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(108.72 KB 800x1009 Sanctus Dominus Vinus Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #7 - Sanctus Dominus Vinus Edition. NEET 05/06/2020 (Wed) 20:52:51 No. 7046
It was upon payment day that the virgin NEET arose at the burning of the noonday sun. In our story the NEET makes his way to the temple of Dan via the house of the Colonel: But before he leaves his room in his mothers abode, The NEET must go to the board that tells of his story in the great southern land.
The wind blows where it wishes, and the scomobux will carry like the dust of the desert, So too will the truth carry to the four corners of the webring. Carry the truth onwards, O 'ye scholars of the Gen. Only in this way will you be true to SANCTUS DOMINUS VINUS
NEET GEN #7 SOUNDTRACK https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_7
An urgent knocking at the door awakens you from your goon coma. It's the Jehovas Witness' and they're hell bent on proseleytising your NEET arse. But before you willfully ignore the personal friends of the one true god; spare a thought for the Deacon and his busty assistant, for they have a quota of souls to save and the missionary position goes to the church's best performer. So be a sport NEETo. Nod, mumble and take a 'Watchtower' for dont you owe them something? after all....... Oh nevermind they've left muttering: something reprobate something excommunicated. Dont feel bad NEET, there's still a bit of wobble in the cannonical mylar bag, so get upright and pour a glass. Join us in devotion, Halleleujah Brother!
Good Morning NEETs. I got a gross skin on my coffee because I overheated the milk. FML
(9.22 KB 175x288 index.png)
>>7048 I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father
I talked to my landlord in QLD last night. He thinks the tracking app is a good idea and told me to get a smartphone so i can keep up to date with the news on the corona, like him I suppose. Imagine thinking you are well informed because you have the Australian financial review newsfeed on your iphone
>>7053 Morning Neet. Thanks for baking "The Wind Blows..." very comfy and so familiar.
Hmmm. The woman I sent photos to on FB has seen them but not deigned to reciprocate or even reply, perhaps she thinks I'm ugly. Mummybot said looked very handsome in my best cardigan
(538.41 KB 912x772 sanctus kek.jpg)
> just emptied current goon cask Galatians 6.7 : For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. >goon tax feels >feel the truth in the bible Lord i have soweth'ed hard of recent days Now I need to wait until 9AM to reap the low-low prices at Dans
>>7058 Whoot. I got the based guy who allocated me a shift at work straight away. Now i have to make sure my boots are shined and freshen up my haircut. I'm going to wear Dior Farenhieit tomorrow.
mummybot gave me some plastic tubs for storage, I thought they would go straight into the recycling but she bought well and wisely. I have a meme going with her that im stockpiling flour.
(9.90 KB 279x181 police pepe.jpg)
I must say NEETs, its good to see the theme of this thread tending towards bible study, and you might be interested to know that our department has recently appointed a youth outreach chaplain. We have also been known to make available, the facilities at our headquarters, for example Mr Blair Cottrell now takes regular classes at our well appointed gymnasium. Little known fact: All of our headquarters have an interdenominational chapel, Its quite nice, so I hear. We encourage you to keep up these positive steps, just lay off the *ahem* sacremets LOL.
>>7057 err have you met this girl irl? you know there's a lot of phishing profiles on facebook >cardigan dude only chads can pull them off
(7.85 KB 205x246 index.png)
>my cigars aren't coming this week fuck auspost
Hi Neats! My collegue told me about your great website so I'd thought I'd take a gander! Did you know that the Catholic church has a long tradition with wine? But its more of a trappist tradition and they were monstic beer brewers, The church also shuns binge drinking, generally. You can find more information here on this fantastic interactive resource! https://www.knowyourlimits.bible.org/responsible_drinking_and_jesus/ten_tips_for_sots.html You are clearly new with your faith and I know it can be daunting, trying to make sense of the lessons in the bible but keep it up! There's nothing shiner than a new Christian! I also see that you really like forums such as this one, there are some great forums full of friendly people that I know about. Here is a link to one. https://www.newwine.org/catalogue/forums/so_you_want_to_be_deradicalized.html
>>7062 yeah she tattooed me under my direction ten years ago
(300.19 KB 1200x1488 The_Pepe_Gang.jpg)
Hi Neetys! I heard about your great website so I'd thought I'd take a gander! Did you know that the Catholic church has a long tradition with wine? But its more of a trappist tradition and they were monstic beer brewers. Its fun to drink responsibly! You can find more information here on this fantastic interactive resource! https://www.knowyourlimits.bible.org/responsible_drinking_and_jesus/ten_tips_for_sots.html You are clearly new with your faith and I know it can be daunting, trying to make sense of the lessons in the bible but keep it up! There's nothing shiner than a new Christian! I also see that you really like forums such as this one, there are some great forums full of friendly people that I know about. Here is a link to one. https://www.newwine.org/catalogue/forums/say_hi_and_introduce_yourself.html
>>7066 your trying to hard matey now fuck off
Sorry Neaty I'm new here.
Hi NEETs I heard about your great Image Board so I'd thought I'd take a gander! Did you know that the Catholic church has a long tradition with wine? But its more of a trappist tradition and they were monstic beer brewers in Normandy France back in the 1600's. They were responsible drinkers and good sorts. You can find more information here on this fantastic interactive resource! https://www.knowyourlimits.bible.org/responsible_drinking_and_jesus/ten_tips_for_sots.html You are clearly new with your faith and I know it can be daunting, trying to make sense of the lessons in the bible but keep it up! There's nothing shiner than a new Christian! I also see that you really like forums such as this one, there are some great forums full of friendly people that I know about. Here is a link to one. https://www.newwine.org/catalogue/forums/say_hi_and_introduce_yourself.html
>>7069 Come and see me ASAP
>>7063 Your cigars probabally got stopped in customs not Auspost.
(35.98 KB 720x540 1534647890245.jpg)
>>7066 >>7069 >>7065 cute what'd you have done? >>7071 they're only coming across the state border mate
(34.55 KB 396x385 skinhead pepe.jpg)
>>7072 Belly tatt with backwards mirrior writing
>>7073 Are you Ben Cousins? Have you shacked up with 10k's whore?
(223.71 KB 2000x2016 567567.jpg)
>>7074 I never schtupped her. I was leaving town and didnt want to be like that. A pity but i decided to stick to the program rather than move into a cul-de-sac. She was a single mum on widows pension. The father of the kid overdosed in his car, some skater i think i kicked it with once or twice.
>>7075 thanks, blurry garage tatts somehow have more cred than the photorealistic professional stuff imho. the best i saw was a sagitarius ram shoulder done in jail, perhaps apocrypha but who knows?
(191.75 KB 774x1532 Big Sexy Boomer.jpg)
(190.07 KB 1080x1080 Laneya.jpg)
Yo what's good niggAs? Just tried baking some cookies which turned out horrible
>>7078 too much sugar anyway
>>7078 home made pizza night, watching the end of DUNE 1984 which is not nearly as faggoty as i was led to believe
Had a day off, did some sewing, shitposted, made three pizzas, went into work to check my locker, went shopping and did a bush gym workout. Practiced revallie bugle call, ozone gassed my gear for 15 minutes without anything disintegrating, catching fire or exploding. Cut my hair and washed and dried my clothes. Next task is to stretch out my hammock. I'll post again when im done. Good Night, White.
morning >>7081 >posts interesting things >never answers follow up questions >Next task is to stretch out my hammock camping or just relaxing hammock? spreader bar? i have a relaxation one with a frame but had to get one with a spreader bar because i didn't being cocooned
(11.36 KB 555x296 5675647567.jpg)
>glowshit why do people use this
Good Morning Neets. Once again I have been beaten to be the early poster.
>>7084 morn >beaten better get up at 2am est then mate
>>7082 >never answers follow up questions I got busy thoughts >dont like being cocooned you can lie in it diagonally, it takes a bit of practice but i got a bit of that. >>7083 its woked up facebook for the cool kids
>>7085 Kek. WE GOT A BAKER HERE!
>>7086 >I got busy thoughts i.e you're autistic
(8.20 KB 240x180 pimples pepe.jpg)
Mummybot gave me chocolate and i gutsd the whole thing. Now i have pimples. Why must she sabotage me constantly?
>>7089 >Why must she sabotage me constantly? she never wants you to leave
>>7090 Little chance of that. It'd break her heart. I would lie to her and tell her im going to WA to get a job. Then go to SA like what i want to do, because i know she'd be happy if i went to the sunshine in nice safe WA instead of nigger aids murderland SA.
(282.33 KB 300x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7092 A very nice one this morning.
>>7093 she looks like ancient queen
good night yellow
(101.03 KB 640x640 1588880905075.jpg)
Welcome to HELL, Pajeet
(9.40 KB 225x225 index.jpg)
>getting txt's telling me to login to jobactive the dream ended too soon
>>7082 >>never answers follow up questions Not surprising considering the amount of things he (allegedly) does in a day
>>7097 No mutual obligations up to and including 22 May. Which is only 2 weeks away...
(8.30 KB 226x223 index.jpg)
>>7099 i ain't doing shit until they send me a letter in the mail telling me they're suspending my payments
>>7100 Good lad
>>7095 Ugh. couldn't you at least select a gook thats clean?
(13.81 KB 205x212 1579374586200.jpg)
I had a great first day back at wage. First I got to yell abuse at the homeless people sleeping in the park. Then when I sent the pajeet gofer to get the critical components from the stockroom and he took two hours because he went to lunch, I tut-tutted to my coworkers and the middle management picked up on it and put in a derogatory report on the lazy cunt. Then I was flexing around the noobs and they all sensed my power, especially because the department moved into a new building last week and everything was a turbo cluster fuck and i was handling it like a BOSS. I also came home with my pockets bulging with stuff that I was running low on.
(65.84 KB 405x343 1423110680920.jpg)
>>7103 You sound based as fuck m8.
>>7104 Yeah based in delusion and narcissism...
