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(108.96 KB 630x630 1594696764934.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #18 - PRAY FOR THE COLLAPSE EDITION NEET 05/04/2021 (Tue) 23:06:34 No. 14995
Bush NEETs are a comfy lot nowadays, They're out in the regions with their prize winning cannabis patch, Lemon grove and Six Months worth of Froxen Nuggos. They've got broadband somehow and the chickens are making eggs and keeping the mice down. Why not go and visit NEET? Take some doggo treats to bribe your country cousins dogs, lest they rip your smart city pants. Maybe you can look around and find an abandoned cottage nearby, You have been thinking about how bad it looks back on the Coast with the Great Globohomo Replacement Crypto-Kike Asian Invasion. So come on out NEET! Grab your Go-Bag Goon-Bag and pack the hatch-back, Pretty soon you'll be comfy as fuck and PRAYING FOR THE COLLAPSE
(126.04 KB 1024x624 1619550551560.jpg)
Get wasted in the wasteland with your stalker bros
Gas injection cycle complete Toxin latency period countdown
>>14998 Well gassed
(1.07 MB 2560x1600 20210504_193316.jpg)
(915.33 KB 2560x1600 20210504_190005.jpg)
(814.16 KB 2560x1600 20210504_193335.jpg)
Lando Jim has (ahead of schedule) pronounced the We're entirely re-doing the wood floors in the house, and they have to be coated with various toxic substances during the process. Sorry. Accordingly, as the toxic fumes now waft incongruously through my living space, I have addressed the situation thus: 1. I've blocked off the bedroom door with a layer of suspended blankets and sheets. 2. I've created a 'positive pressure' situation with a fan set on 3x, and block off with blankets (to reduce wasted, return air-flow) 3. I've a quick and dirty seal of the A/C duct fixture in the room. Pray for me NEETS that I don't die from the chemical wasteland currently roaming freely about my living domains.
(688.80 KB 1632x1224 Hump-Day Haul.jpg)
Currently getting smashed by a thunderstorm. Got home only a few minutes before it started, good thing as I was walking and my cheap-arse umbrella would not have held up to this amount of rain.
>>21277 Well hauled, organised and stored.
>>15001 Just wait till Typhoon-Tilly comes calling mate. She'll have a dance or two with that ratty un-brella I'm sure heh.
>>21282 >tfw no qt bush sheila to hold my cock >>21284 She probably heard about the 'NEETs from bad homes'. >>21286 >07/06/18 What folder did you pull that out of? >>21289 I gas it daily
>>14995 The good citizens of Silver City recently firebombed a pedo's house. I will scout around and try and locate it.
>>15000 Stay safe neet and keep breathing.
>>15001 Well hauled m8
(42.52 KB 341x409 1576882007331.jpg)
>>15001 Soggy bread is no good mate. Better seal the water out with the grease from that bacon. Turbo and Mike work together to make my lunch.
>>15006 >Stay safe neet and keep breathing. Thanks Neet. Actually it's hardly even noticeable in my bedroom after all I've done to prevent that evil crap into my space in the first place. Going around to the front of the building were the workman do their thing, and it practically bowled you over. So, unless they come out with even worse shite over the next few days they're here, I'm probably good to go. The fan pumping positive pressure into the room, and bleeding back into the general house volume through the sheets and blankets did the trick I suppose.
>>15008 Pls don't eat all that farking butter in one go, Neet. You'll need that ol' circulatory system to continue for nigh on these many decades ahead yea?
>>15000 Only ozone and a A2B2E2K2Hg P3 gas mask can save you NEET. F
(49.74 KB 640x640 1600619549245.jpg)
>>15010 Butter good. Soy Bad
>>15011 >'~'7 I salute my fellow Neets. >>15012 >Butter good. Soy Bad Quite true, quite true. But you know, restraint is a thing too, Neet.
>>15010 He should cover them in batter and deep fry them.
>>15000 I pray for you
>>15015 Thanks kindly, Neet.
The previous tennants were smokers and covered all the surfaces with nicotine. They also had a dog that pissed on the carpets. I think thats why the place is so cheap. I'm going to put mats over the piss spots.
>>15017 I'd rather not know what previous tenants got up to. It was only when I mopped the floors a couple weeks back I noticed a lot of red blotches ingrained into the lino, most likely blood stains.
Did some light exercise purely to warm up. Couple minutes of standing jog, 50 star jumps and ten pushups. Feet are still cold though.
>>15019 If you're otherwise a healthy individual look into iodine, or even making sure you swap for iodized salt because cold hands and feet is a symptom in 80% of the cases and a host of very serious problems such as mental impairment/brain fog. Of course our retarded traitor governments don't care and aren't telling us anything of use at all except pathethically enforcing pozz and sucking off kikes and shadowskins so iodine deficiency is actually becoming a new epidemic, especially due to (((additives))) in food and water that may require supplementation. You dont hear about it though. It's an incredibly important and essential mineral we need. Also this crap about goiter doesn't apply to but the most severe cases. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/complementary-medicine/201108/iodine-deficiency-old-epidemic-is-back
Wouldn't mind starting a youtube cooking channel >haven't washed the dirty dishes and pans from 3 days ago Depression is a helluva drug
>>15021 >Depression is a helluva drug Best to 'kick the habit', Neet.
>>15000 That's not good. Hope it dries soon.
>>15001 They're not oyster mushrooms. What do you do with pork ribs? I cooked them once and they were way too fatty.
>>15004 Bad Home NEETs ruin it for everyone.
>>15017 See if you can replace them and get the cost taken off of your rent?
>>15023 The workers are actually doing a right good job of it, but that also mean multiple layers, and different kinds too. Each takes at least a day to dry as well. They don't work over the weekends, so it will be next Monday before they put the final finish layer down if all goes as planned. And then another day of drying for that one too. I've gotten a big blue tarp folded up and ready to gorilla tape over the 'door' (simple doorway into a hall, actually) if the next stuff is really bad and gets past my current defenses. Push comes to shove, I can always go stay in the attached laundry area with the bugs. It's not a finished room (kind of like a little carport affair, but with partial walls). Hopefully it won't come to it, but I have it as plan B if needed.
>>15028 >multiple layers, Sounds like a forensic clean after the house was used to cook meth.
>>15029 Kek, I don't think so Neet. They're just trying to get the place ready to sell, and these beautiful oak board floors were hidden under carpet. The place is 70 years old. I'm sure the new floors will look great when they're finished but it's a bit of a challenge staying in the place at the same time. Don't really have anywhere else to go ATM though so w/e. Just thankful to have a roof over my head honestly.
>>15030 >oak board floors My dad did his up a couple of years ago. They're absolutely beautiful.
>>15024 >They're not oyster mushrooms Well what are they? >they were way too fatty It's pork belly ffs
>>15026 Great idea if you don't want your lease renewed
>>15028 Fucking cunts should be paying for you to stay in a motel as the rental is basically uninhabitable while that work is being done.
(1.40 MB 1426x713 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15032 I looked it up, they are oyster mushrooms. I thought these ones were, but they are king oyster mushrooms. I didn't render the fat off properly, I'm not sure how to. I knew it'd be fatty, but it was inedible.
>>15033 I've heard of lots of people doing that stuff. Like replacing a screen door or something and the cost of the door is taken off of the rent.
>>15031 Nice, nice. I'll post some pictures of them here once they're finished so you Neets can see em. Lando is having a new roof put on next.
>>15034 It's fine. They have been a tremendous help to me many times, actually. He even tried to set me up over at a friend's place during all this, but turns out they were full. I'm used to taking care of myself in most ways so honestly it's not that big a deal.
>>15035 >didn't render the fat off properly >implying you'd want to The recipe I'll be using is just a quick sear then braise (ie you want the fat).
>>15020 Thanks ToothpasteBro >>15021 >youtube cooking channel cooking shows make me depressed >>15024 Foreman grill >>15029 Cant trust cunts to clean properly. >>15034 Mike lando is always a cunt. >>15036 I just want to be left alone. I put some thin MDF pieces over the worst smelling spots. I'll get more and some bicarb or cleaner agent and have a go with my wet and dry vac. Just have to make a day trip to Port Shorecliff at some point. >>15038 Haves and Have-Nots
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-25/gweagal-shield-and-captain-cook-origins-questions/12941610 Them whoite dogs stole our spears and gave us musket balls now we want our spears back and we's keeping the balls.
24hr IGA roast chooks when?
Made the mistake again of going to IGA near closing time hoping to get any decent foods. No roast chooks or discounted raw meat. There were half-price sandwiches at the deli which I'm sure will end up in the hands of employees at a 100% discount. Left with 2 cups of Suimin instant noodle, a pack of Smith's 'limited edition tasty cheese' and tub of Obela 'savoury garlic' hommus dip.
(799.80 KB 879x596 b997g.png)
>>15043 You have all the ingredients for a Noodle Shadilay.
(1.03 MB 1842x2700 Kota3.jpg)
>>15045 Don't know what that is. Had the chips with the dip then a feed of chooken wings. Good night, White.
Fucking cold here in Adelaide.
>>15046 Night neet
(457.24 KB 1600x1254 AKB48.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15046 Goodnight NEET
I have one fine day before Silver City gets cold and wet so I'm going to prioritise keeping the Falcon dry tommorrow. Its now clear that the rooms will always stink until I do something about the carpets, Off to the IGA Everyday to hunt for Baking Soda, and if its a No-Go then I have a 250Km round trip for the stuff. This is how it is in the Bush. Good Night. White.
Night Neets
Good day NEETs its me Post
Morning neets. How many of the neets here are also posting in that other place?
Good Morning NEETs. Slept right thru, caught a mouse in my pantry when i got up, its trapped under a bowl.
>>15053 I post there sometimes, more (You)'s here tho.
>>15054 I trust you're going to have it for breakfast?
(30.75 KB 203x193 post malone pepe.jpg)
>>15052 LARP
crossposters get the rope
>>15037 You should take a picture of them before they do anything.
>>15039 If that's how it's supposed to be, I don't think pork ribs are for me. There were layers of grease.
>>15040 >Haves and Have-Nots https://youtu.be/WCDpzJL1G5s>>15040 >depressed Cooking shows are one of the few things I can still watch, that and history or gardening.
>>15053 >>15054 Morning.
(7.12 KB 225x225 mouse pepe.jpg)
Mouse still chilling under the bowl. What do?
>>15063 Ask him if he plays MtG
>>15063 Kill him.
>>15064 He plays fortnight on his mobile phone
(94.78 KB 2304x1728 Cheese thief.jpg)
He's a big bastard. I got him in my pantry. I think he came down the chimney.
>>15067 >a big mouse What if he's really a small rat, and sensitive about his size, and now you've hurt his feelings? What if he's really a miniature giant space hamster?
>>15068 its a posso LARPing as a mouse.
>>15067 Keep it as a pet.
(62.93 KB 316x419 Whores.jpg)
>>15062 Morning. Got a small flat White from the bakery. The young qt who brought it out stopped me from leaving as she noticed the lid was not fully on, so she pushed it down while I was still holding the cup and one of her fingers brushed against mine. That is the first physical female contact of this year and will probably be the last.
Positive caffeine vibes feeling when
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-06/covid-live-updates-nsw-premier-gladys-berejiklian-local-case/100119776 Here we go again cunts. These retards government COVID scammers have obviously not got the message the first time and will need to be reminded a little harder.
>>15073 i have my first cenno appointment since covid in a week so it better happen
>>15074 I'll give you your first cenno appointment boy!
Rent, paid! Bank account, drained!
(58.63 KB 763x757 1571848325501.jpg)
>>15075 do it bitch
>>15057 Its really me, i am Post Malone
>>15078 Prove it, tell us something only Post Malone would know.
Another siphoned goon sack, and another on the way. >>15078 KYS
>>15071 I hope you sanitized your hands afterwards.
>>15078 LARP
Went on a scouting mission to the other side of Silver City. Really warm and nice. Time for tea.
I had some scrambled eggs with turkey mince, peas, carrots and onion.
>>15083 What are you having?
>>15081 If it wasn't for fear of covid I'd have licked the finger she'd touched
>>15080 Well gooned >>15083 Is it a very small place? >>15084 Sounds nice
(706.66 KB 1632x1224 Goon Garlic Steak and Yoghurt.jpg)
Had to try one of those Chinked smoked bulbs of garlic as they just smell so good. Put it in the fridge as its pungent smell would attract vermin for sure.
>>15089 Yum-o, thursday night fry up
>>15076 A Neets gotta do what a Neets gotta do.
>>15088 Yeah Silver City is a village really.
>>15089 >Chinked smoked bulbs of garlic If you remember please let us know what it's like.
>>15085 pasta+the usual veg and chippos in the turbo. Made a bit too much I reckon.
>>15059 Too late. Those boys were busy sanding away first thing and pulled up all the old varnish and paint. My guess is at some point the owners of yore knew they were going to carpet the place, and didn't use a dropcloth and kind of just slopped the enamel wall paint everywhere. Once the carpet came up, I was surprised at just how paint was strewn everywhere. Needless to say, they'll look like new factory-build wood floors after the lads are done with their work. Fine job actually. The first two chemicals have been done and today's showed up some leaks in my barrier wall. I plugged those up reasonably well, and we'll see how it holds. The next ones are the actual protective coatings. Nasty stuff.
>>15095 Bare floors are okay if you dont live with anyone else. Its hard to concentrate on things if you can hear your housemates thumping around.
Might go to be in 20 minutes
>>15097 bed*
>>15094 Leave it out neet, I'll finish it off.
>>15099 >Welcome to it.
>>15084 Can't go wrong with scrambled eggs. 4 chicken wings, a cup of Continental chicken noodle soup and slice of wholemeal bread for dinner.
