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(56.73 KB 845x925 New Kicks Pepe.jpg)
NEET GENERAL #19 - NEW KICKS EDITION NEET 05/24/2021 (Mon) 22:55:07 No. 15998
Isnt it great when you come back from the IGA and those new shoes you bought finally got delivered. Then you unbox them and wear them around the house and they're so comfy and look so awesome you wear them to bed too. Then you start having baths instead of showers because if you keep them in the air out of the water you dont have to take them off at all. Its a good thing you have trackies with snaps on the sides, its a real struggle to put your jeans on sometimes. I wonder how long you've had them on, They're starting to get a bit ratty and don't feel comfy all the time now. And so begins the anxious hunt for new kicks, seeing as you got the last ones on special because the factory was clearing out old stock. Finally you find some and before you know it, there they are, on your doorstep, when you come back from the IGA. YOUR NEW KICKS
What the hell is that smell?
NEET GENERAL #19 Soundtrack https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_19
(79.91 KB 338x320 pepe kicks.jpg)
>>15998 Pepe/Wojack is pretty much a fixture of normalfag culture now.
dead thread
Making a new batch of bread. I put in a ton of yeast because it failed to rise last time. Fuck your rules
(23.41 KB 640x480 big loaf.jpg)
Bread looks promising, I'll know in two hours. Roofing Job taking longer than expected. >tfw not going bushwalking today. Chippos for lunch.
>>16008 Thicc.
(373.07 KB 1280x2834 ns hobart.png.jpg)
>>16010 They should make stickers with a white background that say: >It's okay to be Really get them thinking.
(212.77 KB 778x724 tasmania for the white man.png)
>>16011 Duno. Its not gonna redpill the NPC's but might raise awareness about NSN with the local lads.
>>16012 >info Someone was being thrify with the domain name.
ASMR is gay
(190.38 KB 1280x960 breddy gud.jpg)
Watching a big rain cloud roll in on the radar. wood = chopped
>>16015 nice loaf neet
>>16017 Its white, i dont like brown, obviously. I dont even brown crust much.
>>16018 Aren't you that NEET that used to stuff big brown rye loaves down your throat?
I should polish my boots. I usually leave them in the sun for a bit before brushing it off but it is pissing cats and dogs here.
(78.83 KB 500x500 muck boots chore.jpg)
>>16020 These are nice.
(56.76 KB 218x255 DanJew2.png)
Need dan merch.
>>16003 They look alright although the high boots are a bit of a pain to do up. I had a pair like that that were steel blues that also had a zip up the side.
>>16015 Looks great
(951.78 KB 360x360 blackout.webm)
>>16015 How'd the center turn out Neet?
(164.59 KB 1280x960 plant based2.jpg)
>>16026 I like it.
(198.85 KB 1280x960 plant based 3.jpg)
Le main course.
>>16016 kek he crashed on the trick he tried to do after the front flip.
Don't forget neets, full moon eclipse tomorrow
>>16029 Looks good.
>>16031 Neat, Neet.
>>16031 oWo. will attend.
(759.08 KB 1632x1224 Haul 25 May.jpg)
A new thread calls for a new haul!
Inb4 site-wide ban for 'beastiality' kicks in...
>>16037 Nice haul m8, I get the same brand fetta except I get the twin pack one
>>16037 Quality work.
>>16038 Is this in relation to the grocery haul?
>>16037 Whats the difference between coconut water in a can and coconut milk in a tetra brik?
(397.21 KB 1024x768 milk baggies.jpg)
>>16037 >>16042 We used to be able to buy whole cocunuts at the local supermarkets I wonder if anyone still sells them.
>>16044 You have to go to the islanders supermarket. They have taro root there.
Day is over. Rain was nice sometimes and a poo sometimes. I spent some time poring over the maps of my area. Then I started watching a moofie. Past my bed time. Good Night, NEETs.
(124.11 KB 1494x2048 Yamashita Mizuki4.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16046 Goodnight NEET
>>16046 >>16047 nite NEETS
>>16044 Coles and/or Woolies should have whole coconuts available most of the year.
>>16046 >a poo sometimes Good night. It'll be another Laxette for me tonight.
>>16043 WTF is that? The only liquid I'm familiar with that comes in 4 litre baggies is goon.
>>16051 That is bagged milk. Popular in Canada.
>>16039 There was cheaper fetta, but it was the 'creamy' type and I wanted the crumble stuff.
>>16048 >>16047 Have a good night. I'll be passing out soon
Sup NEETs. Burger anon here and phonefagging rn. I am buying a gym membership today. Watching star trek DS9 right now. I am new at being a NEET but it has been so freeing.
Good Morning NEETs. Weather watching on a wet morning.
(24.27 KB 296x299 Alf_Stewart.jpg)
>>16055 Get a job you bludger
>>16052 >>16051 Everyone in Canada apparently owns those pourers too.
>>16055 Hey neet
Rain all day, apparrently, Going out to the park.
>>16058 Can confirm
>>16055 Welcome newNEET
>>16056 Good cold morning. Got a job agency appointment today. This new mob has me there for the full scheduled 30 minutes minimum, unlike the old mob that had me in and out within 5 minutes. It could either mean that the new place cares more about me finding work or they wish to punish the dole bludger...?
>>16061 kek, it looks ridiculous
Is the NEET that did health administration here?
>>16060 Enjoy the park m8 >>16063 >a job agency appointment today Sounds horrible
>>16061 Are the fridges specially designed to hold them? It seems like a pretty big inconvenience. Plus as soon as you open the milk, it is exposed to air and would go off straight away. Maybe your milk has more chemicals in it. Ours has heaps too but only uht milk can last left open like that. It's really fucking weird man. You should do something about it.
>>16063 That might be good, some rural areas really need workers so you could be in luck. Most of the country towns I know well are just dying because there are no jobs, so that seems almost foreign. Who knows. Do you know if there is any industry around there? Where I was, there was just a meat processing place or checkouts of the supermarket and a few dine in in things for tourists. I heard about some place, I think Dubbo, they paid for people to go to their town/city to work. What work would you accept if they offered it?
>>16065 You'd know if you all kept your NEETnames.
>>16068 You dont want to live in a tourist town. Tourists are entitled cunts and the small businesses that serve them get the only benefit.
>>16070 Yeah, that's why I initially moved to the city.
>>16067 You can seal them up with a clip. I think milk bags are a great idea.
>>16071 Kek. where did you think those touro cunts come from?
>>16072 >a clip That is unsatisfactory.
>>16073 lol, not to get away from tourists. Came here to get work.
imagine wanting work
>>16074 You drink Goon, whats the problem with milk bags?
>>16077 If it had a goon spout, that would at least be air tight.
I'd drink goon milk.
>>16076 Then I got here and did nothing for about 7 years.
(6.72 KB 187x270 wrath.jpg)
Whoa this torrent is fast.
(22.91 KB 460x460 6000201905102.jpg)
>>16072 >>16074 >>16067 Guess you 'could' use a clip, but have never had the need to. The hole you cut in corner is pretty small, and there's not much air flow in a fridge. Bag isn't that big, and is gone in a day or two in most households. >It seems like a pretty big inconvenience. >You should do something about it. There's option of buying 4L jugs, but most people with ovaries' find the jug to be pretty heavy when full
(373.61 KB 1280x960 mushies.jpg)
(140.38 KB 1280x960 sports ground.jpg)
4.5 hour walkabout. Didnt get to where I wanted to go. It was just too far and my feet were wet as. The water flows down my legs and into the tops of my boots. My gaiters are so fukn old that they make a reservoir of moisture rather than keep it out. A pricey bit of gear.
>>16083 You need to hibernate until the spring.
>>16084 Nah, winter is when the touros fuck off to the gold coast instead, I figure I have the nice spots to myself in winter, thats in 5 days.
>>16082 How long do they last if you don't open them? I have 4l orange drink and that's a bit heavy for me. I usually use two hands.
>>16082 Four liter jugs is big whitey size, us delicate ladies like the two liter boxes.
>>16066 >Sounds horrible It was. Almost ran out a couple times due to anxiety making me feel like fainting.
Lunch in the park before the dreaded fortnightly job agency appointment. Bought some stuff from BigW afterwards, including a pair of pants and a flanno shirt. Felt like hitting the goon on arrival back home but resisted the urge and had some hot green tea instead. I'm hoping to be sober enough to catch the lunar eclipse.
>>16068 >What work would you accept if they offered it? My case manager said she'll be personally going to IGA to enquire about jobs on my behalf, as well as putting forward my resume to a restaurant in regards to a kitchenhand position.
>>16083 Those mushrooms look absolutely magical! Sounds like you really need a new pair of boots. Don't wanna end up with a case of trench foot.
>>16088 >anxiety making me feel like fainting. You should get on DSP m8.
>>16089 >nutritional yeast That is vegan shit. Are you going vegan?
>>16086 10-14 days is pretty typical for expiration dates I guess. Bought milk today, date says JUN07
...pretty rare for it to go bad before exp. date
Was considering moving into a boat shed. Just did'nt want to be Boatshedguy.
>>16089 Nice haul neet.
>>16096 >Just did'nt want to be Boatshedguy. Why not? Sounds pretty cool.
>>16098 I hung out with these guys, back innadae. Just attract attention, need lo key.
>>16099 There is a trail of dropped lemons that leads straight back to you.
This place is Lo Key but a sattelite community on a moon colony. Lolo key is innawoods. >>16100 kek. lemons in freexer now.
>>16093 Randomly came across this video on Youtube the other day and watched because I do in fact have those vertical ridges. The yeast was one of the suggested remedies as it contains a lot of B-vitamins which I know I'm deficient in anyway, being an alcoholic.
>>16102 Your nails become less smooth as you get older, it is normal.
>>16101 Do you just put them in whole, in freezer bags or similar?
>>16103 Perhaps it is normal, but I could do with some extra b-vits so I thought why not give it a go.
>>16102 I just take a mega vit b tablet, I get them on special at the supermarket
>>16102 I file my nails and i chew them
>>16104 four to a freexer bag. They are like stones now. still on the fresh tho.
>>16108 I might try freezing limes whole, I usually squeeze them and freeze the juice, but maybe there is not much difference anyway
(154.79 KB 1280x960 plant based 4.jpg)
Made a pottage with lentils pearl barley and some rice I found amazingly in my round eyed only grainary. lets hope I dont get slitty eyes!
Watching old GregO live-stream and longing for IRL human companionship.
>>16110 Food looks acceptable. What's with the towel on the induction cooker?
>>16111 >longing for IRL human companionship Advertise for a roommate.
Partial eclipse has begun
>>16114 Sky has cleared here
>>16115 Just looked and about 1/4 is gone. I'll check again in 30 minutes.
There's too much cloud cover for me to see anything.
Only a quarter left. What happens when there's none? Will it turn back on? What if it doesn't?
nice video from a channel that discusses scientific papers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVl_em25nDo
I am considering going out for a run.
What disappointed me the most about that sandwich was the sheer lack of lettuce.
Going for that run. Hope I don't get raped.
>>16095 >>16094 Just pour it in boiling water for a bit, then strain it out into cheap cheese. Don't waste food.
>>16122 We wont rape you ya big white stud, we's just want to party
(104.20 KB 872x569 PuddinHead.jpg)
I got the times mixed up Went outside and it was all over The goon made me miss the red moon
>>16112 Pressure cooker has a crack and water always leaks out there. I put the towel on it to soak up the leak. Its super annoying. but what can you do?
(118.39 KB 962x641 boong4m.jpg)
>>16124 Count me in cuz
>>16125 There was a lot of cloud cover, it was alright.
(262.45 KB 1256x1675 1596500504977.jpg)
Having a lot more house space is still a thing with me after the unit in poz city. There's lots of super comfy looking houses around Silver city. Some ppl are doing well out here. I had a good day and a coffee so I'm staying up late watching 'Wrong Turn 2021' , Its like 'Midsommar'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccaNMcPqpQ0 Too much rain to see the lunar eclipse. I never cared much for celestial happenings TBQH. Need to catch a mouse tomorrow. Good Night, NEETs.
>>16129 Nice bum. Night.
