would not let even this one scrap fall from the table.
>>17880 That'd be private enterprise, not a faggot heirarchy.
>>17881 So what's the answer then?
Haskell is an interesting programming language. let square x = x * x in map square [1..10] >[1,4,9,16,25,36,49,64,81,100]
(16.74 KB 332x126 OPINION.jpg)
>>17862 >>17872 A glorious time to be alive
>>17875 The 9 website was claiming it a 'cyber attack' when I looked early this morn.
Still waiting on a mobile mechanic and not sure one can come today. Probably looking at either tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm just so worried the car will get towed. Even though the street has no parking signs.
>>17877 Cheers noot. I just finished it. It went pretty well I reckon.
I am very much in the mood for some white chocolate. I might buy some today.
>>17869 >Bring it on I say. /throd. >>17870 >But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. I think that is fundamentally one of the greatest scriptures. God is not only just, He's also incredibly generous. >>17884 Now's our time to shine. We can take oppression far, far better than any other group on Earth. And still come out on top. >>17887 >I just finished it. It went pretty well I reckon. Nice, well done.
>>17889 Thanks neet. I am glad it is over. I am heading into uni now to have a study.
(325.94 KB 827x681 Today in History.jpg)
Probably shit muhself if I saw all those viking boats coming
>>17873 In the back of Old Mate's ute? Nah, but he doesn't strike me as the meth using type.
>>17879 >dickage
>>17882 Centrelink
Reckon Queensland is going to have a full lock down soon, fucking marvelous. >>17892 >Old Mate I remember some NEETs on Endchan having a little bitch fit over that term, claiming it was some "fake Australian" term or some shit.
>>17882 if the organization has competitors then they seem hell bent on becoming second place and dropping in rank. If they alienate their best and brightest. Look at toll transport, their CEO came after he had a gutful of linfox, Toll increased its market share and now dominates the industry.
>>17895 >endchan >>17893
>>17895 >some NEETs on Endchan There's your problem.
>tfw We never got an update on what the moofie Godzilla v Kong was like.
>>17898 >>17897 Sorry for mentioning it, Jesus...
>>17899 I hope Kong one. I prefer him to the lizard.
>>17901 *won Fuck me dead, i need to slow down
on the grog lol homophones fuck me badly once I've beyond the tipsy stage. What are you boys drinking??
(121.17 KB 896x720 vbew.jpg)
(76.17 KB 594x396 1599908433532.jpg)
Went to oldad's for tea. I brought $35 worth of fish and chips to make him feel better about giving up two ladders which I need for Silver City tomorrow. Its late already and I have to go up there in the dark. Off at dawn tomorrow. Good Night. White.
(196.02 KB 987x583 Clown World.jpg)
For fucking fucks sake. Only just found out about this. I have to use public transport early tomorrow morning but don't own a mask. Guess I'll have to make one out of a pair of cumdies.
(320.67 KB 943x629 un.jpeg)
>>17906 Wear your cumdies proud neet.
>>17903 The last shot of Smirnoff vodka, and about to open the bottle of Absolut I bought tonight.
(88.55 KB 816x612 Mask.jpg)
(116.40 KB 816x612 mask2.jpg)
>>17907 Never mind, I MacGyvered one out of paper towel, rubber bands and sticky tape. God bless the Internet.
>>17909 Shit neet, thats bloody good well done
(140.82 KB 816x612 Bus Stop Brekky.jpg)
(1.64 MB 2723x2225 Beached.jpg)
(163.26 KB 816x612 Beef and Lamb Kebab.jpg)
Another cunt of a day. Car still inoperable. The 'Same Day' mobile mechanic I thought would come save the day was booked out till Wednesday so what proceeded was a panicked and frustrating search for basically anyone available this day. Of which there were none. But I've lined up a guy for tomorrow morning so every farking finger crossed it goes well. But nothing ever goes smoothly in my life so can't farking wait to see what tomorrow brings. Only good thing that happened today was when this guy somehow managed to squirt hand sanitiser into his eyes. It happened at a library. I was sitting on the shitter when I heard this guy shouting expletives. At least his eyeballs are safe from the flu now. KEK.