>>15100 keep it in your pants please
I had a go at making a awning for the carport, with the goal being to cover the falcon completely. Its good but needs some adjustment tommorrow, that and working on the kitchen set-up until the wood runs out and then I can do my day trip to Port Shorecliff when I get a break in the weather. Not much else to do when I'm pooped, dont have any goon, cant watch a moofie, might as well go to bed. Good Night, White.
>>15102 I'll keep it in your mouth if you don't mind.
>>15103 Goodnight neet.
>>15103 Good night noot.
(172.78 KB 533x800 Iso Kanae.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(50.81 KB 674x674 aryan.jfif)
I really need a gf.
Good Morning NEETs. Got up early but havent gone outside yet to see what the day is like. Probably should... uWu its super warm.
>>15109 Morning
(120.58 KB 500x324 winning move.png)
https://www.coindesk.com/price/dogecoin shitcoins are the new property, My hobby-trader mate bought and flipped some "dodge-coin" (its Doggy-coin) two weeks ago for a tidy profit. The crypto bubble is fueled by know-nothing gamblers, money is the ultimate meme.
Fugg my mobile internet is too slow for anything except imageboards. Even then I cant download .webm files without sitting staring at a motionless download bar like a mong. Fiber optic broadband ruined me, NEETs
(276.04 KB 1280x1600 4aKp9DI.jpg)
Morning gang.
>>15107 Goodnight
I'm up. Had a coffee. I am currently finishing off an assignment. I have started taking pride in some of them which makes me do much better.
This fucking weather is ridiculous. It feels like it has been raining for weeks.
Off to check out the IGA in a minute. Dont need anything, what to get then?
>>15116 Good to hear >>15118 Check out the specials
>>15116 Morning, I successfully fingered another qt barista as she handed me the cup. Feels good mane. Just kidding, all I could think was how disgusted she must've felt to have touched me... Good luck with your assignment.
>>15118 See if there is a cute redhead there.
>>15112 IKTF, I'm lucky if a Youtube vid plays smoothly at 144p
>>15117 Perhaps it has been and you've lost your sense of time being a shut-in NEET
>>15113 I would roast that
The real estate agent wants feedback on my latest Maintainance Experience. but the maintainance mong hasnt come around since i started paying rent. I think I'll ignore it.
>>15121 >>15119 I'll buy some condoms to let the locals know I shoot big POZ loads.
BO, just curious why you're tolerating obvious literal faggots here. Sodomites are a curse and a blight. They degenerate any environment they are a part of as long as they are actively evangelizing their deviant lifestyle, as these two obviously are doing here. It would be far better for all the lads if you perma'd them.
>>15127 Racist.
(212.38 KB 2304x1728 Silver city haul.JPG)
I went to the IGA and the pharmacy. I got an apple but I already ate that when i got back. I was going to eat it on the way but it was handled by a black person so I had to wash it at home.
Vegemite sandwich for lunch
>>15129 An odd selection of goods. But that's what happens when you walk into a supermarket without a grocery list.
>>15127 We's not faggots, We's just like to party. UNNA
(94.35 KB 300x300 rockstar screwtop.png)
They've got rockstar in screw top cans for 8 dollars at the IGA. I think i got the regular one for less than half that at coles back in poz city.
>>15133 incentive to stop buying that shit
>>15133 I would tell you not to be drinking that sugary poison, but that would be very ironic coming from an alco. So drink up!
>>15134 >>15135 But the screw tops stop me spilling it in my car. I usually put it in a drink bottle but its not as cool.
(172.78 KB 1603x661 rockstar-organic.jpg)
>>15133 Holy shit, you pay $8 for that? I buy the Organic Rockstars on sale at the grocery store for $1.66 per 16oz can. I buy nine cans at a time (multiples of 3) to get the sale price, usually clear out all the organic cans. I did the math, that equates to about $2.50 if it was a 24oz/710mL can. This is in USD, though. Looks like 1USD=1.29AUD right now, so that would still only be $3.25 in AUD. The organic ones are basically just cane sugar (not high fructose), water, and caffeine extract. I don't feel nearly as shitty as when drinking most other energy drinks (Rockstar, Red Bull, and Monster etc.).
>>15137 UwU. that looks delicious. There is only HFCS sweetened rotgut and meth up here.
>>15137 to be clear, i don't get them because they're organic. i get them because they have few ingredients and the caffeine seems "clean" in the way that caffeine from green tea feels. drink is much less dehydrating.
>>15139 Yeah rockstars a pretty rough buzz. You end up feeling like theres ants crawling along your nerves.
Did the 4-day old pile of dirty dishes. I really miss having a 2-sink setup and a detachable faucet.
(103.02 KB 867x573 Post Mong.jpg)
>>15141 There are far greater musical artists than that malone mong.
>>15141 Yep good enough for me, I'm convinced.
>>15142 I have to keep washing my dishes as I only have 4
Also disposed of the empty beer cans that had mould growing on the rims
(39.24 KB 640x991 dogneet.jpg)
>>15146 Did you keep the others?
Having a caro and vanilla flavored soy milk. Big fat raindrops on the roofs.
>>15148 >the others? ? If you meant any 'full' cans then there were none.
Cooking the pork rashers
(195.14 KB 816x612 Pork Bell Ing.jpg)
(144.49 KB 816x612 Pork Bell Ing2.jpg)
(203.17 KB 612x816 Done.jpg)
Took a few pics but nothing really stands out. All brown and nothing to provide contrast in colour. First I blanched the pork to remove 'impurities', then sauteed over a low heat to render out some fat before adding roughly 6 garlic cloves, a small brown onion and the oyster mushrooms that were pulled apart by hand. Then added about a teaspoon each of smoked paprika and chook stock powder before brasing in some plain old tap-water for 30 minutes. Oh and a few squeezes of that chilli paste which provided a nice subtle heat.
>>15124 With the pickle?
(525.54 KB 984x2560 gays.jpg)
>>15127 So are yanks. I don't care about what they do in Pennsylvania or Israel.
>>15133 You should save up and do big hauls when you go back there. I used to do a monthly shop when I was living out bush and drive to the city.
>>15152 Is it all slimy from the fat?
>>15152 Looks like it turned out well neet, thanks for the pics
>>15156 > the fat? Thats where all the flavour is.
>>15158 You need to get most of it out, save it for later if you want but eating straight lard is yuck.
>>15156 No, I didn't render much out. And what was rendered was soaked up by the garlic, onion and mushroom before adding the braising liquid. Plus giving the pork that initial blanching probably helped removed any potential 'sliminess'. >>15157 Thanks, my pleasure.
Off to bed in 10. Not particularly sleepy just tired of being awake.
>>15161 Goodnight neet.
One does not simply put the Mersey Valley in the refrigerator.
>>15161 Have a wank.
>>15154 Faggots will swing when the day of the rope comes.
Well, I had one Whitepill fall in my lap today. I discovered that famous pickup artist Roosh had repented back '18 and is now a devout Christian. His primary focus seems to be on helping White men deal with the degeneracy surrounding us all. The closest analogy that comes to mind for me thus far is he may be a modern-day St. Augustine. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ikDDg99I5ywv/ Godspeed Roosh.
>>15152 Well done. A fine NEET dinner.
I had a wank before and now I feel lethargic. Terrible decision with the gym approaching. You reap what you sow and all that.
(259.32 KB 1000x556 hotties beach.jpg)
Another day on the tools. Being an operator of and for myself. Threw up a bench and fine tuned the awning. Deployed the mini fridge and the frypan to good effect. Probably use the last of the wood tomorrow and start on the decontamination of the main room which needs to be done before I can have a crack at the NBN connection. Need to look at the map of Port Shorecliff and find the K-marts and Coles and Bunnings. Would be nice to have a swim in the ocean too but we'll see. Good Night, White.
>>15168 You'll feel better after you start lifting.
>>15169 night m8
>>15160 >soaked up by the garlic, onion and mushroom Ah yeah, hat would've helped.
>>15163 Where's it supposed to go?
>>15165 Sounds sexual.
>>15109 I knew a nigger who used to say that. I hope you're not the same guy.
>>15175 That was me.
(360.99 KB 1088x1834 RaMu8.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Good Morning NEETs. *Yawn. Big Sleep in today, Cant find my comb and my scalp is itchy AF.
(375.62 KB 644x1064 FRENs.png)
>>15177 Mornin' FRENs
OwO. Found the brush, Now my head feels good and looks boss.
>>15180 >OwO you can stop posting that now
(78.21 KB 682x1024 1444155092252.jpg)
>>15178 >>15179 Morning gang. Hope you're all feeling chipper and up for the day.
>>15182 >>15179 >>15178 Morning neeties
>>15182 Absolutely amazing bit of sculpture, that. Thanks Neet.
>>15166 He got sick of the whores and wants a real woman with dignity. I take this as a warning. Chads with access to any woman get trapped, you see.
(50.98 KB 564x635 a.jpg)
(44.99 KB 728x1091 b.jpg)
(176.33 KB 1200x900 c.jpg)
>>15184 The sculptor's name is giovanni strazza It's incredible.
>>15186 >those digits Obviously he was an Ebil White Nahdzee!111 Jokes aside, it's incredibly sobering to me that those precious works of human achievement and sublime art will literally be wantonly destroyed by rampaging mud people (and their enablers) in the future, unless they are spirited away into hiding before the collapse. The destruction of statues to White heroes in the US was just a prelude to what's coming for us the entire world over. The Visigoths won't be able to hold a candle to the damage that a sea of mindless sand/nigger hordes will be able to do to Christian European heritage. All saved NEET.
(194.77 KB 451x451 lemonpepe.png)
Feeling hungry.
>>15183 Good morning. Went for a nice warming walk around the town center. Left the wallet at home so wasn't tempted to buy a coffee and/or pie. Some old lady in a car yelled out to me asking "where the markets were?" from across the road so I had to yell back directions. Walked past a qt wearing tight pink gym clothes. A pretty exciting morning for me.
>>15189 Good stuff. Do they have a JW cult there?
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7683381/Woman-recalls-attack-homeless-man-psychotic-disorders-poured-bucket-hot-feces-her.html >A California woman has recalled the moment she was dragged out her car by a homeless man and drenched in hot feces. >'Paramedics who came to treat me said there was so much of it on me, that it looked like the man was saving it up for a month.
>>15186 Kek. Digits. Imagine some cunt thinking that their 3d printer could do that.
Deployed the dryer after making a high shelf. Now I have nice warm dry tea-towels. Rainy outside, Dinner in the turbo oven. COMFY AF
(176.14 KB 1826x1120 1599297827631.jpg)
>>15187 The Globohomo and Jewish led woke crowd will try to dismiss it as Kitch that belongs to the bad old days, or reduce it to a dollar value. Masterworks like this dont fit in to their narrative, Let them fill their homes and museums with African fetishes and Boong dot paintings, let them feel the cognitive dissonace when they experience real art.
(126.05 KB 556x1024 racewar.jpg)
>>15179 Pepe is our mascot.
>>15189 >where the markets? Spending money is a popular passtime, its pathetic really
>>15191 There's no coming back from that. for either psycho or victim, really.
>>15193 Sounds good. What's for dinner?
>>15197 I would be compelled to shave my head. No amount of shampoo could make the hair feel clean again.
>>15198 Beans, peas. potatoes and some pastries/crackers
(10.81 KB 163x310 city of men.jpg)
https://www.rt.com/news/523103-rio-brazil-favela-police-shootout/ >Police were targeting Comando Vermelho (Red Command), Its just like in that moofie City of God/ City of Men. Kino Filimz, Really.
>>15193 Good one Neet. >>15194 >Let them fill their homes and museums with African fetishes and Boong dot paintings, let them feel the cognitive dissonace when they experience real art. Fair enough then, let them. This too shall pass, and their evil works can pass along with it. But timeless beauty will never go out of style as long as a rational man still draws breath. And since that's literally for all eternity, then beauty will abide eternally. >>15202 Apparently the cartel-run govt of Columbia has been firing on crowds of liberal protesters, from hovering helicopters above the crowds the last couple days.
New half flush bog doesn't flush all my chodz.
>>15204 Hey, but at least you're 'saving the planet', right Neet?
what kind of board is this? its always the most active board on any of these sites
>>15206 Shitposting.
>>15205 The water jews want you to do Le Maxiflush.
>>15208 Actually, near as I can tell most of them are municipality operations, and therefore of little direct interest to Jews. There's no money to be made in it. Not that waterworks don't represent a seat of power. >DATELINE 2027 >''The ongoing plandemic pandemic scare continues into it's 8th year this week. Thousands of White terrorist anti-vaxxers descended on the capitols around the world for yet another day of lethal protests, with hundreds being shot, trampled, or otherwise killed by the ZOGbots friendly local guardians of democracy. >Demonic demented moronic frustrated leaders finally issued this definitive statement this morning from the Capitol: >You still don't want to take our rat's poison gene manipulation brew the 'vaccine' Neets? Fine. >NO WATER OR ELECTRICITY FOR YOU, YOU BAD GOY! Saving water is fine Neet, but ask youself this, "If I have to flush twice now, am I really saving money?'' You might also check into the groups trying to push the 'savers' utility items on the world too. Do you really think they have your interests at heart?
>>15207 i get that but whats the ausneets part about? i can't believe that theres a whole country of people that likes to use non mainstream imageboards
I need a comfy bean bag and a TV. There are too many hours in a day I don't know what to do with.
I have a 50-inch back in the storage shed but that won't fit in the hatchback. I could strap it to the roof but that would probably be illegal.
