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(391.67 KB 1578x762 BLM minneapolis 1.jpg)
Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 07:58:08 No. 11002 [Reply] [Last]
This is the narrative CIA niggers and CNN are going to try to spin, they're already spamming 4chan with their bots. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/%22Accelerationists%2Fnationalists%20ARE%20out%20there%22/
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>>11004 ok, so a dead nigger basically...
prob dindu nuffin
should have just sprinkled crack om him and got out of there
cops and niggers being retarded like always

(16.87 KB 160x160 ED - Encyclopedia Methica.png)
Encyclopedia Dramatica Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 05:05:13 No. 2585 [Reply] [Last]
Gather round and let me tell you the story of how Encyclopedia Dramatica lopped off its head to try and spite its ugly body.

There once was a fat man named Onideus, he was boisterous, mean, antagonistic and loved to shit post. He made many enemies, but brought about much mirth with his inflammatory posting and Discordian perspectives.

The enemies of this fat man were many and they cried out, "DEATH TO THE FAT HATTER!"

...but Onideus simply laughed in response.

Enraged, his enemies began to attack more... and more... they would stop at nothing to get back at this monstrous man of great girth... I mean mirth. Try and try as they might, they couldn't not budge this mountain of a man. Eventually they became so desperate in their Onideus Derangement Syndrome or ODS (pronounced odious) that they began to use illegal tactics... they tried death threats, bomb threats, contacting friends and family, threatening his friends and family, posting his dox, then his social security number, libeling him as a furry, then as an adult baby, eventually the libelous accusations escalated into outright claims of pedophilia and eventually trailed off into bizarre insinuations that he was stalking Drew Barrymore as a psychic vampire... and apparently a drum corps was involved.

None of this derangement worked. The fat man simply dropped and let out nuclear text bomb after nuclear text bomb. Eventually the admin of the site at the time, one Brian Zaiger, became so drunkenly enraged he went on the talk page of this great shit poster and cried out for a personal army, "VANDALIZE HIS PROPERTY! DESTROY HIS PROPERTY!" he cried with vengeful reckoning in his voice.

The fat man... had been waiting. He knew. He knew if he was patient enough, if he endured enough, if he took enough hits... that eventually, eventually these odious ass hats would step over the line... a line or six of legality that would absolutely ensure their immediate end if acted upon by that mean 'ol Onideus.

So an ultimatum was given to this Brian... do as I say, or I will legally end you outright.

Brian did not believe at first, oh no, skeptical was he, who had spent so much of his time hammering away at this large bodied rock of a man... but then Onideus began to move... very slowly at first, just a taste... a tap... one little tap... and Brian knew... he knew to bow before the God of humanity's demons.

This did not sit well with the lessers, the doormats, the dregs, the EDiots... one of them became so irrational an enraged he went postal! Shot up a school and killed two innocent kids... all because a fat man on the Internet erased an article he wrote and took away the only semblance of control he felt he still had in life.

Eventually the others became so furious and flustered they OUSTED the Brian! They cheered out, "NO MORE BRIAN, NO MORE ONIDEUS!" They would kill the captain to try and sink the great ship Onideus.

Then a man named Sibin from Serbia took the helm of the sinking ship and declared, "I WILL SAIL US TO A NEW LAND OF LULZ!"

...but the lulz did not come. There weren't any good new articles, there weren't any new memes, there weren't any new lulzy images, or videos... there was just despair and bitterness as the ship slowly sank onwards into the abyss.

At one point, a sly little weasel nosed his way onto the ship, he whispered sweet lies to the Sibin, promised him a leashed return of the Onideus and so he began...


This of course did not suade Onion Math Hat and the sly little weasel began accusing him of uploading child porn to the server! Of course, nothing of the sort ever occurred, but what was a little fraud on top of libel, thought the cat snake? As he began removing pictures of bacon and then turned around and deleted the edit logs with false accusations! No one would know, right? I mean, it's not like there was someone monitoring the RC in real time using video screen capturing... oh, oops...


This of course did not please Odoriferous Mud Flapper as he leaned on over to Sibin and issued the same legal ultimatum he gave to Brian. But Sibin was a sly fox, he thought,

"I live in Serbia! It's too far away from you, you have no power here!"

