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(23.59 KB 400x400 Cashed_Up_Pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #114 - TIGHTEN YOUR (FAN) BELT EDITION NEET 03/31/2021 (Wed) 05:44:48 No. 17999
Are you stuck? Marooned? Dead in the water? Is your bonnet open as you watch smug rich cunts whiz past? Do you wish your shit didn't let you down time and again because you get the budget option every time? Why are you so poor anyway? You need to stop it now! Dont you realize that us smug rich cunts glide thru life with no friction? I just dont understand why you choose to have no money. EXPLAIN YOURSELF!! Listen NEET, I know you cant help it, so I'll give you some free advice: Start being wealthy. Stop wasting your time being poor and TIGHTEN YOUR BELT
How much is he worth?
(62.29 KB 900x900 Doctor Dan.jpg)
I can help you save some money NEETs, Just drop into one of my savings centers and select some bulk refreshments for my famous low-low prices and you'll be flush in no time.
(747.73 KB 2304x1728 More quinces.jpg)
Stopped at Grist Plains on the way back from Silver City, I though I spotted a lemon tree but it was just ruddy quinces. I put one in my pocket to try when I got home but I'm not really that game.
>>17999 Nice pepe >>17990 Very tasty looking pie neet.
(528.38 KB 559x559 ClipboardImage.png)
>#114 OP is a sadistic fuck doing this on a board full of autists.
>>17966 Just have a go, one day at a time, and don't stress too much about outcome. You might surprise yourself. You also might want to get on the modafinil >>17999 checked
Depending on how fucked I feel tomorrow I might go into the gym again in the morning. Probably won't though.
>>17999 Whats a rich cunt doin here on a boong board?
(738.97 KB 1632x1224 Out of booze haul.jpg)
>>18007 Coffee mug has been obtained!
Nice fresh medicare card came in the mail. Dunno what to do with the old one.
>>18010 You could have drunk the vodka out of a freexer bag instead of wasting money on the mug.
>>18010 What's the Jif taste like? Been meaning to try it out for a while now.
>>18010 Good haul m8 and a very nice mug.
>>18010 Good haul m8 and a very nice mug.
>>17999 >TIGHTEN YOUR BELT Not sure If I should be happy or angry that you based this entire thread on my unfortunate situation with the car. There's no 'tightening' of the belt with my vehicle as it has an 'automatic' tensioner assembly. ARSE
>>18003 >centers
>>18014 Thank >>18015 You
(16.91 KB 500x500 BUNDY RUM.jpg)
>Happy >Angry Why not both at the same time?
Back from uni. Long day. I am going to finish these two assignments tonight. If I can't, I will have to get up early tomorrow morning. At least after tomorrow I will have a bit of time to relax.
i dun fukt the rolly on mi gig flash its a dolly in the flop for flim flam drim drop jolly be gud ona wendy unna i will give 0.001BTC to anyone who can translate what i just wrote ASIO, AFP and tax department cunts need not apply
>>18021 Sleep at the library like the pajeets do.
(1.28 MB 851x758 ClipboardImage.png)
(113.63 KB 419x238 ClipboardImage.png)
Best laugh I had all day.
Look out NEET! (((They're))) onto you! Proscribed so far: >Sonnenkrieg Division Trying to add: >Combat 18 (proscribed by Canada in 2019 and Germany in 2020) >Blood and Honour (proscribed by Canada in 2019) >Generation Identity (proscribed by France in 2021) >Proud Boys (proscribed by Canada 2021) https://www.gaybc.net.au/news/2021-03-28/banned-neo-nazi-groups-set-sights-on-australia/100030072
>>18025 Bad NEETs, Bad NEETs, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna when (((they))) come for yoooooooou!
(997.14 KB 862x575 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18025 Faggot researcher also on the look out for: >Antipodean Resistance >National Socialist Network >"Subscribing to an extreme, anti-democratic and openly neo-Nazi ideology, the group advocates National Socialism as the only world view that will ensure the survival of the white race," Dr Allchorn said. Moron. >He also said "they're very tactical in how they use their language" and "try to avoid anything that they think would get them proscribed or made illegal". How dare those Nazis defend themselves from us peace-loving commies who just want to starve them in gulags. >pic related is researcher >Dr William Allchorn I know what you're all thinking, but the profile makes it a little bit difficult to get a read on the nose. I think he might be anglo, we don't have the same Jew problem America does.
>>18025 Sonnenkrieg was a cringe teenage discord server in britbongland. All they did was talk shit about killing race traitors. ASIO must be desperate to look tough but they look pathetic.
>>18028 I agree neet. This all makes the Australian authorities look ridiculous. Soon they will have to outright ban existing while white. At that point, the unprepared normies cop it while we go Taliban in Uluru.
(42.46 KB 700x394 bb.jpeg)
>>18026 We gonna call the Boong busters cuz
>>18027 The jew stands behind him. That "Research" is funded to produce justification for more holocoaster musuems.
>>18027 The jew stands behind him. That "Research" is funded to produce justification for more holocoaster musuems.
Isn't it funny how the bans are going down? The Islamic terrorist bans are because of religion (what they do) whereas the white terrorist bans are because of race (what we are). Whiteness is the original sin that can never be washed away.
>>18025 >Proud Boys Kek, sounds like a Gay k-pop group.
>>18025 >Proud Boys Kek, sounds like a Gay k-pop group.
>>18031 >>18032 >>18034 >>18035 You might want to check your setup neet, you are double posting.
Fucking Greens.
>>18036 first one wasnt me
>>18033 The (((Lungenpresse))), (((Academia))), ZOG et.al. are conflating white supremacists with ethno nationalism and National Socialism. Whereas the former suggests that Whites should be masters of all races, the latter is a question of: Why should whites be burdened with the problems of the brown and yellow races. The white mans burden is both forced upon us and used to condemn us as arrogant imperialists.
Sorry, I double clicked reply. Too much purple rockstar
>>18022 You want a goon bag, you sould see our mate Dan
Dinner. Not bad for only 8 bucks. Hadn't eaten since that pie this morning so made short work of it all. Compare this to your average 'meal deal' from Maccas or Hungry Jacks that'll set you back around $12. What a bargain!
>>18021 Best of luck to ya but I'm sure you'll get 'em done.
I recall the founder of Proud Goys being pro-Israel. According to a Wikipedia article.
>>18043 Looks like a good feed, haven't had hot chips in months.
>>18021 You'll bag it Neet. Enjoy the break doing something out of the city.
(131.22 KB 262x262 Picon.png)
This is what I used as bait on the two traps I set last night. Woke up this morn to see the cheese completely gone from one of them. I think it's due to the cheese being too soft and therefore the mouse doesn't need to apply the sort of pressure on the trap that would set it off. Going to try peanut butter tonight. I'll be sleeping in another section of this place though that I don't think the little cunt can get to.
>>18048 Mice 1 Neet 0 We shall follow the score with great interest.
(13.43 KB 700x700 Destiny 2 mouse pepe.png)
>>18048 Too tough to kill, too based to die.
>>18043 >snack pack. Gees that deep fry oil needs changing.
>>18051 There was a takeaway shop here years ago run by a Greek family (of course) I dont think they ever changed the oil in the fryers and it was the best fried food in town tbh.Flavour develops in the oil, thats why I keep a dripping bowl fantastic for roast potatoes etc.
(94.13 KB 640x956 russia redhead.jpg)
I tried the Quince that I got from the highway earlier, its like a lemon crossed with a pear. It'd be good in jam but cant be stuffed and they wouldn't have gotten much water out in Grist Plains, yellow and brown except for the irrigated pastures. It would be nice to get a house there but I want to see rain and that means I go past the plains and deep into the mountains. Not going out to silver city until after the out of state tourist cunts thin out after easter. They are super rude on the narrow roads and I dont let them pass when I'm using the engine to brake down the long descents. I could go the coast route but they are fucking the road and I would get gay pink mud on the falcon. Good Night,White.
>>18052 >never changed the oil Trans-fat tastic.
nite neets >>18053 nite
I've done most of both assignments. I am going to have a bit more of a go in the morning but I am mostly beyond caring at this point. I fucked up leaving it this late. At least this is the end of my assignments until after the mid semester break.
>>18055 >>18056 get some rest neet
>>18027 The brown hair and eyes, when combined with (((behaviour))), are setting off a yellow alert on my (((mutt))) alarm. I would need more information on this man, such as a picture in profile.
>>18056 Mid semester break gives you a good run at your assignments. I was always amazed that some cunts go on holidays then.
Good Morning NEETs. Very warm outside, it would have been a very good night up in the bush.
They gave me the choice of the Grindhouse office or to kick it with the Prima-donnas. I always go with the based option, I expect much gore today.
I love the NEET life boys. It’s not gonna last forever for me but I have a lot of self improvement to focus on for the next 9 months. I can actually accomplish this well with the NEET life. I have a good goal in mind that will change my life forever for the good.
A slice of ham and a bowl of muesli for breakfast today.
It is hard to be a winner when you are surrounded by losers. It would be impossible, if not through God.
>>18039 They are intelligent but their golems are stupid. They need to make it simple. Hence, everyone who is not Antifa is a Nazi.
>>18045 Their leader for the capitol fun day was a "former" lol FBI informant. >>18061 The bush is quite pleasant right now.
>>18060 Good morning, the fecking masks will now be required for all of QLD for the next 2 weeks. I'm going to try making one out of cloth. Just need a stapler.
>>18064 Not bad. This burger was pretty damn good, they put the veg on fresh so the lettuce was nice and crisp. Some places don't.
Sippin' on this popper like a school kid
(224.93 KB 816x612 BLT.jpg)
This burger*
For better or for worse I was lurking on a site that shall remain unnamed. People were talking about the bronze age collapse. They gave reasons for it like climate change, sea peoples, invasions, etc, etc, etc. But there is no need for speculation, because we have the exact reason from a guy who was there. According to Moses, the bronze age civilisations collapsed because their people had become irredeemably evil, committing numerous "abominations." The reason people can't talk about it is because these abominations are pretty much a carbon copy of the progressive wish list. Sodomy, idolatry, worshipping false Gods, infant sacrifice (abortion), human sacrifice (Mexican cartels), incest, bestiality, adultery and whoredom. Every thing that is evil is celebrated, and every thing that is good is put down. I would be almost any money that this is what happened just prior to the bronze age collapse also.
I will be happily satisfied when the whole thing collapses. Nothing makes me happier than to see God's enemies being crushed beneath His will.
(136.55 KB 624x268 ClipboardImage.png)
>communal showers Nothing more refreshing than stepping out of the shower and being hit by the aroma of another man's freshly laid turd.
>>18075 Living the dream neet. >>18071 Nice burger
>>18072 Yes, ignore the logical reasons for it.
>>18074 Anyway fuck it, I'm out. No point going down with a ship full of losers when I'm the only one who thought to pack a life vest. >>18077 Dumb nigger, go back to reddit then kill yourself.
>>18077 Lol, you will never be a woman.
I'm back from uni. Had some scrambled eggs for a late lunch. I am now going to relax for a bit before going to the gym tonight. I am weighing up watching The Road (2009) or Four Brothers (2005).
>>18078 >>18077 >>18079 Let's all chill. No need to get all Endchan up in here
>>18080 Hello. I'd go with the latter. The Road is quite dismal from what I remember. Just got back from BigW, bought some clothes and misc household items, including a pedestal fan that was marked down to $4 from $15 as the packaging was damaged. Hope it works. It was very uncomfortable wearing my homemade mask. What sort of exercises you got planned?
>>18082 Hey neet, thanks for your advice. I will do as you suggested. The fan sounds like a good score. I'd expect the packaging damage would have to be pretty extreme for something as simple as an electric fan to suffer. Can you take it back if it doesn't work or do you relinquish that right when buying things on clearance? Would a factory made mask be more comfortable? For the gym, I will just be lifting as usual. I do an A/B split of: A: Squat, bench, row B: Deadlift, OHP, pull-ups Doing each one twice a week, so, A-B-rest-A-B followed by two rest days. It has worked well for me. I run on my rest days.
>>18077 What do you think the causes were?
>>18080 'The Road' is a good moofie but its 'Storm Boy' by Colin Thiele tier poignant. Go watch a action moofie like 'Songbird' 2020.
(63.48 KB 528x458 sodom and gomorrah.jpg)
>>18072 We need another round of smiting>>17999
I'm very thirsty today.
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
>>18088 I've just been drinking water. None of that vile poison for me.
(44.24 KB 316x660 soy vanilla.png)
>>18089 Having a Caro with this stuff. I picked up two dozen cartons for two dollars each.
>>18090 Number 4: I know you heard this before "Never get high on your own supply"
>>18090 >Caro How is the taste? I cut caffeine out of my diet for health reasons but I've found I miss the taste of coffee.
>>18092 I dunno I forgot how coffee tastes.
>>18090 How will you get swole up if you soy instead, Neet? That stuff is poison for men.
>>18094 I do okay, cow milk isnt very good for you really.
>>18072 >I would be almost any money that this is what happened just prior to the bronze age collapse also. AFAICT, there are at least two common themes to penultimate stage before an utter collapse of Empire. -Men begin 'empowering' their women in one way or other. >"Hey, what could possibly go wrong?" -Men themselves become effeminate as a direct result of this huge, obvious mistake. The outcome is predictable, Barbarians from without, treacherous Fifth Columns from within, w/e. Whatever it is the outcome is always the same: Virtuous men either no longer exist in that civilization, or are too few in numbers to change the charge right off the cliff by the rest. Judgement falls.