>>15206 Lurk moar, faggot >>15210 >i can't believe that theres a whole country of people that likes to use non mainstream imageboards You'd be wrong
>>15210 >Mainstream >Imageboards
(210.12 KB 612x816 Damp Cot.jpg)
I just relocated my sleeping arrangements to another part of the house and discovered this 'wet spot' on the stretcher. I knew this place had an issue with moisture but not to this extent. I've been sleeping in that dank bed for the past ~couple weeks at least. It's no wonder why I feel so horrible and have been developing an intermittent cough that lasts throughout the day. Got the pedestal fan running on it now but will also look into buying a dehumidifier.
(916.92 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15199 Unfortunate.
>>15215 Actually, 4cunt is squarely under the globohomo thumb now, so yea. >>15216 >but will also look into buying a dehumidifier. Probably quite a good idea Neet.
>>15206 It's a humdinger, a real doozie.
>>15210 They're Australian and NEETs, mostly.
>>15220 Mostly not these days
Should i be scared of the Globohomo
Boiled eggs for din-dins
>>15216 Nah its NEETsweat. You gotta dry your bedding out every morning.
>>15217 >jw_modest_fashion. You can see how they recruit horny noobs
>>15225 His lemon sucking arse is going to be walking around with pamphlets in jeans and a business shirt.
>>15222 >Globalist kikes >All the money >All the tech >Govts around the worlds in their pockets >Hate all White Christian men >Hate all Whites, period. >Worship Satan >Worship the Anti-Christ >Worship the Beast Gee I dunno NEET, what do you think?
(3.07 MB 3264x2448 Kino Afternoon.jpg)
(235.35 KB 2304x1728 break open the pumpernickeljpg.jpg)
Pixxas in my freexer when?
>>15230 I'm gonna tell Nuro you're stalking him
Fuck this gay shit.
>>15209 Kek. Are you telling me to stockpile my dunny flushes. it rains up to 3 meters a year in Silver CIty
>>15202 Not taking prisoners, just executing suspects. Thats the way to deal with the narcos. Helicopter rides for the survivors.
https://www.rt.com/uk/523182-ema-astrazeneca-immune-disorder/ Imagine getting the covax and then finding out that heaps of cunts get sick, way down the track from it.
>>15234 You can grow rice with that much water neet
(139.93 KB 1078x791 HK_FEELS_RICE_MAN.jpg)
>>15237 Fuck Rice
(38.65 KB 590x817 sexy maid.jpg)
Had a nice moment when I saw the sun come out on the lush green backyard, felt a bit like having something just for myself, like a display for me and my efforts. I'm coming closer to getting out the deadmans pipe and the nugs I stole from the private school brats stash. Maybe when the auxillary PC is set up and I get the chin up bar installed somewhere. I went for a walk up a hill and got a good view of Silver City. Spotted a rock I want to bring back to do push ups on. Might rehang some doors tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>15239 Night m8
It fucking pisses me off so much seeing these smug cunts calling the great replacement a 'conspiracy theory'.
>>15230 Pretty sweet looking. Seems like you might be able to swim out to that island if you wanted to.
Nite Neets. >>15234 Yes! Save the seals while you're at it! Global Warming! White men ebil Nahdzees! CORONA!!! >3m Shitting me? You can make inland seas with that much Neet. >>15236 >IMAGINE ANYONE BUYING INTO KIKE LIES & PANIC STORY, ABOUT THE YEARLY FLU SEASON. Shiggy.
(137.02 KB 700x1050 Tanaka Miku2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15239 Goodnight NEET
>>15244 Nite NEET
11.5 / 20 on that mid-semester test I took on Monday. I am impressed how quickly it was marked. Mark is sort of bad but it could be worse. I guess that is an alright mark for how little preparation and effort I put in. I am very motivated to do better now.
(62.04 KB 782x673 1494490828853.jpg)
>>15230 Hmm. >>15231 Those eggs look yummy. >>15239 You need to find someone locally to get nugs off of. >>15244 Nice tits >>15246 Is that a passing grade? Morning gang.
Good Morning NEETs. Poor sleep, I need to start doing exercises again.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-08/australian-resident-dies-in-india-covid-19-crisis/100125780 >An Australian permanent resident has died after contracting COVID-19 in India, as the pandemic continues to devastate the subcontinent. When will the ABC learn that real ausies get redpilled from the cognitive dissonance they shove down our throats i.e. being told to be sad when filthy poo fake australians die like dogs when in fact its generally a positive outcome.
>>15248 Morning
>>15249 Poos drop like flies this time of year (same as every year) just before the Monsoon b/c heat, pollution & overcrowding. But you can bet that this flu isn't killing any more this year on average than any other years. The 'fake' Australians may in fact be fake. But that's of little relevance in comparison the fake pandemic, and the even more-fake genetic-mutation 'cure'.
opossum are cool and sweet, why do normalfags hate them?
(25.01 KB 398x224 Out-of-control.jpg)
>>15250 >>15248 >>15247 Morning. Walked past the church I thought about going to since yesterday. Didn't go in however as I missed the start time + too hungover + haven't showered in 3 days. Wished mummybot a happy Mother's Day. Too broke to send her any gifts however.
>>15251 Its the 'India-Virus' Now.
>>15252 Probably b/c they look like big rats. Same as with Jews, ppl seem to hate rats in general.
>>15255 Jews steal your money and future but the possos steal from your vegie garden.
(915.93 KB 1020x960 pure_Cohencidence_A.png)
(1.11 MB 1028x1040 pure_Cohencidence_B.png)
>>15254 Potatoe, potatoe. The entire thing is just a huge scam by the globalist kikes and their golems. It's simply intended to brainwash as many people as will submit to it, to do as they're told, when they are told -- regardless of how dehumanizing or weird it may be. Oh, and also to line the globalist pockets with Jew-gold at the same time, ofc. >
>>15256 >Jews steal your money and future but the possos steal from your vegie garden. Fair enough, both true. But personally, I like the way posso mamas carry the wee little babbys around, dangling there.
>>15258 Tuirned out well neet
>>15258 Looks Hearty
Lappy's heaps dusty
>>15253 Chinks being deliberately annoying now.
Fried egg sandwich for lunch. Poured the remainder of olive oil that was in the pan onto the toasted bread >>15258 Looks very nice
(19.21 KB 288x288 master-blaster-1.jpg)
https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/may/07/james-packer-ties-israeli-pm-spy-chief-national-risk-report >He was drinking a bottle of vodka “and more” a day and was also on powerful psychiatric drugs. Kerry's Idiot son turns the cringe factor up to 11. He was 'Blaster' to his Jew 'Master'
>>15258 Yummy.
>>15265 Also yummy.
(1.57 MB 1000x1333 currawong.png)
Do you like currawongs?
>>15269 Nicely bird-spotted. Seems the main difference between them and a magpie is the latter have white beaks.
Wish I could fly. Used to make 'wings' using cardboard and jump off the roof of the house as a kid.
(60.99 KB 590x600 Magpie_samcem05.jpg)
(519.43 KB 2304x1728 ravine 1.jpg)
(357.79 KB 2304x1728 ravine2.JPG)
Went up the new Ravine. >The absolute Murk.
Off up down the IGA. Maybe get a screw-top rockstar.
>>15274 what state is this?
>>15275 Don't come back without a roast chook and pack of fresh rocket.
>>15274 Looks pretty dank. Is that red thing a mushroom?
(57.04 KB 312x436 Boozy mum.jpg)
Another sack siphoned off
>>15278 Dunno what kind of mushroom it is. I only know the gold tops.
(21.84 KB 255x170 dapper dan.jpg)
>>15279 I've had many a tipsy whore in my day meladdy'o. This one I've no qualms about being temporarily unavailable though.
>>15277 They dont sell bread in Silver City apparrently.
>>15282 >bread Whoever said anything about bread?
Feel like doing another trip to the storage shed this week. Just for the road trip aspect more so than getting anything.
>>15284 What's to get?
>>15285 Winter clothing (jumpers, trackie dacks etc), sex toys, musical equipment, cooking equipment, misc tools, and I might be able to fit the 50-inch TV into the hatchback sans the original packaging (ie. no cardboard box).
>>15270 Along with the butcherbirds, magpies and currawongs fall into the cracticines, which manage to look a lot like corvids when they really aren't (they're still passerines though). I feel like magpies have more character than currawongs, since I always see them in pairs with their offspring running around. I've even seen a magpie attacking its own child to make it fuck off as it matures, along with other interesting stuff. Currawongs just fly around in small flocks sitting in tree branches with their shorter legs at all times of the day, regardless of whether it's 3 pm or 3 am these niggers are always flying around and making noise. Maybe there's more to them, idk, but it doesn't feel like you're watching something as intimate as a pair of magpies. I still feel that if I was receiving revelations from God and became the prophet of a religion like Muhammad, I would forbid people from harming corvids, parrots and cracticines. I guess they are dumb animals that eye you from a tree and hope you drop food, but I can't help but love them and feel a strong affinity for them. They won't ever understand.
Might go to bed in 5. Job agency appointment tomorrow. Lies shall be told. And not just from my side.
>>15288 are they trying to fuck with you?
I really need to stop ogling women in public. It is probably really obvious.
>>15274 I hope you got that mushroom.
>>15282 You could start making your own.
>>15286 >50 inch sex toy
>>15287 you never see magpies and currawongs together. I think currawongs seem more independent of humans, an attirbute I hold in high esteem. The way that watlebirds are super shy and will actively hide if they see you.
(14.30 KB 267x340 1598142080148.jpg)
Got out the mallet and chisel for the door hinges. I forgot that you dont make the rebates flat but you slope them out a bit. no problem I'll fix it tomorrow before I hang it. These technical jobs are challenging but if I dont do it then who will? No one would do a proper job on a house at the end of its life, in the middle of nowhere. I have a rare purpose to do these jobs on this house at the start of a long residency. I reckon I feel better about doing labor on this place than a rich cunt doing rich cunt shit and a city normie who's got the lyfe. I'm Rocking the new house setup NEETs. Good Night, White.
(74.57 KB 640x800 Yagura Fuuko.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15295 Goodnight NEET
>>15295 >>15296 Goodnight.
Hope God blesses yall NEETs, Good Night
Good Morning NEETs. Rain on my roof as predicted. I'm oversleeping a lot now that the stress is off.
>>15299 Morning, enjoy it. The rain is here too, was listening to it in bed.
>>15299 Morning neet
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-06/qld-rspca-malnourished-dogs-diet-animal-welfare/100120086 Should have added teh beans and oilseeds. Or maybe got a gun and shot some wallabies.
>>21606 >>21605 Fuck off.
(104.58 KB 500x500 rosehip tea.jpg)
Having this Rosehip tea before I start for the day. Its a little bit sour but good enough.
>>15304 Put four sugars in it.
(6.46 KB 224x225 tea pepe.jpg)
>>15305 I'll try honey its all I have.
>>15306 You're a healthy fella.
I have another mid-semester test for a different subject at 11. Very nervous.
>>15295 Hell yeah dude, it's great to hear how much you're enjoying the new place.
>>15247 >Is that a passing grade? Yeah, I've done really well with the assignments and quizzes. I should pass as long as I don't bomb the exam too badly.
Carpet cleaning 1/4 is coming along.
(168.65 KB 2304x1728 filth.JPG)
>>15308 Funny feeling isnt it? Its worse when you are in the lecture theatre under exam conditions.
>>15312 Your poo shouldn't look like that neet, you need a bulking agent.
>>15304 >55% rozy >>15301 >>15300 >>15299 Morning. Walked up a hill earlier. It was a fairly steep climb and could feel the heart pumpin' at the top, though I didn't go all the way, only about 3/4.
How bad is it to breathe car exhaust fumes in small amounts? I go jogging alongside a major road and there are lots of cars there. I am wondering if I should go a different route to avoid them.
>>15316 Diesel fumes are carcinogenic. Modern petrol cars should theoretically be okay, exhaust wise. go find your local oval and run laps.
>>15315 why'd you stop NEET?
>>15313 my poo is fine and sticks to the back of the bowl because my dick is so big I have to sit way back so it doesnt touch the porcelain.
>>15318 It's in the NEET blood to quit anything and everything before completion.
>>15310 Cool, good to hear.
>>15317 Diesel smells better than unleaded.
Right about to start the test. I feel cold for some reason.
>>15323 Did the test. It went alright.
>>15324 I hope you are warm now that the test is over
>>15324 Good to hear m80.
Going to cook lamb stew.
>>15322 Nah, Cuz, The desil aint no good. Ya want the 98 petty mate.
Peanut butter and ritz crackers for lunch. A feast fit for a mouse
>>15327 Lamb shanks with fresh rosemary and red wine?
Done with the carpet 1/4 i went over one part three times and the wastewater never changed color. Lit the fireplace to dry it out.
dead thread
your a ded fred
>>15333 it's a bot, BO is a fag for not autofiltering its text
Back from IGA. No roast chooks and no discounted raw meats yet again. Left with cans of Heinz spagetti, a pack of Smith's chips and some Don cabanossi.
Rehung a door, now it sits flush with the wall when its open. massive improvement and a cunt of a job. Having a look at the instruction manual for the bread maker. Tea in the turbo oven + fried eggs.
>>15335 Salami > Cabana
>>15336 Well done neet
Off to bed in 15
No word from job agency since calling them early this morn to confirm an appointment. Won't be surprised to wake up tomorrow to a "Your payment has been suspended because you didn't attend an appointment" text message.
>>15340 email them so you have a record of the enquiry.
>>15340 Then straight to Dan's afterwards?
(53.48 KB 500x500 white woman 3.jpg)
This laptop-mobile internet is limiting my effectiveness as a NEET, but tommorrow I should be able to have a crack at getting the FTTN broadband going. Then I can think about finding the local Amateur radioo frequencies and get on to the repeater for emergencies when I'm out in the ravine. Also got to find a wood hooker because I burned thru 1/5 of my wood supply this arvo. Also got to check out some spectacular coastline an hours drive away. (not Port Shorecliff) Good Night, White.
