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Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 02:35:58 No. 22314 [Reply]
So the strangest thing happened to me last week >be me >at boardwalk with family >see a totally hairless pale guy in a jacket watching me and my family with hungry eyes >coincidentally "hungry eyes" is playing through my airpods. >approach the hooker >haggle with the hooker > she says she'll do it for free if I follow her... >says I can follow her to the other side of the grainy castle >proceed to follow from behind seeing strange wiggling movement near her ass >I reach into my pocket to retrieve a piece of a Dorito i had for lunch but forgot to finish while using the public restroom >she accepts my payment >close my eyes and pray to my various nondenominational gods for forgiveness for the acts I am about to carry out. >she looks at me with the gaze of a 1000 cock stare >suddenly realize this is how I have always died; from the ultra aggressive case of syphilis that i ultimately share with my wife. >suddenly I heard a knock at the door and jumped up. it must be the deliveryman, it must be my pizza.

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what the fuck
(109.99 KB 376x292 1578434746947.png)
Shit tier Back to 4cuck
(47.45 KB 500x500 1538688414325.jpg)
>>22314 a great sage once said eating pebbles can help you gain weight

(243.54 KB 736x493 pol Change at.jpg)
I've got a personal story to share. Anonymous 09/30/2021 (Thu) 20:04:26 No. 22581 [Reply]
>be me >out hiking in Appalachia with bros > see clearing up ahead >Dark figure appears >it communicates telepathically and knows my name >"Bro, do you see this guy?" t. me to bro >bro didn't hear me but when I turn around the shade disappeared >My bro looks at me like he's seen a fucking ghost, asks me if I have my cellphone >check cellphone >I have a text message from a number I've never seen before >"KILL your friends and I will share the truth with you" >probably just some fucking spam, I ignore it >keep following the hike trail as it gets dark >My bro turns to me and asks how much longer until get to the main path >"not too much longer, maybe..." look at his face >something seemed off about the way he looked, like his face was twisted in the twilight. He seemed paler than usual. >"hey, anon, you okay?"

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(187.50 KB 1200x1168 1536672997012.jpg)
>>22581 >the aliens were trying to get him drunk so they could take him back home to their space ship and get lucky >the tour group from the grave yard are taking pictures and forcing the government to perform disclosure >Tommy's screaming, I don't know what to do at this point, there's a tranny waving a knife at me and an old man demanding 13% of my wages >trying to calm the troon down while I reach into my backpack, searching for my taser >the tranny threatens my livelyhood as I do so for not giving into their demands of acknowledging them as a genuine human with female anatomy >grab what I think is the taser in my hiking pack >withdraw the taser to discover it was Hitler and an SS battalion at full capacity >mfw I watch as Hitler personally beats the tranny's face in while the SS battalion massacres the skinwalker and gasses the stinky injin monsters >all the noise wakes up Big foot from his tulpa succubus lucid dreaming satanic simulation >prepare to do battle with bigfood >it's the jews >Hitler's raging now >big foot grabs Hitler directly by the cock and circumcise him by force with his big ape fangs >Trayvon Martin and George Floyd appear >"I cain breev!" t. George Floyd >Trayvon gets shot by some random Mexican that appeared from the bushes, the Mexican immediately turns into a white guy after shooting Trayvon

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(32.87 KB 540x540 1612133122739.jpg)
>>22582 then joe biden kisses putin passionately on the lips as the two gaze into the ridges of xi jinping's prolapse

Why is 4chan /pol/ shilling for a negress rapper? Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 07:52:26 No. 22397 [Reply]
>be her >speak out against taking (((covid vaccine))) >get huge backleash >meanwhile being part in the (((rap))) industry >Promoting (((BLM))) >Anti white >Degeneracy, she is naked in rap vids
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(195.77 KB 1600x1167 test test.jpg)
>>22397 <her i believe you are confused.
>>22402 People are too dumb to understand how political strategy works. That's why the jew wins, it knows how to harness the negro for its own purposes.
(244.22 KB 676x380 my problem.png)
>>22409 the kike rodents play both sides to achieve it (((purpose)))
(124.92 KB 1021x1024 1631911844605.jpg)
The reason 4chan is shilling for her is because she's a nigger Whore. And 4chan loves niggers.
(901.28 KB 540x789 nyet gook.png)
>>22397 >Why is 4chan.. Let me stop you there nigger

(152.25 KB 700x688 1543477728413.jpg)
Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 13:42:22 No. 22565 [Reply]
What are some decent paying jobs for a socially anxious retard like myself? I don't mind manual labour but I don't wanna wagecuck 7 days a week either Ty for any suggestions t. Eastern yuro

Anonymous 07/24/2021 (Sat) 23:04:33 No. 21582 [Reply]
Long live >>>/bmw/ Long live freedom of expression Long live the Aryan people's memetics department Long live the reign of Kek!