>>18095 Why not? It is fairly calorie dense so I can see how you'd put on weight from it, but what is wrong it?
>>18095 >I do okay, cow milk isnt very good for you really. Certainly better than literally liquid-estrogen. (((Soy))) has been the downfall of based lads before now. Remember, Cripple-Kike?
>>18098 its phyto estrogen. its just a carbohydrate to humans. Remember that yuppie fad of drinking wheat grass juice for the chlorophyl?
I find I have a very foul mood when I am hungry. I become very irritable and easily frustrated by minor things.
>>18092 Tried decaf?
>>18100 We know. This is why you'll be living out the back of the of the commune.
>>18101 >>18101 No, I might.
>>18102 I wasn't the grumpy one earlier if that is what you are suggesting.
(312.20 KB 443x943 ltge5m0lxrt41.jpg)
Writing the buglemans report for the civic club annual newsletter. I miss my bugle.
>>18105 based black knights about to take out a faggy invader.
>>18106 You can have my bulge.
>>18108 Thats a bit gay.
(71.73 KB 640x858 bbeggpizza.jpg)
What did you have for tea neets?
(71.43 KB 640x795 redsunlight.jpg)
Off up the ravine while its still warm outside. Good Night,White.
>>18112 Good luck mate. Sleep tight.
What do you guys think of canola oil?
>>18111 Vodka. Was going to get some more chicken and chips but it's raining.
>>18114 I think it's good for deep frying
>>18115 I remember mispronouncing gyro as "guy-ro" instead of yiros once at the local wog take away. The fat old wog lady laughed at me and I felt terrible.
Off to the gym noots.
>>18090 Don't do it neet! Remember the 40%
>>18118 Have a good lift m8.
>>18114 it's ok, i use it for stirfry etc and like the other neet deep frying.
>>18115 I love being comfy in the rain. The pajeet delivery drivers hate it.
Good morning NEETs. There was a little bit of smoke in the gully bottom last night, which made me nervous. My camp gets the breeze so it was unaffected.
(306.06 KB 2304x1728 GOld.jpg)
(291.12 KB 2304x1728 half.jpg)
No casual wage on a public holiday, unsurprisingly. So I went out RAIDING FOR GOLD
(67.03 KB 750x917 mithril hall.jpg)
>>18096 Speaking for myself, the need to hold in one's righteous rage, which would cause one to kill these traitorous fifth columnists and barbarians, but then be crushed by the state, is a big problem for manliness. Men need to be able to engage in physical and sometimes mortal combat. There is nothing else that makes one feel quite so alive as this, trying to impose one's will on an enemy who is also trying to do the same. I wish the police didn't exist. Then we would sort this mess out in about five minutes. There would be a big pile of bodies that would be burned, then all the big men would feast on red meat in celebration of the slaughter.
Police are the faggot gang. Protecting criminals from righteous vengeance from aggrieved citizens and sniffing around where nobody wants them. Like dogs.
>>18126 Killing ends up wrecking the psyche of the soldier, normal men are not made to kill other men, especially if they look similar. Thats why there is so much ptsd and suicide among returned soldiers i.e. the VV and Gulf war 1 + 2 vets. White men who typically have empathy suffer the most. The deep state employs psychopaths incapable of empathy to do their wet work, they are less of a liability from feelings of guilt and potentially turning on thier employers.
I want to go shopping and to bunnings but nowhere is open. I'm going to starve neets.
>>18123 Morning >>18124 Excellent haul of lemons neet >>18129 Goodbye neet, we shall have a giant feast in your honor.
>>18130 Keke. All the chink supermarkets are open, I'll eat chinkshit.
>>18128 Fuck off you retard, we are the descendents of genocidal cunts who out-genocided all the other genocidal cunts throughout history to reign supreme. Soldiers get PTSD because they are undermined by their own lawyers and psychologists. They need to have priests who tell them "that tribe over there hath sinned against the LORD, now slaughter among them every man and male child, but keep the women and the spoil for yourselves." >empathy Empathy is the ability to tune into the feelings and thoughts of your fellow man, to understand him and help him, and of your enemy, to understand him and outwit him. It is first and foremost an ability that has evolved for cooperation with other kinsmen and tribesmen.
I swear some fucking endchan trannies have found their way here.
>>18132 Chopper Read admitted that he got trauma from killing drug dealing scumbags. Do you reckon that some normal man is going to be able to kill some crying Babushka and not get rekt?
Thick piece of sunflower seed toast with butter and raspberry jam + Caro for morning tea.
>>18133 I dont have a problem with the NEETs on Endchan.
(39.81 KB 634x789 1589277137439.png)
>>18134 Chopper was based before it was a thing.
Here is an example of the "priests" of the judiciary and civil defence undermining a man whose goal was to keep his people safe from invaders. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-56604470 Met PC found guilty of neo-Nazi group membership >After the jury returned their verdict, the judge said Hannam had been "convicted of serious offences" and was being bailed as a "courtesy". >Jenny Hopkins, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said Hannam's "lies have caught up with him and he's been exposed as an individual with deeply racist beliefs". >"Benjamin Hannam would not have got a job as a probationary police constable if he'd told the truth about his membership of a banned, far-right group," she added. >Cdr Richard Smith, of the Met's Counter Terrorism Command, said "the public expect police officers to carry out their duties with the very highest levels of honesty and integrity. >"Sadly, PC Hannam showed none of these qualities." In any decent society, this judge and this commander would would be hanged, drawn and quartered as traitors.
>>18138 >empathy for his own race >condemned as low quality. Things were better when the freemasons ran the met
>>18134 If Chopper Read was killing drug dealing scumbags then he was probably doing it for the money. This is highly problematic under Christianity. On the other hand, if God tells me to kill the heathen scum, I will do so without a moment's hesitation, and will feel no guilt for doing so. How much guilt do you think Antifa feel when they kill someone? None. They have a religion that tells them it is good and right to kill Nazis. We need a religion that tells us it is good and right to kill our traitorous and heathen enemies within our gates. >>18136 Endchan is a faggot forum, I took one look at it and left. Leftypol dregs can fuck right off. My religion makes it a duty, blessed by God, to throw faggots from buildings, and commies from helicopters.
>>18139 Anyone who says that you can feel empathy for the whole world does not understand how empathy works.
>>18135 Sounds tasty
>>18140 Killing an invader or enemy is likely to be guilt free but its a shifting line in the sand whether someone is an enemy just because of ethnicity. Your simplistic definition of who is bad and who is okay is the thinking of a child.
>>18143 And your thinking is the thinking of a faggot, or an emasculated, nutless freak. But let's suspend reality for a second and assume that you are still somewhat of a man, although misguided. Where, exactly, did I mention ethnicity in my comment?
>>18086 True.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-02/insider-shares-neo-nazi-group-s-recruitment-tactics/100040822 >Another friend said Sherman became alienated from his friends group as he became more outspoken at school, at one point falling foul of his teachers after writing "multiculturalism is white genocide" on a library whiteboard. Have you been recruited to save the white race, neet?
>>18144 Purges eventually lead to ethnic cleansing. It happened in just about every genocide I studied. Your concepts of killing off the enemies of society belongs to a boy.
>>18147 My concept of killing off the enemies of society belongs to a King.
>>18146 The trick is to keep your mouth shut. Kids dont get that.
(10.82 KB 184x273 the courier.jpg)
(79.17 KB 220x348 nobody.jpeg)
Might go see a moofie tonight. Dunno which one tho.
>>18149 My job is to get to them before the police do, and make sure they know that God loves them as God loves any holy warrior fighting to defend his people from evil. The kinds of people who are into the skinhead scene respond very well to my interpretation of God's message, which is that God hates wanton violence but blesses controlled violence, which violence is meted out upon His enemies.
>>18151 God isn't real.
>>18152 Prove it.
>>18004 My dad has a tree like that, that I've always thought was a quince tree. I've tried the fruit a bunch of times and it's okay, like a lemon sort of. Last time I was there he said to me that it's actually a grapefruit tree. I'm not sure though. I've only seen them yellow, not pink so I don't know. I think someone may have told him that incorrectly.
>>18010 Nice cup. What are the chips like?
>>18016 Did you get a new extender?
>>18151 I'll bless you with controlled violence.
>>18051 Old oil gives it flavour.
>>18053 The only good thing about them is that they're very hardy. Dad lives in the desert and never waters it and it has fruit every year. While typing that, I may have worked it out. It's by the back fence and everyone has septic tanks so it may be living off the overflow.
(6.08 KB 143x255 d44b60eg.jpg)
There is only one true God here.
>>18071 Lovely.
>>18157 Fuck off you white nigger.
>>18072 As far as I've read, it's partly those issues but also because the ME ran out of tin to make bronze. Lots of the tin come from Britain via the Phoenicians and there's a good chance that they were some of the 'Sea Peoples'. Not sure about the rest of your post.
The weather for this Easter long weekend is projected to be absolutely perfect.
>>18159 That makes sense. The ones on the highway are in the dry creeks. Lots of hawthorn and rosehip too.
>>18099 I've read this too. tbh I don't understand much about it.
>>18124 Very nice looking lemons.
>>18150 I haven't seen any but I saw a trailer for Nobody and it looks okay.
>>18164 I'm planning on going for a cruise with old mate. Might go to barnacle bills and have some fish.
>>18165 I don't think I've seen any of those wild. Have you tried making tea out of them?
>>18169 Sounds nice.
>>18163 The ability of the confidently stupid to gain power must have had something to do with it.
>>18172 Everyone lost power, and there were vacuums through the region.
>>18173 I mean before the collapse. The dumb people replace the smart people in power then everyone dies when nobody knows how to grow food anymore. Greenies in NSW killing feral cats then getting a mouse plague is a prime example.
https://www.rt.com/op-ed/519872-australia-guided-missiles-china/ >Aussie billion-dollar spend on new guided missiles exposes racist ‘Yellow Peril’ paranoia at heart of trade dispute with China <muh defending yourself is RRRRAAASSSSSHHHHHHHHIIIIIISSSSS
Kill yourself faggot.
>>18130 >>18129 >>18123 Good hungover morning. Think I'll go get something greasy for breakfast.
>>18124 Lemon fiend
>>18150 Good luck out there. I would not be going on a Friday night especially now it's school holidays.
>>18170 I will one day. I bought some rosehip tea at the wog grocery just to see how it is.
(35.68 KB 313x371 Weather Forecast.jpg)
>>18164 Lucky for you. Got my raincoat, umbrella and Marge on standby.
TFW cant remember if I have done a poo today.
(45.37 KB 975x513 part1.png)
(31.82 KB 920x405 part2.png)
(459.56 KB 1562x2597 ueuwudg5alq61.jpg)
>>18175 >Attitudes have to move on. After all, it’s no longer 1850. This part is right. Australia doesent need more people to be viable.
I'm about to play some Skyrim.
(230.41 KB 1481x1337 Over the hills and far away.jpg)
(540.12 KB 1632x1224 Brunch.jpg)
Well that filled a void. Really gotta stop buying takeaway every day. It's draining the savings very quickly. But it gives me good feels eating out. And I'll take any being a massive sad cunt. There's a house on the hill I photographed. That must be next-level comfy. Although walking to and from the letterbox must be a royal cunt.
>>18050 >>18049 The score is now even. There wasn't even any bait on it, guess it jumped on the trap while trying to get back into its hidey-hole. KEK.
>>18188 I'll give your sky a good rimmin' boy!
>>18189 why are you imagining living in other peoples homes friend?
>>18187 Clown World intensifies. I want off this ride.
>>18192 Just want someone to cuddle at night, with or without their consent.
>>18190 Well done neet you are indeed a mighty hunter. Mice 1 Neet 1
>>18189 Looks like a nice feed
(26.62 KB 212x457 Swimin in Sodium.jpg)
>>18111 Ended up having one of these with a couple raw eggs thrown in. After a few mouthfuls I noticed a small unopened satchet in the soup. Did not even know what it was but took it out and added it. Because that's what you do when heavily intoxicated.
>>18182 A quick 'sniff test' with your index finger should confirm if you've done one or not.
>>18195 It definitely evoked my inner caveman.
>>18196 Not bad for 12 bucks, which is what you'd pay at Maccas for a bacon egg muffin meal.
>>18197 >unopened satchet in the soup kek, good one neet
>>18201 I'll give you a good something or other boy!
big rape
cosmic cock
>>18180 Was it any good?
>>18185 He needs them. Craves them.
>>18189 Good looking feed but you're not supposed to eat bacon on Good Friday.
>>18207 Would this include pork?
>>18208 The thing is 'anything that bleeds'. Which excludes fish, but I don't know, I guess because the fillet doesn't bleed it's okay. It never really made sense to me.
>>18207 Did not even occur to me as I'm not at all religious. So that's why so many cunts are buying seafood. >>18209 Doesn't make sense to me either.
Imagine on the day of your death, you're standing in line waiting at the gates of Heaven. Only to be denied because you ate bacon on Good Friday. You'd be one angry individual.
(535.24 KB 640x360 If it bleeds.mp4)
>tfw no tiffin box to store complimentary baked goods
>>18190 The Good Lord don't abide by no vermine. You're in the clear, my son.
(54.23 KB 744x402 do not eat the satchel.jpg)
>>18197 I'm considering taking some laxatives.
I opened the mystery can from the homeless cunt's stash. >Baked Beans I dont know what I was hoping for. Maybe fruit cake.