(27.99 KB 640x351 heoziuftrkw41.jpg)
>>7105 Have a cat
My clothes stink of ozone now, I am increasing the time that i leave my gear in the gas chamber but i only put the old gear in at this point. I'm pretty happy with how it works and it makes me feel better about keeping my unit free of chink germs from town. I'm aiming to practice the bugle tomorrow, i should be able to learn the last bar or revellie for solo civic club on monday. Good Night, White.
Anyone here from Sydney? How is it? Will the coppers give me a hard time if I head to Coogee for some surfing?
It is pretty clear that the point of the coronavirus lockdowns is to fuck white people and stop them from organising. There will be vengeance.
(7.69 KB 307x164 images.jpg)
bad morn >got two shifts for next week and accepted them only because i like a girl there and never had a chance to ask her out >didn't eat dindin, didn't sleep and ended up puking in the shower i'm a cuck >>7103 >I also came home with my pockets bulging with stuff that I was running low on like electronic stuff? >>7107 >solo civic club on monday comfy >>7110 main reason is the vaccine
(20.39 MB 270x480 officer_fuddlegums.mp4)
>sammy on fire rare these days
Good Morning NEETs. It rained overnight and the pitter patter on the leaves outside makes me hope that work does not call this AM.
>>7108 The pigs will be looking to raise revenue off curfew breakers while they still can. I hope you have an old "cops are tops" sticker on your back window
(193.37 KB 601x471 1*H8TK1BK5H12X65M8OL0nUQ.png)
>>7113 at least you get to wage outside also morn
>>7111 >cuck not me freindo, I've got nerves of steel and will call a NEETstrike at the drop of a hat. >stuff? If i tell you what i pinch then the board will know where i work. its low value stuff that gets wasted a lot and is valuable to me and i use daily and cant get for purchase. Im not a womble if thats what you are thinking. but i will hoover up loose electronics and anything else i fancy if its lost property or otherwise loose. although i do pinch expensive xmas decorations from wage if they are thoughtlessly hung and hit me in the head more than once.
>>7115 no i wage in an office, i ride there tho. Riding in the rain is horrible and slow.
>>7112 video about cawps. we call them pigs here.
>>7116 >i use daily and cant get for purchase interesting >>7117 so if it's raining they take that into consideration when giving you shifts? also i didn't know casual office work existed
>>7119 I take the rain into consideration when i decide about doing my casual office work. The casual pool is populated with poos and mutt asians, all bona fide useless and a curse to work with. The regulars cheer when and operator like me shows up but HR prefers the spastics because they're cucks and the spastics dont quibble about going to the toxic offices.
>>7120 >The casual pool is populated with poos and mutt asians fugg only good thing about my workplace is everyone's a sick cunt
Welp. no call. i guess im here with you cunnos all day.
don't forget to drop in
>>7110 Pubs are open on Monday.
>>7112 What a fucking mong.
>>7124 Thank fuck for that. I was going mad because i couldnt have a slap on the pokies and a pot and a parmie down the rsl.
>>7126 >a pot A schooner*
>>7127 >schooner Bloody southerners.
>>7128 I think only SA are loosening restrictions.
(1.84 MB 562x1340 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7130 Now that's a nice arse
>>7131 Not as nice as yours.
>>7132 Tee hee...
>>7132 It looks natural to me. Unlike a lot of women (especially blacks) who get butt implants which look just as nasty as lip injections.
Just had lunch: lentils, pan warmed greek flatbread, cheese, butter and a lolly after. Considering having a coffee
>>7111 >i like a girl there Hope you get to fuck her >puking in the shower Nasty. Sort yourself out
>>7124 I'd happily have a meal at a pub if I had someone else to go with... >>7129 Definitely haven't heard of pubs opening anytime soon here in QLD
>>7135 >a lolly after What sort?
>>7138 licorice sherbie
(884.41 KB 722x628 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7140 >That typewriter font old school
>>7139 One of my childhood favourites!
I dislike licorice.
>>7143 Good. More for me. However, i encourage you to overcome your distaste for the most white supremacist of all the flavors.
good morning /ausneets/, I hope you had a nice day
>>7145 Was okay. First winter day of no sun and heater on all day.
https://cytu.be/r/endcorner streaming a movie in half an hour.
>>7146 It's still Autumn buddy
>>7148 Nah prep time is over, now is the colddark
Stayed at home, pajeet got my shift and tomorrow too. Did some calculations and got back into solidworks, but generally worked on my haemmarhoids. I watched 'Blue Ruin', great flick but you cant watch it twice. /k/ approved. 4 out of 5 bullets to the face. Good Night, White.
(185.61 KB 1000x651 1178-4026.jpg)
morn gonna go on a little adventure today just because the man is telling me not to fuck him. my world, my rules >>7136 >Hope you get to fuck her i'd rather fuck my boss >Nasty. Sort yourself out my neet mind is rebelling against my wagie body
google had this link under the search box: https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/gAJiGPgckSpQIA frank soo: the forgotten footballer and of course he's half english half chinese maybe he was forgotten because he was a shit footballer
(115.70 KB 962x642 1588755305451.jpg)
dutch restaurant
Good Morning NEETs. I might go out for a walk today if the clammy air keeps the normies at bay.
>>7154 Fukn dirty new world order jews run the MSM what do you want? i mean, really
>>7154 To expect anything else is naive.
>>7155 lol, 30secs in to it. It sounds just like homoeopathy. The kids at 2:30 is sad. >3:55 wew, never knew that they listed those. That last bit was a bit spoopy.
(1.93 MB 902x1128 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7160 Quite nice. She needs to take that thing out of her nose and take off all her clothes too.
Suns out. Funs out. Now there's people enjoying the park, even a couple of sunset corellas. Not that the people look up from their mobile phones long enough to see 'em. My homie is getting spammed to download the covid tracking app, The zog probabally doesnt need permisson to track my dumbphone anyway...
>>7160 At least she's not pretending to have straight hair. Still, she's got that turban pulling the skin of her face back, slapper style like Chapelle Corby.
>>7161 I didn't see the thing in her nose. Very untraditional. She would get kicked out of her church for that. >>7163 >not pretending to have straight hair I dislike that too. Misso wears weaves and I give her shit for trying to be something other than she is, but it's what's hip.
>>7164 yeah the fuzzy haired black women are based in their own way
(198.59 KB 1280x960 Logs on the dock.jpg)
Went to see mummybot. She reports that there is last amount of unsold hand clenser in the chemist, i told her to stockpile. She offered to give me food but i'm still refusing all of that because she puts herself at risk to get me shit i dont really want. She also offered to give me money, i told her if she does then i will spend it all on flour. I bought some bread from two bored girls in the bakery, then i rode home and took this photo, the ship took over a week to load itself and barely made a dent on the stockpile of logs. This is just a tiny pile. What is needed is a wood chip mill and a conveyor loading facility. But Greenies + NIMBYs run this place and run it into the ground.
(153.87 KB 1280x960 Lady in the snow apple.jpg)
These apples are pretty good. I heard you cant get them anymore because of globalisim or some shit.
Powered up the workstation and went over a bit of work from january, started pulling out mistakes and not sure if i want to start over. The workstation gets the full sun from 8AM to lunchtime but the stand up desk its on tires me out. The software is pretty demanding and i cant go much past lunchtime until it becomes inefficient to continue and i do something manual or read a paper or do admin. The ching chongs next door got home delivered maccas and another ching chong in a new audi SUV delivered it. Not sure what to make of that, whether its some status seeking delivery chud or just a chink trying to make the payments on his misbegotten luxe car since his restaurant trade died in the arse. Was riding past the premier terrace house rentals in the old part of town. They were tarted up and used as AirBNB's. Now there is a for lease sign in the windows. I hope the owner is underwater on his investment loans. STATUS CHINKS BTFO AIRBNBTFO Its not all bad news boys. Good Night, White.
(128.81 KB 856x1282 7e8920.jpg)
morning went for my adventure yesterday fucked a $700 hooker in south yarra she was 10/10. came three times disappointed when i got home and heard there was a lockdown protest in the cdb why didn't any of you cunts tell me? the cops spazzed out and started bashing people no one listened to 'bad dan' and everyone was out and about. the sheeple aren't so domesticated
(485.26 KB 640x360 JcIo832Ef1Y.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs. Had a good sleep under the down bag, feeling good about going to wage today.
>>7169 sounds like you staged your own protest. Arent whores still banned from working? Yeah i read about the protest, bunch of dumb arse facebook tier radicals. Normies starting to get in my way in the bike lanes i sure wish they'd express themselves some where else like off the continental shelf
>>7170 Kek. lets hope the pigs didnt take the flektarn jacket.
>>7172 >Yeah i read about the protest, bunch of dumb arse facebook tier radicals. cops are even dumber for taking the bait and arresting people
>>7174 Had a look on the (((ABC))), The cringe factor is off the scale, more clear evidence that melbourne must burn.
>>7168 > I hope the owner is underwater on his investment loans. I don't understand why you dislike boomers so much.
(2.87 MB 1196x1459 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7177 >I don't understand why you dislike boomers so much. house pricing go up
(35.15 KB 300x322 52917481.png)
>another jobactive txt
>>7177 >I don't understand why you dislike boomers so much. Thats because you share the boomer mentalilty that gathering wealth is the highest virtue that a man can aspire to. except maybe being a social climbing toad. ask youself what the boomer has done for his race before you hold him up as a role model.
>>7181 Make wealth, pay tax. I am giving, and more than tithe.
>>7182 Boomer hate paying tax and will pay accountants to basically avoid doing this entirely one boomer boasted to me that his accounting buisness could virutally guarranteee that i paid no tax at all
>>7183 I support paying tax.
>>7184 You need to work on your boomer act then.
>>7185 It's not an act.
>>7186 Then you'll never be a real boomer arsehole. sorry
Tough day at the wage. Had to skip one out of two mealtimes in order to keep up the pace, but i always work better when im lean and not loggy with big dinners. The high amount of poor quality regular staff made me a sight for sore eyes to the better ones. Cluster fuckery was doused, Esteem was maintained and pockets were stuffed. I even packed my lunch tin with leftover catering treats. Practiced my bugle call when i got home and played it outside my boomer mateys house until he came out and talked to me. We discussed pizzas when he changed the subject from covid-19, he has a noo kitten which is nice for him. Back to the wage tomorrow, should be interesting because its less of a grindhouse and more of a show pony. Good Night, White.
