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(5.84 KB 275x183 download.jpeg)
Howdy MyHeartGoesToYouMama 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:21:48 No. 3716 [Reply] [Last]
Howdy retards
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>>8087 How do you feel about VHS, though?
>>8088 I'm pretty sure you have to have been born after 2010 to think that VHS is a boomer thing. Where exactly are your parents? Do you need the number for child protective services? Because, seriously, I'll give it to ya.
(23.71 KB 278x339 Fag Sweater.jpg)
(72.91 KB 450x471 Gigantic Fagotto.jpg)
(51.41 KB 561x704 Road Head.jpg)
(171.06 KB 600x800 Wat.jpg)
Time to butt bump the homo thread!
(83.72 KB 750x600 Golly.jpg)
(54.95 KB 512x384 Judge Fudge.jpg)
(60.60 KB 461x568 Faggot Tree.jpg)
(71.29 KB 640x480 I'm Bored.jpg)

(4.43 KB 224x224 1575970456893.jpg)
Internet anonymity Anonymous 02/27/2020 (Thu) 20:19:38 No. 8275 [Reply] [Last]
It has all gone too far now. In Sweden the police are now allowed to install spywares on our phones and computers to spy on our internet activity. Everyone is against it, but nobody is doing anything about it. What can we do about this? How can I stay safe on the internet?
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>>8278 Europe is getting bad but America is even worse. Who in their right mind would move to that shithole.
>>8302 Logs & traffic correlation. CCTV. Regular policework.
(1.14 MB 931x856 12743737358383594.PNG)
>>8278 I would have to agree with this anon. Get the fuck out of Sweden OP. It's already turning into a muslim-infected shithole anyway.
>>8277 >And even if you go the Linux route, try to pick one of the more niche ones, like Gentoo, Slackware, or Alpine Yeah that's pretty important. Don't go with a normalnigger OS like Ubuntu. It has closed-source proprietary code owned by Amazon in it. Enough said on that. >And avoid SystemD also, because it was designed to unify Linux Also very important. systemd is an abomination that shouldn't even exist. There's nothing wrong with existing init systems. All of the distros that anon mentioned don't use systemd by default (although you can get them to use systemd, but why would you want to?) There's also Devuan which is a fork of Debian that was made to basically be Debian but with no systemd, since Debian decided to start including it in their distro.
>>8275 Stop running and start killing faggot

(2.52 MB 3508x1386 Daryl C Lanzon BOLO.png)
Serial rapist and pedophile Daryl Lanzon Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 21:38:48 No. 4542 [Reply] [Last]
Be on the lookout for serial rapist and pedophile Daryl Lanzon. He is known to track down young naive girls and force them into sex work to fund his drug addict lifestyle. Police cannot help because his victims who range from pre-teens to young adults are intimidated into staying silent and defending him. Currently, all of his victims have run away back to their families, but that hasn't stopped him from tracking them down to different states in the past and making threats toward their families. Please spread the word. For those of you in the area, do not go to his trailer at 20856 Trebesh Road West, Unadilla Township, Pinckney, Michigan, USA. While he is alone, he does have access to various firearms (despite not being legally allowed to posess any). His phone number is (734) 323-4309. Do not let this monster harm another girl again. Clearnet links to image: https://postimg.cc/Y4Zw9Rmd https://ibb.co/DCZd9pT https://hell.pics/SiirS30 https://sht.click/yrI https://upload.run/eegkqp https://anonfile.com/T719t3O5n7/Daryl_C_Lanzon_BOLO_png Darknet links to image (use Tor Browser https://www.torproject.org/ to view):

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>8142 Still not getting, are you, Fumbles?
>>8143 Uhm, hey "Fumbles", the term is "Stumbles".
>>8155 The term is "Cumbles"
>>8143 Getting what drumbles? Have you already given me a pet name? I'm not gay bro I got a wife and twenty children and a ranch so... yeah
(19.06 KB 500x313 1286426426.jpg)
>>4542 to be fair tho if you decide to live in a place like michigan then whatever happens to you is fair game

