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(24.80 KB 323x395 3l6yq3-TiuPlM7.jpg)
Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 15:31:13 No. 17576 [Reply] [Last]
Have you watched this video that's been doing rounds in 4cunt circle and shizogroups? I honestly can't tell if it's a christcuk propoganda or glowniggers gathering some testsubjects? The guy sounds legit on many parts but maybe my low iq brain is missing some clever writing devices used to lure vulnerable ones. It sure feels like endtimes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2lDzuTn-Zw
>>17576 >48 minute vid Honestly i doubt the majority of the 4plebs have the attention span to watch a video that long and the ones that are shilling the vid probably just read what the comments were saying
>>17576 Yeah I watched it. Videos like this surface during times of suffering. People go though these phases of mental change and make more out of it than is really there. Reminds me of videos from 2012. Don't think much of it, schizo shit like this is actually very easy to make. More of the usual meshing of world religions that elites like to do. This stuff resonates with those in their early teens and twenties, crystal women, 50 year old moms, and schizo old men. Faith in Jesus Christ is fine but this is just another young man undergoing psychosis, note how he refuses to admit this to himself. Also note the use of psychedelics and mind altering drugs, which only further weaken his grip on reality. Then he goes on to talk about how reality is getting really weird (noticing triple digits and more). Hmm.. surprise surprise? I went through a phase much like this and eventually grew out of it. The mind does this when suffering. Note how he has chosen to ignore the events going on this year, so his mind has created all this fanciful shit rather than focus on the real cause of the pain and suffering going on around him. Like I said, schizo shit. I wouldn't waste your time with it.
>>17576 >my low iq brain is missing some clever writing devices used to lure vulnerable ones This is exactly what is happening.
>>17606 <continued He goes on and on about lack of sleep, which clearly would affect his mental state, yet refuses to address his own issues and regresses inward, willingly forcing himself further into a psychotic spiral. This is the fracturing of the mind that elites love to do and is the focus and subject of many music videos made within the last 20 years.
>>17606 >>17608 You are making sense anon. Doubting his mental health was also the first thing i did but he says that schizos don't have such depthful conversations and their "monsters" don't speak against their beliefs duribg delusional trips. Now i have never touched psychedelics or drugs in my life so i can't tell but i don't wanna write off this guy as i don't want to feel the guilt of discarding a genuine messenger. He also sounds very educated and disciplined.

Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 07:28:21 No. 17613 [Reply] [Last]
HAPPY 2021 FELLAS!!!!!!
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>>17614 fappy new year
>>17616 milk
>>17614 >ethot
What a warm welcome. This is gonna be a solid year.
>>17613 crappy jew year >>17619 Aye, if you liked 2020, you're going to love 2021

(837.91 KB 960x540 faggot.png)
Stop dumping your trash on /b/ Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 02:45:06 No. 17565 [Reply] [Last]
We don't want your trash over here. Maybe if it is entertaining or funny then yes but if it is just a botpost or shillpost then no.
1 post omitted.
Since site launched it has always been moderation policy to move threads rather than delete, with a few exceptions of course. If there are threads you feel are unsuitable even for /b/ feel free to report them.
>>17575 Fuck off you nigger.
(128.50 KB 800x600 1609380257-0.jpg)
>>17565 Cope.

(78.25 KB 612x612 1598392081866.jpg)
Niggers Anonymous 08/25/2020 (Tue) 22:27:28 No. 16019 [Reply] [Last]
Redpill me on Niggers.
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Tldr everytime they amass in numbers that happens especially if it's at the expense of whites. There's a reason why whites haven't been too successful in nigger societies. Mainly because niggers hunt whites for sport in Africa.
(1.07 MB 591x931 1598527623142.png)
(36.82 KB 556x552 1598357738022.jpg)
>>16019 there niggers
The old ones who live in rural areas are based.

