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(42.49 KB 255x225 shrug pepe.png)
NEET General #3 -Lassiez Faire Edition. NEET 02/13/2020 (Thu) 09:57:36 No. 1947
TIme for a new thread I guess. Don't ask me man. I'm not to blame. Whose turn is it anyway? OLD >>1944
16chan Best Chan
This will have to do, I guess.
Might also help if someone links this thread in the old thread.
Let it go Neet. lasseiz faire
YOU DELETED THE OLD ONE???????????????????
>>1946 Negative NEETlore.
>>1957 Oh boy, the triggering begins.
>>1957 holy fuckballs you're right he did
(223.65 KB 1300x1950 Akimoto Manatsu.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
That is ==NOT= fucking on.
>>1958 erk. no its in the archive. sorry im half drunk
2 days later and it's still nuro talking to himself RIP /ausneets/
>>1961 Good night mate.
>>1961 Good night.
>>1964 We're all Nuro now. You're also Nuro.
>>1963 >erk Don't be a dick to me, why'd you archive it?
>>1961 Im joining you
>>1969 Good night 69 NEET.
(391.66 KB 719x688 suffer.png)
>>1947 So who is running this board and how many Neets are actually here ??
You can't have a giant catalogue full of frogs should be boong pepes if you archive them.
>>1961 night mate
>>1971 An unknown, unnamedNEET is Big UNNA. Possum, 10k and NK aren't here.
>>1968 i didnt mean to. i'm trying to get it back out
>>1957 its not deleted its in the archive
>>1961 Gook night. Sleep tight and don't let the gook bugs bite.
>>1975 You say that to all the girls
>>1971 o thats actually kinda sad maybe this is just Highlander ....
>>1940 >and the Chinese Thanks for being a bat aids vector, you mong >No one noticed I left Who are you again?
>>1974 Who's doing all the boong posting then?
>>1980 That's how I like it.
>>1974 And who is unnamedNEET? Could he be linked to the other ancient mystery of ausneets - the mystery identity of the karen poster?
I'm a dumb slut.
>>1985 No you're not
Neets, how common do you think eating disorders are? I knew a girl in high school who lost a lot of weight, and kept it off, and claimed she had food allergies, which is why she couldn't eat much. Recently I uncovered evidence that she has an eating disorder - perhaps the allergies thing was always a lie.
(383.94 KB 900x1252 1580648884020.jpg)
>>1978 Sorry i made a mess. Gook Night.
>>1987 i knew a chic and who was just the same, turns out she was just smoking meth
>>1987 Probably was
>>1989 Wondering how much difference there is between dexie-neets and meth heads, especially given that I now take dexies
Thinking of buying an SSD off Umart to put my games onto.
>>1988 Really preferred the jgirls that were being posted for gook nights, tbqh.
>>1987 after a couple of years of starvation and anorexia nervosa, The brain changes and those behaviours become all but impossible to reverse. The death rate for anorexia climbs the longer the woman has it.
(114.45 KB 768x1024 hugz.jpg)
>>1993 Here's an emergency jgirl from my personal stash. Not happy about sharing, I want to see gook girl poster get back on the job ASAP.
>>1989 >>1990 >>1994 Yeah, it fascinates me how we have all these sinister goings ons and misdeeds, and how they're covered up by lies which probably nobody else is stupid and unworldly enough to believe except me.
>>1991 they are on a much higher dose and their route of administration is much more instant... its pretty much night and day
>>1987 I'm sure there is a anorexia board somewhere. It might be "anna" or something. might be worth a lurk or a larp.
>>1988 Good night
(626.50 KB 714x724 vincere a binge esus.png)
>>1930 >>1932 >vincere a binge esus
>>2000 Honestly that's boong latin. Where's the bit about psychology?
>>2001 Just. I was going to write that on the bottom but then forgot while editing it.
>>2000 hate to be a pain but can you make one that replaces the text with ALWAYS WAS ALWAYS WILL BE bonus points if you can throw in no means yes, yes means anal
(14.50 KB 646x297 exec mantra.png)
lol, it's funnier this way
Evening neets Looks like it went direct to archive for some reason (https://16chan.xyz/archives.js?boards=ausneets) Been here 3 days and already breaking shit. Will have 663 take a look, probably his fault
SSDs seem to have some weird sizes. Shit like 275GB and 480GB.
>>2005 I was just being a dick. Leave it.
(462.46 KB 752x602 HQ.png)
>>2004 kek, he still though should try and fit in "no means yes, yes means anal" or in latin "nulla quod sic significat, significat quod sic ani figuratur"
>>2005 No. That was me checking the wrong box. the tread was like 1300 posts.
>>2011 Neets, knew you guys were going to be nothing but trouble
(472.64 KB 900x780 unna.png)
>>2009 I ran out of room
>>2011 >>2012 How many posts can it get to?
>>2005 Please ignore the ones sperging over nothing.
>>2015 Fuck you.
>>2016 Love you too mate.
>>2013 It is very close to spelling anal, lol
>>2015 > not me sperging for once feels good man
>>2014 Should have been locked at 1000, not sure what happen, did it finally lock itself at 1300?
Having a second rum
1300 and change it seems, must be an error in settings somewhere.
>>2021 3rd Oxy and Second Goon Bag
I’m thinking about going home for the weekend, I hate being down here when I have nothing to do but volunteer when I don’t even like volunteering and all my relationships there are tarnished. I feel like I’m trapped into some kind limbo where I have some self-imposed obligation to volunteer while not wanting to volunteer but I do anyway as I hold out for some slim chance that the hapa will come to like when she’s barely even there when I’m there - and I’m rarely there, and also the fact of feeling I have to maintain the relationships that I have there even though they’re tarnished. I hate the fact that she goes to the same uni as me, there’s no escape
>>2024 Do you mean your families home in Gippsland? I thought you're doing uni
oh wait for the weekend, nvm Honestly you probably should, rural air always cools my temper down
>>2025 Yes my family live in Gippsland. I’m down here for study, but the start of the semester has been delayed to the 16th of March due to the bat virus. I don’t mind that to be honest because I’m too keen on returning to study at the moment as I really don’t know what I even want to study
>>2027 fair, but yeah always consider other hobbies and shit too, there is plenty out there if you keep your eyes wide and your mind open
>tfw woe’d
(50.95 KB 500x725 1581579245613.jpg)
>>2029 woo your woes away into the night
>>2029 What's got you down?
>>2031 the gravity of the situation
>>2022 You should just let it keep going.
>>2033 imagine a site run by by fucking leafs
quiet neets
>>2034 Don't be a shit head.
>>2033 250Gb threads? >>2034 663 is a burger, but imagine having to use 56 kbps Auschan
>>2037 >imagine having to use 56 kbps We don't.
(18.32 KB 400x452 1580899530260.jpg)
>>2036 if i find out 16chan is run by a fucking leaf i am getting the fuck outta here
>>2039 Could always just be grateful we have a place.
>>2040 >>2040 *kun is perfectly operational fren
>>2041 "perfectly operational" Then why aren't you there?
>>2041 lol, no it isn't.
>>2043 Nah man, it's totally working man. It's working flawlessly, you can trust me. t. subversive NEET
(1.62 MB 500x281 1581587886105.gif)
>>2042 we always hedge our bets fuckwit >>2043 lel just you wait till 16ch get DDOSed... i doubt they can afford any mitigation >>2044 if anything endchan is still kill and proves my point its techical stall were always completely over their heads
Having a third rum
>>2046 having a 13th cup of goon and a fucking durrie
>>2045 Yeah, I'm the fuckwit. Sure. You're actually wanting things to go bad here.
(13.36 KB 249x250 1581508077758.jpg)
>>2048 nuro sees through you. so do i.
Some absolute bangers at the toilet block tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwVxXEYrgZk
(35.66 KB 220x177 tenor (5).gif)
>>2050 > baby dont hurt me > dont hurt me > no more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um0EzUbtxRo
>>1934 It's not terrible, I just have a layer of fat around my waist that I can't get rid of, it's not like I'm fat all around, it's just in that one area. >>1940 I avoid the markets like Queen Vic, they are always too crowded and shitty and frankly depressing. Queen Vic Market is filled with people trying to sell you bootleg shit for ridiculous prices, it's truly a dump. >>2024 >>2027 It's tough, but we're all going to make it Shitey.
>>2049 What does Nuro have to do with anything?
>>2053 *ahem* i have to do with everything
Is Nuro awake?
nite then
Good night sweetie.
A too-early good morning neeties. I really need to sleep a bit more each day.
Good morning NEEToes.
>>2060 >>2062 Good morning friends.
>>2060 >>2062 >>2063 Good Morning NEETs. Slept in today.
>>2060 >>2062 >>2063 >>2064 Good morning!
(11.76 KB 299x168 images.jpeg)
Ok neets, what are your plans to bag a qt for valentine's day today? Be detailed!
(30.43 KB 914x1091 BYgmMHb.gif)
>>2066 Just bee yourself
>>2066 Lunch here: https://electrahouse.com.au/electra-house-hotel/menu/ Would prefer the ground floor dining, but she'll probably want the first floor dining.
>>2068 They don't even do bat soup.
>>2067 that bee is giving me seizures
>>2070 wanna rub my dick on teh bee
>>2068 I just realised I didn't read the question properly. I am dumbNEET.
>>2066 Is that kim dotcom? Based. I wonder how he's doing with his Glownigger infestation.
