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(66.70 KB 648x921 Het Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #20 - Coffee Break Edition NEET 06/10/2021 (Thu) 00:02:48 No. 23332
Our NEET has a Coffee habit, Worse than that, he has a thing for Instant coffee, Goes thru a big tin every week and buys 'em online so the IGA QT doesent peg him for being a dirty munter, drinking dirty International roast, Caterers blend no less. Shameful. One time he was at his mummybots and used up all her fancy blend, now she hides it in the laundry when he comes around. Oh he's thought about cutting back, easing down on the six spoons he puts in the KFC promo milkshake cup, But ungh those migranes, that constipation. The NEET NEEDS his medicine four times a day just to leave the house, Just to get out of a coma, really. Well think some more about it, NEET. Think about all the times you spilled that vile plastic cup of sticky mud into your keyboard, think about your ulcers and your caries, and think about that time your mummybot taught you a lesson by handing you the tin of gravox in the morning when you stayed over and you drank most of what you made because muh 12 sugars. Think it's your time NEET? Isn't it time you had a COFFEE BREAK
How does it go again?
Fangin for a cup of coffee now actually.
(78.78 KB 960x960 Officeworks tier..jpg)
Anybody had this yet?
>>23336 I know a guy who has it at work. He regards it as 'okay' which is disturbing given how low his standards are.
Civic club is coming to Lakeburg which is over the mountain from Silver City. This long weekend. Me and my bugle will attend.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
Whilst I am not opposed to stimulants, especially for my cellar staff, I personally do not partake in the habit forming beans. Why not come on down to one of my stores and select an alternative beverage for your mornings.
>>23333 faggot cocksucker
>>23349 die nigger aids
>>23350 I contracted it in your shop.
>>23350 Off to the breaking barn with you, boy!
>>23351 >>23352 fuckhead
>>23353 Jew.
Congrats on the new thread.
Email from IGA about a job I applied for. Wasn't successful. Fucking hell, I can't even get a job stocking shelves.
>>23356 Sorry not diverse enough.
>>23356 Sorry to hear that m8. The whole economy seems pretty fucked though. I guess more immigration is the solution lol.
>>23354 niggerjew
>>23359 deep sea jew
>>23360 faggotcuntcocksucker
>>23361 >>23359 BUCK STATUS: BROKEN
Does anyone get sued for torrenting moofies these days? Asking for an associate of a friend.
>>23362 >>23363 cooniggerapist
Wew too much hot sauce.
>>23366 up the butt
>>23364 It is probably wise to use a VPN if you can afford one. I don't think they don't really do much except occasionally write a threatening letter to your ISP. I'd avoid the latest big films like a marvel or whatever as those are the most likely to be monitored by their legalteam.
>>23368 >I don't think they don't really do much except occasionally write a threatening letter to your ISP. Fuck me. Ignore one of the don'ts.
>>23368 My mate got a letter from paramount lawyers for "Dallas buyers club" Now he uses a vpn that he pays for using store bought credit cards. He never got a follow up letter tho. Fuck raw dogging but I dont think its much of a barrier, especially from the big corporations and their jewish lawyers.
>>23368 This >>23364 Na, they did a few high profile cases to get in the news and scare people back in the day, most got settled out of court These days, you can expect to get notice if you were to d/l some hot videos like Game of Thrones or Madalorian, chances of getting notice for old movies is almost zero Standard practice is your ISP sends you an email that reads >Dear Neet, we got this notification from some lawyer and by law we are forwarding it to you. We didnt give them your info, and if you dont contact them, they will have no idea who you are Forwarded >I am Schlomo Bergenfield of Berg & Associates and I represent HBO Entertainment and am authorized to legit on their behalf. On such n such date, the IP 209.209 bla bla illegally downloaded BLACKED S01E02 contrary to bla bla bla. This is a serious offense and if you pay us $405.65 immediately we would have to take you to court. Its bullshit, and the chance that anything happens is pretty small, that said if it happens too often your ISP may start giving you shit as well I imagine
>>23371 >to legit litigate*
(111.58 KB 640x800 hotel swizerland.jpg)
>>23371 They select one NEET and sue them into bankrupcy every year just to make an example out of him.
>>23315 Eat a mint >>23322 >Never had Costco so don't know Me either, and I ain't paying their membership fee just to eat a chicken. >>23323 Sup, had a horrible ear blockage/infection late last night just before bed. It first felt like how when you get water trapped after swimming. But I hadn't even showered that day. Might've been some bacteria on the in-ear headphones. Woke up to a small wet spot on the pillow and the ear still isn't right. Pair all that with the coof and it does not make for a comfy NEET.
>>23375 Oof. Take 2 panadol every 6 hours and see your doctor if pain persists.
Going to study Jeremiah 29 with the deacon on zoom on wednesday night. Bible anxiety.
(17.96 KB 697x78 Coof spreader.jpg)
I think it was this NOOT who gave me the coof. Do ya feel happy, punk?
>>23376 A couple of Panadol 'Rapid' took care of the ear pain.
>>23370 I got one back in the days of ADSL for downloading Jurassic Park. I deleted the moofie.
>>23374 Bankrupt neets are sold into wank slavery until they can pay of their debts. The typical inflation rate is 3 wanks/day so only the horniest neets can pay it off.
>>23376 >Oof. fuckniggercunt
>>23382 I fuck nigger bussy instead. Bend over buck!
>>23356 The redhead QT told the manager not to employ your creepy arse.
>>23383 buckniggershitfuckermaggot
>>23332 Your mother made you drink Gravox as punishment for taking her good beans?
>>23385 >>23382 Settle down nuro.
>>23386 My father was a bricky so he'd use a shovel to mix a wheelbarrow full at a time. It made me into the neet I am today.
>>23387 suckfuck die shitcuntbitchmexican
>>23389 Yep, this is nuro.
>>23390 yep i'm a dumb faggot nigger cock slurper
>>23391 Hot!
>>23392 dumb white person
(32.48 KB 480x225 1623284003388.png)
>>23388 I was briefly a labourer to a bricky once. Like it was only for a week or two but man what a cunt it was moving dozens and dozens of cinder blocks around the construction site.
>>23394 KEK. Me mum is always saying similar about a variety of jobs, never seeming to realise I have no chance being a long-term NOOT.
>>23364 lol no.
>>23368 > afford one. Kind of defeats the purpose tbh
>>23377 He's a fucking Jew.
>>23399 We all are.
Knock off time, going to hose wallaby turds into the lawn now.
>>23403 Nice day at work honey?
(362.45 KB 1280x960 big loads.jpg)
>>23404 (You)
>>23396 >long-term NOOT How long-term?
Spitting feathers here, Defrosting a lemon and making a caro.
(5.05 KB 225x225 caro.jpg)
Nearly forgot.
Good afternoon.
>>23402 You are nothing but a content delivery outcome to him .
I wish I had a small property to look after.
(175.43 KB 1280x960 hose job.jpg)
>>23411 The turds are extremely numerous and some of them are big like the wallaby was constipated or something. Its biohazard decontamination of the grounds, its good tho they flush right into the grass.
(297.83 KB 1280x960 flush it.jpg)
>>23413 >>23412 >>23405 Well photographed!
>>23411 IKTF. A small house that isn't too dilapidated, that you can slowly renovate over time and make a nice comfy castle for yourself.
Toast for din dins.
I lay in bed now. Still sick. Too sick to even go out for more booze. That's when you know you're unwell.
>>23417 It is for the better that you lay off the grog mate.
UWU Big Civic club meeting with jaycees from all over staying in the lodge at Lakeburg. gonna go this weekend maybe meet a shiela.
>>23419 >maybe meet a shiela Only if you promise to share.
>>23418 You are right >Was getting ready to turn in when a fart became a shart and ruined my only pair of trackies. Straight into the shower, rinsing off the boxer shorts which took the direct hit. 2nd-most warm pair of pants now on and will be keeping the arse cheeks clenched tight all night.
>>23419 >jaycees
>>23419 More like meet a boiler.
>>23421 Just relax and let it happen NEET.
Off to the gym.
>>23425 Good neet.
(69.63 KB 637x850 rhg1.jpg)
Another good weather day up in the Mountain Valley, I am starting to think that when the collapse comes then realestate out here will get tight. That means I need to find a bolt hole further out in the empty bush, and put a shanty on it. I think the ravines hold the key to accessing the unaccessable spots where I could squat unseen, just me, posso and wally. Or maybe I'll use the lakes like a highway, straight into the heart of the wilderness, Just cruise in with a canoe, take as much shit as I want for a no sweat lift. Make a hutment out of spars and split wet logs. Something to think about. What to do after the collapse, in the chaos. Good Night, White.
(45.56 KB 564x752 Sakurai Reika3.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>23427 Goodnight NEET
>>23427 Good night mate. Be careful. >>23428 Gook night mate. Good night to all the other neets too.
Cant sleep. Might make some bread for brekky
back to bed then.
>>23419 >UWU faggot nigger
Good Morning NEETs. Misty in the valley bottom today. Fresh bread smells good yes.
(116.76 KB 638x1162 hcq.jpg)
(39.71 KB 480x480 Patriot pepe.JPG)
https://www.rt.com/usa/526245-trump-china-covid-reparations/ “It is now unanimous, and I have been proven right (once again) that the initial World Health Organization report on the Wuhan lab was flawed and must be redone, this time by a truly transparent investigation,” Trump said. “We were right about the China virus from the beginning, and now the whole world sees it.” “Even here in the US, the so-called experts like Dr. Fauci were wrong about the Wuhan Lab and China’s role the entire time,” Trump said. “Just think how bad things would have gotten if I followed Dr. Fauci’s advice and never closed down travel from China (and other things).” We were right frens
>>23437 This stuff about the Wuhan lab is just a diversion.
it's literally just the seasonal flu you fucking retards
>>23439 It wont help rock bottom trust in biden and his msm. cant divert when ppl are looking at you sideways anyhow.
>>23437 Kek Trumpy got deplatformed now he has to post by proxy
>>23441 >>23442 keep this shit on pol faggots
I'll shit on your faggot pole
fucka wucka
>>23434 >>23431 Morning. Had a terrible night's sleep. Spent most of it coofing and sneezing. My body ached all over and had a moderate fever. Held off on the Panadols until 2:30am. They stopped the fever and body aches but did not really help put me to sleep. I'm out of food and aloe vera-enriched tissues.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ9UM82ntaU second breakfast. Will be selecting Man size.
>>23448 Get tested Dammit.
>>23448 That sucks m8, hope you start to feel better soon
>>23450 there's no virus retard
Bees my arse.
>>23450 Is this what ausneets has become? Wow
>>23456 What would you know about it? Seppo.
>>23457 I’ve lurked ausneets since the first thread on 16. And here you are telling anon to go somewhere they may put him on a ventilator over a bad cold. Consider kys yourself in the next moments.
>>23456 Just get your vacination like everyone else.
STFU you silly bastard, you never learned a thing didja?
>>23460 Eat shit and die, gay nigger.
(65.12 KB 650x366 abo camp.jpg)
Off to Lakeburg to secure a campsite ahead of the infux of civic club boomers in their shining rolling granny flats. Lets see what they make of my tentage.
>>23463 Enjoy your weekend neet.
I fried some pork mince and had two (2) toasted sandwiches with cheese, tomato paste, mustard and the pork mince. It was pretty good.
>>23458 >>23451 Thank you. I think I might be on the 'getting better' side of the curve now anyway.