>>17911 >Car still inoperable Sorry to hear that. I hope you get it sorted soon Neet.
>>17911 That guy will sue the library for negligence. Do you have the haynes manual for your car?
>>17909 Thats some nice Kludging the NEET. I would have used white face paint myself.
Good Morning NEETs. Had to walk back with wet socks it was pee. You dont realize how light polluted the city is until you sleep out.
>>17915 Good morning. I can see it, blearily pissing on the feet Lol. Yeah, I love watching the stars out from the city lights.
(562.98 KB 1280x4617 boong mofo.jpg)
UNNA!! us mob's gonna be artists, we's gunna get the fancy wine and the premium sniff.
>>17911 Thanks for the pics neet, hope the kebab was nice.
>>17915 >>17916 morning neets
Off to uni. Going to go to the gym after class.
>>17920 Have a good day m8
Got a lot of uni work to do today. Going to get cracking on it.
I got out of the house and went camping on a little reserve, just with a mattress in the back of my car. I got through more work in a few hours than I did in the last week. Camping is KING if you need to think.
>>17923 Just getting away from the city -- preferably far away -- helps out. White men weren't really made for those hellholes. At least not to live in.
>>17924 No, they aren't.
(94.85 KB 612x816 BSB.jpg)
(434.33 KB 816x612 Strange Tree Root.jpg)
Another bus stop brekky. Hopefully the last for a long time as the car was finally repaired. It was such a nerve-wracking morning/bus ride. All I could think of was either A. The mechanic would not be able to fix and car would need to be towed (ie more money), or B. I'd get a call from the guy saying "something came up" and that they couldn't come until tomorrow. Anyway, about 10 minutes to go on the trip it starts pissing down rain. I've got no raincoat and the laptop is in the backpack. HereWeFarkingGo.png. But thankfully the Heavens cleared on arrival. But. No sooner had I departed the bus the phone was ringing. HereComesScenarioB.gif. It was the mechanic, but just to tell me they'd be an hour late. Fair enough I say, and off to beach for a bit of a perv. AnHourLater.mov. So glad to see the guy turn up. Took him about 30 minutes to put the belt on, and at one point I had to help hold a pry bar so a wrench wouldn't slip off as he was pulling it to get slack on the belt. Cranked the engine and the idle was very rough. Had my foot lightly on the accelerator to keep it alive but the mech obviously noticed something wasn't right so told me to switch it off. A vacuum line connected to the throttle/idle had come off so he replaced that then off I went thank the Lord. The cost was $105 in labour with a $60 'call out' fee, if paying by credit card, or 150 cash which I chose. So glad it's over. TLDR; Crumbed sausages are kino, and my car is now back on the road.
>>17912 Much appreciated >>17913 Nah don't have the manual. I've been relying mostly on Youtube for information. But it's all good now.
>>17926 Fuck yeah mate, IKTF.
>>17914 >Kludging First time I've heard that word. I felt like an idiot as everyone else had 'real' masks. But several people were getting on the bus without and the drivers said nothing.
>>17906 >you must carry a mask at all times when you leave home Kek, this is some of the stupidest shit I have seen so far. 10/10 for retardedness whatever faggot kike is running qld behind the scenes still, God's country can't be far behind i feel u, qld bros
>>17918 The kebab was very good. A solid 8/10. But pricey at $12. Their kebab/chips/drink deal was $17. I just got the kebab (beef and lamb). The meat had this nice minty spice to it and not too salty. They put 'tabouli' on as a standard topping, unlike any other place I've been to that just has lettuce, tomato and onion as standard. Sauces were garlic yoghurt and sweet chilli. Could not finish the last mouthful as it was that big.
>>17926 >my car is now back on the road Good to hear neet
>>17926 Great news Neet.
Would be really nice to receive the affection of a woman this year.
(53.25 KB 940x470 brokelads.jpg)
Whichever neet suggested I reinvest my gains at Ladbrokes was right! Managed $500 net profit over around 100 bets. Would have been more but I made a few mistakes. Unfortunately they've promo banned me now, so that's the end of that.
(98.00 KB 1602x814 gubbed.png)
>>17926 >back on the road I hope you didnt cheer out loud.
