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(144.84 KB 1635x1656 mummybot.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #22 - Your Mummybot Edition NEET 07/14/2021 (Wed) 06:44:52 No. 26311
Neetiekins! Have you tidied your room like that Professor, Doctor Jordan Petersen on the T.V. was saying you should? He's very clever and hot isn't he? One day when you go back to university to finish you degree you can be just like him. >sigh I love you anyway, even if you don't. You're my best, big boy and I know you're very determined, I'm a very lucky mum to have such a healthy, kind son. I remember when you were still catching the bus to school and you'd give away your lunch treats to the other boys, such a generous little thing. >sigh Please help your mummybot and get those old coke bottles out from under your desk, They're heavy when they're full and I cant bend down under there any more. Did you put your dirty clothes in the basket like I asked you? I don't know why I fold the clean ones if you just throw them in your cupboard like that. What are you doing to make your underpants so stiff at the front? Don't you think you should go and see Doctor Pajeet about it? >sigh Nevermind, Dont forget we're seeing Grannybot tonight, I want you to leave your phone at home, Heavens knows why you need to fiddle faddle with it all the time, Does it have something to do with those posters of cartoon girls? You know how I feel about you looking at those racy pictures, Please put them away, It'd be a big help to YOUR MUMMYBOT
Why wont she stop embarrasing me?
(15.77 KB 177x255 wir sinnd frei.jpg)
Ungh. Wage was super AIDS. The pajeet noob fucked up and everyone missed their lunch and the Poojeta in my vicinty had such a nose burning odor I got a headache. Then the Karens started turning the Poz up to 11. Missing the smoky fresh air and single mens freedom of Silver City. At least no one asked me any humiliating personal questions like do i have kids and am I getting them CoVax'd.
>>26310 I got it out with my tongue.
>>26316 I hate boomers asking me if I have kids, I have a lie ready now if its some rando. >do I have kids Yes >Boy/Girl? one of each >how old? Tibidiah is 12 and Eliza is 8 at that point they predictably turn the conversation to their own sprogs. If you drill down you find out that their grandkids are half slits or milos or their daughter is a whore on the gold coast.
>>26313 She does it deliberately.
>>26311 I love my mummybot but her cat is a stupid potato.
>>26318 >Tibidiah Good Lord. >milos What?
(11.87 KB 308x163 f9.jpg)
Gonna see this on friday. Prolly gonna be a bit Gay tho.
>>26321 >milo bit of white in the brown > tibidah He was the Drummer in Waco.
(65.17 KB 592x798 generation kill.jpg)
>>26322 Thinking about watching this again
Watching the wagies in their coffins packing out the dark roads.
>>26324 We should all watch Buck Breaking together.
Tempted to get started on the G&Ts.
>>26327 First G&T poured.
>>26328 First G&T drunk. Shouldn't have gone cheap on the tonic. The Coles homebrand stuff is awful.
(788.17 KB 1632x1224 Haul July 14 2021.jpg)
>>26329 Nice. I just bought another 6er of Coop's sparkling ale and a few other goodies. Sucks that IGA had no discounted sandwiches or chicken nibbles.
The last game of the 'State of Origin' is tonight. I can already hear the bogan screams and booze bottles breaking.
(114.71 KB 680x521 765rq54657.png)
How do I get more Neetbux?
Even Hitler hates England now! What's the world coming to I wonder?
I got cut off a few months ago because my mummybot refused to submit any of her tax information in order to spite me moving out. I am now 22 and hence independent of her in cenno's eyes but my cenno hasn't automatically restarted. I think I am going to have to reapply or something.
>>26332 Sell your arse to boongs
>>26330 Those little bottles of grog aren't very economical m8.
>>26322 I will probably see that Black Widow now the school holidays are over.
>>26324 Any good? What war is it based on? I'm keen to watch some Vietnam-era shit.
Do any of you guys study whilst tipsy?
>>26330 nice haul m8 >no discounted sandwiches or chicken nibbles. if you have the chicken nibbles too often you will get sick of them.
>>26338 >I'm keen to watch some Vietnam-era shit. Then this long-form beer commercial should be right up your alley Neet. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VPxNlNtqwuI
>>26343 Lel. So sue me, I copypasta'd it. Will this do instead? # torsocks -i youtube-dl -i --write-description --write-auto-sub --sub-lang="en" https://youtube.com/watch?v=VPxNlNtqwuI
>>26326 Its too long and hard
>>26334 My mummybot didnt want to admit that the family was dysfunctional enough for me to claim youth homeless. The alternative was me going back under her roof so she relented. No way was i letting her run my life any longer.
>>26330 you need grated cheese to put in your noodle bucket.
(164.31 KB 931x1280 mccall.jpg)
If I survive tomorrows wage then I 'll be at 100% and out. All I have to do then is load the tray and drive to Silver City along the back roads. I'm going to do my moofie and pixxa night tomorrow so I'm not rushing my time with mummybot. This mission has been my proof of concept for the whole white flight hack. I've almost pulled it off NEETs, Good Night, White.
>>26340 That probably wont work IMHO
>>26347 Nah, that's too much effort. A tablespoon of nutritional yeast will do.
>>26348 Nice work NEET. You're trailblazing frontiers.
>>26348 Glad it's worked out for you m8
(136.41 KB 816x612 Nibbled.jpg)
Had this container of chicken bones sitting out for the past couple weeks. Bones are all moldy. I'd like to salvage the container though. Just hope hot water and antibacterial dish soap will be enough to get it reusable (for storing food). Fark my life is a hot mess...
>>26348 I wish you a safe and successful trip to Silver City.
>>26353 Clean it very thoroughly, let it sit out in the direct hot sunlight for a couple days, then wash it again. It'll be fine NEET.
>>26350 Your mummybot provides my nutritional yeast.
>>26353 Get some diluted bleach in there neet. A cheap and effective disinfectant.
(403.42 KB 1128x1504 Nagasawa Marina1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(51.87 KB 700x467 1448182730732.jpg)
>>26358 Goodnight noot.
(490.70 KB 1600x1200 1540361973748.jpg)
(50.31 KB 640x457 OrVFJSn_d.jpg)
(195.13 KB 900x1350 1547183693950.jpg)
Good morning neets. A bit dehydrated this morning.
>>26363 Good morning. You should have a can of Monster Ultra Energy.
>>26333 What a wanker he is.
Morning NEETs, having a cup of Joe and half an orange. >>26365 Kek, true. He'd have a good look going though if he added a little mustache and some fashy clothing.
So does anyone here watch Computing Forever's channel?
>>26367 I watch your mummybot get undressed.
Fuck I'm bored.
>>26369 Hi Bored
>>26363 Morning, me too. Took half an antidepressant earlier. I had a couple at the start of last week but then gave them up.
>>26372 why do you keep posting this sheila?
>>26373 i saw that image somewhere else long before 16chan existed and i am wondering what it's about too.
>>26374 >and i am wondering what it's about too. Ask the glowniggers trying to manipulate the threads, Neet. One of them said she looked it up and it's a 15yo. Obviously they know who she is/where she is/how many boongs a week she fucks. We need to take advantage of the big data the glowies can provide for us here. Could be useful in the future.
>>26374 Reverse image search suggests it is Alexa Nisenson, who is some TV person. Was 15 in 2006 apparently.
>>26376 >Was 15 in 2006 apparently. no, that was birth year so 15
>>26375 oh, well good thing i never looked into it lmao. i swear that image is old as fuck though (not saying it isn't of a 15-year-old). maybe i have brain damage and it's not, but i swear i have seen that circulating for a few years at least.
>>26375 >glowniggers *Nuro
>>26379 He is just a run of the mill paedophile. Why do you think his family has mostly shunned him?
I'd rate the IGA tater salad a mild 2.5/10. The taters were too undercooked for my liking, and the egg whites a lil' too rubbery - It was hard to tell the difference between them and the potato - plus no green onion.
I'm hungry and out of food. It is raining so I don't want to talk to the shops.
>>26382 What do you usually say to them?
>>26383 I can always have an open and honest conversation with Dan. The rest are pretty rude though.
Well, I'm off to the shops.
>>26385 Grab me a pack of jerky please.
>>26386 I wish we had the variety of jerky like in America. It's probably cheaper too.
Woke up at 8 but the sound of the comfy rain put me back to sleep
>>26388 I had that horrible experience of wanting to go back to sleep but not being able to do so. I've had my breakfast. I'm going to wash my face, brush my teeth, and then play some Skyrim.
Waiting in a digital queue.
>>26390 Talking to Stephanie.
She is currently fixing the problem. I need to do a poo but I don't want to leave because I am worried she will respond whilst I am away. I wish I had a laptop.
All done. Stephanie managed to fix the problem. I'm off to do that poo now.
>>26389 >play some Skyrim There are far worse things you could do with your day. Enjoy!
Not sure what to have for lunch.
I just rewatched Drive (2011). I had forgotten how much I loved that film.
>>26395 Had a slice of bread and tub of deli pasta salad. 2/10 meal.
>>26396 Have you seen Baby Driver (2017)? I thought it was very good. Saw it at the Big TV place.
>>26397 Sounds depressing.
>>26398 No, I downloaded it last night though. I will probably watch it soon. Cheers mate.
(824.22 KB 1632x1224 Haul July 16 2021.jpg)
Bought a few things
>>26399 I will do better tomorrow
>>26401 nice haul, I like the primo double smoked ham myself
>>26401 Stop buying the little bottles m8. They're a bloody ripoff.
>>26403 They were on special. It's nowhere near as good as freshly-sliced ham from the deli but the sealed packs have a longer shelf life. >>26404 I know but I'm trying to cut back on all booze, and if I bought a 700ml I'd drink too much of it and be completely munted the next day/s.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalie_Dormer She is very attractive in an unusual sort of way. Weird phenotype.
Off to the the gym noots. Heil Hitler.
>>26406 had to look her up, dont remember her in captain America or the Fades, but she did look good in game of thrones
>>26406 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD3GhHKIQBc She did a moofie in Japan about japs that off themselves at this specific mountain place. It was OK. She reminds me of the chick from Better Call Saul.
(304.18 KB 1800x2370 Toyoda Runa1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>26410 G'nite NEET.
mummy can't stop embarrassing me
Your mummybot is a slut.
Good morning noots.
>>26414 Good morning. Cold. In bed. Heavily blanketed.
>>26415 Put some nice socks on.
Sloppy turds this morning.
Might go for a drive soon. To the beach.
Decided against the beach trip. Anxiety still too high. It's like I have a mild to moderate case of agoraphobia going on atm.
>>26419 Have some grog and a wank.
>>26420 Already doing one of those things. For the past hour. And it certainly ain't wanking. Couldn't last more than 5 minutes doing the latter. Edging is for faggots.
Out of that little bottle of Beam. Considering getting another.
>>26422 Don't do it mate. You'll regret it later on.
Write a list of all the reasons you are trying to cut back on your grog.
