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01/04/22 New board for Australian Politics has been created.
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(890.79 KB 2000x2000 Advance auspol.jpg)
Auspol # 1 Rebranding Edition MATE 01/05/2022 (Wed) 00:36:41 No. 8540
Give us a cheer boys! Its time we woke this board up. The old look has lost its antibodies and needs a booster, so roll-up, roll-up your sleeves and don't be a prick. We're not NEETs no more, we even changed the wiki entry for NEET to be more on-message, in old english, Neets are cattle and thats cringe. MATEs are next level above degeneracy of NEET boards real and rubbish alike, and what is rebooting if it isn't regenerative? You will learn to like it here. Cross posting is okay and endchan.net/ausneets/ is still the other aussie board even though its a bit of a silo and a little dated. Its time we burned our privilege bridges and build it back better by taking on more white mans burden. We the professionals now and we got standards of pro's, so wipe yourself on the curtains and take your payment from the coffee table cunt, we're Rebranding shitposting.
>>23198 >glow op wants my credit card" and then go to ebay trusted seller: Mylilglownigger65. Yeah fuck em I'm going to do it.
(3.75 MB 3212x2242 drone survival.jpg)
>Reading the Janes Defence review in the lunchrooom >UAV is UNINHABITED aerial vehicle. MFW politically correct pronouns on drones now. Good to know the ZOGbots will be hunting me without dated references to the patriarchy.
Good Morning Mates. The kookaburra was the big birdo at dawn today.
>>23199 >Mylilgnownigger65 Mylilglownibba88
>>23195 A common cold cure from a fat jewish doctor, never before tested in all of mankind. Just sign the disclaimer with nurse oriental,They'll not be liable for poison or crime.
(77.23 KB 945x585 jaz_searby.jpg)
Gentlemen's Advice Jaz Searby
>>23204 Based lyrics, mellow tunes in the bush. Really Nice.
(1.89 MB 300x350 1638404011958.gif)
Which essential oils smell best in cologne? Anyone here into good smells? What's your every day scent? I have a few in rotation. But I want to try making my own. I am thinking of blending labdanum, cedar, agarwood, jasmine, oak moss, tea tree, clary sage, and sweet marjoram with either vodka or grain alcohol. No idea what I"m doing but there are charts online that show how long each scent lasts so I plan on using more of the ones that don't last very long, less of the ones with more staying power, and as little of the agarwood as possible while still getting the effect. The agarwood is close to $30 a gram. The oak moss isn't cheap either. The rest is reasonably priced. I will report back with my findings in about a month's time. Not trying to attract women or get compliments, just mixing up stuff I like and seeing if I can come up with a good blend instead of paying $120 for a bottle of Versace Eros or $350 for anything Creed or Tom Ford. For the same money I can buy enough chemicals to make 5-10x as much cologne. Plus it will.be my unique smell. I'm wearing this one for me. But I do plan on making a citrus summertime scent when things warm up (women are primordially attracted to citrus smells), and just for shits and giggles I'm going to add ever increasing amounts of androstenone pheromones until it reaches a level where the gamey, musky, sausage and onions, sweat and piss-like smell of the pheromones overpowers the rest of the cologne and see if too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
Good Morning Mates. Couldnt sleep so got up before the waterhens, strewth they're loud.
(36.01 KB 800x570 barnaby joyce approves.jpg)
>>23206 I have some dior farenhiet and davidoff cool water, I got my sisterclone some jimmy choo floral which is really citrusey and we both really like it. I fill up those squeezy plastic fish things that the nips put soy sauce in and I carry them in my milsurp molle man purse. I stopped wearing fragrance when I got mandate sacked from the office and I'm in the field most of the time now. You dont wear perfume or deoderant in the field for obvious reasons.
>>23208 Never tried farenheit but cool water is good, very clean smelling. Never heard of this soy sauce thing you're talking about. Got a pic?
(84.54 KB 1200x800 soy sauce fish.jpg)
>>23209 I also have lavender oil in one of them for itchy bites.