>>2071 Yeah me too. Now I've got dick mucus smudges on my screen.
>>2073 I believe he's a kim dotcom look alike, who takes advantage of his resembelence to kim and the fact that most executives look fairly similar to convince women that he's a millionaire and seduce them.
(126.85 KB 1024x1024 1580074608161.jpg)
>>2069 you could ask the sweatshop tier staff to spit in your fortune cookie. You might be lucky and get a strong strain.
>>2075 I heard Kim keeps a couple of body doubles to confuse the MK ultra assassins
Good morning NEETs.
>>2078 morning
I was on a plane yesterday and you feel like sardines. If you're on a short hall flight I don't see why you need to recline the few inches they give you. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-7999799/Etiquette-expert-William-Hanson-declares-verdict-American-Airlines-seat-punching-incident.html
>>2080 I once got served a glass of red wine on a plane and had the dumb bitch in front throw her seat back, launching the wine off the table and onto me.
Just another 6 hours and 30 mins left of the wage
>>2081 Pretty much entitlement of people. The person who reclined her chair was a teacher and she believed she did nothing wrong.
Left testicle is feeling quite tender. Not too sure if they tea tree i put on it yesterday caused this.
>>2077 I heard the current Kim is a body double doing the glowies' bidding while the real Kim was long ago disappeared. I refuse to confirm that I know this because I was approached to be one of the body doubles
(21.74 KB 498x371 spy pepe.jpg)
when i look out my view window i look into the windows of the house across the way. The house belonged to a boomer couple but the daughter got knocked up by a shitskin and the boomers moved out leaving the miscegenated family there. the house is mega dollars rent here and i the silly girl and the shitskin are povo plebs. BOOMERS = *CUCKED* Now there is a new guy there talking to the boomer wifey on the balcony. on close inspection with my binoculars he appears to be the same age as the silly girl, dressed down like a NEET. I wonder if he is the son. this is the first time i have seen him. i watch them closely.
The guy on the balcony is gesticulating in an overwrought manner. his appearance could be described as scruffy. Boomer wifey appears flummoxed. Perhaps the guy is mentally unwell.
the guy has a pallor and musculature is not toned. i suspect he spends a lot of time indoors perhaps online.
>>2086 Keep up the good work my friend. The neet council pays its agents well. They've been known to award neets who get creepshots through the bedroom windows of young women changing with 2 or 3 expired Dan vouchers.
Need to shit.
>>2089 The boomer wifey has nice legs
>>2091 You have nice legs.
>>2089 AFK for a minute.
RATS. The boomer wifey looked in my direction, frowned and they went inside and pulled the blinds. I was halfway through my observation well wank really
>>2084 Tea tree is good at killing bacterial but it does cause irritation. I used it for my tinea it had a particular sting to it when I had the fungal infection.
>>2094 Be careful, if they are aggravated they might come and take it out on you.
>>2094 >DRATS. The boomer wifey looked at my erection, frowned and they went inside to pleasure herself. If only I had more girth
Have you NEETs been donating your wanks to the Nasboong movement?
>>2097 Sensual.
(556.56 KB 4032x1816 20200214_082956.jpg)
How big have your nuts been NEETS?
If there is curry, then you better worry.
>>2101 bigboi
>>2101 I don't have anything to compared them with.
Tore my scrotum.
>>2105 How'd you manage that?
>>2106 Donating my wanks to the Nasboong cause.
>>2107 That is why you should keep your wanks to yourself
tee hee hee
Two of my beehives fell over today.
>>2110 are the bees okay?
>>2111 Yeah, going to be a pain in the ass to fix it though. Really don't have the motivation to do this shit today either.
>>2110 Was it this NEET >>2109
>>2055 Good Mornin Neets. I cant fucking believe it, its actually sunny today. I can finally do some some washing.
Kek say hello to your ruler and overlord 663 https://www.twitch.tv/im663/
I just did my job interview, it was strange. It was for a agency and he made it sound too easy.
>>2116 Hope you get it. Good luck mate.
Mencius Moldbugman twitter posts about Indian workers someone tried to post before: https://threader.app/thread/1137961234722988032
>>2116 Good luck m8
>>2117 >>2119 Thanks NEETs
>>2116 Is that a get to know you interview?
>>2121 Yeah
I love it when Weber plays with my arse
>>2123 He does not.
32 degrees today in Shitbourne, another humid day, going to watch some more Mindhunter and then read a book.
>>2125 Shit, I thought I was just feverish due to med withdrawal.
(163.13 KB 678x1069 Image1.jpg)
>>2125 > then read a book
>>2126 This weather has me feeling like shit. >>2127 Nah, not that one.
took lunch from 11.30 - 14.00 boss is probably salty, but i dgaf
>>2116 Good luck m11-2
>>2132 -3 you dumb dumb
Not impressed.
>>2134 Have a wank
>>2131 Lunch with a bottle of goon?
Off to the city for a delightful evening, have a good one NEEToes.
>>2136 nah, I just had a lemon lime and bitters the bitch would get HR to bretho me if she suspected I was drinking might still happen, depends on the level of salt
>>2137 Have a good weekend, Shire.
>>2137 Enjoy and relax.
>>2138 >if she suspected I was drinking Crazy regulations, understandable though if someone cannot walk straight. The problem is that once they are company time in NSW at least they are classified at work and if they decide the drive the employer can be at fault? I don't know why but if someone turns up drunk and it is their shift, the employer tries to push them into a taxi to leave.
(1.15 MB 2048x1536 IMG_1843.jpeg)
Had a very fun productive day in the garage. Off to the city now.
>>2141 this is rail office employees treated the same as the rock breakers and signals guys
>>2143 Did all those shelves come in the move?
>>2144 I am not sure what you are talking about.
(119.49 KB 854x321 234342343.jpg)
Was this stuff (equipment and shelving unit and what I am assuming is a toolbox) there before you moved in or did you bring it with you during the last move.
>>2146 you replied to a post about rail
I think it's bullshit: >Bunnings Warehouse drops its 'lowest prices' slogan as retail apocalypse hits hard and online shopping puts pressure on traders - and experts warn 'it's just the beginning' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8002597/Australian-hardware-store-Bunnings-Warehouse-drops-lowest-prices-slogan.html
>>2148 Dan is next. It is prophesied for the end times.
(352.22 KB 1140x760 llegends.jpeg)
>Don't forget NEETs with every purchase you get a free drink and burger and chips here at Liquor Legends, not like that other expensive jew
>>2137 Have a good time m8
(45.17 KB 620x349 nodan.jpg)
>>2151 Fuck, I'd much rather have either of those girls suck my dick than Craig.
Second poo coming up. Way too much coffee again. It is 3:15 already so hopefully there won't be enough time for nine poos like last time as that left my arse sore the next day.
>>2127 Haven't read the book, but I did see the movie once.
Do you ever go to the library anymore neets? I used to, back when I was a little autist and there was nothing to do except use the internet and read books. I went today to use the wifi for nefarious purposes. They had a glass case set up for valentine's day, full of books about love. What they needed was a couple of bdsm manuals to round it out.
>>2157 Be careful if you're constipated not to strain too hard.
(6.08 KB 143x255 b41b.jpg)
>>2159 >Do you ever go to the library anymore neets? Only if I want a book that I cannot find online.
>>2159 Not really, I used to go quite often but my uni library meets all my needs much better.
>>2162 Hasn't happened to me in a long, long time.
Weber handcuffed me to his frangipani tree once
>>2164 Could you please have a look for: Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkrieges by Kurt von Tippelskirch? I have checked around on the internet but was unable to find it except in Russian which I don't know.
>>2165 He did that to me when it was hailing once.
>>2165 After those comments you made about him today, that seems justified.
>>2167 Only because you were paying $300/hr and requested it.
>>2169 I still want him to grab me by the willy and swing me around the room though.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycogen_body >A glycogen body is an oval structure in the spinal cord of birds that is made of specialized cells that contain large amounts of glycogen.[1] >Housed within the synsacrum, the function of this structure is not known, but it does not seem to be related to the normal function of glycogen in animals, which is the storage of energy. >Glycogen bodies may also have been present in some non-avian dinosaurs and are possibly the explanation for the structure that was once thought to be a "second brain" in animals such as Stegosaurus.[2]
weber is fucking sexy, sayin' it right now
It was Shire's frangipani that got snapped during the hail storm. T, Shire reporting from Chinatown Sydney.
>>2159 did they have weber's guide to wanks
>>2173 very glad I was basically the only part of canberra that didn't get hit by Hail when the big storm happened lol
>>2172 >I know
>>2173 >Chinatown Sydney. Good night Shire.
>>2177 >>Chinatown Sydney. 2 week quarantine before you're allowed to start posting on ausneets again. We need to protect our people from bat aids.
(124.14 KB 1280x640 photo_2020-02-14_17-23-50_proc.jpg)
(122.65 KB 834x1280 photo_2020-02-14_17-23-46.jpg)
took all the doggos to the beach today for valentines day. Usually only take the one daily but was feeling generous
>>2173 That was Weber eliminating the competition
>>2179 Second photograph when the dog is running with the ball looks lovely.
Kitty still hasn’t replied
>>2182 Think about the hapa instead.
>>2182 Go to Ikea and plan out a dream date.
>>2184 our dream date. Are you seeing another neet behind my back?