(120.83 KB 624x832 Matsumoto Nanami.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16129 Goodnight NEET
>>16131 She has a mad look about her. As in Insane.
Good Morning NEETs. Misty in the mountains. Not inclined to go out today.
>>16133 Digits compel you to go out today Neet. Sorry.
>>16133 Go climb that mountain neet.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-27/new-exposure-sites-added-in-victoria-covid/100169082 >Medieval battle event added to growing list of COVID exposure sites in Victoria White ppl now involved.
I woke up two hours ago and just laid in bed hoping I would go back to sleep. In hindsight, I should've just gotten up. So onwards with the day.
You can have my day. I have to deal with provider administration today.
Goin down the IGA to get milk and mousetraps. You NEETs want what?
>>16139 One medium sized banana please.
>>16140 Ok I'll check for the specials.
>>16130 Thank you, I've been doing a lot of squats lately ;)
>>16129 >Need to catch a mouse tomorrow Good luck Tom
>>16133 Good morning, popped into the servo for a hot-box brekky, a tater scallop and bacon&cheese crumbed snag. Sat on a nearby bench to eat but got harassed by magpies. One even followed while I walked away. Wish cunts would stop throwing them their scraps. It should be a criminal offence.
>>16137 I've been doing that lately too, the colder it gets the less I wanna get up.
>>16138 Good luck with that. I will potentially have to go into a Cenno as I found out this morn from my disability provider that I've been "automatically exited" after being on the scheme for 24 months. FML.
>>16146 yeah you have to switch provider after 2 years
>>16147 I only just changed provider a couple months back though. I will call Cenno first before going in person.
(32.90 KB 640x480 iga haul.jpg)
Rained on the IGA trip, Now its sunny for a minute. Got a mouse trap but im going to pre bait first. >>16140 Sorry bananas were too dear.
(70.97 KB 901x960 1617665922229.jpg)
(946.54 KB 1200x1778 wrongo.jpg)
Woo. This moofie started off looking like a wokemobile but redeemed itself nicely. Pretty /k/ moofie with all the mantraps. Plus the annoying charcters get offed in spectacular ways. 5 out of 5 rapey mountain mutants.
(168.79 KB 689x664 The psyop continues.jpg)
(240.66 KB 762x1148 The snakes will follow.jpg)
(138.91 KB 706x812 Muerte por dinosaurio.jpg)
I haven't eaten all day.
>>16153 I wish I had your willpower.
>>16154 Just not hungry. I'd rather roll over and die.
(1.20 MB 970x728 new stamp.png)
Got some new stamps today, theres one with just the aeroplane on it.
>>16156 That looks nice. Do you collect them?
>>16157 Yes I collect stamps, But these ones I will send to a fren.
>>16151 Thanks for the review.
>>16155 >I'd rather roll over and die Why's that?
>>16156 Damn, I remember when stamps were around 50 cents.
>>16160 There's a lot to talk about there, but in short the past week or so hasn't been the best for me and my deceased mum is yelling at me again for being a shit son. I'm thinking of going to talk to a professional about it.
>>16162 This yelling you speak of, is it an hallucination or something that's occurring in a dream? Do you have the schizophrenia?
(187.61 KB 1280x960 1 tenth rye.jpg)
bread came out okay. I'll have it with the pottage I made yesterday. I should put the rest in the fridge because of the bacillus cereus risk .
>>16161 Australia Pos.
>>16162 We're all shit.
>>16164 Very nice neet
>>16135 Have you ever climbed a mountain NEET? I doubt he'd like it
>>16142 It shows. Not that I was looking.
>>16151 Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.
>>16156 Why'd they call it the Wyatt Earp?
>>16162 Your mum had too high standards.
>>16164 Looks lovely.
>>16168 I nearly got to climb the three sisters at Katoomba many years ago (banned now) but a few more joined the group and we just went abseiling instead.
Thermos full of Caro.
>>16174 theres these sports hipsters that climb mountains here above 1000m. Then they post about it on FB and that motivates them to do them all. Peak baggers are faggots. Sometimes I see their entries in the track logs. I dont put my name in or I put "Don Burke".
(174.34 KB 1280x960 plant based 5.jpg)
Opened a jar of Sauerkraut. Not regretting it.
>>16171 Wyatt Not?
>>16176 This is what I look like unless I work out daily.
>>16172 No, she just had me for a son. >>16179 Looks good, it's been over 24 hours since I've eaten but I just don't want to.
>>16179 I don't think cheese and butter are plant based.
>>16164 Looks very nice. This is your 4th loaf now? >>16179 >the buttered bread >the cheesy tater gems I would shove my noggin into both those plates!
>>16182 >had me for a son. Iktf, Mum's a cunt. Fuck her.
>>16184 Maybe. Its made with milk and 10% rye and a ton of that old yeast. Mummybots old white doctor retired, now she has a gookette.
>>16164 Buy some fresh yeast.
>>16187 He will need a qt to get that.
>>16185 Mum has a cunt. Dad fucked her.
>>16187 Buy some nutritional yeast and bake the bread inside of you
(34.97 KB 600x456 carlos_you_doublenigger.jpeg)
Night Neets. >>16180
>>16171 The wild west was all the rage backinnadae, Maybe they were big fans.
(110.70 KB 334x500 wild west girl.jpg)
Wrath of Man 2021 starring Jason Statham was pretty good but the audio was shit and i couldnt understand anything until I turned the subtitles on. Lots of shooty bang in the end but a little light thru the middle game. I give it 3 out of 5 double taps to the centre mass. Good Night. White.
(281.75 KB 1534x2048 Hazuki Aya2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16193 Goodnight NEET
Good Morning NEETs. Its cold with a bit of snow, Last night I got cold in bed.
Morning. >>16195 You need some woolier socks.
Having my oats with full cream milk instead of soy. ZERO FUCKS
>>16196 >>16195 Good morning, woke to a chilly 11 degrees. Went for a walk up a hill then bought a coffee on the downer. Might go to BigW and buy a small heater and/or microwave and/or rice cooker.
>>16197 straight to the bone!
>>16198 I'll pump you up with some stonk boy!
>>16199 Can you cook other things in a rice cooker?
Had a go with the varnish, Doing some furniture I made, Good feeling but time consuming. Ended up going around with the paint tin and the gummy brush painting any exposed wood surfaces where I found them. Paint fumes as all get out now.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-28/religion-prejudice-dating-apps-tinder-rejection-australia-talks/100161020 Kvetch harder kike. Jews are the beautiful people now. Just a bit of puff to distract you from the goings on in the west bank/gaza strip. DEFUND THE ABC
Imagine doing something with your life
>>16202 I've cooked a whole chook in one
(654.60 KB 1632x1224 Haul 28 May.jpg)
привет A few more things for the big white tiffin box. I was surprised to see that the sauerkraut was made in Russia. For some reason I assumed it was Aussie made as it was a refrigerated item and the fact it was more expensive than the jarred stuff found next to all the other jarred pickled stuff. Don't recall ever eating Russian-made foodstuffs.
Big coffee = Big coffee poo.
>>16207 That kraut is awful and the plastic containers leak and stink your tiffin up.
>>16206 You cooked a chook at 100 degrees?
>>16207 Nice haul m8
>>16207 Were those chook nibbles good?
>>16210 Well they say the 'safe' temperature of cooked chicken is 74 degrees C.
>>16211 Thanks >>16209 Haven't tried it yet and probably won't until tomorrow. >>16212 Very good, they had a really nice curry flavour.
dead thread
Girly things.
Just finished a BIG feed. 5 eggs, 3 pork sausages, an onion, a carrot, 3 small potatoes, some peas. Flavoured with salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, chilli flakes and some premixed 'Italian' herbs stuff.
>>16217 Sounds nice m8
(180.83 KB 816x612 Kebabs.jpg)
(274.00 KB 816x612 Drumsticks.jpg)
Finally cooked the meat bought a few days back. The use-by was the 26th but it looked and smelled alright when I opened the packets. Used a cast-iron skillet for both, the chicken cooked using a sear and braise method as I don't have an oven. My portable gas cooker is fucked though and I had to pretty much hold the gas dial to 'max' the whole time so enough gas would flow.
>>16217 Hope you washed it all down with a tall glass of Metamucil
>>16219 Nice, turned out very well. >My portable gas cooker is fucked though If it's one of those $20 bunnings ones I need a new one as well.
Finishing off a film from last night.
>>16221 >>16219 You need an air fryer.
(195.62 KB 1280x960 big mess.jpg)
Mess involves refried rice. I could never make it work but at least there's lots of it.
>>16224 Looks good mate. I like your crockery.
I am off to the gym soon. I am going to: >do a poo >read for a bit >go to the gym In that order. Bye noots.
>>16226 See ya neet
>>16224 Looks good, hmmm all the neets are cooking.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>16226 Don't forget that my cellars are open until 9 tonight,
>>16222 I only watch moofies in one go at the cinemas.
>>16230 Yeah once I start watching a moofie I finish it, if I have to stop for whatever reason I will restart from the beginning (but that hasn't happened in a long time)
>>16229 I drank the last of your poison last night. I've decided to lay off the grog for a month and a bit when exams are over.
(12.79 MB 07. Farewell.mp3)
Hauntingly beautiful.
>>16232 Smart move neet.
>>16221 That' exactly what it is. Had it for a good 5 years at least. >>16223 That might be the way to go. Something that 'contains' the mess (ie no grease-spatter on walls from frying pans). Can they cook bacon?
>>16224 Needs some greenery tbqh, it's all just a tad too brown. Though I'm sure it tasted good.
>>16226 Have a good poo, read and gym sesh.
>>16195 Morning. Best round up what we call a comforter Neet. >>16233 Pretty good Neet. I always liked the cello.
>>16235 >Can they cook bacon? Yes, really well. The fat drains away.
I shouldn't have eaten this much before going to the gym.
>>16240 Kek. You forgot to lift hungry.
(75.80 KB 875x584 Albino Chad.jpg)
>>16240 Nigga I thought you supposed to eat a big meal after working out. You done got it all back to front! You coward You servant You blind man BACK TO THE FRONT
I'm about to squat 125kg and I still feel sluggish and full. There is a tall girl jogging and giving me the feels.
Fuck me, I just did a single rep and feel like throwing up.
(139.93 KB 682x1023 carpentry thots.jpg)
I dont have a mirror in the house. My lip is sore where i play the bugle and I cant inspect it. I'm doing chinups and pushups before lunch and dinner but I cant see how shredded I am until after dark when I walk naked to the shower, past the kitchen window. Still havent talked to any of my neighbours. Not fussed. More carpentry and painting tomorrow. Good Night. White.
>>16244 call it quits or you will throw up. write this session off and call it experience.
Finished my first proper set. The girl has taken off the jumper and is in a sports bra thing with shorts.
>>16247 She'll be wearing your projectile vomit in a minute NEET.
>>16247 You know what to do m8, open that camera app and start taking creepshots.
>>16246 I've finished it.
Went for a walk this morning. It was only for about 20 minutes but I assume that's better than nothing, it was nice and cold during the walk. Another day of being hungry but no real will to eat.
>>16251 Good for you Neet. >20 min walk infinity greater >no walk
Good Morning NEETs. Fuggin cold outside, frost over everything.
>>16251 Good Morning. Go have a coffee.
>>16254 Good morning mate. I'm saying away from caffeine as much as I can.
(631.39 KB 793x995 1622238001114.png)
>>16255 I did that. Now I have a coffee once in a while but not two days in a row.
Fire's going. Thinking about breakfast. and a coffee
(166.54 KB 1440x1440 rainbow bee eaters WA.jpg)
>>16256 Appreciate the reminder Neet. >>16259 Flying artworks
>>16259 Pretty, I haven't seen them in the wild.
>>16257 I'm probably heading into the uni library tomorrow, so I'll have one before then. >>16259 Beautiful creatures. >>16260 >Flying artworks As much as Australia's beauty doesn't always vibe with me, that is a very apt way of describing our birds.
(114.65 KB 1024x691 mchappy pepe.jpg)
Whats for lunch NEETs?
