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(52.58 KB 542x544 Bean Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #24 - Bean NEET Edition NEET 08/09/2021 (Mon) 09:05:26 No. 28473
Ask me whats for tea NEET, I'll tell you that BEANS are for tea. BEANS for lunch too. And yesterday, and the day before that. I've got BEANS coming out my ears and BEANS everywhere you look here. But us well fed NEETs like a bit of variety, notable recipes are BEANS with caviar, BEANS and lemon, BEANS with Goon and occasionally just Goon. Post your best BEANS NEETs, But remember, Lentils are legumes.
How does it feel?
why do you advertise the new threads of endchan?
(220.84 KB 1280x960 Caro time.jpg)
Having a Caro™
>>28473 Beans, beans, beans, beans - everybody loves beans! Beans, beans, beans, beans - everybody needs beans! Pull up your pants, put on your vest everyone knows beans is best.
>>28473 I would post here more often if we had tendie wraps with cheese and salsa, rather than just BEANS
>>28483 get them yourself colgate
>>28483 You will learn to love beans.
>>28481 Caro is made from beans and so is the soy milk
>>28486 well aren't you a smart neet
(107.92 KB 740x925 740full-laneya-grace.jpg)
Laneya greatly disapproves of this hastily made and unoriginal thread.
>>28489 ugly amerimutt
>>28489 ick, is it plastic?
>>28491 worse, it's american
I don't like Koreans. Their plastic surgery stuff disturbs me.
>>28493 Nice to know.
>>28489 Sick little girl. She needs beans
Missed a workshop thing for uni. Worth 1% of my grade. Not much but it has gotten me unreasonably upset.
>>28496 >IKTF If i dont get 100 % on these 6 worksheets It'll cost me $1000 and another 50 hours
>>28497 Once it becomes slightly imperfect I just lose any pride I might have in my work. I lose my desire to do well and I just want to get by.
>>28496 >>28497 I just did a nice poo.
>>28499 Thank the Beans for that.
>>28498 I duno why i cant get 100% in my work. Other cunts can. I just have this wall I cant get past, usually about 70%.
(161.66 KB 1068x1196 1602924793276.jpg)
Long boring day. Actually glad for the board to take the edge off. Really dont want to stay awake any longer. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Got up earlier than yesterday, Might have a coffee later.
>>28503 Morning. Everyone is a bit slow this morning it seems.
My ankle feels a bit funny.
>>28503 Morning Had a coffee and coconut milk. >>28505 you need doctor Pajeet
Fistful of Vitamin beans down the hatch.
Time to get ready for the day. I'm going to have a shave and dress nicely.
>>28508 You smell nice, are you meeting someone?
Got that sweet corn itch. Need to knock off the tandoori.
The Postie kid came again. For some reason he likes to wear the postie hajib thing. I ended up talking to him about how much I like the fresh air, it was a bit awkward but if I keep it up then I will start dropping J-Pills before too long.
>>28511 > postie hajib thing kek, if you mean the helmet flap that covers the back of the neck, they are mandatory.
Comfy overcast day. I slept in a bit then had a bowl of muesli and cup of coffee for breakfast. Just farted.
(18.21 KB 345x342 dork wear.jpg)
>>28512 Its one of these except hi vis.
>>28506 >>28504 >>28503 Good mongings. Need to turn the phone alarm back on again. Waking up at midday is not a good feel.
(43.41 KB 591x220 chillin.jpg)
Another day on this God-forsaken earth
>>28507 I too am having some Vitamin Beer
>>28510 I've not had Indian takeaway in what feels like years.
>>28511 He bring anything good?
>>28516 How would you email the guy?
>>28519 Mini monitor and a transformer.
Tempted to get blitzed and wank the day away.
>>28521 Autobot or Decepticon?
>>28523 Wanking is bad for you
>>28526 I'll wank you instead.
Hopefully tonight's the night Sky-God comes a calling, and rescues me from this utter misery. Allah ackbar!
>>28527 >>28528 Calm down NEETs, there is no need for this anger. If only there was something you could do to gain better control over yourself.....
>>28529 Have a wank.
>>28529 Do not have a wank. It will make you feel worse
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>28473 Just trying to help. You know what might help? One of my helpful cellar staff can help you to help yourself with a good selection at low-low prices.
>>28534 >>28533 Garn do the only thing that makes me happy. A booze and IGA run.
>>28536 Grab some nibbles neet
>>28536 Get some nuggos
>>28538 >>28537 They be teasing me with the nibbles. I bet they hide them once they see me coming on the CCTV. What cigar should I smoke? I've got 'French' and 'Arabica'. Got no idea what flavours they're supposed to be as all smoke packs now have no info and a gory pic instead of company logos.
>>28540 Imagine not having a gold plated monogrammed cigarillo box.
>>28541 Bob Dingo is an Aussie expatriate who vlogs from Vegas with his Mom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNYsUdBfXBY
>>28541 Everything's now in a grey box at the tobacconist. Got no idea what to ask for.
Work room is starting to smell. Might decontaminate with the gas later.
Wank room is starting to smell. Might decontaminate with my gas later.
>>28548 >wank room Lavish NEET
(104.07 KB 865x575 ccp.jpg)
>tfw no beautiful oriental missus to cook wholesome traditional meals
Garn lick her store. See my QT. Get some whisky.
>>28550 Until you get married then she feeds you ratsak.
>>28551 Buy the expensive stuff to impress her with your wealth!
>>28555 Why even bother posting this shit, mate?
(211.97 KB 816x612 French Durry.jpg)
>>28554 She wasn't there yet again. Deserted me like a hot pack of chicken nibbles. Motherbot be like "have you done the census", and I be like "yes" even though I have no intention of doing so tonight. Too drunk.
>>28557 Those olives look yum0. the census doesnt take long, you better do it because teh ZOG be looking to raise revenue.
>>28556 It has nothing else going for it. >>28557 Nice olives. I haven't had a sausage roll in ages.
>>28556 Because faggot
>>28560 No one will ever love you.
An assertive knock on the door Was hoping it would be police doing a welfare check Some woman working for the ABS, asking if I'd done the census yet I said no She handed me papers then fucked off
>>28557 Thanks neet now I want a sausage roll, an Italian one from the local bakery.
>>28563 You can taste my sausage roll ;)
>>28562 Kek you got ZOG'd
>>28563 Pasties are better
>>28567 amerimutt
>>28559 >It has nothing else going for it >>28560 >Because faggot I created a monster, because no one wants to see Stir-Fry-NEET they want numpty nuro they want chopped liver.
>>28569 The fuck are you on about?
>>28570 Sounds like strokeNEET again.
(391.54 KB 1224x1632 Fark.jpg)
My arse cyst is back
>>28572 Not a very good photo. I suggest you rest your phone on something and use the timer function.
Go see doctor pajeet, He's good with bums
I've done nothing productive today.
Guts were grinding because of the coffee, painful hungry. If only I'd seen arseposters photo before I cooked up then I would have lost my appetite.
Another tub of dip bites the dust.That's a tube erry day the past 3 days.
>>28577 You need to make your own dip somehow.
Pedestal fan locked and loaded. Got the spew bucket double-lined with bin bags for easy cleanup. Should there need be. Got both holes covered (>tfw).
>>28572 Nice arse neet (nohomo)
Going to light a candle and flop around in the bath.
>>28581 Don't burn yourself neet
>>28579 Got a big night on the sauce going?
>>28579 It's good to plan ahead.
>>28583 The 'big night' has been going since 1:30pm
>>28581 Enjoy it. Baths are a luxury item. Especially if youre renting.
>>28582 The hot bath kind of cooked me. It was a lovely warm day and the birds were singing lovely. My packages are one day closer to being delivered and my latest carpentry job is ready to install. I should go to bed now and not ruin the day by cruising /pol/. Have to find some better boards more alligned to my lemony interests. Good Night, White.
I'm thinking I might get into Scottish showers for the sake of my skin and hair.
Good Morning NEETs. Making bread already.
accidentally nuked my breakfast oats for three times longer than usual I think it improved the recepie.
>>28270 The bit at 10sec scares me. >>28274 How'd you go? >>28277 Vile creature. You could be cool and use a cigarette lighter. >>28280 I've never used the watch later feature. I should. >>28282 Apparently even if you give a meme answer for religion, it'll count towards funding religious institutes. I put Catholic on mine because they didn't have hoodoo gnosticism. >>28285 >cut new rawhide innersoles Cool, they'll be sturdy. >>28286 >red lumpfish caviar Was it more 'lemony'? I con only sort of recall what it tastes like. >>28287 lol >>28292 He's younger than I expected. >>28300 It should be like L plates with one demerit point and you lose it if you fuck up. >>28306 Dinner. >>28312 It's fucking gay. >>28322 Gym equipment is way over priced, especially when half of it gets used once or twice then just rots. >>28325 Joe is a faggot. >>28334 >adze Had to look that up. Is it better than an axe or wedge? >>28344 I want to get something like that for all my water, including the shower. Are they big enough for a whole house, or do you need one for each tap? >>28347 >essential minerals. That's what I want to get rid of. I want pure h2o. >>28357 I remember a thing about 'spring water' being like 10% spring water, but that's enough for it to be sold as such. >>28360 Some stations out bush get their water that way as it's cheaper to get a truck to come out than to pay for it via the tap to fill the tanks on the property. >>28363 >ANTIFA I have doubts that shit is even real. All formal organisations house spooks. >>28367 >4 years now. Are they stale? I remember finding a 30 year old pack of escorts (unopened) and they were the best durries I'd had. >>28370 They're all the same one.. aren't they? >>28371 You should get a plan for your dongle. >>28373 It needs a good dollop of tzatziki. >>28390 I find kransky skins too tough and they sometimes hurt my teeth. Or make me nervous that I'm going to break a tooth off. >>28400 >+2 Community relations Good stuff. >>28408 >>28402 pixxa >>28407 lol, bad taste tbh >>28417 >ghost Hmm. >>28418 Cheapest smartphone from woolies >>28438 You should've eaten it. This is the samebasic premise for how Posum lost his shed. >>28453 Yeah, royales are good. I sometimes get one and a $1 chips. >>28469 The real shit comes from sturgeon. >>28474 heh >>28480 He longs for the fabled reunion. The diaspora of NEETs will end when we secure our homeland. >>28483 Same. Beans are shit. >>28493 I watched a few hours of Korean street food vendors last night. Wouldn't mind 30kg of karage chicken. >>28550 A giggling little asian with a plate full of pork belly would be good. >>28562 hahah What the fuck >>28567 She gave them your address. >>28572 You need a NEET to give it a firm squeeze. >>28578 I tried doing this. It's honestly cheaper and easier to just buy it. >>28590 >Scottish showers That doesn't sound fun. >>28593 Extra thick? >>28592 Morning all.
(53.03 KB 792x631 1628487141361.jpg)
>>28594 Morning >how'd you go pretty good, i have a hot swap bay going. got more ram coming and I want to swap out the c drive for a bigger ssd and do something about the os. >I want to get something like that for all my water, including the shower. kek clean water is not clean enough to wash this neets arse, he wants purified water. >adze for hogging not splitting not feeling effective this morning. Want to go out but its raining and i have to do this online scorm shit written by psychotics schixos.
>>28600 Bread is ready just in time for second breakfast. Might need a nap afterwards.
>>28605 No its 40% rye. I have to let it cool before i can cut it. dont want a repeat of last weeks hasty bread debacle.
(163.48 KB 1280x960 thick butter and quince paste.jpg)
loaf came out pretty fluffy. The quince paste is not super sweet like jam and the butter melted naturally on the warm slices. Second Breakfasted
>>28611 you tear it to bits. I wonder how monk is doing in sick jail.
>>28607 What are you trying to prove?
This scorm worksheet is pretty tricky, It gives you clues in the format fields that the rules are incorrect, I am starting to understand the mind of the females who wrote it.
>>28616 Its a trap. You'll wake up at dinnertime even more tired. Then you wont sleep tonight.
Fugg I can pay $50 for a metre of soft shell microfleece material or about the same for a whole jacket and just cannibalize it.
Gees Urbit is as dead as my hopes for GF2021
(313.17 KB 640x552 niagra falls no water.png)
They never found his body.
If I was a poofter I'd rather be called a faggot than A man who has anal intercourse with another man But we must be sensitive to political correctness and respect their lyfestyle decisions
>>28625 Sleep tight NEET. Dont let the possums bite
>>28625 Goodnight m8
(203.33 KB 1280x960 Big load.jpg)
Got bored so I went up the mountain and cut some trees down to make weights. I was carrying this one back and decided to take a short cut thru the vacant lot. Very bad luck to have the boomer that lived there come back just as I was doing that. Also unfortunate that I was looking like wet slimy army camo jesus when it happened. Very embarrassing.
>>28628 I hope you threatened to kill him.
>>28629 Thats what he will tell the constable so that the whole thing makes sense.
>>28629 He should have killed him on the spot.
>>28594 Well caught up neet.
>>28610 Do you have any tips for baking bread? My oven is a bit touchy but I intend to give it a go.
>>28628 Did you say anything to him?
>>28631 How many people have you killed with a log? It's really hard.
>>28633 duno I use a bread maker. Best appliance ever.
>>28634 Nah was just a car and headlights. I gave em a wave.
Having a corn jack and beans
>>28636 Mummybot had one but it an heroed off the bench.
>>28637 Based. He might've thought you were some forest ranger or something.
Concrete jumped up at my window and scared the ever loving fuck out of me. Made me initially think someone was starting at me through the window.
>>28641 Bad cat
>>28641 You should close your curtains neet, we have been watching you for weeks.
>>28596 Purified arses need purified water. >hogging I'm not familiar with this term. >>28598 heh >>28600 What ones do you watch? I've been watching korean street food. >>28603 Yes. >>28604 What seeds are in this one? >>28610 Very good feed. >>28612 NameNEETs don't exist here. >>28613 >see a dentist Yeah, I'm thinking of getting health insurance for it. I don't really understand how that stuff works. >60,000 years? unna They didn't have pure water. I remember drinking straight from a stream in the grampians, the water was red from the iron. I drank litres of it with my head sort of half under the flowing stream. >'brighter' taste I remember it being lemony, like sharp sour. >slows down your browser Yeah, I don't think I'll use it. >>28622 Hmm. >>28628 You are an interesting character. >>28632 The posts don't read themselves. >>28638 Half of that post is acceptable.
Will have to go to the chemist tomorrow even though I dont want to, my headache is now at day 9 and I am starting to get sick of it, hope they have some good drugs to buy.
>>28645 Day 8 actually
>>28645 >If pain persists, See your Doctor
Had a tough grind kind of day. Frustrated with Urbit and trying to find a reason to stay with it because at the moment its all neckbeards and no NEETs. Had enough of today. Got nowhere for all the effort. Good Night, White.
