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01/04/22 New board for Australian Politics has been created.
08/28/21 Come and join our Matrix/IRC servers, the info can be found here.
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(890.79 KB 2000x2000 Advance auspol.jpg)
Auspol # 1 Rebranding Edition MATE 01/05/2022 (Wed) 00:36:41 No. 8540
Give us a cheer boys! Its time we woke this board up. The old look has lost its antibodies and needs a booster, so roll-up, roll-up your sleeves and don't be a prick. We're not NEETs no more, we even changed the wiki entry for NEET to be more on-message, in old english, Neets are cattle and thats cringe. MATEs are next level above degeneracy of NEET boards real and rubbish alike, and what is rebooting if it isn't regenerative? You will learn to like it here. Cross posting is okay and endchan.net/ausneets/ is still the other aussie board even though its a bit of a silo and a little dated. Its time we burned our privilege bridges and build it back better by taking on more white mans burden. We the professionals now and we got standards of pro's, so wipe yourself on the curtains and take your payment from the coffee table cunt, we're Rebranding shitposting.
How does this rebrand anything?
(77.23 KB 945x585 jaz_searby.jpg)
People I Know Jaz Searby
(16.16 KB 300x168 coon cheer.jpg)
No room in my fridge for racist cheese
(62.25 KB 900x900 Doctor Dan.jpg)
What a nice refreshing change. Speaking of refreshments, why not come on down to one of my cellars and select a refreshing bottle or case of something to help you settle in.
(10.17 MB 1920x1080 cringe bridge.mp4)
>Privlidge bridge DEFUND THE ABC
23.3 too warm for tea?
>>8540 RIP NEETS
>>8540 Whats up, cunts >>22944 Fuck those faggots and your gay ass frog
(195.80 KB 1016x783 neetbux.jpg)
>>22944 I for one welcome our new wagie overlords. wont miss cenno tho.
damn i thought you made a new board, not delet the neet one. F
>>22943 Is this like 18.1?
The fuck? I thought this was a different board too. This isn't going to be political, it's just going to be pixxa and lemons like it always has been.
(61.07 KB 900x424 The bruce vs virgin neet.jpg)
>>22949 Lebensraum. >>22945 Pepe still lives here cunt.
I'm not sure what this meme means.
(65.82 KB 618x510 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22949 2020-II, everything is political now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BStdVyE3kns
>>22953 >political Not if you don't expose yourself to it.
(161.72 KB 1280x960 Found.jpg)
I found my nice mechanical pencil ($50 Parker) in the tray of my falcon when I was cleaning it. I feel bad for blaming the charwoman but glad that it turned up.
(82.01 KB 640x684 blue ring.jpg)
Bet these bad asses do less damage than the clot shots. I wonder.
>>22937 God i love Jaz Searby!
(327.80 KB 720x1280 1592879533699.jpg)
Anzac Bikkies and got into the PC build up until darg. Knocked off for the day and lit the kitchen candle. The roses are peeking into the window and kinda look like little aliens out of the corner of your eye. Not that I believe in aliens. Just like I dont believe in the government. it would literally take space aliens to sort out the ZOG and wake up the normies. Maybe they are just drunks. Drunks are unreliable at the end of the day. Good Night, White.
"Welcome to country" ceremony == "When are you leaving?" ceremony?
Good Morning NEETs Bloody possos racking around under the house last night.
(135.04 KB 1024x538 our land.jpg)
>>22960 Forty thousand years we been trying to get youse white cunts out of our country. UNNA
https://xyz.net.au/2022/01/novak-djokovic-denied-entry-into-australia-visa-cancelled-held-captive-at-airport/ Natural immunity is infinitely better than the clot shots but the health bureaucracy is jewed AF
(60.38 KB 1200x800 commievax.png)
>>22963 Djokavich should have kept quiet about it, The ZOG cant let a precedent get out like that.
(631.23 KB 720x909 bac11aaad431cccd.png)
>>22946 >I for one welcome our new wagie overlords.
(39.81 KB 634x789 1589277137439.png)
>>22965 https://cytu.be/r/sneedtv Daytime Moofies. Chopper is on in a minute.
Yum0 Kimchi, carrots and Kimchi for lunch. Got a rye loaf in the maker and now its time to get back into the chores.
(183.99 KB 1280x960 bread done.jpg)
Sick of painting but its done. Far out you sweat a lot in those tyvek giggle suits, had a shower under the hose and big drink of coconut milk with a couple of anzacs. Bread turned out a bit flat. Might haveta put more white flour in it.
(1.47 MB 400x560 verdant pepe.gif)
Its getting a bit blowy and there is rain incoming. Its still warm enough to cruise around without a t-shirt. I watch the trees sway outside my window. I dont think the current rose bloom will survive until tomorrow. Kino.
(662.65 KB 1086x1105 mass psychosi.png)
Was listening to robert malone, peter mccullough and mattias desmet talk about mass formation psychosis. They keep using Germany 1930 as the totality example saying HItler and Gobbels used mass psychosis to come to power. They made the point that senior doctors in the hospitals are more likely to be peychotic because they tend to care more about status which is the gateway mentality for conforming to the mob. I'ts good to know that the irony of believing Hannah Arendt's lies about the third reich and shit talking phd holding doctors as being sheep is missed on these esteemed egg heads. And I can see it so that makes me smarter than them. me smart me read /pol/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/HiZlHTxTT8X9/
>>22970 Always /Ourguys/ make the mistake of thinking normies can have sense talked into them, I think a big percentage of them dont have internal monologues and are needing the MSM narrative to provide something to fill the void. I pity them.
(53.48 KB 500x500 white woman 3.jpg)
Wanted to get into the whipper snippering this evening but the lazy got me. I oversprayed the glyphosate and killed the agapanthus, meanwhile teh blackberries just got stronger. I'm going to get some Pulse and do it properly. Good Night, White.
I hate living in this small hick ass town. It sucks. Fuck this place.
Good Morning NEETs. Its a sultry morning. Looks like teh rain will come before I can get to the whipper snippering.
(159.44 KB 770x1034 pcr exemption.jpg)
Every day that passes, walking back into my job legit no vaxx becomes more real.
>>22975 PCR tests? didnt they phaze them out?
(42.49 KB 255x225 shrug pepe.png)
>fixed the light switch >now power points dont work
(178.00 KB 1163x732 glyp.png)
(4.28 MB 1080x590 Az856d6aZk4V_I37.mp4)
>NT 🇦🇺 The Insanity Continues 💥 So it begins...Aus gets the UNWAXXED lockdown. UNWAXXED have ONLY 3 reasons to leave home, Essential Shopping, Medical Treatment or Care Giving...No WORK, no EXERCISE nothing...Welcome to Full Bore Covid1984 people, it's time to Rise🔥👇 Unless you mates can provide proof of vaccination, we are going to have to move you back to >>>/ausneets/ until further notice
(123.79 KB 818x1155 kike spike cert.jpg)
>>22979 Who do i make it out to? dodgy fukn wires in this dump giving me grief.
>>22980 Thank you, Mr. UPPERCASE Everything seems to be in order here, you are free to go
>>8540 Cant figure out the wiring fault, I'm probably guna rewire over the top, guna cannibalize the garage wires but I still need to see mr bunnings for some of that electricians flex. what a downer. Did some exercises, had some lemons and a shower. feeling better.
(42.26 KB 640x563 froty keks bruce.jpg)
>>22979 Any cunt at this point who has told the gubber men to shove their jabs, will be the kind of sport who scoffs at such restrictions. Anyone who gets rekt by them is a special sausage indeed.
https://dhvicgovau.powerappsportals.com/rapid-antigen-test/ FIRE UP THE VPN BOYS WE GOT A RAID GOING
(292.21 KB 853x1280 image.png)
Watching "Dont look up", belly's full and I'm yawning. I like leonardo decapri, big keks to offset the diversity cringe. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Clown world lies out beyond the misty mountains, how long before I have to face the honk?
(490.25 KB 1430x1584 grudian.jpg)
>poor Got mandate sacked >marginalized Radicalized because ZOG >minority ethnic background Been to the city lately white man? Their rescue plan involves us changing our minds to become mentally ill like them.
