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(825.24 KB 700x700 4d7.png)
Imageboard Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 21:50:45 No. 2302 [Reply]
If anyone wants to run their own imageboard, I'll be happy to help you set it up. Either via this thread, email, Tox, Riot or discord. Up to you.
I won't charge you a penny and I'll either give you step by step instructions or get on the server and install it for you.
I can help you with installing Vichan, NPFchan, LynxChan or meguca.
Why? Because I'm bored and I like doing imageboard stuff.
Fun protip: you can even use a free webhost like 000webhost to get a Vichan installation online within minutes and register a free domain (.TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ).
what do I need to do
Hey anon have wanted to do this shit for a while now but am retarted so need help add me on discor (I know probably not a good idea giving my discord out on a chan but fuck it)


Time Flies When You're Getting Your Dick Sucked by Hot Bitches Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 07:51:10 No. 2325 [Reply]
I miss the days when all the hot bitches were sucking my dick. Those were the days.

(494.47 KB 500x14508 FuckingOwned.png)
why do they talk in circles? 11/05/2019 (Tue) 03:38:34 ID:277a49 No. 2368 [Reply]
> in before Omegle (I meet fine fellows there)
> in before sperg (I know)
Why do they make such shit low effort threads is the real question OP, why you suck so many cocks?
Too much too ask for QRD?
Is this your conversation OP, or some shit you found a 4cuck?
What do you expect from 90 IQ omegle normalfags?
I never understood why people say OP can't inb4 until this post. If you're going to make an omegle thread atleast do it properly.
Stop sucking Trumps cock

(245.43 KB 947x1184 1557522992074.jpg)
(821.41 KB 1280x1920 1557523164477.jpg)
(482.49 KB 1080x1187 1557524744507.jpg)
(825.40 KB 1080x1320 1557526344932.jpg)
(322.41 KB 1000x1249 1555808616876.jpg)
Comfy Thread Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 17:55:29 No. 2176 [Reply]
Post images that make you feel comfy.
24 posts and 115 images omitted.
(184.18 KB 900x635 Scenic - 256.jpg)
(157.55 KB 1600x1200 Arizona - Antelope Canyon - 08.jpg)
(307.48 KB 1024x768 Aero_Woods.jpg)
(99.60 KB 1024x768 Blue_Sunset_-_1024x768.jpg)
(131.14 KB 1024x768 Blue_Sailing.jpg)
(568.20 KB 900x609 Wisconsin Farm.jpg)
(2.37 MB 2560x1600 Waiheke Island, Auckland.jpg)
(491.68 KB 1600x1200 Scenic River Landscape.jpg)
(608.10 KB 1600x1200 Italy.jpg)
I'll post some more stuffs later. Some stuff that I find "comfortable" other people might think of as "horrible" tho... just a fair warning. Sometimes I perceive things in a very abstract sort of way.
(58.91 KB 426x600 afternoon.jpg)
(170.89 KB 796x995 browsing.jpg)
(5.54 MB 1946x2500 Strawberries.jpg)
(99.01 KB 600x428 afternoon nap.jpg)
(756.30 KB 1200x707 bearrrr.jpg)
hey op, is drawn stuff okie? that's where my favorite's come from.
(1.24 MB 1150x1200 Calico.jpg)
(204.59 KB 984x1126 aloha.jpg)
(88.03 KB 600x600 cozyy.jpg)
(3.66 MB 320x180 chill.webm)

The beauty of the white woman Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 19:16:16 No. 2200 [Reply]
No interracial spam. Just the beauty of the white woman.

NOTICE: This thread allows adorable little girls, because this is not a porn thread, it's simply for appreciating the beauty of the white woman and reminding us that we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. NO SEXUALIZED IMAGES OF CHILDREN.
52 posts and 250 images omitted.
(221.57 KB 720x960 1456228843210-2.jpg)
(139.76 KB 590x800 1457819246203-1.jpg)
(247.14 KB 400x600 1486533583562.jpg)
(407.72 KB 1280x1707 1487271678116.jpg)
(88.24 KB 640x1136 1487281092472.jpg)
(2.16 MB 640x640 flaxen hair2.mp4)
(3.10 MB 576x720 LONG hair.webm)
(8.93 MB 384x480 long-hair-brushing.mp4)
(10.94 MB 640x640 long-hair-seated.mp4)

