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(118.27 KB 540x494 pepe clock.jpg)
NEET General #25 - TIME Edition NEET 10/01/2021 (Fri) 09:24:12 No. 29722
NEET sits at home in the comfy quiet. Grandfatherbots clock on the wall in the hall where its been since the 1960's, Tick-Tock Tick-Tock, Its the only sound in the house apart from the occasional youtube clip. The clock is a witness but has no opinion, it does not judge our NEET for that is the job of time itself. And the destiny of a NEET is as sure as the passing of this day into the next. >But surely there is the novelty of MAX appointments and Minecraft updates, amirite? >A NEET's schedule isn't written in the obelisk of future history! He has endless choices yesno? Come on now NEET, Look at what you did yesterday. Is it the same as you're doing today? Are you comfy at home and kind of hoping the lockdown doesnt end? Let me put it this way: When that clock stops one day you're gonna be happy, You're gonna have a reason to go down the shop and get it a new battery, And post about it. You serve time like a wagie serves the hidden jew at the top of the food chain. So serve your time NEET and don't think about it. Dan Murphy will be there for you forever and you can always watch another tictok. Don't feel lonely tho, You have the company of history and being a NEET is the oldest profession known to man. Why did you know there is an ancient legend that it will be a NEET who turns out the lights at the end of TIME
Edited last time by dublpluga on 10/01/2021 (Fri) 09:41:56.
How the fuk does he come up with that crazy shit?
(91.25 KB 1280x960 Silver City Sparz.jpg)
(7.53 MB Peace Maker.mp3)
(77.23 KB 945x585 Jaz Searby.jpg)
ANNOUNCEMENT Last thread was when an intolerable nuisance poster was permabanned. Because he was I.P. hopping on Nord VPN, ASN bans were put into place to reduce his pedo posting and spam. Tor posting is still possible here but be aware that tor posts will be deleted if they look like that shitcunt's grease stain cringe. Sorry for any seppos or locals who cant post here using VPN's, I reckon that raw I.P. addresses should be okay, they are all hashed and only the site owner can look at them. For what it's worth, I usually post using my raw I.P. address. I dont see cunts bitching about this because its the same deal for 4chan and telegram
Its time you grew out of this nazi shit m8
>>29728 Yeah thats fair enough, I used to post here a bit but stopped because you keep allowing BT pics and posts, thats just as bad as cp it brings unwanted attention to the place and it's why we lost our original home, surely the people that love him can go post at pol?
(53.15 KB 540x540 no worries.jpg)
>>29731 Its fair use, this is an Aussie board and he was a shitposter on 8chan. I'm willing to hold off but reserve the right to post on St Tarrants day in march.
Cant decide if I want to watch Prometheus or Covenant
Fuk I dont have either. FML
(639.74 KB 1868x2888 covenant.jpg)
No wait I have Covenant
Comfy rain tonight, soon it will be an annoyance. Camo net gets started tomorrow. Final days of prep start before a big field trip. Moofie is good. One of my favorites. Good Night, White.
>>29731 I'll never stop loving our saint. If you're on this website you're suspect to the authorities anyway
>>29731 Plus he's a Jew loving cock sucker that likes dolphin porn.
>>29736 Why didn't you watch the endchan movie?
>>29739 Fuk I didnt know it was on. I'm not on Endchan anymore.
Good Morning NEETs. Nice comfy temperature today. Slept in like a lazy cunt.
(48.46 KB 500x500 j rippr x bray.jpg)
https://www.bitchute.com/video/PKtm07CjLI1E/ J. RIPPR X BRAY - Fuck You Gladys
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3_WL5gzu2M This numnut got the percentages mixed up https://youtu.be/yVF03WTeyj8?t=177 This is the ABC "Correction" >Comment The Vaxx is still working in reducing severity of disease. I speculate that we have a recent vaxx campaingn and antibody titres in the population is still high. I think they decrease after about 6 months. Plus we have an aussie delta strain which would be enriched for S1 subunit antibody escape but not highly enriched like in the UK or Israel, I reckon. I think its just a matter of time before humoral immune response of the vaxxed population drops and the virus get a chance to evolve and beat the vax. 2 more months.
Uh-oh buggers we got a bit too cocky
>>29744 That white cunt was shakin so much he couldnt hit a buffalo if he stuck the shotty up its arse.
>>29740 The movie was pretty good. Sort of like a SpinalTap movie about Varg.
(594.93 KB 1200x600 thelastthing.png)
this is the true face of the jew, cobbers
>>29748 Only weak men fall for their tricks, and they can have them.
>>29748 Sam Hyde on the left.
(399.49 KB 1262x766 gulag.png)
also this, cobbers - he would know
(385.41 KB 2560x1920 kampfy.jpg)
one more, cobbers - be strong for Him and our Ancestors who fought so hard for us to live
>>29751 Read that book. Took me years. Very blackpill.
(350.96 KB 1920x1076 1578824202152.jpg)
Camo net is coming along. New tripod and pole setup is benefiting from those nice straight spars I collected. Got another 2 days mostly tying knots ahead of me but I might find a hack. Feels good to have a place to do craftwork all day, feels better to do it to get a survival edge. like the virus. I will upregulate and become more pathogenic. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Might finish off last nights moofie with brekky.
>>29754 always with the spars... what are you doing with them anyway, i must have missed the point., you faggot collector.
>>29754 Your Good Night White's are usually more attractive. That looks like a little ratdog gremlin.
>>29759 cool it with the antisemitism...
>>29760 Duno why I bother. You NEETs dont deserve me. Tuck yourselves in from now on.
(374.87 KB 455x400 ClipboardImage.png)
(90.82 KB 220x245 1594576834087.gif)
>>29762 What the fuck is wrong with you? Shut the fuck up, faggot.
(483.92 KB 1100x1000 free speech.png)
>>29763 Free speech is a seppo meme
(699.39 KB 900x900 ClipboardImage.png)
(310.47 KB 600x450 ClipboardImage.png)
(174.83 KB 700x700 reduce covid.png)
>tfw eating in again.
Some little girl shyly waved at me when I was coming back from the forest today. I almost missed waving back and giving a big smile because I was looking at my feet and trying to not trip in the washed out road. Feels like the people here, the white Australians in their flannelette shirts are the treasure in the faded houses of Silver City. Good Night.White.
Good Morning NEETs Left the laundry window wide open last night. Lucky that posso didnt get in and rek shit.
(264.11 KB 1200x1200 GJ_WW_Hazelnut_Delight_200g.jpg)
Feeling half asleep so I made a coffee using this ladies coffee my mummybot gave me. It didnt do shit and tastes like decaf but half an hour later I'm feeling okay. Maybe its a creeper not a jolt, is that a thing? thinking about fishing it out of the bin.
>>29773 That's fancy white dog coffee. Get some international roast.
(27.05 KB 515x600 1606264487517.jpg)
oof tough phone call to mummybot. She was worried because I was out of contact for so long. Put up a seamless front and got her to relax. Nothing was said about the vax or the mandates or the incoming NWO/ZOG shitstorm. She's watching less MSM and more crime dramas which is positive, but infotoxin still gets into her lounge room. I told her I wont be visiting when I'm in teh poz, I cant be dealing with collateral casualties as the siege gets worse. I dont think she's got the jab yet, I hope she holds out.
REEEEEEEEE Toy Story 4 is taking too long to download This torrent is shit
Last day here tomorrow, dead flies already vacuumed up and the spars are on the falcons bars. Just want to get on with the mission now. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Big rain overnight and looks like more today.
got a better torrent for toy story and should have prometheus for lunch.
Wayland is such a prick. Everyone is being a cunt to the android David did nothing wrong.
tor test post I went to the thrift shoppe over the weekend and acquired some things. a whole bunch of vhs tapes, a cowboy movie dvd 12 pack, some books, some 8-track tapes, two 8-track players, and an analog stereo receiver/amplifier. it was one of their occasional half-price sales where everything in the store was half off their already cheap prices, so I went a bit nuts and filled a cart up. any crap i don't end up wanting to keep can just be dropped back off anyways lol I got one book about a ranch in Wyoming I was excited about, but it turned out not to be so great afterall. she was a carpetbagger from new york who had enough money to hire help to do most of the actual hearth-and-home work while she just larped around being *super understanding* with animals in that insufferable way all women think of themselves as. a bunch of other crap about her playing the piano and composing which I found mildly interesting but in this particular book I wanted more in the way of prairie calamities and wild stallions kicking each other to death etc. Another book I picked up was a chinese peasant lady's memoirs of hating the japanese invasions and scrubbing floors in early 1900s china so that one should deliver a bit more of the type of pathos I'm looking for. Also an autobiography of sorts assembled from Khrushchev's writings but I'll need to cross-reference it with a proper biography (read one once at my folks house, have to ask them for it), since he's anything but a reliable narrator when describing the motivations and meanings behind events. still gives me a wry little smile in the meantime to read him making excuses for why that Wasn't Real Leninism At this point I have a fairly extensive collection of cheesy 80s VHS tapes, most from the thrift store for practically nothing, a few rare choice ones from Ebay. It's an affectation, I'll freely cop to that, but it's kind of fun and I consider it somewhat compensates for the otherwise austerity of my tedpilled personal apartment with no internet, no netflix, no judaism. Mates and I are doing The Big Lebowski this weekend. I want to do Mad Max next, might substitute Starship Troopers instead.
(8.04 KB 202x249 1633343759918.jpg)
>>29781 >pathos Check out this Emo NEET
Ungh raining all day and I want to check the letterbox >tfw cold but not wet.
It was just junk mail and a covax flyer. >tfw I got wet for junk mail and a covax flyer
Toy story 4 is too traumatic, I'm not watching any more.
(698.57 KB 800x1200 chojeweyness.png)
Victoria Australia Chief Health Officer Jeweyness Assessment
>>29785 What happens?
(238.02 KB 620x1217 1633384020227.jpg)
>>29786 The usual suspects. Even the jews that are cannon fodder for the elites are not going to side against "Team Jew" Redpilling a Jew would be next to impossible IMHO.
>>29787 Duno I got bad feels at the start when bo peep gets sold to some rando. The whole getting used and then cast aside doesnt sit well with me.
Early night, early start. Couldnt be fucked with freshening up my haircut but I had a bath with the last of the hot water since I switched off the service. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Got up early, was okay in the end.
(581.38 KB 486x772 no jab no flavor.png)
Goin up down poz city. You cunce want wat?
(65.40 KB 368x574 spotthejew.jpg)
how to spot the jew
Who got that forged vax cert so we don't lose our jobs to the cucks?
>>29794 might be a thing, I know that the Australian Immunisation Datatbase can be referenced by certain authorities. I'm gonna ask my doctor to check my status because I opted out. I need to confirm that it would return a null query.
Made good time on the coastal run. Some pig got me in a 60KPH popup zone. I immediately confessed to a lot of things and started crying so he let me go with a warning because I was too cringey to process. Setup in the ravine. My night sail is pretty tight and I'm happy with it. The fukn posso has stripped the bark off one of my camo trees and I'm gonna get rid of it to make room for the new spar setup I brought down. Went to see my mate who wigged out that one time, he is double vaxxed and changed a lot from before. I will go and sus him out a couple of times before I get out of here in 3 or 4 weeks. I rode thru town. The poz got turned up to 11 since I was here last you can smell the MSG coming from the door of every chink supermarket on main street. Had a cliff bar for supper because its drizzling and I cant break out the trangia and my noodles. The bush will be wet and muddy but at least it'll be quiet and still. Good NIght, White.
(264.13 KB 508x579 comrade sponge.png)
i made shock trooper spongebob
Good Morning NEETs. Had a nice comfy night but posso went thru my stuff when I was sleeping
>>29798 I'll shock your spongebob
In the big smoke, only the legcacy whites remain.
>>29798 Well meme'd.
(28.91 KB 500x500 white woman 6.jpg)
The seagulls were hassling me at dinnertime, I had risotto and buckwheat. I saw mummybot in town and we talked a while in her car, she has just had her first shot. The asian HR chick gave me a shift in my old home office. I have decide to grow a field beard. Its nice and quiet here at the beach but always there is wrong things like the grandmother with the milo grandson, or the gutbucket neckbeard with his chinky wife pushing a stroller. E-scooter faggots everywhere. Just cant get happy to be back.Good Night, White.
>>29802 of course.
(80.74 KB 750x703 1580648206424.jpg)
First day back at teh wage was not too bad, All white crew and some very pretty girls talking about their wine bar outing tonight. The vaxx'd dont even register that there is a looming mandate, it doesn't register that it was a test, either loyal to the jews or die as free men. Its going to be tough to keep my mouth shut because I know some of the wagies pretty well. Pulled up to the usual dinner spot and ran into a evening market. Mixed race couples and their half breed sprogs thick on the ground. Some homeless cunt rolls up to my shelter with his can of piss and pack of winnie blues. Wanted to chit chat but I sent him on his way. Not in the mood. Good Night. White.
(2.29 MB 1200x835 ClipboardImage.png)
Really want one.
>>29806 Pretty basic hydro setup. looks like it'd collapse with any big growth.
