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(33.35 KB 255x239 Bong pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL - 16 ENDCHAN EDITION NEET 04/19/2021 (Mon) 18:03:45 No. 20258
Endchan /ausneets/ is an irc style imageboard with sequential threads called "Generals". This board has a population of about a dozen and is well known for being the boongs board for the real NEETs. Posters of note on end ausneets are: Weber, Cruisey, Shitey, Shire, Odili , sperg, monaro and Imissfather who is also the board janitor. The goings-on that occur on this board are considered 'lore' and often remarked upon in a humorous fashion, until the thread is locked after 1000 posts, Thus the 'NEETlore" deepens as it forms a voluminous archive. Endchan Ausneets occasionally crosses over with this board's Ausneets.
How does he do it?
Endchan is a pretty good board TBH,
(30.75 KB 203x193 post malone pepe.jpg)
List Jew controlled E-Celebs
Feel like this thread has some way to go before it's as big as the endchan one.
Good Morning NEETs. It rained overnight, I heard it when I got up to pee.
>>20252 The actual chocolates are good, these ice creams are cheap and tacky. Can you get me three please?
(514.79 KB 500x493 dole_life_cover.png)
>>20258 Three of those posters are the same NEET.
>>20263 You could've been one too. We tried to give you a name well over a year ago.
>>20265 We were all here for brief period. The board runs a lot smoother, I'm not sure why most went back to end.
>>20266 Morning, I didn't hear it but it looks a bit wey outside. The dog woke me up again last night so I left the back door open as he woke me up four times the night before. Still woke up to a big sloppy shit on the lounge room floor, on the afghan rug. It's made out of this plastic straw stuff and was very hard to clean.
(1.93 MB 640x640 1618626132126.webm)
>>20258 Imagine stealing the endchan Hungarian admin's Pepe and using it to advertise 16chan on endchan.
(72.86 KB 255x191 Cenno.png)
>>20265 I like how the catch up is a lot easier on this board. Sometimes I use it to post stuff I want to remember.
(2.94 MB 1280x720 1618626762653.webm)
>>20270 >I'm not sure why most went back to end. Because thats where the most popular neets hang out.
>>20274 We were all here.
(6.91 KB 250x250 1577721604943s.jpg)
>>20271 Sorry to hear about your dog mess problems.
that was because 8ch got shoa'd and then about month later endchan was 404 for two weeks because they decided to push a code update at the worst time and fucked it up
>>20276 He's had the liquid squirts for a couple days, since he come back from the vet.
16chan was never supposed to compete with endchan
(53.34 KB 454x598 1591670464969.jpg)
>>20278 Dogs aren't very clean.
>>20279 We were all supposed to stick together.
>>20279 its hilarious when the board sperg says fuck off back to endchan when the image board format, anons and content is practically identical
>>20281 I'll stick (You) together.
>>20282 Endchan has less lemons.
>>20280 > DOG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cats
>>20278 They probably injected the little guy with the Covid rat's poison w/o telling you Neet. Now he's sick.
>>20282 You are the sperg.
(87.75 KB 740x665 1486585902186.jpg)
>>20285 Thank you. He might have vile poos but a clean soul.
>>20288 Dogs are literally man's best friend Neet.
Morning NEETs.
(18.21 KB 333x500 blondi.jpg)
(133.80 KB 505x783 Hitler und Blondi 2.jpg)
>>20258 This is now /GDG/ Good Doggo General Thread
>>20290 Morning. What's on the docket today Neet? >>20291 Seconded.
(115.02 KB 1000x630 majestic mother fucker.jpg)
>>20290 Morning
>>20291 Nice.
(32.58 KB 600x315 1596368791948.jpg)
Morning Neets >>20292 The motion is carried
(156.67 KB 1280x960 do_not_touch_such_bark.jpg)
This thread has entirely too little Shiba. It's upsetting tbh.
(44.76 KB 640x419 153128077.jpg)
Wage on.
(1.91 MB 400x430 1598167458578.gif)
>>20297 Stay safe today Neet
Off to Silver City with the heavy lift. Its going to be a tough run.
>>20299 have a safe trip m8
(186.88 KB 1200x1210 A_0135f7_6585849.jpg)
>>20292 Went to the dentist. I'm going to need three root canals. >>20299 Good luck and be safe.
>>20258 >named neets Just kill it already.
>>20299 Good luck today, hope it all goes smoothly.
>>20302 Calm down unnamedNEET.
First time posting here from my phone.
>>20265 The endchan threads are cancerous. The board is much better with them gone.
>>20308 It really is, this place is getting back to how it was and should be.
Just woke up and feel groggy af. Keep hitting the snooze on the 7o'clock alarm. Will set it to 8 and see if I can be bothered getting up then.
(168.77 KB 816x612 Feed packets.jpg)
(193.38 KB 816x612 Nibble on this ya cunt.jpg)
>>20265 Quantity vs Quality is what this board is all about. If you wish to wade through literally hundreds of pointless '>tfw depressed', Dan memes and numo idolatry then endchan is the place for you.
>>20299 Hope it goes well
>>20311 Whats wrong with Dan memes?
(141.20 KB 852x875 Chris Rock.jpg)
https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/abandoned-australianmade-covid19-vaccine-could-have-been-among-best-in-the-world/news-story/e3ea3b2dd44979f84c3c323e5ab45f63 >Australian Vaccine could have been among the very best but was abandoned because it gave False Positive results for HIV. So close. They are so close to the truth yet so far away.
>>20314 What are they rioting about?
Made it to Silver City. Making a Caro on the Trangia with no milk :/
>>20311 The quantity is low because no one replies to posts
>>20318 Kick arse man, was it a safe trip?
>>20318 Good to hear neet.
(1.24 MB 1843x1382 thrash teh suck truck.JPG)
>>20320 Drive was okay. I got used to the truck and it handled okay. The real estate agent promised to do a bunch of repairs and clean the gutters etc but nothing has been touched since i left three weeks ago. which suits me, it means they will leave me alone. the ladder and stuff i brought up last time is still here.
>>20311 Looks Yumo. pity you cant microwave those foil bags
Wow, didn't even get mentioned as an endchan nameneet.
(12.95 KB 327x265 bmm.jpg)
>>20324 You're just one of the Boongs like me.
>>20322 >they will leave me alone. Yeah, that's good. Are you going to follow up about the repairs and gutter cleaning/
>>20324 I did but I have no name on this board.
I am the light of God.
>>20328 You are the arse of Satan.
>>20329 No. I am the light of God. God's light fills me.
>>20330 I fill your Satan arse.
>>20331 Come into the embrace of the Lord. It is the only way, NEET. The light and warmth that filled our Lord Jesus Christ now fills me. I will guide you to eternal life.
>>20326 Nah no point. the maintainance guy would just do a shit job and I would have to do it again anyway.
>>20317 The nigger shot dead by a police woman who thought she'd pulled out her taser.
I am to our Lord Jesus Christ as a candle is to a bonfire, or the sun to the moon; notwithstanding, for so long as I follow God's law, I am as one with our Lord Jesus Christ, and nothing can harm me.
(107.82 KB 590x591 john the baptist.jpg)
>>20332 Speak to me.
>>20335 >sun to the moon moon to the sun Not perfect yet.
>>20333 re you allowed to do it? Some places let you do maintenance and the cost of the supplies and whatnot can come off your rent.
>>20336 When you walk in God's ways, you walk with God himself. Be humble; spend time in meditation and prayer; imagine yourself as a beautiful warmth on a cold winter's night, around whom people will gather.
>>20339 So imagine myself as fire?
>>20322 It looks beautiful out there, the sort of place a man could raise a family or live as a hermit and smoke cones all day
>>20325 Ay cuz, respek!
>>20338 This place is on its last legs. if no one lives here it will simply rot. This is the reality is Silver City. I will quietly do the maint myself. I expect no fuss.
>>20340 As a gentle flame; unwavering and pure.
>>20341 Kek. Thats the heartlands, You need to travel thru it to get to the mountains.
>>20339 I can imagine myself being warmed by a bonfire of degenerate media, in the ranks of uniformed FRENS each with a flaming torch.
There's a mouse crawling around inside of a light fitting, not the glass covering but in the ceiling. The thought of it chewing wires and potentially starting a fire crossed my mind, and then I realised this place has no smoke alarms. Going to get one tomorrow.
>>20347 I have the same. It won't cause a fire.
KEK. That downie has a cheeky grin similar to Dan
>>20347 find the man hole and put some baits up there.
Night in Silver City. Three teenagers, two whites and a bantu black walk home from the IGA Everyday, their voices satisfied with their world of BBQ chicken and a night of X-Box. The houses all seep smoke into the mountain air. Their outdoor lights are the only other signs of life on the streets, coarse tarmac and no kerbing. The kitchen is cold and the tap runs uncontrollably, the overhead eco flouro bulbs give a dingy ambiance. Beans and soy burgers for din-dins, I have never been more hungry.
>>20301 >I'm going to need three root canals. What? I think I'd pass on that myself Neet.
>>20316 Pure chance (if it's even a legit report). Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
>>20367 You should build yourself some small garden beds. Grow some beans.
>>20368 haha t. the real nuro
(71.74 KB 640x637 puke doggo.jpg)
>>20368 I'll root YOUR canal
>>20367 >Suddenly, half-through a mouthful of globohomo estrogen supplement...I hear it. >A low rumble building off to the east >The night air is still no other sound but the growing thunder >Now the ground is quivering too >Dumbfounded, I let the globohomo estrogen supplement fall out of my wide mouth back onto the plate >>20371 >>20372 >No doggos for you literal faggots
>>20373 STFU and eat your dioxins, Meat head
(30.11 KB 605x601 1609017540922.jpg)
>>20374 >What is it? >Earthquake? Tidal wave? Plague of locusts? >No. >It...is...a... >STAMPEDE!111 >Pure, unadulterated, healthy, fresh, dioxins still on the hoof! >Tons.of.the.stuff. >In a panice, I run fetch grannybot's old 12ga double-barrel and a box of slugs. >Climbing onto the roof of my mice-infested shack only just in time before the bovines rampage through the garden >I let fly >Again and again, I let fly >100's then 1'000's of kilos of dead, delicious red meat fall to the ground >All at my own beck and call. >BEST.DAY.EVAR. >Better than Christmas even.
(130.74 KB 1357x628 Banned.jpg)
Told ya
>tfw cold and lonely Why did you abandon me Daddy?
>>20376 Easy fix, just stop posting shit.
>>20258 I like how the paprikanigger didn't include NK nor possum on the list.
>>20379 Neither of them post anymore.
(102.55 KB 960x960 1594628276568.jpg)
Hit the wall after the tension of the last two days, in fact the stress of the last three months, since Mike Lando pulled the rug out from under me. I stood on the tray of the suck truck and looked around and I liked what I saw. Quiet streets, ppl surviving. Unpack and secure the place is tomorrows task. Maybe have a go at the broken glass on the wood heater, That'd be nice to get it going asap. Good Night, White.
>>20381 > wood heater I miss this more than I can say. Night.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>20377 I'd never abandon you, Just come down to my benonging centers between the hours of 7AM and 11PM and I'll cure your loneliness with a heartwarming bottle of cheer.
(121.52 KB 1400x903 1598744086211.jpg)
>>20381 Where did you get the picture of my waifu Neet? You stole that from our dresser didn't you?
>>20381 If your going to get the wood heater going I would get into the roof cavity and make sure the flue is ok, and make sure the baffle plate is still good in the heater. night neet.
>>20383 You cheer me up Dan
>>20384 I'll waifu YOUR dresser
>>20385 the chimney is pretty good condition. I want to insulate the two front rooms, its pretty cheap but the dust up there is asbestos I think.
(85.06 KB 1050x223 LIVING THE DREAM.jpg)
>>20382 >>20381 This reminded me of the vid I watched earlier today
Because it had a comfy-af fireplace
back to the front!
>>20379 > NK nor possum on the list Who cares, they left us fuck them.
>>20394 NK left. Possum never existed.
>>20379 You expect to much from him.
(410.21 KB 2048x1536 Miyoshi Yuki.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>20381 >>20399 Nighty Night NEETs
>>20399 Spent a month in a psych ward almost exactly year ago. I was taken in by a couple ambos cos mumbot caught me trying to hang myself. Think she just wanted me out of her hair. I was forced to be in there by Involuntary Treatment Order but I know someone in there who just checked himself in voluntarily. Apparently that's something you can do so I'd look into that if you don't want 000 at your door. Overall it was pretty comfy and I've been missing it lately. It was nice to have someone care about you and talk to you. Have you been admitted before?
Sitting in a dark room with multiple monitors, browsing chans, eating temazepam, planning things that will never happen. Feels like I'm back in 2010 again. Maybe I haven't really changed.
>>20400 nite noot >>20402 >Maybe I haven't really changed. Maybe you're right Neet. Maybe it's time to change that up a bit?
I am the light of God. I light the world.
All who are with me need not fear. The light of God fills us.
>>20401 you have to say you are feeling suicidal and that you have a specific way in mind that you want to kill yourself if you go in you have to take whatever drugs they give you
>>20406 Jesus Christ is the only drug you need, neet.
(124.79 KB 900x597 Dayandfaber722013T133633.jpg)
>>20407 Snort a thick line of Christ.
>>20408 We may acknowledge Christ in our prayers, but we do not snort him.
>>20392 I'll servant YOUR cow.
