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(109.33 KB 1000x850 Moofie Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #8 - Moofie Night Edition. NEET 06/19/2020 (Fri) 19:36:06 No. 8025
Moofies, Moobies or Vidya, A NEET is the Geist consumer of all, for he will never buy either the DVD nor the crypto kike propaganda message. Our NEET knows that watching moofies every day is degenerate, so he will mix it up with downloaded serials and the occasional Lauren Southern/Greta Thunberg crossover docco Immigration: A Climate Emergency. A Real NEET watches his Kino and drinks alone, which sharpens the immersion and focuses intent. So minimise that imageboard shitposter! ITS MOOFIE NIGHT
NEET GENERAL #8 Soundtrack https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_8 Turn those bass bins right up! Can you guess the moofies from their themes?
Why does he keep going?
(85.37 KB 630x1200 snowtown 2011.jpg)
Snowtown by Justin Kerzel was a very kino moofie that I enjoyed very much when It came out and many times after. I liked the landscapes which were very aus and made me want to travel to these places in the South Australia. I like the desolate empty places that set the scenes very nicely. I also liked the very realistic protrayal of life in the late nineties. I wonder about the young one mark haydon, if you watch the moofie you will wonder about him too. I would like to go to snowtown, it looks like a lovely rural town on the dry plains. I love aus and the snowtown moofie is like a picture book of what I think is the best kind of place. The sound track is really good too and I went to the odeon in town to see Jed Kerzel perform his etherial music live. You can listen to the soundtrack a bit on the cytube link. You should watch Snowtown even if you are from south australia and think the adelaide hills is for bogans and gronks, you should see it because it is so good that it makes a commodore burnout look like a kino cultural experience. That is a masterwork right there NEET. 5/5 bravo
Good Morning NEETs. Only one more sleep until bin night!
gonna watch national treasure tonight CAGE KINO >>8031 sundays fuggin bin night? and why is at night? round here it's bin day and it's a weekday
>>8032 Bin night is when you put your bins out and the bin troll comes to take your bins. I know he's real because I can hear the terrifying noises outside when I'm comfy in bed.
Woo this looks good. Stuffed why I havent seen It. Dying of starvation in the wild is X-TREME
>>8033 so bin night/arvo is the night/arvo before bin day/morning?
>>8035 yes and no really. You put your bins out when you notice bins on the street. sometimes they are empty bins tho
(2.62 MB Nuque.mp3)
>>8036 how many bins does there have to be out on the street before you declare it bin night?
>>8037 critical mass to attract the bin troll? confusingly, bins get emptied the night after bin night by some means. so dunno. I fear that the bin troll will get fat and lazy after being fed the equivalent of junk food from the chink and pajeet bins. They chuck enormous amounts of dial in meal and parcel packaging. imagine going to someone elses place and choking it with your shit.
Fugg. I gotta call in from wage. On my new bread day. stuff ya's i wanna get money for whores AND that yaesu ftm 400 later me hearties.
thank fuck i don't do oncall anymore W . A . G . E . M . A . X
(4.17 MB 2000x1500 grass.png)
(4.07 MB 2000x1500 green green.png)
(4.63 MB 2000x1500 of home.png)
>>8029 I was there last week, I have a client near there. On the way back I went through a back road from Balaklava to Rhynie. The country out there is looking greener than it has in ages. It'll be a very good year for farmers. https://www.google.com/maps/@-34.1043246,138.6186993,3a,75y,32.42h,97.13t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sg4WLb6aMIzq4Cjw3LrgjNA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 That google maps link is about the same place the pics of the green hills are from. Which is what it normally looks like out there, even in winter. The church is in the middle of nowhere, it's over 150 years old and is still being maintained by the same family that was there when it was founded. It's called Woolshed Flat.
(399.79 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
When I was a kid, my grandfather found a quandong stone on his property.
(42.41 KB 800x600 133631.jpg)
big wagie stud
Patsy Cline is fucking good.
>>8041 Woo. cool. I saw a church for sale in the middle of snowtown for about 120k. its a bit sad really. >>8040 Fucked day, didnt get a break until 1:30, messy work but thats normal for that office. I should expect to get a call tomorrow because they were getting slammed. off to the gym. hope the bike gang has left it alone. chips and last nights pasta for tea
(241.48 KB 343x500 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.40 MB 1280x995 boong ashtray.png)
>>8048 is that your grandfather and his quandong stone?
Didnt set my p2p torrent program to download moofies while I was at wage. Moofie night ruined.
>>8051 How slow is your internet?
>>8052 under 10Mbps download.
>>8053 Still shouldn't take that long to download moofies.
(26.71 KB 500x500 white woman 2.jpg)
>>8054 >night ruined Good Night, White.
>>8055 Top quality pick there, you mong.
>>8047 >for about 120k You can pick up a lot of nice old buildings out there for less (way less) than 100k
>>8049 There are similarities.
(54.88 KB 285x1000 137_1000.jpg)
morn gotta clean my room because we're getting a white ant inspection
Good Morning NEETs. I have already been on a lemon mission. i got 5 lemons, they smelled nice when i picked them, no one saw me except some noisy kookaburras, the lemons are not very good, they are ornamental lemons. and probabaly not ripe
(50.83 KB 720x791 camo.jpg)
>>8058 morn mate better luck next time
>>8061 Thx. always the first mission is for scouting and getting your gear sorted. Wage called as i half expected. The life of a professional NEET is hard and boring.
>>8060 I've often wondered where people got ornamental lemons. Plastic lemon tree.
Been grilling up some chicken drumsticks for later, made a bit of a sauce of smoked paprika, garlic powder, brown sugar,Worcester sauce, tomato sauce and salt, fairly basic but it tastes ok
(226.03 KB 1493x1021 ds.jpg)
>>8064 Pic if anyone interested
>>8065 They look very nice.
>>8065 Perfectly done.
Where is this femdom?
>>8066 >>8067 Thanks neets you are very kind, I did hide the burnt bits on the bottom, guess it was the brown sugar burning and me not paying enough attention.
>>8065 Yumo Isnt there some recipie for KFC batter somewhere? that'd be pretty exciting.
>>8070 11 Spices – Mix with 2 cups white flour ​2⁄3 tablespoon salt ​1⁄2 tablespoon thyme ​1⁄2 tablespoon basil ​1⁄3 tablespoon oregano 1 tablespoon celery salt 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon dry mustard 4 tablespoon paprika 2 tablespoon garlic salt 1 tablespoon ground ginger 3 tablespoon white pepper
>>8071 Cool. I always wanted a deep fryer. One day.. one day.... NEET
(133.67 KB 1280x960 biscuits.jpg)
Very physically demanding day at the wage. got the biscuits, three was all I could manage. left three behind
>>8073 You need a bigger tiffin. One on wheels you drag behind you.
>>8073 You could have eaten one on your way out and stuffed another in your pocket, leaving only one.
>>8073 Well tiffin'd.
(88.21 KB 1920x1080 t.jpeg)
>>8074 Something like this?
(132.94 KB 679x512 chaz no acab no more.jpg)
I get subjected to very unbased Talmudvision at wage, I think there is a happening in seattle but Its confusing with all the BLM covid UN refugee equality noise.
>>8075 Yeah I should have. My morale was low because of how sore and tired I was.
>>8079 I understand, long demanding days can stuff you up, especially by the sounds of it physically demanding day like yours, hope you get a day of rest tomorrow.
Anyone around melbourne feel like meeting up to hangout?
There's this gym I go to the royal mint center in la trobe street.
deleting all my porn with bleachbit, feels good, just a bit slow
>>8083 Well done NEET.
Goodnight neets
>>8083 porno jew raus
Had a crack at programming the baofeng cb radio. I have got the repeater but I lost audio when talking to my homie. I'll have another go later. I'm btfo and going to bed. Good NIght, White.
morn gotta make a deal today >>8073 >Very physically demanding day at the wage. way it should be. hardens you up also wrecks your body lol >>8078 funded by soros. it's all orchestrated. NWO >>8081 yeah man but not the fucking gym. just meet at southern cross and go from there >>8083 YEAH BOI >>8087 stole me girl mudda fukka
Morning NEETs. Got civic club after the wage, its gonna be a long dae.
Fugg and its gonna be super foul weather, I better take my wet gear not adult nappies
>>8088 Yeah you posted her two threads ago, get over it.
>>8081 >>8088 tfw cant neetup because vic is pozzed like dockland whore.
(3.06 MB 1280x720 1r94vz.mp4)
>>8089 morn mate wage on while the world burns i wish i could to clubs after the wage but i'm absolutely too fucked
>>8092 >can't handle the shanghai shivers softcunt
>>8093 muhahaha. >>8094 Oh I'd roll up in hazmat, just cant cross the fuggen wet border. its funny how antifa were all anti globalist but cant comprehend that they are mostly jews. Also the globalist jews have rotted their organisations with foreigners, troons, fags, commies, fembots and furries. they used to call themselves anarchists and the old school ones all went to natsoc as they grew up.
>>8095 >just cant cross the fuggen wet border. says who? the man? S . O . F . T . C . U . N . T
>>8090 >super foul weather Mallard season.
Watched star trek into darkness 4k disc, it was the imax version, very annoying with the subtitles cut off, audio was still exceptional though.
>>8098 It is not a good film, regardless of the audio and/or video quality.
>>8098 i liked it, I really liked the sexy chick in her bra when the rebooted kirk barges in on her. i acutally laughed out loud. at the cinema how embarassing
I went to civic club after wage. I got cold and wet in the rain so I left before the roasting session. I could have got the whole tray of carrot cupcakes but I got some abandoned coffee instead. They would have gotten squashed anyway. Wage tomorrow. last day for a while. Good NIght,White.
(18.18 MB 1920x1080 1st Generation Vitara.mp4)
morn bought 'new' car with >>8044 the doors locks are fucked. hopefully that's all that is wrong with it >>8100 >I really liked the sexy chick dat borg girl in voyager C . O . O . M
Good Morning NEETs. Rain on the roof and a rushing creek besides. Its going to be a wet week.
>>8103 Wanking to star trek. When you fantasize about janeway being your bossy GF. You know you're a special kind of degenerate
>>8104 morn it'll was the rats away
>>8106 shows what you know
Am now thinking that i should wait to buy the yaesu APRS enabled radio because I dont have my license and have not built an antenna. I am now interested in night vision gear tho.
(120.62 KB 1280x960 1rsz.jpg)
(146.36 KB 1280x960 3rsz.jpg)
Went up the bush after wage. I need to understand the way the water flows around my bush base. The spot i want to plant the moterrey spruces have free running water as I suspected. There is about .2liters a minute flow at the campsite but it can be channeled away from the camp pad.
>>8109 >.2liters a minute flow at the campsite but it can be channeled away from the camp pad. What happens after a heavy downpour, how much water flows through that area?
>>8110 Its been raining pretty hard for days so the ground is soaked. that is an unusual situation. The water channels would get higher flows and it all goes downhill to the creek, much of the water filters through rock scree's, only some flows over the durable rock surfaces. there is more mud than erosion tho. Its in a ravine that gets stormwater from the hilltop burbs too. down where my gym is the water gets up into the mid hundred liters per minute. especially after heavy rain. never floods tho. too steep. I have lived in this ravine for 3/4 of my life
>>8109 What the hell is that?
>>8112 Wet midwinter evening in the bush. I had fun, thats what counts.:/
(164.31 KB 931x1280 mccall.jpg)
Wage was full of sour miss-managers and numb-nut noobs with inferiority issues. Still, I operated within those limitations and went around idiot-stonewalls like a veteran mountaineer disappearing from the climbing party in a flurry, only to reappear high up with the rope already anchored. I have been using doctrine from the 8 personality types of rene le senne to navigate people lately and I attribute some of today's success to that. No cakes for my tiffin. No dessert tonight. I will buy a block of chocolate tomorrow for my days off. Good Night, White.
(40.83 KB 896x674 rammstien.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqUO5Xv76Lw Someone fixed Rammstien's Deutchland. Based.
>>8114 Another Based day it sounds like.
(151.41 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
morn got a hankering for hookering >>8108 >I am now interested in night vision gear tho. the real shit is like 5K+ >>8109 >campsite fuck me >>8116 waging is never based
Good Morning NEETs. I think my heater has packed it in.
>>8118 >>8117 Morning
>>8117 >5K+ OMG thats like ten real hookers!
Pizza slice and the last of the crackers for second breakfast.
Fluff in my clean washing :(
(65.92 KB 750x1000 hiking pepe.jpg)
I wonder how the adventureNEET is going with his border crossing trip. Has he stumbled on any secret federal prison camp/drugs factories I wonder.
>>8125 All they will find of him is a skeleton clad in camo rags and a rusty tiffin.
>>8126 nah he's wandered into a hippy thot commune and is now their studNEET
>>8120 50 street (fake?) hookers!
>>8128 Hmm. You just gave me an idea..
Frozen pizza is in the BBQ oven.
>>8129 have sex ?
(154.09 KB 1280x960 loud pizza.jpg)
>>8131 Hunh? Sorry cant hear you over my hot pizza.
>>8132 noice i find pizzas these days never have enough tomato paste base
>>8132 Looks good, are they jalopenos in the pizza? if so what frozen pizza is that
>>8134 >>8133 Cheese, walnut. anchovy, jalapeno, olive. The pizza I made and froze last week. forgot the pinapple tho.
>>8135 looks really good m8, I am jealous
>>8135 >walnut Does it work? I am a bit dubious but I haven't tried it.
>>8138 The walnuts saved the pizza from mediocrity.
(327.80 KB 720x1280 1592879533699.jpg)
Usually I find that it takes a day or so to come back to full efficiency when going from being an operator to sitting at home and coding. As long as I recognize that chores like laundry and shitposting erode my efficiency, then I can relax into the pain of the code inexplicably not doing what it rightfully should. Also went to the gym, talked to a woman who took my photo and bulk bought toilet paper for me and my homie. Good Night, White.
>>8140 >talked to a woman who took my photo Were you wearing the gas mask again?
morn >80 year old guy dies (most definitely had pre-existing condition) >military deployed what the fuck is this shit? fuck i hate victoria. just fucking announce you want a police state
Good Morning NEETs. Might deploy the alternative coffee I salvaged from wage. Its "fair trade" and not the usual slave trade I prefer tho.
>>8141 Forget it. There are no single women in this neighborhood. anyway she wanted a picture of my gym, i turned my back and had the hood up because dont want to get tagged on FB >>8142 YEasss Gas mask time again. My dream of wearing a gas mask to the new james bond moofie at the cinemas comes closer to reality.
(54.42 KB 634x836 1556231238257.png)
>>8083 Good on you, but why not just delete it yourself?
>>8068 melbourne.locanto.com.au/ID_4417050703/Goddess-Domme.html
>>8147 Aw yeah?
Mate has been on the comsec stock exchange app. $500 minimum bet for a $10 fee. Str8 up gambling.
(14.72 KB 567x503 coff33 pep3.jpg)
Finally got around to having some of that fair trade coffee. fucked if its not decaf, so im having a half and half. tastes ok.
>>8149 Fugg he was telling me all about how this company found gold in WA and bought a lease and how the price went up 800% overnight. I guarantee he was just parroting the press release. If every nuf-nuff is doing this like its going out of style then how much Inflated risk is on the ASX? I have concerns about how safe this mass behavior is.
choof-a-choof-a-choof-a Pressure cooker wants some attention.
(113.60 KB 835x835 1592441639298.jpg)
Very nice tea tonight, beans and lentils freshly boiled and not yet thickened. Kraut and potatoes, peas and peanuts. Tomorrow I aim to head out before breakfast to score some lemons and maybe talk to a radio sperg. I cleaned and lubricated the MTB for swift deployment, an inspection reveals no defects. Good Night, White.
>>8153 I foresee your lemon obsession being your undoing. Don't say you weren't warned. Nothing good comes from pursuing the sour fruit!
morn listening to some dank dubstep from when it was just kids posting shit up on myspace https://www.youtube.com/user/DubstepTube/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid might have a look at the locks on my car doors today >>8144 >tagged on FB ain't it great? normies always have geolocation on too >>8148 well yeah. i haven't seen her but she checks out >>8151 >Fugg he was telling me all about how this company found gold in WA >not just buying gold fucking mong. traders are gamblers. he might as well just sit at the TAB betting on dogs https://goldprice.org/charts/history/gold_5_year_o_x_usd.png >>8153 >MTB is it STEEL? REAL?