(176.75 KB 1280x960 Beach.jpg)
(187.50 KB 1280x960 pie time.jpg)
Went to the beach on the way home, was a all white crowd and I played the bugle and bantered with an old white boy. We unironically complained that the water was Fiji tier warm and would attract coconuts if word got out. Got a invitation from a femoid to go swimming tmrw at the secret spot for locals from Silver City and Frosthaven. Unloaded the car and stuffed the insulation batts thru the tiny manhole, tuff workout before a salty tea. No shirt, summer taut. 29.3°
(590.45 KB 1424x2048 1580536484271.jpg)
Whew. Cold shower and then try to sleep in the heat. Good Night. White.
(8.88 MB 480x848 covax aids.mp4)
Here's a bit of home brew cringe for ya. Its hitting all the woke notes at practically ultrasonic pitch. Can you spot the teeny tiny mistake tho? Answer: They are blaxploiting Nurse Sudan.
>>23210 That's hilarious! I've never seen one of those. It's like a Japanese ketchup packet but for soy sauce. Good call on the lavender, I'll have to try that. You can also use benedryl (diphenhydramine) liquid gel caps for bugbites. You just slice the capsule and squeeze the liquid out onto your bites. >>23213 It sucks Australia is going nuts with this woke COVID bullshit. I would have liked to have visited one day but now that looks like it's never going to happen. I simply have lost all faith in vaccine manufacturers and refuse to ever get any, not just COVID, but any vaccine now.
Good Morning Mates. Had a good sleep dreaming about washing the falcon first thing.
>>23214 I have been only getting one side of the covid vaxx information, i think i should watching some MSM to get a more balanced view.
I've been in a lot of pain lately. Not entirely sure why. So I've been popping pills like it's the 80s. I can't get addicted to these pain killers, can I?
Dope increases your tolerance to opiates, depression sets up a negative feedback loop. Pain is a subject full of pitfalls and psychology. Talk to a HCP. >tfw thinking about tow insurance
>>23216 ??????? >7 question marks
>>23213 you guys are fucked, mate. cancerous vid.
>>23219 Just want some blue pills to right the ship. Cause normie cunts are saying that the omicron is a nothingburger and boomers are getting rekt by cancer, I want to see what the story is. I'm not getting teh jabs but I wonder if they are less dangerous now after all the testing.
(4.45 MB Young man.mp3)
>>23220 This is good.
>>23221 fuck off dude. you probably aren't even a real anon. we're two years into this shit. seriously get fucked. >I'm not getting teh jabs but I wonder if they are less dangerous now after all the testing. kys yourself, don't delay.
>casual grooming >altered (inhuman) voices >one-eye+pyramid symbolism (externalization of the hierarchy) >vax passport to see film >14yo making medical decisions w/o parents >lgbt >rainbow symbolism >beta-kitten symbolism >vax date >visible physical illness in their eyes >touching another's mask >butterfly symbolsim >overalls on female (gender-bending) >nigger >jab for more dates >"over the rainbow" merely a cursory breakdown. game over for today's youth. lights out, party's over. bluepills to right the ship
>>23213 >>23224 how could i forget <product label on face mask this alone lowers an individual's resonance 5 sigma
(150.82 KB 1280x960 Field ration.jpg)
You are oiling your loaves when they come out of the oven aren't you, Mates?
(173.56 KB 1280x903 beach bridge.jpg)
Beach was nice, The layer of warm water was a little shallower than the other beach. There were some QT's sunning themselves and I talked to them. I played the bugle a bit. Had a meal of onions and capers just before I went so feel a bit bleh after swimming, just like mummybot said.
(378.68 KB 650x650 14words.png)
>We must secure the existence of our >people and a future for white children >by any means necessary
>>23229 Absolutely bloody right
(135.26 KB 600x900 1632705439104.jpg)
It usually takes me days to get into doing some new kind of project, like craftwork or coding, something that I cant do in two or so bellyfuls. Was trying to get a sewing weekend going but it turned into a bunch of chores. Still have to bake bread, fill the esky and other field stuff. Might be a short week because of Australia Day which I will spend at the beach. Summer daze, Good Night, White.