>>7188 BASED
>>7187 Is that a compliment?
(401.43 KB 3264x2448 1588778842475.jpg)
Good night black. This is a high quality negress.
(39.68 KB 560x747 88838144.jpg)
morn back to the wage. i was only neet for a fucking month ohwell at least i'm getting paid 1130 today and i should keep the 550 supplement for a while because of reduced hours >>7188 (heil dubs) >The high amount of poor quality regular staff made me a sight for sore eyes to the better ones are you a higher up or just a drone? what's your casual rate? i get min level 2 ($25) >he has a noo kitten which is nice for him cats are for soys
>>7190 Nah i just cursed you to poverty until your attitude changes son
(26.69 KB 255x247 sadcat.jpg)
>>7192 >cats are for soys
>>7192 Nice bugle. Good Morning NEETs, I was dreaming of being asleep, at least the roads are dry for higher speeds on my commute.
(825.44 KB 540x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7191 You stealing my bit? Good morning, Black.
>>7193 I still don't get it.
(104.51 KB 538x539 1589128864105.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1286x1920 girl-1721392_1920.jpg)
good night yellow
>>7197 Boomers that are happy to pay their way, pay for the boomers that complain their way to the front of the queue for gubberment gibs. Boomers that dodge taxes and play the cunt are the chads of their generation. its like the zoomer rat race now but with more baked on stupidity.
>>7200 Boomer/zoomer idiom is dependent on age not attitude.
>>7196 Good morning, black. That is a very shapely one. I am not sure I am into the full-on arse though. It is a bit much.
>>7202 You said you liked my big ol' tuches.
Is this place functional?
>>7161 Any and all women with nose piercings need to remove them! >>7169 What's her profile ie where does she advertise? >>7172 If we had guns to protest with the pigs wouldn't be so heavy handed... >>7196 Although I prefer white women I'd happily stuff my face into that arse!
(80.16 KB 750x1334 EVb5kUwUYAA1VyS.jpeg)
>waged not so bad. i actually like to go full on it makes the time fly. too bad half the time the machines are broken i saw the cute girl and i had a chance to talk to her but i chickened out. she just had her phone in her face the whole time kinda makes it hard to engage plus we have to social distance at work only one more day of wage this week >>7205 >What's her profile ie where does she advertise? pic related
(157.40 KB 1048x1280 1588931089819.jpg)
Good evening, black.
>>7206 The girls are all on tinder, what do you want? vapid conversation about some goings-on on some e-celeb's instagram page?
(48.66 KB 420x314 1585254936616.jpg)
The BO of 8kun pol deleted one of my posts. I now glass his skull will.
Turd suck day at the wage, boring as all get out. But stuffed backpack with nice cargo and decided to dob in the neppos to the council for having 4 of em in a one bedrooom granny flat.
>>7207 Nice.
Got rain this arvo and had to ride home slow after wage. Skipped going to the shops and ate kraut, veg, spuds, onion rings and bread for tea. I also finished off the brownies from wage. Tomorrow i will have a pizza night because i froze the slices together and cant separate em. Good Night. White.
(126.89 KB 683x1024 14722745063.jpg)
morn camping is still banned. makes me want to go camping this weekend "do what dan tells you not to do" is my new philosophy >>7208 >The girls are all on tinder yep. seems like asking people out irl is literally not an option but i can't bring myself to do it. "we met on tinder" is lame people will say it doesn't matter and maybe they're right my autism will ruin me >>7209 >8shit worse than 4chan now. just leave
(40.48 KB 532x960 1589306904604.jpg)
Good morning, Black. >The site has reached it's total file capacity. No more pictures.
>>7215 morning kang konnoisseur >text only pretty comfy
Good Morning NEETs. I was listening to Nigel Westlake's "Wooden Ships" before I got up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7E7bG0Fj0o
>>7213 The problem with tinder hookups is that you are so easily replaced by the same means. The temptation for the tinder thot to cycle you, would be too much for most women unsatisfied with life.
I messaged the Global vols about the post limit.
>>7218 >problem I think that's the point.
>>7220 Tinder hookups are undignified, I'll never go there.
>>7221 gay
I made chick peas and boroloti beans for lunch. They will need some pepper.
>>7212 Megan Fox used to be so attractive
My face and nose were cold all day until i wore my mask at coles. I got rushed and forgot the chocolate, too many ugly brown people and chinks made me hurry. Just as i was about to go into my drive, some nice girl waved at me from her bike by mistake, then she slowed down like she wanted me to catch up and talk to her. I had a laugh because she now thinks the guy she thought i was just ghosted her IRL. Good Night, White.
cold morn >Just as i was about to go into my drive, some nice girl waved at me from her bike by mistake, then she slowed down like she wanted me to catch up and talk to her. I had a laugh because she now thinks the guy she thought i was just ghosted her IRL. duuuuuude what if she was hitting on (you)? autism ruins the day again i looked at a woolies chick yesterday and she smiled at me whenever a girl smiles at me i think their laughing at me but what if they're attracted to me? fucking autism also when i went for my drive i honked at a flock of galahs and didn't realise their was a guy under the hood of his ute just nearby must've scared the shit out of him and then he would of thought that i knew him
(45.04 KB 200x200 0.png)
>>7225 >aberlour a'bunadh not under $110 >still no glenmorangie. i've seen this shit at liqourland get your shit together dan still might have to nab a bottle of laphroaig 10 though
(2.40 MB 1242x1398 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
Good Morning NEETs. I lay awake last night thinking that its time i changed from quick oats to rolled oats for breakfast, hence i overslept.
(8.82 KB 191x255 galah tinny.jpg)
>>7226 Nah dont worry about it. everyone honks at galahs
>>7231 One day you'll be ready for puffed wheat.
>>7230 Very nice. I would like to slide my hands under that top.
(188.50 KB 1403x1046 paperclips effort.jpg)
The nephew said he finished universal paperclips, I promised to get him some merch if he did it. He sent me a screen shot but the little shit was lying.
>>7236 boobielovingNEET
Im getting back into coding and my mental capacity is starting to come back. I go down the gym before lunch and today I saw a pair of pied currawongs snatching their second breakfast bees from a hive in a hollow limb of a blue gum. I got tired in the arvo so I went up the gully to examine a spot i want to plant some trees. When i looked in the same spot that i found the magic mushroom there was another one there, a bit old tho and i left it. I had a cook out with my homie and got back into the coding for a little bit after. Maybe work tomorrow so I'll go to bed early. Good Night. White.
>>7240 >i want to plant some trees What kind of trees?
(82.16 KB 1023x576 92525.jpg)
morn got my cigars yesterday and smoked one this morning lasted a lot longer than the machine rolled shit i've been smoking >Hand made using tobaccos from Central Java & Brazil. >Made in Indonesia still not cubans but they'll do the job. maybe when i'm rich ... i talked to girl at work for like half an hour and she just stared at her phone the whole time she's younger than i thought so i'll just leave the ball in her court now >>7241 he should plant some bushy needlewoods ;)
(420.03 KB 460x460 1589475650296.webm)
>>7222 (checked)
Good Morning NEETs. Ready for a productive day and if I'm at home I might monitor the repeater channel and see if the old hams will come back on like they did yesterday.
>>7243 Hot
(225.24 KB 1590x762 cypress cones.jpg)
>>7241 They are monterey cypress, i got the seeds from a cone i collected up north.
(1.16 MB 735x914 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
I would love to see that black girl get pissed on
>>7247 She's a bit skinny, needs to thicken up a bit before being acceptable
>>7240 nice pedobabe
good night nigger
>>7240 I hope it's C++ and not pleb-tier java
>>7242 I've got some Indonesian-made cigars. They were like $3 for a pack of 2 from the tobacconist. >she just stared at her phone the whole time Perhaps you should keep your balls out of her court if you know what I'm saying
>>7244 Good luck
>>7247 Not the best one posted.
>>7055 there is a ton of people like that bro. My vegan friend who reads the guardian via his apple phone, believes in the "scientific consensus", of climate change & his boomer father reads the green left weekly, and took the 'climate strike'..
(69.69 KB 260x181 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7256 >guardian on iphone kek that guy is basically in a cult. >>7254 I had to shut down my workstation in a hurry because i got the call in to wage about half an hour after the shift started. Its a mess there, overstaffed like i have never seen before. All the staff were rumor mongering but I kept out of it and operated like a professional, clawing at loose responsibilities until i had almost a full load. I also ended up with my pockets stuffed and my tiffin full of chocolate and walnut cake which i'm enjoying now. >>7252 yeah, nah its basically java and thats all i get to work with. >>7250 >pedobabe Piscator babe
>>7257 What is that?
>>7257 this is an endoscope i believe
(14.86 KB 181x255 sonnerad child.jpg)
An old flame that will give me eternal regrets for not knocking up, Hit me up on FB today. She wants to write letters, I dont know what topic other than my own agendas. I could try to impress her with 1488 or my relentless self improvement tales, i mean thats worked so well for me previously, in clearing the decks of women to focus on my aforementioned agendas but i feel I owe her something for reaching out to me. I will think about what to write, maybe a short story about the coming of age and finding of wisdom of a relatable character. Why is life just full of funkn high school english assignments. Good Night, White.
>>7261 Send her a picture of your dick.
(127.12 KB 700x1050 5857390.jpg)
morn fell off me skateboard and now have a painful bruise on my side >>7253 >Perhaps you should keep your balls out of her court if you know what I'm saying MUH DICK >>7258 >I also ended up with my pockets stuffed and my tiffin full of chocolate and walnut cake which i'm enjoying now. damn that's ballsy i heard a story at my work about a group of people stuffing product in their gumboots they got caught and fired. not worth the risk and you can just by it cheap at the staff store anyway
(104.17 KB 640x1136 1589531207000.jpg)
>>7263 post pix of your'e skateboard t. skateboard man
Good Morning NEETs. There is no sound outside, no heat and no movement, This is why no one gets up at 5AM for no man needs nothing.
>>7263 Ouch. did you take some heroin for the pain?