>>17935 Thanks Neet. I'm tracking this down and posting it on our /edu/ thread.
Heaps of wasps out here in silver city. I looked in the roof cavity and there are old nests there. Needs sealing up +/- poison dust.
>>17937 Kek. They can't take their own medicine Neet. You pwnd em.
Is there any nation in the world whose leader has simply declared that COVID is bullshit?
>>17935 >ywn a east european trad maths waifu
>>17942 There was a nigger in Africa (that was just """accidentally""" killed this past week), and there was one in somewhere in the EU -- who is being called to be removed by them ofc.
>>17944 This is sick. An entire state under restrictions because seven people got the flu. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-56559755 >Brisbane lockdown: Australian city to shut down over seven cases There is huge political capital for anyone who owns his own airspace to just come out and say fuck you. I will have to find those articles.
(547.35 KB 600x648 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17944 >it's real https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/03/18/tanzanian-leader-mugufuli-coronavirus-dies-covid-africa/ >Tanzanian Leader Who Downplayed Pandemic Dies >President John Magufuli’s complex legacy is overshadowed by his repeated dismissals of the coronavirus. >Opposition leaders say that Magufuli died after contracting the coronavirus, though the Tanzanian government says he died of a heart attack after being admitted to a Dar es Salaam hospital on March 6. (((heart attack)))
>>17946 >Magufuli, nicknamed “the Bulldozer,” won early plaudits after being elected in 2015 for his efforts to modernize Tanzania’s economy and tackle corruption and wasteful government spending. But he became increasingly authoritarian over time, centralizing the presidency’s powers and cracking down on journalists and political opponents. He died just five months after being reelected for a second term in a vote that (((independent observers))) say was marred by allegations of fraud and voter intimidation. I mean fucking hell can these fucking glowfucks be any more fucking obvious?
Well at least we know now why nobody is speaking out against it. They're all terrified of being Epstein'd. samefagging again I'm just fucking pissed off with this shit
>>17945 It is sick. As you're probably already well aware NEET, the agenda for (((them))) has literally nothing to do with the manufactured """pandemic""". They are simply trying to brainwash people into submitting to the Globohomo, Communist, One World Government. They are in particular training little kids to all be ratfink snitches and report even the slightest degree of wrongthink by parents, friends, etc. It's worse than sick, it's truly demonic. >"...A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household." https://biblehub.com/bsb/matthew/10.htm#34 >>17947 >I mean fucking hell can these fucking glowfucks be any more fucking obvious? They think they have all the upper hand, Neet. They will learn in the end they weren't ever really in control.
(180.42 KB 816x612 Op-Shop Goods.jpg)
(218.59 KB 816x612 Saucepan1.jpg)
(272.98 KB 816x612 Saucepan2.jpg)
I'm happy with the saucepan. From what I've seen any cookware, frying pans or saucepans that have riveted handles are 'higher quality' / more expensive than the non-riveted types. Must cost less to manufacture the latter.
(78.31 KB 467x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17949 True. But yes. I will continue to play the long game.
>>17950 Nice haul neet.
>>17938 Nah, it was a very anxious drive back home. Just dreading the thought of something else breaking down.
>>17946 IIRC, it's Belarus that may be the 'anti-lockdown' nation in the White world atm. The winning president there obviously loaded the last election against some stronk, independynt EU bitch tool (he would have landslided her ass regardless). """TPTB""" are calling for his ouster.
>>17950 Good haul neet, and a good price on the pans bit of elbow grease and bi carb they'll be like new again
>>17950 nice haul, nice cookware. >>17951 good plan lad. this will turn right in the end, even if it gets darker first.
(66.26 KB 467x700 neet on.png)
>>17951 FTFY
(849.58 KB 1224x1632 Late-night Haul.jpg)
I was bored so decided to walk to the nearby IGA, with my homemade mask in pocket. Keen to see how long these eggs last at room temp. I wouldn't risk more than a week but like that other NOOT said about 'rotten eggs'. Well it's pretty self-explanatory if ya thank about it.