Sibin could not have been more wrong. Very quickly he learned that he was standing on the edge of a great precipice and cried out, "WAIT! NO! IT'S NOT MINE! I GAVE IT ALL AWAY TO THE WEASEL FUR!"


But Onideus was looking for a scarecrow... he would use Sibin as a warning. And in turn contacted the SIA, Serbia's version of the FBI and whispered sweet secrets into their virtual ears. Their interest piqued, they began to investigate and in a panic Sibin pulled the plug on Encyclopedia Dramatica... he tried to burn the whole ship with everyone still on it... just to save himself.

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>>9566 Yeah, I am. Because even though I'm tired of Onideus's bitching about ED he still contributes to the board with OC whereas the only shit you contribute is more and yet more bitching. Also, you are also sticking around on this pathetic little 4chan clone and replying to my posts within a day or so. Are you disabled and chronically sick like me? Or do you just not have a job? I don't really care as long as you leave. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-HsWxMq36s
>>9565 Well, let me put it this way... as stupid as they are, if they are doing highly illegal shit (and I'm sure many of them are)... it's only a matter of time before they get themselves caught and wind up in prison, regardless of whatever I do. I've been online in the more volatile communities long enough to know that... play stupid games... win stupid prizes. I mean their current owner has already had his shit raided TWICE by the police... and now that he's hosting ED and directly enabling, encouraging and facilitating identity theft and fraud... yeeaaah... he ain't gonna last long. This thread is mostly just for the lolcow drama they bring about as they're squealing like stuck pigs right before their own inevitable slaughter. I'm just here to provide insult to their self-injury. If you don't like seeing it I would advise hiding the thread (and another other threads they make). >>9566 I've made like ONE singular thread dedicated to mocking you idiots, which can easily be set to hidden by anyone who doesn't want to see it... on the other hand you've made... what, more than a DOZEN screechy little Hatter hate threads just in the past couple months? Look, I get it, you're stupid and you're flustered because your stupidity causes you keep walking right tha'fuck into a wall... but that sure as shit ain't my fault. Don't blame me for all the stupid ass shit you idiots keep doing. Bitch made little paste eater EDiots like you are in sore need of a little introspection.
>>9561 That looks like your mum than some dumb slut from IOWA onideus, try to rape harder.
(84.65 KB 471x590 Enemies-of-state.jpg)
ED's new logo shows themselves getting fisted... you can't make this shit up.
>>2585 ED from the last I've heard was run by Jews, like Oddguy, Rodion, Dropdatwat, Zaiger, etc. Weev is also a kike who would delete content on the wiki about Jews doing WTC. He got deeply offended by that meme, probably because he is one himself. Btw, that info comes from Alison Chabloz who knew somebody on there. ED also doxxes racists. That should come as no surprise to people that know the site. I remember one time Ryan Cleary of LulzSec and former owner of ED hacked DreamHost, causing 4chon's owner STI hundreds of dollars in server bills, so he retaliated by hacking the forum by figuring out a password that Cleary set to "niggers1" before dumping the email addresses of EDF users on Pastebin. Cleary later got busted with kiddy porn on his hard drive. I guess that's what happens when you target somebody who isn't low-hanging fruit like the rest of the people that ED occasionally doxxes and writes about in their articles.

(4.43 KB 224x224 1575970456893.jpg)
Internet anonymity Anonymous 02/27/2020 (Thu) 20:19:38 No. 8275 [Reply] [Last]
It has all gone too far now. In Sweden the police are now allowed to install spywares on our phones and computers to spy on our internet activity. Everyone is against it, but nobody is doing anything about it. What can we do about this? How can I stay safe on the internet?
16 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>10634 Knives are cheap I.E.D's tad more expensive. But even a dumb cunt can build one easy as
(556.59 KB 887x713 0jc009.png)
Your leaders have failed you and brought over foreigners to keep voting them in power. You can either organize and take back your country or you can leave.
>>8275 >smart phone >not already having spyware Anon you are aware the majority of the worlds smartphones are made in China and India and therefore come with spyware/bloatware right out of the box from the country, the brand, and your carrier right? Consumers don't really have much of a choice other than to downgrade to a basic flip phone and even then those still come with unnecessary shit. You were never safe in a room with one even before Sweden decided to turn into a surveillance state though I figured they'd be one of the last to do that in Euroland. >>9506 >a muslim-infected shithole anyway. Oh no!! >>8277 Neat, I like the idea of people just building their own phones. I wish I wasn't a brainlet and knew how to sodder but good for you anon.
(123.88 KB 640x728 Europe under Islam.jpg)
>>9506 Forgot pic
>>10658 >You can either organize and take back your country or you can leave. Sun Tzu says: >The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom. Thus shall it be with you. Deus vult.