You advertising on 4chan?
>>22990 Yeah there is a need, 4chan has AIDS and is about to get crossed out.
>>22991 I need to go out. When I come back I might make some shitty memes to post there. Dd you have to pay for your personal vpn?
>>22992 >shitty memes With link to here.. or even just to allchans.org
(6.17 KB 255x85 munted banner.jpg)
>>22992 https://16chan.xyz/meta/res/3.html#footer I'm making banners, maybe recycling the old ones. I use openvpnconnect and digital ocean who charge about 5 seppobux a month. I dont use a VPN here because I sorta trust the site owner.
>>22994 Cheers. I'll sus it out later. Have a good day mate.
(6.43 KB 255x85 munted banner.jpg)
>Blarf might go do something constructive
(8.98 KB 226x223 electricityan.jpg)
Found and fixed the wiring problem. Me==1337 electronics haxxor
>>22996 Nice banner, but wrong dimensions.
Check out me get.
(35.67 KB 1024x340 munted banner.jpg)
Where is the other Get? >>22000
>>23003 oops
>>23005 I don't get how it could've done that.
>>23007 I deleted it. (You) can delete your own posts if you get a drop down arrow. (You) get that by clicking on the thread in the catalogue. If you go to the board select and click on the first post number in the thread you get the floating reply window where you can pick flags. Looks like I need to take an extra week off to be here when agie the agent comes around in her scuffed high heels.
>>23008 It says the post was made months ago.
Realised I wrote the wrong number.
(69.65 KB 640x480 badass bee pepe.jpg)
>>23009 Seppo date format. deal with it. The neighbours kid is back into riding his dirt bike in the trails up on the hill. He zooms out and back like a bee on a nectar mission.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MGcC1btpDk&t=197s Oh noes Poor normies. If they dont test positive they dont get $1400. I'd wait in line for 8 hours and piss in my boots for that.
(28.91 KB 500x500 white woman 6.jpg)
The mobo in my pc build is bricked, it was a hand-me-down anyway and the guy said it might be stuffed. I have one that works so I'm not stuck. Its going to be a desktop I can practice building arch linux desktops. My larbs install is so kludged that a reinstall would be a big adventure. Lawn is looking strack but I'm out of fun string 4 the whipper snipper, Ate too much food again, have to cut back because I only have about 8 mos supply left and apparrently there is shortages in big australia. Did my exercises twice today, might go up the bush tomorrow arvo. No coffee tomorrow cos I had one today. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. The birdos make the most of the summer mornings in the mountains.
(1.56 MB 1050x5712 5g special ops.png)
ASIO just arrested one of our top operatives, this is a fatal blow for the resistance.
(1.43 MB 1280x10774 lone issue terroris.jpg)
WTF is this? part of a MSM series on the threat posed by nobody? I miss the days of meth head lebs shooting up CBD cafe's
(173.57 KB 1280x960 poo bags.jpg)
Might make the souvenir paper into poo bags, the 'good times incoming' feels have soured somewhat.
>>23018 I found a whole bunch in a drawer, mostly used to line it. Mike Rann was Prem.
>>23019 Classic propaganda never goes out of style.
Why do cunce do the wipper snippering or mowing in thongs? are they better than the rest of us safety losers?
Having a Caro™ to settle my tummy. Might get the sewing machine out next.
>>23021 As long as you are holding it right and the guard is back, you should be right.
Picked the early bird blackberry from the mega bush in the empty property next door. Looks like there's going to be enough for me and the birdos.
(37.61 KB 770x341 Martial law until april.jpg)
(258.17 KB 962x766 dan kidnaps pepe.jpg)
And with the wave of a hand, Dictator for life Dan Andrews came to power.
>>23026 What didja just call me, mate? I’ll have ya know I graduated top of my class in the Australian Army, and I’ve been involved in numerous beer sculling contests in Carlton, and I have over 300 slabs of XXXX drunk. I am trained in vocal abuse towards umpires and I am the top snag eater in the entire city of Carlton. You are nothing to me but a Collingwood fan. I will drop ya the fuck out with VB bottles the likes of which has never been smashed before on this Earth, mark my fucking words, mate. Ya think ya can get away with saying that bullshit to me over the Internet? Think again, mate. As we speak I am contacting Scott Morrison and the Australian Federal Police and your IP is being traced right now so ya better prepare for the thunder, mate. The thunder that wipes out the pathetic little thing ya call your life. You’re fucking dead, prick. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can drop you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with by smashed bottle of VB and a cricket bat. Not only am I extensively trained in dropping pricks, but I have access to the entire shed of cricket bats of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and I will use it to its full extent to hit ya for out of the outback, you prick. If only ya coulda known what bullshit your little “clever” backchat was about ta bring down upon ya, maybe ya woulda held your fucking tongue. But ya couldn’t, ya didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, mate. I will shit fury all over ya and you’re gonna drown in it. You’re fucking dead, mate.
>>23021 grass seeds pussy
(77.22 KB 640x765 1636497307217.jpg)
Finished the day okay with sewing a new head-over. Its in green-grey and gives my field uniform a Gorka pattern kind of look. I cant be bothered to make my own shirts and pants in that style, its just too much work. Glad that I kind of kept my game strong today, wasn't feeling it and I am overeating again. I feel bad because the poor normies are having shortages and I am just trying to eat stuff before it goes out of date. Had a bath after my exercises. Called Oldad -nothing new. Watching the evening sky tuck the mountain tops into its blanket of night cloud. Calling in to teh nowage tomorrow, I reckon I'm dodging some kind of covid situation anyway. Good Night, White.
Good Morning Mates. Quiet and misty, feeling better than yesterday.
(837.96 KB 863x2251 vaxx territory.png)
Hopefully they will quit these stasi style tactics after they make an example out of a couple of innocents.
Might have to pack the wireless away. Literally every time i turn it on there is some vax shit on. I miss the days of classical music.
>>23034 ABC Classical are a bunch of gay cunts.
Teh council brought the ride on mower to do the nature strip but the hero across the road did it yesterday keke. Now my lawn looks bad tho.
(67.27 KB 640x480 shortages1.jpg)
Went down the IGA, fukn mixed race city pozzed couples looking for the tofu and some blue haired Drive-in drive-out lez frutively scurrying down the street in a mask added to the tableau of bmx kids and slow moving mega morbidly obese check out chicks. I cant wait for winter when the touros at least will leave teh place alone. I got butter, capers and eggs is six dollars a lot for free range eggs?
holiday roundup post: -routed an ethernet cable to my brother's room since the wifi doesn't reach his room well -also gave him a tip shop surround sound system and set it up with his playstation - set up a pair of powerline ethernet adapters and set up a second wifi router to replace the old wifi repeater setup that wasn't cutting it any more for the back bedrooms - last farewell of some sort to my friend who's wife is just about to have a baby. she buys into that covid shit though so I had to see him at the skatepark instead of his house since I am pureblooded - went around to most of old skateparks around here on a sort of farewell tour - got some weird vibes from my friend having a baby, I'm now the last remaining member of my friend group still living the scum dog life. started typing up some mementos and lists of stories. we were also paranoid and never took any pictures, never told anyone other than our other dirtbag friends about them so a bunch of the memories seem prone to otherwise float away as we gradually get more responsible -went out and snapped some pictures of the skateparks I used to spend a lot of time in strange feels
>playstation wasnt the PS1 some kind of audiophile tier hi-fi item? >farewell having a kid, even with a batshit woman would be nice. >photos. no one took pictures of themselves backinnadae, it was just cringe. These days zoomers dont have any IRL moments with mates to take pictures of.
>>23039 I think PS1 also played BluRay and DVD, both were new when that came out. Bluray might've been ps3.
>>23040 They had RCA jacks on them If i recall. Oh, I got my computer speakers working and im waiting on that little amplifier to come from china. soon my hovel will be filled with wagner operas.
Even endchan NEETs are seething at Novak.
Went for my evening run up the mountain. Was uneventful but I bumped into a bee who was with his mates at the cistern. I said sorry and he buzzed off. Everyone's out in the evening sun, its really nice. Thinking about having a can of beer.
>>23042 Tennis is so gay.