>>15343 >Also got to find a wood hooker because I burned thru 1/5 of my wood supply this arvo. Not sure how cold it gets there but when I was able to order firewood I used to go through about 6-7 tonne a year, but if your only an hour away from the coast you wont get as cold as Barnaby land, Goodnight m8
>>15344 >7 tonnes firewood. Fugg thats a lot.
(220.04 KB 1364x2048 Momotsuki Nashiko2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Good Morning NEETs. Fugg its cold. No wonder I've been sleeping in lately.
>>15347 Morning.
>>15347 >>15348 Morning NEETs, another day another wage
(68.97 KB 536x720 bigbird fuck the system.jpg)
>>15349 nearly friday.
(74.86 KB 800x503 B7leSEv.jpg)
>>15349 Morning, yeah. The wage takes, it never gives.
Perfecting my aim on the poo smear in the back of the bowl.
Hmm. The local wood hooker on FB looks sketchy. Plus I'm pretty sure he takes cash/meth/4WD parts. might ask the guy at the servo about what do?
>I was definitely terrified for a moment when i realized i was running out of time. I can say that in the air, it felt like I had plenty of time to think. As soon as i realized i was fkd, I completely accepted that I would die as soon as I hit the ground and that there was nothing I could do about it. It was one of the most peaceful things I had ever felt.
>>15349 >>15348 >>15347 Good morning, went for another hill hike to kickstart the heart and leach out some of last night's goon. Heavy rain predicted tomorrow so I've got a load of washing on now.
>>15355 >leach out some of last night's goon i wonder if a sauna would be good for this
>>15356 >i wonder if a sauna would be good for this Yes, it would Neet (been known for long time). I'd suggest it's use in combination with large doses of electrolyte replenishment.
>>15354 Weee! Sounds like fun. obviously failed tho.
>>15353 I usually use Locanto for that sort of thing ;)
>>15341 That would've been a good idea. Anyway they called earlier and made a b.s. story about getting dates mixed up. It's like I said previously, lies are told on both sides. >>15342 Thankfully not this time.
>>15343 >tfw no 'white woman 3' gf
(71.21 KB 624x351 Anthony Mongdine.jpg)
>>15363 Clever boong
>>15354 climbing without a rope and helmet. Extreme sports, Extreme consequences
>>15363 Is he the anti-covax spokesman now?
>>15362 Retard level-up right there.
>>15367 brakes failed
(195.29 KB 1061x1280 bb98q1opawx61.jpg)
>>15363 Just posted this on /pol/ but might as well share it here
(125.99 KB 640x280 1922 wolds fattest vs today.jpg)
(125.99 KB 640x280 1922 wolds fattest vs today.jpg)
>>15371 594 kilos
(380.24 KB 701x1421 Radelaide.jpg)
>>15363 lol why would anyone pay any attention to what mundine says
>>15370 Kek, but who had the worst haircut?
>>15374 Because otherwise he'll bash ya
(100.23 KB 800x800 Pacific footballfish.jpg)
Hyped for tonight's budget announcement?
>>15374 >lol why would anyone pay any attention to what mundine says <he's not a strawman, go...guys! he's just nuts! Gaslighting 101. >>15376 Why do these always come in pairs revolving around the virus hoax, I wonder? moong-tier good cop/bad cop by the looks of it I'd say.
>>15377 Nothing in it for me
kek, why am I from the netherlands
>>15376 He'd have trouble punching a cone these days.
Deploying Payload Desk + Desktop Having a Coffee
>>15378 I wanna be the bad cop.
>>15378 >I wonder? I posted both...
(95.13 KB 728x410 Eat my dust.jpg)
(51.02 KB 624x351 ScoMo.jpg)
If BO wants to be rid of me just say it and I'll go
>>15386 Who is that guy? Why do i hate him so much already
>>15387 He's the mong that that hands out the neet bux
(38.72 KB 600x400 scomobux.jpg)
>>15388 KEK YEAH
>>15378 Why would you take a risky experimental vax for a harmless virus that you're not at risk of catching.
>>15385 Nice. Dad had a phase 1 when I was a kid.
(92.14 KB 865x571 Night Video.jpg)
>>15387 It's your sexy goth bad-boy KingCobraJFS
>>15392 Least the ratio looks better this time.
>>15390 Obviously, I wouldn't. Reading comprehension is a thing, you know. >>15385 I love that car.
Off to bed in 30
The carpet in the room where im setting up my battlestation is fucked. This suits me because i need to install an underfloor conduit for the LAN and power cables. A pristine rental would be a massive problem to disguise these modifications that are going to happen. Agey the agent comes around tomorrow, I'll sus her out as to how far i can push it when i do my thing but i suspect that as long as I dont drink and drill then I'm golden. HOT WIRE THAT SHIT HOME BOY
(83.53 KB 1000x553 drillneet.jpeg)
>>15396 Might be best to hide the big drill
>>15397 Used one of them to drill out the back of a fireplace at the basement level to get access to the terrace next door once. Those were the days
>>15396 >drink and drill Give a bit to Agey
(44.40 KB 640x640 wood hooker.jpg)
I might be eating too much NEETs, I have two cooked dinners a day and sweets afterwards. I had thought i'd cut back a bit and have stuff like soup and bread at lunchtime and about half the cheese I'm eating now. I do work hard but not as hard as I did during my wage days, although I do believe I had four meals a day then. Definetley going to get the pressure cooker out and get into the dried beans and lentils and stop ploughing thru my canned beans stash. Lemons are holding out tho. The ones I took had a green tinge and will last a couple of months. Out of eggs already, dont feel like paying Silver City prices when I can get em for less than half in Poz City. Not sure weather I'll take the Dewar flask up to Port Shorecliff's froxen food hunting grounds. Need some logs pretty soon. At the half- way point of the fuel wood I brought up with me. Might have to chance calling in the wood hooker and hope he doesnt case my place to roll later. Good Night, White.
(1.04 MB 1066x916 1620702324628.png)
(113.49 KB 1065x1600 Yokoyama Yui1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>15401 >>15404 Night NEETS
Good Morning NEETs. Fireplace = lit.
>>15403 Kek. Dravidians are aryans now.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-12/wollert-melbourne-victoria-covid-case-exposure-site-testing/100132218 What is it with CoViD and Curry? Just avoid the place if it smells like poos and you're safe.
>>15408 >and you're safe. Apart from needing to wash your hands maybe, you're safe regardless. Young White men aren't vulnerable to the flu, friend.
>>15406 Good morning, I've never had a home with a fireplace. The smell of burning wood and crackle of the logs would be so nice to wake up to.
Agey came around. Breezed thru and dropped some clues about the disposition of the lando. Looking at meter box. thinking about how to hot wire it.
>>15410 Wood heater. The fireplace is too dangerous to be used for anything other than running cables thru.
>>15411 >some clues about the disposition of the lando And? What's the news Neet?
(269.59 KB 1200x1482 The Daily Boong.jpg)
Cafe brewski in hand. Made it to the top of the hill earlier. Great views. Hit the goon too hard yesterday and ended up with the shakes around midnight. It simply can't continue.
>>15413 Landos dont give a shit as long as long as they get hassle free rent. Agey said they will not sell in the near or far term. Basically anything I do here is an improvement.
>>15415 Good news then. You look to be set for a long haul possibly.
>>15414 Dont be a quitter, Son.
>>15411 >Agey Is that what the cool kids are calling real-estate agents now?
Once was based.. Now a disgrace.
https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/worlds-most-vaccinated-nation-sees-active-covid-cases-double-under-week >The situation in the Seychelles, an island nation that has suffered from a recent surge in COVID-19 cases despite boasting the world's highest vaccination rate, is going from bad to worse. >despite
>>15420 >Chinese and Indian-made jabs. lol, some people must be desperate
(882.00 KB 1098x1080 1620199128792.webm)
(163.80 KB 1321x573 Puddinghead.jpg)
"Now it is pretty expensive but that's going towards my grocery bill" - KingCobraJFS talking about the pictured wand he just listed for sale.
Had a root canal today.
>>15424 drugs
Running out of firewood and cant get the nbn to connect. FML
>>15424 You'll be okay until the anaesthetic wears off.
>>15424 Fuck, hope it's not as bad as it could be.
About to get nailed by a storm. The lights have been 'dipping'. If the power goes out it's going to be one very long and boring night. Good thing I bought a new sack earlier.
>>15429 >About to get nailed hot!
>>15429 >>15430 Nailed by the sack.
>>15429 Whats the sack for?
texted the local wooden hooker. I got the number and some used car disks from the servo.
Wood hooker is coming friday.
>>15434 Least you will stay warm neet
Off to bed in 16, with a handful of Smith's chips and a good heaping of roast chook in the gut.
>>15433 >used car disks ?
Ungh. PC setup issues are shit, Going to get up early to do some scheduled online shit with the mobile internet AIDS. So that'll probably fail. Then off to Port Shorecliff to cross shit off that list i was growing. Good Night, White.
>>15437 *disk brakes
>>15438 Night Neet. >>15424 You have my feels Neet.
(300.83 KB 1800x2666 Honma Hinata.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15438 Goodnight NEET
Going to be home on my own for six weeks. Time to do... nothing different. >>15425 >>15427 >>15428 >>15440 It didn't hurt at all. >>15438 >>15441 >>15436 Goodnight NEETs.
Cant sleep. Having another go at the NBN connection.
On Whirlpool forum. Thank fuck for the boomers and their tech issues.
(6.25 KB 400x400 FTTC-speed-chart-2.png)
Now i am wondering how far i am from the nbn node
Rescheduled my Urbit on-boarding session. No point without broadband. For some reason they do them at 5AM which is inconvenient. Back to bed.
Good Morning NEETs. Grim nightmares and I didnt want to sleep in. Port Shorecliff run today.
>>15449 Morning.
Chilli poos >>15450 morning
(8.75 KB 300x168 beach pepe.jpg)
Off to the coast. You NEETs want?
>>15452 10mg of 5-MeO-DMT
>>15452 Bring me back a seashell please
>>15451 >>15450 >>15449 G'morners. Felt surprisingly good despite poor sleep. Was happy enough to wash the 2-day old dirty dishes anyway.
>>15442 >Time to do... nothing different IKTF all too well >>15439 Well clarified >>15438 >tfw no '62497da0b4c4b1bbd3c05472d4b65ff5be6bfac31cc5ad6e9d983b5a66c14249' gf
>>15455 Good, glad to hear things are looking up for you Neet. Now, just maintain a steady, even keel right?
>>15457 Y-yeah sure. I totally haven't been on the goon since 11:30...
>>15458 Well, just try to temper it down a bit then yeah? Smaller shots & whatnot. Also, drink metric shit tonnes of H20 along with it, and all through the day, really. You're going to make it NEET.
(42.84 KB 865x569 Cyrax.jpg)
Getting gooned early means going to bed early. I deserve to wake up at midnight with the DT's* for my degenerate behaviour. A true disgrace to all NEETs. * Dan's Tango for one
Making my beef stew. >>15444 They're also some of the dumbest cunts I've met and frequently make useless posts in threads.
>>15460 Is this a new one?
>>15461 Crash early and try to wake up at afternoon/evening. Means you get to live two days is 24hrs.
dead thread
(133.23 KB 2304x1728 port shorecliff slsc.jpg)
The day trip to Port Shorecliff was less exciting than it could have been. I got most of the stuff I need and checked out the CBD. So scarce were the asians that I couldnt even find them in the bakery and there were no spice shops or gook-ermarkets in sight. White couples and mumz with 3 blue eyed kids. Drank a whole can of purple rockstar and now I feel disgusting but at least I got back without bending the 'bus'. Murky as all get out when I got into the forest mountains of Silver City, payload got put away in the rain. >>15454 Kek.I havent had that in years. cant wait until I die to go on that trip again. >>15453 Sorry didnt have time to hunt for souvenirs. have a pic of the ocean tho.
>>15466 Thanks for the pic neet, I like pictures of the ocean
its a good part of the coast. its only a matter of time before the property speculators start land banking with all the legacy properties. like the convent and adult education building. Until they develop them its happy hunting grounds for organized squatters. Some of the wagies there are stevedores, basically labourers and machinery operators on $120 000 a year. Its a "proud to be Hi-Viz" kind of town.
I got a hair dryer from harvey norman for $17. I will use it to insta warm my hands and feet, which is always a pain in the arse in winter.
The amount of stocks that have no meat ingredients in them piss me off. Those retards only need one (overpriced) brand for themselves.
>>15469 hmmmm smart
>>15470 I got some beef stroganoff and spanish chorizo pasta sauces without meat. You know they would only put the shittiest chum in it anyway.
(18.79 KB 500x511 feathered hair girl.jpg)
I was around lots of femoids today. Particularly the chick in spotlight, who gave me heaps extra tablecloth, and made me have incel feels. I was wearing a N95 mask at the time, which is probably one of the contributing factors. Starting to get a bit pissed off with "Dead Thread" poster. I like the board quiet, I like my life quiet. If I turn down the noise then I can hear my quiet voice. I even talk in a quiet voice now, and have no time for talk noise. I dismissed a shop assistant who couldnt grasp what I was asking immediately probably my fault for not parsing my query code properly If "dead fred" wants to comment thru the side of his mouth then I'll dismiss him too. Good Night, White.
(283.96 KB 1128x1600 Inoue Rina3.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15473 Goodnight NEET, i like the board quiet to it is so much simpler
>>15466 Nice pic, looks cold though.
>>15468 >proud to be Hi-Viz lol I know what you mean. Then you see eight of them doing something, and it's one with the lollypop stick, one working and the rest just standing there all day.