(156.11 KB 558x495 Lena.jpg)
Anonymous 04/17/2020 (Fri) 08:37:38 No. 10362 [Reply] [Last]
I know most of you are cunts but I need someone with a heart to help me out bros. I lent my GF $400 for a game, she said she'd pay me back. (No simp because I'm getting it back). and well.. Her dog recently had to be put down. I know it's probably costed a lot, and I'm a NEET, I got no job so I need this money to eat. BUT If I ask for my money now, I'm going to look like an insensitive prick. I can't just be like "Sorry about bruno..where's the 400 at?" but I'm not rich and feel like I should at least get it out of the way.
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
You are such a dumb fuck I think it goes with out saying you are never getting that money back and if you by some chance do she will fucking hate you and end up breaking up with you.
>>10372 99% of all modern consoles and most publishers and many dev teams these days are cucked anyway. I steer the fuck clear from >EA >Ubisoft >Bethesda >Paradox >Activision >Steam games store >Epic games store just build or get a gaming pc and get a wired mouse and wired keyboard and wired screen (don't be a bluetooth cuck dependent on batteries constantly replacing, even if rechargable those shitty batteries crap out too damn fast anyway, so don't even depend on any kind of batteries unless you're using a normal remote or flashlight and so on, and even then you can get great crank flashlights that have batteries in them that don't suck when you crank recharge them, but beware many brands are shit. thorfire LED is cool on amazon, but don't get the collapse orange lantern thing, get they gray hand held, but don't trust me, do your own research.) so you have a pc, just go to gog.com (they hate DRM check out their fckdrm website, they're also CDPR and making Cyberpunk2077) basically GTA but with a story that isn't dogshit. 99% of everything on gog.com is shit, but if you search carefully enough you find a few hidden gems.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>10824 I will also never buy another game or console from nintendo, sony, or microsoft, (or any of googles or apples laughable SHIT) ever again. >pay for console >pay for the games >pay for your own internet >drop all that fucking money for all that shit >console demands that you pay subscription fees to USE THE INTERNET YOU ALREADY FUCKING PAY FOR NO. FUCK YOU SONTENDOSOFT FUCK. YOU. never again.
>>10826 i don't mind buying nintendo consoles on sale, then jailbreaking them to get all the games for free. the problem is a lot of their games aren't available elsewhere and they usually have a large enough catalog of quality to make up for the 100-200 bucks you might drop. i played at least $500 worth of games for free on my 2ds maybe even buying the console won't be worth it soon. lot of nintendo leaks in the last couple years, so it could help emulation become more efficient
>*For car parts, not a game sorry ITT: a bunch of faggots that reply to OP without reading the thread >>10362 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX0fIi3H-es

(412.71 KB 1189x780 20200514_170722.jpg)
(570.23 KB 1190x799 20200514_170348.jpg)
(434.66 KB 1188x749 20200514_165317.jpg)
(433.38 KB 1170x755 20200515_035534.jpg)
(566.75 KB 1175x781 20200515_040620.jpg)
Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 22:53:49 No. 10789 [Reply] [Last]
Am I white or semitic?
2 posts and 10 images omitted.
I see what they are talking about but "looking jewish" is a really odd concept. Consider how Jews not only migrated but spread Judaism around the globe. So I guess they have a point, anyone can look Jewish.
You look white. I don't think you have any features that people commonly make out to be stereotypically jewish.
you look like a semitic mongrel. does it really matter anyway?
(1.37 MB 480x360 fire.gif)
Posing this question, you're either a liberal, a jew, or both.Either way <--- In you go
you look middle eastern maybe some slavic genes too. most white people were arabs. who cares. basing your values and beliefs on skin color is pretty dumb. It's such a mob mentality. You are you. Be that individual that you are and fuck all the race memes out there.