Oy vey! we cant have our protected clases getting beaten by the goyim, but it does show that our plan is progressing nicely.
Someone told me this was a honeypot, and that if you posted that here you got banned Is it true?
>>23046 I'll pot (Your) honey
>>23046 They say that about all sites.
>>23048 I am aware of this, and I noted (.14) banning the spreading of such concern. But I think there is a general basis for such concern- A5i0 is clearly targeting Australians who have been de-platformed from the M5M. Hacking of phones is particularly common, there are 5 such taps issued every day on the books. Many posters here have already been de-platformed before, I have been de-platformed at least a half dozen times >what do you expect I don't really know what can be expected in this regard. Some commitment that the admins won't sell us out; and some safeguards against the platform being banned. New powers come into effect soon and every year we face greater persecution. Is it worth investing in online communities that are liable to suddenly get shoa'd?
(272.60 KB 816x1056 4chanbad.png)
>>23046 This site is pretty good, you can talk to the SO on matrix, the site and a couple of boards have matrix channels. Are you on matrix? Matrix seems like the most censorship resistant IM service, telegram, gab and all that shit is strictly for normies.
>>23021 I wear safety glasses, but thongs and shorts. Our whipper snipper is badass and whips shit into your face pretty hard.
(147.56 KB 522x604 Where_is_the_UN_Flag.png)
How come there's no UN Flag option?
>>23050 At the end of the day nothing can survive on hostile infrastructure which is owned by (((international companies))) and serviced by (((ideologically motivated groups))). Australia needs to reclaim national infrastructure; but until citizens get rights the state can't be trusted with national infrastructure either. IM's were recently found out to have been backdoored by five eyes, and there were hundreds of raids in connection to that. To say this operation was illegal and corrupt would be a serious understatement. I'm beginning to believe that the only way to get people to stop using hostile infrastructure is simply to destroy it. People will not stop using facebook to regain their privacy, the state will keep shutting down alternatives, we will keep getting de-platformed
>>23049 >de-platformed I'm not on any platforms.
>>23052 oh sorry, i'll message the mods, just wait there.
Well I have been de-platformed a great many times, and I recognize the risk.
>>23051 I wear a respirator for the grass thats gone to seed, for the hay fever. wearing a gas mask would be pretty cool too. heaps of jabbos saying that their hay fever is really bad this year, anaecdotally.
(864.24 KB 1280x720 1636097427998.png)
>>23053 meh this board is public, you gotta recognize that. Fedposting is cringe and the aim is to redpill the glowies. Normies never come here because they think asio will disapprove and ruin their chances of being promoted past ZOGbot level 12.
>>23058 If you want a proper gas mask the US market has a lot of police trade-in phalanxII masks. If you've ever had to wear one for extended periods you will know how important field of vision is, and these are specifically designed to me impact resistant I think they accept 3M, which is about the gold standard in industrial masks. Organic vapor cartridges will do for tear gas and droplet based nastiness. Don't buy one off Ivan, he can't get shit shit together and will ship your shit in like 2 years. >>23059 kek, that image is oddly familiar.
(84.22 KB 840x960 msa millenium.jpg)
>>23060 m8 you cant get gas masks sent from the states. its classed as a weapon of mass destruction here or some shit. They are cool, big sads unobtanium.
>>23061 Pretty sure they aren't illegal to ship, they aren't "war goods/materielle" because they don't have any features specifically for combat. Get the seller to label it "PPE- face mask-3M" because that's what it is, 3M compatible personal protective equipment. If a FED turns up asking about it just say you had some paint to strip, wanted a full face mask and it was cheaper second hand than a proper industrial one. "I thought it was sick" If you're too much of a cuck for that just go to a local 3M supplier and buy a commercial mask. They are common as shit, and are used by all kinds of tradies. People stripping paint, welders, they might ask at the store but they also don't give a shit. You can even pay cash as well just get a tax reciept- it's sus if you don't. They often lack features like a filtered drinking straw that's compatible with a standard issue canteen but whatever. In fact if you go to your local bunnings, you can but a half face mask with 3M organic vapour and a wrap around googles for like 40$. That will sort you for all your tear gas and tear gas related problems.
Good Morning Mates. Its clear already, no clouds around the mountains, reckon it'll be hot.
(500.20 KB 603x598 bead_mask.png)
>>23062 I can pinch a full face mask from teh nowage but I already have a spasciani tr 2002 and a 3M 6000 series full face. Got a lot of filters of different kinds too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAbwEStxHetWMGvaq9FIF_w this autist is pretty good for gas masks but his quality dropped after he got teh vaxx
(1.52 MB 499x281 pengo flamer.gif)
BOssman sent me an email asking for my phone number before the holidays, He wanted to visit and go for a bushwalk but I didnt look at my work email until today, if outlook was not so difficult to login then i would have got the email. Again MS outlook has ruined my life. Death to microsoft outlook, the great satan of email.
Its such a nice day I might try and find the town waterhole for a dip. Lentils for lunch.
>>22937 >>22958 >>23006 > God I love same fags This guy seems like a fucking retard, kisses Toms ass for months and then (from what I've heard) as soon as Tom gets arrested turns his back on him and tries to take over. I've met Tom a few times and I respect him and think he's a good public speaker but an AWFUL judge of character. He constantly surrounds himself with loose cannons, criminals, yes-men and people only in it for themselves and their ego.
>>23067 Duno. Sewell has a good point when he said that any efforts to 14 words is an unalloyed good. Searby is making waves and redpilling cunce sitting on the fence, how is that a bad thing at the end of the day? he even said that the axis of his work is to bring recruits to Tom, having Sewells sound byte in his latest track hardly seems like a rip-off. I reckon both are right on, the way to contribute is to wake those around you the fuck up and get them on board. >loose cannons, criminals and yes-men I agree, poor vetting and letting straight up racists and hate addicts into their group allowed all kinds of chaos including the MSM operative debacle. James Mason wrote about these types, he said that morons should be quietly killed before they destroy the organization.
https://xyz.net.au/2022/01/unity/ Diversity pilled normies withhold empathy for their own race. Only the truly racist can love their own kind.
(131.79 KB 389x994 jaz.jpg)
>>23068 From what I've heard from people in EAM/NSN and from some now deleted telegram posts from Jaz as soon as Tom got arrested the second time he tried to convince people that Tom was never getting out of prison and tried to push out other high profile NSN members like Jacob Hersent so that he could take over NSN and have his own little gang of low IQ yes-men. I've seen this so many times, Sydney Lads fell apart because every one in it thought that they were the next Hitler and cared more about their own ego than National Socialism (Except for Mark McDonald who only cared about smoking weed and fucking sluts). pic rel is a screenshot of someone sending me a link to a post that is now deleted but the preview shows most of the post, this is also not the only thing like this that he posted that has been deleted since Tom got out of jail.
>>23073 you can delete your own posts if you go to the board through the overboard and click on the first post number in the thread. Duno what to think about that telegram post. In the early days of his arrest it looked like the pigs had him dead to rights punching out some antifa dickheads window. Not that it deserves a jail sentance tho really.
>>23074 This guy is self promoting on an image board, he seems to be totally ego obsessed and only in it for his own gain. >>23069 >>22937 >>22958 >>23006 Mark my words, this guy would (and may already) snitch if it benefited him and he got to maintain his tough guy image.
Wew, peak summer day, now I am thinking to water the blackberries.
ungh butter doesnt know whether it wants to live on the bench or in the fridge.
>>23076 >blackberries based
Butter goes in the fridge on hot days.
(75.24 KB 960x639 1601698785193.jpg)
>>23078 The good blackberries got a drink of water rather than glyphosate. Went for a scout around the back of Silver City trying to find the lake but its closed because of covid according to these two white kids on bikes I met. The river and waterfall is just a little creek and I am now thinking to take advantage and explore it a bit. Some faggots motor cart is semi submerged in the rocks and I want to see if it can be extracted. More code tomorrow and I have to whip around with the vac and get the dead flies from the windowsills before agie the agent comes around. Good Night. White.
Things were simpler back when I spent my day reading at parks. I know why I had to leave that behind but I sort of miss the freedom.