>>26422 Might as well get a big bottle neet.
(486.01 KB 1177x1213 Haul July 17 2021.jpg)
I done went and did it.
>>26426 Nice haul, didn't know that they sold battered fish., you're lucky to get such a good selection.
(277.71 KB 1280x960 BOss.jpg)
Mummybot got me this for the drive back to SIlver City. Was pretty good for a cold black coffee. Good buzz, felt like tossing the can out the window when I finished the last drop.
>>26429 How sweet was it?
>>26430 Just black coffee. Good mouth feel and afterbitter.
I'll drop (You) and toss you out the window.
Those Cherry Tomatoes are OOh La La!
>>26429 Nice Lawn. Ute looks good on it. Whats with the one bare finger?
>>26429 Lefty trigger finger, Nigger.
>>26434 You cant see the wallaby shit on the lawn, Its grazed to nothing. They terrorixe the touros by committing suicide under their wheels. Old mates literally brought one home in the air scoop of his plastic piece of shitbox eurogarbage. sometimes they swerve and wreck on the mountain roads. Scratch one for the Environment
>>26429 You need new gloves That Suntori shit costs $4 a can at the majors. Sold only in the cold section. Though it's a shelf-stable product. The supermarket jews put it there to make you think it's more 'valuable'. Like it's a 'fresh' product like milk... Nice looking ute btw, the hard top cover is a good addition. It adds value to the car.
>>26439 They dont make Falcons anymore, Ford's New ute line are shit.
>>26439 The can is steel which is different. Its good survival item because of the steel can. U can use it for trail markers or duno.
>>26441 >good survival item An Ice Break bong is a good survival item too
(123.41 KB 1024x1365 ice break bong.jpg)
>>26442 Had to look that up. Now I am on Jewgle's naughty list.
(99.24 KB 1280x1302 This hill.jpg)
>>26444 Trips on our Sacred hill.
Temped to have a coffee.
(131.20 KB 1280x810 Gay touro pics.jpg)
(122.46 KB 940x627 wizzy 1.jpg)
Time to get on the gin.
(188.52 KB 1568x1044 Remu Suzumori2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>26451 Night Neet.
Good Morning NEETs. I wish I had some bananas.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DK9RUl1BV4 Won a Palm D'or Whatever that is
(135.78 KB 1280x720 danger close.jpg)
>>26338 >Vietnam era Any one seen this?
Got a loaf of rye on the go. I Kneed the dough
Morning NEETs, i had a nice bacon and egg roll for breakfast, good start to the morning.
>>26457 sounds like a cholesterol festival
(101.62 KB 1024x768 1626565167747.jpg)
(84.22 KB 840x960 millenium.jpg)
>>26459 The seppos have access to all kinds of awesome gas masks at disposal prices.
Female roommate keeps filling the sink up with water and dishes but then not doing them. She will leave them sitting there for some 6-8 hours and then crack the shits when I drain the sink.
>>26461 I want to make breakfast but I need to wash a pan from yesterday's breakfast and I can't do that because female roommate is hogging the sink for no good reason.
Fresh bread for lunch.
>>26461 you should marry her and then she would have to do your dishes.
>>26461 that's why you need rules when living with others 1. if you start the dishes fucking finish them it will take you 10 minutes
>>26462 You go hungry because your housemate is a cunt.
(161.97 KB 1280x960 two week haul pic.jpg)
Lunch break on the unpack and refit day.
(827.86 KB 914x836 1626574380087.png)
>>26459 People like this make it hard to illicit any pity. Sometimes I think Anglin is right about the whole lot of them.
>>26467 Another box of lemons? You will have to step up your lemon game to get through them all.
(85.33 KB 550x640 OLJDYgfl.jpg)
(33.64 KB 750x661 wgb1o346ea941.jpg)
(536.50 KB 1458x773 y3dm9033mnj41.png)
BIG Sunday sleep-in Lightly taxed
(11.24 KB 450x310 name this mystery item.jpg)
>>26472 Good Morning then.
Lemons for breakfast, lunch and tea. I have lemons coming out of my ears.
Lemons coming out of my urethra.
>>26474 A fabric cutter.
>>26474 Ay it is. Might get some fish & chips for 'breakfast'.
>>26475 All that acid can't be good for your teefs
>>26478 make sure the fish and chips jew doesnt sell you vietnamese catfish when you pay for flathead
Agey the agent is sending outsiders to inspect my smoke alarms. Bemused and annoyed.
(113.62 KB 1070x867 lollies.jpg)
Dutch liquorice, Aniseed Drop, Rheubarb and Custard, Wine Gums, and Pear Drops.
>>26482 Where did you get them?
>>26483 Poztown has a good sweet shop. All White, lollies of the master race.
(147.61 KB 612x816 Seafood basket.jpg)
>>26482 Nice selection, haven't had a wine gum in ages.
>>26485 Where'e the "Crab Stick"
>>26485 Looks like a nice feed.
The Young QT was at the bottle-o. She bent over at the register after serving me and I was treated to a nice view of her crack. She was wearing tight blue denim jeans.
The Young QT was at the bottle-o. She bent over at the register after serving me and I was treated to a nice view of her crack. She was wearing tight blue denim jeans.
Just knocked off work at the bottle-o , some neet-looking weird cunt with greasy hair kept looking at me.
>>26491 You should have slapped him
>>26490 You should have slipped a $2 coin down her crack
>>26481 Hide the big hardware Neet. Keep a shorty tucked in your belt under your shirt just in case, but otherwise stow everything in the garden cache.
>>26491 Check the Levi's when you get home dear. I think they need some maintenance.
>>26494 Kek they are worried about me having a clandestine drug lab. I'm prepped for a AFP raid with the encrypted PC and the liquid ammonia booby trap.
I was at my local bottle-o to get a drink for tonight and the piss merchant wagie must have been in a bad mood because he kept looking at me like I was a homeless boong. I'm going to Dans next time where his cellarmen are much more helpful and I can stock up at Low-low prices.
>>26491 >>26497 Nice try Dan. Caught you out posting as one of your customers, you shifty Irish jew.
>>26496 >encrypted PC They'd take you to a secluded location and torture you to get the password.
>>26493 She's not Time Crisis
>>26499 so you give up the outer volume of a double encrypted drive.
(52.36 KB 492x433 Ice Break Bong.jpg)
>>26443 This is what I meant
I want to try oysters kilpatrick. And caviar. IGA sells the latter in a little jar for about $7. It's called 'lumpfish' caviar and there's two types, one is red and the other black. I've got no idea what the difference is.
(49.86 KB 600x400 washing girl.jpg)
I stopped in the country store, on the way home, to buy the local paper. They had a folding card table with a sign- in sheet and a grimy bottle of handrub. I did the deed and vicariously shook hands with the town. The falcon handled well thru the driving rain showers and I got home just before dark. Standout scenery was the stands of hawthorn along some of the old sheep farming properties. Unpacking and washing day today. I will repack everything before I move on to other tasks. Good Night, White.
>>26504 Night m8
>>26504 Good night Falcon
(495.28 KB 1081x1540 Okada Nana2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>26504 Goodnight NEET
>>26507 Night NEET.
Good Morning NEETs. Time to get up. Time to get into it.
>>26429 Nice looking ute.
I am John Smith, I am from Anywhere.
>>26512 Pretty good tune and there's no racemixing in the clip. Based
>>26512 Sounds like an electric frog.
>>26513 He's of west/central african stock and the woman is on east/north eastern.
(46.16 KB 400x533 1626647241271.jpg)
(10.19 KB 256x196 thinkpepe.jpg)
>>26515 >advanced learning in racial identification.
(194.20 KB 540x540 1579374972268.jpg)
My C.V. makes me look like a lazy normie wagescum. It doesnt reflect how Based I am.
Thinking about lunch. I should make some pixxas.
(65.49 KB 639x482 witchetty grubs pizza.jpg)
(28.64 KB 500x409 witchetty grubs.jpg)
>>26509 >Time to get into it The booze?
>>26519 I'll be eating cold leftover fish and chips
Time to do some cooking I guess. Neet-lentil-bolognese.
>>26525 Cheese it!
>>26525 I would try that. Having it with pasta?
>>26529 Nah, just straight. I'm not into any of that keto shit as I consider it retarded to cut carbs too much as you will lack energy. With that being said, I do try to avoid foods that are basically just straight carbs. I get enough carbs for my needs through lentils and oats.
Are any of you knowledgable on tablet computers?
3rd beer
>>26533 Damn neet, you sure showed him.
>>26533 thots ruin lives
(68.42 KB 1024x701 reMarkable 2.jpg)
>>26531 This would be good for lots of stuff. if you want more then get a lappy.
>>26429 >BOss.jpg I see what you did there, you cheeky cunt.
>>26517 tbh, all blanket terms are cheap and easy. Like calling people white or asian. I do not identify with slav scum or mediteranian muds.
>>26520 I'd eat it.
If you could get a PC for $3k, what would you get? I don't really play vidya.
(85.84 KB 1280x960 BOss fire.jpg)
Off to bed. Will probably wake around midnight and smash some more booze to get through the night.
>used to work part time at Liquorland, quit around September last year >have a disease, applied for the pension and was successful >just did my tax, thought I would get fuckall back >tfw actually getting 4k from all the tax I was having to pay when I worked
>>26542 Have a good sleep m8
>>26543 Good stuff m8
>>26540 What do you intend to use it for?
(974.24 KB 240x149 thumbs up gif.gif)
>>26512 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk6BP8QL-2w I thought it'd be cringe. y'know a jew doing a black tune. But he's kinda owning it. I'd say it'd pass
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>26543 Quite a windfall, keep as much of it in your pocket as you can young NEET. Keep it there by taking advantage of my Low-low prices.
>>26548 Good on ya Dan, always thinking of us poor neets.
>>26546 Surfing the web.
>>26550 3k is massively excessive in that case. Really cheap hardware will be more than enough for what you want. There is no need to spend more than $500 tops. Look into getting some parts from the local council/school whatever that are throwing out some old computers. Do you just need the tower or do you also need a monitor, speakers, keyboard etc?
Off to the gym in a minute boys. I hope my motivation picks up a bit soon as I have been dragging myself there recently and not enjoying it at all.
>>26543 You could spend that on a entire hobby. Eventually you will hit that point where you have a lot of excess capacity and decide to do something cool with it like home surveilance or crypto.
>>26553 Or grog.
We should pool some money together and start a boong porn studio.
>>26551 I've just had laptops.. well since like win95. I use them like PCs though, as in not portable.
>>26554 iktf
Ungh my win 10 home network is down again. This is intolerable. I need my NAS to be going.
>>26558 The boong porn isn't going any where neet.