>>18189 I love cafe crockery. That cup looks warm and sweet even without the cappuccino.
(190.94 KB 653x910 World Autism Day.jpg)
(1.07 MB 646x6722 SA A BUNCH OF METHHEADS A.jpg)
(110.06 KB 867x612 KEK.jpg)
Happy World Autism Day. Hip hip, hooray...
>>18126 No real debate from me on that. >I wish the police didn't exist. Then we would sort this mess out in about five minutes. I get that NEET, I do. And that would happen everywhere on Earth simultaneously. All would be well -- for about a month or so. But then where would it stop? Civilization is fashioned from common consensus and (generally) a common peoples. Civil authority is needed for internal peace, even if it has been corrupted into a ZOG, and it's peace officers thugs and mindless automatons. God Himself rules in the affairs of men. One sets up, one He puts down. By all accounts, our goose may be cooked. As I mentioned there are always at least these two warning signs: -Women get 'empowered' -Degenerate faggots appear everywhere as a result You tell me, Neet? Where I'm sitting it's not looking so good.
>>18123 Stay alert, stay safe in there NEET. Don't go getting roasted in a bush fire b/c wallowing drunken or something silly like that.
>>18215 It wasn't that sort of satchet I hope
>>18216 Wonder what happened to that person, and why they removed the labels from the cans?
>>18220 Fire goes downslope very slowly. I would have been okay.
>>18220 Tiffin'NEET' ain't an alco. I'm the board's certified drunkard.
(76.69 KB 1008x600 dancar.jpg)
>>18099 I'm well aware it's phytoestrogen lad. It's still estrogen, with just the same effects on male physiology that xenoestrogens (tin internal coatings, plastic food ware and products of every sort) and bioestrogens do. They are all analogue molecules that trigger effeminism behavioral traits and literal female brain activity in once healthy men. The term (((soygoy))) is a meme for a good reason. That shit is poison. Dump it into the shitter Neet.
>>18222 They are from the food bank cucks I reckon. The do-gooders wasted their efforts on the junkie cunt.
>>18223 >>18224 Alright sounds good. Stay on your toes out there regardless.
>>18226 You better dump your oily nuts and seeds in the bog to because they have more phytoestrogens than soy.
>>18229 I'm well aware which to, and which don't. I never touch the rotten kind.
Having a Caro with fucking soy milk.
I fucked up yesterday neets, I was fasting till about 4pm then I thought fuck it and got dominos, I haven't had dominos for like a year, I got a voucher off ozbargan, got like 3 pizzas and 3 sides (3x cheesy garlic breads) a loaded supreme, loaded pepperoni, and a cheesy garlic pizza. They accidentally added in another pepperoni pizza too, all of them with the new deep crust. I managed to smash about 60% of it and threw the rest out. (I've been known to get pizza before, throw most of it out then a few hours later get it of the bin and eat it, ages ago but still). I'm now fasting again and planning to fast till Sunday, I can do it easily, I used to be about 150 kgs but got introduced to fasting to lose weight and started living the fasting focused lifestyle, I was doing what's called 'rolling 72's' where you fast for 3 days, then eat one meal (my meal was pure carnivore which I was also trying out at the time, a steak and 5 rashes of bacon, a really high fat, high protein meal is best to break a fast with) Anyway, the reason I fucked up is because I'm trying to eat healthier, I'm also going to the gym weekdays trying to get stronger but I seem to always fuck it up and eat some trash food like once every 2 weeks or something. I'm about 106 kgs now but I'm in a bad situation regarding my food addiction.
>>18233 >60% of four pixxas and three cheesy garlic breads is 2.4 pixxas and 1.8 garlic breads. Those are amateur numbers you are not executive material.
>>18233 The uber pajeet is not your friend.
>>18233 > 3 pizzas and 3 sides (3x cheesy garlic breads) a loaded supreme, loaded pepperoni, and a cheesy garlic p There is nothing wrong with a bit of a splurge m8, next time just try and cut down on the amount you get like 1 pizza and a couple of garlic breads or something.
>>18234 Dude, when I was a lot fatter and didn't care about diet, I would buy all that shit and try out the lava cakes pretty regularly and smash it all
(20.85 KB 788x699 1578470527112.png)
>>17999 Any NEETs got leaked copies of the previous years STAT tests? I know they gotta be online somewhere
>>18238 If you cant get them at your uni library then forget about it.
>>18231 It's fine for you.
(66.87 KB 640x960 redglamour.jpg)
I didnt end up going to the moofies, I always try to pack too much in to my days off and end up tired for the work week. I got a book on Dugout houses and that occupied my evening. Up early for wage tomorrow, skipped going up the gully tonight. Good Night,White.
>>18241 Night m8
>>18241 Jessica Chastain is absolutely God-tier. Good night ya white lemon-sucking devil.
>>18239 Dang, I found a google drive with them on it linked on reddit but its since been shoahed
God hath sent me a message. "Kill all the NEETs who do not like the crumbed sausage". My King, I shall do as you ask.
Just pissed into the kitchen sink. AMA
>>18246 bro what the actual fuck are you fucking insane have you finally have fucking gone mad? even kindergartners don't do that shit holy fuck lord have mercy on your retarded fucking soul
Good Morning NEETs. No milk because of Easter inconveniences. Toast will have to do. Toast and Caro.
Toast got burned, Fuck easter, why do we put up with this shit. At least my smoke alarm is not working.
>>18246 Professional NEETs use the toilet or a handy bottle. If you want to do that kind of thing then Endchan Ausneets is the place for you.
Off to the wage. Gonna be dangerous conditions for sleeping out tonight, but I'll see.
do i use the last of my weekly fun budget to splurge on some shitty fast food tonight or save it for another handle of vodka? hmmm.
>>18217 I didn't notice the doily before. It does look nice.
>>18218 Lots of towns are now full of meff heads. Once they touch it, they're never the same.
(74.42 KB 1200x678 cra2.jpg)
>>18219 >always I haven't been around for it happening before. I guess you mean the collapse of Rome but there were many other times civilisations collapsed where womens rights and faggotry didn't play in to it.
>>18230 Goon has more oestrogen than soy.
>>18231 I think it feels oily, I've only had soy milk a few times and didn't like it.
>>18233 >106 kgs now Awesome work. Throwing close to two pizzas in the bin is a waste though.
>>18237 Two boxes of those wings and some churros please.
>>18241 My dad owns one that we used to live in in Coober Pedy. They're very interesting.
>>18245 All NEETs love the battered sav.
>>18248 Morning. I have no instant coffee and have to wait for the press to brew.
>>18250 Ausneet board shaming is not a good look.
>>18252 Get a frozen whatsit and some cheap vodka.
>>18248 Good morning >>18251 Good luck
>>18249 Give it a good scraping and she'll be right
>>18263 Morning, is the coffee ready yet?
>>18238 I did one a few years ago. I don't think you could really prepare for it. It tests intelligence more so than knowledge. Just make sure you are well rested, hydrated etc.
Having a cup of tea.
Going to have some sausages and scrambled eggs for lunch.
>>18271 Fark that sounds good. How many snags and eggs? I use a minimum 2 eggs when scrambling.
Need to get my shit together >tfw
>>18272 Four eggs, two pork sausages.
>>18273 iktfb
>>18268 The milk tasted a little funny so I chucked it out.
Balls in one hand, cock in the other. Typing with my nose.
>>18277 Use your pecker to type.
(168.99 KB 816x612 Pie.jpg)
(539.78 KB 1293x1224 Haul.jpg)
Steak and mushroom pie for brunch then off to IGA for a haul. Had to use the umbrella on the way home.
>>18279 Looks good noot. Good job getting stocked up with the Easter holiday on.
>>18280 Thanks noot. I wanted a good supply of comfy food for when the rains hit tomorrow.
I look forward to Jesus' return tomorrow. He has a lot of work to do to fix this Clown World.
>>18279 >four X four bean mix Does that mean you get 16 Beans?
>>18279 Are those yoghurts any good?
(215.72 KB 1280x960 half off and 5 finger discount.jpg)
Wage was boring as but the half price specials at coles were pretty exciting.
(63.80 KB 480x360 jesus business man.jpg)
>>18282 Sorry, Jesus' schedule is full with meetings and he has to find synergies with marketing.
C++ is a cunt of a language. The first pieces of building material have been scrounged for the bush retreat. Hail Jesus!
>>18285 Nice haul, socks and floor. How many of those pastries do you usually eat in one sitting?
>>18288 Jesus is a mad C++t forgive me Lord Would love to see pics of the bush shack in progress, though I doubt you'd want to for obvious privacy reasons.
King and slave are the two ends of the NEET spectrum. Are you a king or a slave?
>>18288 >C++ What are you doing with it?
(138.92 KB 863x561 REPENT SINNER.jpg)
>>18290 >Jesus is a mad C++t Lol. >pics With the grace of God, one day NEET; with his blessing, soon. Luke 8:17 >For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. >>18292 Writing a cryptocoin.
>>18288 >C++ is a cunt of a language Keke. That it is Neet. Still there are things I can do in that would be tough to do in some other language. I'd say it grows on you till you start feeling like C++ is a CUNTchallenge of a language. It's kind of like this One weird trick Victorian steampunks from days of yore discovered, and then just kept tinkering at it until they invented jet-powered flight and then spaceships. Bulky, clunky, ugly, weird. But it gets the job done right handily.
>>18288 I have been perusing this book, its quite interesting. https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=DFF4F152D35CEFA7D88BB5A95FBE59A4
>>18289 Three if I'm being a guts. There were heaps more packets there at half price, I should go back tonight and grab em.
>>18291 Accurate Neither
>>18288 I did a course with it but microsoft visual studio kept crashing my shitheap laptop and i though it was a bug in my code. I nearly quit the course.
>>18299 >microsoft visual studio Blargh. Start here Neet if you must. https://www.msys2.org/
>>18236 I think this is good advice. You are less likely to break down if you just edge it out a bit like this.
>>18294 >cryptocoin The official commune currency? I'd be interested in that. The wanks market is very volatile these days.
>>18279 >>18285 Nice hauls
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-03/missing-girl-near-alice-springs/100047248 >A four-year-old girl who was reported missing in remote Central Australia has been found alive They should have put an APRS in her teddy bear or something.
Wrote an email to the Deacon apologising for spacing his service. He should be over his indignation by now, right?
>>18305 Right.
>>18305 He'd be used to it neet, don't worry about it.
(72.81 KB 640x470 croc butterfly.jpg)
>>18296 If I could build a secret underground bunker innawoods for only 50 bucks I'd be one happy cunt. Probably too afraid to sleep in it fearing a collapse.
>>18309 smug little blighter
>>18303 Thanks. Many more to come.
(1.28 MB 1170x1457 1612039571493.jpg)
My motivation to go sleep up the gully is pretty low tonight NEETs, I 'd rather sit in the apartment and use up the last of my mobile credit on reddit, But I promised myself to go and its time to grab my piss bottle and split. Good Night, White.
>>18304 Wonder what the boongs did with 'autistic' children before the white devil arrived? Reckon they kept 'em or tossed 'em to the dingoes?
>>18313 Night, stay safe Neet.
>>18313 Have a peaceful night neet.
late night therapy sessions
>>18317 What kind of 'therapy sessions' NEET? [code]mpv --loop=inf --no-video MommyBot9000_castle_lullaby.webm[/code]
Endchan is playing up for me, you are going to have to deal with me full time.
>>18317 Go on.
(236.96 KB 480x324 katz.gif)
>>18319 Did you try .org or .gg
(45.08 KB 509x339 me2.jpeg)
>>18323 Sometimes I just wish for an ascetic lifestyle.
>>18325 I'm leaving neets, better by myself i think
>>18326 Sleep tight then, neet.
I had a dream I went grocery shopping with no shoes on and some old fella was like "hey, you have no shoes on!" because I had no shoes on. It's been overcast all day with light showers and now it's raining fairly solidly which is really comfy. I had a cup of tea, finished my daily Spanish practice and might play a game.
Ran out of vodka and too wet to go walkabout for more so it's on to the half-carton of light beers. Dinner will yet again be a cup of instant noodle with 2 fresh eggs. The said eggs will now have been sitting at room temp for 4 days. The longest that has been the case for my entire adult existence of egg consumption. We as a society obviously worry about too much shit, especially when it comes to foods and there alleged expiry dates.
>>18328 I've never understood how people can go in public shoe-less. It just looks so low-class and dirty. Like you as a person just doesn't give a shit anymore. How long have you been learning Spanish? I once read an article about how Spanish was one of the easiest languages to learn as a native English speaker. My hood is forecast to get about 100mm this Monday. Should be fun.
>>18330 The idea of going barefoot in public just makes me feel like I'd be naked. Been learning for about a year now.
yall are fucking homeless tf
(115.50 KB 1080x1346 Ikuta Erika6.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>18333 Gook night sweet noot.
>>18328 I had a maths professor that would wear thongs but take them off before starting a lecture. He would just wander around the lecture hall barefoot. Pretty weird.
>>18331 I imagine you would be learning European Spanish? How well would that fit in with your plans to go to South America?
>>18219 If we're keeping to the Fall of Rome parallel, what happens is that the surviving ordinary people will accept just about any privation in order not to fall back under the imperial bureaucracy. ie, the local warlord might have a bunch of people impaled occasionally, especially when on the square bear, but he takes 10x less from me in tax than ZOG did, and generally leaves me alone the rest of the time.