>>23465 That sounds really good. Kinda like an American 'Sloppy Joe', though they are served on a burger bun.
(168.59 KB 816x612 Hot Bird.jpg)
(157.24 KB 816x612 Bits & Pieces.jpg)
So IGA sells 2 (two) types of roast chook, a 'Family' size and a 'free range' which is a tad smaller and a couple bucks cheaper. They do not taste the same. I unknowingly bought it a month or so ago, and the taste bland and nothing like what I was used to, plus it has rice in the stuffing which is really weird imo. The one pictured is the free range. I cut the meat off as to make for easier storage and can quickly grab whatever needed for a meal (like sandwiches, salads or adding to MiGoreng). The carcass was picked clean.
>>23467 I've never heard of that but it seems similar, yeah. I cooked the mince on the sandwich maker so the bread was toasted in the pork fat. Onion would probably go well with it but you can't fit very much in there.
>>23468 The free range is the one that isn't as nice?
(16.01 KB 357x195 Ear.jpg)
Tried getting a closer look of the blocked ear canal with mobile phone camera, not sure if what I'm seeing is normal.
>>23471 That looks bad neet, you need to see a dr
>>23470 Correct, should've noted that in the post ffs
>>23468 Looks nice anyway neet
>>23472 I do. But all the GP clinics say don't come in if you have any cold symptoms and to get tested for covid before doing so. So I'll probably take the test after all.
>>23471 All that liquid looks bad. You should see a doctor. >>23475 I wouldn't delay if I were you.
>>23476 Sippin on a bottle of Johnnie Walker blacked label 56 bucks. IT's been a few months since having whisky. Going down a treat.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>23477 I hope you bought your refreshment from my store NEET. Nobody beats my low low prices. NOBODY.
(122.45 KB 940x627 thumbsup.jpg)
>>23477 Enjoy neet.
Lakeburg is ho hum and so is the gathering of pissed old ppl that is the civic club winter solstice event. I will not sleep in the mire at the lakeside boat ramp for two nights, I suspect. The lodge is nice enough and once the heavy drinkers get their baulderdash on, I am surrounded by new friends. Played the bugle at sunset to no one, The lodge is the only island of warmth, light and hospitality in the clammy, dark night. Skipped dinner and forgot tea bags so I had hot water and brushed my teeth. Should be a good day tomorrow and I should find someone to talk to. Good Night. White.
(47.14 KB 332x560 rubber coat girls.jpg)
>>23468 They should sell roast ducks.
>>23480 Solstice is a lil more than a week away. Will you be staying that long? Anyway good night and I hope you do find someone to speak to tomorrow. You can always shitpost with us if not
https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_676641/fireball-cinnamon-flavoured-whisky-1l OR: https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_785071/houndstooth-gin-1l Worth the extra money for the whiskey? I know I like the Houndstooth. I haven't tried the whiskey but I like the smell of it.
>>23477 >blacked label
>spend an hour watering plants on the properties >rains ten minutes later hahaha....
>>23486 It's the thought that counts noot.
>>23487 Hope the rain keeps up actually. Feel like napping with my dog all day.
(317.10 KB 1536x2048 Hongo Yuzuha2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>23489 And they say gooks are lactose intolerant. Good night neet.
The fucking professor went through a whole lecture writing stuff on the board but left the recording on the powerpoint. This nominally online thing is such bullshit.
At the airport.
Good Morning NEETs. Had a a good poo, 10/10 would flush again.
>>23491 wait until one of the chinks complains, dont let him know you're griping or he will dump on you with the marks.
>>23492 For the shopping?
>>23489 >Hongo There is so much you can do with a name like that. Hongo Dongo Mongo Wongo
>>23488 Comfy.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-12/sas-soldiers-to-testify-against-ben-roberts-smith-trial/100209274 >he swam across the Helmund River to hunt down a suspected insurgent named Hekmatulla, who had earlier killed three Australians in a surprise attack. Stories that come out should be pretty /k/ at least
>>23465 That sounds like a10/10. Good fooding.
>>23468 Juicy hormones make everything better.
>>23471 Bit manky.
>>23475 >don't come in if you have any cold symptoms Just say that you don't have any.
>>23478 BWS often does, even Craig does when there's specials.
>>23480 >I am surrounded by new friends Beautiful. Hope you have fun.
>>23484 The gin, that fireball shit is terrible.
Some old bird came up to me and started teh whole "have you heard about our group" pitch. Fukn greenie slut.
>>23500 I'll make your whore moan
>>23504 had enuf of em already. >tfw committed to group but CBF really.
At a different airport now.
>>23506 Infiltrate and sow seeds of dissent. Half of them would understand that a socialist republic can only be achieved through a closed community and even global marxism would need separate council/area enclaves.
>>23507 Jew whores moan.
>>23509 >imagine flying
>>23510 She didnt like when i told her that the city ppl would come up here in the chaos after teh collapse.
>>23494 Yeah, I wouldn't complain anyway. The chinks bitch about stuff quite a bit though. I was in an introductory CS course last year that was based around both theory and practical programming. Through the semester we were mostly assessed on programming and not theory, because of that, the final exam was mostly theory. A bunch of the chinks seemed to fail the exam because they ignored the theoretical side of the course and were unhappy about it. You needed at least 45% or something in the final exam to pass, no matter how well you went on the rest of the course.
>>23505 Righto. Cheers noot. I'll get some soon. I've got a $50 gift card I need to use so that will be nicely taken care of.
>>23493 Good morning. Just hacked up a big wad of yellow mucous, 10/10 would hack up again. Enjoy your weekend NOOTs!
Does anyone know where I could get caro cheaper than at Coles? Are there any cheaper alternatives to it?
(170.75 KB 642x1004 Toobz.jpg)
>>23518 They look pretty dodgy.
>>23519 They changed their recipe somewhere along the way and it's not as good now.
Went for a long walk and sat in the sun for a good 30 minutes which helped a bit with the nasal congestion. Also tilted my infected ear towards the sun hoping the UV rays would kill some or all the bacteria. Fuck I'm a sick cunt.
Civic Club was actually pretty good, well organized with bbq and snax and the occasional interesting person to talk to. Lots of boring bum head boomers and the only female attention i got was from a coquettish gook. Some dickhead lit some fires in drums and the smoke and ash fallout did its thing on my clean air. Time to dry my wet gear, light the fire and have a bath. Stole a beer and will have some panadol with it.
Lips got smashed from playing the bugle all day, was a hit, everyone loved it.
>>23521 >sick cunt sicko
>>23519 With a Best Before of 29 April 2010 they probably would be dodgy to eat now.
>>23523 Sweet as. Slap on some strawberry lip balm asap! >>23522 You are so so much more functional than I.
Fucking hell, I've somehow developed a Romanian accent for internal monologue. It is really pissing me off but I can't make it stop. This is starting to sound like some schizo shit.
>>23523 How were the groupies?
>>23527 >some schizo shit There's nothing you can do, just let it take over.
>>23528 The Coquettish Gook gave him a wristy behind the toilet block.
>>23528 in their 60's at least
(7.97 KB 277x182 vampire pepe.png)
>>23527 I vant to saak your blaad. aah aah aah aahhh.
>>23518 nu cheezles. much more crispy, better cheese dust delivery system IMHO
There was a nigger in the shop today with a coalburning whore. They saw me then kissed, just to make a point, as whores often do. I whispered "coalburning whore" as I walked past them, just loud enough for the nigger to hear. As I departed the store, the nigger's black fragility was on full display and the coalburner was starting to argue with him, most likely for bitching out and refusing to fight me. As a whole, I count today's action as a tentative win for the white race.
>>23535 women are stupid and are attracted to the fashion of having a black skin partner. I blame the jew controlled media for pushing this sick shit.
>>23536 Women want to see two alpha males fight to the death after which the winner rapes her.
(50.89 KB 600x800 droid pepe.jpg)
>>23538 A pretty cool pepe; it leaves me with some feelings of nostalgia.
Time for whisky
I wish I could have a cup of caro right now.
In one of my uni courses the term 'anti-symmetric' is being used and I keep hearing it as anti-semetic.
>>23541 Sorry my dude, I had a quick peruse of ebay earlier and the prices were no cheaper than the supermarkets. Perhaps there's a wholesale store that sells 'em cheaper in bigger bottles?
>>23542 >'anti-symmetric' Kek, I initially read that as 'anti-semetic'.
>>23523 Did the old biddies get up and dance?
>>23543 Was ist das?
>>23546 No its more for annoyance and raising the alarm
>>23544 Haha, cheers mate.
>>23544 The Bilderberg group controls the price of coffee but forgot about caro. Thats why you should stockpile it and substitute it for your coffee. Caro is the based hot beverage of the free man.
Fuck all of you tbqh
>>23551 You need to have a wank.
(68.30 KB 640x400 spanish girl.jpg)
Feeling good about the coming collapse NEETs, had a good scout around the town of LakeBurg and got some experience with sleeping outside with heavy fog. Also made some resolutions about future directions with my core survival gear. I heard some stores and am starting to get the lay of the land up here. Also saw a robin redbreast which I havent seen in years. Thoroughly stuffed, going to bed. Hope its dry by now. Good Night. White
>>23553 Good night mate, sleep tight.
How to get myself back into a 'mental health hospital'
>>23556 >>23556 Do you need to be in one?
>>23557 I should just give the hospital my post history for this place alone.
I waste so much time.
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
>>23561 What are you trying to get out of this?
>>23558 I think you need to be suicidal or something to get into those places.
>>23561 Based schizoneet
(170.36 KB 768x1024 Hiruta Airi.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>23565 Night mate.
Good Morning NEETs. Pretty dry I reckon. Not peeing much. Haveta get into the thermos this morn.
Time for a caro
>>23571 You're an addict.
(20.69 MB 568x320 Bill gates plans.mp4)
Fuck Bill Gates for being a globalist but fuck him even more for Microsoft Outlook Webmail. He is a piece of shit.
>>23573 I don't see an issue. Humans need to die.
>>23574 >Humans need to die Sub-Humans need to die
>>23575 They'll be the ones who die, mostly.
(24.38 KB 480x480 thumbs cats.jpg)
Fukn kiked laundry instructions, tellin me I cant tumble dry my jumper. FUCK YOUR RULES
>>23573 >video Spun like the creator's just taking the piss, but actually I think that's a very accurate portrayal of globalists like him's mindsets. >>23574 Why are you wasting time here, little friend?
>>23580 >Bilderberg group >CCP >Jews Who's at the top of the food chain?
>>23582 Boomers
>>23582 >Bilderberg group >>23581 lolnou.
>>23570 >>23569 G'morn. Going to get a bottle of nasal decongestant spray. Never used them before.
>>23585 nou. >>23586 I'd try just a saline moistener before I'd go with the drugged kind Neet.
(286.03 KB 464x386 alex joneses.png)
Dirty New World Order globalists
>>23589 Honestly, I know he's just a boomer, but he's not the typical one. I wouldn't be surprise if Jones is naming the Jew someday soon. This flu hoax + deadly vax thing is way over the top, even for the globalists.
>>23593 Isn't his boss a Jew? I vaugley recall that debate with David Duke where the jew manager shuts it down mid way through.