>>7263 Hell you think i'm being sketchy for swiping stuff. This shit happens at work from top to bottom. The specialists build mansions from thier looting and the incompetent plebs and useless mudshits steal through productivity decline.
>>7267 nah buy it looks like there was someone od'ing on something near the skate park some chick was yelling at him and jerking him around and he was just floppy
>>7262 Kek. she knows im a dick, no need to remind her
>>7269 were they skaters or just junkie randos? I always thought skaters used opiates to deal with the inevitable falls.
>>7271 just junkie randos >I always thought skaters used opiates to deal with the inevitable falls. i'm not really a skater. just go out once in a while because a bought a board at the tip for $5 i'll wait for the pain to go before i go for a skate again
>>7272 >tip shop board Clearly cursed, take it back and get a scoot
>>7273 >Clearly cursed new bearings. good to go >get a scoot nah i'm not a pussy
(15.75 KB 182x268 bad education.jpg)
Might torrent and then watch this moofie. i like the seppo Krime noir stuff I heard its breddy gud. Maybe stealing is wrong but hey shit this is clown world and i'm missing out on scomogibs and i want something for nothing too.
Kek YEah. GOt called in for wage again.
Adults should not ride skateboards.
Adults should not ride scooters.
(677.99 KB 500x624 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7279 Not lewd enough.
death to those who insult skateboarding
>>7265 i can't it just got nicked my dumbass brother just broke his wrist had to rush to a pay phone and forgot the board went back to get it and it was gone farewell tip board
Is anything written here true?
>>7282 Kek. The cursed board got stolen after maiming two unwary neets
>>7279 i bet she's actually bald which is hot
(178.00 KB 1280x960 tiffin tin.jpg)
Wage was okay today after them calling me in like a cuck. The standout thing I did today was break up the unsanitairy bin cover and dispose of it. I.e. the type with a spring loaded lid designed to hide your rubbish from view. And for my proactive initiative I stuffed my tiffin with upside down pineapple cake which i will have for desser. Wage continues tomorrow.
>>7285 Misso does that, sort of. She sometimes braids her hair really tight to her scalp. I prefer it when it's all puffy.
>>7286 Pineapple cake sounds nice, enjoy. Is there a hierarchy at your work? How can you get off casual?
>>7288 The heirarchy is funny, those who control the information control the outcomes. I can flex on middle management that way but I dont unless its quite important I'm satisfied for now, being a wild card operator. The set piece operators get stale and end up doing tiktok videos with each other.
>>7289 You are absolutely based.
>>7286 I want some of that cake.
>>7291 I always share what I have. you are just too slow to ask m80
>>7284 he was riding a penny which was even more unstable
Those little plastic boards? I could never see the point.
(63.38 KB 700x394 7287448-16x9-large.jpg)
I have a bit of anxiety about not doing coding because I'm woolgathering at work. I had a funny thought today about my homie who is getting $1600 scomobux a fortnight to play rust. I think scomo would have to pay me double that at least to sit at home and play rust. i.e. not do my coding and just waste time. my homies time is not worth even half of $1600 scomobux tbqh. People go to work to break up the tedium and get away from themselves, just as much as they go for the wage. I always enjoyed the cakes and sandwich packets. I suppose i could just make my own if i had to but i am yet to find curried egg filling in the fridge in coles. Good Night, White.
(61.23 KB 800x600 20200517_015309.jpg)
morning >>7283 pic related. we're not schizos so you can stop asking >>7286 do the cakes come in those tins? do they last long? they look nice for camping >>7294 they're quite and ride smooth as fuck. they're a bit squirrely though >>7295 heh yesterday skateboarding a kid about 9? in a tree asked me if i played fortnite i said no and asked him if he did and he said yes. then i asked how much he said he played 8 hours a day. the apocalypse is close, i can already feel the heat
skateboarding poster here penny boards are fuccing awful. decent wheels and bearings but you've just got no stability on the thing. I've seen some tony hawk guys who can still shred on those things but it's basically impossible for mere mortals. They are the cheapest and most portable of skateboards so they're easy to get into and carry around all day but it's a faustian bargain since everyone who steps foot on those infernal contraptions ends up getting bitten. Around here there was a huge wave of fashion girls carrying those things around but it seems to have receded. They probably all broke their wrists too lol. Just take the wheels off the penny board and put it on a BIGG skateboard deck and you'll be all set. I feel you on the cost though, it's annoyingly expensive to get started from nothing with to a full custom complete. Also I literally wore wristguards out skating when I was still a fukkin adult neet retard out there trying to figure out the ollie and how to kickturn without owning myself. KEEP SKATING, NEETS
>>7298 yeah i'll do that penny only cost me $45 i'll melt the penny and then throw it into the skate park ;)
Good Morning NEETs. I was dreaming of deep fried mushrooms and crusty bread rolls, What does it all mean?
>>7297 Cakes and sandwiches have a weekly menu rotation. The cakes come home in my tin and go in my tummy.
>>7299 Throw it at a scooter kiddie.
>>7301 YUM
sandwitches today are chicken spooge and green spooge. I need to take more lunch from home. dunno what the cakes are but hopefully there is thick icing.
(35.09 KB 338x507 true history justin kerzel.jpg)
ERMAGERD! This moofie was made by justin kerzel who did some bomb arse aus kino, He did 'Snowtown' which is my favorite moovie of all.
>>7289 What industry is this?
(2.45 MB 1008x1246 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7300 >deep fried mushrooms Never heard of such a thing. Have you had that before?
>>7304 If you dribble some, take a picture.
>>7305 >Snowtown' which is my favorite moovie of all. lol why?
>>7307 There is something not right about that one. She has strayed too far from human proportions.
bought a cheap midi keyboard with me scomobux
>>7312 Groovy.
>>7312 How cheap? >7 seconds to answer the block bypass...
(112.36 KB 919x598 midiiiiiii.png)
>>7314 akm320 pretty good 32 keys, pressure sensitive velocity curve is meh but it's still cool that it works. can make drum fills. ignore shipping now taking song requests
>>7315 When The Saints Go Marching In.
>>7307 Wew,Those mammaries. I hope that oily shit is mosquito repellent, that background looks like the /J/ jungle
(529.84 KB 400x521 ClipboardImage.png)
(12.45 KB 255x204 british ggrenadiers.jpg)
>>7315 Play some Metallica OR ILL GLASS YOUR FACE
>>7308 Yes there is a vegan pub in brunswick that does them using soy batter.
>>7310 Justin Kerzel's cinematography is absolutely kino. Jed Kerzel's sountrack is etherial
>>7306 >what industry is this? Aren't you just dying to know
Missed out on the cookies going around at wage today. No big deal because they are just made with ready dough. I did get a nice sandwich at morning tea which was and unexpected find. It reminded me of the days when you got one curried egg and one tomato and cheese on tuesdays and wednesdays.
>>7323 It's hard to make an informed opinion without that info.
>>7324 I do not remember those days.
>>7326 Your mummybot doesnt love you
>>7327 I got promite sandwiches and locked in my room.
>>7328 >promite Thats pretty rough mate
I call my olddad on sundays at 8pm, i should change this to earlier when my tolerance is better. Too tired to listen to his train of thought but he has given me the idea to show him that movie "The Revenant" next time we go on holidays to the coast. We will have to get through the winter first and this one will be complicated. Good Night, White.
(170.92 KB 600x800 144038.jpg)
morn tip shop board 2: tasty concrete >>7320 seconded http://freemidis.net/Metallica/One_2/ >>7321 >soy batter COOM >>7323 >>7325 hello asio >>7329 i prefer promite *hears screeching* >>7330 >We will have to get through the winter first and this one will be complicated. complicated how?
(146.93 KB 1024x951 1589729098447.jpg)
(539.10 KB saints.mp3)
(909.31 KB enter-sandmann.mp3)
>>7334 >enter-sandmann.mp3 gay at least do creeping death
>>7333 >>7334 Well done m8.
>>7333 >>7334 Fantastic stuff.
Good Morning NEETs. Its Bin day which is good.
Got called into work. I'm glad because I'd be bothered by regrets if I was at home today.
(1.44 MB 1080x1157 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7334 Oh Yeah, Thats based.
>>7341 An interesting photograph. The white sheets and shirt create negative space that draws the viewers eye towards the female's face and hindquarters.
>>7341 You would never know what's shit and what isn't until you licked it...
>>7046 feed me more songs preferably old sea shanties
>>7341 I believe I would enjoy removing her underwear.
(126.58 KB 1280x960 All the cakes.jpg)
Kek. I grabbed all the leftover cakes from the tea room after everyone went home early.
(76.27 KB 520x389 Botany Bay.jpeg)
Singing too ra li, oo ra li, addity singing too ra li, oo ra li ay singing too ra li, oo ra li addity And we're bound for botany bay
(142.86 KB 697x752 Boong art stamps woo.jpg)
First day of issue in canberra for ACT NEETs Those maxicards are gonna be hotcakes, Im gonna grab all i can.
Went to wage, stole cakes, went to old mates place and payed revallie he hates it , had a cookout with my homie, going to wage tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(104.05 KB 480x640 IMG_3284.jpg)
morn in full wage mode so nothing interesting
Good Morning NEETs. Im starting to dream about killed normies, this is one of the early signs of Wagie rot.
>>7351 The bushwackers do a good rendition of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvAtbkDdeyI
(1.70 MB 888x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7357 >stud in her nose >tattoos You need to post classier ones please.
>>7357 That is one photoshopped negro
(498.29 KB souf-australia.mp3)
>>7360 Nice!
I did a mission into Sydney. I hid myself in different places at night and walked around during the day. It was almost deserted in places. The security women at Bondi Beach were Irish and the lifeguard women were German. The police were mostly Aussie with a smattering of foreigners. There were a few good places with interesting people. These were mostly hidden and I needed to explore and talk randomly with people to find them. Many people think that the government response to COVID-19 is bullshit. But many more are willing to do whatever the government tells them to. The mission lasted about a week and a half including initial preparation and training. I found that the most important things were stealth, then mobility. Water was more important than food in remote areas, but both were easy to come by in the city. Leaving my phone behind forced me to interact with people more and by the end I was feeling quite social. The next mission for me to do is the infiltration mission that was discussed here before.