(73.17 KB 1002x1024 1579560024615.jpg)
Mundane is the word for today and everything went to plan. My phone is on flight mode and I'm not taking calls. I had a talk to my mate who wasn't picking up for a long time. He's literally the only person I care about at teh wage. He told me about his new psych meds, and how they are working for him. Thankfully he is not on the kiked antidepressants, only antipsychotics and mood stabliizers. I cant blame him for getting the vaxx, I reckon he succumbed to the pressure when he was at a low point. For many blokes getting the vaxx would be self harm and thus familiar territory. The HR crew were talking about numbers and pumped for being able to go to QLD to get pissed and plow sand. I miss not being able to investigate what codons have changed on the new strain. I cant move my understanding forward in the field. Just react. Good Night, White.
(331.70 KB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29807 You use these things and take them out when they're at size.
(616.02 KB 611x640 ClipboardImage.png)
How good was Star Wars: Solo. >>29810 so its for seedlings. I thought you should have a couple of mother plants. When I did it we just used ebb and flow baths and rockwool cubes. then I just put them in pots and watered them by weight.
(492.80 KB 1509x2000 1579366268684.jpg)
>>29809 Feeling pretty based most times of the day and I'm having lots of ideas and thinking a lot now that I'm outside of the information sphere. Its like that anon on 4chan said that being based is an entire new emotion. When I'm feeling based I have a connection to the blood of my race and the honor of my heritage. Its something real too because the fake culture and psychotic zeitgeist cant take the word away from us and use it to sell globohomo precisely because it means the opposite of the degeneracy that they stand for. Running out of batteries which is gay, being in the field has that aspect. Duno what I'm gonna do tomorrow because I have job search instead of wage. Fuck I wish I got that big 54 volt liphos battery going, I'd just park up and shitpost all day no probs. Got to wait until dark to do a portage to the camp, just want to be in bed now. Good Night, White.
>>29798 Based
Normies are in a state of mass psychosis, not just from covid-covax but from the globohomo-mass replacement. The jews were right about the whole cattle thing. Kek that they are cattle to their own zionist elite.
I wish I had a bit of heatshrink
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in and the possums didnt keep me awake last night, Hardly heard them at all.
Was posted to my old home office, completely fucked by beady eyed rat birches with one eye on cushy middle management jobs and the other on their mobile phone FB feeds. Some cunt on her rag disputed me in front of a client, an absolutely unprofessional bit of shit. Had the chance to ream her for it later but I just eyed her down and left it. Saw my uncle in poz town's main post office. Used to have dignity with its portico ceilings and honor rolls on the walls. Now it has turbo ovens and kiddies talking dolls instead. My uncle dropped out after some hardcore schizo shit back when i was just a kid, he teared up when I greeted him like a long lost uncle. We got franchise coffee and talked. His brain is completely rotted with the lifetime of psych meds and only the TV for information. No telephone, no internet, no mates apart from houso drunks hitting him up for dole day loans. He strongly advised me to get the jab but we left it at that. The rest of his world view was basically repeats of the main points of the propaganda narrative. Still you can see his Aryan spirit shining thru. No smokes. drink or drugs. clean living and super duper polite, walks everywhere and said he eats heaps of raw veggies. I'm happy because now I can write to him and he invited me to visit. The last time I saw him he walked away without talking. He didnt know his mother had died in 2018, I tired to tell him just before, such as i recall. Hey whats up with the NT going full mandates? I caught thier cheif doctor saying the jabs were a gift from god. Like our immune systems are not a good enough offering from Jehovah. At this point they are not trying to convince the holdouts, just whipping up hate against us. Truly they are doing the devils work. Good Night, White.
>>29820 Night m8
>>29820 It sounds like he's lost and needs to find his way again, like many of us. Best of luck.
Who's the big boong in here?
>>29823 This is wizzys board aye
(194.49 KB 800x1200 umbrella girl.jpg)
Got hit up for my vaxx certificate at teh wage today by some half-caste afro haired flunky. I straightarm deflected it with a total lie but its clear that the I'm being tested. I wonder how many ppl are trying the "religious beliefs" gambit, which for a christian would be to no avail because teh pope said that getting the jab was a lovely idea. It would probably work if you claimed membership of a (((protected class))) but the true believers would go quietly, resign without a fuss because the vaxx is exactly a test of who you are as a person, and your relationship with Jehovah. To reject his gift of natural immune response to the twisted promise of vaxx immunity from the devil's agents. The virus was even made by unholy hands in demonic labs at the behest of evil forces. This is like the original sin, or maybe the mark of the beast. Its hard to see vaxxed people as having souls anymore, I'm going around at teh wage imagining that I'm the only player amongst NPC's. I cant even get a conversation about the weather out of some of them. Its going to rain for 3 days which makes my life hard. The matrix is glitching up hard, only the power of faith is left. Good Night, White.
>>29825 >To reject his gift of natural immune response to the twisted promise of vaxx immunity from the devil's agents. Amen. Fuck the unholy scum. You thought you could convert them.
>>29826 There's no coming back from the covax, Not in the face of the bargain they were tricked into accepting: They took the promise of the devil to be protected versus Jehovas gift. Imagine being beholden to satan for your safety.
(372.31 KB 2580x1935 Blueberry friands.jpg)
(82.33 KB 794x1191 1585280390243.jpg)
I'm doing okay NEETs, I think the covax is going to lose and every day I'm unvaxxed I feel closer to Jevhovah. The rain is going away and my night sail should dry out, I had a sore back from the rigors of wage but I made it thru okay and even had a top tier girl just starting out as an offsider. Back in the same office tomorrow and then I need to take some time out to refit the camp. I nearly decided to clean shave the field beard but I'll keep it for now. I would go see a moofie at the cinema tomorrow but lockdown is wrecking those plans, The normies love it and are fully committed to the mass hysteria. If I caught covid now, it'd put me in a position of advantage. I dont think the ZOG will allow it as an alternative to teh vaxx because they know the PCR tests are useless and are no guarrantee that a pozitive test is actually the bug. Every day I get stronger and more sore. Soon I will be less sore. Good Night, White.
Fukn rain is ruining my life, I want it to be warm and dry but now I have to keep moisture out of my gear. I have misplaced my DAP and have to think about finding a dry place with power to do non-wage shit. The ZOG propaganda stream is pulling every single lever in a normie head to get a vax in every arm. From the most charismatic talking head pleading with you to do the right thing to quantas offering cheap domestic tickets for Vaxxed only. I half expect there to be a round up and I wonder if there is no way to opt out of the Covax passports. I will have to look at the Acts that make the rules and maybe send a super formal request to an ombudsman or something to get the privacy setting turned on with my account. The purple haired harradian sought to put her fingers in my pie at teh wage today but I side stepped and won out. I wont go back to that office even though I am now a senior operator there since the other senior operators got flaky as fuck desk jobs doing busywork. I am starting to give and recieve fine compliments from actual ppl in my final days there. Big Boy Based feels, days off tomorrow, might search the ravine for that cave I found last time. Good Night, White.
>>29830 Night neet.
(425.32 KB 800x600 seetheproblem.png)
do you see the problem here?
(36.57 KB 575x914 Die_Gedanken_sind_frei.png)
I quit smoking the devil's lettuce at least for a while. I want a new and better job that doesn't suck so much life out of me. I'd be willing to quit permanently for a job that would pay enough to buy a nice spread of land. If the cost of that is I have to donate some smelly but clean piss once in a while I guess I'd tolerate that. Maybe that's maturity or something. Still think it's gay and jewish that your employer can try to control what you do and do not put into your body but the whole world is pretty gay and jewish these days and I'm thinking maybe I need to choose my battles and save up my energy for the more important eternal struggles. If I end up just getting another "stop along the way" type of job then I'll probably get back on the dude weed dude train after a few weeks to see what the deal is. Lots of places say "looking for hard-working drug-free individuals" blah blah blah but it's nearly impossible to tell which ones just want you to show up on time and keep your mouth shut about degen shit and which ones are actually going to march you down the hallway immediately after the interview. I misjudged an interview during my last search and had to fake that the poor health benefits were a deal-breaker for me after it became clear that they were going to test me right then and there on the spot. At least a bullshit job that leaves me some time and energy to do things after work would be an improvement over my life now. Haven't done any of my physical or creative hobbies in months. Fuck this gay earth
>>29833 >your employer can try to control what you do What is he making you do? > they were going to test me right then and there on the spot Yeah, fuck that.
(362.29 KB 720x720 jewsvwhites_au.png)
>>29833 >the devil's lettuce I got sick of it and stopped long enough for the voice of Jehovah to come back to me. The golden path was made clear and I took it on straight away. No way could I have made it very far with a handbrake like pot. Maybe its just the stuff I had last, it was a good high but bad tax. Weed will only hold you back from your potential. My mate lost a good job in the mines from a failed piss test, then he lost a couple of years working in a takeaway before he got back on the money. He had a lot of cones and vidya under his belt during that time. He said that after a while at the mines the boss only piss tests cunts he didnt like. Now I dont smoke, not even super occasionally like Elon Musk. Its just not based, Being based is like Joy, but for me its joy at shaking off the lies I believed when I was younger. I dont think you can feel based when you have cognitive dissonance. When I do some heaps smart shit that works really good or figure out something important I get this feeling.
>>29835 Alex Jones never gets past the second panel, unless you factor in that he dumps on fascists but never communists, maybe you should add in an interdimensional beings versus aliens one.
(133.72 KB 940x627 sharnie.jpg)
I went to the laundromat and pitched my new and improved shelter in the campsite higher in the ravine. Last night I got flogged by heavy rain which soaked everything on the ground, plus a runnel came up right in the middle which is still going as the water equalizes into the creek, which gets loud and is hard to cross during times like this. The new camp is not as well camouflaged but has better concealment, I will put natural things on the net which I sewed as much stuff as I had back in silver city before I started this mission. I'll keep using the old spot until the weather shits itself on the weekend. Heavy rain is actually my friend because no one goes out into my area then,. I dont want some normie rando is a plush house on the other side of the ravine spotting me. Kids or weirdo birdwatchers stumbling onto my camp is next to nil, it took me twenty hours of searching to find the spot for the second time. Having some cooked dinner on a bench at the uni campus complete with outdoor power point. Some uni guys came up and looked at a fungus here that looks like dead mans fingers coming up from the earth. Nice to talk to some normal people for once. I better go because the posso is out and casing me. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Cold start but will be a sunny day for bush work.
(81.94 KB 1000x1421 nitram.jpg)
Might try and get to this moofie today.
>>29839 Morn' Noot >>29840 >Trailer Gave no clue what it was even about. Some sperg and his mom and dad >IMDB >Events leading up to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre on Tasmania in an attempt to understand why and how the atrocity occurred. huh? >jewpedia >The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 was a mass shooting in which 35 people were killed and 23 others were wounded in Port Arthur, Tasmania. The murderer, Martin Bryant, pleaded guilty and was given 35 life sentences without the possibility of parole. Fundamental changes of gun control laws within Australia followed the incident. The case is the worst massacre in modern Australia committed by a single person. Oh cool
>>29841 >Events leading up to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre on Tasmania in an attempt to understand why and how the atrocity occurred. A review I just watched gave the the impression the movie is basically about his mom, and making you feel sorry for her, having a sperg for a son. It never attempts to make you understand Martin or explain his thoughts and motives.
>>29842 Duno Its made by the same guy that made "Snowtown" which was really good. But then he made some bullshit film about how Ned Kelly was a transvestite. I'll see it but I wont pay to see it. Then I'll post about it.
(35.09 KB 338x507 true history justin kerzel.jpg)
(85.37 KB 630x1200 snowtown 2011.jpg)
(54.89 KB 634x556 1578461430722.jpg)
>>29841 If you want to see something interesting I think the police interviews are on angelfire somewhere.
(433.20 KB 650x768 everysingletime.png)
every single time ... again
>>29845 Duno, lots of whites are scum evil like Jews. There are two types of man: Economic man and Spiritual man. The worst examples of behavior come exclusively from the former. Any economic conservative should be considered highly suspect and prone to being controlled by the Zionist bloc to act against the interests of the white race in general.
(30.33 KB 374x423 1600665142051.jpg)
I got into a 1PM showing of Nitram. It was a top tier character driven narrative but justin kerzel took liberties with the actual story. There was only a little bit of his characteristic peter wier style landscapes but the house settings kind of made up for it. The actor that played Nitram-Martin was superb and really nailed it, Every actor was outstanding really. You couldnt say there was much Tasploitation unless you consider the thing as a whole, so yeah it shat on the place big time. I walked out when the story got to the shooty and burny bit. I suppose thats the cool thing about sneaking in to the cinema: You arent compelled to sit thru the whole thing so as not to waste your money. Had a big day of shopping and the new camp is go for tonight. Got teh wage starting back up tomorrow. Hope I dont get AIDS from that particular worksite. Good Night, White.
>>29847 >White That's a bit of a stretch.