>>28648 I've been thinking of getting into it.
Good Morning NEETs Comfy rain forecast, Good.
>>28649 A sizable portion of the discussion is "Curits Yarvin" is a racist.
Urbit is cool but useless. Its like a discord-facebook without any users that you have to pay to post. there's heaps of "responsible content only" talk and we know what that means.
ungh, Job search is the worst. How the fuck do you get a decent job if you are not somehow related to the boss?
(7.21 KB 259x194 zit pepe.jpg)
Fukn boil on my back where I cant reach.
(312.88 KB 1024x623 barnaby drinks in parlement.jpg)
>>28653 It means they dont want pisshead Aussie shitposters shitting up the place.
>>28659 I had one of them. I had teh surgery and got a week off teh wage. Hasnt come back
The New Log works well. Just the right weight.
I need to clean my room. The place is a bloody mess.
>>28662 I had to clean my room when the nurse came around to pack my arse wound from the surgery.
>>28670 Nice looking giblets there NEET
>>28670 Well nibbled neet
Why was my post deleted?
>>28675 I don't post on endchan, no idea why you responded to my post with that.
>>28677 duno sorry
>>28681 >>28682 >>28683 Please refer to this post >>28675
>>28670 Did you really pay $4.50 for that sweaty old sammich?
The kid next door is playing loud music and riding his trailbike up and down the street because his parents arent there. The little shit hasnt even taken the bins in.
>>28686 broomstick the cunt's spokes
>>28685 I hope he has a toastie
Cooking a burger.
Changed my mind.
>>28690 Use your words.
>>28690 Not as pricey as that fake meat shit. The stuff made out of mushrooms.
My arse isn't that pricey fake shit.
>>28651 >Comfy rain How I miss the feel of looking out the blinds at cars going past while I lay under the covers watching movies with the rain on the roof and the dog at the foot of the bed. >>28653 Did you pay for an account? >>28654 Knowing someone from HR. >>28655 >>28659 You guy are always infected. Big toads in a murky swamp. >>28657 They make lots of little savoury pastry things that I want to eat. >>28670 A good selection. >>28691 Cook a burger.
>>28695 Most likely just going to have a cup of soup and bread roll for dinner instead.
>>28695 Just had a video call with mummybot, Her Geraniums died in the frost. >Pay for account Yeah thats the thing, you pay to have someone host it, like an isp. its about $50 every three months. which is a lot of money for a buggy hard to use dead board that you need to pay extra to post images on. I'm looking into self hosting but it'd cost about the same because you need to rent a site on a DNS. Defs gonna fuck it off before the fees come up again. >>28696 Its all you deserve.
(152.31 KB 750x1125 1628729816434.jpg)
(2.37 MB 2000x1327 1628721285061.jpg)
(965.11 KB 1066x1654 1628721012023.jpg)
(1.67 MB 1201x2154 1628713549884.jpg)
(759.96 KB 2259x3614 1628711517095.jpg)
>>28698 Thats the chick out of Tenet. She's a giantess and seems to be fashionable dispite her white skin and blue eyes
>>28700 >dispite her white skin and blue eyes
(302.68 KB 1304x1552 1622251582669.jpg)
Forgot to have a shower again today, that makes day four, keke. I'm definetley back to where I was during the hard times two years ago, as in productivity and effectiveness. Soon I hope to be not wasting my best efforts on pointless mandates, I really am worth far more that this. But survival means needs must turmp ambitions. If the Covax backfire is as bad as they say then I have won even if I somehow lose the games I play now. I play with patience, and one eye on the way the axe is falling. Good Night, White.
(435.01 KB 1466x998 1628766088096.png)
Night noots. Big day tomorrow.
>>28702 >>28703 Good night, I'll keep watch tonight so you two can sleep safe and sound.
Good Morning NEETs. Saw a big, bold orange cat for the first time. I reckon its feral.
>>28705 morning, you should call the council.
>>28706 Feral cats are the SAS of the animals here, they cant be captured or killed. I should put out some kit-e-cat.
>>28708 I dont think they can use it anyway. Bitcoin is not anonymous in any way.
Big poo inbound.
>>28710 I'll get ready under the throne.
>>28709 >Bitcoin is not anonymous in any way. it is if you don't connect your name to it
>>28712 But then it's just a number in a computer.
>>28713 The blockchain is public or something. I thought that monero was the only private crypto. I remember some guy getting thrown into the us justice grinder because he had a service that took your bitcoin and put it in a pool with lots of other peoples bitcoin when you wanted to make a obfuscated purchase.
>>28713 and?
I often go to bed hungry but then wake up not hungry.
>>28716 Thats your tummy playing tricks on you.
bleep blorp man
I like big boongs and I can not lie.
>>28719 Only us slim sisters her luv
White boy summer: 2022
>>28708 I believe another organisation identified them. Before it the hacker gave $50k to someone who told them how to make their transaction more anonymous, as if there was an issue with a data leak.
>>28722 my arse leaks
>>28723 Bit of duct tape and she'll be right.
>>28725 I had to do a two stage dump and flush for my morning log.
>>28727 Where is your photo?
(101.86 KB 753x1024 1580007034362.jpg)
Aparrently A.J. is pushing the virus denial line and saying that the Delta variant is just vaccinated people shedding something I duno i lost interest
(8.51 KB 183x275 sneezed.jpg)
>>28733 Watch out for food poisioning. This moofie looks good.and shooty. Expecting explosions, perhaps even helicopters blowing up.
>>28735 was that the dunblane shooting? didnt a bunch of kid die? Fuck guns anyway.
>>28736 Its a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.
>>28740 NOt this cross eyed npc child again. Why doesnt the BO ban your pedo arse?
>>28741 Nuro said he is friends with the BO on discord.
>>28744 Comfy. Having a coffee and coconut milk. Yum0
>>28746 Getting a bit late in the day for a coffee m8.
>>28747 Gona go for a run and stay up L8 watching horror moofies bowel motion incoming
(6.14 MB ipanema.mp3)
SoyFree grabbed my neetstick at a public urinal once.
>>28753 Only beer tonight?
My mummybot told me a story once about a couple in the outback many years ago. They wanted to get married but didn't have access to a priest. The flying doctor came out unexpectedly and a priest was with him. They decided to get married whilst he was there but lacked a ring. The bloke twisted a bit of fencing wire into a ring and they used that. He offered many times over the years to buy her a proper ring but she always refused. I don't know if it is true (sounds like some womans weekly tier shit) but it is a sweet story.
(513.84 KB 3000x2500 1628574996662.jpg)
Assignment for uni done. Going to finish this quiz and then go to Aldi.
>I'm standing on the sidewalk you can see >Somebody everybody wants to be >A-they got the means to justify every end I never noticed he uses the word "sidewalk" here. I thought that was just a seppo term?
>>28756 that means it's working
Off to Aldi.
Back from Aldi.
I'm tempted to rewatch BR2049 again. This would be the fifth time this year.
>>28765 They're good memes.
(22.11 KB 640x358 sylvia hoeks.jpg)
>>28767 I love it when sylvia hoeks is getting her nails done and calling in orbital lazers to blast the scavs and save ryan gosling
>>28769 u better eat that salad str8 away.
>>28766 what are the checkout chicks like there?
>>28760 I'm surprised seppos have a term for footpaths seeing as they drive everywhere.
>>28769 good haul m8
>>28769 I had some chips of that brand yesterday at the blood donor clinic. They weren't very good. Their food there has gotten better recently though. Much better than it was a few years ago. I recommend all neets donate blood. It is a good thing to do for the country. The nurse was impressed by my veins and commented on them twice. She asked me about what I was going to be doing for the rest of the night (it was 6:30pm) and seemed quite interested in what I was doing at uni. I figured she might be asking me out or something but I am massively autistic and so I thought I would just play it safe and assume she was just doing her job. I've fucked up before by mistaking politeness for interest. The one time I clearly had a girl interested in me I fucked up for a different reason. She kept looking at me and smiling a lot. Each look from her made my heart race. I went up to her and started talking to her. After a minute or two I didn't know what to do so I just said "bye" and walked off. It was like that MDE sketch about the man in prison.
>>28772 Masculine.
>>28773 Probably for the mobility scooters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuky7-v4QR4
>>28770 I like Joi. >tfw no Cuban qtπ gf
>>28779 >said "bye" and walked off PlayaNEET Pretend you're not interested is chad move. Pity you didnt convert tho. That was a mistake.
>>28780 Aldi gives off Cult vibes
>>28784 There is a middle aged man there who I think is the manager. That cunt always has such a massive smile on his face but I find it unsettling. It isn't just that he is a very happy bloke. I don't like it.
Smik Smak Smek Yum0 City
>>28786 >>28786 Looks good.
>>28785 hes happy because he doesnt have problems with shoplifting. Nothing there is worth pinching.
>>28788 The cunt still searches my bag each time though.
>>28786 Damn that looks nice neet.
>>28789 "we havent had a shoplifter in the 25 years we've been operating here, I only check bags for my amusement"
I went for a run up the mountain again, I took a binliner and filled it with rubbish, I left it in a layby and I'll keep doing that every time I go up. Some wagie stopped his 1995 Carolla and suggested an alternative trail thru the swamp, basically told me to get off the road. I was prepared for this and fired off my thing about being consciencious because safety for drivers etc. Why did this cunt exactly fit the profile of cunts I'd expect to hassle me? Profiling is so easy NEETs
Lots of Finnish names are cute: Lumi, Mimi, Matti, Onni, Essi, Miika, Sanna, Suvi etc.
>>28792 Introduce yourself as so-and-so Milat.
garn gym
>>28795 I'll be right here when you get back, wont have moved a meter
>>28797 Yellow text my piss is that color after I eat all that sodium
Pepe is the only non-degenerate form of modern art.
(18.59 KB 647x483 1604900133548.jpg)
>>28801 a man of great refinement
Garn sleep. That dip was really nice though I still don't know what 'tarama' is. Didn/t taste fishy at all. Garn have that ceaser salad tomorrow. Had too much to drink and eat already. I've got till the 15th remember. Sweet dreams NOOTs.
Bruce stop deleting my posts
(15.91 KB 502x460 degenerate modernist pepe.jpg)
>>28802 Pepe is post-ironic
>>28803 Good Night NEET. You'll be lucky if I dont eat that salad on you before then.
>>28716 My stomach was hurting earlier because I haven't eaten all day. Now I'm not hungry and feeling like going to bed. >>28725 >4-footer You did not. >>28737 That looks alright. >>28751 ? Doesn't do anything. >>28756 >starting >>28758 That is a nice story. I've heard similar things. This song is sort of the same, the guy singing it is my third cousin.. or something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOCEcWc54cI It's not a very good take. >>28769 Those chips look nice. >>28777 I got them a week or two ago and thought the same. They were like cheeto balls, but sticks. Really good flavour though. >>28779 Should've said that you've got bigger ones. >>28786 Delicious. >>28798 Fancy text. It glows prettily. >>28803 Night Good evening NEETs.
(1.26 MB 946x1184 black rifle coffee.png)
Burned a day thinking about talking. I have to practice what to say and spoken language is not an everyday thing for me. The one mate I talk to on the phone is having a psychotic break about the covax and so thats never going to be a two way conversation, such as it is. Communicating in streaming real time is super inefficient, you are trying to program a distracted flesh robot and if you cant dumb it down to play school level then you are risking getting a snow crash. The true intelligent people i have spoken to can sustain a two way exchange of ideas and you end up synthesizing something different together. I cant recall the last time i did that with spoken language. Good Night, White.
>>28796 I'm back.
>>28809 Where have you been, My arse hurts.
>>28810 The gym.
Good Morning NEETs. Having a Caro™ before brekky, gonna light the fire and dry out the air a bit.
>>28807 that's strange. mp3 works for me.
>>28812 Good morning, I'm 2 beers in. Is that normal? Any bacon for brekky?
>>28813 It goes to the audio bar thing but just sits at 0:00 and doesn't move.
The taxpayer works for me ;)
One pipe busting chod log double flushed
earlobes are itchy, singing my ear hair was a mistake
Bruce Lee would've been 81 this year
>>28821 He could have been a viet cong
>>28821 Old wolves don't die happy.
Fuck it Garniga &lickherstore I mean it's the weekend, surely they won't think I'm an alco this early right?
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
I want some bread but it takes 3.5 hours to make. >deploy crackers
>>28827 Perhaps you would be better off posting that shit over at endchan.
>>28806 I fucking left that bag of salad out last night so that's a no go.
>>28832 Good haul >nibbles well done >chicken hearts Vile
>>28832 Chicken hearts are a good way to go although I recommend the livers over the hearts myself. The livers you can cook down into a fairly consistent mass, sort of like mince. The hearts however tend to have these horrible grisly bits in them. Offal in general is highly trad.
>>28833 >>28829 What was it?
Time for poo number one.
>>28839 Pretty good poo.
What is with all these posts being deleted?
(133.70 KB 598x574 1610153785181.png)
>>28841 No idea, I had one of mine deleted for no discernible reason a couple of days ago. >>28842 It's worrying.
I've only had a cup of coffee so far today. Going to switch over to tea for the rest of the day.
(155.26 KB 1280x960 beans and a corn jack.jpg)
>>28846 my guts are still upset after my cup of coffee yesterday.
>>28847 That's an interesting combination.
I want a nap.
>banned for 'CP' WTF? Time for a new board AND BO.
Dont post with TOR for a while. All TOR posters will be banned.
Back from nap.
>>28850 Too bloody bad.
>>28857 No. I said NO.
>>28859 Torrent download needed attention.
Should cook up some beans in the pressy. Just cbf aye.
Bread's done. Lentils on the go.
>>28860 What are you downloading?
(143.77 KB 1000x1473 bababadook.jpg)
>>28867 Stopped uploading the torrents I just got. I dont like sharing.
>>28868 That was a goofy arse but overall enjoyable movie.
Poo break
Big day of cleaning. Scrubbed all the grout off of the bath room tiles and put a new shower head in. Doing work is hard. My knuckles are red.
Just got off the video call to the fam. Everyone but me is vaxxinated. Maybe it'll be okay and its just useless.
>>28873 Get some south asian mexicans to do your laboring next time. Not Nepalis tho, they're really lazy.
>>28875 Where do you find these flips?
>>28876 Cities
Flip in cities.
(159.20 KB 1024x1024 Big party.jpg)
Big party, Everyone invited.
(41.99 KB 706x398 Hacker chick.jpg)
Yay Noo VPN works! after all that command line shit. The fukn guide was as usual full of lies. Me is fully 1337 haxxor Gonna have a hot shower and a shave and go to bed. Schedule = kept. Good Night White.
