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On your mark, set.. Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 20:55:18 ID:13451c No. 3838 [Reply] [Last]
Defend capitalism
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>>3851 Test failed, pigfucker.
fuck capitalism
>>3839 Fpbp
>>3846 if these guys being anal keeps 4chan-style posters like OP out, that’s a good thing. more people would be nice but not at the cost of quality. it’s not hard to just post low-effort threads to b and leave pol for generals and effortposts anyway
>>4173 This >>3846 Go back to Reddit faggot

(611.63 KB 720x666 1577916894801.png)
Extermination plan dubbed "Project Zyphr" to genocide Americans opposing the ZOG Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 05:09:12 ID:11c337 No. 4160 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Zj47UGuGrOe3/ >In David Goldberg's final video before his death, he reveals two classified projects underway - Project Pogo & Project Zyphr - to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021 that will result in the "extermination" of tens of millions of Americans. >On June 8th, David Goldberg passed away in his Brooklyn apartment. No cause of death was given and a cover-up began. David's friends came together to save his Youtube channel, and were able to access his floor safe and recover audio files, classified documents and other personal items. ========================== https://israeltodaynews.blogspot.com/2019/12/david-goldberg-project-zyphr-usa-genocide.html?m=1 >David Goldberg's close friend, Tom, relates more information on Project Zyphr, Project Pogo, the TTID Program, A.I. Program, a classified food distribution program revealed for the first time, and tips on how to get out of the USA and Northern Hemisphere before the economic collapse coming to these areas in early 2021. >1. Project Zyphr's goal is to remove 12-15 Million American Patriots, Christians, free-thinkers and anyone critical of Israel from American society and place most of them in vast underground bases across the U.S. >2. Project Zyphr will accomplish its goals by making use of power outages, viral outbreaks, as well as a program involving advanced, small drones which will enter people's homes by drilling holes in their windows. The drones will enter and then fire bursts of scopolamine and other hypnotizing compounds at its sleeping victims, and induce them to walk out of their homes into waiting vans and buses, to be transported to the underground bases. >3. Project Zyphr's goals also include a gruesome Adrenochrome-extraction program that will involve the above abductees while they are housed in the underground bases. >4. Project Pogo is a disinfo operation that has compromised hundreds of Patriot, Q-Anon, Pro-Trump, Prepper and free-thinker conspiracy YouTube channels and other media outlets. The goal of Project Pogo is to keep Americans "trapped" in America by encouraging them to "stay and fight" a hopeless battle against a militarized operation conducted by a Satanic world order of elites who control the most advanced technology on Earth. >5. A classified food distribution program will be used to limit Americans' ability to farm, and has been underway for years to phase-out America's farms and food production. Bacteria-based food creation technology is used to create food in large vats in warehouses; these foods lack nutrients but look the same as food grown on trees and in the ground.
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>>4165 The face you make when apologizing for dropping redpills in your 100 Million Subscriber Video >"And people could tell something was off. The whole internet just didn't believe it. 'Like why is he donating to this charity? Look at his face.' Full conspiracy mode. and ah ...it was very interesting to watch that unfold." (starts to laugh) (video cuts)
>>4165 Oh yeah, I remember that. >>4166 Holy shit, is this legit?
>>4168 Possibly... I mean keep in mind that the Anti Defamation League was once sued for, get this... DEFAMATION... and, get this... THEY FUCKING LOST! ಠ_ಠ I mean... that's not even supposed to be ~possible~ under US law. Like, the legal standard for being able to win a defamation case against someone is stacked so impossibly high that, under normal/practical circumstances... it's so improbable it's effectively not possible... and yet, they somehow managed to LOSE a defamation case against them! That fact alone would be amazing, but it goes full bizarro world when you realize that this organization is supposed to be the very embodiment, the absolute pinaccle of NOT defaming people and STOPPING defamation... I mean that is just... truly fuckin amazeballs right there. Like if someone were to make a list of the biggest FUCKUPS in human history... the Anti Defamation League would a gawd damn front runner. They're like ANTIFA, wolves wearing wool, they try and couch themselves in the guise of the very thing that they themselves are guilty of (in spades). People looking to defame others, operating off the whims of whoever donates them the most money, they're essentially a defamation racket. You pay them enough money and they'll ignore you or go after those you hate. Nazi labels lobbed out at the lowest bidder.
>>4167 Truly the greatest moment in Internet history. PewDiePie redpilled tens of millions of Zoomers that the ADL is a terrible organization. In a sane world, PewDiePie would be the one running YouTube as the CEO, and not the Jewess, Susan Wojcicki.
>>4162 Indeed. I have been worried about these kikes outright killing huge numbers of people openly in the US for some time. Posts like OP's ("satan" is not real LOL--it is itself kike shit) seem like disinfo, potentially to soften us up against a real attack. >>4161 Fuck these kikes. They aren't going to be able to WWII us this time. All they have is Jewmerica and China and Russia don't like them and want them gone. If only retards here would truly get RID of kike banking, we could free the world and they would be powerless to stop us. The other thing is that trying to get people to leave their home countries [so everyone is a (((migrant)))] and racemix [so everyone is (((equal)))] are total obvious globalist kike plans as it is. No one should leave their country if they can help it. If anything, you should have plans and personnel in place to catch these evil bastards doing anything and a survivor to get hard copies of the data out in the event that they try any shit. Don't forget to airgap your devices (don't connect them to the internet) and make copies with small cards and chips and the like and pass them around, since that's one thing they can't stop.