>>18313 >>18333 Good night. Waiting for the noodles to cook then going to watch an episode of The Walking Dead before hitting the sack.
>>18336 I don't really have a solid goal. I do plan on visiting Spain when/if the borders open though. From what I understand of both forms (Latin American Spanish isn't a single dialect) there isn't really an extreme amount of difference apart from mostly the Rioplatinese (Argentinian and Uruguayan) dialect, Chilean and Cuban Spanish is meant to be a bit spastic too though. Spanish within Spain itself varies a fair bit to, the Andalusian dialect is meant to be fairly unique in Spain, like the Spanish equivalent to a redneck accent from what people have told me. Andalusia is also where a decent amount of the Spanish colonists to the American colonies came from, thus influenced Latin American Spanish. An example being how they pronounce c and z. For most of Spain the word cerveza (beer) is pronounce with a sort of lisp, sounding like "thervetha" while in Andalusia it's more like "ser-vay-sa" which is the common pronunciation throughout most if not all of Latin America. Barcelona is another example, in most of Spain it's pronounced "Barthelona". Another difference between the two main forms is stuff relating to verb conjugations. I'm not really comfortable explaining that stuff yet since it's a main area I seem to struggle with and I've recently started expanding into the other grammatical tenses relating to verb conjugations. Again, not 100% sure about all of this and I don't really want to make this post any longer. >your plans to go to South America? Realistically I doubt I'll ever get to move overseas like I want anyway. It would still be cool to study abroad for a term though.
I did a quick bit of research and found nothing definitive saying one shouldn't eat pork on Good Friday as either a christian or catholic. But what that 'myth' stems from is the practiced abstinence of any meat on a Friday in the lead-up to Easter (ie the period of Lent).
Coomed into an empty Pringles tube. AMA
>>18338 >The Walking Dead Any good? the comix were okay for a while then they turned it into a soap opera.
>>18333 Artful gook for once.
(119.74 KB 620x931 merica.jpg)
>>18341 Only seppos eat pringles. You're not a seppo are ya?
Good Morning NEETs. It was hot last night then got blowy with the cold front, then it was nice. I could still smell bushfire smoke in the bottoms on the way home this morning.
Fuck its DST here. I have an hour to kill before teh wage.
What the fuck is going on in Austrailia? Is the Army patroling the streets to enforce the fake flu lockdowns?
>>18347 Nah only boomer tourists and Brunswick Hipsters get caught up in the lockdowns. Covid lockdowns keep the rif-raf off the streets where I'm from. They're a two week party in some places
>>18329 >especially when it comes to foods and there alleged expiry dates. You are correct. While there's certainly a bit of risk (with or without expiry dates, btw) the problem with """modern""" society is giving women a voice in basically anything outside the home. Once a culture -- and especially an entire civilization -- goes down that pathway basically the jig is up. Not only will they be destroyed by barbarians from without, faggoty estrogen-soaked men from within, but we'll also start worrying about shit like whether the eggs on the shelf are rotten. And I mean acting just like a little girl over the question. I mean where is it written down that a man can't take his fortunes in his own hands, and eat his eggs when he damn well pleases, instead of asking permission about it from the globohomo kikes and the Mommy-state whether he has permission first? You can consider every time you act like a wild-man and eat your natural-kept eggs as you please, as a politely-spoken fuck you to the Big Tech/Gov One-world police state Neet!
>>18337 >If we're keeping to the Fall of Rome parallel Actually, that wasn't my idea. There are literally dozens and dozens of cultures and civilizations -- from little city-states like Jericho, to mega empires like Rome and Nebuchadnezzar's realms -- who all suffered similar fates, and for the exact fundamental reason; feminism. It's certainly not just a 'Western' thing, and it's also literally the oldest story in history; a man follows his women, who have been taking advice and guidance from slimy, snakelike creatures. The outcome is always the same: utter destruction and ruin. But as to your point about men's dissatisfaction with out-of-touch Imperial bureaucracies, sure that's just a given. Local men always know better than a central authority how to run their own local affairs.
>>18309 Hmm.
>>18339 >thervetha I've heard it pronounced like that before, there you go. I had a mate who was born there who went back in his 20's for a few months. The way he described it seems magical.
>>18347 No one seems to care really. I've had to do the code thing a couple times but only when going in to the hospital.
>>18344 Funny you say that as the flavour was 'New York style cheeseburger'. They tasted nothing like a cheeseburger...
>>18342 Never read the comics, but even so I feel the series is way too overdrawn. But I like zombies and the makeup/effects are worth sitting through an hour of apocalypse Home&Away.
>>18345 Good morning, wouldn't mind a blowy right now. A light bushfire smoke in the air would be rather pleasant imo.
>>18346 Waking up with the DTs is not good.
>>18347 None of ya farking business ya gypsy
(862.77 KB 652x4516 Unicorns ay lmao.jpg)
>>18349 >You can consider every time you act like a wild-man and eat your natural-kept eggs as you please, as a politely-spoken fuck you to the Big Tech/Gov One-world police state Neet! This is good advice for a male noot feeling lost in this Clown World. Thank you.
>>18353 Perhaps it was just a Spanish poof with a lisp?
Irrelevant news nobody asked for but you will click the damn pictures anyway!
>>18360 >Thank you. Y/W. Please don't forget chickens all have Salmonella, so douse those buggers in dilute bleachwater for a bit before storage yea?
>>18363 I'll give you a good dilutin' in bleachwater boy!
(6.90 KB 251x201 Smart.png)
I have won my first two online games in aoe2, i am on my way to becoming a professional.
>>18365 based game. one of my all time favorites. prostagma
>>18366 AoM is also very good, i really liked the campaign in it when i was good but i doubt they will make a definitive edition of it.
>>18367 a shame too. i haven't gotten definitive aoe yet as i have the hd edition. would probably get definitive aom though.
>>18368 It would be good but if they do it they would have to fix the chinese civ they put in because it is broken.
Ate a bunch of turkey today. gobble gobble
(758.99 KB 1224x1624 Easter Sunday Haul.jpg)
Really need to rein in my bad spending habits
>>18370 Hope it wasn't the nasty processed kind
>>18365 Well done son, you'll be a Big Boy in no time.
>>18371 Good haul.
(195.96 KB 869x771 TODAY IN FUTURE HISTORY (1).jpg)
(220.83 KB 869x704 TODAY IN FUTURE HISTORY (2).jpg)
(95.55 KB 888x668 TODAY IN FUTURE HISTORY (3).jpg)
(208.32 KB 1280x960 Hazlenut homemade.jpg)
>>18375 Probably happen like you say. Shit haul from teh wage today NEETs. I was reduced to grabbing the leftover snax from the last shift. I'll save them for friday nights cinema japenay. The home made stuff looks dodgy, a testament to the cooking skills of the jannie who brought it in.
>>18375 keked
>>18375 >Life without internet. Shitposting is a human right.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-04/nt-missing-girl-in-central-australia-found-by-family/100048004 >luckily a young man had a dream [which] showed him where she was, and he led us straight to her They had ta get me some real sniff from the city. Cant get to the dreamtime with BP Opal.
>>18371 >No Meat are you going to hunt your own with that knife?
>>18380 Maybe that's what the cocky bait is for.
>>18351 Didn't London get razed to the ground by an army led by a woman?
Did about 30 minutes walking around the neighbourhood. >>18383 Boudicca.
>>18380 Got no fridge atm. That's why I bought the tinned beef soups.
>>18376 Those cakes look good tbqh.
>>18386 They were shit. I could have easily spread the whole thing on a piece of bread.
Got a load of washing on. Just hope the dryers work. 100-150 mm forecast to hit tomorrow.
>>18387 Free food is free food
(75.44 KB 765x765 1617478238606.jpg)
I've got an infection and need antibiotics. I'm in poor humor and tired. Good Night. NEETs.
>>18390 Kawaii Femboy Anon!
>>18390 Sorry to hear m8, hope you get better asap. Good night.
(163.40 KB 480x605 Sanada Haruka.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>18390 Goodnight NEET i hope you get well soon
(65.45 KB 888x439 BCF.jpg)
If it ain't a mouse, it's cockroaches or giant crickets trying to face-fuck me while trying to sleep. All I've got atm is a 10cm-thick mattress on the floor. I've already thought about buying a farking tent to insulate myself from all insects. Or perhaps a single-person swag. Another option is what's pictured. I don't wanna buy an actual bed frame as it most likely won't fit in my hatchback and I'm trying to horde as little material objects as possible in case I choose to get out of this dump.
>>18393 Good night gook-lover
Good Morning NEETs. Getting rekt by daylight savings again. Chrono fascism is reaching out and touching me.
>>18394 Do they have a tip-shop near you? there is always tents and stuff at places like that. It sounds like you dont really need a thick mattress to insulate yourself where you live.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-04/man-arrested-after-alleged-stabbing-attack-police-pursuit/100048138 >he took out a knife and took off in the highway patrol car that had been chasing him. >Two police officers were bitten by police dogs during the arrest. and >The man was assessed by a doctor and was determined fit to be interviewed by police. Are VicPol completely incompetent? This guy would have been beaten bloody backinnadae.
No wage today, Shopping and bunnings is on the cards tho.
Morning NEETs. I've lost about 3kg so far.
>>18400 That was careless of you, Can you replace them?
>>18400 Good work NEET
>>18394 I've been sleeping on a really top-flight cot for over a year now as part of my general agenda to lighten all.the.fucking. baggage in my life. I'd recommend that you don't skimp out Neet. Get the best one you can find. It should be 'stiched' to the frame w/ elastics wound round, not just a simple sleeve made with the fabric. Also, it should have some kind of padding builtin to the sleeping area, and a good, heavy weave fabric for the material. Get something that good, and you'll never regret it. I'm totally used to mine and indeed I can pack all my shit into a single room now. Soon I'll be able to fit it all into one truckbed full.
>>18403 Also, I'd point out that the frame is anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, and has six individually-adjustable legs with broad plastic feet. You can level it right out on any reasonable terrain.
>>18383 A bizarre, obviously supernatural exception is no reason to ignore the general rule. Women shouldn't be involved in any sort of governance over men or systems of authority, period. They can't even manage themselves and their notion of 'guidance' is simply manipulating the men around them into becoming their base servants. Women are shit, and quite easily manipulated by Satan. Simple as.
>>18394 You should get a swag. Some of them come with those things attached.
>>18396 >>18400 Good morning friends.
>>18399 Is anything open? Isn't it a public holiday?
>>18403 >>18404 Cool. That's the way to go.
>>18408 the big box stores are open but the wood yard and the tip shop is shut. public holidays are the bane of my life.
>>18404 I have passed a couple of cool old school cots up at the tip shop. now i have a tripod and pole hammock stand which i use all the time.
>>18410 I have a shed full of shit I need to take to the tip but the last time I went it cost $70 for a ute load, which was only a couch, a recliner and some other small things. I have three ovens and four tv's that have been out there for over five years. No wonder people chuck stuff on the side of the road.
>>18407 >>18400 Big shit? >>18396 Good morning. It's not raining as heavily as I'd expected. Some of the clothes I washed last night were still a bit damp even after 45 minutes in the dryer, so had them in front of the pedestal fan all night.
>>18397 >>18403 >>18404 >>18406 Thanks for the advice. I'll check out a few more op-shops and see what the local dump has to offer before splurging a few hundred on something new.
>>18414 I've been looking for swags in op shops (When I think of it). The few I've seen were over $100 and if I am going to spend that much, I may as well get a new one. There's usually some on gumtree too.
Finished this week's math quiz.
(204.52 KB 1280x960 haul pic.jpg)
Did a big shop at two spots. most of that is half price.
>>18416 what did you get?
>>18415 >may as well get a new one IKTF. Op-shops don't seem to be as cheap as they once were, though you will still find the occasional bargain if you're willing to go to several in a day. I'm on Gumtree now looking for a bar fridge.
>>18418 Relief? Satisfaction? Hope he tells us soon.
>>18417 Damn, it's as if we're trying to out-haul each other lol. Lots of nice stuff. A plate of hot chips for lunch would be nice on this wet day. >Massel 'beef' stock cubes That's that 'plant based' shit. Why is it so hard to find quality beef stock that's actually from beef and not a barley/yeast extract-a-roo?
>>18417 Noicely done.
>>18418 I'll know in a couple of days.
>>18419 I used to regularly go to op shops but now i's hard to find anything decent for less than $10. It used to be all shirts were $3 or whatever, now they price it on the brand. Plain target shirt is $5, next to plain brand shirt for $15.
>>18425 >op shops Fuck those Jews. Its okay to steal from them because they didnt pay for their goods.
Turned on an old laptop. Has win 7 on it.
>>18427 Put arch linux on it.
>>18428 Does it matter if it's heaps old? I haven't turned it on since 2014.
>>18429 nah doesent matter. i use LARBS distro. its pretty good Going to civic club tonight. *Deep Breathing before i have to face the boomers.
>>18429 nah, computers haven't changed much except in superficial ways since 2007. Moore's law is dead dead dead.
>>18431 it might have a pre-intel management engine chip which is cool.
The deacon emailed back and was magnanimous. I can kind of see the dark catfish of frustration unsaid in his words. We will talk on the phone after I have moved and have no more excuses
Looking forward to the mid-semester break.
>>18435 Do you have any plans during it?
(226.00 KB 703x1035 Charity Case.jpg)
(164.40 KB 500x500 Suimin Chook Pho.png)
Had one of these for a late arvo tea. With a red baby capsicum diced and thrown in along with a handful of cashews.