>>28879 >Sydney No thanks, you have fun though. >>28880 Goodnight mate.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in listening to Australia All Over with Macca. Fukn nimby boomers kek.
(32.53 KB 960x540 play a game.jpg)
Its gonna be three jabs for all if the numbers dont go down.
>>28884 Your psychosis is very complex.
(39.81 KB 634x789 1589277137439.png)
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Because of a nuisance poster on both /ausneets/ boards, Range bans have been put down here. This is a reaction to IP hopping and ban evasion. This guy also uses TOR so torposts are at risk of deletion if they look greasy. Among the crimes of the nuisance I have noted: Pedo tendencies, Underage spam images, Recent Dick image spamming on end, all the downie spam on end, all the nuro impersonation and image trolling.Doxxing attempts, shitcunt trolling to berevement posts and general low quality regular posting. I think this affects NORD vpn and Proton vpn. There were some deletions too. You wont notice all the underage grubposts i trimmed. The good NEETs were not targeted and static IP's with good histories should be okay. I can post using my raw IP and yours should be okay as long as you dont fedpost, No one can see the unhashed ip except the actual BO who lives in a fortress in the snowy siberian wastes and promises to not give them up. dont forget that 16chan has a matrix server of you care that much. Believe me I know this guy wont stop trying to wreck any social group he joins. It is clearly a disorder. He was living here and raiding endchan, like a rat in your pantry. For those that come after this board is dead and read this in the archive, The dickposters regular posts are identifiable as teh chicken nibbles IGA haul posts and obsessed posts with that particular rando underage thot i forget the name.
Morning NEETs, woke up late. Now I'm having a cup of coffee for breaky. >>28890 I'm genuinely getting tired of all this drama. Endchan was ruined by it and I was hoping that besides maybe the odd drive-by retard post that 16chan would be safe. Wishing you and the normal posters on here the best though.
>>28892 >drive-by retard post We welcome diversity and have policies of inclusion
>>28892 >I'm genuinely getting tired of all this drama. What drama? There was never an end goal from the spammer that exists across both sites. It was never about a singular issue. The spammer even has the details of the poster he posted about hundreds if not thousands of times and now is just spamming dicks. The problem is the spammer, I don't see how any one thing is the cause of it other than the spammer.
>>28895 The thing that creeps me out is that he got a picture of my dick somehow.
>>28896 Where ever he found it, upload a new one to add some variety to his life.
(15.31 KB 480x360 knob end pepe.jpg)
>>28897 Here ya go.
>>28895 >What drama? You must be blind. It's all connected to Nuro drama bullshit, like usual.
Actually, BO, you can ban my IP while you're at it. I'm kind of over /ausneets/ as a whole now, this place isn't fun like it was during the Possum era.
>>28900 >Possum era 8chan was a gay time
>>28884 I thought that was yesterday.
(106.33 KB 995x976 Might Go for a Walk later.jpg)
Gonna go for a walk after lunch.
>>28899 >You must be blind. I still don't understanding, explain it to me. Everyone is annoyed that it is happening, but why is it bothering you so specifically? That's the core question, I do not understand.
>>28900 Goodbye neet.
>>28890 >spamming on end As gay as that is, it's a bit shit on your end to penalise someone for something they do on another board.
>>28900 Every now and then I think about going back there. Possum is still BO.. or was.
>>28906 /ausneets/ is one bucket of crabs, not two.
>>28907 That block bypass requirement and the disclaimer on every post tho.
>>28908 Why aren't you all on endchan then, or them all here?
>>28909 Yeah, captcha is gay.
>>28910 I am, they are
>>28912 There should just be one.
>>28913 There sometimes is. My mate trolled some MMORPG by parking a cart in the doorway to a spawning room. So no one could exit. He made a video of it and their reactions and posted that to something awful. Thats funny trolling. Dickposter isnt funny. Learn the difference
>>28914 I meant one board.
Got a polite message from Ellen, one of the aliexpress merchants about a closed order. Why, what friendly chinks, of course I'll buy from them again.
>>28917 I got this from amazon about a package that I received a month ago >We're very sorry that your delivery is so late. >Although it may still arrive, you can request a refund now. Bit conflicted. I think I can get my money back. It was 4 wool pillows.
>>28918 I dont rip the chinks off because I know that any fuck ups come out of some poor gooks tiny salary. Thats why they are so cringey. Prolly wrecks their social score too.
(204.42 KB 630x1200 secret of nimh.jpg)
Cant decide if I want to watch a moofie or our guys roll into Kabul
(171.21 KB 791x538 1598320618402.png)
Bit of hail here. Hail Hitler!
https://xyz.net.au/2021/08/jacob-hersant-arrested-for-his-political-beliefs-two-days-before-channel-9-hitpiece/ Looks like 60 minutes did an "undercover" investigation on NSN. I reckon it'll be a good thing for recruitment.
(60.78 KB 640x800 shirina alina.jpg)
Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs Got a feeling about today being tough.
(741.18 KB 1600x1067 Talichad.jpg)
Teh official ADF position on Kabul today. "Australian Soldiers Never Dieded in Vain" Kek.
(88.94 KB 750x782 taliban haul.jpg)
>>28926 The taliban got a modest haul of nice surplus. But we are yet to see the full extent of what they captured.
(7.84 MB Razors - Jaz .mp3)
Put some bread on and set a mouse trap. Fire's been going since lunch and the shit weather has broken. Having a sick day.
fuk i just broke my earbuds.
>>28931 Time for a neew pair
>>28932 maybe I got a pair around here...
Might cook a bit of pasta for tea. Have a break from all those beans.
Fire is going, got thru the day alright in the end. Watching 60 Minutes from last night
OwO its a two-part hit piece. Positively shitting my pants in anticipation.
(413.01 KB 2048x1267 amish girl.jpg)
Was watching that sneaky footage of aussie lads being themselves and realize that the swearing and braggadocio is what I do too, when I'm idly socializing. I think that the best is to have some mutual task to complete first and then barbeque time, just so you can talk about the challenge, tips and tricks and experience instead of just posturing, muscling for rank. Its not that i cant hold a conversation without swearing, its just that if you pause for a single second then some other dog will try to snatch your bone when you stop barking. I would rather go to a barn raising than a footy bbq. I'm missing out on that being a NEET and doing my own thing. Good Night, White.
>>28939 Bored Amish girls want a bit of man action.
>>28940 Me in the blue uniform
Good Morning NEETs. Looks like I've got some yard work to do today, there's sticks all over the show.
https://www.rt.com/usa/532197-us-saved-dogs-over-afghan/ Those dogs are pets not trained army dogs. Super shit optics imo.
Second poo of the morning and i've only been up an hour.
Gonna Ice this SCORM course soon.
Sun's out. Much wallaby shit to be hosed into the lawn.
(419.71 KB 828x655 floorboards.jpg)
Whats the Poz count in NSW? Whats this about a Jew party/ superspreader event?
(2.97 MB 245x306 Airborne towlhead made it.gif)
Enjoying the new memes with my lunch.
>>28955 kek good one neet
(75.53 KB 1024x576 mission impossible.jpg)
>>28956 I should watch mission impossible again. Or maybe "the mummy" with tom cruise. That had a good aeroplane scene in it. There is gore footage of one guy hitting the ground. I might repost that somewhere else.
>>28751 just listen to the original instead of these dumb roasties ...well I can't post mp3 from tor I suppose since the drama or whatever. so this is a recommendation for everybody reading this to download the album "The Composer of Desafinado, plays" by Antonio Carlos Jobim >not going to youtube link since FUCK KIKES DEATH TO AMERICA DEATH TO ISRAEL DEATH TO ROASTIES
(273.91 KB 1280x960 the yard.jpg)
>>28963 Sorry M80. This board needs to go and sit in a corner and think for a while.
>>28966 nice shot neet, is it all moss?
>>28967 its 50% wallaby shit.
>>28968 That explains why it is so green it has been well fertilized.
(195.71 KB 1280x960 Six weeks beer.jpg)
Went up the highway out of Silver City to pick up rubbish. I got two big bags and I waved to the Wood Hooker who was bringing back a load of Golden Gum to go up everyones chimneys. I hope he gives me some because I am down to a couple of days worth because the bits at the back are wet as. Found some beers. Having a lemon. Chippos for tea.
(129.73 KB 194x259 ClipboardImage.png)
>>28936 Quality feed. >>28937 Tracy Grimshaw is going bald. >>28939 Fuck is the colloquial vernacular of our time, cunt. >>28966 That looks slippery. Hurts my coccyx thinking about coming down on that. >>28970 Good feed and drink is well deserved.
>>28972 Kek. That little fella is better than Leuning.
(7.53 MB Peace Maker.mp3)
(49.03 KB 768x313 Jaz searby Hard Knocks.jpg)
(48.51 KB 484x607 1617516180033.jpg)
(110.44 KB 220x326 HungerGamesPoster.jpg)
Hunger games was a pretty good moofie. enjoyable even tho its made for teenyboppers.
(7.26 KB 285x177 Lucy Lawless.jpg)
Was looking at the bloke up the road with the truck full of wood that he hooked from somewhere, His house has a muddy backyard full of disorder. He has a couple of boys who were kicking the footy with the other neighbourhood boys. Him an another bloke who both wear hi-viz are always talking next to a Nissan Navara. His missus smokes and I said 'Hello luv" to her one evening as I was coming back from my run, she's got a set of pipes on her and is always yelling at "Stephen" who must be her rummon kid. Once I saw someone's little girls playing in a creek next to the track, I walked like a cat past them so they wouldnt get awkward like they tend to do when a IRL appears in their make believe. I hope this shit about the Covax is just a lot of pol schizo LARP because these good white people are all prime candidates to fill in that coverage quota. I just pray to Jehovah that they dont have the blind trust in the Gratis hand of healthcare that Aussies in their backwater station of life usually do. But the big screen telly in each comfy wood fire warmed lounge is a part of the family and a mainline to the homogeneous hypno from the rest of the world. They are just cattle feeding from its trough of Talmudic lies. Jehovah help all of us. Good Night, White.
>>28976 I thought it was okay. I get it and the district movies mixed up.
(202.79 KB 584x800 amazin.jpeg)
>>28978 and maze runner
Good Morning NEETs. Quite excited this morning. Might try and fix some power stuff in the house.
(2.59 MB 360x543 towelhead selfie.webm)
Fugg. This is this jawa's last selfie. I think some ledge uploaded it from his phone which must have survived the fall.
Giving the battery in the Falcon a charge. Havent used it for a month.
(1.88 MB 1215x1750 cascades-factory.png)
Got this stamp with my packages today. I made the postie kid stand in the rain while I made small talk.
(11.92 MB 360x544 garota-de-kabul.webm)
>>28984 Nice, the light jazz really brings it together.
The neighbours are hitching the tinny up to a hilux. I dont think they're going fishing because they dont even have an esky on the tray.
>>28986 Maybe they are going to get rid of some bodies.
>>28987 They did look like murderers.
>>28988 keep your doors locked neet.
Went for a walk into Silver City, I saw Tae, the kiwi kid and we talked about our boots. He liked my south african desert boots I got off /k/ and I laffed at his dog eaten gumboots. He was smoking, and I should say something at an opportune time. I will search around in my chest of stuff to put something in my pockets to give to him next time I go out.
The NSN reckon that the 60 minutes "Operative" that doxxed everyone was the most overtly racist person the had ever encountered. A real agent provocateur. Shame they didnt just kick him out for being a shit magnet and retard. Missed opportunity to wreck the MSM, Not that anyone would be the wiser.
Gonna turn ininaminit
(121.32 KB 839x952 gamer girl.jpg)
Its a good feeling to wrap up some gay shit project and move on to something more fun, Such as it is without playing vidya and toys. Its been many years since I shed a tear and gave away my PS Vita, was a great toy but the last one I ever got, well maybe, i'd have to think about it. I certainly gave up the games for good that time tho. Pretty good move, unequivocally. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. This slack NEET went back to bed when I got up early for a piss, now look at the time FFS.
>>28994 >Disgusted Go to bed earlier NEETs
(17.32 MB 480x848 video_0f6d98b.mp4)
(11.92 MB 640x464 video_5d34933.mp4)
Morn' NEETs
(213.84 KB 1242x1203 image.png)
(105.46 KB 496x557 image2.png)
(137.28 KB 555x562 image3.png)
>>28997 Morning NEET. That poor guy cant leave his house or that ankle thing will explode. Why dont the pigs understand that?
(314.48 KB 635x859 bells palsy.png)
The ZOG is gonna need another talking head. This one's fucked.
(79.79 KB 611x448 1390889130000.jpg)
>>28998 >2nd pic
>>29000 >Trips He's a good soldier. Inspirational. GET THE VAX BRAVE GOY
(1.28 MB 1069x606 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29000 >no known cause kek
>>28997 Duno, that guy is clearly an irresponsible dickhead as evidenced by the ankle tracker and the belligerence. Of course he doesn't want to go with the police so he is trying to stand with normal people with legitimate grievances against the medical dictatorship. I dont have any sympathy for him but good on him for uploading the encounter so we know what happens to naughty boys who post anti-covid stuff on their normiebook.
Have you NEETs updated the latest drivers for your motherboard?
(215.56 KB 1000x963 AI pepe.jpg)
Look Out, Having a Coffee.
I heard a thump under the house so I stopped what I was doing and had a look, I thought it might be a cat because I swear I heard a Meow before, just outside my window, there was nothing that I could see when I went out. This coding is going well, Its easy to pick it back up after, like, 6 months because I made good notes when I was doing it last. Its really nice and sunny outside and the forecast is for rainy rain. Might go for a run
Imagine having to do WFTD. Thats Literally NEET Boot Camp. Go Suck a Fuck.
(51.81 KB 1024x576 dragon ball z.jpg)
Went for a run down in the valley bottom morass. People that I saw were mainly doing firewood related stuff. The guy across the road was tinkering with his buggy all day, He has the telly on in his garage non-stop. Beans and corn jacks for tea.
>>29018 That looks alright m8
>>29019 Needs some garlic sauce.
Watching a coding video before I hit the sack. CBF lighting the fire even tho I set it days ago.
