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(44.27 KB 1008x1008 Drive Pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #15 - SPLIT CITY EDITION NEET 04/11/2021 (Sun) 22:06:49 No. 18943
Its been coming for a while and you cant avoid it any longer, Its time to split from this place at high speed. So stuff a couple extra t-shirts in your GO bag, upload your memes folder and nuke your hard drive because you wont be coming back. Plan to stop off at Coles for road supplies too, you've got days of driving before you can get comfy again. But you're happy, this is a happy time. You feel good, man. You're leaving this cess pool to the normies and villains and starting from scratch with a new IP address and a new world outside the venetian blinds. You'll have time to NEET, far away Dan and your Boong mates, way out in the region where the wallabies are huge and the possums chew roofing iron. So tell us all about it NEET, come back here every day and tell us how you made it to: SPLIT CITY
(264.68 KB 854x480 It's Time To Split!.mp4)
>>18946 The anxiety part of moving house is the hassle of having to pack up your PC, NEETs. Worrying about where you're going to charge your phone and how you are going to organize your cenno without your desk full of papers, bills and motivational pictures and hand written affirmations. No wonder I spent so long two years putting this shit off.
>>18947 best of luck to your smooth transition buddy
Fugg its cold and my washing needs to dry. I might have to take it to the big gas fired dryers at the laundromat in hipsterville three suburbs over.
>>18950 Can't you just put it in the microwave on high to dry it out?
the last time i did that with my piss socks it stank the place up.
>>18951 What is going on with this image on endchan?
>>18954 Spam attack from a Nuro hater.
Egg and potato pie for lunch and a nice hot cup of caro.
>>18955 Is it actually or is that just what imissfather is saying?
>>18956 How have you been having the caro? I'm still having it with milk and no sugar. I find it is really nice.
>>18959 Fuck off manlet.
Having coconut milk in my caro.
>>18962 You've brought it here. Jesus Christ nuro. If you are going to post here, at least stop the whole flavourtown, beach-photo, "based" stuff, please?
>>18959 Ausneets has survived trolls before. So are you posting here now?
Time to go outside and poison some grass I think.
>>18975 Dont forget your cardigan, its really cold outside.
>>18978 >pozzed Please go back to 4chan.
>>18976 It warmed up after the -4 start this morning, grass has been poisoned
How much do you want to bet that nuro is in fact the spammer?
DSP royalty are subhuman.
>>18985 Why torment these poor neets? I don't see the appeal.
(189.84 KB 1242x1296 EyojpaMXMA0UM1u.jpg)
Fuck, I'm so lonely.
>>18989 Kek. Loves it. Desk and desktop are dismantled. Taking them to the storage unit and going to Civic club. The last one. for now
>>18987 Nah its some butthurt pedo, They get angry that no one likes them.
>>18992 Sounds like nuro.
I am about to have my third bowl of stew. I also had a big bowl of yoghurt before. I am very hungry today. I did some near maximal deadlifting yesterday which might've been it.
>>18995 You are well stewed
>>18994 Go back to your board.
>>18995 >tfw can't deadlift with a straight bar Back straight Chest up It's too fucking hard for me, I just do deadlift with a trap bar now
There's always tomorrow NEETs.
Based, now Nuro posts here.
>>19002 Indeed
>>18943 Good OP
>>18956 >Egg and potato pie That's different. Did you cover it with dead horse?
>>18965 Very nice pie
>>18982 It's stir fry NEET. He's alright.
>>18989 That's kind of nice.
>>18995 Stewtastic. Any worchestershire sauce?
>>19009 I was only joking. This is the comfier board and doesn't need your shit.
I'm going to go get goon'd.
>>19011 Thats what I thought, but he looks happy, cant ask for more than that.
>>19015 Fucking aye.
>>19014 Dan.gif
>>19017 Wild turkey and coke.
(721.97 KB 1224x1632 15 minutes until closing Haul.jpg)
Got me a block of delicious cow fat and a sturdy air-tight container to keep it out of the paws of a certain 4-legged creature I'm yet to murder.
BO why you take away the Aus flag???
>>19030 Kek, good smiley face. >paws of a certain 4-legged creature They are very smart. If you want a good butter I would recommend Lurpac butter if you can get it.
>>19031 kek, and leaves the nuro flag
>>19030 Happy banana and tomato. Good haul.
(840.22 KB 718x705 eggs.png)
Everything is a bit under but that's better than burnt.
>>19031 He probably did it so you need to be posting from an Australian IP to get the flag. >>19034 If the BO has any sense about him he will know to get rid of it. Nuro is a large part of why endchan went downhill so hard, not to excuse imissfather's insanity however.
>>19012 Yeah, but it is just the coles homebrand stuff. On one hand it it pretty simple so they should be able to get it right, but on the other hand they get lots of stuff wrong. Homebrand weetbix for example are bloody awful.
>>19001 I've deadlifted with a trap bar before but it is really noisy at my gym. The plates are just a little bit loose on the trap bar and it makes a terrible racket (enough to hurt your ears) when deadlifting. The straight bars don't have that issue. I'd probably just trap bar deadlift if I could.
>>19010 Is this vengeance for imissfather's accusations of him being a paedo?
>>19014 Sounds like a plan. Work some water in there though, you don't want to get a dehydration headache.
>>19036 How was it?
I rushed to Coles before thinking that it was going to close at 5pm because it is Sunday. I only just realized it is in fact Monday.
>>19032 How is it confusing?
>>19036 That looks good neet.
>>19042 Good lord he is a complete mong with his baseless accusations. >>19045 Happens to the best of us.
>>19046 He is probably baffled by the idea that some people don't live off daddy's roasts.
So the Australian flag is back? What are you doing BO?
>>19050 I'm sure the fruit confused him as well.
>>19051 If it was me I would just get rid of nuros flags, major part of the problem solved.
>>19052 He probably has some familiarity with grapes.
>>19053 Yeah, I agree. Nuro has been nothing but trouble since he arrived here.
>>19036 Aside from the bread not being toasted and buttered those eggs look fantastic! Well cooked, seasoned and sauced (Worcestershire?). A pretty plate too.
>>19035 Thank you >>19033 I went for the cheapest as I've never kept butter at room temp before so this is all an experiment really to see how long it lasts in my climate.
>>19053 >>19055 Too many people have pointed that out for imissfather to not know realise that but just refuse to admit it.
>>19041 >I've deadlifted with a trap bar before but it is really noisy at my gym Should've stuffed a pair of cumdies down her/his throat
>>19043 Great advice. Even a single mouthful of water before sleeping is better than nothing.
I see some of them have moved here for the time being. Goodnight NEETs.
>>19060 >>19060 Why don't you set your name to Nuro? That way neets that don't want to see your posts can filter the name. It would reduce tensions for everyone.
>>19058 It's a well-established fact the endchan BO simps to 'the based one'
>>19045 I was really disappointed that my IGA had no pre-made foods on special so close to closing time. But you could just tell the employees had their eyes on them so left them as is.
>>19030 Those bananas are as green as monkey doo
Today was a grey grim day and I was almost caught short by my recent runny poo issues. There may be delays in getting my hands on a moving truck, which is fine because I'm still good here in the old place. Civic club was good until it was boring. I got to sing the Doo-Dah song about some sportsball team taking it up the arse. I played the bugle but Its clear that my lips lost tone in the time I was without my instrument. The apartment looks grim and I am almost down to using camping gear. Might go up the gully and break down the night sail, but maybe I should wait a bit. very late night again. Good Night. White.
(562.79 KB 1536x2048 Hazuki Aya1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETies
>>19040 Lots of home brand stuff is okay. I haven't had the worchestershire sauce and I'm fairly particular about that.
>>19042 And others.
>>19043 I only had two whiskey and cokes. I'm basically sober now. I should've crashed about an hour ago.
>>19044 Very good.
>>19045 What did you get?
>>19048 Cheers >>19056 They were toasted but not enough. The first two slices, I broke up and put in the pan when the eggs were done. They didn't fry up enough but still good. It's spring Gully worchestershire sauce and about a year old. It is really thick and gooey. Has the consistency of maple syrup.
>>19057 My nan had it out all the time. You need to get yourself one of these from an op shop. I need to as well, I don't eat bread much though.
Finally got around to watching the Borat sequel after downloading it some time last year. 30 minutes in an feeling like it's better off to just delete. The 'jokes' all seem to be something that only an edgy teenager would find amusing.
>>19079 Your nan was right. Removing as much plastic from our lives is for the best.
(239.03 KB 1800x979 White Trash.jpg)
>>19068 >>19067 Good night, fellow white trash.
>>19067 Good night mate. I wish you well.
>>19069 Yeah, I would say homebrand stuff is pretty good for the most part, particularly very simple things like pasta or oats. They do manage to fuck up slightly more processed things like weetbix though.
>>19073 Passata, tomato paste, peas, beans, pork mince, carrots, onions, milk, oats. I forgot the worstershire sauce again. I think I will go back again tomorrow to get some other odds and ends.
I am getting peckish. I might boil two eggs for supper.
>>19087 Fuck off you fat cunt.
>>19074 Is it because you know that everybody would filter your posts?
You're using my flag.
>>18938 Good night. Godspeed with the move Neet.
Good Morning NEETs. I slept okay and and the gooks have still not brought their bin in.
>>19084 I'm fussy about my bega cheese but I'm 80% sure that the "Great Ocean Road" brand is made in the same factory,
>>19092 >kekarious
>>19095 Morning. I got up at 5 for a leek then went back to bed and now I'm running late.
>>19099 >leek I meant leak* I am not a sleep onion consumer.
Morning NEETs.
>>19101 Morning BO.
>>19102 I'm not the BO.
>>19102 >>19104 Classic Vietmong behaviour.
>>19107 He has nothing to do with any perceived issues you may state and he doesn't care. You can't bargain or reason with him. The Vietmong will stay around until you remove him. He'll try to chat and engage in conversation when that doesn't work or the spam fails, he'll explode into another tantrum. He's just a bad smell. You wipe the shit off your shoe, you don't walk it around the house.
>desperately trying to ingratiate yourself with (not)BO
How old were you when you stopped caring, neet?
>>19112 About?
(21.29 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19113 What I mean is, I can barely find the motivation to make a throwaway account to rile up some redditors. This is a bad sign because redditors are always a source of lulz. Yesterday I was here and I wrote a comment but when the capture came up I couldn't even be bothered filling it in. It's all so tiresome. >pic attached This is what we have become.
>>19113 I guess I'm just having a whinge.
>>19114 Strange i don't get a capture when i post. To answer your question some days i feel demotivated but i always keep trying. One day things will get better and truly my life isn't that bad, i just need to try harder.
>>19105 >>19101 >>19099 >>19095 Morning. Had a shit sleep and even shittier 'sleep in'. IT's gonna be a long day. Wrapped up in a blanket. Some leek and potato soup would be nice for brekky.
>>19109 maybe he can be rehabilitated. I propose we van the mong and give him intravenous caro until his behaviour improves
>>19112 I miss caring about things.
There is a cat yowling outside.
>>19121 give it a mouse
It is getting close to the time when the risk of not organising will be higher than the risk of glowniggers joining our organisation.
>>19122 Neet needs to catch the cat so he can use the cat to catch the mice, then he won't have to worry about those traps anymore.
>>19121 cat yowling because it is low on mice
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-12/christopher-pyne-potential-conflict-china-politics/100064226 China war when? You can see how such an event is attractive to aussies with no prospects. >round up chinks living in aus >jobs on warships >general comfy levels of normie anxiety Rolling for artillery strikes on taipei
>>19111 I have no idea why he thought I was the BO either. >>19118 Looks good. I'll be having marinated chicken with brown rice and steamed veggies for dinner tonight. I fucked up and had a bikkie binge yesterday.
Might duck down to Aldi.
(427.82 KB 643x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19128 Grab me 30kg prawns please
>>19129 why is this even a question lol
>>19129 I couldn't believe the screenshot so I followed the link. Ashes of civilization indeed. https://www.cato.org/commentary/teen-sexting-case-revealed-how-judges-let-police-invade-childrens-privacy
>>19118 Is that the stew you made? Looks very nice.
(245.49 KB 816x612 338g of chicken.jpg)
(232.23 KB 816x612 Boneyard.jpg)
>>19127 Just had my fill of chicken. Only asked for a handful but there weren't many left so the IGA guy was like "do you just want them all?" so naturally I said yes.
>>19134 >paper cup kombucha soda we don't have that here. sounds intriguing.
>tfw have always used the shit toilets wherever and whenever I've needed to shit >use that fucking 1 ply TP where you take off a few metres and fold it again and again so I can clean my angus >use wet wipes at home I just had a revelation, I could always just go buy wet wipes when I'm in a situation in public away from home and need to shit and use those toilets for a clean angus. That's one thing that's okay about me, I can shit anywhere if I need to.
>>19136 Those things clog drains. This is a shit thing to do.