(6.90 KB 697x437 gabshadowban.png)
Has anyone else been shadow banned from gab.com or voat.co? Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 14:32:35 No. 10559 [Reply] [Last]
Has anyone else been shadow banned from gab.com or downvoated into oblivion (essentially banned) on voat.co? I can't even log in anymore. This page is all I get. I tried everything to get back into my account, but I can't even get to the main ordinary gab.com page to even try to log in. I only get this screen. I do not get any indication I have been banned, I am only simply locked out now without any reason to why or how. Someone is going to be a bitch and call this a blogpost so here have your blogpost warning okay bitch? Warning: Blogpost warning. Imporant things to note: I tried voat.co because it's supposed to be a reddit altrernative, but it has the same communist social credit system as reddit. If you tell the truth, bad people downvote you and this takes your communist social credit points away, thus essentially censoring you by having your points in the negatives, which only allows you to post once per day, last time I ever used the site before I just left it behind forever. Eventually I started using gab.com These are some things about me, and things I would talk about on both gab and voat: Telling the truth, even if it's politically correct. I never went into """"""racist"""""" territory, but I was very politically incorrect. However, I never went as far as other people who use those sites, who seem to share very extreme things that I never even got close to saying or doing, which makes me question why I'm being shut down or locked out or shadow banned considering I never went as far as I saw other people going. One thing I always did was TELL THE TRUTH, NO MATTER WHAT. I don't even know if you can see my profile anymore, it might have been disappeared away, but my user name on gab.com was @BroDoYouEvenDrift I am fairly conservative, I love GOD, I like Q, Trump, and talking about conspiracy theories, and there is very much discussion about those things on gab.com and voat.co I would often ask suspicious people honest questions like "If you don't like Q, why are you spending all your time on a Q board and telling people Q is fake? If it's fake then why do you want to try so hard to convince people that it isn't real? Isn't that a bit silly?" I had lots of great conversations with lots of people who also loved freedom of speech and the truth and most importantly GOD, but I have lost all faith in gab.com and voat.co because I think they are just as bad as twitter and reddit. They are not alternatives to me at all, just more of the same crap. Why shadow ban me? If I'm banned, then tell me I'm banned! If I'm banned, tell me WHY I'm banned. I know for a fact that I did NOT break a single rule anywhere. I never spammed, I never threatened anyone, I never said anything really that rude at all, and I watched huge amounts of users say much worse things than I ever said. I never broke a single rule, and yet here I am, suddenly presented with this suspicious and ominous screen, basically a big fuck you to my face. It's just like the website abovetopsecret. You go there to talk about conspiracy theories, but if you actually TELL THE TRUTH, suddenly you're banned. You got too close.
7 posts omitted.
(6.90 KB 697x437 gabshadowban.png)
(34.10 KB 1215x447 gabshadowban2.png)
(6.42 KB 733x473 gabshadowban3.png)
I THINK MY THEORY IS REAL: GAB.COM SHADOW BANNED ME A THIRD TIME. I TESTED IT. I POSTED CONVERSATION (KEEP IN MIND, I DID NOT POST OR LINK TO ANYONE USING FOOTAGE OF THE LEAKS, ONLY VIDEOS THAT HAD CONVERSATIONS ABOUT IT) SO STILL VERY WELL WITHIN FAIR USE TERRITORY, EVEN BEYOND DEEP INTO THE SAFE ZONE, AND GAB.COM SHADOW BANNED ME SIMPLY FOR TALKING ABOUT THE LAST OF US 2! My original account was @BroDoYouEvenDrift GAB.COM SHADOW BANNED ME THREE TIMES. GAB.COM IS NOT PRO-FREEDOM OF SPEECH THIS IS ACTIVE CENSORSHIP GOES AGAINST ALL THEY CLAIM THEY STAND FOR. THIS IS ALL I SAID: I am possibly suspicious, and have a theory that my account may have been disappeared simply because I mentioned Th3 L45T 0F U5 2 l33k discussion videos from yutub mrH and y0ngyeah. I did give ample sp0ilr warning. Those were some of the last things I posted before my account suddenly was deleted with no warning or reason given. It's just a theory. I'm going to test it out, and repost all the same things I did again. keep in mind, people are legally allowed to talk about things that they heard about, especially if it's just about some video game. I didn't even post any of the released l33ked f00tage, and I did not link to videos that contained any of it either. yutub is also censoring and shutting down and striking accounts for discussions they are legally allowed to talk about, and those accounts did not even play any of the footage, so the strikes are invalid and could cause a l4wsoot since they didn't actually break copyR1TE I will be reposting this information again in all my favorite videogame related gab groups. If my g4b dot com acoont disappears again mysteriously for no reason at all... You know why this time. This would confirm that to me. Sp01lr W4rn1ng: supposedly: SUPPOSEDLY, this is what happens. SUPPOSEDLY. >nootydoog let aneeda sarkeezan work on the game the l4st 0f u5 TOO >someone l3333kd the g4mz pl0t >apparently it's cucked to hell just like nustarwars and nuterminator >in the game you are forced to play as an lgbtBBQ propaganda agenda (I don't care who you take to your bedroom but I am DISGUSTED by forced propaganda that is shoehorned into video games) >you are forced to play as the enemy character who just coincidentally happens to be a l3ft ag3nd4 character, and then KILL YOUR OWN FAVORITE MAIN CHARACTERS FROM THE FIRST GAME