>>15473 That woman looks like my mum when she was about 18.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept in, Rain day. Dunno where to start today.
>>15476 Stevedores are good wagies, I guess thats normal when you get paid three times more than a road worker.
The wooden hooker called and will come soon. Snow on the nearby mountain, fukn freexing. Cant see a NBN cabinet in the neighbourhood and the copper network is in shit condition.
>>15478 Good morning. My throat is still a bit sore from sucking in too much cold air while walking up the hill earlier. Takeaway coffee on the return but was served again by the same old lady as last time, who is very nice but just not a young qt.
>>15473 >made me have incel feels Well, buying tablecloth isn't exactly the manliest of things. >>15470 There's only a couple brands of stock powder sold by Coles that contain beef/chicken, the rest are 'beef/chicken-style'. You ever tried Bonox? >>15469 Good idea. I might get one from an op-shop to dry out the damp and moldy areas of ceiling. >>15466 That beach needs more bikini arse
I cut a pimple whilst shaving and it is bleeding quite profusely. I have some toilet paper stuck to it now.
(208.92 KB 1113x575 CGC.jpg)
>>15463 He's been around for a while. The pictured channel has been making some pretty hilarious vids of him for over a year.
The wood hooker was a talkative manlet, who has "been doing this my whole life", boasting of having supplied wood to the luxe $1200 a night snow lodges 450K's away. I wasted my life NEETs. This guy gets to drive a cool truck and go deep into the far mountains all day every day rain or shine. I tried to overpay him but he came back with ten bucks change. MOVE TO SILVER CITY WHERE THE HOOKERS REFUSE TIPS
I need to do a poo but someone is in there.
>>15485 >This guy gets to drive a cool truck and go deep into the far mountains all day every day rain or shine. Pretty manly shite, I'd say Neet.
Wood stacked and out of the rain. Got the fire blazing. Clothes in the Dryer. Had a shower. lunch in the turbo. PREPPER LEVEL = SATISFACTORY
(789.02 KB 1632x1224 TGIF Haul.jpg)
>tfw no qt IGA gf
(186.32 KB 644x724 John Deere.jpg)
Paid 20 cents extra for the 'bacon & cheese' sausage roll but was given the plain. Ah well, at least a young qt served me. And looked at me. And spoke to me...
(7.71 KB 225x225 blaze it pepe.jpg)
Time to get out the Deadmans pipe and the Rich kiddies hydro. BLAZE IT
>>15490 20 cents is pretty good for such an upgrade.
>>15489 >bonox. IGA's have the good shit.
Gettin pretty blazed of a tiny crumb. Those private school kids would get ripped AF.
Considering getting the ozone generator and the gas mask out.
Some 'autist' called about the terrarium i had for a mate on gumtree. She wanted it for a fishtank and asked me mong questions about its size in feet. when i told her in centimeters she asked me again what it was in feet I told her it wasnt suitable for a fishtank and I wouldnt sell it to her. good luck, bye. doing her a favor., really. sounded too nonosylablic. to own fish anyhoe
got the gas mask out. Ozone filling the Equipment storage room
>>15491 Smoke 'em if ya stole 'em Just poured myself a cup of goon after getting back from a walk to warm up.
>>15494 >private school kids I believe I spotted one of those while on my walk. Sitting in the back of an Aston Martin coming home from school.
>>15495 >>15497 What for? Is your place riddled with vermin?
>>15496 >nonosylablic >>15496 >anyhoe >>15496 >centimeters >>15496 >favor
>>15489 Nice haul.
>>15500 get rid of normie stikn
>>15504 Who were the characters in the car? ANTIFA?
I'm in the mood for a film but I have no clue what to watch. Any suggestions?
>>15507 Tarrant.
>>15507 I've watched finding nemo and a bugs life the last week or so, apart from that just some action anventure type stuff it's a good way to not think for a couple of hours
(11.77 KB 183x275 utoya.jpg)
(91.59 KB 869x575 Bad Ass.jpg)
Another Friday night alone. How have I not offed myself by now? What is it I continue to live for?
>>15504 >No charges have so far been laid over the incident, in which a group of men allegedly smashed the window of a car, before threatening the people inside with a knife and stealing their mobile phones. <'Oh yea, let's take their Government Surveillance Devices whle we're at it boys!' Obvs. Kiked-up charges. Dog & pony show, plain and simple.
>>15512 You've got to make a purpose neet.
>>15512 You have a front door to your home, do you not? >Open Door >Walk out and meet ppl >??? >Profit?
>>15512 >What is it I continue to live for? It's a lot harder to kill yourself than people know >>15516 Looks good neet.
>>15512 New Bond Moofie in october >>15515 Don't listen to this NEET. Neighbourhood normies dont want to talk to your wierd arse.
>>15516 That looks good. I should have taken a photo of my stew now that I think about it. Just imagine the typical beef stew but reddish due to the smoked paprika.
>>15519 Is it a beef-free beef stew?
I'm going heavy on the protein today. Baking some fish sticks right now, and cooked up some chooks earlier and eating all of them before bed. Don't want them to spoil for one, but I've also been eating way too much carbos lately. >>15518 >Neighbourhood normies dont want to talk to your wierd arse. Nor would I want to to talk to them, so fair-and-square. But there's lots of other options. Neet was bemoaning being alone. Depression is always a result of circumstances, and circumstances (at least that type of them) are much easier to change than most know. One thing's sure, doing things the same as they've always been will continue resulting in the same outcomes. You gotta change shite, Neet.
>>15491 unna cuz
>>15519 I farking love smoked paprika. Please gibs me a bowl with 2 (two) slices of buttered toast.
>>15516 The eggs look good. Don't know what to make of the rest.
>>15518 >New Bond Moofie in october OK, suicide booked in for November.
>>15525 Dune Moofie then.
(94.13 KB 640x956 russia redhead.jpg)
The wood hooker singled out some big heavy bits and said that they'd burn all night and still be going in the morning. We'll put that to the test. Good Night. White.
>>15527 Night m8, save the big stuff for when it does get really cold and you wanna keep the fire going all day and night.
(630.71 KB 1076x1165 1620980901018.jpg)
>>15527 I wish you a warm night's sleep. No fireplace here, I'll be relying on goon, junk food and several layers of clothing.
Watching WACO again.
Fucking cold here. Off to the gym.
>>15531 Take your beanie.
>>15520 No. >>15523 Next time I make some.
>>15531 Enjoy Wish I had your motivation
(100.97 KB 680x1102 wiha.jpg)
>tfw severely depressed
>>15535 go see a whore.
(24.21 KB 471x221 hugf.jpg)
(118.20 KB 1024x768 Ego Yuuna.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Morning neets
>>15539 Good Morning NEETs. Slept in bigly. Big Log burned away. Many chores to get to today.
Post coffee shit soon. I'm excited.
Had my coffee shit.
>>15544 Mine was forgettable.
>>15544 >>15545 I'm waiting for mine to get to full power.
Fog lifted, fire finally going. Much snow on mountain outside.
>>15543 Morning, just got back from a long walk. Shoes and socks got a bit wet from the dewy grass. Would be nice to dry them by a fireplace but the pedestal fan will have to do.
Another car pulled up and asked for directions to "the markets". I provided but it turns out where I thought they were is not where they actually are. If I ever see that car again while out walking I'll have to hide behind bushes.
(254.48 KB 640x360 kqRPQA9y.mp4)
>>15548 I hope you put some new socks on. You don't want to catch a cold.
>>15550 Catchy.
(583.25 KB 1017x1019 hitler good things really were.png)
>>15550 >clip keke
>>15550 [code]mpv --loop=inf "hitler_was_right_the_jews_were_wrong.mp4"[/code] Catchy, got a beat, you can dance to it. I'd give it an Antisemite/10.
>>15546 I just had a teaspoon of chilli paste to get things moving, hopefully.
Outdoor labor is hectic here ATM. Getting a sick amount of shit done.
>>15555 Fail
>>15551 Yes, 2 pair. I need to buy slippers.
>>15557 I'll give your To do list a good tickin' off boy!
>>15548 Imagine wearing shoes and socks like a whoite dog.
(756.79 KB 640x360 hitler_was_right.webm)
>>15558 You have no one to blame but yourself, kike golem.
>>15563 Nazi
>>15564 Funny, lass. You almost make that sound as if it's some kind of insult. Kek.
Fugg. Thomas Sewell has been remanded in custody until court in August.
Thinking about tea, Had a big dinner at lunchtime tho.
Do any of the NEETs say Goo-ga-lay when talking about Jewggle?
>>15564 Nazi is Big Gay.
(76.60 KB 600x536 Girls.jpg)
This emergency sewing repair is not working. Getting out the hot glue gun
I've done basically nothing today. Feeling pretty bad about it.
>>15571 uh-oh >>15572 make plans for sunday or monday.
>>15573 Yeah, thanks neet. I am. I am going off to the gym in a bit so that is one good thing at least.
(15.21 KB 253x262 Meme.jpg)
>>15567 All I've had today is a tin of Heinz 'Big 'N Chunky' chicken and corn. Constipated af
Ungh this internet. Emergency sewing repair is not working. Getting out the Hot Glue Gun
(11.82 KB 255x255 aquafresh.jpg)
>>15570 >its an old meme, but it checks out. This Ausneet is from the land of tootpaste.
(724.22 KB 602x489 1604387429511.png)
I had my first bath in ages, they're pretty luxe. Wanted to go on a run before it got dark but went for a drive instead. Feel like I'm getting slow, fat and soft. Tomorrow is a rain day, I'm getting the feel of the weather up here and where the rain comes in from. I need to get on the maps and internet to learn more about the land I moved to. I Feel like a wandering boong gazing out at the cliffs and hills, from the dark + wet, and thenI have thoughts in my head while doing my chores, of going there. Good Night. White.
>>15580 night neet
Watching Waco where the ATF are being shooty cuntoids and getting pwnd. LMAO optics.
(132.97 KB 1280x1600 Sweet Farking Jesus.jpg)
>>15580 >luxe Ay the last time I was in a tub it was too small to sit with legs fully stretched. Good night.
Good cold constipated night to all
There is a girl on the train
There is a girl on the train with her dress cut so low you could see her nipples except for the fact she is wearing bandaids over them for some reason.
>>15586 Red flag really.
>>15586 A female friend of mine has informed me these are called 'nipple pasties' or something.
>>15584 Dream of big poos.
(277.73 KB 1920x1280 Tatsuya Makiho.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>15586 Maintain eye contact.
>>15590 Nice tits
Good Morning NEETs. Relatively warm night. No big rain as yet. The outdoor chores continue until then.
>>15593 Good morning NEET Íts freezing in the morning here i dont like it
Might skip church go out and cut spars in the forest this morning.
>>15594 Good morning, try going for a 30 minute walk like I have been doing. >>15593 Good morning, good luck with the chores. >>15595 I walked past a church just before the service started. I heard music playing and it sounded inviting. Perhaps next week.
I think I should develop some sort of flexibility drill.
(66.97 KB 640x480 spars 1.jpg)
(90.52 KB 640x480 spars 2.jpg)
I cut 8 spars from 3 tea trees. Then I hauled them out of the wet bush in the rain to the road like a ching chong coolie. Now to collect in the falcon.
(29.31 KB 267x262 Me_irl.jpg)
>>15597 >Acoustic guitar-playing Chads surrounded by Chad m8s and Stacy gf's Yeah I really didn't need to see that
Big cook-up soon. Onions and garlic will be involved.
A teaspoon of chilli paste and a quick walk in the sun has put an end to the constipation. I could finally eat and not feel horribly congested. Made a peanut butter and tuna sandwich.
>>15599 Well collected. See anyone else out in the bush?
(17.32 KB 320x240 A Flexible Drilling.jpg)
Fukn fire is impossible to get going today.
Big sunday lunch just as god intended.
>>15603 No I was sneaky because illegal.
>>15602 You should boost your fiber intake, try sprinkling a little bit of all bran on your sandwiches.
>>15600 Sorry m8.
>>15599 I miss living in country like that. It is too dry out here.
>>15610 Too wet for my gear ATM. Looking at getting some new boots at least.
>>15611 Unobtanium. in my size at least.
>>15611 I have those very boots. I bought them from the kommandostore a few years ago. Size 45EU with a price of around 50 USD. Very good although the soles are really fucking heavy and have piss poor traction in the wet. I wear them most days just out and about but I wear a different pair of boots if it is raining or otherwise wet. The soles aren't very worn so I think it is because of what they are made from.
>>15613 Correction: mine are Austrian paratrooper boots, not the mountain boots. The mountain boots would probably have better traction in wet weather.
(7.04 KB 271x186 bushmsn.jpg)
My 8 spars are looking good out there, NEETs its raining more steadily now, more continuous.and heavy. They are covered in furry, slimy tea tree bark that needs to be removed. I wish I brought my spear knife, thats one useful carpentry tool.
(117.28 KB 800x600 spars3.jpg)
>>15614 even the paratrooper boots are unobtainimum. they'd be ideal for some of the excursions I'm intending.
>>15611 those are M59 Austrian Mountain Boots.
Having Chicken and Chorizo free tomato sauce with tea.
>>15599 Thanks for the pics neet
(84.23 KB 800x600 beans busted in the pressy.jpg)
Got the pressure cooker going after I found the thingo that goes on the top to regulate teh steam. Got beans for days chilling in the pot.
>>15600 >iktf
I am going to make some stew now.
>>15620 Enjoy your beans neet.
>>15620 Looks like a quality feed.
>>15625 theres half a bulb of garlic added.
>>15626 Nice, I usually add that much when I make a curry / pork vindaloo
>>15616 Nice sticks. You'll have to dry them first before using as firewood?