(51.45 KB 414x262 Billy Connolly.jpg)
'Avin a Scottish coffee
>>23587 >a saline moistener Sounds kinda gay tbqh fam
>>23594 >can't accept a clear defeat like an honest man would >>23595 I think they already pulled the plug on him though, iirc he's fully banned now. >>23597 Very. But not nearly as gay as spraying the deadly drug-jew into your nasals. Just wet your fingers several times snorting the water right in. Blow your nose a couple times and bobs your uncle.
>>23599 >can't accept a clear defeat like an honest man would.
>>23600 lol, my digits already triumphed first move.
Post it again.
IF YOU WERE A REAL MAN NEET, YOU'D HAVE A SWASTIKA TATOOED ON YOUR BOLLOCKS. https://sputniknews.com/europe/202106101083120430-austrian-man-with-swastika-tattooed-testicles-sentenced-to-19-months-for-nazi-glorification-breach/ >>23816 Well, sadly, I don't have the superior digits this post, but sure. I can recall the halcyon days of my overarching, perfect victory over a lesser man.
>>23816 Oh wait, did you mean the loser?
(98.78 KB 869x575 chillin.jpg)
FFS >Get back from my sit-out in the sun feeling slightly better >hit refresh >200+ new posts >Think "Oh shit, endchan must be down" But no, it's just the mong poster doing his mong thang...
>>23887 Deleted by IP so if he made any normal posts they are gone too.
>>24039 Thank you
(275.14 KB 1280x960 bushwalk.jpg)
Went for a bushwalk with the civic club and many, many other ppl. Very sedate pace and even saw one shiela holding the sippy cup and mobile phone, trying to not get mud on her shoes. There was a nice waterfall, very high. Didnt take the bugle and my lips are still sore AF. Beans for tea.
>>23596 assume its with whiskey.
(586.93 KB 1401x1224 Haul 13 June 2021.jpg)
>>23598 I took your advice and went with the saline. I fuck my body with enough drugs (alcohol) as it is. But got some antihistamines just in case the spray isn't effective.
>>24042 Didn't have to assume. I knew. >>24041 Looks cold out there, was the Coquettish Gook in tow?
There were a couple of gooks who minced thru the mud in their outdoor gear and took photos of kids not thier own. Strange lot. Chinks.
Sit down to eat >tfw no fork
(185.36 KB 1280x960 Tall falls.jpg)
>>23332 The falls were really high, I want to see them from the top and look down at the fat tourists.
(133.87 KB 871x581 Jesus Loves You.jpg)
>>24234 That looks incredible! Thanks for sharing the pics.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-13/what-is-a-covid-19-digital-certificate/100205908 >can be accessed and downloaded on a smartphone app or found online. >The validity of the certificate is protected with a holographic coat of arms watermark and unique document number. download a hologram + watermark. What faggot fact checked this shite.
>>24041 Beautiful terrain Neet. >>24049 Good thinking. Most of the time it's just a matter of helping nature take it's course. Certainly healthier overall in the end. >Chivas Splurging on some fine scotch there, I see Neet. You must be loaded atm.
(38.56 KB 354x404 1623244760939.jpg)
>>24235 jesus was a hebe wasnt he?
One Zyrtec down the hatch. I'll sort out the covid test tomorrow, I swear...
>>24240 He studied with teh Essenes.
>>24240 He studied with teh Essenes.
>>24241 Dont worry, those tests are useless at detecting isolated positives. Its hardly worth the worry, It'll come back negative even if you are. Thats the way they want it.
(4.84 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210613_084220.jpg)
>>24110 >took photos of kids not thier own. Sounds like nuro. Maybe he is a chink.
(53.46 KB 880x1321 waterfall girl.jpg)
>>24246 It was strange seeing these 4 white, blonde + Blue eyed kids in the same scene as a soulless chinees bug, in front of the waterfall. Those kids seemed so much of their place, even more so because of the alien taking their pic. Fukn cringe chinkoid ruined the vibe. If only they knew. I talked to oldad tonight, very stilted conversation but I told him he should come up here this summer vacation. He wasnt keen on it, he never liked it up here, He only likes the coast. I dont know many mates who get along with their oldads, Reckon even those kids and their dad today will grow apart, disappointed that their hero got all slow and boring. Seems that being a father is a bit of a myth, that there is much influence between the generations as the younger becomes an adult. Maybe sometimes,in normie lyfe and all. Not with my oldad tho. Feels like I left him behind long ago. Good Night, White.
(234.52 KB 1080x1341 Tamura Hono2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>24247 Goodnight NEET
Good Morning NEETs, Fangin for some bananas this morning, Really hungry.
>>24249 You might be pregnant.
(2.99 MB 960x540 anti piracy.webm)
>>23364 >>23368 >>23369 >>23370 >>23371 >>23397 Don't do it NEETs. They will steal your dick pics
(1.01 MB 720x480 1600290942813.webm)
Queens Brithday holiday in Silver city, The sounds of kids and popular music, its warm outside and a pretty comfy day. Dunno if I want to be a boong and light the fire but Three chimneys are smoking that i can see and I should keep the wood hooker in business. Hash browns for lunch.
>>24251 serves him right for not using a router
>>24251 The funniest part is that this spot was made entirely unironically. >>24253 >Queens Brithday Pfft. Didn't you know she's White, NEET? That means she's plainly both a Colonialist and an Ebil Nahdzee. Remove her portrait from your bedroom You Colonialist, or be forever cancelled.
>>24252 Production quality is literally off the chart.
>>24255 go back to 4/pol/ faggot
>>24257 tbh all of you seem very 4chan like.
(374.63 KB 1280x1795 colonization.jpg)
>>24255 having you door kicked down and being arrested for downloading music is part of the thrill. You just dont get that at JB HIFI.
>>24251 Downloading Tenet.
(636.18 KB 1600x1600 fat cat.jpg)
Honey on toast for arvo tea.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-11/wa-doomsday-prepper-weapons-seized-in-suburban-perth/100209390 seems having a gun license is a invitation for the pigs to flex on you.
>>24244 Didn't require one anyway. Called around a few places early this morn and most were booked out this week so was very relieved to get an appointment today. I told them about my cold and all they said was they'd give me a mask to wear. The receptionist was a sexy Filipino-looking broad, like a half-caste. Most shocking of all was that the doctor was a white guy. He prescribed me antibiotic tablets and ear drops. The chemist fucked me around saying there'd be a 15 minute wait so I waited exactly that outside only to come back and wait another 15 standing around. Never had to wait so long at any chemist. I feel mentally drained after all that 'public exposure'. 'Avin a Scottish coffee to take the edge off.
>>24247 >summer vacation That's seppo-speak. Use the word 'holiday' in future please.
>>24248 >tfw no qt soulless bug-woman gf
>>24265 I heard that some pro-dommes are doing covid nasal swabs as a bdsm thing now. You should ring up a couple and get your kink on.
>>24265 Hope you are feeling better NEET.
(33.98 KB 527x433 Form.jpg)
>>24269 Had to fill in one of those 'New Patient' forms...
Went to buy a punnet of blueberries the other day and they were $10+...
>>24271 reflects the cost of fair labor and no asian slaves toiling in the fields.
>>24272 They've been coming in from PNG for many months, not in the numbers they want though.
>>24273 Three dollars a punnet as i recall
>>24274 No I meant the low cost labor coming in from png, they have been flying them in.
>>24265 Glad you got to see a Dr neet, hope things begin to improve for you.
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
>>24276 >>24269 Thanks for the well wishes. I'd still like to end up in a psych ward this year. It's a goal of mine, along with seeing a dentist for a general 'check up'.
>>24277 just have a wank and go see a moofie, forget about the psych ward.
1 Zyrtec and 3 drops of antibiotic ear-drops down the hatch. Not too keen on taking the antibiotic tablets as that would theoretically weaken my immune system, prolonging the cold. Not that all the alcohol I consume wouldn't do the same...
(22.92 KB 460x364 doctor pepe.jpg)
>>24279 You take the antibiotics so you dont get an opportunisitc infection of bacteria in your lungs, That would really ruin your life.
(54.20 KB 477x600 beer maid.jpg)
Dull day but at least I changed some priorities. Got a couple of things I want to achieve tomorrow and thats a good start. Good Night, White.
(189.36 KB 1280x1770 Kojima Mako.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>24281 Goodnight NEET
Fucking unbelievably stressed right now. I've got an exam for uni on Friday. The absolute cunt of a professor for a different subject released the assignments late so now there are assignments in the exam period. I've got two of them due tomorrow. I've sort of started one and I've got the second mostly done but I sort of know they are both dog shit anyway. I fucking hate uni so much but there is no alternative for me. I am too fucked in the head to hold down a job or something. I don't know what to do. I'm thinking I might try to get on DSP but if that fails or it is to insecure I think I'd just top myself before trying to manage in the real world. I wish I had been born into a family that would help.
>>24283 Sorry for being like this, I'd don't mean to get all gay and emo on you. It isn't the assignments that actually have me worried it is just the awareness of my own failures. I know I'll never be able to fit in and just do whatever I'm meant to do. Just no purpose. No reason to keep going. Even if I survive uni and everything there is nothing for me to do or anything. I'll probably try to be a professional uni student for as long as cenno will put up with me but then it is over I reckon.
>>24283 >>24284 Try to relax Neet. Rembr these cunts are specifically trying to create a situation to break you down. Just prioritize assignments, then laugh at them. For example, which is more important -- for you personally -- to focus on? The exams, or the assignment? Point it out to her her poor choices in releasing it late, and if she gives you any problems over it, then go above her head and complain to her boss. As long as you are in general a serious student (and you sound like you obviously are), then you needn't concern yourself what some worthless cunt thinks of you there. Never forget, the professors are there to serve you, not the other way round.
Good Morning NEETs. Couldnt sleep in, nice mild morning.
>>24284 Sound like a shit situation, but you wouldnt be the only one under pressure, you're not suffering alone. and that is going to result in the academic getting static from a lot of others. which is going to result in an easy exam.
(8.11 KB 220x249 1599275032363s.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-15/nz-community-wants-rose-byrne-out-of-christchurch-attack-movie-/100188496 Kek. Its gonna be hard for them to change the facts of the deed when there's the video. Thats gold standard history right there.
Morning fellas. Deep in boong country in NT.
>>24290 Hanging with my aunt. Might go for a walk soon, the lake in town has crocs in it kek.
>>24291 Get a croc burger for lunch.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>24289 I am quite fond of said country, I am aiming to get to many more towns in the regional areas. I have never seen such a Need for my services.
>>24293 A highly unethical post.
>>24286 Good morning, I also woke up.
(6.66 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210615_101006.jpg)
(5.66 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210615_101033.jpg)
Failed at capturing a bird for breakky. NGMI.
>>24296 Is this in the NT? I've never been up there except to Alice Springs. The country out there looks beautiful. I don't think I could live anywhere in the world and not miss Australia.
>>24297 Jabiru specifically.
My estranged mother sent me two packs of pegs for my birthday. Had nothing to do with her for years on end and then she sends me some pegs. Is this some metaphor about being hung out to dry?
>>24283 >released the assignments late That should entitle all students to an extension of the due date. No?
>>24300 It did. The problem is that the students are now doing assignments in time that is meant to be used for exam revision.
>>24296 Do you suck at Boomerang?
>>24299 It probably makes sense to her.
(47.53 KB 465x263 Pfizer.jpg)
>>24298 Jabitinya!
>>24299 That is a strange thing to do. The last contact with my father was a birthday 'card' sent some time when about 12. It was a folded piece of paper with 'happy birthday' written in black Texta.