(1.36 MB 664x6461 NEET Fortress.jpg)
>>18438 Thoughts?
>>18436 Catching up mostly, might play some games.
>>18441 What games are you thinking of playing? I need to catch up on some reading for one course and go back over stuff for another.
>>18442 Skyrim, with the Requiem overhaul and a bunch of other mods.
>tfw wondering how SoyFree's grandparents are going
>>18444 They're going well.
>>18445 When does the mid-semester break start for you? For me this is the final week before the break.
>>18446 Same here. I'm mostly going to try to focus on the stuff I mentioned in the previous post, watch some stuff I've been meaning to and play some games.
>>18447 Sounds good. I really like having that time to catch up and get ready for the second half.
>>18440 They were good additions imo, some leftover roast chook would've made it even better.
Plans for tonight boys?
(5.12 MB 640x360 1616148052701.webm)
NEET likes Greta NEET likes Jones Gretex Jonberg?
Off to the gym. Bye noots.
>>18452 Go Hard NEET
(157.75 KB 1280x960 My own Bugle.jpg)
I had a lucky haul from civic club. I got a bag of banana passionfruit and my own bugle. Genuine military bugles, made for the aus army by white hands. Impossible to get, only decoration reproduction shit, wrong pitch tubing, no tone. Priceless IMHO.
>>18451 Kek. Bit of pastiche for ya.
>>18439 I liked epstien island for the neet compound better.
>>18450 Play a game. Yourself?
>>18450 Researching how to install a bidet on a kitchen sink
>>18458 Don't shit in the kitchen sink! That's what the laundry sink is for.
>>18452 Make that gym and all of its equipment your bitch!
(245.65 KB 2398x2202 peep.png)
It hurts when I randomly remember a cartoon from my childhood. Those cold winter Saturday mornings when I'd wake up early, see the end of Rage then start watching the Saturday morning cartoons. I need to become the man that younger me wanted to become. I used to go to Bunnings with my mum and stepdad and just wander around while they did whatever they were there to do.
(17.97 KB 626x417 pizza girl.jpg)
The boomers told me that the last white owned cafe restaurant is changing hands to chinks. It was the only place left in town to get unpretentious hearty Aussie tucker and now its X'd out. At least I know and didn't get rolled when I needed to eat there. It doesn't really affect me because I never eat out anyhoe, I literally take sandwiches to the pub when I meet my mates there. The ching chongs will flounder and eventually turn it into a greasy chopstiks like they did to the italian pizza shop in the cbd. Plus every back of house has brown people in the food prep chain. Fuck them and fuck the hipster eateries too. Fuck Uber, Fuck dominos. Never eat that shit. Good Night,White.
>>18462 Goodnight mate.
>>18454 >BASED Dunlops Congrats on getting your very own bugle. You should make a recording of you playing it for us. I've never seen nor heard of that sort of passionfruit, but it sounds good.
>>18461 man, watching voltron and thundercats in the early AM was the only time i got my own time on the Teev. otherwise it was sale of the century and burkes backyard. Now thats wasted youth right there.
>>18456 I don't fancy raising any kidnapped children.
>>18465 Don did nothing wrong
Cooking chicken thighs.
>>18462 Night
>>18465 Netflix made a new voltron now with diversity, maybe i havent seen it so i cant really tell you for sure.
I sleep now.
(201.12 KB 1080x1350 Tomomi Morisaki1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>18471 Goodnight NEET
>>18468 In what way?
>>18472 She is gorgeous...
(834.06 KB 1438x1439 9 Creme Eggs.jpg)
>>18471 >>18472 Good night
Good Morning NEETs. Cold outside, winter weight pants until ten am then back to summer pants.
>>18472 Dang dragon succubus got me questioning my loyalty to Evropa.
(55.46 KB 625x703 bbq window.jpg)
I needa one of theesa
No wage today, Comfy pants are on.
Hey aussies, is it true that Victoria is lockdown tighter than Stalin's asshole? I saw the pigs arresting some guy for not wearing a mask.
>>18481 No. Thats not true. The gentleman in question was disobeying a police directive to don his mask. His refusal was charged under the crimes act with failure to follow a police directive. T. AFP NEET.
>>18481 It was for like 4 months i think and ended last September or October from what i remember.
>>18482 Why are the police such mindless thugs there? Wearing a mask does nothing lol.
Heaps of Melbourne cunts flooding into my town. at least they're not ching chongs or niggers
>>18485 >niggers Do you guys have a huge nigger problem too?
>>18486 Our niggers are straight from the darkest corners of africa. some of them are muslim too https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-05/ayor-makur-chuot-set-to-be-first-wa-mp-of-african-descent/100044472 The jews have been pushing them into our lives for two decades now. they form clusters and the youth are heaps rapey and punchey and robbey
>>18485 >joggers must wear helmets or fine you cant be serious
>>18488 We are very serious about your safety on the streets NEET.
>>18411 >hammock stand Yep. My cot is similar in experience to a hammock in some way, just better. >>18414 I got mine on a half-price deal. One of the best moves I've made so far. >>18416 >>18424 Good lad, hope it turns out well for you. >>18429 My current daily driver is probably near 10 years old atp. I use Manjaro b/c CBA to Arch Linux Guru and whatnot. Manjaro is Arch but without the hassles. >>18433 It'll be fine I'm sure Neet.
>>18454 Treasure that one lad. Pass it on to your firstborn.
(226.39 KB 700x757 birdie.jpg)
I had my first online lost in aoe2, i played very badly it was disappointing to re watch.
>>18492 I'm complete ass in online competitions. I just piddle along on my own when I have time to vidya. Talking of which...
>>18493 Thats fair my brain basically leaves me in pressure situation
>>18476 Good morn. I was thinking of heading to the library for a couple hours or even the cinema, but then remembered the mask requirement. Don't wanna sit anywhere with a mask on for 2 hours but also don't wanna spend another day at home.
>>18479 That moron spilled his drink
>>18480 My comfy pants are on 24/7
>>18492 I'm taking you back to the orphanage
I had too much for breakky. I feel a coma coming on.
(750.65 KB 1280x720 Screenshot_2021-04-05-09-08-11.png)
i'm so fucking sleepy but the neighbours gypsys are playing music allnightjuffarsdfarxgf
>>18490 >manjaro I'll stick with LARBS for now. Luke smith is my linux guru
>>18500 The white niggers here have expensive stereos with powerfull bass bins. You can hear the little faggot's dance music clear up the top end of the gully
(200.66 KB 1116x623 oakley.jpg)
>>18495 you need a comfy gas mask that you can wear all day. Those ear loops are instantly painful tho.
>>18492 Who's gonna know if you take dexies when you play?
>>18504 no one, besides me
>>18501 >LARBS Thanks Neet. I can't tell if he looks gay or some kind of pANTIFAg LARPer. https://lukesmith.xyz/ That aside, I'll have a look at his work based on your sterling recommendation.
>>18472 would breed tbh
Windows does not provide an easy way to get line input from the console without blocking. The simplest* way is to make two threads where one does the work and the other just waits for the user to type commands. Non-blocking console input is extremely easy in Linux. *Which is not simple at all. Just passing commands between threads is a project in itself.
(27.11 KB 500x400 1592445860127.jpg)
I'll input your block.
Okay Satan.
(191.26 KB 816x612 Bacon&Egg Burger.jpg)
It was nice to get out of the house even for an hour. Went to the IGA on the way home and was perusing the meat aisle. Really need to get a fridge.
>>18500 You stream?
Had just over 2 grand before moving into this shit-hole. Now I'm down to a few hundred. The majority has gone to bond/rent, and the 'occasional' take-away meal...
>>18512 that pic was a screenie from a friends stream not really mine tbh
(88.95 KB 1133x507 BCF Stretcher Adjustable Legs.jpg)
(72.73 KB 1133x455 BCF Wanderer.jpg)
(73.37 KB 972x493 BCF Single Swag.jpg)
>>18490 There's only one cot at BCF with adjustable legs. But I think I'll just go with the 2nd pic. I wonder if I could put a single swag on top of that? Still haven't checked out any op-shops though, and Gumtree doesn't have much in my area. The big plus with using a place like BCF is I can use a (((Take home now, pay later))) service like Afterpay or ZipPay, both of which I've been using the past couple years without any issue. And I'd have to use cash for Gumtree purchases, which I can't access on the cashless debit-card scheme...
>>18508 I'll give your input a good lining boy!
>>18514 >screenie
This fucking bot is stuck on repeat. Is anyone else seeing this? >18157 >18191 >18202 >18364 >18509 >18509 >18516 Links removed to deny him (you)s.
>>18518 >Links removed Perhaps it's for the best
>>18515 >There's only one cot at BCF with adjustable legs. Yes. That one looks practically identical to min. Mine may have a bit for contour and padding to it. As I say I've been sleeping on it every night for well over a year now and it's not showing even the slightest degredation in performance. It's more comfy now b/c the thick weave material has softened a bit with a bit of my skin oils in it now.
>>18520 > ...identical to mine. Mine may have a bit more contour... * Fingers, pls.
I'm off to uni now. I've got a test tomorrow. I should be fine as I've studied hard for it. Looking forward to the mid-semester break.
>>18150 Did you end up going?
>>18522 You'll do well Neet, I'm sure.
You're all going to die.
>>18511 Nice looking burg. You need a fridge asap/
>>18525 There is no evidence to support this claim.
>>18525 That's generally what happens with all mortal species
(28.74 KB 639x368 Bar Fridge.jpg)
>>18526 Yup. There's a lil' 47-litre on Gumtree I might get tomorrow. Space will be very limited obviously, and no real capacity to store frozen goods. But with this I should be less-likely to waste food.
>>18529 How much? The fridge I got before this one was $150 (second hand) and full sized.
>>18529 looks like something older people would use, not gonna lie it looks interesting as heck
>>18531 It looks like what you'd have in a caravan.
>>18525 i hope
>>18532 you think people who own a caravan would carry around this thing as well?
>>18534 THe cot?
>>18529 I had one of those before. IIRC it was maybe 1.5x that height. It served me pretty well, but eventually I had to hide it inside a closet b/c the clack when the compressor kicked in became annoying to me. It was cold though that's for sure.
>>18535 No no! the tiny fridge, a cot is a must i think
>>18531 >>18530 >>18536 A 'full size' one means a delivery truck/ute hire/2nd person will be needed to not only get it here but again when I eventually leave. I was trying to avoid all that hassle.
The lonely shut-in NEET must choose wisely to avoid future hassles.
(36.93 KB 268x261 Brazil Strain.jpg)
Here we go lads. First it was the 'UK strain' now this. Clown World intensifies
>>18518 I'll remove your link.
Haggling for shit on gumtree. The prices cunts want for their shit, they are dreaming.
>>18529 I have one of them. The freexer isnt worth a pinch of shit and the tray is for the water from the regular defrost cycle. other than that. Its okay for your soy milk and tofu.
>>18538 >>18539 Makes sense i guess but is it hard to get a job in aussie country?
(23.69 KB 540x360 bare feet hottie.jpg)
Kino day as far as the weather was concerned today, Had a big fat lunch and went to get wood for my projects. Had a dream run thru the city at rush hour and made manly eye contact with some chick with her bare feet on the passenger console for all to see, at the servo when I was buying petty. Big fat tea cooked on the bbq, even had a beer I pinched from civic club. Off up the bush to sleep. Good Night, White.
>>18538 I'm the 1.5 noot. I carried mine in and out by hand. Probably 20 kilos or so. As I said, I put it away in a corner of a closet and it served me fine from there. I think I would prefer that slightly larger model than the mini size you showed us.
>>18545 night NEET
>>18540 I don't believe there is a pandemic lad. All lies. Not that there mightn't be some in the future, but this sure as shit isn't one. For example, how many open dead did you see lying in the streets today? >>18545 Stay safe Neet.
>>18545 how do you know the woman in the picture is a hottie if all you can see is her feet?
>>18537 Oh.. Nah, the fridge would be built into the caravan.
>>18542 >dreaming I hope you tell em it.
>>18545 >made manly eye contact >had a beer I pinched from civic club. I sometimes feel like I barely know you.
Went for a bit of a night walk to empty piss bottles and saw a couple of the fattest snails I've ever seen.
Somehow managed to burn through 5gb/$30 mobile credit in 4 farking days! No more youtube vids until I find a more economic phone plan.
>>18553 You should of taken them to a french restaurant to sell there is good money in it. Real question, has any NEET here ever had Snail or Frog Legs before. I wonder how they taste.
>>18555 Never had snail, but plenty of frog legs. Iguana too, and rattlesnake. All reptile meat is like naturally greasy chicken.
>>18556 hmm that doesnt sound appetising
>>18557 It's OK if it's seasoned properly. But a healthy red meat is my preference any day of the week. Short of that, then Bunns are a really tender and tasty meat.
>>18546 If it doesn't fit into a hatchback I ain't getting it
>>18559 Yeah, I'd deffo go for the minicube one then Neet.
(53.51 KB 750x500 dd-composite-slug.jpg)
>>18555 Think I'll stick to what's available on the supermarket shelves tbqh
>>18556 >Iguana and rattlesnake You've been to the USA I take it. I once had goanna that was shot out of a tree with a .22 rifle on a Christmas camping trip. I don't recall it being greasy, just a slight and short-lived chickeny flavour.