>>19138 (the way I feel right now)
>>19133 No, those were the scrambled eggs I made for breakky. They included a carrot, onion, peas, sausages, smoked paprika, some fancy stock I stole from female roommate and some Worcestershire sauce. It was the smoked paprika that gave it the dark colour.
>>19140 >>19141 Fuck off back to your containment board nuro.
>>19144 m8, you don't have the BO protecting you here. You'll break pretty quickly without him banning everyone who hurts your precious feelings.
>>19141 gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
>>19147 Proofs?
>>19148 just fuck off you fucking virgin chink bugmen incel cunt your just jealous that no white woman wants your tiny azn pindick
>>19148 just fuck off you fucking virgin chink bugmen incel cunt your just jealous that no white woman wants your tiny azn pindick
>>19148 just fuck off you fucking virgin chink bugmen incel cunt your just jealous that no white woman wants your tiny azn pindick
>>19150 I will do a test then: https://www.hitbikes.com.au/
>>19154 >>19148 >>19141 The true BASED one.
>>19155 I do WFTD there, so what ?
>>19157 >>19150 Yeah, this is an impersonator. Not the real nuro. Aren't you meant to be at the doctors anyway?
>>19158 I have a phone faggot
>>19159 The real nuro has a VPN and would just change IPs.
>>19137 How else do you do it?
>>19137 How else do you do it?
>>19162 Use the toilet brush you mong. What do you think it is there for?
>>19163 M8, I'm not talking about how to clean the toilet, I'm talking about how to clean my ass properly, I'm renting so I can't get a bidet so I have no option
>>19164 I know, I was trying to make a joke.
>>19129 Journalists get the rope
>>19134 Kek you got sucked in to buying that rotten kombucha muck.
>>19155 Nah I checked that place out already ages ago. Owen/=nuro. he works someplace else that im not telling
>>19168 haha you totally know where I work scumbag !
>>19168 Roughly how did you work it out?
>>19169 You work at the sewerage plant with the other oompa loompas
>>19170 Found the island he always posts on on Google Maps and just located the closest bike shop.
>>19172 Do you have any proof beyond that though? Has he posted photos from the bike shop or something?
>>19173 Yeah he used to post pictures of all all the time when he went to WFTD regularly
(56.03 KB 720x1080 voyagers.jpg)
Might go see this moofie tonight
FOR. FUCKS. SAKE. The 'upgrade' to TPG mobile from Optus appears to have been a 'downgrade', in terms of signal strength and data speeds. The bars in the triangle go no higher than halfway and intermittently drop to nothing, and the symbol above it a 'H' or sometimes an 'H+' which apparently is between 3G and 4G. Can barely load the front page of Youtube let alone watch a vid, and for this pleasure I also had to fork out 25 bucks to unlock the damn phone. CUNT. ARSE. COCK.
>>19176 >not using telstra retard
>>19176 Call up the pajeet and complain
>>19175 Looks erotic, the kind of moofie you'd only go see wearing a large brown trench coat, hat and sunglasses.
>>19177 >using telstra >>19169 Are you really just posting here to stir up trouble for no good reason? You have endchan to post on, go there.
>>19165 Telstra is a fucking rip-off m8
by telstra i mean aldi
>>19134 Chicken looks alright neet.
Had no naps today. Hopefully that's a sign I'll get to bed early tonight and wake up early to get to the gym as it opens.
>>19167 I'll give you a good mucking boy!
>>19117 That would be nice for breaky. Hope the day was manageable.
>>19118 Nice, I also like you bowl.
>>19128 Get a jar of sour cherries. They're pretty cheap for how much you get.
>>19134 Good feed.
>>19142 >stock With scrambled eggs? Preposterous.
>>19167 What does it taste like? I'm not game to try it.
>>19175 Space sex. Have a good wank.
>>19177 >>19180 I have telstra and never have any issues.
>>19191 it tastes like arse. Give it a miss
>>19194 I didn't expect it to taste good. I knew a lady who used to make the shit and let it ferment. Looked vile.
Ferment me and drink my juices.
>>19196 You need more live culture.
>>19197 I'm a very cultured NEET.
The chink next door is taiwanese and the other chinks are from the mainland. The mainland chinks put boxes in the taiwanese gooks bin and she took them out and put them on the ground next to her bin. Now she is asking impertinent questions of me about some one using her bin. The boxes are smaller than a shoebox Its fucking intense here NEETs.
(8.39 KB 142x160 hen man.jpg)
>>19190 I think it worked quite well.
>>19198 unna
>>19199 Ask her if you can see her box.
>>19201 It looks good, I've never heard of doing such a thing though.
sideways pussy
>>19199 Maybe the Sino-Taiwanese war will begin in your neighbourhood.
Mate just sent a picture of my block, they've started digging the trenches.
>>19207 How long is the build time did they say.
>>19142 I thought they were sausages and was wondering if the dish was in fact curried snags as carrots and peas are a pretty common addition to that. You certainly did scramble the eggs though, to the point where they didn't resemble eggs anymore :)
>>19195 Have you tried other fermented foodstuffs like sauerkraut?
>>19209 There are indeed sausages in there. The photo is a bit out of focus which I didn't realise at the time.
>>19192 Hence the need for an oversized coat or empty popcorn box with a hole in the bottom you can discreetly stick your pecker in.
>>18943 what the fuck is this board ???
>>19181 your worst nightmare
An hour into the Boreat sequel and it's gotten no better. Should've deleted it last night like I said I would. SBC is a jew after all and would not have gotten away with any of the 'pranks' he does if he weren't.
>>19214 Just how gooned are you? You're struggling to quote the right posts ffs.
original borat was way better, had nuance to it, was actually funny, the sequel was just making fun of muh stupid white trump supporters, 0/10
>>19221 >>19222 FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
Night neets, going to listen to HP music on youtube
>>19193 Yeah, it's pretty solid. Just fucking expensive.
>>19210 I love me some sauerkraut. I used to add it to stews all the time.
Also notice how the quality drops considerably when the Nuro shit starts, fuck this place is comfy without him and his ilk.
>>19240 Just learn to ignore the shitposts m8
>>19240 Just learn to ignore the shitposts m8
>>19240 Just learn to ignore the shitposts m8
>>19243 >>19244 >>19245 >tfw triple posting
>Causing one’s enemy to feel isolated, alone, and out-of-step with the society around them is a powerful weapon of demoralization If anyone wonders why they are sending hoards of spammers and faggots against us. Stay strong NEETs. HOLD THE FUCKING LINE.
Good work Nuro, you fucking retard.
The twilight rasps of a dying empire. You can just feel it. Victory is ours to lose. God will see us through.
God is with us.
Only have the fan on at half speed tonight, comfy winter nights are inbound.
We cannot save the world, but we can extend our influence over small spiritual islands in it. As the empire overextends and writhes in its death-throes we will need to prepare for siege, but as the inevitable collapse happens those islands will expand into the tribes, city-states and nations of the new age. Who is with me?
>It's as if the Cuban Missile Crisis, the 1999 Kargil War between nuclear-equipped India and Pakistan, and the Soviet and Nazi Invasion of Poland were all happening concurrently, and the world decided it was too busy enforcing face mask mandates upon religious congregants and following the turmoil of Khloe Kardashian to care. Bring it on. God demands a cleansing fire. The end of the nuclear age will be as the flood of Noah. Only the righteous ark-builders who walk with God will survive.
We will win.
Jesus is with me, always. >>19266 >>19268 Kek, the commie jew overlords torture them to death if they don't get enough (you)s. Satan demands an ever-increasing number of souls. This is why the left always destroys itself. If only they knew how easy it is to choose God and reject Satan (and all his empty promises). Working in the employ of Satan always leads to death. Only through Jesus Christ can we find life.
Wisdom leads to wealth. Wealth does not lead to wisdom. Therefore, to have both, try for wisdom first.
(590.35 KB 640x800 we wuz inventas n sheet.webm)
Whats wrong with you, stop spamming the overboard you fucking smelly criminal islander cunts
I challenge anyone who is worried about money to read and implement the biblical book of proverbs.
>>19225 Good night noot.
>>19240 Yeah, I was saying the other day that the BO would be wise to keep him out.
>>19256 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
>>19263 For thinking for himself? Perhaps you're the real schizo for not...?
>>19272 It is just nuro (American) and some spammer that seems to be following nuro.
(27.19 KB 548x626 joe gomez.png)
>>19278 >american enough said
>>19278 The interesting thing is that they appear in groups. It happens on cuckchan as well. It's quiet for a little while, then they get a command and descend on the board all at once. Each spammer has his signature, but their collective goal is the same: to divide us so that they can pick us off one by one.
Also this >19272 >19279 d&c kike here.
>>19275 The BO here is pretty chill and not the ban-happy type unlike the endchan faggot. BUT the only caveat is he's not an actual NEET and therefore not here all day to deal with such problems. I might hit him up to become a vol.
>>19208 I think 6 months.
(735.79 KB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19276 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.
>>19208 Nah, that's not right. I don't know how long it'll take.
>>19282 There needs to be a system whereby prospective vols deleting decisions need to be kept for a while until they prove themselves.
>>19210 I've had that a few times. I've had it once in a white sauce and that was excellent but by it's self it's not that great.
>>19214 >Telstra is my worst nightmare. $70 p/m unlimited internet and landline calls is okay.
>>19215 I thought the final battle of mongs would take place on end.
>>19225 Night.
(1.60 MB 1000x1322 eggs2.png)
>>19241 Eat an egg.
(1.60 MB 1280x720 Mutt meme.mp4)
>>19281 >amerimutts are dc found the amerimutt spy
>>19273 >proverbs
>>19282 Yeah, he's alright.
>>19290 >landline calls Why do you have a landline? I don't, noone to call anyway.
>>19297 I had to get one so they could connect the newer internet box.
Both boards are shit. I'm going to go and play some video games. Good night. https://youtu.be/tvr-g-GONco
Off to the gym, bye noots.
>>19284 >thanks for being absolutely divisive You talking to me or the faggot endchan bo...
>>19293 Bread nicely toasted tonight. Looks absolutely scrumptious!
>>19300 >>19299 Have fun
>>19302 Wasn't bad, the egg wasn't very runny though.
The Moofie 'Voyagers' was standard The Great Replacement kikery. A teenagers flick on the same level as Maze Runner, where a crew of teenagers is on a spaceship going to colonize a distant planet. Heavily overrepresented with blacks, jews and surly half breeds. One hero white and one cartoonish white villain. Ripped off the Blue-pill Red-Pill thing from Matrix. The blasters were cool and I gotta admit the kill count was pretty good and egalitarian. I did cringe a couple of times during the moofie but not as much as during the awful globohomo ads after the promos. Two out of five form-fitting jumpsuits. Good Night, White.
>>19272 Fuck off Coloniser, This is the new BoongChan.
>>19269 The wages of sin is eternal death. Come to The Father, Jehovah, through him
>>19305 Night
>>19282 Nah son your wrong. Imissfather is a standup BO. Endchan is top kek.
(410.42 KB 2004x2004 Misuno Ai.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>19305 Goodnight NEET
>>19310 Ugh, You posted a wierd one making a funny face, only I'm not laughing.
(7.90 KB 275x183 poojeta sue ridgepipe.jpg)
>>19136 Please dont flush wet wipes down the pipes.
>>19312 I did that too, fuck.
>>19312 Someone else's problem after I say so long to the big fella.
>>19284 >thanks for being absolutely divisive You're the one that came here to cause trouble for absolutely no reason. You're the divisive one. Go back to Endchan. >>19275 Would be wise for any online community to keep his type out. They're just here to sow discord and feed their own ego.
>>19312 What else are you supposed to do with them? You can't put them in them in the bin
>>19316 Stick them on the wall.
Good Morning NEETs, Its quiet inside without the Desktop fans going all the time. Rain overnight.
>>19315 >keep these types out. Cant do that, this is not discord. Endchan couldnt do it either, you just end up burning some commercial vpn's IP slots.
>>19319 > Endchan couldnt do it either They didn't even attempt to
Morning all >>19318 Morning
(186.77 KB 570x500 4fldr7.jpg.png)
>>19215 Nothing like a disposable microwave container of gook slop, eh nuro?
(210.91 KB 589x624 bvcjfcjfjgcjfcjfcj.png)
(7.66 MB 1280x720 Reeeeeeee.webm)
(18.45 KB 312x223 Reeeeeeeee.png)
https://www.rt.com/usa/520945-project-veritas-cnn-video/ Welp even tho its hardly news at this point, its official. >shift the news focus from CoViD to Climate change. Prepare for carbon taxes and Petrol restrictions. Great Reset universal Basic Income cards that you cant use at Dan's and the left morphing into eco fascists.
(69.91 KB 1167x540 greta vs chad.jpg)
We will succeed where Germany failed. They are using standard "white nationalist" propaganda against us but we are God's people; we know we are not holy because we are white although being of the most awesome races on earth does help create God's works but because we walk with God. >>19315 Interesting how they always demand inclusion then when in power exclude others.
>>19326 A magic coof that kills no one and is so dangerous you need a test to know you have it was a bridge too far. A magic climate fairy that goes away when you give NGOs more money is a little more abstract and difficult for the normies to understand.