(136.99 KB 768x1024 1606395575817.jpg)
Was thinking about litterbugs and spam faggots and the global elites on my run today, the former two are clearly some kind of Personality Disorder, Litterbugs are anti-social I suppose and our own spam faggot has borderline traits and wants people to hate him. Both characteristically disorganized and purposeless. But what about the elites, The Zionists that dismantled The White Australia policy, The jewish media power brokers and the Vaccine industrial complex elites like Fauci, Ostensibly smart and working for a purpose, Do they think they are doing great good, in order to be the perpetrators of their godless mechanisms? Maybe they are simply the other side of the coin, of the same aforementioned vexatious and petty wreckers. I will sleep now and dream of the day when all three are hanging high next to each other. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Today's theme will be: Exponential
(41.45 KB 1200x675 ZOG LORD.jpg)
>NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said dozens of those cases had been in the community while infectious, before conceding reaching zero cases of community transmission might not be possible. >“I appreciate what we are going through looks difficult but every state in Australia will need to come to terms with the fact that when you get to a certain level of vaccination and open up, [the Delta variant] will creep in,” she said. “We can’t pretend that we will have zero cases around Australia with Delta.” Well not with the increasing numbers of vaxxed anyway. All that shit does is increase the period of time you are asymptomatic. Its not even ironic anymore.
(2.21 MB 498x274 rage-against-the-machine.gif)
My phone told me it was fully charged and should be unplugged to save energy
>>29024 If you dont want to get the vax then keep getting tested until you get a false positive. Then you can claim you have natural immunity. Dont actually know if this would exempt you
(110.83 KB 1021x1184 Covid chip diagram.jpg)
>>29026 >Beat the pathologist I think that false negatives are a thing. If you test Pozitive then they send the sample for confirmation. Dont know what the reccomendation is for vaccinating people who have had a diagnosis.
>>29027 >pozitive I enjoyed that.
>Barr is battling a Delta outbreak in the national capital, with the bulk of new infections in unvaccinated young people. There it its. The unvaccinated get symptoms and get tested. Its the vaxxed asymptomatic that are spreading it.
>>29029 Checked. Pushing the herd immunity lie like its never going to be seen, even by vaxfags.
>>29029 Checked. Pushing the herd immunity lie like its never going to be seen, even by vaxfags.
The delivery kid came again with shit that wasnt even for me. He must think I'm a home shopping NEET.
(218.51 KB 1280x960 Sumac Rye loaf.jpg)
The top of the Bread came out funny. I hope its still okay to eat.
>>28702 Do you use deodorant at least? I could never go 4 dats without a shower, I sleep in my jocks and I would get brutal BO from the secondish day, I don't really go out and do shit other than the gym
>>29036 Deoderant is bad for you NEET. But good for pajeets.
Raining + Dark + Coding = Comfy
>>29035 That's a bit weird. Might be like a cracker.
>>29035 Hope it was still ok, in all honesty not much worse than some of the bread I have got at coles
(216.41 KB 1280x960 Pixxa and beer night.jpg)
>>29041 I put too much water in it and forgot the oil. Having a slice with thick Quince paste for dessert
>>29042 Pizza looks good
https://www.rt.com/news/532575-australia-satan-worship-tv/ Satan worshippers get a bump and lulz because Quirky. Meanwhile 60 minutes Hit Piece on the NSN.
>>29042 High quality pizza. Looks very enjoyable.
Now that I am one of the fabled NEETs, free of work and even if i do work its all fun, I am thinking of spending 18 months being a garden gnome, and ignoring the POZ and honkler show entirely. Because in 18 mos the Covax backfire will either be a a thing or not. Unlike the near unbearable situation we have now of marching into the gas chambers hoping that only the fleas are gonna get smoked. Its a stupid idea, I cant really shut off the global events, especially since I post here. I should stop cruising 4pol tho, its my last link with the mainstream. Might have a lolly before I go to bed. The fire will take half an hour to die down. Good Night,White.
4pol is gay and you will get aids if you keep going there.
Good Morning NEETs. Get up and empty piss bottle. Heavy rain outside. Flushy.
Had to double flush this morning. Two Sennalax down the hatch.
>>28879 Today is the day. Rolling for mass unrest.
Second dump, No more tandoori kraut beans.
(1.34 MB 800x1014 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29052 >tfw Imageboards dont have upvote feature.
Time for Peanuts
Fuck I have to sign up to this software's poz to get access to the wiki.
Off up the mountain for a run.
(284.25 KB 584x520 caro pepe.png)
Had a good run, Picked up another bag of litter at the top. Misty and rainy on the way down and I got soaking wet. Stuff went into the wash and so did I. Dried my feet with the hairdryer and put the Uggies on. Corn Jacks for tea while I think about lighting the fire. Having a Caro
>>29058 sounds like a good outing
(138.76 KB 1280x960 Yum0 City.jpg)
Smik Smak Smek Yum0 City
(108.13 KB 1242x682 Melbourne lockdown riot.jpg)
>>29059 This would have been fun for the pigs
(42.87 KB 890x534 Melbourne fun squirter.jpg)
>>29061 Still dont know what kind of rifle the cops are using.
(110.28 KB 1024x683 ZOG TROOPER.jpg)
Man those nitrile gloves are a bad idea. Plus they look gay.
(467.55 KB 1280x720 Vicpol Riot.png)
(275.10 KB 1000x1424 1590775496805.jpg)
Had a nap after lunch. I eat too much and fade hard when I'm codeing. Ten minutes and I'm GTG tho. Its always strange sleeping for a short time, you never dream, just a deep breath and you're awake. This place is restful though. I wonder what the history of the house is. Maybe there is a good ghost here who likes me keeping it neat and maintained. I dont think I've had that recurring dream of the house I grew up in since I moved in here. I'll have to monitor for that. Going to review another software platform tomorrow. I have decided to stay at Paddock Beach and commute to the office half an hour away if I get the position. I've stayed there before and its primo for tent lyfe, with disused huts that would make a good day cave for NEET screen time. Its possible there will be single women attracted to the beach that I can give a sideways manly stare towards. Just need some good luck. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Not sure if I want to put a full day on the PC today.
>>29066 You've already started, keep going.
(2.89 MB 576x720 Melbourne jamboree.webm)
>>29067 Nope I'm gonna set my torrents and do something else after lunch
>>29068 Is that a gook with the stockade?
>>29069 Duno wasnt there. I will become normie. I am making a list of acceptable dissident thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3R6KngKftE
>>29070 Good song. I'm trying to but by not looking at the news. I have no idea what is going on.
(286.03 KB 464x386 alex joneses.png)
>>29071 I get all my news from my mate who watches Alex Jones. **not joking*
This was satisfying to watch. https://youtu.be/v96LTfmtDPU
>>29073 Are you trying to say something about this thread?
Just enough vanilla soy milk for a Caro.
>>29072 You know, it's funny. The more and more I've learned, the more I've realized Alex Jones is right about everything spiritually except for not naming the Jew.
>>29076 >not naming the jew He doesnt want to get assassinated.
>>29077 Why didn't they do him in for the bohemian grove thing?
(42.80 KB 486x600 Clipboard01.jpg)
>>29078 Duno what that is. I'll ask my schixo mate later He does seem to care about guys like us.
>>29079 Alex is the final layer of the conspiracy onion. If you watch his show enough (especially if you are a Christian), you will begin to believe he is truly on our side. Alex is a deep, deep globalist plant. It seems impossible based on the things he says that he could turn on this in the end, but this is exactly what I expect him to do. Alex is the perfect Judas goat. Mark my words, Alex will be fighting the hardest for "our side" to the very end, but he will stab us in the back at the last moment. This has little to do with him having a jewish wife or not talking about the jews or anything like that. Ultimately Alex is probably controlled by blackmail, just like everyone else. Alex may even truly believe his is fighting for us. But he would be the perfect target, the perfect candidate for deep psyops. I have seen glimmers, cracks in his facade because I have been watching him very closely. I haven't written anything down, so I can't name specific examples right now as there would be hundreds of hours of footage to wade through to find them. But they are there. Alex will turn in the end.
>>29080 All predicated on him staying relevant.
(12.89 MB 3840x1600 schwab_ants.png)
>>29080 Some typos, forgive me for those. >>29082 Jones is more relevant than ever, his audience has absolutely exploded to massive levels. He speaks to millions daily. Probably has an audience approaching the size of Joe Rogan. That you even said that shows how clueless you are.
(86.86 KB 600x800 1592530301324.jpg)
>>29080 At least he's anti-vax, If he calls it right about it being a "soft kill weapon" then there's no going back for him. If he's only partially right, duno. it depends how he plays it. For me there is only this one issue.
(1.22 MB 3072x2048 1612958422605.jpg)
>>29084 I still listen to Alex all the time because he is one of the best sources for "alternative news." His reporting is accurate (if a bit sensational) and he has some decent guests. A lot of the information that circles around the chans and other news sources originates from Jones and his media syndicate which encompasses a number of people that aren't on his show. Alex remains a great source for information, I just caution against putting any hope in Jones doing anything to stop the NWO. Jones has done more to help than he has done to hurt at this stage. >If he calls it right about it being a "soft kill weapon" then there's no going back for him. It IS a soft kill weapon. Many have already died. More will die this winter, we will have a definitive answer by March 2022.
>>29085 Continuing, my one beef with Jones at this point is his show is WAY too long. I don't want to spend 3 hours every day just to get the latest. It is extremely repetitive, he goes over the same topic a million times before moving onto something else. The information in his show could be covered in 30 minutes to an hour. I wish his Infowars website was better, the presentation is decent but the same articles are displayed 4x each on the front page to make it look like there is more there than there is. The articles are empty and many just link to clips of his show. Utter garbage, but this is likely intentional. Alex is not allowed to have too much credibility.
(32.20 KB 452x642 sign.jpg)
If I put this sign on my door will the normie neighbours stop shitting on my lawn?
>>29087 i would shit on your lawn if i saw that sign
Melbourne NEETs, start spreading the hashtag #DanWantsYouDead everywhere. Just do it lol. 1. It's true, normies ought to know. 2. watching Dan's cult members freak out and try to respond to it will be fun. Taping that hashtag to light poles with pictures of cops firing on protesters in the CBD is another fun activity and a good excuse to leave the house for exercise. MSM forgot to brief the normies about how cops fired on civilians in the city yesterday so old fucks out walking their dogs will have something to talk about.
>>29089 They dont want to know because they have already committed suicide by getting the vax. It would be fundamentally admitting you made a fatal error.
>>29090 Then let them cry about the mean hashtag. At least slowpokes who are starting to wake up will begin to know in the back of their minds who to direct their anger at. Right now normies are still blaming antivaxers and dole bludgers for protesting and not keeping them safe like good old Dan, not enough people challenging them or giving them the hint to stfu. I wanna see Dan start to squirm. #DanWantsYouDead.
(54.11 KB 1024x768 Dan Andrews.jpg)
>>29091 >#DanWantsYouDead
Fuck it, going up the bush.
(335.45 KB 1280x960 spars.jpg)
Got one long spar. One of the locals hassled me for crossing his property, I didnt know because rubbish usually builds up on public land, and there was kind of a road through it. I went around his place on the way back with the spar over my shoulder, and waved to one of the kids on his verandah but he didnt wave back. I've heard that country locals are suspicious of noobs because they think that (You) are the encroaching city. They're supposed to become friendly after a while.
>>29095 >crossing his property, Country people dont like that neet
>>29095 You must look like a transient like. Reminds me of that scene from the firxt Rambo moofie. But the locals should warm up to you with time. Or grow to hate you if you keep stealing their sticks.
(518.31 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)
(980.96 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29098 Numbers are fun. >>29099 Redfern boongs are all arseholes.
(68.79 KB 640x784 gilyhhzusqd71.jpg)
Thinking back, I've dumbed it down a lot with my mates, often its because I dont want to flex on them, with having a good job, health and being a practicing survivalist. However I haven't met a person who's winning at lyfe in the traditional sense, who will entertain any notion that shit's not right. At least not enough to commit to an alternative path. Sad, its not fashionable to be based and getting the jab is the IN thing. Whether this X's you out forever remains to be seen. I admit I was naieve and laffing about how stupid you'd have to buy the official line, with guys who later were front and centre to roll up their sleeve. Now guys I know, who should know better, are just rolling with it and made their 'informed decision'. Peer Pressure. I cant imagine being that level of risk taker. I suppose they think I'm the same. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Was going to get up early but the comfy had other ideas.
(2.11 MB 640x360 horsey.webm)
Need more horses in city areas IMHO
Time for 🍋
Might light the fire after lunch. My PM 2.5 meter came so now I'll know if that ABC report on wood heaters was lies or no.
>>29106 That story was based on information from this woman https://greensoncouncil.org.au/dorothy-robinson/ who has been trying for many years to ban wood heaters because she doesnt like them, she is very good as spending rate payers money that we dont have, all in all she is a bit of an idiot.
(85.86 KB 550x550 identifying science.jpg)
>>29107 Regardless of the likleyhood of this being some kind of environmental engineering through media manipulation. It is incumbent on me to investigate threats to my health and safety. The nature of the threat being basically invisible, I will soon have the answer through the expediency of an aliexpress gizmo. Should it be found that my safety is not a threat I will then think about the implications of ever having the remotest regard for that particular state run media outlet.
(57.58 KB 800x548 1501195186255.jpg)
>sigh Endchan down again. When will the NEETs realize that 16 is the better horse in this donkey race.
>>29103 The problem isn't the equines themselves, obviously not. Hross' are beauty, smart & brave. The issue is the abusive way they are used by ZOG and their little bots.
Bread is in the maker. It takes too much time and effort, I must find a way to reduce waste in my process stream, perhaps by eliminating some of the development tasks, such as cleaning up afterwards.
>>29112 What bread maker do you use neet, I am going to need one, as well as look for a bread slicer.
>>29113 Panasonic SD 2501 The pm 2.5 meter shot way up to heavily polluted when i had the door to the wood heater open while i was mucking around.
>>29114 Thanks I'll look for that model, as for the pollution level I would only worry about it if it was high when the fire box was closed, if your worried, open the front door when you put another piece of wood on, smoke is going to escape when you open it no matter what you do.
(111.16 KB 1280x960 pm2 5.jpg)
>>29115 Its under control now. even with the kitchen door closed. The technique is to crack open the door and let the draft evacuate the smoke in the firebox. Then throw bits in according to the plan you made looking thru the glass. (it went up to 650)
Oh cool there's a driver and I can upload the data (i think)
>>29117 Rats the driver doesnt work for some reason. (probably bootleg windows version)
(1.27 MB 2124x1317 1594331014573.jpg)
I suspect that mate that ghosted me got "Deradicalized" by his shrink and all that conversation we had went out the window. fucksake. Now I am thinking what it is to be deradicalized, for me it is not going to work because all my first red pills came from real life, in a previous life. I feel like a trauma survivor more than anything. All that reading of the right texts just put everything together, gave it proper context and shone a light on a lifetime of swallowed lies and inherited guilt. Maybe when most of the trauma is from 4pol then thats like building a house on sand, maybe you gotta be blooded in the Poz to be reliable. Good Night, White.
>>29119 It's the same as conversion. It only works on the weak willed. If you can radicalise, someone else can deradicalise.