(140.91 KB 576x768 doggo1.jpg)
>>2179 You should have wrapped doggo up for protection
>>2182 Is she alive?
>>2186 Poor dog.
(2.55 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2234.JPG)
My linksys router arrived today, it's so much faster than the piece of shit I bought from JBHIFI a fortnight ago
(20.80 KB 350x200 9037895665.png)
(19.75 KB 350x200 9037907442.png)
This is the speed I get through the linksys wifi versus the speed I get through the eduroam wifi
>>2190 I hope you seed that abo porn well.
Remember NEETs stressed is just desserts spelled backwards.
>>2189 >>2190 You hate your porn buffering that much?
>>2186 There was actually a massive wave that was so strong it pushed the poor lil thing all the way up to the sand dune where the white sand was. I freaked out because i was started sprinting towards it cause i thought the water was going to suck it back into the ocean. Was okay tho. Such a pain to walk >>2181 its a very nice pic. My finger is in the way of the pic so i had to crop it out. Didnt even know i had taken such a good pic as i had rain on my glasses and sun was also on my phone.
>>2192 Well bantered. >>2194 >i had rain on my glasses and sun was also on my phone. Never trust a picture until you view it later even if it looks garbage unless it is terribly out of focus. You can capture some amazing moment when you least expect them.
>>2190 Hmmmmmmm
>>2193 The other router would constantly lose connection while streaming videos
(9.22 KB 340x255 hacker_frog.jpg)
>>2189 Turn it over m8 so we can see the default wifi password and, uh, check that it's secure.
Every time, I'm denied access to the web enrolment system, I know I've been made another offer
>>2199 What?
>>2200 I can't enrol in any uni units because they've denied me access to their web enrolment system, it happens every time they make me an offer
>>2197 That is problematic and justifying an upgrade.
>>2199 Hopefully you get what you want this time.
>>2198 smart neet, we will now be able to steal his wifi and download terabytes of boong porn
>>2189 Holy ostrich , flip it over kindly. Looks like a heavy duty goldmine . What's your set up for gaming?
>>2205 I don't play any games, I just wank all day. I used to play GMOD and Rust a lot in the past
Hey Cunts. How we are we doing thisarv ?
>>2207 Still at nogf status. But the night is young.
Are there any free online watermark removers that don't try and scam you for money to download the modified image?
>>2209 Nevermind. Removed from javascript from one of the bad websites that was preventing me doing any right-click-inspect-element stuff and found the modified image that way.
>>2210 >Removed some* javascript
>>2206 Your wank station is truly completed.
>>2211 Just how does he do it?
>Removed some* lint from belly button
Having weetbix for dinner.
>>2215 How many
>>2216 Six.
>>2217 By themselves or with Ice cream?
>>2218 Honey.
>>2219 Ah shucks, you're a sweetie yourself
>>2220 lel
The kitty is talking to me again
Had a nice little break from the chans since 8ch closed, how has you all been? I hope the wanks haven't dried up
>>2220 Walked into that one.
>>2222 Buy her some expensive red flowers. What did she say?
>>2223 We're donating our wanks to the Nasboong movement now.
>>2223 Which NEET are you?
>>2228 He's the one that's been away since 8ch closed.
>>2223 We are all out of wanks, we are now known as the non wanking neets
>>2222 good to hear m8
>>2229 Of which that is?
>>2230 Fuck. Do the goon rivers still flow?
>>2232 The one that recently returned. The prodigal NEET.
>>2222 Quads of truth. Funny how it just happens to be Valentine's Day...
>>2232 He was originally known as The neet that will one day be named "He's the one that's been away since 8ch closed."
>>2234 >The prodigal NEET. Thank you.
>>2233 Dan ran dry, we now use >>2151
>>2237 He meant prodigious.
>>2239 I know what I meant.
>>2235 Women are desperate. If any of us had kitty's, they'd suddenly start talking to us again in a frantic search for validation.
>>2240 Did you?
Now that the prodigal NEET has returned order shall be restored to the ausNEETs community.
>>2241 >tfw Don't have a kitty
Weber hung me out to dry on the clothes line once
(397.33 KB 549x336 3e677.png)
>>2223 Welcome back unna
>>2226 About study
>>2245 by your neetstick?
Is Nuro here?
>>2245 Hot!
>>2249 Nuro's probably chadding it up with some junkie gf.
>>2251 > junkie gf. *packet of Nurofen
It's funny how the left and the right both think the other side is in charge.
>>2247 Ask her out for a romantic bat hot pot.
>>2253 Yes deep down they know the BOONG BULL is in charge.
>>2086 That could be you. You could be boning the mum.
(23.66 KB 320x219 kiss.jpeg)
>>2254 They could kiss afterwards
Wondering what to do with myself this evening. Should probably watch something...maybe go weaboo, but I can't think of any anime I want to see.
>>2259 I just finished rewatching Cowboy Bebop.
>>2258 They could do a gape to gape kiss.
>>2260 Maybe it's my autism, but I feel like I completely missed whatever the appeal of cowboy bebop was.
>>2259 I'm listening to HP and LOTR soundtracks on youtube
>>2262 >Maybe it's my autism Yep.
>>2262 I can't even remember there being a real plot. NEET IS TOO AUTISTIC EVEN FOR ANIME
>>2258 I once knew a girl who had a fetish for gas masks. It seemed like a terrible thing to use while having sex.
(1.37 MB 3264x2448 image.jpeg)
>>2251 >>2252 Condescending fuckwits the lot of you....
>>2267 Hello Nuro. How has your day been?
Went to visit mummybot today at our family house. My sister and her husband and their kid now live there, i'm so proud of her, she works as a teacher and her hubby is in the wine buisness (a italian australian whos family is well to do from out griffith way). I was talking to mummybot on the balcony when we noticed some guy with binoculars, watchin us with his hand in his pants, in the housing commission sinkhole across the gully from us. How creepy is that shit? Why cant people mind their own buisneess. I was going to talk to my sisters husband about it but i wont do it because he's pretty protective of my sister and neice. I will though if the creep does it again. .
>>2267 Toying with the idea of become a drug addict now. I mean how much worse could it be than my current empty existence?
>>2270 a lot
>>2269 That sucks m8, tell your mummybot to keep an eye out and if he keeps doing it call the cops
>>2272 I think he was making a joke based on another deviant NEET's posts this morning.
>>2272 >In our next episode of /ausneets/
>>2274 ok, I have had 6 beers and been awake for 18 hours with little to no sleep for the last week so I'mnot really with it
“It stings a little,” he says.
Good night NOOTs. Have to get up early and drive Motherbot back to her house on the coast.
>>2278 night mate
>>2267 gaped catastrophe
>>tfw Nuro doet tell you how his day was
>>2278 Good night NEET.
>>2281 He probably doesn't even remember that either tbqh
(41.08 KB 480x360 neet.jpeg)
>>2281 Perhaps he melted in the heat and humidity
>>2116 Well done and good luck.
>>2283 the best kind of day then
>>2286 We might lose him after this bender.
>>2182 Send all your hussies a Happy Valentines text.
cheap but sloppy blowjobs
>>2289 He already sent bat hot pot to one though...
>>2222 What a get! Good stuff/.
>>2223 My wanks are flowing.
(41.65 KB 335x420 jesus_thats_nice_gear.jpeg)
>>2267 Nuro Nooo!!!
>>2245 Did he grab you by the willy?
>>2294 Can someone explain to an innocent like me just what nuro is doing with that set up?
(258.19 KB 750x1000 Matsuda Konoka4.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>She has a headache on valentine's day Goodnight gook night girl
>>2297 Good night mate. Here's a yummy Yumi for you.
(22.15 KB 1143x279 doet.png)
>>2296 He set looks similar to injecting heroin.
>>2297 Gook night. Sleep tight and don't let the gook bugs bite.
>>2301 I assumed he was taking codeine in the arse or something respectable like that.
I caught Weber injecting castor oil anally into Nuro to clear out the old coffee grounds once.
Had a big dinner. A bit too full.
>>2303 The syringe he posted would only be for injecting. The water substance he uses could be for mixing as a medium to add the crushed up OxyContin. I don't know too much about these things.
>>2296 nuro got a syringe from somewhere and is trolling us for a reaction. Either that or someone told him that injecting bleach makes you high. >>2296
>>2304 Weber would only do it if it was drain cleaner.
>>2306 Its a breddy crappy rig for crushed up oxycodone. the fillers in the pills will clog up the 25 gauge needle straight away.
>>2305 Have a wank
>>2309 You expect too much from him.
>>2305 I feel ya. My stomach just doesn't seem to be up to the executive adventure lifestyle anymore.
Good night NEETs.
>>2309 What are you meant to do? Have some sort of filter?
>>2308 That's what he calls his dick.
(441.09 KB 299x480 jesus thats nice gear gif.gif)
Think I'm addicted to air conditioning. The feeling of cold air flowing over me is so soothing, but I can't afford this lifestyle.
>>2313 night m8
>>2314 How about not injecting drugs in the first place. Your're at risk of all kinds of horrendous shit if you inject crushed up tablets. I told you about brian didnt I?
>>2317 Your addiction is lame. Get on the smack or get the hell off the stage. t - poodle ca ca shooter.
>>2317 Switch to an expensive fan like the Mitsubishi fans instead.
>>2319 Who is Brian?
(3.19 MB 1012x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been watching this heaps. There's something oddly comfy about it.