>>19329 Mind you, it is plenty easy for the midwits of plebbit to digest. Those people are just nasty and like the idea of anything that gives them power over other people.
(77.29 KB 1440x900 1599255246096.jpg)
>>19328 The shills they send to destroy our communities are a luciferian ploy. The righteous cause of white men will always be under siege from our (((enemies)))
Climate change is the golden calf of our era. Biblical penalties therefore apply. Anyone caught shilling it will be stoned to death.
>>19331 >The righteous cause of white men The cause of righteous white men. FTFY.
https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/biden-announce-afghanistan-troop-exit-hard-deadline-september-11 >"In making his decision, Mr. Biden determined that al Qaeda & affiliated groups no longer pose a threat to the American homeland & that keeping U.S. forces in Afghanistan is no longer necessary." 9/11 v2 when?
I had this crazy dream last night. For some reason I was looking at a negress's face, but as she turned the downward slope of her forehead and protruding jaw became apparent and it appeared to me exactly as that of an ape. I believe our subconscious is manifest in our dreams, and our subconscious sees people as they really are.
Another dream I had a few nights ago was that of a muslim/arab truck driver driving through an LGBT they had rainbow flags parade.
>>19335 Lets hope you weren't dreaming of a mirror.
https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/google-shadow-bans-searches-riots-today-following-violent-unrest-minnesota >Amidst yet another night of violent unrest in Minnesota, Google is effectively shadow banning searches for “riots today” despite other search engines providing links to stories about the riots when the same search term is used. Google used to be such a good search engine.
>>19068 She's hot, good taste anon.
>>19337 Don't be silly neet, there are no girls on the internet. Oh wait, you were calling me a nigger. Well played neet, well played.
The descent into totalitarian leftist rule has come somewhat slowly, but every now and then something happens that reminds you just how real it is. Like when you have to tell a potential employer that you will need to organise a COVID permit to travel to their state to attend an interview.
We will need people to guard our spiritual borders but these people because they are constantly in contact with enemy memes will need to be constantly probably every day tested for creeping bad thoughts or even heresy. Each person will be required to recite the possibly Nicene creed each day to remind themselves of their shared faith. In this way we will protect our people from the enemy while making sure he cannot divide us.
(172.88 KB 265x225 ClipboardImage.png)
(301.98 KB 474x289 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19334 The ZOG need the troops for israel's middle east colonization ambitions
>>19342 My Deacon says the Nicene creed is wak.
>>19338 Reddit used to be funny.
>>19345 Your Deacon is probably a closet fag.
https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/new-zealand-man-convicted-of-rape-after-stealthing/news-story/d80a53b4bd3704ea3b9720ee9af89482 >Stealthing: NZ man convicted of rape after removing condom during sex Seriously tho, fuck condoms. Just another tool that lets women whore around without consequences. Nuh. I fuck you, you getting that load bitch, and you better not be on birth control. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!
>>19347 Maybe, Maybe not, I know he's got a smokin hot wifey and lots of kids
>>19349 Where are the customers' yachts?
>>19322 >>19324 >>19325 Keke. I've learned that simply shuffling all the D&C, blackpill, gaslighting, etc. etc. etc. typical glownigger, goon, & commie shitposting off into a boong-tier containment zone tail end of a bumplocked thread effectively robs them of attention and frustrates them both at the same time. Just keep it up and eventually they will tableflip.exe over the effort. >key words: 'keep it up'. It only works with NEET-tier moderation.
>>19342 Good thinking, Neet. I already think about the Belgic Confessions 'Two Books' doctrine, relating to how God openly reveals himself to us all. https://reformed.org/documents/BelgicConfession.html#Article%202 This is closely affiliated to the scripture of Psalms 19 https://biblehub.com/bsb/psalms/19.htm There's your Faith/Science lesson for today Neets.
>>19351 Are we the containment board? We are just four bored NEETs talking shit, The shills must be either overfunded or desperate.
>>19354 No, I mean moving the nigger-posting into a containment zone. Don't delete it, just move it. This is a much more frustrating effect. Leftists are all over-socialzed. That's why their men are the main source of literal-faggots. They effectively want to act and think just like a woman Rob them of attention (ie, keep their shitposting moved to the tail end of a bumplocked thread) and causes them such seethe they have to go dilate just to cope, Neet.
>>19355 do you mean making neets post images in a meta board? I was going to wait until the shill finishes his internship and moves onto a discord project.
>>19356 Not sure which part of "shitposting moved to the tail end of a bumplocked thread" is the hard one Neet. /ausneets/ has a metric shitload of threads from which to choose for this simplistic COINTELGAYOP, Neet. Just pick one.
>>19357 Oh. I was going to go thru the threads at the end and delete the shit when no one was looking. Unless its bot spam or CP then that shit can be cleared up when I'm having my evening cup of caro on a slow night. Besides,I'm not haxxor enough to move posts
>>19358 >I was going to go thru the threads at the end and delete the shit when no one was looking Sure if you want that at least decontaminates the place a bit. But, as I mentioned, you'd be missing out on a fun opportunity to poke a stick into the fireant nest. By moving them instead and then linking to the moved batch so they know you've moved them you add a bit of fun and games into the mix for the lads. That's all.
>>19359 This neet knows what's up. Since the Bolsheviks usurped the legal authority of the United States and installed a fake-president puppet Bidet's handlers have roughly quadrupled intelligence agencies to end the omnious threat of all dem EBIL WHITE NAHDZEES. You can expect a tsunami of diversity-hires trying to Shut it Down!11. *Popcorn will intensifies*, obviously. And that's just the now-USSA's efforts. The Anglosphere/9-Eyes are all doing something similar ATM. They won't be satisfied until the entire world consists of nothing but mud-colored golems, with all the appertinences thereto.
>>19362 Makes perfect sense, also because of the virus atrocity narrative the ZOG glownigger paranoia force golems have way too much extra time on their hands, many infiltrators here today
(58.98 KB 627x445 y.png)
>>19370 It more than makes sense. The entirely-staged 'insurrection' on Jan 6th was just the opening gambit to allow them to post this: > And Bidet's handlers also posted this > And unfortunately, these Communists have the.fucking.guns. now. Best get ready for possibly the show of all our lives coming up soon Neets.
(1.67 MB 1998x4609 BIDENZOGJEWS.jpg)
>>19374 >Niggers rioting and looting burning street buildings call it "protest" crickets, no problem >Whites chilling at home rightfully disagreeing omg!! threat!!!! terrorism!!! oy veyyy!!!!!!!!! "muh hate" online its anudda shoahhhhhh!! I hate the amerikike banana republic terror government and the millions of golems in that shithole so much, their audacity and insane organized systemic marxist left jew licking is just so fucking amazingly stupid and gross. The zogniggers are at the point where theÿ́'d suck this shit right out of a jews asshole and would call it "anti semitic" if anyone refuse. Hopefully the real americans start using their guns and do what their founding fathers intended with them to traitors before senile shabbos goy gramps confiscates them all (apparently bidet already banned guns btw)
(71.55 KB 800x360 top board.png)
Top work cuzins, We boongs rule this roost now.
Only a couple hours sleep was had. It really takes away all motivation to do a single thing. But got to slog through it anyway. Right?
(1.18 MB 872x781 sargon_was_right_again.png)
>>19410 > the amerikike banana republic terror government Literally half the USSA are communists leftists now. They are so brainwashed that they think this scene is both perfectly normal, and perfectly A-OK. >
>>19412 Consume mass caffeine Neet. You'll kickstart soon enough.
Age of Empires 4 trailer; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TnynE3PuDE Looks to be the sort of game a NOOT could spend all day everyday playing. If they weren't too >tfw depressed that is. Like me.
>>19358 >Oh. I was going to go thru the threads at the end and delete the shit when no one was looking. <when no one was looking. They are obviously going for auto-sage to obfuscate the redpills ITT BO. I'd act now if you intend to keep this thread intact.
>>19414 Cheers. I've already had some Berocca and am into a mug of Nescafe now.
>>19452 Nice going, Neet. What's on the docket for today?
Sorry about the spam NEETs. Sorry spammer I had to delete and ban.
What triggered this tard?
(701.25 KB 2304x1728 suck truck.JPG)
I chucked in the towel on borrowing a van and went to the Airport to look at rentals. There were heaps to choose from in the terminal, even tho I had to wear a mask and walk two Kilometers from the outer wastelands where i parked the falcon for free. I got a pretty good deal, the chick was really nice to me and I have plenty of time to square my shit away and intricately pack the thing. Its diesel and automatic and has a tail lifter. Its going to be about $550 to move all my shit to Silver CIty in one go. I'm going to catch the airport bus and pick it up on monday. Now time for squaring away and maybe visit mummybot to get some stashed whitegoods
>>19450 yeah the spammer is persistent but using the same IP for all the posts. It makes me think he's not that technically proficient.
>>19494 Nuro cancer is spreading from Endchan. >>19496 Moving is always a royal pain in the arse, I remember one year I had to move three times.
>>19495 oh fuck off you shit cunt liar. I only popped in here yesterday to observe what spammer was doing, he was here long before that. >>19497 >using the same IP how the fuck is it not banned ? WTF ? >>19500 >Nuro cancer is spreading from Endchan. its got nothing to do with the based one
>>19505 It's a recurring (and tiring) theme that Nuro is inconsistent with the shit it spews.
>>19505 >>19506 > stays away from endchan > posts on 16 im not sure what the problem is here >>19508 >>19509 nice hateboner you got there >>19512 HAHAHA OBSESSED next you will ask me out on a date
>>19502 >I only popped in here yesterday to observe what spammer was doing >he was here long before that. no he wasn't fucktard. he only showed up when you posted here. that's if there is another and it's not just you
>>19513 >im not sure what the problem is here Coming here with a shitty attitude and intentionally stirring up trouble. Just try behaving like a regular human being and stop being an attention whore.
(37.99 KB 681x382 1618098660200.png)
>>19514 > now everyone is a nuro
>>19515 you must be the one with looser alcholic brother ?
>>19516 >now everyone is the ADL
>>19518 many such cases
>>19493 >I had to delete and ban. Thank you.
(88.94 KB 589x458 1617797424974.png)
>>19515 > shitty attitude and intentionally stirring up trouble. holy shit, this level of projection
>>19502 The spammer posts with one IP then switches. Every time he gets banned that's one less he can use.
>>19517 cool non-sequitur, mind if i cum on it?
>>19521 How am I projecting? You seriously lack any self-awareness.
>>19496 >move all my shit to Silver CIty in one go. Yeah good idea neet one trip and it's done.
(265.62 KB 816x612 Sweet Chilli.jpg)
>>19454 To try and stay awake till about 10pm is the main goal. Just had another glorious chicken nibble feast, minus any gimmicky drinks this time. 3 bucks and the belly is full, can't beat that sorta value. What are you up to?
>>19525 12 hour round trip is the big problem but also the reason to go there.
>>19522 i know this somehow someone stated otherwise >>19524 and you deceive *yawn*
>>19517 No thats me, he died last April remember.
>>19526 Looks like a good feed at a great value. >>19528 Just try behaving like a normal person. Good lord.
>>19529 no i was not aware of that, sorry
lol Nuro is pretending not to be on the other board
>>19531 You were told.
(1.87 MB 728x640 1606671356213.webm)
>>19530 > Just try behaving like a normal person. Good lord. Ok.
>>19522 >Every time he gets banned that's one less he can use. With a VPN (a good one anyway) you get new IPs daily
Mice 2 NEET 2 The score has been leveled yet again. Ironically the bait that got it was from the same bag it had chewed into the previous night. Allah uakcbard!
>>19532 no im not there im just here because image posting is enabled
>>19537 dude you can't lie for shit
>>19538 sure thing pal.....
>>19535 Wasnt the case with my VPN. I was fucked for a while on endchan if i wanted to post from an aus server. I wasnt even banned I just couldnt find an unbanned slot.
>>19537 You really can't handle posting there without uploading images? >>19536 Death to mice! Praise Allah (PBUH)!
>>19536 Make sure you clean the smell of death from the trap before you use it again.
>>19540 Their BO and the idiots in charge of the site started banning any VPN posting regardless of what they were posting. It's ridiculous.
>>19540 get a good one then >>19541 he's lying you can upload images fine
>>19544 no that wasnt it. I could post sometimes from an aus VPN but then I would restart and loose the slot and have to post from korea.
>>19545 I'm on protonVPN which one are you using?
>>19546 WTF is a slot?
>>19536 He died a warriors death.
>>19542 but that post has six "u's" im not convinced
>>19547 Not the NEET you responded to, but I use ExpressVPN when I'm out and about at uni.
>>19548 a server slot, Aus has about 300 addresses
Off down bunnings, You NEETs want?
>>19552 so only one user on one ip at a time? what the hell? defeats the purpose of a VPN. i would switch
>>19544 the #BO said he was spending about 7 hours collectively a week cleaning up the mess, since locking the site down it seems to have mitigated the attack and pushed the downie here >>19547 too any people have abused protons services :( i just raw dog it with 3 different acces points avaiable at home
>>19553 some white kill rust spray cans. thanks
>>19555 You're right, the downie certainly is here.