>>24304 Fuck that shit. Its the devils own bargain. Suppose some employer says no jab, no job, and some gronk get it and dies of a blood clot. That'd be a very good outcome from my point of view.
>>24296 Why do those photos look like paintings?
>>24303 She is a fucking nutcase so that is a low bar. >>24305 Kek, sounds like my old man. Was he an alco?
(50.70 KB 700x467 wandana.jpg)
>>24296 Watch out up there NEET.
>>24293 >>24308 > Was he an alco? From the stories my mother has told me about him passing out in pools of his own vomit, then yes he must've been. But at least he was able to hold down a job and own a house unlike me. I inherited his drunkenness,but on a much grander scale.
>>24307 I don't know if it is just the camera he used or if he shook slightly but they seem a tad blurred. I think that makes it seem like a painting.
>>24310 $115 an hour is okay.
(78.69 KB 863x577 NigsGonNig.jpg)
(179.34 KB 816x612 Afternoon Tea.jpg)
>>24310 Quit simpin' to those narcissistic whores!
>>24316 You boong.
>>24287 I have other exams though. That is the problem. >>24285 I've got one of them finished. The other is mostly done. I think I'll be right. I am still a bit pissed off about this resulting in a sacrifice to my exam revision though.
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
>>24320 What are you trying to achieve m8? Do you think the men in the white van will come get you and take you to the psych ward if they see you post that enough times?
Just punched my mobile phone screen out of anger and cracked it slightly.
>>24356 What's wrong with you? You realise you spazzing out on endchan actually made nuro look good, right?
>>24322 What's wrong?
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
I am not responsible for the downie poster
>>24394 No one is, even it's parents sadly.
>>24397 You really don't fit in here. Maybe reddit would be more your pace.
>>24390 >he disengaged with it >yet knew the answer all along >it's tfw
Head is spinning. Good night. Don't let the downie poster bite.
>>24296 Spectacular. It's a beautiful country.
>>24299 Everyone always needs pegs.
>>24310 Would she honour the bargain if we all chipped in?
Tried to fix the leaking water pipe but the fitting i got was too big. I measured it with the calipers and its halfway between the standard sizes FFS. put the old fitting back and got the next one down off ebay. Fuk this dump.
>>24428 It might be imperial.
>>24429 7/8 inch ? It'd better not be some fucked standard.
>>24316 Beautiful
(212.58 KB 1200x1200 ted blessed.jpg)
>>24322 Yeah Fuck tech! Sieze control!
I am about to go to Coles. Do you have any recommendations for some decent quality pies or pasties?
>>24316 That looks nice, yum.
>>24421 Night
>>24443 9.11 imperial cubits.
>>24430 I'm here every day. Your BO loves me.
>>24446 4and20 if they're on special. The aldi chunky beef ones are good.
>>24451 Righto, cheers noots. I'm off now.
(34.43 KB 500x479 my little booty.jpg)
>>24450 The BO loves his toys more.
(56.40 KB 680x680 69b.jpg)
>post random pic of some faggot's onahole <haha epical pwnage!!!!!111 lmfao
>>24452 I'm back. I got some Angus beef 4and20 ones. They were half price.
>>24456 >They were half price. Fucking bargain. I love anus beef.
(117.00 KB 1080x1080 4141840141823646652.jpg)
(148.06 KB 1080x1080 2836336130620113352.jpg)
>>24457 I've got one in the oven right now. I'm not sure how I'll have it. I have some baked beans I could pour over it. I also have some cheese I could melt a little over as a neet treat.
>>24458 >one Mate, you need to have at least two for it to be a proper meal. You're a growing boy.
>>24456 Freexer is getting down. Flour bin too.
>>24456 Rat coffins
Pie is done. I have put some cheese on it and have it sitting in the oven.
>>24462 You've spent more than 25 minutes on here. Go back to Wikipedia and some uni stuff.
>>24462 Sauce It!
>>24463 The add-on only counts whilst the tab is active. That means I can just keep the window minimised and check in occasionally. Don't be such a narky neet.
>>24465 That sounds extremely flawed.
51 minutes until my bread is ready
>>24467 25 minutes to go Night Neets
(173.99 KB 614x1024 Katou Minami.jpg)
Goodnight NEETies >>24470 Goodnight NEET
(32.40 KB 615x410 Bread girl.jpg)
>>24470 >>24471 I'm stressed over these monkeys on my back. Both NEET related. Getting out is easy but getting in is tough. Fortunately the last of the setup is done with the fourth adjustment of the tarp over the falcon. I can start the detailing now, long overdue, in between grinding away on these two problems. I think everything is going according to the plan and I had anxietey because I'm at the start of a new phase, one that I would like to skip. Actually I'm right back where I was just before mike lando pulled the rug out, making me drop my program for the move. Stress comes from not feeling like you have control, which isnt true, is just my psychology. Bread's done for tomorrow morning. Off to bed soon. Good Night, White.
>>24456 Nice, enjoy.
Good Morning NEETs Another mild morning, Winter when?
The Deacon messaged me about tonights zoom meeting. I'd die of embarrasment if I missed it and now the stakes are higher.
>>24478 >non-christian Sounds based. Christianity is jewish
>>24478 committed to Jehovah now. Couldnt bear the deacons disapproval
>>24477 >I'd die of embarrasment That's some kind of red-flag to me. Everything is already naked and open to God. Why overly concern yourself with what a man thinks? >>24479 Christ alone is the door to eternal life. You get to pick whether you go through it. I guess we all know where you'll end up.
>>24481 Community reputation is a bigger thing to me now I guess. Being the boong in your neighbourhood can undermine your ability to live there undisturbed, especially if you are a shut-in NEET.
>>24483 >Being the boong in your neighbourhood Fear. >can undermine your ability to live there undisturbed, Fear. >especially if you are a shut-in NEET. Fear. That's 3 strikes on the Fear Chart, Neet. Honestly, I'd say you ask Jesus Christ himself to help you overcome the issues in your life, and again, stop worrying what others think of you. Your own will is your own. Don't just eagerly turn it over to others. Good luck Neet.
>>24484 Thanks I already have the gen open in my browser. As do most of the NEETs you colossal faggot.
Got the beans in the pressy. Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a Choof a
>>24490 You wish you had some beans.
>>24457 >I love anus beef
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-16/senate-to-investigate-fake-meat-labelling-laws/100219140 >alternative protein council Seems big Gluten teamed up with BIg soy.
>>24472 >I can start the detailing now, long overdue Good to hear. Keep that car in tip top shape, as it will only increase in value as the years go passing by.
(95.95 KB 868x574 chillin.jpg)
>>24474 Another day to do absolutely nothing. TWU. Kill me
>>24523 Fark off cunt, I was here long before you migrated.
Some mong ran over the gas meter thing and then called the emergency gas people. They came and shut it off but the mong had fucked off by then. I don't have hot water (gas hot water service) nor an oven/stove now. Pretty bloody annoying. Given the time it happened and the fact they knew they had to call the emergency number would suggest to me it was a tradie working on the house next door and not some random pajeet.
>>24525 Oh yes I was. It is you who needs to go back. You simply cannot handle what is posted here. You need a 'safe space' where faggot BO's and jannies are rampant. It's quite simple what you need to do, open a new tab to endchan and then close the 16chan tab. Problem solved!
>>24521 >tfw No Vegemite
>>24526 isnt the number on the gas thing? It clearly wasnt a woman then, they dont know about such things.
I've got "Untouched" by the Veronicas stuck in my head.
(110.87 KB 540x675 Literally KYS.jpg)
>>24540 psych ward.
>>24543 This needs to be killed asap!
The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinaman or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian have no regard for human life and is an all out son of bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk.
(777.93 KB 1632x1224 Haul 16 June 2021.jpg)
Got served by this hottie I find a tad intimidating. Like she resents having to serve beta-looking males like myself. Just wonder how she'd and if she'd serve me differently if I were Chad.
>>24550 If you were a chad, the hottie would do your shopping AND your cooking. That chokito custard looks yum0
>>24544 The brown liquor really fucks my shit up
>>24548 The slav has white ancestry. They are above the hun
>>24548 Kek, I doubt any of them would want to deal with a mong like you either so it works out for both parties.
>>24518 Good work pointing out the joke.
>>24554 Patton said it you mong. Learn to use a search engine.
>>24556 >caring about some ameriglobohomo
>>24559 (You)'d twice for my pleasure!
>>24550 Nice haul
>>24561 Thanks Might play some vidya in bed till I pass out. Nintendo just released a trailer to the sequel of Breath of The Wild which I never got the chance to play.
>>24526 Well, if you can burn wood, then you can cook. Simple as.
>>24546 Thanks NEET, much appreciated.
>>24555 I didn't see it until he pointed it out.
Gas is back on. Got a pie in the oven.
(530.78 KB 1079x589 teapepe.png)
>>24567 Yum0 Bit worried about my meeting with the deacon tonight.
>>24579 What will you be doing/discussing?
>>24563 I am burning wood.
>>24580 https://www.jw.org/en/library/bible/study-bible/books/jeremiah/29/ Help me out with some astute interpretation so I look clever.
>>24566 Specsavers.
>>24563 I live in a city for the sake of uni. I grew up on a small farm though and we did much of our cooking over the fire. Mum liked it for stuff that needed a long time to cook as it was effectively free heat as it would be burning anyway. I miss living in the country.
>>24582 I don't know anything about the bible. Sorry.
(49.85 KB 800x340 j.jpeg)
>>24585 The only thing I know is that your not meant to say Jehovah
>>24582 >Help me out with some astute interpretation so I look clever. https://reasons.org/podcasts/straight-thinking-a-single-solitary-god-and-love-part-2 Ask him about the Trinity of God, Neet. Grace?
>>24585 Jeremiah 29 11 For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you,’ declares Jehovah, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope. But Jehovah was talking to some sand people he banished for 70 years. Not to no one else.
>>24587 >trinity I used to know the answer to that one.
>>24587 >Trinity
>>24589 Well, listen to Ken Samples' podcast then, NEET.
Zoom with the Deacon went well. I gave a good account of myself and didnt umm and ahh like a retard. Got invited to the JW ministry at 3pm on sat. Dunno. Shower time.
>>24592 Did you remind him the Jerry was a Jew and the messages to the nation of Israel were not meant for goyim?
>>24593 We didnt talk about jeremiah. We just went thru the beginner brochure.
(662.07 KB 634x575 ClipboardImage.png)
The Age of Mouse is over. The Time of the Spider has come.
Getting worried about my exam on Friday.
>>24594 Tsk, that's beneath you.
>>24596 the stress will go away the more you study.
>>24598 I know. I've been studying pretty hard but the fucked thing is that my mind just goes blank when it actually matters. I'm not sure if that makes sense I just don't handle pressure at all.
>>24599 I'm doing a past exam at the moment. It is coming to me. It isn't as bad as I thought. Cheers neet.
(491.21 KB 776x1200 Xenozoic Hannah.jpg)
Mike Lando just called me about the old flat, he just got his wires crossed and I straightened him out. We talked about how much money he and his family made, and how much his children and grandchildren will make. He re-told a story about shares for the fourth time. Boomer LuLz. Mummybot didnt feel much like messaging on FB but we exchanged cat pics. With tonights bible lesson from the Deacon that makes over an hour of polite engagement. Reflecting on this, I find myself apart from the traditional paths of life, repelled actually. Just useful enough to get superficial respect from the dinosaurs in their rutted tracks, along with the insane expectation that I will get in tow if the way of the world is patiently explained to me. I am well practiced at cynical critical analysis of boomer lore. The truth passes down to me through the holes in their tales, like rain through a straw hat. I dont have the patience to break back into a jail cell now that I'm out anyway. Good Night, White.