(44.26 KB 540x552 ausswich girl.jpg)
My mate wigged out and was raging out at home wearing "full Nazi getup" according to his missus. To be fair, he was into the swassie before I started sending him reich memes. Now I am thinking of the lads who get angry and alienated, and pick up the angry nazi tag. Not like us lads dont have legitimate greivances, and are alienated because we love our heritiage and soil, and seeing it being sold off to aliens and have it flooded with the surplus human tide, upsets us. The white race was zog free for only a brief time and only in one place, this appeals to us. The true and useful are few and far between. We are the last of the Aryans, we belong in Hyperborea. Good Night, White.
Did my gym session. I didn't squat because the bays were full so I deadlifted instead. Still benched as originally planned. Tonight was my last session for some time due to the gyms shutting down in SA for some time. I hope they resolve it soon.
>>26560 Goodnight m8.
>>26560 Night Noot. >>26561 > I hope they resolve it soon. This will never end. It's the old carrot-and-stick, and ask yourself this: when did you ever know of a govt. to willingly give up power it had stolen lad?
>>26558 >win 10 Vile. >>26559 Bill Gates is probably wanking to it right now. He doesn't even need to pretend to be attracted to his wh*te wife anymore.
>>26563 >willingly give up power Yeah, but surely fucking over the businesses like this is costing the government in lost tax revenue? I would've thought the government would have businesses and stuff all be open but keep enforcing the power related things that don't cost money like the masks and the phone check-in thing.
>>26565 One important interim goal is to literally destroy the middle class Neet. They don't GAF about 'lost tax revenue' compared to the benefits of wiping out the threat of a White, Christian race. Middle-class millionaires are peanuts to these people, they only view them as the goyim, cattle to be exploited. Same goes for you NEET.
(54.29 KB 586x880 photo_2019-12-30_12-56-26.jpg)
(108.70 KB 704x914 1587441154612.jpg)
Fuck, new COVID restrictions in Radelaide.
Good Morning NEETs. Rain on the tin had me in a delta REM hole that was tough to get out of.
>>26561 you should be setting up home exercises.
>>26560 >soil Fuck the krauts.
>>26569 (You) need them
>>26564 its actually win 10 AME which works okay except for the lan network thing.
>>26565 The ZOG knows they can print money indefinitely and dont need your tax dollars.
>>26575 Ask them to lower my tax rate then. I payed 17k last fin year.
(82.62 KB 300x300 danjew.png)
>>26576 My taxes are Low-low, You just need the right kind of accountant, I can recommend a firm if you like.
Fresh bread going in the maker.
>>26578 What type today?
>>26579 half and half white and rye with carraway and olive oil.
(82.07 KB 1165x667 1594606293343.jpg)
>>26580 Don't be miscegenating your food, NEET.
>>26581 Where's his boong wife at? She busy with the neighbor?
>>26582 Rite here luv. Just gettin ya a feed of witchetty grubs.
I found the tablet I was after for sale for $130. I planned to buy it tomorrow but now the price has gone to $200. Fuck me.
>>26584 wait around and snipe one when the price fluctuates back down get a pinephone. run arch linux on it
>>26585 Nearly all their stuff is out of stock.
(37.75 KB 344x487 MortalEngines_PosterArt.jpg)
This was a good moofie.
>>26587 pinephones? maybe its the chip crunch that pol is always going on about.
>>26589 They have one of the phones in stock. The laptops and tablets are out of stock and they say there is a global electronics shortage. Their stuff would be about perfect otherwise.
>>26590 worth the wait for something you will sit on for years.
>>26593 >Beta Edition PinePhones are aimed solely at early adopters. More specifically, only intend for these units to find their way into the hands of users with extensive Linux experience. >extensive linux experience. fugg
(216.58 KB 900x622 australian-aborigines-1.jpg)
>>26583 I haxxord the lovely's goyphone and found a pic of her true lover. Likely to spawn a bright Utopian future together if the Marxists can only come into full totalitarian control of the world.
Smartphones are a trap.
>>26598 White men are unfashionable.
Industrialisation is a trap. of the anti-Christ
Going to make some pancakes for breakky.
>>26601 Ted did nothing wrong.
>>26599 I agree, but then again I don't give enough of of a fuck about muh privacy
>>26604 How about your dignity? Your short time on this earth?
>>26605 The time I'm alive doesn't matter and what companies do with my data is whatever, I only keep Facebook to talk to my mates, haven't posted anything for years, idgaf
>>26606 >mates dafuq you post here for?
>>26607 Why not? A NEET can have friends, dude.
>>26608 i suppose you can have a job too?
>>26600 Therefore civilization and Aryan ideals are too, I suppose? Certainly a mud-colored world won't achieve much apart from being cattle for the globalist kikes to feed upon.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>26608 I'm your friend between business hours, as long as you dont shoplift.
>>26611 Do you still have that iron bar handy?
(327.53 KB 1162x800 daniron.jpg)
>>26570 Sup. Might take a shower. I'm a few days overdue.
>>26602 With blueberries?
Cold as fuck. want fire lit. no wood. chop wood ++ not cold anymore. FML
>>26614 Resist the soap.
Time for lemon.
100 grams of manuka honey ham down the hatch
>>26619 meringue pie?
(129.44 KB 1280x960 water filter.jpg)
>>26621 NO! Straight lemon juice and filtered water.
>>26623 Piss bottle has a cap. Lemons make you pee.
>>26622 Well setup neet
>>26625 It needs a little work, I could put a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter on it for under a hundo.
>>26622 Post the design here NEET? All NEETs need clean water too.
Time for another piss.
>>26627 The tap water is clean, just has lead in it. There was no design. Its just cludged together with a plumbers pressure testing pump and a triple stage filter.
>>26629 Well thanks for explaining the parts to it anyway, NEET. Obviously there was a design, even if it was only in your head. Clean water is going to be hard for NEETs to find once the Marxist's plans for us all go into full effect. Probably sooner than later too, I'd reckon.
>>26618 The soap was welcomed by the armpits and accommodated by the cock and balls. Even the arse got in on some sudsy action. >tfw clean
>>26631 Soap robs your body of its natural oils. It is the Jew of the personal care items.
>>26632 Ironic that they made Jews into soap actually they didnt in the holohoax.
Lemon Time.
Tempted to have a wank.
Tea time.
>>26640 Both.
>>26608 This is some fucking UwU shit.
(329.26 KB 1080x1078 jannie no money.png)
>>26684 banned the spammer.
Little lem lem.
(120.06 KB 1280x960 lem lem.jpg)
>>26617 If a NEET could chop wood, would a NEET chop would if he could?
>>26699 You're a fucking UwU shit.
>>26714 wood*
>>26713 That's a lotta lem lem
(100.75 KB 1229x873 lemon curd cake.jpg)
I am considering a run to Cellarbrations but I think it is too much work. I wish Dan delivered goon.
Went to get KFC using an app-only deal. It was packed and I was stuck at the entrance, literally blocking people from leaving. Cars were backed-up behind and there was now one attempting to leave. So after a bit of panicking I turned out and fucked off back home, cancelling the placed (and paid for) order. Bought a carton of Cooper's sparkling ale on the drive back.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>26719 Unfortunately I am hindered by harsh and unjust laws that impose high insurance tariffs for any delivery cellarmen. This all happened after some surplus aliens from lands afar, carelessly got killed working for some slop delivery service. Blame mass immigration and Low-low standards for these imported peons. Besides goon delivery to uncommitted alcoholics is unviable. You all need to up your game.
(21.94 KB 262x263 Lemon Press.jpg)
>>26718 Looks delish >>26713 You ever tried one of these gadgets? I find them easier than having to push down and twist your hand with a traditional hand juicer.
>>26720 Spounds like it was a nightmare
>>26722 That is a ricey gadget. My lemon press is made by the white glass artisans.
>>26721 I can probably get on the cheap bottled wine if I give up food.
>>26725 Pro alcos have a mostly liquid diet, Milk becomes a mainstay
>>26721 >unviable You should get them on a goon delivery service. One bag a day until your liver gives out.
>>26726 Why is that? Does the alcohol fuck up their microflora?
>>26728 The milk help the GE - GI ulcers caused by lack nutrition, like vitamin C.
Endchan running like shit lately.
(80.38 KB 647x393 KFC.jpg)
>>26723 It really was. I might try again tomorrow, at a time when the stores are not typically busy. It was my fault for going at 6pm, your typical 'dinner time' and being BTFO by wagies that just got off work and can't be fucked cooking for their own family.
Going for a run and then a shower.
>>26731 I think this dinner is not really a christian tradition., yesno?
>>26733 Apparently it is in Japan
(53.52 KB 480x360 off grid girl.jpg)
Having a very agreeable evening with the fire on and a handful of lollies while I do computer stuff. Not inclined to say much more. Good Night, White.
>>26718 10/10 Looks very good
(13.02 KB 256x256 not easy being green.jpg)
Illegal thread in the catalogue.
>>26735 Good night.. No fire here. I'll be sleeping with a pair of socks, long pants and hoodie.
Good Morning NEETs Its cold and wet and the deacon will call today.
Thinking about having a coffee.
>>26742 put some cinnamon in it
>>26742 kill urself crossposter go stay on endchan faggot
>>26740 Morning neet, yeah cold here as well (2.3° outside and 8.8 inside)
(14.37 KB 220x350 underwater.jpeg)
Watching this moofie again. Its pretty good. I like the space suits, they look boss.
>>26745 Barnaby land gets the coldest winters of all of AU
The Deacon will call tomorrow in the afternoon.
>>26748 gotta get those community reputation updoots
>>26749 I'd rather talk to one of the more intelligent J.W's than the dumbasses and non-whites. They all have to spread the word and proselytes like me get mogged unless i'm already in a program with a boss like the deacon.
>>26750 >J.W >intelligent lol i'd rather talk to a muslim
(5.25 KB 201x250 1599012059926s.jpg)
>>26752 mudslimes literally interpret the bible more accurately than jehovah fagnesses
>>26740 Morning. Cold and windy. Job agency appointment soon. Don't wanna leave the house.
>>26752 Islam will save the West. If you think about it, Tarrant gunned down a mosque full of traditionalists who hate homos, trannies, alcohol and feminists, and literally blamed Mossad afterwards for the attack. Makes me think. Tarrant would have done better gunning down White liberals and faggots
>>26754 >no mutual obligations >>26755 the west and the east is gone only Jesus will save you mudfaggot
>>26756 >Only Jesus will save you mudfaggot Yes, Jesus will come back. Muslims know this.
>>26757 Jesus is God accept The Holy Trinity or go to hell mudslime
>>26755 >not just going straight for (((the heart of the problem))) shiggy.
(8.11 KB 220x249 1599275032363s.jpg)
>>26755 Those mussies also hated the west and that mosque was a hive of potential terrorists. B.T. diffused many bombs that day.
>>26760 Weren't there at least two members there with priors on the terrorism lists? I doubt Tarrant was even aware either. Then again, it's probably >98% incidence in the average Islamist gathering point in the Western, White, Christian lands so it's a reasonably good bet if he was actually going for that aspect.