>>19558 incorrect if you check the logs
>>19558 not accurate
Strange how the downie poster moved from Endchan to here at the same time Nuro (claimed) to have stopped posting on Endchan and is now posting here. I'm sure that's purely coincidental though.
>>19558 >>19561 TBF noot posted link to this thread on end 3 days ago, that was when sperg showed up
>>19565 And I'm sure if Nuro pissed off it would as well.
>>19566 Perhaps, but he is clearly feeding off your angst and in engaged in d/c kikery behaviour.
>>19553 4 pieces of some cheap pine about 10-20mm by 40mm by 1 meter please.
>>19568 Correct
(2.52 MB 852x480 1606669764824.webm)
>>19562 gonna need some evidence >>19566 oh lord the hateboner on this neet >>19567 im laughing in disbelief, and im not kiking it up, i am trying to chill which hard amongst constant never ending accusations of wrong doing what is this ? the Nuro Inquisition ? No one expects the Nuro Inquisition !
(871.65 KB 720x404 1606679402915.webm)
>>19573 how about you go chill on endchan fuckhead ?
>>19572 >and im not kiking it up The accusation was not directed at you. I was referring to (not)Nuro spammer was d/c, refresh page, >>19562 >>19563 >>19564 deleted was all from spammer
>>19572 Why'd you start posting here anyway? The few times you posted about us on Endchan you just talked about how much you hated us.
>>19577 >i don't fucking care just suck my dick ! kek, I thought that was you, thanks for confirming >>19577 >>19575 >>19573 >>19571 >>19568 >>19579 Bye!
>>19578 > you just talked about how much you hated us. > us > you It was entirely justified, 16ch was created simply as a bunker for endchan and you are acting like its your own sekret no nuro club. FFS i created most of the flags here get over yourself
>>19581 The moment you started posting here again you've been nothing but antagonistic. If that hate is justified then you have no reason to post here, the downie isn't spamming your little safe place on Endchan so why not just go back there?
(2.80 MB 1280x720 1614132647259.webm)
>>19585 It's got nothing, so it posts a webm.
>>19581 it started as a bunker for 8chan's pol and was a member of an alternative webring project <i created most of the flags here wow, so you really are the source of this lolcow-tier faggot chatter. amazin'! >inb4 hurr durr dead board yeah, the post quality is higher without this kind of autism.
(2.89 MB 1280x720 1614132572016.webm)
>>19585 WELL LA DI DA >>19586 WELL LA DI DI
>>19587 sorry i was refering to 16ch/ausneets/ not 16ch globally
>>19590 We know what you meant.
>>19591 > we know what you are subversively implying :)
(43.42 KB 450x675 1618310809362.jpg)
(44.51 KB 720x900 1618370671220.jpg)
>>19599 You posted that image on Endchan.
Fuck I fucked up the year. Just a sec.
(1.39 MB 767x1060 ausneets asterix edition.png)
Dear glowies I hope you are having a wonderful time here. Please enjoy this meme. Yours sincerely NEET
To think... somewhere, out there, your tax dollars are hard at work paying for some pajeet working under the direction of AFP or ASIO to spam this board in the name of stopping white supremacy.
>>19601 no i did not take your meds shitzo
(1.97 MB 320x568 1616254192751.webm)
>>19607 whats even worse is it seems they glowies offshored their agiprop to vietnam
>>19569 Is that enough for a coffin?
>>19610 Anyway the Australian government has shown itself not to be capable of protecting its own citizens, and could be thought of as trying to fuck over its own citizens. It has to go. There must be a king.
>>19599 I just let all my tension go. There was that much I had to flush twice.
I wonder if the bugmen are trying to get us to revolt against our own government by showing us just how incompetent they are. An interesting trick.
>>19608 You're the paranoid nutcase claiming government agencies are attacking us.
Anyway those niggers won't do shit. The enemy has a remarkable degree of control over his forces and seems to be happy with the slow replacement of whites with shitskins. We will need an equally far-sighted plan to counter this action. It really does seem like holding the fort and waiting for the worst to wash over us may be the only way to go. The other alternative is full nomad and I don't know how well that would work in Australia.
>>19617 Of course government agencies are attacking us, whether official or unofficial (i.e. anti-white NGOs). If it's sponsored or protected by the government then it's a government agency to me.
>>19619 Us as in /ausneets/.
You have to think. Who the fuck would bother spamming an obscure board of an obscure chan with some downs patient for hours at a time? >>19620 Yes.
>>19621 Certainly a government agency.
Just remember. Whatever happens, whatever they do, we are with God, and they are not. This is all that matters. >>19622 It doesn't even need to be one of the big ones. There are hundreds of little agencies, and each has its own little budget. There are also contracts and tenders awarded. Someone needs to go through these line by line and look for some line item devoted to "disrupting online white supremacy discussions" or the like.
>>19612 yes, it will be an open casket.
14. No posts which infer, either seriously or in jest, that the board is monitored by the Government or intelligence agencies, or which infer that any individual poster may be an agent of the government or an intelligence agency. These jokes are not funny and have a track record of stoking paranoia and chilling the free sharing of information on the board. hmm
>>19622 Wot, you dont mean the ABC
>>19625 I can see the reason for that rule. I can also see when it might not apply. If we are talking about government monitoring with the goal of stopping it then that should be allowed. Otherwise they are kicking us and we are not allowed to fight back. It is a one-sided war. You can bet these people are sitting around in meeting rooms and talking about exactly how they are going to attack us. This is fact by the way. The Australian Government has been adding literal nothingburger "nahtzee" organisations to its terrorist list.
>>19628 And I'm out. Good luck to you all.
The BO can do one of two things: 1. relax rule 14 and let us defend ourselves from the invaders 2. deport them himself or delegate authority to someone trustworthy to deport them
>>19629 I wish you good luck in your future endevours.
>>19624 kek, a good way to save money that can be spent on tendies and goon as your final meal
The afternoon slump has officially hit, and it's going to take a lot of willpower to stay awake until 10pm. Either that or lots of caffeine. Good luck to us all.
My bet is on the latter
>>19635 Why do you want to stay awake until 10pm?
>>19631 <relax rule 14 how does "relaxing" this help quality? muh shill, based based, fbiciansaetc.
>>19638 Before we can engage the enemy we need to identify the enemy.
>>19639 it's hard to truly identify posters in anonymous forums. whining about how everyone else is a fed/jew/shill gets annoying after awhile.
>>19640 Fuck off shill.
>>19637 So hopefully I can get a half-decent sleep. Any naps would just fuck those chances up.
>>19497 I see. >It makes me think he's not that technically proficient. Yeah, that would certainly be the work of a diversity-hire tier, if it's sponsored.
>>19642 That got me thinking of the number of roots I've had in my lifetime. Definitely not 66 but probably closer to 20, most being from hookers.
>>19496 I hope that's a good deal Neet. Good luck on the move. >needing a truck that big You must have a house-full lad. Even with my 600cc motorcycle tucked in the back, I can still easibly get by with half that. Course I have a NEET-tier agenda to lighten my load tbh. >>19499 >>19501 >>19504 Keke. This might be made into a banner.
>>19643 Focus on your breathing as you go to sleep. If you wake up then focus on your breathing again. I find it helps to say the Lord's prayer when I decide to go to sleep. I have a pavlovian reaction to it now. I cannot get more than halfway through without starting to yawn.
>>19646 >posts deleted Thank you BO.
>>19587 Nuro has negative neetlore. That is, he remembers things that aren't true. He mind is too fucked from the drugs, goon, sissy porn etc.
I bought a second hand bicycle today. It is a nice one and I got a top notch deal. I don't have a helmet yet but I will get one tomorrow so I can start riding. I will take a photo tomorrow when I get it out for my ride.
Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.
>>19623 >Just remember. Whatever happens, whatever they do, we are with God, and they are not. This is all that matters. I agree that it is, as long as we are. If you're referring to the globalist kike agenda to genocide Whites (quite blatant now, btw), then there's little doubt that Satan is driving it. Not the governments, not the useful puppets, not even the fucking globalist kikes. Satan is. Simply put, Whites have been the single most effective group at spreading Christianity. This is obviously the greatest pain to the enemy when men are snatched from hell by Christians. Satan is manipulating these little worldly puppets to do his bidding to genocide Whites. Brainwashing Whites into gladly accepting their own foreign invaders to their own destruction is certainly an effective ruse. But how could a people -- especially the best people on the planet -- be so foolish? REFUGEES WELCOME Sound familiar? How did it all come to this Neet? How did White women decide they should be running to defend the destroyers of their homelands, their families, their own families? >"Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands." https://biblehub.com/proverbs/14-1.htm Is it possible that some foreign, slimy, snake-like creatures have come into the garden spewing demonic advice to the woman, and she has agreed to it, and also started enticing her man to follow along with evil plot as well? Where have we all heard that story before now? >>19629 Thanks neet, you too. >>19635 You can do it noot.
What is with all these posts being deleted?
>>19150 What does the BO make of this?
(253.68 KB 1565x1073 haul.jpg)
from my visit to Coles and Dan earlier, the gherkins were Vile not the ones I usually get it seems.
>>19655 What is the homebrand tuna like?
>>19652 It is all very interesting. Somewhere up the top, Satan himself must sit, giving orders. I think that some serve him willingly, others as dupes. What must a man like Soros think he gains from serving the Devil? He allied with white Nazis against his own kin, and now he does the same with white Progressives. My money is on local genetic fitness: genes optimised for living in a society that is already built, rather than for building that society to begin with.
>>19656 It's just ok, it's not greeenseas. I think they have a bit of a quality control issue because sometims it is horrible (tastes like rotten fish) I would only recommend if you have no choice.
Satan gives his servants their due reward. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/france-far-left-millionaire-and-wife-get-beaten-and-robbed-by-diversity/ >The couple were tied up with electrical cords, physically assaulted and robbed. Bernard Tapie, 78, who was briefly a government minister, has always been a vocal advocate for immigration. And Tapie tried to reason with his torturers to make them aware of this fact. But when Tapie told the attackers that he had always stood up for migrants, one of the torturers replied: “Fuck you, that time is over!” Do you reject Satan and all his empty promises?
(183.30 KB 1024x1024 1605767784044.jpg)
>>19657 >What must a man like Soros think he gains from serving the Devil? He allied with white Nazis against his own kin, and now he does the same with white Progressives. I have no idea Neet -- and don't want to know, frankly. He's going to have a hard time of it at the Judgement if he doesn't repent. There are certainly many other very present threats to us all besides that Soros demon. > >My money is on local genetic fitness: genes optimised for living in a society that is already built, rather than for building that society to begin with. Not entirely sure I'm following you here on that one Lad. Do you mean the superior men who are able to build a society by force of will and hard work, wrenching it from the very Earth by God's will > or do you mean the ones who will eat the bugs, and be happy about it? > >>19659 Satan has his day coming. I wonder which of the godly Angels will be the one to dink him off into the pit of fire?
(97.76 KB 741x326 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19655 Nice haul of tuna, but what's in the deli bags?
>>19660 You will live in a pod and you will be happy.
>>19496 Glad to hear things are going OK with The Great Move. I'll be heading to my storage shed this weekend but simply can't afford a mini-truck, so will only be returning with what can be stuffed into the hatchback. And I do plan on stuffing it!
>>19662 That was some prawns and 1kg bacon.
Where should I go to buy a bicycle helmet and light?
>>19658 I've never had a can of homebrand tuna that tasted rotten. Knock on tin.
>>19663 Heh, I think not. I will dutifully man my weapons against usurpers, slaughtering them in droves. Kind of like a top-knot FPS, but one with hookers and blackjack. And I'll be happy about it. :^) >>19668 >prawns Nice haul Neet.
>>19675 I had some woolies homebrand sardines that I didn't eat because of something like that. They might not have been rotten but the taste was disgusting and very different.
(53.05 KB 1000x959 plane.jpg)
Not a very clear pic I know, my camera was at max zoom, but this guy does loops in his plane, I watch him from my backdoor (generally he is closer)it's rather fascinating tbh. I think I would get sick if I was in it
>>19650 I look forward to the pics >>19669 BigW/Kmart/Target
>>19675 I generally eat 1 can a day sometimes 2 so I go through a few.
Tbh I find this spam more bearable than nuro's usual posts
(349.50 KB 1080x842 20201118_135451.jpg)
>>19683 Pretty badass, and fun. I think I was born to be a fighter pilot tbh. Till I manage that, my own Batmobile is reasonable (nice to have during a civilization meltdown)
>>19681 I see now. I love tinned tuna but almost gag on tinned sardines. The flavour is too rich and not like tuna at all. I can't stomach more than a couple at a time. Tinned smoked oysters are pretty nice.