>>7362 You might need to consider a mission to the GP to get on a mental health plan I think m8.
>>7362 You hid in the bushes wearing your camo gear. Cool bro, I was once a 13 year old too... >>7363 LMFAO
>>7363 >>7364 Samefag.
>>7363 >>7364 You are pretty gay.
>>7363 >>7364 Losers.
Like what's with all the faggots in this board now? This place used to be cool. I bet you guys are abos. Abos are always trying to bring people down. Like I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just wondering what you need to be subjected to to act as gay as you act? Like what, repeated molestations resulting in anal rupture? Daddy didn't love you? Mommy rented you out on Oxford Street? What is it that could possibly make a person so gay?
Is it AIDS?
Talk to me you gutless faggots! Help me to understand your faggotry! I want to help you, or to rid the world of you, as quickly as possible, so that no other poor innocent people are subjected to that disgusting slimy worm you call a personality.
This board belongs to me now. Anyone who does not want to be excellent will be ridiculed mercilessly until they leave. Winners only. Losers fuck off.
>>7364 You are such a fucking loser!
>>7372 We are just worried about you m8.
>>7375 Are you this guy>>7363 I appreciate your concern, but you have bigger things to worry about, like men who cut their dicks off, women in positions of power, Muslim birthrates, and people who think that niggers are human.
So who's in for the next ride? I need someone to record if a crocodile eats me and post it to tiktok.
>>7360 You are a fucking legend.
>>7369 An endless lust for boong semen and thick abo penis.
>>7372 I have a nice personality.
(157.31 KB 1280x960 brownies i don know.jpg)
I have worked out a good tactic. I run an errand at the end of the shift and when i come back everyone has fucked off and there is no one in the tea room and i take all the cakes. I have started to put the extras in the freezer.
(643.24 KB 1000x962 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7381 Do you work in hospitality. I want to form an informed opinion.
(1.38 MB 400x560 GLUTTONYPEPE.gif)
>>7381 Dont be a GreedyNeet. What about the other people that work there?
(220.36 KB 1261x755 cave water.jpg)
(314.06 KB 1328x703 woolstonecraft.jpg)
>>7362 There are caves at the base of some cliffs in badandgi reserve in woolstonecraft, They are overhangs really but just big enough to sleep under cover there. There are some tennis courts that belong to some snooty aparments with water taps but you will need a universal tap key. I think the walking path goes along the tops of the cliffs. I spent two weeks sleeping there and was lucky enough to see the water dragon that lived there. There are mozzies there but they keep the normies from lingering. I dug in a wooden crate to hide my gear but that would be rotted away by now.
>>7357 Tattoos look ridiculous on darkies.
>>7385 They dont deserve any IMHO.
>>7387 I agree, although I don't approve of them on whites either.
>>7360 Based. its a bit like "There is a happy land far far away" that was on the nick cave moofie "the proposition"
>>7386 > lucky enough to see the water dragon Cool.
(3.78 MB 1280x720 the man in the shed.webm)
Why the fuck does this board have so many shitty rules? It emits reddit cuck energy. Can't the only rule be: Don't be a cunt.
>>7392 >Don't be a cunt Unaustralian
>>7386 That sounds pretty cool. It is close to the city also. I have a net for the mozzies. I will need to find a key for the taps.
>>7394 bunnings sell them as "Vandal proof tap key" I was working during the day and chilled out in the cave at night and slept in a hammock, I bundled everything up and put it in a camo bag during the day when i wasnt there. The area is like a cul-de-sac for richies so low traffic area. good luck.
(49.30 KB 750x750 spotlight hottie 2.jpg)
Im getting into the swing of full time wage, I motivate myself by preparing for a second wave of corona thats going to pwn shit in a big way. So im working and thinking about buying night vision gear and other advanced preperation stuff. I need to pull back a bit because I caught myself eyeing off a kids unattended skateboard and assessing its worth to my prepper efforts. Maybe i was a bit grabby but maybe ill find a use for it eventually, dunno Good Night, White.
(24.95 MB 854x480 ok karen.mp4)
morn woke up early because of storm it's good that it's actually raining again after years of nothing >>7362 based >>7363 >>7364 >>7372 ok karen! >>7369 >What is it that could possibly make a person so gay? living in melbourne >>7377 bit too far away ... :( >>7392 yeah it's shit. it goes against the spirit of chans >>7395 i've always wanted to learn lock picking it would be super useful is there anywhere to buy this gear in real life? kinda scared buying it online >>7396 >need to pull back a bit because I caught myself eyeing off a kids unattended skateboard and assessing its worth to my prepper efforts. Maybe i was a bit grabby but maybe ill find a use for it eventually, dunno don't steal peoples personal shit cunt
>just got a work email stating there will be mandatory covid testing >they take your dna for the test https://youtu.be/ThG_02miq-4 feels like they're taking evidence for a crime no doubt this shit will be recorded fucking virus isn't real anyway
Good Morning NEETs. There is a family of three pademelons that lives here, they sleep in the hollows by the creek, i saw them this morning.
(1.33 MB 3071x2102 5969161212.jpg)
>>7399 morn sensible hour neet i thought you said paddymelons :P >they sleep in the hollows by the creek, i saw them this morning. C U T E
>>7397 >lock picking you make your own, you need a bench grinder. dont start unless you will practice to sperg levels. any locks of even half decent quality are fukn impossible. >>7397 >steal personal shit s'aight. I swapped it back to the kid for his mummybots phone number >>7398 >pcr test what they dont tell you is how inexact and inaccurate the test is. >>7377 going north? Nice i could never make it to even newcastle. I did sydney pretty good tho. melbourne i got pwned
(101.77 KB 671x600 pademelon.jpg)
(7.07 KB 183x275 potoroo.jpg)
Hard to tell the difference really and they dont get too close
>>7401 >what they dont tell you is how inexact and inaccurate the test is. more to the point it doesn't test for a virus just the effects of a virus which can manifest due to other causes that aren't a virus
>>7404 Hunh? I thought it tested for any corona virus RNA like one your doggo gave you from some shit it picked up in the park. I didnt watch your clickshit tho.
Fugg they're opening the state border mid june. This means i gotta maintain the prepping, srsly thinking about night vision gear now.
>>7395 >Vandal proof Are you a vandal if you use a public tap that needs one?
>>7399 You should cook them up. Apparently if you boil the first, it takes the poison out of them.
>>7399 >>7400 Well there you go. They are two different things.
(1.49 MB 750x1121 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7406 probably nothing to worry about, but never hurts to be ready for the worst
>>7406 >night vision gear They enable you to see corona virus in the air?
(761.38 KB 3264x4928 DSC_7973.jpg)
>>7410 Another airbrushed negress. Good morning. Asian
>>7406 Which state?
>>7412 For the arse surveillance.
(167.10 KB 474x237 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7414 Wouldn't you like to know.
>>7410 What a radiant smile. >>7413 Vile
Why are you neets here and not on endchan?
>>7416 Fuck you nigger.
>>7418 ...we moved back to endchan? Why am I always the last to know these things?
>>7419 Drown yourself
(2.01 MB 426x240 Leave_us_be.webm)
marimbapunk ONLINE
>>7423 I am not keen on this melody.
(168.48 KB 1280x960 blueberry tartlets.jpg)
A modest catch brought home today but hardly a scant haul.
>>7425 Nice tartlets.
>>7418 Endchan had that mommybot faggot on it last time I was there. Cunts had no sense of humour. This place is way more chill.
>>7426 Oh yeah. 5 out of 5 and the berries would be local. no wonder there were so few left.
>>7427 Play nice with the other NEETies narkyNEET.
>>7429 What do you mean?
(193.97 KB 800x791 1580846747865.jpg)
Wage was busy but I operated with capacity and swiftness. I saw one of my Aryan brothers briefly and we saluted each other in the middle of the packed floor. Also of note was the idiot chink spare wheel wearing a level 1 mask in the manner of his people. I decided not to interrogate him because of the irrelevance of his reasons, however he reeked of camphor and politely told him to fuck off when he started to approach my clients. I spoke to another operator I know and set him up for the 'Roman Salute' next time. Its unlikey to start a trend as my workplace is cucked just like everywhere else but it raises my morale. Good Night, White.
>>7431 BASED
>>7425 Do you work at the Betty Crocker factory?
>>7432 LMAO, I get what you're doing now
>>7433 >betty crocker Oh Seppo.
(80.42 KB 640x800 55931181.jpg)
morn went into town yesterday and there was a bunch of pajeets in hi vis wiping down poles, bins and shop door handles what a fucking joke. be an even bigger joke if they are working for the council this place is fucked. comfy levels critical >>7425 YUMMO >>7427 yes place is shit and full of tripfags (or named neets as they call them) that try and and make other neets tripfags just like: >>7429
(18.91 MB 1280x720 tryit.mp4)
>>7434 Good Morning NEETs. Looks like i'm with you cunnos today, I got to see my spraypainter later.
>>7436 The gubberment will fund all kinds of retard tier jobs for the browns left stranded by a sinking service economy. The nepos at wage are tasked to mop the same floors over and over, it makes me wonder if the guy who programed these mudbots can code at all.
(1.32 MB 900x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7440 Her hair looks pretty involved, its a wonder she's not wearing a bathing cap.
(86.42 KB 440x600 bF8xb.jpg)
(130.64 KB 640x480 motorcycle equestrian saddle.JPG)
I found a picture of my suzuki i couldnt find. Its under tarps and mothballed so would be inconvenient to take a new picture. too much effort to put it on the road and keep it there. Plus I would never use it as i have a ute that i never use too.
>>7439 Meanwhile white homeless men are everywhere in the big cities.
>>7440 A very nice one.
I'm bored.
/ausneets/ a bored four aussie NEETs
I think all the women are fucking niggers and muds. The world has been telling me to go fuck myself for about five years now. Multiple "friends" and acquaintences have said stuff like "we tolerate you" and "are you still here?" It will be fun to watch them all burn.