(219.51 KB 3000x3000 acot.jpg)
Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 06:17:10 No. 4007 [Reply] [Last]
>be me, about a week ago >spend the night at a friends house, but we used to be a thing. we both have gfs and both seem happy in our relationships >we cuddle alot and i never thought much of it, we've become close friends >we're cuddling in his bed and he asks if he could have me for the night >i freeze, not knowing what to say >he starts kissing my neck and eventually kisses me >i kiss back not wanting to lose him as a friend, too afraid of how he would react >he grabs lube and start to jerk me off >im mostly silent except for some moaning, but really i want things to be over, i didnt want to be a cheater >i ask if i can suck him off, maybe if he finishes it will be over quicker >he says yes but cant get hard so we stop >i lay there fucking mortified and digusted with myself, feeling almost numb >we go to sleep what the fuck do i do anons. i hate cheaters. i wanna stay friends with him. im so fucking lost. please give me legitimate advice.
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They sure make a LOT of depressing children's books these days. D:
(363.25 KB 1239x795 KYS.jpg)
>>4007 >what the fuck do i do anons
>>4007 >>4134 Too bad I never shop on Amazon, or I'd balance out all those negative reviews. No doubt they're all written by butthurt homosexuals who can't accept the raw truth that book reveals.

(91.08 KB 639x463 1577928333086.jpg)
Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 14:53:49 No. 9545 [Reply] [Last]
How did you find this site
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>>9727 It's probably not going to last though. Usually any site I actively post material on for about a year or two will jump into the 10k range on Alexa... at which point it just becomes like a conveyor belt of bullshit speeding along the ass end of the Internet at mach 7. Sometimes that can be mitigated a bit with the creation of more sub boards though (what 8Chan does). ...that's usually the point at which I move on to smaller boards though. I like stuff that's niche, lesser known. I find a certain sense of enjoyment in obscurity. I can remember posting on just about every board at one time or another, from 2Channel, to 4Chan, to 7Chan, to 8Chan, to 420Chan, to AnonIB, to 888Chan, etc, etc.
>>9545 >4chan -> 8ch >8ch is kill >was 4chan always this bad? >8ch = 4chan x 2 >what is 8ch x 2 There you go
>>9545 >edgy teen, on mooncentral >heard 4chan is shit >8chan better >didn't bother with 4chan >checked out 8chan >spent little time there, looked for some news here and then >Heard about New Zealand shooting and 8chan on the news >Need to check out 8chan >Heard about several other IBs, namely MLPOL and 16chan >8chan kill >goto horsefucker IB >good times >not fast enough, decide to use MLPOL and 16chan in parallel is /pnd/ even worth mentioning?
Actually I never use 4chan. It is broken under NoScript.
When I saw 8chan was back as 8kun I wandered back over after not using an imageboard since 8chan got shutdown. I grew bored and they didn't bring back /pol/, keeping /pnd/ instead. Which isn't a big deal, but it doesn't speak well of the admins. When the Randy genocide happened I lost intrest and started permantly using 16chan instead of just posting here and there. I found the link for 16chan on 8kun.

(41.24 KB 529x352 1525095489545.jpg)
COVID19: buy chloroquine for 300$/kg and sell it for 15.000/kg Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 15:27:14 ID:fb9a11 No. 9713 [Reply] [Last]
1 treatment for covid19 is 600mg chloroquine daily for 5 days (90% cured). So split that 1 kg into 333 bags and sell each bag for 50$. You earn you money back after only selling 6 out of your 333 bags. 100% guaranteed profit and fully legal as long as you dont sell it as a medical product but as a chemical agent (tell people to consult their doctor and to read the disclosures online). What do you think /pol/?
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>>9714 >made in China 1-800-come-on-now.
Ive got an idea. Visit this wikihow article. https://www.wikihow.com/Tie-a-Noose Suspend it from the ceiling. Loop it around your neck. Jump off of a chair.
you could post in the general thread, too....
>>9713 This doesn't belong here faggot. Take it to b
Technically speaking the only thing that even has the potential to cure the virus right at the moment is the antibodies in my blood or in the other Responders... and we only make up 3% of the population. ...and even then it's not a 100% sure thing.

(16.87 KB 160x160 ED - Encyclopedia Methica.png)
Encyclopedia Dramatica Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 05:05:13 No. 2585 [Reply] [Last]
Gather round and let me tell you the story of how Encyclopedia Dramatica lopped off its head to try and spite its ugly body.

There once was a fat man named Onideus, he was boisterous, mean, antagonistic and loved to shit post. He made many enemies, but brought about much mirth with his inflammatory posting and Discordian perspectives.

The enemies of this fat man were many and they cried out, "DEATH TO THE FAT HATTER!"

...but Onideus simply laughed in response.