(189.23 KB 1280x1780 haul.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. MIssion went well. Got the data, got the lemon and black bread. Mission done. Also found another lemon tree which I will strip ASAP.
>>8156 morn in and out by 9 nice i've got a motorola UHF (450 - 520 MHZ) can we be bros?
>>8155 >frame Yeah its a steel Gary Fisher frame thats already been rewelded once. >traders I noticed the ad for the trading app on the screen at the ATM. This is dodgy as fuk. I heard that the amount of AUD gambled on russian table tennis was insane. That money came from emergency superannuation withdrawals. I need to buy more buttter and beans. >whore too much heat 4 me matey.
>>8157 Internet communication is like a machine gun to uhf being like a bow and arrow. Still. If you want to shitpost with certain bros then you need to get on their board, and that requires electromagnetic data transmission as opposed to electro-optical data packets. and thirty meter tall antennas
(46.98 KB 590x805 sexy maid 2.jpg)
It has been a very cold day outside, far too cold for ice cream but not cold enough for the feather sleeping bag. I got the Motorcycle out of its covers today. I put it in the ching chongz undercover car spot since there is no chance they will use it. I forgot how cool it was and how much I enjoyed getting it into good shape. Its certainly a better mechanized option for traffic here, although Its a pain in the arse to haul shit with. I will do some sewing now and then watch a bit of a moofie I downloaded. Good Night, White.
>>8160 nite m8
morn this second wave bullshit is fucking over my plans of not waging i could just quit my job but really i need to do something with my life >>8159 >and thirty meter tall antennas not if i drive close to you ;)
this shit makes me want to put a sick sub/tweeter setup in my car
(153.04 KB 1280x960 lemons.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Just waiting for my coffee to percotlate. Had a very good haul this morning.
>>8162 Keep your filthy disease on your side of the border, northener.
>>8165 >northener i wish mate i live in shitoria
>>8162 >do something with life escape victoria?
>>8164 morn how long do those things last? i wanna percolate some coffee but my mammy got a fucking induction >>8167 >escape victoria? yeah to radelaide
>>8168 The o-rings fuck out after a while but that one has been going for forever The i-tais use em with gas burners on their desk, remember that moofie "red dragon" They are based. Radelade is based.
(92.28 KB 255x120 bass pepe gif.gif)
>>8163 That one sucked but I liked that dubstep youtube channel and listened to it last night.
>>8164 A lot of lemons.
(3.85 MB 720x406 1591336408245.webm)
(35.00 KB 318x445 b13 french.jpg)
I watched the second half of this moofie for lunch, Its a really good action flick and aside from the gay moralizing, the storyline is quite engaging. 4 out of 5
>>8172 fukn juggalos.
>>8173 that movie is great. a lot of parkour from what i remember >>8174 at least their pain brings me pleasure. couldn't stop laughing the first couple times i watched it
Went to see sisterclone this arvo. The damn dogs have taken over the place, I chafe the whole time I'm there from the bad atmosphere and the omnipresent drone of the TV. I drove out my olddad and he gave me some more lemons. I also saw my mate in the arvo sun and we did the full salute. He will help me with my art project where another mate has ghosted my request, a trifling figure pose for me to photo and trace. Its clammy and cold and I had to run the air con in the car so the windows wouldnt fog up. I will put some rainX on the insides tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>8176 >my request, a trifling figure pose for me to photo and trace
(71.14 KB 221x300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8178 I will give to keep our boys' tiffins full.
(474.93 KB 1576x2518 fBFjM.jpg)
morn mission for coffee percolator was a failure i may go for cezve though and try to make turkish coffee saw this tiffin at target: https://www.target.com.au/p/62785709 the aldi tiffins aren't air tight. don't know whether that is good or bad >>8176 >rainX just what i need. rain clings to the rear window like baby shit and my windows also fog up bad also will get their headlight restoration kit as the headlights are hazed to shit
(131.29 KB 1533x961 1504522458256.jpg)
What is he doing with all those lemons? And the limes too.
Good Morning NEETs. I just cant beat the earlyNEET.
>>8182 morn mate >cant beat the earlyNEET and that's a good thing
>>8180 yeah those tiffins are okay unless you want to put semi wet stuff in it. And eventually you will have some stinky curry glop leftovers and you will get complaisant and take it to wage in your cheapo tiffin, Then you will have a disaster, you can see the inevitability of this chaos? Dont do it NEET, cheap tifins. Not even once.
>>8183 Who gets up and shitposts at 3AM? Fucking fox hunters. thats who.
(36.42 KB 482x427 1569433595244.jpg)
>>8184 what exactly is the advantage of tiffins over plastic super locks? >>8185 >3AM 1:30AM
>>8186 >tiffins over clip-loks dunno, not much really. I suppose that SS is non reactive, some oily curries stain plastic tubs. Plus you can put a ss tiffin in the oven in a pinch. not that i ever have
>>8180 hold off on doing the insides of your windows with rainx. it might not be the stuff to do the job. ill try it out on my falcon. let you know
>>8188 they have a specific product for the inside
(106.09 KB 1056x572 rainx anti fog.jpg)
Shut up and take my money!
>>8189 Autobarn have it, the bottle cap leaks on the stuff i got ages ago. im sure they do it on purpose so you have to buy more when it evaporates
(22.09 KB 499x498 LEmon pepe.png.jpg)
>>8181 The Jew fears the tangy sourness of the citrus master race.
is it still movie night tho?
>>8193 moofie*
I rain-X'd my windows on the ute, Mummybot came around when I was out buying rain-x and left me some stuff. My homie ran out of weed and got snippy with me, then he rage quit our cookout. Otherwise it was a nice sunny, cold day, I went to the gym and did a little bit of coding, Tomorrow I want to start cleaning the ute. Maybe start on the detailing. Good Night, White.
>>8195 >rage quit over weed i remember when i was 12 also good night
(654.40 KB 1360x2040 46820476.jpg)
morn looks like wage might be back in full swing this week >>8195 >>8197 >My homie ran out of weed and got snippy with me, then he rage quit our cookout. weed turns you into a woman lol
(282.59 KB 2018x1398 1593303955231.jpg)
(30.13 KB 839x274 pillows.png)
Good Morning NEETs. Too cold outside and too comfy in bed to get up in good order this morning.
I watched Carpenter Brut's a likely name "Blood Machines" yesterday. It was weird with a Warhammer 40K vibe, and it came in three 25 minute episodes. The soundtrack was bangin tho. cant rate ?/5
(10.50 KB 255x172 cringe bridge no mo.jpg)
(10.17 MB 1920x1080 cringe bridge.mp4)
ABC budget cuts are going to result in less of this quality content being generated. Outrageous! where am i going to get fappage like this now? Cross post from 8kun
>>8199 iktf
>>8203 I can't fap to this.
>>8205 Racist
>>8203 I still dont understand the difference between white mans privilidge and white mans burden. Surely they are not the same thing.
>>8198 that's why i'm instead a raging alcoholic since i became an adult
>>8208 Doing drugs is bad for your mental health and a waste of your time. Why not come down to our treatment centers and let one of my health consultants help you with a selection that'll allow you to avoid the demon weed.
>>8209 i'm a literal raging alcoholic
Kek. Civic club is at the Golden Years Club out in Sinkton. Might go check it out.
>>8211 >Golden Years Club Isn't that where all the old people hang out?
>>8212 Nah they hang out at the pubs and slap away thier pensions. Ill take pictures tonight cos i never been invited there.
(170.22 KB 1280x960 civic club q.jpg)
(137.38 KB 1280x960 civic club 2.jpg)
Just got back from the Civic club at the Golden Years club. They had good kitchens but I left before dinner. I told the treasurer I was going to skip dinner and drinks but he still charged me a bluebottle. cunt
>>8214 Looks like a club for old people.
>>8214 What a slice of ye olde Australiana.
(92.19 KB 931x1280 B5970_01__82298.1579913250.jpg)
Coding went well today. I kept up my attention levels by not having a really large meal at lunchtime. After everything I have learned about which foods are best for me and the efforts to set up my eating system, I am still prone to the munchies and pig outs. I'm not concerned about my weight because I'm a skellie. My homie was in a better mood and some of his mates came around, I took the ute out to civic club night out in sinkton, still having problems with the windows fogging up, but not as bad. I'll put more rainX on tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(127.16 KB 1024x683 El-Toro-Driver.jpg)
morn i now have fears my wheels are too big and i won't get a roadworthy. what a hassle >>8214 do you even have convos with those cunts? looks like all they would talk about is their stonks and kids >>8217 skellies unite!
Good Morning NEETs. A nice damp morning outside with no smell of woodsmoke.
>>8218 >No roadworthy. victoria - the place to be fined
Its good conditions for drying washing, might put the pillow thru.
Went down the gym and had my pieces of cheesy bread as I walked home through the back alleys.
More cheesy bread, half decaf coffee, panadol and back to the code. My homie is loosing it, barely coherent, he has no weed and is sperging on trump and BLM.
So sick of coding. nearly there on this part. im gonna wash the ute.
Falcon washed, next is clearcoat treatment and paint chips filled. My homie got his stepdad to bring many many bags of frozen foods and all possible space in the freezers is maxed out. Feels like hash browns for breakfast.
>>8214 Thanks for the pics neet
I'm done with code for the day. Its not getting easier but i'm getting better. I feel better about my days doing these small coding projects than when I'm at the wage. There is no cringe and no frustration, No feeling like i'm wasting my time. Time before the second wave of corona is running out however, and i'm keen for a more comfy safety margin. Gonna read siege a bit and then go to bed. Good Night, White.
(1.14 MB 1486x1000 v8-supercars-grid-girls.jpg)
morn was agitated at wage yesterday. guy asked me if i was okay and i just said i'm sick of it and covid but it's really mostly about grill got sent home early and let loose on me punching bag and feel better today except wrists/joints fucked from wage >>8220 at least we only have to roadworthy once >>8223 >cheesy bread not a very good post workout meal >>8228 what language you coding in?
(124.92 KB 1024x489 1593535204880.jpg)
nice oizo vibes on this track
Good Morning NEETs. Normally I lie in bed and listen to the ABCnews bulletin and then get up, but today woke from a dream just after it finished. This is a better way to start the morning and the Kookaburras outside just told me what I need to know anyways.
>>8233 That does sound like a good start.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>8229 Physical activity thats hard on your body is no way to unwind, NEET. Why not come on down to one of my stores and let a relaxation consultant help you with a purchase thats gentle and Oh-So effective.
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
>>8229 Kek. That VB uniform is as bad quality as the actual beer. Naked would be much better. I use graphics software and the output is programmed in a GUI without any text except the parameters. The sequential process and structures are the highly similar to coding in c + when i was doing that. At some point ill be coding at command line level, but thats not yet and not for this project. But I cant tell you what im using because it would potentially dox me down the line with respect to IP. I understand natural curiosity, and apoligise for being vague.
(152.61 KB 800x997 onion front.jpg)
(66.37 KB 640x810 onion back.jpg)
I put a bag of onions in the freezer and when i defrosted them they went all wrong. I recently got a full set of womens weekly recepie cards off a throw out and I found this one.
(49.61 KB 640x480 gold bars and anthracite.jpg)
I went down the gym and then as I was having my cheesy bread at the promenade, under the gaze of the coof hotel's picture windows, I saw the old Major. We had a talk about how things are going and he told me to stop being a NEET and get back to the wage. He is always a bit harsh with me. Then I went to the German bakery and got my 100% rye loaf. The baker and his wifey were sitting outside smoking so I waited them out, at least the wifey. The baker was looking ruddy, very obese, coofing with his smokes and inert. It looks like he will drop dead soon and thereby ending my access to the nazi ubermensch bread I prefer. Final Grocery Haul. pic rel.
The Old Major now. Is any of it real? I believe in the bread, the butter and the lemons. Those I can see.
>>8239 The old major headed a reserve batallion backinadae. I never served under his command because I was in a fighting unit. and his unit were pogues He got all bitter when his wife left him for a book salesman. scandalous.
Onion and fresh broccoli soup for lunch. half decaf coffee, finish this covid video and then back to the code.
Woo. The cinema in town is showing moofies again. Really old moofies that I've seen a million times. but not in a gas mask
>>8242 Haven't been to a cinema in years, I watch all my movies at home
>>8237 What is beef cumsome? It looks nice.
Is any of it real?
>>8243 I watch moofies at home too wearing a gas mask
>>8244 these old recipie cards call beef "Bouef" sometimes.
>>8247 lol, that's pretty cool How old are they?
>>8248 Dunno but they use this stuff called "suet" which I have never seen at the shops, they're pretty kitch, my GF should love 'em.
>>8249 >suet It is hard to get these days. the good suet comes from the fat around the kidneys. Some people substitute lard/drippings but it is not really the same.
(7.91 KB 194x260 download.jpg)
It was a nice sunny day and I did more coding. I have a mate coming over tomorrow to help me a bit and I'll offer him pizza for tea. I tried to get another dumpster PC going but it wont post. I'll try with another cpu chip, maybe the mobo is okay. I want to have a go at my radio study tomorrow evening after code is done for the day. The onion soup was good. Good Night. White.
morn tried to invite fellow wagies to an event in melbourne 3 months away but they're all scared of da virus i don't think there's any point bothering with normies. i need to find people that don't fear death (the one thing normies are shit scared of) >>8235 explain this you cunt: >>8232 >>8236 >I use graphics software and the output is programmed in a GUI without any text except the parameters. sounds gay i agree with linus. you can't call yourself a programmer unless you can write c (which i failed at cuz am dumdum)
Good Morning NEETs. The rain cleans the stench of woodsmoke from the air, I am taking advantage and ventilating my place.
>>8250 Woolworths sell suet mix in the baking aisle. Green and yellow packet from memory.
>>8254 Apparently you can use copha as a substitute.
>>8255 https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/15260/tandaco-coating-mix-suet Tandaco prepared suet mix is a blend of the finest rendered beef suet and aerated flour, available for use straight from the packet. No messy preparation, it is quick and easy to use.Ideal for use in puddings, pastries and dumplings, Tandaco Prepared Suet Mix provides that traditional rich flavour and moist texture associated with homestyle cooking. No artificial flavours. no preservatives.
>>8257 I'm not buying it because its nasty in a packet.
>>8258 You're nasty in a packet.
>>8259 I am. I am a packet of nasty that spills everywhere when you try to open it neatly.
The Deacon came around, his first visit since before the lockdown. He said that the nicene creed is wak because the trinity is not taught in the bible and its plagarised IP from other, more ancient beliefs. The deacon's offsider said that the jews are a bunch of hippocrytes and their faith is invalid. BASED
>>8261 You know a Deacon hasn't even completed all of their theological training, right?
(423.83 KB 600x410 1580915395413.png)
My mate came around to help on the project and we had a cook out afterwards. He told me that when he was up in melly for his mum's chemo treatment, he went to a "German Market" out in Heidelburg. He wanted to get some decent bread and food, but the market was all full of muzzies and asians and no german stall holders in sight. He talked to some clearly Deutsch people there, saying the market was shit and where to get some real german food. They agreed that the market was rotten cultural appropriation and took him home and made him bratwurst and kraut, and told him of how things were in germany. I told my mate that they would have recognized him as volksdeutsch, just as I do, and how we are distinct from the anglos and other whites here. We had a good cookout with onion soup, Black bread, popcorn and Pizza. Good Night, White.
>>8262 Deacon is a church elder without being a priest. The description fits and sounds cooler than JW doorstopper
morn can you feel the heat? >big military expansion including cyber division >1000 military personal (only reserves at this point) deployed in melbourne >victoria locks down postcodes >nsw bans those people from entering >coppers putting up roadblocks motherfucking shit is going down. we're fucking slaves if you happen to have a number on the list (the postcode you live in) your life is frozen >>8261 NOT BASED https://www.orthodox.net/fathers/exacti.html#BOOK_I_CHAPTER_VIII
Good Morning NEETs. Kinda warm for winter and expecting rain today.
>>8267 >Holy trinity Still dont understand why its important.
(7.46 KB 259x194 cuphead pepe.jpg)
>>8267 >tfw no tears of vilified muslims to drink. No plausible deniability for ostracizing jawas
>>8269 >Still dont understand why the truth is important. one point is nothing two points joined together is nothing three points joined together is something god is the first something not nothing
>>8261 >He said that the nicene creed is wak because the trinity is not taught in the bible Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.