"this is fedposting" is literal fedposting Anonymous 08/22/2021 (Sun) 23:12:14 No. 22418 [Reply] [Last]
There is no political solution. Let us imagine that we are ignorant of the thousands of facts which back up this statement. Let us imagine that we are ignorant of the fact that the jewish media controls the US democracy through propaganda. Let us imagine that we do not know that this means that it is literally impossible for us to attain power peacefully. Let us imagine that we are ignorant of the thousands of ways that jews cheat or even break their own laws and get away with it, even as they hold White people to standards and rules that they design to hurt us. Let us imagine even that we do not know that the 2020 election was rigged. If you were a jew (or a member of the deep state hur dur) and you knew that what you were doing was premeditated genocide, would you ever allow the goyim you tried to exterminate come to power peacefully? Of course not. No one would. So even in the face of total ignorance of the endless crimes that the jew commits daily, the claim that the regime will allow us to peacefully and politically vote them out is preposterous. Conclusion; There is no political solution to White genocide. Second conclusion; The only way to end White genocide is to overthrow the jewish government. There is literally no other option other than surrender and death. Yet whenever anyone points this out, certain people will immediately start screaming NOOOOOOOO! THAT IS FEDPOSTING! SHUT UP! YOU'RE GLOWING Why do they do this? Do they not know that jews will never leave their positions of power peacefully? Do they not know that it is impossible for us to come to power peacefully? How could they be so naive? Do they not know that stating "It is good to overthrow tyrannical governments" has never landed any American in jail? Do they not know that this is by definition legal speech? See court ruling Brandenburg v Ohio. How could they be so naive?

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>>22532 >but you clearly have been this is projection. this is you letting your bruised ego choose what to say. i've done the opposite. i haven't bragged once, meanwhile you keep droning on about your epic redpilling or whatever. >I'm personally not interested in joining some potential fed pit and that's what further online organization inevitably is. you don't know who behind the other screen nor who is listening in until it's too late. >I've gone to scamdemic protests so doing nothing but being recorded by cctv and phone gps? very helpful, you've done so much for the white race. >Maybe one day when you grow up you will show us the way faker, in-fact you are more than welcome to show us anytime maybe when your nigger attitude has been humbled by some experience. i'm not the one who needs humbling. i'm not the one blowing the nothingness i've done far out of proportion to inflate my ego. you are incapable of realizing just how naive you are, and you can't be made to know because you take it as a personal attack instead of a raw fact.
>>22533 How about you actually live what you advocate and come back to tell us how it went instead of larping kid. You've already admitted how you won't do shit and never have so that's the end of that.
>>22533 It's amazing, isn't it - the cunt keeps going on about how real men shitpost online. You shouldn't really feed them, but it has been entertaining.
Why did the mods remove this after almost 100 posts?
>>22543 probably the broken record shitposting

Mike Valley says “You voted for Trump? Say hi to my fists”. Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 00:42:10 No. 22413 [Reply]
There was this dude he hung out with in Cky called "Mike Vallely", and he was the douchiest blowhard I've ever seen. He was a 5'8" balding manlet who looked like he hit the gym maybe twice a week to do only chest and arms, and he would get super aggro over nothing in order to look like the "tough one" of the crew; which isn't really much of an accomplishment, because the bar isn't set very high in the first place. His accomplishments included scattering 4 timid teenagers by flailing his arms like a windmill, and shoving a middle-aged mall cop away while the security guard was just trying to do his job. He also had a brief stint as a hockey enforcer, where presumably his appreciation for violence might serve some sort of purpose, but then, to absolutely NO ONE'S surprise, the MOMENT he had to fight someone as strong, or stronger than him, who was equally as fond of violence as he was, he got his shit pushed in regularly. Never won a single fucking hockey fight in his life and was CONSTANTLY getting thrown to the ice. The guy was the definition of coked up blowhard. Mike Vallely, ladies and gentlemen. A possible contender for "faggiest skater in all of existence". Possibly faggier than even Bam Margera himself.
Was there ever a non faggy or based skater? Aren't they all stoners leftycucks?
i could've gone an entire lifetime without knowing this guy existed, but i will give it to you that he really does look like a douchebag and a faggot.
>>22416 >>22414 Mike V is a big time faggot. I'm sure i shared this before but in the early 2000s i was skating Hollywood High with some friends- we were at some smaller stair sets in the back not where the huge stair set where everyone films is. I've ran into a lot of ams/ pros in those days and they've always been cool, the ones who weren't like Greco or a few others kinda just kept to themselves- but usually someone else in their crew would be cool with us so it was fine. But i digest... So we're skating and we see him and one of my friends was like "oh shit its Mike V" and like a little bitch - in a very whiney voice he goes "Yes its me Mike V, everyone just stop what you're doing and interrupt what I'm doing because I'm Mike fucking V. NO you can;'t have my board, NO you can't have my autograph, I'm just here to skate. GOT THAT?" We kinda just gave him an "alright bro" and kept it moving- but because of that incident i couldn't fucking stand his ass.

(109.42 KB 320x306 713cubcv1VL.png)
Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 00:29:16 No. 22412 [Reply]
Timmy Jones

(123.41 KB 567x1048 6d3f8b041982e8fc.jpeg)
Mossad agent down. Anonymous 09/20/2021 (Mon) 01:19:33 No. 22404 [Reply]
So did Kyle really kill a mossad agent ? Or is this a larp ? Where's the evidence ?
>>22404 you should assume nothing on 4chan is true unless photo evidence is provided. this is probably the latest in a long line of larps, ie red deer. that is a propaganda trick they have started to use more and more often after the success of Qanon. gale was the only jew of the three shot that did not die, his elbow was destroyed however
(125.43 KB 400x410 back to 4 .png)

(65.07 KB 640x480 1149198769796.jpg)
Liru the Werewolf Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 01:24:53 No. 22392 [Reply]
Liru Appreciation Thread! Here we post media and discussion related to Liru the Werewolf!