(519.68 KB 2000x2998 Murayama Yuiri.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>24600 Goodnight NEET
>>24601 >>24602 Night noots.
>>24601 >The truth passes down to me through the holes in their tales, like rain through a straw hat. Deep.
>>24636 I prefer this filename.
Good morning NEETs. Duno whether to light the fire this morning or not.
Fire's lit. IGA later.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2021-06-17/side-effect-astra-pfizer-vaccine-australia-safety-data/100202616 Dont worry, its normal for an experimental injection to make you sick as a dog for two days. Get used to it ASAP because you're locked into a lifetime of boosters every six months now.
>>24656 Lol >I realized I shouldnt have had the first jab >i went to get the second dose and thats when it got really bad
>>24655 Yeah, literally rewiring people's genes in their DNA can have that effect on you. I'm sure that in the future when a certain percentage begin literally dissolving into a gooey puddle on the train from the deadly 'vaxx' for the Foxtrot Variant, the authorities will be all "Unrelated. Happens all the time. Don't be selfish, goy. We need herd-immunity!11"
>>24658 Herd immunity from a non-sterilizing vaccine is not attainable, not even with 100% coverage.
>>24659 Hmm, fair enough. Maybe the plan is in the future everyone who took the jab like the good little goys they are will dissolve? Surely that would address the problems with achieving herd-immunity Neet?
>>24660 They are redefining the concept of herd immunity for this jewish vax.
>>24658 I think we will see a CoVax syndrome emerge down the track, one with long term debility. I think it could knock out a big percentage of the workforce.
>>24661 The concept itself is statistically unsound IMO. Even the slightest variation in a single virus phenotype and the 'herd' aspect goes right out the window. The entire thing is a diabolical hoax, front to back. >>24662 I think you're correct Neet. What will any victim of these globalists even do then, however? >"S-sorry goys, we were only pretending to be retarded! C-can't you take a joke?"
>>24663 it depends on the R0 doesnt it? also the algorythm to determine when the herd is immune is kinda arbitrary, also being partialy immune and still able to carry the virus asymptomatically and shed it would complicate the metric.
>>24654 >>24649 Sup, woke up around 7, took a few shots of vodka then passed out. Sippin' on black instant and wondering if things will ever change.
>>24664 >it depends on the R0 doesnt it? The basic point is that there are, practically-speaking, an endless set of variations possible in the corona virus surface-space. Even if you find a good molecular proxy shape to bind it, as soon as a single, successfully-replicating virus mutates sufficiently that it no longer functions, then every.single.herd-member. will now need a booster 'vaxx' to adapt to the new threat. This aspect of the plot is already well-understood by these fiends. They don't intend it to ever end, and won't stop at it until they are forced to. Even the ones who aren't simply willing, demonic golems in the entire affair are just guessing. All we have to go on are informed-guesses based on experimental data. New surprises can pop up at any time. That's what 'long-term trials' is supposed to address. But guess who the guinea pigs are in this gigantic, unregulated, experiment are Neet?
>>24665 Vodka for breakfast can make you sleepy, I reccomend drinking light white wine and leaving the spirits for after 10am.
(70.40 KB 866x1300 doctor dan prescribes goon.jpg)
>>24666 >who the guinea pigs are Hopefully just the abos, satanic trips confirmed.
The tops of my toes are a bit red from rubbing against my shoes whilst running.
>>24670 Why run when you can sit down?
Time to wash the Falcon.
>>24671 I enjoy running. It is a good way to deal with stress.
>>24672 Make sure to dry the feathers properly this time.
>>24672 Is that what you call your NEETstick?
>>24675 An extremely fast predator that goes for unsuspecting birds? Hmmmm.
I've hurt some muscle in the back of my neck.
>>24677 Could be a tumor.
(56.79 KB 365x262 Costa.jpg)
I just can't shake this damn wog
It lingers
On the plus side I just blew me nose so hard it cleared the blocked ear I've had the past week. Only a bit of dark wax came out but finally that blocked feeling is gone. Allah Ackbar
I ate too much and need to poo but cant
>>24674 falc is half washed. Just gotta get the shammie out and do the interior.
(10.34 KB 428x76 4ch.jpg)
goin down the IGA even tho its nearly darg. U cunts want what? Too late i'm off
(33.36 KB 640x480 haul1.jpg)
>>23332 Found the bread section in the IGA, somewhat disappointed because i was telling everyone about how you Need a breadmaker here.
>>24719 >Found the bread section better off like you neet and baking your own
>>24720 They have pumpernickel bread too. I wonder what their dumpsters are like.
SMACK Buggo no mo'
>>24722 Ninja reflexes.
Plucking nostril hairs.
>>24724 Singe them with a lighter.
I've got my big exam tomorrow. It should be good. Doing some last revision. Going to make it an early night I reckon. The exam is in a building at uni that I am not familiar with. I will have to budget some time to locate the building. I went in to uni tonight to do that but it was pissing down with rain such that I had insufficient visibility.
Going to have some weetbix with berries.
(176.83 KB 1600x1200 1622248785766.jpg)
Didn't start off too well this morning, I admit. I think its the coffee I had yesterday which gave me a big boost, but left me flat today. Predictable. I.e. I should know better. I should be able to do better. Good Night, White.
>>24727 put some milk on it too.
>>24729 Ahh, cheers neet. I always fuck that up and crunch on dry weetbix with frozen berries.
>>24730 Experience counts, NEET.
Damn, Kohlchan shooting. That pedo shithole is finally going to go down.
I just found out that Sanitarium is owned by the Seventh Day Adventists.
(427.06 KB 1440x1440 Choi Ye-na.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>24728 Goodnight NEET
>>24732 >Damn, Kohlchan shooting What happened. >>24728 >>24734 Night Neets.
>>24735 A German poster said they were going to shoot up their school and then a shooting was reported at a German uni. It could just be a coincidence.
I'm 22 today. Christ.
Good Morning NEETs. I only got up three times to pee last night which is restful. I should get the pee bottle out.
foggy af here. should lift after lunch.
Woke up. Hucked up,
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
>>24741 straight to dans
gonna swap out the mobo in my desktop today, the new one has a tpm slot and I got a tpm chip for it. Should give me +1 to security for my meme folder.
Cant find my superglue.
>>24737 Happy Birthday Neet.
(33.33 KB 268x316 Getitinya.jpg)
>>24742 Not till the evening
Spinach and fetta roll for brekky. Thinking about Hungry Jacks for dinner. Haven't had a whopper in months.
>>24754 She said that she wants to make it mandatory for front line workers but cant because its up to the commonwealth. I wonder who's liable under the fair work act and workers compensation.
>>24737 Happy Birthday NEET. Get yourself a birthday pie.
(623.37 KB 995x2768 Yahoo.jpg)
>>24737 Happy Birthday Jesus. Go treat yourself to a nice chicken schnitty pub lunch.
>>24754 Would compulsory community immunisation ever be ethically justified? Special circumstances, such as the emergence of a evastating, new vaccine-preventable disease, might justify introducing a special Compulsory immunisation program if the disease were sufficiently severe and the vaccine safe and effective. In this situation, however, it is likely that voluntary immunisation would increase and might make compulsion unnecessary. It is also possible that immunisation levels might fall,e.g. because of a failure of trust, and that the althered risk-benefit ratio might alter the ethical justification for compulsion. Define: >sufficiently severe >safe >effective Define it to the population using the ZOG lungenpresse.
>>24749 I had to look up what 'tpm' is. Sounds pretty cool. Good luck with it. Don't forget to use an anti-static wrist strap.
(2.74 MB 854x480 yes queen.webm)
>>24760 >Black queen gets a beating from white worker and leaves in handcuffs after she gets violent at McDonald's. https://youtu.be/FaqqHJLjFek?t=110
>>24765 God, I love watching niggers being beaten. There should be some kind of business where you can go and pay to beat niggers.
>>24764 it just lets you use bitlocker on win10. duno about linux. The alternative is using veracrypt which isnt too bad on a ssd drive but woeful on a hdd.
(243.55 KB 1347x776 CumFaceGame.jpg)
>>24765 Kek she wants more slushie and more face punchy.
(102.70 KB 859x583 TWU.jpg)
Ended up going to Dan's earlier than planned
I did my first exam today. It was the one I was really worried about. It went really well.
>>24772 That's good news
I just had a floss.
Having a cuppa.
Making a big caro
chilling out with the PC mobo job tonight.
What the fuck is wrong with this endchan spamming spastic?
>>24797 Is that a jaw harp?
>>24798 Personality disorder i have to guess. Probably hates hisself, eventually his every conscious moment will be psychological agony. care factor is quite low tbph.
>>24799 unmistakable.
>>24776 >>24775 I've been on the goon since 2pm. Might head to IGA and see if anything's on special or buy a pizza.
>>24802 proposition the checkout chick
>Personality disorder i have to guess. >Probably hates hisself, eventually his every conscious moment will be psychological agony. Why dont you copy spam that, you faggot
I am considering a trip to Coles.
>>24805 Can you get me some allens snakes? I'll pay you back with next cenno
>>24805 One lime please.
I cant find the tpm chip. I dont even know if i bought it or not.
>>24752 >>24758 >>24761 Thanks neets. Brotherbot got me a steak as a present. I am going to use up some old potatoes to make chips to have with it. Either that or mashed potato. I haven't decided yet.
>>24809 I found my chip. you should have chips chips are good to have
>>24810 Which ever one I go with I will regret and wish I had done it the other way. Many such cases.
(750.71 KB 1632x1224 Haul 18 June 2021.jpg)
Never seen a carrot so big
>>24810 Stick it in that mofo mobo already!
>>24760 So you can only get one?
>>24812 Nice haul m8, the tahitian lime drink looks interesting, never really have time to look for such things myself but I might see if I can spot that next time I'm in coles.
>>24812 I see you are collecting sauces, Soon you will have a full fridge door like a professional
(153.29 KB 1280x960 rebuild.jpg)
Rebuild is going well but the old ram doesnt fit. :\ The board came with a 4 gb card which will have to do for now.
(3.36 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20210618_195308.jpg)
(3.49 MB 3024x4032 IMG_20210618_195136.jpg)
The steak doesn't look very nice but I think the taste and texture are really nice. The mashed potatoes have some peas, carrot, smoked paprika, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, a dash of hot English mustard.
>>24819 Looks pretty good actually. your supposed to put butter in mash, yesno?
>>24820 Yeah, I did. Also milk but I forget to list them.
>>24819 That looks good m8
>>24822 >>24820 Cheers noots.
>>24819 Looks infinitely more appealing than the cold tin of tuna and Heinz spaghetti I had for dinner.
>>24825 neet you need something a bit more tasty than that
(63.07 KB 863x648 anna sophie von otter.jpg)
I had the willies this morning and was a slug-a-bed until 7. By late arvo I was okay, even without coffee and I went for a scouting run. I banged my knee on a hurdle and its a bit sore, even so, I feel good. Probably try and get the PC back up and buy some ram online. I dont get a post beep but it might just be the speaker. Off to bed after this cup of tea. Good Night, White.
>>24827 Goodnight.
>>24819 Very nice meal, Neet.