(196.63 KB 765x1000 Ogura Yuuka.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>18562 I had the iguana fresh in Central American jungle, and the rattlesnake fresh in the US South. >>18563 Night Neet.
>>18563 Good night gook-lover
>>18563 Gook night. I'm glad you are posting here now.
>>18553 I saw some oddly fat slugs lately. Real big boys.
>>18545 Night.
Good night noots.
>>18569 Sleep well noot.
Good Morning NEETs Slept in late, Dentist appointment this AM.
>>18567 Were they Aussie slugs or ferals?
>>18561 whats the story?
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-05/blackman-bay-renamed-in-nod-to-black-lives-matter-movement/100021458 >[The gooks] didn't come out and say it was racist, but they thought there were racial connotations, and they had concerns about that Chinks dont care about BLM they just think that the product came from a dirty place.
>>18561 I was told that eating goanna makes you stink because it has so much fat.
>>18571 Good morning.
>>18555 no joke, frog legs taste like chicken. they are good but don't have a lot of meat obviously. snail sounds delicious but don't think there is a local place serving it nor a store selling them raw.
Bloody terrible wind this morning. I sound like a set of bagpipes. I'm going in to uni soon. After my test and labwork today I will be mostly done for the term. It will just be two tutorials on Thursday and Friday and then I'm free.
(145.42 KB 2500x2500 eddy sucker.jpg)
This camelback drink bottle must be the only one that needs regular servicing with specialist tools
>>18579 What is wrong with it?
>>18578 >It will just be two tutorials on Thursday and Friday and then I'm free. You can do it Neet. Steady as she goes is the word.
>>18581 Cheers mate. I've studied really hard for this test so I should be right. I'm off to uni now. The test starts at 11.
>>18575 >a diet high in fat makes you stink Is that even a thing?
>>18580 It sucks hard. I fixed it by taking the straw off and sucking the air inlet diaphragm. The little screw on the top does nothing.
>>18576 >>18571 Good morning, I've been waking up close to 10 for the past week. Going to set the alarm for 8 as I generally feel less like a jobless loser not waking too close to midday.
>>18585 The early NEET gets the lemons
Had an incredibly disturbing dream where I had my car at this mechanic for him to change a belt and while underneath the weight of two people with me caused the car to lower and snap the mechanic's neck. I pulled his body out and tried CPR.
>>18587 Your car is cursed. Sell it to a pajeet or chink.
>>18573 19yr old Sydney poof eats raw slug on a dare, contracts 'rat lungworm' and becomes a bed-ridden vegetable up until his death, 8 years later (2018).
(182.18 KB 816x612 IGA Lunch.jpg)
(194.09 KB 816x612 BBQ Pork Riblet.jpg)
This was easily better than the McRib
>>18590 A proper meal. Well done neet.
(224.19 KB 816x612 Morning Surprise.jpg)
Awoke around 5am to a 'rustling' sound in the kitchen. Had a feeling it could be another mouse but did not want to get out of bed at the time. Whatever it was owes me a bag of Doritos, and shall pay with its life!
I got 90% on that math test.
(316.79 KB 800x533 can_haz_moar_cheezeburger.jpeg)
>>18592 >can't find the satiated opossum who chewed into a bakery box of danish, so have a chonker cat instead.jpg >>18593 Very nice work lad.
(312.41 KB 1408x537 PNGdotPNG.jpg)
I've been wondering why the big push to get Papua New Guinea vaccinated. The gov needs the cheap labour apparently.
>>18593 Excellent
(489.51 KB 662x2215 Bin Chickens.jpg)
An update on that woman found dead in an op-shop donation bin. Funnily enough this isn't the first case of such a death, as can be read at the end of the article. There's no specifics listed on how they died but I'm thinking asphyxiation?
>>18583 I can't tell. I'm probably used to it.
>>18586 Is this true?
>>18590 That looks 10/10
>>18593 Good stuff.
(162.84 KB 873x1066 HOT TOPICS.jpg)
The faggot 'political reporter' in this even said the term 'No jab, no Jobseeker'.
>>18600 It would've been even better toasted
(134.13 KB 503x883 Everyone is Autistic now.jpg)
(363.22 KB 702x1664 Death by Hedge-Trimmer.jpg)
(1007.75 KB 669x5056 ThotLyfe.jpg)
The sooner I post these 'screenies' the sooner they can be deleted
>>18595 It's fucked. That country shouldn't be our responsibility.
Might fry up some eggs.
>>18606 Couple drops of Tobasco sauce on mine please
>>18604 reading stuff like that ruins my mood, some women can be real bitches
>>18608 There is no way this PMS whore did not see the contradiction because she immediately saught validation afterwards by orbiters. Or just retarded. We will never know and either way I don't fucking care about whores like this and their plain view stupidity and I'm starting to think these tabloid news tier reports are literally just AGITPROP. Also the guy was a nigger lol they did a damn good job of trying to censor it.
>>18609 Lmao these cucks trying to hide the niggers
Back from uni, had a nice feed. Going to relax for a bit and then go to the gym. I still haven't finished watching The Road so I will do that now.
Ended up going for a walk instead of cooking eggs. Walked past a couple and a woman walking her dog tonight, hope that doesn't become a regular thing.
>>18612 Jizz all over your clothes before you go out for a walk tomorrow.
>>18613 I'm not doing that after what happened last time.
>>18608 You've got to remember that those aren't 'real women'. They are Thots. And they think with a completely different mindset.
I've been getting into caro lately. It is good stuff. I think it was SoyFree that first mentioned it here. Not very similar to coffee but very nice in its own right.
>>18616 Nope, never heard of it before. That is the Spanish word for expensive though.
>>18617 Ahh okay, must've been a different neet.
>>18611 I both watched that moofie and read the book a long time ago. The same author wrote No Country For Old Men.
>>18612 That really does suck when you're out simply trying to improve/maintain your mental and physical health. Try not sticking to the same route and/or times of walking.
>>18616 I also tried it recently. Just on it's own with hot water. Nothing special I thought but have been meaning to try it again with milk and sugar. How did you have it?
>>18621 Water and milk. I really like it but I can understand it wouldn't be for everyone. It seems that 3/2 teaspoons is right for me. The jar says one but I found that a bit weak.
Off to the gym noots. Bye.
>>18592 Yeah you need to rent a cat.
>>18623 Have a good one, watch out for any Thots doing TikTok vids that might accuse you of being a 'creep' simply for being in their presence.
>>18624 This dump I moved into is pretty pet-friendly so I may end up getting one.
Then again might donate myself into a charity bin
(39.69 KB 560x747 Bugle Beauty.jpg)
I cant find my bugle mouthpiece NEETs. Its only a small thing but its half of the instrument. I spent an hour looking thru my packing boxes in the storage unit. The mouthpiece that came with the bugle is shit and I need it before civic club on monday. Frustrated, Really frustrated. On the plus side. I dont have any dental issues, The guy off gumtree will accept a low-low price for his stuff and mummybot gave me some useful paint and lots of yummy food. Might chuck it in and go to teh wage tomorrow. Still havent seen my moofie. Good Night, White.
>>18597 Kek. Dox that gypsy cunt.
>>18602 This is the journalism equivalent of pissing in a cozy open hearth fire in a fancy restaurant.
>>18616 Had a caro for supper. The jar is getting down a bit.
A quick chat with Lifeline. I should've used a VPN. Now I'll prob get a knock from police...
Might go kill my father
Goodnight NEETs
>>18634 nite noot
>>18628 >>18634 Goodnight NEETs.
break ups suck so bad
i just want to see her tits again.
Good Morning NEETs. Looks like I'm racing the rain due to come this evening.
Had my caro, now is time to get to work.
>>18628 Hope you find it.
>>18639 Morning
Morning NEETs. Last day of uni before the midterm break. I feel good having made it to this checkpoint, in my past attempts I've pussied out during the first week due to anxiety.
>>18643 huh. the break usually goes over easter. >anxiety just stay engaged all the time and you wont have time to think about it
Im doing a 24 hour fast today no food till at least 6 tonight
>>18643 Good job neet. Keep going.
>>18645 You can do it mate!
>>18643 >>18645 Good going noots.
>>18645 Tell us how you feel by the arvo
I am thinking of rewatching the original Blade Runner.
Woodwork is going well. might finish early
>>18650 the second one was much better, I liked the flying cars
>>18650 Classic stuff. >>18652 Actually, I thought it was both better and worse.
>>18653 Better for having Ana de Armas and worse for having Ana de Armas
(155.07 KB 612x816 BoxedCotonFloor.jpg)
(160.89 KB 612x816 Stretched.jpg)
(83.38 KB 668x610 Thicc Bedding.jpg)
(148.95 KB 816x612 Springy.jpg)
Picked up the camper stretcher last night. It just felt so good compared to a mattress on the floor. There was no assembly required, just pull it out the box and unfold. I noticed a bit of squeak from a couple of the springs in the morning but nothing that would prevent you from sleeping.
>>18654 Better for having the Joi holowaifu, and worse for having all the stronk, independynt current-year hogwash. It interesting seeing the interaction between the two 'Deckers' though. I wish they'd touched on how the final days of the mom went.
(182.46 KB 816x612 IGotAfeed.jpg)
(105.60 KB 615x424 Little Dims.jpg)
>>18655 Had a mong moment at the deli, thinking that 5 x 25cents was a dollar and that the sandwich had egg but what was actually chunks of brie cheese. Just not as satisfying as the pork riblet/10
These sawhorses are shit. I wont make them again.instructables is for faggots apparently
>>18658 Were the horses rockin'?
Being lonely while surrounded by people is terrible.
>>18660 Stick ya head in an op-shop donation bin. Just don't go in too deep ;)
>>18658 >instructables is for faggots apparently There are in fact a highly-disproportionate number of sodomites in the entire Maker arena (similar to software development). But we have still managed to get some good ideas from there regardless.
(103.85 KB 1280x960 Reunited.jpg)
Bugle Mouthpiece Located! Increases Morale score by 1 x D6 +1 for every NPC Chink neighbour.
>>18659 Ah they'll do. The design is flawed and I used the wrong sized wood. I might make some three legged ones but not before the big move to Silver City.
>>18663 BLOW IT
>>18663 Good to hear neet
I visited grannybot. She is doing well. I'm on my way home. Going to have a study and do some cooking.
>>18663 Congratulations Neet, you have unlocked an achievement. The cavalry is now available at your call once per level.
>>18667 I'm glad your grannybot is well. Did she give you any easter eggs? My grannybot used to give me literal eggs.
>>18668 oof, I'm out of practice. The cavalry charge and montezuma rattle the asians.
(84.64 KB 954x462 Kogan Retro Bar Fridge.jpg)
This looks alright. The separate freezer should work better than the bar fridges with the 'freezer' inside the fridge.
>>18669 Based grannybot
>>18671 Yeah, that looks to be a good one. Fit inside the old hatchback OK?
>>18667 >She is doing well. >>18669 >My grannybot used to give me literal eggs. Treasure them while you can, right Neets?
Useless cunts can't be bothered taking down ads after selling.
>>18673 Still haven't bought any. Was just perusing new ones while waiting to hear back from a Gumtree seller who just told me theirs was sold yet they leave the ad up...
>>18674 >>She is doing well. What is wrong with my statement?
>>18655 Good stuff.
>>18657 I thought that was egg too.
>>18671 Do you NEETs ever do psychological profiles based on what NPC's have in their shopping baskets at the supermarket?
>>18680 Sometimes when i see something strange like 8 loaves of bread or something
I'm too tired to think anymore, I want to go up the gully but I have been on the antibiotics and probably should stay close to the toilet. Wage tomorrow. Plenty of toilets there unlike where I was today. Good Night, White.
>>18682 Goodnight m8
>>18682 Goodnight
>>18677 Nothing at all, it's fine. Why do you ask?
>>18682 nite noot
>>18676 I see. Any chance you have the dimensions of both on hand?
>>18685 Why was it quoted in this post: >>18674
(293.67 KB 1024x768 Sweet Dreams.jpg)
>>18682 Good night
>>18687 I'll farking hand you some dimensions boy!
(322.32 KB 603x452 literally_hitlers_cat.png)
>>18688 b/c i was advising you to treasure your granny-bot while she's still alive with you, literally hitler noot.
Are all NEETs nomads?
>>18692 We're all Pilgrims wandering through this life. I suppose so then.
(98.29 KB 1280x960 99 lemons.jpg)
Couldn't sleep so I went foraging with the possos. Probably about enough for now. Also got some passionfruit.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gujdbZ1csng Come Said The Boy Mondo Rock BASED 1984
Good Morning NEETs. Thinking about going shopping today. Need milk and sultanas.
>>18692 Pretty much. My Mom texted me the other day "You don't have a job. You live off the government." Like yeah so? jealous much?
>>18694 Nice, what are you going to do with the passionfruit?
>>18697 Stir Fry NEET
>>18694 Nice haul. >>18696 Morning neet, yeah I need milk as well.
Might need to get dental insurance or maybe just health insurance altogether.
>>18701 Yes.
>>18705 Yeah, nah.
>>18706 Nah nah.
>>18707 Nah, yeah.
>>18708 Nah.
Up early this morning. Having a study atm. Going in to uni for just a single tutorial. Last thing for this half of the semester.
>>18698 What is up fellow Commonwealth cuck
>>18710 >>18696 Good morning
>>18694 When life gives you lemons, make a sweetened lemon tea. Or lemon curd. Or lemon chicken. Or lemon meringue pie. tl;dr There's a lot of things you can do with lemons
>>18713 Lemon curd is lovely. Lemons in general are a lovely fruit for cooking.