>>26761 I cant remember if he mentioned it in 'The great Replacement', The Fernnigger ZOG found guns at the mosque after the action. Lots of details like that got suppressed by the media. I think his real target was the minds of the sleeping saxons.
>>26762 >I think his real target was the minds of the sleeping saxons. Probably. His sacrifice certainly made a big splash, one way or other. I suppose time will tell if it was the outcome he desired.
>>26741 What an outrageous dog-and-pony show. When will you return O LORD, and overturn these evildoer's works?
>>26763 one day B.T. will be released and elected to office, just as Mandela was.
unsubscribed from dan's mailing list
>>26760 >Those mussies also hated the west Hello based department?
I miss him already
>>26768 not falling for it fucker
Smook the smoke alarm spook came and stole my old alarms and the batteries and put two new ones in. I think I made him nervous because he left asap.
I'm out of food and there is a lockdown here. I'm not sure what to do.
>>26771 you're allowed to get food bro
>>26772 Yeah, I'm worried about going out though and doing something wrong.
>>26772 Cover your face, Get tooled up and go shopping.
>>26774 just bee yourself ;)
Lemons restore energy, postponing fatigue.
(524.87 KB 1273x1213 Haul July 21 2021.jpg)
Picked up a few things from Coles. Today I found out that pumpkin seeds are labeled 'pepitas' for some dumb reason. I've roasted my own seeds from fresh pumpkin and they weren't green.
pringles are disgusting
Getting hungrier. I've got an egg I found. I might eat it. I might also pester female roommate for a mask and go shopping.
>>26778 Check that seed mix. It mightn't be from aus.
>>26778 >(((Iceberg)))
(271.51 KB 600x583 panties pepe.png)
>>26780 >pester female roommate for a mask
>>26781 Packed in Australia from (((imported))) ingredients
>>26784 The new packaging laws have that loophole. I just leave any (((imported))) stuff on the shelf, or throw it back at whoever mummybot gives it to me.
>>26785 Be nice to mummybot.
Fuck it. I'm chucking it in, having a lemon and gonna go hose wallaby turds.
>>26784 Doesn't list where they were imported from
Female roommate doesn't have one. Time to die.
Or maybe time to make one.
>>26789 ask the supermarket for one
(153.29 KB 612x816 Form.jpg)
My case manager is trying to get me onto a 'higher level' with Cenno. Probably as their company will get more funding. If I got diagnosed with all this shit then I'd be applying for DSP. The 'major depression' is already on Cenno's system btw.
>sign up to plenty of fish dating site >message a few chicks >all the good looking ones don't even read them >has an option to pay money for your messages to be at the top of the list Bunch of jews.
>>26793 Every hot bitch is inundated with messages of dude daily.
>>26778 >pepitas I think that's what Lebs or Greeks call them.
>>26791 Pretty sure they have to give you one.
>>26792 How can it be a permanent condition if it isn't diagnosed? Also, very few mental health issues can truly be seen as permanent.
(6.90 KB 225x225 images.jpeg)
>>26797 >if i haven't been diagnosed with it i don't have it yet
>>26798 You can't call it a permanent condition if it isn't diagnosed.
16 (sixteen) bucks for a dozen of 'fresh' Sydney oysters. I'm sure they were fresh when harvested in Sydney ffs.
(7.10 KB 223x226 images.jpeg)
(255.08 KB 1280x960 wallaby turds.jpg)
Oh! Visitors. Did End fall off the perch? again
>>26801 Clinical diagnoses is the only thing that makes it real, otherwise it's just symptomatology. Even then, if it was an actually scientific diagnosis, you wouldn't be required to assist the psychiatrist in determining your own condition... as they could actually assess rather that regurgitate your feelings into clinical notes.
>>26803 I come here every day.
(5.00 KB 223x226 images.jpeg)
>>26792 Man. Thats like a graduation certificate.
>>26807 I'm not wrong though. I have to deal with cunts thinking their personality traits are mental illnesses or disabilities daily. And I can get any practitioner to do an assessment on whatever I tell them to. It's not like you go to a psychiatrist for a 'mental health' assessment, you go to get a clinical diagnosis of x disorder.
(5.20 KB 257x196 images.jpeg)
>>26809 >I'm not wrong though. ok
>>26805 Medicine is no longer about helping people. It's a drug racket. Why should anybody want to be diagnosed? Of course a lot of normalfags identify with mental illness like it's fashionable, but those kinds aren't here (at least not in a significant quantity).
>>26810 Maybe you're just a sad guy. Depression indicates that your normal is at a higher level than present. Someone that is generally happy and carefree, who has 6 weeks of being in the slumps can be diagnosed with a depressive disorder because it's based off of an arbitrary 'normal'. If your always a sad cunt, then there is no change, that is your normal.
>>26811 I have 9 permanent mental illnesses and disabilities. Medication just made the recovery take longer. As hard as it is to deal with, the only thing that can help is the same as what everyone used to say it's your problem, harden up, deal with your fuicking shit because no one understands or gives a fuck
...unless their paid to.
(3.45 KB 300x168 images.jpeg)
>>26812 holy shit you should be diagnosed as a retard
>>26792 You will need support evidence from a clinical psychologist / and possibly a report from a psychiatrist to have the best chance of getting the dsp
>>26808 The ausneets trifecta.
Might go get another seafood basket
>>26813 Not saying that's wrong, but it's not so simple. Trying to be self-conscious of mental problems isn't a cureall. Those issues will still slip through the cracks no matter how mindful you are. Also, it is taxing just to maximize mindfulness. You will always second-guess if you provided an appropriate response. Only normalfags seek to be fucked up for snowflake status (or drugs). I rarely talk about it and I have no social media accounts, so there is no attention-seeking involved. People who really are ill and are also conscious enough about it hate it. Just because I don't want to open up to a therapist so they can prescribe me some zombifying drug doesn't mean I'm fine. I know I am fucked up. I try to analyze why that is and it has not improved my condition. Maybe one day it will click, or maybe not. Nothing is a guaranteed fix. I just don't recommend counseling nor therapy in the meantime.
>>26815 your a retard
>>26818 That sounds delightful.
(840.28 KB 1632x1224 Pixxa.jpg)
Fuck the fish!
>>26819 >I rarely talk about it and I have no social media accounts, so there is no attention-seeking involved. Yeah same, and that's true about people not wanting to seek help. I was being a prick in the last few posts. Mental health is a cunt.
>>26822 Yummo.
>>26822 Shoulda got deep pan.
>>26813 There's lots of good things about life, even society. just LARP that you're a normal fag and eventually you will be.
>>26822 Fuck, I could go for a pizza right now. I'm actually considering getting on one of those app things for some tucker.
>>26819 >People who really are ill and are also conscious enough about it hate it. Just because I don't want to open up to a therapist so they can prescribe me some zombifying drug doesn't mean I'm fine. I know I am fucked up. That's basically the way I've lived for the past 10-15 years, and it's gotten me nowhere in terms of achievements, relationships or happiness. If none of 'my' problems are going to change then why not seek the extra bucks from being on DSP?
(9.22 KB 225x225 cthulu pepe.jpg)
Getting into the Cuthulu with this comic book and the moofie
>>26822 Nice
I hope I can get a mask soon and go shopping. I am out of oats but I have flour. If need be I will live off damper for the next few days. Swaggy life.
>>26832 Have some beans.
I've still got that egg. I might make pancakes for tea.
>>26834 Beans are shit.
>>26834 No beans. I do have lentils though. I might boil the lentils and have lentils on damper.
>>26837 Stay in bed to conserve energy. I'd be cool to be one of the bugs making everyone have two weeks indoors. whey they get over being sicko everything is back to normal.
>>26833 I've made them out of paper towel, rubber bands and sticky tape or preferably staples. Just look on Youtube for how to do it.
Waiting for female roommate to get out of the kitchen so I can do the dishes and make pancakes. She keeps filling up the sink with water and then leaving it.
>>26841 Because she knows you're a beta bitch that won't say anything
>>26841 When she does that and you need to wash up, pull her shit out, wash your dishes then when your done put hers back in and refill the sink.
(3.37 MB 3024x4032 IMG_20210721_202324.jpg)
>>26844 Yum-0 make a stack
>>26845 I ate each one before the next was cooked. They don't go cold that way. I just cook them on a low heat.
(1.64 MB 1080x1080 seige qt)
Had a busy day doing rain day stuff. Kept up the tempo after tea and got the NAS build to a ready stage. Ready to prep for 卐 White Boy Summer 2022 ⊕. Now to divert my evenings to work on my survival program, and seeing as I'm surviving hard enough to put on weight, I might as well thrive a little. Take time out from the technical manuals and wikis and read Siege sitting in front of the fire, or sew an applique sonnenrad or even art up a new pepe. Anything based, Good Night, White.
>>26635 🍋
>>26848 🍋☺⛐👍
>>26848 (((✡)))
>>26847 I like where she's going with this look Neet. The kit + cat thing is working for me. Nite.
>>26852 There is a weird trend on tiktok of girls dancing in those skull masks as an edgy teenage thing.
>>26853 Oh you mean the Siegethot mask? Wholesome trend you ask me. I really just meant the funs & ammo vest + feline thing. It's appealing, kind of like an IRL but over-the-hill Girls und Panzer character.
I'm watching the show Sherlock. It is very teenage-girlish and tumbleresque but I quite like it and I am a bit embarrassed by that.
>>26828 Can you get the neetbux without them pumping drugs into your system? If no, you could always just not take them.
>>26856 He could also sell them for extra neetbux.
Good Morning NEETs Up early and making Pixxas.
(430.66 KB 1012x1500 nerve.jpg)
>>26855 This was a pretty good teenage girl moofie. Thats who was mostly viewing it at the cinema when I went.
four personal pixxas in the freexer. Jalapeno cauliflower with pinapple and anchovies.
>>26861 That sounds vile but I would like to try it.
>>26862 Sorry they are personal pixxas, not for share.
>>26863 Can I get a pixxure to look at?
(36.42 KB 640x480 Pix.jpg)
>>26864 They are teh testing batch. I dont even know if the oven works here.
>>26865 Cool. When you do cook them, please take another pic. It's an interesting topping selection.
(17.33 KB 300x300 Henry fonda deliverance.jpg)
50 My Ass
Endchan down
End up
Midmorning nap. Am I lazy?
>>26858 Good morning. I might go to Coles for more sushi.
>>26875 Good Morning. Supermarket sushi sounds super sketchy.
>>26875 Grab me a kilo of king prawns please.
>>26876 Had some last night, it was no better or worse than what I've had at standalone sushi shops that you find in large shopping centres.
>>26873 She’s a qt
(94.35 KB 865x577 chillin.jpg)
(39.66 KB 588x146 Kratom.jpg)
M'lord looking extra haggard today. He admitted on stream to taking a couple 'Kratom' pills. Then combine that with cheap vodka mixed with Monster energy drink and you've got yourself a lolcow.
>>26844 Perfect colour on that, though you forgot to add the blueberries for me.