Good Morning NEETs. Its cold and damp but kino outside.
Satan has taken almost complete control of the world. Only a small group of people seem able to see this. We are the light of the world. Through us, all of mankind may be saved.
>>20412 Praise Jesus Christ, King of kings, Lord of lords!
>>20402 Y-you have a better Desktop tho, right NEET?
>>20399 The doctors can see thru you and will be able to tell if you are faking it. Just go see a moofie and a whore.
>>20398 Imagine not being a notable poster.
Today, a jury convicted a man to assuage a mob. We pray to the Lord, that he guide us and protect us, and our families, and our brothers in Christ. >>20413 Praise Him.
>>20417 Its the death of justice in Ameriica, The death of law enorcement, now that white cops will be disinclined to arrest niggers for any reason. This is the start of the south africanization of america.
>>20418 It is the death of justice. God does NOT approve.
>>20419 have we reached Robocop Future America yet?
>>20420 There was a robot dog in New York City recently. It is close than we think.
The sun's out and there is fog in the valleys. A wren flew in thru the open windows. I shooed her out before she shat all over the place.
Sometimes we must suffer tactical losses to ensure strategic victories.
>>20423 never retreating is for anachronistic conventional land warfare, /k/ tier violence.
>>20424 The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.
Will there be peace in the USA now? If I were a betting man I'd be hedging my bets towards Stockpiling lemons for a complete fucking collapse of western civilization
(1.73 MB 720x1280 nYG5YtqtUt5OvhpU.mp4)
(3.36 MB 1280x720 98rGj1GOqLScrmS3.mp4)
(35.13 KB 877x550 ClipboardImage.png)
(385.89 KB 465x741 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20426 >Will there be peace in the USA now? You are 5 hours behind the times White cop shot and killed knife wielding 15 year old joggress, in Columbus, Ohio
>>20427 A black person stabbing a white person is not a crime, the white cop should have just allowed her to stab him.
>>20427 >BLM seemingly vindicated >niggers empowered to disobey police >Bodies continue to fall ESCALATE
>>20427 >Implying we care when you post this garbage. Let the nigger die in anonymity this time, faggot. No need to help the MSM.
I am a NEET no longer, I got a job NEETs. We will see how this turns out.
(84.39 KB 862x575 xtra large.jpg)
>>20431 Us noongas gotta be quiet about namin the dead or they come back and wanna hava go of ya sniff.
>>20433 This is a board of Professional NEETs. I hope your tiffin is ready to go.
"You just gotta go out and meet people" But what if they all think you're a weirdo?
>>20433 I just hope your coworkers are nice
>>20433 Well done m8, I am happy for you.
>>20411 Sup, slept in again. Need to do a load of washing but it's too late now. A couple of old ladies stopped me on the way into town and said if see a little black poodle to try and grab it. I said yes and what's its name. 'Mixy' was its name. I really wanted to find it but did not. For some reason this chicken tasted like kabana but was delicious anyway. The 'rissole' not so much.
(1.18 MB 300x188 1344750189840.gif)
I just got out a job interview for a car wash m8s, they're pretty much on their feet all day and I was expected to keep the place clean, and mow the lawns and shit so I thanked them for the opportunity and fucked off.
>>20437 Me too, They didnt seem too bad from the interview >>20438 Thank you >>20440 That doesnt sound like a executive friendly job.
>>20431 Good luck, within hours, they were chimping out and chanting "say her name" as well as putting her name in stories.
>>20442 Say my name, say my name, say my name When no one is around you, say baby I love you
>>20433 Congratulation mate, I'm happy for you and only a little bit jealous. I hope it all works out for you. >>20436 There's a good chance that's just all in your head and people don't think you're as weird as you think they do.
>>20444 >that's just all in your head Could be. Thanks. Now to figure out how to rewire the brain after years of telling oneself you're a complete loser...
>>20445 I'm in the process of rewiring my brain to stop self-defeating thoughts like that myself. It's going to take quite some time for us but it will be for our own benefit. Negative thoughts are too easy to think.
>>20402 >planning things that will never happen. In my early 20's I entertained the idea of joining the army as a basic foot soldier and being deployed overseas for a good 5-10 years then returning home to a fat savings account from not being able to spend any money, and buying a house with the savings.
>>20401 >Have you been admitted before? once as a teenager, involuntarily, for only a few weeks.
(164.47 KB 1382x1036 gruel.jpg)
Ravenously hungry. Reheated buckwheat for din-dins gruel actually. Unloading is done and I put the new shoplifted lock on the front door. The back door is still broken so it'll be barricaded. I took the broken glass panel out of the woodheater and I'll get it mended when I return to Poz City. Backloading some junk to the landfill. The neighbour has three kids so I'm not gonna strike up a convo "How about that Chauvin trial verdict?!". I'll have to remember that the locals have little to no experience with the Great Replacement. Jelly Beans For Dessert.
(164.01 KB 841x1024 what could go wrong.jpg)
>>20439 >Rissole Stuffing braised in chicken fat. Maybe the poodle was running from a D.V. situation.
>>20440 Car detailing is the sport of kings as long as its your car
The last of the goon has been siphoned off. On to the beers now.
My unmedicated grandma could make a better riot than this in her sleep. Deeply disappointed with the commitment level of those on the left.
>>20450 Well I've never had a rissole that was breaded before, also it had a 'gravy' in the center. A thick brown jelly-like substance. It was all just weird tbqh.
>>20449 feed is feed m8. Is barricading the door necessary? You ain't in the pozzed suburbs anymore right? Chances of being broken into should be slim out in the countryside.
>>20422 An ominous occurrence.
>>20427 Imagine dying in those shoes.
(11.32 MB 1280x720 Wage Cuckin' It.mp4)
>>20433 Congrats, welcome to hell.
Deeply disappointed.
>>20436 Especially when 'out there' is their laundry.
>>20439 >kabana chicken Sounds delicious. Wish you found the dog too.
>>20460 >>20436 Anyone who says this shit is easy is having you on.
>>20447 I entertained the idea of doing a trade through them for a long time.
>>20449 Don't talk politics with the neighbours.
>>20452 I'm keen for a few tonight too.
>>20454 > 'gravy' in the center. I'm not sure that would constitute a rissole then.
>>20462 You make friends at school. Then you lose them and meet acquaintances.
>>20456 Was a good omen IMO
>>20468 The lack of poo in the house was.
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
>>20465 >>20452 Why not... Low low... You know what to do.
>>20449 >buckwheat I've wanted to try cooking with that for ages. How do you like it?
>>20470 I thought of calling in to BWS on the way home but still have a few drinks left in the bottle. Enough for tonight
>>20467 >acquaintances Fuck that tepid shit. I want mates.
>>20473 I've tried with work colleagues, but that only lasts as long as you work with them.
I like mushrooms.
>>20475 I'd like to grow them.
>>20476 Same, would be a lot cheaper than buying them and I know I'd cooking with them a lot.
>>20476 There must be a cheaper way to grow them than these kits they sell as it says it only produces 1.5kg mushies last time I got some from coles they were $9 a kilo and these kits go for $30 plus so not worth it.
>>20477 Oyster mushrooms are my favourite and I need to drive half an hour to get them, and they're like $10 for a small bunch.
This mushroom talk is reminding me of an episode of Hannibal where the serial killer was using the bodies of diabetics to grow mushrooms while they were still alive.
(430.64 KB 640x362 Good Lord.jpg)
Off to IGA in search of feed
>>20480 Gross. Was that netflix? I gotta download it.
>>20482 I torrented it. The series never finished and apparently the final season went to shit so I never had any motivation to finish off what ended up getting released.
>>20471 White man rice. Its good for camping, Its got a earthy flavor, The Ruskies use it for field rations. get the toasted buckwheat or you will be cooking it all night.
Sick of caro having milo
(833.13 KB 1632x1224 Hump Day Haul.jpg)
(196.08 KB 816x612 Tools.jpg)
(142.14 KB 816x612 Protected.jpg)
Got there too late and there was nothing in the hot box. Using a tool box as a pantry until i can seal this place from vermin.
(7.67 KB 239x211 bath bint.jpg)
I did what I set out to do NEETs, I completed the mission and now all thats left is the extraction. I'm staring at the yellow walls and wondering where to start when I return. I have a list of things to bring back, one of them is a bath plug. I also want to grab that dope I stashed in the ravine, Might have a rare pipeful when I hit a milestone with the setup. Might even combine the two. Good Night, White.
>>20486 Nice haul m8, toolbox was a good idea.
>>20486 That curry is a worry. Store your cans upside down so that the rats dont contaminate the tops. rat shit on can tops is really dangerous.
>>20487 Goodnight neet
>>20489 Thanks for the tip. I wash the tops anyway before opening as even the thought of cockroaches crawling over them is nauseating. >>20488 Thank you
>>20487 I did not take Tiffin as the weed-smoking type but whatever. Good night.
>>20487 A bath blunt is well deserved. Good night.
(331.60 KB 1108x1478 Yamamoto Sayaka3.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>20487 Goodnight NEET
Cant sleep. Having a cheese + Peanut butter midnight feast. Coconut sugar in my caro. I found it in a long forgotten container. Mummybot bought it for me before I told her not to get it again because ORANGATANGS DIED FOR THAT SHIT and upset her again
(166.61 KB 1180x703 Ezd8FG3XIAIyAfh.jpg)
>>20429 Wasn't even a White girl, 3 sheboons were fighting
Good Morning NEETs. I dream in memes now.
Back to Poz City. Long drive ahead.Might stop at the servo in spudville and get a pie from the pajeet.
>>20495 A few orangutans dying is worth that sweet coconutty goodness.
>>20497 Morning
>>20498 How many more loads to go?
>>20497 You're attaining advanced NEEThood now. Grats.
>>20494 Night neet
dead thread
>>20500 >>20497 Good morning, woke up from a horrible dream where my brother was trying to kill me with grenades. Washing is in but no clean socks to wear and it's cold af.
(95.17 KB 659x523 Mortal Koombat.jpg)
Gave my hat and shoes a good wash as well in preparation for tomorrow's moofie session. There's only so many times you can spray Glen-20 onto the shoes to 'deodorise' them before it becomes ineffective.
Another IGA quarter chook down the feed pipe. The flavour was the usual and the stuffing had no rice evident. The supplier must've sent them 1 or 2 chooks by mistake that were intended for other companies and I had to be the unlucky cunt to end up with it.
>>20507 I shop at IGA sometimes too m8, their apples are much bigger than the ones at woolies most of the time, I normally just buy their garlic scrolls or bacon and cheese rolls, I only mean the good bacon and cheese rolls, not the shitty fucked up ones that are loaded with grease. I try to eat semi healthy most of the time, so I don't really get their cheap hot food, I'm a bit of a fan of their plastic containers of noodles though.
Another week of uni done.
>>20509 Have sex
>>20510 What's that got to do with anything?
>>20511 Uni lyfe
I rode down to Aldi before and did some shopping. I am currently having a study. Both pairs of shoes have arrived. I don't know if I mentioned them or not. One is a new pair of runners as my old ones are fucked and the other is a pair of lifting shoes. I took the latter to the gym last night for some heavy deadlifting. The slightly raised angle in the heel is nice and I felt a bit more stable compared to doing it just in socks. I haven't tried squatting with them yet but I expect that to be good. I will test out the runners tonight. I got Asics Gel Kayano 27s. I had some 25s some time ago and they were excellent. Of the half a dozen pairs I've used for running, I found those to be the best so I figured I would just go with the updated model. I found the Aldi UHT milk is slightly cheaper than the fresh milk so I intend to buy that from now on. I prefer the taste of it to the fresh milk.
>>20513 I am feeling a bit restless so I am going to go for my run now. I hope these new shoes are as good as the old ones.
>>20505 You need more socks.
>>20513 >I prefer the taste of it to the fresh milk. I only drink UHT now. Fresh milk is good but only if it's one of the fancy organic types, which I never buy due to them being too expensive.
>>20514 Enjoy, do some energetic, controlled squats.
>>20513 You'd get aldi brand shoes if you could.
>>20518 You can. Their trackies look good too.
>>20509 Done with you
>>20506 >Mortal Kombat >Blockbuster
>>20501 The last 1%. A one way trip
(613.36 KB 700x754 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20518 >>20515 >>20519 Speaking of fashion...
>>20523 That would actually be good, on my motorbike the jacket rides up and the trackie pants ride down, that would be good to keep my back warm.
(787.92 KB 652x652 ClipboardImage.png)
(971.43 KB 652x652 ClipboardImage.png)
(973.67 KB 652x652 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20523 UwU. no good for exex or skellies
>>20522 Good stuff. It's all happening.
>>20523 I sometimes wear my shirts like that anyway. Not a bad idea tbh.
>>20525 Fancy pants Tiffin packin action
>>20529 Tiffin livin' is over my head.
(260.99 KB 1843x1382 green and gold.JPG)
(156.41 KB 1843x1382 escarpment.jpg)
Got back to Poz City, Had time to dump the junk I backloaded chucking it out of the back and into the hammer mill conveyor was fun. The drive down was fast and I had a can of monster zero to keep me pingin. I cleaned up some papers from a rest stop, all caught up in the hawthorn hedges. I had a close look at the berries, but I wasnt game to taste them. Pising with rain when until I got to the coast then rain again as I got closer to the Poz. My jelly feels when i go thru my old neighbourhoods, looking at the beady eyed cunts in audis and smart new townhouses, they dont last long anymore. Hungry AF, deep fried and turbo ovened myself some froxen treats. Listening to Starfounder, Still wired.