>>15618 You're having a tomato sauce that's free of chicken and chorizo?
>only pair of trackies are wet >legs are cold It's over.
>>15622 I'm too cold to be bothered cooking anything other than Mi Goreng noodles.
>>15630 Wrap yourself in a blanket or even bath towels if necessary. My trackies and jumpers are in a storage shed located several hours from home.
(5.02 KB 225x225 chicken and chorizo.jpg)
>>15629 just add chicken and chorizo
>>15630 The turtle will pull its head in looking for nuts.
(205.19 KB 1081x691 Lying Cunts.jpg)
>>15633 Talk about deceptive marketing 101
(582.03 KB 1536x2048 Aozora Hikari.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(82.33 KB 794x1191 1585280390243.jpg)
The days are melting into each other. I have stopped doing stuff after tea and just bask in front of the fire reading and writing. I go to bed too late and sleep in. I think I have hit the wall now that the pressure is off. I think its fair enough. Might sleep in tomorrow too. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Up early, kinda warm, promising start.
>>15630 You need to get yourself a few pairs.
>>15635 So.. is it just tomato?
>>15639 Morning.
Neets waking up.
(147.05 KB 1040x895 1606340832500.jpg)
Writing cringing letter to petty bureaucrat. FML
Fire's building up. Snowy outlook. Having a crack at linux in a minute.
Now I am thinking of fixed wireless with the antenna on the chimney.
(18.65 KB 317x122 Big freexe.jpg)
>>15642 >>15639 Morning. Woke up curled into a ball. Cold as ice.
For some reason Mr Hi-Viz who ordered a coffee just after me got his first. And I couldn't help but feel he was prioritised over me due to an assumption I was unemployed.
>>15647 Global warming conspiracy trying to kill you.
>>15648 Tradies are chads. Chads go to the front of the line.
garden time out here in the northland. growing in some planters and greenhouses that have been pretty much abandoned for years. I guess that's what happens when you get old and frail. I've got a new appreciation for how fucking tough wild crabgrass is. damn near blew my back out (not really) and I only got one and a half of the 4 planters done I was planning on. Fuckin rhizomes might as well be stainless steel when they grow all together near the edges of the box. Greenhouses went a bit better with just dusty dry soil and bitch weeds but they're full of spiders and broken glass and shit. Better than growing in the car park of my pisshole apartment anyways outside plants are looking a bit heat-stressed. they're looking okay now but we'll see what makes it through the heat of the day once I'm at work and not there to mist them every 90 minutes. I kind of misjudged/lazy did my seedlings this year and didn't transfer them to intermediate containers. Big plants with little tiny root balls. I ultra lushed out on the soil though, mixed in all kinds of good kush into it and gave em lots of mulch so we'll see. it's a race between the rooting development and the dryness pressure I guess neet out
(12.04 KB 259x194 posso cheer.jpg)
>>15651 Posso is happy about your new veggie patch.
I had some scrambled eggs with pork sausages, carrots, onions and peas again for breakky this morning. I threw some brussel sprouts and broccoli in the oven and then mixed it in at the end. Yesterday I had it over cheese on toast but I am out of bread so I didn't do that this morning.
>>15654 Cooked Breakfast is Luxe
>>15651 Hard working neet >>15652 I like how you've plated it all
(6.14 KB 302x167 urbit.png)
Urbit install went well.
>>15657 Good to hear noot. I've been thinking of getting into it myself. Are you that NRX neet?
dead thread
(659.67 KB 1632x1224 A lil haul.jpg)
Took off and bought some shit out of sheer boredom. There were so many discounted meats that I would've bought had I owned a full-sized fridge/freezer.
>>15652 >sumac is a tangy spice with a sour, acidic flavor reminiscent of lemon juice. Interesting. Looks petty good.
>>15651 > little tiny root balls Not the best. Still may be okay if you've transferred them.
(16.81 KB 220x170 220px-South_Park_machinima.jpg)
>>15660 How good are the Monster energy drink and Doritos
>>15654 >brussel sprouts and broccoli in the oven As is or with anything on them?
>>15660 Crush the doritoes into a powder and coat the wings with it.
>>15658 That would be me. Good to see other neets into urbit too.
>>15658 Not NRX, Cant figure out localhost. I shouldnt need internet access to reach that yesno?
(93.72 KB 865x567 Japanese Bath.jpg)
>>15580 >I had my first bath in ages Stepping into a hot tub would be so farking nice right now
Went for a run/scout. Found a river and a tyre. Brought the tyre back for wood chopping. Fried eggs monday, so I have decided.
>>15661 Oh yeah sumac is the best. I buy it in bulk.
(4.40 KB 189x267 maggi.jpg)
Do any NEETs use maggi?
>>15652 Hope you enjoyed your feed >>15660 nice haul >>15671 no
>>15664 No, I just cooked them in the oven, chopped them up and mixed them in with my eggs/chopped sausages. I might make some mix next time, olive oil, black pepper, salt. idk.
I am going to the gym soon but I have eaten too much so I must wait a bit first.
>>15674 >eaten too much You have fallen victim to the classic blunder.
>>15671 I used to have one, couldn't find a good use for it.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>15676 Dont consume that product, Its full of MSG which is bad for your health. Why not come on down to one of my cellars and select a bottle, I guarantee that none of my beverages contains this poison.
>>15677 Good onya Dan, looking after the health of all the neets
>>15677 Least I know I'm loved by you.
Among the things I did today was the emergency re-stumping of the front verrandah. A satisfying job that took longer to set up and pack away then actual carpentry. I also stripped the bark from two of my spars. I found a fancy sheath knife which worked really well and I now am beginning to appreciate this newly discovered construction material, of inexhaustible supply. Working hard and continuously gets me into the zen of the task and I suppose I enjoy doing it. The idea is to be on the job as much of my day as possible. Stuff like cooking/eating and shitposting doesnt count. I want to be set up already. Good Night,White.
>>15680 > the zen of the task Good stuff. Enjoy a well earnt sleep.
(519.58 KB 2148x1600 Maeda Atsuko1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>15682 Why do you neets post pictures of sometimes hot women when saying good night?
Good Morning NEETs. Up early for my Urbit onboarding session. Fukn fire is being a cunt to light.
(26.21 KB 172x255 mongpspe.png)
I couldnt stay on to the onboarding session because of the boong tier broadband, then the admin kicked me because the feedback from my mic fuked up the presentation. Feel like a colossal retard.
Here comes the dawn
second breakfast
crackers and cheese, yum-o
>>15689 bigboi
>>15685 Urbit is discord with a online hard drive. You can do command line stuff on it tho.
>>15687 >>15684 Morning. Gooned too hard and early yesterday. Paying the price.
>>15638 >just bask in front of the fire reading and writing That actually sounds comfy af, and there are far worse things you could be doing with your free time. Such as posting on an imageboard for hours.
>>15680 You are getting things done. Progressing. Not stagnating like me.
>>15684 >Urbit Are you buying your own planet? I think that is what they are called. I looked into it a bit a while ago but it seemed too much for me. I want to see Spandrell's stuff on there. I was disappointed when he got banned from twitter.
Caro Time!
>>15694 Sitting at the PC shitposting and getting colder and colder.
>>15696 >banned from twitter An endorsement really.
global warming
(52.34 KB 702x468 Wedge-tail vs Sea eagle.jpg)
Outdoor plants all look pretty much dead after one day lmao. some of the hot peppers might pull through but it's going to be a close. the marigolds look pretty good though, new appreciation for the plant, shame you can't eat it though. still not out of the woods yet though, we'll see what survives the upcoming mild frost that might bring a it of snow. such is life in an all white town greenhouse plants all look fine. the greenhouses have seen better days and the plastic panels on the outsides have turned mostly opaque with time, so it's not too bright in there in one of the houses. the other one has some pretty good light but is less insulated, so it won't coast through the late/early frosts as well. then there's the matter of the fucking grasshoppers getting in through the little gaps in the structure like they did last year. hate those little fuckers so much to tell the truth I'm kind of giving up on this year. was too busy with the wage during late march- early may when I should have been doing all the prep ahead of time and transplanting my seedlings into bigger pots. oh well. I learned a bunch about growing in this particular climate and now have a pretty epic cold-climate seedling starter setup with the grow lights, humidity domes, heat mats and stuff. Next year I'll be ready. I guess can still buy store-grown plants but that just doesn't have the same satisfaction and they don't really have the varietals I like anyways neet out
>>15702 >grasshoppers Little cunts. If one gets in they'll eat the lot. > pretty epic cold-climate seedling starter setup Cool. It's better to prep and then let it go rather than playing catch up.
(51.29 KB 640x480 burned corn.jpg)
If you turn your back on the Turbo. It will fuk your dinner up beyond all recognition.
>>15701 I thought this was an animal behavior thing.
>>15702 Kale My boy! Kale is the way to go!
>>15704 Wouldn't have happened in an airfryer.
(127.87 KB 869x575 Jap.jpg)
Sad to see beautiful women,even gooks, ruin their bodies with tattoos
>>15704 Another interesting feed. May God have mercy on your intestines for ingesting that burned corn.
>>15708 Looks good, but It is weird to see jap ladies with the tatts.
Going down the IGA, what you NEETs want?
>>15711 An air fryer please. I am going to gift it to someone.
Burn the corn, pay the toll!
>>15711 Roast chook, honey, iodised salt, sunflower seeds, oyster sauce and sesame oil.
>>15711 30kg prawns please.
>>15714 >oyster sauce and sesame oil Made in Chink factories, probably full of gutter oil.
(14.23 KB 188x267 monastine.jpg)
>>15711 some fancy liqueurs
>>15714 >oyster sauce Isnt that just thickened soy sauce?
>>15715 >>15714 >>15712 They only had cheap bananas at $3.99 a kilo. I didnt know if you wanted bananas so i left them. They always have cheap bananas, they sell them cheap when they are ripe. I dont like the green ones I like ripe ones.
(514.58 KB 1632x1224 Another Haul Another Sack.jpg)
>>15719 I was too impatient to wait for you, but thanks anyway.
>>15718 I'll give your sauce a good thickening boy!
Early to goon early to sleep makes a neet something or other that rhymes
>>15720 Good haul and the chook looks nice and tasty.
>>15722 lean, hungry and cheap.
>>15711 I wouldn't mind a premade enchilada or something like that, a banana milk and a custard tart please.
>>15718 Nah, it has smashed up fish innards I think.
>>15720 >plant based spring onions
>>15725 You should have told me I would have got the bananas and a litre of milk.
>>15720 My IGA doesnt have a deli with roast chickens. They should.
>I don't even know if we have a local IGA
This wood is hard to get lit. I have a blowtorch but its low on gas. Its refillable and I have two little bottles but who refills LPG cylinders these days? Maybe I can use the hair dryer to get the fire started.
>>15731 Are you trying to burn green wood? You need to let it season for a few months in a dry spot.
>>15732 its seasoned but got wet in the rain. Its whore wood.
>>15733 What sort of wood neet? I always used to get a mix of stringy, good for lighting the fire and box and redgum and Iron bark when I could get it.
>>15734 Duno some of it might be swamp gum from the color. I'd have to think about the bark. The wood hooker never said. Just said It came from up the back of the mountains.
Off to the gym.
>>15734 When we used to have a fireplace, we'd go hunting for Malley root. Lots of work to get out though.
>>15737 >Mallee root Interesting tree, that underground trunk is pretty cool.
(13.83 KB 259x194 mallee root.jpg)
>>15738 >>15739 It burns for ages too.
Fires going now. Might put a big bit on
I put the big nigger piece in that defied my axe and got left out in the rain.
(80.16 KB 493x747 white chick.jpg)
I stripped the bark off three more of the forest spars, working in the rain and racing the dusk. Three more to go and I can lash them together into a pair of tripods with a cross bar. Something to work towards. Tommorrow. Good Night, White.
(924.94 KB 2285x1524 Sono Miyako.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15743 Goodnight NEET
Self loathing is unbelievable tonight. I hate myself so much.
>>15744 She is fucking gorgeous... 10/10
>>15708 Seems to be a trend I notice in worst korea too. The jew influence is spreading faster in Asia than I would have guessed. They seem to be about 20 years or so behind the West in degeneracy.
guys have you actually fucked a gook though? their skin is disgusting and they act cranky all the time
Good Morning NEETs. Dunno what to do today, dont even want brekky.
>>15748 No. My mates who have all ended up fucking them off quick smart.
Cant be stuffed with the fire today. Its not even cold. The nigger log got smaller but went out. Every cunt choofs out here in the morning, not joining in today.
Gonna get under the house today and fix the leak + Rewire my Battlestation above. Its dirty under there and there are borers.
>>15743 >>15744 Goodnight >>15749 Good morning
>>15753 >>15749 Good morning. Got work to do today. Rental inspection tomorrow. Might go see a moofie to pass the time as I never like being there when the agent turns up, and the time they schedule are "between the hours of so and so". Usually a two-hour window.
Rewiring is going well, I have made a neat hole in the carpet and floor. My modem came from officeworks, very promptly dispite being the remoteness of Silver City. >>15754 You should be there so Agie doesnt go thru your underpants drawer.
(8.90 KB 225x225 1605674759676.jpg)
>>15755 >hole in the carpet
(26.12 KB 640x480 hole in the carpet.jpg)
>>15757 That looks okay. Carry on.
Late lunch and last episode of Waco.
>>15746 >Romanian-variant of Yellow Fever detected >>15747 >They seem to be about 20 years or so behind the West in degeneracy. I blame NHK primarily. This national-tier broadcaster in Nippon is literally filled with feminist, sodomite, miscegenation, and other kike-promotional degeneracy. They are obviously very highly-funded, and have been at this subtle & demonic shit for many years now.