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I'm thinking about posting this image on gab to raise awareness (can't post image because 16chan says it reached it's file capacity.... LOL? what?) How to get your account instantly deleted on gab with no warning and no reason given in 3 easy steps: >#1 Don't break any rules on gab in any way >#2 Don't break any laws in any country in any way >#3 Just mention anita sarkesan and with a very large spoiler warning, mention the last of us 2 leaks using words only. If you message andrew torba or gab support on a new account to ask what happened, that account will also be deleted with no reason given as to why. Gab is not a haven for conservatives. Gab is not a haven for those that love freedom of speech. Gab is hypocricy. If you don't believe me, and don't mind your account being deleted as proof that I'm not full of shit, simply repost this on gab and you will see how your account simply vanishes without a trace.
(28.18 KB 744x389 speed-test-tools_resize_md.jpg)
>>10768 TEST
>>10559 Because you sound like a boomer, places like voat wish death on boomers
>>10559 > I am fairly conservative, I love GOD, I like Q, Trump, and talking about conspiracy theories, and there is very much discussion about those things on gab.com and voat.co Ok boomer.

Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 22:40:58 No. 4490 [Reply] [Last]
13 posts and 27 images omitted.
(31.76 KB 462x239 Darkdungeons_page4.gif)
anyone ever see these before? someone handed me one at a gas station, but i don't even like dungeons and dragons. as far as i can tell, you can read the entire thing for free on their website: https://www.chick.com/products/tract?stk=0046
(437.97 KB 1024x684 Zork_on_infoton_terminal.jpg)
>>10681 Was it a time traveller from the 80's? If so, I want his computer!
>>4495 That's weak. Weak! A clergyman worth his salt would create nonprofit orginizations and keep the gays out from those!

(216.81 KB 611x737 dindu.png)
/dindu/ - Dindu nuffin central Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 01:44:51 No. 10648 [Reply] [Last]
Post all dindu nuffin here: pics, vids, memes, news articles etc.
5 posts and 5 images omitted.
the "jogger" stealing a house https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z99E6Vq6Hc jogging and nignoggin
(819.45 KB 1440x1440 0ehz9e.png)
>>10648 anyone ever watch surveillance camera man? i like how he finds a black guy trying to break into someone's basement at one point

(2.99 MB 640x480 158461833674.webm)
Anonymous 04/30/2020 (Thu) 08:13:52 No. 10494 [Reply] [Last]
We can have a comfy thread /b/? >are you ok? >what're you doing? >you're sad? >you feel alone? Don't worry, I'm here for you.
9 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>10502 Where should I resume my search for knowledge?
in hell, you're probably a jew