Kek. I just realized I outed myself LARPing as Dan
(6.08 KB 143x255 holy dan.jpg)
>>8269 >>8261 >>8271 >>8272 I've always been a faithful believer in imbibing the blood of christ. A well refreshed Protestant is a devout Protestant. Why not come on down to one of my sacred wine centers and let one of our sacrement consultants help you get closer to the trinity or at least double vision
We had a spam attack and the last post was accidentally deleted. maybe banned too Blame chinees spies
>mfw the maccas clerk was an absolute sweetie cutie but she had disgusting tattoos on the inside of her arm >>10775 i blame luciferians
(60.47 KB 600x900 worried-young-man-hand-face.jpg)
tfw no fat slag GF with a dog's name on her forearm with a date 18 months hence.
(132.30 KB 1280x960 full.jpg)
My homie fucked up and seriously overbought on the frozen wedges and hash browns. Now there is no room in any of our freezers for stuff like ice cream or if I want to make and freeze pizzas. I could go for some ice cream now too.
>>10781 kek, just start in one corner, won't take long to get through them then you will be able to fit in your treats
Good Morning NEETs. Another day another spam attack.
Bleeaach! Only peppermint tea bags left. FML
(82.00 KB 880x587 Slime bag Keating.jpg)
I'm still angry about this.
(94.73 KB 880x712 howard hover hands.jpg)
John Howard was the best PM before Tones
(3.17 MB 4128x3096 1. coolangatta.jpg)
1/4 I made the trip up to Queensland. As always, before embarking on an epic voyage, one should check whether the epic voyage is actually needed. So I drove to the border at Tweed Heads/Coolangatta and simply walked across. There were no border guards at all.
(4.19 MB 4128x3096 2. white lives matter more.jpg)
>>11603 2/4 Of course it would have been a shame to prepare for a huge trip and not actually do it, plus I had received intelligence that the enemy was planning a protest. I decided to have a look. I walked in with my gear to the east of Lamington National Park then walked on a circuitous route to the edge of the residential areas, near one of the stations on the southwest rail line. After camping overnight, I took the train to Brisbane city to observe. My full camo clothing got a few looks, but none of the commie scum were game to challenge me. My only challenger was an upstanding member of our new African-Australian community, but he didn't have the heart to follow up on his evil stares with further actions.
(92.28 KB 666x1024 tfw.jpg)
>>10776 >recently white-flighted to a better region of seppoland >8/10 blue-eyed cutie hands me my fast food order today instead of the 2/10 butt goblins i'm used to it's all so invigorating
(6.76 MB 4128x3096 3. secret spot.jpg)
>>11604 3/4 My next mission was to see just how far into Queensland I could go without being stopped. I took the train up to Gympie and walked into the Great Sandy National Park. I walked for probably 100 km over 3-4 days. I used most of the things in my medical kit: a bandaid and some 3M MicroPore to stitch up a finger I sliced on a tin that I had carelessly left lying around, and some more 3M MicroPore to stop the chafing on inner thighs and some foot blisters. My equipment performed adequately. My shoes had some annoying bumps caused by the stiching pattern that had to be removed with scissors. There was plenty of water due to creeks and rivers along the way, and my water purification tablets ensured that I did not get any illness from the water. Food was prepared using a solid fuel stove. The availability of water meant that I could use mostly dried food, but I had a few cans as well. My load would have been well under 15kg for most of this part. The highlight of this leg was a rest day at a beautiful waterhole on a hidden part of the river.
(3.65 MB 4128x3096 4. cave art.jpg)
>>11606 4/4 The outbreak of near war in the U.S. led me to abandon the final stage of my trip, which would have been to travel to Cairns and then hopefully Cape York. On the way back down to Sydney, I came across a cave enscribed with some ancient artforms, as well as a traditional message ascribed to my ancestors. The entire trip took me a few weeks from start to finish.
>>11603 >>11604 >>11606 >>11607 Nice pictures, you should stay out of cities and not participate in your hippy rallies.
>>11608 True. Thank you.
>>11604 Kek. The local beasts look ferocious! look at that one's tattooed eyebrows. I'll wager he's been in a cage for some time hence.
>>11603 The Hard border is a myth! The promised land is wide open! I hear the streets are paved with i-pads
>>11606 Kino!. A good time to go, without challenge from tourist NPC's, The crocodiles must be hungry without gibs from the tour operators.
>>11607 Ha Ha! America is far away and Cape York would be safe from any stray missiles. Better luck next time NEET. The cave looks like the trolls that live there are based at least.
(61.72 KB 944x389 this is our homeland.jpg)
>>11605 Cool to move to a better land. I'm gonna stay where i grew up, for now anyways.
(192.51 KB 1085x1200 thunderclouds-forming.jpg)
>>11614 I know how you feel. I felt that way for a long while. I could deal with the enemies at the gates but the traitors among my own people became just too much to handle. Grinds down on a man's soul to see his own folk dig the knife in the back of anyone trying to save them from the slow-motion suicide. The social and political climate are not conducive to change. Things are going to have to get far worse there before they get better. I decided I wasn't prepared to be a martyr, at least not yet, not there. That balance was tipped there long before I attained my full consciousness. I don't feel too bad about the flight - I'm still in my country, still near family, I'm back in the region my prior generations of ancestors lived on. I was a pine planted in a lake, a graft that didn't take. The grand experiment I was enrolled in without much choice turned out to be a failure. I am a swallow returning to capistrano. Somewhere between cowardice and prudence. Not quite sure myself. In the end, this isn't even my last stand. I have one more flight left in me to a nearby peak if need be. If the water's still rising at that point it will be time for the Ark.
(91.33 KB 1099x1025 1593754844175.jpg)
Just anotha day of code and flatarseing, I did get up the gully and dug a hole for one of my moterrey cyprus. That was worthwhile. Good Night, White.
(43.80 KB 516x814 Anastasia Nikolaevna.jpg)
morn all people talk about is the fucking virus
Good Morning NEETs. Its a nice mild morning
>>11618 tfw want to forensically examine videos like zapruder film but bored with it already. I'm afraid my attention span isnt what it used to be NEETs
>>11618 Bah. I cant figure out who is who, The audio is good but the camerawork is poor. I'd be impressed if the phone got struck and still gave useable video. Dubs. We need Dubs. Where are the dubs?
(2.06 MB 364x718 jit700.mp4)
>>11617 Backinnadae people would have been talking non-stop about a guy walking on the moon. We have shit like corona, dont get demoralized, just turn it off. just like I cant
>>11615 I have hopes that organizing in a different way could create a clade within the rabble. Much like the closed sects. The spartans walls were the ranks of their warriors. Marauders were dispatched if they dared venture into their territory. Ethnonationality through superiority. Online homelands.
>>11625 >just turn it off. mummybots don't have an off button
>>11627 Kek. I might go see my energiser mummy this arvo, although olddad has a tool in his shed i want
>>11620 Oh dear. Two more white female victims of black violence. One might ask: Where were the police?
(143.11 KB 1280x960 tooled up.jpg)
I went to see mummybot and olddad. Had a good talk to both and got this from olddads garage. It was my grandfathers and not very well made but it'll do for what I need it to do. Wage called me in tomorrow, monday mornings are hell because of the graveyard aspect of the last two days. I'm not going to civic club tomorrow because its likely to be shit.
(146.24 KB 728x1092 1593925579811.jpg)
Im going stale at home NEETs, i have two more days on the code before I can see if it fuggen is gonna work, its an absolute roadblock I cant avoid. On the plus side, I'm getting thru winter and keeping up my gym days I'm also stacking up new bugle calls and am ready to blast one out like a field artillery piece should I catch some ching chongs out of bounds. I need to find one thats really scary tho. So I'm off to the wage, give the heater a rest, grab more booty and maybe fill the tiffin. Good Night, White.
>>11631 I want to grab your booty and fill your tiffin.
Good Morning NEETs Full moon this morning and the clouds are moving fast from the southwest.
(116.17 KB 640x640 sahara-ray.jpg)
morn going into the belly of the beast today >>11633 morning mate congrats you bet me! >Full moon this morning spoopy >>11632 that's sooo gay
(2.95 MB 1798x1471 1593970467070.png)
>>11634 Kek. Not really. I went back to sleep after that post. then i slept in and now I'm late. Nice chick. she'd be and old lady now, I reckon looking at that camera. and the cigarette
>>11635 Yeah the ABC akshully carried the story, most of it anyway.
Thinking of that wet, puffy tiffin.
Stroking the lit up baofeng.
>>11640 Faggots don't have an off button.
Wage was chaos and just spent a lot of time reacting. I had a good crew tho apart from this one goofy noob bloke. I want to tell him to loose the nose ring, get a haircut, straighten out his uniform and start acting like a professional. Got shit talked by one particularly ugly barrel of toxic waste, I was standing out of sight and overheard it all. I feel she pwned herself because she does this all the time and has built up a reputation. Other than that I had a good time: What happened to the two beans who crossed the Sydney harbour bridge heading north? The ended up in Cairns Miserable haul, all I brought home was a sandwich packet I found in the fridge. Wont go in tomorrow. also skipped civic club because its in a suck hole suburb and its raining.
(117.46 KB 862x647 12399164-4x3-xlarge.jpg)
I gave my homie a half full jar of mocona instant coffee and his mood seems to have improved. He is still ree-sperging on the yank shenanegans. He goes on youtube and twitter and some "Private websites". His rhetoric makes me want to finish my HDD encryption project and mind that I do not encourgage his rants over the unsecure uhf channel we use. I am studying Seige again and will now refer to it as "a book on management", I'm trying to find a doctrine, I suppose. I should start with going to bed about now. Good NIght., White.
how can i get codeine cough syrup
>>11644 A garden hose and Nuro's arse.
(82.33 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
morn my day into melbourne was a complete failure hooker cancels me while i'm on the train. i booked a week in advance then i run out of credit and because i do everything on my desktop i can't recharge try and ring hookers on payphone without success walk around melbourne central and then stumble into chinatown walk into this arcade which is just full of massage joints go into this thai one because there's these girls standing out the front waving she wanks me off as i suck on her titty. then i eat at a japanese restaurant and go home now i feel like shit. fuck my life is pathetic
Good Morning NEETs. Its still gloomy and cold, a brown bird looks for breakfast outside, maybe the splendid fariywren will visit when the sun comes out.
>>11647 grotty.exe
Superb fairy-wren These ‘coloured’ males are often accompanied by a band of brown ‘jenny wrens’, often assumed to be a harem of females, but a proportion of them are males which have not yet attained their breeding plumage. The contents of these birds’ untidy nests — a clutch of three or four eggs — are not necessarily the progeny of the ‘coloured’ male, as there is much infidelity among female fairy-wrens, Kek. They're fully degenerate birds. They get the gas along with the druggos >>11644
(206.73 KB 1280x960 gold stash.jpg)
Just got back from coles. Got sultanas++ and soup stock++ The dairy isles were out of pizza cheese, my homie, sez its cos covid in vic knocked out the supply chain. I checked my freezer stash and I have 3.5Kilo butter and 1.5Kg cheese. Its clearly not enough and I'll be doing a little bit of painic shopping in full hazmat tonight at rush hour kek and clean out the shelves. I need at least ten kilo of dairy in my freezer and pizza cheese. My homie's priorities are a bit different, he has supply issues with bulk weed. We are talkning about it over unsecured UHF so i might need to get him to hide that a bit.
>>11652 >We are talkning about it over unsecured UHF You need to start talking in some sort of code
(169.37 KB 1280x960 mo cheese.jpg)
>>11653 Meh. Its impossible with my homie because he simply couldnt adjust. Our callsigns are from the insane clown posse. We use lots of swear words and racism. We go into full surveilance larp when we get chink or nigger delivery guys on the property. We do mong tier /pol/, organize cookouts, check in when we get back from work. He had some problem with his telstra account and cant adjust enough to get it fixed. He has wifi messenger and push button uhf on my network that I maintain. He's a surly, alcoholic racist mong and a thug. He's literally ridiculous, but he's my homie and we are surrounded by normies, rich kids and diversity NPC's. what can you do. you can get six months worth of butter and cheese and post it on an imageboard
>>11654 >coffee in the freezer >normies, rich kids and diversity NPC's. Hate to break it to you.
Coding is becoming more routine and almost productive as the project build takes shape. I have a stopwatch and sim for 35 minute blocks before I break for chores or shitposting or gym. I can get through about 5 or six a day, which isnt enough, even if it is sustainable. I was never able to do more than about 7 hours concentration sitting down per day. I asked the smart kids doing uni with me and they said the same thing. Ideally i would do six hours desk work and three or four in the workshop or in the field or in meetings. I will grind more code tomorrow and then try for some wage, if i get two week days then I have a good chance of getting weekend penalty hours. Last chance to get dollars before the second wave and economic meltdown. Good NIght,White.
>>11655 OOOh am i being ironic? quick let me give my coffee to some rich homeless refugees.
(323.19 KB 1200x1780 604051.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Cold A.F. this morning, Corona virus weather.
The movie Morfiy is pretty good. Russian for Morphine. Caught it late on SBS a few years ago. It’s probably my favourite movie. Maybe just cos I’m a degenerate junkie too.
>>11661 looks okay. I'll look for a torrent
(142.45 KB 720x1080 dakkadakka schlock.jpg)
ERMAGERD! A NEW WAR MOOFIE! This is going to be the best moofie in the whole world. Explosions are cooool.
The green tinge on the lemons I picked is turning to yellow.
>>11663 Excellent, I like explosions as well
>>11663 This moofie was coool, there was heaps of shooting and explosions, The baddies were bad and got shot a lot. The bit at the end where everyone cries was gay. 3.5/5 rad helicopter rocketships.
I timed my coding hours and I would have come up to about 5 hours. Its pretty good effort and my speed at the end is increasing. The software sometimes doesnt let me do what it should and I'm getting better at knowing what to do. I must remember to make notes so I can pick it back up after I put it aside for a while. Frigid damn day. Gloomy afternoon. I went down the ravine to look for a gravel bank to no avail. I will have to scout around for washed gravel for my tree planting project. Of course its not so easy.... kek. Good Night. White.
(39.25 KB 536x831 jk rowling.jpg)
morn instead of seeing a hooker maybe i could go into melbourne and find some female coppers tell them i'm not from melbourne and then run and have them chase me that would be pretty hot this virus shit is fucking up my plans bigtime
>>11669 Kek.
Good Morning Neets. Off to wage and then gym today, Maybe a bit of radio study tonight.
(79.94 KB 940x470 brokelad.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-09/gambler-who-lost-millions-says-he-was-targeted-by-betting-groups/12409910?nw=0 Rich normies have their dark desires too. Somewhere out in the financialworld is an IRC style imageboard, where the captains of our stock exchange shitpost. The have a Dan variant, the gambling jew. Who pops up from time to time to encourage degeneracy. Ladbrokes. How is this not a mocking their patrons. I'll see if i can summon their avatar to pop in for a visit.
I did my first attempt at the beep test since primary school. It was pathetic. I scored 4.2. I would need a 7.5 to get into the army and a 10.1 for special forces.
>>11673 Keep training m8 you will get there in no time.
>>11673 Special forces guys all take steroids. Just consider 4.2 as a baseline.
>>11675 Steroids won't help your endurance in a beep test.
Wage was good but no cakes. Gym was good but too many dogs out of bounds. I had to put dinner back into the turbo oven because its not hot on the bottom.
>>11676 strength helps with cardio because you use less energy with bigger muscles doing repeat things Army meatheads use meth for focus when they train too. Army is a good way to end up a mong cripple
>>11678 >strength helps with cardio Watch the olympics m8. The sprinters are built and then they get smaller and smaller the longer they have to run. the marathon runners are anorexic.
(621.89 KB 460x252 spaz race 2000.webm)
>>11679 >watch the olympics Like, unironically?
(155.52 KB 800x1083 madlad.jpg)
>hijack wooden sailing ship >mad adventures in pacific >get hanged because your mate runs at the mouth The absolute state of MadLads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwClpiyb-Ig https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprus_mutiny
>>11681 >Swallow wrote an account of the voyage including the visit to Japan, but this part of the journey was generally dismissed as fantasy until 2017, when he was vindicated by an amateur historian's discovery that the account matched Japanese records of a "barbarian" ship flying a British flag whose origins had remained a mystery for 187 years. This is pretty cool.
(178.73 KB 1024x768 2007-07_tonga 226_resize.jpg)
>>11682 The mutineers landed at Keppel's island where ferguson, the leader, and six others decided to remain. Niuatoputapu. Nice but too many coconut niggers for me.
>>11683 I wanna be a pirate now. For real. I just bought a flag. DFAT says we can't leave but they can't stop us skipping out on a yacht.