Good Morning NEETs Big Poo and a Big Flush already
POST achieved. just didnt connect the cpu power supply.
>>24831 A simple thing to overlook
I put some fragrance on two days ago and I can still smell it.
>>24830 Good cold morning. A piping-hot mug of Nescafe is on the agenda. Have a good weekend!
>>24838 Good Morning. Its on and off foggy here today. Thinking about the bread in the maker.
Ghosts of the disappeared boongs live in the mist.
Bread's done but now I'm not hungry
>>24841 Are the breads improving in quality?
Had some weetbix with (defrosted) frozen mango and mixed berries. Very nice.
>>24843 That does sound good. Do you add sugar or is the fruit enough to sweeten the bix?
>>24840 That's a pretty buff boong tbqh. Most you see are skinny cunts.
(203.80 KB 1280x960 plough into lunch man.jpg)
Big saturday lunch, Curry lentils + beans big time sauerkraut with mustard Fresh rye bread with peanut butter/butter and mity mite. Cheap and healthy, even Eating at my stand up desk,. clammy as all get out, gonna light the fire after this dinner
>>24843 are those berries from chyna?
>>24844 No, I don't add sugar to anything. I am quite happy to eat plain weetbix. I did that each morning for about two decades. >>24847 Berries are from Chile and the mango is from Peru. I avoid buying anything, particularly food, from China. I mostly trust the South Americans though.
(38.61 KB 692x109 Mark of the beast.jpg)
>>24846 >mity mite The based yeast extract. Think I might give rye a try. IGA sells packs of it sliced that I will admit look like pieces of cardboard.
(144.07 KB 1280x960 bredy gud.jpg)
I'm currently a uni student but the idea of being a baker is oddly appealing.
How common is heroin in this country? I've got no desire to use it. I am just curious.
>>24854 Duno. Its all hidden under rocks I suppose I reckon fentanyl is more common because its more profitable to smuggle. http://www.usersnews.com.au/
New Mobo works first time. Nice.
(154.42 KB 816x612 Burger closed.jpg)
(160.18 KB 816x612 Burger open.jpg)
(125.01 KB 816x612 Burger half eaten.jpg)
>>24851 Nice and square and brown. I've now got half a beef burger for dinner/midnight drunken snack. It was huge and the weight of the half-eaten part alone felt like a BigMac.
>>24867 Good work lad. Now go, use your powers only for good. >>24868 Disgusting. Eat food fit for men such as: >>24819
>>24868 Nice looking burger neet.
>>24812 I've seen bigger.
>>24819 That mash sounds very good.
>>24820 Heaps of butter and just a dash of milk.
>>24851 Nice
Found the can of Fish Oil. Look out.
>>24868 How yellow were those chippos tho.
>>24876 Sometimes the camera makes the colours brighter than they actually are
>>24876 Pajeet stuff was in the deep fry oil.
Fire's going.
(57.34 KB 733x591 Woe unto them.jpg)
>>24879 Nah, the place is owned and staffed by whites. And no curries on the menu.
>>24880 sounds comfy
>>24882 >tfw thinking about PM 2.5
Cleaned the plastic containers that had been sitting out with chicken bones in the past few days. Then threw out the moldy several-month old sacks of taters and onions that were in the kitchen sink cupboard, unused. Baby steps...
>>24884 Moldy potatoes >imagine the smell
>>24884 Slow and steady m8
Might give this a go tonight
The winds are a blowing, and it's stressing me tf out
(177.85 KB 1080x1350 1616529384700.jpg)
The old moofie was pretty awful, but the action scene at the end was funny. I remember the set from shit i watched as a shorty. Its strange what was entertainment before supercomputers made moofies. I have been getting back into my comix, I was reading them and glancing at the moofie occasionally. I think I'll keep going with it and wean myself off worldly passive entertainment and news sites. Nothing ever happens anyway. Good Night, White.
(110.87 KB 540x675 Literally KYS.jpg)
All I have is you cunts. You don't want me and I don't want you and yet here we are yet again. Same place. What's gonna change? NOTHING. See you tomorrow...
>Two (2) 'good night whites' WTF
Night Neets
This fucking wog just continues to linger.
(3.69 MB 3000x2000 Asakawa Nana.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Good Morning NEETs. Just had a look at the max temp and decided to burn wood all day.
I want to stop visiting the ABC news website but all the corona propo cheers me up.
>>24896 Deport it
(42.52 KB 341x409 1576882007331.jpg)
Thinking about that lentil mush in the pot. Thinking about the last of the pastries in the freexer. I know what to do but I'm not real keen maybe butter will fix it.
fucking cunts. endchan is down
>>24906 blame the spammer
>>24908 That's your schizophrenia. It's a power outage but you believe that you somehow did it.
>>24905 Lots of good butter will fix anything
>data center >power outage Hosted in Africa I guess.
(194.19 KB 956x831 TASSIE BEST BUTTER.jpg)
(123.96 KB 1260x671 load shedding.png)
>>24911 scheduled power outages in South Africa are ridiculously bad
>>24913 Why would anyone want to live in that continent?
>>24913 suth frica ? really ? the absoluestate of endchan
(61.72 KB 944x389 this is our homeland.jpg)
>>24914 Home's home m80
>>24915 fuckoff faggot
>>24917 QUE ?>
>>24918 >legit busy btw >posting anon btw go creep on people at the beach weirdo
>>24916 I have heard a story of someone who moved from there to Australia and shocked their friends back home by saying that their child was playing on the street. Not behind a massive tall wall with barb wire and armed guards on the premises ready to kill.
>>24915 I reckon odili has the server at his home. It only needs to be a minicomputer like a fast arduino.
>>24920 If you want to start a company in south africa you have to have at least 50% nigger ownership. official hiring policy mandates that whites must be selected last from the applicants which might number in the thousands because of the massive unemployment there.
what the hell are you talking about ? you aren't making any sense.
>>24921 that would make sense considering how fucking slow that site chugs along
>>24921 It says it is a VPS in Las Vegas on their about page. I don't know of their technical set-up but they have discussed moving the database. I speculate the current issue is that they are probably using Mongo on a single server. That is a recipe for disaster because it wasn't designed that way because its for use in a distributive system.
>>24922 >official hiring policy mandates that whites must be selected last from the applicants Do what they want over here -Must have Bachelors degree -Must be fluent in English I can imagine that would cut out a big chunk of applicants out.
>>24927 accurate
>>24928 clean your pants seems doable
>>24926 they really need to split up suth frica and make pretoria its own country and the farms outside that zone sovereign literally give the blacks what remains
>>24929 i have many pants. its do-ne
(99.18 KB 770x1027 die antwoord.jpg)
>>24926 I'm sure there are ways around the black kleptocracy's edicts and mandates, Probably something about kickbacks. I heard that south africa's number one export is white ppl.
and i just shit my second pair of pants
>>24933 change them!
Another day on earth bros.
>>24932 south african expat girls are based as fuck one of my best lays was a saffa
...and third pair of pants soiled !
>>24936 How much did she charge?
(103.34 KB 225x531 1622588330721.gif)
>>24935 you got 30kg of existential crises
>>24937 You need adult diapers.
fourth pair ruined ! o m g !
>>24941 Did you have a hot curry last night?
>>24941 30kg of poo yet?
>>24938 she was a GF, i would have legit married her but her mom was legit batshit crazy, reportedly she was given an anti malaria drug that actualy fucked her head
>>24941 haha you are so funny nofun
fifth pair soiled ! this is starting to be fun !
>>24946 >fifth pair soiled ! <No flag Are you refreshing the page?
>>24945 yeah man funny man haha are you laughing yet?
>>24947 refreshing my dacks !
>>24944 Engineered anything lately?
>>24949 Do you even Javascript?
>>24951 i java'd your mums holes last night ! kekeke ! ! !
>>24944 Yeah thats a shame. For the best nuro. You wouldn't get as much dole if you got married.
>>24944 >mom >>24952 >your mums
>>24953 could use the pussy though
>>24955 Get some at the beach!
>>24929 your doable
>>24949 >>24952 >>24955 could you please stop using my flag ?
>>24944 Nuro Regrets? IMPOSSIBLE
>>24959 Questioning Nuro.
>>24955 Just go for a ride and talk to some qts. Tell them how based you are. Once you tell them you are on the dole and set up a business that doesn't make enough to effect your dole payments they will be wet as fuck.
>>24958 >QUE ?
if you remember i made this one for you
>>24961 they always run away from me though after like 10 second !
>>24964 Must be the stank, take a shower.
>>24961 how about you start your own business when every_single_other_corporate_entity is getting shit loads of government money
endchan back let's go!
>>24964 why are you always so cringe nofun >?
(49.22 KB 800x600 Rambo and his handler.jpg)
>>24900 >One new case in QLD >One week out from school holidays I'm really not looking forward to mandatory masks for 2 weeks.
>>24967 you mofo
>>24899 G'morn. How many kilograms of wood would that equate to?
>>24969 feels good living outside the greater brisbane area :)
>>24966 So you're making shitloads of money?
>>24973 things are finally ramping up after time of for my elbow surgery
>>24968 Bit rich coming from you mate!
>>24975 I am BASED and Nofun is cringe. This is a welll established FACT.
>>24976 Whatever makes you sleep at night bro.
The fuck happened here this morning?
>>24979 an influx of refugees from enchan and nofun saying fuck off we're full
>>24981 HAHA what are you going to do about it faggot ? cry ?
(54.62 KB 435x436 nsn1.jpg)
>>24971 Duno lots i have lots burn all day
>>24983 booo fucking hoo shitballs
>>24987 > repetitive behaviour > forced memes > personality disorder yup you are obviously the spammer. sucks to be you
>>24989 >> repetitive behaviour ooofffff take your meds shitballs
(68.84 KB 640x967 Vladimir Putin.jpg)
>>24991 STFU
Having a nice big cheesy pizza pie.
I wish the endchan retards would stop coming here.
>>24996 Bit rich coming from you mate.
>>24995 16 was and always will be a bunker for endchan you turbo bug simp
>>24998 > repetitive behaviour > forced memes >turbo >bug >simp
>>24999 nurgo is an NPC. Too much fluoride has fucked with his brain.
>>24999 >projecting your own disorders onto other people
>>25001 > repetitive behaviour > personality disorder mah projections mah disorder Keep on digging that hole mate.
>>25003 > repetitive behaviour [NPC ERROR] Already heard that one before. Try again.
Tempted to have another coffee. I don't have to specify that is an oral coffee because we don't shove things up our arses on this board.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>25005 Coffee is bad for your nerves, drink something that relaxes you instead.
>>25006 Yeah, alcohol is good for the brain and the immune system, right?
How much goon do you need to drink to get two serves of fruit?
>>25005 coffee enemas are the shit
>>25009 No they're not you fucking weirdo.
>>24995 better to try ignoring it. a grain of attention translates to a lot of encouragement.
>>25010 like you have any opinion if you havent tried it you have zero life experience you ninnying contrarian insect
>>25012 >like you have any opinion if you havent tried it lol
>>25012 >shoving a tube and pumping fluids up your ass That's gay. > repetitive behaviour >ninnying >contrarian >insect [NPC ERROR(2)] Please try again.
(26.98 KB 480x360 1622683381376.jpg)
Sick of all the art house crap and meaningful stories with emotions and shit. Downloading star wars and a Tom Cruise spacer moofie. Planning to binge myself sick and then never watch moofies again.