(374.85 KB 720x540 eeweg.png)
reposting from auspol thread: shits fucked cunts im going to be homeless in a few weeks (or days) because im not getting the clot shot and i havent been able to find someone to do it with my medicare card under my name. its going to fuck my whole family and my parents will divorce as a result idk what to do my whole life will be fucked idk if cenno provides crisis housing idk what to do i dont have a job i dont have a car and i got thousands of dollars in fucking covid fines i cant afford shit idk im fucked i live in sydney, im not going to kill myself and i dont want to split my entire family idk what to do i came here because i figured neets of all people would have some experience with facing homelessness/centrelink/crisis housing shit etc im scared
>>29848 Nasim had more based style than every single white slut on Onlyfans.
>>29849 The hardest part of being homeless is the start. Once you find a cool bush spot then you can start getting your squatting program started. Keep talking to likely looking cunce and if your lucky you will hook up with a crew and move into a nice comfy empty. There's heaps around and just like ZOG propaganda, once you know you will see them everywhere. Plus its coming up to summer and that makes things considerably easier. Having the ZOG blow up your life is more a start than a point of departure. Normies are fukn trapped in the prison of their own minds, thats why they immediately declared loyalty to the jews and took the bait.
(102.80 KB 230x255 nasim.png)
They put me on the crew in the faggot office today. The faggots in charge dragged me from one of the grindhouse floors to take a special job that they couldnt hack. I had a good time and it wasnt too hard dispite the woke faggorty and degenerate social media slavery that uncle Ted warned us about. Its a really nice warn evening and I want to get up to my camp early and listen to some lectures on my DAP while I tighten lines and tuck shit away in preparation for heavy rain incoming. I thought about putting grafitti on the inner tarp but if some cunt finds it then affectations like that will tell them things about me, which would break the next level of camouflage. I really wanted to correct the faggots cheering the ZOG's rampant destruction of public health campaign but I didnt stir the pot. I duno if its because I'm cautious or just chicken noodles, which Ironically I am having for tea and I burned a big scorch mark in the picnic table and lost about half of my water putting out the stove. Oops. Good Night, White.
>>29851 > likely looking cunce
(194.49 KB 800x1200 umbrella girl.jpg)
>>29853 The wage today was boring and then frantic, I am walking out with much office supplies and its no guarantee of getting more shifts before my field mission draws to a close. There are a new crop of shitskins and the HR bints are new chinks who will fill the floors with any warm bodies at their convenience and to the detriment of quality. The agents of the devil are shovelling coercion on top of the coercion and the tricks are meant to undermine my forthright resolve with wage stress. But I am a soldier for Jehovah and I can bear any of satan's fakeout punches. I went to the english lady and her sweet shop and grabbed much boiled lollies and wine gums. She asked if I was going on another journey and I said I didnt know if i would return. Her fresh gingerbread was excellent. I can see a rainstorm brewing and I want to get into camp before it hits. Good Night, White.
>>29854 >I didnt know if i would return. Do you think she will wait for you?
(40.84 KB 390x594 prince charles.jpg)
Neets, I need a place to stay. Haven't committed any crime other than that of thought. Can cook, will work. Is anyone able to help?
(2.46 MB 1118x821 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29857 Why of course, Charles my Dear. You can stay with me at Balmoral. I'll send Geoffrey with the Rolls to pick up
Teasing, sorry mate. Im on the other side of the planet.
>>29855 She has cats, no doubt. No need for man
>>29857 I know a cave...
(331.17 KB 1080x1349 malignant.jpg)
Fukn rain is making life suck, Its too noisy on the shelter canvas and its hard to sleep. Wage is noticeably more pozzed than normal and the organization I work for is unsustainably inefficient. I spoke to one guy about the vaxx situation, he got it to keep his comfy permanent weekend shifts but is dead against it. I gave him some key information and said goodbye. Laundry day today, got under a week in poz town before I go to paddock beach for a couple days R&R before I go back home. I saw a moofie the other night, just to get out of the rain. It was 4 out of 5 Fingers in my ears to control the scary music at full blast. Top laffs when the monster is revealed.
>>29862 >Top laffs when the monster is revealed. cheers to that
My family is arguing with me in my head about being a covax refuser, this fight against the devil is real NEETs. Satan will try anything to bring me down now that he knows I'm never going to give in. Evil does not cast judgement over good, Those that are marked do not get to cast judgement over those that have chosen to stay pure.
>>29863 Having a laff releases the tension from the suspense from the horror moofie. Plus the body count of cops at the end is hyperbolic. I swear the lead actress was in some pron flix.
>>29866 Geez Cheap flophouse Free Bible lessons
Off to get some motor oil and sack my union rep.
>>29867 They all come with a fridge and a telly.
>>29867 I wonder if he ever got that motor oil.
All right i've fuckin had it. Going to quit my job tomorrow morning, will ring up the boss and tell him I won't be in. I'm going to tell him it's just the long commute that's the reason but him and I both know that it's cause I think he's a pissant retard oaf. It's still better if I don't make that explicit though just in case I need him as a reference for something later on. It is the commute, but also that I think he's a huge fucking faggot. TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT I AINT WORKIN HERE NO MORE
really want a camera but still waiting to see if i will lose my job from the mandates. what a life we live. boss offered me an ice cream today, i knew he reminded me of biden.
why so many cunts sooking about their wage on neet...? quit allready and tell the truth about why! even better, be a proper cunt and film the reactions.
>>29871 Got the motor oil but my rep ducked me again, I'll just sack the cunt via email, He used to me my mate backinnadae but ten bucks a week is what its costing me. Had a good couple of days at teh wage. I met the only other unvaxxed person there and we both teared up at the start and I teared up later when I was talking to her in the staff lounge because she's brown and has a couple of half breed kids. Got a date for tomorrow, was supposed to be for today but she got on the bus when I didnt message her in time. Three more shifts and I'm out of here. Got to move quickly now because its about to piss with rain and I want to be comfy under my sail when that happens. I got jew donuts and some falafel for tea which i boosted when I bought the bagels. Dont wait up for me. Good Night, White.
>>29872 Neet lyfe and cenno await.
>>29875 >Got a date for tomorrow, was s Hope you have a good time m8
>>29875 >she's brown unna
(179.32 KB tda7297.pdf)
Rang up the fagg bossman this morning and told him to pound sand. Back on the truNeet train for a while. I had an EXTREMELY cozy day tending to some of my neglected hobbies. -Adjusted the trimpots on an old 70's guitar tuner (tone generator style). I've got them all pretty well dialed in except for the D string where I bottom out on the trimpot and am still sharp. It'll be a little project sometime over the next couple days to change out one of the fixed resistors to bring the trimpot adjustment back into a useful range. - Spent some time adding standoffs to a bunch of random class AB and class D audio amps I had in my electronics bins and gave them a critical listening test to see what's usable and sounds good enough to me for actual listening and what just gets built into novelty projects. I dgaf about a lot of sound quality things but I can't stand crunchy noises or hiss from the speakers when no music's playing. The TDA7297 amps (class AB) were the clear winner of my tests as they have a bare minimum of hiss given the right DC supply and they still get plenty loud enough for me. Datasheet attached. - Spent some time attaching some proper thick speaker wires and critically listening to a few various pairs of thrift store speakers I've acquired recently once I had the 2.0 amp situation sorted out. The big floorstanding ones are fun sounding but the tweeters must be real tired or just designed bad from the start, all boom and no treble. Still keeping em since big speakers = cool and they're really not so bad unless you're A/B testing them against something clearer. The little pair of bookshelf speakers had the best treble and clarity but were lacking in bass, I'll need to try these out once I'm back to the 2.1 amplifier testing. Also tried out the big pair of bookshelf speakers, those things are just mud cannons with no redeeming qualities so they're going straight back to the thrift store. Going to drop off a load of e-waste tomorrow then do some things in town
>>29879 Based NEET The date went well and I showed her a good time at the beach which was deserted because of the absolutely filthy weather. I got cold and wet feet walking her up and down the promenade while she did outdoor poses in her new linebacker jacket, then I drove her home and we didnt talk about me losing my job because of the vaxx at all. It'll be a miracle if I ever see her again but there is always the hope and she sent me a kissy kissy text message after when I was trying to heat up some slop for tea. Gona be fukn late getting into camp, I hope its not washed away, there was literally a waterfall and river under my night sail this morning and I had actual difficulty getting over the two main creeks on the walk out. Last day of this miserable mission tomorrow, glad I had the nuts to ask her out after all this time. Pity its utterly pointless Good Night, White.
>>29880 >pic You just know
>>29879 > crunchy noises or hiss from the speakers when no music's playing That hiss pisses me off too. >bookshelf speakers Can you use them at the same time as the floor standing ones for the treble? Do you play any instruments?
>>29880 >Pity its utterly pointless >kissy kissy text message I dunno man, sounds like you did very well. She sounds keen for a good old fashioned dicking.
Dropped off the e-waste at the monthly collection point. the e-roasties at the collection point were impressed that I had actually labeled each item "e-waste". "Oh wow he knows the actual term for this stuff". I very briefly considered flexing on them with my past work and life experience but the moment passed in an instant and I just smiled. I labeled the stuff for my own reference, not for theirs lol, I have a bunch of stuff and didn't want to throw away anything working. Then they started speaking in fake british accents to each other??? Girls that tend to think this stuff is funny for some reason. One of the girls was kind of cute and she may have been spilling her spaghetti a bit over my perfect two days' stubble. Caught me a bit off guard though since the e-waste disposal isn't really a place I was expecting to meet qts so I just played it warm and polite. Also her boomer boss was around which is always sort of a buzzkill. I can feel the skirt-chasing urge coming back now that I've got more time and energy so I'll have to prepare the "fun and quirky" date ideas crap you have to do in the first couple weeks before you've got them hooked and you can just play Halo 3 co-op on the couch in-between blowjobs. >>29882 I could wire the bookshelfs in series with the floor standing speakers but it might create some phasing issues so I'm not sure it would be an improvement. a proper crossover circuit would be better but I'm not sure it would really be an improvement. I tried out the bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer but the sub then ended up overpowering the speakers. The thrift store receiver only has 4 discrete settings for subwoofer volume and all were too loud. Eventually I've got my eye on a decent Denon receiver off ebay but it's a little pricey for my no-income neet budget at the moment, maybe once I get back on the wagie train again. >do you play any instruments yeah, a few. guitar and bass like everybody else on the fuckin planet, I poke around a bit on a little midi keyboard, and used to play some woodwinds in the past as a schoolkid but no longer. I occasionally post my musical shitposts here. haven't had the time for a while but maybe i'll try to get one up this weekend for you lads.
>>29879 The op shop jews here charge pretty money for PC speakers. Cheaper to get In-Ear Monitors from the chinks on alibaba
>>29879 >pound sand This is seppo army phrase yesno?
(17.48 KB 400x290 star trek hottie.jpg)
>>29883 Yeah I'm keen too but would need to slow down out of warp speed to even attempt the docking procedure. Besides she lives in another sector.
>>29884 Kek. recycling rosties put out for some reason, The ferals that work at the tip shops fukn love it but they always seem to have that homeless tan. Can you fix my computer speakers for me? one of them is busted and its hard to understand moofie dialogue and I have to use the subtitles all the time.
(106.40 KB 630x404 power booster girl)
Tomorrow I am doing prep for extraction day when I head down to paddock beach for some unwanted R&R. Duno if I'm gona see oldad and mummybot because they got the vaxx and thus I cant talk to them about getting my job X'd out from the mandate. I know they'll be fishing for some feels but all they can give me is sympathy, not empathy, and thats one step away from condescending. Now I have to face the reality of the covax fallout in my family. I might play it like a time out kind of thing, a long time out because going from poz town to silver city is not viable without a fukn job, Holidays at the beach with oldad are gonna get cancelled and no guarantee of Xmas either. Thinking about stealing power and running a crypto mining rig, also very glad I didn't pay off my hecs debt last year. Good Night, White.
(1008.80 KB 720x621 ClipboardImage.png)
8 hours straight downloading music and sorting my collection. A solid day's work for a neet. Feels good, man. Cleaned up the folder naming convention and grabbed a bunch of proper 16/44.1 FLACs to replace some questionable bit-rate mp3s still kicking around from the old days. Might end up having to purchase a few CDs or upgrade my autism into one of those private trackers because there's still a few albums I can only find in mp3.
>>29890 I can tinky-wank to that
>>29891 I started using foobar but I cant make it arch linux.
>>29893 your fault for using that dumb meme os, probably. foobar2000 works just fine for me using WINE on ubuntu [1]. > sudo apt update > sudo apt upgrade > sudo apt install wine-stable > go download foobar200 from sourceforge or whatever [2] > wine ~/Downloads/foobar2000.exe I've got a bunch of specially configured autism plugins so I can play video game music in native formats and batch convert them to mp3 [3]. I have the music for what is probably almost every single sega genesis game ever released ripped to mp3-128 cbr [4]. audacious is linux native and includes built-in support for a couple common chiptune formats but the decoders aren't as high quality, for example missing ADPCM data for .nsf files links: [1] - https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/ubuntu-20.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent [2] - https://www.foobar2000.org/ [3] - http://smd.joshw.info/ [4] - https://www.foobar2000.org/components/author/kode54 Toshiaki Sakoda - M.U.S.H.A. - 1990-02-10 - Fullmetal Fighter
(484.18 KB 2304x1728 NEETcave.jpg)
(12.08 KB 180x249 hp.jpg)
Palaszczuk, Mr Heinrich (Henry) father of Queensland premier - could he look any more trustworthy?