Nuro. Let Jesus heal you, He walked among the lepers and whores and gave them new life. Even a degenerate like you is not beyond redemption. You can always return to the father. read Luke 15:
(31.24 KB 454x257 jesus pepe.jpg)
>>2325 forgot pic
>>2325 I've considered going to church. Just not sure which denomination would fit my views on the religion, nor if I could truly sum up the ability in believing in it.
>>2325 Jesus is a jew and I hate Jews
This user was banned.
>>2322 I remember this one career junkie who came in to the ward, lets call him Brian. >Brian was 50 lived in a shanty he built hisself in the country >lifelong ne'er do well. career smackie. level 36 opiate abuser >brought in by ambos with a groin abcess, too fucked to move. Ambos described filthy state of shanty. no running water, toilet was a bucket next to the bed. >guy injected oxycodone tablets into his femoral vein. Background: only the most hardcore of junk monkeys will go for the femoral vein which is deep, difficult and painful. They do it because they have fucked up every other surface vein and shelfing does not do it for them. its easy to fuck it up resulting in severe and permanent consequences as we shall shortly see. >unfortunately brian fucks it up horribly (kek) and injects an unsterile mixture of semisolubulized pill constituents, including the fillers and agents that the pill manufacturers are putting in pills these days to deter injecting. >Brian gave himself a large and deep groin abcess. Background: An abcess is a mass of infected and dead tissue and purulence (pus + goo). Big abcesses are commonly treated with surgery to remove the unviable tissue and antibiotics to stop the spread. >Brian is laid up in a hospital bed. Its the biggest surgical wound we've seen in a long time, with the thick ropy grey femoral artery on view to anyone he lets near the wound. >The exposed lymph tissue means the dressing is constantly saturated. we end up wrapping it in daipers to control the leakage. >Brian is a whiny junky turd, abusive and uncooperative, spiteful towards the doctors and a nurses nightmare. NEETs when you go to hospital, make sure you do everything that the nurses and doctors tell you to do. We are the experts, you are a mong. >Brian clearly enjoyed lyfe and has liver failure from hepatitis C. Brian is a gonner within a month. Cause of death was a shit attitude, basically. Brian lived and breathed for the gear. Totally hardcore. came from a nice family but was adopted. feel bad for them really. Actual quote: "You nurses haven't experienced real life because you've never had an ADDICTION"
>>2328 sorry monged that up
>>2328 are you able to post?
Who is the board owner?
>>2306 >>2309 I'm not sure if he'll be able to dissolve it at all. >In August 2010, Purdue Pharma reformulated their long-acting oxycodone line, marketed as OxyContin, using a polymer, Intac,[123] to make the pills extremely difficult to crush or dissolve[124] in water to reduce OxyContin abuse.[125] The FDA approved relabeling the reformulated version as abuse-resistant in April 2013.[126]
>>2333 yes. i was mucking around sorry. i'm half asleep
actually i want to talk to you there is a dead board i can direct you to for those ends if i ban you then i can send you the link
Going to do another fast. I had dinner at 9 PM today and won't eat again until 8 PM tomorrow.
>>2338 Who are you talking to and are you the BO now?
>>2336 same tbh, have a really shit headache
>>2341 ok some other time. i'm stuffed too. i'll try this again some time, just dont want you to get a shock. the ban message that is. GN
So ronery now...
>>2248 >>2250 >>2295 He forced me to hydrate his frangipanis and I ended up getting really wet so he had to hang me out to dry
(1.21 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2244.JPG)
(1.65 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2250.JPG)
Saw this creature on my walk with the kitty
>>2345 Don't dox Possum.
>>2345 >to landfill Is this where the garlic breads are
(725.17 KB 1963x1953 vile.jpg)
I found Possum using his ultimate attack
I feel a lot better now, too bad the shops are shut now given I'm hungry now lol
What's an appropriate salutation for the time of day between midnight and dawn? >>2349 have a kebab
Fuck it. Sleep is for normies. Neets have more important things to do. Also, fuck valentine's day. What has it ever done for me? And yet it expects me to care about it.
Good Morning NEETs Happy Valentines day for the chads. Happy suck day for the incels.
>>2352 >Happy learn to self suck day for the incels. That's more like it.
>>2329 >guy injected oxycodone tablets into his femoral vein. I started remembering the story at this part for some reason.
Good morning NEETs.
>>2355 What do you do if your thighs are too flabby to get to the femoral vein? Asking for a friend.
>>2356 Good morning. I made it to Victor. It's a bit rainy.
>>2345 Did you end up doing the sex on the kitty?
>>2352 >>2356 >>2358 Morning neeties. What neet things will you be doing today?
>>2360 Morning. I have to take Motherbot shopping. After that I will get a pie and maybe a cake from the bakers and drink some stout and have an afternoon nap.
>>2357 Inject anywhere and get an infection.
(83.07 KB 810x456 aurukun.jpg)
>https://www.theage.com.au/national/queensland/is-this-australia-hundreds-in-hiding-after-fleeing-aurukun-riots-20200210-p53z9o.html "Later that afternoon, up to 250 people armed with spears, star pickets and lumps of wood took to the streets “seeking vengeance”"
>>2358 >I made it to Victor. It's a bit rainy. Good and I hope no speeding fines. Did you get any last time? I know you will bring the sun out soon.
>>2360 >What neet things will you be doing today? Wanking and perhaps starting my course back on Pluralsight. You?
>>2364 Nothing has shown up yet. Maybe I got lucky and there was no camera, just the flash?
Im pretty bored NEETs, what are you guys doing?
>>2367 >just the flash? It has been a long time so I doubt it is coming and even then it would be worth arguing that it took long to arrive.
>>2328 Hmm.
>>2332 I don't think there is one, one of the site admin made it I think.
>>2373 He needs to know who the BO so he can start creating a narrative he keeps posting continuously. Even when provided irrefutable facts that there are errors in his statement, he will keep posting it.
>>2345 >with the kitty Excellent, don't fuck it up again. You have been graced by Valentine Possum. If you believe really hard, he will grant one NEET gfCurrentYear. You probably didn't need it as much as some other NEETs.
>>2348 lol
>>2350 Evening.? Isn't it?
>>2352 >>2356 >>2358 >>2360 >>2361 Good morning friends.
>>2375 >You have been graced by Valentine Possum. He even helped Weber and he hates Weber.
>>2352 That was yesterday.
>>2357 Behind your eyeball.
>>2358 It's not in Adelaide yet.
>>2377 Evening should be between sunset and midnight. We need a greeting for the midnight-to-dawn time period.
>>2383 Swompa wompa.
>>2379 What did weber get?
(207.04 KB 520x193 leg.png)
(358.89 KB 547x394 panel.png)
>>2360 I want to make a herb garden with these. I don't know if I will do it this weekend. I'm going to make it into a table with 8-12 legs, fill the side that I took a pic of with soil and put a shadecloth thing over it. Also put drippers in it.
>>2367 That is lucky, iirc there was two on that trip.
>>2388 I need progress pictures please, as I don't understand the build process until I see it develop.
>>2383 When are the 'wee hours'?
>>2390 Yeah. It'll take a while with the drippers and shit. I'm worried I won't get the holes for the legs right but I guess considering there will be so many, they don't really need to be exact.
>>2392 My tiny garden is under siege from rabbits and wallabys.
>>2391 When I haven't taken a piss in a long, long time.
>>2391 the time after dusk is the darg. the time between dusk and darg is spirit time and you go indoors or stay still then or they will getcha.
Made Monaro scream like this last night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lNO0uAvFnY
>>2394 Moderately bantered.
>>2393 My garden is having heaps of issues, the tomatoes snapped in the wind, the zuchini flowers are getting ravaged by ants, the spinach is too bitter so I just give that to the chickens. The zucchinis are taking over, which isn't all bad because they're the only thing not having too many issues. You may need to get a fence.
>>2396 Did you give her the wink
>>2398 what i need is a .22
>>2395 Isn't that twilight time? https://youtu.be/UGwa2tw7Vws
>>2400 Or some ferrets, if you do you should film them when you fuck their burrow up. I've never seen people do it.
>>2399 Of course, I'm a gentleman.
>>2403 Hot!
>>2404 lol
>a type of botanical berry called a "pepo", being the swollen ovary of the zucchini flower. Gave me wood.
>>2407 Have a wank
>>2408 I want my gourd to ripen before I eat it.
Went to IGA for a morning coke + chocolate. There's this real qt there. When she smiles at me, it makes me wish I was wearing my best trackies. Wonder if she had a happy valentine's.
>>2410 Her work pants will need washing now, seeing you in your NEETly extreme makes her wish her wanks were flowing. It's lucky there's a counter she can stand behind to hide the mess.
>>2410 >it makes me wish I was wearing my best trackies Were you wearing the cum stained ones?
(50.17 KB 700x467 jurrawarra.jpg)
>>2401 This is Aus. If your out in the bush away from lights and your not quiet just before the darg then this cunt'll getcha.
>>2413 There's something in the Pilliga.
(42.73 KB 620x372 jon jarret.jpeg)
>>2413 Or this cunt
(2.12 KB 30x30 yowie1.png)
(2.14 KB 30x30 yowie2.png)
>>2413 I tried to make that a banner but it's too hard.
>>2414 land raping pastoralists?
>>2417 It's a song by Slim Dusty about Yowies. There's a movie that isn't bad too. I was going to post the trailer but it ruins the whole movie.