(324.51 KB 500x667 blackbeard+(1)+(Large).png)
>>11684 Yeah it seems like the perfect crime. I like this flag but they wont send it to aus.
(51.73 KB 1000x1000 pirate thot.jpg)
Wage: Completed. Gym: Completed. Radio Study: One hour completed. Good Night, White.
>>11685 I tried to buy the black jihadi flag to fuck with my neighbour but I couldn't find it for sale. I probably would have been put on a watchlist had I succeeded in purchasing it. >>11686 Interesting that there is more life in her eyes than the average tiktok zoomer whore these days.
>>11687 You gotta make your own jihad flag from burkas and old dog shit.
>>11688 Probably pretty close to the truth Hitler.
(18.80 KB 479x171 4567457.jpg)
morn fuggin' bored. wanna by a bow but all the ranges are closed went for my morn walk and it was destitute welcome to the new normal
Good Morning NEETs. Excited about my morning coffee.
>>11690 Oh you want to buy a Bow, sorry your northener accent is a bit heavy I thought you said you want to buy a Boat.
Deuteronomy 23:1 >He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.
(26.98 KB 800x600 Ammonite_Wiki.jpg)
>>11693 >No whores, sodomites, bastards. What a great bible passage >No Ammonites, No Moabites yeah man fossils suck.
The mainly diverse and NESB residents of the plague towers are worried about the corona spreading through the buildings ventilation system but I see no air handling plant on the roof of the towers. They also seem to be blaming the plumbing which is beyond retarded. Perhaps they should be more worried about spreading the virus at their 'essential' prayer and community meetings. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-09/melbourne-public-housing-towers-one-to-remain-under-lockdown/12439866
>>11695 Islam has a history of being decimated by plague. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Death >The Black Death ravaged much of the Islamic world.[146] Plague was present in at least one location in the Islamic world virtually every year between 1500 and 1850.[147] Plague repeatedly struck the cities of North Africa. Algiers lost 30,000–50,000 inhabitants to it in 1620–21, and again in 1654–57, 1665, 1691, and 1740–42.[148] Cairo suffered more than fifty plague epidemics within 150 years from the plague's first appearance, with the final outbreak of the second pandemic there in the 1840s.[81] Plague remained a major event in Ottoman society until the second quarter of the 19th century. Between 1701 and 1750, thirty-seven larger and smaller epidemics were recorded in Constantinople, and an additional thirty-one between 1751 and 1800.[149] Baghdad has suffered severely from visitations of the plague, and sometimes two-thirds of its population has been wiped out.[150]
>>11696 Islam is a plague
Whoot. Day off from wage. Looks like I'm here with you cunnos today.
>>11694 Put there by Satan to test your faith.
2 pairs of fingerless gloves, three hoodies and a tshirt ,two woolen jumpers, four pants (including woolens), neporene Knee sleeves, two pairs of socks. Hot water bottle. im lookin swole bro
>>11701 Don't. Not even in jest.
just did a zoom for job lit myself up with 3 lights like i was in a studio i'd rather do irl interviews online is shit
>>11703 you should wear foundation and concealer.
(13.71 KB 380x285 kami.jpg)
been getting into the rebel music lately
>>11707 this one's for you, bud
>>11700 post a pic
>>11710 nah I look homeless, Especially with the stains.
>>11706 I didnt understand word one of that ditty.
>>11708 Fugg thats nearly incomprehensible. Is it a childrens song?
>>11709 heh, thats pretty good actually.
(26.71 KB 500x500 white woman 2.jpg)
Did nine stopwatch periods, less than before, I blame the extremely cold conditions and the monotony. My morning Coffee makes my stomach feel very bad after a couple of hours, the temptation is to eat but I know my stomach is not empty and if i do eat then I go into a food coma. Doing exercises, particularly the push ups and planks instantly quenches the caffeine grind and returns me to a productive place as well as warming me up. I got the weekend wage call in. The office is shithouse but survivable. Monday is the important civic club meet and my new bugle calls will be on display. I have set my computer to encrypt my hard drive, veracrypt is a prick to use, bitlocker was better. Good Night, White.
(57.63 KB 601x615 28168260.jpg)
morn just started raining hard noice didn't get a roster yet maybe i've been dumped i did get pulled into the office and talked to this week no fun allowed. now i'm questioning my work referees >>11716 >encrypting windblows no point
(235.59 KB 2048x1184 ethnoOS.png)
>>11716 encrypting most modern linux distributions is literally just a checkbox you click during install >Come Home Aus Man
Good Morning NEETs. I need to give my chocolate stash away.
>>11719 lindt?
>>11718 Yeah I want to use linux but it a project for another time. Especially when Have a home network and multiple pirated software platforms. besides im encrypting an entire non system HDD.
>>11720 mars and nestle. i should just bin it.
Fugg the office I'm on is so bad neets. I'm gonna find a corner to stand in and keep my mouth shut.
Kek. The ABC is basically confirming that its mussies and imported brown people that are spreading the covid. I do wonder about the skin color of the first security guard to get blessed. Also I'm impressed by the polished, high quality cope from the social justice officials. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-11/fuel-spark-victoria-response-virus-public-health-bushfire/12443982
(442.07 KB 801x801 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11725 no good for big bois
>>11726 You need to drill it into the structural beams and the ropes out of truck tie downs.
Women ruin everything by pushing themselves into male activities in which they have no real interest and no competence.
(314.15 KB 1418x2202 4chan_purged.png)
This is a fascinating piece of history. I pray to God that 16 never goes the same way.
>>11729 They are all are already.
(537.99 KB 1024x677 danute.png)
(82.19 KB 1024x682 cold white woman.jpg)
I got out one of my frozen pizzas last night, my usual cook out dinner companion is at his wage so I listened to some nice synthwave on my new Bose Soundsport headphones, instead of his usual Q-tard tier nonsense. I ate the whole thing myself and it took longer to eat than to make, all told. This morning he's back to his usual spergout over seppo politics but he did tell me about that the pigs and ASIO are looking for the occupants of a light plane that escaped from Vic last night. There is apparrently a connection between that and the sudden upsurge of jobs going in centerlink. He is starting to lean towards actual Q larp topics. Look out everyone. Its super cold today.
(80.92 KB 450x679 goonies.jpg)
>>11733 I'm gonna watch some pre millenium cinema tonight. Cant recall having ever seen it.
(53.29 KB 736x550 44.jpg)
arvo https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexShailer/videos watching this shit from /x/ because mega bored broke my like fucking 3 month+ nofap feels bad man
(7.36 MB 640x360 BbM-wroxmHRIiW-u.mp4)
Pepe : The Moofie
(399.31 KB 1500x1000 marlen-valderrama-alvarez-028.jpg)
morn >>11736 C . R . I . N . G . E . M . A . X
Good Morning NEETs I stayed up late last night watching "minority report" with its crude CGI again. Slept in a long time this AM.
>>11738 morn mate not a bad flick that one
>>11736 Pepe is now mainstream badass. The jew thinks he can controll independent creativity. Let them fail spectacularly and introduce pepe to more disaffected youth.
>>11739 Yeah, I liked the three legged mini spider robots that cruise around scanning your eyes. Its a nice day, might try to convince mummybot to come to the beach for a bit after lunch.
>>11736 >what happened to pepe? yeah, I didn't recognize him
(354.72 KB 270x480 cantdothisonconcrete.mp4)
>>11743 Kek. drunken ninja moves. we've all been there.
Going to take mummybot out for a sunday drive to sisterclone's and maybe to the beach for a bit.
(1.42 MB 576x398 anime-giftshop.mp4)
>>11745 Sounds comfy
>>11746 Kek. Weebs Liberating hentai. Waifu lives matter
In 1803 we sailed out to sea Out from the sweet town of Derry For Australia bound if we didn't all drown And the marks of our fetters we carried. In the rusty iron chains we cried for our wains As our good wives we left in sorrow. As the mainsails unfurled our curses we hurled On the English and thoughts of tomorrow. Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry. Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry. I cursed them to hell as our bow fought the swell. Our ship danced like a moth in the firelights. White horses rode high as the devil passed by Taking souls to Hades by twilight. Five weeks out to sea we were now forty-three We buried our comrades each morning. In our own slime we were lost in a time. Endless night without dawning. Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry. Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry. Van Dieman's land is a hell for a man To end out this whole life in slavery. When the climate is raw and the gun makes the law. Neither wind nor rain cares for bravery. Twenty years have gone by and I've ended me bond And comrades' ghosts walk behind me. A rebel I came and I'm still the same. On the cold winds of night you will find me Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry. Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry.
My mummybot didnt want to go to the beach but we had a fairly good outing. When I got back it was raining and my homie wasnt keen for a cook out. He was very drunk and had a reee about the chinks putting disgusting shit in the recycling bins and some pizzagate 2.0 stuff. He has morphed into a full QTard, it is his natural destiny. Sisterclone gave me some anzacs and mummybot gave me a mega toblerone so I'm set for watching the Gooneis tonight.
(14.86 KB 181x255 sonnerad child.jpg)
>>11750 package creases in your flags is strictly faggot glownigger larp tier far right radical. I never rock out any flags or sigils, although i like the sonnerad.
morn 5 "A sower went out to sow his seed; and as he sowed, some fell along the path, and was trodden under foot, and the birds of the air devoured it. 6 And some fell on the rock; and as it grew up, it withered away, because it had no moisture. 7 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns grew with it and choked it. 8 And some fell into good soil and grew, and yielded a hundredfold." As he said this, he called out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." >>11751 >He has morphed into a full QTard, it is his natural destiny. save him >>11752 paganism is a faggot glownigger larp
Good Morning NEETs. Wage has called, its nice to be wanted but its going to be a rainy day and I'm disinclined to go out.
>>11753 Luke chapter 8. The word of the lord is hard to hear these days. The same could be said for any truth. apart from Q's truth bombs
Me and my homie did the right thing and tipped the contaminated recycling into the general waste. The persons unknown with filthy habits that were the offenders can either sort it out or stop making such a phenomenal amount of household waste. JUST
I'm off to civic club. Its too far away to go by myself so I will car pool with my boomer mates. Its at a restaurant that has a good reputation for fair portions.
>>11757 Enjoy the night m8
Civic club was good. Played bugle calls and hit every note. Kicked it with the boomers and had a lafff. Got a generous meal of salad, calamari and chippies but skipped dessert. The venue was a suckhole sports bar tho and the roasting session M.C's positioned themselves directly under the T.V's playing the tote channel and other godawful shit, so I was exposed to spammed BLM ads on the niggerball. Unless this shit is a massive false flag, the jews want me to think that racism is everywhere and I need to make more of an effort to get with the shouty seppo noonga program. This shit will end up as the turner diaries irl. I cannot despise sports TV enough. Next week's civic club is outside in the colddark, I'm considering taking the ute so I can fuck off immediately after the activity and bugle calls. Good Night, White.
Is any of it real?
(156.16 KB 682x1024 5f15ea16cd4ef.jpg)
morn covid madness in full swing at the wage. got a covid inspector roaming around making sure we social distance melbcunts have to wear masks lol. if they wanna put me in a cuckmask or test me i'm tapping out >>11760 only God is Real
>>11761 Good Morning NEETs. I feel like ending my NEET streak. I'll try and get some shifts tomorrow.
>>11761 Getting to wear a mask is the best thing about corona. I'd refuse a 'Vaccine' tho. >>11760 I hear 4chan is nice this time of year. perhaps you will find something real there.
>>11762 what's the current streak? >>11763 >Getting to wear a mask is the best thing about corona. that's some homo fetish you got there
>>11764 gees about a week and a half sitting at the computer with frozen feet. >homo fetish fuck off, I look cool.
scovid payment reduced to $250 starting october
Good Morning NEETs. Off to the wage today,
They rang me up last night with a shift on a good office, i'm happy because I can dodge a lot of silly shit with my homie who is drunk most nights and my olddad in hospital. My homie went to visit some satanist in middle valley which was where my olddad's hospital is, so my homie got a ride home with me and we went to the tip shop in west greentown. They had a shitload of pianola rolls and I remembered this old man who ran a backpackers I stayed at briefly telling me if i ever saw any then he wanted them. I tried to call the guest house but all contacts are dead so that sucks. I got an old howdah backpack thing so I can carry more soil and the seedling trees up to where I was digging my hole in the ravine this arvo. The bottom is clay which wont suit the cyprus apparrently, so more sandy soil is needed. The adze I brought up was a good tool for the roots.
morn laddies >tfw turkey is signing their own death warrant https://greekcitytimes.com/2020/07/21/greek-armed-forces-on-high-alert-turkey-announces-illegal-exploration-in-greek-waters-from-today/ >>11768 >My homie went to visit some satanist why?
>>11769 My homie is a special person who naturally associates with other special people. He has invited this guy around for a BBQ, I will be at the wage on that day, whenever it is. Going to finish watching the Gooneis tonight. They have found the pirate ship and the baddies are close behind **eek*
>>11770 umm you better drop this cunt you don't want this bad mojo believe me
>>11771 daym i wish i had more better homies, but we take what we get, and the alternative is mudshits or chinks because thats all thats around here,
>>11772 we're your homies mate i was in the same situation as you basically had one friend but he was totally fucked he ended up telling me he was bisexual and liked to be on top after that i just wanted out and did so the first opportunity can't you be homies with people at the wage? are you in vic?
(4.00 MB 640x360 1593544175935.webm)
>>11773 test
(3.53 MB 640x360 1594657685394.webm)
(3.63 MB Wot U Gonna Do.mp3)
(1.16 MB 1080x1080 pepesonnerad.png)
>>11773 A NEETs homies live beside him and as long as there's no faggotry involved then you have to put up with each other. Its better to have a strong tribal instinct when your neighbourhood is getting squeezed by gentrification or immigration or both, and we have benifited in real ways from working together to dominate our patch. u guys are gold standard folk but you're not here and dispite the deficiencies and risks, I gotta side with community.
I fixed the photocopier with a discarded plastic bottle. I held the noobs hand and she shone. I got dissed by the office vet for standing around and I parried the whip right outta her hand. I bounced a no-win case to the other office and got them to laff about it. I am ranger class at my wage, I operate independently and widely. I cannot fall so long as I stay: BASED
>>11778 I am in awe of you. Absolutely based.
(62.95 KB 491x735 jumper 2.jpg)
I watched the end of the Goonies. Its funny how things you thought were awesome as a shorty turn out to be made of clay. Still vastly better than cinema these days, the little mainstream exposure I get is uniformly intolerable. Is it me? Am I poisoned by cynicism and racisim? or has media become more extreme in its vile degenerate lies. I will get into the Hitler dubs and James Mason's Seige until the new James Bond comes out. Good Night,White.
>>11777 >I gotta side with community. nah side with Jesus
Good Morning NEETs, I just emptied the coffee packet and I'll have to take another one out of the freezer. Back to my regular Vittoria arabica.
(17.48 KB 400x290 star trek hottie.jpg)
Wage was evil today, but at least I made friends with the noob who I have talked to before, He seems switched on and dedicated and I talked to him about having a network at wage for protection and professional betterment. He left behind his sunglasses, affectations really, so I made a big deal of putting them behind the desk with the clerk in a special envelope with his name on them, but calling them his 'reading glasses' because it sounds better. I hit him up on messenger about it, Good lord this kids FB is literally monolithic and seamless with photos of him holding up flathead, cricket team photo, soccer team photo and some family and school photos. Possibly sanguine personality (non-emotive, active, primary) from the 8 character types of rene le senne. I know i'm a hypocryte because I didn't do the same thing with the headphones, but i'm a complex guy and i dont know who lost em in the first place. Drinking tea and popping vitamins tonight because I basically ran a marathon and had to cope with physical danger, shitheads and all kinds of deficiencies. Not sure about going to wage tomorrow but as the game is now about information, I can't drop the ball for long. Good Night, White.
(77.73 KB 628x667 1595002455341.jpg)
NEET is all alone rn as boomers have taken off with their RV nice not having to hear the Jewish Netflix movies at full volume every evening but it's also very lonely and depressing at times
>>11784 Boomer mit raus im der schleppenwagen, Neetenjaeger ist nicht gehearen der kiken schise. Der neeten denken guten zeitgeist und haben ein grossen gerwanken.
>>11780 pls stop posting those 3dpd
>>11786 ffs, you get the gas weeb.