(535.59 KB 2304x1728 spruce concentration camp.jpg)
(54.26 KB 510x732 knitting pattern 1.jpg)
Went around the fam and told them all to not talk about my second class citizen status. Oldad was okay but I left when he started going on about property prices, Mummybot got the message but her cat is still an aloof cunt. Pretty much normal with my sisterclone and she made me a nice lunch of beans and homemade bread with fetta. I came away with a bag of decent lemons and a box of goodies including kraut and cans of that Jap coffee I like. Mummybot got me some garden mesh from her old bat neighbor and I went up the bush and did up the wallaby protection on the spruce i planted. They smashed both trees and I duno if one will survive. Saw the black feral cat that comes out then the campus zones are deserted. We watched each other for a bit but I didnt have any tidbits to share. Feel pretty based with my one month field beard and even the uni tarts in dress-up noticed me cooking my tea on the falcon's tailgate. Last night in the Poz. Good Night, White. Went up the bush
>>29896 Needs a freemason or legacy stickpin in his eye
>>29894 yeah 8 bit tunes are the shiznit. There is some command line file conversion with ffmpeg or something but I couldnt get it to work. I'm gona stick with arch because I want to migrate my OS to something more based. I should be able to do basic stuff eventually.
(220.05 KB 2304x1728 funny alien.jpg)
Had a can of BOss flash brewed long black latte and made it to Paddock Beach. Its a lot more caravan scum than last time. They set up their camp chairs and make boong tier fires in old washing machine drums, then they sit and look at the other cuntoids doing the same thing, pathetic. The boomer and his early model Gen X GF has a ritual with the pens I did the covid sign-in with so as far as he's concerned I'm max factor gigavaxed. Alex with the servo sunnies who works casual in a bottle shop is the only other tent dweller, pretty sure he's gonna get on the beers all night. My spars are where I stashed them and I'm set to do a hurricane drill all night. I have a loaf of bread on the go in the maker I left behind last time, its got an hour to go and I'm hungry now. FML
Alex gave me some butter and it turns out he worked in a bakery and would probably be quite critical of this loaf, such as it is. The normies have all hit the sack and the wind has died down totally, hopefully the smoke from their fires will go into their steel and fiberglass person containers. Bread is okay with butter and the last of the marmite, definetley going to woollies in Exmouth tomorrow, along with going to the laundromat. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs I forgot about the totality of overnight dew here.
(3.52 KB 318x159 ok emoji.jpg)
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10134669/Follower-Hitler-saluting-neo-Nazi-leader-posts-racist-code-bizarre-court-hearing.html 7*2+44*2 =102 this the unicode for the 'OK' sign apparrently used by white supremacists sometimes ( U+F102)
>>29903 👌
>>29904 Racist
>>29905 🙋🏼‍♂️
>>29906 Greeting each other with Roman salutes are a fun way to stop covid. Kids
(1.85 MB 3120x4160 IMG_20211021_213628.jpg)
>>29907 Permablinding laser weapons are better This one also makes flesh explode lolololol
>>29908 That image makes me wish I was blind.
(2.58 MB 3120x4160 IMG_20211020_160217.jpg)
>>29909 Eyebleed tiem
>>29910 Lasers are banned here Your images have been reported to the AFP.
(2.97 MB 1280x720 1595664541963.webm)
>>29911 I don't particularly care. Video of me permablinding a federal officer
(716.79 KB 3120x4160 1610565060248.jpg)
>>29912 This one can blind literally anyone who even SEES the impact point or the emmiter. You don't even have to hit people to take away their eyesight for life
>>29913 This one is undodgeable.
(480.19 KB 1094x828 military microwaves.png)
>>29911 >Lasers are banned here Are microwaves?
(465.97 KB 960x720 1626718955065.jpg)
Plug and play permablinding laser weapon!
(346.34 KB 1000x5000 1371841754393.png)
>>29916 Also put your RAGE into it anon.
>>29916 No illegal to import, also cant import elastic to make slingshots. This topic is making me uncomfortable. I'm going back to reddit where its safe from extremists like you
>>29919 I got my laser pointer in before the ban. it'll come in useful to bring down pesky passenger jets that fly too close and for impressing kids at halloween.
>>29900 >pathetic Sounds nice tbh
Why is australia such a leftwing shithole?
(177.97 KB 559x800 1620486696898.jpg)
>>29903 >>29915 >Are microwaves? Do you have any experience first hand with creating and using a maser, LaserAnon? Seems impractical for warfare, your target would likely start moving as soon as they feel themselves cooking. 3000w magnetrons are around $1000 USD, not sure if that's even enough to be effective. Plus you have to lug around a power source. Not sure if DC power from a lipo battery is enough. What are your thoughts / experiences with masers?
>>29922 Aussie gronks have it too good, they are decadent and stupid in the main. The white immigrants got ahead pretty quickly by working hard which made them dogshit to the legacy oafs. Now the second and third gen gobble the assets built by their forefathers. Its the same with big industries and civil projects like the hydro.
>>29923 Dont the high power lasers/masers use capacitors and burst emit the rays? electromagnetic pulses from exploded energised coils always interested me.
>>29923 I'm calling that image out as not having any context and could be an allergic reaction to a antibiotic or something because it looks like a plaque rash which is not associated with the covax which is more subdermal clotting rash, I believe.
(54.87 KB 507x337 workshop girl yeah.jpg)
The job interview at the mill went flat from the get-go. They fucked up and werent ready to interview me and I must have decided the place was cringe after meeting the head lackey because I immediatley flexed my no-vax status and told him that his firm's green credentials were bullshit. After that I got a cursory look around and a rude brush-off, no regrets. There are now three awful bull dykes camped here and their evil little whoite dog cunt rushed me and yapped when I was going to the showers. I refrained from kicking gravel at it and we are still on smile and wave terms. Big hail mary interview at a workshop tmrw. Thinking about what to say, maybe not drop J-Pills str8 away. Would be funny if that actually worked one day. Not in the mood. Good Night, White.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-30/vaccine-pressure-heavily-covid-threat-queensland-workers/100579004 >chief ZOG health vax shill Ian Macfarlane says the risk of unvaccinated workers spreading COVID-19 is significant. This know-nothing should be pushing a broom not the vax narrative, at least the incompetent cunt is undermining their cause by being the definition of a pillock.
>>29923 My biggest issue with masers and microwaves is they lack good range in atmosphere and it difficult to properly collimate the beam. A waveguide is the best you can do
Good Morning NEETs Didn't slleep very well because it was too cold for the thin blanket and too hot for the thick one.
(102.29 KB 1200x1200 queen.jpg)
4pol says the Queen is dead. Not sure how I feel about that or even if its true because I spend too much time on the aforementioned board.
(431.25 KB 670x3187 1368786730613.png)
>>29923 > your target would likely start moving as soon as they feel themselves cooking By that point they need to be taken off the field as they are half cooked and you have done your job well enough. >3000w magnetrons are around $1000 USD You're not thinking very tactically, you may very well be able to pull one for free or <5% sales price via junkyards or talking to old restaurant owners. Also by the time you need to use such measures you may also need not ask such questions as you understand the world better. >Plus you have to lug around a power source. It's not so bad if you only need to fire it for 30 seconds to a few mins, beyond that it may take something fancy like a being wired into a hybrid vehicle. Too bad hybrids are so hard to find now-a-days. If you're more indirectly inclined then you could just use pic related.
>>29931 You need to stop going there.
>>29932 >> your target would likely start moving as soon as they feel themselves cooking >>By that point they need to be taken off the field as they are half cooked and you have done your job well enough. Are you sure though? It's not like a bullet where the moment it tags you it decelerates and does massive damage / energy transfer. Wouldn't the target have to be completely stationary for several seconds for there to be any amount of damage? Or at 3000w is it instantaneous damage in a fraction of a second of contact like with a bullet?
(170.99 KB 1280x958 Firebase Silverado.jpg)
(178.68 KB 1280x664 blessed grass.jpg)
Left the sunshine behind in Paddock Beach and blasted the falcon all the way to my job interview at the workshop. I get there as it starts to bucket down on my uncovered shit in the ute's tray, but at least I made good time like I promised and the reception girl has a QT accent I cant place. The interview was three leading hands and the B.O. business owner and I'm just talking talking, being witty, dropping hints and selling them the good shit. All the time the old BOss is not saying anything and I dont know if he's sold or I'm better luck next time. But I was good from the start and I won a three month trial after I refit for a couple weeks here and solve the annoyance of a proximity forward operating base. Duno what the story is with the diversity hire nepo I spotted in the office, an obvious blight on the otherwise competent and agile management by the B.O. Good feels all the way home apart from my long black latte guts, went up the bush and cached a small payload already, forest, moss and mud underneath my boots again just like a duck to water. Hot water service is on so bath tomorrow.
(121.29 KB 553x580 Jehovah cleanse the unholy.jpg)
(31.27 KB 465x700 fine candle.jpg)
Had a bath with candles and shaved the field beard. I should'a got that candle snuffer I saw in the op shop for $5 in Exmouth. No fire tonight, its 20.3° inside up from 18° at 1700. Had a look at the power supply from the street and imagined how I could tap the power before the meter. Hit an old mate up about who he was betting with and he threw a leftard wobbly at me when I told him "Natural Immunity". I didnt reply. Most of the yumo foodage is packed away. A whole new bowl of lemons and a couple kilos of boiled lollies. Not worthy of a haul pic but I want to somehow log my pantry. Maybe with photos or somehting. Might go to bed early. duno where to start tomorrow. Good Night. White.
>>29939 Goodnight m8
>>29932 A microwave room or hallway could be effective The eyes cook first
Good Morning NEETs. Why fuk my grass so long, wallabies lazy cunce.
longer grass means longer poos
(72.12 KB 828x1792 dan andrews cv.jpg)
Dan Andrews is such a massive shitcunt and now we know why. Once he gets fucked off out of office he is literally unemployable.
(306.17 KB 506x596 1635986644123.png)
Kikes pushing back against No Nut November
Went to see the mechanic to ask him if I could use his pit to change my oil. He got a bit grumpy and said no. Its too late to get some ramps so I'm gona have to get him to do it on monday unless I think of something.
>>29949 What are these health benefits? Being a degenerate is wholesome now?
(141.12 KB 1080x1080 reclaim white.jpg)
Sacked normies about to get rekt.
(10.72 KB 1300x860 atari.png)
Thomas Sewell. Message from gaol.
(88.95 KB 701x1024 kinder egg pepe.jpg)
After tea I might go talk to the NEET who lives in the old garage with the doggo and pusscat.
(394.00 B 10x10 minifrog.png)
Hey m8s, I've got a question, I'm on dsp and get about $1,110 a fortnight but my circumstances have changed, I used to pay $170/week rent but I'm now paying $225/week, if I tell centerlink this do you think my payments would go up? Right now, I get $142.80 rent assistance.
>>29955 Rent assistance is a direct subsidy to landlords.
Talked to the NEET and he does detailing and knows falcons and has one. I'm gona take it over on monday and we will do the oil and have a look. He could be based but I dont approve of his tactic of tying his dog to his cat for walkies for the latter.
>>29955 I don't know, but thats a big hike, you have nothing to lose talking to them
(99.31 KB 640x799 xj2q80aefye71.jpg)
Had a beer, catching up on the immunology lectures I missed. Nice evening and no wallaby turds on my lawn. I think I'm gona haveta put a source of water around if I want them to around to keep the lawn under control. Good Night, White.
So I'm not dead yet but fuck Daniel Andrews. Double vaxxed, don't seem to be having health problems but the humiliation seems to be permanent.
Good Morning NEETs. Misty morning and a sunny day 4 ya
(159.31 KB 962x940 1633154707985.jpg)
>>29960 I hope you dont get any but I duno what to tell ya.
Flies are building up on the windows behind the blinds. Might have to put the screen door up.
Got the screen door on and just in time because I have got two fat evropean wasps on the windowpanes. Going around now with the raid.
(20.80 KB 220x332 Dangerous_(film).jpg)
Watching this with tea
>>29966 UwU its got mel gibson and tyrese gibson so it must be good because nepotism is always worthwhile yeah
>>29966 I like Kevin Durand ever since I saw him in The Strain
>>29968 The moofie sucked. 2D bad guys and crappy shooty bangs. Mel was good tho, reminds me of him in "Dragged across concrete"
(45.01 KB 550x378 1622250806916.jpg)
ungh spent most of my day on the net reading papers and thinking about covid immunology. Fukn actual cognitive dissonance from the covid science rabbit hole where teh results contradict the analysis in most of the papers and all of the news journals. Looking for convalescent plasma theory and why it was abandoned when the vaxx came out. answer: because it undercuts pharma profits 23 degrees inside and tomorrow is time to vaccum up the dead flies. Good Night, White.
(4.05 MB 1281x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
(70.01 KB 225x225 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29971 Fukn good old bad old days of toil and nation building. Now we just run maintainance on the labors of our grandfathers.
Good Morning NEETs. Going to do my best to stay off /pol/ today.