This is the song by Slim. https://youtu.be/K-UjD-m6L9g
>>2412 It's not as bad as it sounds. You can't really see the semen stains for all the bleach stains.
>>2421 >It's not as bad as it sounds.
>>2389 I know. I'll still wait another month or so before assuming I got away with it.
>>2423 In NSW you can get a fine in 3 business days. I don't see why it takes so long for it to be processed.
(1.88 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0817.jpg)
Breakfast of champions.
>>2353 Hopefully that scares off tourists though it will probably make seppos carry on with the gay "oh lol everything in australia kills you, I"m so random XD"
>>2425 Very nice and delicious.
>>2363 Day of the spear?
>>2425 Looks good
>>2425 >If you're a fucking true fucking South Aussie this is what you have for breakfast
>>2427 >>2429 It was. That was a pepper pie, with three different colours of ground up pepper in it. >>2430 Maybe not everyday, but the sentiment is correct.
Goood Morning Neets
>>2425 Exceptional, is this from the one in Middleton?
>>2431 well tbh it's a reference to the VB longneck guy
(193.29 KB 275x355 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2428 Soon.
>>2432 Good morning, how are you feeling after last nights burst of flavour?
>>2430 BEST A
>>2432 Morning.
>>2437 i cant remember anything after 5pm yesterday or how i got home hence it did not happen
>>2440 You are sliding down the hill too fast. You need put the brakes on and set limits to using this medication, which you could sell online for cash.
>>2433 How would you consume one of these, Nuro?
>>2441 Is that you with the dog?
(10.30 KB 300x100 jurrawarra banner.jpg)
>>2444 I wish.
>>2443 i would snort the cream and lick the chocolate of the bun
>>2435 Ah I know the gent.
>>2445 nice
>>2445 Very noice.
>>2447 >bun *bum ?
>>2447 What about the pie?
>>2426 Its the normies that do that the most. The milf was calling for a cull.
>>2453 I can understand a cull on roos given they sorta are over populated but not the wallabies
>>2452 thrust it in my anus
>>2455 There are no tastebuds in your anus.
>>2455 i would do no such thing... but i have a habbit of removing the top, scoooping some mince on it and eathing it like slice of pizza it lessens the structural load on the pie and avoids GRAVY CATASTROPHE
>>2456 There are when you get a rimjob.
>>2457 that's honestly more disgusting
>>2454 Are you free for a talky?
I hope Shitey remembers to make or buy Kitty some breakfast this morning.
>>2441 Ah, yeah. I haven't been to that one. I meant the Pt. Elliot one anyway.
>>2445 Nice.
>>2455 Make sure it's cooled down a bit.
(1.88 KB 30x30 featherfoot.png)
(1.75 KB 30x30 imjin.png)
(2.19 KB 30x30 mimi.png)
Been making flags.
(2.12 KB 30x30 mulyawonk.png)
(2.09 KB 30x30 timara.png)
(2.20 KB 30x30 wandjina penis.png)
Want to see if they look okay before putting them on the meta board.
>>2467 How bout a wanky?
>>2467 Don't do anything you're uncomfortable with. Maybe get your Mummybot to check in on you.
>>2468 uhh only from weber
>>2469 mummybot lives far away
>>2470 You say that but he doesn't understand how to make it feel good. A lack of interpersonal perception. He's all grab and swing.
>>2465 >>2466 what in the actual fuck ?
>>2473 unna
>>2472 >He's all grab and swing. It's like playing golf: grip it and rip it.
I bet Shire and Cindy had S E X last night.
>>2476 he probably impregnated her last night
>>2422 ...maybe it's time I get another pair of trackies, to impress the iga girls. And a couple more well fitting 5XL tshirts.
(1.06 MB 1056x755 aurukun.png)
>>2428 There's no party like a boong party
>>2478 shorts are on sale at aldi today, ill e grabiing a few larger sized pairs
>>2467 not sure what happened? did you get the secret message?
>>2478 t. SmartNEET
>>2479 cool
(751.42 KB 737x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2485 Why spiderman?
Tickle me pink and call me Webby.
>>2487 I thought you were still drying on the line.
>>2483 ok i try again
>>2480 I don't want shorts, I'd have to shave my legs
type something and hit reply for the secret message
>>2492 it's not working
Morning friends.
>>2492 if you're going to give one neet a secret message you have to give all neets a secret message
>>2494 Hello friend. How does the day find you?
>>2494 Good morning.
>>2495 wank odour
I cant give you all secret messages because i dont know if this one worked or if i permabanned that NEET accidentally
>>2489 If he keeps it up, he may find himself tied to a railway line..
>>2499 secret wank odour
>>2494 morning
>>2496 I'm awake, so it hasn't started off that well.
>>2503 IKTF
>>2504 s/awake/alive/
these secret negotiations are going weird
>>2507 If he takes you to dinner, have the lobster.
>>2494 mornin' cunty
sent you an email Cruise dog
>>2511 post it here
>>2512 no, it pertains to the secret negotiations
>>2513 we demand the right to treaty, or parlay if you will
>>2492 something
>>2494 Morning.
>>2514 this is a secret abo ritual
NK sent me private poo pictures. I am not sharing.
>>2517 Boatswain, shoot this savage. t. Cap'n Weber
>>2518 it wasn't actually NK :^)
(150.46 KB 277x385 1513924013926.png)
SA Best A representing at the WWE
(371.83 KB 801x843 HTB1oKEnSCzqK1RjSZFHq6z3CpXa6.jpg)
>>2522 Weber you boong
>>2523 5xl?
>>2525 kek im only a large
>>2523 Hmmmmm
Been working like a dog getting ready for this exam. If I fail it will fuck up all my plans for studying and I couldn't handle that.
>>2526 You'll get there, don't sweat the small details.
>>2527 Hmmmmm
>>2520 What?
>>2528 You'll be fine m8
>>2523 >aliexpress That'll probably be more likely to give you the virus than save you from it.
>>2526 Work on it, more pizzas with extra cheese, set yourself a goal of 3xl before the end of the year,Then go for Nurgle 2021
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F3ZLZwNaGM >now that he is ours my boys we'll draw him alongside >then over with our blubber hooks and rob him of his hide
>>2533 They said it dies after six hours on surfaces and considering the two to three month shipping delays it should be dead by the time it arrives.
>>2523 My item schedulded to leave Nanning City on 29/01/2020 is still there. Australia Post have also finally acknowledged the delay but USPS has done a better job at explaining it. That is reduced flights between countries is the main delay. It is probably going to be faster to send things my sea than airmail at the moment.
>>2536 Just gets freshened up by a chink dockhand.
>>2536 >>2537 >receiving mail from china You arrogant asses, you've killed us all.
>>2538 I like my corona droplets sneezed not coughed.
It'll be fine so long as you're not importing a live chink girl.
>>2539 >you've killed us all. I just want my chink shit
T-minus 8 hours until my fast is over.
>>2544 Remember when Webby did a fast and lasted 7 hours lololol
>>2545 That's not very nice.
>>2545 At least he tried, good on him for that.
(71.81 KB 676x513 kfc.jpeg)
>>2544 Time to celebrate m8, go on you deserve it
(14.21 KB 244x180 How Darrrrr Ye.jpg)
>>2548 I've got no money left to binge on shit even if I wanted to.
Hate that I got paid on Friday so I need to wait all weekend until my Umart payment is processed.
(11.90 KB 255x255 cdan.jpeg)
>>2549 i keked heartily until i released you literally posted a thumbnail
female mechanic videos suck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edGX0hT-c9s
Never forget NEETs, a single flickering light can banish an entire room of darkness
>>2553 Like Frenchie.
>>2554 Strange looking kitchen.
>>2550 The KFC will soon be starting a payday loan service, for all their high roller customers. You'll never miss out on a good day of potato and gravy again.
>>2555 >a single flickering light I don't wank that fast m8
>>2558 I can't even think of the last time I ate their shit tier food.
>>2557 In another video she dynos her Dodge Hellcat and says she put 91 octane in it. Stopped watching at that point.
Hydrated frangipanis and damp NEETs left out to dry
>>2560 Why?
>>2561 >says she put 91 octane in it Maybe the louder engine makes it vroom faster.
>>2562 As it should be.
>>2563 I don't like how it tastes and it's unhealthy.
>>2561 >>2564 If she is burger they have different fuel rating system over there. Their 91 is equivalent to 95 to 98 RON, if I recall correctly. Their lowest octane fuel is 89.
>>2567 its all the same 91 is 91 98 is 98
Sorry it seems 87 is the lowest rating.
86 is the lowest rating, you gronk.
regardless the dumb bitch should be running 98
>>2572 yes, but she specifically said "91 octane" and that's how our cheap fuel is also labelled t the pump.
>>2573 and brought it up in an apologetic way, like somebody had given her shit for it
>>2567 You are correct, yanks use something called MON for octane ratings, their 91 is equivalent to our 95 RON.
I am currently at Coles Do you NEETs want anything ??
(19.91 KB 280x245 US_petrol_pump.jpg)
>>2575 I only know as I went through a phase where I was interested by fuel prices and types of fuel around the world. I was also talking to a burger once and he was confused that his highest grade was 91 while ours was 98 (commercial grade sold at petrol stations, excluding race grade fuel).
>>2575 the difference between ron and mon is just 600rpm vs 900rpm and pre-heating
>>2576 Buy a bacon and egg quiche.