>>18714 >>18713 I used to like lemon curd a lot. I haven't had it (or seen it) in a long time.
>>18714 >>18715 And later on you can turn it into lemon turd.
>>18715 It is expensive to buy.
Have any of you NEETs had to go do in person meeting for jobactive yet?
I'm off now noots. I'll be back in a few hours.
>>18720 Take care. I just got back.
Will Centrelink care if I apply for jobs I have no realistic chance of getting just to make it to my minimum job application requirement?
>>18719 >>18722 Oh well my next appointment is in person, so that should be fun.
Almost scored a cheap fridge off gumtree but someone beat me to it. The hunt continues.
>>18715 >or seen it You'll find it wherever jams are in either Woolies or Coles.
>>18724 5 minutes and you'll be outta there
>>18727 i know it will be similar to the phone appointments i assume
>>18726 I almost always go to aldi but I'll keep my eyes peeled.
>>18729 I'll give your eyes a good peelin' boy!
Feel like a hot chook and chips for dins
>>18723 In all my years on welfare I've never been called out on any job application. The majority of which fake. But it's better to be safe than sorry right? So don't guy applying for something like a surgeon or basically anything that requires formal documentation.
>>18731 that does sound alright.
(232.33 KB 1546x1078 mushies.jpg)
Cutting up some mushies for later.
>>18731 That does sound good. Sadly there is no wog fast food joint near me. Just pajeets selling curry.
>>18734 Looks good noot.
>>18735 The joint I had in mind is run by whites. But that's just BASED QLD for ya. Go get yahself a nice rogan josh or whatever slop they sell.
>>18734 Nice pic m8. Mushrooms are absolute kino.
Just what does NOOT have planned with those mushies??? The suspense is killing me!
Most courses at my uni have their own forum that is moderated by the course coordinator. An angry chink just posted this: >Assignment 2, Petty Marking >Dear Dr. [professor] >In the assignment feedback to my previous submission, I have lost one mark due to, in the words of [Grad student who marked it]: "Don't need to go quoting exotic theorems like this. Everything you need to answer assignment questions is in lectures/lecture notes. In this case, just need to recognise that extrema can occur at critical points and/or on the boundary of the domain. See solution. -1" >But how is this a valid reason to take marks away from my assignment when I have clearly demonstrated the required understanding, as can be seen from the assignment solutions? Clearly, from my arguments, it is in fact, possible for the maximal\minimal point to exist on a critical point on the restraint surface, just that simply such is not a requirement. >I hope you are agreeable to my concerns, since this "university", and some of its markers, have demonstrated to be increasingly petty and shallow in their marking. It is almost as if I am marked down simply for accidentally inflaming their own mathematical insecurities, and in order to combat their own mathematical insecurities, they could abuse their authority by hand waving away my mathematical arguments. Why should I be perpetually penalized for someone else's insecurities? >I will upload my assignment here, and I will also send you an email. >[Link to the pdf] ____ >Furthermore, if you don't mind, please explain, in a serious and professional manner, as opposed to just simply hand waving my arguments away and trying to gaslight me into thinking I'm "doing too much", why I have lost a mark in question 2. (b). >Note that if I were to actually write too much, I would write up 50 or 100 pages to resolve the issue. Again, clearly, I have stayed within the bounds of the assignment. The professor running the course concurs with the grad students marking decision. Pajeet, a fellow student, claims to know the grad student through the tutorials. He defends the grad student and tells the chink "we all make mistakes" type stuff in an effort to comfort him. This goes back and forth a few times. Chinky responds with the following: >You evidently did imply that the staff members are the authoritative voices of mathematics, by failing to apply the notion of fallibility to the staff members themselves. No, not only can you or I screw up, but so can they. Implicit in your suggestion is that they don't screw up, but it is only us. >Otherwise, this is real life, and we belong to the Universe. This is not a rigorously stupid artificial intelligence that fails to identify the image of a dog because of a few rules that were violated. For instance, a neuro-network may come to learn that a dog must have 4 limbs, and that a dog, lacking all limbs, from a certain angle, may fail to look like a dog. Should the artificial intelligence thus identify the limbless dog as a log of wood if, say, the poor dog has accidentally fallen into an automated wood chipping system? >Is this the philosophy that we want to to adopt for our societies? Societies of aging populations around the world that must utilize artificial intelligence in the future? If I see a limbless dog in an automated wood chipper, can't I make an exception? >Are the markers nothing more than autistically insistent artificial intelligence algorithms who are unable to make their own judgement calls? _ >And otherwise, you cannot claim the low probability of feeling insecure as a fact - since I was a child, insecure reactions is what I've seen consistently whether I were to be in Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and even having seen insecurity as exhibited on mathematics discussion forums and from this so called "university". From my perspective, the probability is very high, at least when I take a frequentist's perspective of probability theory. >In fact, as an explicit example, a number of staff members, including [a different professor] from the "Optimizastion" course, exhibited obvious signs of imposter syndrome when I was merely attempting to discuss issues of mathematics in a Zoom call (leading up to the notion of defining pathological functions over fractals, e.g., Cantor function defined over the Cantor set fractal as an example, etc.). I've redacted the names and the link using square brackets. The rest is all him. I've posted about a third of what he has written in the thread. This chink is out of control.
>>18739 They are going with my steak and boiled potatoes, while I rest the steak I will cook the mushies with some garlic, add the cream and heaps of parmesan cheese and butter.
>>18734 I'd really like to grow mushrooms, they can be used in almost anything. A hearty mushroom soup makes me feel strong.
>>18742 It would be nice to have an ongoing supply of them, the ones I got were $9 a kilo so it would have to be a lot cheaper to grow them.
>>18743 I saw a kit the other day for $15, but when I picked it up it was leaking so i didn't get it.
>>18741 Sounds divine.
>>18741 Fark that sounds delicious!
>>18744 >>18742 Grow 'em if you can. Pretty sure this dump I moved into recently has some fungi growing already. Just not the kind you can eat without dying
Are you off uni now, SoyFree?
Have any of you grown your own garlic?
Time for another cup of caro.
>>18740 Petty marking bias exists in all fields. It is so the grade averages are distributed to a curve, but it doesn't make sense why he was marked down when he shows that higher level of understanding. Post the reply when it comes.
>>18751 The professor did reply and he agreed with the grad students decision. The reply was: <I've looked at the assignment solutions, and have provided some comments (within the assignment, with the blue pins marking the two relevant question parts). <Cheers, <[Professor's given name] The chink also claims it is broader then that. A student replied: <I don't believe Piazza is an appropriate place to accuse a teacher of being pathologically unempathatic. I suggest Emailing them or another teacher directly. This may also me a good time to check out the Maths Help Centre for a further discussion on the question (Linked) [link redacted] <At this point, I've seen more work go towards receiving one mark than i'd put into an essay worth 50% of my final grade. Chink replied: >It's not about the mark, it's about the staff members and for them to stop being so pathologically insistent as if I were trying to communicate with a brick wall (a deeply unpleasant experience), it's about a moral fibre
>>18710 >Last thing for this half of the semester. >feelsgoodmutthangingoutthecarwindow.jpg >>18713 I like the way you think NEET. >>18740 >as if I am marked down simply for accidentally inflaming their own mathematical insecurities Keked
(24.59 KB 590x393 pickles_lavash.jpg)
Just put a few small cucumbers in brine with a couple of cloves of squashed garlic, one site said they should be ready to eat the next day, thinking they may be good for a salty snack while I have a few goons. will see how they turn out (pic not of my cucumbers)
>>18747 I have mould on the roof of the bathroom.
>>18752 Based reply.
>>18749 Possum did in a shed. It didn't work out great I think he should've done it on the ground.
>>18748 I like that there's a soy free and a caro soy neet here.
>>18752 >Piazza is an appropriate place to accuse a teacher of being pathologically unempathatic. Hmm.
>>18755 All you need now is some spores
>>18757 This is why Possum no longer posts here.
(247.28 KB 612x816 Small Haul.jpg)
(169.58 KB 816x612 Chicken & Chips & No Salad.jpg)
(294.62 KB 816x612 Fat Slug.jpg)
(165.36 KB 816x612 Mickey Mouse Traps.jpg)
A quick look in IGA to see if they had any cooked chicken nibbles and/or salads on special but to no avail. Bought a few things anyway so not to seem like a suspect povo cunt. Then off to the chook shop next door for a feed. Paid a couple bucks extra for a salad only to discover none after returning home. Gave 'em a call and was told they'd credit me but now I've still got to explain in person the next time I'm there. Not an ideal thing for a beta NOOT. Anyway saw one of those fat snails on the way home. The photo doesn't do it justice. They are big! The 2nd mouse remains on the run and traps have been reset using some peanut butter and chicken cartilage from tonight's feed.
>>18762 Chicken and chips look good neet, I had the same problem with mice as well the 2 little bastards escaped twice because the traps didnt go off, finally really squashed down the peanut butter on the trap, and that finally got em
>>18758 The name SoyFree has nothing to do with actual soy.
>>18762 >>18763 The chips and chicken do indeed look good. It has gotten me in the mood for some.
>>18762 The chicken feed looks good.
(163.19 KB 850x1200 Kashiwagi Yuki.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>18764 So they say.
>>18767 Night
>>18767 Gook night
Good Morning NEETs. The possos were raucous last night. I think there is a lot of rooting going on.
>>18713 The lemons I got from before are going rotten, My place has a faint smell of ethylene.
(603.62 KB 1050x4013 no dafone.png)
>>18699 The passionfruit goes in my breakfast slop Cyber attack on eastern seaboard communications. Government paid ransom in order to prevent population descending into race war, Soothing brain-decay pipeline restored by midnight.
>>18740 Chink students are the bane of any academic's life. This one seems to get his chinglish cleaned up by a essay service. I suspect
UwU. Starlink is available. $139 Per Month. only twice the price of FTTN
Morning NEETs.
I am going to Coles now.
>>18771 >>18777 Good morning NEETs >>18773 Do you have any proof for claims >>18774 i have little sympathy for academics.
>>18776 Morning
>>18777 It's a good time to go before all the normies get out and about.
>>18780 Yeah. I hate that. Especially the old coots and Indians that will suddenly just stop when you are walking behind them.
Time for a shower.
Where is everyone?
>>18779 >>18778 >>18776 >>18771 Good morning. Any plans for the weekend?
>>18783 It appears one of us is at Coles and another is taking a shower. They should be back soon.
Might head to the cafe for a brew
>>18785 I am both of those neets. I am back from Coles and I have already had my shower. Time to talk to myself I suppose.
>>18784 Nope
>>18784 Might do a bit more cleaning up in the shed. Going to keep playing Ass Creed Odyssey, been enjoying it a lot so far.
>>18787 Any good buys from the supermarket?
>>18790 Not really, I just bought some basics. I did treat myself to some of the Coles homebrand Greek yogurt though.
>>18784 Was going to watch a movie, but I really couldnt be bothered tbh.
>>18792 What movie?
Having a pork chop for an early lunch.
(194.38 KB 816x612 Pie for the guy.jpg)
(179.61 KB 816x612 I've got mail.jpg)
Think I've had more pies in the past couple weeks than the entirety of 2020. This was steak & kidney with only a slight organy flavour. Got a bit depressed while at the cafe, me sitting there alone eating. Always alone... It's nice when a parcel or two shows up though.
>>18794 Any sides?
>>18791 4 bucks for a kilo. great value.
>>18787 Glad you didn't have a shower before going out. That would be normie-tier behaviour.
>>18798 I normally would but: 1) I wanted to get there early. 2) It has been cold here, I've been wearing a hoodie with trackies. (I put jeans on to go shopping.)
>>18793 I couldn't decide
That pork better had been smothered in gravy boy!
vindaloo night fuck yeah
(804.27 KB 653x4311 A Council Unapproved Affair.jpg)
>Aussie grandmother >Public housing >Spent $36k building pergola >Also paid for a new kitchen, flooring and bathroom vanity Clearly a 'battler'
(5.45 KB 220x124 Old Man Philly.jpg)
>>18795 Nice looking pie. Is that safron? It looks dark.
(266.34 KB 1511x1069 fried.jpg)
Spent the last hour plus cooking this, at the end of the day I think it woulld have been easier and almost as cheap just to go buy some kfc
>>18807 Looks good noot. You'll get better and faster at cooking with more practice.
>>18807 Nice and crispy
>>18807 Looks delish! Did you follow a particular recipe?
>>18806 Yes it's saffron. 2 grams for $15 bought off ebay. You'll pay about 10 bucks at Woolies/Coles for half a gram. The camera makes it look dark but it's quite a bright red.
>>18811 Cool, I've never used the real thing.
>>18811 saffron... i made a dish for advanced spanish class when i was in school. dunno what flavor it adds but i got voted the best dish in class, so many bonus points came my way.
>>18808 >>18809 >>18810 Thanks neets, it was just a kfc knockoff recipe I found online, they all seem much the same tbh.
(240.48 KB 816x612 Not another haul.jpg)
Went to IGA in search of discounted food for dinner and wasn't disappointed. Would rather have taken home a roast chook but that won't be happening until a fridge has been acquired.
>>18813 >>18812 I can't recall ever having used it. It will be going towards some sort of Spanish dish though.
That roast beef sandwich had an unexpected stray piece of lettuce in between both halves. I hesitated to eat it with the first half but thought fuck it and so ate it with the second.