>>20531 > they dont last long anymore What do you mean?
>>20531 Thanks for the pics neet
>>20532 Do you NEETs ever drive past a place and think to yourself: If I lived there I'd fiix that or change this. I wistfully change houses in my imagination all the time.
>>20531 >dont last long anymore It pisses me off to no end seeing how cheaply made houses are these days due to how volatile land prices are.
>>20535 The house in silver city has the roofing frames made out of hardwood. I passed a couple of trucks carrying roofing trusses but made out of pinewood.
>>20508 Every supermarket seems to have their own specific range of pre-made foods available. Never seen cooked noodle dishes at min for instance.
>>20509 Anything exciting happen?
>>20523 A shirt and cumdies in one. Genius!
>>20525 Grilled octopus legs look so good. Never had them though.
>>20531 Food looks awesome af. Does driving a truck, albeit a mini one, make you feel more 'manly'?
>>20541 Only if he was wearing ruggers and a blue singlet.
>>20534 I'm guilty of that
>>20541 Yeah the big boys in the semis are the only higher rides. I drove like a pussy because the rental jews will make me pay for the everything if I bend it.
After a month at this new place I finally got the motivation to clean the floors. Next month I might clean the walls...
>>20544 That's understandable. You'll have to top-up the fuel tank on return I assume, might cost a few dollarydoos as I'm sure the tank is a decent size.
>>20545 It was piddly, I had to fill up three times.
(56.02 KB 382x550 call of duty modern welfare.jpg)
>>20545 Fuck the floor, You sit in a chair to play vidya dont you neet?
>>20534 Sometimes. I usually just think about what it would've been like when it was good.
>>20540 I've had it a couple times. It was really tough.
>>20550 Probably due to being overcooked
>>20552 Yeah I agree, everytime I cook squid I put it in at the last minute cause thats all the cooking it needs
(65.83 KB 648x750 9vgzh.jpg)
Head is full of mundane shit related to the logstics of moving. Four months and I had a good start because I spent two months during the covid lockdown doing prep. No wonder I put it off, way past seeing the writing on the wall for Poz Cty. Dont know if I want to do bonus rounds or just jump. I'll decide tomorrow when i run around ticking shit off that list I wrote last night. Good Night, White.
>>20554 Seems you are doing well to me. Lots of prep work and careful thought into possible outcomes of different situations. I do everything at the last minute. 1 month at the 'new' place and I haven't cooked a single meal outside of toasting bread and putting eggs into cups of instant noodles. Good night.
Imagine the smell
(1.40 MB 3072x2048 Nikaido Yume.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>20554 Nighty Night NEET
>>20557 Good Lord. They say that taste is subjective yet you consistently post objectively ugly womens. Gook night, based.
aren't you guys the aus "NEET" who allow non neets I remmeber on 8chin you guys all talked about wage slaving just saying hi been a while.
>>20559 >(You) guise Nope only the most autistic unemployed basement dwellers here. You must be thinking of those wagecucks on endchan. >>475 >Board rules >1. The board is for all people of a NEET mindset, even if they are currently employed or studying. Excessive attempts to ostracise people based on their status or to spark divisive discussions about who is and who is not a “real NEET” will not be tolerated.
>>20559 Hi. This is the board for professional neets, endchan has the real neets. If we are wagies then its only temporary until we find a way onto the DSP
Good Morning NEETs. Slept okay even slept in a bit.
(43.44 KB 640x432 Dune.jpg)
New Dune moofie when?
>>20562 >If we are wagies then its only temporary until we find a way onto the DSP total bullshit
(72.86 KB 255x191 Cenno.png)
>>20565 From cenno we come and to cenno we return.
>>20566 what when you're 70? lol
(669.94 KB 609x380 gayadf.png)
Are you boys proud to celebrate our anzac heroes this sunday?
Morning gang.
>>20570 Got a sore elbow and need to have a shower. Yourself?
>>20571 need to have a shower but not gonna ;)
>>20572 stinky neet life
>>20572 The fumes will keep you warm and scare off predators.
>>20562 >>20569 Goodmorning NEETs >>20562 It should be >If we are wagies then its only temporary until the collapse of civilisation
>>20575 Morning Unfortunately, I am one of the NEETs confined to the cage. Bring on the collapse. Until then I guess.
>>20576 you're not a neet you're a wagie mate
>>20577 You're just trying to hurt my feelings.
>>20578 Stating facts nigga
dead thread
(60.01 KB 640x621 collapse.jpg)
>>20576 (You) ready for the collapse?
>>20574 Us noongas have a wash with the campfire dust.
(59.48 KB 636x643 rosepepe.jpg)
Back from bunnings, Went past the Rose garden and I stopped to have a snack and have a wander. The red ones dont smell, my favorites are the pink ones
(345.50 KB 862x575 neckbeard boong.jpg)
>>20582 I object to the racial stereotyping in this post.
>>20558 And you keep posting an ugly Amerigoblin.
(182.99 KB 612x816 Sock.jpg)
(152.32 KB 557x612 Well Nibbled.jpg)
(235.86 KB 989x881 This stick moves.jpg)
>>20515 >You need more socks That I do. Almost walked on top this fecking snake on the way home from IGA. Scared the absolute fuck outta me. Shoved a stick under the gap of the front door that it could easily get through.
>>20586 Do you walk everywhere? I can't be fuckt, I just drive
(208.56 KB 816x612 Moofie Snacks.jpg)
Off to see Mortal Wombat
>>20588 Enjoy m8
>>20588 Where did you find those packets of that butter popcorn? All I can find are the salted packs at my local woolies. I didn't even know different flavours existed.
>>20588 Hope you have a good time mate. >>20586 That snake could have made for some good tucker.
>>20586 Nice feed, hard to tell from the pic but I hope it wasnt a brown
>>20583 Do you eat them?
>>20586 Nice nibblies, not a nice nibbler.
>>20590 I think I've seen them at foodland.
>>20596 >tfw no different stores other than coles and woolies where I live
>>20586 Let the snek in, He just wants the mice.
>>20598 This may be the way he can get rid of them all.
>>20588 Rate Moofie
>>20599 This neet is too poor to afford a cat but snek is free.
>>20601 Snek works faster
>>20602 But snek has low capicity, One mouse per week tops.
(30.30 KB 342x422 spot the snake.jpg)
>>20603 Need more snek
Want chocolate but coles is too far away.
(332.52 KB 1600x1040 cf.jpeg)
>>20605 You will just have to dream about it neet.
Fuck it I'm going out. Better than getting traumatized cruising reddit posts.
(575.30 KB 640x1503 trans tea.jpg)
I just got a warning from the police for not having a rear light on my bike. There is no fine involved with it or anything. I was a bit pissed off but it isn't the worst thing in the world. I'll probably get one tomorrow.
>>20609 That sucks m8, is there a light you can get that doesn't need to have it's batteries replaced constantly?
>>20609 Not having lights makes it easy for drivers to hate on you. Red lights warn off psychos in cars. Its like a good luck charm for your treadlie.
I'm so fucking lonely I don't have anyone I can talk to except the boys on 16 and endchan This is like torture The walls are closing in on me. I don't know what to do All I can do is drink to try and escape this but it never works I don't know what to do What am I going to do for the rest of my life Fuck, its so sad and pathetic that I'm refreshing the neetboards to try and simulate some kind of social atmosphere and delude myself that there are people out there that care about me Fuck How did it all come to this man Horrible
(310.39 KB 1000x1293 1596064846219.jpg)
I ended up running around chasing items on my list. I got the stuff to fix the woodheater for less than one third my original estimate. Driving thru the city is awful and theres heaps of cranky cunts being rude, its rush hour all the time now. Still warm outside at the end of Autumn, Couldnt be bothered to go to coles for chocolate and I'm having some rasins as a snack. Good Night, White.
>>20613 I've seen this copypasta before.
>>20613 Have a wank.
>>20614 night
>>20613 Go see a whore.
>>20613 iktf
>>20587 IGA is a 5-minute walk and a good way to warm up now it's getting colder. If I had a newer car I'd probably just drive everywhere too but am trying to limit any unnecessary wear as much as possible.
>>20589 >>20591 Thank you, it went well. Ended up leaving the Red Bull in the car and buying a small Pepsi MAX. Was still pretty full from the chicken wings so only ate the little bag of popcorn. There was about 10 people there. I would try eating snake but am too much of a wuss to catch one.
>>20592 Negro, I ain't clicking that shit!
(19.30 KB 343x262 Busted.jpg)
>>20598 I'd rather have a mouse in the house, at least they're warm to the touch.
I knocked out a train once.
I've got a very upset stomach. I've consumed roughly 1.5kg of yoghurt, 2.5L of milk and 200g of cheese in the last 24 hours. I may be approaching the limits of my hyperborean genes.
>>20624 That's weird.
>>20613 I don't have any advice but I know that feel.
>>20628 Do you not eat on the toilet?
>>20613 WTF, I don't even remember posting this...
>>20627 It's gonna be a gusher
Cheese isn't even real.
>>20614 Only giving that 'woman' a 2/10. One for each tit. Good night.
>>20630 from*
>>20630 not flowers,
>>20633 I just want it to end. My stomach keeps gurgling.
garn crags
>>20600 It's not that it was bad it just wasn't very good. Might do a thorough review tomorrow when sober. It was the first time to a cinema since about 2019. One of the 'trailers' was an ad on male domestic violence...
>>20639 Get some american honey, ginger beer and a couple limes.
Biggest surprise of the moofie was to see old Keithy George from H-Division. Thought old Chop-Chop took care of him. His American accent not the greatest.
(351.44 KB 1386x2048 Fukada Eimi3.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>20643 Night babe
>>20585 Cope and seethe faggot! Her Basedness is simply beyond your comprehension!
>>20643 Goodnight mate. >>20645 Hideous Amerigoblin. Poor taste there pedoNEET.
Good Morning NEETs Very hungry this morning, Having toast AND oats for brekky.
Big Crypto Dip.
>>20640 I love the woke ads pushing globohomo-great replacement messages at the moofies. You just cant take them seriously since "You wouldnt steal a car".
(77.29 KB 1440x900 1599255246096.jpg)
No wage today, the pajeet got my shift
(294.44 KB 650x1627 singer article.png)
interdasting. Its a little bit slow to come to the table but thats boomers 4 ya.
>>20652 but if they're publishing anonymously how do they know they are academics?
>>20653 I assume its moderated through editors. So not anonymous really
>>20647 Morning. Bloody body clock got me up at 7 when there's no wage.
Morning NEETs. "The residential address you entered in your UAC undergraduate application is identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as being in the lowest 25 per cent of socio-economic disadvantage in Australia." Learnt something new about my town.
>>20656 What does that mean regarding uni?
>>20656 Morning
Big shop. Was going to go to a climate rally but the whole covid sign in dickage made me disinclined plus no free yummy vegan BBQ
>>20655 Your body is cucking you.
>>20659 How can they people to attend if they aren't providing free food?
>>20660 I have no control over it.
>>20657 No idea really, I just that email after applying at UoN.
>>20663 >I just that email Really need to make sure I proofread my assignments in the future.
>>20661 The key note speaker was a "Guardian of the Land" I.e. a boong
>>20656 Are they calling you a Nigger?
>>20665 i wonder how much he was paid for it.
(16.74 KB 445x482 i hate the jews.jpg)
>>20666 Maybe Queenslanders are the niggers of Australia after all.
>>20667 I would guess more than what they get paid to attend funerals for
>>20667 Its the scion of a career boong activist so its just career service I suppose.
(47.79 KB 430x663 nobody.jpg)
Its too nice an afternoon to sit around but I had a huge lunch and I'm disinclined to go out. Might see a moofie at six
How hard is it to get a job involving forklifts and shit? I'm thinking of getting my licensee for one.
>>20672 >licensee Fuck me, licence
>>20672 Once you have your ticket, it's not too bad.
>>20672 I'm considering getting one as well.
(2.56 MB 1843x1382 stash 1.JPG)
(1.45 MB 1843x1382 attitude adjustment.jpg)
Just got back from a patrol up the ravine for the last time before I squat there 4 real. Accessed/grabbed my stash for the coming winter, checked the two basecamps, inspected the trees I planted and walked the premeter. Really hungry and stuffed. Just want to park my arse in a comfy cinema seat tonight. Waiting for tea to cook , it involves cheese. Having a Caro with coconut milk and some panadol
>>20648 What flavour?
(2.25 MB 1843x1382 stash2.JPG)
>>20677 dunno all of em i think.
>>20651 kek, the poo took on your shit
>>20676 >>20678 Thanks for sharing the pics. I've never seen anything like that green cylindrical container before, is there a name for it? I assume that rubber gasket is to keep it waterproof and the whole thing can float.
>>20672 I think the majority of forklift operator jobs are handled through labour-hire companies, so you'll have to impress them.
>>20681 Its some kind of army tube for a rocket. But there was no rocket in it when I got it, ages ago
>>20682 which means 1+ year experience lol
>>20676 Nice pipe
>>20672 I think you get a job cleaning forklifts for a while before they let you drive them
>>20685 I took it off a dead man.
>>20687 Did pop pop give it to you?
>>20684 Yeah and at least 2 (two) professional references which I never seem to have when job hunting, because I like to burn bridges.