(13.12 KB 259x194 hacker pepe.jpg)
WE HAVE ACHIEVED NBN 44ms ping 22.38 Mbits/s download 4.38 Mbits/s upload I was two months on mobile broadband 210ms ping ,37Mbits/s download 0.00 Mbits/s upload Straight to rarbg to torrent some Talmudywood moofies
>>15755 Perhaps I want the agent to go through my cumdies. It's a woman after all.
>>15761 Good to hear neet
>>15757 I concur, that is a neat hole. Nice drill too.
>>15764 >Nice drill It is, I was admiring that more than the hole.
(11.39 KB 648x85 Why even live.jpg)
>>15761 Can't say I'm not jealous
>>15766 How long did it take to upload that pic?
dead thread
>>15766 Don't worry m8 I used to have a 28.8k modem so IKTF
(2.65 KB 121x125 1580948544935s.jpg)
>>15762 Your mummybot wouldnt even touch them to put them in the wash, Agie would just take photos for a laff with the other stacys.
I tried out a new technique for getting rid of the hair in my ears, using a lighter. It works okay and is the most effective way I have of dealing with it.
Silver City was pretty warm today but no sunshine and the mountain had permamist. I had some breakfast chai that I found in a box and the caffeine made for a frenitic day that went until after dark with me scraping bark off a spar under torchlight. Only two more and I can make my chin up bar. Bin day tomorrow, mine is full of fucked up shit from decades of neglect.
>>15772 >full of fucked up shit from decades of neglect. My body is like that.
Been wiping my nose with cheap Chinese-made serviettes as I ran out of tissues. It's like wiping your arse with the single ply toilet paper used in public toilets.
>>15774 The only paper that should come in a box dispenser is tally-hos
(659.67 KB 2500x1667 touro chick.jpg)
I'm fairly satisfied with how the week is going. Keeping the pace is important for the weekend because if i go too hard then I tend to flake out at the earliest opportunity. That would be friday night and I might get the deadmans pipe out again. If I pace myself I might get to go up that mountain in my window instead. Although I might wait for a weekday with shit weather when there will be no touros. Will think about it. Good Night,White.
(144.65 KB 1299x866 Nakada Kana6.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15776 Goodnight NEET
>>15776 >>15777 Night Neets.
Good Morning NEETs. Getting up early is based.
Watching the rain on the BOM radar is really interesting. Its coming in a big line. Rain is based.
>>15779 I'm up at 5AM everyday lately, keep up that habit. On an unrelated note, I have an absolute retard for a President, this retard is giving me $1600 every 2 weeks on unemployment for doing absolutely nothing, with no end in sight, lmfao
>>15781 Is that the UBI? Whats wrong with that idea?
>>15782 We don't really have UBI, just "enhanced" unemployment which means they are paying an extra $300 a week than they usually would. I actually support the idea, for Whites kek. At this point though, with a country that is out to replace me and my people, leeching off the system seems the best bet. If we lived in a NatSoc society or at least in the old America where White people weren't persecuted, I would advocate for contributing to the system and not leeching. But that's just me, no hate on any NEETs because I am of the NEET mindset now and for the forseeable future. With rising inflation and shitty wages also... UBI is really needed...
>>15783 And this pay is just for people that are out of work btw
Two coloxyls down the hatch.
>>15771 That sounds dangerous.
>>15785 Watch out for the squirts.
>>15786 not at all, doing coloxyls is funat first, then its fun with problems, then its fucking horrible
>>15788 I used to be on that and senokot.
(101.78 KB 379x1314 thot erased.png.jpg)
>Dead thot >Suck Fuck Boomer > Le swarthy veelan ees name ees Barbaro. Fukn love that shit.
Rehung the back door, Now it swings the other way. Massive improvement. lovely sunny arvo here in Silver City. The little flock of wrens are on the lawn and there are red berries on the Holly bushes. I wonder if you can eat them.
>>15776 >touros You and your made up words
>>15791 >I wonder if you can eat them. No, they are toxic to humans.
(5.47 MB 3264x2448 Riverbank.jpg)
>>15791 Sounds nice. I'd be very cautious about eating any unknown tree berries though, but you do you. I found a quiet spot along the river to have lunch. A BLT from the cafe.
Caro time
Goon time
(61.21 KB 800x738 hug.jpg)
Long before Survivor, a TV reporter and a group of strangers were sent into remote wilderness with limited supplies for two weeks. Armed with a bag of oats, and the bare essentials — a knife, axe, torch, billycan, string, length of wire and box of waterproof matches — the six participants were filmed as part of a rare (at the time) TV experiment. 'A Question of Survival' aired on ABC's Four Corners program on 8 November 1975. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVqQjVQ15Fk
>>15798 How did they survive without broadband?
Cold night. Fire lit.
>>15800 Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?
>>15800 Can we get a photo of the fire please?
(29.48 KB 429x263 Meme.jpg)
>>15799 Dial-up internet obviously
(642.00 KB 4375x1704 bark stripper.jpg)
>>15801 No but I've got this cool knife that my oldad gave me ages ago. It was the best thing I had around for stripping those spars and was perfect for the job. I used it for hours and really enjoyed it.
(52.23 KB 314x354 Olympic legend.jpg)
Cold af and tired of sitting upright. Going to curl up into a ball on my prison cot. Night.
>>15805 Good Night. Prison NEET.
>>15805 Night m8, just remember don't bend down to pick up the soap.
>>15794 You're lucky to have such a nice spot to go to m8
>>15794 You have posted this spot before.
>>15805 Did someone throw a cell phone over the prison wall in a sock
(14.30 KB 267x340 1598142080148.jpg)
Letter writing in front of the fire. I wont put any more wood on tonight. Tomorrow I will start to decontaminate the next room. Maybe drill more holes in the floor for ethernet cables. I dont think I'll get to Port Shorecliff before mid week. That means no ice cream until then. FML. Good Night, White.
>>15811 nite neet
>>15811 Goodnight NEET, i hope tomorrow goes well for you
(387.93 KB 1106x1475 Hongo Yuzuha1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>15814 night neet
Good Morning NEETs. Woo its super foggy this morning, the street lights look eerie.
(41.05 KB 640x480 sycho yeah.jpg)
Cleared out the next room to be decontaminated. The landos left some crap furniture dispite me offering to buy it off them and take it to the tip. Oh well. The wardrobe I can use but it was locked shut with no key lol. Got it open and found some graffitti. Fukn death metal right there.
Nose dripping in the cold. Fuck this. Fire needs to be lit.
>>15748 >guys have you actually fucked a gook though? Actually I have and they are the best bar none, especially compared commonwealth manish cows, if I lived in Europe I'd be different. She was super feminine, had amazing silky soft skin, beautiful, soft long straight hair and had wonderful body. >their skin is disgusting and they act cranky all the time Sounds like you met a bottom of the barrel one there, neet. Haven't had that experience myself.
>>15816 Good morning. Feeling surprisingly good. I might just go see a moofie today.
>>15821 Downloading Air America. Whats good at the cinemas?
(756.45 KB 800x1200 A Quiet Place Part 2.jpg)
There's an advanced screening of this tonight. I was planning on going to an earlier session as it's a Friday but there's only the one for this moofie, plus I'm too impatient to wait until its official release next Thursday so will probably go tonight.
(74.33 KB 599x404 WoM.jpg)
>>15822 Not a whole lot. Planned on seeing this but my cinema has pulled it. Looks like it's going to be the sequel to A Quiet Place, if I can build the courage to stand among the normies buying popcorn and choc tops.
>>15823 oWo. I saw that on the previews. It looks scary!
>>15824 Cant miss with jason statham and guy richie really.
Having a coffee. Look out NEETs.
(69.29 KB 699x485 smug apu.jpeg)
Optus keeps calling me because I forgot to pay my bill. They spam call me from Sydney 3 times in an hour from the same number all day. Whenever I speak to Optus it's always some obnoxious pajeet, never an Australian. I've actually worked in a call centre so I know that this is garbage work and these people are getting paid to drain all their energy harassing cunts. Should I just postpone paying the bill for as long as possible to waste brown people's time?
(212.31 KB 816x612 Well peppered.jpg)
Took an hour and half lunchbreak from doing nothing. I was suppressing a cough with every bite of this pie. Thing was loaded with pepper both inside and out as can be seen. Anyone walking by would've thought I had the covid without knowing what I was eating.
>>15826 I'm a fan of both. It mustn't have been doing well at my cinema as they stopped showing it after only a week.
>>15828 I'd first look into how much and when overdue fees are applied.
>>15825 Are you 12?
>>15827 I'll give you something worth looking out for boy!
>>15829 Pie looks good
dead thread
>>15828 Delay the bill. It is the traditional way of the NEET.
(291.67 KB 1280x960 Blanket hanger.jpg)
I have completed my 'Rustic Blanket Airer' It took me about 12 hours of hand labor and two hanks of hemp rope. I estimate it can hang 150 Kilos of blankets. Had a look at the mountain with the binos while i had a cup of caro outside after I finished. Then I chopped another box of splints. Upper body feels good from the exercise. Going to light the fire and choof up some beans in the pressy after I have a shower.
>>15829 A handsome pie indeed.
>>15832 What? I cant hack spooky moofies.
>>15837 Looks good neet
The fire is going after a massive effort. Definetley need a large reserve of blowtorch gas.
>>15841 When you're out and about keep an eye out for old fence palings (and posts) cause they make excellent kindling.
>>15842 The youtube experts all use newspaper which i dont because the ink is fuck off toxic to burn. The problem is that I only have hardwood splints from chopping to use. Splints and a blowtorch.
>>15837 That is some fine looking bush craftsmanship, well done.
(54.72 KB 600x337 fireplace girl.jpg)
I'm a bit worried about that dope I smoked last weekend, I read in the paper that some drugos got busted on the highway out of Port Shorecliff with a mouth swab. They found a spare tyre full of Ice and cash in the boot. So no dope before my resupply run. Might as well work thru the weekend and next week then. Getting shit ready for my excursion on tuesday. Glued the aincient milsurp poncho, very good piece of kit that. Might have a go programming the baofeng with local freqs. Might just sit in front of the fire and warm my feet. Good Night. White.
(148.04 KB 1253x572 Shotgun Saunders.jpg)
PuddingHead got drunk and pulled out his shotgun live. A big 'no no' on YouToob. He was getting all riled up watching a vid on Australian gun laws, specifically relating to those 'gel blasters'.
>>15846 I thought he was in a no gunz country
>>15818 lol cool. >>15829 Yummo >>15837 Lush looking soil. Grow some stuff. >>15846 What does TWU mean?
(781.65 KB 1536x2048 Gaji Seia.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
I think mum is angry at me again. I can't get to sleep and I've had a series of panic attacks tonight.
>>15849 This gook's a satanist. Burn It!
Good Morning NEETs. Another quiet morning sleep in. Big yawn.
>>15850 Tell her to cut it out or you'll put her in an old folks home.
Only having one sennalax today, I dont want to get addicted.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-22/history-of-duelling-and-gentlemen-dying-for-honour/100136264 Johnny howard took our gunz now we cant defend our honor. I miss the days of the 50 cal hand cannons at dawn.
>>15852 Morning
>>15854 The squirts have a rough come down.
Programming the Baofeng. PITA.
Having a crack at the bread maker.
what the hell is strong white flour?
earbuds in, time for cleaning.
Finished my 4th week of wage, its getting better eas i am doing more work now but i have to interact with clients more often which i think will be annoying
>>15860 A racist product
I am not yet 25 but I am still upset I have probably fucked my brain and the development of my pre-frontal cortex on booze and porn. At least I never touched drugs.
Decontamination is going well. Bread dough looks shit.
>>15863 Master race flour
>>15856 >>15852 Good morning. Just got back home from perusing the markets. So many people I was zigging and zagging through every aisle. A lot of interesting stuff was seen but anxiety prevented me from taking a closer look at anything. There were several large nice-looking dogs including a white poodle. Saw again this cute hippy chick that was on the same bus as me about a month ago, along with too many other attractive single women and couples. Sucks that I have nothing to offer.
>>15862 Congrats on your 1-month working life anniversary
>>15865 The breads will get better with experience. What brand of machine do you have?
(4.80 KB 298x169 panasonic sd 2501.jpg)
>>15869 This one. The bread mix needed rescuing. I didnt measure everything out exactly because I dont have scales only a measuring jug. I need to know the density of strong white flour for next time.
>>15867 >sucks IKTF Chads have women come up to them apparently.
>>15862 >interact with clients. Look out.
(165.04 KB 696x440 The horror.jpg)
>>15848 TWU = That's what's up TMDWU = That's most definitely what's up TMDNWU = That's most definitely not what's up
>>15873 Fuck that sucks shit. That citrus wont biodegrade. They should have dumped it at sea.
Smells like bread in the kitchen, Hopefullly the bread will rise from the baking soda because the yeast didnt work.
Smells like bread in the kitchen, Hopefullly the bread will rise from the baking soda because the yeast didnt work.
(167.94 KB 701x573 Brunch.jpg)
Couple of eggs 'poached' in a tin of SPC baked beans, seasoned with dried parsley, smoked paprika, pepper and too much iodised salt
>>15877 Iodine is good for you.
(57.81 KB 640x480 strong white bread.jpg)
Aw yeah?
>>15879 Seems Nice
I've got a test on Wednesday. I've fallen way behind on the content so I am working like a dog to catch up on it. The lectures are fucking terrible (and occasionally absent) so I am forced to rely on textbooks but it is hard to work out what I even need to learn.
>>15879 Looks very strong and white.
>>15881 I haven't done much today but I have worked out a study plan which is good I suppose.
>>15881 Fugg thats a cunt. can you use last years tests to frame the material?
>>15879 That would not look out of place at a bakery. Well done!