>>26847 >White Her eyes have a suspicious slant to them...
>>26860 I liked Emma Roberts before she got impregnated
>>26861 >>26865 Pixxaz look great. Did you make the dough and sauce from scratch?
>>26880 hail to the king, baby. he has never sounded very bright and he can be an asshole sometimes, but i like him for being his unlikable self instead of some fake persona like most people with a drop of youtube success.
Still hungry. Still no food. Still no mask. This is the end neets.
Some 40 year old tassie guy died of the AZ.
Quads and all the white dogz can get the nulla nulla.
>>26888 Thats TRIPS you boong dickhead.
>>26887 HOW DARE YOU QUESTION US NEET!? Teh deadly super friendly genetic mutation juice vaccine is fun, fun, fun. No one dies from it it. It's the virus wat did it.
(55.68 KB 851x460 Shit-river prawns.jpg)
>>26877 Best I can do is this until next payday
>>26892 I wouldn't trust anything from Vietnam.
(163.36 KB 738x595 FDA on eating raw oysters.jpg)
Think I'll give oysters a miss
>>26887 Lucky bastard
>>26894 Dont worry about it, you gotta die of something sooner or later. If you get the Covax then its likely to be sooner.
>>26886 Just wrap a shirt around your face ffs
>>26892 only 2 out of every 100 customers get disseminated intravascular coagulopathy from human fecal waste consumed in those prawns. Thats a rare complication.
>>26880 Is he retarded?
>>26899 he's a diagnosed autistic or something at least.
(202.94 KB 1080x1288 1626924448588.jpg)
>>26900 And remember, it ain't real unless it's been 'officially diagnosed'...
>>26902 Had a zoom meeting with the deacon, He told me about the prophecy in isaiah 13:19 where cyrus conquered babylon and freed the jews. Funny those knock-on effects tho.
>>26903 I fear the deacon is leading you astray
Might go for a walk to IGA and see if they have any oysters. Highly unlikely though.
>>26886 They will give you one.
>>26892 SA has the best prawns in the world, I don't get why we import any seafood.
>>26902 That's right. Otherwise we'd just be relying on subjective nonsense.
>>26908 So you say...
>>26907 Because the gronks dont care what they eat.
(612.77 KB 1353x1221 Haul July 22 2021.jpg)
A few more pointless things for the bin
>>26912 Nice haul m8, the lemons have you as well.
(98.62 KB 865x573 Cobies.jpg)
>>26893 You can always Trust & Believe in KingCobraJFS!
>>26908 >subjective nonsense Such as one's own feelings/symptoms based on multiple years of life experience? You know the psychs base their diagnoses from a book, not empathy?
>>26912 Those beans in tiny tins are a packaging abomination.
Its beer and Pixxa night but I'm not hungry.
>>26916 I'm liking the caviar. First time trying it. That small jar won't last another week.
Temped to catch one of these fuckers after watching this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX-EmXGsEQA
(212.91 KB 1280x960 za and oatie.jpg)
>>26919 >>26921 Aussie NEETs eat like kings
>>26921 That looks tasty neet.
>>26923 The pickled jalapenos are really nice. The crust was really thicc too.
>>26921 Looks good. Is that one of the jalapeno cauliflower pineapple anchovy pixxaz?
Bed in 10
>>26925 yeah i put extra tomato paste on them. took about 20 min from froxen to just nice.
Got up at 4AM, Just hit the wall. Got a bit done today. Good Night, White.
>>26889 Boongs can't count past three.
>>26918 >>26921 I'm glad I got a pixxure. >>26921 can;t see the vaulifouwer, >>26924 Did you buy the vase? >>26927 Good times.
>>26927 >>26928 tht'da hpood lookig slut
God Morning NEETs. Emptied tha piss bottle and put my combat boots on already.
>>26932 BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG !
5th shit. I'm actually sick. I think I could smell lemon mayo in that one. Looked like mash potato, gravy and mixed frozen veg. Would've gone well with a lamb chop breakfast.
>>26934 Did you eat something dodgy?
Fuck me this NAS build is killing me.
>>26934 Sorry to hear. Hope you get better asap.
>>26936 I drank too much piss last night. I had some chinese food yesterday, and a couple pies for dinner. I don't really know though. >>26938 Cheers.
Got the sick cert.
Dr Pajeet asked if there was any blood in my poo.
>>26941 as if you'd know.
Had a big breakky. Ready to pass out now. Going to watch another episode of Sherlock and try to stay awake. Three coffees down. Shouldn't have another.
>>26943 >a big breakky With that blood sausage?
>>26944 I had pancakes. Made a double batch.
guess this is my new home now since endchan is kill
>>26947 You need to be an attention seeking faggot wherever you go.
>>26948 that's just my basedness emanating from me i can't help it so just deal with it
>>26949 Keep telling yourself that. That's probably why most of your family disowned you.
Take away his flag lol. Stop being a poofter BO.
>>26951 He'll cry like a little bitch without his precious flags.
>>26950 haters gonna hate stay poor and stay mad >>26951 nah me and bo are discord buddies
>>26953 Based!
>>26951 It's not even him, and the poster that does it gets off on your reaction. Just don't reply if it's an issue.
>>26953 >discord Lol, you really are a glowie.
>>26956 I've tried hammering my balls with a mallet.
Think I'll buy a cat tbqh
Might try live-streaming my pathetic life soon
>>26959 Get a dog.
I took the falc to get some petty and a hot woman in a car with government plates was topping up for her trip back to the world. Probably wants to get back to chad and the chadlets, and her mortgage free modern style farmhouse. I never had a chance NEETs. Women like that might as well be on the moon for all the access I have to them. I cant even hate chad for marrying her. He's such an awesome guy.
>>26956 I put this on my weetbix once, Hardly even made it sweet.
(91.04 KB 1139x637 Kimchi.jpg)
(100.42 KB 1099x587 Coles Kimchi.jpg)
Just smashed a bottle of this. It's made in Taiwan. I wanna try some Aussie-made stuff. It ain't cheap though.
>>26962 He has a big dick and is set to inherit four studio apartments too.
>>26963 It's apparently a painkiller, with some compound in it similar to an opiate.
>>26964 It's apparently pretty easy to make, you just need to make sure shit's sterile.
>>26961 Depends what the nearest shelter has. A staffy or another breed of dog that's generally quiet and not barking all the time.
>>26964 The local stuff is shit. I'd give the aussie brand of KImchi a miss. its edible but weak and stinks.
>>26965 (You) are big swinging dick chad.
big rape
slippery slit
bussy gang
Dang I dropped a peanut under the desk and Its too far to reach. What do?
off to bed soon
>>26979 I'll be joining you soon. Please stop hogging the rugs.
nigger neets
>>26971 You wanna be my Stacy with government plates?
>>26982 I just want to get warm.
>>26983 Bamboo socks are not as cosy as explorers.
>>26984 for some reason they feel damp even when they're dry
>>26985 That's how they are now, it's shit. I like the texture of them though.
>>26986 I need new undies but I'm not getting trunks again, and i dont want y fronts because my pee pee wriggles out.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-23/-an-appalling-tragedy-slaughterhouse-mates-in-deadly-knife-fight/100318910 Fugg I'd hate to use the gay rage defense in the current globohomo climate.
>>26988 >Gay Panic
>>26950 Kek. His step-mummybot finding lewd photos of little girls on his laptop probably didn't help.
>>26987 I dislike y fronts too. I wear the tight shorts type.
Hungry again. Bloody hell.
Grind my pelvis into dust.
Fuck it, Having a bath
>>26995 Post pics.
Does you neetstick float?
>>26997 No, but my nads do.. so kind of.
(46.96 KB 400x539 1626942608842.jpg)
>>26997 I breathe in and float I breathe out and sink Good Night, White.
>>26999 BOOBA
What do you call those hats?
>>27001 Beach hats..?
>>27002 slow board
>>27003 They have said that they like it like that.
I think they're lying.
(480.13 KB 603x601 Hitler-Anime.png)
>>27004 >>27005 Ah, the good-cop/bad-cop usurpers & decievers are back, I see. Two words for you two: >Hitler >didnothingwrong Sieg Heil!
(630.96 KB 4000x4000 José_Bernardo_de_Tagle_Inti.png)
Good Morning my Lovely Neeties . It's Saturday !
Good Morning NEETs. Big Yawn sleep in.
Might need to go to the IGA and get some flour Are you Neets needing anything?
>>27009 30 kg of soy please !
>>27011 *5 months suspended >>27012 he streamed recently: https://www.bitchute.com/video/q2npLXhW2G9T/
>i'm totally not a woman
>>27014 I remember that pic from when he lived in Brissy
>>27015 that's a pic from 20 minutes ago...
>>27011 Hope they keep him in there
>>27014 >fluoride shield No that's not how it works at all, you need a reverse osmosis unit with fluoride filter.
(131.28 KB 600x800 proscience.png)
(129.75 KB 499x499 toothless pepe.png)
>>27018 >No that's not how it works at all, you need a reverse osmosis unit with fluoride filter.
>>27020 Spend your money on preventing the strange poison your anglo authorities add to your water supply from entering your body instead of snake oil.
>>27021 Not everything the government does is sketchy. I'm sure if they could do something about people having retarded opinions then they would.
(244.71 KB 1024x1526 1555736721784.jpg)
>>27022 The government is always evil. Unless it's Adolf Hitler.
(63.79 KB 726x715 bill-gates-depopulation.jpg)
>>27022 >Not everything the government does is sketchy. >When only about 3 countries do it What makes this more embarrassing is that you forgot the time. Nigger prove to me how not evil your gov is putting an actual not-to-ingest poison with 20yr half life, bone/tissue absorptive, IQ reducing, properties in the drinking water of hundreds of millions of people. Perhaps you shall DYOR now.
Have to chop lots of wood before the cold and rain hits. Should be kino weather.
(546.24 KB 900x900 glasses.png)
>tfw you're trying to find an image set but instead find an article that the porn star is dead https://bellinghammetronews.com/news/anastasia-knight-reported-dead-at-age-20/
>>27026 Bet that put you off your stroke.
(8.76 KB 212x237 index.jpeg)
>>27027 I'm still looking for it
>>27028 >snuff video You sick0
>>27009 Is the flour for bread? Could you get a roast chook and a microwave gravy please?
>>27009 Also, everything that's needed for a cheesey cauliflower bake.
>>27030 Bread and Pixxa dough. >roast chook and a microwave gravy I didn't say I'd get there today. I still have enough for about two weeks. Besides there are no roast chooks to be had in Silver City.
>>27026 Serves her right.
>>27026 Anon, she's in hell, you don't want to coom to a person that's in hell, trust me.
>>27012 They didn't include the pics of him sucking black dragon dildos. :(
>>27016 Back in the day.
>>27024 It needs to be lowered to less than 1b. 90% of us could be replaced by automation and we have no net social redeeming qualities that others don't have.
>>27032 I didn't get a pic of the cooked cauliflower pixxa.
