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(62.77 KB 474x841 download.jpeg)
A Growing evil Anonymous 01/22/2022 (Sat) 02:44:03 No. 24080 [Reply]
How do we stop the ever increasing growth of evil in places like the U.S. and similar countries, or is it inevitable?
>>24080 what is your belief system? it will help me to determine how to parse an answer that is most digestible to you.
>>24081 Just give it to us straight. Is there nothing that can be done?
>>24080 Lone Wolf
>>24082 There is always something that can be done. I will not answer your OP question until you answer mine.

Anonymous 01/22/2022 (Sat) 17:12:45 No. 24093 [Reply]
Can anyone help me brainstorm some ideas on finding a work from home job?
>>24093 Live in the woods
shill posting for some think tank

(29.36 KB 474x309 download (2).jpeg)
Meme Thread Anonymous 01/22/2022 (Sat) 17:57:49 No. 24094 [Reply]
post some "memes"

Anonymous 03/23/2021 (Tue) 13:23:20 No. 19880 [Reply]
CIA FBI NSA Washington taliban bomb alqaeda ISIS If you work for the U.S. government you are a sick-fuck Jackass Asshole. I hope someone throws acid in your face you Stupid Bitch.
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>>19938 It will always be one.
>>19880 Yea get 'em.
It is true that they are all monsters.
And nothing good happens.

Brandon robert kelley Anonymous 11/09/2021 (Tue) 21:25:54 No. 23167 [Reply]
Brandon robert kelley is a deranged pedophile who destroys imageboards by endlessly spamming cp.
>>23167 bump
(45.25 KB 844x578 unknown-7.png)
(68.02 KB 1676x803 unknown-9.png)
(37.08 KB 982x511 unknown-6.png)
(68.02 KB 1676x803 unknown-5.png)
(11.45 KB 565x236 unknown-8.png)
>>23167 Bump

(334.20 KB 1194x686 12345678910.png)
You may now post strange and interesting stories. Anonymous 01/17/2022 (Mon) 15:46:33 No. 24055 [Reply]
I hereby grant permission to do this.

(132.55 KB 889x696 1510062941391.png)
Shitmerica Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 22:43:56 No. 16181 [Reply] [Last]
Shitmerica is full of inbred Kikes and Shitskin Niggers. Is anyone else awake?
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Its the Jews!!!
>>23144 Indeed. More precisely, white people have collectively ceded control over their destiny to a group of psychotic, inbred, child molesting hook-nosed ethnic supremacists. These kikes would have no power here we're it not for their collaborators: self-depricating, virtue signaling, "colorblind" christians, and jewcifer worshipping freemasons.
Haha funny picture
Haha you post funny picture.
"Oh say can you see"

Should I join the Freemasons Anonymous 09/01/2021 (Wed) 11:54:34 No. 22209 [Reply]
Gain occult and esoteric knowledge, network with others, join an ancient brotherhood.
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>>22209 >get manipulated by oaths they will not explain to you >be cattle in their loosh games on top of normal socialite control >only get told the plain truth once you reach 33rd degree but by then you can not refuse cus they control so much of your soul energy They give you power you do not understand so they can use you. Once you become aware enough they throw you to the wolves and psychically attack you if you don't support their agenda. Serves you right if you entangle with such.
>>22209 >Literally the bureau of Judaism complaints, every little Jew with any connections seeks to load you with their problems that you must help solve, promising payment with knowledge of the Kabbalah >Of course no payment
(261.29 KB 640x1098 1638234380015.jpg)
>>22209 Should I join the Freemasons >>22209 >Gain occult and esoteric knowledge, network with others, join an ancient brotherhood. Isn't it weird how freemasons always come here, and also to 4chinz, to "play" dumb, and try to recruit people who have already read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? We already know exactly what judeo-masonry is. On the remote chance that you're not already a mason, have you even read The Protocols? No? It's required reading to participate on this site. Find the long version and study it. Notice that a lot of the later versions circulating on the web have been pared down and edited to remove most mentions of freemasonry. (((Who))) would do such a thing? Lmao To answer your stupid question, consider the following: The country was founded by white nationalists. This country has only gotten worse since the civil war. Jews have worked tirelessly to enslave Americans (especially whites). Since this country's founding they have been trying to control the issuance of currency. Between 1900 and 1933 they managed to achieve their goal. Jews like J.P. Morgan and Paul Warburg engineered financial turmoil and the great depression which was used to lay the groundwork for the "Federal" Reserve, a private bank (not a government agency) that prints us our digital and paper money out of thin air but charges us interest for the privilege of loaning our own money to us. The 14th amendment made whites and blacks "equal". In the 60s a jew named Emmanuel Cellar passed legislation that restricted immigration from white nations by instead favoring the third world. Freemason, and 33rd (lol) President Harry Truman de-segregated the military and around that time schools were racially desegregated (at gunpoint) as well. The U.S. military literally threatened to shoot any whites who would exercise their freedom to associate with their own kond. Meanwhile, jews can still have goyim-free private jew schools for themselves! Hypocrisy?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(293.84 KB 573x1982 1627158437871.jpg)
Why are freemasons always like this, bros?
>>24023 >Why are freemasons always like this, bros? Anyone know?