(568.82 KB 2400x2400 download.jpg)
Muh Freedom Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 05:59:14 ID:b9ce69 No. 4157 [Reply] [Last]
Was "Life, Liberty, and te pursuit of happiness" a mistake?
The foundation of the US Constitution upon inalienable rights including those three is the greatest system ever devised. It took a long time to get there from Aristotle through Locke and Paine but it was ultimately proven right, consistent with nature as designed by God. We have failed to maintain that libertarian republic which is why we are in our present situation of fleeting rights and demographic dispossession.
>>4157 Hello newfag welcome to >>>/b/

Submit, Whiteboi Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 10:39:52 No. 4027 [Reply] [Last]
What? You thought you could hide from us? Here's the deal. IT's now 2020. You best start repenting and paying reparations or face humiliation and ultimately annihilation. The white males that submit to us, your Black overlords, will receive a quick and painless castration. The ones that refuse to surrender will be sent to be slaughtered. A black bull in every white family WILL. BE. MANDATED. by the state. While the white male of the household remains sterile, any offspring produced by the Bull and the white male's wife shall be raised by that family. The Bull may or may not choose to take part in the child's upbringing. It is time. Submit to the apex alpha human male, the Black Man. Unshackled from our chains, we will lead this next chapter of humanity.
>>4027 20/20 Time for you to SEE who you masters really are nigger. You beef shouldn't be with the White man who fought for you freedom, but the jew bought for a penny and sold you into slavery for a dollar. Lied to you for for the last 100 years, created the policies that kept you and yours under heel and uneducated. Of course your free now, so that means if you want to keep being a stupid fucking nigger thats your choice, just don't forgot to thank the White man for giving you that freedom
Fuck that shit, nigga. Blacks should pay Whites reparations.
Nice try maximus. Fuck off back to your gathering.
>>4032 Year is 2020, world will finally have 20/20 vision of reality. It all makes sense.

(1.93 MB 1556x2180 Book Cover.png)
new book Anonymous 01/03/2020 (Fri) 19:51:28 No. 4147 [Reply] [Last]
what do you guys think of that new book "From Heaven to Hell"? It sounds like a /b/tard on steroids wrote it, LOL. I read it for free here https://freespeechextremist.com/notice/9qdJTTcLaaCre7peLo

(219.51 KB 3000x3000 acot.jpg)
Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 06:17:10 No. 4007 [Reply] [Last]
>be me, about a week ago >spend the night at a friends house, but we used to be a thing. we both have gfs and both seem happy in our relationships >we cuddle alot and i never thought much of it, we've become close friends >we're cuddling in his bed and he asks if he could have me for the night >i freeze, not knowing what to say >he starts kissing my neck and eventually kisses me >i kiss back not wanting to lose him as a friend, too afraid of how he would react >he grabs lube and start to jerk me off >im mostly silent except for some moaning, but really i want things to be over, i didnt want to be a cheater >i ask if i can suck him off, maybe if he finishes it will be over quicker >he says yes but cant get hard so we stop >i lay there fucking mortified and digusted with myself, feeling almost numb >we go to sleep what the fuck do i do anons. i hate cheaters. i wanna stay friends with him. im so fucking lost. please give me legitimate advice.
8 posts omitted.
> being a man that is literally attracted to suck dick & fertilize that what cant be fertilized > expect help on fucking 16chan, that can barely be found if you dont know about 8ch leave
>>4007 Is this like... fap fiction for you? Like, I'll take "shit that never happened" for 500, Alex. Sounds to me like you're a closet homo whose been having weird ass fuckin fantasies about your non-homo friend and you're desperate to "share" those fantasies with random strangers online. Get fucked dude. Seriously, go get fucked in the ass so you can stop being such a queer ass little fruitcake online. Like, you can be gay, but don't be a fuckin faggot about it. Nobody likes a faggot.
>>4128 >>4129 That is the best children's story ever told. Who wrote it?