>>16263 Think I might go get a boig. Or an egg and bacon roll but they never put worchestershire sauce on them so they never quite satisfy.
>>16263 Leftovers
Real bloody cold in Adelaide. I wish I had some more trackies to wear.
dead thread
>>16253 Good morning. 2 eggs and half an avo for brekky. Might go for a drive somewhere this arv. To clear the head. Hope ya have a good day.
Thinking about not having any Pixxa for a while.
>>16268 >2 eggs and half an avo Doesn't that make the avo hot? Hope you have a nice drive.
The lotto jew has been very unkind to me as of late
>>16270 Eggs were cooked several days ago
>>16269 It's been about 3 months since I last had any
>>16272 Hmm.
I made some scrambled eggs for breakky. I regretted doing so mid-way through and wished I had made pancakes instead. The eggs were nice though. I am all out of eggs and will have to buy some more if I am going to make pancakes today.
(53.28 KB 940x470 BROKELADS.jpg)
>>16271 I had a mate who played the same numbers for years. One week he forgot and they came up. Now he sucks cocks at the toilet block actually I think he likes it. You gotta be in it to win it.
Thinking about getting an RSA.
(25.88 KB 575x380 Snot Block.jpg)
>>16277 Geta snot blok
I have a glowie in my town. Undercover cop or ex cop, not sure, doesn't matter. There are a hundred targets that he could be after, with the default being "white supremacists." The townspeople are niggers and can't see it. Questions: 1. Should I do something about it? 2. If yes, then what? I have already made contact and am aiming to turn him to our side, if possible.
>>16279 You should not do anything about it. You should just live your life in as comfy and quiet a way as you can. Mind your own business and keep out of trouble. Accept that you can't change the world and intellectually withdraw from politics.
>>16280 >intellectually withdraw from politics Very wise words. I will try this all out. Thank you NEET.
>>16279 Stay away from ZOGbots, They will shake you down at best. At worst they will ruin your life.
>>16280 You dont withdraw, from politics. You withdraw from other sides of politics.
>>16280 what this neet said
Whirlpool can be a bunch of gloomy negative Nancys at time.
>>16285 Thats because they're not based.
All comfy tonight NEETs? Whats on table and screen for (You)?
>>16287 Not much. I had lunch and no real urge to have dinner. I'll probably try to go to bed soon since things are starting to act up in my head again. Do you have anything planned for tonight?
>>16288 Watching an old james bond moofie and having thrice reheated leftovers.
I think I'm going to try to volunteer again. Even if it's just one day a week that I'm out of this cave and possibly helping people in some meagre way.
>>16290 Sounds like a good idea.
>>16290 You should volunteer to distribute leaflets for the NSN.
Holy fuck I'm a loser. I'm 28, I should have a degree, a job and a wife by now. Yet I've got none of that and a big part of me doubts I'll continue with my prep uni course next term.
>>16293 At least you've made a commitment. I cant even decide if I want a shower tonight or not.
Committed to eating my tea and watching 007 Spectre.
>>16294 Best to have a shower, you should feel better afterwards. I'm going for a long one after everyone is asleep.
>>16274 So long as you leave them in the shell they'll keep in the fridge for a week.
>>16276 He drowns his sorrows with coom
>>16277 I'm much too beta to ever be a bartender
>>16293 You can't change the past Neet, it's immutable. You can only change the future, and you do that by choosing each second of time along the way what you'll be. Choose wisely.
(211.00 KB 816x612 A few things from BigW.jpg)
(254.91 KB 816x612 A few things from Coles.jpg)
(207.29 KB 612x816 TMNT.jpg)
(197.83 KB 612x816 SEGA Rally.jpg)
Was sitting down at a park this arvo when a small dog (looked like a kelpie) ran to and jumped onto my lap wanting to be petted, which I did. This brief unexpected moment filled me with genuine joy, something I haven't felt in a long time. She dirtied my clothes though. Her name was Rosie. Came home, showered then headed off to town just to get a pair of trackies and a hoodie, but of course had to buy a few other things being the discipline-less impulse buyer that I am. Some dude sitting on a bench outside of the shopping centre said to me "Good evening sir", to which I simply replied "Hello" while I kept walking. He had a cask of goon on his lap. As you'll see in the following pics I went to an arcade (some of you youngins probably don't know what that is). Bought 10 dollars worth of 'tokens', which lasted about an hour.
>>16299 I'm a berrypicker as well. It was a rather silly thing to consider. >>16300 I really do need to stop looking to the past all the time. I'm just such a nervous wreck that everything scares me. >>16301 My town's arcade is pretty much dead. Seems like you had a good afternoon and early evening though.
(288.27 KB 612x816 Jurassic Park.jpg)
(214.44 KB 612x816 A Nightmare On Elm Street.jpg)
(234.30 KB 612x816 SMB.jpg)
I look forward to going there again some day. Sure would be nice to take a female companion to such places
>>16301 >This brief unexpected moment filled me with genuine joy, something I haven't felt in a long time I am glad neet, we all need a little bit of happiness every so often. > I went to an arcade wow didn't know they still existed, I still remember playing space invaders thanks for the pics neet
>>16303 They look great
>>16302 > everything scares me iktf
>>16297 Never trust anything that lives in a shell.
>>16302 Well, you already know what to do NEET, so now do it. AND LAY OFF THE FUCKING SOY We already warned you it turns you into a female, body and soul. Women are timid and weak, don't be a woman.
>>16301 >>16303 I remember those pinnies. They should drop the price because they 're thirty years old tho. I was always too unco to get much value from em You should have got a cask of goon and found your own bench.
>>16293 You've got 2 years to make changes before you really start to hate yourself
>>16310 30 is my hard limit. I won't be making it.
(37.93 KB 375x263 NSN.jpg)
>>16292 The National Soybean Network?
>>16312 Join the Beanies, we're soy as.
>>16309 Oh I did buy yet another cask. Perhaps sooner than later I'll be sitting next to that cunt. >they should drop the price There were a few machines for sale, going for several thousand. I'd love to see their quarterly electricity bill. >>16307 We're all just crabs in a bucket.
(281.75 KB 1534x2048 Hazuki Aya2.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(102.55 KB 960x960 1594628276568.jpg)
One more day of handy chores done. More of the same tomorrow Spectre was good. Cant wait for the new one to screen. Good Night, White.
Got these 'thermal' socks on, along with a pair of slippers and the balls of my feet are still cold. The 7 dollar gloves are also on and feel really cheaply made, like they won't last more than a month before coming apart. Should've bought a small heater.
>>16316 >>16315 Good night lads, when does that new Bond moofie release? Hopefully this year.
>>16315 >>16316 There you go, posting pics of my waifu again. Night neets.
dead thread
Good Morning NEETs. Super Duper Cumfy Wumfy this morning and slept in rather late.
>>16321 Making coffee atm. Mix of different types.
(1.13 MB 2560x1600 20210529_182404.jpg)
I just realized I never posted a piccy of the redone hardwood floors in the house. I was the one who had to seal off the bedroom to keep toxic fumes out, apologies. >
>>16323 Thy look great.
>>16323 Looks good for a while. I require much indoors to outdoors movement so that means my floors get rat fucked
>>16322 UwU. I'm going to have a caro this morning. The dirty wallaby did a shit on my back dooryard I hosed it down but made an awful mess.
>>16326 >UwU stfu u little faggot
>>16327 owo sorry
>>16327 UmU Rude!!
>>16328 >>16329 i'm going to fucking kill you
>>16330 With the big stick daddy?? uwu
>>16331 you'd probably love having a stick shoved up your ass and being called son fucking faggot
>>16332 >a stick shoved up your ass Hot
(457.92 KB 1000x977 foxford.png)
Fuck this shit I got stuff to do.
Over half way through this assignment. It's my last one for the term and I might reward myself with some darts.
Also, I think today is the 4-5th day where I haven't really had the urge to eat. I'm hungry but I just can't be bothered getting anything, I've probably had 3 meals in the few days.
>>16332 Think about the process in great detail.
>>16335 Fugg that means exams soon. How many do you have?
>>16336 get some high cal shakes.
>>16338 No exams for me this year, none of the pathway units I'm doing require it. Unless I want to do Technical Maths, which... fuck no. >>16339 I might do that. For now though I'm enjoying my weightloss.
(254.82 KB 1242x1242 1622323711380.jpg)
>>16340 Uneed big feed.
Breadmakers going, fires going, sun's out and fog's gone. Why am I still Shitposting
>>16326 >dooryard Thought you'd made a grammatical error but that word is legit, I've just never heard 'door' and 'yard' joined. I've only ever used the terms 'back yard' or 'front yard'.
>>16323 Looks nice and shiny, but like Old Mate said >>16325, they are a cunt to maintain. You've got to put something under every piece of furniture to avoid scratches.
>>16321 Morning, slept in till 10. Don't wanna be getting up any later than that otherwise I feel too groggy and that the day has been wasted.
>>16335 >rewarding oneself with poison At least smoke a joint ffs
>>16342 Douse the fire and go warm up out in the sun
>>16341 Enter the draw to meet Davis.
I keep the fire going because I like burning wood and its a cunt to restart. The technique seems to be to put big bits on close together.
>>16348 Yeah I think he comes and cleans your windows or something.
>>16343 Its the place where you dont want poo to be in. Its going straight into your carpet. The wallabies know this and poo there when they are unhappy, Like because its cold AF and there is no new grass.
I need to study but I feel a food coma in bound.
>>16340 >Unless I want to do Technical Maths, which... fuck no. Why's that Neet? If you can handle such things please do. There are many practical mechanical and engineering things that needs good maths guys. Think about it.
>>16354 I'm neither this neet nor that neet, but I would be happy to help anyone learning maths. I'm currently in my third year of a maths degree and second of a physics degree. I will do what I can to help.
>>16355 I program software, and I'm trying to learn how to make an control 'skeleton' for our robowaifu simulator. Linear Algebra is difficult AF. I've discovered that Blender has an IK/FK sub-project in their code-tree, and that they rely on the 3rd-party library Eigen to efficiently do all the heavy lifting. I think Eigen is GPL, so I can use it (we want to give all our robowaifu code away to everyone in the world to start their businesses, etc.) so I'd have to create my own. I know C++, but I know jack about maths. What do you think, would that be in your line Neet? I don't have a real clear notion where to begin with this part of the project. OTOH, I already have a simple OpenGL-based simulator framework written, and it gets 60fps on my potato box w/ no GPU.
>>16356 >so I can't use it* typo
>>16356 >>16357 >would that be in your line Neet? Definitely not. I know bugger all CS and only rudimentary C++. Linear algebra in pure maths is handled pretty differently to CS from what I've seen though. Obviously the underlying maths is the same but it is pulled in two different directions due to differing goals.
>>16358 I see. Hmm, well, it's the maths that's the holdup for me, not the coding. I have that part down now (well, mostly heh). I just hoped that maybe we could work together on it using both our strengths.
>>16324 >>16325 >>16344 Thanks Neets! Yeah, I'll try to take good care of them. It's really pretty hard to believe the difference they look now compared to earlier though. As the other Neet said, I should've done a before/after but w/e.
>>16359 Sorry mate. I can recommend Shilov's book as a good introduction though: https://www.bookdepository.com/Linear-Algebra/9780486635187
>>16354 I'm doing the program to get into a bachelor of IT.
>>16362 I hope you can stomach the pajeets.
>>16356 Matlab has an eigenvector function.
Bread smells yeasty
>>16364 >>16356 Hang on, is the whole problem here just code for computing eigenvectors?
(117.69 KB 716x514 MILO.jpg)
Off to beach to work on my tan
>>16361 Thanks for the advice. >>16366 I don't really even know what an Eigenvector is tbqh, I just know what I've stated already. 1. Blender has an IK/FK subsystem freely available (an essential for a robowaifu control subsystem, for either virtual or IRL robowaifus). 2. It utilizes a highly-efficient STL template-based 3rd-party library called Eigen to do the heavy lifting for it's IK/FK. 3. I need to create a robowaifu control skeleton, know C++ quite well atp, but know jack about linear algebra. That's all I have atm, apart from the fact we're building a simulator system first so we can use it for testing/training AI first before deploying onto a real robotics system.