(33.08 KB 448x600 womang-committing-suicide.jpg)
morn wage now has the masks >>11783 >seamless with photos of him holding up flathead, cricket team photo, soccer team photo and some family and school photos. not necessarily a bad thing >Possibly sanguine personality (non-emotive, active, primary) from the 8 character types of rene le senne. wow that's some gay ass pseudo-intellectual shit right there >>11784 you lucky cunt >>11787 fo real
Good Morning NEETs. Running low on lemons, lemons are good.
>>11790 >gay ass pseudo-intellectual shit middle classes have Characterology as a hobby thankyouverymuch working classes have QAnon ruling elites have pedophilia
(16.64 MB 1280x720 pol_ Happening theme.webm)
WAGE CANCELLED >>11792 Christians have Love
(348.36 KB 624x390 tfw-being-seppo.png)
finally got my sights tuned in so I can hit the steel targets at 100 yards. can even hit the little 4 inch one now! PING! can't hit shit at 200 yards though. going to need a scope or something but those are expensive, need to find some sort of wage so I can buy more shit >tfw need a job but all the jobs you're qualified for that don't pay like shit are in the absolute least-based parts of the state >tfw you moved away from all your dumb brainwashed friends so now you're only friends are australian neets on a polynesian bathing forum >tfw the only real-world social interaction you've been getting is a jarring mix of polished-up polite job interviews and IRL edgeposting about dead feds at the range and gun store it's an abstract kind of seppofeel
(9.53 KB 255x255 MAD.jpg)
cucked it and got tested came home and stuck a hair dyer up my nose and drank some cask strength
>>11794 >yards >inch Imagine upsetting your based Aussie mates by using imperial measurements.
>>11795 Daym. I read yesterday that the tests are 80% accurate at best and there is a small window when you will be expressing the virus I got a potential exposure and i'm packing shit about it.
>>11795 Daym. I read yesterday that the tests are 80% accurate at best and there is a small window when you will be expressing the virus I got a potential exposure and i'm packing shit about it.
(48.85 KB 400x400 camera dog.jpg)
looking at army stuff catalogues online.
Welp boys, I'm gonna turn in, had a long day at the wage. I talked to a woman I keep seeing there but I'm ashamed that I ended up talking about myself like a sperg when I couldn't get a handhold on some topic of hers, just kids and fucking covid, two shit chat up topics. I'd have better luck talking about QAnon, wait I actually tried that and no-go either. Back to the drawing board. Good Night, White.
morn in self isolation. my dads a cunt so i'm stuck at home. just got my new car driveable too. >>11797 i'm more worried about the response and treatment for the virus don't get the test unless you have to it's fucking horrible https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8203973/Coronavirus-test-like-stabbed-brain.html
(956.04 KB 1280x913 my-face-my-soul.png)
wage hunt draining my soul. wish the folks weren't such brainwashed retards that have become intolerable to live with. >need to move out reeeeeeeee
>>11802 >wish the folks weren't such brainwashed retards that have become intolerable to live with. fuck mate same exact situation. i knew i should've moved out when this shit was kicking off i thought i'd stay so i could save more money. fucking mistake you in vic?
Good Morning NEETs. Got up, went back, slept in.
(2.33 MB 600x605 morning.webm)
>>11804 morning
>>11801 The swabs need to get cells from you nasopharynx to be effective.
(74.51 KB 634x606 2320676.jpg)
>>11806 doesn't mean they wouldn't put a nice little surprise in there for ya
(131.16 KB 550x395 Alf stewart.jpg)
>>11802 >>11803 When I was your age I moved out of home, To VIETNAM!
>>7844 Bros I finally had my court hearing for this ticket. I didn't want to pay it so I checked the box for "contested hearing." It turned out to be on Zoom. I logged into the meeting 5 mins before my scheduled time of 11:30. I was done and logged off before 11:28. I ended up getting a deferral and only have to pay $139 for my ticket going 94mph in a 60mph zone. I put on dress clothes for the Zoom hearing but in the end never even had to turn on my video. Pretty based tbh.
(61.74 KB 1121x667 Scomo bonghead.jpg)
>>11801 >>11802 >>11803 Adjust your attitude and just chill out, son.
(101.97 KB 1080x868 hodl still.jpg)
>>11809 >mph I'll do more than write you a ticket if you keep using imperial on this board m80
(90.82 KB 220x245 1594576834087.gif)
>>11811 checked 94mph = 151 kph just took a look, interesting you lads have 130kph zones. must be nice.
>>11812 tfw too much of a wuss to speed ever
(403.11 KB 331x448 are you there god its me you.png)
The deacon came around and patiently explained again that the trinity is bullshit and there is only the Father and Jesus. I thought that this image macro was a JW meme tho. I feel like such a mong.
(228.42 KB 765x430 IMG_1066.PNG)
>>11813 i only go the speed limit when stuck behind someone, but at least i give them ample berth. i literally careen everywhere i go, flying across multiple lanes of traffic, narrowly squeezing through shifting gaps between numerous other motorists. on ramps i often drive just barely within the limits of my tires' grip, occasionally even drifting slightly on one particular ramp on the way to work on rainy mornings. it's a wonder i haven't killed myself yet. really been trying to slow down tho, prolly gonna change to a comfy car next. tfw autochad
>>11814 >this shit again
(63.80 KB 480x360 jesus business man.jpg)
>>11816 I'm thinking of buying into the argument. That would make the orthodoxy my mortal enemy I suppose.
>>11817 maybe you should hear the other side and talk to an orthodox priest?
(98.89 KB 1024x683 Pope-francis.jpg)
>>11818 Shit that'd be pretty original: Getting an orthodox priest to post on /ausneets/
(125.67 KB 720x960 jims drifting.jpg)
>>11815 You'd make a good bogan hoon.
(13.61 KB 236x295 ham girl.jpg)
My homie was in a bad mood when I hit him up on UHF, he called me a dickhead when I didnt react with enough fawning interest at his latest offering, a stale pizzagate crumb from some 4chan tier troll, dug out of the QAnon cesspool and displayed to me like a 1887 sovereign from some based glade. He just needs a drink to get right, so thats his agenda late tonight after his wage. I carried some soil up the bush and found another good spot for a seedling. I played the last post to the houses at the other end of the ravine and got an applause dispute dropping a couple of notes. It smells nice up there and the currawongs were patrolling below where I was. I sense more pick and spade work in my future. Good Night, White.
>>11821 >I played the last post to the houses at the other end of the ravine and got an applause despite dropping a couple of notes CAN THIS BE REAL?
(206.68 KB 1280x1774 shit post linkedin.jpg)
>>11822 welp looks like I broke this neets brain. Time to move on to a bigger paddock.
Good Morning NEETs. I am unironically excited about wage today.
(198.55 KB 1024x682 5f1c8be517a15.png.jpeg)
>>11824 morn have a good day at the wage
>>11825 tfw can either afford power bill or woman but not both
(263.40 KB 658x1024 5f1c8f616a386.png.jpeg)
>>11826 they're overrated
>>11827 Bah.
(319.44 KB 1024x680 5f1c94024f0c0.png.jpeg)
(51.62 KB 480x640 1579716183389.jpg)
I got to wage 15 minutes early and found that i was 5 minutes late, my wage watch had slowly lost time over an unknown period causing me to appear unreliable. Cookies in my tiffin but I overstuffed it and most of them got broken when I clipped the lid down. I saw the horrible ringtail possum that lives in the carport and I banged on the bottom of a bucket with the hand broom and called it a cunt, but he ignored me. I deleted my hard drive with beachbit and deleted the moofies I was planning to watch tonight. Not feeling very based tonight NEETs. Good NIght, White.
(76.18 KB 720x540 xpuPl.jpg)
morn waiting for my test result >>11830 bad days happen good on ya for deleting your moofies. all moofies are shit read a book. i suggest The Brothers Karamazov
Good Morning NEETs. Bit of rain overnight and my boots just missed getting wet which is good because I'm gong to need them today.
>>11831 I have never read foydor dostovetsky but i did enjoy alexander solzhenytsin and i want to read his book on the jews, two hundred years together
>>11831 >test result. they'd send a strike team around at 3AM if you were poz. no news is good news
Shill me on 16chan ausneets vs endchan ausneets
>>11835 fuckoff to endchan
>>11836 > Na, I'm staying, I like it here. You're not getting rid of me!!
i'm not pozzed now i can leave the house
(38.69 KB 750x738 1567850574082.jpg)
>>11838 Dont go out!
>>11837 16chan is comfy, endchan is crusty
My homie is ear bashing me with rapid fire summaries of 4chan pol diarrhoea. Chasing pizzagate pedos is now his sport of choice, apparrently. At least he's not into catching pokemon, that shit is really degenerate.
>>11841 He has opened the wrong tiffin and it has spilled paranoid off-key bugle notes into his brain.
I'm considering not posting about him anymore. This lol cow is giving sour milk.
>>11843 Calm down. Don't be so sensitive.
(6.93 MB 1280x720 7805003.mp4)
(681.41 KB 1280x720 1576344455357.webm)
Civic club was fun. I got most of the bugle calls out well and even got to rouse up the same street beggar I hassled last week. I didnt stay for the roast but I grabbed a Bundy ginger beer as a traveler for the ride home. I called mummybot while my tea was cooking and she regaled me with stories of her recent cheese shopping. Broken Gingernut cookies for dessert. Good Night, White.
>>11845 Kek. That negro kid is funny.
(3.74 MB 640x360 robbe.mp4)
>>11841 what's wrong with playing quantum rock paper scissors?
(930.62 KB 1000x667 oq5L1kHRgu.jpg)
morn i have some great news! WE'RE ALL MAKING IT! this is it brothers! rejoice! IT'S HAPPENING
(262.23 KB 938x962 1595878885260.jpg)
(2.60 MB 854x480 KKzBG2iTV521.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs. I accidentally put too much bran in my oats, which is a problem to be dealt with later.
>>11851 I wanna make it with a sexy woman but thats not happening.
(15.66 KB 255x243 concern cat.jpg)
>>11849 In a artificial environment, the captive seal's natural instinct to be alert for predators becomes subverted into a paranoid state. This behavior is the seal equivalent of having 40 /pol/ threads open in the browser.
(899.53 KB 1080x1350 1577771907569.jpg)
>>11855 why want when you can have? NOW she's out there waiting for you!
(156.69 KB 960x960 enlightened-moisturised.jpg)
wage hunt finally starting to pay dividends, think I did pretty well at the interview today without spilling my spaghetti. music recording is going good, getting back in the groove of recognizing intervals and notes. getting faster at tracking down my shiddy midi stuff. got some dental work done to fix the fucked up parts of my mouth, look pretty much like a normal human being now. now I just need to lose a bit of weight and I'll be ready for a high-quality mate again. Was a delicious cutie at the skatepark today but I am pretty sure she was still in high school . not sure if based or cringe. most of the jobs are in a less-based municipality but the flip side of that coin is there's a college there so maybe I could peel off another 19 year old before she chokes on too many cocks. I've done it before but that was a while ago. we're all going to make it, lads. feeling good. positive energy.
>>11858 https://www.twitch.tv/buccit Faggot streaming BLM "protest" in Sydney
(159.80 KB 1242x1641 sexy-vsco-teens-5-28.jpg)
>>11858 >wage hunt finally starting to pay dividends, think I did pretty well at the interview today without spilling my spaghetti. N . O . I . C . E >high school B . A . S . E . D >we're all going to make it, lads. T . R . U . E
>>11858 You have inspired me. I feel positive. I'm going to make spaghetti.
That rotten possum pissed on my freezer again. I'm at wits end and don't know what to do. Maybe I can make a nest for him somewhere more appropriate and somehow get him to live there instead. On the plus side. I fixed a leaking drainpipe with tape and took oldad to the clinic. Its in a nice part of town and there were lots of nice white people there giving a normal vibe until some bantu came in and ruined the atmosphere. On the way home I stopped and got oldad some fish and chips for his tea. We talked about going up to the northern beaches in October, but he thinks it will be too cold. I'd rather go up out of season because the tourist hoarde will be still ensconced in town. Good Night, White.
morn no coom, no sleep doesn't even matter if i've slogged through a 10hr manual labour shift there must be a way around this probably a fucking gf lol >>11863 >We talked about going up to the northern beaches in October, but he thinks it will be too cold. I'd rather go up out of season because the tourist hoarde will be still ensconced in town. it's kinda nice going to tourist hotspots in peak times but maybe not beaches it's nice feeding off the good vibes
Good Morning NEETs. Bizarre dreams and wage today. Woo, ominous.
>>11864 being a light sleeper can save your life. I remember one time back in Da Nang in 1969 when me and my platoon was out in the weeds and the V.C. attacked at night. It was lucky I couldnt sleep because I would have missed the action and gotten in big trouble from the lieutenant.
>>11750 Who is this guy anon
>>11868 no clue, just saw it posted, pretty sure it was just a video shitpost and not intended to be taken that seriously
>>11869 Nah mate I think this guy is legit, look at this
>>11867 I miss the good old days of the corona virus extinction level event panic. This new world order mega corporation vaccine shit is strictly fag tier.
(1.02 MB 908x778 BETTER.png)
Well NEETs I'm finally off the mark, I just handed the first part of my first coding project off to a South African specialist white, naturally. He had to give me his address for the bank details so I checked him out on jewgle street view. He lives in the equivalent of Gungahlin ACT, but with more electrified anti-personnel fencing. Gonna skip out on wage tomorrow to work on the next parts of the code. I hit my mate up on FB and we are gonna have a BBQ and HItler dubs night this weekend.
morn might do something stupid today embrace the mong lyfe >>11872 intriguing
Good Morning NEETs. Rather mild temperatures this morning,
>>11873 Embrace our low low prices, young NEET.
(23.04 KB 321x286 negative space.jpg)
This is an example of a picture with negative space. The blackened parts are actually part of the background and their outline is the only visual clue as to what it might be. This negative space is quite extreme, making up more than half of the image, and surrounding the subject like a frame. Often negative space is salted into a picture to highlight or make a feature out of picture elements, by process of visual field elimination. It can serve to focus a busy picture.
(10.89 KB 340x191 go hard or go home.jpg)
Go hazmat or go home. you dont look tuff in a cuck mask, Respirators are based.
Endchan down.
(61.41 KB 633x758 fw.jpg)
>Ordered Chinese takeaway for lunch >They gave me three sets of forks and knives >I'm the only one eating
>>11879 They know that. The extras are for the ones that break because they too are chinees
(1.94 KB 91x125 1569383563396s.jpg)
Strewth, these boiling chick peas bloody stink.
(7.43 KB 196x250 53f.jpg)
>>11879 >grab a mcmuffin at the maccas drivethrough >open bag to eat and there's a hash brown in there too
>>11883 Well done neet
>>11883 Cheerin'
(264.21 KB 474x377 b81.png)
(129.51 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault_(2).jpg)
(80.03 KB 868x751 pirate pepe arr.jpg)
I rearranged the bags of frozen veg in the chest freezer and got out a bag of onion rings and a bag of green beans. BOOTY FROM THE FROZEN CHEST
>>11888 (checked) >onion rings Y . U . M
>>11888 It all stinks of possum piss.
>>11890 Tom cat piss is the worst.
>>11891 maybe i should get a tom cat to kick out the possum
Apparently you only need to provide a statuatory declaration to receive the $300 support payment for people who are waiting on the results of their covid test. Hmmmm....
>>11893 money grows on trees nowadays doesn't it?
(191.08 KB 800x992 1580846195789.jpg)
I did have that coffee and now I'm going to stay up way past my bedtime. I went for a chilly ride into town and did some window shopping. The neighbourhood church was handing out food parcels to diverse people, we didn't have poverty in this part of town until we imported it. I remember Old Marta and her cat mutz, me and my grandmother went visiting at her house once. She put up a sign in her window for a boarder and instantly a skinny pajeet moved in. Marta went to the nursing home and now her tidy house is full of dirty indians and there is four taxis stationed outside. I can see their suitcases stacked up against the wainscotting thru the window and plastic bags and cardboard boxes full of shit on the sandstone patio. Many of the houses here are full to bursting with chinks, or browns, no one raises kids in rentals near the uni anymore. I am something like the last of the Mohicans, Good Night, White.
(224.43 KB 650x978 chicwishdress1.jpg)
morn was a bit of a rascal yesterday. managed to turn onto a freeway just after a checkpoint then on the way home realised there's probably a checkpoint on the north side too went through some farm backroads and got home without trouble they should make the roadblocks permanent. melboorians are cancer >>11893 can't get it if already on cenno >>11894 comes out of the fed reserves printer. the economy is fucked an alex jones tier redpiller at work said it's happening december >>11895 i'd get out of there mate
Good Morning NEETs. Forecast to be nice and warm 16 today. Got up too late for a lemon raid though.