(3.64 MB 1920x1080 WTF.jpg)
jooz Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 09:06:07 No. 9586 [Reply] [Last]
Jews are evil incarnate.
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(3.83 MB 268x386 1607650854292.webm)
>>17548 why would I sage a based thread about kikes? go away schlomo
>>17548 Not a "shill." A single nigger has been cartoonishly attempting to troll the board for at least a week, likely longer as there are a number of low quality niggerposts littering the catalog going back much further. Do not respond (he will bait you).
>>17548 Some tourist posted a thread >>>/pol/38269 about 16 on quarter chan last night, so now we get to deal with a bunch of newfags. A bunch of them found their way here this morn. While most are likely genuine, they are going to be all covered vernix and may require some time to acclimate. >>17551 Think the last nigger gave up, and the banned bunkerchan nigger this morning is new. 4chin thread was up past 250 replies when that little tirade was posted.
>>17553 Hopefully it doesn't happen again. There aren't any quality posters left there. Anyone who is likely to find there way here will only sabotage what little quality remains on this board. I was re-reading a thread I personally archived from 8pol in January 2019 just months before Christchurch. Even in the last days 8pol in the degenerated state it was, it's shocking to see the true wealth of knowledge and community that was lost. On the eve of 2021 nothing on the web comes close.
>>17558 *their way

(202.60 KB 640x960 1455399429965.jpg)
WWYD Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 03:07:35 No. 16228 [Reply] [Last]
If a looney nigger attempted to strip in front and said 'give me my reparations whyte boi', what would you do?
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>16236 >I'd tell him to fuck
gib me boibussy to him obviously
I’d thorw chains around his neck and say pick my cotton nigger boi
You're fucking dead cunt.

(48.50 KB 499x451 IMG_20201020_153944_712.jpg)
I will kill myself Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 06:42:17 No. 16567 [Reply] [Last]
And I won't change my mind, but still not sure which way. Is slitting wrists guaranteed death? How tall should a building be to die 99%? I don't want to suffer more the rest of my life
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
just walk down any street in gary indiana and scream "nigger" you will 100% get what your looking for, too fast for pain
>>16567 Suicide is fucking gay, I'll personally come to your grave to call you a weak queer if you do OP and I dunno maybe leave a nice reef or flowers behind too because I'm not that cruel. What you should do is get swoll at the gym, learn to shoot a rifle accurately, and then fly down to Tunisia to fight ISIS insurgents and Turk Roaches in Libya until you become a martyr. That would be fucking based. Who knows, perhaps you'll survive and learn to like your new life and maybe find a qt Arab gf too so it's a win win either way.
>>17426 based af. not even suicidal but now considering this
(78.96 KB 567x471 Raid 1602019861855.jpg)
>>17431 Well shit glad this actually help you anon.
>>17426 Based and life saving fren

(9.18 KB 219x230 basechan.png)
Anonymous 04/05/2020 (Sun) 04:33:27 No. 10065 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, anon from 4chad here and im just reminding you alt chan faggots that you will always be inferior to the king. Every altchan I go on is just people either people bitching about 4chan, a 4chan colony, a pedo hole, or just plain dead. You guys basically never produce any oc unless it has to do with orbiting that analockman faggot >b-but muh comfy Comfy? Is it comfy waiting 3 hours for new content when you basically get the same content on 4chan at 70x the speed. And I know theres a bunch of you faggots trying to find the next 8chan so you go to any lynxchan website you find, try to post some analockman memes or something and then the site dies within 2 weeks, but youll never admit that 4chan is simply better. No because 4chan is mainstream 4chan is reddit and its filled with normalfags. And the jannies OH THE JANNIES. Are you too fucking retarded to reset your router or get a vpn or somthing. And besides posting edgy things like cunny is more fun on 4chan because its against the rules, as opposed to a site like 7chan where the mods pride themselves on being degenerate retards. I know I know this post is coming from a cringe cuckchan normal fag right? Hey man you do you. Have fun going to 50 different websites to get the same content amount as 4chad provides
22 posts and 12 images omitted.
4chan? you mean reddit?
(51.22 KB 592x592 1563785042201.jpg)
>>10065 Nice b8, but alias, the alt-chans will keep popping up, and maybe one day we'll get another 8chan. Till then, quit copeing and post untill your heart's content.
>>10065 >Hello, anon from 4chad here and im just reminding you alt chan faggots that you will always be inferior to the king. Well said my 4cuck retarded cousin. Now go back to your kike run botnet on 4chins. t. 8chan king P.S. If any of you 4cucks have a brain (you don't) you would have left with us after gamergate.
>>10188 I mean, what about making dedicated boards to gaming and anime? I've been thinking about starting some gaming threads and getting Anons talking, and ideally shitposting, about gaming and its current state, as well as appreciating the rare gems. I just remember 4chan's history as a weebsite for the OG weebs and how it essentially exploded into what it became because of that. This site has none of that as far as I can see, and that worries me. But I mean, if I started a Stellaris General thread I'm not sure how many Anons would even give it a look or bother to leave a post. And I feel sadly confident that anime threads would be treated much the same. TL;DR: This board is too serious, not enough light-hearted shitposting, not enough memes, not enough comfy threads.
>>10619 Won’t be long anon. It’s happening.