>>25008 Whatever gets you passed-out drunk at a gay nightclub
>>25015 >Tom Cruise spacer moofie Oblivion or Edge of Tomorrow? I've always been partial to the former.
Kek, The neighbourhood kids are bare chested and have gotten the boxing gloves out, they're assemlbing on the vacant lot across the road.
>>25016 Snicker + Sly chortle.
>>25017 Dune (2021).
>>25020 Don't be silly
>imagining Tom Cruise as Princess Irulan.
>>25024 Kek.
Nuro is just so busy that he spends all day being an NPC on the 'bunker' he doesn't care about at all.
>>25017 Already seen Edge of Tommorrow, three or four times, Damn the torrent is underperforming.
(253.05 KB 1000x667 162353659710.jpg)
eyes without a face, old movie i really like, recommend it
>>25030 frenchy kino = arthouse No sale
>>25031 suit yourself bud
Went for a long walk and saw an old house badly in need of new paint. All I could think was how nice it would be to own and repair it over time. Bought a sack on the way 'home'.
>>25033 why?
>>25034 buying a sack is better than being given one.
>>25033 Settle petal.
I cant remember the sexual tension between rey and finn annoying me this much last time I watched this tripe.
>>25039 i use a lot of different alt chans, but never endchan, and i don't spam anywhere. not worth my time and i don't care to learn how to make it easier to spam.
Nuro's lost it
>>25042 He never had it.
>>25044 what u mean
>>25043 Its pitiful really. How a neet's brain can curdle like milk from all the codiene.
>>25038 i dont link star wars in general, but i thought the coon ends up chasing the asian slampig. havent watched any of the new movies and dont plan to.
Still have some rhubarb and custard boiled lollies left, but they're all stuck together in the bag.
Is cursing a bannable offense in the gen?
>>25050 Don't you swear neet.
>>25051 DOODLE
>>25049 Gramps?
>>25049 Hit the bag with a hammer
>>25049 i love dipping rhubarb stalks in sugar, and rhubarb pie. used to be a nice treat we would have a few times a year. we just started growing rhubarb again and got a stalk to cook.
>>25054 Its okay they came apart because they are dusted with sugar. I like the aniseed or liquorice lollies the best
>>25056 I'll give you a liquorice lolly.
(470.77 KB 486x640 darrell lea.png)
>>25057 darrell lea liquorice reminds me of possum poo. wallaby turds are soft and flush into the lawn easily but posso turds are water resistant somehow.
>>25058 >darrell lea Terrible. Should've gone bust. They certainly deserved it.
>>25058 the latter must have a fattier diet or something, seems that's the kind of meal that makes my movements floaty anyway.
>>25060 Posso is a bit of a cunt about where he shits actually.
>>25061 might be different access to plants they have, idk shit about aussie mammals so no clue if the kind of stuff your possum eat is high in plant fat
Cold, hungry, drunk, depressed. Took a pizza roll out of the freexer just now that will still probably be froxen when I pass out.
(136.79 KB 1076x1400 1604388336320.jpg)
Being a stay-at-home NEET, my thoughts through the day are not very busy. I dont go online much other than the gen's so I have stuff-all to entertain the NEETs with. (I do appreciate whoever is posting news stories and the tik-tok shit) I will start to fill in the blank space with a list of shit I did thru the day. 1)Worked on my resume 2)Did my push ups and chin ups then had a lemon 3)Fixed some holes in the door with glue 4)Put up my bush pole in the bedroom and moved the sewing machine next to it, then disassembled my outdoor hammock. 5)chopped a lot of wood to keep the fire going. 6)decontaminated two chairs for the desk and the sewing machine. 7)went for a half hour run and a a scout around. 8)watched 2/3 of a shit moofie and called my oldad, he said he'd come and stay if i make the place comfy for him. 9)assembled my NAS PC and got a post Good Night, White.
>>25063 Food is generally more palatable when heated, neet.
(355.33 KB 1024x1400 Tsugihara Kana.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>25064 Goodnight NEET
>>25063 Go easy on the grog m8. Listen to a bit of music and drink slowly. Have a glass of water after each glass of goon.
>>25064 Sounds to me neet, like you had a fairly productive day actually.
>>25066 Night neet.
Good Morning NEETs. Ungh, Hard to get out of bed into the cold morning today, I should have gone to bed earlier.
I think the site is having a maintainance outage today.
>>25072 Or is that their cover for when Nuro drops the nuke?
>>25073 He did. He cursed the board.
Might post some pictures from the East Point Military Museum in Darwin if you lot want. I took a bunch of pics so I don't want to spam if no one is interested. Also need to be certain my reflection isn't in any of the pics first >>25064 Cute Kiernan.
>>25075 Post the pics neet. it'd be good to see some pacific action relics, shooting japs was maybe the only based war we were in.
>>25075 pics are not uploading for me
duno wheather to hit the Deacon up for a bible sesh this week.
(293.88 KB 552x303 Untitled.png)
>>25081 Still having issues?
(183.79 KB 1200x977 9751518_1.jpg)
>>25088 test
>>25088 >>25091 Hopefully fixed :^)
>>25088 >>25081 .jpg should work, but getting error from TOR browser
>>25081 >>25088 .jpg should work from TOR browser now too
(98.29 KB 600x500 zx0Dd1o.png)
>female room-mate has a female friend over
>>25071 Good morning. It's the Winter solstice today. Enjoy the sunlight while it lasts.
>>25083 Is it a weekly thing?
>>25066 That's easily the best-looking soulless bug you've posted.
>>25095 Leave the house, sneak back after dark.
>>25099 It is too cold outside and I need to study. I need to take a piss but I am worried I will bump into her if I step outside my lair.
Off for that piss. I hope she isn't there.
new update looks and feels like shit nothing ever gets better only worse
>>25100 Sorry neet, its a matter of survival, your comfy home has been wrecked by estrogen. Get out while you can.
I bumped into the friend. She is morbidly obese. I feel much better as she isn't attractive.
>>25104 >Bumped She was waiting for you when she heard you piss. Its too late now. The inevitable flirting begins.
(476.45 KB 1153x2175 WILCOX.jpg)
>>25106 That's a man.
(7.67 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_115750.jpg)
(7.32 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_115731.jpg)
(7.24 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_115933.jpg)
(3.01 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_120146.jpg)
(3.28 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_120210.jpg)
(6.18 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_115941.jpg)
The spam shall begin. Just tell me if it's getting annoying. >>25092 Thanks mate.
(3.50 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_120235.jpg)
(3.49 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_120224.jpg)
(3.73 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210620_120248.jpg)
There's nothing even remotely as cool as stuff like this in my hometown.
(4.83 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210620_120437.jpg)
(3.79 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210620_120447.jpg)
(3.55 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210620_120458.jpg)
(3.37 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_120626.jpg)
(3.70 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20210620_120509.jpg)
(4.42 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_120634.jpg)
(2.20 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_121607.jpg)
(5.87 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_121600.jpg)
(6.35 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_121511.jpg)
The fellas here would have been able to see Darwin getting bombed. That's it for now, sorry for the spam but I just wanted to share.
>>25114 I appreciate the photos mate.
>>25113 >tfw you will never have a ride on a tractor pulled bomb.
>>25112 >>25113 >>25114 Great pics m80, looks nice and warm up there.
>>25102 Looks the same
>>25118 worst problem is the image and text alignment is out of whack
>>25119 If you're experiencing any graphical glitches or misalignment, try to clear your browser cache (CTRL+R) or do a hard clear in your browser
>>25119 >>25120 Otherwise, post a screenshot of whatever issues you seem to be experiencing and I can diagnose/fix them.
>>25121 Wheres teh flags gone?
(38.70 KB 542x486 screen01.png)
(535.06 KB 1630x702 screen02.png)
>>25121 Get rid of the space above and below the images and it should fix it. Also get rid of scroll bars on catalog looks crap.
Whoop there they are
Could really go for a rhubarb and custard boiled lolly
>>25123 >potato nigger opinion discarded
>>25127 Hi Nuro!
>>25128 Not even close.
Edited last time by Anonymous on 06/21/2021 (Mon) 04:56:38.
>>25129 Gotchya!
(109.60 KB 867x591 A very special gangsta.jpg)
>>25123 Copy that, thumbnails fixed, as well as catalog scrolling bars. I appreciate the constructive feedback.
Edited last time by 663 on 06/21/2021 (Mon) 05:14:29.
>>25114 Thanks for the pics neet.
>>25132 I like the new look.
(204.44 KB 1237x543 screen01.png)
(689.55 KB 1375x752 screen02.png)
>>25123 >>25132 Might need to clear cache again for change to take effect
(47.81 KB 1280x681 sunset.jpg)
>>25138 NOICE Now hike that ridge!
>>25138 Looks really nice. Great pic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av5Jb52yFBo >tfw you rolled a five and a one
>>25041 >but never endchan La di da.
>>25143 Hi Nuro!
Take your meds Nuro.
>>25064 >I do appreciate whoever is posting news stories and the tik-tok shit
>>25083 Ask him about the Gospel of Timothy.
>>25149 I get uncomfortable around attractive women. I feel much more at ease if they are fat, old, non-white or something.
>"pharmaceutical spam" >ban will not expire The absolute state of this board
>>25114 Beautiful looking day. Thanks for the pics.
>>25150 lol, iktf
>>25152 Every day up here has been great. Just a bit warm for winter but I quickly learnt that the territory never installed the winter patch.
>>25151 He just needs a punch in the dick and those two mongs need to shake hands afterwards,
>>25154 It's the dry season now isn't it? I have been to the NT but only as far north as near Finke. Is it humid or dry heat?
>>25151 Guess trying to troll the janny wasn't smart
>>25156 More of a dry heat at the moment, although I wouldn't really call it heat personally. Meant to get really humid up here in summer though, although I've always been used to tropic weather so there's that.
>>25158 I know a fair few people from there. Have you got eaten by sand flies or mozzies? I would like to go to the Kimberlies one day, that country is spectacular.
>>25159 Some midges bit me on Sunday but nothing major. I can tell this place would be hell in summer after rain though.
>>25157 I haven't trolled anyone. It's just the BO projecting their own self-hatred for a certain aspect of their life they know they have no control over.
>>25160 Are you staying in the city?
>>25162 Darwin on the weekends and Jabiru during the week. I'm going home early Monday morning though.
>>25150 >>25153 I swear the next 'attractive' woman I encounter I will start talking to, even if it's just a "hello". I'm done giving a fuck about anyone tbqh.
>>25148 You're mad.
>>25163 Do you know the building in Jabiru that's shaped like a crocodile? My dad helped build that. He was driving trucks up there before then when Rio Tinto had sort of just started up there and he used to sit in the yellowcake (uranium ore) at smoko. They didn't know it was dangerous.
I'm hittin' the hay. Can't get anywhere in this clown world. Can't get the meds to stop drinkin without first stopping drinkin. And can't get the meds to become a man.
>>25164 Make sure you clear your throat before speaking.
>>25167 Sleep tight mate. Time takes time.
>>25146 I need news of the clown world beyond the mountains of Silver City. Otherwise I might go normie style and drop the ball on my collapse prepping.
>>25161 >I haven't trolled anyone. You replied to him with anxiety and depression pill catalog, guess he figured it was nock off gook pill spam
>>25168 Hock up a big lot of mucus right in front of her just to be on the safe side.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>25167 Night NEET. See you tomorrow.