Good Morning NEETs. Spooky mist and 4 degrees inside. Fire needs to be going.
Ungh feet and knees are cold One sennalax down the hatch.
Olive oil is solid again.
>>29123 It NEEDS some metamucil.
Turned into a nice day. Might go up the bush later.
>>29125 Yeah we have come good as well, it's now up to 5.1°
>>29126 Stay in bed NEET.
Goin up the bush to cut spars. Dont tell the constable.
Listening to some mighty fine folk songs
(356.56 KB 1191x1442 1601643651311.jpg)
Kek. Poor Dan.
(326.60 KB 1280x960 staves 1.jpg)
(279.84 KB 1280x960 staves 2.jpg)
Got my spars, enjoyed the outing away from the workstation. Had a poke around the bush. Pixxa for tea.
>>29131 You really are prepared for the collapse.
Starting to worry about my firewood supply. Still havent gotten around to calling up the wood hooker.
>>29134 best get onto him neet, remember winter tends to linger in the colder areas
(36.08 KB 393x600 book girl.jpg)
NEET lyfe has this pitfall of staying up late. Its because the time before you turn in is for catching up on entertainment. NEET's like entertainment. Too much entertainment. Its too much work to read, watch and listen. I'm off to bed. Good Night, White.
Hi gents
(1.32 MB 800x625 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Morning NEETs. Another cold AF morning and nothing to start the fire with.
>>29137 Howdy, Haunting pic.
Out of probiotic pills and B-complex, two supps I'll need to fight the forces of Satan and their vaccine mark of cain.
The wood hooker says he is only using the ute and has to charge extra to cover low volume expenses. Said he makes $100 for a days work.
Such a lovely sunny day. Its spring at the end of the month. Times like this make me forget my cares REEEEEEEE GET OFF MY LAWN YOU STUPID BLACKBIRD
>>29234 Barely enough to eat.
(56.54 KB 1024x937 1629668948110.jpg)
Day's done. Having a Caro™ >>29237 He said he wouldnt go out to cut if he didn't have to, I gather I'm putting him out.
In endchan BO's mong rage, he banned me. I don't even know what post it was for.
>>29239 You accused me yesterday and today of being the spammer.
>>29240 It's fucking shitposting.
>>29240 I also said you want to see pictures of my arse.
>>29239 Its just rangebanning and your VPN got caught up. Thats why most neets just post in the raw.
This firewood is wet AF, I'm gonna have to run it hot to keep it going.
>>29243 Does that mean I'm banned from here too?
>>29244 Nah, he just hates me.
>>29247 I though that was another NEET?
>>29247 He doesn't hate you, he's just not used to you because you're different.
>>29250 yeah I read that, bit of a joke. A lot of info missing from the story like how did they know he had it and when he last watched it? Possible he was silly enough to tell someone he had it?
>>29251 bit worrying how the pigs got involved. Its usually a woman involved somehow.
>>29250 How'd they know he had it, also I sperged out ages ago when i got paranoid
(1.82 MB 3000x1976 1581991071176.jpg)
>>29253 People police themselves when they think their online activities are being watched. My data encryption needs work, although I could just hide a hard drive up the bush.
(58.80 KB 640x787 1be5608ekle71.jpg)
Knees and feet are cold, the last chore I have to do today will be to warm them up in front of the fire. Did a lot today, starting to prepare for my two night stay at Paddock Beach. Scraping the bark off the spars with the sheath knife in the sunshine was fun, they are a good length. I'll tie the whole assembly up tomorrow and see how it goes. Have to think about knots and swages. Good Night, White.
Unvaccinated people are 29x more likely to be hospitalized for Covid-19 than those who are fully vaccinated, according to a new CDC report. The unvaccinated are also 5x more likely to contract Covid-19 in the first place. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/24/cdc-study-shows-unvaccinated-people-are-29-times-more-likely-to-be-hospitalized-with-covid.html?utm_source=morning_brew
Good Morning NEETs Lots of work to get the fire going this morning.
>>29256 I dont doubt that the vax does as advertised, but there is a law of unintended consequences that has yet to be reckoned.
>>29257 Morning >>29258 I doubt that it does it.
(27.47 KB 799x840 corvid 19.jpg)
>>29259 There are deep questions that are time expensive, personally, to clarify. Even if it turns out the way I suspect then it wont give much advantage, as far as opportunity cost goes. Just navigating the Covax nightmare, and preparing for the Seige of those Unmarked of the Beast is the wisest way to spend your day. Time will clarify everything.
(108.85 KB 1024x665 vaccine make free.jpg)
I was lying in bed listening to the rural report on the ABC radio, some farmer was talking about selecting which lambs make wool and which ones get slaughtered. Ungh Fuck vegan , then the news came on and Gladys is to announce some lockdown rewards for the fully vaccinated later today. Now my thoughts are about being turned into a sheep. I do believe I've found Irony.
>>29256 Imagine spending precious moments of your life even reading that article. CNBC and its ilk have less than zero credibility. That you aussies are even discussing the validity of the contents of this article is worrisome. 29X… what a laugh!
>>29262 You're right. Yellow journalism morphed into some true propaganda juggernaut when the scientific establishment got behind the narrative. There's too much noise. I get all the news I need from the bible now.
Saw a tiny aeroplane go overhead. Just realized that its the first one I've seen for ages, even the jets dont fly over, way above. Eerie.
Off for a run. Maybe I'll see the kid from next door who took off on his dirtbike a while ago.
I got back from the run and the wooden hooker rang up to drop my firewood off. He brought his young son, they wore matching hi-viz orange. Its really good quality, Peppermint gum and seems dry. Pretty happy now. This must be how Nuro feels like when he gets a prescription for codiene.
>>29266 You'll stay warm neet, peppermint might leave a bit more ash in your firebox, it burns well though.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1aZuAbgjGY KaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKa
The numbers of these Generals are not correct.
>>29260 >Unmarked of the Beast I don't know if I know any.
>>29261 >which lambs make wool and which ones get slaughtered That's my big question with my imaginary goat farm. Cashmere wool (the most labour extensive - also most costly) Meat (the most eaten meat in the world with good international demand) Milk (only hippies eat goats cheese and it wont last export times)
>>29262 I get it in a subscription to The Morning Brew, I get each day. It was an advert in Today, I found Out. on youtube. I am a consumerist pig dog.
(700.76 KB 2250x3375 1599995123131.jpg)
Seem to have run out of time today, trying to do four things at once doesnt help. The bread will be needing attention in one and a half hours. When I get up tomorrow I have to stack away the logs. The projects are going to get put on hold until after my trip to Brownton, but If its successful I will have another forward base set up, at Paddock Beach which will nicely extend my operating area. I dont think I'm going to get my drives cloned in the hot swap bays before then. I wanted to be able to just pull then out and take them with me at the last minute. Like taking my desktop i can just put in another PC. At least I'm halfway there. Good Night, White.
>>29270 Strewth. I'm starting to think that this can only backfire, There is no way out of a wave of morbidity and mortality from the vax.
(13.66 KB 235x369 1622939516849.jpg)
>>29269 yeah we missed a #17 Fukn BO is a mong. Kek.
how we doing this evening lads?
>>29276 Hitting the wall. The wall of dreams
>>29277 nice nice
(789.89 KB 720x757 rainbow cat.png)
>>29278 funny cats now i dream of cats
Good Morning NEETs. Lighting the fire before brekky.
Fixing the roof with black sikaflex. That stuff makes the devils own mess if you get it on your hands.
(19.66 KB 409x409 pepe comfy music.jpg)
>>29282 Taking a break from stacking the wood away. I want to make a wood shelter, get the lot packed away in summertime.
>>29116 what sort of particulate meter do you have? model number? I tried some random chinese one a while back but wasn't happy with it, it claimed to measure pm 2.5 and something else like pm 10 or something but after a few days of use it became clear it was simply multiplying the pm 2.5 by a constant scalar to derive the other value which made me real suspicious of the quality of the data so I stopped using it
>>29284 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvvFSzjP6Mg&t=679s its not this one is it? It doesnt talk to my pc but i wouldnt log the data anyway.
(7.82 KB 286x176 1622790078149.jpg)
Resist the pull of the flock NEETs Reject the Jew poison offered to you for a peck of tarnished silver. Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Everywhere you see your friends and family getting Marked as of the BEAST. Say NO, I will not comply with you unrighteous and wicked medicine Corinthians 2:5 That your Faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God In these dark days, the only light is that of the word of JEHOVAH. Save yourselves NEETs, It is too late to save the reprobates! Where there is a Risk, there must be a Choice! Choose the path of salvation.
Wood is stacked, chopped and tidied, exercises are done and my night sail rig is ready to go. Beer and Pixxa night seeing as its friday.
>>29287 Enjoy your pizzza neet
(226.76 KB 1280x1045 square meal.jpg)
>>29288 will do. was going to try to get my arch linux laptop to mount the NAS and transfer files from my windows PC like that but I dont think its possible.
(56.87 KB 663x477 wasted.jpg)
Alright, which one of you cunts was this?
>>29289 Looks like all he food groups are there. Quality feed.
(1.92 MB 5420x6884 1606615494316.jpg)
Listening to archived twitch streams of covid-covax alternative information. This one guy was pretty good when the whole thing came out but went off the rails a bit. Now he's back and is clearing up a lot desperate questions I had. It seems that the natural immunity pathway is the way to go. Thats going to be next to impossible here, especially since I go pretty hard with the hazmat LARP. This seppo has lots of interesting things he's found out, mashed up into a credible infowars style stream. He's way more interesting than the Deacon TBPF. Gotta touch base with him soon. Good Night. White.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n0UPYMJd8A Kek, Protests are gay, only the day of the rope is based.
>>29292 Get in touch with the Seppo. Bring him to Chrixt.
Good Morning NEETs. Going to get the vacuum cleaner going today.
>>29294 I dont comment on twitch streams. They just end up asking you for money.
(41.69 KB 687x706 mutating.jpg)
Back on the Corona memes
I think Hebron may be the Jerusalem of the Bible.
Vax is done. Time for tea
>>29299 I hope you don't grow a second head.
>>29298 Dont tell the jews, They'll want to occupy it. Oh wait...
>>29300 Falcon's clean too. Might take it out for a run after lunch.
Do you know anything about Esau and Jacob? What do you think the message is?
>>29303 Sorry, I'm just a neet who would rather do the vaccuming on sundays rather than go to bible school.
>>29304 All work is God's work. Vacuum the floors with piety.
(55.60 KB 640x452 Easus pottage.jpg)
>>29306 The meaning is simpler than I expected. I still don't trust beans.
>>29307 >Rice gives you slitty eyes Perhaps you can use risotto instead of rice.
Went for my drive to check out a trail head nearby. The local council put a excavator with a tree slasher attachment to work on the other side of the mountian, where the road was dark and green and comfy. Now it looks blasted and shithouse. The tourist cunts are gonna frown and say that Silver City is not very nice and keep going to Leadborg down the road. Good and Good. I got out the binos and had a look at the distant mountain tops, I dont know what I'm looking for but I want to go out there. Falcon is running perfectly.
Hmmm These french lentils aren't much chop for camping, They take too much energy to cook. Pretty good tho.
>>29309 >I dont know what I'm looking for but I want to go out there. You are an untamed spirit.
>>29309 >nice and keep going to Leadborg down the road yeah i agree neet, less tourists the better
Dang I just deleted a completed torrent. Bath night.
(939.82 KB 576x1024 wup1x8.mp4)
(7.85 MB 464x848 zvpcyo.mp4)
(2.91 MB 352x640 ar7c6h.MOV)
>>29315 Heckin based. I dont reckon I'll see anything in brownton when I go but I'll take my CB just in case.
>>29315 Fukn 7 news maggots gaslighting how "Many truckies wont get involved"
>>29316 Pauline is a hooer, of course she's down with truckies. Probably takes her back to her first career.
>>29315 They'd better not wuss out.
(2.10 MB 1845x2500 hay girl.jpg)
Feeling pretty calm, I've got well defined tasks ahead of me and even though the exact schedule hasn't been set, I'm ready with my bags to strip lemon trees and freshly shined combat boots to impress the ladies. Correspondence has been written and the envelope is addressed. Hoping for bonus runs and I could do with bringing home some upgrades. Even the firewood is in for the start of spring and the blossoming of the wattles. Earlyish start planned. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. I torture myself with ABC radio when I'm lying in bed, It only ends when I get up. You do what you have to, I suppose.
(59.98 KB 960x948 1629670963983.jpg)
>>29297 4/pol/CVG >The Delta variant is much more infectious, produces a higher viral load and is much more effective at suppressing and evading the immune response. Due to this, the chance of getting something like a cytokine storm or another severe immune reaction becomes higher if the virus fails to suppress/evade the immune system since the body will be reacting to a much higher viral load than previous variants. Meanwhile in normieland >I got a letter from India and they say that 25 out of 26 of their family are dead from corona. We must support them, they are so colorful.
>>29322 Firewood fetish... get some ironbark up ya
>>29326 I take what I can get. Sometimes I burn scrap timber. and used boong pornos
(198.14 KB 1200x800 nicewhite.jpg)
Made it to Paddock Beach, fuked if it didn't take all day, Pissing with rain the whole way and I got wet setting up the camp. I got to make a manly gaze at the Servo chick and I asked for the keys to the restroom, looking like outdoors chad with my traveling hat driving a falcon with spars strapped to the builders bars. Craig the camp trusty took a photo of me and my tent, to send to his brothers back in NZ because "just like in scouts". I've got the camp facilities to myself, I guess its out of season and the boomers in caravans shit next to their beds. Its comfy but there's no heat and I'm still wet. Not happy with the spars, they are not straight, I might leave these here, bury them in the dunes in for later and get some more from a better species than tea tree. If I end up coming back to stay for the summer I'll get a better shelter than the bunnings pollytarp. Forever I am wanting to make a tent like the gold rush miners had backinnadae. The greenies all have yurts and I remember when tee pee's were cool. I dont want to associate myself with the hippies so a house shaped tent its got to be. Called oldad but the mobile reception here is practically nil. This also needs to be upgraded with the tent. Going to bed way early. Good Night, White.
(8.00 MB 3264x2448 IMG_20210829_205247.jpg)
>>29328 try submerging your spurz underwater till next year, look at arborist pruning saws if u don't like chainsaws, and if you do like chainsaws ill give u one! Clean your chimney will usually fix smoke problem, need good draw. wet wood clogs it, makes creosote, clogs quicker... creosote can be useful though 4 what you're doing, just don't eat it too much. >>29328
>Hurricane Ida made landfall at 12:55 p.m. near Point Fourchon, Louisiana
Good Morning NEETs. Monster dump this morning, really enormous.