Enraged, his enemies began to attack more... and more... they would stop at nothing to get back at this monstrous man of great girth... I mean mirth. Try and try as they might, they couldn't not budge this mountain of a man. Eventually they became so desperate in their Onideus Derangement Syndrome or ODS (pronounced odious) that they began to use illegal tactics... they tried death threats, bomb threats, contacting friends and family, threatening his friends and family, posting his dox, then his social security number, libeling him as a furry, then as an adult baby, eventually the libelous accusations escalated into outright claims of pedophilia and eventually trailed off into bizarre insinuations that he was stalking Drew Barrymore as a psychic vampire... and apparently a drum corps was involved.

None of this derangement worked. The fat man simply dropped and let out nuclear text bomb after nuclear text bomb. Eventually the admin of the site at the time, one Brian Zaiger, became so drunkenly enraged he went on the talk page of this great shit poster and cried out for a personal army, "VANDALIZE HIS PROPERTY! DESTROY HIS PROPERTY!" he cried with vengeful reckoning in his voice.

The fat man... had been waiting. He knew. He knew if he was patient enough, if he endured enough, if he took enough hits... that eventually, eventually these odious ass hats would step over the line... a line or six of legality that would absolutely ensure their immediate end if acted upon by that mean 'ol Onideus.

So an ultimatum was given to this Brian... do as I say, or I will legally end you outright.

Brian did not believe at first, oh no, skeptical was he, who had spent so much of his time hammering away at this large bodied rock of a man... but then Onideus began to move... very slowly at first, just a taste... a tap... one little tap... and Brian knew... he knew to bow before the God of humanity's demons.

This did not sit well with the lessers, the doormats, the dregs, the EDiots... one of them became so irrational an enraged he went postal! Shot up a school and killed two innocent kids... all because a fat man on the Internet erased an article he wrote and took away the only semblance of control he felt he still had in life.

Eventually the others became so furious and flustered they OUSTED the Brian! They cheered out, "NO MORE BRIAN, NO MORE ONIDEUS!" They would kill the captain to try and sink the great ship Onideus.

Then a man named Sibin from Serbia took the helm of the sinking ship and declared, "I WILL SAIL US TO A NEW LAND OF LULZ!"

...but the lulz did not come. There weren't any good new articles, there weren't any new memes, there weren't any new lulzy images, or videos... there was just despair and bitterness as the ship slowly sank onwards into the abyss.

At one point, a sly little weasel nosed his way onto the ship, he whispered sweet lies to the Sibin, promised him a leashed return of the Onideus and so he began...


This of course did not suade Onion Math Hat and the sly little weasel began accusing him of uploading child porn to the server! Of course, nothing of the sort ever occurred, but what was a little fraud on top of libel, thought the cat snake? As he began removing pictures of bacon and then turned around and deleted the edit logs with false accusations! No one would know, right? I mean, it's not like there was someone monitoring the RC in real time using video screen capturing... oh, oops...


This of course did not please Odoriferous Mud Flapper as he leaned on over to Sibin and issued the same legal ultimatum he gave to Brian. But Sibin was a sly fox, he thought,

"I live in Serbia! It's too far away from you, you have no power here!"

Sibin could not have been more wrong. Very quickly he learned that he was standing on the edge of a great precipice and cried out, "WAIT! NO! IT'S NOT MINE! I GAVE IT ALL AWAY TO THE WEASEL FUR!"


But Onideus was looking for a scarecrow... he would use Sibin as a warning. And in turn contacted the SIA, Serbia's version of the FBI and whispered sweet secrets into their virtual ears. Their interest piqued, they began to investigate and in a panic Sibin pulled the plug on Encyclopedia Dramatica... he tried to burn the whole ship with everyone still on it... just to save himself.