(57.38 KB 600x800 072153.jpg)
>>11897 morn mate took this just for you
(109.21 KB 1280x960 hydroxychloroquine 300mg.jpg)
>>11896 All the enforcement of the lockdown is only for show, The pigs rely on people thinking they are being watched. These strange times cause people to behave strangely and your redpiller would be just another pub expert who thinks he can see into the future. Just make sure you have your program nice and neat, this will make any unpredictable changes less of a worry. I want to move to somewhere better but its okay here for now and the long run because its home ground advantage all the way. >>11898 nice lemons, its good to stockpile healthy stuff
I went and got some crumbed squid rings from the wholesaler. I put them in the turbo oven and they were awful really. I need to put bits of butter on top and see if that improves things.
Got my power bill today $259 thought that was ok, not possibe to cut down any further. >>11900 Hope you didn't get too many m8.
>>11901 fugg, My power bill was $600. If i dont run the heater my bedding gets mouldy. I wish I'd bought some ice cream instead.
Many people here? Endchan /ausneets/ seems to be going to shit.
>>11903 No one here but us nobodies certainly not nuro
>>11904 I'll take that over what I can see will happen on the endchan one. How are you going NEETo?
(310.39 KB 1000x1293 1596064846219.jpg)
The specialist I am working with in South Africa has made a good start but I can see minor errors in his output already. I will get him to go over it right at the end in a polishing draft. Quisine here has taken a step backwards with the squid rings, they need to be shallow fried at least. I think they will give me a stomach ache if i have too many on my plate. Endchan was amusing today with Nuro's silly psyop. I wont log on tomorrow and see how much I can achieve here without that time waster. Lemon mission tomorrow so its an early night tonight. Might see mummybot as well because she fell and hit her head. She says she's okay but I need to watch her closely. Good Night, White.
>>11905 yeah alright. Haemmorhaging money which is disconcerting. Sure cant wait for stagflation to set in.
>>11906 Goodnight mate. >>11907 What's causing your money issues?
Calling crimestoppers, hopefully they can send some cops to stake out the neighbourhood lemon trees overnight and finally catch this criminal.
>>11909 Is it those lemon stealing whores?
>>11908 Buying lights and panda and ballast. Setting my self up with risky investments.
>>11911 How much do you spend each week on bamboo for the panda?
>>11909 Keke. I Wear a cuck mask. no face no case
>>11913 Just dropped 500 out of about 5k
prime unna smoo
Well good night to any NEETs that post here.
>>11916 You said that on the other board. Slut
>>11917 And you didn't give him a good night on either.
>>11918 You're always watching, I get away with nothing.
>>11916 Good night.
(180.12 KB 1024x824 5f242e8f66336.jpg)
morn went to the reservoir and had a whisky and cigar on the way back got caught by my neighbors fire pit he offered me his custom brewed beer and i had to try it was shit then mummybot took my beer and gave it to me and i had to drink it because it was open had too much so i haven't slept well and now my guts are fucked mummybots are evil >>11906 yeah squid is hard to cook. had some from a takeaway and it was absolute shit they may as well have just served me dabs from a silicon gun if you want good seafood you have to go to a japanese restaurant
(48.27 KB 687x687 gt5.jpg)
(81.70 KB 733x635 Lem-Lems.jpg)
I went out and got my lemons. Maxed out my pack and my pockets. They're just the tonic for the indigestion from the fucking squid.
>>11923 >thongs with socks very stealthy
Good morning NEETs.
>>11923 Nice lemons neet, I am a Lime man myself. >>11926 Morning
Good Morning NEETs. I feel groggy after sleeping in this morning.
>>11931 So tempted to post on 4Cuck for once.
>>11923 They are very good looking lemons.
(138.08 KB 1280x960 lemens.jpg)
I called my mummybot and she answered okay, I was worried about her fall yesterday, I'll go around to her place this arvo.
>>11934 What do you even do with all those lemons?
>>11935 Its not so much what I do with them, Its all about denial of critical resources. Its a war of attrition but I'm gaining the upper hand.
>>11934 Nice mallard curtains.
(21.75 KB 498x371 spy pepe.jpg)
>>11937 Thanks, they let me watch the neighours without them seeing I'm watching. I really need to put in the cameras I bought, that would take my spying to the next level.
(71.74 KB 640x637 puke doggo.jpg)
I had a single squid ring with my lunch, now I have a stomach ache. Thats 2 for 2, they are inedible.
>>11939 chuckem out mate
Having a good day studying so far.
>>11941 Learning things is a higher grade of fun than the usual vidya.
>>11940 i'm gonna bury em at the bottom of the freezer and forget about them, they might be useful as fishing bait or party snax
https://cytu.be/r/endcorner moofie night on endchan
>>11943 Put them in a blender with some water and they would make good burley.
>>11944 I watched The Matrix earlier today, it was very good it has been some time since I watched it, the audio was very good and the new transfer has got rid of that horrible green tinge the original release had
>>11946 Yeah it was okay. A bit dated now. I wouldnt watch them a third time tho
(187.95 KB 931x1280 That chick again.jpg)
I went on a ride through the restaurant strip. Only two place out of four dozen were aussie owned. The pizza hut is run by pajeets and the only fish and chip shop was chinees. That said, the only faces out partying were white, it is a warm night and there is a good turnout. You really have to get on the outskirts of the city to get normal food, I know this to be the case with all cities nowadays. Because I have local knowledge, I know the only cafe around where you can get an omlette and chips + Veg, I will be going there on monday for civic club, Chucked a frozen pizza in the Rinnai for half an hour and used it to scald the roof of my mouth, 'za was far better than a bought one and untouched by a brown person. 5 stars! Good Night, White.
(44.88 KB 916x426 ECO_cGuVAAUJdJ0.jpeg)
morn >old car >breaks constantly >money pit >hard to get parts fugg kinda want my bt50 back >>11946 >horrible green tinge watch on plasma or oled anything through an lcd looks shit >>11947 >A bit dated now. no way >watch them there's only one
Good Morning NEETs. Starting to miss the excitement of wage.
Thinking about having the leftover pizza for second breakfast.
>>11949 >there's only one Hunh? there were three in the series.
>>11952 >excitement you wanna rephrase that? has your wage been covid too? >>11953 as long as you work it off buddy >>11954 >Hunh? there were three in the series. not that i'm aware
>>11955 there was the matrix: reloaded and the matrix : revoloutions. They were a bit cucked but still alright. You get to see them for the first time you lucky duck.
>>11955 >work it off. I'm a skellie
>>11956 tried to google them but nothing comes up >>11957 good lad eat more and start lifting
(45.31 KB 696x522 m4.jpeg)
>>11958 >tried to google them but nothing comes up
>>11959 heh never gonna happen
>>11960 kek >Production on the highly-anticipated Matrix 4 is about ready to finally resume as stars Keanu Reeves and Neil >Patrick Harris return to set. Release date 2022 https://screenrant.com/matrix-4-filming-restart-keanu-reeves-neil-patrick-harris/
>>11962 reboot will have more "On Message" content, which will be hard given the last two were a stroll down fullywoke lane.
(19.61 KB 517x232 screenshot.png)
>>11961 nice shoop >>11962 that's an in joke from hollywood
Might skip second breakfast, just have appetizer for lunch.
>>11965 bad skellie!
>>11966 >tfw no ice cream
(17.65 KB 500x750 1666779.jpg)
>>11967 >tfw no life
(163.29 KB 1023x736 nom.jpg)
>>11968 iktf
(52.27 KB 322x322 433453.png)
>>11969 at least we've got
>>11970 It's what keeps me going
(51.19 KB 489x640 Orthodox russian vader.jpg)
>>11973 How was church today?
Fugg. This gas mask is really heavy and hurts after a while. Curse my skellie face for not fitting it.
(33.86 KB 640x480 mummybots cat.jpg)
mummybots telly conked out and she borrowed one off her neighbour. She sent me a photo of her cat, its really low res, she needs a new iphone too.
(67.45 KB 794x794 white woman 5 - Copy.jpg)
I took a break from coding in the afternoon and went up the bush, I took a saw and cut away an inconvenient log. I took my jumper off and sat in the sun and quiet when I finished for ten minutes, then I stashed my tools back in the rock crevice and played last post and revallie into the ravine before going home. Other than that, my day is boring but productive which is how it should be at the moment. Good Night, White.
Bought a new TV recently. It's ok. Amazing how big a screen you can get for a reasonable price these days. Subpixels aren't quite to my taste and I don't need 4k but it's hard to argue with a ~1.3m screen when the alternative I'd been using was some ~.8m relic from 2005. Piece of shit was only like 1100x664 actual pixels, no ability to adjust picture size either so it does that awful zoom in thing where it clips off the edges of the picture. worthless for pc use or really anything other than boomervision. only thing I miss about mum's house really was being able to drill holes in the ceiling to mount my projector. new tv works with about 1/3 of the power consumption and is still visible without needing the shades down but you just can't beat a ~3.2m viewing rectangle. maybe I'll build some elaborate stand arrangement once it's no longer fucking 35C up here in norfland and I make it back to oldhome again to pack up the PJ and stand. also mum's visiting and brought up some peppers from my old garden. Threw some in an omelette this morning but I'd forgotten just how spicy those obscure habanero varieties can get. Had to take a 20 minute shitposting break before I can go back to finish the omelette.
(51.64 KB 640x480 panties_on_girl_head-05.jpg)
morn bored as shit and cenno on my ass >>11974 heh >>11975 >not using panties >>11978 >Amazing how big a screen you can get for a reasonable price these days. OLED or nothing for me not that i use my TV much these days
>>11979 Yeah, OLEDs are nice but those cheeky fuckers absolutely refuse to sell them for anything less than 1500 USD. It's some kind of gay scam, they've been out for like 5-10 years now and I have NEVER seen an LG OLED for less than that. I keep thinking that last year's model or the one before that should be dropping in price but those fuckers must just ship the old models back to the factory when the new ones come out. That or the demand really is higher than I think it is. Also not really down with buying a used TV from some random guy on ebay or whatever, I don't trust them to package is properly and especially not an OLED since those fuckers will probably have burned in the Netflix or BLACKED UI into the screen. Meanwhile mid-tier VA panels just keep dropping, and dropping. Since this is really just a temporary tv for me I'm quite chuffed with 50" (1.27m) and ~6ms added lag for ~250 USD. It's some chink spyware shit to be sure, but I don't connect it to internet at all, just use it as a dumb pipe. My spending priorities are more focused on freedom supplies at the moment, plus I already have the huge projector and screen, just a pain to set up in an apartment. The newest generation of LG OLEDs are fucking sick though, supposedly they can do 120 hz at at least 1080p, maybe 4k. Even 60hz is barely enough for me these days after being spoiled by gaming monitors and my projector (in fake 3D mode with an awful red tint kek, still worth it though)
Good Morning NEETs. The bins are emptied which is good, but it rained on my boots which is bad.
(15.91 KB 502x460 degenerate modernist pepe.jpg)
tfw cant have a pepper bush because of the wallabies
went for my morn walk and triggered a bunch of boomers >>11982 >it rained wouldn't mind some of that >>11981 yeah not buying until i can get an lg 65" for under 2K AUD >>11983 put a fence around it
>triggered boomers The imagination does picture them literally exploding.
>>11985 maccas didn't give a shit woolies will be the big test
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>11986 We're very non-judgemental NEET. Why not come on down to one of our open-arms centers and get one of our comfort consultants to help you with a selection thats sure to ease your stress in the current lockdown, and dont forget to smile!
>>11987 fuckoff dan i go to first choice now because they're more likely to have stock
(249.47 KB 1280x960 bbq on legs.jpg)
Might have a bratwurst at civic club tonight.
>>11989 How many?
>>11990 usually about 40 turn up, they charge you $25 and you get as much beer as you can drink.
>>11991 what beer?
boags and cascade
>>11993 >boags and cascade Could be a description of the toilet afterwards.
yikes not that i get drunk anymore anyway
meh the boomers are used to it. They'd make a fuss with anything else.
(82.33 KB 794x1191 1585280390243.jpg)
I went to civic club and it was out in the carpark of a bodyworks because of covid compliance ffs. The boomers crowded around the blast heater and we all had a minging, wet, miserable time. I had an omlette and beetroot/sweet potato chips+fried rice, a cornetto and two bottles of bundaberg ginger beer, so that was okay. one of the boomers told a funny story about being put into quarrantine where he had a view of his nice house. He made it out to be a soviet era prison camp staffed by mask wearing KGB with black faces jabbering in their foreign language. You had to be there to get the gag. Going to watch four corners now. https://www.abc.net.au/4corners/the-truth-about-5g/12519392 I am now my oldad.
>>11997 what the hell is a civic club
(48.29 KB 650x488 bludgers.jpg)
morn back to full blown neetdom for me because of dan no mutual globulations until next year. hope the corona supplement isn't cut that would be ace feels pretty good. gonna get back on my exercise regime might get back to playing piano since going outside is shit >>11998 terrorist group
>>11998 Honda Civic owners group.
(1.33 MB 900x600 1579501486588.webm)
>>12000 (NIIICE)
Good Morning NEETs. Clear sky except for a tiny wisp, its going to be cold but sunny, might get to wear the sunnies when I go out later to get some bread. and another kilo of butter
>>12001 Hearty Hekek
Morning all. I have to post here because I am banned from endchan on weekdays until July 31 2021.
>>12004 Kek. I get banned all the time, i'm running out of VPN proxy servers.
>>12002 Get some Arnotts Scotch Finger Biscuits.
>>12006 >that camera track shot
>>12002 morning went for my morn walk and it was very crisp but sunny. delightful a couple of groups of based grannies still said morning to me went through woolies without trouble but their shelves were bare >>12004 >weekday bans lmfao. i've got a couple of ip ranges banned from endchan but still have plenty of ammo maybe i'll go cause some havoc over their for ya ;)
>>12008 it clouded over and my feet are cold, I'll go to my gym soon and get my outings done before the rainy rain, then off to the german bakery for some schwartzbrot. Might skip the biscuits tho, no self control and high glycaemic snacks dont crush well in my tummy.
(3.04 MB 1200x1200 107566788.mp4)
went to kfc and got this and no one gave a shit saw a few cuties walking around by themselves i must go the shopping center more often around this time when the youngens are up
>>12010 Yum, I haven't had one of their bread rolls in a long time.
https://youtu.be/ArQFvyGYgMI?t=38 lol he slapped the soul of out that coon bitch
(61.65 KB 551x987 tatts a wrap.jpg)
>>12012 shocking. those shoes are not thongs and not sandals. what abominations do you seppos have to put up with?
(64.99 KB 640x480 haul.jpg)
(76.42 KB 640x480 patinaed.jpg)
>>12010 Bangin' >>12011 they're more like cakes really. There exists an alliteration for my local shopping precinct of Middle Bay; Middle-Bay-Jing, on account of the huge strides the chinks have made to overtake it as their own, with the preponderance of chink sushi joints, noodle bars, supermarkets, immigration brokers and powdered milk tin dispatchers. Despite the absolute state of my life-long neighbourhood, I still see vestiges of actual Australians when I have to brave the plethora of faceless chinees in their smooth puffer jackets with the genuine dog fur trim. Such as it was when I popped into the newsagent to purchase a box of rubber bands, thereupon came in the old guy who drives the battered subaru brumby with the wooden hay bale cage in the tray, he wore a somewhat mismatching sports jacket and vest with slacks and an age-worn city style akubra, He was buying some darrel lea but didn't greet me, likely because I had my gas mask on. I gave the cashier a redback for the box and got a patinaed commonwealth games 50 cent coin and a bright 2019 two dollar coin as change. I hadn't realized that they changed the visage of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Middle Bay-Jing is kind of a food desert for me despite all the restaurants and supermarkets, with the exception being the German Bakery which I intended to patronize today, albeit to no avail as they were closed, I suspect the poor health condition of the Baker was at play here. I did however go to the supermarket and return home before the icy rain set in with the following haul.
(215.36 KB 1080x1080 nowhoites.jpg)
(15.07 KB 800x600 1592887141242.png)
>was supposed to get a call today >didn't
(42.24 KB 640x512 hottie.jpg)
All indications are that its past my bedtime. The rain on the roof is nice and my tummy is full. I had fun today and practiced my bugle calls. I'm having some panadol and then calling it quits, i cant do anything productive now. Good Night, White.