>>29329 oWo fancy heater. Mine is an clapped out fireplace one with a noisy circulating fan. even tho im renting I'll replace it when it dies. Care factor is pretty low if I dont need to economize with wood and I think I'd upset my wood hooker if i went out and hooked my own wood. If I'm going to improve my firefuel supply I'd put time and money into making a proper wood shed and chopping area. Chainsaws are noisy, dangerous and arent vegan so you can keep them unless you have an electric one. I was thinking about the spars I cut last week splitting already. The tea tree dries out really quickly, looking at the way the knots are from the branches the bloody shit is designed to rot and get cavities. I might end up getting some fallen sassafras and then milling it on the sawhorses with my circular saw i wired teh blade guard back Duno theres plenty of blackwood around up the mountain. I wasnt taking it because its not as tea tree is more vegan but the forest on the lower slopes where I go is all even aged and too thick to grow big trunks so thinning out the canopy is a good thing. I'll cut some and dry them out over summer. I might put some in the creeks just to see what happens. Being a NEET and burning wood all day at home is the best thing out. Apart from Silver, my town has plenty of water and wood. Its literally on the coat of arms here.
>>29330 Statistically, hurricaines affect places with republican support bases. No surprise that its affecting the state with the highest covid infection rate amongst 16-39 Y.O.'s. Wear your mask goy and get the jab, goy
>>29328 LoL vegan chainsaws... they only eat trees, no meat. Its an old heater I restored. New heaters are shit. Blackwood is awesome, slow growing, use that! Grouse morning ay cunts!
The camp trusty said that we got 25mm rain last night, said the bus service was $6 to Brownton and called me 'Old son". Driving in to town later to get some steel caps, hopefully I can find a snazzy style, I dont want blunnies or redbacks like a peon.
>>29334 yeah, dempcrats are super rich and stuff, like the socialists have $3 million mansions with pools minimum
lol new Orleans went dark, wonder what people will do once the 911 lines are named. >Biden's Katrina
none of the church lasses even said hello, why do i go, lids
none of the church lasses even said hello, why do i go, lids
>>29131 dream of one day having a place in the middle of nowhere like that
They’ve got occult knowledge and they’ve kinda hinted I could join
>>29343 you're a retard and a loser. good luck.
>>29344 They are winning
>>29343 They have an open invitation to all men under 25, it's been like this for the past decade because their numbers are dwindling. You have to pay tithe.
>>29346 >>29343 The freemasons built grand halls in Brownton. I stopped and ate some rolls opposite the lodge there today. Its prominent but the rust and rodents are gathering there unchecked. All the peripheral mason signage around town is faded, their time is spent. You can see their flags they put up like "Widowson Pty Ltd Est 1905" on the main road opposite the church, the one thats now a fag bar. It would have been the same with the NSDAP back in Germany. They wouldnt have survived the good times they gave rise to, should that have happened. Dont waste your time with them, they wont have anything to offer you, just a bunch of drooling chins to wipe. Their occult knowldege is less reputable than the Rosritucians. Alan Moore's "From Hell" is a good read if you want to get into that. I think there's a comics thread on this board with a download link.
>>29342 Middle of nowhere is tough to live in. The wet forest is basically an endless survival chore. You need a road and power lines at least. I'm lucky to have landed in a place where there's dozens of empty houses in a busted but still serviced town. Get out of the City while you still can.
>>29349 spoopy
>>29350 I'm harry potter and I get powerful from watching ads.
(1.58 MB 1920x1080 windy girl.png)
>>29351 I stopped doing the daily propaganda broadcast, dissection and appreciation. I was heading that way for the last couple of weeks, but not having the desktop as my chill station removed the last temptation. I'm still getting thru my corona guy's twitch streams on the DAP but now I can think a bit and the firehose of information is controlled. The overwhelming question I have about the coming covaxacaust is; Why would our elected officials do this to us? I dont have the time to do a root cause investigation but I suspect the answer has something to do with our usual tinyhat suspects. Now I am thinking that the continual micro clotting from ACE-2 receptor equipped cells in the pulmonary circulation expressing the S-Protein, they are cleaned up by immune system macrophage attack and the clotting stops after an acute phase. But this is crude speculation and I rely totally on the two sources of information I trust. This is the two hundred million dead people question. What's in the box? Normie TV watchers might as well follow the carefully scripted propaganda, You know they are fukn doomed but you gotta watch it anyway, It's the last harry potter book all over again. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Pretty windy at the beach, the tea trees are doing the shimmy.
Fukn polytarps are noisy in the wind, I had to get up and anchor the ends overnight but the belly still pops up and down. I need to either glue lugs into the middle or suspend sandbags there. I had a broken sleep because of that and the run yesterday, I was thinking about hitting up the homeless cunts I saw living in the entrance to a closed nightclub. been there a couple of weeks, said the store clerk. Might be just what I need to get a couple of mobile phone number accounts. For those NEETs not from Aus, you cant get a phone number without 100 points of ID. There may be some kind of hack with getting a VOIP number that satisfies jewgle, faceberg and kikedin but I tried once and got nowhere. Probably could get a registered sim card out of them for $100 and maybe get a bonus blowjob
Job interview went nicely at the firm, the code they use is some industry standard I never touched before but its a full stack position eventually I guess. They'd be dogs to not give me an open ended contract after what they said. The firm is legacy Aussie but chink owned, duno how I feel about that. Out of lemons
>>29356 >Job interview went nicely Good to hear
I got an old breadmaker from the salvos in Exmouth. Its on the bench in the camp kitchen and unless the element is fucked, I should have fresh bread soon. De puy lentils and macaroni with butter for dinner.
>>29358 >I should have fresh bread soon. Nice
(194.49 KB 800x1200 umbrella girl.jpg)
Its pretty foul weather, windy and raining, I miss the forest. I said I'd stay two more nights at Paddock Beach and tomorrow I'll go for a coast walk and hitch hike back. Might as well go to Poz Town for gibs and lemons. Reckon I'll hack it for a week. Bread came out okay, its a white loaf, no rye flour in Exmouth, will pay for itself after three loaves if my calculations are correct. Making a list for next time. Good Night, White.
watching spongebob
Good Morning NEETs. The wind calmed down and it was nice ocean sounds but then the b-bonk frog started up.
>>28473 aussiebros...that surveillance bill...stay safe bros.
>>29363 Thanks Neet We will keep all of you safe. T. AFPNeet
(85.96 KB 509x339 sand girl.jpg)
Chad, the camp boss came around with Stacey, we talked amicably and they told be that the Pozzed count was 5 dead and thousands infected today. They made the right tones when I decried the NWO and I sense that they are fertile ground for sowing seeds of red pills. Chad will rent me one of the fibro huts in the campground. It will be a good base of operations if I am working at the firm in nearby Brownton. The coming and going of campers will provide good cover in the future when the expected clampdowns and surveillance maxxing happens. I am ready to commit to 18mos back in the Poz. Nocola Evola said that resistance must leave the place of defense for the place of attack. At least I'll be comfy at the beach and maybe get a touro QT. Good Night, White.
>>29365 Sounds like a good spot m8, maybe start looking for a fan cause it's gonna start getting hot soon and those fibro huts wont have much in the way of insulation.
>>29366 The huts are surprisingly well built and a posso lives in one
Good Morning NEETs. Toast for brekky and lunch again
Cleaned my computer desk, it's nice not having a layer of grime looking back at me.
>>29369 Well done NEET, now clean your NEETstick
>>29370 the jew fears the BNC
>tfw You go to see your Mummybot after teh wage and get exposed to MSM from her telly while she's pushing all this food you haven't eaten since you were 16 and she's brainstorming solutions to your "Kek i fucked it up" stories, but she's making as much sense as the same MSM she's been watching since you knew her.
>>29371 It smells like Teh Gas.
(53.15 KB 634x353 lumberjill.jpg)
Wage was fun but they kicked up the corona compliance a couple of gears since I was there last. I forgot my keys and I couldnt get into my locker so I cant get to my work boots, belt and knife. FML. The night sail was set up wrong and I had a rough night sleep but should be tighter tonight, my camp has been blighted with possums who have chewed the bark off some of the trees there. I got dehydrated in the heat and today I was knocking back bottles of water like they were VB throwdowns. I saw my old Homie and we were jubilantly yelling "Fuck The Jews" at each other, I was pleased to see he had put the Waffen SS poster back up and he's got the reich flag up in his bedroom. We are going to BBQ with another Good boy on Sunday Night. Got the milch cow shifts and that should be nice and fat. Taking the tiffin in case of treats. Good Night, White.
>>29374 >Taking the tiffin in case of treats. It will be nice to see the tiffin full again
Night everyone
I haven't had anything to say, so I haven't posted, but the board seems extra slow the last few days. Are you guys alright? Got anything to get off your chest?
Cold here today, didn't even get to double figures.
Not really sure where to go from here. I don't wanna work a shitty 9 to 5 until I die, guys. What are my options? I mean I'm fairly intelligent.
>>29379 Try and find something you really enjoy even if it pays less, you dont want to be stuck in a job you hate for decades.
>>29381 I feel like anything I would enjoy I wouldn't be qualified for. Naturally I guess the obvious choice is to get a degree in whatever field I like but juggling a job and studying for a degree is not only gonna be stressful but also gonna take a long time. I guess any plan to change my current situation would involve some stress and time. I'm not exactly excited and jumping at the chance to take on all that college debt though. I mean even after I get the degree and take on that debt, I still have to actually find a place to hire me for whatever the degree is related to. I feel like investing or something is the smarter short term choice. I just don't wanna waste time and money on a degree that either won't get me hired or will land me back at another job that I don't like.
are Australian authorities really jamming cb radio rn?
>>29383 No. Over.
>>29382 Work at the dodgy 9-5 3 days a week while studying.
>>29383 wish we could find a way to jam channel 7, channel 9 and abc fucking propaganda shit
>>29385 not sure what a dodgy is. gonna assume that's like a gas station or a corner store. I've worked shit jobs before. Getting somebody to hire you on a 3 day schedule isn't really easy though. They usually expect at least 4 day schedule. Maybe I can find a place if I look hard enough.
>tfw Your mate blows off a literal business meeting to get teh covax I was gonna warn him
>>29387 Its naked mass psychosis. even the normies are switching off. Journalists get the rope
(178.94 KB 1280x960 hungry pixxa.jpg)
(190.32 KB 1280x960 BOss lake.jpg)
Got back to find lots of packages on my back door step, both postal and wallaby. Super happy to be out of the Poz but maybe its the can of coffee I had along the way. Fire's going and the clouds are on the Mountain slopes. Bath time tomorrow when the water heats up. Only one froxen pixxa left.
(286.03 KB 464x386 alex joneses.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09maaUaRT4M&t=740s Jonesy was pumping this clip. Mummybot was talking about the cognitive dissonance from the lungenpresse but couldnt find the words to describe it. Maybe the phonomenon should be called psychotischpresse'''' Gonna send it.
(209.39 KB 1280x960 Giant Killer Wallabies.jpg)
Teh beasts on the road will fuk with your travel program here.
(93.82 KB 1242x424 gone asiatic 2.jpg)
(176.98 KB 1242x987 gone asiatic.jpg)
>>406293 IKTF I'm a white Boong. I'm a proud Noongar warrior.
>>29389 Everyone I thought wouldn't get it, is.
>>29391 Splendid day and view.
>>29393 They kick cars off the ground.
(38.50 KB 438x711 aryan woman.jpg)
The guy in the mountans has a hobby farm where he has a couple of poly houses for plants and some pet goats and chooks that make lots of eggs. Paul his name was, a boomer city refugee really, who watched his animals and the natives with a couple of CCTV cameras. Said the he liked to watch that instead of tv at night. But he was uselessley carrying a tablet and had had the vax even though he "Kept his distance from everyone and only went in to the poz and back once every six weeks. Its useless fishing for based people who have resisted. Now that I think about it, my mate was probably thinking to convince me to get it with him. He's a sensible guy who would not get it if he knew the truth.
>>28473 canino1997, john doe8, kpop killer and astral nova.
Good Morning NEETs. Gonna watch the rain all day today.
(143.15 KB 1280x960 bookshelf.jpg)
The bookshelf in the camp kitchen at Paddock Beach. It would be a good place to plant the spruces that are currently in big pots at my oldads and mummybots.
(595.57 KB 2868x1598 Masons temple Brownton.jpg)
I took a picture of the Masons clubhouse, they might have been based before ww1, cant confirm wasnt there.
(171.08 KB 1280x960 Downtown Brownton.jpg)
The last white owned Milk Bar in Australia.
(306.67 KB 1280x960 spruce 1.jpg)
(358.16 KB 1280x960 spruce 2.jpg)
I checked my spruces that I planted in the ravine. One that got nibbled before is going well but the one that didnt get nibbled got nibbled. Wallabies get the rope.
(78.68 KB 1024x768 1604631480950.jpg)
Fire's been going since lunch and bread is finished in the maker. Rain is steady outside and the chores are done. Wish I had my cat still.
>>29405 >Wish I had my cat still iktf
>>29403 Thanks for all the pics neet.
(8.12 KB 223x230 kitler.jpg)
Need chop wood but rain.
>>29401 That's an awesome book collection. >>29402 I like that it's kept in good condition. >>29403 I thought that sign said BOONG FAT
NEET bath done 5 days no clean Field beard gone.
(42.49 KB 475x720 arno breker.jpg)
Was looking at the sculputures of Arno Breker, and thinking about the geniuses of the race. I suspect that these guys belong to another age where they could specialize in one thing and not get distracted by contemporary issues. Maybe the lack of modern classic art comes from those pathways to total focus being closed off by competition for the artist's mind by all the degeneracy, and there is plenty of that in modern art. I suspect that the Jew controls art much in the same way as he controls the media. This is a real shame but real art will always innovate and find inspiration in things that defy the mainstream. Pepe being the example I can conjure immediately. I should read my comic books again, they are full of real art. A natural trait of the white race. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Had a lemon already and there's banana passionfruit in my oats.
The Deacon wants to have a look at some more material, I cant even remember what was discussed last time. The door to hell yawns wider.
Ungh. Wash the Falcon when?
(306.50 KB 1280x960 mystery poo.jpg)
Feral cat shit?
Wood is all chopped for the next two nights. Its a good hobby really, wholesome
(130.80 KB 1300x956 gruyere swiss cheese.jpg)
Why cant I buy a wheel of cheese online. Fukn nanny state is what it is.
Falcon washed, turds hosed, beer in fridge. Thinking about tea.
(181.99 KB 1280x960 burghul and veg medley.jpg)
Smik Smak Smek YUMO CITY
>>29421 Looks good m8
>>29415 Ask him about Esau.
>>29423 Might drop hints about not being vaxxed, Predictably he and his hot wife got the jab.