>>19660 >Not entirely sure I'm following you here on that one Lad. Do you mean the superior men who are able to build a society by force of will and hard work, wrenching it from the very Earth by God's will or do you mean the ones who will eat the bugs, and be happy about it? I build systems. This is how I used to work. I would build a system that was easy enough to use that someone who is not as intelligent as me could use it. But then they did not need me, and I was replaced. This happened many times. So now I build systems that only I can use, or that I control, or that benefit only my family and brethren under our Lord Jesus Christ. It is similar to how Monarchy tends to Republic, then to Democracy, then to Tyranny. The Monarch builds the systems - his kingdom - that lets people work efficiently, but then people forget that it was the king who built these systems. They no longer pay homage to the king and the kingdom becomes a Republic. Then the aristocrats have a disagreement but find that they no longer have the person who sorted out their disagreements. They turn to the people for support against each other and we get a Democracy. Finally, politicians set certain groups of people over certain others and we get Tyranny. Tyranny must collapse, and people will seek a strong leader, a king, so we get Monarchy again. Certain types of men are favoured at each point in the cycle.
>>19340 I might've been calling you a nigger girl.
>>19660 >third pic There is something deeply disturbing and even sickening about that man's smile. He has a smile made of saccharine.
>>19343 Is that from a song? I've seen snippits of it but don't know who they are or what's going on.
>>19347 Just a bugle enthusiast.
>>19688 Then you'd save some money buying the larger ~500g tins and storing leftovers in a fridge. >>19689 kek, a picture of a smiling downie doesn't bother me at all. At least he's white.
>>19354 I never posted as much here before, just now and then. The bugle, tiffins, good night white, lemons confused me and I felt like I entered mid way through a joke and I wont get the punchline. .
>>19355 What?
>>19356 I went on Cheesey's discord.
>>19359 I don't know. I was going to go to other places before coming here.
>>19702 Did you talk to him, how is he?
(96.34 KB 607x342 elijah.jpg)
>>19692 Keke, do I look like I have Downe's? >>19693 >Certain types of men are favoured at each point in the cycle. I see. Pretty wise insights Neet. Hmm...as a software dev, I get your point. OTOH, I also recognize that many of my own fellow Whites have become marshmallow brains through their own degeneracy and laziness, and would come around once the (((globalist))) usurper's bondage is cast off. Inside I want to help them along. OTOOH, I also recognize that if I do that job too well, I'd also be helping stronk, independynts and demonic mud-peoples to do their evil as well. Dangit, you've plunked a conundrum flat into my lap with that one, Neet. >*thinking hard intensifies*
>>19355 >Leftists are all over-socialzed Based and Tedpilled.
(177.62 KB 200x300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19411 unna
Were you guys here already when 8ch was kill?
>>19707 Ted has some ideas Neet.
>>19710 I don't know anything about thie 8ch you speak of, officer. I can help you with eternal life though.
>>19496 Fucking aye. Good stuff. Best of luck.
>>19536 Ker splat.
>>19536 >Ironically the bait that got it was from the same bag it had chewed into the previous night. Actually, that's a good bait source selection. Just let the little buggers themselves show you what they want move.
>>19715 >more*
(322.44 KB 636x693 nuro.jpg)
Deliver us from evil, Lord.
Anyone wanna go rile up a coalburning reddit slut?
>>19604 I'm waiting.
>>19721 Pretty comfy Neet. I'd say go for a swim while you're about it.
>>19687 I am going to go for a quick bike ride. I will take a photo for (you) once I've got it out.
>>19723 I dont usually pay much attention to posts like this or seppo stuff but this was funny. She makes a racist remark about white aussies, then complains about racism to her boyfriend, KEK shes an idiot.
>>19705 Nah, I mean I have. Probably a year ago.
I went for a walk. >>19726 A classic ride. >>19725 She just wants attention. Every woman longs to be the star of her own drama.
>>19726 Nice bike neet
(449.17 KB 821x1629 Quarter Chook and 2L Goon.jpg)
Winner winner IGA dinner >>19647 Thanks for the tip. Bought some liquid sedative just in case.
$3 special pack of meat balls and a $2.60 seafood salad. Going to cook some pasta with the meatballs.
>>19746 Enjoy your chook m8
>>19721 Nice pics >>19726 Nice wheels
>>19746 Good looking feed.
>>19747 Having a sauce with the meatballs?
>>19751 I ate the seafood salad by itself and put the meatballs away. Going to do the dishes before anything else.
(170.02 KB 816x612 Take your meds schizo.jpg)
Got some drugs
>>19753 Thats some heavy duty Thiamine neet, my Dr has me on b1 tablets but she only prescribed 50mg, but my b1 is not low anyway it's cause I drink goon.
>>19683 UwU Tiger moth
(108.72 KB 800x1009 sanctus dominus vinus.jpg)
>>19746 Your choice of evening sacrement is blessed by the holy spirit.
>>19756 Kek, good one neet.
(365.93 KB 2304x1728 quince jamrsz.jpg)
Went to see mummybot to get of the damn roads during rush hour. I tried to fix her dunny cistern but It didnt work so I put it back how it was. I will try to get a new cistern and swap it out before the weekend. We went to the shops and she bought me some pies for tea and made chippos in the turbo oven, they were Mc Cain rosemary and garlic and they were oversalted and she has fountain brand tomato sauce which is way too sweet. She said she gets anxious when I come around and she worries about making me angry if she says the wrong thing. Its true of course, There is only so much shit advice I can reply in a phatic manner to. Plus she never listens to me, but I said sorry anyway. She gave me some special Quince jam which should be good. Having a Caro.
>>19723 I suppose the whole idea with having a bantu nigger boyfriend is that your woke game goes to the next level. This race mixing whore is fixing to go professional, I suspect.
>>19710 I think we started here when endchan was out and positng on 8kun was like getting AIDS
>>19758 >There is only so much shit advice I can reply in a phatic manner to. She's your mum, it's expected that you'll put up with her shit.
>>19760 So when we all came here?
>>19758 >I will try to get a new cistern and swap it out before the wee Thats good of you, I know of some who simply dont care about their parents >she bought me some pies for tea and made chippos in the turbo oven I hope you thanked her neet, most motherbots do what they can for their children. >She said she gets anxious when I come around and she worries about making me angry You are starting to scare her, try and stay calm while you are there. I hope you enjoy the Jam m8
>>19762 It was after 8 went down, we came in dribs and drabs.
>>19764 There was a NEET who knew the moderator here that made the board, is he still the bo?
>>19765 The BO is 663, the site owner. The NEET that starts the threads has been the same since the first one.
>>19754 Apparently this synthetic form of thiamine is more easily absorbed than the natural stuff, especially if your an alco like me. Long-term alcohol abuse depletes your b-vitamins as well as making it harder to absorb most others. It's not even available from any Australian supplement makers afaik, the one I bought is made in USA same with the GABA.
>>19758 Jam looks like a good homemade one. The sweet tomato sauce would've balanced the saltiness of the chips.
>>19767 You cant overdose on a vitamin well maybe vitamin A and Iron but please be careful with that GABA.
(49.45 KB 480x660 B6568_01__44163.1579966819.jpg)
I'm moving as much of my stuff as possible to the storage depot, with the idea being that I can pack it tighter into the truck from one source. I think most of it will fit but now I'm worried about the weight of all those lemons. I will have to balance the load carefully and make sure it wont shift on the corners. However it IS a rental and there is no need to be gentle. My life would be a lot easier if I had a truck license. Good Night, White.
>>19766 Oh, there you go.
>>19766 Were you from /aus/ or /ausneets/?
>>19771 I look forward to the updates.
>>19766 It would be best if people don't disclose anything to strange questioners relating to this site.
Does anyone know of any neet friendly grants going? Could do with a neetbux topup
(162.88 KB 800x1200 Yamaguchi Maho.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>19771 Goodnight NEET
>>19770 I will, and thanks for your concern
>>19771 Truck driving lessons ain't cheap but you should still look into it, even if just to get an MR. Good night. >>19777 Gook night good-lover
>>19775 /throd. >>19777 nite digits noot.
Good Morning NEETs. Its warm already after being last nights big blow.
>>19781 Morning. Sleep well?
>>19782 Slept okay. Whats to do today?
>>19758 Fuck off back to bunkerchan you faggot.
>>19775 Interrogator NEETs need answers.
>>19781 >>19782 Morning.
>>19785 You wont get any caro or quince paste with that attitude
I saw a cute little ringtail posso last night on the fence. This morning two of them lie side by side on the footpath, Run over and left there by some callous prick. Fuck this place.
>>19789 >and left there What the fuck's wrong with cunts?
Words fail me.
(22.34 KB 750x667 rain fire.jpg)
Feeling a bit flat and worried. Should get on with the washing.
>>19789 Poor possums
I couldn't even last a fucking month. Pathetic.
>>19794 Beautiful, neet.
>>19781 >>19782 >>19787 Morning NEETs
>>19795 I took them away and buried them, some women at the bus stop were upset about it. They were identical, probably from the same brood.
>>19798 Morning. No wage today.
>>19796 Consider this practice for the next time.
>>19798 Good morning, got a solid 3-4 hours sleep. Road trip today. Looking forward to getting out of this place for a few days.
>>19792 It's just a pile of dirty clothes m8, don't let 'em control you. Be the Master, not the Slave.
>>19781 >last night's big blow Hmm...
>>19805 Enjoy your trip neet.
>>19809 It should be pretty easy to spoof a reference or two. But these days if you want a landlord to let you rent his house then you need a wife and kids. Otherwise you are stuck in apartments. Its not just rentals either, there are not enough houses to go around for ppl who want to take up a mortgage. 100% because of mass immigraiton.
(20.88 KB 220x212 Down Syndrome.jpg)
Going down the park to exercise while the showers are away. Lunch in the turbo oven ready when i get back
(1.28 MB 739x960 1618437525760.png)
Morning lads
>>19815 Fuck off.
Remember when nuro claimed to know all about group theory but then didn't know that group theory and graph theory are different branches of mathematics?
(6.87 KB 250x180 1618371368376s.jpg)
>>19817 your in such a great mood as usual
>>19818 nope
(3.23 MB 4032x3024 IMG_4688.JPG)
>>19820 yes i engineer FLAVOUR
>>19818 why arent you using your big brain to defeat the spammer ?
>>19821 It was on endchan. >>19821 Of course you don't, your brain is too fucked from drugs and goon.
>>19823 I've been saying that the BO should ban you and the problem will go away.
>>19825 not exactly sure what you are getting at take a deep breath and re-consider your argument
>>19826 you have been trying to get me banned for years now you overplayed it so much now i get favourable treatment on endchan by the mods, keep sperging bout nuro and the same thing will happen here :)
>>19827 https://endchan.net/ausneets/res/267624.html#268583 This was my post. Your response was: >ive done group theory you sperg when i was working on e8 so kindly fuck off and enjoy your shut in brain cuddle while i am drinking brandy at the beach :)
working on e8
>>19828 >favourable treatment on endchan by the mods https://endchan.org/ausneets/res/339732.html#340977 <(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
>>19831 lol looks like the BO over there is fed up with him
>>19829 >>19830 accurate i have studied e8 and i drink brandy at the beach >>19831 >>19832 that was the immitator and the #BO banned him on site with out me even having to report it, so he clearly is on my side retard
>>19826 >and the problem will go away. Clearly you have not been paying attention. When the spammer is not attacking nuro, he is constantly trying to ingratiate himself with BO and group. When he doesn't get enough attention he starts lashing out. He is like a needy little child. In all likelihood, his attacks on nuro are simply him trying to be accepted.
>Nuro had some (since deleted) posts on 16 saying that the BO of 16 is his "bitch" >Crossposting dramafag The "bitch" post was the spammer larping as Nuro
>>19833 Hey nuro, true or false, the union of conjugacy classes is a normal subgroup?
>>19834 I don't know, the spammer seems to be trying way to hard for that to be true. It would also be easier to find alternate means of being accepted.
>>19836 > union of conjugacy classes a subgroup of given order is normal, if the class equation of the group is given
>>19837 I accept your premise, "you don't know" I however, am looking at post history and at least I'm "pretty sure"
>>19835 > if its posts as nuro's flag it must be nuro its all so tiresome
>>19839 >>19837 sorry, thought "I dont know" was in reply to >>19835
>>19838 That makes no reference to conjugacy classes. You also did not say whether the statement is true or false. Give it another go! :)
>>19839 >>19841 I could believe it, I just find the behaviour strange.
>>19815 morning NEET
>>19822 Dont you get tired of all that sodum?
(72.22 KB 253x199 ClipboardImage.png)
I got some more washers to fix mummybot's toilet cistern but she didnt want me to come around. Might go for a walk and see a moofie and go to wage for the next three days.
>>19837 >the spammer seems to be trying way to hard for that to be true The spamming surge seemed to always be surrounding the anti-globohomo redpills ITT. Pretty blatantly obvious if you ask me. Retarded? Yes, but not in a tard 'give-me-attention-now!' way. Rather diversity-hire retarded.
>>19848 Its a bit off message being abelist and having a developmentally disabled person as a object of ridicule. I mean, I call people retards and mongs but the spammer is being pretty nasty about disabled ppl.