But yeah, if white men give white women choice, and white men are not allowed to kill niggers, the white race will be replaced by halfbreeds and subhumans.
The problem is mostly giving woman a choice. The niggers just make it more obvious. Women will choose the man who most closely resembles an ape. If there are no niggers then this will be criminals and subhumans. For the human race to survive, we need to take away women's choice again.
By niggers I mean abos as well. Humans need to be able to remove subhumans with impunity, or at least have the right to turn off their gibs and let them die.
>>7448 They're obviously fucking someone 'cause they ain't fucking you! At least not in the physical sense...
>>7452 You are a fat loser. >>7453 True. So why then should I not destroy the degenerate society that we live in and rebuild it?
>>7452 >Cringe You appear lost, friend. Reddit is that way!
>>7455 Yeah redditors also. They all must be shot.
The list of subhumans >niggers >muds >redditors >shitlibs >commies >faggots >trannies Did I leave anyone out?
Come on you niggers. Fight back or kill yourselves. This half in-half out act is boring. You're not fooling anyone. Least of all me.
>on the 16 shill discord >furious discussions about what to do about this particularly based NEET >torpedoed yet again by an action inside their decision loop >when will this stop?
Come on shills. You better lift your game otherwise you won't get to tick off your "disrupted the discussions of the racist sexist homophobic transphobic islamophobic antisemitic white nationalist supremacist neo nazis" box. Those Sorosbux ain't free you know.
>>7460 Soros the Nazi collaborator.
>>7454 I wish you the best of luck achieving your goals >>7457 kikes >>7458 Fight back with what?
>>7462 >Fight back with what? I am having some luck using ridicule and satire. It seems to encourage our forces and harm the enemy's will to fight. There is a reason they crack down so hard on "hate speech." If you can keep it more towards the humourous and less towards the hateful then you should have the greatest impact.
>>7463 I agree with that tactic. Humour is a great tool for psy-ops
(230.91 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7443 I miss doing normal stuff too.
>>7443 What size engine? If you don't have a job* then perhaps restoring it would be a good project to spend your days on *I know this is a NEET board but there's a few of 'you' who work...
>>7457 The unemployed.
>>7467 750cc. 1979 Suzuki. Its already restored just waiting the startup process. NEETlyfe is passtime paradise
>>7457 traitors pedos
>>7460 This board is too small and insigificant for shills to bother with. You're probabally the shilliest noot thats visited yet.
Had a day off wage today, cant wait to go back tomorrow. I finished a stage of my coding project and it checks okay. I had mixed success with seeing my mates. One mate had a rage out when I gave him the roman salute, but i left him with gifts and no malice. The other mate was happy to salute and we decided to only do half salutes at wage until i can figure out the risks of triggering a jew booby trap, another mate rode past and told me he bought a house in the bush and folded in the wheel I gave him ages ago. I had a cook out with my homie but the pizzas i made were flat because the dough was dead and did not rise. Spewin. Good Night, White.
>>7472 Based.
>>7472 >Jew booby trap kek >left him with gifts Go on.... >folded in the wheel ? >the dough was dead That's a shame. Ever tried making a dough using just self-rising flour and plain Greek yoghurt? No rising/proofing necessary and ready for (((the oven))) within 30 minutes. Good night
>>7473 Always was, always will be
(52.03 KB 550x733 uffie.jpg)
morn the aus flag has been removed. looks like a triggered someone. was it you BO? or was it you commie admin? >>7443 egats! ride that motherfucker! >>7444 (checked) yep the diversity polices in government agencies has increased to ludicrous levels >>7446 have a dram >>7450 >Women will choose the man who most closely resembles an ape. so true >>7459 >furious discussions about what to do about this particularly based NEET which neet are you speaking of? >>7468 BURN >>7471 >This board is too small and insigificant for shills to bother with. you underestimate JIDF. they infect all corners of the internet >>7474 >folded in the wheel i'm guessing bicycle wheel
>>7476 oh look it's back hmmm...
>>7474 my mate was having a hard time after his dad died in NZ after the travel bans. He's pretty based and into skinhead culture big time, so this wiggout is a big deal. I gave him lollies, a N95 mask and my last frozen steak then I left. I had a spare racing wheel and gave it to this other guy in my class, he rode it into the ground, which is kek city for a rider.
Good Morning NEETs. Cold overnight and it will be a cold ride to wage but then i get to be warm all day at the office.
>>7476 I still have the AU flag option, there is no commie flag tho which is why the BO doesnt post here.
>>7478 >I gave him lollies, a N95 mask and my last frozen steak Any bloke who gives another bloke his last steak is a legend in my books!
>>7476 >they infect all corners of the internet Checked, certified and BASED!
(2.17 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
(1.73 MB 2000x1333 Lena-and-Rosie-Pula.jpg)
>>7483 Good morning. Boong
>>7484 Sup unna
found my audio interface so I can record guitar again
>>7486 Are you the same 'person' that bought the midi keyboard?
>>7483 She needs to get out of those clothes. And while she was at it I would throw that tasteless necklace in the bin.
greetings, ASIO. maybe. who wants to know? got a song request?
>>7489 Calm down buddy, just a fellow NEET longing for human interaction...
>>7490 alright mate well you've passed the turing test. I used to be into music but then I got out of it. It's a horrible way to make money. Need money to live. Tried to spend more time and life-force in a way that would actually get me a house eventually. But music it is a very effective way to make propaganda, to affect other people's thoughts and feelings. So now that my life has been disrupted by STUPID GARBAGE I am feeling angery and I also have tons of time on my hands to make angery songs. Get the lads out there riled up. So in this specific case I need to figure out how to turn old sailor songs into fast punk songs.
Ewan MacColl - Blow, Boys, Blow 1960 16 Tracks total
Ewan MacColl - Blow, Boys, Blow 1960 16 Tracks total
Ewan MacColl - Blow, Boys, Blow 1960 16 Tracks total
Ewan MacColl - Blow, Boys, Blow 1960 16 Tracks total
>>7495 >16 Tracks total We didn't need them all posted.
>>7491 Cheers m8, I'll give you a more detailed reply after I've relayed your post to my boss
(121.07 KB 1241x893 Chips.jpg)
Imagine eating euro spuds.
>>7500 Aussie spuds are pretty shit. The chips are better in the UK.
I had a laff with my mate homie about ice heads and their misfortunes. He reckons the whackers are the slug zombies and the smokers are the tweaker types, But I reckon its the long term users that are zombies wheather they smoke or whack and the ones that havent yet fried their brain are tweaker types.
>>7501 worstersire sauce is good with chips. chips and deep fried plaice
(514.78 KB 1334x2000 1578264603402.jpg)
Bruh. Just hit the wall. Tried to make some code changes at wage but the admin gets funny, Ill see if it gets implemented. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Its starting to get cold overnight and the blankets get heavy.
The city council in my town is dominated by fembots and sjw's, They passed an edict wherby homeless vermin cannot be touched by the pigs. Add to that the generous and enthusiatic gibs programs and my home town is now a haven for winos, junk monkeys and raving street lunatics. Yesterday i spotted one chud monkey who made his bed in the middle of the town's central pedestian mall. This is at 4 pm mind you. I thought about giving the human rag a bit of encouragement to get up and do something positive for hisself, such as getting out of my mall but i supressed this thought for the greater good of the public message his ugly presence provided for the aforementioned cuck council. I hear that there is a new "gypsy camp" made of demountables plonked right in the middle of the communist part of my town, at a public soccer ground. I should take time to go and inspect this development, maybe talk to some of the locals to gauge their reactions and see if i can spot some of the damaged losers in their new environment. I will take along my camera and notebook. FIELD TRIP !
Off to the wage after a call in. Poo i was doing my uhf radio stuff. oh well might think about getting a yaesu ftm 400 DR with the $. https://www.yaesu.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=249&encProdID=227201D29C822AEFF8482F3367495319&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0 see you later NEETos
(1.79 MB 986x1331 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7508 Very nice.
(279.18 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7506 >talk to some of the locals A very good idea. >I will take along my camera and notebook. You are of course aware of the recent jogger case in which their camera footage was leaked to twitter shitlibs and used for a witch hunt against the people defending their neighbourhood. Good luck, NEET. We ride with you in spirit on this day. And remember: If this is your first night at fight club, you HAVE to fight.
(250.45 KB 1280x950 ClipboardImage.png)
Do we have any evidence of this happening in Australia?
(476.00 KB 1200x707 Aboriginal-women-ceremony-2_1.jpg)
>>7508 Good morning. Boong. >>7505 Good morning. Ay it's getting very cold in my neck of the woods. The doona, and two sheet setup isn't quite cutting it atm. Will have to upgrade as I prefer sleeping naked. >>7506 I look forward to your detailed analysis of this 'gypsy camp'. Good luck! >mall M8... >>7507 Enjoy the slavery, hope they're paying you well
>>7505 >>7508 >>7512 morn just got a txt telling me to sign into jobactive and connect to employment services 9am on saturday. what cunts the commie admin is still trying to ban me that's why he disabled the au flag
>>7513 Did you lose your job due to Corona?
>>7514 yes but only for a month now i'm back waging
>>7511 nah the pigs here are fascists and always pushing for more power but their extra official activities are mainly limited to tipping off mates who are under investigation for shit like gun law compliance and dope growing.
>>7508 Ugh, that Kmart decor!
>>7515 Good to hear, your compulsory taxes uphold my lifestyle ;)
>>7518 You are misbegotten FREN. I dont earn enough to pay tax other than the special ones like the bushfire levy. And i certainly dont pay off my HECS debt. In fact no one pays taxes really. The gubberment sells bonds to jews and chinks and raises the biggest part of their revenue that way.
>>7519 OK. Clearly I'm not as red-pilled and based as you. What I find really funny is how full-time wagies truly believe the compulsory taxes they pay are 'theirs'. But in reality they never had possession of it, neither in their hands or bank account. The gov took it before they ever laid eyes on it. And the pitiful amounts they get back on a tax return keeps the herd satisfied enough to slave away for another year...