Good Morning Mates. Smoky bushfire morning.
(295.43 KB 720x876 bad one.jpg)
Hmmm Anti cyber bullying laws come in today. I suspect the gubber men are waiting for a flag event like little jimmy driven to steal money from his mummybots purse by online trolls.
>>23234 meh. If you want to avoid cyber bullying then go to the safe spaces on discord or endchan/ausneets/
Off up down the beach again.
Good Morning Mates. Big sleep in and a warm morning already.
NEWS FROM THE REAL WORLD Old mate got called back home from teh wage on friday morning. Some tourist with a caravan took out the fence to his back paddock and his cows got out. A local farmer spotted the disaster and called old mate who took an hour and a half to return to the Crater Valley farm from Summer bay. The cows were in the forestry plantations and the culprit was nowhere to be found. It took old mate all day Friday to round up the cows and all day Saturday to repair the fence. Naturally he was fuming. No cows were harmed in this event.
Cunce here dont like me wearing combat boots because not muh safety first. Steel caps wreck my feet, how is that safe? OHS faggots are worse than HR political correctness cadres.
Cunce here fuming that they cant work Australia day wednesday and take friday off instead just because the office QT gets a headache with scheduling. I will go do a scout mission wed if thats the case.
Good Morning Mates. Humid enough for the mozzies to be out this morning.
>tfw neet for most of my life so don't know much about social interaction >all of a sudden thrown into a situation where I have to be social constantly >start learning about how people interact quickly So it's basically just like a ton of posturing, grandstanding, lying, cheating, derision, etc? What a fucking hassle. I know people put themselves through this because connections are valuable for many reasons but fucking hell personally I think I could do a lot better on my own with very little human interaction. Maybe I'm just not good at this though. I probably have to get better at lying. How do people even get good at lying? Should I stand in front of the mirror and lie to myself? Should I start off small by lying about small inconsequential shit to others? But what about keeping track of all of those lies? At a certain point will I lose my grasp on actual reality? Man this social interaction shit is hard. I guess that's probably why the average person isn't well versed in academic subjects. They're too busy dedicating energy to solving this social interaction thing
Going to wear the steel caps to the toolbox meeting. Then I'm putting on the crocs, because the big toe is looking ugly and needs some sunlight.
>>23242 The vatniks teach their pupils the art of lying lie in school. Its definitely a skill that our white western culture rejects because of morality, unfortunately it means that whites tend to be lemmings and believe that their superiors wouldn't lie to them. I think lying to yourself is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, LARP until you get the part.
(255.84 KB 1280x916 Fern Hollow.jpg)
Went back to Fern Hollow barbequearea, Had a cheeky wash in the creek because it was hot AF. Felt good to be a boong and then some jabbos from out of town showed up and ruined it.
>>23244 I guess I'm just gonna have to start off small. Lying about what I ate today and build up from there. I think the harder thing to learn is coming up with lies on the spot. I think anyone can recite premeditated lies but formulating lies in real time without pausing for too many "umms" and "ahhs" is a real skill. Especially when there's a chance you'll be immediately questioned about said lie.
(59.17 KB 1024x908 1629601565486.jpg)
>>23246 Why dont you do what the jabby jews do, Lying about sars-2 biology? They know that they're wrong but they believe that thier lies are noble. I duno what they think they are achieving but they are convinced they are doing a greater good. CBT methods like lying to yourself that you are more outgoing than you are IRL is an example i suppose. Amateur liars get their credibility rekt, cunts who lie all the time are nothing but faggots. Same can be said of someone who backs up a known liar for whatever reason, you can see both types on degenerate boards, these places are to be avoided.
Cunce here got close contacted because the office pajeet did some RAT's on friday night with hes pajeet m8, and got pozitives. Was no symptoms, no nothing just recreational RATting. TELL THE CUNT TO DO TINNIES AND BONGS NEXT TIME LIKE NORMAL CUNCE
(46.39 KB 983x983 captain starwars.jpg)
Me and the BOssman are bonding over the hidden camera project, If we catch a sneak then he will make me a Lieutenant. Day off tomorrow. Big scout mission planned.