>>19850 The psychological aspect being attempted is a discontinuity, repeated application of which eventually causes anxiety in the victim. >tl;dr The point is to piss you off, not to make sense. Even retards can pick up on the fact of whether something is irritating or not and then try to hammer that home. No advanced degree from Glownigger U needed for that one mate.
>>19851 >>19850 I might also add, the psychological element is just the cherry on top. The main point of the exercise is obfuscation, similar to 'catalog sliding'. IE, if you flood spam ITT, you can bury other content -- in this case, redpills. The secondary element of pissing people off is simply a form of red-herring, intended to distract victims from the main agenda.
>>19851 Yes there is no point trying to second guess a troll. The less you feed them the better. Lets not mention it again
>>19850 <being ableist :| >>19853 yes, nobody should react and reminding about that is even more damaging.
(35.62 KB 572x960 01.jpeg)
>>19853 Fair enough. But when it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck -- then it's a duck. When you see some kind of surge of spam associated with (against) Dem Ebil White Nahdzees you can be sure it's quite likely to be a glownigger duck.
I hope all you 16chan regulars are keeping well.
>>19853 its an extremely low effort troll with an automated tool
>>19854 Calling a normal stupid person a retard is okay but calling a developmentally delayed person a retard is just nasty.
>>19860 how many actual downsniggers are using imageboards, you think? how many faggots on the internet are naming actual downies and tards a day, do you figure?
>>19855 I believe that zealous individuals would like to think they are striking against wrongdoers by attacking imageboards like 16chan. I dont think they are necessasarily in the employ of the ZOG
How come Nuro doesn't get banned for replying to his own posts?
>>19864 because he is the most popular neet everybody loves
<hurr durr why nobody respond me? because you are a samefag nigger loser who stirs drama and gives expected 'tarded responses. just go to lolcow, stop fagging up places where you are unwanted due to your complete resistance to act like a normal person even by jewish standards. p.s. fuck you kill yourself. >inb4 haha downs haha lol no [email protected]
>>19866 who the fuck are you talking about you have lost the plot mate
>>19868 I think it is talking to itself
kill yourself
>19867 >19868 >19869 samefag has trouble not being obvious
>>19871 wrong again numo
>>19815 Funny meme
>>19873 Stop (you)ing yourself
>>19856 I don't get what's going on on either board anymore. I hope 8 /ausneets/ isn't copping it.
>>19874 That wasn't my post.
>>19876 You ain't fooling me Nuro.
>>19877 i was having a nap the last post i made was >>19859 no wonder no one comes to 16ch you are literally insane t. the real nuro
>>19878 You come here
<durr dis board is so insane-o in da brain-o nobody come here >posts t. fail troll and absolute retard
>>19878 You're the one that thinks the ADL is after them
< its having an episode
(113.37 KB 720x1080 the courier.jpg)
Moofie time. >a taut and propulsive thriller. Sounds like my morning poo tbqh
>>19883 heh Enjoy the flick.
>telling people to kill themselves >says people here are insane >continues to come here yep it's Nuro
>Bendydick Cucumberstench
<stops sucking cock literally for a second <it nuro <resumes sucking cock
>>19883 Enjoy the movie neet.
>>19862 >I believe that zealous individuals would like to think they are striking against wrongdoers by attacking imageboards like 16chan. >I dont think they are necessasarily in the employ of the ZOG In this instance, I'd say you're probably correct due to the retard-tier effort. (see >>19859). However, this sort of mentality still stems from the same evil well: Short-sighted, Communist-minded, ideologues who only care about dictating to others what they can or can't do. To wit: White women logic. Globalist kikes know exactly how to manipulate women to the destruction of the women's own people. This is literally the only reason globohomo exists at all. Unfortunately, the diagnosis is fatal. Unless this cancer is excised -- and soon -- then Whites will disappear from the face of the Earth. Best get prepared now if you intend that you and yours survive even the openers of the match. >
>>19889 >Communist-minded lol that's rich when the main man running this site is a commie
>>19890 How is that relevant Neet, even if it's true? Communism (Marxism, actually) is the social evil in the world, naturally-speaking. Satan has managed to shove more souls into the hole through this shite than any other single means in human history.
<the main man running this site is a commie You have been awarded one (1) autismpoint! Thank you for your continued autism!
>>19892 Hi commie!
>>19890 >>19893 You're not too skilled at this yet friend. Report yourself to your superiors and submit to further training before returning, thanks.
Fucking hell, cut it out. Or post on aus/pol/ or some shit.
<dyurrrrr <cope seethe libtard based based commie dilate incel *insert boogeyman* <drools >>>/pol/ or >>>/b/
>>19885 that actually was not not me ,look at the hashes
>>19897 >>19898 >>19899 that shit actually worked tho
(113.59 KB 997x399 ClipboardImage.png)
Sperg tried to teach me math once.
Jesus Christ is with you wherever you go.
It's time for bed.
Peanut-buttered toast (2 slices) and a banana for brekky. Beat that! tried posting this around 11am just before the road trip but the board was down
>>19905 Nice breakky neet
>>19904 Night m8
(4.96 MB 3264x2448 Winged Rats (1).jpg)
(4.46 MB 3264x2448 Winged Rats (2).jpg)
(4.17 MB 3264x2448 Winged Rats (3).jpg)
Found a nice shady spot by the river to eat lunch. A few bites in and I was surrounded by birds (Noisy Miners). And just like that day the magpies swooped in these were just as menacing and fearless. You 'shoo' them away only for them to come closer. So back to the safety of the hatchback to finish the meal, now lukewarm.
>>19908 Good pics neet, thanks for sharing.
>>19889 Whites will not suffer genocide. A coalescence and resurgence will occur. Let the trash and the traitors meld into the brown melange. Those of pure white spirit will rise.
>>19908 miners shit everwhere and are a pain in the arse. I dont see them much here, too far south for em
>>19908 almost webbered yourself
I went to the fancy cinema where all the hot women and their chads go and sneaked in as I do. The moofie was okay and I was impressed with all the nostalgia: London was a white town, They showed a bit of Ballet, Russian architecture, Blue eyed actors and the actresses were feminine and wore high heels. Every single shot was of someone swilling amber liquid from a crystal glass and smoking like the chimneys of Auschwitz as the adage goes. The Brutal KGB was Brutal and all their cars were based. It was nice to be warm for a while in the cinema, the ride home sucked because of all the faggot hipsters in sports mercs and youth loitering in the mall. Having a Caro, Wage tomorrow.
>>19908 You see. I would eat that burger with a knife and fork. The bun would be as soft as a lammington and just as sweet.
>>19902 that notation, literally why?
>>19915 because computers thats why
>>19912 Weber's reflection would not have fit into that lens ;) try doxxing me again and I'll cut your balls off
>>19909 You're welcome, I'll try to take more on the way home. The problem is when on the back-roads, the scenery looks so good but there's nowhere safe to pull over and take pics.
>>19913 >where all the hot women and their chads go I would've turned around and went home at the sight of 'them'. >sneaked in Based >faggot hipsters in sports mercs and youth loitering in the mall Sounds horrible and not a nice way to end the night.
>>19917 lel posting your ugly mug =/= doxxing
I went out for a ride on my new bike. It was quite nice to just ride around the suburbs with no purpose. I might make these night rides into a regular thing. They are more enjoyable than night walks.
>>19913 Sounds good noot.
(379.79 KB 1280x1920 Yuka Ogura4.jpg)
Goodnight NEET's
>>19923 Night noot.
Good Morning NEETs. Cold and dark this morning. Going to find some warmth at teh wage.
https://www.rt.com/usa/521178-cnn-blm-project-veritas/ wew. >knocked a CNN reporter to the ground with a well aimed bottle to the head before chasing them behind police lines kek. Imagine thinking MSM is professional news these days.
Hands are cold but im off to the wage to stuff my tiffin.
>>19925 Good Morning NEET, i got a job interview today lets see how i go.
>>19928 Good luck NEET!
>>19928 Good luck m8 >>19925 Morning neets
>>19908 They were very game getting that close.
>>19915 Yeah lol, it;s weird.
>>19927 Enjoy
>>19928 Good luck mate
>>19933 Good morning NEETs We still under attack ?
>>19935 >>19930 >>19929 Thank you NEETs, i am back from my interview and it went really well, i have a second interview next Tuesday.
>>19923 What is this thing and where can I buy one?
>>19939 you can buy one in Sunnybank Brisbane
>>19940 Fuck that's miles away. I'll have to order it in.
>>19937 Nice. Have good feels tonight.
>>19940 Not authentic jap qt. Korean slut at best.
>>19941 Story about how he got shipped sounds like apocrypha but who knows.
Wage was okay but i kept looking out the window wishing I had a job as a bird. Nothing for my tififn today.
>>19937 Good to hear neet.
>>19946 >Nothing for my tififn today. Make up for it next time.
>>19948 I just wasnt trying very hard. I must up my game.
(53.99 KB 500x500 rsp.jpeg)
Picked up 2 of these pears today (Red sienna pride)at Coles, not ripe yet but it will be interesting to see what they taste like.
>>19937 Beauty. Good shit mate.
>>19946 >Nothing for my tififn Woe.
>>19950 They look like the type that would be best cooked.
>>19953 kek, I dunno.
>>19953 Just checked their website it said eaten fresh or in salads etc or for cooking
I know I should have a night off but I also wanna go to the pub.
>>19945 Who knows.
>>19950 Meme fruit
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>19956 Its Important that you take a break from those nosey characters at the public bar, far better to drink in the quiet contemplation of your comfy home. Why not drop in to one of my stores and select a couple of bottles to keep you company on your nights in.
>>19955 My ex boss used to make a nice salad with pear and balsamic glaze.
>>19959 Good onya Dan always thinking of others.
https://jacobinmag.com/2021/04/australia-conservatism-right-wing-religion-christian-misogyny-morrison-stoker >Australian Conservatives Are Using Religious Faith as a Cover for Misogyny What part of "and he shall rule over thee" is hard for you dim-witted commies to understand?
I've been out shopping. I took the train into the big shopping centre. I accidentally took the wrong one and had to catch a bus afterwards. I got there in the end. The place was filled with Indians that were pregnant and/or had a horde of children with them. I bought a bike lock and a helmet. Upon getting home, I rode my new bike to Aldi and then to Coles. The Aldi is a bit far to walk to but the bike deals with that. I intend to shop there much more often now. Riding the bike is still a novelty so taking it to the shops is fun. Having a big mug of Caro. In a minute I will have some Aldi Greek yoghurt (it is really cheap there) with some defrosted frozen mango in it. I intend to have overnight oats with a tin of peaches for breakfast and some frozen blueberries. Scrambled eggs with pork sausages, quinoa, carrot, onion, and peas for lunch. And finally the last of my stew for dinner.
>>19963 We should start our own Jacobite magazine.
>>19964 It's good that you are mobile neet, just watch out for the mong car drivers
>>19964 Nice, Is the froxen mango and blueberries from Aus?
>>19967 The blueberries are from Chile. The mango is from Peru. I am okay with both of those countries although I am generally quite averse to buying food from overseas.
>>19968 >chile >peru fuck thats a long way away.
>>19969 They are frozen. The concern I guess is the wastefulness of transporting over such long distances. I think Australia would be way better off if we went full on autarky in the 60s or something. I fucking hate globalism.
>>19970 soon they will be too expensive because of an imposed carbon tax. Local grub might have a chance to get a fair price.
>>19971 I find the idea of a carbon tax pretty dumb but if it ends up leading to protectionism, I am in favour of it.
>>19972 Dont count on it. There will be exemptions for all kind of (((reasons))) I read that consumers can buy carbon credits at the checkout to offset the carbon footprint of their purchases. Normies will tax themselves, so it seems.
Having a caro. Wish I had some chocolate for dessert.
>>19974 Aldi chocolate is nice for the price.
>>19975 having some "Gold cross" glucose jelly beans instead. Starting on the Rooibos tea in a sec.
My farts have a distinctive smell today.
>>19977 Rose petals?
>>19977 What have you been eating?
>>19979 Naughty neets.
>>19980 You will need some serious fibre to move them out neet.
>>19981 I have a bowl of porridge each morning for that reason.
>>19950 The colour reminds me of a toffee apple. Loved them as a kid.
>>19946 Fill the tiffin with goon and drink it with a straw
>>19960 My ex-boss used to toss a nice salad with pubic hair and ballsack glaze
>>19973 >Normies will tax themselves, so it seems Kek, I can see that happening
>>19976 As a kid I would always pester my mother to get a pack when at a pharmacy
>>19987 Yeah my mum would always grab some as well.
>>19987 The Black ones are pretty awesome when you are going hard.
I am off for a run/late night therapist visit. Don't bother locking your doors and windows neets. That won't stop this horny neet.