>>20688 Nah this boomer staying in a van at my squat suicided and all the gannets I lived with took everything except his beloved pipe.
>>20689 References are a cunt to get if you're not one of the boyz.
>>20676 >>20678 Thanks for the pics neet.
>>20691 All you need is a m8 to take a call as your 'previous boss' and bullshit for you
Get a neet to pose as your boss.
Off to the gym noots.
>>20695 Have a good lift neet
>>20693 >All you need is a m8
(25.38 KB 474x355 oim.jpg)
(119.00 KB 794x1191 vegan.jpeg)
The moofie "Nobody" was okay. Very high body count typical of a shoot-em-up these days. The villains were the Russian Mafiya and there were some pointless token blacks inserted to no good effect. Big crowd in the cinema, Got a bit nervous that I was in someone's seat. The promos were good, Fast and furious 9 "fukn magnets man" and some Jason Statham vehicle. Def gonna download them. Not rating the moofie but the cinema experience got four out of five poo blurts from the vegan jellies I got from coles on the way. Rat shit tired, likely no wage tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>20699 Goodnight NEET, im glad like the movie experience. The Jason Statham movie is Wrath of Man which is directed by Guy Ritchie, I like his movies.
>>20699 >Got a bit nervous that I was in someone's seat 'Reserved seating' needs to be abolished! I've been in that situation before, just sat down wherever because hardly anyone, then 5 minutes after scheduled start time someone is telling me I'm sitting in their seat... >big crowds What else did you expect on a Saturday night? You tryna be a normie?
>>20646 This place is not for you. Please go back to Reddit... er I mean Endchan. And 'don't come back.
(484.32 KB 992x1495 Maeda Atsuko.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>20702 Kek, nice try mate. Your pedo spergouts on Endchan helped strengthen Nuro's position there. >>20703 >>20699 Goodnight fellas.
>>20704 > nice try Perhaps I need to remind you of the fact I'm not getting banned here...? Please just disappear.
Just 'fade into the background'...
>>20705 Settle down.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept right thru, no piss breaks, no wake ups.
>>20708 Morning Neet. >Slept right thru, no piss breaks, no wake ups. Sounds great
>>20709 Listening to the ABC news on the radio
I heard the last post on the bugle, Couldnt get it together to play it outside this year. I always miss the bit in the middle.
No wage today. Might do some hobby shit ot at sisterclone's or might spend all day shitpositng
Morning NEETs. >>20708 >Slept right thru, no piss breaks, no wake ups. It's a great feeling when that happens.
>>20709 >>20713 >>20714 Morning NEETs. Going down to Coles to get something for lunch. You want, or what?
>>20715 A steak and mushroom pie and a custard tart please.
>>20716 Nope. Coles was shut, Why didnt you tell me? Only toast and caro.
>>20717 I think they open at 11. I'm not real sure though. Got some promite or marmalade for the toast?
>>20718 Forget it. I had toast and eggs without any sauce whatsoever.
I am going to put on some sunscreen and go for a quick jog.
>>20720 Its a bit late in the season for sunscreen.
Off to sisterclone's to do some craftwork.
>>20720 >>20722 Enjoy neets
Having another cup of caro.
did my meal prep for the week. It was really annoying that the shops only opened at 1.
(198.14 KB 1200x800 nicewhite.jpg)
I had a go at making a new bow from u-pvc today. It turned out okay and I'll keep practicing with what I learned today. I bought a Doktor Oketor pizza for oldad and a Coles brand one for myself , the Oketor one looked a lot better than the Coles one which got burned on the bottom in his weber. Oldad was kvetching about having to hassle his deceased second wifes family for money for a new fence. He stays in her house for free untill he dies, its in the will. He will end up living in this arrangement for thirty years, I predict, so nice going dad you could cough up the $800 yourself. Wage tomorrow, Likely for the next 7 days then I'm out for the winter. Good Night, White.
>>20726 Night mate
(82.62 KB 300x300 danjew.png)
>>20725 Its not my fault, public holiday trading restrictions are the bane of my life too.
>>20726 Goodnight NEET, i hope you had fun practicing.
Do all neets have an internal monologue? I want to get to the stage where its quiet most of the time.
(237.40 KB 1478x1108 Oguri Yui.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>20732 Goodnight.
>>20731 You need to do everything he says so he has nothing to ask of you.
Very disappointed with the recent behaviour of BO, deleting pics one of which yourself posted. Guess you ain't so based after all...
>>20735 Not BO. t. gvol
Good Morning NEETs. Wearing all black today, feel like stealing some lemons.
>>20735 Everyone has a Boss, NEET. That means doing what your boss says.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-25/targa-tasmania-investigation-into-deaths-mundy-neagle-navin/100093896 >Driver was earlier warned to slow down on double caution sections >Low talent boomer from all accounts >too fast coming over crest >partially airborne + impact likely damages control >High speed impact Oof.
Yay. Sounds of bins getting emptied.
Can o' beans for breakky.
>>20738 Morning
>>20742 >>20743 Morning Neets. Sometimes I'm wondering if I should just drop the neetdom in my life and get back on the gravy train tbh. Problem is, I will very likely be fed up with it all again and walk away, again.
Working 3x10 shifts was the best. 5x8 is just shit
>>20738 Grab me some limes please.
(34.47 KB 409x409 1619361046865.jpg)
Watching Mortal Kombat, it's pretty shit
>>20748 Really? Damn. I'm watching War Dogs right now, it's pretty decent actually.
>>20749 Yeah, I'm not a fan of the games or an anything so I don't feel any nostalgia watching it, some people may think differently though.
(2.84 MB 854x480 blue.webm)
I saw a youtube clip yesterday of Louis Theroux going up to random woman and talking with them to get their number and there was a guy telling him what to say, it turns out it's from a documentary, Selling Sex, I'm watching it now.
(3.26 MB 640x480 1617289122891.webm)
(4.84 MB 640x360 1618358077102.webm)
(406.91 KB 1191x1600 aussies.jpg)
>>20753 lmao
>>20753 that was some trippy ass masonic shit going on there
(86.45 KB 861x569 KingToddlerJFS.jpg)
(229.66 KB 1843x1382 museli slice.JPG)
Daylight Tiffin stuffing action. None for the unbased.
>>20752 Ow my ears.
>>20759 That is one delicious looking fruit/nut slice
>>20753 Hearty Kek. Might get it together to go to civic club tonight. Might
>>20759 Stuffed good and proper.
>>20762 Its squishy and moulded to the shape of my tiffin. Now there is only one slice and its all for me.
>>20741 Don't you just love the lingering stench of filth on bin day?
>>20745 I hear ya, the mon-fri working life is soul-destroying
>>20750 I saw it at the really big television place. The CGI was certainly better than the 90's film but the actors in that shit all over those in the new film.
>>20759 Well sliced neet
>>20754 I'll give you a good shilling boy!
It is only a matter of time.
(89.20 KB 799x453 Might or may.jpg)
>>20763 How's that bugle going?
>>20772 Its good. I need to practice, thats one motivaiotn for going to civic club tonight.
>>20773 Then you need to go
The true NEET-Lyfe would be so much more bearable being good-looking
(106.35 KB 702x508 Open wide.jpg)
It's that time of the day NOOT
You'll feel so much better afterward. Trust me.
So far the glowies have been unable to stop me. I on the other hand routinely disrupt their operations. In partiular, I use my knowledge about female psychology to turn their female agents against them.
(3.36 MB 2448x3264 Bulk Nut Butter.jpg)
(407.15 KB 1560x1088 Fridge Open.jpg)
(534.74 KB 1632x1224 Freexer.jpg)
Finally acquired a fridge after a near month-long hunt. Bought it from a based old guy in a retirement village. A 'man's man'. The kind that'll look you straight in the eye as he shakes your hand. Not the modern day 'man' that'll just flick their head up at you and call you 'bro'... Just turned it on after picking it up yesterday arv. It was a tight squeeze putting it into the hatchback. It's said that after laying any fridge on its side you should leave it upright for 24hrs before turning it back on, though that may be one of those 'old wives tales'. Some (of those Internet people) say it only needs to be left upright for the same amount of time it was horizontal), but I erred on the side of caution. Cost $75. It's pretty quiet. I didn't notice until returning home that the 'freezer' compartment has its own seal, unlike most bar fridges I've been looking at the past few weeks. I have a feeling that's a good thing. It's a ~120L and I'm glad I held out to get one instead of going for the much smaller ~50L fridges. I'd classify this as a 'mini fridge' as opposed to a 'bar fridge' as the latter conjures images of 'man caves', said men escaping wives and simply wanting to keep bottles of beer cold while pretending to do something productive.
>>20780 Very tidy.
>>20780 Done well m8, it will be handy to have a fridge again.
>>20783 >iktf
>>20784 Niggers.
Went out in search of a roast chook to christen the new fridge only to discover all the stores have shut earlier than usual due to the public holiday. The liquor stores were open though...
>>20785 Biggers.
Each lecture starts with that acknowledging coons spiel, that shit is so fucking cult-like.
>>20780 Good stuff, you got a deal.
I find it odd how sometimes canned spaghetti is really watery and sometimes it's really thick. I prefer it being thick.
>>20790 As someone who eats a lot of caned tuna I find a similar thing, each batch tastes different, I'm guessing it's when your particular can was canned at the beginning the middle or the end of the process.
>>20776 I get my dose of reality at teh wage thanx
>>20788 Nah its to appease the psychos and ward off their badness. Its like that moofie 300 when King Leonidas had to climb the clif to pay the mystics in silver for their approval in battle.
>>20780 >Sit the fridge upright for 12 hours before turning it on the refrigerant gas doesent care if its fucking upside down its the oil in the sealed compressor that needs to drain back to the sump and that should take about one minute.
Any moofie recommendations neets? sci-fi preferred. t. started downloading torrents again and broke my tv
>>20795 Limitless was pretty good
(52.95 KB 500x661 1606615723442.jpg)
Civic club was fun and I gave the noob with my old bugle a pep talk and he got into it by the end. I had egg sandwiches and pinched a beer for later. One of the boomers I dont like started interrogating me anout what I was going to do in Silver City and I told him I was going to be a NEET, Then I had to explain the concept to him twice. One of the other boomers I like told me he did surveying up there and he has a hill named after him. I will miss the whole thing. Wage was okay, the chads flirting with the staceys gave me the shits for a while tho, but they're entitled to because they're wagies and if you cant escape the lyfe then you might as well get a good cellmate. More wage tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>20795 i liked the new blade runner
>>20797 Goodnight NEET, im glad you had an okay day
>>20797 Night m8
>>20796 >>20798 Seen it. :(
(365.52 KB 1536x2048 Tanaka Miku1.jpg)
>>20801 Im sorry but i cant think of anything else right now, anyway goodnight NEETs
Good Morning NEETs. Slept well and still have 2 lemons left.
>>20795 Can you get a new tv off GumTree?
>>20801 This moofie was pretty good even if it was for teenagers. The same with the "maze runner" series.
More wage. No surprise
neets are subhumans
>>20797 >he did surveying up there and he has a hill named after him. That's kinda neet, neat.
>>20780 Looks like you came out ahead there Neet.
>>20812 pretty much
>>20812 >>20815 Ahh, the old diversity-hire-tier Good-cop, bad-cop shtick again, ehh?
>>20797 >I will miss the whole thing. Hopefully they have something similar there.
>>20808 Morning
>>20816 what the fuck are you on about?
>>20802 Night neet. >>20808 >>20818 Morning
>>20794 >needs to drain back to the sump That makes a lot of sense. I left it off for exactly 24 hours, purely for peace of mind. Now I worry how much extra it's going to cost in electricity as these bar fridges aren't as energy efficient as the larger ones.
>>20795 I remember a NOOT who dropped his large brand new TV the day he got it and posted about it back on 8coon. Needless to say he was absolutely gutted.
>>20797 >tfw no oven or beautiful woman to bake for you
>>20797 >FEET
4cuck is back to posting blacked/demoralisation threads again. The nigger is the golden calf of our era.
(97.12 KB 811x363 Roast pork and hash browns.jpg)
(98.29 KB 629x375 Sanga.jpg)
Something a bit different for lunch than the usual chicken wings
Hit the goon pretty hard yesterday from 2 till about 8, and didn't eat anything besides a tin of tuna and cup of instant noodle shortly before passing out around 9pm. Awoke at 6am to what felt like I was going to die, due to the sudden onset of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. My body temperature rose very quickly and I was sweating quite profusely all over. Removed all blankets, clothes and lay down shaking with the pedestal fan on full blast. Had a couple mouthfuls of goon to help 'relax' all the while promising yet again I'll quit. Wish there was a cure for stupidity.
>>20827 >temperature rose very quickly and I was sweating quite profusely all over I had that once. It was about an hour after drinking a massive amount of goon. I had a shower and vomited twice in the night. It was pretty awful. I didn't quite want to die but I just wanted to drink until everything stop. I don't know if that counts as a suicide attempt lol.
>>20826 Interesting feed neet
>>20816 I feel like I'm surrounded by enemies and idiots at teh wage.
>>20780 STUFF IT
>>20827 thats not good m8, you need to feed even if you dont really feel like it.
>>20827 Go and see the doctor and get a blood test.
>>20826 Potato cakes >> Hash browns
>>20828 Needs more practice.