(50.78 KB 450x900 custom_audio_rack_concept.png)
Still haven't looked for any fuckin jobs other than a quick glance here and there at a job board then closing it real quick. Not autistic enough to get gibs so I'll need a wage eventually to pay the lando kunt but for now I'm happily melding into my stereo system. Received my modern nice little amp in the mail today and also picked up an early 90s full size receiver at the thrift store. They had a big pair of 90s speakers that would have otherwise been my jam but they upon removing the cloth grille the midrange on one speaker was torn so that was a no-go. I've also picked up a 5-cd CD/DVD/SACD changer recently from the thrift store across town. 5-CD changers aren't too rare but this one also does DVDs which should be kind of interesting if it works properly and you can queue up ~10 hours of footage, could be neat for workshop background footage etc. No HDMI video output unfortunately but it does Y Pb Pr Component progressive output. Video's just a bonus anyways, it's got both optical and coaxial SPDIF output which means I can use whatever fancy DAC I want to. If I'm lucky it'll also support MP3 cds, I know there's really no point in those these days but it's still kind of fun to load up a couple hours of questionable-fidelity music on a single CD. Saw a Yamaha subwoofer at the alternate thrift store across town so I'll probably check it out more closely next time I'm there. If it's got its own built in power supply and amp I might get it. Some stereo/surround sound receivers provide powered output for subs but some just give you a line-level out and expect you to provide your own amp. Currently about finished sound testing the little amp and the big receiver, I'm taking a bunch of power consumption notes measured at the wall socket which is kind of fun, full report to come later. About to move on to testing the CD changer and burning a bunch of CDs to mail off to a friend who's finally getting a car again.
(10.46 KB 190x266 buddy bradley.jpg)
>>29974 Jobs boards are fukn demoralizing. I just wasted hundereds of hours going for jobs before getting a start on a 3 month unpaid trial. It was the stretch goal and I'm just doing it because I love it at the end of the day. Feel a bit like buddy bradley from Hate! comics who ended up working for a record store such was his dream. TLDR: I dont understand your audiophile stuff because I am inta comix
>>29975 >comix
>>29975 >job search
Got into the polyester resin now the whole house stinks like plastic. Fully autistic feels setting the job up tho.
(33.01 KB 1024x576 1633056978688.jpg)
Injected to Kill by No Juice
(187.43 KB 876x1390 bike girl.jpg)
Dune was pretty good, feel like a potato for sitting thru all 2 and a half hours of it tho. More of the same readings and craftwork tomorrow. Gotta refit the bicycle ASAP and I need to put an order in to the parts broker. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Did my exercises already with the low sun in my eyes.
(105.40 KB 960x1280 sa health is satan santa.jpg)
Got to get off dryburgh on telegram and do something else.
Might watch Solo again
(640.19 KB 1022x1015 1583267501866.jpg)
Put the covax research away for a bit and now I'm analyzing aerial photos and maps of the target area of operations. Three months is the goal, summertime, not real familiar with the terrain. I have been there twice when I was checking out some empty houses and looking for a dead junkies stash, but that was years ago and the bush burns and grows, even the sattelite maps are expected to be off. I think I need boots on the ground for a scout mission, for that I need a satellite base. Got feels about not having ice cream this summer. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. The wallaby is still around and laid a massive turd outside my window last night.
(80.17 KB 499x495 1628412582894.jpg)
Getting the willies about this mission lads, Got no home ground advantage this time.
>>29985 Was he peeking in your window?
>>29987 Thats a scary thought.
(104.33 KB 1000x1000 nulon.jpg)
The NEET who lives down the road helped me change the oil in the Falcon. I gave him $50 and will replace the additive he loaned me. Old oil was black AF, bad feels man.
Goin up the bush. One day I wont come back down.
(372.82 KB 1280x960 Yum0 NEET Berries.jpg)
(77.29 KB 640x480 sticky sap spars.jpg)
Came back down this time. I went deeper into the forest to get these and found a new section with tons more spars. Might watch SOLO with dinner.
>>29991 Thanks for the pics. >>29990 The bush will consume you.
(32.40 KB 615x410 Bread girl.jpg)
Really missing my fam at the moment, got awful feels and the devil is whispering bad things inside my head. Feels like no going back. No jew meds from the doctor, no double jabbed suicide hotline, no understanding from my brainwashed mummybot. I know they are hurting and missing me too, I saw it in a dream and that hit real hard today. Not sure if I'm gonna go see them at Xmas because it'll be right in the middle of this final mission I got to get thru. Feels real cold inside man. Bush was nice, plenty of things up there for me to look at and think about. I read the terrain under the forest litter and its all real random but there are no ferns at all which is a mystery. Tomorrow is doing a work up to a scouting mission to my operating area this summer. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Its ten degrees but this mountain valley is so beautiful in the mornings.
TFW Thinking about second breakfast.
(340.28 KB 1280x869 Invasion of the triffids.jpg)
Triffids are back, probably why I havent seen any wallabies lately.
Postie ninja dropped something in my mailbox >go down and check >Auspost + chemist junk mail Oof got me cunt.
goin up the bush to get more spars. I may be some time but when I come back I'll post pics
(304.24 KB 631x1024 Wizzy.jpg)
Quads and youse can all ave a bit a yaandi and get up to visit the dreamtime
(23.52 KB 316x421 ernie.jpg)
>>29999 Good onya cuz
(314.22 KB 1280x960 Six spars for my love.jpg)
Back. Rain. Shower. Pixxa. Moofie
Hmm endchan is down
>>29993 You should go see them for Christmas.
>>29999 onya cuz
Back from the vet. He's not in any actual pain. He has a funny rhythm in his heart, which will probably be what kills him. The vet said that would be the best thing. I took him for a drive and a walk yesterday, I don't think I can take him for any more cruises, it was too much for him.
>>30002 Yeah org is a 502, and gg and net are 404.
>>30003 Yeah I probably will but I was gonna use that time for a refit mid-field mission.
>>30005 did you get doggo morphine?
(198.83 KB 1280x960 pixxa pie.jpg)
one left in the freexer
>>30005 Enjoy doggos company while you can neet.
>>30010 Nice, enjoy neet.
>>30009 I got him a non-steroid anti inflammatory
>>30014 Give him a pat
Why did 10k do it?
i see we are here no frens
>>30017 Hey faggot. :)
>>30017 Yesno
ungh fuksake.whats up with endchan it was buggy all arvo.
>>30015 Yeah, that's all I can do. He hasn't moved since we got home. He's buggered.
>>30005 sorry to hear that
>>30023 I fed him some fish and calamari and he perked up a bit and went outside to piss.
>>30024 Doggos like person food
(113.60 KB 835x835 1592441639298.jpg)
Moofie: Apex was okay, it had john mclaine in it from lethal weapon 1-5. he was heaps old but still kicked arse. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Rain snuck up on me, wasnt paying attention.
Gonna sack my Deacon today
>>30028 Surely not.
>>30029 Polite email requesting zoom call sent
Zoom call with the Deacon in an hour and a half
>>30032 Community engagement is good, whatever form it comes in. You shouldn't feel obliged to be a part of their congregation, but it is good to he welcomed there/on the zoom meetings when you feel up for it.
>>30028 Good. If you need to talk to a priest talk to a real one; An East Orthodox one.
>>30034 I just went to a Divine Liturgy at an Eastern Orthodox church for the first time the other day, so I'm seconding this advice. It was a very beautiful experience, and I hope to go again this weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PsRBO52dfY
>>30035 >>30034 sending love to you brothers in Christ. today was a hard day for me.
>>30036 >sending love to you brothers in Christ Likewise. Hang in there, anon
(1.16 MB 1080x1080 pepesonnerad.png)
>>30036 There are always going to be tests in these end days. Just keep passing and you'll be rewarded with gold in heaven. Deacon and I have parted ways. He did not put forward any unvaxxed witnesses to talk to. Will be searching for a new Based chruch.
(1.33 MB 720x402 good boggo.webm)
Hows doggo doing?
>>30039 Pretty good now, he's perked back up. Still wobbly and old etc, but okay.
Took a bed apart, put it back together and whippersnipped the back yard. Waiting for the battery to recharge so I can chainsaw the palm branches down to size so they'll fit in the green bin. That may end up being a tomorrow job, the battery takes ages to recharge, and I'll no longer have any oomph to do anything by then (about an hour). I need to get another battery.
>>30041 take it apart and find the half charged cell. Charge it up and you should be good to go
>>30042 >take it apart I fuck everything up I try to fix. I'll get another one.
>>30043 its fucked already, you have nothing to lose. except it might explode and ruin your looks
(183.75 KB 534x357 1624180446475.png)
>tfw desperately looking for wallet for an hour. It fell beside the seat in the falcon.
(380.58 KB 1000x667 malle girl.jpg)
Last night at home before the big one. Always get the willies before big unknowns and guaranteed uncomfy times but you're only a coward if you give up before you start. Anyway, I'll be back in a week or two to pick up the workstation and extra gear. The place is called "Summer Bay" and I hope it lives up to its name and the weather doesnt shit on me like what happened last month. Still not clear on where I'm gonna sleep. Should have a massive field beard at the end. Should have my survival program pretty well screwed down. Good Night, White.
>>30046 Good luck, stay safe.
Good Morning NEETs. Its cold AF this morning, would get the fire going if I wasnt boarding the place up and fucking off.
(626.84 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Drinking piss and listening to Slim. This song got me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N6r6RAPTbE
(832.67 KB 4471x2254 Area of Operations1.jpg)
Had a very good, very high quality sleep last night in my new forward bush base "Bullant". I was exhausted because I scouted very hard and thoroughly as well as portaging and setting up. I had to shift once already because I was too close to a "Ho-Chi-Minh" trail used by schoolkids singing and blasting nigger rap. Kids never keep secrets and having one stumble across my camouflaged night sail would be to hand over my privacy to some psycho-facebook-karen helicopter mum on a mission to protect her kids from neetrangers living in the bush with the wallabies. The new A.O. is kinda familiar regen bush and loam-gravel soil with no boulders. Its foothills behind coastal plains and snake territory. I'll pack my camera and see if I can take a picture for (You) NEETs. Went to the workshop today and they told me to fuck off and come back next week, No problem and I have returned back to the lab to do survival tasks, working on my rule of threes. I'm checking my GPS points with the satellite map and preparing a new night sail. Will be thinking of the spotlight QT who cut my canvas from the roll today. Heaps of pigs rolled into town as I was picking up my parcelfrom the LPO. Saw a bantu chap checking out the empty restaurant, very uneasy about that, he seemed just stupid enough to think that the long closed business would be viable, perhaps he plans to serve batu cuisine cooked by black 'skilled migrants' to the locals and fifo miners. Hard pass on that.
>>30050 Nice looking HQ
>>30050 >I was too close to a "Ho-Chi-Minh" trail u Yeah, go in deeper if you have to neet last thing you want is to be disturbed by the normies.
>>30052 Aah its okay I camped near a trail for ages and it was no issue. I am working out a secondary that's deeper in the forest. Just worried about vandalism because my gear represents a thousand hours of handcraft.
Had a video call with mummybot, she's telling me things about her week and its sounding like the Red Deer prophecy events, and I start talking about how I'm heaps better than before when the covax situation was rolling me and she changes the subject because of when I told her two weeks ago that we cant talk about this elephant in the room if we want to stay part of each others lives. I want to be talking about how I feel, and how I'm pissed-off collateral damage in this cognitive + biotic war. I would always talk to her about how I feel, but its just not fukn possible. This is what the Jews and their fukn new world order agenda have done, they have reached into my fam and stolen a big part of it away. If the jews, and it is clearly the jews because of the MSM keystone in this, if they did have some reasoning behind this obvious mass psychosis psyop then it might be something like >We are in a arms race in a biotic war with china >The population is the battleground >We need to prime them to submit to injections of whatever we deem appropriate >In this way we can 'protect' them from future biotic threats >If they all have to submit to six monthly "boosters" we can slip other biotech in at the same time >Checkmate china >Might use the brainwashing apparatus to solve global warming etc. while we're at it. what to do after you break your mind out of gaol? Good Night, White.
(107.04 KB 680x448 1580194828892.png)
>>30054 the pic you posted was on a european accomplishments appreciation thread on halfchan pol earlier. The poster said thx and hes going back to watch the rittenhouse trial. was that you anonfren?? Could it really bee
Good Morning NEETs Gonna wash the falcon today, amongst other things.
So much tar spotting. The council is fucking the road to Silver City™ I wonder if thats where it comes from.
>>30055 I'll be whoever you want for $20 but no A2M okay. My mate in Poz city is getting kicked out because his lando wants to hike the rent by 35%. Fuck all chance of him getting another place either. The gook next door to him is already paying that and suggested he get cenno rent subsidy like she is. WTF visa holders get cenno now?