(62.35 KB 1500x1500 download (3).jpg)
IR Cuckoldry is a real thing, has momentum and needs to be addressed Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 20:47:28 ID:ca8b3b No. 10730 [Reply] [Last]
We've memed about it. And yet, it has not stopped the momentum of the phenomenon. I openly admit i used to be addicted to the porn years and years ago, before it got popular. Eventually, I got over it, and swore it off. I've watched it grow from its infancy to where it is now. I've warned about this previously and yet people brushed me off. "It's just jewish subversion, it's not real" they told me. Yet I watched the subreddits grow, the twitters grow. They are all over user content sites like Onlyfans, Manyvids, etc. This is not just a thing for older couples, now young couples are doing it. It has gotten to the point where they are doing it in college.Bareback. "Breeding."It's not a myth. They are called "Stags", "Vixens".This is not a myth, its not made up, I've looked at the content myself. It is real and it is happening. Imagine if you found out your father did this. Imagine if you found out your mother did this. Imagine stumbling upon these porn vids of your parents. That they willingly took. Its so horrific, I find it difficult to even grasp what is happening. Why is this happening? How did we get to be this pathetic?
24 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>10754 >it's a slide! No explanation as to why compared to any other thread here >no source As if you cant dyor? >reddit spacing Oh my God! Someone types out thoughts different than me! They must be from reddit! >degenerate trannies >only cucks discuss cuckoldry This is why I think you're the real shill. Because ignoring problems got our race into the pickle we are in today. If you get so triggered by people who type out differently than you, if you get so uncomfortable about a topic like this, then maybe you shouldn't be on here? I don't know, it's the internet, after all. We can't run away from this shit forever. Eventually a thread like this is gonna get made, it's practically ubiquitous. I get the feeling that OP wrote that out in haste, fleeting thoughts, sounds more like a blog post than anything tbh.
>>10755 >. If you get so triggered by people who type out differently than you >Oh my God! Someone types out thoughts different than me! They must be from reddit! Well done kike, you failed the Shibboleth test. Any anons here who aren't brainlet newfags know why reddit spacing is significant and can see you outed yourself. >ignoring problems >if you don't burn time thinking about big black cocks banging your women goyim they win! No. Cuckoldry is not a problem kike. It's a deviancy that requires purging in the oven with you. Anyone who believes otherwise is a nigger or a deviant.
>>10747 >You're wrong. You Wong Too, zen. It's both pride and genetic degradation. The former is forbidden to us, the second is forced upon us. This plan is the Jews' way to exterminate Whites. They are a sick people and they hate Whites. They cannot help but always debase us and project onto us their own mental illnesses and failures (like Freudian psychology does). It goes so far, today, that they can have writers in a wide range of papers and open eds publicly claim for the necessary disappearance of Whites. They call us all the names in the world. We're the virus, the monsters, the abusers, exploiters, etc. But Whites ARE Civilization.
>>10752 Twas holy sarcasm I'm sure. Plus talking about a slide thread on a slow paced board is a bit overdramatic. Chill anons.
Its not like if you hang out with niggers, you're going to be killed while walking home by a mob of racist white savages or they're going to group up and burn your house down for being a nigger lover. White kids grow up seeing white adults living and working right next to niggers, it was only a matter of time before some of us start fucking one another and having children with them while the others make side-eyes here and there but mostly just keep their fucking mouths shut and let it continue. There's millions of white guys playing sports and video games and smoking weed with niggers daily but anons act like its only white women. Blacks chimp out in your face 24/7 while whites hide in the house ranting about liberals and non-whites and then lash out at the last possible second. "Collapse, war, shortages, civil unrest, riots!" Meanwhile in reality during a collapse - "hey fellow aussie lads, im bored of this lockdown :( i want to go back to work, i miss my gf... Coronachan sucks. 4chan sucks. Shit sucks. Lets go back into the matrix fren. I love paying taxes to be replaced. I think I was born to do it lololololol" This is why blacks are moving to idaho and iowa yet whites won't take back detroit chicago or the inner city areas of urban california. We'll admit that even black women are more manly than white men are yet we still expect white women to lust after white men like we're fucking living, breathing Gods. Lmao. Western White men lust for asian & latina girls because theyre more feminine... why dont anons give White Women the benefit of a doubt, as if they just seek something more masculine?


no cookies?