(85.14 KB 467x827 carry on neet.png)
Hey neets, I need some help. I am currently very overwhelmed with uni. I am doing 3 subjects that are part of my major and 1 elective. I want to drop the elective because it is taking up way too much time and my performance in the core subjects is suffering. I have two questions: a) Should I email the professor to let him know? b) We are starting a group project soon. We have already been put into groups. One of the group members is in a tutorial with me for another subject. I feel a bit guilty about dropping out as that sort of means more work for the rest of them but I can't stand to keep doing this course and the census date is approaching. What should I do if he asks me? Can I just tell him the truth if he asks? Should I apologise if he asks?
The house at silver city is rat fucked but fixable. The drive up was highway mostly and I took a detour to get a gumtree breadmaker off a farmer. I had lunch at a seagull roosting spot but I left my tofu burgers in the freexer so its buckwheat and dried mushrooms and black bread with thick butter. Sleeping outside because the place is too contaminated to stay indoors. Survey needs to wrap up before morning tea time so i can get back to the city before dark. Good Night, White.
>>17934 I am very sick of being so lonely.
>>17961 Dont drop out, its probably a doddle and the group will do most of the work.
>>17964 I've decided to drop out. It isn't the group work that is the issue; it is the rest of it.
>>17965 Ahh fuck, it is past the census date. I guess I am keeping the course. Christ. Anxiety through the roof atm.
>>17966 I can't believe I got the weeks mixed up. Fuck me dead.
>>17961 >Should I email the professor to let him know? I know nothing much about uni so I have no idea of the correct procedures for things but I would let him know asap simply for courtesy reasons and then do what ever you need to do to drop the subject before the census date
>>17966 Isn't there someone you can email or talk to to explain the situation, I'm sure this kind of thing has happened before to people.
>>17962 Night neet and don't let the rats bite.
(576.28 KB 240x360 hungryrat.mp4)
>>17962 >silver city is rat fucked
>>17969 Nah, fuck it. I'll just suffer. If my marks decline I guess that is what I deserve. Such is life. >>17968 Yeah, probably. It doesn't matter now. Sorry for being all gay and dramatic.
>>17961 >>17961 I'd say yes, just tell everyone involved exactly what's happening. It's nothing unusual Neet. Do it soon I'd say.
>>17972 >Sorry for being all gay and dramatic. It's not being dramatic neet, it's worrying you so you need to do something about it.
GOD DAMN IT I bought a kettle, coffee and shelf-stable milk. But no mugs... Good night. Mentally retarded White.
>>17962 This place sounds interesting to say the least. Good night.
I'm in the mood for some buttered bread.
Good Morning NEETs. An early morning wasp is buzzing around the naked globe in the kitchen. DINGY A.F.
This property condition report is going to be a joke. I'm not going to mention the structural stuff that I'm going to fix. Brought my ozone generator by happenstance but not my reactor gas mask. Oh well, decontaminaiton can wait for another 2 weeks
>>17979 >Brought my ozone generator by happenstance but not my reactor gas mask. Oh well, decontaminaiton can wait for another 2 weeks Interesting NEET. Curious, does that have some kind of effect on your skin while you're working under it? I mean do you have to really scrub the outer layers off afterwards or something?
Didn't go to the gym after uni yesterday. Decided to go early this morning though, now I'm going to have some eggs for breakky.
>>17981 always good to exercise in the mornings neet.
I got a package at the Silver City Post office already, I'll pick it up and go home via the mountain roads.
>>17983 >via the mountain roads Sounds lovely
>>17978 Good morning. I awoke at 4am just as the mouse had crawled onto the bed right next to my left ear. First time seeing it since Thursday. Traps are now set. So glad not to be a slave to public transport again. Going to explore more of the surrounds today. Have a good one.
>>17982 I agree. About to do pushups.
Can't wait to hear news of the inevitable extension of the lockdown which was due to end tonight. Can't wait...
>>17981 Eggs would be nice right now. If only I hadn't forgotten to buy cooking oil. Might go get a pie.
Reminder for the NEET, don't forget to get some mugs.
(158.43 KB 816x612 Brekky Pie.jpg)
(139.39 KB 816x612 Pie Bite.jpg)