(2.85 MB 1091x1567 victorias hero.png)
Had another good little bit of music piracy, got some more flacs, burned a bunch of cds for my little cousin. Now that I've upgraded the wifi, got a new soulseek client, and added my main drive to the shares I've actually had a few people download from me. Feels good to upload. Really good. I'll never compete on upload speed with the gigabit fiber autists for popular albums but at this point I've got a pretty nice collection of semi-rare stuff. handed out some IRA jams, some mega drive tunes, and currently got some guy downloading my whole collection of 40's wartime music. Giving my little cousin the set of muddy bass cannon speakers, one of the TDA7297 chip amps, an old-school cd walkman, a 3.5mm aux cable, a 12v power adapter, a bluetooth to 3.5mm receiver, and a stack of burned cds. Everything but the chip amp and cds came from the thrift store so it's all in for less than 20. It's a fun little mid-fi setup, had it set up in the kitchen for a bit just to check and see. if I didn't A/B test it against a nicer setup I wouldn't know anything's wrong with it. It's a little loose and imprecise in some ways I guess, but still sounds fun. 100 times better than some bluetooth speaker that's dsp'd to hell or some scooped out computer set. Back to the wage cage on monday, we'll see how it goes or if I quit or get fired on the spot I suppose
>IRA jams I remember you posting that here ages ago. I was thinking about upgrading my AV unit in the falcon because driving is the time when I want to listen to something based but I cant do it on the cheap so I have to make do with IEM's and the DAP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKUSd43ozDY
(210.18 KB 828x1104 1632044133049.jpg)
This cottage in Silver City is a fine survival lab with a mountain forest out the back where I can try out new builds and tech. I ought to have a youtube channel and share all my cool ideas like piss bottle basics and how to shit into a plastic bag. Now I am thinking to exploit this opportunity and start building a permabase hidden up the mountain, maybe hike in LPG for heating and cooking fuel. NEETranger. Good Night, White.
>>30061 What do you have as far as a stereo now? If you've got a cassette tape player, you can get a little magnetic adapter that will let you use an aux cord (3.5mm TRS audio cable). They also make tiny little fm radio adapters that will turn bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack into a low power fm broadcast, these kind of sound like shit though. Cd player, well then burn some cds. At times I've also just used a bluetooth speaker on the seat next to me. Never been too convinced of the need for actual hi-fi in a car, the volume of the space is kind of weird, you sit way off to one side of the stereo image, and there's relative assloads of road and engine noise, even in a luxury car. I'm currently into 16/44.1 FLACs for my home stereo but 128k mp3s are just fine in the car. Agree that the car is an ideal environment for 100% based tunes though, guaranteed privacy with no interruptions.
Good Morning NEETs. Its going to be a rainy day today but I'm indoors so, good.
>>30063 I gots a CD player so i can burn CD's i forgot about that. Would be good to have a GPS map and reverse cam tho. Not having a job means that its gonna haveta wait tho.
>>30062 >hike in LPG That's a big job.
>>30066 I'm thinking of a custom backpack frame. Fukn Microsoft office why cant I get a cracked version working?
(72.53 KB 1280x720 mfw-office.jpg)
>>30065 >burning cds unfortunately I haven't had much luck burning with external usb cd drives. maybe the fact that I bought the cheapest fukin ones I could find from china 5 years ago didn't help. They seem to read CDs and DVDs just fine but kinda shit the bed when I try to burn with them. Now that I think about it I haven't tried in a few years, and I got a lot better about burning stuff so maybe they'd be worth a try. I mostly burn cds from my big fatt thinkpad with an optical drive, and I just finally got my optical drive mounted properly in my mini-itx desktop and burned a few cds and dvds to test. My friend with an ancient macbook says his Apple Superdrive or whatever works for him after his internal drive broke. I guess I've also been able to burn just fine from my old macbook and an old imac, these days they just get used as airgapped garageband machines but I burn a cd here and there as backups. I've been thinking about upgrading to a blu-ray burner at some point, they seem like there's still not in the dirt cheap and reliable point yet since I only have room for slim drives in my current machines. >cracked microsoft office repent, sinner. libreoffice writer works good enough if you just need to type up a resume once every couple months. Just write the file out to pdf when you're done. It also works well enough if you just need to open and read a .docx for a datasheet here and there. Don't bother exporting out a docx file though, it still looks like balls when somebody with microshit orifice opens it up cause your formatting gets fucked. also there's really no replacement for excel at all if you're doing anything other than real basic sum and sort so you need the real mccoy if you're doing fancy shit. if you're doing fancy shit then work should pay for your michealshit laptop and all the licenses though.
>>30067 > backpack frame Hauling a gas bottle up a hill doesn't sound like much fun. I had the same issue with office, all the ones I tried off of piratebay didn't work.
(16.26 KB 255x223 norm thinks.jpg)
>>30068 I dumpster dived a ton of old but usable components, dvd burners amongst them. Definetly want to upgrade my home audio because at the moment its in mono. My home network is kinda clunky at the moment but works, mostly. I think I cant activate MS office because I'm using Win 10 AME. I'm sure there is a solution there somewhere but I dont have time to hack. Its only a recent need because of my new "job" unpaid trial
(80.50 KB 438x578 apple cabin.jpg)
Freexer's gettin down a bit, need more chippos.
Why do I always need to pee when I take a bath. At least I'm warm and clean now. Might have a go at learning Vim
(70.73 KB 862x575 nice arty chick.jpg)
Last day before I go back to the field. Probably need to do it because I get too comfy here, get too sluggish. Had a good talk to oldad and told him I miss him, had his picture in the frame when I was on the phone, feel like a normie, kinda nice to have tho. Good Night, White.
(18.70 KB 100x100 1604988597646.gif)
>>30073 >Had a good talk to oldad and told him I miss him, had his picture in the frame when I was on the phone, feel like a normie, kinda nice to have tho. Based. Just got off the phone with pops as well. We argued a bit about the vaccine but eventually came to terms. Wish he was proud of me for being able to continue the genetic line, but I'll settle for a mostly painless conversation. Now to push myself out of the house...
Good Morning NEETs. 4° and ice outside, oof.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q8L0-36hTM Toes are freexing, wish I was in outback WA
>>30072 >warm and clean now. Pee is not clean.
>>30077 Pee is usually sterile.
(55.43 KB 395x586 secret valley.jpg)
Off to Summer Bay for adventure. Planning to come back on the weekend and make some more pixxas.
>>30079 Say hello to Bobby for me.
(9.82 MB 5674x3712 DSC00181.jpg)
(27.07 MB 6000x4000 DSC00161.jpg)
went for a walk in the rain today. took a couple moody fall photos. made for a good day. i really should get out more.
>>30081 Very nice pics.
>29955 My sister used to work for centerlink and she told me no, it doesn't matter how much rent you pay apparently, it has no relation to your payments.
>>30083 Huh, how do they determine what to pay then?
Got into my camp last night and it was untouched. Scouted around but couldnt find a shower and there's none at teh new wage. They gave me my own office and i dont have to share it for three days a week which is a plus when I start to smell. Going to start scraping out a secondary camp tonight.
>>30085 You need to find a wash through.
Fragrant office wagies
>>30085 I start to smell even on the first day if I don't shower, like sometimes when I smell my armpits before I shower it smells fucking rank, other times it's not so bad.
>>30084 Not entirely sure but I just rang up about and of course it didn't make a difference, I was told I already get the max amount of rent assistance, which is only fucking $180.
Good Morning NEETs. Fukn birdos wouldnt let me sleep in to the alarm. Kookaburras even.
>>30081 Heckin enormous file butKINO
>>30088 >>30086 I am going to have to use baby wipes for a week, Then I'm going to go find a river on the way back to Silver City
(222.26 KB 1011x1049 1572732346505.png)
Parked the falcon in the usual spot and the guy who lived there came over and sussed me out. We had a robust conversation and I told him exactly what I was doing, even showed him my no-pedo police clearance card. He told me to park on his property and he will let the community know that i'm not sus. Just got a passport with the locals. BASED
>>30093 That's wonderful! God bless
(11.41 MB 6000x4000 DSC00267.jpg)
(16.34 MB 6000x4000 DSC00285.jpg)
>>30091 Took a couple more yesterday. Found some new paths in my town when I saw a couple people emerge from a hole in some bushes while I was having car repaired.
>>30095 Its really good to see other NEET's natural environments
I got tasked with helping the old boy complete a rush job, mind numbing from the fumes but at least it's better than retreading truck tyres. At lunch old mate gets into his chicken dinner and reads the ink off the sports pages. Just trying to keep a straight back and not start swearing just to fit in. Out of butter.
>>30093 >no-pedo police clearance card Your what?
>>30095 Beautiful.
I like you guys These threads are filled with authentic people. You rarely ever see that on 4shillz. It's all slide thread generals and bot spam, paid shills etc. I may just come here instead.
>>30100 I dont get why so many people stayed on 4chan. The captcha alone is enough to make you irritable. It's nothing like it used to be. We need another big alt-chan, between these little niche boards and 4chan, like 8chan was. None of them have many users anymore.
>>30095 Nice shots neet, thanks for sharing.
Hey NEETs. Hope you're all doing well.
>>30103 Good Morning NEETs. Fukn wallabies going thru my bags and thumping the ground next to me. what a bunch of jokers.
>>30101 that capcha is part of 4chin business model. Buying a pass and the whole selling your IP and post history to 5eyes kinda thing.
(206.68 KB 1280x1774 shit post linkedin.jpg)
had a shifty homeless cunt backpacker come up to me asking if "I was okay for everything" i.e. a weed salesman. Said he was part boong but "White enough to work". If I see him again I'll buy his linkedin account off him. Maybe I'll buy a sim card/ phone number off him, he looked dodgy enough for that kind of service.
Morning NEETs. Having a bowl of porridge and honey with a cup of tea for breakfast.
>>30106 How's his yarndi?
>>30099 >>30082 >>30102 Thanks neets.
>>30108 I dont want to vibe him in because he's from QLD and has neck tatts. and probably a hard drugz history
>>30110 Yeah, better to not know that type.
>>30111 I went to find the guy last night, to ask if he wants to sell me his linkedin but he said it was too dodgy. >tfw too dodgy for caravan park boongs.
Met the bro of the bro whose land im parking on. Quite the white heartland up here and jew free in the main, it seems. The factory guys start at six on fridays so they can finish early. Me and old mate are going to have to slow down or we're going to finish too soon.
Fukn Triple J is autotuned nigger beats and propaganda.
>>30114 Flip it over to ABC Jazz.
>>30116 I'll flip (You) over.
I made up too much special sauce and I was going to bin the leftovers but old mate told me to wait untill the boss wasnt looking. Knock-off time. Hitting the road backt to Silver City now. Might stop off at the creek and wash my NEET privates.
>>30116 Good post.
(333.78 KB 1280x960 neet roadside bath house.jpg)
(166.96 KB 1280x960 last pie.jpg)
Had a bit of a wash and a dump and put a pixxa in the oven as soon as I got back. week 1 of 12 week hard labor sentence served.
>>30118 Wet some rags then heat them under the bonnet. You don't want those privates to shrivel away.
>>30120 >1 of 12 That's a long stint.
>>30122 unpaid trial, plus the boss is making me start at the bottom. which is the best place to grab shit and stuff my pockets.
>tfw severely depressed
>>30123 I hope you get your proper wage full of shit. How many hours a week?
>>30125 full time, six till two fifteen. had to provide some of my own safety gear too.
>>30126 Fuck sake, that's shit. I hope they give you a few bob, paid work for that would be about 10k.
Just ate two apples. I hope my body won't reject it.
>>30127 good thing i recently got mandate sacked otherwise that figure would realistically be over twice that.
Hows that NEETs doggo?
>>30130 He's doing pretty well. Back to how he was. Still wobbly and a bit slow but with it.
(262.98 KB 960x1440 utter shite.jpg)
(12.19 KB 500x500 white woman 1.jpg)
>>30131 Good Doggo. Dont watch this moofie. Good Night, White.
>>30132 >3.5 on imbd Doesn't look great. Night.
Good Morning NEETs. Neighbours got in late last night.
>>30133 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13432484/reviews?ref_=tt_urv reviews are on target. now I'm just looking for a synopsis to explain what I sat thru while on 4chin
(871.60 KB 1771x1772 melburne fun.jpg)
Fancy a day out today NEETs?
>>30131 Good to hear.
(19.40 MB 6000x4000 DSC00403.jpg)
(11.14 MB 6000x4000 DSC00390.jpg)
Couple more photos today. Good happening with Rittenhouse. Unfortunately I've been getting a weird very subtle pressure feeling around my heart the last few days. Unvaccinated but been concerned they are spraying nanoparticles or something. What a time to be alive. The constant paranoia may very well be what is affecting my heart. Hope it is no big deal whatever it is. God bless you NEETs.
Good morning neets. I haven't been on an ausneets board in like 2 years
(223.53 KB 1280x960 ingredients.jpg)
>>30138 Yumo NEET berries. I made a big batch of pixxas but I forgot to use the mushrooms I cooked with the ancho chillies. Oh well. I put the lot in the freexer for next time.
I ate two apples and one banana today. I've only been getting shitty 3 or 3.5 hour shifts at work. >>30147 Hey mate, hope things have been well for you and if not that you're strong enough to get through it. >>30148 I've never had anchovies before, I assume they're a strong tasting fish?
>>30149 Things have taken a turn for the better for me. Despite neverending challenges. I hope to get on dsp soon. I've got a few really great supports where I am. I've been travelling and camping for a long while now.
>>30150 Good to hear a few things are going your way.