>>2578 Which gives different numbers.
"In most countries in Europe (also in Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand) the "headline" octane rating shown on the pump is the RON, but in Canada, the United States, Brazil, and some other countries, the headline number is the simple mean or average of the RON and the MON, called the Anti-Knock Index (AKI), and often written on pumps as (R+M)/2. "
might start running the c4 on methanol
>>2576 30kg of doritos
>>2576 Five (5) of the hot checkout chicks
>>2582 Find some vintage Shell V-Power Racing and sniff it instead.
>>2585 vintage is that like old wine?
Naked Nuro naped niggers.
>>2582 Get an ethanol fuel pump and flex fuel controller and run it E85.
>>2587 Last stock sold in 2008, so yes.
>>2589 All place near me that sell that fuel are phasing it out.
>>2590 so only slightly syrupy and likely to clog shit up?
>>2589 why?
>>2592 Yes. Nothing a good sneeze can't unclog though
>>2591 Yeah not a lot of cars can run on it without upgrading various things, I think Holden was the only company that was making flex fuel engines from the factory. >>2593 Very cheap and 108+ octane, only draw back in increase fuel consumption.
>>2595 The commie has en e85 approved sticker in the fuel tank lid, but it was always cheaper than 91 so I assumed it was shit. Are you telling me I could have been doing mad skids cheaper than I was doing on 95/98?
>>2596 >Are you telling me I could have been doing mad skids cheaper than I was doing on 95/98? With poorer fuel economy, yes.
>>2596 Yes , ethanol is an octane booster, E10 is rated at 94 and is cheaper than 91.
>>2597 They need a mad skids rating system for petrol station pumps
Daddybot used to run his 2stroke model boat engines on a mix of methanol and castor oil when he was racing them.
>>2598 >E10 is rated at 94 It says that on the article but isn't rated at 97, if it contains the whole 10% ethanol (because it is up to 10% mixture depending on availability)?
However, if you car is rated for 91 you won't see any difference in performance if you put the more expensive juice in it or the spicy E85, you'd have to retard the ignition timing and stuff to see any performance gains which in the end would be minimal at best. That being said though, cars with flex fuel sensors will take advantage of it and change the ignition timing.
>>2602 > That being said though, cars with flex fuel sensors will take advantage of it and change the ignition timing. like da commie
What's the best fuel to sniff?
so E10 is safer to drink than the other fuels?
>>2605 Fuel should be sniffed m8
>>2606 Thanks mate, me and the cousins are going to the servo now.
E10 originally got some bad press when it first came out, it's made from sugar cane and barley, people put two and two together (the old sugar in the petrol tank trick) and rumors start going around about how it fuck'd old m8's falcon or commodore.
>>2608 See you back soon
(61.01 KB 1280x720 dream.jpg)
Fucking struggling. Considering steaming up some veggies to snack on.
>>2609 It was around for a long time after that. Some fuel stations still sell a lot of shit quality fuel (water and other shit in their fuel) and people blamed that on e10.
>>2612 Probably a better/safer choice than anything else, mate.
Nuro, have you read your old posts and reflected on your behaviour from last night yet?
If you run jumper leads from inside your fuel tank to the car battery you basically have a free Tesla.
>>2616 Are you a wizard?
>>2615 I didn't notice any bad behaviour from him last night.
>>2618 apart from fucking-drug-addict-dot-jpg
>>2613 What most likely happened, or what most mechanics came to conclude was that E10 is an excellent solvent, it probably cleaned all the dirt and gunk built up in Abdulla's rexy or Barry's Barra's fuel pump and filter, and then clogged the injectors.
>>2618 hmmmmmmmmm >>2267
>>2617 In just over three years I will be.
>>2621 Oooooh, that sort of bad behaviour. Thought you meant a Nuro spergout.
>>2622 What age is that again?
>>2620 >then clogged the injectors. Interesting, never thought about this happening.
>>2624 30. >>2626 Shut up, I'll most likely reach that as a virgin too if you all jinx it!
Speaking of wizard powers, it is interesting (to me at least), that since I have been seeing that girl, I haven't felt the need to have a wank or look at pornography. This is despite not having yet done teh sex or anything besides kissing and touching.
Why are people saying Australia is racist for their treatment of the Chinese when the Chinese government is much more authoritative on the matter? https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/health-safety/virus-death-toll-reaches-1500-as-beijing-orders-quarantine/news-story/f5305719bfc68b91c30c664d064c5649
>>2628 She is stealing your wanks while you sleep.
>>2629 which "people" are saying this? media and twitter fuckheads?
>>2627 I thought it was this age. >>2628 I do hope that you make it.
>>2630 oh. fug.
>>2632 >I do hope that you make it. i gave my wizard powers to a whore years ago, so there's nothing to make (besides a gf).
>>2635 his entire lineage is chink look who his kids married
>>2635 Rudd was always a Sinophile traitor.
>>2629 Mostly the twitterati. and in this case >>2635 bad for the almighty GDP. I think the entire thing is overblown, I was in Chinatown yesterday and it was pretty normal.
>>2636 He's just one of them. I find it strange that we are being racists for not allowing infected chinks in but it's fine for their government to lock people in their homes and detain people they suspect are infected.
Might make a bowl of basic miso soup to hold me over.
>>2638 Chinatown in Adelaide is deserted and the shopkeepers are REEEEing at the government to do something lol
I am also wondering where I can buy this on a shirt.
>>2642 if you find out let me know, i'll send you some cash money for a second one
>>2640 Good idea m8 >>2641 Epping north of Sydney (I think) is doing a grant program and handing out reduced value vouchers. Just wait until the residents and other business realise they are funding these programs.
>>2644 >reduced value vouchers. You pay $50 for a $100 voucher that the local council cover the $50 cost.
On eBay the hand sanitiser prices are double like masks...
I sent the kitty a picture of the wank station
>>2647 You didn't take her home last night?
>>2643 Do they come in 5xl? (Make it 6xl if it's going to take 3 months to ship in from china)
>>2647 She probably wants a picture of you wanking at it.
>>2647 Did you tell her that it is a wank station?
>>2650 I do.
>>2642 We'll get it made into posters and get a bunch of lefty animal rights activists to put it up around chinatown and gook infested university campuses.
>>2652 Post your tits and I'll consider it.
>>2646 >Kills 99.9% of bacteria >Corona-virus is a virus
>>2655 I only just realised the koala pictures were spoiler placeholders.
>>2656 People aren't that smart m8
>>2648 No >>2650 >>2651 She said wow
(62.31 KB 940x627 titt.jpg)
>>2660 Fuck off blinky, I'm not clicking on you again
>>2659 what colour are kitty and indian lady's bottom holes?
Weber tied me to his tanning rack once
(73.01 KB 550x678 ok.jpeg)
>>2662 >Hmmmm not bad
>>2664 t. smoking hot NEET
Weber treats NEETs as a commodity
>>2667 He does not.
(131.38 KB 996x2048 fukt.jpg)
Almost died last night, friend was going too fast around the corner and hit some concrete shit and then the hilux flipped
>>2669 Shit, but at least your GFs are hot
>>2425 Is that a stubby or a longneck of stout? >>2635 Kevin Rudd is a dirty chink shill. 19 degrees today in Shitbourne, think I'll go get a treat for dinner tonight, think of getting either fish and chips or Red Rooster.
>>2671 Fish and chips sound nice
>>2667 I got used as a 5er
>>2662 I remember overhearing an Aboriginal Man on a Bus once, telling amazing stories, one of which feature a woman just like that
>>2672 Yeah, I'm leaning more towards the fish and chips.
>>2545 Not nice.
testing testicles
>>2558 A hungry jacks in Webby Territory used to have a 'please don't ask for credit' sign.
>>2570 >>2569 Pretty sure 1 would be the lowest rating.
>>2680 Hmmmmmmmmmm
>>2576 Green prawns, bacon bits and cooking cream.
>>2679 Me local one burned down though... >>2682 Absolutely delicious
>>2579 I saw a man getting a quiche lorraine from aldi with his mother.
>>2683 ¡caliente!
>>2684 What a good NEET
>>2585 >>2587 What vintage would you need to get sniff with lead?
>>2687 Just don't be cheap and buy that additive for your 98
Go sneeze underwater.
>>2689 Can I wank instead?
>>2609 There was a guy in Virginia who used to go to all the fish and chip shops and take their used cooking oil. He ran all his tractors and shit on it.
>>2683 same
>>2618 Me neither, nothing out of the ordinary.
>>2626 That's when you become a wraith. This is a pretty good summary for losers. >>>/r9k/2
>>2691 >Virginia pls leave seppo
>>2695 The suburb in Adelaide. Back then it was it's own town.
>>2639 A coworker said to me yesterday that in China they go to the house in hazmat suits and then transfer the people infected in aluminium tubed.
>>2669 Is that you down the bottom?
>>2681 My findings are scientifically sound.
>>2698 Gotta catch 'em all.
>>2688 >additive I want the real thing.
>>2700 That wasn't why I hmmmm-ed.
>>2690 No.
>>2702 Go to south-east Asian country where they probably still do it.
>>2703 Hmm.
>>2694 I enjoy reading that forum.
(934.10 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1854.jpeg)
>>2579 >>2583 >>2584 NO QUICHE LORRAINE'S !
>>2708 Absolutely disgusting
>>2708 Quiche Florentine will be fine.