Robert Sepehr (esoteric anti-pol since 2016) Anonymous 12/22/2021 (Wed) 10:28:09 No. 23775 [Reply]
It was only a matter of time before hard evidence that Robert Sepehr was discovered to be Jewish. His Jewish father Ben-Hur even made and produced a handful of holocaust films as seen in youtube video below..... Bob has been pushing the (((ancient aliens))) theme since facebook first started and banning people for challenging his Kabbalah serpent seed narrative about Aryans being the children of Kane and Lilith. Hence the (((Nordic aliens))) deep state kabbalah theme and grey lizard people. He also contributed to 8ch Watkins destroying deep study threads (like the original Ancient Aryan threads) and replacing them with (((esoteric general))) and (((druid/pol))). >Video timestamp of Robert Sepehr at his fathers premiere of the holocaust film The Desperate. https://youtu.be/UGXqSackO4k?t=112 [Embed] >Atlantean Gardens listed as a Jewish organization https://eintaxid.com/company/465098741-atlantean-gardens/ >If you do a web search for Ben Hur Robert Sepehr you'll find that both a Ben Hur (Shokuhisepehr) Sephr and a 46 year old Robert Sepehr live at the same California address... https://www.whitepages.com/name/Robert-Sepehr/Encino-CA https://www.searchpeoplefree.com/find/benhur-hur-shokuhisepehr https://clustrmaps.com/person/Sepehr https://clustrmaps.com/person/Sepehr-966dlv
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>>23962 I never said dinosaurs didn't exist. They existed in the more recent past, and one doesn't have to be a Christian to believe this. They have found dinosaur tissue preserved with blood-cells, blood vessels, proteins and other things. That can't be 65 million years old. They've been coping hard for years ever since that was released
(40.84 MB 640x360 Dinosaur Soft Tissue.mp4)
>>23964 >That can't be 65 million years old. Says who? So you claim they are not 65M years old, but they are older than 6000 So HOW OLD? 60,000? 600,000? Most bio material breaks down in just months. How do you explain any type of material lasting 600,000 years? Any process they can preserve fragments of material for 600,000 years is then theoretically possible to do so for millions of years. You don't get to claim its impossible without backing up your claim. Bio material preserved in amber is completely sealed, nothing can get out, nothing can seep in. It stands to reason this process would preserve some amounts of recognizable bio materials indefinitely. >They have found dinosaur tissue preserved with blood-cells, blood vessels, proteins and other things Source needed. There have been 14 significant finds of this nature commonly cited by 'creationists', but you are misrepresenting ALL OF THEM Most notably are the finds of Mary Schweitzer, which as expected were blow out of proportion by the media. All you have to do is look up her papers, or even the news clips she appeared in to hear in her own words what was found. Mary Schweitzer's Original Paper https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1685849/ https://www.science.org/doi/pdf/10.1126/science.1108397

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>23965 >Iron preservation I.e. damage control
(3.97 MB 320x569 nigger.gif)
>>23966 >t. 80IQ
(586.94 KB 1080x1396 ClipboardImage.png)
>>23775 Starting to show his true colors.

(115.54 KB 1280x720 1242623753566755647849.jpg)
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream Anonymous 01/12/2022 (Wed) 05:25:33 No. 23968 [Reply]
>mom is a bitch >sister will likely grow up to be a whore >family is fucked, Aunt A is a crackhead-wannabe-gypsy, Aunt B is faker than chinese plastic tits, Aunt C is dead, Uncle is golddigger who acts like his mother was a pure jew. Grandpa is a fucking pushover pussywhipped bitch who put all aunts on birth control in their teenage years >Father is gone (le classic zoomer curse) >No license >No job >No friends >Don't even care about a GF >Half because I already fucked a chick and I feel as if my sexual fury is completely gone, like a soul of me is removed >Other half is because I'm a closet gay >All jobs I should be taking are taken by immigrants who are worked as slaves to make their family's lives better back home >I am growing up in a world where faggots, trannies, all that horseshit is not only accepted and pushed. Pushed on children, on men my age and younger. On women my age and younger. Hundreds of thousands at the very least to telling everyone about how "amazing it is to be a faggot and get aids and die". >I am growing up in a world where faith is abandoned more and more every day. Where Godlessness is preached to every man, woman, and child. >I am growing up in a world where culture is commodified and used as a means to make more money for those in power. Where even groups who haven't felt the crumbling force of the everpresent globohomo are being taken to our countries and having their beliefs and traditions made into stores for baby boomers and while millennial woman to be patron to. >I will live in a world where I must pay tithe to pharma companies, taking an untested, dysfunctional, likely unsafe vaccine to do literally anything, including being a NEET. >I will live in a world where when I speak out, I will be targeted and shamed, with normals preaching to me that I must go to a vague replacement for a mother figure (Le therapist, A.K.A. 30 year old living cat-piss-scented air freshener) to be told what to do, including paying tithe to the companies. I have no mouth. And I must scream.
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>>24028 kick the cancer sticks friend. read books instead.
>>24029 Look man I was nearly a murder victim don't blame me for being a junkie for something that makes me feel remotely alive.
>>24032 victimhood should not be encouraged or tolerated. wherever u coomed from u need to go back.
>>24032 i don't blame you, but i think you should break the cycle sooner than later.
(75.43 KB 720x552 6w4moB0jEKs.jpg)
Ohkaaay. Welcome to the club. Same shit since I got here, and its a nothing to write home about because none of what you described causes physical pain. Now get back to work.