>>16363 No matter what I do I'll have to learn to with how this country is going. >>16367 Have fun, be safe.
>>16367 Who's a milo? Have fun in the sun.
>>16356 Looks like Eigen is under MPL2, not GPL.
Knock off time. Shower. Tea. Moofie.
>>16372 What movie? The light in my bathroom is out at the moment and I've got no bulbs, so I'm going to have a comfy dark shower when everyone else is asleep.
>>16373 >I've got no bulbs You can always swap one in from another light. Some lights never get used anyway.
>>16372 I haven't knocked on in years
(1.49 MB 4608x3456 30 percent rye.jpg)
>>16373 Casino Royale.
>>16373 Take the globe from the dunny and make everyone shit in the dark.
>>16376 Thats a heavy duty loaf neet almost a meal in one slice
(509.66 KB 1632x1224 A gloomy afternoon.jpg)
(548.84 KB 1632x1224 Rough surf.jpg)
(101.10 KB 816x612 Nice day to fly a kite.jpg)
(93.90 KB 816x612 Feet submerged.jpg)
>>16370 >>16369 Thank you, but there was no sun to enjoy and guess I'll have to be a pasty white NOOT for yet another week. It was so cold and windy but still I wanted to at least dip my feet into the water. Big mistake. Most of my toes were numb 5-10 minutes later, plus my shorts got a bit wet. Lucky I brought shoes and socks, long pants and a jumper. Quickly changed into that then went for a long walk to get the blood flowing through the toes.
(212.15 KB 816x612 A souvenir of the sea.jpg)
(451.05 KB 1224x1632 I swear I didn't do this.jpg)
(395.08 KB 1632x1224 Mountain in the distance.jpg)
>>16378 Yeah its not too bad. I want to get a 80% rye soon. >>16379 >Going in the water You fool. You fell victim to the classic blunder.
>>16380 Did you take the sea shell?
>>16379 >>16380 Good pics, thanks noot. It looks cold and lonely tho.
>>16376 Looks dense, like a moist banana bread
>>16381 I was actually looking for pipis but found none. Had a piping-hot shower when I got back home. >>16382 Yes >>16383 You're welcome. Seeing that one kid smiling while her father flew the kite was nice to see. A real heart-warming scene. But seeing all the people enjoying themselves at the nearby parks and restaurants was depressing.
>>16371 I see, huh. I wonder how I missed that maybe another version was licensed differently. Anyway thanks Neet. I'll investigate simply lifting the Blender/Eigen code out directly then. It's certainly very well wrung-out after all these years in Blender. At the very least it would be a great solution for our simulator, if not the practical runtime systems. Cheers.
(138.76 KB 1080x1346 Saito Asuka8.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
mixed some chink chilli oil with salted butter. delicious.
(117.46 KB 862x647 12399164-4x3-xlarge.jpg)
Place is coming along. I looked out at the mountains and they glow red in the evening. I want to homestead, make things and explore. Good Night, White.
>>16387 Goodnight gook lover
Having zero contact with females really kills your libido
>>16389 I'm sure you'll achieve those things as you're a very determined person from what I've read of your posts. GOod night.
I am depressed. Good night, Depressed.
Good Morning NEETs. Its cold and I have a cold. Gonna take it easy today.
>>16394 Morning Neet. Eat some hot chicken noodle soup.
>>16391 IKTF Sometimes you just gotta focus on survival tho.
>>16379 >>16380 Thanks for the pics neet, looks nice
(83.53 KB 640x360 ima_0d72cd0.jpeg)
/NIG/ NEET Improvement General
>>16398 Birdos are sad because no snax in the frost.
>>16399 Thats a tim-tam Nigger.
Going up to the territory to visit my aunt and to hopefully clear my head while away from this town. Might try getting into photography as a hobby, will also start asking granddad to teach me some woodworking stuff. I feel kind of hesitant about that due to my inferiority complex I have towards him and the fact that I haven't really shown interest in any of that stuff in the past 28 years. Most as well do it now and learn as much as I can from him, he's healthy for his age but he's still an old fella now.
>>16402 Have a safe trip. I don't see any negatives from trying a new hobby so give it a go for sure. Also, spend as much time your granddad before he's gone. You'll feel better for doing so.
>>16394 Good morning, sorry to hear about your current predicament. Hope you get better ASAP.
Fucking freezing here in Adelaide. My trackies are wet, my poor little footsies are freezing.
>>16405 Even though you get a nice warm rush in your legs and feet when you pee yourself, It soon gets cold and wet. Better off to use the loo, even if its cold in there NEET.
>>16406 I reckon my piss would freeze mid stream.
>>16408 I'll use (You) instead.
(449.22 KB 441x495 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16410 Cats are a bigger issue imo. They kill heaps of native birds and lizards.
Gong back down the CoViD rabbit hole NEETs.
25 milligrams of zinc down the hatch!
>>16410 Some cats are good mousers some are just useless.
>>16413 They also contain B6 and Manganese
(27.62 KB 900x779 5e570097dbc4e.png)
>>16411 >They kill heaps of native birds and lizards. Yeah I get that, but perhaps you could have been more selective in culling, like only taking females to slow population. Rodent infestation is more serious than some lost lizards I would think. Rats can easily destroy both crops and livestock herds
>>16417 >only taking females How would you tell during a cull?
(101.86 KB 753x1024 1580007034362.jpg)
>>16418 Guess depends on the method. Assume the method was just beers and shotguns, but maybe could have used humane traps then released males.
(1.51 MB 1080x715 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16420 I suppose traps would do it. I reckon traps would be expensive compared to shooting/poisoning though. I'd expect that: fewer cats => more small birds => more raptors But I doubt the extra raptors would be enough to offset the loss of cats. Would foxes help? Are they a lesser evil?
>>16420 Cats are super hard to hunt.
dead thread
>>16415 and magnesium, and vitamin A All the good stuff that Dan takes out of your body.
The council man is here on a zero turn mower going over the moss. WHIZZO
>>16209 It was not as good as I'd hoped, given the price, but I wouldn't call it awful. Both the smell and taste was rather bland. Won't be buying it again. Can you recommend any?
>>22738 fuck cats faggot
>>16426 There is a steel framed house going up next door so there are lots of grinding sounds and stuff.
Might try to get an apprenticeship. I don't have a car though which will be a pain.
>>16430 do you have a car license?
>>16431 Learners. I know
>>16432 deadmeat
>>16433 Yes. The sky is also blue.
>>16434 ratshit
(85.08 KB 700x467 roof thot.jpg)
When darkness comes to Silver City its time to shut down your outdoor program, get your car off the road and make sure you have chopped enough wood. I'm getting to know the lay of the land here. There is a lot of moisture in the air and it will condensate on any surface including the inner roof of the carport. I am struggling with controlling this murk as it drips on my falcon which stays wet all day. I worked on this problem today and there is more to be done, like putting new roofing iron on and a foil liner under it. Another trip to Bunnings in Port Shorecliff is on the cards. Good Night. White.
>>16436 Wish I had a house to repair. Good night.
>>16432 Are you 16 years old?
Once you reach your mid 30's and dont have a license, You are pretty much a committed walker.
>>16439 You can still get it.
Once you reach your mid 30's and dont have a wife, You are pretty much a committed wanker.
5.4/10 on IMDb Wrong Turn doesn't look great.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-31/vic-covid-outbreak-aged-care-vaccine-mandatory-consider-rollout/100178812 No Jab, No Work, is back on the table boys. What does it feel like to be in the resistance?
>>16442 Yeah but IMBD is for normies who will shit on it if theres not enough woke shit.
>>16444 It's a remake of a sequel.
>>16445 Who cares? its cool how the annoying hipsters get killed by booby traps.
Day after day, not uttering a single word.
My cock and balls are nothing but an ornament at this point.
>>16448 You need your balls to make hormones.
Perhaps I should divert my efforts of attaining a gf to autofellatio?
Constipated yet hungry, don't know what to do. Perhaps stick a laxative up the arse.
>>16451 I couldnt bear the embarrasment of asking the pharmacist for some suppositories.
(60.01 KB 640x621 collapse.jpg)
Are youse ready for the collapse?
Daddy why did u leave me?
>>16452 You put the same tablet you'd normally take orally, up your arse and it has a much faster effect. Like we're talking minutes as opposed to hours. Kinda like how alcoholics with liver failure will take the booze up the arse as it bypasses the liver.
(84.39 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
>>16454 I'm always here for you, between 9AM and 8PM, closed on public holidays.
>>16455 Depends where the blockage is. It might just tickle and do nothing.
>>16453 LMFAO Your army surplus gear ain't saving you from nothing but your own imagination!
(255.52 KB 1454x2048 Soyon.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16453 Mentally yes, physically no
Gym went well. I can now deadlift 140kg for sets of 5 which is nice. I did one set with a belt; it made it way easier. I refrained from using the belt for the other sets as it felt like cheating. I'm going to focus on my deadlift a bit more for the next few months as it is weak relative to my other lifts. My squat is only 10kg behind for instance.
>>16460 >I can now deadlift 140kg for sets of 5 which is nice. Good work Neet.
>>16443 they have already had mandatory flu vaccines for ages
>>16462 The only place I know of like that is age care facilities. With us, it's just highly recommended.
>>16460 You're getting pretty strong
>>16463 hospitals, doctors, teachers, carers, childcare and hell i've seen gardening jobs that require vaccine
Good Morning NEETs. Hard to get up today, hard to light the fire. Pour my self a coffee, better make it a strong one.
>>16465 I keep getting emails from HR asking me to renew it but I just don't reply and they don't chase it up.
>>16463 The fluvax in not an experimental vaccine that hasnt been approved by the seppo FDA yet. Fluvax has passed stage 3 trials unlike the covax.
>>16467 The covax is heavily pozzed I dont trust the ZOG to not make it compulsory.
(5.65 KB 232x217 index.jpg)
>>16468 >passed trails >vaccine good
>>16470 Even if the Covax "Passes" its stage 3 trials in the years to come, the Jews and the NWO are so deep into this that it cant be taken seriously. Look at how they shut down Hydroxychloroquine.
>>16466 Morning neet,sitting here next to my kero heater after -4 overnight.
>>16472 Geez thats low. Do you get fog at minus 4?
(57.28 KB 620x413 Golliwog of doom.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-01/golliwog-objectors-blasted-by-tasmanian-councillor/100178208 WARNING: This story contains images that may cause offence >if you want to survive in this environment, it seems that you've got to jump on the PC bandwagon and in so doing, disown our Western civilisation, that is, as we know, the best in the world. Yep.
>>16468 I don't want to have any vaccines.
Its complicated
>>16476 YOU APARTHEID, YOU!111
>Child dresses as Adolf Hitler & lists Nazi dictator’s ‘accomplishments’ for class project, prompting investigation And what are you going to be when you grow up, little Johnny? I'M GOING TO BE ADOLF HITLER. SEIG HEIL! Kek. https://www.rt.com/usa/525304-hitler-new-jersey-school/
>>16466 Good morning, we've reached the halfway point of 2021. Got anything to show for it? Not me.
C'mon Laxettes, do your thang!
>>16481 Actually, isn't that 1 month off still Neet?
The Laxettes have done there thang, but I feel that was just the beginning of what's going to be several trips to the loo.
>>16483 Eh, close enough.
dead thread
>>16479 Aw Lol. Defund the ABC
(44.46 KB 640x480 dusty.jpg)
I gotta get up into the roof space to insulate the front rooms. I'm thinking about taking off a roof panel and cutting the foil because the man hole is tiny. I gotta assume that white shit is asbestos dust. Technically difficult and hazardous.
>>16483 Yay! Deadline extension.
(129.74 KB 499x499 CHAHI8FVIAEYqHE.png)
>>16488 >asbestos dust. Don't touch it NEET. It is too dangerous.
>>16491 Danger is my middle name.
>>16485 Well who knows, maybe you can sneak in something to show for yourself during that month Neet.
>>16492 First get a respirator, Neet. Seriously.
Almost 4 teaspoons worth of sugar in the little tub of yoghurt (& muesli) I just ate.