>>19990 My window is triple locked
(4.66 MB 3264x2448 Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art.jpg)
(3.63 MB 3264x2448 Zoom in for the arse.jpg)
(2.07 MB 3264x2448 Floating Mattress.jpg)
A few pics from today's adventure to the storage shed. I grossly overestimated what could fit into the hatchback. It would probably take 3-5 trips to get it all. Which may not seem like much until you factor in the ~6-hour round-trip. Got there about 11 and was there for 3 hours. The sheer heat inside that tin oven was dreadful and left me quite dehydrated. Hit my first-ever kangaroo on the way home (this was just after dusk), or I should say it hit me, appearing out of nowhere in my peripheral vision (looked about 2 foot high) and jumping into the front right side of the car. Parked as soon as I could find a safe spot and braced myself to step out and be confronted with significant gonna-need-a-tow-truck damage. What caught my eye first was the missing hub cap, and apart from that a small dent on the quarter panel. A quick u-turn and search of the area yielded neither roo nor hub cap. I was afraid to go faster than 80km/h for the rest of the way. tldr; Skippy owes me a hub cap
(22.55 KB 474x316 rs.jpeg)
>tfw worried about a late night neet visit.
(111.00 KB 768x1024 88gir.jpg)
Oops I updated my entire arch linux build trying to install Telegram. Probably shouldnt have done that. Anyway dear NEETs, its getting late and I have teh wage tomorrow. Tea is cold, nothing for it but to get into my comfy hammock and hope that my laptop boots up tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>19992 Looks like the beach normies are having a good time. U need a 5 post bull bar m80 *and a better camera for the creep shots
>>19993 NEETs only visit Dan at night.
>>19991 >>19990 I'm back. Had some supper. Going to have a quick study and then play a bit of Skyrim.
>>19992 Can your hatchback tow a trailer?
>>19994 Good night.
>>19964 Nice, productive day. I hope the bike riding remains fun.
>>19998 It doesn't have a tow hitch
>>19971 I hope so. I thought they had scrapped the idea of having one.
>>19975 It really is, especially their 'fancy' thin ones. They have a sea salt and dark choc block that I get occasionally that is very nice.
>>19985 My ex boss was one of them too, might be the same guy.
>>19990 You used to know romance, now it's all in through the bathroom window
>>19992 >3-5 trips to get it all >~6-hour round-trip. That's a lot of driving, does your car have a tow ball? Might be an idea to get a trailer. I'm very lucky to never have hit a roo, good to hear the damage was minor.
>>19994 Night
>>20001 Neither does mine. That many trips makes it seem hardly worth it.
(527.30 KB 1536x2048 Taniguchi Megu.jpg)
Goodnight, NEETs
>>20010 Night
>>20000 Happy 20K!
Good Morning NEETs. Sure am glad I'm not getting the COVAX, ever.
>>20013 You will own nothing, and you WILL be happy
>>20013 No Shoes No Shirt No Vax NO SERVICE
>>19999 >>20000 Neat digits Neets
>>19937 Good job Neet. You'll do well I'm sure.
>>20012 I would've done something better if I had realised it was the get.
>>20013 Morning mate. I don't know anyone interested in it. The wage has started talking about 'they'll make it mandatory', but no state health service has said anything similar. I work with a few nurses and they reckon that no one they're mates with are going to get it either. I heard that by the end of the year, they reckon that half the population will have had at least one jab. Imo I think it's probably more like 1/10.
(124.93 KB 200x230 ClipboardImage.png)
How difficult would it be to farm emu?
(1.09 MB 884x967 1617775729647.png)
>>20019 it was on the news yesterday phizer CEO says you will need a third jab, which means its going to be continous rolling thing ... seriously fuck this shit this is frog in saucepan kinda shit
>>20020 Farming them is easy The dangerous part is milking them
>>20020 Thats a lot of plucking neet.
>>20022 Yeah, it's fucked. I heard someone say it was 'ongoing' as in forever like the flu shot. I don't even have that one. I've had it once and it made me sick.
>>20023 >milking lol >>20024 Afyter doing some light research it seems the most lucrative bit is the oil and leather you get from them. The meat is too expensive to compete with beef.
I've been getting $200-250 shoe/boots about once a year for almost a decade. I got some $15 target shoes a couple months ago and I think I'll keep getting these. They're very comfy and I care less about them, which is good.
(45.63 KB 624x820 1618619839978.png)
I want to buy some lifting shoes. The mens ones don't carry my size (US 11) but there are womens size 12 and 13. The 13s would fit, yeah?
>>20029 Nevermind, I just did some measurements. I am a size 13 in womens size. Maybe more like 12.5 but I rounded up to be on the safe side.
>>20028 Oh well better make a last run to Dans before it's too late
>>20031 >1. Steal the POTUS election (through mail-in 'voting'). Check Seppo crap
>>20033 that was deboonked seweety
>>20034 Fuck off back to endchan.
>>20035 fuck of back to 4chan
10kg of protein powder and 2kg of creatine just arrived in the post.
>>20037 What is creatine used for?
>>20036 >no u I haven't been there since 2014 m8.
>>20038 >>20038 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creatine > Creatine is found in vertebrates where it facilitates recycling of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the cell, primarily in muscle and brain tissue. >Potential Creatine use can increase maximum power and performance in high-intensity anaerobic repetitive work (periods of work and rest) by 5 to 15%.[44][45][46] Creatine has no significant effect on aerobic endurance, though it will increase power during short sessions of high-intensity aerobic exercise.[47][48] Basically a nutrient that helps you lift more. It is found in eggs, meat etc. and you synthesise it yourself in your liver and kidneys. You can use way more of it than you could reasonably get through your diet and own synthesis which is why it is commonly supplemented in lifting circles.
>>20039 are you proud of that or something ? you missed out on all the spicy /pol/ memes
>>20041 4chan was shit back in 2014. I could believe it improved in quality but I sort of doubt it. I was on 8chan's /pol/ from late 2014 through to mid 2016 and that only declined in quality.
>>20042 i actually miss 8pol it had far less sliding going on
>>20043 I still think about that thread with the Israeli soldier deserting the IDF.
Hey nuro, I bought this bike the other day: >>19726 I want to mount a pannier on the back. Where do you suggest I buy one. I know that photo isn't very good. I can get it out and take a few more if you need. Cheers.
>>20045 that aint half bad flat bar road bikes are rad just get rid of the reflector and dork disk and get some better pinned pedals re: rack that frame does not have mount points so you need a rack that goes from the seat post bolt to the rear axles or one a simple one that mounts to the seat tube. really depends on what you are planning to carry avoid bike shops, their bread and butter is ripping people off for accessories.
>>20047 >>20046 Cheers mate. Will do.
Going to have some scrambled eggs and sausages for lunch.
>>20028 Source?
>>20030 You will never be a woman!
>>20027 Where do you even go to spend $200+ on a pair of casual shoes? I might've spent close to $100 on a pair of running shoes about a decade ago, but now it's the el cheapo range from BigW.
>>20040 Doesn't that cause water retention, making you appear to be more 'swole' than you actually are, or was that a myth I hear around the time creatine was very popular?
(36.87 KB 349x262 Bike.jpg)
>>20048 Don't forget the front
>>20049 sounds good neet
>>20051 Kek. I would make for a god awful tranny. I have a very prominent brow ridge and quite a square jaw. The only thing I would have going for me is that I have quite wide hips.
>>20056 > have going for me is that I have quite wide hips. Hot
>>20053 It causes muscle cells to swell with water iirc. The article says: >Non-athletes report taking creatine supplements to improve appearance.[49] So yeah, it does make you look bigger. I don't care about my appearance, I just want to be able to lift more.
>>20054 Cute!
>>19973 >buying indulgences >not a religion
(225.58 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>it's real
(377.89 KB 1843x1382 rasberry cakeys.jpg)
The long dry spell between scores is over NEETs, The heavens opened and a tray of cakes appeared in the distant tea room. I came closer and it was full of cakes. I ate my fill and STUFFED MY TIFFIN
>>20060 Kek. Ppl are no more sophisticated than peons in the middle ages.
Just had a vegemite sandwich while waiting for my chicken wings in the oven to be cooked.
(119.95 KB 816x612 Service Station Brekky.jpg)
(3.07 MB 3264x2448 MegaRoo and House on Hill.jpg)
(320.96 KB 816x612 Truckers Entry.jpg)
(163.08 KB 816x612 Liquid Lunch.jpg)
(2.44 MB 2448x3264 Jurassic Roo.jpg)
Back home and relaxing with a cup of goon. Driving a car with no a/c for a couple hours is pretty draining. I will hopefully get it re-gassed this coming week. A friend of family offered their little bar fridge but the car was full, and I ain't driving back just for that.
>>20063 Very nice m8 they look delicious.
>>20066 That iced coffee looks like a Dare knock-off, does it rate? Big fiberglass Nouns are such a tourist trap its ridiculous.
>>20063 Cupcakes look delicious, unlike the tofu 'burgers'. My bottle of Caro is still in the storage shed somewhere. I'll hopefully get it next trip.
>>20065 Sounds like good eating
(122.27 KB 816x612 Roo'd.jpg)
Wish I'd found that marsupial cunt laying on the road. It'd be sizzling in a frying pan right now.
(4.30 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210417_151601[1].jpg)
(4.56 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210417_152318[1].jpg)
(4.40 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210417_153026[1].jpg)
Did stuff with the bees with granddad today.
(10.38 KB 365x145 R9K.jpg)
This came up the other night while trying to make a post with one picture. Never seen it before. Anyone familiar with this?
How much do you faggots get in Roo Land? In NZ we get $310 on the supported living allowance, +$40 winter energy payment
Where exactly does one buy a tiffin box?
>>20066 Thanks for the pics neet
>>20072 Fresh honey, your lucky. >>20073 Yeah I got that, I think it's when posting pics is disabled on the board.
>>20072 Nice looking combs Brucey. Was in the supermarket not long ago in the honey aisle and saw tiny jars of 'organic' honey selling for 20 bucks.
>>20078 >Brucey
>>20071 You wouldn't really eat a poor wallaby, would you?
>>20072 Looks yum-o, Hows your pop going, Brucey?
>>20074 Hmm. The spam has abated for the minute. maybe our tel-aviv shill took the weekend off
>>20075 You take one home from teh wage tea rooms in a bigger tiffin
>>20081 He's doing well.
>>20083 >teh wage Seems you've forgotten just exactly where you are
(104.70 KB 600x600 dubs.jpg)
Still upset that the double quads got wasted.
>Driving a car with no a/c for a couple hours is pretty draining poor diddums try driving a 45 year old lancia
(79.44 KB 960x623 marching.jpg)
(1.84 MB 3264x2448 Kino.jpg)
>>20071 A major problem with roadkill or any other blunt trauma food source is contamination by the busted innards. Also, it can't be left laying in the sun for long. Other than that, you can deffo get some good meat off the limbs if they are relatively intact. Leave the torso alone though Neet. >>20072 Very nice noot.
The white chocolate raspberry cupcakes were pretty rich. Getting into the boredom zen of teh wage, but thinking of having no money when I go back to N33Ting full time in a matter of days. I tried to recruit one of the chads at wage to go to Civic club, Its a big opportunity actually but he wasnt interested. Even though I quit last week I still want to help the club out with noobs. I think I will miss it. The german bakery in middle bay reopened after about six weeks, most of their business is pastries and pretzels for faggot foodies, but the frau there knows that I prize their signature 100% rye loaves. Two slices and I'm good to go for four hours. She said I should call and she will save a loaf for me after teh wage. I got an 80% rye which will hold me for now. Spreading some disinformation on social media channels about the Covax, telling my impressionable mates not to get it. Its a titanic battle between me and the ZOG for the hearts and minds of ppl with high school levels of sophistication, but I like the guys and dont want them to get rekt. 80% chance of wage tomorrow. Good NIght, White.
>>20089 >Gold coast NEETlyfe
>>20087 God damn you're so cool.
>>20091 Goodnight mate.
>>20091 Night m8
>>20034 Horseshit. I bet you texted-in your vote for the demon woman, too. Didn't you 'sewerty'?
>>20091 >disinformation ... Well, night noot.
>>20090 >t can't be left laying in the sun for long This happened at night/dusk. And as far as the anatomy of a roo goes I wouldn't know where to start. Now I feel like doing another trip to storage shed just the hopes I hit a roo I can eat. Especially the tail.
>>20101 >loosers KYS
>>20101 Will be glad to never have you back.
>>20105 So you're staying here with your fellow "loosers" then.
>>20010 Night neet
(988.34 KB 1280x1766 Mutou Tomu1.jpg)
Goodnighty NEETs
>>20109 Goodnight mate.
>>20102 >Now I feel like doing another trip to storage shed just the hopes I hit a roo I can eat. Kek. Maybe you want to kill it in one of the more traditional ways mate. No sense damaging your vehicle over it ehh? >Especially the tail. Yep, very much.
Good morning NEETs. Overate last night but slept okay regardless.
(474.31 KB 500x2153 Dunny destroyer.png)
Boomer getting cranky in the toilet block
Off up down the wage, No time to finish the caro,
>>20115 you and the gook guy trying to ruin this place or what?