Some low-wit woman mistook me for someone else at teh wage today, she started off about how she talked to my father in law and how he thought I was a skellie looking geek but now thinks I'm sorta okay. I didnt care enough to correct her but its hurtful to be reminded that I dont have a viable body type to be liked immediately.
>>20822 It was a devastating day.
>>20826 Hmm, that's different.
Had a decent enough day. Went out grocery shopping then sat down at one of the seats for a while, might not be a big deal but getting out of the house and around other people, even if not interacting with them, was nice. Hope you all had a good day, see you all tomorrow.
>>20835 Thanks for reminding me of my error. They were indeed potato scallops not hash browns or potato 'cakes' ;)
>>20840 Thanks neet, have a good night
>>20822 My theory is that the T.V. Committed suicide If this post disturbs you, call lifeline
>>20840 >around other people. I hope you washed your hands before touching food, NEET
>>20837 >dont have a viable body type to be liked immediately IKTF, see >>20775
>>20840 Sometimes I stand outside the shopping centre for a bit just before leaving and people watch.
>>20846 Get a window seat at a cafe and get a thickshake. Ppl watching is a common passtime.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-27/william-crowther-statue-reinterpreted-aboriginal-artist/100097642 >statue of colonial doctor who cut off the head and feet of a renown aboriginal and sent them to the natural history museum in England was reinterpreted with a red head and hands, holding the aboriginal flag and a saw. >The artwork is intended to enable community discussion. Lets assume that the moderators of this discusson will edit off-message comments.
>>20848 Wow, the ABC sure is neutral.
>>20847 May as well sit with the geriatrics who go just to do that
(51.88 KB 413x478 1602931337868.jpg)
>>20848 >Bait That normie Reeee...
Off to the gym. Bye noots.
(1.61 MB 1200x630 lift.png)
>>20852 Have a good lift neet.
(84.59 KB 1600x900 bond girl.jpg)
Big dinner tonight NEETs. Popcorn, eggs + mushrooms, veg and chips, then I had some of those museli slices and a creamy dessert cup I got from teh wage. A pretty cheap feast which always makes it better, free food is tastier, although cheap shit like coke tastes expensive as in costly to your organism. I stopped drinking coke cold turkey when I found out on reddit that the coloring is carcinogenic. You cant beat the buzz from a big glug of lemon water. Its much easier to deal with clown world IRL now that I'm on my last days in the city. Just stay off the news websites and we'll all make it NEETs. Good Night, White.
>>20854 Night m8
>>20852 Have a good pump
(248.02 KB 900x1200 Sakamoto Marin.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>20854 Goodnight NEET
>>20854 >>20857 Goodnight NEETs.
Good Morning NEETs I ate too much last night and didnt sleep that great. Would still do it again tho.
(693.93 KB 551x642 ClipboardImage.png)
Morn' NEETs >"hol up, whot u got there in yoour wheely bob? iit-iint a taable stabby? Its the Tower for yoou now!"
(1.06 MB 1392x788 1619546980876.png)
Extra half an hour until wage, having a caro wishing I could stop browsing /pol/
(553.03 KB 1498x1165 1450208577231.jpg)
Morning NEET pumpers.
(475.93 KB 1130x1013 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.16 MB 680x636 ClipboardImage.png)
(356.42 KB 951x1443 1619045185468.jpg)
>>20862 related to >>20427
dead thread
Morning. Had an appointment scheduled with a new job agency earlier, but didn't go. Was too hungover to risk driving and woke too late to catch the bus. Fark. Called and made a lie the car battery died.
>>20867 >Called and made a lie the car battery died. What did they say?
>>20868 Spoke to the receptionist. Awaiting a call back from my case manager. A woman...
>>20869 You're in trouble!
I'm planning on moving to a different city next year for study. Should I start applying for casual/part time jobs before or after moving and having found a place to live? The place I move to will be near where I'm studying, thus the places I apply to will be within close distance to both those places. Sorry if it's a retard question, this will be the first time I ever move out of town so I'm not really sure how to go about this stuff. Very little life experience for someone my age.
Wagie on board.
>>20871 You don't get a jon
(32.16 KB 278x255 STAB.jpg)
Is it a fad among young girls these days to stab each other?
>>20872 Gibz more tax monies plz, I need more goon
>>20871 You may as well be asking a homeless drunken boong for advice on Bitcoin investment.
(162.70 KB 1843x1382 gold.jpg)
I GRAB THE GOLD WHEN YOUR FISTS ARE DOWN Brazen daylight lemon tree raid. Also went to coles and made eye contact and a nod with the other schixo wearing a mask.
This is why Nuro moved to QLD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_UzRoEF954
>>20871 You want to move away from your local network, work and study, I say pick two,
>>20877 >Stolen lemons based >POPPING CORN based >Bega cheese based >Mushrooms overpriced but still based >Almond water
(27.04 KB 334x368 ScoMo.jpg)
The BO has lost his shit!
Why is it that the country where the "pandemic" started is now the country where there are no fucking cases? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/china/ That number has barely moved in a year. It was 88,000 when the chinks stopped testing.
>>20882 It was 83,000 exactly a year ago. They have had a whopping 7,000 cases since then. Yet their English-facing news site still treats COVID as though it isn't a hoax the NWO/Great Reset faggots are foisting on us. Thanks a lot you lousy fucking bugmen.
>>20883 http://english.sina.com/news/world/asia-pacific.html >china they report on economic activities in a very "Hong Kong" British economic zone type of way >every other country they report on COVID I say the chinks are in on the scam.
>>20884 No wonder Trump hated them. Not shilling Trump, just saying that he had some good points. He would probably be a good economic minister under a military strongman president.
COVID on every fucking channel. Only one guy is making sense. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/india-celebrity-vaccine-promoter-dies-after-receiving-vaccine-amidst-claim-virus-deaths-increasing/ >What I have concluded is that although we cannot be certain, the single most likely explanation for the spike in deaths appears to be the vaccine itself. Read the article. The third wave of deaths in India only got started when they started mass vaccinations.
(121.36 KB 1334x998 ClipboardImage.png)
(104.87 KB 1330x874 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20886 >pics related >1=vaccinations >2=deaths
>>20887 Finally, Anglin's prediction: >India has responded to the “COVID surge” by increasing the rate of vaccination. In theory, if the vaccine is causing the deaths, this should lead to a continued increase in deaths, and then eventually a sharp drop in deaths after most people who are willing to get the vaccine have done so. We shall see.
>>20877 Nice lemon haul.
I saw a wild tiffin NEET today. He was getting 8 bags of potting mix from foodland, wearing orange bather shorts and a cowboy hat. He made me wait while he ran back to the isle and got another bottle of soy milk.
(198.86 KB 2304x1728 passport.jpg)
Calling all passengers for FLAVORTOWN
>>20887 Dunno. just shows that the vaccine isnt working. Maybe the stupid pajeets are getting their covax and chucking their masks and hand sanitiser in the bin.
>>20890 >bather shorts How are you supposed to shoplift in that getup?
>>20888 were they using pajeet brand covax or the ching chong one? anyway its probably just gaslighting to keep the borders shut or get the west to send megadollars in aid which can be redirected with graft.
>>20878 That filthy bugger ought to be horsewhipped
(581.76 KB 1632x1224 A Few Things.jpg)
(448.98 KB 1224x1632 Paper.jpg)
>>20832 I bought a few things, but money is very tight now I'm living alone. The hauls will never be quite as big until I get a job.
>>20891 Feed looks good but please don't use the 'f word' around here please
>>20896 >coked-out fuckwit Do you not know the truck-driving cunt who actually killed the pigs was a degenerate meth head?
>>20897 Bring your own shopping bag next time you ECO WRECKER
>>20899 Yeah he got forty years jail for vehicular manslaughter which is super rare because cunts kill thier spouses with their cars and walk free. Making a video as a first thought in a situation says a lot about your state of mind tho. I wonder if it got uploaded? probably not
>>20897 Good haul neet
>>20897 Finally off the mark with your larder I see.
What the fark is a 'larder'?
Never mind, the Internet has told me what's what
https://www.bordermail.com.au/story/7217917/still-no-bid-for-bail-by-accused-facing-far-right-terror-charges/ The ZOG is making an example of Tyler Jakovak. Hows your online OPsec boys?
>>20906 from xyz.net.au >his only offence was not giving a fuck about hurting brown people’s feelings and sharing content from “siege >larp” Telegram groups on his Telegram page. kek, post that sort of crap from his telegram page, fucked up the rest of his life because he's stupid. >Hows your online OPsec boys? LOL better than his.
>>20907 Hope the deradicalization program is not too traumatic.
>>20893 I've seen how well he can stuff a tiffin.
>>20897 Decent haul.
>>20905 What is it?
Doing the washing, Have to hang it up tomorrow before teh wage.
Was thinking today about how I never got around to seeing a whore while I was living in Poz City. I cruised a couple of times but couldnt part with the money. Poor sad whores cant buy groceries and clothes now because I'm so slack. I feel bad about this. Now its too late and Silver City is too small to see a whore and keep it discreet. Maybe its better to not pay women. I was reading the "Thats Life!" in the tea room and some onlyfans whore was laffing at men giving her money. At least I'm not being laffed at by some middle aged potato woman. Good Night, White.
>>20913 You could've picked one up and brought her with you.
>>20914 He could have kept her in the spare room and made her hunt mice for free rental and sex.
(148.98 KB 1108x1478 Toomi Nico.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>20913 Goodnight NEET
>>20916 Gooknight neet
Good Morning NEETs. Actually quite mild morning today. I cant remember it being like this so late in the season. Global warming is great.
>>20918 Morning, it's just below 10 here.
>>20915 >He could have kept her in the spare room and made her hunt mice for free rental and sex
>>20920 >>20918 Good morning, up early for once. Not sure of the temp but am wearing socks, 2 shirts and wrapped in a blanket while sipping hot coffee.
It was almost a very bad morning lads. Had the new 2nd-hand fridge running overnight for the first time, and the compressor seemed to be running non-stop. Anyway I heard it switch off around 7 this morn and it didn't come back on since. I thought it had died. Just turned it back on after switching it off for 30 minutes and joyfully heard the sound of the compressor running. I may be overthinking the situation and the fridge is working as it should.
(34.55 KB 465x220 Larder.jpg)
>>20924 Hope it continues to work neet.
>>20892 Fucking retard.
>>20894 If the pajeets are dying in such large numbers while other countries are also being vaccinated then it's probably the pajeet vaccine being deadlier than any other vaccine.
>>20896 Dumb cunt, Pusey is based, faggot cops just go fishing for revenue and they got slapped upside the head for it, finally. I have no sympathy for cops whose job it is to raise revenue.
>>20906 They are taking out anyone who might show leadership potential. Unfortunately the lad shared his shit on an account linked to his real identity. Nevertheless, the police and feds will have to pay for what they have done to him.
This is a good read. It shows just how evil and depraved our enemies really are. https://xyz.net.au/2021/01/national-justice-exclusive-notorious-nazi-satanic-group-is-an-illegal-counter-intelligence-operation-controlled-by-two-career-fbi-informants/ >White cites a 2012 memoir by undercover FBI operative David Gletty on how the FBI itself inserted these agent provocateurs and spies in dissident groups to undermine law-abiding citizens engaging in First Amendment activity, even quoting a strategy session where Special Agent Kevin Farrington told him, “plant the bomb of paranoia, and disruption, at the heart of this group, then, fuck with their minds until they break.” It also shows why we should show these people no mercy when we eventually get power over them.
>>20931 >According to three sources who were involved with Atomwaffen Division (AWD) or are familiar with the legal cases of their members, Josh Sutter, Jillian Hoy (pictured above), and anonymous FBI operatives were behind the group’s sudden plunge into moral depravity following the incarceration of the group’s founder. >One source told National Justice that they first met Josh Sutter at a National Socialist Black Metal event associated with the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine in 2018. Sutter presented himself as the leader of the O9A in America, which edgier members of AWD found intriguing. Sutter is the author of multiple gruesome books about mass murder, the rape of infants, ritual violence and psychological torture, such as Blue Bird and Iron Gates, which are published by Martinet Press, a Satanist book company run by Hoy that is based out of their South Carolina trailer. The couple used their influence in the group to make the two books mandatory reading for new AWD recruits. At least we have a tell for infiltration: moral depravity. Once again, those who walk in straight ways, and in righteousness, will be saved.
>>20929 > Pusey is based Na he's just a drugo and got what he deserved.
>>20923 The very definition of a chill Neet?
>>20933 Fuck off bootlicker. >>20932 On one occasion... >According to a source with knowledge of Gullett’s case, Sutter goaded the two men, while they were inebriated, to engage in empty talk about robbing banks. Sutter, who had the men’s trust, was filming them the entire time. Both Thornton and Gullett pled guilty and served long prison stretches for this informant instigated “conspiracy.” Then on another occasion... >According to the same source, Sutter went to the Texas home of an AWD member for a party, waited for the group to get drunk, then allegedly persuaded them into talking about various criminal conspiracies as he covertly filmed them, similar to what he did to Morris Gullett in 2005. We are reminded again of God's will. 1 Peter 5 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.
(27.73 KB 644x135 Woman crushed.jpg)
Talk about bad luck. The guy who jumped also died. But you never know, perhaps the guy wanted to land on someone.
>>20913 >At least I'm not being laffed at by some middle aged potato woman. I'd say you're ahead of the game in that sense at least, then Neet.