(91.24 KB 450x636 Mars200Caramel.jpg)
Bredy gud. Chewy.
(262.45 KB 1256x1675 1596500504977.jpg)
Busy day. Got caught up reading a book, very timely perspectives. Look at the time! Good NIght, White.
>>29426 Stop spreading your filthy pornography, you filthy jew nigger.
https://archive.is/u5bQm I didn't know the MSM was allowed to have articles like this. They look just like the memes. Terrifying.
Good Morning NEETs. MSM news blackout continues and its a marvelously effective hack.
https://xyz.net.au/2021/09/tga-declares-ivermectin-safe-bans-it-for-treating-covid/ Was expecting this to happen. Hydroxychloroquine is banned for use as a covid prophylactic outside of a study. I dont need any more red pills that the ZOG is trying to kill us, but there it is.
>>29424 You can't trust them if they have. Their, and their offspring's mRNA is permanently changed. On a biological level, they are not the same beings. God's creation has been altered.
>>29431 The new mRNA technology is akin to the mark of the beast. I pray for the souls of those who succumbed to the lie.
>>29432 Their souls are fucked. It's all over red rover.
>>29433 Its too easy to use covax status as a basic indication of being awake or not. It does seem to be a useful cut-off though.
Might have a coffee and make a batch of pixxas after lunch
(242.46 KB 498x338 apu pizza.gif)
Bleah, Its entirely possible that I made the current Thermos of tea with the old tea bag.
>>29434 >being awake I use it as a good indication on whether they have opted in to genetic mutation.
>>29438 I havent found anyone yet, aside from youse. Couple of guys but they are not getting it because 5G coronavirus isnt real. Just heard again about rise in cancer caused by suppression of immune response from the vax. Now thinking that this will affect elderly because theyd have those viruses that cause cancer on board.
(186.88 KB 1280x1707 9 pixxas chillin.jpg)
should have made more dough. The pies are gonna be topping heavy. Just enough cheese, the last one was a bit scanty.
>>29440 I would pay good moneys for your pixxas.
(207.94 KB 1280x960 the last cauli pixxa.jpg)
Having the last of the old batch with the last of the bread, I even put the last of the olive oil over the last of the kraut. First Rate Feed
(80.16 KB 493x747 white chick.jpg)
The rain's got me sleepy, or maybe it was the pig-out. Going to bed CBF Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Rough sleep, had the pixxa tax big time.
(1.01 MB 700x674 ClipboardImage.png)
Whats for breaky?
>>29446 Same as usual. just half the amount.
>tfw wanted to go for bushwalk today but need to write report.
Sounds of dough getting bashed up in the bread maker.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2nlbEdtVII Good thing all those mexicans are leaving their homes, otherwise we'd have nowhere to put the jawas from afghanistan.
Bred's done. Need to use up this mountain of jam I collected.
goin up the bush to mark some spars for later.
(140.75 KB 1280x960 Silver City Spars.jpg)
Had a look around. The ground up there seems hollow. Many fallen saplings and I should have taken my saw. Got one that I cut earlier. Stripped it on the track. Bread and soup for dinner, might have some almond fingers for dessert.
(26.81 KB 862x575 12883266-3x2-xlarge.jpg)
Had a hot bath, now I'm going to bed without supper to try to avoid heartburn like last night. Likely going to dream of those almond fingers in the pantry. Good Night, White.
>>29454 >The ground up there seems hollow. What do you mean?
why do i keep sniffing and feels like theres garbage in my nose
Good Morning NEETs. Foggy and 6 degrees C here today but I cant see my breath so not to be setting fire this morning.
>>29457 Its old mining land up there and its just possible that the ground could open up and swallow me never to be found again. >>29458 You need medicine. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/dm/home
two boxes of tea got mysteriously wet in the pantry. I think the flashing on the chimney is to blame.
Did my exercises with no shirt on in the sun. Apparrently the 1000IU of vitamin D is one eighth of the dose for deficiencies. >A statistical error in the estimation of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamin D was recently discovered; in a correct analysis of the data used by the Institute of Medicine, it was found that 8895 IU/d was needed for 97.5% of individuals to achieve values ≥50 nmol/L. >25-hydroxyvitamin D levels <75 nmol/L may be too low for safety and associated with higher all-cause mortality, demolishing the previously presumed U-shape curve of mortality associated with vitamin D levels. >around 8000 IU for young adults and thereafter.
Might go see whats going on up the mountain.
Inspected the top of the mountain. More litter where I cleaned it up. Crossed 12 streams. Steak cut chippos for tea. Having a cheeky pear drop while I wait.
Running low on cheese and butter
(26.71 KB 500x500 white woman 2.jpg)
Lots of chores to do tomorrow. Fixing a washer will be first, Installing a matrix client on my laptop will also be a priority. Good Night, White.
>>29468 Hey sweet thing.
Good Morning NEETs. Cinnamon and passionfruit in my brekky oats today.
Bathroom tap is fucked, looks like I need to go to Port Shorecliff to get a new one.
NEETs I don't think I'm gonna be sitting around home for much longer. I can see the unemployment monkey on my back getting squashed by the wagie Gorilla.
Lots of flies inside. Might have to fix the screen door. Thinking about Pixxa for tea.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ix7TUGVYIo UwU postpone your suicides until after Xmas NEETs. Very cool use of Jefferson Airplane's "Go ask alice" Who the fuk is Lana Watchowski? did one of the brothers have a daughter or something, fukn nepotism, i mean really
Dont think I like the Barra 195, I like my Barra 190
>>29473 When i was cooking yesterday I think I had over a dozen blowies get in the space of half an hour.
Just got off the video chat with mummybot. She's sitting on the fence and got me riled up about covax shit and I called it a Kike conspiracy. Probably damages the credibility of my message. I'm literally her only counterpoint to the Devil's campaign. Otherwise the call went well.
>>29476 they go into the lit rooms, you can shoo them out by turning off the lights.
(168.51 KB 1280x960 fat pie.jpg)
These pixxas need pastry lids. They're knife and fork material. Super yum0 tho.
https://online.hillsong.com/prayer-wall/ Rats its still locked out. I pray to the LORD that the mods will relent their caution and permit the flood of lulz to rise once again.
(166.45 KB 499x2134 gun guy.jpg)
Illegal hobbies are just handing propaganda winz to the kike media
(378.24 KB 718x1109 matrix.jpg)
>>29474 hang on I thought the guys that made the first 3 matrixes were brothers. shit this is confusing.
>>29482 Technically they still are brothers
(51.95 KB 850x567 poker hottie.jpg)
It seems I was wrong about this important post about the current projections as far as the covax situation goes. I wanted to get it polished tonight but I'm still in the research stage. This has knock on effects and I'm gonna have to go to Port Shorecliff maybe friday. Oh well, researching and writing is the order of the days of my life and thats fine. In the end the guy with the correct information at hand is the winner. Still, try telling that to a T.V. head. Hunches and intuition are 90% of a decision. Gamble with your blood and fortune then sucker. Good Night. White.
(373.78 KB 1080x1162 Christchurch Mossad spy ring.jpg)
When are people going to admit Tarrant was a Mossad-op to prepare the way for this >>29481
>>29482 "he knows shood it doon"
>>29485 its the idea people are into facts.....facts just get in the way
>>29485 >>29487 Tarrant is a hero cry about it cuck
Good Morning NEETs. Foggy outside but my heart is clear.
Holy Smokes, the Hillsong Prayer wall is still locked out after the auspol raid. https://online.hillsong.com/prayer-wall/
>>29485 The kikes are only in NZ because of all the billionares that are building bug out bunkers there. Kind of like having field sales reps in a boom town.
Zoom meeting with the Deacon tomorrow. I dont feel comfortable talking with him because he's vaccinated.
Fugg the Deacon wants to go over the same Bible prophecies lesson we did a month ago. I wanna do the doomsday one. Getting the shits with sitting here. Might go out up the mountain this arvo.
(340.17 KB 1280x960 Sparlands.jpg)
(68.65 KB 1280x960 Silver City Spars.jpg)
Had a poke around the woods and cut down an unviable sapling. Duno what species, straighter that Tea tree. Said hello to some old girl doing the same but with twigs, a barrow and black terrier. Everyone enjoying the sunshine arvo here. Must remember to take a rubbish bag up with me next time.
>>29494 Nice pics
>>29482 > guys *Trannys
(1.44 MB 4096x2638 1606615340735.jpg)
Spent some time seething at the Covax siege today. I think this is important because my mind explores the issues and ends up giving me insights and contingency plans. Such as it was that I was looking for points of interest in the woods today. Certainly I want to go futher up and over, into the really dark places where I can hide from drones and plot my next move in mossy security. There's plenty of spars and water, just needs a supplies and equipment dump, ready for a push over the mountain. Feeling better about not having a bug out plan for a raid now. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Submarines my arse, I was expecting more virus gobshite.
(106.44 KB 982x726 cu nt.jpg)
(480.47 KB 600x745 1582100012180.png)
Got that zoom meeting with the Deacon today. Now I am thinking I shouldnt be trusting someone who's been marked as of the beast.
>>29502 cancel the meeting m8
Breadmaker's set. Going for a less wet mix with no baking powder this time. Programmed a darker crust too.
Shid I flicked some wallaby poo over the neighbours fence and it stuck to their window. There sure is a lot of it today.
>>29502 Your Deacon cut off his connection with the spiritual. Probably not worth it to meet
(974.61 KB 1280x949 red deer pepe.png)
>>29506 Gees the Deacon really wasnt on his A-Game this session. He kept stuffing up the zoom and was reading off the lesson points like a potato. I'd be really upset if he got Alzheimers from teh covax. Maybe its that red deer prophecy thing
Heaps of smoke around and the evening sun looks orange. Must be burn offs somewhere close. Fuk I hate them.
>>29509 Enjoy your feed neet.
(333.79 KB 1080x1271 1631739784742.jpg)
Fire's going and temp readout is climbing. Pollution from the burn off is in the yellow. I'm settling in for staying up late to write a letter and talk to my mate. Might skip the shower and break out the almond fingers. Just put the big nigger log on that wouldnt split and made my axe bounce off. Big job to burn that bugger. Good Night, White.
>>29507 Getting the vax will do that to you. Don't know if he'll get Alzheimer, but a permanent change in intelligence wouldn't surprise me. Not exactly a Christian, but I feel like those kinds of things tend to mean something. I think the temple mount caught fire a coupe months back, too.
(1.33 MB 940x627 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Morning NEETs. The lazy kid over the road still hasnt taken his bins in from yesterday, I hope they take away his motorbike and iphone.
>>29513 I wouldnt mess with that boong or pajeet or whatever he is.
Funny stonetoss
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
Fugg screen yellow line goes away when i poke it. me hardware Haxxor based
Boiled egg with janes crazy mixed up salt for morning tea, yum0.
This report is a massive grind, but friday night is beer and pixxa night. Run later. Port Shorecliff tomorrow.
>>29520dear diary... I farted and shat in my jox a bit...
They are dropping flyers for the covid-19 community vaccination clinic. Otherwise had a nice run thru the blackwattle forest all yellow and swaying in the wind. Oven is on and garlic bread + personal pie ready to go. Sure wish I could put the covax jews in the oven.
(5.93 KB 209x241 shit pants pepe.png)
>>29521 If I get u some pads at the chemist in Port Shorecliff will you pay me back?
(201.44 KB 1280x960 friday night neet treats.jpg)
>>29517 That is a good one.
I'm not gonna get this letter done and I gotta get to bed because I wanna hit the road early. Good Night, White.
(160.95 KB 472x1015 the radicalistion 7.png)
(81.51 KB 1275x354 the radicalistion 3.png)
(49.85 KB 1177x257 the radicalistion.png)
>>29485 It doesn't really matter in the end, was he a provocateur or all of this was done by him alone. What is matter, that he show to every White man, what to do with rapefugees: and it was super effective. Just like with Protocols of Zion, it doesn't matter who wrote them: the jews, to ridicule us by using "revelation of the method" tactic or it was wrote by Russian imperial agent, who infiltrated zionist congress. What is matter, that stuff written here is introduced millions of people in Russia/Europe/USA to JQ before internet ever existed and many of things written here are actually true, all you need is just compare the rediplls you found on /pol/ with this book.
(13.18 MB 1920x1080 VOD_20210918_061732.mp4)
>>29523 Yeah nah, youre missing the point, but whatever... bewdy of a day, up at sparrows fart... dog found a bone....
Good Morning NEETs. Proper rain showers, just making some toast for my day at the shore.
(47.01 KB 600x717 1553549046629.jpg)
>>29527 B.T. woke up a lot of people with his aktion and they went on to read "The Great Replacement". He was the most effective white warrior in recent memory.
Is that a different version of the song?? Ace bro.
Chimney leak into the pantry is isolated. Guess I'll be boosting some sikaflex at bunnings today.
>>29524 Lovely. >>29531 The only people who read that shit (that didn't even bring up the JQ and is pro Israel) are people that were already exposed to all this backwater imageboard shit. He preached to the crowd and made the crowd look like mongs.
(120.31 KB 1280x960 splash rocks.jpg)
(366.74 KB 1280x960 platypus creek.jpg)
(103.69 KB 1280x960 Mount Random.jpg)
Port Shorecliff mission went okay. Lots of poz, white men with their non-white brides, skipped getting my keys cut by the nepo in the kiosk because he was audibly botching a job already. Hit the bunnings and spotlight, the cameras over the registers and the girl had to intercom her supervisor to accept a $50. Bought and tipped out a can of original rockstar because 60g sugar and taste like poison. What was I thinking. Yummo cold Pixxa and a blast on the bugle at the beach to scare the gulls and normies. Having a Caro® to settle my tummy after the can of BOss™ Coffee and the lemon juice
>>29535 Nice shots, thank NEET
>>29535 hat creek looks excellent.
The new hose reaches to all the corners of my lawn/moss. Wallaby poo BTFO.
(75.24 KB 960x639 1601698785193.jpg)
Had a based day off and filled the freexer and the pantry. The use by dates on the packets give me about a year to get em down. Hope the collapse doesn't come just after they expire. This survival game is full of anxiety. Good Night. White.
Any NEETs here have any tips for crypto?
>>29542 Buy high, sell low.
Good Morning NEETs. Raining hard here, really flogging down.
>>29541 Mine XMR
(1.40 MB 480x480 unit pwns cops melbourne.mp4)
Today we will be examining footage of the melbourne lockdownprotest and wishing we were there.
(2.95 MB 544x306 breakthru melbourne.webm)
>>29541 tips.fbi.gov ? they probably can help you right out friend.
>>29548 I'll give (You) just the tip.