>>25170 That isn't the real world. I have never seen any of the weird shit on the internet irl.
Thinking of feeding. Spent another day on nicabate, coffee and no food.
>>25166 Yeah, my aunt drove me past that and we also went to the entrance gate to the uranium mine. Fuck all here but the country is beautiful. How's your dad going now?
Fugg this copy of oblivion i downloaded is either buggy or that 4gb ram on the new mobo is ruining my life.
>>25177 you obviously downloaded a H.265 encode and am playing on older hardware you techno-simp
>>25177 I've got it through GOG. I can send it to you if you can find a place to temporarily host a few gb. I know my one works fine.
>>25179 >techno-simp That doesn't even make sense. You are just using simp because you are imitating zoomers that are too politically correct to use any other term like faggot or retard.
>>25181 i was trying to be nice, what i am trying to say is you are less tech savy than my dad
>>25182 I'm not him. Please take your meds.
>>25180 https://mega.nz/folder/aK5SFZoJ#pnD4kjzHMJ5Tn_5pIPMYGQ it might take longer than downloading the other version. anyway i have a gtx 1080 it should do it okay.
>Describe in single words, only the good things that come into your mind, about your mother. <My mother? >Yeah. <Let me tell you about my mother.
>>25183 thats why i provide tecnically accurate information regarding your problem
>>25186 i dont pay much attention to codecs because i dont give a fuck about quality. tldr I'm not a codec sperg like you.
>>25184 Are we talking about TES:IV Oblivion or the 2013 film?
>>25176 Back's fucked and smokes a pack a day. Choof keeps the pain at bay. I like that there's nothing there. It's where the real Australia is.
>>25186 How's your cousin?
>>25188 the moofie.
>>25191 Never mind then. I've only got the game. Sorry.
>>25192 oh well. i should take a look at that latex code anyway.
>>25187 yeah but this time it fugged you stick to H264 on older hardware
>>25194 Why are you here?
>>25195 because the spammer is here
>>25196 Yes, you are here.
>>25197 your lies and misdirection arent working anymore kill yourelf
>>25198 No matter where you are you always have to cause trouble.
>>25199 dont care mate im here to kill the endchan sperg spammer
vC BR EAC3 VFF VFQ ENG 1080p x265 10Bits T0M which part tells you what codec the downloaded moofie is in?
>>25201 x265 10bit... look for a 264
>>25200 This is what you do in your spare time? Really based.
>>25202 thanks. I'll see if the workstation plays it.
(7.84 KB 204x248 fatsadpepe.jpg)
no dice with the workstation. :(
20 minutes until fresh bread time. Should be cool for supper, might get the honey and the quince jelly out.
>>25206 Sounds good, I bet is smells just as good. Hopefully you enjoy it.
>>25203 Nurgo doesn't have spare time. He is too BUSY all day long. Haven't you been reading his posts on endchan about how BUSY he is?
>>25208 stop talking about me you unhinged fuckwit
>>25208 cant you just die horribly ?
Hey Nuro, how's your cousin?
>>25210 Nah, I'm living pleasantly. >>25209 >unhinged WEW Talk about projection! Why are you even here? Is it just to talk about me? Confess your undying love and adoration for me? Don't stay up too late sweetheart, you've got WFTD in the morning!
>>25211 I heard she is a roastie.
>>25213 Top kek
>>25212 >Nah, I'm living pleasantly. seriously doubt this
>>25215 You have serious issues mate. Explains why your family doesn't talk to you anymore.
>>25216 lalalallalala PROJECTION
(339.92 KB 600x360 swimmer hottie.jpg)
Was struggling this morning, in the cold, sitting having brekky in the cold with no one on the gen. Almost had a coffee but I got into it and didnt light the fire until this evening. 1)did a version 2 of my resume and got flummoxed by my latex editor. 2)did my exercises and had my lemon 3)sent off a job application i wouldnt take even if they looked twice at my email. 4)put some polish on the styleside of the falc and chopped some wood. 5)made some bread and practiced the bugle a bit. 6)spoke to mummybot and started installing a mortise lock i pinched from bunnings, had to epoxy some of the old holes in the door tho. 7) having a look at truenas for the NAS Dont feel good about jobsearching, Feel its going to be a black hole that i will pour my time and treasure into. Thinking about a hack somehow. Good Night, White.
>>25217 You should really look at your behaviour with at least a bit of self awareness. >>25219 Goodnight mate. Job searching sucks. Maybe we could do WFTD with Nuro.
>>25219 >flummoxed by my latex editor I'm pretty slick with LaTeX. Let me know if you need any help.
>>25223 call kids help line you poof
(232.38 KB 1585x1125 Hongo Yuzuha, Yasuda Momone.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>25219 Goodnight NEET
>>25225 Gook night mate. >>25219 Good night. Goodnight to all the other neets too.
Morning NEETs.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept okay, only got up twice to piss which is half of normal.
>>25229 I must have made it up for you. Pissing like a diabetic last night. Morning mate, hope you have a good one.
>>25230 nah I drink a whole thermos full of tea after tea.
>>25231 What kind of tea?
>>25232 Red tea from south africa. u ever had it?
>>25233 Is that that one that starts with O? I'm pretty sure I've read you talking about it on here before.
>>25234 Rooibos. I drink it a lot in winter.
>>25235 That rings a bell. My local IGA sells it. How's it taste compared to normal black tea?
(284.24 KB 584x520 caro pepe.png)
>>25236 I like it. u should try. no caffiene
>>25237 I'll look into it when I get home. Do you have it with sugar or honey?
>>25238 Nah hot sweet liquids kill your teeth.
Did an almighty poo this morning. Wew.
>>25240 If it doesnt crack the bowl then it doesnt rate.
The washing machine just started jumping around. It didn't look unbalanced although it must've been to behave like that. I'm not sure if I've fixed it or not.
>>25242 Give it a damn good thrashing. White goods are our slaves and must be kept in line.
Washing machine is done. Time to have a shower.
>>25242 Be careful your clothes don't get oil and grease on them. That happened to us when it go to that stage.
>>25244 I have to use all hot water in my wash cycle to get the shit out of my pants
Time to get started on the day I guess.
Second coffee of the day What a degenerate I am.
>>25248 Shameful, one inch away from throwing your poo at people, naked in the street.
(5.86 KB 184x273 megahunt.jpg)
Halfway thru the first episode. Very exciting start, embarrassed myself yelling "alla akbar' when the bomb went off.
Does the BO of endchan /ausneets/ have something over you? You guys seem awfully close.
>>25242 Mine does that too and leaks water.
>>25244 I need to hang mine out.
>>25251 >have something over you? What?
>>25254 I'm asking the questions here.
>>25255 What does the fucking question even mean?
>>25251 Cunt owes me money.
>>25257 Good luck with that.
Could smash a big lemon right now.
Having a big glass of water.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>25260 Sorry to hear that NEET. Why not come on down to one of my cellars and pick up something more Satisfying.
It is important for neets to stay hydrated. Especially when they are drinking Dan's poison.
Are you neets ready for a sober month?
>>25262 >poison *Nectar of the gods.
>>25264 Have you done anything for pride month, Dan?
(56.27 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>25265 20% off wine
>>25266 Is that because wine is for poofters?
>>25267 white wine is for women and poofs.
(56.27 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>25267 Why are you so apprehensive? It is 2021. lad. We should recognize the LGBT community with 20%-off wines. I truly hope you have un-learned your bigotry. If you are afraid with Covid, just order alcohol online with code POOFT.
(306.19 KB 800x1200 Dont be gay.jpg)
>>25270 They can take his iron bar better than the Tennant Creek boongs.
>>25271 Hot!
(78.89 KB 1200x677 gum girl.jpg)
'nother day that started struggling to get out of bed. I just can't fit enough into my day but I saved time by not lighting the fire. Was heartened to see the flock of wrens jumping about as usual and I found a Rosella feather, blue and shiny. 1)Did the mandatory competency tests for teh wage online. 2)pushups and lemon + bit of a blow on the bugle 3)got my package from an actual white postie, bit of a soy boy by the looks of him 4)threw up a lamp post for the sewing machine but still need to wire it in. 5)went for a half hour run and scout around. 6)chipped away at the online curse I started. 7)tried to boot up the NAS but it says I have a usb device overvoltage. Not having any supper but I might watch some more of that series. Good Night, White.
(347.97 KB 1128x1504 Chiba Erii.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>25273 Goodnight NEET
>>25274 Thanks for the brutal night of being haunted by that pasty goblinoid ghoul, neet. No doubt I'll dream of her ice cold skin and squid-like eyes. Hopefully Dan's poison will grant me the mercy of a long coma.
Good Morning NEETs. Windy and raining today which will be very welcome.
(318.17 KB 1280x853 bear.jpg)
My Teabag burst
>>25279 Life is pain and disappoint.
>>25280 Just found out that the safety interlock on the washing machine lid is fucked. Now i can put my body appendage into the drum when its spinning my clothes. >the thrill of the risk
(15.66 KB 255x243 concern cat.jpg)
>>25281 Dont Do it neet!
>>25281 It's all to do with timing. It's fine as long as you do it right.
(1.41 MB 1440x1080 Flash.webm)
>>25281 >the thrill of the risk Do it
Good morning neets. I need to start going to bed earlier.
>>25285 Keep going to bed later and later, eventually it'll sort itself out.
>>25286 Hmmmmmmm.
>>25287 I didn't know Hmm'ers were on this board.
>>25288 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
What Tarrant should've done is become a tranny, wait a year or so and then do the shooting. He should've framed it as a pro-tranny thing. Driving a wedge between leftists and muslims would've been way more productive.
(1.74 MB 1600x2264 1554658345288.jpg)
>>25291 B.T's reputation IS his message.
>>25292 I only remember him as wanting to fuck dolphins.
>>25293 Elaborate.
>>25294 He used to post on 8.
>>25295 We all used to post on 8
>>25295 What does that have to do with dolphin fucking? I remember there were jokes on /k/ about sucking off dolphins but I don't see what you are getting at. >>25296 Cancerous cunts on endchan would advertise the endchan /ausneets/ on 4chan.
>>25290 Delightful.
The Deacon sent me another bible lesson. I wish the brochure wasnt so diverse
>>25299 Gotta do what you gotta do to get those community reputation points.
(855.41 KB 1632x1224 Haul 23 June 2021.jpg)
Been in bed the past 24 hours, drinking and being depressed. Did not bother going to job agency appointment today nor calling them.
I really don't wanna live anymore
>>25303 Acquire some goals get on the DSP!
(124.84 KB 1080x1132 vgpgx3hnx1v61.jpg)
>>25303 I've never dealt with these guys before but I think it might be worth calling them: https://www.lifeline.org.au/ 13 11 14 If you'd rather chat here I am happy to do that.
>>25297 >Cancerous cunts *Nuro
I think my short term goal will be to move up to Darwin within the next 12 months. Ideally by the start of term 1 next year.
>>25302 They will be sad + disappointed. Bring them flowers next time to make up for it.
>>25302 I want your nibbles.
It's Wok Wednesday. I used to be enthusiastic about cooking. Nowadays my 'cooking' consists of packet chips and instant noodles.
>>25310 Maybe get a nice steak and make a nice creamy garlic sauce or something for Friday.
>>25305 Oof. Sad story.
Doesn't look like the rains going to hit. Might go and hose some wallaby turds.
>>25311 I plan on getting a nice pub lunch when this wog fucks off for good