>>20897 Quite nice to see the old fridgy getting loaded up Neet.
>>20926 Thank you
>>20938 This place now feels more of a 'home' now I've got a fridge. Was getting quite depressed not having one.
>>20871 >before or after After, obviously. You'll need to get the lie of the land first Neet. But don't wait too long either ofc. Say two weeks. But you can start looking at anything posted online today. If you have money to be making a move like this in the first place, then pad the piggy bank with enough to live on for a full two months w/o work to give yourself a bit of a buffer.
>>20940 They tell me, "Wherever a NEET hangs his hat is home." >ergo So, keeping an icebox that's roughly the same size as your hat is sure to pay off in spades.
>>20935 >Both Thornton and Gullett pled guilty and served long prison stretches for this informant instigated “conspiracy.” That kind of glownigger gayop technique is as old as the hills. That fed should be collared for entrapment. >glowniggers == Satan's puppets I don't honestly believe that every glownigger is a demon, but it sure seems to me a surprisingly high percentage of them are, population-wise. This statistical aberration will only get worse and worse as the Globohomo Marxist regimes/juntas gain more powers.
>>20906 Tyler, like Hitler, did nothing wrong. https://xyz.net.au/2021/02/tyler-jakovac-did-nothing-wrong/ >>20907 >fucked up the rest of his life because he's stupid. Most teens are you know. The blatant dog-and-pony show being made over this is pandering af. The globalists and their corporate-controlled media have the public sentiment right in the palms of their slimy, grubby little hands. I doubt even a percentage of the public bothered to even look over the situation beyond swallowing the corporate-controlled media pozzload all at one go, then moving on to the daily plandemic pozz page for more of the same. The kid was unwise for certain, but the fact the majority of the population want to throw the lad to the lions over wrongthink and nothing more, shows just how inept the LEA actually is, and how brainwashed the public is. Maybe the focus should be on the known, actual Islamic terrorists invading the country -- with actual high body counts to their group's name -- than some foolish kid who just happened to have no good sense of OPSEC developed yet.
https://xyz.net.au/2021/04/china-nationalists-smash-cyber-network-of-feminists-and-foreign-backed-social-justice-warriors/ Personally, like Anglin, I'm quite favorable to China in general (other than the basic Marxism ideology bullshit). Certainly they have a stronger sense of Nationalism than the now-entirely-pozzed-and-getting-worse-daily West does. Like Tyler, they are being targeted for defamation beyond their basic, inherent misdeeds by the globalist kikes, simply b/c they are anti-Globohomo.
>>20942 >an icebox that's roughly the same size as your hat Smartarse
>>20946 Heh. Hey it worked for me in my uni days. Though as I said, I had to stuff the little bugger into the closet b/c compressor noise. Still, quite a nice investment.
Never seen smoked bulbs of garlic before, but damn they smelled good. $40-odd bucks a kilo though.
>>20947 >Heh. Hey Is it fucking Saturday already? Yours must've been one noisy little fucker as I could sleep comfortably with mine running. It's definitely noticeable, but not annoying.
>>20949 The main noise was the solenoid kicking in. Other than that it was fine. >Saturday already? Nope. Looks to be Friday here by all accounts.
Welp, turns out Tyler has good company as an ebil White Nahdzee...Nick Fuentes. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/nick-fuentes-put-on-the-no-fly-list-by-the-feds-conservative-twitter-forms-convoy/
Gonna buy a thermometer for me fridge as its internal temp-control settings of 'off, mid and coldest' leave much to the imagination
(77.52 KB 862x485 craig_kelly.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-26/craig-kelly-facebook-page-removed-covid-19-misinformation/100095622 Hmmm. Why exactly do they want to silence him do you think? Will he be the next one put on the globohomo's no-fly list I wonder?
>>20952 Good thinking Neet. It looks like a good'n, so it's probably plenty cool. How does it feel to the touch on it's coldest?
I know there's at least one of you dogs talking shit about me. Wanna go cunt?
>>20954 Even on the 'mid' setting everything seems cold enough and the 'freexer' compartment has an icy film covering
(127.11 KB 634x906 jacks-last-pic-1.jpg)
>>20956 I'd say you're good to go then, Neet. Probably get a mini thermometer that magnets to the inside maybe? My brother's family had a friend who died of the gene replacement vaccine after just 3 days. 3 days. But who the fuck ever heard of a vigorous healthy young man dying of it? > This shit is evil.fucking.rat's poison. Steer clear is my advice. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/healthy-27-year-old-engineer-dies-3-weeks-after-mysterious-coronavirus-vaccination/
>>20957 >3 days. BTW, she was just 31, but with some health issues.
(727.15 KB 618x618 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20941 >tfw two months is just my corned beef supply
https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/top-australian-official-warns-drums-war-beat-tensions-china-rise >"In a world of perpetual tension and dread, the drums of war beat — sometimes faintly and distantly, and at other times more loudly and ever closer," said Australia’s Department of Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo in comments that were made public on Tuesday. >"Today, as free nations again hear the beating drums and watch worryingly the militarization of issues that we had, until recent years, thought unlikely to be catalysts for war, let us continue to search unceasingly for the chance for peace while bracing again, yet again, for the curse of war," he said. <implying Australia is a free nation
(600.11 KB 1224x1632 Smoked Garlic.jpg)
(915.17 KB 1632x1224 Nooders.jpg)
(455.68 KB 1632x1224 Thai beef noodle salad.jpg)
(603.86 KB 1632x1224 Last night's dinner.jpg)
Back from IGA. Think I found that noodle section that one NOOT was talking about. But I ain't paying almost 10 bucks for a tiny serve of Thai beef nooders. I'll stick to the dollar cups of instant noodle using bamboo kebabs sticks as chopsticks.
>>20961 >smoked garlic Would someone please fetch the guillotine?
>>20959 Excellent work then lad. You should be good to go too, but I still suggest waiting until you're on the ground there before signing on the dotted for a wagie. What will you study?
>>20963 I'm not him neet, just another random neet with a can-hoarding problem. I just thought it was funny that while normal people prepare for two months without a job, I prepare for two months hiding from commie death squads in an underground bunker.
>>20924 You should get a spare fridge just in case
>>20948 Are they Aussie? there is a lot of chink garlic around.
(54.44 KB 736x714 utter_disdain_man.jpg)
>>20960 The globohomo has decided now that China won't be their little bitches "those nationalistic fucks" and so now they have to go. They were quite open about trying to court favor with them until just the past, say, 6 months or so. The kikes running the corporate-controlled media are singing quite a different birdsong now though. >'Drum-beats' Pfft, indeed. You'd think they at least could try to hire something better than a diversity-tier third-stringer to pen their hit pieces for them. Plebeians.
>>20961 That IGA doesn't seem to sell a lot of wholefoods.
>>20961 That IGA doesn't seem to sell a lot of wholefoods.
Jesus Christ. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/scotland-trucker-gets-18-months-in-jail-for-owning-stun-gun-and-pepper-spray/ >“You pled guilty to possession of a pepper spray for your protection after you were assaulted by illegal immigrants during the course of your work. That is no excuse, you have only yourself to blame,” lectured Judge Lord Mulholland at the High Court in Glasgow. These judges are disarming workers who are being attacked by vibrants. They need to hang.
>>20967 I am quite happy to deal with China as long as they call out the scamdemic for what it is, and accept a white, Christian Australia that has reciprocal foreign ownership laws. >Chinese nationalists Some say that we will need to ally with other nationalists against the globalists, then when we win we can go back to being nations again. This is fine. I hope China sees it this way as well.
(82.84 KB 400x399 neet_patrolman.jpg)
>>20964 Heh fair enough then Neet. >I just thought it was funny that while normal people prepare for two months without a job, I prepare for two months hiding from commie death squads in an underground bunker. You've obviously chosen the high-road. The rest of us may wish we had your sense before the end.
(124.21 KB 1192x702 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20970 With stupidity like this supported by the state police, we may have no choice but to wall ourselves off from clown world and await its collapse.
We're fucked.
The manual for the bar fridge states that the freezer is for 'making ice' and not for 'storing frozen food'. So basically it can freeze stuff but not store it??? WTF am I supposed to make of this?
Flavortown is a bad address tonight NEETs >Broccoli burned in turbo oven >Hash browns disintegrated in the deep fryer >Too much water in the sauce bottle to get the last bit out. Its an ugly place, a shithole really/
>>20975 oh. that means it defrosts all the time which will ruin your froxen food. you need a real freexer and you need to buy in bulk.
>>20978 As an addendum, a chest freezer is pretty much the only option for this purpose.
>>20977 >>Too much water in the sauce bottle to get the last bit out. Yeah done that myself
>>20980 I still ate most of the RUINS OF FLAVORTOWN
>>20964 if you eat corned beef for two months, your blood pressure will go to astronomical levels from the salt and you will get a stroke.
>>20977 Mush Browns.
Another early night for me. Good night white and gook and anyone else.
>>20984 Good Night.
>>20982 Suicide by SPAM. Sounds tasty.
UwU. My Urbit Node is ready to go online. https://tlon-hosting.paperform.co/
>>20984 Night m8
>>20923 >wrapped in a blanket while sipping hot coffee. That looks comfy but leads to many spillages.
>>20924 If you haven't had a fridge for a while, that noise will take a bit to tune out. I remember when I didn't have one, then did and it woke me up all the time. It's also a bit shit. My one I have now I got new and is much quieter and it's got a constant hum.
>>20924 If you haven't had a fridge for a while, that noise will take a bit to tune out. I remember when I didn't have one, then did and it woke me up all the time. It's also a bit shit. My one I have now I got new and is much quieter and it's got a constant hum.
>>20925 I presumed it had something to do with lard. >>20936 Did the guy survive? >>20940 Building foundations. That fridge will die if you leave it. >>20942 heh >>20948 Imagine doing it yourself. I'd like to. >>20961 That is some good looking garlic. >>20984 Night
>>20975 Try it neet, it will more than likely still keep everything frozen, just check on it every so often to make sure
(82.33 KB 794x1191 1585280390243.jpg)
Didnt get my lunch on time at teh wage and that fucked me up for exercises this evening. All the N.S. boys are doing way more than me apparrently. Have to up my game, learn some new leg exercises to do, and find a Gym up in Silver City. The real estate agent wants to do an inspeciton already, to "Identify maintainance issues". It will be interesting what that sub 100 IQ woman comes up with. Her condition report went into detail describing the pattern on the curtians but missed the collapsed verrandah. Have to do the family run around for the next couple of nights then I'm packing on sunday for take off on monday. Might finish in time to see a moofie sunday night. Heres hoping. Good Night, White.
>>20994 >Her condition report went into detail describing the pattern on the curtians but missed the collapsed verrandah. She knows the owner is never going to fix it simple as that. Goodnight m8
>>20994 Night
(259.27 KB 1536x2048 Hongo Yuzuha.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>20994 Goodnight NEET i hope everything goes well
>>20979 > a chest freezer is pretty much the only option for this purpose. /thread.
>>20981 It's good not to waste food NEET.
>>20997 nice tits/
Good Morning NEETs. Over warm this morning, its almost the end of autumn, Whats going on?
The Deacon emailed me. He wants to do a zoom meeting and go thru a pamphlet.
>>21001 >Whats going on? The earth has been designed from above to moderate the climate for our benefits. As the atmosphere warms up in general, the cold air/hot air try to trade places from the poles to the equator and back. >tl;dr Extremes of cold and hot will both be more extreme (colder winters, hotter summers), but also more perturbed as well(cold snaps in summer, heat waves in winter). All this is so the overall mean temp is smoothed out over the habitable zone on the planet. Make sense? >>21002 I hope it's a good pamphlet, Neet.
>>21003 Yeah i heard that drier places and wetter places get more extreme but I couldnt find anything sensible when I looked into climate predictions a couple of years back. Plus it takes many decades to see climate change not just one year to the next. One professor stated that he could now grow bannanas in his melbourne backyard thus global warming. Even experts can say stupid shit sometimes.
Off to teh wage then sisterclones for tea. Back late, dont touch my shit.
>>21004 >Yeah i heard that drier places and wetter places get more extreme but I couldnt find anything sensible when I looked into climate predictions a couple of years back. The meteorological cycle -- while obviously related to temperature -- is much trickier to pin down. One thing you can be absolutely certain of in this area regarding the warmup is that vortex-type storms (tornadoes, typhoons, general storms) will continue to grow in number and ferocity on a general upward trend. This will never reverse as long as the mean global temp creeps slowly upwards. This is literally just a simple artifact of the increased north/south air flow patterns, and the natural boundary vortices that form in such conditions. >>21005 Stay safe Neet.
>>21001 Morn
>>21002 He's going to be lost without you.
>>21000 That's no way to talk to a woman
>>21007 >>21001 Good morn. Coffee has been consumed. Appointment with job agency this arv. Looks to be a rainy weekend ahead. Nothing planned for it anyway.
how to cure autism?
>>21011 have sex
>>21012 i'm too retarded to have sex anymore
>>20992 No the jumper also died >>20992 >>20966 They were from China. Would like to try making garlic bread with it though.
dead thread
Got two new tyres for my hand truck, They look Boss and the tyre broker gave me a great deal because I had to go in four times and spin him a sob story before he went and got them. Going out to sisterclone's to fit and inflate them then I will be able to move the freexer and the washer and finally GTFO. Having a caro before I cross town in rush hour. Fugg
>>21006 Hmm. Storms. I never thought of that scenario. Maybe I should aspire to have a comfy dugout on the side of a mountain.