(113.02 KB 1024x768 come home white man.jpg)
Planning out my trip to jaycar. I need DIN rail and some solder lugs to start with... maybe i should splurge and get a soldering iron nook.
>>7521 Fuck their website pisses me off. The search function is a joke. Even if you put in detailed description you still get 100's to 1000's of results
>>7522 The hardcopy catalogue is breddy gud dunny mag.
(364.38 KB 355x473 CB-illustrated.png)
Had a busy day but was fighting this other 'Phlegmatic' character type girl for responsibilities. Our fight ended in a draw. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. Missed out on going to the gym because it was looking like rain and I did not have an empty stomach, then darkness fell and I got caught up with shitposting and cooking dinner. If I work tomorrow then i will have enough money for that yaesu ftm 400DR. I read that china will soon implode and the era of cheap chink shit will finish. All in all the chinks were okay at making electronic stuff. Chinkbots can solder pretty well, the design and doccumentation is where they fall down. I really should buy two of my main kitchen appliances and stash them somewhere. Good Night, White.
(1.88 MB 1333x2000 native-american-shoot-megan.jpg)
>>7524 >cheap chink shit will finish Perhaps for us. They have the ability to make electronics and other goods really well but have been too concerned with making them as cheaply and quickly as possible for export to the west. Good night. Native American.
Good Morning NEETs. I had a good night's sleep, my down sleeping bag was okay and i was not overwarm.
(66.14 KB 800x800 174372419.jpg)
mornen >>7518 no worries enjoy bro i don't plan on waging for much longer >>7522 >The search function is a joke. Even if you put in detailed description you still get 100's to 1000's of results true >>7524 >Missed out on going to the gym that's why i have a curling bar and punching bag at home fuck gyms >All in all the chinks were okay at making electronic stuff. true. i hate it when people hock "made in australia". doesn't mean it's DESIGNED better >>7526 nice actually i might try sleeping naked in a sleeping bag got a big aldi one just sitting there my sleeping is shit atm
I was thinking about this woman I see occasionally at work. One of the decision maker class, well known for being abominably abrasive. I have been seeing her for many years and for a time i was giving her manly stares which would have been the only ones she ever got because i know that after that she went down the sperm bank and now has a boy of about 8 years of age. So now she talks to me as an operator and we smile, which is encouraging but always in the background there is this utter failure of her virgin birth. Not only that but the kid still has no male figures (I know a girl who engages her socially on occasion) and is def gonna grow up into a confused tranny. Overall its personally sad for me but i know that im sad over some fantasy outcome and destiny is cruel and devastating just as often as it is beautiful.
>>7528 >sperm bank wait you mean literally? pretty fucked but i'd give it a go mate. we're all human after all
>>7527 >DESIGNED better. I think Aus "designed" stuff is way better, generally. But we are comparing all kinds of piss widgets so the debate is kind of moot. I was reading that chinks borrow money at zero interest, start production lines, undercut everyone and buildup enormous inventories. Chinks borrow money without a clear concept of debt or supply and demand, where the main aim of the buisness is to employ lots of peons who then are expected to support some political thing. It seems inevitable that china is hyper fucked, i just wonder whats going to happen to their remaining inventory of radios. The only barrier is getting that stuff into my letterbox ATM.
>>7529 yeah its heartbreaking. i would have given it a go, her personality and all. I was hit up for my sperm by the same girl who told me the gossip but she's too old to concieve and has been smoking for 20 years. I decided long ago that doing the sperm donation thing is psychopathic. i.e. fathering a child you would not take responsibility for.
>>7530 >I think Aus "designed" stuff is way better, generally that's what i'm saying i find designed in australia made in china (or wherever) is usually better and cheaper too companies that design and make in australia tend to over engineer their shit >>7531 >hit up for my sperm by the same girl wait what? yeah i'd say run in that case
>>7532 >made in Australia it is nice despite the price
(1.66 MB 1916x1928 1590261613090.png)
>>7534 >tfw no bath, no bath carp Plenty of rats in the creek behind house tho.
>>7535 >Plenty of rats in the creek behind house tho. i know those feels creek brother
(120.29 KB 500x719 blocks_ur_path.jpg)
>>7526 >down sleeping bag nice. I went camping last year and my sleeping bag was not warm enough for the conditions. Shivered through the first night more or less, next couple nights were okay but I had to wear socks, long johns, sweatpants, sweatshirt, windbreaker, gloves in order to stay warm through the night. I'm now mirin' army surplus gear since those are supposed to be the cheapest, warmest bags you can get. apparently the finnish army sleeping bag is supposed to be legendary but I don't know if I can find one that would still be cheap by the time I get it shipped. Wish my local surplus store would open back up again, fuck this sodomite-approved lockdown
No call in to wage, hardly surprising because of gravy penalty rates today. No yaesu ftm 400. stuck at home with you cunnos and the chores. I wonder if jaycar is open
>>7537 you need a vapor barrier for your bag in the cold. this is the key to cold weather nighttime survival.
(709.19 KB 361x735 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7540 The offspring of a negro and indig is known as a zambo
>>7541 Interesting, I've heard the term 'Sambo' before but never knew it's origin, or really what it meant.
>>7527 >fuck gyms ay >hate it when people hock "made in australia" Oi oi oi... >>7528 You're a deep thinker >>7531 I think the women who don't want a man in their lives and just want the sperm without intercourse are the psychopaths >>7532 >i'd say run Definitely >>7534 That's hilarious. I have a bathtub. Wonder what the real estate agent would say if she saw that during a routine inspection >>7538 >No yaesu ftm 400 You'll get it one day. Trust and believe
(113.56 KB 1080x1080 AMLl6wF.jpg)
>>7540 Good morning, those are some shiny arse cheeks. Brazil
>>7542 mulato is black and white. mezito is white and indig. blacks misceginate too >>7544 whoot, she has a nice smile.
I programmed the uv-5r and now im listening to the spergs on the local repeater. MIght shitpost if i can get a callback
>>7547 Make a vocaroo of them talking.
>>7548 vocaroo is fucking gay. I can't get that site to load anything other than a blank fucc'ing page these days. doesn't work with either one of my autism browsers, even after enabling javascript and turning off all my autism extensions. VERDICT: HOMOSEXUAL Just record and post the mp3 here directly. 100 times better.
>>7549 Well do it that way.
>>7549 Vocaroo a shit. Idiots posting too many on the 'other' /ausneets. Pain in the arse having to open up numerous tabs just to listen to 3 seconds of insignificance...
>>7552 And you're the one I was referring to. Just stop m8. The first few you posted were a nice change from the norm but then you just spammed the thread
>>7553 Three quarters of them were in a tower post.
>>7554 And that was good but I don't wanna be clicking every other second single post to hear 3 seconds of insignificance. Nothing personal but you really killed the comfy vibe of the board. If you wanna verbally wank with other NEETs then use Discord...
>>7555 I'm verbally wanking with you now. That's all this is.
(49.93 KB 371x480 mfw.jpg)
>mfw non-free website
>>7548 They talk about radios and antennas. its worse than \k\. Im gonna lurk before i start transmitting. besides i need a better antenna. I went to jaycar and got some connectors and solder lugs for my antenna project. I would have browsed and maybe got some other parts but the guys were listening to faggot fuckhead commercial radio at max vol and the harvey norman ads drove me out. I conclude that the weekend jaycar guys are lamers.
>>7552 yeah good point. give us a kek next time.
I had a big lunch and kind of regretted it because I had to crouch down and work on the falcon. Then i took it to the painters and he made me go back and get the mudgard flare. I ended up riding the bike from 1 30 until 5 in a cold headwind, I didnt regret having a large lunch by the end of all that as i was very hungry and tired. Had a cook out with my homie. He is starting to loose it again and is planning to move to japan next year. I'd be concerned for his state of mind but i know its just his mental retardation talking. Otherwise we are comfy here and eagerly awaiting china kicking off ww3 i have a bag of cricket bats and wickets in our stash for this eventuality I finally got around to sharpening a couple of tools this evening but i cant find the handles for the loppers. Im off to bed super early and waging tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(120.39 KB 1024x683 630060378.jpg)
morn got me fridge mounted on my ute and went for a test drive and gave it a good rattle and it survived underestimated working with 5mm steel. shit was a right cunt to cut, bend and drill >>7549 >vocaroo is fucking gay. I can't get that site to load anything other than a blank fucc'ing page these days. works on my palemoon autism setup >>7551 >Pain in the arse having to open up numerous tabs just to listen to 3 seconds of insignificance... yeah it's really fucking hard to open a tab :P >>7558 how hard is it to have encrypted convos? >>7560 >He is starting to loose it again and is planning to move to japan next year. he's got the yellow fever
(15.61 MB 1024x720 iphone.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs. I saw a wallaby in the street lights, I hope he doesnt get run over like so many here.
>>7561 >fridge mounted cool >5mm steel plate. kek, good on ya ned kelly. >encrypted conversations. probabally not hard just expensive,
>>7562 Seppos have great hair. I wish i had seppo hair
(115.36 KB 236x236 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7566 She is not bad. I prefer more natural pics personally. That one is very posed.
>>7558 >I conclude that the weekend jaycar guys are lamers kek >>7560 (((China))) >>7561 >shit was a right cunt to cut Farkin' oath it would
(113.32 KB 721x1024 maori-women-maori-people.jpg)
>>7563 >>7566 Good morning. Maori.
>>7569 Those maori mouth tattoos on women look terrible.
>>7567 I dislike the selfie pics. Most of the non-posed ones are those.
>>7569 hot
>>7572 Nigger.
>>7566 Hey thats that darkie from that movie. The one with the thingo.
>>7569 inky sluts are hot but maori ink is based. Needs to have a crate of KB longnecks to be authentic IMHO
(151.70 KB 1280x960 squashed tartlets.jpg)
Im ashamed to say i left behind some of the cakes in the tea room. There were too many and i maxed out my tiffin. They are soft + creamy raspberry tartlets and got a bit squashed (half are already in the freezer). There was also fudge cake brought in by persons unknown which is fine for the normies but i dont trust.
>>7576 Well tiffin'd.