(15.81 KB 800x543 1641885090780.png)
(417.58 KB 716x1098 screencap-8pol.png)
>2021, I am forgotten........ https://archive.is/xt7zs
>>23082 >2022, I forgot to update my bot...
Good Morning Mates. Cleaned up before breakfast, even hosed the wallaby turds already.
(1.22 MB 640x360 die boong.mp4)
Kek. McGowan is deadpanning this like a pro
Agie the Agent came around, She's not looking real well. Apparrently I have house inspections three times a year. Thats inconvenient if I was going to do a grow op.
(42.65 KB 800x500 1606262261130.png)
>>23082 8chan/8kun was good back when /k/ was B.T.'s board. Then it lost all relevance after it got ddosed by teh woke crowd.
is it easier to clean out your gutters when they have dried out?
>>8540 Hotter today than yesterday and I cant find my budgie smugglers or the waterhole. FML
took a bunch of pictures of the old creek spots me and the boys used to punch cones in
>>23094 Was searching the map for swimming holes but they are either sewer outfalls or water catchment.
(247.15 KB 1280x960 bong on zone.jpg)
Went for a scout again before tea. All I found was places I want to scout more. Stopped at the garage mate's and had a yarn, three of us and the doggo, we said how good was summer and cursed the touros. Watered the blackberries while tea was in the turbo. Last packet of chippos, got those food shortage feels, Haveta get more but need to make room in one of the freexers somehow.
(48.64 KB 681x672 pro gun.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-12/omicron-means-its-time-to-upgrade-your-mask/100741812 >Against Delta, it was only about 20 to 30 per cent effective, if that. And certainly, with Omicron, it has negligible effectiveness. They just said that on the most monolithic MSM channel available. Normies nervous and possibly suicidal, take precautions to conceal your identity and blend in. Stay safe out there Mates
Getting into doing code now, concentration and stamina is going up and almost at the stage of dreaming in code. Motivated and comfy in the zone. Good Night. White.
Good Morning NEETs. Big summer day sleep in and its hot already, whew.
>>23101 Stay cool and hydrated NEET.
>>23102 thanks, may your delivery pajeet come swiftly and polite
(57.39 KB 1130x1030 evropean australian movement.jpg)
In a normal society, a mother who is making her child out to be sick and forcing unnecessary and harmful treatments on them in order to extract sympathy would be reviled and vilified. This is called conversion disorder or Munchhausens syndrome by proxy. Yet in this sick era we have the facebook Karens virtue signalling in MSM stories, insisting that their children need the vaxx because of some nebulous vulnerability. The Jew controlled lying press is pushing this insanity with the conclusion that because the (((Phizer))) shots are approved, they must be rushed out at warp speed to protect Karen's "Immune compromised" little victims. Its always white kids in the stories which is totally in line with the agendas of white genocide, the pathological hatred of the white race by those who dictate the narrative.
(376.45 KB 677x907 Evola aus.png)
Who wants to make a shit load of paste-ups and upset some leftist faggots? There are lots of reasons why this is a good idea and worth putting effort into. >draft a poster >make it into a stencil >print it in A3 or a bunch of a4 pages >glue it to card paper >cut it out >get a huge roll of butchers paper >spray the poster onto the butchers paper >wheat paste them up everywhere >or just spray the stencil directly onto things We then send the posters/stencil by standard post to good cunts. We just eat the cost of producing them as it's going to be like $60, not worth fucking around trying to get people to pay. Anyone who sends a photo of a few of the ones we sent them up on walls gets a larger quantity the next time Where they are posted depends on who you want to appeal to, white working men can be found near supermarkets, industrial areas and gyms. The sticker thing worked really well, kudos to whoever ran that. I wouldn't mind sending ten or so stickers out with each roll of paste ups. If someone knows a sticker printing company that doesn't give a fuck what they print and will get shit through customs that would be sick. This makes a good mission for new players and young lads, who will undoubtedly get a kick from making the troons and council workers clean it up. I can get shit sorted in THREE DAYS, TWO DAYS if the design of the poster is generic/borrowed or easy to draft. If good cunts just want the files and instructions and can waddle down to officeworks to buy PVC, card and spraypaint I can have up up and running this afternoon
>>23105 >cutting out stencils Join the CAD CAM masterrace
General stencil guides: Designs that work well >high contrast >makes good use of silhouette Poor designs >low contrast, grey on grey, light red on dark red >too much text, can't be read at a distance, sprays poorly. >silhouette looks like something else at a distance Technical pointers: A single stencil can be sprayed multiple times, you can cover sections of it to easily lay multiple colored sections without making 4 stencils to do it. When you spray you can use opacity to your advantage, you an blend layers this way. Spray on adhesive is your friend, when you make paste ups you spray the stencil with glue, put the paper ON the stencil, use a roller to get it down then flip it. To stop people tearing your paste-ups down, make sure you cover them with a later of glue or spray on varnish. you can also slash them with a razor blade but this looks shit. If you melt the top of a water bottle and push a paint brush handle through it (probs use silicone) this will prevent you getting glue everywhere and allow you to carry your whole kit inconspicuously. Thin paper works best for paste ups, thick paper peels off, doesn't stick. I wouldn't apply more than two stencils one over the other- it's very hard to move wet stencils and you will find that re-using them is the whole reason this works. To avoid using multiple stencils you can spraypaint coloured sections/backgrounds then stencil over them, you can hand mark the stencil with a sharpie (covering your bridges), marking islands. Locations to hit. I would hit grundie bins, as nobody can be bothered cleaning them, they are everywhere and move around, and are easy to access. Emergency doors are a prime target, workers use them to have a cheeky dart, again easy to access. Ground level telecom boxes tend to be cleaned quickly, but in suburbs are one of the few options. Cement lamp posts are GOAT because you can put the stencil higher than a shortfag can reach Other paste ups left by leftist faggots, you can simply paste over their paste-ups. Sign boards left my leftist faggots, spray your stencil directly onto your local MP's campaign signs and ruin his day.
(122.11 KB 1024x683 look at it.jpg)
>>23107 I'm going to make up some files for patches you can take to your embroidery place and get done. This is my solemn oath and I am bound by my Aryan honor to fulfill it.
>>23106 I can get you CAD compatible files if you have a machine. I was actually considering making a screen printing assembly; but I suppose this is 2022 YOOL and such machines do actually exist. Personally I don't even print posters because the ink is too expensive, that's part of the reason I make paste ups with stencils.
>>23109 Uneeda Nat Soc print shop close by.
>>23108 If you're using vector you could get a couple of hundred printed out as stickers as well. I'm still looking for a company who will print them and ship them no questions asked, probably a Korean operation where everything is automated If Chang would print stickers that said "fuck Chang" I'd kek heartily
>>23111 How about the pajeets? they love swassies, and poo.
>>23110 I need a lot of things- but I'm going to get started with cardboard, glue, spraypaint and butchers paper because that's what I can actually guarantee will get done. Embrace the struggle. >>23112 Don't care, as long as the stickers come in good order. Stick them up in the bathroom of pubs, at bus stops- think "transit area" Shits more expensive and has less impact that paste ups but the survival of the Aryan race is worth at least $44.99+shipping
(314.33 KB 1200x1516 jews.jpg)
>>23113 This board needs a online shop but cunce are against merchants here.
>>23113 It would have been good to get Vaxx stickers up. I never even got to doing any graffitti. Almost too late now plus the counter narrative has its own steam. No doubt that the ZOG will give us another opportunity in the future. Would be very worthwhile to get some methods ready to go.
>>23114 Litteraly Jews own most of the digital infrastructure, I've seen online stores go down. You get de-platformed by google and it's subsidiaries, then by cloud flare, then by the domain host, then by VISA- then a national government tried to block your URL. This persistent de-platforming is why I think running posters and a physical network is ideal. It doesn't matter what the network actually moves, once you've got a physical product people start networking.