>>21014 Never eat food from china. They dont give a fuck about putting all kinds of chemicals in it.
>>21015 Just you wait until the BO comes back home NEET, He'll give (You) a dead thread
>>21017 >before I cross town in rush hour Sounds horrible.
(635.22 KB 1224x1632 A few more things.jpg)
(560.58 KB 1632x1224 An assortment of things.jpg)
A dozen of the cheapest eggs, a small pack of (((imported))) bacon, a block of butter, a handful of mushies, a few other veg and somehow this all came to nearly $50. Need to get onto the tinned bean diet before I'm sucking the landlord's dick just to cover rent.
>>21022 > tinned bean diet Farts in your future.
>>21022 Good haul neet, you're filling that fridge up.
>>21024 He needs to start eating it all, fridges don't stop anything from spoiling.
The moon should be out, but it isn't.
>>21025 Too depressed to cook so all those raw meats will probably end up in the bin. Managed to boil half a dozen eggs last night that were sitting at room temp for about a week. Too afraid to try one. FML.
>>21027 >Managed to boil half a dozen eggs last night that were sitting at room temp for about a week. T My local Coles until about 6-7 months ago just kept all the eggs in a normal food aisle with no refrigeration, and they did that for years.
>>21018 >Maybe I should aspire to have a comfy dugout on the side of a mountain. Maybe so, Neet. One thing I would recommend is that you keep a (solar-powered, hand-cranked, or both) weather radio. Just a small one should do, but one built to last would be best. And if you work on a dugout, then make absolutely certain that it's not located either in a slide zone, or that the nearby terrain isn't going to turn into a gulley-washer zone when something closely resembling the Pacific Ocean is falling out of the sky. For hours. And at killer speeds. Small boulders flying through the sky type speeds. OTOH, scratch all that and find yourself a cave instead. The best plan in the event of a direct strike by a major typhoon on an area is simply to get the fark out of the way. Period.
>>21027 >Too afraid to try one. FML. just crack one open over a pan. if the stench of the green thing doesn't make you run to crack open the window, then you're fine neet. eggs were sitting at 'room temperature' for thousands of years before you or i showed up here on the scene and everything was fine. just be sure to wash the things well whatever their history is.
>>21030 >Typhoon I have been thinking that the ZOG was the major threat in my environment and ignoring weather events. I am always on the lookout for caves but they are rare and would be visited by hobbyists. I learned a lot and had some ideas when I was squatting the ravine a couple of weeks back. Maybe they would provide a place that can be modified into a camoflaged and protected place, even just to store tents and supplies for the aftermath.
>>21022 you can make a lot of nice dinners with that.
>>21026 the moon is up and looks eerie.
>>21015 Sorry to disappoint you NEET. Just pour yourself another one and wait.
Had dinner at sisterclone's and grabbed the last of my final load from the shed. I fitted the tyres to the wheels, I did an okay job but not great. Oldad was there and gave me some tea (Rooibos and earl grey) which I left for my sister and some "Home made" cookies from a tourist trap down south. They went in the bin when I got home. My i5 6600 workstation fits nicely behind the passenger seat which is a good start for loading the ute up to max capacity for the long run to Silver City on monday. Cant be fucked going to teh wage tommorrow. Might try for sunday if everything is done by then. Good Night, White.
(301.01 KB 1128x1504 Suzu Honjo7.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>21032 I'm sure ZOG is the major threat in your area Neet, same as us all. If they are doing a general sweep in your AO, then just laying low as you already planned will probably work out alright. OTOH, if for any reason they specifically are targeting you, then your only real hope in that case is becoming a ranger-tier scout and mastering evasion and subterfuge. Remember the chap in Germany? OTOOH, even the ZOG gets out of the way from mother nature's fury, and I'd advise you to do the same if you have the means to. If not, then track down that touristy cave, mark out the shortest route (remember it will be dark, windy, rainy, when you have to bug out) and then occupy it like a boss until the storm subsides. Then you can return to your cache and regular stomping grounds, etc. Good men do what they have to do, in the end. Godspeed to us all. >>21037 Nite NEET.
>>21034 I saw it a little bit after I posted that. Looked bright orange.
>>21037 Night
Good Morning NEETs. Nice sleep in and day of shitposting ahead.
(You) should get out today, on the first day of winter.
>>21044 Goodmorning NEET, i have finished my first week of waging it was alright i suppose but something felt off about it.
(224.98 KB 640x593 homeless pepe.png)
>>21046 Consider the alternative
(165.74 KB 500x281 1598646340198.gif)
One of the unversity party brats across the road is getting a parking fine ATM.
>>21046 You survived it neet, it should get a little easier as time goes by.
>>21047 I have >>21049 Hopefully it will just take time getting use to having very little free time
>>21045 It's still Autumn >>21044 Good morning, have a wonderful day. >>21046 >>21051
(99.58 KB 255x239 wrong pepe.png)
>>21052 Oh yeah, it is still autumn. I feel like I got an assignement extension.
>>21052 Thank you, you too. Going to have a cleaning day.
>>21054 Dust your your PC case
Off to bunings to get a door mat
>>21056 >Saturday morning Good luck neet.
(649.43 KB 679x3588 Wild West.jpg)
(376.96 KB 712x1927 An American woman.jpg)
dead thread
>>21057 The door mats were $2.50 and look hand woven. Good to know I will be wiping my dirty Combat boots on the handwork of a south asian slave.
>>21058 >still a nocoiner. I am missing out big time NEETs. I dont even own any rare pepes.
Off to mummybots. Need to get back before dark because some cunt stole my bike light.
>>21060 >Good to know I will be wiping my dirty Combat boots on the handwork of a south asian slave. <minor lel had
>>21060 kek, good deal. Get any snags while at Bunnings?
>>21061 IKTF, it was quite depressing reading those articles. I created some OC back on 8coon, but who's gonna buy a photoshopped pic of a boong?
>>21062 Have a safe trip, sorry to hear about the light. You'll need to think of a way to more securely attach the next one.
>>21064 There were no snags going at the bunnings I went to, packed out with normies buying for cheap what Aus no longer makes. Had a nice final ride thru the city to BoomerVille where mummybot gave me a pie and some more quince jelly. Feel sad to leave her and sad for all the Poz I passed on the way home. The ute is partially loaded, fueled and pointed outwards. Making everything fit will be the challenge. Mummybot pie for tea.
>>21065 Its the new thing. There's lots of bubbles going on now. Those that bought the NFT's will have trouble selling them, You watch.
NFT are the big gay. Why should I care to have "official" ownership of something so easily replicated? >You wouldn't download a car!
>>21069 Yeah I went over it in my own mind and unless the original owner has the only super high res copy of the image. Even then, If he wants to sell it how does the buyer know that he gave up his copy. The concept eludes comprehension yet here it is being valuable.
https://cytu.be/r/endcorner U NEETs wanna watch a moofie?
>>21072 I'll be there when it starts
What I would do for a big stick of mettwurst,
>>21067 >Feel sad to leave her Understandable >Making everything fit will be the challenge A challenge I'm sure you'll overcome
(119.54 KB 630x498 Simpler times.jpg)
Has anyNEET here ever had their backmost molar removed before? I think I'll need to have my two top ones removed.
(226.93 KB 639x1000 Artful dodgers.jpg)
>>21076 I might be going to Newcastle for uni in the future.
(205.31 KB 635x504 Caged NEETs.jpg)
(76.27 KB 520x389 Botany Bay.jpeg)
(118.65 KB 628x461 WFTD.jpg)
>>21075 Oh It'll all fit but the ute is already on the last leaf spring
(561.30 KB 658x2505 Flash Jim.jpg)
>>21084 Put a few more PSI into the tyres and she'll be right
>>21086 okey donkey
>>21087 Wait, when you said "on its last leaf spring" was that a play on 'on its last legs' meaning the car is in very poor mechanical condition or that you're loading it with so much stuff you don't think the suspension will hold up? This stuff is like sarcasm and I never get it straight away or sometimes at all.
>>21088 the leaf springs kick in as the load increases. when its unloaded there are about three leaf springs not engaged. now with all that weight its almost on the last one. the next step is the bump stops which can blow the tyres if you hit a pothole.
I can't even cook some chicken wings ffs.What hope do I have of getting a job or a gf??? Perhaps I should get on the DSP already???
>>21090 You can get a cook if you are a NDIS mong.
>>21077 I've had the top ones out. Get them out sooner rather than later, they'll cause over crowding and will hut and go crooked.
>>21091 I wonder if I can get that sort of funding. I'm currently seeing a 'disability employment provider' but not on the DSP.
(86.97 KB 640x1138 x8vdjef56bw41.jpg)
I got a beer for tomorrow night after teh wage when I do the last bit of packing. Might get away late on monday but there wont be a hurry then. Just darkness on the road really, maybe a bit of rain as I go over the last mountain. Feet are cold, Off to bed. Good Night, White.
>>21094 Night m8
(67.37 KB 719x960 White Devil Woman.jpg)
>>21094 >Just darkness on the road really Just watch out for them roos. Good night.
>>21090 >Perhaps I should get on the DSP already??? If you are comfortable with the idea of being someone fundamentally different than, well, you afterwards NeetFormerneet.
Goodnight NEETs >>21094 Goodnight NEET
(449.13 KB 1536x2048 Mea Shimotsuki.jpg)
>>21098 Forgot
>>21094 Nite noot >>21098 Nite gook
>>21098 night
>>21099 Gook night
>>21099 Nice tits
Good Morning NEETs. Set my alarm for 5:30 PM, somehow. Doesent matter now.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-02/dungeons-and-dragons-disability-in-tabletop-gaming/100068926 You guys'd carry me over all those dungeon stairs, R-right FRENS?
>>21105 Morning NEET >>21106 This is still funny where it is a world were they can bring people back to life but there are still people in wheel chairs
>>21106 I'd expect you to improve your agility and walk on your hands.
>>21105 >>21108 Morning Neetoes
What I would've done yesterday for a stick of metturst.
>>21110 Morning >>21111 I could go for a grilled kabana right now
>>21112 >grilled kabana I've had grilled kransy, but never kabana. Sounds good.
Birthday today, had fish and chips.
>>21114 >fish and chips bit fucken plain mate
(36.34 KB 480x689 bday.jpeg)
>>21114 Happy Birthday NEET
>>21114 Happy birthday NEET! What fish did you have?
>>21114 Happy Birthday. if you dont have a candle then roll up a plastic bag and light that.
We need a boong name for the board to honor the traditional owners of the internet.
>>21114 Happy birthday, I'd take fish & chips over any cake.
>>21113 Kabana is like 60% fat they shrink like crazy when you grill them
Last day of teh wage. Boring but survivable. Tiffin came back empty which is good because I dropped it on my foot.
>>21122 back on cenno?
(35.53 KB 373x373 When the bread was baked.jpg)
On the goon since noon.What could possibly go wrong? >tfw gone through a 4L cask in 3 days.
>>21123 Nah savings plus minimum hours every now and then should keep me above water. No money for whores tho, sadly.
>>21125 but free money!
>>21126 Too much dickage. Just want to live quietly until the collapse.
Off to buy another goon-sack. It's either get one now or go tomorrow looking like a derro on a Monday...
Back with another sack. TWU
sack gang
>>21114 Happy birthday mate, hope you had a nice day.
>>21121 Are they smoked or cured to begin with?
>>21125 You should get back on the dole.
>>21134 I dunno, they are made of AIDS. Hope that helps
>>21115 >bit fucken plain mate Go back
(197.69 KB 360x378 jhg.gif)
meep meep
Back is sore. Going to bed. Last of the packing and the load is tomorrow. 'Nother big day then. Good Night, White.
Pork mince was a bit grey but whatever I paid for it I'm eating it.
>>21139 Night neet.
>>21140 I thought the butchers put some stuff in it to make it red.
>>21139 Hope it all runs smoothly again. Night.
(180.32 KB 816x612 Ingredients.jpg)
(187.64 KB 816x612 Ingredients Prepped.jpg)
(191.98 KB 816x612 Approx. 20 minutes later.jpg)
(190.64 KB 816x612 Liquid removed.jpg)
(409.40 KB 2206x937 Used by a NOOT.jpg)
>>21142 This is the first real meal I've cooked since moving into this shithole a month ago. All my measuring spoons/cups are still in the storage shed so I guesstimated all ingredients.
(68.26 KB 865x317 SpiceNPans.jpg)
Got the idea from this YouTube channel
(201.82 KB 951x1280 Muto Tomu.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(853.44 KB 2705x3000 Kota.jpg)
If I'm spewing in a few hours time then I'll know it was because of the Forsaken mince. Good night.
I've got a mid semester test tomorrow at 9am. I misread the thing and thought it was only worth 5% so I wasn't taking it too seriously but it turns out to be worth 20%. I reckon I'll be fine though. I understand the content pretty well and it isn't overly difficult.
(790.35 KB 1024x636 10_years_or_3.png)
I am still utterly bewildered by this.
>>21146 Night >>21147 You'll be fine >>21148 Again, you'll be fine too
(141.06 KB 821x818 wlm.jpg)
Just got back from hospital. Was blackpilled as fuck. Now I'm just iron pilled. The country hates Whites and wants us gone, fucking demoralizing sometimes. Lifted today, up to 20 pull ups now.. Getting looks from the ladies hehe
>>21149 damn what a story. always wondered myself.