Ruby Princess boomers reee about somebody not taking responsibility for their responsibilities. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-25/four-corners-ruby-princess-coronavirus-investigation/12266884 >got sick but didnt go to see the ships doctor because muh too expensive. >boomers going on cruises when death cruises are MSM news for a month already >COVID was dinner conversation but no covid in muh exclusive dining room >Death princess avoids quarantine after public official in charge gets affirmations about quality of ship from cruise executive. What a kekworthy insight into the hideous circus that is a budget friendly tourist junket.
Embarrassed to ask, but what's a 'tiffin'?
>>7579 Kek. Your mummybot gave you promite sandwiches wrapped in newspaper yesno?
>>7580 >yesno I don't like this "word".
>>7580 No. It obviously ain't a QLD thing. I know you're talking about a tin box. Tell me now please. Don't make me resort to Google
(74.34 KB 940x627 Hot Tassie Boong.jpg)
Its 8:30 and past my bedtime, I waged, caught up with my mate on the street, intimidated the hippies in the mung bean shop and played bugle calls to the hibernating boomers from the civic club. Also of note was me casually correctly guessing a hot coworkers shoe size during a combined and operator task. a tiffin is a state of mind man, a state of mind that you put your lunch into Good Night, White.
>>7583 Based.
>>7583 I wish I was tiffin.
>>7583 In that case I've been shoving alcohol into my 'tiffin' all night...
>>7583 Good Night
>>7581 I prefer >(Y/N)
(40.48 KB 690x690 104793660233691.jpeg)
morn do you put your tiffins in an insulated lunch bag? already tired of waging but i have an exit strategy. not long now >>7565 i have thick hair but it parts weirdly and i have multiple cowlicks i only cut my hair twice a year. caring about your hair is gay i probably most definitely look like a sperg
Good Morning NEETs. I woke up at 3:33 and 4:44, I had to get up to piss, its really cold.
>>7589 My food is often frozen when it goes into the tin. The freezer is a big tiffin really. >exit strategy my strategy is waiting for everyone else to exit then i will be alone.
(4.57 MB 1080x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7592 This one seems to be a mix of arab and afrimutt.
>>7592 >upvoted
(22.81 KB 184x211 Rally takes a sip.jpg)
>>7153 Looks comfy
>>7589 >morn Your hair must get pretty long if you only cut it twice a year >not long now Take out as many shit-skins as possible
>>7592 Good morning. She has a really creepy face, but very nice thicc thighs and big areola. Vietnamese
The war was cold, but now it is hot.
>>7598 Much more dignified than the black who looks like a crook.
>>7599 I wish it was hot here. I've got the hot water bottle out for my feet.
>>7601 Life is what you make it.
(66.11 KB 640x588 hair cut.jpg)
>>7589 >>7562 >Bruh, Nice hair
>>7534 This is an entire line of work that I had never even considered.
>>7604 I was at the hippy shop and saw some Bush Pepper berries for $150 a kilo. The ferals go out to the actual wilderness and pick them off the bushes to supplement their dole. which is pretty cool.
>>7592 That's a nice one.
>>7603 Aka that one lad whose mother cuts his hair
(521.83 KB 728x546 ClipboardImage.png)
Just sewed a vapor barrier for the feather sleeping bag. sick of drying it out everyday. I used spun bonded poly propylene, for two bucks a meter it might be a very good material going forward. I impressed the spotlight girl with my manly choice of blue over pink, unfortunately i was wearing a half face respirator so she probabally thinks im wierd.
(350.96 KB 1920x1076 1578824202152.jpg)
I'm due for bed now, my feet are not yet cold and the tea is still too hot to take my nightly ibuprofen. Tomorrow I will work on a writing project and submit that to the next step in the chain. Feels good to be moving forward and off the maintainance program of the last few months. I also pick up the ute from the painters and start thinking about doing the detailing. I also want to keep stockpiling and prepping while there is still stock in aus warehouses, The ute will make that more efficient. Good Night, White.
(4.44 MB 640x360 slav shopping.mp4)
morn >>7609 >i was wearing a half face respirator so she probabally thinks im wierd. B A S E D >>7597 >Your hair must get pretty long if you only cut it twice a year yeah just grow it out in winter and wear a beanie >>7610 >nightly ibuprofen ADDICT >ute what ute mate? did ya paint camo? i've got a b3000 bt50 3.0 4x4
Good Morning NEETs. Time to try the new Lavazza coffee because i finished the vittoria, which is my usual brand. it better be good because i bought a kilo on special
>>7611 >slav shopping bit of eurobeat for ya. >BT50 Mazda Diesel, very good. i got a 2006 Falcon RTV, poly bull bar with a hard lid. metallic silver, gonna start filling in the paint chips and start detailing it when i get it back today.
The vapor barrier i made yesterday is completely useless evidently, as the fabric is porous. I'm a mong for making it without checking that first. Oh well no harm no foul and back to spotlight i go.
(1.77 MB 916x1338 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7615 Milk in coffee skin and a enormous arse. But can she cook and does she clean?
>>7616 Those things can be learnt. An arse can't.
>>7612 I've only had Lavazza in shops but I thought it was good.
>>7617 she cant cook or clean but can she pick coffee in the fields?
>>7619 She looks like an East African blend.
>>7620 I might be tempted to purchase such a blend if it were not to cost me very prettily.
>>7613 >Falcon BASED
>>7611 >>7615 Good morn. Indian
>>7623 Oh my GHOD. I can sense her disapproval from here. This woman will nag you to death from 1000 meters distance. DO NOT GIVE HER YOUR PHONE NUMBER
(77.69 KB 1080x1080 1590414963139.jpg)
>>7627 I deal with poojetas at work. They range from being mudbots to ruinously incompetent.
An interesting few days. The invader tried to intimidate me. When I refused to become intimidated he called the police. The police tried to intimidate me. When I refused to become intimidated they started giving warnings. The invader tried to intimidate me again. I refused. He called the police again. The policeman threatened me with the lockup. I stared at him blankly and he drove off. Now the invader has left town.
(23.25 KB 328x506 dutch judge.jpg)
I was gettign a flat arse working on my writing project for most of the day, still managed to do three edits which is now mandatory minimum for me. I also went to the gym and picked up the falcon from old gerald the painter, I accidentally overpaid $50 but im glad i did now. I went to Dan murphys to get some grog for my homie, thought i'd give it a go since the NEETs are always going on about how great it is. Its fucking horrible, an expensive and confusing trap for normies desperate to get numb. I'll never understand drinker mentality, and Dans as a cultural experience is totally depressing. I got him some honey flavored seppo rot gut and he was so happy.
>>7629 We need more details and clearer explanations of what happened please.
>>7630 >my writing project Tell us more.
>>7629 Is he coming back do you reckon? did he take his shit? sneak into his house and put a uhf bug under the floor or something
>>7632 its a vegan cookbook using meat based alternatives to vegan ingredients.
>>7629 were you on his property when he was intimidating you? why would he want to intimidate you anyway? does he want something from you?
>>7631 I cannot give too many details as they may put things together. You can ask me questions if you like and I will see if I can answer them. Very briefly, my basic strategy comes from the 4th Generation Warfare Handbook by William S. Lind, USMC. >>7633 He always comes back. I saw him going to two different houses but he didn't see me. I think one of them is his dealer but could be his ally. I don't know if the dealer answered. His house and the other house were both dark tonight. A bug could be handy to know what he is planning. I mostly go off intel from the townspeople. His own self-destructive behaviour gives a lot away also.
>>7635 >were you on his property when he was intimidating you? No. I was in my yard and he was in his. He did come onto my property at one time though. He started picking up things to attack me with but he stopped when I started taking pictures. >why would he want to intimidate you anyway? He thinks that I disrespected him in "his" street. >does he want something from you? Yes. He wants my fear.
>>7634 Kek.
>>7636 i got a bug off some spy shop in israel. i've still got it and havent played around with it but i should now that i can drive a cheap chinees radio.
>>7637 do a psychological work up on this guy for us
>>7639 I used to love that stuff. I did electronics and everything. There were magazines you could get with schematics for bugs. Some came in kits and you only had to solder them. The smallest was about the size of a thumb. They must be microscopic now. >>7640 Boastful. Prideful. Sensitive to any perceived insult. Claims to hear voices. Fairly self-destructive behaviour regarding substance use. I think his discipline is pretty bad. Very, very angry.
(497.94 KB 1920x1280 339367.jpg)
morn >tfw didn't get payed for the first time yeah i think it's about time to ditch this clown joint >>7613 >2006 Falcon RTV noice >>7626 cool >>7630 >I'll never understand drinker mentality me neither. i only drink on average twice a week and never get drunk i guess they're just so shit bored they've got nothing else to do
(72.25 KB 956x1024 1590593458058.jpg)
last two nights have been absolutely madhouse at the skatepark. Throng of 20-25 lads skating, yelling, drinking into the night under the dim sodium-vapor lamps. even had a fat girl on rollerskates cruise through. I guess the silver lining of this hebraic virus tyranny is that the lads are now more united and less socially distanced than we've ever been. If they weren't such a mixed lot in general I'd say the time would be right to start recruiting for the Abowaffen Prank Squad. AUSTRALIA ERWACHE
(23.85 MB 854x480 covipass.mp4)
>>7645 Based Alex.
Good Morning NEETs. I had a good nights sleep and didnt need to get up to pee.
>>7645 Fuckin hell. some pig asking me: "Do you have your covipass there please sir?
Im off to the wage which is good because my back is aching already from sitting all day yesterday Later NEETo's
(221.82 KB 236x419 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7650 Very nice shape. Pity she is trashy though.
>>7645 Jesus Christ, what a mong.
>>7641 >Boastful. Prideful. Sensitive... I'm honestly unsure if you're talking about yourself or the 'invader' >>7642 Morn, I will never know if that redhead has anything on underneath that hoodie and it saddens me >noice BASED >>7647 Good morning. Getting up to pee is a real pain in the arse during Winter >>7649 Enjoy your day
(76.72 KB 1280x720 Danish Woman.jpg)
>>7650 >fake tits, fake arse, fake face and most likely a fake personality I'd still fuck it though. Good morning. Danish.


no cookies?