(55.00 KB 449x625 Breker-racher.jpg)
>>23115 >would have Are you waiting for your future self? Become the person you wish you were, embrace the struggle and affirm your survival. I know people are unfamiliar with graffiti- that's why I want paste-ups which anyone can put their hand up for and the only think you need is glue and a pair of balls. Fuck getting ready- ready is when you act. If you are not prepared to act you aren't ready, how many people end up making endless perpetuation simply to delay acting? How many people hoard hiking equipment to delay goin on a hike? How many people guy gym clothes to delay going to gym? How many people buy cook books to avoid cooking? I've done some shit in my life, looking back people are incredulous. One by one they tell me the excuses that they tell themselves every day. >you aren't allowed to attempt that >you're not qualified >it's too risky >you're mad >who would help you >you weren't prepared. Yes. And yet I did it. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. And this is what the people who hold you back are afraid of, they are holding you back because they are holding themselves back. They fear the outcome being in their own hands and have become bystanders in their own lives. I said I'd make a run of posters, since I made the first post I went out and bought the materials. I'm not waiting for anyone to give me the green light or acknowledge my attempt- I'm just going to do it.>>23115
This code i'm doing is shite, mates. They want $15K for the software and I cant find it on rutracker. I have untill the end of the week on the free trial and then I have to go in to teh nowage to code. Got up on the roof and vacuumed the gutters, which is also shite work and really dangerous for falling off. I hate putting myself in danger, I got so much to do that any injury or death will seriously fuck up my schedule. I reckon the zoomers with no direction in life become risk takers because they dont have a sense of schedule. They dont know where they're going but they're making good time. Destiny is real, mates. Imagine having an easy path to the fat lyfe and having that path greased with teflon by nepotism. Then imagine doing something else with your life, something thats just a mirage. That's the rat trap that normie destiny is. Its just the path of least resistance and most material gain. Might download Akira, the comics were mind blowing. Good Night, White.
Been a hectic last couple of months. Used to think my best days were behind me but I think I'm finally coming into my own. I think my younger self would still expect more out of me but would be proud to see how far I've come. Still lots of work to do though. Can't stop.
Good Morning NEETs Rained a little overnight which cooled the house pretty quickly.
>>23120 I find that your days dont get easier but you get better at them. I look at my younger self and cringe, that little cunt desperately wanted to be a normie.
Yum0 peanuts and a boiled egg for morning tea
>>23122 Yeah I think I'd agree with that sentiment. I mean if anything my life has gotten harder as I've gotten older but I feel like I can handle it these days. When I was younger I probably would have been incredibly overwhelmed. Getting older is such a surreal experience
>>23124 >surreal experience I found it became more real, especially after you lose the silly ideas of your youth.
I got a dozen flies in the house somehow, i think they got in the gaps because i had stinky gook cabbage for lunch.
Boiled egg yolks are 4/5 Yum0 but the whites are only 3 tops.
>>23119 sneed
Got to admit being a bit fatigued about the current state of affairs as it pertains to covid. Normies waking up to what you knew a year ago is ho-hum news. New variant drops when?
https://xyz.net.au/2022/01/australian-open-tennis-players-dropping-like-flies/ UwU this is interesting.Rolling for droppers mid match.
Gees its late. Got caught up watching Akira and shitposting. Good Night. White.
Just saw American Psycho. Such a strange film. I mean it feels like it's trying to say something about unchecked consumerism, the hypocrisy of the ultra wealthy with regard to their philanthropic endeavors, and maybe it's even trying to criticize capitalism overall but really it goes nowhere with any of those points. Hell it doesn't even go anywhere with anything really. The main character has no character development. There are no consequences to his actions. It's as if everything that happens in the film doesn't really matter at all. Not to the world they've created or the characters within it...but maybe that's the point? I mean there are hints in the film that the main character is hallucinating and maybe the entire movie is in his head. Just a severe case of psychosis or something? I suppose it could be some vague statement about how nobody cares about anything anymore other than material weatlh. Maybe the movie itself is a symbol of the dilution of art in the modern era by media companies trying to appeal to the masses. That would explain the random parts in the script where Patrick rambles about music. Really it just comes off as a campy slasher in the end and I think the main reason people keep coming back is the great performance by Christian Bale. Plenty of memorable lines but I can't tell if this movie is brilliant or simply something to throw on in the background. Either way I'd say it's worth a watch for the memes anyway.
Good Morning Mates. Big sleep in after a very warm night, watered the blackberries already.
>>23135 The book was wierd, it used to be controversial backinnadae. some of Brett easton ellis's other stuff was okay. He has an interesting history if you want to read up on him.
(538.78 KB 1080x1384 immigration djokavich.jpg)
>picrel yep, looks like the NWO is giving the ZOG orders, seems like they couldnt even be bothered to spin the talking points a bit.
(44.53 KB 587x117 immigration djokavich 2.jpg)
Gees they are treating him as a enemy spy. Its absurdist theatre calculated to further the divide between citizens.
Made some splashy code to show the BOssman on monday. Might have a lolly and fix the gutter now.
>>23140 These judges are vermin who have no respect for western law. What is individual accountability? Are we finding Novak guilty for what others have done? What is jurisdiction? Are we finding him guilty of breaking Australian law when outside of Australia? What is a standard of proof? How can you prove his actions will lead to harm in the future? This is toxic moralism at it's finest, these are the vermin pushing collective punishment, the presumption of guilt, and scape-goating in Australia.
>>23142 You can be sure the judiciary is as captured as the media. Judges have long been stalwarts of globohomo, feminist and communist agendas. The courts are now simply there to burn the resources of civilians who chose to fight the ZOG therein.
>>23143 These vermin have no place in our system. There is democracy, then there is a rule by elites. If nobody elected you then you are an elite. Judges do not "interpret" law- they simply obstruct the will of the people. They claim the will of the people must be obstructed for their own good; but who the fuck are they to say what the common good is? To protect citizens from mob law, citizens need rights. The courts are no substitute for individual rights
(134.85 KB 594x685 1604709134038.jpg)
I found and dusted a wasp nest in my wall. Destroying intolerable pests feels pretty good TBQH
(6.66 KB 259x194 John Bunting pedo hunter.jpg)
>>23144 Realizing that the justice system is to be avoided at all costs is an advanced redpill for any citizen, the corollary is that you take your chances with making your own justice. This famously happened in the lawless badlands of the Adelaide hills once.
>>23146 I want to see a return of traditional white law. >only individuals can launch a lawsuit >Blood right >thanes/lay judges >restorative justice >no rights for foreigners >animal rights >Parental rights >living rights >no vicarious liability >no presumption of damages >no victimless crime >no lawyers Things could be so good.
(78.16 KB 1280x800 NSN Sun.jpg)
>>23147 We live in a society where the praetorian guard engages in extra-judicial actions against the ZOG's opponents. Federal Counter-terrorism Pigs now routinely target organized white men with spesh ops to fit charges and rail-road them into supermax jails from closed courts. Racially conscious whites have no stake in a system that steals their land and future, and gives the broken pieces to race traitors and invaders. Even this Djokavich debacle shows the petty and frivolous manner they use their monopoly of force, its not just citizens that they radicalized that will become their targets, Anyone with a voice that doesn't echo their own will be punished to incentivize compliance.
(160.85 KB 800x1220 1612384755099.jpg)
Gutters are done and we had a bit of summer rain to test them out, no spouting yet but its kind of a fashion here to have it dump into the ground and it erodes a hole thru the grass to the gravel where it falls from the gutter. Problems for winter I reckon, and I'm happy with the efforts towards those ends. Summer bay beckons and I might start grabbing insulation batts from bunnings up there. That and drywall shit i need to access the meterbox from behind. I already have electrical gear. Also want a water and possum proof box so i can get the christmas sweets haul out of the house and up into the bush and away from temptation. I think I put on 10% of body weight over the hols. Good Night. White.
Good Morning Mates. Up early in the cool before the burn.
Might put oil on the loaves before I put 'em in their bags for the week.