(345.46 KB 1140x1049 1607711856913.png)
Discord tranny shills ongoing raid on /pol/ and 4ch in general Anonymous 12/11/2020 (Fri) 19:55:07 No. 17146 [Reply] [Last]
Yeah, I know it's dead.
3 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>17147 >That toxic pos board known as /pol/ >I've been going there the past week to rub Trump's loss in their face They cannot comprehend why people react them like they do. >look what a vicious creature this is, it fights back when you attack it
>>17146 The meme war will never end. And as they say, alls fair in love and war.
>>17150 >vicious creature we are not niggers sir
>>17146 >pink pilled >need a little push wtf is this cringe shit?do they think there spyes in a movie?

(411.23 KB 529x341 126547549946994685.PNG)
How do you feel about police? Anonymous 02/05/2020 (Wed) 20:23:35 No. 4827 [Reply] [Last]
I feel ambivalent towards them. On one hand, I understand that having a police force is necessary because there are too many people that want to hurt and steal from other people who can't defend themselves from those kinds of people, so there needs to be someone who stops people from being able to do that. But on the other hand, just simply having a police force opens the door to more authoritative control over the populace. They can act as a local armed force to assert command over people and use brute force to stop people from doing whatever their masters don't want the populace to be doing. You'd hope that this only includes things that are generally agreed to be immoral, such as murder, rape, theft, etc. But when it begins to include things like owning a firearm to protect yourself from those that also possess a firearm, or just simply living out in the woods because you don't want anything to do with society (which everyone should be allowed to do, if they wish; even though I wouldn't personally recommend it): that's when I have a problem with the police and the law in general. You shouldn't be free to hurt others, whether directly (murder or assault) or indirectly (theft or burglary), but personal freedoms should be untouchable by the law. But one thing that has never changed over the evolution of man is that whoever has the pointiest stick (or the biggest guns, with contemporary technologies) is the one who decides what happens. And usually, that is the governing body.
10 posts and 18 images omitted.
>>4827 They are good if you're a woman and bad if you're a man. Taxpayer-paid betas.
>>9642 >11 million for schools >30 million for prisons Is this supposed to be shocking? At least you have a chance to stay out of prison. It may not be all it's cracked up to be, but in theory that distinction still exists. The ballistic ballot has been in line with this - Robert Steinhauser offed 16, while that guy with an SKS from back when BLM was in it's infancy whacked 5 cops .
>>4827 In France, we have a saying. The same cops arrested the germanophiles in 39, the jews in 42 and the collaborators in 45. They will execute you in the street if the local politician tell them to, and they won't have to care about the consequences. I have seen them at work. I have made the yellow vest and I have seen the cops breaking the laws to crush a contest by violence and terror simply because a politician told them to. Some enjoyed doing it, some didn't but all of them were here in the street, violating the law and beating people for not liking having 70% of their income just stolen while they struggle to heat their home. Cops don't care. They will fucking execute you in the street if they are told to, and you know where politic is going. If only they went after the criminals, but the good old time is long gone, now cops are being told to not create conflict, so they arrest the same guy 40 time the same week and let the others roam free and unchecked. It's not like it would achieve anything if they did anyway, dealers and thief are released before the cops who arrested them are done with the paperwork. TL;DR: Cops are now useless against criminal. Cops will, in time, come after you.
>>4827 >having a police force is necessary because there are too many people that want to hurt and steal from other people who can't defend themselves from those kinds of people Evolution happens. Police are an evil, and unnecessary. Any who are defenseless are useless eaters, and will die. They will die who defend themselves. All die. Die.
I've been anti police for years. Our whole justice system is totally fucked


no cookies?