>>21144 That turned out nicely. Hows the freexer going? you can freexe a cup of ice and put a marble on the top. if the marble sinks because the freexer defrosts then you shouldnt put food in it.
>>21151 20 chin ups is very good going. I never could get more than 13.
(488.36 KB 718x752 rune.png)
>>21154 Yes when I first started I could barely do 1. Took a lot of hard work and my arms are way bigger now. I don't even lift weights much, just do pull ups and push ups and stuff like that and I run a lot. When I go to the park I hop on the monkey bars and do different types of pull ups that way too. The world is my gym.
>>21155 I do fore grip pull ups and behind the head pull ups. I try to keep my feet nicely in front when I do them because it looks silly if you swing them around.
>>21149 Freaky
>>21148 Its a small oversight, the kind that doesent happen to the course clique.
>>21151 Very nice Neet, keep going.
>>21159 Being a NEET has given me time to work on myself. I guess it's more "monk mode"
>>21156 Nice bro. Pull ups are one of the best if not the best upper body work outs. It's underrated. It's why the US Marine Corps does it for their fitness test and they promote it a lot
>>21156 Seriously working out is just a huge stress reliever for me. All the anti-White shit gives me so much aggression I need to take it out somehow. Also has health benefits, can hold my own in a fight, and ladies like it
>>21162 Yeah working out saved my life, really.
Good Morning NEETs. Last day renting in Poz Town. Very good day to leave.
>>21160 Wage kills the man so that the normie inside can be saved.
>>21144 Yum, the veggies look nice and glisteny.
>>21149 >12/10 Is it really that good?
>>21151 >back from hospital. Was blackpilled as fuck. Now I'm just iron pilled What did they give you?
>>21164 Morning. You all packed and ready?
>>21161 >>21156 >>21154 >>21151 Do you guys have any advice for pull ups vs chin ups? Just do both?
>>21170 Just do them. Keep your feet together.
Packing the stuff I was using to live now, I have to leave behind some stuff which is annoying but the ute is looking sad. need to get it all done before lunch. Next post from Silver City, hopefully.
>>21172 what state are you in?
>>21144 Looks good neet.
>>21172 Have a good trip m8
>>21172 Shiny side up, Neet.
It is only 7:30 here and I have already done three shits.
>>21177 maybe it was just one shit split into 3 pieces?
>>21178 It is just a jet of thick, sloppy shit. The anxiety is killing me.
>>21179 >anxiety about what?
>>21180 My mid-semester test. I looked at the practice test and it is really fucking hard. Because of the pandemic most of this shit has been made open book and is done online. The professors have made it harder to offset that but I think they tend to over do it and make them way too hard. I just did my fourth shit. I think I am done now. There can't possibly be any more shit.
>>21181 goodluck mate
>>21182 Cheers noot. I have done a fifth poo now. It is just beyond comical at this point. I don't know where it is coming from. It must violate conservation of matter or something surely. Rereading over my notes I am feeling a bit better now.
One minute to go!
I did the test. It was way easier than I expected.
>>21186 Glad to hear neet
>>21170 both are good. Chin ups will focus more on your biceps but pull ups will focus more on your back but both work your entire upper body. Get an iron gym pull up bar for your home, you can put it in your door frame. 4-5 times a week is good, you need a couple days rest in between so your muscles can grow. I like perfect push up handles too. Push ups are great.
>>21168 Benzos
>>21168 I kinda OD'd. They called poison control. Was trying to get high but didn't care if I live or died. They gave me some benzos and let me sleep it out. i wanna live tho. I got plans. White power mother fucker.
>>21188 Cheers m8. Currently I can only manage seven chin ups and four pull ups with good form. What set/rep scheme do you recommend to improve that?
>>21187 The practice test was way harder than the real one. I suspect the professor did that to get people to study.
>>21191 Just keep doing them until failure is what I can recommend, Make sure you get your rest days in. Also check this out https://www.military.com/military-fitness/fitness-test-prep/pullup-push-workout That workout really helped me prepare for the military. God speed bro.
>>21186 Good stuff mate.
>>21190 You should take it easy on the drugs.
Went to IGA earlier for some feed but was too anxious to focus on anything so left empty handed. Might head back soon for some pork rashers.
>>21196 Because too many people were there...
This was around midday. Farking public holidays...
We are the light of the world.
>>21198 when I go shopping I usually try and go early and if the carpark is 3/4 full or so and I cant get any of my parking spots I just keep going
Yeah I'm off to IGA
I just got back from Aldi. I accidentally went to the checkout that was closing. The man still put my stuff through but I am very anxious that I inconvenienced him in doing so.
>>21202 you did it though neet, so thats a win for you.
>>21114 Happy birthday noot!
(114.43 KB 1843x1382 Escape the Poz.JPG)
I made it out just in time. The collapse is starting but ppl dont realize, either that or cheer it in like a new flavor of lolly water. The weather was foul and all my shit got wet but strangely the crachin rain dissapated once I left the commuter belt. everything dried out, even the cardboard and only got a little damp when I hit the mist in the mountains. Very good feels coming in to Silver City. Froxen food was still rock hard when I plugged the Freexer back in. I stopped at the fancy dairy on the way but the shop was closed. Oh Well. Plenty of Bega in my stash and I can always check out the IGA Everyday down the street. Set up the Mike and the Turbo, hot Nuggos and beans for tea.
>>21173 I'm elated I suppose.
IGA shut an hour earlier due to 'Labour Day', whatever that is. Managed to get another goon sack though.
>>21202 Aldi checkout drones are well paid and indoctrinated. Their machine-like minds dont feel emotions like annoyance.
>>21201 Can you get me some kabana, some seafood extender, a tomato, some fancy mayo and a big bread roll please?
>>21205 You got it made man. Grow a garden and you're set.
>>21207 Whats to eat then?
Just splattered a huntsman. It was the size of a 10-cent coin but I simply can't allow such creatures to prosper in my home.
>>21210 >reading comprehension
>>21205 Sounds like a well-earned meal. See any roos?
>>21205 Good onya neet, guess you got a busy couple of days ahead of you setting everything up.
>>21214 I hadn't got down to that post.
(376.62 KB 2764x2073 Silver City Proselytising.JPG)
I cant remember if I told the Deacon the address up here. I gotta say I disagree with them always pushing the Great Replacement on their pamphlets. I like the Ecofash undertones tho, very Gretacore.
>>21186 sounds like last years test was way too hard and they swung back the other way this year.
>>21215 No Roos but the possos were fully grumbling about the rain this morning
(157.00 KB 816x612 Ingredients.jpg)
(368.44 KB 1660x1116 Dates.jpg)
(220.84 KB 816x612 Wings about to be braised.jpg)
(209.53 KB 816x612 Cheap-arse lid.jpg)
(200.15 KB 816x612 1kg of potential Diarrhea.jpg)
>>21212 The usual. Meats I probably shouldn't be eating. >Oy vey the label says I can't eat it and therefore I must bin it... Anyway the flavour profile I was going for was a simple garlic and chilli, braising the seared meat in a broth of chicken stock for about 20 minutes.
(226.02 KB 1200x1800 Kota2.jpg)
Good night, White.
(247.47 KB 850x1280 Teramoto Rio4.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>21225 Goodnight NEET
>>21195 I know. It's just hard in clown world ya know. I'd like to be completely sober though that's my goal.
Night Neets. >>21205 Beauty countryside. Good onya Neet. >>21218 JW is a cult, Neet. Would avoid. >>21227 That's a very good goal NEET. Blessings on you for having it.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept well dispite the can of V I had yesterday arvo.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-04/port-of-darwin-chinese-lease-us-army-peter-dutton/100112788 Hope The ADF realize that now there is no reason for china to not sink a RAN boat with a missile.
(1.74 MB 2048x1676 corona pepe.png)
Reminiscing about the early dayz of CoViD. Good times TBH
(439.95 KB 1600x1071 comfy cottage.jpg)
Are you NEETs ready to flee the city and get a rundown cottage in the bush? In a place where the locals grow dope and chew bark? You'd fit right in Where would you go?
>>21229 Good morning NEET >>21232 i would probably go somewhere in Tasmania
>>21218 I used to talk to them a lot. They're alright.
>>21224 Nice feed. It's only a couple of days past. Why did you put alfoil over it?
>>21229 >>21233 Morning.
>>21232 Back to my home town. Every second person grows, has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country no NEET shame, all the houses are over 100 years old and double brick with fireplaces.
>>21237 When the NBN got out to the regions most of the numpties misused it but some of them got smarter, some smart cunts from the city moved out there because they were free of physical libraries.
>>21230 Seems a small victory, If it happens.
Having a milo/caro. Back into the cleaning/moving in a minute,
Woke up absolutely famished. Brushed teeth then straight to the bakery for a sausage roll. Had nothing but goon and a handful of tater chips yesterday.
>>21241 more goon today?
>>21230 This. I think the JIDF & ADF constantly stay behind the times regarding the implications of their own machinations, globally. Likely a 'and the LORD sent confusion into their camps and they slayed one another' type thing tbh.
Almost half the year gone already. Don't know about you but I've achieved nothing. Got to find something productive and meaningful to do during the day instead of just Youtube. Even if it's just for an hour.
>>21244 I focus on robowaifus and lrn2code Neet.
>>21244 relatable
(140.35 KB 855x564 Future Me.jpg)
>>21242 On me first cup
(2.33 MB 600x605 goongarden.webm)
I benched 90kg for 4 sets of heavy doubles yesterday. I am getting close to 100kg. I hope to be there by the end of the year.
>>21249 nice keep at it
(22.74 KB 465x157 Braising.jpg)
>>21235 >Why did you put alfoil over it?
>>21249 Thats a lot. yu are strong
>>21241 Its a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.
bitches and tea.
>>21243 Dutton Hisself said that the chinks might fire on a aussie destroyer if it does one of those 'freedom of navigation' thingos near taiawan. What did he call it?..... kill the chicken scare the monkeys.
>>21255 who knows, generally seems like the chinks are full of hot air and push boundaries until they start getting pushback. pussy species.
>>21253 lol only a 5 minute walk but felt a lot longer being hungover
(85.71 KB 867x579 Wasted.jpg)
2 hours into this sesh
>>21258 That dislike ratio needs to improve.
(65.30 KB 915x364 video responce.jpg)
>>21259 why? you mean decrease?
Might head to IGA for some pork rashers. Do you think an opened bottled of soy sauce that sat in a piping-hot storage shed for a month would still be OK?
>>21262 >Do you think an opened bottled of soy sauce that sat in a piping-hot storage shed for a month would still be OK? Yep it will be fine
>>21262 Yeah its basically 50% preservatives and about as reactive as motor oil
Had a big day. Might call it quits. Dunno where I'm gonna sleep tonight because I gassed my bedroom and its still toxic to life.
>>21265 Call what quits? Your job, your life? Some cunt on endchan posted a very disturbing picture today. Hope they were just joking.
Sleep in your car if you have one. Book a motel if you can afford it. Or just go sleep on a park picnic table. I once tried sleeping on a bench at a train stop, but ultimately it was too lit and loud so I went to a half-built apartment complex.
>>21266 What? The bust-a-nut guy? That guy is vile yet hillarious Lets hope he wasnt just trolling.
>>21267 schools are deserted after hours and holidays. You can camp there.
(175.17 KB 900x1350 1620111629780.jpg)
Good night, Kike.
>>21270 Not certain she's a semite.
>>21266 What did he post?
>>21266 >endchan There's your main problem.
Packing the boxed-up food supplies into the pantry, Its the first time I can see what I have in one place. Pretty happy TBH.
Off to the gym.
>>21275 Have a good night m8
(207.46 KB 2304x1728 stash1JPG.jpg)
(225.13 KB 2304x1728 stash2.JPG)
(280.00 KB 2304x1728 stash3.JPG)
(184.85 KB 2304x1728 stash4.JPG)
Imagine LARPing your way to having a six month supply of food.
(297.69 KB 2048x1362 Nanase Yui.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>21274 >Pretty happy TBH. Good shit mate.
>>21277 I need a freezer, that's the way to do it. I think you need a bigger tub for the lemons. What's with all the vitamins?
>>21278 Nice tits
Worked at setting up the house in Silver City today, NEETs. Had a good, effective day and improved things a lot. The shower is really weak and baths might be the go. Mummybot is worried that the locals will "firebomb" my place, Oldad asked me "what will I do for money" Disappointing. Good Night, White.
>>21280 I was grabbing them and packing them and forgetting what I already had. Are you ready for the collapse? Every night I pray for the collapse
>>21282 >"firebomb" my place Why would she think that?
Morning NEETs.
(56.12 KB 1200x520 b20d0d_8404698.jpg)
>berry pickers
Good Morning NEETs. Slept well, Misty mountain tops.
>>21287 >>21285 =morning
Having some teabag chai, Might gas my bedroom again. How about youse?
>>21289 >Might gas my bedroom again with what?
(54.55 KB 663x654 17946226_1_x.jpg)
>>21290 >"The Perfect Fumigant"
>>21277 You're well stocked up neet, methinks you need a lemon tree.
(101.86 KB 753x1024 1580007034362.jpg)
>>21290 Ozone
>>21288 >>21287 >>21285 Good cold morning


no cookies?