Yum0 Rye vita and butter for morning tea
(1.61 MB 1280x12173 Lungenpresse screaming.jpg)
The Lying Press is Hysterical https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-16/covid-trying-to-catch-omicron-on-purpose-dangerous/100746124 >Dave* is desperate to catch COVID-19 and has been maximising his chances of getting infected >Marie* has a similar plan, both are vaccinated >Experts are strongly warning against the practice. Kirby institute, Scumo blah blah... >*not a real person OH FUCK IS THIS DAMAGE CONTROL? Better warn the jabbos in the eastern suburbs that they got saline not that it works anyway not that the virus that bad not that jabbos can ever be fukn immune This article is a symptom of a dying narrative. It seems to be attacking loyal jabbos having an incorrect interpretation of MSM talmudic lies. The ZOG is now stuck between"Trust the science and get the vaxx" and "The known unknowns, the virus writes the rules". Here in clown world the experts are always right but cant predict the outcome. Its afraid mates, This article is mostly pejorative epiphets, warmings of doom and shaming. >Russian roulette >straight from the anti-science, anti-vaxxer playbook >bug chasing bla bla gay men >those who deny science Its psychotic and screaming. How disappointed they must be that Omicron de-attenuated and became endemic. This rabid beast needs our mercy, I say give it the needle go big sleepy bye bye deaddybones DEFUND THE ABC
(269.59 KB 850x703 the writer.png)
Kek this shit writes itself this writer shits itself
(851.46 KB 720x1080 jewface.png)
(40.91 KB 736x735 1640512349525.jpg)
>put on field pants >belt she no fit no more
(1.05 MB 960x1280 homocops.png)
homo cops
>>23157 This happened to me the other day. All of a sudden half my pants don't fit and I had to buy a new belt. Can't tell if the pants just shrunk in the wash or maybe my ass got bigger. I guess I have been walking way more lately. Didn't think it would make that big a difference
Good Morning Mates. Big sleep in birdo get fukd.
Everyone at teh nowage is wearing masks but only in the office. The workshop peons seem to have more freedom.
>>23159 Its the christmas mazipan.
(45.03 KB 280x280 fatpepe.jpg)
I just remembered I have a 50 cal ammo box which would fit all my sweets in. I'm going to cache it up the bush and forget about it. Cant bring myself to bin it because its treats from Evropa like Anglo boiled lollies and master race zucker.
(8.91 MB 640x360 ausWoomblywoo.mp4)
>>23164 Based QLD bogans
(189.68 KB 1080x1338 niggers.jpg)
The lungenpresse must continually be the validation that their captured audience craves. It is the same as feeding a beaten dog, terrorizing and nurturing at the same time, And like a beaten wife, the poor normie will never leave, never waver in loyalty to the jew in the living room and in your breakfast table. The propaganda machine of the beast system is running out of sweetness and light for the white man, however. If you watch from waking to lights out you will soon see nothing but a vast wasteland of Niggers and Terror. Are you mates ready for Niggers and Terror?
(88.00 KB 720x865 fat racist pepe.jpg)
>>23166 >Niggers and Terror sads
>>23014 >Lawn is looking strack but I'm out of fun string 4 the whipper snipper, Use braided steel cable from now on. >Lawn trimmer consumable companies HATE him! Never have to buy plastic trimmer line again thanks to this one neat trick! Also: do NOT use this trick around dry / dead grass. You will inevitably hit.rocks and stones with the steel cable and the sparks will cause fires. Don't ask me how I know.
(701.41 KB 3100x3100 U.N._Logo.jpg)
>>23163 >I just remembered I have a 50 cal ammo box which would fit all my sweets in. I'm going to cache it up the bush and forget about it. Cant bring myself to bin it because its treats from Evropa like Anglo boiled lollies and master race zucker. Sugar is poison, flour is powdered glucose. The chains that bind you are made of glucose. Ever take a moment to ponder the deeper meaning behind the U.N. logo? Two sheaths of wheat enveloping a caged earth. >What did they mean by this?
(15.83 KB 513x720 m0rjc8xi6iy61.jpg)
>>23142 >These judges are vermin who have no respect for western law. That's an insult to vermin eveywhere. More accurately, they're Freemasons. >>23143 >The courts are now simply there to burn the resources of civilians who chose to fight the ZOG therein. Always have been. But do keep in mind ZOG would have no power here or over there were it not for their collaborators, chiefly, the Freemasons. Why did Hitler and Mussolini oppose Freemasonry? NEETs have to start getting organized and forming their own benevolent brotherhoods. Wagies just don't have the time or inclination anyway. So it's up to NEETs to use their oodles of free time more wisely. It's not too late to right the course. All of the baby boomers are starting to die off in droves now that they have started retiring en masse. Most freemasons are baby boomers (or older) Sedentary lifestyle is a killer. In the next 20 years the total number of active Freemasons in the U.S. alone will drop to about 250,000. Now is the time to start your own truly benevolent, nationalistic community outreach groups and political action committees. Make throwaway hobby interest groups at first then use these to recruit for your inner circle orgs. There will be a lot of chaff to separate from the proverbial wheat and you don't want to invest too much in groups that become tainted or compromised by shitters. Your inner circle groups are the ones to invest more into but they need good vetting (months and years, extensive background checks and surveillance of potential candidates). Model your inner circle orgs after Freemasonry's organizational structure and "degrees" but without all the Lucifer / Jew worship, child molestation / pedophile blackmail rings, globalism, esoteric nonsense and general disdain for white people. You can (and should) still have bizarre, somewhat traumatic oaths and rituals. After all, it's trauma that binds us together. Why do you think jews are so tight-knit? I'm not critisciIng you NEETs in the least. I'm merely pointing out that you have an incredible opportunity in your lap and one of the most important resources necessary to capitalize on it.
Good Morning Mates. Poor birdo sounds demoralized so I got up early to give him a boost.
(32.01 KB 600x445 1579136679910.jpg)
>>23173 (You) were living in the bush since before covid and then today you get jack of it and go back to the city. (You) go to the shop to get a pie and the pie lady says "No pies unless you wear a mask becuse there is a virus" You look at the paper and it says "Five cunce die today, all were old and sick". The only sensible conclusion: I like those odds Then (You) try to get a lo-rent bedsit and a job sweeping floors at the potato chip factory but you cant have 'em unless you get a couple of injections. The only sensible conclusion: something is very wrong with society Then (You) find out that cunce are okay with this shit its business as usual. No one is setting themselves on fire and no one is bombing any cop shops. The Prima Facie indications (You) come to is something like: We are in a state of war with an unknown occupying power. Spoiler:its the jews. The only sensible course of action is to enter a survival footing. The opportunity to organize, redpill cunce and give them something to do is in the past Mate. When the plane depressurizes (You) put your own oxygen mask on before trying to help others, then the smart play is to look for other mask wearers. cunce you can trust to not try and take yours. Anyone not committed will simply be using (You) as entertainment until their regularly scheduled ZOG programming resumes. Recruiting my arse, survivors are already in the only club I want to be in.
>>23170 I bought some Made in U.S.A. fun string at bunnings yesterday and boosted a sweedish handsaw It was more than twice the price of the chinkshit.
Doing another run of paste ups today.
(57.12 KB 500x500 PETER DREW FUCK OFF.jpg)
>>23179 Nice. Triggering MSM outrage is gold standard.
(428.50 KB 1280x1638 Go on and have it.jpg)
Not gonna lie boys, those panko mushrooms sound like a goer
(61.69 KB 794x1123 Identity crime.png)
I've got a draft here for a spray stencil which would be ideal for A3+ size (large to fuckin large) This one is designed to be cut out on quit thick card and sprayed many times onto butchers paper. >buy a roll of white butchers paper from officeworks >copy this image onto Exel and print it across a bunch of A4 pages, wide margins recommended >glue all the fucking A4 pages together- this is why you want wide margins. use some kind of lined paper to guide you, ideally a lined workpad. >buy several huge pieces of card paper, I recommend 250 GSM. If you are making A1 or smaller just get one at officeworks, if larger then join several together with propper duct take to make a single stencil you can fold. >paste your large paper print-out onto the card. >now when it comes to bridges (the little parts that stop the stencil falling apart, I marked them RED for you) you can actually add a shit load more if the image is large. >unroll some butchers paper, spray down the image LIGHTLY, believe me it will show especially in these large sizes >take off the stencil as soon as it's sprayed, for very large stencils you might actually want to duct tape a bunch of wire to the back- it won't effect the image. >roll more of the paper out, I normally put a 10$ plug in fan along the line to speed this up- you might need 10 meters of space to allow for drying. >to stop the paper getting dirty I usually just use two long rolls of butchers paper to go under the whole work station >spray the second image just like the first >as you keep working the first image will have fully dried and you can roll it back up to create a full roll of paste ups. This image is longer than it is wide and this is deliberate, because you can get a 1.5X3 meter stencil very easily using the length of butchers paper. Using this method you could make 30 or so of these paste ups very quickly, and paste them up very quickly. This is why I don't normally do delicate single use stencils, If you can free hand then all power to you- but as the size of your work increases freehanding can take a long time and require a lot of gear. Anyone can throw up one of my stencils with just a 2$ paintbrush and some wheat paste. So after you've made 30 of these one afternoon you can give them to other people to paste up- another distinct advantage over freehanding. Stencil of this size are hard to vandalize, because of their size they remain recognizable even if torn, tagged or bombed. You can sell these at local markets or legit just in the hood, some people will simply hang the paste up in their houses or try to frame it or whatever. Whole operation might cost you 60$ the first time and 10$ therafter. I don't own shit, I don't want shit, fuck copywrite, make as much money selling these on Ebay or whatever as you want because most of the work is in the execution. If you're lazy and just want to print this a4 from your printer and PVA it to a lamp post then that's fine- I deliberately made this so you could.