>>16493 I will try, thanks. Good luck to us all!
>>16488 Please tell me you were wearing a face diaper?
>>16495 >4 teaspoons That is not too bad.
(7.28 KB 210x240 6800.jpg)
>>16494 I have a ==3M 6800 gas mask and a couple of tyvek suits I'm itching to use. Its the decontamination afterwards thats the tricky part.
>>16495 Yumo.
(334.96 KB 980x653 ClipboardImage.png)
When I call ppl on my vodafone network the connection is so bad I can understand one word in 5 sometimes. I have to apologise and call them back which clears the line somehow. Fukn vodafone is pure AIDS on Telstra networks. Its made me sound like a faggot all the time I hate telstra they are pozzed. Death to Telstra Telcowars now.
https://xyz.net.au/2021/06/white-man-magic-makes-aborigines-cry/ Bushwalking is a wholesome activity for nature minded ppl.
(73.41 KB 499x332 boongvb.jpeg)
>>16503 all dem whoite fellas should just hav a vb and relax aye cuz
>>16499 You'll be itching if you don't use the suits. You'd have to be careful where you walk after coming back down as you don't wanna spread too much dust throughout the place.
>>16498 I only recall putting that much sugar into a any single meal back in primary-school days. I'd sweeten the fuck out of plain cereals like weet-bix.
>>16502 KEK, I have no issues with calls on my new TPG service but accessing the net is depressingly slow. I haven't watched a single Youtube vid in 720p since going on to it. I'm lucky to get 480p. It's just where I live though, if I go to a bigger town I'll be on the 4G network.
>>16488 Have you ran this by the realtor?
>>16505 This is why I am thinking of access via the outside roof. >>16508 Fuck the realtor I dont think they are going to inspect the roof cavity unless for dope plants obviously the next step after insulation is to get a vaccum cleaner with a class 8 HEPA filter and deek and seal the void for use.
>>16506 when i came home I'd be starving hungry like a teenager and eat six weetbix with three tablespoons of brown sugar. Then I wouldnt be hungry at dinnertime and just pick at it. Must have worried my mummybot that I wasnt eating.
I found my hair clippers and gave myself a haircut with a number 4 guard. Then I had a shower and a close shave. Feel a lot neater now.
How long until he needs to go back to poz city?
>>16512 Theoretically I can stay here indefinetley but I will get sick of it and want to go back for funz and lemons
tfw The last of the ice cream
(1.15 MB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
He probably posts here.
>>16511 I'm sick of feeling like a neat tbqh
>>16502 Where do you live m8? I've been with kogan for a few years and my reception has always been perfect, and I can kogan runs on the Vodafone network
>>16517 in a one tower town. its probably my phone tbh
>>16515 That gook looks more masculine
>>16499 >Its the decontamination afterwards thats the tricky part. Alright, you might not die from it then if you can write this to me. You do realize this is a state-level hazard site if the shit actually is loose asbestos dust? Keep your shit wired tight, Neet. Good luck. BTW, how the fuck to you intend to dispose of the shit?
(452.09 KB 1536x2048 Memi Aimi.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
(108.42 KB 1267x1266 yblwogssbk271.png)
(50.16 KB 673x1024 based sonnerad shiela.jpg)
Nice warm start to winter here in Silver City. I am going thru the wood like crazy and I need to fix up the outbuilding to store the next load. The falcon is filthy and the garage roof still leaks on it, Its a struggle to get it dry enough to put the covers on. It needs a full detail, I could X out a whole day for that task. Maybe soon. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Went to bed early and got up early, Its still dark tho.
>>16523 >dispose of the shit Duno maybe down the drain?
It is morning. We have survived another night.
Yay! Another day!! Yippee!!!
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-02/china-new-zealand-kiwifruit-trade-impacts-/100129232 >At the moment it costs more than $500,000 for every new hectare of SunGold farmers want to plant >The first plants in these unauthorised Chinese orchards were believed to have come from Haoyu Gao. Chinks gonna chink. >found in favour of Zespri and ordered Gao to pay $15 million in damages. He is now appealing. Kek. What the fuck did they expect? They deal with the turbo jews on steroids of asia. I'd be shocked if their genetic material Wasnt stolen.
>>16528 If it's a damp humid environment then the safest route is simply to seal off the access and leave it be. Anything that's likely to move/migrate has already done so and the remainder is probably relatively stable now if left undisturbed. >>16529 >>16530 I like your spirit Neets.
>>16531 Better to let the Chinamen take over their shit than the mudshits & stronk, independynts have already been doing NEET. At least the Chinks don't have an explicit agenda to genocide Whites as the Jews you mentioned + the two groups already destroying NZ.
>>16533 Who cares about Fern Niggers anyway. This shit would have been avoidable if the dumbshits didnt give their vines to a chink. They were caught by surprise which shows how stupid they are. Chinks are just another variant of intolerable pest, they are the dominant vermin in my area.
Ungh. not motivated today. I reckon its the coffee I had yesterday plus the endless list of urgent shit to do. Maybe I'll just have a quick look at the /pol/ webm thread.
>>16524 >>16526 WAKE THE FUCK UP
>>16537 SUCK MY DICK
>>16527 Good morning, I was up at the crack of eight. Just got back from a hill walk and bought a coffee on the down slope. The cafe had all the regular qts although I was served by an old bird. But that's OK, just seeing their beautiful faces made me feel less dead inside.
>>16532 NOOT simply can't help himself. He must decontaminate!
>>16530 Look forward to another 12 hours of sitting in front of a PC...
>>16539 >old bird. Probably the owner. I visited a restaurant at a bush caravan park. It was log cabin style and lovely but obviously under patronized, The owner had changed from last year to a 40 something woman and a young euro chad. They were clearly getting it on because the attached house was an airbnb and there was a flash caravan parked next to the hall. A minivan load of the ching chongs rolled up to the airbnb and mobbed the hall where we were the only custies. The woman refused to seat the chinks citing no reservations and offered them a take out. That chad tho. imagine being a pot basher in a mountain kitchen and rooting the head chef and owner.
Agey the agent wants to send painters in to do the bathroom and install the listening devices I told her I will do it, lets see if lando insists on disrupting my privacy.
>>16542 >custies I bet that euro chad wasn't paying rent
>>16544 I bet he wasnt getting paid much either.
(1.08 MB 1280x8425 wasted.png.jpg)
Whereas the death of any white child is a tragedy, we must condemn the shit standards of the parents, who provided the instrument of his death and facilitated the chaos that this kid made. Imagine being the poor cunt who tripped this booby victim, this ticking time bomb. Lets hope the driver was fully legal and had not smoked dope in the last month.
(526.89 KB 1344x609 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.commbank.com.au/banking.html?ei=mv_banking Whoever approved this should be shot.
>>16543 >and install the listening devices To record you wanking?
(100.96 KB 611x598 jew vaccine.jpeg)
UwU. The CoVax has a high risk of triggering autoimmune issues and Antibody Dependent Enhancement to later strains, even years in the future. They reckon it'll take years for the poz to be apparrent, and no way to tell at the start. CoVax? No thanx
>>16547 Yeah you get this shit at the ATM. It makes me want to change to Reichsbank
>>16549 >UwU die motherfucker
>>16543 >and install the listening devices I hope you are joking m8. Let them do the painting for you.
>>16552 What if they hear him wanking?
(99.12 KB 1280x960 stampz.jpg)
I got packages today. The stamps from ebay are old as. Why do footy pictures always look fully gay?
>>16554 The train was nice.
>>16550 What has surprised me is how cowardly everyone around me IRL is in response to the socialist takeover. A bunch of big-talking faggots but the moment you say anything really politically incorrect... Ninety nine percent of people are useless.
>>16555 Yeah the train one is cool. I wonder what year it was
>>16553 They should post the vocaroos for us here.
>>16558 >t. SmartNEET
>>16556 I guess I proved my own point lol.
>>16560 Whats socialist about shoving poos down your throat? thats ZOG/NWO
killing myself to live
>>16561 Same shit different smell. All leftist cancers end up looking the same at the end (genocide).
Fuck this. I want a nap.
Dirt nap.
>>16565 I'll Dirty (Your) nap.
>>16566 Go fuck a nigger.
(3.96 KB 212x238 images.jpeg)
>>16554 Nice. I was reading a news article today about how Pokemon cards have surged in popularity again thanks to the 'pandemic', and how people are paying big bucks for 'rare' cards. I've got a folder full of 'em back in the storage shed. I could be sitting on a goldmine lads.
>>16569 go through them neet, sell while they are in demand
(165.66 KB 612x816 Small containers and cutlery.jpg)
(83.07 KB 861x500 Soap.jpg)
(254.32 KB 816x612 Scratchies.jpg)
(539.53 KB 1281x1119 Haul 2 June 2021.jpg)
Visited 3 (three) op-shops looking for a variety of things. Didn't get everything I wanted but am happy with what I found. But that's the beauty of op-shops, you never know what you're gonna get. They are a mystery. Stopped by the library for an hour before heading to Coles. Looking forward to the dried chillies as I've never used them before or even seen them in either Coles or Woolies until now. Should make for some good poos.
>>16569 you could literally be a millionaire right now dude
>>16571 Good hauls NEET.
>>16571 Nice haul neet.
>>16541 What do you do at night?
I'm decontaminating the last room in the house and I put down lime on the carpet to kill the dog smell. I brush it in to the pile and witha broom and the super fine dust goes everywhere. I had the door closed but it still got out underneath and went thru the rest of the house. Now I have to cook dinner wearing my mask, lime smells like chalk and is really bad. I could have had the other doors closed but I didnt think of it. There is fine dust on everything now. FML
>>16571 Four dollars for NEET shoes. Thats two dollars each.
>>16569 Its funny. it seems investors are throwing money at any fucking thing. Just like these NFT images, I cant think if its more retarded than insane or more insane than retarded.
>>16571 If you had spent your money on shoes instead of scratchies, you could have some really snazzy $14 shoes.
>>16576 You have a problem. That is your need to decontaminate. Similar to someone with a debilitating phobia of germs. Seek help before you've resigned yourself to wearing a gas mask and Tyvek suit 24/7.
>>16579 That brand of shoe - Brilliant Basics - is sold by BigW and would've only been around 15-20 bucks new.
>>16580 Its cool. I dont need to decontaminate anymore all I need to do is decontaminate the room from the decontaminant agent
(34.30 KB 338x507 dusted.jpg)
Decontamination is not glamorous at all NEETs. You do get to wear a cool mask like a hazmat ninja but other than that its dirty and strenuous. I was doing prep before the first clean and finding that I need to do repair before I can even start. On the plus side I found that the ceiling is made of plaster and not Asbestos sheeting like I thought first up. More deek tomorrow, what a grind. Good Night. White.
Goodnight NEETs >>16583 Goodnight NEET
Night neets
Sometimes I'll open a new tab and type the word nigger as I try to recall why I opened the tab. I will probably end up doing this in front of someone at uni at some point but fuck 'em. Goodnight noots.
>>16587 We all do it Neet. Niggery niggers doing nigger shit will cause any White man to open a new browser tab.
Good Morning NEETs. Dust has settled and I got up earlyish. Ready to grind out today.
>>16589 Morning.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-02/ben-roberts-smith-ex-wife-leaked-photos-court-hears/100186212 Lol. What a epic whore. Betray the nation just to get back at the ex. I wonder what her problem was.
Oops nearly missed the bins. Lucky they do the other side of the street first.
>>16591 >In a high-profile trial due to open Monday, the newspapers will rely on truth as a defence. Kek. In other news: >"In a high-profile fox robber case, the foxes with rely on fox testimony as a defense. The chickens are expected to have no say in the matter, as befits Fox-world." What diversity-tier rubbish. Two highly Satanic enclaves, both brimming with deceit and demonic people (namely, the legal system and the corporate-controlled media system) are going to rely on """Truth""" as a 'defence'.
>>16593 This wouldnt have happened if Cpl. Roberts kept a little back from his wifey. I'm going to use this as an example to never completely trust your woman not that I need to worry about that
>>16590 >>16589 Good morning. It's a tad overcast with some light rain predicted throughout the day. Did not have a decent meal last night so will have to make up for it soon.