(859.25 KB 2048x1536 IMG_1855.jpeg)
>>2671 >>2672 > think of getting either fish and chips or Red Rooster. One step ahead of you. A real NEET lunch.
>>2711 Chip and chicken sandwich?
>>2711 Yeah boy, stuff that down your gullet. Mmmmmmmm, lemme watch it.
(50.95 KB 500x725 Nuro.jpg)
>>2691 biodiesel
>>2708 Your hand is grotesquely large You must be 110kg+
Anyone else notice that red roosters are shutting down a lot, I think there is only like 2 left in this city
>>2712 nah just a chip binge and skin devouring....
>>2717 What city? My city has three.
>>2717 There isn't as much money in fast food and it can have higher costs that cancel out the benefits you get.
>>2719 Canberra though it might have a third but I can only think of Charnwood and Kambah
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT3txmbWxb4 >January 30, 2020: Senator Cotton Urges China Travel Ban in Wake of Coronavirus Christ.
>>2716 >Your hand is grotesquely large um what are optics ?
>>2722 He's an idiot. Chernobyl radiation leak had impacts in Russian and across Europe.
>>2724 I think he means it was mostly in the Warsaw Pact. Something is China wide is about as bad something that is across the Warsaw pact.
>>2708 >save 40 cents What a killer deal!
>>2722 >Cotton "I killed fiddy men!"
(8.94 KB 251x201 index.jfif)
>>2730 >>2731 mmmmmmmmmmmmm
>>2722 tbh I agree we should have a China Travel Ban, though I am personally very against the Aerospace Industry and think it should die
makin my neet chili
>>2734 Spicy poos in your future.
>>2735 should I do the poo in Nuro's Pool
> very against the Aerospace Industry and think it should die say what nigga ?
>>2737 I said what I said, globalism is causing global warning Humanity was better when we were all boongs
Still can't get my oven working
>>2739 you should get a german to look at it I hear they can make an oven that can burn a body in 5 minutes
(20.46 KB 230x230 bigthink.jpg)
airplane bad
>>2740 Jet fuel works better.
>>2742 Jet Fuel can't melt steel beams though
(64.25 KB 750x750 weber.png)
>>2740 >>2742 >>2743 Theres only one tried and true method
(16.26 KB 400x300 ching.jpg)
>>2745 HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>2745 True. I heard a NEET was smoked with the frangipani flowers once
(21.41 KB 634x545 grr.jpg)
>>2750 She was thrown off a bridge.
(14.98 KB 634x545 watchinu.jpg)
>>2671 It was a stubby. I had the other 5 too.
The oven works without the preheat function
(11.61 KB 634x545 atone.jpg)
>>2752 Beaten. >>2755 Tied up and thrown off that bridge.
I finally got the oven working with the preheat function
>>2757 Get cookin', good lookin'
(35.91 KB 431x550 awaste.jpg)
>>2759 I don't understand.
(1.57 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
(914.82 KB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
dindins was good
>>2761 The desert isn't too bad, I liked them but their price it a bit high.
(2.50 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2258.JPG)
Will be making Mexican chicken steaks for dinner tonight
>>2762 I let Motherbot pay for it all.
>>2763 Looks like it will be nice. Keep us updated. >>2764 You are mummybot's special boy.
(1.98 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2260.JPG)
Pan, nice and hot. The chicken has been horizontally-cut into into thin steaks. The cherry tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, cucumber and feta has been combined with a dash of rice wine vinegar and olive oil
>>2766 Looking forward to the finished product. Have you got a nice sharp knife when cutting the chicken?
(2.15 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2264.JPG)
The chicken steaks were combined with the mix of spices and a dash of olive oil, and then put on the pan to cook for 3 minutes on each site
>>2768 Looking tasty, do those lights annoy you?
>>2768 They look alright, mate.
>>2761 Haven't had a dagwood dog in many years
(336.92 KB 719x687 beeeeeep.jpg)
(1.74 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2269.JPG)
(1.10 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2270.JPG)
(1.53 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2272.JPG)
The pumpkin was combined with the salad and then served with the chicken steaks alongside some sour cream
>>2765 Thanks >>2767 Yes, I bought some sharp knives from IKEA >>2769 No, the light can be turned off >>2770 Thanks
>>2773 Very nice m8, wish I could try a bit
>>2773 Very wholesome meal.
So old mate and I fixed up those hives that fell over yesterday. Really fucking bad idea to have had my fasting day today, that's for sure lol. >>2773 That looks really good. Feta is godly in salads.
(2.29 MB 3264x2448 image.jpeg)
A splendid afternoon on the goon
>>2778 Why haven't you bought air pods?
>>2777 You should post the end product for us.
>>2778 A more wholesome afternoon, well done Nuro.
(16.48 KB 338x275 manPointing.jpeg)
>>2778 tell me about the cup
Fuckin' whoite dawgs on muh land.
>>2782 All i can see is that fucking pink dot
>>2780 End productive of what exactly? Me not being a fat cunt any more?
>>2785 he meant the poopoo
>>2785 You harvesting the honey, but I would also like a selfie since you brought it up.
(799.80 KB 879x596 b997g.png)
>>2787 I'll try to remember. I'm too lazy to go back outside to take a quick photo of the hives we have in our backyard.
>>2788 fuck off unna
I've been a good neet with my studying. Getting pretty frustrated and burnt out. I really want to stop and only my horror at the thought of failing is keeping me going. I know it is only a few more days so I just need to keep slogging through it. I'm going to go out for a jog now as I've gotten too frustrated. I'll be heading to the gym tonight so I'll hopefully feel a bit better after that.
>>2792 Good work mate. Don't stop now.
>>2792 > be heading to the gym tonight so I'll hopefu yeah a break will do you good mate
(228.46 KB 996x1384 IMG_2250.JPG)
>>2796 I hope he is ok
(498.84 KB 680x1020 g.jpeg)
The Indian lady is interrogating me about the kitty
>>2799 kek, she's getting jealous, do not let them ever meet
>>2800 >do not let them ever meet It's too late, I've already floated the idea
>>2801 hahahaha!
>>2799 Isn't she seeing (You) behind her husbands back?
>>2803 Yes and no
>>2804 >Yes and no HMMMMMMMMMMMM
kek, all he needs to do now is get it on with the Nurse and we will have A Days of our Lives situation going on
>>2804 Please explain.
>>2807 or the best porno ever
>>2804 yes she has a husband but no because the husband knows and approves?
>>2810 That would have been a perfect post for yesno?
>>2810 He fears the NEET BVLL
>>2809 better than Weber putting garlic bread in possos angus?
>>2813 I'm a repeat pay-per-view customer
>>2813 I can upload that for any NEETs that don't already have it.
>>2779 > why haven’t I bought AirPods Because they are expensive and they have no bass and suck, and besides I’m listening to Hi-Resolution DSD. You can’t fit that over Bluetooth.
>>2816 >You can’t fit that over Bluetooth. I'd argue with you, but it's not worth the effort.
>>2782 > tell me about the cup It’s filled with alcohol. It’s also good at crushing pills.
>>2816 >You can’t fit that Is this a gaping reference?
>>2819 Hot
>>2817 You do realise the DSD 5.6 megahertz I listen to has about 80x times the data rate of uncompressed CD audio ... that’s way beyond Bluetooth
>>2821 ... and an analogue signal is passed to an audio jack... which is totally different to an analogue signal being passed to a bluetooth encoder/transmitter... what a small brain dumb dumb i am
I play my music on bluetooth speakers in public so everyone hears it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2dJ-JUzhVs
>>2823 there was a dickhead at the victor shopping centre this morning with a speaker slung over his shoulder blasting his shit music everywhere he went
>>2824 What was he playing?
>>2825 I couldn't tell you. Some kind of modern "music".
(34.10 KB 500x333 bb.jpeg)
>>2827 If it had been late 80's/early 90's hip hop blasted out of a boombox I wouldn't have minded so much.
>>2828 >hip hop
>>2829 What are you saying?
>>2824 I can imagine that you busted some sweet moves.
My town has a really shit selection when it comes to paprika.
>>2831 No, everybody was looking at each other in disgust.
>>2833 To think I thought this was you, while the crowd clapped and hollaback at you: https://youtu.be/EMfZVZm3RQQ
>>2830 >saying
>>2836 What a wholesome video.
>>2836 Nice pixel.
16chan is being really mean to me and won't let me post.
>>2843 >hmmmm neet posts that he cant post
>>2843 Goon Tax!
(279.87 KB 573x330 ba88.png)
>>2846 Come in, appointment to filling up fast!
>>2846 What services does this beautiful young lady provide? Does she do dominatrix work?
(35.12 KB 474x315 gooninbucket.jpg)
>>2847 >whyte fella wants us to git an appointment four our goon
>>2844 Neets aren't known for their brains. Or maybe 16chan is just fucking with him.
>>2848 I'd say she would do anything for half a ciggie
>>2843 It’s like we break every image board we end up on
should I buy goon
>>2853 Buy Yalumba Sauvignon Blanc and experience the premium goon+
>>2852 It's because the glowniggers keep following you man. Stay safe and don't let them get you like they got Terry.
Damn, just tried to have a binge, and I fell flat after only some dip, chips, smoked salmon, two lemon deserts and a bit of chocolate. What is wrong with me?