>>29546 impressive af. pigs are so used to pussies who act like women when they see 'the uniform' they don't know how to handle an actual man who'd broken through the (((brainwashing))) years ago.
(78.14 KB 640x345 acceptable casualty.jpg)
>>29549 eat shit and die in a fire cocksucker. try that shit in my land and you'll find yourself taking a short step off a tall building.
>>29551 Reminder that the HIllsong prayer wall is back up and begging for the tender ministrations of a professional shitposter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mye1aCskFcM
(22.23 KB 474x369 CHRISTCUCK ULTRA GOLEM.jpg)
>>29555 Typical christcuck, oh your daughter/sister got raped by 10 feral niggers, oh your teacher got beheaded in france?? Oh Your 80 year old grandma got violently assaulted and maimed/murdered by a police police officer for disagreeing and walks free? wooowhh im praying for her yeaahhh pray guys praying love, pray. That will do something, that will fix it.
>>29552 >short stepping poster
>>29560 rifk
I might have overdone it by stocking up to 6 mos supply of froxen veg alone. Meaning I could eat nothing but forxen veg for six mos and would still have left overs. Both freexers are chockas.
(554.36 KB 2000x3000 legened.jpg)
Downloading this moofie. Its been a while since I watched a whole one. Duno if I'm in the mood yet.
Better use these shallots before they sprout.
(239.15 KB 991x1500 The Yakuza 1974.jpg)
Yum0 shallots came out well. The trailer to this looks gud.
Good Moofie. 4 out of 5 tiny cups of tea. Back into it tomorrow, Maybe finish one stage, more or less. might go for a run in the arvo. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Blew a light globe, have to dip into the reserve, down to 79 spares now.
(73.19 KB 634x423 got flushed.jpg)
>>29551 Good thing she was wearing a wig, the way her head hit the road. Hope she's okay.
>>29574 https://xyz.net.au/2021/09/victoria-police-brutality-lying-press-admits-elderly-lady-was-assaulted/ >broken hip >concussion Another unvaccinated hospital admission, completely unnecesasary taking up critical resources.
picked up a thrift store ps3 and hacked it. currently still has the 250 gb hdd it shipped with still, got it loaded up with a few games. might upgrade the hard drive so I can fit more games on it, not sure which of my drives I want to use on it. picked up some big jugs of water for emergency purposes. my plan is to try to stash away 20-40 L of water each week down in the root cellar so I'll be alright even if there's some bullshit happening. you can get by without a lot of stuff in a shitty happening except water. tried to buy a propane heater as well for the emergency times but they were either all sold out or I couldn't find the right aisle. they were all sold out of the little bottles of propane for camp stoves etc, kicking myself for not picking some up when i was there two weeks ago. definitely other people in my region are also feeling the unease
(20.15 KB 220x296 Ragnar_Benson_1959.jpg)
>>29576 >Propane heater yeah you seppos get the snow. Heating is a waste of energy that could go to cooking in a survival situation. http://library.lol/main/07DF0A888C42B012C57D1A30DC79783D Ragnar Benson is my go-to guy.
(307.73 KB 1280x960 Silver River Bridge.jpg)
(195.46 KB 1280x960 Silver River Falls.jpg)
Went for a walk to Silver River Falls, its going off because of all the rain lately. Came back thru town, there is one empty house for every two occupied ones, but I dont fancy those parts of Silver City, I prefer the outskirt neighbourhood at the base of Payload Mountain. If I had any money I'd think about building on some choice land nearby but I dont think I could get a better spot than here. Having two boiled eggs with salt and a cup of caro while I wait for the rain to stop so I can chop tonights wood.
(321.42 KB 1668x1589 1628593839589.jpg)
Rain and hail all day. Comfy inside on the workstation. Got a feeling I need to devote more time to my exercises bit its probably the rot setting in from this project I'm doing. Keep staring up at the mountain in my backyard and wanting to get a spot up there. Would feel good to turn my attention back to basic survival projects, but I can think and plan. This is easy. Good Night. White.
(95.37 KB 720x1280 photo_2021-09-20_16-29-10.jpg)
Warmed my heart to see the CFMEU HQ trashed by CFMEU members trying to lynch John Setka today. It felt like a tipping point. ACCELERATE
Good Morning NEETs. Pooz deranged, def gonna take some co-senna today.
>>29580 R/melbourne was intensely kvetching about the CFMEU tradies protesting their "tea room" agreements. Commander Pig said on ABC radio that "Right wing extremists" and "antivaxxers" were taking advantage of the situation. If this is vaxxed vs novaxxed then all the latter needs to do is sit back and watch as the restrictions are eased and biology takes its course. Acceleration has never been so comfy.
(275.75 KB 1200x1199 touchone touch all.jpg)
This'd be the reason for the displeasin'
>>29584 The doctor could have faked his shots and was going to retire anyway. He just wanted to make a political point, Fuck him for grandstanding.
>29577 very good book, thanks for the link. more focused on a sudden, all-at-once kind of collapse like nuclear armageddon and less of a decades long fall of rome/fall of soviet union type of deal like I'm planning for, but still some nice juicy tidbits in there >heating is a waste of energy you could use on cooking I've lived in some climates where heating was truly optional and you'd be right, but not in this current one lol. we get a week or two with daily highs at -30C like clockwork every year, historical excursions go even lower. got a nice big stash of firewood and a woodstove that can do double duty as a cooking surface if necessary. It isn't really ideal for cooking like the true old timey ones though, and it's always nice to have some defence-in-depth hence why I was hoping to pick up a camp stove and a propane heater before the real cold times hit again and per thread theme I already have a bunch of cans of BEANS that I've been practicing eating cold right out of the can. no cooking required. just got to make sure they stay above freezing since I'm not hardcore enough for frozen pork and beans yet
(54.26 KB 382x604 Cold Beans.jpg)
>>29586 >cold beans out of the can HARDCORE
(143.51 KB 739x1600 nsw caves in.jpg)
Sydney tradies mandate reversed. NSW government shits itself looking at what happened in Melly, bribes tradies to not riot.
(1006.74 KB 591x543 1629453261324.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfviRZCBCW4 Nine News reaches a vast herd of vulgar opinionated ppl who never question any story they are exposed to. You can see how easy it is to turn the vax into a superweapon where it doesnt matter what effect it has on the virus or what side effects it has or whatever the hell it will do in two to three years. Its becoming apparrent that the simple concept of the vax is the tip of the spear, airborne and hurtling towards the target. I pray to Jehovah that the not too many people die from the vaxx civil war brewing. Good Night, White.
>>29588 checked and heil'd
Good Morning NEETs. Fairly warm this morning, fairly seasonal .
there was an earthquake here in north central vic just now! wtf? i walked outside and could see the house visibly shaking... whats going on? is it natural? or are (((they))) up to something again....
>>29592 better grab your shotty and doggo and head for the hills neet
>>29593 im allready in the hills... apparently some old houses collapsed in melbourne, so it was state wide...
update; magnitude 6, in mansfield, 10km down...
>>29595 I wonder where the epicenter was. and what secret underground activities were going on there
>>29594 Hills not high enough for these times.
Music for todays habbenings
I promised to email the Deacon today about a bible study session tomorrow but I might get away with it because he got the vaxx and it probably slipped his mind.
(126.82 KB 376x434 1629417484851.jpg)
Had a good workout in the sunshine. Splendid wren came to help. Woman across the street said hello. Most human interaction I've had for 2 weeks.
>>29598 good song. the 'melody' is quite familiar, I think cybernazi used it in one of their songs. haven't got my bad goy music on this storage device so I'll dig it up later. in the meantime here's something
(189.46 KB 724x1244 20210922_132710.jpg)
>>29596>>29596 the spot where this happenned is an old gold mining area, a few small mines still operate there, i was there in 1997, there were old relics all through the hills, very interesting place, thick bush, steep mountains.
(344.47 KB 890x1285 20210922_132755.jpg)
(501.91 KB 1051x1412 20210922_132818.jpg)
something happening there... look like logging coups or something... could be diggingss
>>29603 Yeah its logging coupes. They cant log slopes greater than 30 degrees
maybe the poles are shifting again? north pole has been shifting rapidly for years, the magnetosphere has been doing weird shit, and we are due for an inversion (supposedly evey 30k yrs). apparently volcanoes are waking up around the world too, but i havnt chekkd properly yet. could be related, waiting for the next one now
(7.17 MB 2856x4284 bearded lady boong.jpg)
>>29605 I'll shift your pole big boy.
>>29606 fuck youre an ugly cunt!
Went for a run up the mountain. Could see my breath the whole way. Pixxa and a plate of veg for tea.
(197.12 KB 1280x960 sounds of bread maker with tea.jpg)
(119.60 KB 708x1024 1632038771166.jpg)
Ungh Installing shit on Arch is really hard even when you are following the install wiki. Every second step doesnt work for some reason and you gotta search around for why. Staying up late for the bread maker to do its thing. Start the new software tomorrow. Bushwalk on friday Good Night, White.
>>29609 Quality feed
Good Morning NEETs. The Big black Currawong with the white tail feather tips is tearing up my front lawn again.
Going thru the new software tutorials, you get the pajeet on youtube or the anglo if you sign in to the trial verson, so I'll be signing in and using a pirated version.
Might brew a coffee soon. Its that kind of day
(256.00 KB 1280x960 time to move.jpg)
(165.25 KB 1152x864 now im fucked.jpg)
My poor lawn/moss. That big black bastard brought his whole clan of flying orcs. there were 18 of them. What can I do against that. I'm going back to Poz Town where its safe.
>>29615 They're conspiring to take you down.
>>29616 They were tearing up the lawn like a bunch of junkies looking for a crumb of dropped shard.
>>29617 You need to nip them in the currawong bud. They'll claim squatters rights soon.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10018767/Jacqui-Lambie-explodes-protesters-stormed-Melbournes-Shrine-Remembrance.html Once and Army slag always an army slag. She's got the spirit of Karen and wont be denied
(343.49 KB 720x1000 kyle.png)
>>29620 He posted on instagram today. Its fake noos thank fuk for that tho.
(41.54 KB 907x713 reddit deer prophecy.jpg)
(1.28 MB 1170x1457 1612039571493.jpg)
Fire's died and just coals now. Got a bit done on the back of the coffee. Went up in to the roof and had a look at the leak then I put another shelf on my workbench in the laundry, it was supposed to tidy up my tools but didnt seem to make a lick of difference. Sewed some new sleeves on my soft shell jacket and packed for tomorrows sportive up a different mountain. Didnt get far on the new software but i dont think its going to be a brain buster. Feeling a little grubby. Bath night tomorrow all going well. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. The Currawong was waiting for me when I opened the curtains, then he jumped down and ripped up my lawn. He is mocking my helplessness.
>>29624 Morning birb Good morning NEETs. Today I am NOT going to drink. Or be a faggot. Today I stop being an alcoholic.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>29625 See you tomorrow between 9AM and 6PM NEET.
(103.83 KB 862x575 red ensign.jpg)
(404.84 KB 3543x3543 red ensign.png)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-24/greens-push-for-inquiry-into-victoria-far-right/100486326 >The Red Ensign flag, seen at Wednesday's protests, has been increasingly used by the groups
(337.22 KB 2304x1728 mount prometheus.jpg)
(864.30 KB 2304x1728 thats ice.jpg)
Went for a bushwalk. Had a good time. Was a bit blowy on the top and i got blown over. Hands got cold and I had to keep stopping to let the squalls of hail pass. Had the weekly bath when I got back. Might get into the code now.
Lol kek there's fukn hail all over the lawn and more forecast, Looks like birb wont be tearing it up for a couple days. I hope the little cunt has a nice dry nest tho.
(183.10 KB 1280x960 Chicko + chips & veg.jpg)
Fire needed to get going.
>>29630 That kind of looks like firewood. You need an airfryer.
(5.23 KB 250x250 1610565005300s.jpg)
Back to the job search tomorrow, was hoping to duck it neatly but whatever. Just chop some more wood and put it on the fire. Half expecting that the whole thing will be pointless soon when the super variants start the whole shitshow up again. Bit dispirited but thats when I turn out my best work. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Big time ice on everything outside this morning.
Lookin for me Dad, name of Romulus
I'll be your daddy.
>>29634 Going thru my old photo ID cards, looking for an old work ticket >tfw see own face thru the years Kek hairstyles.
>>29636 This. These days I prefer a straight 3.
(223.97 KB 1000x668 campfire girl.jpg)
I'm still here, I just dont feel much like posting. The job I was going for dead ended and now I'm back to scratch but way behind where I should be, even burned my fall back position. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Very foggy outside, very still and nice.
(384.29 KB 640x482 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29638 Out of curiosity Neet; was it a job setup through an employment agency or a private employment gig? Best of luck on the next one.
>>29640 Haunting. >>29641 It was a lucky find when I was doing highly targeted canvassing. It was a solid gold normie 4 lyfe legacy job with a heritiage firm in the beautiful countryside. It would have crushed the NEET in me.
>>29642 Sorry to hear that, you have the drive to it once; you can do it again.
Why do I start eating my dinner on the way to the table? >>29643 I'll be okay. It would have made problems for me anyway. Just wanted to get any safe harbour before the covax shitstorm comes down for real.
>>29644 Life in the thunder dome... I don't even type the good stuff down on the PC any more, all pen to paper.
>>29645 Paper sucks for text. Its like using a muzzle loader when you are used to using a tricked out AR-15 not that i've ever seen one irl
Had a go at hosing all the wallaby turds in the yard. There is quite good fencing here but a couple of spots have gaps at the base. There is a downed tree with many spars in the fallow ground next to here. I could use that to stop up the gaps and then close the gate. Duno what to do about the airborne menace tho. Maybe I can re-seed the grass thru the moss and that would flummox them.
(51.62 KB 480x640 1579716183389.jpg)
There's a strange dynamic to the covaxx situation, especially up here in the remote. You don't know who's got the mark of the sheep, It would be really useful to know. I suspect that its not the common narrative so far from the city, and most of the unvaxxd are just lazy. There is a vaxxing in the Silver City town hall this week. For the average townie it'd be literally pointless and only good for the ZOG (((stats))). That poison is a point of departure on the point of a needle, there is no coming back to basic nature. Trust the biology. Good Night, White.
>>29646 If the U.S armed forces have shown us anything, it's that superior arms and rescources mean nothing in this world. A true inspiration to us all
>>29570 "United by a woman" Kek. Many lads would sell their son's soul for a bit of that poon these days.
bout to join you neets in the neet life. probably going to lose my job next week if i don't comply with vaccine mandate here in the US. i have no idea what i will do. have some stores of emergency food but not much dough left to pay rent if i'm not working. pretty freaked out tbh bros. may truly end up homeless innawoods from all this. still won't take the shot though.