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(108.96 KB 630x630 1594696764934.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #18 - PRAY FOR THE COLLAPSE EDITION NEET 05/04/2021 (Tue) 23:06:34 No. 14995
Bush NEETs are a comfy lot nowadays, They're out in the regions with their prize winning cannabis patch, Lemon grove and Six Months worth of Froxen Nuggos. They've got broadband somehow and the chickens are making eggs and keeping the mice down. Why not go and visit NEET? Take some doggo treats to bribe your country cousins dogs, lest they rip your smart city pants. Maybe you can look around and find an abandoned cottage nearby, You have been thinking about how bad it looks back on the Coast with the Great Globohomo Replacement Crypto-Kike Asian Invasion. So come on out NEET! Grab your Go-Bag Goon-Bag and pack the hatch-back, Pretty soon you'll be comfy as fuck and PRAYING FOR THE COLLAPSE
>>15942 Thanks for the pics m8
Maybe something within healthcare would be good, I'll just be same faceless worker of many. Do a cert III, build up my confidence with going to school and doing assignments, get a degree in something then fuck off from here forever.
(48.28 KB 338x507 army dead.jpg)
Ungh. Fire was hard to light. Having tea, watching a download.
>>15946 No i left it to cool, its not baked completely in the middle
Going for a walk then I'll finish of the can of peaches. >>15945 How did you get into programming? Did you start it before study?
>>15952 >How did you get into programming? Did you start it before study? I did. My company needed a database + entry GUI for billing, and it seemed easy enough of a problem so I agreed to do it, took all the money they gave me for doing it to my brother (who was in Uni for it at the time) to work with me on it. I gave him all the design requirements, and sort of demanded that he explain to me what he was doing while he did it (normally this would be way out of bounds for a customer, but brother so w/e). That's literally how it started for me. Today, I can write my own software from my own designs, and have spent 5'000 hrs since over the decade learning to code. I'm still a NEET basically, but if push comes to shove I can actually pull down good money at it when I force myself to put up with normals.
(122.01 KB 575x800 1598929803779.jpg)
Meh the moofie is okay. The good part is how I didnt pay to see it. It always boggles my brain how the entertainment industry can keep churning this shit out with a busted business model. Its ironic that its a zombie moofie i pirated. The whole industry is a zombie. Bring on the return of the Bard. Good Night, White.
>>15954 Goodnight NEET, sleep tight
>>15954 >t always boggles my brain how the entertainment industry can keep churning this shit out with a busted business model. Simply b/c the amount of freely-available Jewgold on tap today by these corrupters is in trillions of dollars, NEET. They don't care about money at this stage -- they simply know it's one of their most powerful brainwashing tools. As should be entirely obvious by this stage, they are now moving into their endgame scheme to overthrow Whites and remove us from off the planet. Your pic-related is exactly the target tool to do so. Corrupt White women, and the White civilization our ancestors built that the entire world benefits from is doomed. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but doomed nonetheless. The serpent has been deceiving the female with demonic council since the very beginning. Fortunately, this won't the be end of the story, and God will laugh them into derision.
(467.46 KB 1536x2048 Satonaka Natsuki.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15957 I have heard that the whole accounting side of making movies is completely made up. The actual figures that show how much money they made or lost are never released.
>>15958 I'm sure it's not the only industry this is true, but it's probably the most visible one of them. Nite NEET.
The moofie was shit. 2/5. Did not contain any realistic zombie dynamics.
I have quite wide hips for a man. It is something I have only recently noticed. I would have a much nicer figure if it were not for that.
>>15961 I think you have a nice figure
Good morning NEETs. Port Shorecliff run today. Big poos already.
>>15961 >I have quite wide hips it will be good for childbirth.
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
winning the game of life
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
>just sent an email but totally fucked typing it up
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
dead thread
started ripping and burning dvds
>>15968 >dvd yikes anything under 720p is vomit
Hope you're all doing well.
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
>>15970 yep i'm good
How is Griffith NSW connected to globohomo? >Al Grassby - ended White Australia Policy, implemented multiculturalism under Whitlam >Don McKay >Calabrian Mafia
Port Shorecliff run went well. Got blowtorch gas and courtesy filled up from the servo that filled the bottles, even though it was yukky 95 octane its the only servo that does and therefore a strategic asset. Bought a hose from bunnings, now i can wash away the wallaby shit from my concrete apron.
>>15972 What did poor old don mckay have to do with it?
>>15972 Griffith has always been gay. The lebs and wogs have been there since at least the 50's.
>>15975 What? the Itai's are kinda white and the Lebos hate the Juice.
>>15976 My Grandfather used to move their dope (they used to have that as a major drug thing back then, before smack become huge) and be one of the muscles for them. >>15977 Kind of linked in with this. There was a Frank Trimboli, I don't think he was in the show (I haven't seen much of it). My uncle touched up his daughter and didn't die, which is pretty mental but my grandfather had to stop working for them from then on. I think he must've used all the favours to make sure my uncle didn't get minced. Those earlier wogs weren't all bad, had weird morals and shit but least had rules.
tbh, he should've let the uncle get killed. He ended up doing it again and killed a 16 year old.
>>15978 oWo. The good old days. Now the whites are buying Ice off the Chinees. I parked outside the local Ice bar today, some beach bar allways open. Ice Zombies are redline chaos junkies waiting to attack. The moofie I saw yesterday had ice zombies. I just realized
>>15980 >oWo fuckoff
>>15975 >>15976 What are you, boomers? The (((Globohomo))) isn't about faggots you cunts, they are just the pet golems.
>>15982 Know your roots, son.
(17.43 KB 340x340 no war.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-24/sydney-opera-house-allegations-of-systemic-racism/100151610 I'll never go to the Sydney Opera House again. After the purge comes the hoarde. Shall we stain our sails with poo? Run cheap chinky slave labor restaurant in the lobby? Defund The ABC
(29.95 KB 600x397 nowar.jpg)
night neets, have bandaged my arm up where i sh feel like crap, most likely no sleep tonight fuck you jbhifi, my life doesnt get any better it's all become too much
>>15986 Night Neet, Sleep Tight.
(167.01 KB 1280x960 Plant based.jpg)
Late Vegan Supper tonight
(275.10 KB 1000x1424 1590775496805.jpg)
Had fun driving to the Coast. I am pointing at the road safety signs and calling them out loud now. Its heaps effective. I just want to stop the falcon and explore the landscape, but there are no verges to stop in. Often you would get lost off the side which is scary. Also had fun doing falsetto larping about being Auntie No!. "Trucks on my roads? NOO!" "Power lines in my countryside? NOO!" "Shopping Centres in my community? NOO!" Also had a can of Mondster, sugar free for no mess. Good Night, White.
(100.39 KB 640x794 cat two face.jpg)
(290.21 KB 1080x1547 Umezawa Minami6.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>15980 Ice has ruined so many people. It really cooks cunts.
>>15982 Respect your elders, boy.
>>15989 >falsetto no idea what you're on about but I laff'd.
(290.90 KB 960x1440 images (1).jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Windy and warm this morning, Dramatic weather.
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