(97.22 KB 1000x667 5f29a3ba1d836.jpg)
morn how can i get invited to these corona air bnb parties? i'm guessing normiebook? >>12016 just answer the call of neetdom my friend >>12019 >taking pills BIG Y I K E S
(33.02 MB 600x576 scum.mp4)
>>12020 >taking pills >BIG Y I K E S Silence homo, taking pills is fine. Most people who take Panadol or any Paracetamol based pill though take it too often for no reason. Generally, you should only take Paracetamol only if you have a fever or in extreme pain. >t. retard with doctor mom and a general interest in medicine.
>>12023 i recant lithium are pretty fucking good
Good Morning NEETs. Too much fun to go to bed, Too comfy to get up again. NEETlyfe is a tough lyfe.
>>12014 >obverse the queen is on the REVERSE you retard.
>>12023 I take only as directed and please see my doctor if pain persists.
>>12020 you should leave deliberate spread of the virus to the melbourne muslim jihadists, fren, Indications are that long term damage even in asymptomatic cases is a thing.
virus isn't real
>>12028 https://archive.vn/03tKD >be teenage jihadi >brilliant plan to get corona from your high school mates and spread it >lol infidels btfo >chronic pain and no energy >infertile >actually dies in next wave due to antibody dependent enhancement Forty virgins
>>12024 >lithium Take pure 500mg pills Francium-222 isotope, you fucking casual.
>>12032 nah nah nah cunt, its not like that, my tinder dates go heaps better since I started getting treatment, its fully the good shit Ey.
hondas are gay
(212.74 KB 862x746 1967_Suzulight_Fronte.jpg)
>>12030 I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE >>12034 >suzuki master race
(39.54 KB 1920x960 Victorian_red_ensign.png)
My fellow Real Australians and Real Victorians, It can no longer be doubted that our governments, and their police enforcers, have gone rogue. As a result, we are indeed in a State of Disaster. These governments do not serve the interests of Real Australians, and have not done so for some time. In fact, they actively and incessantly attack Real Australians. These attacks on Real Australians take many forms - mental, physical, spiritual and financial. The attacks include constant abuse in media and advertising, court actions, fines, prison, violent arrests and property damage, and the assault, rapes and murders carried out by the Fake Australians brought into our formerly peaceful and safe communities. Fake Australians which were never wanted by us, and are not needed by us. As it has become clear that the governments are the enemy of the people, it is time to take action to save the nation. This can be achieved by meeting the constant violence and threat of violence from the governments, with peaceful non-compliance by all Real Australians who demand their country back. 1. Do not comply with unreasonable government edicts and police demands, or at least state that you do not consent and are acting under duress. 2. Do not pay any taxes or fines 3. As far as possible do not support big businesses who pander to Fake Australians 4. Support the local businesses of Real Australians, especially those who do not employ Fake Australians. Australia was founded as a White nation, it is a White nation, and it is our sacred duty to ensure it remains a White nation. In the words of a great Leader - "The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people". Australia is for Real Australians only. https://anonfiles.com/Xb4911K0o3/realaustraliansonly_mp3
taking pills is for pooftas no mark of honor to be well-adjusted to a sick society. >only pill you should be taking is the JW-pill
(404.84 KB 3543x3543 red ensign.png)
>>12037 Whoot I'm getting radicalized on the internet!
(8.66 KB 275x272 1504328885822.jpg)
Got the munchies for some ice cream. Might go out to cold rock tonight.
>>12037 kek, thanks for the laugh.
I'm eating my jelly beans which I had set aside for big recovering after big physical days. I should get a big tub of home brand ice cream which and save the good stuff for later. Managing my freezer space is an ongoing concern with all the cheese and butter I am stockpiling. I need to get the dry supplies going a bit better, I haven't had the pressure cooker going in days and I want to freeze another batch of pizzas, another freezer is out of the question at the moment. Good NIght
(80.90 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
(6.26 MB 480x360 edge theme song lyrics.webm)
morn >scales sitting on the bathroom floor this morn >allright let's see >60.2kg horry shit i've never been 60+ my transformation from a skellie is happening >>12038 take the breadpill fren >>12039 >Whoot I'm getting radicalized on the internet! must put this on my car somewhere >>12040 B . A . S . E . D
(198.38 KB 827x1607 1596640699736.jpg)
(76.95 KB 838x796 1596642113003.png)
Good Morning NEETs, I arise as the horrible possum is going to bed in the carport beneath my bedroom, It's clumsy and makes a lot of racket.
>>12044 >edge theme song lyrics I must put this on in my car when i'm driving
>>12048 morning >possum the eternal enemy of the neet
Thick bread and butter with tomato jam for lunch. The sunflower seed loaf is pretty ok. I was thinking to have another slice but the deacon came by and we had a chat, he invited me to lurk the JW zoom meetings, which could be kek. When he left I was not so hungry anymore. The deacon is a belly robber.
>>12051 >JW zoom meetings GIVE ME THE PASSWORD
>>12052 I wouldnt do that to my JW friends, not until I get bored with it at least plus it would dox my home town
>>12053 >friends they're a cult
>>12054 >they're a cult nobody's perfect
>>12054 They're a cult with an societally-accepted excuse not to have toxins forcibly injected into their arms in the name of the Boomercaust™. Only group more based are the Christian Scientists, but I haven't seen any of those groups handing out pamphlets. >might unironically try to join the Christian Scientists so I don't get vaccine-pozzed by fagg gates >say you don't want to do X <ZOG makes you do it anyway >say you don't want to do X because magical skydad wrote some scribbles in a book once <ZOG gives you a pass on this one >ywn start your own massive White Sikh religion that says you get a pass to refuse all modern medicine but God says you must carry a loaded assault rifle at all times bad feel
>>12056 there's no religious vaccine exemptions anymore
>>12056 How did you get the [TM] thing to work. you must be some kind of imageboard black hat coder I bow down before your superiority. \tm /tm $\tm$
>>12057 depends if its a blood based vaccine. I'm not ever having blood transfusions anyway because i dont want to risk having the blood of fags or racially inferior subbuman trash in me, as its a bit of a mouthful, i will just say "JW, no thankyou please". >tfw no jw pepe to post
>>12056 Definetley going to be more serious about larping as a JW now.
Apparently a largish group of Seventh Day Adventists think that Covid is signaling the beginning of the end times.
>>12037 Only ever give the police your name, address and date of birth. If you are confident that you have their measure you can also feel them out as potential recruits. Deus vult.
>>12063 Deus vult.
>>12062 The Deacon already told me about the bible foretelling pestilences and wars and how we are living in the end of days. I'm skeptical of this because I grew out of the phase were I was thinking "This is as far as we get", its not a blackpill to them tho which is rum. I admire the absolutely humorless seriousness of the whole JW church thing tho, there is kind of a power to that and that vibe I want copy for my own countenance, you know, the way that other people see me. Plus I like their aesthetics, with the brown shoes, the beige slacks, three quarter duster jackets and snap brim caps. very GATTACA (1997)
>>12065 I used to have them pop in every fortnight, they are okay although lots of them seem to thing Armageddon started with wwii
(7.91 KB 194x260 download.jpg)
Had oldad duty today which chewed up lots of time and premium petrol. Got to flex on some peons tho and made oldad spring for a pizza on the way home. The crust was super light and I reckon there was a fair bit of baking soda in it fucking cheating is what it is, we talked about going up the north coast for holidays and soon because of the onrushing covid shutdowns. The rotten possum is dropping shits in the carport and its getting everywhere, i'm thnking to move out. Maybe if I bribe it with bananas it will stop being so awful. I dont want to call the lando about it because he will send his henchman who will likely poison it and leave the body where it drops. Good NIght, White.
>>12066 I want to know a bit more about why they got the shoah in wwII. Should I consider them degenerates?
>>12068 You can consider anyone whatever you want.
(206.53 KB 1080x1080 walkinghome.jpg)
morn >>12065 the timeline is: 2030 - birth of the antichrist 2060 - reign of the antichrist 2082 - end of the world >>12068 they're cancer. just like everything outside of The Church
>>12067 what about getting a trap and driving it somewhere out of town? had a possum living under the shed recently and did that.
Good Morning NEETs. I listen to the radio news broadcast for the first of my daily kek.
>>12073 morning mate >I listen to the radio news broadcast for the first of my daily kek. i could not stomach doing that
>>12071 the problem is all about the comfy possum pad that the carport provides, i need to board it up or something. If i evict this cunt then others will just take advantage, you know what they're like. Plus its illegal to translocate possums because it usually kills them.
(11.54 KB 196x225 zergface.jpg)
>>12074 Its a bad habit and im a filthy degenerate but if there is a chinees dam collapse or israel gets nuked by iran then i want to know about that first thing so i can kek long and kek early
>>12076 morning >>12072 what a chad
>>12072 Aussie Chads need to use martial arts to keep staceys under control.
>>12077 that's what /pol/'s for
(4.07 MB 270x480 get well soon cruisey.mp4)
>>12075 If you want, I can reach out to my contacts in the company and we will get that possum vanned and taken to a redacted black site in Poland or Mombassa.
>>12075 If you want, I can reach out to my contacts in the company and we will get that possum vanned and taken to a redacted black site in Poland or Mombassa.
>>12081 Kek. That ought to help.
Pissed my pants again.
(64.85 KB 740x768 1562438849872.jpg)
>>12085 >he wears pants
>>12085 Submit to disciplineNEET for rubber pants training
>>12085 Aye its allrite cuzn yer aint a boong without a bit a noonga in ya strides,
Another cold arse day outside, finally brought the washing inside tho. I sewed a button back on my shirt before I went to the gym, I will have a look around my sewing box for some big buttons, if i can find six matching ones then i can use my braces with my heavy, woollen layer pants. another job for NEETing tomorrow. Good Night, White.
(34.62 MB 854x480 how teen girls have fun.webm)
morn being a pure NEET and doing fuck all feels good man
(2.33 MB 640x480 q0HEnDrl_cMvDFEt.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs. Its a nice clean smelling morning and the moon is still bright.
>>12093 morning it's raining pretty heavy here which is good
>>12091 yeah me too, staying away from wage but still no time for church or naughty fun besides. The PC is getting a good run tho.
>>12092 The explosion stinks of being deliberate. I thought Ammonium nitrate was not explosive without a kicker charge and combustible additive.
>girl at the kfc drive through looked like she had fear in her eyes maybe it was because half her face was covered
>>12098 she knows the mask wont protect her.
>>12100 it's ok the day is almost over
(798.14 KB 3310x2715 haul.jpg)
I went to see mummybot, she made me chippies and gave me cheese and chocolate. The fabric I got from spotlight, there was a couple of hotties there, one day I will catch one of them looking at me and return her gaze in a manly fashion.
>>12102 Did you wear your gas mask to spotlight?
>>12103 No. I wore the half face respirator and goggles. I dont want to look silly
(191.08 KB 800x992 1580846195789.jpg)
I met up with a mate and we but my bike in the back of his ute and went to this takeway on the outskirts of town in fast gentrifying Brownsburgh. The shop was unfortunately closed but we will go again early next week. They are doing an all you can eat dilly and thats rare these days, whats rarer is the shopkeeper is a real Aussie and runs a fine shop. The same mate needs help with a water tank repair so i'll make an excursion to his place in Beachford and stay overnight, I want to check out what he's got to work with and we can watch some Hitler videos and have a pizza night if we can get his BBQ going. Should be a good trip. Good Night,White.
(164.61 KB 533x800 15476764568_291f037c3f_b.jpg)
morn >>12102 >lindt top tier taste. good mummybot >>12104 >I dont want to look silly indeed. the masks do nothing >>12105 >third time you've posted that image REEEEEEEEEEE >Beachford only beechford i can find is in tassie
(22.27 KB 816x758 1564935982534.png)
>all those motherfuckers on biz getting rich off chainlink
Good Morning NEETs. Nice sunday morning, got up a bit early to get a good start. Probabaly gonna waste it shitposting.
>>12108 morn lad shitpost on and on and on and on...
The world has gone decisively insane. I will probably have to go dark soon. I will need to focus on basic survival needs so that I make it through the peak. Once enough of the idiots have killed each other off it may be safe to start building up civilisation again.
(14.69 KB 640x480 beachford.jpg)
>>12106 Good women are hard to find. its not that im lazy, i'm just too busy with my geographical LARPing, making up names based on a place's virtues, brownsburgh = boongs. Left Village = trendy corner of town where they have a program of enriching public housing vacancies with diverse tennants. Beachford is nice tho, i went there with oldad.
>>12107 I am suddenly afraid of missing out of this opportunity.
(27.34 KB 746x478 1789766879990.jpg)
Pearl barley and Chick peas for dinner. >tfw feel like a fry up and some scotch finger biscuits.
>>12116 Stay strong m8. We believe in you.
(43.92 KB 960x960 8-Alice-Phoebe-Lou.jpg)
Cold feet again, heater going all day, early night I reckon. I went up the gully and caught the last of the sun. then when it went behind the mountain I played last post and revallie and fucked off home. Oh, i finally got linux going on the piece of shit lappy, that is a good development. Good Night, White.
morn >Oh, i finally got linux going on the piece of shit lappy, that is a good development. nice what distro+version?
(13.94 MB 1080x1080 Why Don't You Get A Job.webm)
(327.24 KB 752x432 PCPBEd3HaDE1b2jb.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs, Extra cold this morning, Condensation on my windows
>>12119 mint cinnamon.dont even need the command line.although it seems to tax the laptops processor too much
>>12123 morn wonderful past two mornings >>12124 install gentoo
>>12125 >cutie waved at me as she jogged past made my day
>>12126 your in there mate
(22.99 KB 220x223 tenor.gif)
>>12127 gonna walk around with cards with my number on it and hand it out to girls
>>12128 Bad idea, girls dont talk on the phone anymore, its all snapchat and tinder, she'll be expecting to see you there when she looks.
>>12129 card will read: >txt me 0410000000 >its all snapchat and tinder, she'll be expecting to see you there when she looks. beta shit
>>12124 Lubuntu 18.04 is pretty good for medium-old pieces of shit. No vsync and there's a little bit of jank but it runs fast and clean even on old core2duos, got to make a tradeoff somewhere. web browsers will fuck up anybody's day though, you've got to be using some custom shit like ublock origin, umatrix, tor on max security settings to tamp down on the pajeetscript js bloat that fucks up everything. Stay away from 20.04 though since they pozzed it up with LXQT. There's also xubuntu you could try. Never quite scratched my itch but maybe I just imprinted on lubuntu and wasn't willing to deal with change. >talked to skatepark cutie a bit more today as we shared tips to try to land our shitty kickflips pretty sure I am literally, actually twice her age though lol and not going to actively pursue. probably. still nice to have a dash of eye candy in the life now and then.
>>12131 ill try it out but my lappy has a single core celeron. its time to replace the fucking thing >>12131 why dont you get her to introduce you to her mum?
>>12132 >single core celeron yeah... that's not going to be enjoyable to use with really anything. recycle that shit. Oldest laptops I find usable and enjoyable are late core 2 duos, like a thinkpad x200. (P8600 and similar CPUs). Don't get some low-voltage version (L whatever) and don't get anything older, even the old core2duos sucked donkey dick. Used to be able to pick them up for $40-50 all day long with no hdd and no battery. dunno what the market's like these days, maybe the x201 series or x220, t420 etc series are now in that price range. Anything with an "intel core" processor will work, like an i5-730 or whatever and up there's also a few kinds of chromebook-tier laptops that are actually usable. but it's fucking tough since they mix in the garbage unusable 5w cpus with the acceptable okay 15w cpus and obscure it all with stupid brand names. If in doubt, check the TDP of the processor. You want 15w or more or it's going to suck major ass. >tfw jews are attempting to pass off 5w shitters in BRAND NEW laptops in 2020 not even gnu/linux can save those crap piles
>>12133 yeah its ruined my life more than once. the thing is cursed. my mate had one that was like a tablet with a keyboard, he said it ran with a mobile phone processor. ill start shopping around. by the way i have a good laptop that works well, for sale. its worth $1000 but i can let you have it for seven hundy. its got a thumping single core celeron which is good for all kinds of games and watching moofies and shit.
(31.30 KB 407x367 e5675d21c11102b.jpg)
HOT AND SPICY FILL UPS CANCELLED due to supply issues. fucking nwo and their covid shit >>12131 >pretty sure I am literally, actually twice her age though lol and not going to actively pursue. she might be into daddies. drop you age next time and see what she says
>>12122 Why do they always say "god is great" even after the explosion?