>>27038 >>26921 Oh well I'll have another one tonight and post it again.
>>27037 The world would be a better place without the non-white races, but just wouldnt be the same without boongs.
(485.06 KB 1521x1197 they live.jpg)
Downloading this moofie for tonight.
>>27041 oh that's that movie with the red pill glasses didn't know it was john carpenter, should be good
(12.47 MB 640x360 This Is A Test.mp4)
I am visiting. This board looks comfy, can I stay?
>>27045 from where?
Had to flush twice with my last poo. Uni starts again on Monday.
>>27045 🍋 How do you feel about lemons?
>>27048 BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG !
>>27046 Over hills and under hills
>>27008 Howdy! One Up & Go liquid breakfast down the hatch.
>>27051 Expensive. You should buy protein powder from chemists warehouse instead.
>>27050 fuckoff
>>27054 suck my dick faggot
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>27051 I like your style, but why not up your game? My cellars have the best selection of Breakfast liquers, liquors, beers and wines, all at low-low prices.
(77.14 KB 226x316 a.png)
>>27056 Your staff are more polite than the ones at Cellarbrations.
>>26921 >>27039 Oh, I missed this one. Looks very nice.
(70.82 KB 1280x960 well set.jpg)
lit the fire.
(93.49 KB 865x577 Well lit.jpg)
>>27061 BASED
I once upset Nuro with a rude image
>>27062 I expect his cross eyes are an asset of a physical attribute in his line of work. Just as a thot with a cute nose and big tits has her assets.
>>27065 he's actually a talented guitarist. not a great songwriter, but still an ok musician.
(2.93 MB 854x480 1627041264462.webm)
>>27067 what a unit
The reign of Emperor Paul Atreides is centered around spiceniggers. They have holidays for spiceniggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of Landraad men to free spiceniggers. They listen to spicenigger semuta music. They bow to a spicenigger-loving Emperor. They dress and act like spiceniggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from spiceniggers. They post sassy holograms about spiceniggers. They watch ritual combat in worship of spiceniggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of spiceniggers overthrowing Emperor Shaddam. They use spicenigger slang like "khala". When you say "Saint Paul" they're not thinking of the ancient Earth apostle. They're thinking of the spicenigger-loving Emperor. Their cities are completely overrun with spiceniggers. They worship their Arrakis police force disproportionately filled with spiceniggers and their galactic Zensunni force of soldiers filled with spiceniggers. Their men sit around watching spicenigger combat while their women sit around watching spicenigger match maker shows. They worship spiceniggers like Stilgar and the concubine Chani and the late Liet Kynes while attacking the nobles who actually built the Imperium before spiceniggers took over. Their breads and circuses are filled with spiceniggers. They send spiceniggers to the gladiatorial events and celebrate when the spiceniggers win because those spiceniggers are true red blooded Imperium spiceniggers They will tell you how much they hate spiceniggers and how the jihadist's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love spiceniggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that Landraad Imperium has always been and will be a Empire of spicenigger loving spiceniggers.
>>27068 The anime stickers really bring it together.
I'm writing up a study plan for the first week of uni.
>>27071 You will throw it away two days after the start of semester.
(42.29 KB 600x450 spice dune pepe.jpg)
>>27072 Likely. Hopefully not though.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>27075 You will need something to help you relax in your study endeavors.
>>27076 Don't make me go there with an ironbar you bogtrotting bastard.
(652.89 KB 2026x3000 1624948499551.jpg)
(799.47 KB 2197x3000 1624950284817.jpg)
Lara Pulver is fucking hot. God damn I'd love to be her camp guard.
Pissing down with rain here in the south of Adelaide.
>>27080 looks like your getting smashed but its only a squall.
>>27081 Yeah, it has been raining in very intense but short bursts all day.
>>27082 >bursts Blurts
I'm about to do the only thing that makes me somewhat happy, grocery and booze shopping.
>>27085 30Kg of plain flour please
>>27085 Buy BEANS
(67.08 KB 1280x720 hot swap.jpg)
Gonna Pimp my desktop with one of these
Pixxa in the oven
>>27089 Garlic bread?
>>27090 On the list for my trip to the wholesale food store at Port Shorecliff.
>>27088 I'll pimp your bussy if you do.
fucking freezing here in Adelaide. I'm going to put my gloves on once I've made my cup of tea.
(829.05 KB 1632x1224 Haul July 24 2021.jpg)
Expensive shop. It was a bit of an aimless one, with booze being the main priority. But I haven't had a curry or tacos in a hot minute. So many types and brands of curry pastes to choose from, so I went with something familiar (the Jap) and unfamiliar (the Malaysian). The cost of beef has risen, I remember when a 500g pack of 'regular' beef mince cost 5 bucks, and the 'premium' stuff was about 8. A bit concerned about that kimchi, I could hear the bottle fizzing when back home and a little of the liquid somehow leaked out. There was a fairly strong fish-sauce smell to it. Hopefully the bottle doesn't explode overnight. Some weirdo asked if I could spare "a few dollars" as I left the store. He didn't look destitute or homeless.
>>27093 I got a hairdryer for my hands when they get cold.
(37.88 KB 719x845 rowdy roddy piper.jpg)
>>27094 I told you to not get that brand. Now you are cursed with that foul stench. I'm down for tandoori. the jap curry is bland as. The weirdo probably has better conditions than you, I hate 'gimme smokes' cunts like that.
>>27094 You're lucky to get mince. It is getting hit hard here with panic buying.
>>27094 Good haul m8, yeah meat is expensive now because of the drought > asked if I could spare "a few dollars" I had a guy in a wheelchair ask me the same thing a few weeks ago, fuck him he gets the same amount of money that I get and I don't have to beg.
Mummybot got an air fryer. Now I have to put up with her going off about it on FB.
(26.82 KB 363x600 air.jpg)
>>27099 Send her this.
I fucking depise that hideous little goblin-child Greta Thunberg. Whites put a man on the moon and yet can't let go of having an autistic oracle to predict the weather.
>>27101 She has been pretty quiet lately, My theory is she's getting really redpilled and will reappear as a ecofacist lightning rod.
Noots, recommend me a film for tonight. Pls.
>>27096 >I told you to not get that brand Yes you did, but it was either this or another bottle of that imported stuff. If it stinks up the fridge I'll deploy the bi-carb soda to soak up the stench.
>>27098 This guy was standing and looked physically healthy. I probably would've given the 5 dollar note I had in my wallet to someone in a wheelchair.
>>27106 I saw you rob someone in a wheelchair, just the other day.
4 Coops in. Watching Greg's kitchen among other nonsense on Youtube. What a life I've built for myself...
(96.20 KB 550x868 1604382831341.jpg)
I had the kind of day where nothing exciting happened, No parcels came, no one called, stayed indoors. I got a lot of online work done, relatively speaking. NAS seems to be working, I'm dubious on its encryption trustworthiness and I cant make a veracrypt volume on a storage pool that I can access simultaneously from two PC's. Duno what to do about that. Next project is to get my data backed up on a cloud server, I want to make it a automatic task. If the pigs kick in my door at 4AM and steal my computers then I want to be able to get back to where I am now in minimum time. I suppose that means having a backup computer sitting in a cache somewhere offsite. Shouldnt be too hard to come by in poztown Good Night, White.
Time to do the dishes.
Good Morning NEETs. Cant see the mountain outside because fog but it should have snow on it.
>>27109 Why would anyone want your computer?
(45.21 KB 768x568 no chips.jpg)
>>27111 BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG !
>>27113 no mention of crypto mining...
>>27113 I don't get it.
>>27116 Oh! Its a drought in taiwanaland or someplace. Chip manufacture uses lots of water. Droughts are because of climate change.
the BO on endchan samefags fucking pathetic
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VgNBDMOssg Just bought one of these. sick of unpugging my desktop monitor and manhandling my new build behind the desk. Might be cool for the cctv or something.
>>27119 why not a hmdi switcher?
>>27120 yeah I got one but all my hdmi monitors are mounted in portrait so i have to frig around with the UEFI rotated 90 degrees. one of my future projects is to mine monero. I want the dashboard of that always up. sleeting now. thinking about coffee
>>27118 Well it is a faggot. You can't expect much from it.
What do you guys think of the Provisional IRA?
Just did a monster poo. I made a double batch of pancakes again but couldn't finish them. The rest were cooked and put in the fridge.
>>27124 duno they're okay.
(90.49 KB 220x328 71_poster.jpg)
>>27124 This moofie was pretty good. I watched the russian dub tho.
Toothiepegs brushed.
Uni starts tomorrow.
Can't stop these farts.
I need to vacuum today. I've been putting it off for three months now.
>>27130 Kek. Tiny folk in tiny hats
>>27133 I'm just amazed by how bad that film looks.
Made it to the shitter just in time. Shit was coming out before my arse could hit the lid.
>>27129 Are you prepared for it?
>>27136 Yeah. I'm writing out all the important dates for the tests and everything.
Ungh feet are clammy. Time for Ugg boots.
>>27137 Good work. What are you studying?
>>27139 Physics and pure maths. You?
I can't stop shitting today.
(700.33 KB 480x268 34654356346.gif)
>>27140 >me >uni Nah, I'm too brainlet for that.
>>27142 IKTF Tried one of those uni bridging courses many years back, the kind for high-school dropouts, and failed the English exam.
The Sunday fish&chip cravings have set in
>>27141 Call up the triage line and complain to them.
(110.40 KB 953x412 Best of.jpg)
(295.47 KB 1280x720 mz.jpg)
after many many years being a non-weeb and even a bit of an anti-weeb i've now started watching japanese robot cartoons strange feel. only watching the old super robot stuff though, can't stand the gritty fake realism gundam stuff, at least not yet. just want to see some jap chad shout "ROCKET PUNCHU" and blow up some tranny's bitch robot. passes the time well while i do dishes at least "xpearse Mazinger Z 1972" on nyaa. I'm not about to fall for the "all anime is based" because a bunch of it is fucking cringe weakness shit but the 70's mecha stuff has a bunch of good pro-male, pro-strength values embedded in it and I might expand on it in a later post
(548.00 KB 1600x1185 1367560164048.jpg)
>>27148 Back in my day us kids were given a steel helmet and a panzerfaust and expected to stop a russian tank phalanx in the winter mud. But we were happy to do it for Furher and Vaterland
>>27109 Looks like Buffy Me likey
>>27152 Hello Nuro.
>>27149 Reject Degenerate forms of Entertainment. Outdoors pursuits with like minded comrades is the only acceptable recreation for the true Aryan.卐
>>27154 Weber at the back with the banjo and thots.
(136.74 KB 752x543 X.jpg)
Jews burn at what speed? Man, I dunno. I ain't no rocket scientist.
>>27159 Nazi.
>>27127 I just watched this. Pretty good.
>>27131 I bet you're one of those bean eaters.
>>27149 Cartoons turned the kids into faggots.