>>16587 >I will probably end up doing this in front of someone at uni at some point but and fuck 'em
Ungh getting hungry. Time for exercises.
Bland lunch in the turbo but butter fixes everything.
Endchan Down >lunchtime ruined!
>>16599 They still haven't got that person sitting next to the server to hit it.
>>16599 Stay over there faggot
>>16601 nasty neet
>>16602 Fuck off faggot
>>16603 Thats not very nice m8
>>16604 So? Fuckoff
>>16606 FAGGOT
>>16607 He prefers the term neetstick enthusiast.
>>16608 I'd prefer it if you were dead
NEETbux arrives in the morning, it’s night time here. Been getting /fit/ and really laying out plans for the future. Feeling positive.
>>16610 May your packages come swiftly and your IGA specials worthwhile.
>>16610 > Feeling positive. Good to hear m8
>>16610 >plans for the future which are?
>>16613 Go out in a bullet-storm when the collapse hits
>>16614 Cool
>>16613 Military.
>>16613 Seriously the office life is hell for me and idc if I’m serving ZOG or whatever the meme is because it’s just the life for me and that’s it.
>>16616 What role?
>>16618 Not sure yet but probably infantry.
>>16614 Sure you don't want our enemies to do that instead, NEET? I think we'd prefer as many White men as possible to survive into the next round of good times, after the current batch of weak men have their go at destroying everything. >"No man won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor bastard die for his." >t. George S. Patton
there's no more good times this is the end
>>16621 Not just yet Neet. And even when the Antichrist ascends to the Globohomo Big Tech/Gov world throne, Jesus Christ will still have a remnant in the world. And ultimately, God will laugh the whole lot to derision and then dink them off into hell. There is no end for the follower of Christ.
Painting is done for today. I'm off to the IGA. Hey that rhymes
>>16623 Get me some of those chicken nibbles.
>>16624 I'll give you something to nibble on boy!
(55.20 KB 640x480 croquettes.jpg)
>>16624 Oh I didnt see your request. Sorry. Chicken nibbles are pretty much half of whats in their freezers. Trying the croquettes tonight. On the Caro.
>>16627 Those rotten bananas were very expensive.
>>16628 Are they? The milk was $2.40. Is that expensive? I never buy these things.
It's happening.
>>16630 I'm going to put a paper bag over my head and wait till it's over.
>>16631 Okay.
>>16631 Man, I love happenings.
Imagine being liked by the opposite sex
Might hit up the arcade centre again tomorrow. Anyone keen to join? Would be nice to play a game of pool or air hockey with another human being.
Croquettes are okay but at $5.50 for the packet is kind of pricey. I'm looking around and some coles supermarkets sell them but for $8.40 for 300g. I guess they are pretty good deal after all.
>>16635 I suck at pool and dont like loud noise places. Plus the whole covid thing, I'll stay at home thanks.
(125.13 KB 1173x591 Campmaster.jpg)
I could pay this much for a double-burner stove or buy two single burners for 20 bucks each.
>>16638 I was looking at the double one as well at bunnings, but I cant carry it, if I could I would buy it instead of another single, the double gives you more choices, larger pan etc
(3.36 KB 225x225 burner.jpg)
>>16638 The cast iron burners that you can use a big gas bottle with are friggen expensive but the way to go IMHO.
>>16640 I have one of those. It is okay but be warned it is a big rig but the gas bottles only have so much pressure so they only put out tiny flames from each hole even on maximum.
(10.18 KB 220x157 duck bill burner.jpg)
>>16642 I want one of these.
(713.11 KB 1632x1224 Haul 3 June 2021.jpg)
IGA and the nearby take-away store both out of cooked chooks haul... One of the young qts at the checkouts was talking to another about parties which triggered the fuck outta me. Goon it is for dinner...
(517.80 KB 768x768 aspie and apu.png)
>>16645 >$1 mussels. Your IGA is pretty lavish.
>>16639 >larger pan etc Looks about the same as putting two singles side-by-side imo. >>16640 True, and probably better for the environment than constantly replacing the disposable cartridges. But I worry about these gas canisters exploding in my face and would rather it being one of the little cans than a 9kg unit.
>>16642 Sounds like a problem with your BBQ and/or regulator.
>>16645 Did you get an address for the party?
>>16648 No there are just lots of holes but only so much gas.
>>16648 yeah your regulator is set all wrong. Get a higher flow one.
>>16651 I use the one that came with the burner.
Oof I can feel the wall hitting, grinding is not much fun and I found myself swearing a lot when I was painting even though nothing much went wrong. More painting tomorrow and maybe some wiring and plumbing. Starting to think ahead to doing work on the computer all day, lots of wood chopping and chin ups to keep me alert. Unlike how I feel now. Good Night, White.
>>16653 Good night NEET. You are doing all this work on someone else's house. You need to start thinking about how you are going to acquire your own piece of property.
(1.36 MB 2048x2048 Kim Min-ju.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16653 Goodnight NEET
>>22970 Nite Neet
Good Morning NEETs. Up early because I cant sleep. Found bananas on top of the mike which is an interesting development.
>>16654 Kek. this delapidated house is on life support with borers and asbestos in a remote town that ppl avoid. I'm making it livable without holding this bag of shit. I pay peanuts rent and can walk away at any time. In fact I could probably move next door, the neighborhood is full of empties. Why would I want to pay rent to the bank?
Fire's going, feeling better about having a mild cold. U cant go to teh wage if you have the sniffles these days.
Morning NEETs.
Cold outside, snow is visible when the fog lifts from the peaks.
>>16649 LMAO I'll 'be there', hiding behind bushes
>>16652 It's a dud, any standard LPG bbq should output a moderately high flame.
>>16650 Some days I have a lot of gas but only a couple holes...
>>16660 >>16657 Good morning, Why do you store bananas on top a microphone? Anyway, got served by a legit QT at the cafe. Her name was Katie.
>>16659 At least you can be somewhat comfy with only a mild cold. Not when you've got a sore throat, blocked sinuses or blowing your nose and coughing every few minutes.
Fukn Urbit piece of crap. Struggling with image uploading from the cloud. Some shit accidentally works tho.
>>16666 The top of the microwave is prime kitchen realestate.
The shit smear in the toilet is getting bigger NEETs. What do?
(64.54 KB 441x654 Conjuring.jpg)
If all goes to plan I should be seeing this tonight. Been a fan of the series although a couple of the spin-offs weren't that great.
There has been a higher rate of little nuggets of shit not going down when flushed.
>>16672 Do they float?
>>16673 Yes.
(11.07 KB 191x264 crimson peak.jpg)
>>16671 Just watched the trailer and it looks super scary. I was barely able to sit thru crimson peak and the directors cut of Exorcist. I'll probably have to give it a miss or just read the synopsis on IMBD. owo
>>16675 >owo die faggot
>>16677 haha dumb nigger
>>16640 Those things are awesome, the cheap ones you can get from Bunnings and the more expensive but better ones from BCF.
(164.88 KB 816x612 Steak & Kidney.jpg)
(228.73 KB 816x612 Moofie Night.jpg)
Pie for lunch and moofie snacks acquired. Who's coming?
>>16680 You could put road glue in pastry and It'd still look alright.
>>16680 Poor snack choices. I'm not coming.
Want to be a child again
>>16680 Pie looks good
>>16683 I still am one
Painting is done, had fun chopping wood but I need more soon, I have to schedule it for after I fix the wood shed, but for that I need timber. Also wanting more spars because they are super useful. Wood is everything here in Silver City.
(38.40 KB 600x600 berenberg mustard.jpg)
Going to try this in my beans and kraut tonight.
>>16687 Fancy mustard.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-04/no-jab-no-job-policy-for-covid-19-legal-challenges/100190106 Every cunt has an opinion but their opinion is a dog turd on the on the other side of the street. Let the covax backfire burn it all.
>>16687 Jew mustard
Thermal socks are on
(201.92 KB 1632x1224 Moofie Theeater.jpg)
(239.84 KB 816x612 Pixxa.jpg)
(200.03 KB 816x612 Campmaster.jpg)
Back from Moofie Night with a pizza and new stove. Movie was really good, plenty of jumpscares though they didn't feel cheap or overused. The whole film just had this incredibly creepy atmosphere. I broke out in goosebumps several times.
(78.14 KB 599x1111 Demonic Spiders.jpg)
(183.95 KB 816x612 Thong Juice.jpg)
(33.58 KB 405x600 Thonged.jpg)
(66.32 KB 612x816 Double Plugged.jpg)
Imagine coming home to this monstrosity after seeing a horror moofie. It looked like one huntsman was either eating the other or mating with it. Might sleep with a light on...
>>16693 >Double pluggers. 1000 uses
>>16682 No pispama for you!
>>16692 Nice stove m8. Greasy pispama. Was the theatre very full?
>>16695 What's with the word filtering?
>>16692 That is a sad pie.
>>16696 There was 9 others, 3 couples (>tfw), and 2 young girls (one still wearing a school uniform, the other a thiccin with nice milkers), and a single older female (a fellow loner?)
>>16699 >a single older female You should have approached her for a chat.
>>16698 Sad because it doesn't have your stomach for a friend?
>>16699 Horror fans are a weird lot.
Hoodie is on
>>16703 Uggs are on
>>16703 You look like a criminal.
(6.14 KB 275x183 anonymous.jpg)
>>16705 This is the NEET officer
>>16707 Have a wank.
>>16707 Me too.
There was a scene in the moofie that involved a waterbed, which got me thinking if any of you had or have one? I have never slept on one but always wanted one as a child. Now they just seem ridiculous, like how could you be comfortable on a bed that responds to the slightest movement?
>>16705 A comfy criminal! Trackies are on. Gloves incoming. Mayhap a Continental Cup-a-Soup too..?
(37.75 KB 474x619 1622799616307.jpg)
Schedule is maintained despite having to go over yesterdays work, even had time to shop around for software solutions for a survival project. Coming closer to exiting full rescue maintainance mode and going into a productive phase. This is the exploitation part of the survival project. I intend to remain vigilant for external threats as well but I dont want to waste time staring at the horizon from the tower in my stockade. Good Night, White.
>>16710 Pretty heavy, could bust the floor. Pretty cold too. very effective at dissipating body heat.
(1.13 MB 1804x2048 1622805262036.jpg)
>>16711 >a Continental Cup-a-Soup too..? Comfiness overload.
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
>>16712 Stay on path
(560.30 KB 1536x2048 Kawagoe Saaya.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Good Morning NEETs. Up early and needing heat.
Dang I chipped the saucer when I dropped it in the dark last night, Its the last from the set of fancy china I had. Its only a chip but I chucked it out because its going to upset me.
>>16693 Ninja action.
(184.21 KB 1800x776 revenant 2015.jpg)
Moofie night tonight, Who to watch tho? Maybe Tom Cruise in Oblivion or Leonardo de caprio in The Revenant.
percolator's just coming off the stove...
>>16722 Bloop Bloop Bloop. Messaging the wood hooker.
>>16721 i have seen oblivion it was alright a very typical tom cruise movie, i havent seen revenant.
>>16724 Revenant is a knockout, Totally atmospheric. Sucks you cant see it at the cinema like I did.
>>16718 Good morning, I've been for a walk and did some pushups. Nescafe in hand. Might go to the beach later. See if the women are still wearing bikinis.
(47.32 KB 242x255 cobbee beans.png)
>>16726 Coffee sounds good, I'll put the percolator on the hob.
>>16719 Could you not have glued the chipped piece back on?
Downloading this moofie. It'll do. Other option is Alien : covenant but I have that on the hard drive somewhere.
>>16721 The.Babysitter.Has.A.Great.Ass.XXX.720p.WEBRip.MP4-VSEX
>>16728 Once broken, never as good as new.
is the moofie anon the same anon that likes to tell little stories?
>>16731 How much did you pay for the set?
>>16733 Last thing left from the ex.
>>16732 should I be ashamed of using the gen as a blog. At least I'm getting something out of my labor in the content mines, vis a vis honing my narrative english.