>>23177 The oxygen mask is a good analogy. But you are assuming the plane has a problem. There is no problem with the plane, or it's air. The problem is always the same. No social cohesion, things get worse for the common man. This plane will never crash, there is no apocalyptic collapse coming. The only collapse has been a steady decrease in the average person's quality of life. It would be inaccurate to assume the people are dumb. Some are, sure. But it's our egregore that is dumb. No ears to hear, eyes to see, no nerves to send and relieve signals, nor brain to think. The people are the ears and eyes. Groups are the nervous system. Combine these things and you will have a brain. But until then, sure, it's a safe bet that there will only be more stupidity. But why settle for it? Why live in the woods, in isolation? Why not seek out other ears and eyes and build a nervous system? >>23183 I like it. I understand the appeal too. The reason we are losing is not a lack of pasteups though. It's a lack of social cohesion between intelligent, race conscious whites. Australia is flooded with freemasons (just like the U.S.) and so unwitting white people join the Goyscouts and serve the very globalists working to undermine their nations from within and enslave them. As soon as possible, these otherwise useless goys are blackmailed and lead by the nose like the good little cattle they are. Why does it have to be this way? Because no one is willing to start their own groups. Most people will almost always seek out existing groups and ZOG is all to happy to oblige them. With no alternative to ZOG groups, whites have literally no chance. They are deaf dumb and blind because they have no central nervous system. Social clubs are that nervoys system. Unless you focus all your efforts on rebuilding the nervous system you are just pissing into the wind. By all means, you do your thing. But this won't do very much to increase social cohesion among your target demographic. It would make more sense to false flag as your enemy and paste up blatant anti white propaganda. The frogs don't know they're being brought to a boil. If they start to realize it though, and they realize there are groups are available to them, now you have something. You don't have to get everyone on your side. It's impossible. You also don't even need most or a majority. All it takes is a few good men. Leaders. Be leaders. Start groups.
>>23184 Don't overthink it, being effective by scale is easy and if you make shit complicated you come unstuck. My stencil isn't attributable, encorages cohecion, speaks to common values and a target demographic. The practical objective is that it gets white people into gym. Don't let ZOG live in your head rent free, just go out and do shit.
>>23184 >The oxygen mask >the plane has a problem Seems you are begging for this pic
(696.37 KB 598x680 hepaplane.png)
>>23184 >>23186 meh this pic
>>23187 >plexiglass HOT
(40.52 KB 513x800 adolf.jpg)
>>23184 >Egregore Zeitgeist cool, but dont buck break my plane metaphor. Forming groups is top tier effective survival doctrine but I find that idiots gravitate to bands of outriders and wreck them. You can see this on teh IB's.. You get a forum of discourse that is powerful, productive and fun, Then attract even a single dickhead loser who contributes with prolific spam and cringe until its fukn intolerable and the good posters leave. >>23183 Cool design. Very subtle. Would pass inspection by most HR political correctness commisars if it was on a T-Shirt at teh wage. Good men are rilly rare but when you find them get behind them. - Jaz Searby
(6.67 KB 240x232 sketchy pepe.jpg)
BOssman just gave me a trail camera and told me to get it working so he can catch out the wage sneaks.
>>23191 Hungry and three hours until tea.
Chink alternative medicine is cringe.
Good Morning Mates. Light rain cooled everything down and dried off the sticky feels from yesterday.
>>23177 Then a Doctor tells (You) the injections are a cure for the common cold using untested gene therapy and the nurse wants you to sign a legal disclaimer. They say its safe and crazy people are lying. They say it works but infections are skyrocketing. They say it reduces your sickness by maybe a day.
BOssman happy I got his trail cam going. Its a nice thing to have, I must keep my eyes open for these things on my travels.
(43.08 KB 488x480 Sonnerad.png)
>>23183 The windmill is pretty good feels. It would be good to be able to buy merch like this off a 16chan etsy.
>>23197 I think most anons would just reeee about grifting, shilling, (((merchant))), and/or "glow op wants my credit card and home address"
>>23198 >glow op wants my credit card" and then go to ebay trusted seller: Mylilglownigger65. Yeah fuck em I'm going to do it.
(3.75 MB 3212x2242 drone survival.jpg)
>Reading the Janes Defence review in the lunchrooom >UAV is UNINHABITED aerial vehicle. MFW politically correct pronouns on drones now. Good to know the ZOGbots will be hunting me without dated references to the patriarchy.
Good Morning Mates. The kookaburra was the big birdo at dawn today.
>>23199 >Mylilgnownigger65 Mylilglownibba88
>>23195 A common cold cure from a fat jewish doctor, never before tested in all of mankind. Just sign the disclaimer with nurse oriental,They'll not be liable for poison or crime.
(77.23 KB 945x585 jaz_searby.jpg)
Gentlemen's Advice Jaz Searby
>>23204 Based lyrics, mellow tunes in the bush. Really Nice.
(1.89 MB 300x350 1638404011958.gif)
Which essential oils smell best in cologne? Anyone here into good smells? What's your every day scent? I have a few in rotation. But I want to try making my own. I am thinking of blending labdanum, cedar, agarwood, jasmine, oak moss, tea tree, clary sage, and sweet marjoram with either vodka or grain alcohol. No idea what I"m doing but there are charts online that show how long each scent lasts so I plan on using more of the ones that don't last very long, less of the ones with more staying power, and as little of the agarwood as possible while still getting the effect. The agarwood is close to $30 a gram. The oak moss isn't cheap either. The rest is reasonably priced. I will report back with my findings in about a month's time. Not trying to attract women or get compliments, just mixing up stuff I like and seeing if I can come up with a good blend instead of paying $120 for a bottle of Versace Eros or $350 for anything Creed or Tom Ford. For the same money I can buy enough chemicals to make 5-10x as much cologne. Plus it will.be my unique smell. I'm wearing this one for me. But I do plan on making a citrus summertime scent when things warm up (women are primordially attracted to citrus smells), and just for shits and giggles I'm going to add ever increasing amounts of androstenone pheromones until it reaches a level where the gamey, musky, sausage and onions, sweat and piss-like smell of the pheromones overpowers the rest of the cologne and see if too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
Good Morning Mates. Couldnt sleep so got up before the waterhens, strewth they're loud.
(36.01 KB 800x570 barnaby joyce approves.jpg)
>>23206 I have some dior farenhiet and davidoff cool water, I got my sisterclone some jimmy choo floral which is really citrusey and we both really like it. I fill up those squeezy plastic fish things that the nips put soy sauce in and I carry them in my milsurp molle man purse. I stopped wearing fragrance when I got mandate sacked from the office and I'm in the field most of the time now. You dont wear perfume or deoderant in the field for obvious reasons.
>>23208 Never tried farenheit but cool water is good, very clean smelling. Never heard of this soy sauce thing you're talking about. Got a pic?
(84.54 KB 1200x800 soy sauce fish.jpg)
>>23209 I also have lavender oil in one of them for itchy bites.