>>27155 You don't say names on this board.
>>27160 Ashke.
>>27154 That's a nice image Neet. Makes me wish I could be a Nazi back in the day tbh.
>>27167 my pop would have killed you.
I spilled some of the caviar. Not much but probably about a buck's worth given the small amount you get. I plan on getting the red caviar next time, and perhaps some more 'fancy' crackers to have it with in place of corn chips.
That Australian kimchi is a lot more acidic compared to that imported stuff. Not sure if I like it yet or not. I'll keep tasting it over the next few days to be certain.
>>27169 > plan on getting the red caviar next time So it tasted good enough to get again?
Getting a nice garlic flavour from it though. Will have to try it with scrambled eggs.
>>27171 Yes, definitely.
>>27172 I've only had it by itself. What are you supposed to put it with?
>>27174 Fried rice. Noodles. Pancakes.
>>27175 >Pancakes That sounds different.
Bed in 10
(47.65 KB 1000x667 apocalypse now larp.jpg)
Another day without a shower, I'm enjoying pushing it out a bit, not having a mirror and not shaving because the head-hammock I made stays under my chin better overnight. I made a kind of a noose that keeps my mouth closed when I'm asleep. Its stopped my snoring and sleep apnoea. I should patent it or something but it wouldn't work without a hammock. My olddad was telling me about some boomer he met the other day with a house in town that was needing to be re-stumped, and how no builders can be bothered with this relatively simple maintainance task. The point being that you need to be quite rich if you are not skilled, in order for your house to not collapse. The corollary being you dont need to be rich if you are skilled. Duno where this leaves the middle smarts, maybe feeling like they're on top with their home grown pot. Maybe I will have a bath, I smell and I'm paying to keep the water hot for no fucking reason. Good Night, White.
>>27178 >Another day without a shower >Maybe I will have a bath, I smell Big stinky NEET! >>27178 >and how no builders can be bothered with this relatively simple maintainance task I once did labouring for a house restumper. Best part of the job was having my welds seen as one customer as better than the cunt I was working for, and the worst being a tie between a group of pigs pull me over early in the morn just before work for no other reason than to make an example of me, and having fucked up royally on a certain job.
So, you Boonglanders have been bad little goys lately I hear?
Good Morning NEETs. Back into the NEET work week. Much online shopping and loafing around to be done.
Might display some acumen in the Vaccumin' today.
>>27162 Rice Zombies. did they have too much MSG?
>>27169 Black caviar is better imo, the red one was more 'lemony'.
>>27184 I just put it down to them making stories up to justify their extensive history of cannibalism.
>>27185 Good to hear you have found a caviar that suits your palette. It sounds like you went through such a wearysome trial to make up your mind.
>>27187 I have only had the ones that supermarkets sell.
>>27180 No niggers in that crowd and the only rioting was done by the Pigs.
My monitor decided to shit the bed last night. Being a Sunday and with the lockdown, I was unable to get a new one until now. As a result I missed my first lecture this morning. Not a great first start but easy to recover from. Perhaps a bad omen however. This new is 1920x1080, up from the previous 1600x900. It is curved as well. It looks much sharper.
>>27143 Cheers noot, I'll give that a read soon. I've heard of him many times but I've never actually read anything of his.
>>27180 I like the police horses.
>>27190 16:10 for lyfe nibba
You know why it makes you uncomfortable? It's because she knows that she can make any guy cum about a gallon of sperm with just one clap of her booty on the area around the penis. Her booty is so powerful if she gave you a lap dance, her booty would vacuum your penis up. Hell if her booty swallowed my penis like that? She can keep it! I DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE SHE CAN HAVE IT! You know why? It's because I would still be able to feel my penis squirming, slipping and sliding around inside her butt. Imagine that! My penis would still be able to feel pleasure while it's not attached to me anymore simply because she performed some sacred slut dance on my penis and it vacuumed it up. Like a wet spaghetti noodle being swallowed by a fat kid who's trying to impress his parents by saying "Look Mom and Dad I found the longest noodle on my plate! Wanna watch me slurp it up?" *SCHUURRRRRLP *Lip smack "Aaaaahh! "Thatsa spicyah meatball" His parents clap, his mom is all like "Awww he grows up so fast" his dad is all like "That's my boy! He knows to eat so he can grow big and strong! Hows about we throw the ol' pigskin after dinner boy?" But no, this bitch knows no mercy. She knows what she's doing by having her booty take mens penises away from them. Holding them ransom inside that warm wet and slippery booty hole of hers. She's hoarding them, never to give them back. She knows that all those penises are still getting pleasured by still being inside of her. Those men that had their penises taken away are forever stuck in a mind-numbing never-ending orgasm, bed bound, staring at the ceiling with that thousand coom stare. That is why you are uncomfortable anon, she has control over you.
>>27193 All my old wallpapers will need to be replaced but other than that I don't think it makes a difference for me.
(110.75 KB 960x640 more-vert-space.jpg)
>>27195 16:9 is for plebs
>>27182 Good morning >work lol
>>27185 Thanks for your input, I don't mind the taste of lemon.
>>27197 being neet is actually quite hard work
(48.48 KB 769x935 7mvkvw9hcog61.png)
Getting into the globohomo art style now.
I need a zoom name for my uni lecture. What should I go with?
>>27202 Boong
>>27202 1337 NEET
>>27204 Okay. I'll go with this.
>>27207 New technology dickage is harsh
>>27207 I want to be Buttfucker 3000
I discovered that if i crack open the door to the wood heater for a minute. All the smoke goes up the flue and i can put wood in without getting it into the room. This is a significant improvemetn
(127.31 KB 1710x900 index.jpg)
>>27207 That was funny and all but do you really think it's a good idea to but your real name and face on the internet?
>>27211 it's court you have no choice
Going to do a poo and then join my zoom lecture.
>>27211 As long as you dont get doxxed on the off-message anonymous internet forums. Always use a VPN and never talk to 'Journalists'. Always wear a mask and hide your affectations like tatts.
>>27213 do poos do math or just computer science?
>>27215 There are very few of them but they exist. I've done CS classes as electives and there were definitely way more pajeets in the CS classes.
>>27216 >CS classes as electives should do something with girls in them
>>27217 I think enrolling in classes for the sake of girls is pretty overrated. You can find plenty of girls just sitting around uni and they are typically quite receptive to you talking to them. If you just approach a girl more or less at random and try to befriend her, you are basically set for getting a gf as she will use her social circle for your benefit. Obviously you shouldn't approach a fat chick as she doesn't want her friends to have boyfriends.
>>27218 right and a spergo is going to talk to random girls and they're going to be interested
>>27219 If you are a sperg then being in a class with girls won't help.
>>27220 expect it does it's a more relaxing environment and you are forced to talk to them
>>27199 That's true. The loneliness and boredom can really get to you. It's a mental battle to fight off losing your sanity.
>>27218 Getting a GF at uni is a recipie for failure.
Does Dan sell gfs?
>>27225 i heard if you switch to craig he'll give you a free blowie
(211.71 KB 2500x2500 flatart auschwitscz.png)
Not sure I'm gonna get out for my run tonight.
>>27226 Good enough
(177.85 KB 816x612 Feed.jpg)
(193.68 KB 816x612 Drink.jpg)
Went to Hungry Jacks for a hunger tamer's box. I got a whopper, forgetting to order cheese like I always fucking do, and a bbq cheeseburger instead of the chicken royale. They forgot the cheeseburger which I only found out after parking at a nearby shopping centre. So back I went. And by the time I'd got that and returned to the shopping centre carpark the whopper and chips were lukewarm. And what's up with these new drink lids? I couldn't work out how to extract the liquid so just took it off. What a treat, well worth the drive and $16...
>>27230 >>27230 It has got me in the mood for some.
Going to do the dishes and some cooking in a bit.
>>27228 Taking a break every now and then is okay.
(110.01 KB 960x500 pepe-the-frog-boys-club.jpg)
(1.35 MB damn.mp3)
>mfw this is the 357th time you've listened to this track today
>>27234 TF? The singer sounds like a prepubescent boy
>>27230 >Drink lid 1 >NEET 0
>>27236 I'll give your pitch a good shiftin' boy!
>>27238 stale reply
(151.29 KB 1280x960 filter upgrade.jpg)
I was feeling sleepy at the workstation so i spent some time upgrading my water filter. I moved the platform to a better position and installed a big bucket. I also sealed up a leak and put a little peg that keeps the handle out of the way. Might have a lemon and some filtered water.
(101.10 KB 697x510 1590643545355.jpg)
>>27239 I'll stale reply (You)
>>27234 Smurfs do breakbeat
Got some beans cooking.
>>27243 I cooked some fava beans, which ones do you have going?
>>27245 Those northern white beans and borlotti beans.
>>27246 They are easy to cook, is the ratio 1:3 I cant remember. Fava beans take a lot of cooking. I was getting into the mixed lentils before but they go a bit gluggy.
First shower in almost a week. Feels kinda weird being clean now, compared to the state of filth I was worryingly getting comfortable with.
Power just went out. Fark.
>>27200 That's nice, but the nigger should be smiling.
>>27248 Christ neet, why?
Power back on. Thank Fark.
I drank too much milk before having this bowl of bean bolognese.
>>27248 Try to break you record next time
https://www.brighteon.com/7afed3f7-084d-4770-a2ff-6c92889f5f6c Its Habbening cunts. Martial law coming. Road blocks, rationing, NWO straight up.
Very disappointed with the new Dune trailer.
That 'Zendaya' mutt is very unattractive in that role. Timmy also looks like some gay emo stoned out of his mind with those zoomer eyes.
>>27257 >looks like some gay emo I wouldn't mind being that pretty for a day or two million.
>>27259 He is good looking, yeah. I find his acting skills suspect however I will withhold judgement until the film is out.
(652.89 KB 2026x3000 1624948499551.jpg)
(799.47 KB 2197x3000 1624950284817.jpg)
>tfw no 2010 Alison Brie Jewess to breed
>>27255 My prepper sense is tingling. I'm going to stock up on TP and Flour tomorrow.
>>27263 Don't forget the beans.
>>27230 Yum. Sorry it went cold. You need to fold the straw hole back.
>>27240 Pump it!
>>27263 Might just do the same tbqh. Spend a good hundred on canned goods.
>>27265 It ain't a 'straw hole', as straws are now banned. I figured it out anyway.
>>27268 It is a straw hole, you get the cardboard ones that go soggy and ruin the taste of everything.
>>27267 Canned stuff is for convenience. You should invest in a pressure cooker. There will be plenty of time on your hands when the lockdown comes for real.
(175.23 KB 1024x1280 1599908010661.jpg)
Port shorecliff tomorrow. Dont want to botch it and forget shit so I'm making a list first thing. Gonna take my piss bottle and poo bags. Maybe take the bugle and have a go on the beach. Fresh loaf of bread cooling on the bench for sandwiches, gotta knock off the tandoori paste because its repeating on me. Good Night. White.