>>16734 Hmm. Perhaps a part of you wants to destroy it all?
>>16735 >labor
(168.12 KB 1280x960 herb rye bread.jpg)
Bread came out okay, just in time for afternoon tea. Bit of quince jelly and honey, I dont mind.
>>16738 Bread looks good. I'd be smothering it with butter.
Torrents done, Need a ding nose like the mike.
>>16740 > Need a ding nose like the mike. Should be doable. Most all clients support emailing, etc.
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
Forger her. Stay on path.
>>16740 What day do you plan on watching it?
>>16743 This very day.
>>16721 Definitely the latter!
(2.92 MB 1400x2100 BRAZIL.jpg)
ENDCHAN MOOFIE NIGHT https://cytu.be/r/endcorner 7PM Previews at 6PM
I'm so sick of living. Every day is the fucking same. So pointless.
>>16749 Just relax and go see a moofie.
>>16748 Sorry, illegal deleted
Whats for tea?
Off to the gym, bye noots.
>>16753 Good NEET.
(166.61 KB 1200x1200 Tshirt girl.jpg)
The Moofie Flashback was gay. Burned too much wood. Stayed up too late. Didnt do enough exercises. Left my letter writing too late in the day. My shitposts were lame and my spelling is deficient. Gonna haveta do better tomorrow. Good Night, White.
Goodnight NEETs >>16755 Goodnight NEET
I don’t want to get a job again I have 6 months more NEET bucks, I must figure out a way to NEET on
Good morning NEETs. Tax free and listening to macca on ABC RN. Nice.
Will be down for few hours tomorrow NEETS
>>16759 Time off to inspect the supplies.
A nice morning. Got my socks and tracky-dacks on. Going to have a cup of coffee and try being semi-productive today. >>16758 Morning.
>>16761 >trackie-dacks That not fit apparel for church attendance
Battle cubby construction is going well. Re-arragned the room, once its in there is no moving it. The deacon hasnt gotten back to me. I suspect he is about as keen to do bible study with me as I am.
>>16763 >Battle cubby What is this?
(14.18 KB 309x250 no.jpg)
>>16765 I read that on the other board yesterday and had already forgotten it by this morning.
>not having a real battle cubby
(191.38 KB 1920x1200 skyfall.jpg)
Tonights Moofie.
>>16768 good luck staying awake. i rewatched that one last year, it was pretty rough.
I went in to the library this morning to get a book. Pretty much no one at uni. I might go in tomorrow to have a study. I'm doing well with my exam preparation. I am still a bit worried but I will hopefully be alright.
>>16769 >>16768 It's shit.
>>16770 You'll be okay, the only question is how good your marks are
(174.20 KB 960x1440 the aviator.jpg)
How about this one? I can t be stuffed with modern offerings from talmudywood.
(8.24 MB 1200x1800 m5vt64ik.bmp)
>>16773 >modern offerings from talmudywood are you kidding? you tell us every time you put on a moofie and i've seen your taste. you certainly are not averse to anything from "talmudywood" new or old. i've never judged... we like what we like. maybe you should try pic related (Conan the Barbarian) if you're interested in a more based moofie. if i was here to psychoanalyze i would say between your moofies and your little stories you're a fed (likely cia copywriter) who likes to come here to practice his creative writing, but what do i know? enjoy your moofie :)
Wood Hooker is coming next monday. Actually going to be tight if I wanna burn wood for 16 hours a day like I have been
>>16775 just wank to keep warm
(25.33 KB 474x384 1572400273466.jpg)
>>16774 owo I just like shooty moofies where the baddies are bad arse and the space ships are cool.
>>16777 >owo die and get aids from a nigger
>>16774 Based. What is best in life?
>>16779 Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!
>>16780 Digits confirm this NEET gets it.
>>16768 >>16768 I really enjoyed Javier Bardem's performance in that. One of the best portrayals of a Bond villain imo. Stole the show from Playdoh-head Craig.
>>16767 Don't know why, but the bottom part of that ship reminds me of those male underwear that makes the tackle look bigger than it actually is.
>>16774 >8.24MB >.bmp SMH
>>16775 Good for you. I've never made a hooker come.
(141.67 KB 960x1440 monsters of man.jpg)
(128.69 KB 683x1024 imperium.jpg)
>>16774 Hitler doccumentaries are boring AF. I watch moofies about robots with gunz and cool baddies because they're fun. Even colossal piles of kiked poo are fun because they are full of unintentional memes like how levis jeans are jewish and not based unless you inherited them off your dead brother like Harry Potter did in Imperium.
>>16786 as i suspected.
>>16786 My favourite Hitler doco is Inglorious Basterds
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
Just in case you forgot
>>16788 I thought Downfall was good at the time but now I would completely reject it.
Ungh want some tea.
Went for a walk to IGA for an easy roast chook dinner, but did not even have the confidence to ask for one. Just walked in and out after a few minutes aimlessly perusing aisles.
>>16762 Okay?
>>16792 >poofter flag
>>16791 All I have is green and UHT milk. Any sugars?
>>16796 >OwO faggot infested asshole nigger
(89.93 KB 665x600 2000.jpg)
>>16796 It's been 21 years already, let's finish this shit ffs.
Fugg Toaster died.
>>16792 No chicken dinner for you then, only bold neets eat chicken.
>>16795 I dont drink gook tea.
>>16798 surely some youtube gamer has done it.
(241.26 KB 1417x953 Figure10.1.jpg)
fugg whats goin on with endchan?
>>16805 we have moved to /test
>>16805 absolute fucking retard managed to break the board
Yeah this one is going down for maintainance soon too. we might be out on the cold dark lonlely streets NEETs. We might have to sell our bussys to seedy boongs for (You)'s
>tfw severely depressed
I am a seedy boong.
(51.28 KB 808x672 honey_ryder.jpg)
Skyfall is bredy guda dn the bad guy is awesome, really villainous and gay. Lots of shooty action and glocks and cars zooming all over the show. Off to Port Shorecliff with a sash windowframe to see the glazier. Gonna pick up some flatbar and tin amongst other things. Maybe get some icecream and mersey valley. Good Night, White.
(288.17 KB 1332x850 Hashimoto Arina.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16811 Goodnight NEET
>>16783 Because you're a flamboyant cocksucker? Don't know, just saying.
>>16786 explain how conan is a hitler doc
Good Morning NEETs. Windy and rainy for my trip to Port Shorecliff.
the board on endchan is back up
>>16816 good fuckoff and stay there
mordning niggers
dead thread
(38.24 KB 720x804 1622954527933.jpg)
>>16807 Is that why the nuro tranny was here?
>>16818 Good evening,
(84.54 KB 876x960 myblinds.jpg)
off for a run. I hope it doesn't rain.
(91.13 KB 569x587 squall 7 6 21.jpg)
>>15998 want to Brag about rain squall, First Lighting FASAK and THhunder 30 seconds away, then ten, then right away. BAROOMOARRR Kinda doxes you to some places.tho
>>16825 Hide under the table neet.
UwU site down
>>16827 Tower Got Zapped by lightnings
(53.26 KB 400x397 another 48 hours.jpg)
I think this moofie would be good. I remember it being pretty based really.
>>16828 A pretty tasty chooken burger for lunch, even if it was processed bird.
>>16830 Fresh from the servo.
(530.28 KB 478x854 robot dog vaxxinator.mp4)
Woot get the bolos ready.
>>16830 Looks tasty neet
Running the new toaster for half a hour to burn out all the chink factory bat aids.
How the fuk is the bag checker pajeet in K-mart even profitable. The one today didnt seem like he's discourage more than his hourly rate in store inventory shrinkage.
>>16834 2 slice or 4?
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
The Daily Reminder
>>16836 2 slices for $7.50
(99.11 KB 910x511 1502577393332.jpg)
I remembered to call out the safety signs on the highway again, it was kinda fun larping as a train driver and sounding important. I am getting better at cursing out slow moving touros with out of state license plates, "nice place to park you fat tourist cuntoid, why dont you fuk that piece of poo back over the border and get AIDS you suck fuk city faggot". I have had to reprise the verbage on my racist rants about the nepos and chinks because there are none here, I appreciate the opportunity to practice my bad language skills on ppl from Queensland, I really do. The end of Skyfall was really good, the baddie is really bad. Love it. Good Night, White.
(999.84 KB 2048x2048 Kim Min-ju1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs >>16839 Goodnight NEET
>>16839 >ppl from Queensland They usually deserve it. Tbh anyone from the eastern states usually do.
>>16841 pidsa beakfoost?
>>16845 brocoli pidsa
>>16847 Healthy living
Good Morning NEETs. Another toilet roll has been consumed by my arsehole. There must be a better way.
>>16849 shit in the shower
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM7njioWWWo&t=114s The BOM should make their forecasts into a rap song and video with twerking thots and such.
>>16851 they need to get rid of that gay looking ching chong cunt
Gonna do the insulation today NEETs. Gas Mask Time.
>>16853 Have fun neet.
(132.12 KB 1280x960 extra insulation.jpg)
Finished the insulation and cleanup. Piece of piss at the end, as easy as putting a blanket over your old grannybot. Only one thing to do now. JUST HEAT IT
>>16849 I slept in. Bought a crumbed snag, tater scallop and dim-sim from the servo. Hot greasy goodness.
>>16856 Yumo. a complete breakfast containing the five food groups., Grease, salt, starch and meat.
The sentence is death.
I may have woken up with the coof
>>16859 The coof isnt real.
>>16859 what abberant sex flavor is that coloring of the straps?. this is globohomosubliminal propo.
>>16861 faggots get the rope
Got the need for feed and room to coom.
(6.08 KB 143x255 holy dan.jpg)
>>16864 First you need to be blessed with holy sacrement. Why not pop on down to my church's cellars and select a fine bottle or two of blessedness.
Haven't coomed in what feels like at least a month, nor have I felt the desire to. Depression is a helluva drug.
>>16867 THis guy streams his life? is that a thing now?
>>16855 Well done neet, hopefully it will be a bit warmer for you now.
Stringing the cat 5 lan cable under the house is next, one of the main beams is eaten to the core from to the length
>>16870 Termites?
>>16871 duno its awful down there, permadamp dirt cave. need conduit but no have.
>>16868 Watching him stream his life is a thing now.
I like cups of tea.
(67.37 KB 719x960 White Devil Woman.jpg)
I've contracted some sort of bug that's for sure. Probably best I stock up on food and booze supplies tonight in case I need to 'quarantine' for a few days.
>>16874 Those cups of tea despise you!
Speculation: Jesus was in India from 13-29 years of age. Saint Thomas (Thomas meaning Twin in Aramaic) was apparently a twin of Jesus. - This was later deemed heretical, but was a commonly held belief in the early Church. Thomas was not present at most of the important events of Jesus' last years in the Levant, including the crucifixion. - This lead to the story of 'Doubting Thomas. Thomas, after the alleged death of Jesus, went to India and formed one of the first churches. Which is still present there now. Point I'm getting at: They are the same person. There's a lot more to it than this, but I haven't read this before. The story that led to 'Doubting Thomas' Touching Christ's wounds was later made part of the Apocryphal, as well as all his writings; in part due to Thomas stating, even after the resurrection, that Christ did not die.
Hosed wallaby turds on my lawn for about ten minutes. I checked out the turf and its mostly moss. Its pretty nice but is gonna need attention. I like the color tho.
I hate how unreliable and untrustworthy women are. Fucking no accountability with them.
My farts fucking reek. Christ.
>>16880 it's the jews mate not the females. in days of yore, men rightly recognized that women in general have no better agency than children do, and they were managed accordingly. now, """TPTB""" have deceitfully arranged for women to be an extremely privileged/protected class. the entire thing is demonic af, obviously. would you get overly angry with a child simply b/c it's acting like a child? well, it's the same with a woman. rather than getting angry with her b/c she acts like a woman, get angry with the destroyers of our civilization who are actively using them as weapons against -- as their father Satan is directing them to.
Gonna knock off soon and have a caro. >Drilled more holes in the floor
>>16875 You have been blessed. Only the unworthy will die, Should you survive, you are building natural wide immunity to a viral swarm instead of just a spike protien from a 2020 variant. You didnt get the covax did you NEET?