(79.38 KB 1171x1080 PicsArt_12-31-04.26.28.jpg)
Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 15:45:28 No. 4010 [Reply] [Last]
Based Europoor here. About two years ago a new trend started where I live. The state wants to enforce stricter regulations on obtaining fireworks for New Year's eve. They banned the use of fireworks on sticks, public is only allowed to buy firework cakes now. This trend rose in the aftermath of invaders shooting fireworks on cops and civillians a few years ago on New Year's eve. This ban proposal is absolute horse shit. So if mudslimes begin to stab people, are they going to ban kitchen knives? The concerning thing about this dogshit is how the majority of people are for this. Interestingly, no one ever spoke about this five years ago and now suddenly this has become a huge problem because some mudslimes doesn't know how to handle the shit. I've talked to some old neighbors about this, many of them are deeply conservative and think that the whole mayhem about banning fireworks is snowflake talk. Suddenly every dog owner pretends to be an advocate for PETA just because their pets are scared by the noise. Many municipailities have enforced local bans on all fireworks and would instead like to offer a shitty laser show. What the fuck is wrong with people? What are your thoughts on this?
8 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>4010 Sorry, but it's actually capitalism at work. The whole point is to get your particular dumbass to an event! If personal fireworks are all made illegal... it means you have to GO SOMEWHERE in order to watch them. Like a community event... one filled with an endless array of consumerist crap for you to buy. Heck, hopefully a cover charge as well so they can sufficiently milk you like the cow that you are. Trust me, your city, wherever you live, would love nothing more than to make ALL consumer fireworks illegal... for their own benefit. Sure, sure, there's lots of "convenient idiots" about, like PETA or... whatever... but "convenient idiots" aren't just used for ideologues... they're also used by greedy pig bastards who just want to keep taking more and more and more for their own benefit. Since unchecked greed in and of itself isn't directly tolerated in our society it has to be hidden with the guise of something more palatable. To say, "We're making shit illegal to make more money." would obviously never fly. But to say, "We're making shit illegal to make you ~safer~." ...yeah that's a much easier "pill" for the masses to swallow... especially when you exploit the human need for self-victimization.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Capitalism, 'self-victimization', 'hate boner', the use of edgewords you use makes me cringe. Your whole speech makes it very clear that english isnt your first language & (neither is it mine, but) youre trying to impress some people on the interne by using a variety of words to say the same thing over and over again. Your understanding of the world is very 'simple' and (to me, as a reader, more importantly) bland. Ive seen 'your' points being made often enough, and while this forum isnt heavily used, theres no need to trash it with childish morals. No surprise really, that you call the other anon a 'racist fuckup' bc in time of crisis its the 'racism!!' that does the social segregation, right ? Right ?
>>4048 PROTIP: If English was ~your~ first language... you would know that it's capitalized, you poser class dipshit.
english still isnt my first language, but i really dont care at this point, im happy that i could piss you off, its like taking candy from a baby,(which is more than fine if this baby is 17 years old) :D Im also relieved to see that theres not much substance behind your ideas & morals, which is easy to notice when looking at your reply lol Oh,.and the fact that added more edgewords is like the cherry on top
>>4076 Oh you're a pedophile, eh? PROTIP: There's only one thing that really pisses me off... pedophiles... so if you're claiming to have pissed me off... well, your only option is being a pedophile.

I'm a Nazi, baby, I'm a Nazi, yes I am. Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 22:55:47 No. 3640 [Reply] [Last]
Joey was a jew

(27.80 KB 289x417 patagonia_norte_a_1.jpg)
Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 03:16:30 No. 4049 [Reply] [Last]
I am originally from South America, as I can be proud of my race. I am from Argentina, I have fascist friends, some are white, others Metizos. I am destined to form a group of Native Americans only for people of my race, so I plan to make a logo of my group, so give me an idea of ​​nationalist or fascist friends.
Ive never heard of someone proudly calling themselves a fashist, since its a shadowword. Either that or you use fashist as a bad word wothout realizing the irony to claim that youre proud of your own race
>>4053 my english is bad friend

(25.46 KB 567x361 D_kGvuuX4AASrXJ.jpg)
Impeachment Insanity Onideus 12/07/2019 (Sat) 05:23:30 No. 3623 [Reply] [Last]
The swamp is actively trying to blow itself up... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UE0mpQwczY Yes, there are facts... like the fact that the news media is so insane they actually openly admitted an inherent bias, the problem that, that bias isn't affecting people IN THE WAY THEY WANT and are so stupidly brazen about the fact that they want to manipulate people, that they also openly expose their efforts to research ways to BETTER manipulate people. So the facts are... they're not just biased, they're biased to the point of undermining the very foundations of their profession, to the point of actively seeking ways to use journalism as a form of propaganda. These people are absolutely insane. There's only one reason to try and kill the captain by sinking the whole ship... when you know the ship is going to vote to have you hung when the captain exposes your treachery.
>>3623 He says as he posts a biased video fueled by a news station so biased that it literally got a grifter elected.


no cookies?