>>30138 Sounds like a bit of stress. Very nice pictures, thanks.
(428.33 KB 800x600 qui2.png)
(389.91 KB 800x1180 1622247463561.jpg)
>>30149 not anchovies, ancho chillies. They are froxen nicely ready for next time. I think I have about nine pixxas which should last me until after xmas. ungh its way late. time to blow out the candle and hit the hammock. Good Night, White.
>>30153 Fuck dan fuck scomo fuck that parrot cunt, the pestilence horseman is gonna come for the vaxd and thats their support base. Apocalypse NOW!
>>30154 >ancho chillies Never heard of them. How hot are they?
>>30156 They're pretty mild like jalapenos but red and big like ice cream cones.
Good Morning NEETs. Every morning I wake up and I say "Fuck the Jews".
Good morning neets. Might buy a caravan today. The. I wont be totally homeless. >>30158 Based
(94.72 KB 1072x776 ghetto.jpg)
>>30159 Caravan parks are fukn expensive, boomer ghettos. Take the Cobar pill.
Oops just deleted my torrents download folder. now I cant watch the end of suicide squad. I lose nothing
>>30160 The fucks a Cobar? I'm just gonna stay in a campground for like 70 bucks a week. It has access to the beach for washing and it has dunnies I can do all my shits in
(74.54 KB 786x447 cobar.jpg)
>>30162 $70 P.W. is pretty good. https://www.cobarcaravanpark.com.au/accommodation/unpowered-sites its $35 per night out in cobar
>>30163 I'm like 5 hours away from Cobar. Why what's in Cobar? Is it Jew free or something?
>>30164 The further you go out of the cities the less non-whites you see. Niggers hate forests which is nice for me.
>>30161 new james bond was decent. the niggress was put in her place a few times.
Off up to summer bay for teh wage. Gona be all sunshine, im gona be sunshine summer NEET.
>>30165 True
(571.90 KB 650x1150 openyoureyes.png)
Victoria's Kosher Sandwich - Open your Eyes
>>30154 z z z z z z z z z use it.
>>30165 There's boongs in Cockburn, which is just down the road from there.
>>30167 > sunshine summer NEET. Radiant. Glowing.
< No. 29777 You ain’t white bitch!
>tfw severely depressed
(37.86 KB 532x510 hitlersm.jpeg)
>>30174 Same. I’ve tried so many meds and nothing works. I’ve realized though the vast majority of depressed people do not have a mental illness. The biggest cause of depression is a shitty life. You have to work on fixing things even though it takes time. That’s what I’m doing now. It just takes patient endurance.
Good Morning NEETs. Up with the kookaburras again.,Toast for brekky
>>30169 not convicned that dan is genetic semite. Crypto jew perhaps.
Kicked it a bit with the caravan park boong last night, he was pissed A.F. he played the digeridoo and I had a go at the bugle.
>>30178 Dan and teh other villains go in the oven with the kikes
>>30179 >he was pissed Why?
Do you mean angry, or drunk?
New wage didn't work out. Going to help out a bit around my folks for a few days while I sponge off their internet applying for jobs. Might try for a comfy gubbermint desk job. I still think the 10-15+ year outlook looks better for tradie work but I'm not sure I can run the gauntlet of unsafe cockmonglers and garbage quality of life you have to put up with for 10+ years to get there if you're starting from scratch.
>>30183 Did you at least knock some shit off?
>>30182 >>30181 Drunk. Usual for a boong really, He was a bit pissed at the caretaker who was giving him shit for watering his garden and feeding the ducks. He was shouting until I calmed him down.
Morning NEETs. 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 can of beans and 1 cup of orange juice with pulp for last breakfast. Went to the gym today, they had a boomer class going on so it was kind of busy.
>>30186 Good breakky, good habits. are you sure you're a NEET?
>>30183 Working for cenno will wreck you faster than a tradie job. Just get a forklift license.
>>30185 Both sides on the Mallard question are often excitable.
>>30187 I recently got a casual job.
(161.12 KB 720x1080 daw.jpg)
>>30178 hard to prove of course but all signs point in that direction - look at the wife for one - nose, ears falling off back of head, sleepy eyes
>>30191 both jews for sure
>>30192 agreeeed, also check the phyzz here - they could be father and son >>30153
Anyone here on dsp? How did you get it?
Good Morning NEETs. Forgot my alarm this morning but the birdos got my back.
>>30191 Dans a crypto jew for sure, his wifey is shiksa i reckon
>>29722 Feels really weird being a neet again. Can feel everyone judging me. It's not like I haven't been trying to find a job. Applied to 3 places this past week. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. Doesn't help when people treat you like shit just for not having a job.
>>30205 Being white unemployed and being passed up for diverse applicants is a thing, I spotted another recent non-white non-australian in the office here yesterday. No way that there were no aussies that could fill the job. The boss here needs to explain hisself.
>>30206 Hope I find something soon. Would be nice to not get side eye everyday
>>30207 Good Luck NEET.
>>30204 that nose tho - just a cohencidence ?
(5.65 MB 320x240 Cute_Heroin-1-1.mp4)
Am I going about this the right way? I refuse to work or be a taxpayer so I am going to convince the government I have Asperger's and rape their money. The average tardoid earns half as much as a full time 40 hour week zoomer minimum wage worker despite doing not half of the work. I'm pretty sure if I convince them I am incapable of self care I can get free dentist visits too on the NDIS. I have to pay 70 bucks per appointment for 6-10 appointments subsidised by the gubba men, then have some gps rubber stamp my disabled status. They better fucking give it to me because I earn 300 bucks a week so otherwise they're wasting my money. I can jump to some cheaper counselling shit if 10 appointments aren't enough and they don't give me what I want Australian disability buxx like the UK has an impairment table where you need a certain amount of points to be disabled. Can I claim dyspraxia to add a few points to use of limbs? How can I best appear to be incapable of functioning and working in general? Advice would be appreciated. Just got the mental health care plan.
>>30210 >free dentist Dental isn't covered by NDIS, even if it's directly related to a permanent disability. You also need to prove that mainstream supports have been exhausted, and that there hasn't been a change to your functional capacity as a result of using them.
>>30210 Getting the DSP for schizophrenia without being mad is like gettting your uni degree, You have to be ultra committed and your examiners i.e. psychiatrists are smart like professors and will flunk you if they have the slightest doubt in your performance. How many points do you get per hand lost? would one do it or is it both. ? Answer: Three hands for permanent disability status
Is narcasistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizofrenia, ptsd, and factitious disorder enough to get dsp?
>>30213 >factitious disorder If you cut one of your hands off they might diagnose you with munchusens syndrome and get your points up enough to qualiry. Smart NEET.
>>30211 >You also need to prove that mainstream supports have been exhausted, and that there hasn't been a change to your functional capacity as a result of using them. I saw da uni counsellor told them I was mental, got a 2 week extention and then dropped all my courses. Is that good enough?
Had porridge with a bit of honey for breakfast. Had one banana for a snack. Having my second banana and first apple for lunch now.
>>30215 Sorry NEET you should have taken all your clothes off and jumped into the fountain. Better luck next time.
>>30216 Reminder that Meat is Murder, Dairy is rape and Honey is burglary.
>>30218 Why are you telling me that?
Good Morning NEETs. Birbs let me down and I got in late to teh wage this morning.
Having an instant coffee, Look out.
(6.01 KB 206x245 poop pants pepe.png)
I went for an ungent liquid shit after tea last night, at the public toilets in the duck park. There was some railway work nearby and the fukn workers used up literally all the paper in the bock. I begged one guy for some paper and he gave his last four fukn squares of his personal supply. Fuk i was grateful and hateful at the same time. Fukn ridiculous.
Now that I think about it, those workers left a big mess in the picnic area closest to the worksite. CIgarette butts and rubbish everywhere, I would report them but that guy helped me out in my distress. Pinching a roll of T.P. from teh wage.
(48.39 KB 316x276 BASEDIGAHAUL.jpg)
>>30210 You need helpf bro, just like me.
Could time be expanding and fractaling out?
>>30226 Minibrot time Mandalas?
>>30226 Can one of the Super Mario Bros. Please jump on a (P) switch and turn those ghost blocks to their proper fit and color?
>>29806 If you build it they will grow. [.] [:] [¥] ['] [^] [¦] [?]
(201.43 KB 2304x1728 daylight lemon raider.JPG)
Good Morning NEETs. Starting to feel a bit grimy, might have a wash in the rain tonight.
(10.19 KB 256x196 thinkpepe.jpg)
>>30226 Based math schizo.
>>29861 >>29930 >>29930 GOLDILOX AND THE THREE BEARS ~~SLEEP~~~~ ~~FAIL~~ ~>zzz~~~
>>30231 It's been zero minutes, many times?
>>30232 CluckCancel CluckCancel Cancel~Cancel~~ >mKUltraCluckCancel >mKUltraCluckCancel >mKUltraCluckCancel >mKUltraCluckCancel
>>30234 "Cancel, Cancel" Is a power no enabling tool, it can be [use]full to NEET.
>>30234 "Cancel, Cancel" Is a power no enabling tool, it can be [use]full to NEET.
>>30232 >>29722 How to tree view <is possible>?
(608.76 KB 2304x1728 mini cow.jpg)
>>30232 >>30233> >30234> >30237 Have a cow schixo
>>30238 Looks like your offering two. Kekek
>>30238 I have loved me some Bee[f] .. Yo[u] [n]ow and again.
>>30240 only room for one in the boot.
>>30241 Ever try or not try, and close the boot on a finger? I
>>30244 It will become clear when you can clearly pronounce Irish Wristwatch.
>>30244 Schixobabble.
>>30246 Do you have a more defined question other than wtfit?
>>30246 You couldn't pronounce it yet?
>>30248 if you can say it slow you can say it fast.
Schixo go Xi so
Kaolin Cleaver cleaver cleats clots clear considering covffe Or MaKeitUltraq
>>30244 It comes from China. Kek
first bowl of curry wasn't spicy enough, too much habanero extract in the second bowl and it's totally ruined rip
>>30230 What's with your obsession with lemons? I've read they're good with detoxing the liver, and have a lot of Vitamin C compared to oranges. Let us know bro.
>>30254 Just playing a game where I get all of my vitamin C from stolen lemons or get scurvy. Might go see if my boong mate at the caravan ghetto is around. Rain forecast tonight.
>>30255 I live in a fucking caravan. The chances of you getting scurvy must be extremely low in this day. It's raining right now and forecast to hit heavy the next week. Something to do with 'La Nina".
Just ban me already will ya. Stop teasing me.
Good Morning NEETs. Up early and camp all broken down, tiny bit of weak rain about.
(205.65 KB 443x612 vibe check.png)
Went to see my mate at teh caravan ghetto, he was lying low from the camp screw because he had a boong moment earlier in the week. Cops called x 3, eviction notice, much regretfulness. He took me to sign in with the screw as part of his behavioral agreement, something about not having visitors. I told him he'd fit in on /ausneets/ and gave him the details.
>>30253 Habaneros dont have much flavor unless they're pickled, like in a salsa.
Ungh The IT guy wants to walk me thru some irrelevant software and he is about a heavy smoker as they come and smells like a bushfire. This wage is much toxic. Going to deploy the good gas mask next week.
Had to print out some stuff at the office and I used my new stock windows 10 account, somehow outlook fucked the print file up and the copier spat out about 100 sheets each with 1/50th of the page. Cunts were fuming. Fuck outlook.
pretty good sneedsgiving. we sucked and fucked
>>30259 Goddamn 8kun's been 404'd all to hell thanks to hotwheels no doubt so I wound up over here m8. I undersatnd y'all are having some vewy interdasting habbenings in your solomon islands at the moment. https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/349449703 https://twitter.com/Jenni2161/status/1463828578144030733?s=20 Our own Ghislaine Maxwell trial is set to pop off on monday and Russia is set to invade Ukraine whenevs so just keep us posted m80s.
(39.37 KB 640x427 pee bird.jpg)
>>30265 Poor coconuts. Chyna's buying their island off the tribe in power. Horrible. Got a notification in the letterbocks about some power interruption fuckery, I think its a smart meter which will complicate my ideas of stealing power. Horrible.
(189.42 KB 1280x960 shy pie.jpg)
I put the mushrooms and ancho chillies on that I left out when I made them. No probs its a good pie yeah.
(73.41 KB 720x1057 nodiversity.jpg)
Sure is good to be back in the mountains, totally blue sky and the bush is singing with noisy bugs. Theres heaps of flowers out and even the gums in the plantations have turned red. Went down the shops and my new mate was washing his car. We talked about whipper snippers and how the chinks were buying all the land. Kinda wish I had some hot water but I'll make do until the service hots up tomorrow. Poisoning the canes tomorrow. Good Night. White.
>>30268 Goodnight neet.
Good Morning NEETs. Misty mountains outside as usual.
https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/world-health-organization-b-1-1-529-variant-south-africa-1.6263826 This new escape variant is no surprise. I want to know details about where the mutations are on the viral structure.
(40.51 KB 840x840 glyphosate.jpg)
Gave the cane shoots a drink.
>>30270 Sounds like a nice view.