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/riots-erupt-across-us-wake-police-shootings >In Brooklyn Center, where 20-year-old Daunte Wright was fatally shot on April 11 after resisting arrest, a peaceful march swelled in size after returning to the police headquarters, and agitators began trying to tear down fencing protecting the building and lobbing projectiles at law enforcement. >Individuals wearing hockey gear, gas masks, and respirators, armed with weapons like baseball bats, got through a breach in the exterior fence, triggering law enforcement to order the crowd to disperse. >peaceful march >weapons >baseball bats >tear down fencing >lobbing projectiles There is something wrong with the way these statements fit together but I can't quite work out what it is. Can anybody help me?
>>20117 >with the way these statements fit together Seppos, get rid of them and china, we would be a lot better off.
>>20109 Goodnight m8 >>20112 Morning neet >>20114 Enjoy
>>20116 Stop being so precious SeppoNEET.
>>20120 i mostly lurk and read the banter
>>20107 >>20105 >>20101 More high quality nuro posting.
>>20121 Are you the one from endchan that was in the US Army?
>>20122 > literally 3 posts today nice ghetto faggot
>>20117 >Can anybody help me? Heh, sure thing Neet. >tl;dr George Soros is still receiving blood infusion from young boys. Cut that flow off, you fix that grammar problem.
>>20124 Some people like to do things other than living on the board. Not everyone is a loser like you nuro.
>>20124 You can post pictures on Endchan again, you have no reason to be here.
>>20124 Why are you posting here if the post volume doesn't suit your ADHD, AIDS-ridden fuck-up?
>>20126 >numo kek >>20127 why would i want to be in some dead ghetto
>>20130 Yet here you are.
>>20131 not for much longer just enough to trigger (you) 16 was and will remain a ghetto
<haha they called me retarded when i was pretending to be retarded, epicly troled amazin'
>>20132 Wow, I am thoroughly triggered here in my ghetto. I sure wish I could be on endchan instead of here!
This mong is full blown munted.
Time for another mug of caro.
I am going to Aldi soon to get a big tub of Greek yoghurt and some milk.
(21.32 KB 320x200 DOOM10.png)
>>20130 That's not even dead. I see your posts on the endchan front page all the time. Dead is more like /vr/, I posted there one time and nobody else did for like a year.
>>20139 The drug fucked retard doesn't know what it's on about.
>>20140 but nuro is right. this place is dead
>>20141 >t. nuro
(8.08 KB 650x650 1618277648175.png)
>>20116 Don't care, this place and the people in it are ruined already.
I am back from Aldi. I gave my bike a bit of a dry with a towel as it got rained on a bit. The yoghurt I wanted to get was out again so I didn't buy any. I made some scrambled eggs with pork sausages again for a late lunch. Female roommate is in a bad mood of some minor bullshit again. She will probably calm down though in a few hours. Going to have a study now.
>>20145 Be sure to keep the gears/chain well-lubed to prevent rust. You seem to really be enjoying all the riding, which is good to hear.
Went to IGA around midday in search of a chicken nibble feast but they had none so asked if I could get a full roast cut into a quarter, something I've never done before at any supermarket and was expecting to hear a "no". But all was fine, although the young female who served me did not appear all too enthused with having to do that 'extra' work. Did not even give me a goodbye or thanks after handing me the chicken. Contemplated buying a half-price 'Asian style' salad but felt it'd be too much feed so left it. The flavour was not as good as usual, plus I also noticed grains of rice in the stuffing which I've never seen before. Have they changed the recipe I wonder? Sincerely hope not and that this was just a bad batch.
Seems no Aussie companies make tow hitches for my car, but I could buy one from USA for a couple hundred plus almost the same amount just for shipping.
The light of God fills me.
>>20115 >Post Malone Auto Tune Drivel.
>>20145 Dont forget to put baby powder on the tyres and kiss it goodnight.
Nuro is cranky because the pseudos are reacting with his hormone therapy.
>>20144 I dont know who this guy is but he looks like a Jew.
Fugg twenty bucks for a bus to the airport. I remember jumping the turnstiles at the sydney airport train-o.
>>20147 Just go without next time. Getting a shop girl to do extra work is not worth their ire.
>>20148 >tow hitch. You need a car with a bull bar, NEET
>>20151 Good idea neet, I'll tuck her in as well.
>>20155 >>20147 Make a really pedantic order for a very large quantity of meat and then just leave it in the store. t. devilish neet
>>20158 I'll devil your meat
Fuck I love the BO here, he is just so fucking BASED
Perhaps the worst thing about being shy is when non-shy people start to ignore you with the belief you don't talk to them because of some sort of narcissism.
The liquid of Dan fills me
>>20154 Where you flying to?
(76.69 KB 1008x600 dancar.jpg)
>>20156 >hatchback with a bull bar What I need is an entirely new vehicle
>>20163 Nowhere. I just want to shop and get some overpriced stale baguettes.
>>20165 Yeah yours is cursed after you killed that roo the other day.
>>20158 >leave it in store The more 'alpha' thing to do would be to say to the deli cunt that you'd 'changed your mind' when they hand the product to you and casually walk away to buy other shit.
>>20161 I talk to you.
>>20167 >killed that roo That roo is still alive for all intensive purposes. Remember I searched for it after impact and found nothing which means it had life-enough to leave the scene. A 'skip and run' if you'd will.
>>20166 >stale baguettes At an airport?
>>20171 Yeah, nah I go there to pick up the suck truck tomorrow.
>>20145 >Female roommate is in a bad mood of some minor bullshit again <Female roommate Very sorry to hear about that Neet. You have our prayers. You'll need them, obviously.
>>20168 This.
>>20170 >all intensive purposes
>>20173 She is fine again now. I've lived with her for years and never had any real trouble. She gets grumpy for a bit and then comes good again.
I made it to the end of teh wage, with only one more weekend before split city. Tomorrow is heavy lift week featuring the suck truck. Soon all my lemons will be in Silver City, ready for the collapse. Early night tonight. The real neets on endchan are pretty funny tonight, but I'm just not into it. Good Night, White.
>>20177 > Soon all my lemons will be in Silver City, A new life begins neet. Goodnight
Had a nice comfy hot shower. Winter is approaching
Had a nice comfy hot shower. Winter is approaching
(47.22 KB 640x800 albino.jpg)
>>20177 Goodnight, sleep white
>>20177 >The real neets on endchan Well fuck you too. Good night, white.
>>20177 >The real neets on endchan Well fuck you too. Good night, white.
>>20181 kys pedo
>>20177 Night noot >>20179 Truly one of the finer pleasures in life >>20181 Elven-White right there, Neet >>20185 Who let the stronk, independynts in here? Oh wait...the brain-washing is real
(76.23 KB 510x680 Imai Kaho.jpg)
Nighty Night NEETs
>>20187 >>20177 Goodnight.
>>20153 Hes Post Malone cuck
>>20190 So Edgy. Do you reckon he got popular because he's manufactured by entertainment execs?
Good Morning NEETs. Could well be the last warm day of the end of Autumn today. Might take my hat.
Morning NEETs. >>20192 Have a good day mate. >>20191 Without a doubt.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-19/verrender-the-great-skilled-worker-shortage-wages-oecd/100077706 ABC returning to its Communist roots, They seem to be blaming the Liberal Government for the failures of mass immigration, yet calling for more "skilled immigrants" to be employed in their fields rather than being uber drivers. Missing the point that the "Engineers and Doctors" are too shit to be employed by rational businesses TL;DR dont read this article its schizo shit. .
>>20194 Thank you for the summary neet.
>>20194 By the way, there is no "skilled worker" shortage. I am a skilled worker and I could not get a job in the area relating to my skill for over a year.
>>20177 Good luck m8. >>20184 >>20183 This though.
Time to go to my psychologist appointment, dont really feel like it.
Rent paid, leaving me with about a hundred bucks to last a fortnight. Life on welfare can be extremely depressing if you let it get to you.
>>20201 the party is over hippie
Which I always do
>>20202 It was never a party to begin with
>>20200 Thanks Dan, but I stocked up from your fine establishment yesterday.
(5.41 KB 225x225 images.jpeg)
>>20191 >>20193 He just sings good. Jealousy never helped anyone
Been watching GregO drink booze and make spag bog. Very exciting.
>>20207 It doesn't sound exciting.
>>20206 I'll give you a good helping of jealousy boy!
Glad that the school holidays are over and I no longer have to wear a mask. Also looking forward to this new Mortal Koombat moofie releasing this week. It'll probably be garbage but I'm going to see it anyway. Big fan of the 90's moofie (the first one, not the sequel).
A few packs of pasta, rice and tins of tuna should see me through until next payday. And eggs, can't go without eggs.
>>20135 Where did he go? I stopped posting because of the shit.
(57.89 KB 330x372 I'm Broken.jpg)
(59.67 KB 323x418 Kike behaviour.jpg)
(95.40 KB 708x524 Woolworths.jpg)
(144.10 KB 879x566 German in Venice.jpg)
>>20206 >Jealousy Yeah, sure, let's go with that. >>20212 It must've gotten bored and went back to Endchan.
What is going on in the world?
>>20215 I have no idea.
Going to have a shower. Not for hygienic purposes but just to get warm.
>>20217 Don't forget to wash your NEETstick.
>>20216 The normies around seem to be very pleased with themselves. I am un-needed.
Is there anything worth spending money on?
I've got some Berri Estates "Fruity Gordo" goon and some Coles lemonade to go with it.
>>20220 NEET arse.
The Coles girl said the usual "Hello, how are you doing?" or whatever and I didn't know how to respond until it was too late. She stood near me and seemed to watch me quite closely at the self checkout machine. I think she suspected I was going to steal something.
>>20222 >NEET arse Preferably something that has not had over 9000 penises in it.
>>20223 Maybe she was looking at your neet bottom.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigger_(dog) >Nigger's grave is at Royal Air Force station Scampton, Lincolnshire.[1] >In July 2020 the headstone was replaced, with his name removed. >The RAF said it "did not want to give prominence to an offensive term that went against its ethos".[3] REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>>20221 Drink it straight like a man ffs
(1.03 MB 768x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20223 She was checking out your NEETbulge, getting wet, thinking about how she'd like you to bend her over a trolley and the store manager can just watch from the security footage the next day.
(337.34 KB 1843x1382 sway back suck truck.JPG)
The suck truck is 99% packed. It took all day and went well but I am seriously concerned about the amount of weight in it. I guess somewhere between three and four tonnes of lemons in boxes. There is still a bit of space between the rear axle and the bump stops so I'll finish loading it carefully and take off tomorrow. Spoke to some professonal movers at the storage sheds, They were on their smoko and I told them "Boys there's nothing like taking your time and moving all your own things. I believe there's a storm coming and I'm headed out of town before it hits." They liked that, and gave me a cheer when they took off with some boomers mattress' and coffee tables.
>>20230 I would've liked if you said that to me. That's more lemons than anyone would ever need.
>>20223 Your in there, next time go thru with a bunch of bannanas in your basket , bends facing up. Thats the signal for being up for it.
>>20230 >Boys there's nothing like taking your time and moving all your own things True, unless of course all you have is a tiny hatchback. But good luck to you on your final move to Silver City.
>>20223 She clearly wants to have sex with you. So next time ask for her number...
>>20234 I'll number your sex
>>20230 Well packed m8 > somewhere between three and four tonnes of lemons Thats a lot of lemon chicken.
>>20232 Just as long as he doesnt get those small bananas.
>>20237 >>20234 >>20232 >>20229 >>20225 She could grab me by the neetstick and start showing me the way and I'd probably still fuck it up and misunderstand.
>>20239 Goodnight
.>>20239 >she shushed them up when I came in >>20234 God 'DAMN @ pic. That would get you perma-banned on endchan, just saying. Milla Jovovich is so fucking sexy in the Resident Evil moofie franchise. >custies We making up words now?
>>20239 You need to make a move on her.
Aldi sell bertie beetle icecreams, they are sub par.
>>20244 kek, reminds me of Toe Cutter
(305.19 KB 1141x1786 Leon.jpg)
Feeling too lazy to even 'cook' a can of of Heinz soup
(697.13 KB 4096x1792 Niji no Conquistador.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>20239 Night NEET
>>20247 Gook night neet
>>20246 Drink it straight from the can.
>>20244 fuck off back to endchan
>>20249 Guess I could as it's already cooked technically speaking
>>20243 My IGA has Bertie Beetle 'show bags' for sale for some odd reason.
>>20247 Night noot.
>>20226 Das Rayciss, Neet. #NotAllDogs
>>20230 Nice work Neet.
You're so fine, I want you mine, you're so delicious I think about you all the time, you're so addictive Don't you know what I can do to make you feel alright? (Alright, alright, alright, alright) Don't pretend, I think you know I'm damn precious And hell yeah, I'm the motherfucking princess I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right (I'm right, I'm right, I'm right, I'm right)
(149.38 KB 1079x681 1593990ab37acc83386161081492.jpg)
>>20250 >Not from endchan
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>20258 >>20258 >>20258 >>20258


no cookies?