(176.75 KB 1280x960 Beach.jpg)
(187.50 KB 1280x960 pie time.jpg)
Went to the beach on the way home, was a all white crowd and I played the bugle and bantered with an old white boy. We unironically complained that the water was Fiji tier warm and would attract coconuts if word got out. Got a invitation from a femoid to go swimming tmrw at the secret spot for locals from Silver City and Frosthaven. Unloaded the car and stuffed the insulation batts thru the tiny manhole, tuff workout before a salty tea. No shirt, summer taut. 29.3°
(590.45 KB 1424x2048 1580536484271.jpg)
Whew. Cold shower and then try to sleep in the heat. Good Night. White.
(8.88 MB 480x848 covax aids.mp4)
Here's a bit of home brew cringe for ya. Its hitting all the woke notes at practically ultrasonic pitch. Can you spot the teeny tiny mistake tho? Answer: They are blaxploiting Nurse Sudan.
>>23210 That's hilarious! I've never seen one of those. It's like a Japanese ketchup packet but for soy sauce. Good call on the lavender, I'll have to try that. You can also use benedryl (diphenhydramine) liquid gel caps for bugbites. You just slice the capsule and squeeze the liquid out onto your bites. >>23213 It sucks Australia is going nuts with this woke COVID bullshit. I would have liked to have visited one day but now that looks like it's never going to happen. I simply have lost all faith in vaccine manufacturers and refuse to ever get any, not just COVID, but any vaccine now.
Good Morning Mates. Had a good sleep dreaming about washing the falcon first thing.
>>23214 I have been only getting one side of the covid vaxx information, i think i should watching some MSM to get a more balanced view.
I've been in a lot of pain lately. Not entirely sure why. So I've been popping pills like it's the 80s. I can't get addicted to these pain killers, can I?
Dope increases your tolerance to opiates, depression sets up a negative feedback loop. Pain is a subject full of pitfalls and psychology. Talk to a HCP. >tfw thinking about tow insurance
>>23216 ??????? >7 question marks
>>23213 you guys are fucked, mate. cancerous vid.
>>23219 Just want some blue pills to right the ship. Cause normie cunts are saying that the omicron is a nothingburger and boomers are getting rekt by cancer, I want to see what the story is. I'm not getting teh jabs but I wonder if they are less dangerous now after all the testing.
(4.45 MB Young man.mp3)
>>23220 This is good.
>>23221 fuck off dude. you probably aren't even a real anon. we're two years into this shit. seriously get fucked. >I'm not getting teh jabs but I wonder if they are less dangerous now after all the testing. kys yourself, don't delay.
>casual grooming >altered (inhuman) voices >one-eye+pyramid symbolism (externalization of the hierarchy) >vax passport to see film >14yo making medical decisions w/o parents >lgbt >rainbow symbolism >beta-kitten symbolism >vax date >visible physical illness in their eyes >touching another's mask >butterfly symbolsim >overalls on female (gender-bending) >nigger >jab for more dates >"over the rainbow" merely a cursory breakdown. game over for today's youth. lights out, party's over. bluepills to right the ship
>>23213 >>23224 how could i forget <product label on face mask this alone lowers an individual's resonance 5 sigma
(150.82 KB 1280x960 Field ration.jpg)
You are oiling your loaves when they come out of the oven aren't you, Mates?
(173.56 KB 1280x903 beach bridge.jpg)
Beach was nice, The layer of warm water was a little shallower than the other beach. There were some QT's sunning themselves and I talked to them. I played the bugle a bit. Had a meal of onions and capers just before I went so feel a bit bleh after swimming, just like mummybot said.
(378.68 KB 650x650 14words.png)
>We must secure the existence of our >people and a future for white children >by any means necessary
>>23229 Absolutely bloody right
(135.26 KB 600x900 1632705439104.jpg)
It usually takes me days to get into doing some new kind of project, like craftwork or coding, something that I cant do in two or so bellyfuls. Was trying to get a sewing weekend going but it turned into a bunch of chores. Still have to bake bread, fill the esky and other field stuff. Might be a short week because of Australia Day which I will spend at the beach. Summer daze, Good Night, White.
Good Morning Mates. Smoky bushfire morning.
(295.43 KB 720x876 bad one.jpg)
Hmmm Anti cyber bullying laws come in today. I suspect the gubber men are waiting for a flag event like little jimmy driven to steal money from his mummybots purse by online trolls.
>>23234 meh. If you want to avoid cyber bullying then go to the safe spaces on discord or endchan/ausneets/
Off up down the beach again.
Good Morning Mates. Big sleep in and a warm morning already.
NEWS FROM THE REAL WORLD Old mate got called back home from teh wage on friday morning. Some tourist with a caravan took out the fence to his back paddock and his cows got out. A local farmer spotted the disaster and called old mate who took an hour and a half to return to the Crater Valley farm from Summer bay. The cows were in the forestry plantations and the culprit was nowhere to be found. It took old mate all day Friday to round up the cows and all day Saturday to repair the fence. Naturally he was fuming. No cows were harmed in this event.
Cunce here dont like me wearing combat boots because not muh safety first. Steel caps wreck my feet, how is that safe? OHS faggots are worse than HR political correctness cadres.
Cunce here fuming that they cant work Australia day wednesday and take friday off instead just because the office QT gets a headache with scheduling. I will go do a scout mission wed if thats the case.
Good Morning Mates. Humid enough for the mozzies to be out this morning.
>tfw neet for most of my life so don't know much about social interaction >all of a sudden thrown into a situation where I have to be social constantly >start learning about how people interact quickly So it's basically just like a ton of posturing, grandstanding, lying, cheating, derision, etc? What a fucking hassle. I know people put themselves through this because connections are valuable for many reasons but fucking hell personally I think I could do a lot better on my own with very little human interaction. Maybe I'm just not good at this though. I probably have to get better at lying. How do people even get good at lying? Should I stand in front of the mirror and lie to myself? Should I start off small by lying about small inconsequential shit to others? But what about keeping track of all of those lies? At a certain point will I lose my grasp on actual reality? Man this social interaction shit is hard. I guess that's probably why the average person isn't well versed in academic subjects. They're too busy dedicating energy to solving this social interaction thing
Going to wear the steel caps to the toolbox meeting. Then I'm putting on the crocs, because the big toe is looking ugly and needs some sunlight.
>>23242 The vatniks teach their pupils the art of lying lie in school. Its definitely a skill that our white western culture rejects because of morality, unfortunately it means that whites tend to be lemmings and believe that their superiors wouldn't lie to them. I think lying to yourself is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, LARP until you get the part.
(255.84 KB 1280x916 Fern Hollow.jpg)
Went back to Fern Hollow barbequearea, Had a cheeky wash in the creek because it was hot AF. Felt good to be a boong and then some jabbos from out of town showed up and ruined it.
>>23244 I guess I'm just gonna have to start off small. Lying about what I ate today and build up from there. I think the harder thing to learn is coming up with lies on the spot. I think anyone can recite premeditated lies but formulating lies in real time without pausing for too many "umms" and "ahhs" is a real skill. Especially when there's a chance you'll be immediately questioned about said lie.
(59.17 KB 1024x908 1629601565486.jpg)
>>23246 Why dont you do what the jabby jews do, Lying about sars-2 biology? They know that they're wrong but they believe that thier lies are noble. I duno what they think they are achieving but they are convinced they are doing a greater good. CBT methods like lying to yourself that you are more outgoing than you are IRL is an example i suppose. Amateur liars get their credibility rekt, cunts who lie all the time are nothing but faggots. Same can be said of someone who backs up a known liar for whatever reason, you can see both types on degenerate boards, these places are to be avoided.
Cunce here got close contacted because the office pajeet did some RAT's on friday night with hes pajeet m8, and got pozitives. Was no symptoms, no nothing just recreational RATting. TELL THE CUNT TO DO TINNIES AND BONGS NEXT TIME LIKE NORMAL CUNCE
(46.39 KB 983x983 captain starwars.jpg)
Me and the BOssman are bonding over the hidden camera project, If we catch a sneak then he will make me a Lieutenant. Day off tomorrow. Big scout mission planned.