>>30271 'escape variant' You stupid kike motherfucker. This should be right up your alley -- what's a good anagram for 'omicron'? How about 'moronic'. Die you filthy stupid kike.
Do possum and neet king still post here? I don't even know if 8chan still works, I think it's blocked for me
No one goes on 8chan anymore. Possum used to post there and NK has been gone for ages. Most of the bants are on endchan
>>30276 >bants It's mostly Nuro chimping out like the nigger it is.
Might go for a walk while my xubuntu torrent is doing its thing.
>>30280 went to the creek in the valley and there are fishes there! also the flowers are going gangbusters everywhere and my new loaf of bread is ready.
(154.84 KB 967x1024 1606509470278.jpg)
Damn this weekend is busy AF. I hope I can get the falcon washed before I have to go back to wage. As it stands I'll be scratching to finish the windows install I wanted to do. Flunked the moofie download so I guess I'll be reading the bible again tonight. Had a good time shitposting tho so the day wasnt wasted. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Sun thru my bedroom window, couldn't sleep in if I tried.
failing hard with installing windows 10 AME from scripts. I'm out of fukn time an just gonna install from the iso
The .iso install works okay but I'm not happy with it. I want to install from script when I get time and see if that fixes it.
>>30285 Why not install Win11 from via thumb drive?
>>30286 Nvm was not aware of “AME.” My mistake.
>>30287 its debotnetted windoze, but you have to put passwords in for every single damn admin task.
Off down to Summer Bay. Wish I got to clean the falcon but its too hot now.
>>30226 That would only matter if we could interact with that other time.
>>30229 I still haven't even started making it. >>30238 Nice. >>30259 >gave him the details. They'll see the ilk you hang out with.
Good Morning NEETs Mist over the dams in the valleys this morning. back at teh wage and time to blow the bugle at start of shift.
>>30291 Dropped in on summer bay neet last night, We had a laff about the vaxx situation which was good. He wants to work NDIS but they have to get teh jab so i told him to apply for coles where they dont even ask you for your gender, apparently
>>30292 Morning
https://www.dw.com/en/germany-dozens-take-illegal-mystery-covid-vaccine-before-police-shut-it-down/a-59961203 >a doctor began administering COVID-19 vaccine shots he had invented himself
>>30289 that newspaper is officially dripping
(21.24 KB 213x255 they live.jpg)
>>30295 I wonder if some batches of the vaxx are weak as piss, given that a couple of batches were responsible for 1000% more adverse events. I am anticipating big issues when the new variant drops and they open the borders but it might be a nothingburger due to most people not having any affect from the jab. Shit that would be disappointing, cunts getting naturally immune when they get all the rights of a fully vaxxed, shit.
>>30290 I like to think that ever empty space as time zero, and that is the binary zero. The null or void is the space between timelines which are attached to being(s). This may be where God travels/rests. Every bit of life is the binary one. Fortunately we are both I believe, and it is the creative/allowing force that appears as something from nothing in our reality. Every zero is new life about to become one.
>>30289 See you on the flip
>>29722 Ungh. monday's work done. Go outside and realize I have been out of the sun all day. Cant even call it a wage day because wagies get paid. Might go see if caravan park neet got some capsicums for me.
Laid off indefinitely because the whole nation are a bunch of soft cock faggots with no conviction.
>>30301 The government, media and doctors have been very good with the scare tactics.
Good Morning NEETs. Cool night, good sleep, feeling good about not having a wash
>>30301 not many people have what it takes to remain free or even survive. Many of the vaxxed were strongly coerced and pissed off about it, try to keep that in mind when they are getting rekt by seasonal colds that are a minor inconvenience to you. But welcome to the club regardless.
Had a talk with the BOss. He specifically mentioned the 100 pages of printout fuck-up that Microsoft Outlook did to me. I swear on the blood of my sacred ancestors that I will wipe outlook off the face of Jehovahs earth for the good of all mankind.
>>30304 >Many of the vaxxed were strongly coerced and pissed off about it It's hard to remember this when everyone around me has just given in, "because it was going to happen", like that means anything. The threat of going in to this shit was enough to coerce them in to doing it straight away, before they were even asked. Now there's industry wide mandates and they are just nodding their heads saying that it's shit that it happened. They all fucking let it. What the fuck is wrong with everyone? They just did what they were told and now they're all injected with mRNA vaccines that appear to do fuck all at the least, and spread a vaccine that does nothing more than come out with some new variant. I think we're teaching it how to hunt. Probably down to the people who don't have enough melanin in their skin, the kikes are exempt because they're niggers. It will eventually only be able to affect the purest of Indo-Europeans. Each variant is another product of the last vaccine type, teaching it to no longer attack certain proteins. The effects are only mild. And borders will open. Magic. You love being a tourist. That's their little reward. Go on little fella, circulate the currency. Good on you for identifying with some other rock half the world away. Then the Jews shrink back in to the upper echelons of society, above all else breeding N haplotype tribal people to keep in cages. But it's not really funny. The entire world has no conviction and they let it happen. I'm disappointed but also angry at myself for thinking some other cunt would've fixed this. I truly thought that no one would let this happen, but they sold out for nothing. And now I don't have a job.
>>30301 >Laid off indefinitely because the whole nation are a bunch of soft cock faggots with no conviction. >>30304 >not many people have what it takes to remain free or even survive. For most NPCs, social ostracization alone is a fate worse than death.
Good Morning NEETs. Got up with the first birdos this morning.
>>30306 >teaching it how to hunt Geert said that the virus will exert selection pressure on the vaxxed. Hows that for based. >the last vaccine type. This was the only vaxx that had a chance of doing anything. The spike is done as far as a antigen and the capsid? they never came out with a common cold vaccine for good reason. Betacoronaviruses are not immunogenic. I had a coffee and sperged out when two lads were talking about the omicron variant after teh wage. even tho they were vaxxd they were pissed off about it. one guy's doctor told him he was at risk so he got it and the other guy wanted to cross borders this christmas to see fam. I shouldnt have said anything but they listened to what I said. one guy said the other guy in the office knew some fit cunt who got rekt back before teh vaxx. Like, what? checkmate antivaxxer? Both the virus and the vaxx are situations created by the world government. The most evil force to ever exist. anyway who knows. Maybe the poor cunt could have been saved if they didnt give him remdesivir but gave him actual treatment that doesnt cause multi organ failure, I should have pointed that out. I should have not said anything. fukn no more coffee when im around ppl I swear.
>>30307 lots of ppl are skeptical and remain so but the mental calculus is that its a low risk of reactions which is the only downside. sadly it only took a bit of coercion because they were primed by 20 years of mass media manipulation. How do you explain to them that they are brainwashed vaxx cattle?
>>30307 >a fate worse than death. Everyone deserves the lesser of two evils.
>>30308 Morning.
(90.29 KB 716x1024 no cult.jpg)
>>30311 The pressure points of health behaviour change are pretty varied IMHO. Realize that decades of behavioural science is behind convincing normies to take their meds. The vaxx uses all of that health messaging and more, so much fucking more.
>>30309 >never came out with a common cold vaccine for good reason. That's a good point. >checkmate antivaxxer? I have tried to refrain from talking to anyone about why. They have all these 'pre-loaded' answers that they've been scripted with from the scientists on tv. They have been asking me why I don't want it and I just said, I don't want to. If I gave them my real answers they'd just lump me in with the conspiracy theorists and can disregard my objections. Wage (I think) think my reason is because I'm somewhat into organic food. I'll let them think I'm a hippy, it's better than the whole reason.
>tfw erased a hole in two sheets of paper
>>30313 I guess, but the general public is largely responsible. They let themselves get indoctrinated.
>>30315 Magic man.
>>30314 I never told anyone before the mandate came in and they were witch hunting cunts that hadnt uploaded their certificates. It was a strange last week but intense, y'know. Where would you start when they ask you why? I said once that it wasnt safe and wasnt effective, then changed the subject.
>>30318 >it wasnt safe and wasnt effective, then changed the subject. I said the same, I also said 'it was a gut feeling' and I don't trust it.
(375.22 KB 601x600 dead giraffe.png)
>>30319 >gut feeling If you havent broken down in tears at the enormity of the unfolding catastrophe then you simply don't know.
https://www.rt.com/news/541687-austria-vaccination-resist-fine-bill/ was just thinking of my old mate (RIP) who went on the run from the draft. When the pigs finally got him and put him before the army officer he said the war effort didnt need his services because the V.C. were doing a fine job of defeating the Seppos. What a phenomenal display of class.
>>30320 >If you havent broken down in tears at the enormity of the unfolding catastrophe then you simply don't know. right with you lad.
BOss walks into the office when I'm browsing for warez on TPB. Good thing he's a mac user >Tfw relatively computer whiz.
Good Morning NEETs Could have slept in but CBF aye
>>30324 Morning, another day in paradise awaits.
>>30325 Might be time to start wearing sunscreen
(102.66 KB 1280x960 Doom island.jpg)
Fuck this unpaid trial gulag NEETs. If the BOss offers me a job after its over then I'm gonna refuse. Sick of the heat on the coast, I want to go back to the mountain valley. Gonna have a NEET bath in the river on the way home on friday.
Good morning NEETs. The horse was looking cold and lonely in the paddock this morning. IKTF.
(80.93 KB 1242x885 scomo and the jews.jpg)
Its clever of the government to have so many jews in top jobs behind the scenes, given that they have connections in the central banks and can lend the country money for programs like healthcare.
(30.87 KB 255x255 FORD UTE.jpg)
Saw another falcon the same as mine and I parked next to the dude at the chippy. We had a good talk and he burned a bit of rubber when he peeled out because he had a V8. >tfw only str8 6
>>30330 Killer, my dad has a v8 ba ute. He left two lines down my driveway.
(149.51 KB 1280x960 Aryan Pie.jpg)
(183.68 KB 1280x960 Buxxy Bee.jpg)
(1.83 MB 4546x2871 NEET Bath.jpg)
Blasted down the highway at 120 and even stopped for a NEET bath in the river. I freed the buzzy boi from the garage and he went str8 4 the nearest flowers. Unpacked the falcon while my pie was in the oven. Might open my packages after tea. SILVER CITY ᛋᛋ
>>30332 Looking good neet. How's life? You enjoying it?
>>30333 meh 50/50
Got back and the cat I am trying to entice into my house is being aloof. I will wait and try again with more pspsps and maybe a bit of anchovy paste. Unhappy that my /k/ boots are the wrong size. Washing the Falcon tomorow early. Good Night, White.
(59.75 KB 900x1200 catwoman.jpg)
(1.91 MB 2624x3130 Pls dont invade melbourne.jpg)
Cant sleep so I made bread and cased the bramble choked house next door. I think I'm paying too much rent when i could be squatting.
Good Morning NEETs. Get up, wash falcon.
>tfw severely depressed
(261.95 KB 1536x2048 lots of guns.jpg)
Thinking I need to up my prepping and move my survival game to the next level.
Range banned on all of endchan for something I didn't do. Now I know what it feels like to be a boong.
>>30335 >/k/ boots are the wrong size Yeah, that's a cunt of a thing. I got some you beaut steel blue ones a couple of years ago that were the wrong size and lost the receipt.
(259.90 KB 2048x2048 waxi.jpg)
>>30342 Those things are clod hoppers fit for hi-viz collar chuds. My waxi boots are for high speed stealth ninjas.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2dmUNtZm3E Fucken whoite dogs stealin our generations again. ya death camps are for ya jews not our community. UNNA
(21.07 KB 593x546 1638602487031.jpg)
That cat came around again and meyowed at me. I got hopes it'll get friendly at some point. Maybe its just got a lot on its mind or is in a bad mood. This afternoons bath was nice, watching a moofie.
>>30343 they all leather?
>>30346 Did it eat the anchovy paste?
>>30348 Yeah really soft desert boots no good for weather. >>30349 no it left it for when my back is turned. fukn cats always like that. >>30347 its a set-up they only failed because they "didnt consult their employees" but "the science is clear vaxxines save lives"
>>30350 That's a good shoe. How long have they lasted you so far? >it left it bit shit
(77.04 KB 634x703 bazza.jpg)
Cheers /ausneets/ Keep on keepin' on!
>AU Premier Gaslights Aborigines — ‘White Supremacists’ Are Trying To Kill You With Anti-Vaxx ‘Disinformation’ https://christiansfortruth.com/au-premier-gaslights-aborigines-white-supremacists-are-trying-to-kill-you-with-anti-vaxx-disinformation/ funny one for you mates
>>30353 LMFAO I am still advocating for non-whites to take as much vaccine and booster as they possibly can. The more spike protein in their bloodstream, the better things will be for us.
>>30354 that's the funny part. doing our work for us.
Good Morning NEETs Gees these foxgloves are pretty, all shades of pink just like the one rose I have here.
(398.67 KB 526x960 unna boong.png)
>>30353 https://xyz.net.au/2021/12/captain-crazy-eyes-receives-death-threats/ Us boongs dont like that white dog shit any more than youse
(40.51 KB 840x840 glyphosate.jpg)
Double vaxxed the canes. I'll have to see how effective it is next week before we start a healthy dicussion about a mandatory booster. Fresh haircut and Off up Summer Bay now.