Gondola Garden Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 21:48:58 No. 2300 [Reply]
Don't forget gondola is an ancient spirit anons and they are here to teach us how to be comfy
15 posts and 74 images omitted.
very comfy OP have a bump

(769.38 KB 1371x304 soywars.png.jpg)
Ruin Star Wars Episode 9 CAP'N CHUNGIES 10/10/2019 (Thu) 20:21:01 No. 1354 [Reply]
Ok guys, 4pol recently had a thread like this. What if we tried to get star wars banned in China by making it seem anti-Chinese? For example: Likening the first order to chinese soldiers, likening the resistance to Hong Kong protests, creating hash tags that say "Hope for Hong Kong" with star wars references.
Reply to star wars celebrities with these memes and ask them question whether or not they support the Hong Kong resistance. Make this thread on 4chan as I am banned there.
1 post omitted.
(190.34 KB 1024x682 250dbeae0355f80a.jpg)
(61.23 KB 730x730 16f797ed8a64d093bc1.jpg)
She focused her hate, of Sidious, of Zannah, of the Sith, of the Republic, of the Jedi, of herself, and wrapped it around her, shutting away the voice. She took a few deep, ragged breaths, and decided she really hated that voice too. Zannah said her little plan should cut away Obi-Wan, if not, maybe it would finally kill that inner voice. She stalked out of the compound into the Coruscant night, hiding away her Force Presence, and moved to the lower levels. Her eyes washed over the degenerates, the scum, and the hopeless, sensing and probing as she went.

Finally, she found one that looked roughly the right age, a human boy, adolescent close to the last age she had seen Obi-Wan at, red hair and blue eyes, dressed in obvious hand-me-down clothes. She didn't detect any diseases or illnesses in this one. She pressed into his mind, 'You will go into an alleyway.'

He stopped walking for a moment, looking confused, and obeyed. Siri followed, 'You will go around the trash compacter'.

He did so.


He did, and Siri lashed out, grabbing his throat and pinning the boy up against the wall with Force imbued strength. "Be silent."

The teenage boy squeaked in terror, a high pitched voice, so unlike Obi-Wan's, begged, "P-please don't kill me!"

She pulled him back and slammed him into the wall, hard. "I said shut up! Do what you're told, and you might live."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

She hesitated for a moment, a heavy swallow of bile going down her throat, her hands shaking. "I... I don't care anymore. Whats this compared to half the other things I've done? That I will do?"

She pressed her body against the fake-Obi-Wan and kissed him, deeply, passionately, possessively. Her hands gripped his head tightly, pulling him deeper into her grasp. The tingling sensations running down her body were strange... were good. She pulled back, slightly out of breath, face flushed. "My Obi-Wan, mine."

She took him to the ground, lips hungrily smashing against his. It was a clumsy, possessive tangle. She pulled back again, licking her lips, the taste... wasn't what she imagined it would be. There was a slightly foul sensation, something he had eaten recently made her wrinkle her nose. What's worse was the fear on Obi-Wan's face...

"Stop looking at me like that," she snarled, "Obi-Wan wouldn't be afraid of me."

"I'm not whoever the hell this Obi-Wan is you crazy freak!" cried out Obi-Wan in someone else voice.

Siri seethed, her fantasy fracturing. She grabbed his head and smashed it back against the wall again and again. "SHUT UP!"

Obi-Wan had a dazed look afterwards, blood running down his nose and out of his mouth, a bit on the wall behind him. She kissed him again, and this time, the blood on his lips drowned out the other taste, and it was sweet. She paused to consider what she was supposed to do next. She understood anatomy, they had that class in the temple, she knew what went where, but she didn't... didn't know what else to do. She had the urge to roam her hands all over his body, have his over hers, to press against him, a hunger in her core, but nothing she really understood.

She went with what she knew, briefly pulling away to take off her lower clothes, doing the same for Obi-Wan. She stared down at the organ between his legs, she reached out and touched it, watching it twitch. Her own legs were twitching, there was a heat between them that had her in a confused flux. She pressed herself against him, kissing and tasting blood again, growling under her breath as she shifted back and forth ontop of him. She looked down when she felt something poking between her butt. His organ had grown in size. She grabbed and positioned it before shoving down on it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

You raped and killed him...