>>12136 Them saying "aloha snackbar" is their equivalent of us saying "strewth"
>>12137 They say it when they explode, it is "god is great."
>>12137 You are not wrong but a better equivalent would be us saying "Jesus Christ!".
>>12135 >due to supply issues. fucking nwo and their covid shit There are signs at my local drive through about the shortages.
>>12140 there are soy based alternatives available...
>had a couple of walks >did some odd jobs >had a sunbake >had a nap >gonna drink some beer good monday
>>12142 Not jealous or sarcastic, just love posting this cat
>>12141 textured soy protien dipped in soy batter, deep fried in soy oil and thrown into a soy based plastic bin bag.
>>12142 Sounds like a comfy day.
There are no chicken shortages in best A.
Too busy to post much tonignt. Just waiting for my code to upload to mega and then i'm off to bed. Damn elbow is sore from keyboard work. A good kind of sore and tired though, I got a lot done and more tomorrow. MIssed civic club today, save a bit of petrol tho. Good Night, White.
>>12148 >elbow is sore from keyboard work Type with your fingers you goose.
(68.61 KB 940x627 850456-3x2-940x627.jpg)
morn nothing
(3.55 MB 360x640 hROTokl_9H7AHrXU.mp4)
(5.41 MB 742x720 TlIgNWxKblBA59Nv.mp4)
Good Morning NEETs. Code until dinner time then AFK, Party time!
>>12152 Man, she's gonna be dsappointed when Bernie tanks.
>>12155 Don't bother asking why (((someone))) decided to set up a 4K camera recording a "fire" at 960 frames per second goyim
>>12156 Bibi held a press conference before the explosion denying involvement.
(5.88 MB 1280x720 qMIpOpsvN3rsMT-X.mp4)
https://mobile.twitter.com/redwins3_first/status/1292901031026872322 Red Viper 2.0 2020 @redwins3_first Melbourne Australia last night. All citizens were ordered to lock down with curfew, followed by explosions & fire. Nothing to see here.....
>>12158 That Craigieburn drawl. Is that place still end of the metro line?
>>12159 >Craigieburn drawl Sounded like a wog accent to me. Deport them all now.
>>12160 >deport them all To Melbourne
(2.21 MB 720x1280 c311uNCa0D2TYVgy.mp4)
Today's explosion comes from Volgograd, Russia
(3.69 MB 640x480 realaustraliansonly.mp4)
>>12037 video version
>>12162 Another excellent explosion.
(36.34 KB 300x250 pepe crying.png)
>>12162 I wish there were some explosions around me. Nothing ever explodes in my town.
(16.15 KB 270x300 index.jpeg)
>>12165 make one then
(141.63 KB 759x672 forced-vaccinations.jpg)
(84.94 KB 720x579 zog immunization.jpg)
T-there wont be a vax for the dole program, R-right neets?
>>12167 you betchya
(427.36 KB 579x651 1596043036-0.png)
morn it's raining finally
(131.45 KB 1550x257 forcedvaxx.png)
>>12171 Solves the aging population problem.
Whack your doodle all da dae.
>>12175 bad idea
(40.39 KB 665x410 1597212723145.jpg)
>>12177 Hmmm. i would have expected more deaths from influenza outside of season
I went out and bought a packet of Arnotts Scotch Finger Biscuits, with the goodness of eggs, wheat and wholesome creamy butter. I try to break them like they do in the ads but they usually break into three. >tfw the ads lied
>>12179 Dunk them in your tea.
I had a new variety of Scotch Fingers they were called salted caramel tart and they had little bits of caramel in them, sort of like toffee. They tasted bad.
>>12181 yeah these bikkies dont taste like i remember. Its like they need to be dipped in honey now...
(45.87 KB 500x438 8hoeggr2gma21.jpg)
Too tired to beat the cringe flashbacks. WHY DID I SAY THAT STUPID SHIT TO THAT NICE SHIELA IM SUCH A MONG
(237.17 KB 805x1299 anne.jpg)
My mate's Mum died in January, I went to the funeral at the Sallies hall down at Lagoon Sands. Many people that I expected to be there, were absent. She died of sun cancer, with half her family estranged, she was 68. I never met her but last night I stayed in her house. My mate is essentially squatting there until a messy probate is done and dusted. Her other son is contesting her will, to wit, being left out of it. Nothing there has been touched or packed away, all of her bric-a-brac and gee-gaws are there and the interior of the house is like being inside her mind. Over a dozen affirmation placards are fixed to the walls. Cupboards, birdcages and dangling bead curtains require duck and turn manoeuvres for passage through the two bedroom weatherclad cottage. A bookshelf with positivism and Magical themed books also holds pictures of pet birds + my mate but not his three kids, who I haven't seen IRL. He was stressing about having to buy his nine year old boy a birthday present and not knowing what to get, i told him to get a pocket knife but he had to run that by his kids mum. At least I got the water going for him, the rainwater tank pump was not working, he bought a new one, an inferior chink-shit to replace the aussie made Davey which merely needed a new $80 dollar part. I let him run with it and didn't flex on him, at least he has running water inside now instead of using bottles and showering at work for months. I also fixed his camping gas burner, which wouldn't work because he was trying to light it in the air entrainment holes. I got his mum's chinkshit BBQ going and we had the last of my frozen pizzas for tea. I left my multigrips there because the knobs were fucked. We watched some Hitler dubs on his mum's Hisense smart TV and he's keen to watch the other five and a half hours later so I left the USB drive there. His mum's place is pretty nice even though Lagoon Shores is tomorrow's commuter suburb for Subaru XV Hybrid driving NPC slime. On the way home I went to the Woolies in Sheafburg, the city's ancient bread basket, and was pleased to note the only unsavory Brown, Black or Yellow elements I came across was a Boomer loading Brown paper bags full of Yellow caps into the boot of his Black Ford Explorer. Lovely part of town really. Really nice outing. Good Night, White
(37.39 KB 634x555 Morgan Geyser.jpg)
morn 60.8 >>12044 >>12183 storytime
Good Morning NEETs. I'm definitely going to to do the washing today.
>>12187 good reminder. I'm almost out of the good socks. after the good socks run out I have to wear the thin crappy socks and my foot slides around in the shoes. not good.
>>12188 Archeologists have recently unearthed evidence that boongs had sock factories 2000 years ago
>>12187 morning i'm doing mine tommorow
>>12191 Rolling for dry washing by sundown
Endchan down, that site is as reliable as a drunken baker.
(69.67 KB 474x708 jumper 1.jpg)
The Deacon came around today, we did the first lesson in the different religions and had a laff at the hindoos and their reincarnation fables, the bloody kookaburras interrupted his lecture tho and he ended up talking at length about his time as a machinist. I made some pizzas and put them in the freezer but the ones on the bottom are gettign squashed and they are not fluffy when cooked. I'll see if the extra baking soda makes a difference. Good Night, White.
(148.40 KB 993x1024 MT.jpg)
>>12194 >believing that ancient people believed into literal reincarnation at least Hinduism WAS a valid religion. JW is a fucking joke there's still wisdom in ancient Hindu texts it's funny to know that all JW deacons do is shit on other people welcome to the cult!
Good Morning NEETs. Its a nice warm AM, which makes a change from the clammy air of late.
(7.69 KB 318x159 download.png)
>>12195 Hindooism >valid whatever >the one true faith doesnt look like it
>>12196 morning >>12197 capitalized the word i thought you would gloss over but you still missed it
>>12198 Sorry, I dont pay much attention to the deacon either TBPH.
Might go into town later.
(12.91 KB 234x216 bruce shitposts.png)
Kek. Some seppo tried to pick a fight with me on 8pnd but backed off when I flexed aussie shitposter style. I am bad arse no one fux with me.
>>12194 The Vedanta is interesting, especially their circular time thing. I thought that it was pretty cool that it's said to be 26,000 years which is the same time a full precession of earth's axis takes. You should talk to him about Manichaeism.
>>12201 Based.
(10.05 KB 196x293 louis riel chester brown.jpg)
>>12202 YOU should talk to him about manichaesism. I thought nineteenth century schizo bible rewriters were bad. louis riel was an interesting charactrer study of a movement leader, Chester brown's comic biography did it nicely.
(92.28 KB 255x120 bass pepe gif.gif)
Downloaded some new synthwave.
(257.74 KB 1280x960 haul away.jpg)
went into middle bay-jing, smiled at the aussie mums, scowled at the chink dads and got this haul. the tempeh is shit tho.
>>12206 fuggg teeth
>boss "decided to leave" interesting development
>>12207 yeah the lollypops are bad news but the musk sticks and aniseed rings are not too bad if i brush my teef just afterwards.
>>12208 Obviously seeking shelter before his QAnon reckoning. PIZZAGATE PIZZAGATE
<abbo sympathizers getting this bootyblasted over an election on another continent it's sort of based and redpilled but that seppo flag shit shouldn't even be in an aus paper to begin with
(44.76 KB 532x298 1597385127909.jpg)
>>12211 nah that noise is just the twitter echo chamber effect, Even the NPC's couldnt give a shit about the boongs. It has to get into their sports pages for them to know there's an issue. Remember that Adam goodes getting called an ape by a little girl bullshit? This cringey non event is our equivalent of a seppo nig getting offed by the pigs in a viral video.
>>12204 >nineteenth century It's a lot older than that, also ask him about Zoroastrianism.
>>12214 I dont want him to think I'm weird. Otherwise they wont send the hotties occasionally.
>>12215 There's a lot of 'Christian' ideals in Zoroastrian thought. At the time of Christ there were a lot of free thinking Jews that were adopting those ideals, and Jesus preached them. According to most scholars, if the wise men existed, they were Zoroastrian. Also The Jews have always been pretty good with them as Cyrus the Great was a follower of Zarathustra.
(28.51 KB 450x475 whoot.jpg)
My exercise session was nice, there was a wattlebird singing and that made a nice accompaniment with the burbling brook. Then it had a spat with a currawong, I suppose we neglect their conflict filled and hardscrabble lives. It was a nice warm day and the first one I have not had to have the heater on all day, even the soft rain in the afternoon rinsed the stink from the ching chong's cigarettes out of the still air when I went to the letterbox.. Not much chance of getting to bed early tonight, too much bible study to do. If only those damn Zoroastarians had not stirred the pot, I'd be golden. Good Night, White.
morn bored shitless >>12209 i get my junkfood from the asian supermarket. they come in smaller sizes and aren't as loaded with sugar and msg like american junkfood >>12215 good idea >>12217 it's nice that you exercise without music. i reckon you get more gains ;)
millie just got arrested after releasing this documentary: https://youtu.be/AaLTdrdVcLE
(3.07 MB Suicidal Dream.mp3)
Morning NEETs. Bit of rainy rain outside for ya saturday.
>>12221 morning been rainy for a while kinda want the sun hitting me
>>12220 Kek. That emo classic is about when they started growing facial hair. If I recall.
>>12222 lucky gets, maybe you'll get your wish.
Going to do my tax return today, I wonder if they will take a Corona Virus levy like they did with the bushfires.
>>12225 >still haven't done last years taxes
>>12226 if you leave it for three consecutive years they send a male dominatrix to spank you.
>>12226 I'm gonna put it all into Etherium this year.
>>12227 0_o >>12228 goodluck for crypto i'm all in btc
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ72iwn_rauSYHL8nKMS7uw/live Kami discussion on recent 5 year old shot in head by jogger next door neighbor
>>12231 Catboy's getting better at this. He's loosing definition tho.
>>12232 Lost him. Did he switch to instagram?
>>12235 yeah he finished for the day. Was good saturday morning tv
(23.83 KB 388x314 WK33_PD_388x314_47e.jpg)
got this meme gun at aldi saw them shilled on rogan
>>12237 you know thats marketed to middle age housewives, right?
(10.33 MB 1280x720 football-is-gay.mp4)
>>12238 no it's fitness massager it doesn't vibrate it goes back and forth like a reciprocating saw
>>12239 Oh yeah, definetley not a sex toy then.
>>12232 >He's loosing definition tho. he needs to jog and get some sun
Did my tax return. Noticed I'm getting ripped off by my bank, Its time to put the return into crypto and change banks. This is my solemn vow. SMASH THE SYSTEM
(26.55 KB 450x475 whooot.jpg)
Deep into the grind now neets, Starting to talk to my imaginary detractors, politely reasoning with them and dismissing their patronizing. "Oh you're missing out by neeting at home" - No it is you that is missing out by not neeting. "I'm going to retire in ten years, you will never have as much as I will" - You are poor in ways you cant imagine, I have all I need now and forever. You see the interplay between dispair and elation going on upstairs as I build my code, inching forward, putting off lunch until I have compiled another section. Its a balance challenge with bad pitfalls. But at least I'm not a NPC. Good Night, White.
(100.15 KB 1000x667 5f3843800099d.jpg)
morn so fucking bored. can't even enjoying going for a walk
>>12245 Good Morning NEETs. Heavy rain promised today, If it clears up i might ride my bike to mummybots later.
>>12246 morning sounds like a plan
(72.37 KB 877x691 get stone tooled up.jpg)
What should you do if you find an abo relic? Put it in your pocket and STFU
>>12248 That's a bloody nardoo stone.
(636.18 KB 1600x1600 fat cat.jpg)
Googy eggs, pickled onions and edam on sunflower seed bread for second breakfast, has tamed that post morning coffee grindy guts
>>12162 Which NEET farted?
(126.00 KB 1280x960 gruel.jpg)
Pottage turned out well.
>>12253 Looks nice.
euugh, endchan went fully gay.
>>12255 There is nothing wrong with receiving a flower from someone you care about.
>>12256 Sorry NEET but giving other guys flowers is poof as.
>>12257 The Pepe is giving you the flower. He is also asking you what made you smile today?
>Pepe is giving you the flower Thats no pepe, its a heretical image.
>>12259 Interesting point.
Too rainy for a ride to mummybots, she will freak out if I turn up in a wet raincoat.
>>12261 It will give her flashbacks to the time you were arrested in the movie theatre.
>>12262 Both times having a subtle but distinct moldish smell?
>>12263 No I wear parfum when I visit my special lady.
>>12264 >parfum I have always liked that word.
>>12253 i wanna eat that
>>12266 goes well with worstershire sauce
(65.44 KB 480x359 sharni.jpg)
Day's done, time for moofie or something and an early night. Endchan was a bit ho-hum today, silly dramas kept it dull, got lots of code written but it was mosly revisions, when will i learn to do it properly from the start? Nothing special for dinner, too wet to get a pizza in the bbq oven. Also too wet to do exercises. I'll get into it tomorrow. Good Night. White.
>>12255 Get fucked nuro you paedophile cunt.
>>12268 Night noot
>only four more months of that extra 550 a fortnight on no bros
(599.00 KB 1024x852 5f397f5a88ef4.jpg)
morn >>12271 is this confirmed? >dan deletes job >dial back into fitness regime >gonna look fucking good by summer >gonna have at least 30k in the bank >gonna be like a big party when lockdown is over this was all planned. this is the golden age of the neet
Good Morning NEETs. The creek outside is fully rushing with brown, foamy water. Oh... its tomorrow today, I just realized.
>>12273 morn what is that foam? it scares me. is it chemicals?
(178.72 KB 1280x720 snow bogan.jpg)
>>12274 Dunno, probabally just cunts washing cars in the streets and the runoff going into the drains
Skipped the coffee this morning and had a delayed breakfast. Guts feels better but getting hungry again. These internationals skip meals, why cant I emulate their will-power? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-17/international-students-would-tell-others-not-to-come-australia/12558882
(62.09 KB 862x485 V8 Holden Torana.jpg)
>>12276 Do you squat on the toilet seat? A lot of those students do that in the toilets at the university.
>>12278 Imagine using the same shitters as brown and yellow people.
>>12277 (dubdubs checked) >calling it ayers rock based
>>12279 Excuse me, those people using European toilets. They stand on the seat and I imagine hold the walls. I have seen toilet seats with shoe prints when I have taken a piss.
>>12281 Evropa toilets for Evropa volk. ETHNOBOGS NOW!
(531.75 KB 866x729 1597622942153.png)
guys she's hot right?
(39.90 KB 640x360 jacinda ardern nz pm cake.jpg)
>>12283 maybe. Her fans are ugly tho.
Off to Civic Club. Its at the athletics center at Commonwealth Hill. Going to ride there for a quick getaway if need be.
>>12285 Have fun neet
>>12285 Have fun neet