I put down lime on the carpet for the dog stink from the last tennats, It seems to have done the trick but this confounded lime dust is everywhere.
(465.34 KB 1537x991 Haul 21 May.jpg)
(198.43 KB 1632x1224 Cinema.jpg)
Last night's trip to the moofies went without a hitch. I got there an hour early to get groceries and booze from the nearby Coles. I parked in a secure parking complex, but didn't have to pay. By the time the groceries were bought there was still 30 minutes until the moofie started so I sat in the car browsing the net on the phone. Never been so early to a cinema. I'm used to walking in with the trailers already begun. Was pretty nervous the place would be packed but apart from me there was only 4 others. The movie - A Quiet Place Part 2 - was excellent, with a lot of interesting and unsuspecting scenes, plus a few cheap 'jump scares' that spooked me a couple times. For some reason the main cinema lights came on right at the end, about 15 minutes before the credits rolled and completely ruined the scary atmosphere.
>>15887 Good haul neet.
>>15887 >1kg salt Thats literally a lifetimes worth of salt.
>>15889 You sound salty.
>>15877 >>15879 Looks good neets
>>15887 UwU. Hot Chilli Oil!
>>15887 I cant handle Jump Scares but i can watch Aliens okay because I love Sci Fi
>>15884 This is just an in-semester test, so there aren't any prior tests available. I have written out a bit of a syllabus using the provided lecture notes. The notes are way to sparse to actually learn anything from them but it makes for a nice frame of what I need to learn. I've written out what bits of the textbook I need to read and am using youtube videos to assist when I am stuck or would like clarification. I think I'll be alright. Cheers mate.
>>15894 Sounds like its barely worth doing the course, for all the material you're getting from them.
The bread is a bit sweet and crumbly, but at least its fresh and I'm hungry. Very late din-dins.
>>15895 Yeah, I need it to finish the degree though. Uni for me isn't really about an education either. I am just trying to tick all the boxes to become a teacher. I'd just learn everything on my own otherwise. The internet is a fantastic resource for that.
>>15897 I dunno.. I did stem and figure at some point you gotta trust the professors who have worked out what you need to know and what you dont. Otherwise you are learning a lot of useless stuff and wasting your time.
Hope your mum is okay.
(40.54 KB 799x603 September morn.jpg)
>>15899 Silver City is great but I'm not at the point where I can return to Poz City at a moments notice. I gamed this out in my head today and it'll take a full day of travel and setting up camp before I can go on operations there. Add to that a day of packing and prep. Add to that the night sail needs modding. I dont think mummybot is terribly ill and her health care is pretty well in hand after all the coercion it took to get her to call a Doctor. Still. I only get secondhand information unless I'm actually there. Just going to have to sit this one out, get ready for the next time. The plan stands, the schedule must be maintained. Good Night,White.
>>15900 > her health care is pretty well That's good to hear. s long as she's at a hospital, she's being checked up on.
(384.83 KB 1536x2048 Enako1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>15902 Nice tits.
>>15896 Appreciate and deal with the small things NEET, and all the big things will take care of themselves.
Curious how you guy support yourself if you're NEETs? Though I assume some of you work but have the NEET mindset.
>>15905 Most here are NEETing for the most part.
>>15906 So probably living with parents then unless you have an inheritance. To each their own. I can't stand my parents enough to live with them, kek.
>>15907 I think most live on their own. There's a couple younger NEETs that might still.
Good Morning NEETs. Slept right thru but feel a little Caro-d out.
Having another go at making teh bread.
Wake up little yeasties, get out of your warm bath and go to work.
(468.12 KB 505x536 cats rave.png)
Quints Dunce Dunce Dunce Dunce
(204.37 KB 684x914 Choofer boong.jpg)
Quints and yous can all have a sunday choof.
>>15914 Checked
>>15914 Good on ya wizzy
oWo. The bread maker is on the knead cycle. Its rolling and squishing the dough. Kino.
>>15914 Nice one Wizzy
The dough has been punished enough. Now it sits and has a think.
Why did you have problems with your yeast the first time? What are you doing wrong?
>>15920 The instructions said to put all the ingreedients in and close the lid. this time i mixed it up and put it in. Plus i woke up the yeast in warm water and sugar.
>>15921 >warm water The water should only be luke warm. Too hot and it can kill the yeast. >i mixed it up There is no need to do that. You have a really good machine. What sort of yeast are you using? Is it in individual sealed sachets?
>>15922 Duno Its chink yeast. I should use more because I have lots. just remember it rising a lot more when I was making pixxas. Kino day. Should have gone up the mountain this morning.
>>15923 >I should use more because I have lots. No you shouldn't. Follow the instructions exactly. Measure everything carefully. Buy new yeast if what you have has been sitting around for a long time.
>>15924 I bought my yeast after the pandemic panic but it is chinky yeast. I'll just use more. Maybe I'll use half milk next batch tho.
(117.81 KB 444x666 wandjina_worry (1).jpg)
>>15914 Wizzy ya fucking good cunt.
>>15919 We should all do that after a thorough kneading.
>>15925 Follow the instructions exactly.
>>15928 Instructions are for losers.
>>15929 This sort of failure is for losers. >>15879 Don't let it happen again. Follow the instructions.
>follow the instructions Be a rebel.
Bread smells good.
(54.65 KB 640x480 snack size.jpg)
(22.31 KB 640x480 frame.jpg)
Bread turned out small and meh. Got the hammock frame up in the new room.
(19.64 KB 300x300 9442391.jpg)
>>15934 You need to buy new yeast. Get pic related.
>>15935 Thats the one I have. It says to put it in the fridge or freexer so mine might be stuffed. I'll use ten times as much next loaf and get more when I go to the shops.
Off up the hill.
Only a cup of coffee and maybe 2/3 of a peach today. Deciding what to study at TAFE.
>>15929 >losers >>15930 >losers *loosers
>>15938 Microwave cookery
>>15938 what options do you have?
(107.31 KB 640x480 spikey.jpg)
(98.86 KB 640x480 trail.jpg)
Went up the hill a bit, the old trail was a bit rough. Dunno what to do about it. might be better off parting company with the trail to get higher. When I came back the kids playing in the arvo sunshine checked me out cos i was covered in bits of bush.
>>15941 Either way I'll be moving to do it. I'm thinking something in IT, healthcare or cooking. >>15942 Looks nice. Hope you enjoyed yourself.
>>15943 Healthcare = penalty rates.
>>15943 What are you, yourself, passionate about NEET? B/C this is no free ride, nor magic bullet. You'll have to claw out every bit of win you ever achieve in life. Figure out r/n what you can see yourself enduring for hours on end each day, then explore your options in that direction. I actually love to code now, and I've chosen it for my long-term goals (robowaifus), but trust me it didn't come easily and it's taken me years to get where I'm at today. >tl;dr Find out how to make money at what you love to do NEET, and you'll never work another day of your life.
>>15934 Did you have some of it while it was still warm?
>>15945 >What are you, yourself, passionate about NEET? Good god I wish I knew. I'll be taking some time to visit my aunt soon hopefully so I'll spend time away from here to clear my head and think it through. Cooking is something I am surprisingly passionate about though, although I'm not sure how much that has to do with my subconscious just desperately trying to find something to do. I'm plans with IT is to do a Diploma of IT (one of them, TAFEQld has a bunch then use that as a pathway into a bachelor of IT. My plans with healthcare was kind of the same as IT really, get a cert/diploma to use as a pathway into uni. Problem is with both IT and healthcare options there's a lot of choice within both and I'm not sure where I'd go. Thanks to you and >>15944 this NEET though.
>>15942 Thanks for the pics m8
Maybe something within healthcare would be good, I'll just be same faceless worker of many. Do a cert III, build up my confidence with going to school and doing assignments, get a degree in something then fuck off from here forever.
(48.28 KB 338x507 army dead.jpg)
Ungh. Fire was hard to light. Having tea, watching a download.
>>15946 No i left it to cool, its not baked completely in the middle
Going for a walk then I'll finish of the can of peaches. >>15945 How did you get into programming? Did you start it before study?
>>15952 >How did you get into programming? Did you start it before study? I did. My company needed a database + entry GUI for billing, and it seemed easy enough of a problem so I agreed to do it, took all the money they gave me for doing it to my brother (who was in Uni for it at the time) to work with me on it. I gave him all the design requirements, and sort of demanded that he explain to me what he was doing while he did it (normally this would be way out of bounds for a customer, but brother so w/e). That's literally how it started for me. Today, I can write my own software from my own designs, and have spent 5'000 hrs since over the decade learning to code. I'm still a NEET basically, but if push comes to shove I can actually pull down good money at it when I force myself to put up with normals.
(122.01 KB 575x800 1598929803779.jpg)
Meh the moofie is okay. The good part is how I didnt pay to see it. It always boggles my brain how the entertainment industry can keep churning this shit out with a busted business model. Its ironic that its a zombie moofie i pirated. The whole industry is a zombie. Bring on the return of the Bard. Good Night, White.
>>15954 Goodnight NEET, sleep tight
>>15954 >t always boggles my brain how the entertainment industry can keep churning this shit out with a busted business model. Simply b/c the amount of freely-available Jewgold on tap today by these corrupters is in trillions of dollars, NEET. They don't care about money at this stage -- they simply know it's one of their most powerful brainwashing tools. As should be entirely obvious by this stage, they are now moving into their endgame scheme to overthrow Whites and remove us from off the planet. Your pic-related is exactly the target tool to do so. Corrupt White women, and the White civilization our ancestors built that the entire world benefits from is doomed. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but doomed nonetheless. The serpent has been deceiving the female with demonic council since the very beginning. Fortunately, this won't the be end of the story, and God will laugh them into derision.
(467.46 KB 1536x2048 Satonaka Natsuki.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>15957 I have heard that the whole accounting side of making movies is completely made up. The actual figures that show how much money they made or lost are never released.
>>15958 I'm sure it's not the only industry this is true, but it's probably the most visible one of them. Nite NEET.
The moofie was shit. 2/5. Did not contain any realistic zombie dynamics.
I have quite wide hips for a man. It is something I have only recently noticed. I would have a much nicer figure if it were not for that.
>>15961 I think you have a nice figure
Good morning NEETs. Port Shorecliff run today. Big poos already.
>>15961 >I have quite wide hips it will be good for childbirth.
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
winning the game of life
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
>just sent an email but totally fucked typing it up
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
dead thread
started ripping and burning dvds
>>15968 >dvd yikes anything under 720p is vomit
Hope you're all doing well.
(13.03 KB 95x95 Untitled.png)
>>15970 yep i'm good
How is Griffith NSW connected to globohomo? >Al Grassby - ended White Australia Policy, implemented multiculturalism under Whitlam >Don McKay >Calabrian Mafia
Port Shorecliff run went well. Got blowtorch gas and courtesy filled up from the servo that filled the bottles, even though it was yukky 95 octane its the only servo that does and therefore a strategic asset. Bought a hose from bunnings, now i can wash away the wallaby shit from my concrete apron.
>>15972 What did poor old don mckay have to do with it?
>>15972 Griffith has always been gay. The lebs and wogs have been there since at least the 50's.
>>15975 What? the Itai's are kinda white and the Lebos hate the Juice.
>>15976 My Grandfather used to move their dope (they used to have that as a major drug thing back then, before smack become huge) and be one of the muscles for them. >>15977 Kind of linked in with this. There was a Frank Trimboli, I don't think he was in the show (I haven't seen much of it). My uncle touched up his daughter and didn't die, which is pretty mental but my grandfather had to stop working for them from then on. I think he must've used all the favours to make sure my uncle didn't get minced. Those earlier wogs weren't all bad, had weird morals and shit but least had rules.
tbh, he should've let the uncle get killed. He ended up doing it again and killed a 16 year old.
>>15978 oWo. The good old days. Now the whites are buying Ice off the Chinees. I parked outside the local Ice bar today, some beach bar allways open. Ice Zombies are redline chaos junkies waiting to attack. The moofie I saw yesterday had ice zombies. I just realized
>>15980 >oWo fuckoff
>>15975 >>15976 What are you, boomers? The (((Globohomo))) isn't about faggots you cunts, they are just the pet golems.
>>15982 Know your roots, son.
(17.43 KB 340x340 no war.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-24/sydney-opera-house-allegations-of-systemic-racism/100151610 I'll never go to the Sydney Opera House again. After the purge comes the hoarde. Shall we stain our sails with poo? Run cheap chinky slave labor restaurant in the lobby? Defund The ABC
(29.95 KB 600x397 nowar.jpg)
night neets, have bandaged my arm up where i sh feel like crap, most likely no sleep tonight fuck you jbhifi, my life doesnt get any better it's all become too much
>>15986 Night Neet, Sleep Tight.
(167.01 KB 1280x960 Plant based.jpg)
Late Vegan Supper tonight
(275.10 KB 1000x1424 1590775496805.jpg)
Had fun driving to the Coast. I am pointing at the road safety signs and calling them out loud now. Its heaps effective. I just want to stop the falcon and explore the landscape, but there are no verges to stop in. Often you would get lost off the side which is scary. Also had fun doing falsetto larping about being Auntie No!. "Trucks on my roads? NOO!" "Power lines in my countryside? NOO!" "Shopping Centres in my community? NOO!" Also had a can of Mondster, sugar free for no mess. Good Night, White.
(100.39 KB 640x794 cat two face.jpg)
(290.21 KB 1080x1547 Umezawa Minami6.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>15980 Ice has ruined so many people. It really cooks cunts.
>>15982 Respect your elders, boy.
>>15989 >falsetto no idea what you're on about but I laff'd.
(290.90 KB 960x1440 images (1).jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Windy and warm this morning, Dramatic weather.
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