>>18816 Some places will sell half a chook. I don't know how economical they are compared to a full chook though.
(26.02 KB 261x241 KEK.jpg)
>>18816 Is the tinned chicken going to go on the corn thins?
>>18819 The person in front did actually ask them to cut one in half, but still that's too much to eat in one sitting.
>>18821 Perhaps or put them in the instant noodles for that extra bit of sodium
>>18822 Do you have the means to cook beyond a kettle?
It is getting properly cold here in Adelaide. How are you neets holding up?
>>18825 its nice and cold here and there is drizzle. I've got the comfy jacket on.
>>18820 That manlet is punching well above his weight.
>>18827 I've got something of an amazon fetish and even I find that extreme.
>>18816 Well hauled neet, it may be just the angle but those cans look huge.
>>18804 fukn mussies are outbreeding us by a factor of twenty.
>>18825 It dropped to 4.9 on Friday night here in Barnaby land.
>>18829 Some neets just like 'em big and chunky.
>>18824 I have a toaster
>>18833 get an electric jaffle iron. You can cook chicken in it. You can cook just about anything.
>>18831 That's the sort of temps I like sleeping in, all rugged up in multiple blankets and clothes.
>>18833 So basically a vertical grill, you should be able to cook heaps of stuff with that.
>>18835 as long as you can keep your feet and hands warm its comfy.
(16.30 KB 189x230 Breville.jpg)
(154.36 KB 816x612 Mod Con.jpg)
(265.24 KB 816x612 Not even fit for a jew.jpg)
>>18834 That's a good idea noot, I remember this cunt at ALDI was cooking meat skewers on pic-related. You get two sides done at once.The place I'm at has one of those 'portable ovens' but I'm not so sure it's a good idea to put food in...
(732.24 KB 862x485 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18837 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-08/two-arrested-over-explosives-extremist-material-in-adelaide/100054938 >Police have raided the homes of several people believed to be associated with a far-right Neo-Nazi group, with two men arrested and charged. >One of the men was allegedly in possession of an improvised explosive device, but SA Police has moved to assure the community that they do not believe there is a threat to the public. >The raids at homes across metropolitan Adelaide early yesterday morning came to light when the leader of the group the National Socialist Network posted a video online. A 32-year-old-man from Munno Para was arrested for possession of an improvised explosive device and possessing instructions for manufacturing explosives and prohibited and dangerous weapons. The second man — a 28-year-old man from Surrey Downs — was arrested for possession of extremist material. Leader of the National Socialist Network Thomas Sewell posted a video online yesterday – the same day of the raids – saying members of his organisation had been searched. "Just got off the phone to one of my state organisers. Apparently at 5:00am the South Australian police force, counter-terrorism and the Australian Federal Police raided the homes of about 15 of our Adelaide members," he said. "They confiscated all their electronics, phones, computers [and] stuff like that. "They went through people's homes, catalogued, filmed everything. Tried to take any sort of political material that they could." SA Police declined to answer questions on the claims and referred the ABC back to its initial statement on the raids.
>>18838 That press grill has zero street cred in the ghetto. How about a twenty dollar electric jaffle press that you chuck out when it gets too manky from never getting cleaned?
>>18838 I mainly use one of these, $20 at bunnings and a 4 pack of cylinders for 5
(9.69 KB 300x300 bb.jpeg)
>>18839 The "IED" was a sparkler bomb. I cant believe you can get charged for having extremist material. Encrypt your meme folder NEETs. Make sure you can lock it down by turning off the power.
>>18843 > sparkler bomb. Is that where they wrap sparklers around those cannisters you use to make fizzy drinks out of?
>>18842 I found that these dont work well in cold conditions. The gas pressure is not great when its cold.
>>18844 Dunno, It was kid tier pryrotechnics tho.
>>18846 kek, they will ban sparklers next.
(175.23 KB 1024x1280 1599908010661.jpg)
Not going up the gully tonight. Getting to bed early because I have to go to the office with the awful jannie bitch who has a purple streak in her hair, I believe as a deliberate warning to men that she hates them. Hopefully I will be able to avoid her. Stockpiling frozen food for Silver City again. Its frustrating that I am not yet ready to start the move. As I explained it to this nice operator at wage, If I rush into it I'll just end up wasting time with more runs to the city. Its pretty cold NEETs. My feet are cold. Good Night. White.
>>18848 Night m8, if you are going to be spending a lot of time up the gully at this time of year you might be beter off buying some good thermals especially for your legs and feet.
>>18841 >>18842 Forgot to mention I already have one of those. Just been to lazy/depressed to cook anything from scratch the past couple weeks since moving to this new place.
>>18848 Good night ya white devil
>>18850 >Just been to lazy/depressed >iktf
Goodnight NEETs >>18848 Goodnight NEET
(315.69 KB 1128x1504 Mikami Yua2.jpg)
>>18854 Forgot
(497.85 KB 1637x589 1618057304536.jpg)
>>18855 Goodnight gook-lover. May you dream of whiter flesh
>>18855 I came here just to see this. Damn is she beautiful
(420.03 KB 460x460 makeup cheater.webm)
(6.52 MB 532x640 lmaochinks.mp4)
>>18855 Lol you guys know what makeup is she looks like that after she powdered her ENTIRE BODY, fake as fuck chinks and their makeup. 2 examples of this not even the worst, but the slampig cake and filter is peanuts in comparison to what the bugmen do they do entire facemasks with some kind of weird silicone shit. Watch lmaochinks.webm I got my mind blown. Fuck I hate makeup bitches so much except simple stuff like lipstick and eye stuff, some even do it so well that you almost can't tell. I wish it were illegal.
>>18858 >I wish it were illegal. The makeup industry is huge, worldwide. Aging thots grasping at the spent oil of their wasted youth riding the cock carousel. Quite disgusting, actually.
>>18859 It should be fucking illegal it's so good that last time i met a woman at a party i thought she had none but she did. >Aging thots grasping at the spent oil of their wasted youth riding the cock carousel. Quite disgusting, actually. It's not even aging thats the worst thing everyone does it and I hate it. Do they not think men know they're doing this crap and how much alters their appearance or what? Talking about that crap i have a bit of a funny thing going on myself, I have mega black eye lashes and some people but mostly women who noticed have actually asked me if i wear mascara LOL, i just laugh and say no its called natural beauty or whatever. tends to shut them up right quick, but i've found if they're interested it comes up it becomes a conversation. Some silly bitch even "refused" to believe me at face value kek
>>18858 I don't think the girl in the picture is that bad. Her face shape looks pretty natural, as does her skin tone, but her eye make up is a bit excessive.
(2.93 MB 576x1024 makeupscam.webm)
>>18861 >Her face shape looks pretty natural, as does her skin tone Kek. Did you miss the part where they use tape to change face structure and foundation for skin tone. Unless she lives inside a windowless box, the fact her face is the same color as underarm and chest tells you there is likely a lot of foundation and powder in use.
Good Morning NEETs. Its raining and dark outside but not that cold. I dont think my washing will dry by tonight.
>>18862 Gooks hit the wall hard and early. Gookposter needs to ditch his fantasies for his own safety.
The ride to teh wage will take ten minutes longer than normal because of the rain.
>>18857 >>18855 That's a high quality gook, albeit 20% plastic.
>>18858 That plaster/plastic stuff they pull off is very strange.
>>18864 Morning, I forgot to do mine yesterday and it looks like it's going to rain here too.
>>18869 >>18864 G'morn, might head to the cafe for a tasty brekky
>>18870 Enjoy your Breakky neet.
I am going to make a big batch of stew today.
>>18862 One of the gooks got turned into makeup, otherwise conservation of matter would be violated.
>thinking about that neet's breakky
(157.97 KB 816x612 Bacon&Egg&Lotsofotherstuff.jpg)
(188.06 KB 816x612 The guts.jpg)
The regular cafe was closed so went to another not knowing what to expect. This burger was as big as my head. Was enjoying it at a nearby park before a couple magpies flew right next to me demanding scraps. So I came back home. Halfway through I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish it, at least not with the bread so I scraped out the guts with a fork.
>>18871 Thanks, I enjoyed all of what I could fit into my stomach
>>18872 Beef, chicken or lamb?
(208.29 KB 816x612 MongGyver.jpg)
Not sure why I thought this would work. Bits of chicken bone wrapped in blu-tack (so Mickey couldn't get it out so easily) with a drizzle of peanut butter on top (to 'disguise' the blu-tack). Mice 2 NOOT 1
>>18877 pork
>>18878 I've found that the more old fashioned traps work better.
Got beat easily 3 times in a row in aoe2, it was very demoralising
>>18875 Good looking feed.
Hello NEETs, hope you're all doing well. I had chicken wings for lunch. >>18872 I haven't made a stew for a couple of weeks. I should buy some lamb necks.
>>18875 Nice feed >>18878 I ended up using crunch peanut butter, it was the only thing sticky enough to stay on the traps. >>18883 hey neet, chicken wings sound nice.
>>18883 If you can find goat neck, that's really good for stew too.
>>18879 That's acceptable. I hope it turns out to your liking.
>>18880 The wooden ones? I'd have bought them if I could find 'em. But same thing with wooden pegs, they've all been replaced with (((plastic))) >>18884 Tonight I'll try mixing freshly crushed peanuts in with the smooth peanut butter
(113.03 KB 600x900 Respek My Flanno.jpg)
Nice afternoon for a NEET hunt
>>18888 I'll NEET your afternoon, hunt.
(226.90 KB 1023x615 IGA Catalogue.jpg)
(7.20 KB 255x170 pepewin.jpg)
>>18890 i got an occasion for ya right here
Made my stew.
>>18887 Yeah, the wooden ones.
(127.04 KB 610x915 Einstein.jpg)
>>18881 Perhaps try something simpler, like Sonic.
>>18893 Hope it turned out well neet.
I stopped drinking just out of boredom and financial woes.
>>18897 Cheers noot. It turned out very well. I just finished a big bowl of it.
>>18896 Maybe i should
(1.31 MB 1280x9778 boong art politics.jpg)
The Tasmanian boong art whoop-de-do continues like a juggernaut of cringe. check out the white owner of a boong theme gallery calling for more opportunities to sell his stock of boong paintings, the dot art was taught to boongs by a white man in 1971. The art festival is hijacked from degenerate whites. The entire business model of boong art depends on white guilt. If you could make a moofie of the bad optics of this shit it wold be "Inception".
>>18899 Have another.
>>18878 >peanut butter and chicken Sounds pretty tasty, you should develop this recipe.
(70.97 KB 901x960 1617665922229.jpg)
>>18875 Those greedy magpies, do you ever see them feeding NEETs? NO! they just take from us and hit you in the back of the head when you're walking to Dans in the spring.
>>18898 started*
(17.50 KB 148x216 Alf.jpg)
>>18904 It's the mongs who feed them in the first place that need a good whack upside the head. I tried 'shooing' away one of them with my hand but it only came closer as it thought I was offering food or throwing food at it...
>>18903 I'll give you a good developing boy!
>>18901 >"Inception" I'd rather watch Croc Dundee
>>18908 Tenet was the sequel to Inception but it sucked.
Now that I've gotten comfortable with leaving eggs at room temp I shall do the same with butter. Real butter. The salted kind.
>>18909 kek, I remember that noot on endchan with his daily >tfw Tenet still not out on Bitorrent That wouldn't happen to be you? I enjoyed Inception but still haven't seen Tenet.
I had a nap for about half an hour before. I feel good. Having a bit of a study and a cup of tea.
I saw a negro fighting a bouncer at the fat controller nightclub last night.
>>18911 Get something to cover it, ants love it.
>>18914 Did you take pictures?
>>18916 No, I was on an idling bus. They seemed to have it under control. The only two non-abo fights I've seen in the city both involved negros.
>>18917 That isnt very surprising tbh.
I can hear my roommate having sex quite loudly.
>>18919 Go and join them and then post the pics please.
>>18919 Vocaroo it
My arse is Turing complete
>>18919 set up a spy cam so you can record it for us
Off to the gym noots. Got a good deadlift and OHP session planned.
>>18925 Have a good lift neet
(279.87 KB 573x330 ba88.png)
Boong night neets
(230.47 KB 816x612 5 minutes until closing Haul.jpg)
(162.77 KB 816x612 Traps Set.jpg)
>>18915 It will stored in an air-tight container
>>18928 Good luck with the traps m8, what section was those edgell snack time cans in? I have never seen them before.
>>18930 They were in the general tinned bean/tuna/veg aisle
>>18927 Every night is boong night.
(286.80 KB 939x1366 Shiina Sora2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Sorry to that troll but underage images are illegal, I had to delete .
>>18934 Gook night.
>>18934 Gook night.
(82.19 KB 1024x682 cold white woman.jpg)
Ungh. Wage was tough today. I was right, that office has gone to the robot dogs. They called me when I was having dinner at sisterclone's, asking some impertinent questions about something I didnt do, and I didnt do it because they insist I work to rule. I have a nominal deadline for the first and major move to silver city and its tight. I was hoping to have two full freexers but that would be about a years worth of food, as it stands I have about six months. Apparrently veg will last one year. Time to pack away the desktop, *deep breath. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Its wet but not cold outside. Good start.
>>18940 Morning. The cold has me lacking motivation.
>>18940 >>18941 Good morning noots. I had to get an extra rug from the linen cupboard this morning.
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>18943 >>18943 >>18943 >>18943


no cookies?