I want a cup of tea but I've already brushed my teeth.
>>27272 Never put sugar in hot drinks, it kills your teeth.
Good Morning NEETs. Pissed with rain last night and my piss bottle is full as. Causal or Coincidence?
>>27270 BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG ! BUG !
Climate change Pandemic
Off to the big smoke.
>>27271 >because its repeating on me Huh?
>>27274 Sup. Dare iced coffee for brunch, might get KFC for afternoon tea.
>>27273 I don't.
>>27275 Stop being an attention seeking faggot.
(855.37 KB 2496x3498 1627347493482.jpg)
Mummy Jessica.
Don't all post at once or anything.
>>27278 Making him burp.
>>27286 Like the way you fuck animals or like the way an animal fucks?
(145.46 KB 816x612 Kebab.jpg)
(642.40 KB 1632x1224 Haul July 27 2021.jpg)
Decided against KFC as I'm still too traumatised from last week's incident, so got a mixed kebab plus a few other treats to keep me fed for the next few days.
>>27289 Good to see the garlic is Australian. Coles have only recently been getting it here. It used to always be Chinese with them.
>>27289 Not a very financially sound way to live.
>>27290 I've become so lazy that I can't be fucked peeling and chopping a single clove of garlic. I wanted to try black fermented garlic that I've seen at another Coles but this store had none.
>>27293 What do you do with the garlic?
>>27294 Eat it
Big farts from the beans.
>>27295 How?
I think I've finally worked out that joke about formerly Chuck's.
>>27298 chucks fuck and suck -> sneeds feed and seed
(216.96 KB 1280x960 Lock down my arse.jpg)
(140.97 KB 1280x960 85 percent capacity.jpg)
Prepper mission successful. Now up to 18months no resupply.
>>27289 Those jalapenos are really good. I put them on my pixxas
>>27297 I'm going to try incorporating more garlic into my diet, such as adding the paste to scrambled eggs, mixed in salads or spread on sandwiches. Just a few examples.
>>27299 shhhhhh why give it away, plenty of normalfags still don't get it after all this time
Chuck's Seed & Feed?
Noot's Root and Toot
>>27300 That's a healthy amount of butter and cheese. I've never frozen hard cheese, how's the texture after thawing?
>>27307 Not him, but I find it gets rather crumbly afterwards. If you are melting it over something it is fine.
Studying in the rain is very comfortable.
My gym is trying to mandate masks lol. I doubt that will be practiced outside of staffed hours.
>>27303 This board is the spear tip of internet culture, new trends start right here. It would be selfish to keep them NEET only.
>>27308 >>27307 That cheese gets a little crumbly. Its no bother, really. The butter does the same, if its cold on the bench.
SA lockdown ends tonight neet.
>>27314 *neets
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-27/wa-records-two-coronavirus-cases-mv-darya-krishna/100326550 >a technician and a cadet nurse — "had decided not to take the vaccine". >the risk of them being infected was "extremely low". >As a result of this breach two health care workers will isolate in hotel quarantine for 14 days. Confused as to who to REEEEEE at here.
>>27313 >>27317 Ye olde cutesy.
>>27310 IIRC you are exempt from wearing one if doing any 'strenuous exercise'. At least that was the case for the QLD lockdowns earlier this year. Or was it last year? Fark, how long has this covid shit been going on for ffs...
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-27/qld-court-nathan-dru-baggaley-cocaine-drug-smuggling-sentence/100325420 Lol. look at these retards, broad daylight smug druggling. The whole endevour kinda screams crackhead.
(110.29 KB 1400x931 totally_not_jewish.jpg)
>>27316 >Confused as to who to REEEEEE at here. Then let me help, NEET. It's not too hard to figure out really. >(man laughing at us all pic related)
(197.78 KB 1085x1630 c6c5f2c8cf836d759d4d536daccee4c9.jpg)
(139.59 KB 822x1018 Marie_Doro_floral.jpg)
>>27318 Doro is another beautiful one. Unfortunately not many of her films survived, unlike with Gish.
Doro is probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'll stop spamming now.
>>27317 >>27313 You need new wank material
>>27324 Maybe you should upload a few selfies for me?
Honestly I would not want to stockpile that much froxxen food without owning a generator and having an ample supply of petrol, or another form of backup power like solar. I'd be constantly worried losing it all to a power outage. Keep your shit electrified NEETs!
>>27321 100% correct but I was being facetious, using the mainstream narrative around how unvaccinated people are denigrated and represented as near criminals. Then on top of that, some insane hospital protocol got predictably botched. Basically a honkler tier booby trap that landed two people in clown world jail, at least.
>>27326 meh if the grid goes down, losing $300 worth of food is gonna be the least of my problems. I have been wanting a backup freexer tho. That would be a better thing than a genny.
>>27327 >near They will soon be putting you into Marxist gulags death reeducation camps NEET.
>>27328 How is a backup freezer better than a genny if there's a major power outage that lasts multiple days or a few weeks?
>>27329 Fuck you don't mean TAFE do you?
Beer before wine, feeling fine. Wine before beer, sleep in fear. Or is it the other way around??? Wine before beer, have no fear. Beer before wine, you're in for a very bad time.
>>27330 The freexer will keep shit froxen for the duration of any power outage. If some shit happens like what happened in that vic suburb recently where the power is out for months until they can put up more poles or whatever, in that instance i can simply get a generator from basically anywhere. Your imagination is going overboard with doomsday scenarios.
>>27333 >Your imagination is going overboard with doomsday scenarios Says the guy obsessed with prepping and fumigating every inch of their household...
Fukn nanny state. Cant get radioactive smoke alarms at bunnings any more, They are all photo electric or something. How am I gona make my dirty bomb now?
>>27335 Can't you get some at Lucas Heights?
>>27336 Shhhh. Thats supposed to be our top secret Nuclear Reactor.
(614.09 KB 450x749 art of the desert.png)
Hmm forgot I had these. They're pretty gud
Nobby's pork rinds are a farking good snack. I'll be sure to take a pack or two the next time I see a moofie. Along with a couple salami sticks and a Snickers bar
>>27339 I hope I can get a gf before Dune comes out so I don't need to go alone.
Speaking or pork rind, I still haven't seen a dentist since breaking a chunk of tooth on pork crackling back in 2019. Or was it 2018? Fark...
(397.38 KB 1643x2042 rothschilds.jpg)
>>27339 This one should be good, If you can find a cinema that will play it.
Any plans for the night?
>>27340 Why? You will just need to buy two tickets.
>>27341 I have a root canal booked for the 11th. Also thinking of getting the upper right back tooth removed since it has a hole in it.
>>27341 I've never seen a dentist and I am scared to do so at this point.
>>27331 >TAFE Yes, but where they line you all up blindfolded against a wall after classes.
>>27342 MUST SEE MEDIA Ebin. >that sperg's tweet Kek. Do you think there will be any #antisemitic content in Based Mel's new flick?
>>27343 Studying. I'm a bit behind on uni already lol. Fuck me dead.
>>27340 Fuck the thots, lets see it together. No homo.
(59.49 KB 898x790 bigbrain.png)
>>27349 Are you the one studying physics?
>>27346 Well I hope you're rather young (less than 25 at least).
>>27353 Yeah, 22.
>>27352 Yeah, I'm only a bit behind. I'll be fine.
>>27345 I'm sure I've got a few caries at least. Now I'm thinking of that dentist horror flick on VHS...
>>27355 You'll be fine then. Either way I'm impressed with what you've achieved, if that means anything.
>>27357 >if that means anything You don't know him from a dog turd on a side walk...
>>27359 Poorly impersonated.
(310.39 KB 1000x1293 1596064846219.jpg)
I thought I'd be going until late because I slammed a tall can of Monster on the drive home. Good feels bringing my goods back home thru the mountain valleys. Calling out the yellow road signs on the way, cant wait until I have some poor cunt in the car when I do that. Hoping I caught an orthomyxoviridae in the supermarket 'cos my immune system needs a workout. But cant see that occuring because of all the hand cleaner I am using. The shit they have in the shops all has that slimy emolient in it which is pure AIDS to use and builds up and takes five minutes to wash off. After all this time, the fucktard system has still not adapted. Thank fuck I dont have to work behind a kludged perspex screen that wobbles, is pointless and probably acts as a aerosol concentrator for the operator. Thank fuck the bioweapon is made in china and only a danger to the slowest, laziest, sickest grubs out there. Went for a bit of a run just before dark and found myself in the forest, The wind was making some tree creak, you know that creepy sound that seems to come from nowhere? That noise makes me feel like a NEET of my time and my place. I want to go up there again for a better look. Good Night,White.
>>27361 Goodnight mate.
>>27361 Heh, I guess the flu is a kind of bioweapon, now you put it lad. Of course, it's one that's been around much longer than humans have been on.
>>27326 I was thinking that too.
>>27338 Cool.
morning fellas
Good Morning NEETs. Over a litre in the bottle, feeling hydrated OK.
(94.52 KB 589x800 1624950717093.jpg)
>>27366 Hi Neet.
(972.79 KB 2736x1824 camping.jpg)
>>27369 Where'd you go?
Froggo outside my window.
>>27369 Very nice.
(111.71 KB 713x530 manbag.jpg)
Shopping for Manbags on ebay.
>>27373 Hot!
Bought pork fillet.
Having some porridge for breakky.
>>27376 Damn near lunch time.
>>27377 I wouldn't be a neet if I wasn't lazy.
>>27366 >>27367 Sup lads. Half a Good Goy pill down the hatch. Got woken early by the sound of whipper snippers.
Almost time for a new thread
Firefox audio isn't working. Restarting the browser didn't help, nor did clearing the cache. Going to try a reboot.
>>27381 That fixed it.
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
(510.47 KB 640x360 1627183872864.gif)
Fucking Wednesday ffs
>>27375 I haven't had pork on my fork in a hot minute. How do you plan on cooking it?
>>27369 I'm imagining the smell of smoke and the crackling of the burning wood. Thanks for sharing the pic.
>>27368 >No QUEENSLAND...
>>27361 >'cos my immune system needs a workout You should've licked the handles of a trolley >only a danger to the slowest, laziest, sickest grubs out there Some of us grubs still have feelings ya know
>>27385 That shit is rotting your brain
>>27385 She's a one trick pony.
>>27391 I'm sure the goon will fix it.
>>27392 That is an old video.
>>27373 Get one that matches your blouse.
>>27375 What are you doing with it?
>>27378 I still haven't got around to breaky, I went back to bed because it seemed too hard.
>>27380 I hope this one gets to over 1000. I dislike that they are all over the place with their post counts. They should all be 1000.
>>27386 Yeah. It's one of the 7 worst ones.
>>27388 I can't tell if it's on dusk or the sun is rising.
>>27385 Bitch can't dance.
>>27400 Me either. CampingNOOT needs to clarify.
Goodbye old thread
(22.65 KB 926x398 Booong one.jpg)