(833.83 KB 1224x1632 Haul 8 June 2021.jpg)
(770.17 KB 1224x1632 Full Tiffin.jpg)
Supplies acquired Ready for 'the collapse' >tfw
>tfw no kale field.
>>16885 Your menu will collapse without more condiments. Is that beef tallow from aus? Highly sketchy on bovine lipids sourced from os.
>>16885 Well hauled
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
>tfw no gf
>>16885 Quality haul
(131.83 KB 1814x930 Another 48 Hours.jpg)
Watching a based Moofie. Might go to bed soon tho.
(129.49 KB 640x640 bottle.png)
(69.63 KB 637x850 rhg1.jpg)
Off to bed. Did enough setup today and cooked some food. Decided to put up array in the spare chimney. It will house my cameras and maybe a uhf/vhf antenna. Have to think about how to line the chimney, maybe with custom shape ducting. Lots to think about. Good Night, White.
>>16893 Goodnight NEET, sweet dreams
Buck breaking
>>16895 Been seeing that meme all over 4chan today. A new low.
>>16897 >>16896 Sorry, I just find it hilarious. I won't mention it again.
(198.81 KB 1364x2048 Shiroma Miru.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>16002 Then leverage them as subversive elements instead of dropping them because they suddenly got cultural capital, like some hipster. This is what happens to all potent memes; they propagate.
>>16900 So pepe appears on kids lunchboxes and the hipsters get conflicted as to whether to drop or not. The big difference between pepe and MLP is his ownership by no one.
Good Morning NEETs. Bit woolly headed this morning, Considering having a coffee because I'm allowed to.
>>16902 Go on, have a cuppa.
(30.47 KB 750x461 GME.jpg)
This is unexpected. cant wait for the moofie
>>16903 One Coloxyl + Senna down the hatch
I've got some Maryland chicken to cook. Please advise.
>>16907 Jaffle iron for half an hour.
The deacon wants to talk about Jeremiah 29:11 on zoom.
>>16908 I did it in the oven. I feel a bit sick now. Too soon to be salmonella which is good I guess.
Erk the wood hooker wants to come over today and I'm not ready. I still have to fix up the wood shed.
>>16910 nah food poisoning kicks in straight away. You'll know in a couple of hours if you fuked it up.
(38.24 KB 720x804 1622954527933.jpg)
https://cytu.be/r/THE_HAPPENING Currently Playing: Buck Breaking 2021 Full Movie Viewer discretion is strongly advised
>>16914 Huh? its just some black POC's talking about gender issues. Its a pretty gay meme at this point
(419.05 KB 689x542 bucked.png)
>>16915 Kinda disjointed and all over the place, but it started out about gay (((white))) slave owners breaking black men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QrbNseBQqI
(2.70 MB 640x800 1623102489912.webm)
i didn't know niggers have white dick on the mind this much.
Wood hooker came, He has to get new tyres on the truck because the gravel roads and logging trails cut them up, especially when he's fully loaded with 18 meters of wood, He wont get retreads because they're shit and is up for $2000 for new ones all round. He doesnt know what he's having for lunch yet. I am going to have lentils and the bread I cooked yesterday.
don't overcook the chicken breast
>>16898 I don't get it
>>16902 Sup, posting from bed. The head cold has progressed from a simple sore throat to blocked/leaky nose and slight fever/high temp. Starving, but don't feel like cooking. Might head to IGA for some cooked wings and aloe vera-enriched tissues.
>>16919 Feed him Neet.
>>16923 Next Time I'll give him a Flake. Wew. Once the wood is on your concrete apron you dont stop stacking it until the sweepings are done.
>>16922 dont go out if you have got symptoms. CoViD. Remember?
>>16917 Meh I can do more chin up than her.
>>16926 Those are pull-ups you mong.
>>16916 sounds like a sicko fantasy given credibility in a sick age.
(41.45 KB 500x520 1595984977156.jpg)
>>16927 I'll Pull (You) up.
>>16925 Begone, lying golem. The flu has been around for all human history. Besides, why are you so willing to give away all your personal freedoms so willingly, on the off chance a few people in their 80's & 90's might live a few months longer? Stop being such a tool.
(24.59 KB 308x269 nothing bullets cannot cure.jpg)
>>16930 so he goes to the supermarket and looks like hes got the coof and ppl give (You) vibes.
Jeremaiah 29:11 “‘For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you,’ declares Jehovah, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of calamity,k to give you a future and a hope."
I went to coles. Didn't check in.
>>16933 If you are the Neet that has the flu like symptoms then you are in big trouble mate. T. AFPNeet
>>16933 I'm telling Gladys!
(665.35 KB 1632x1224 Haul 9 June 2021.jpg)
>>16936 Good capsicum selection. Looks like a sweet one.
>>16937 If it's half as sweet as your compliment I'll be happy.
>>16917 Not gonna lie, she's pretty cute. And when she crossed over her legs my neetstick moved a little.
>>16936 Nice lime. is it aussie?
(411.78 KB 709x1797 DeodoraNT.dib)
Racist white dogs!
>>16906 Big squelchers in your future.
>>16909 Remind the deacon that Jerry was a Jew and that no amount of hard work can change that. It was a message to the nation of Israel and not for you.
>>16941 How does that actually solve the problem? Why can't a boong just ask the white dog to unlock it and then buy/steal some?
>thinking about Kate again...
>>16919 Did you ask if he wanted any?
>>16932 >NIV
>>16936 >Choy Pak I thought it was Bok Choy.
>>16945 We all do from time to time. Actually listening to Animals by Pink Floyd now.. She gave me the first copy of it I had.
That anesthetic throat lozenge has numbed more of my tongue and roof of mouth where it was sitting than the throat.
If you walk into a room with a 100 cocks, how many do you choke on?
>>16951 Less when your throat is numb.
>>16941 Boongs stink we should encourage them to use deodorant not lock it away.
(20.91 KB 202x262 Jerome.jpg)
>>16943 >Jerry was a Jew
>>16948 So did I. Someone must've use the wrong pakaging. >>16940 Where else would it have come from?
Ye'up, got dis one authentic GERMANIC scienteest down on the plantation one fine af'ernoon, real smart fella like, an' he tells me if ya break yo buck hard en'uff, it'll "imprint" on his genedick mem'ry like. Tells me it's best way to keep 'em slaves like, so even if those damned yankees up yonder north decide to unchain the negroes, the sons and gran'sons of the negroes will still be servin' 'dere white massas. Real smart those GERMANIC types like, good ol' yura'pean stock. Anyways, a tells 'im ma eldest son gottsa manhood like a donkey's, an' he loves 'imself a fine buck he does. Tells mi wife her eldest's a natural breaker like, an' she beams with praad. So a tells that 'dere GERMANIC scienteest, ma son's gonna break ev'ry darn tootin' buck in the south, so my great great great great gran'sons are still gonna be breakin' them negroes great great great great gran'bucks. "Yar Voll", says the scienteest, wha'ever that means. Real smart those fellas from the old country. Sent 'im away with a bright young negress for his troubles, keeps 'im company on his travels like.
>>16936 Hope your nibbles were nice.
Leakin' like a sieve. How much mucous can one man produce?
>>16958 You should save it neet, you never know when it will come in handy.
>A survey of 1500 customers has revealed 'Australia's' favourite supermarket roast chook Customers of what? Costco? Blasphemy!
Knock off time. Mummybot got a fender bender and i couldnt care less.
>>16961 Looks tasty, enjoy neet
Trackies on Hoodie on over 2 shirts on Thermal socks on Wrapped in blanky, on
>>16962 Dozens of witness' but the pigs case uses the stories of the cunts that started the fight. Lefties were keen to get in those lads faces since the Grampians trip that got shilled to all get out. Looks like they managed to fuck with NSN exactly because they are beta cucks for the cops.
>>16962 Good hope that wanker stays in jail
>>16961 Looks like you overdid it with the Worcestershire
>>16967 I overdid it on the omlette, now I have regrets.
>>16968 You should call your mother.
Evenin /ausneets/ *chews tobacco* Feeling a bit down with the jannies gone and such I reckon I must break some bucks to-day to lighten up the mood, pardner. *spits* But first, a nice ol' tune for them bucks *clears throat* *starts clapping* Oh, run, nigger, run, well, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Run, nigger, run, well, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Nigger ran, nigger flew Nigger tore his underwear in two Run, nigger, run, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Nigger ran, ran so quick Stoved his head into a white man's dick Run, nigger, run, well, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Nigger ran through the pass Black slick coal, that's the White Man's ass Run, nigger, run, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Some folks say a nigger won't steal I caught three in my corn field One has a bushel And one has a peck I tied 'em all up and had anal sex Run, nigger, run, well, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Run, nigger, run, well, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Oh, nigger ran and nigger jumped Why can't you just bend over and let the White Man hump? Run, nigger, run, well, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away Hey, Mr. Buck Breaker, don't rape me Rape that nigger behind that tree! Run, nigger, run, well, the Buck Breaker gonna rape you Run, nigger, run, well, you better get away
>So we been breaking bucks for 3 generations. >Mos' time the breaking sticks. The buck don't give you any kine uh problems. >B b but sometimes, sometimes... well sometimes you get a PECULIAR buck. > This one buck, well he was the peculiar type, he a uh, well he would act up but he wouldnt hide it. >It seem every week he was pretending to take a nap on pickin duty( but with one eye open all koi like) or he'd take extra molasses pie, or or or he'd sit his field ass on the front porch. >Every week he'd do somethin' rascally IN PLain damn sight of the OVaseeah. >OVasseha would call out to the buck to get to the Breakin Barn. This Bucks eyes would light up and before you could whistle dixie, he'd be in the barn. >This Buck would run to that breaking barn like it was a cool stream on a hot August day in Georgia. >Hellll it got sooo bad this buck would TELL You what kine mischief he was gone get his midnight black ass into. He hadnt even DO nuthin yet.. >He would skip over to the barn after an call out " COME On MAaaaaSSA THIS BUCK AINT GUNNA BREAK HISSELF!" >Just down right peculiar...
(447.70 KB 869x879 1623227421958.png)
WELLLLLLL whats goin on here blackfella? You pinchin me bloody crops again? How many times i gotta teach you this lesson? Starting to think your just hear to be punished ay?
>>16972 >hear
>>16970 kek and yee har.
(567.53 KB 590x885 hottie firewood.jpg)
I was watching "Another 48 Hours" in bits and pieces all day. I remember it from when I watched it on VHS after school before the parents came home. The cool lines and action scenes were better than I remember. Eddie Murphy is based black guy and Nick Nolte played the loosest cannon ever. Big fun moofie 5 out of 5 Pistol goes blammo sound effects. Otherwise I had a busy day moving, chopping and sawing wood. Gotta find my wood moisture meter, super keen for the dry stuff. Good Night, White.
(152.01 KB 591x1280 1623211612573.jpg)
>>16945 Katie P from Pensacola?
>>16975 She'll cut those lovely legs up on that wood.
(144.03 KB 1080x1350 Literally KYS.jpg)
It's that time again folks. The BO ->>16975- is asleep and I can now get the important message out to you without fear of getting banned or posts deleted. Pic-related.
(537.80 KB 687x435 1613873428074.png)
>>16978 I'll give (You) an important message.
>brush teeth >get hungry Life is suffering.
(555.95 KB 1536x2048 Aramaki Misaki.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>16981 Goodnight noots. Sweet gook dreams.
>>16975 Good night mate.
Almost end of thread.
Do you think he'd be upset if I made it?
>>16985 Do it anyway. Better than having homeless neets.
>>16960 I'd put Woolworth's at 2 stars. Never had Costco so don't know
Good Morning NEETs. Ready to get busy already.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-10/nsw-operation-ironside-privacy-in-wake-of-afp-raids/100202924 >We have relatively weak civil liberties and relatively strong national security legislation, Aus Stronk
(15.05 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
>>15998 Dont forget that My stores are open this Queens birthday long weekend. We dont close for her kind or Anglicans in general.