>>2852 We are the jews of the niche imageboard sphere, migrating place to place, fucking shit up before being expelled out, never to have our home until our israel, unnachan, gets formed
>>2855 Isn't that a Liquorland goon? When BWS is the closest goon shop to me
>>2858 Trying to think of any jewish neets, fictional or factual. Nup. Nothing.
>>2857 >Smoked Salmon Ohh lah lah very fancy Tasmanian or Atlantic?
>>2857 you need to ease back into it mate
>>2860 I'm Jewish tho
>>2863 Are you related to Sir Isaac Isaacs?
>>2859 The Yalumba in the yellow box is in stock everywhere. My BWS even keeps it chilled in cool room. It’s $14 on sale ATM
>>2863 Tell us about yourself kikeneet. When was the last time you had a job, if ever?
also NK is a Jewish abo seppo
>>2866 I have a job now, and besides most jews are employed because of nepotism
(108.21 KB 1000x749 feels_good_man.jpg)
>>2868 >tfw estranged from the jewish side of my family
>>2869 why did jew dad leave you NK
>>2870 Never really given the matter much thought. I guess a lot of jewish men just have a deep seated need to impregnate a shiksa, and once the mission is accomplished, eventually return to their own tribe.
>>2871 fair, at least its your dad's side so you're not actually jewish
I am going to bed NEETs. When I wake up I shall make my chorizo and cabbage stew. Only Nuro is allowed some if he so chooses.
>2873 You're not getting any wishings of goodnights after that rude goodnight
>>2874 Indeed
(12.87 KB 184x184 think pepe.jpg)
>>2872 dad was jewish mum was boong = not jewish WTF?
boong genes > than kike genes
>>2876 see >>2877 but also by Jewish tradition you're only a jew if your mother was a jew in other words youer a bung
>>2877 He's our special little Boong
(23.04 KB 394x458 a14.jpg)
>>2878 >When the jews jew you out of being a jew This was a jewing too far.
In the city partying with hot chicks and you lot are arguing online about mountain Jew. Pathetic really...
>>2882 kek, though tbh could of had a girl if I wanted one
>>2799 Let them meet. Threesome.
>>2884 Maybe it's time poojeta was forced to confront the inherent superior attractiveness of eastern asian women. You'll noticed we've never had a goodnight poojeta here., only gook and white girls.
>>2885 Cringe
>>2882 Low quality posts are returning. Did you shelve a tablet?
>>2885 Good night to Poo.
Good night NEETs. Slight tight.
(129.77 KB 865x1300 indian woman 173.jpg)
>>2669 Jeebus Kerist. glad your okay. That picture of you and the hilux's novelty airbag tho. >>2635 Kevin Rudd is despised by the chinks who snigger behind his back calling him baizou lefty cuck westerner >>2639 This epideminc is a good chance to be openly racist towards the chinees. My EDC now includes a kanga cricket bat which i use to signal to chink pedestrians that its time to cross the road. >>2642 i thought it wasnt bats now, its pangolins or from a lab. >>2665 Kek. thats going in my persians are based folder with pics of nasim youtube shooter >>2738 absolutely bloody right. airliners are killing the planet with emissions. Giving fat tourist cunts a great big lever to fuck shit up on a global scale. >>2771 >havent had a dagwood dog in many years so you're doing allright then. >>2778 glad to see such a wholesome picture of your perambulations. much better than that syringe you posted last night for shock value. Nuro. >>2832 >paprika man i love that stuff but it gives me hella stomach ache. >>2878 >traditionally only a jew if your mother was a jew. well thank fuck for that i suppose. might put some frozen fishfingers in the oven now that its preheated >>2885 Poo night neets,
>>2890 >>paprika >man i love that stuff but it gives me hella stomach ache. Based, tbh I add Paprika in most things I cook
>>2891 Do you put it on museli?
>>2892 no but I don't make museli
Just tried anal.
>>2894 Did the guy lube you up?
(646.27 KB 1280x960 Saito Kyoko.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>2896 Goodnight gook girl. Sleep tight knowing you are vastly superior to anyone from south asia.
>>2897 I know a good bloke whose indian and is probably better than the gook girl tbh, though he's from a rich family ergo he's one of the white presenting Indians
>>2895 Coconut oil.
>>2896 Good night.
h=Heeloo Neets back home from 40km ride.... wow too many shitty asians around on tour busses fucking my shit ... home now penis washed pizzaa out of oven and having a big glass of straight whisky
>>2901 translation: i went to the cliffs to chill and several fucking tour busses of bugg people rocked up, they were all weraing masks fuck them they ruined my afternoon
>>2902 Why are you mad, it's something you're meant to expect in this day and age, yeah it's so tiresome but it is what it is and there isn't need to be shocked about it, just disappointed
>>2901 Sounds good.
>>2903 >Why are you mad no one that walked past wanted them there, everyone was disgusted... on top of that i was on a tiny strip of grass and they all piled in ans started playing shitty music from their iphones and taking NPC for an an hour straight.. fuck them ... ruined my afternoon
>>2906 fuck (You)
>>2901 >h=Heeloo Neets sounds like you've already had a few glasses of whisky
(439.67 KB 557x466 fiber.png)
(493.17 KB 633x422 legs.png)
(613.03 KB 691x496 pre door.png)
>>2908 shut the hell up
(303.92 KB 400x508 door.png)
(522.51 KB 724x460 herb.png)
(156.08 KB 485x308 palm frond.png)
made this. kicked a palm frond and that went in my little toes.
>>2905 you're just as NPC as them if you get upset on cue the moment anything slightly annoying happens to you like you're a robot with only two emotional settings in it's programming It's not like you can do anything to stop it or to avoid it though if you can let me know how as well
>>2911 10k's next weed setup?
>>2913 nice trick zhang.....
>>2913 > if you dont like asian bugmen then you are an asian bugmen SO CREATIVE SO TOLERTARRANT
(4.83 MB 576x1024 Olive(@ladyjunimo) TikTok.mp4)
She is so beautiful.
>>2916 I'm not saying you shouldn't hate them but rather, and perhaps it's my youth speaking in that I have never seen the city as anything but a gook infested hellhole, I am confused by how such a thing surprised you tbh shit seems hopeless in trying to ignore or change it, the only way out would be to somehow make a Mars Colony and have ways of breeding without Women tbh
>>2919 kek
>>2917 >She
>>2921 Not seeing any bulge in the first video.
>>2923 traps tape their weiners to their bums and also have small willies so they can hide them
>>2924 >small willies Is that why you still haven't given us a bulge pic?
We might need a few traps in the compound for when the russians are getting their monthly hose down. Especially with such horny neets these days having nine wanks in a day.
>>2925 yes because my dick is very small when soft and too large for my undies when erect
>>2926 I thought the Russians were the whores we use when the Hot Boong Chicks go for their weekly walkabout
Possum snickered during an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land once.
>>2929 I keep telling you posso is a racist dog but no one listens to me
>>2918 > people i dont like are fucking everwhere > go to quiet place where it i usually just me amd af ew other white people having a barbecue >two buses of mainlander gooks arrive and swarm me like bugs why is this so fucking hard to understand >?
>>2930 It's because you're a filthy boong. t. Possum
>>2931 there is nothing to understand, the swarm is getting larger and harder to avoid, don't you understand
>>2932 suck my black balls UNNA
>>2933 i feel a huge influx of chink holiday goers since the virus the government wont tell us since our economy needs to make up for the shortages of students with just fuckers wanting avoid the communist party quarantine now.....
>>2935 Kinda feels like less but hoards are always hard to scope out and tbh part of what you might feel are holiday goers are chink workers and students coming here after their chink new year holiday
>>2936 nope your dead wrong their 2 week slave break new years finished on 10th and i am seeing more bugmen not less more disgusting mailanders too
Hey hey people. About to make my stew.
>>2937 Do you like spicy food?
>>2753 Noice. >>2778 >>2782 I don't like drinking out of metal cups but I guess if you need it to be portable it's the lesser of two evils as plastic cups will give you microplastics and will make whatever you're drinking taste even worse. >>2804 >Yes and no Shitey the bull. >>2824 There where a bunch of derros blasting kerser over a bluetooth speaker at my local Dan's today. >>2901 What whisky are you drinking nuro? >>2931 Just go to more obscure/dodgy areas when you want to chill out and drink somewhere in public, that's what I do and I've never had any chink tourists bother me, sure occasionally an abo or homeless person will come up to you and ask for drinks or cigarettes, but they usually aren't too bad and it's a justifiable tradeoff imo. Had some fish and chips and beers for dinner, got home and had a bit of a nap, had a catch up, going to watch some more Mindhunter, I'm liking the second season a lot better than the first, it's more gruesome, but also less boring.
>>2940 something ... something.... *colapses into a pile of drool* fgh jkl.;./.;'
>Nuro ignores my question
>>2942 Stop being such an attention slut.
>>2943 >being an attention slut for the three NEETs still awake
(165.12 KB 1631x1384 kang.png)
Endchan is working again fellas.
>>2941 Looks like the oxys got to him. I wonder if he left us anything in his will.
>>1947 Good Morning Neets, can someone bake bread please
>>2947 Good Morning Neets. looks like this neet beat me up.
Good morning NEEToes.
>>2947 >>2948 >>2949 Morning neeties, did you sleep well?
NEW THREAD >>2951 NEW THREAD >>2951 NEW THREAD >>2951 >>2951


no cookies?