166 posts and 110 images omitted.
>>9496 How are you so sure that these guys aren't up to actual crimes? Do you really know them that well? If you think that there's more dirt on them than even you know, then give the cops enough info to get a search warrant and have them destroy their collective anus. I've watched these guys bitch and moan at you for a good month now and not only am I really fucking tired of this stuff shitting up this good board, I am getting suspicious. Of them. I hope you use logic and logic alone to deal with these guys and the hell with mercy. Something is not right here.
>>9565 You're tired of US shitting up your pathetic 4chan clone? What about the diaper-wearing faggot who started this thread and has been bitching about us for the past 5 fucking months? You're either Matt posting anonymously again or you're a literal retard who should have been aborted.
>>9566 Yeah, I am. Because even though I'm tired of Onideus's bitching about ED he still contributes to the board with OC whereas the only shit you contribute is more and yet more bitching. Also, you are also sticking around on this pathetic little 4chan clone and replying to my posts within a day or so. Are you disabled and chronically sick like me? Or do you just not have a job? I don't really care as long as you leave. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-HsWxMq36s
>>9565 Well, let me put it this way... as stupid as they are, if they are doing highly illegal shit (and I'm sure many of them are)... it's only a matter of time before they get themselves caught and wind up in prison, regardless of whatever I do. I've been online in the more volatile communities long enough to know that... play stupid games... win stupid prizes. I mean their current owner has already had his shit raided TWICE by the police... and now that he's hosting ED and directly enabling, encouraging and facilitating identity theft and fraud... yeeaaah... he ain't gonna last long. This thread is mostly just for the lolcow drama they bring about as they're squealing like stuck pigs right before their own inevitable slaughter. I'm just here to provide insult to their self-injury. If you don't like seeing it I would advise hiding the thread (and another other threads they make). >>9566 I've made like ONE singular thread dedicated to mocking you idiots, which can easily be set to hidden by anyone who doesn't want to see it... on the other hand you've made... what, more than a DOZEN screechy little Hatter hate threads just in the past couple months? Look, I get it, you're stupid and you're flustered because your stupidity causes you keep walking right tha'fuck into a wall... but that sure as shit ain't my fault. Don't blame me for all the stupid ass shit you idiots keep doing. Bitch made little paste eater EDiots like you are in sore need of a little introspection.
>>9561 That looks like your mum than some dumb slut from IOWA onideus, try to rape harder.

(3.79 MB 520x300 Homer does us a favor.webm)
(4.50 MB 960x540 Jitter bug.mp4)
(1.90 MB 640x360 king of the kiwi.webm)
(2.83 MB 640x480 Fratboys witness 911.webm)
(3.87 MB 896x504 Vladislav rektz newbs.webm)
Rekt thread Anonymous 02/19/2020 (Wed) 01:56:19 No. 8048 [Reply] [Last]
Preferably funny but IDC
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(7.51 MB 1280x740 136534634634643.webm)
>>8080 Not all people are like this. But the ones who are...
(26.31 KB 536x647 tfs11.jpg)
(314.61 KB 500x629 tfs12.png)
(91.25 KB 432x576 tfs13.jpg)
(73.62 KB 504x600 tfs09.jpg)
(86.75 KB 488x588 tfs10.jpg)
(2.14 MB 640x360 la policia es aqui.webm)
(1.86 MB 480x360 rekt dog.webm)
(177.68 KB 404x536 Where did she go.webm)
(642.50 KB 640x360 smellafrica.webm)
(1.92 MB 404x720 clowned.webm)
(962.87 KB 640x360 tracerround-gilletjaune.webm)

(98.88 KB 892x666 AnimeBurning2036.jpg)
Anime Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 23:20:17 ID:a87b32 No. 3979 [Reply] [Last]
Anime should be outlawed
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>>8199 Well I was thinking more along the lines of like... a Halloween costume or something. The point is whether you're doing it for fun/exploration or whether you're doing it to try and actually change who you are. It's the difference between, say, drinking alcohol during a holiday or on the weekend, when you already feel happy/good... and drinking alcohol every single fucking day as a form of escapism because you can't deal with reality.
(52.61 KB 497x302 1445000406102.jpg)
>>9677 >I wear a fedora without a pin stripe suit or any other kind of formal wear to go with it This is why fedoras are usually seen as a bad thing to wear. It's not so much that wearing a fedora is cringe: it's wearing a fedora with a $5 t-shirt and $7 8XL-sized sweat pants that's cringe.
posting this on an imageboard is retarded anon as we have anime to thank for the founding of these places. .gg/ tkGz4Ge talk or sperg with frens

Meme Works - Post Memes You Made (not found) Onideus 01/07/2020 (Tue) 06:34:51 No. 4250 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for "original" meme content, or memes that you made yourself, not stuff you found on other sites. You can also post original ideas for memes if you want to try and entice someone into making your meme dreams come true.
34 posts and 47 images omitted.
>>9530 I'm not an asian loser, I don't follow internet rules and I'm not retarded so I don't enjoy memes. They're targeted at dipshit normies for a reason hence why you're the only one who wants to post here. Enjoy, Shortbus Onideus.
(59.68 KB 600x438 fart03ab.jpg)
(713.00 B 24x24 Wanker.gif)
>>9533 Literally no one: You: >blah blah blah
(533.57 KB 1280x720 Senility or Socialism.png)
Freshly baked memes! I might make some more of these.


no cookies?