...and all she really got out of that was a sicking lump in her stomach, more guilt to lump with the rest, just with self-disgust to throw in now. She leaned over the corpse, pressing her face against the smooth metal wall, and took a ragged breath. She pulled away and grabbed her clothes, putting her lower half back on. She knelt down to wipe the blood on her hands off on his clothes before grabbing the corpse and dumped it in the trash compacter, stalking out of the alleyway, pulling her hood up. No one nearby even batted an eye in her direction. No one cared.

She stalked the streets in a dark haze, hating the boy, hating herself... hating Obi-Wan even. Just hating everything. She took her memories of Obi-Wan, and she shoved them deep down, as deep as she could, and made her way to a store to get something to make sure she didn't get some worthless bastard's baby in her...
Sounds gay

(557.04 KB 577x582 1558053194282.png)
Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 19:51:49 No. 1618 [Reply]
All other boards but pol is dead.

Fuck jannies and fuck this place.
1 post omitted.

Gay frogs

(60.08 KB 635x1024 GetThemBeforeExtinct.jpg)
Pics that anger you thread Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 14:59:11 ID:579e91 No. 1531 [Reply]
I'll start. Fuck this picture, fuck this company.
"it's just a conspiracy theory"
1 post omitted.
Please don't post this shit, I see it enough in advertisements in day to day life
(122.66 KB 704x527 1568667361474.jpg)
Here's another one.
(1.03 MB 1600x1200 hashtray.png)
>Pics that anger you thread
>cuckchan slide thread
pics that anger OP
(92.92 KB 812x850 ebba7.jpg)
(42.77 KB 337x500 nigger_fucker.jpg)

(42.47 KB 641x641 13515.jpg)
MORTY BLATTSBERGSTEIN 11/03/2019 (Sun) 01:55:28 ID:e2d17e No. 2256 [Reply]
/hfaw/ How Fucked Are We? thread

reminders to consider when thinking about how fucked america/the white population of most countries

-majority of gen z are """minorities"""
-majority of the population is against far right ideologies or detest """nazis"""
-all social media platforms are full of kikes pretending to be white, and advocating for white genocide
-media portrays white straight males as incels or violent white supremacists
-israel owns military, banks, media, and most of the citizens loyalty
- free palestine is a "right wing dog whistle"
- majority of content creators are left wing
- mass shootings happen commonly, and whites are blamed for mass right wing terrorism
- us debt is well over a trillion
- much of that is owned to chinks
- israeli secret agents are planted and post on websites to brainwash the goyim
- israel pays or funds opposing forces

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

8 posts and 4 images omitted.
I forgot to sage! How could I? I'm honored to be on the same side anon. Fortune favours the bold.
>-majority of gen z are """minorities"""
>-majority of the population is against far right ideologies or detest """nazis"""

Daily reminder that "polls" are Jewish lies. Do you require a more recent example than Clinton's 90% + going to win rating and humiliation when she lost.

The BDS movement needs to be promoted en mass by exposing Israel's genocide of the Palestinians. By exposing the way Jews abuse people they have power over, Jews can stop being seen as the eternal victim and start being seen for what they really are.

The genocide of the Palestinians is an indefensible position. This will open the door to the question of why the media wholesale ignores a modern day genocide.


I've seen two people on live TV mention being redpilled. The democrat on set looked like he was going to puke. What we are doing is working. Dig in, keep fighting men, we can win.
Based torfag.
I mean we also have hundreds of years of history of their actions, books of their own words, basically evidence that should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are the scum of humanity. I feel like it should be common knowledge.
I know eventually man will wake up to facts and fight for his own people's survival.
Fuck you demoralizing kike shills.
Un-friendly reminder:
Traitors get the bullet first.

Sage and report
(65.31 KB 1007x1024 laptopDark.jpg)
>How Fucked Are We?
Kikes openly attacking White society now
Everybody knows something is seriously wrong and looking for answers
More people waking up to race realism and kike supremacism
<Its a war, mateys
Our job is to wake more normeys up and to organize against the forces of darkness


no cookies?