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(570.30 KB 1200x900 Newenglandwinterroad.jpg)
WE WILL NOT EAT THE BUGS Anonymous 09/18/2021 (Sat) 01:23:49 No. 22369 [Reply]
>We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it. We will win. >We are going to make it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Best way to learn a foreign language? Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 20:22:05 No. 22363 [Reply]
I want to learn French. What are the best language apps for French? How to develop good skills to manage a conversation in French? Any good youtube channels for French learning? Thankies

World Freedom Alliance Anonymous 09/14/2021 (Tue) 22:01:15 No. 22329 [Reply]
Here's how we stop the New World Order!
Why not make a proper post on one of the covid threads in /pol/ or /fascist/
(43.95 KB 676x380 f u c k y e a.jpg)
>>22329 I have a step by by step problem that will solve everything. step 1 - call every jew a nigger oven micro penis tranny step two - love your race step 3 -cuck lucifer step 4 - call obama a faggot step 5 - raise ultra chads step 6 - reject oatmeal step 7 - remove womens rights step 8 - segregation by country step 9 - outlaw all plastic as a crime step 10 - destrroy the modern internet and brin back 90's/80's internet.. There. that's a real man's guide to destroy the new jew world order. now tongue my anus!

Tim Win the monster Anonymous 09/08/2021 (Wed) 20:05:00 No. 22272 [Reply]
59 year old sexual sadist who has tortured, raped, murdered and defiled countless animals over the last 30 years. Also produces zoophile and zoosadist porn of said subject matter. Timothy George Amoroso has been an active sexual sadist, zoophile and allegedly non-offending pedophile for over thirty years. Currently operating out of the town of Winlock in Washington State, he has produced, filmed, edited and distributed hours upon hours of beastiality and zoosadist videos and photographs. For over thirty years, he has personally tortured, raped, killed and defiled countless animals. This post largely consists of excerpts from logs of conversations leaked in 2019. The conversations took place on the "Beasty Beast Beasts" telegram group. Tim Win is the handle that Tim Amoroso used when communicating in the group. How can we get this sick man in jail?? For more information https://youtu.be/k7S4R8XOcHo
Gtfo moralfag
Guarantee he has protection from high up. Basically anybody who survives doing this shit above board is being actively shielded from investigation. God knows why, maybe he's somebody's fixer, maybe he has a highly placed relative protecting him, maybe he's a source for dirt on other people. Maybe multiple of the above.

(15.50 KB 400x300 Raining men.jpg)
here's a pasta Anonymous 09/15/2021 (Wed) 15:29:45 No. 22339 [Reply]
We know everything. We remember everything. We get it: Kebabs are not human. From now on, the word "Kebab" has become the most terrible curse for us. From now on, the word "Kebab" empties the gun. Let's not talk. Let's not be indignant. We will kill. If you don't kill at least one kebab in one day, your day will be wasted. If you think your neighbor is going to kill a kebab for you, you don't understand the threat. If you don't kill the kebab, the kebab will kill you. He will take you and torture them in accursed Kebabia. If you cannot kill a kebab with a bullet, kill a kebab with a spear. If there is calm in your area, if you are waiting for a fight, kill the kebab before the fight. If Islamofascism is left to live, the kebab will hang the kafir man and disgrace the kafir woman. If you kill a kebab, you kill another - there is nothing more pleasant for us than kebab corpses. Do not count the days. Miles are not counted. Think of one thing: the kebab you killed. Kill the kebab ! asks the old mother. Kill the kebab! - This is a child praying for you. Kill the kebab! - This home screams. do not miss. do not miss. Kill!
(2.36 MB 957x1020 JEEEEJ.png)

nigger Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 00:58:57 No. 22352 [Reply]
-niggers -and even more niggerd. -an abundance of niggers. -a cascade of niggers. -a perfect numerical line of niggers r9k is filled with niggers <niggas

(126.21 KB 1080x1047 hhhh.jpeg)
Right-wing shitlords and Christianity Anonymous 09/15/2021 (Wed) 04:31:11 No. 22331 [Reply]
Genuine question: are you chan attilas really christian? It's just a troll job right? Or are lefties really that insufferable, that you've got to contradict them on each and every detail right down the line
Why don't you read what people are posting instead of presuming there is virtual consensus on imageboards like an obvious tourist retard?
>>22331 I'm not, some of my friends are. My hagiography and Christian eschatology is ok-tier, but I'm pretty stolidly Heathen in outlook. Natural forces are impersonal, wildly powerful, and govern our lives according to the laws of nature. For humanity to survive, we must understand that we are not above the laws of nature.
>>22341 >I'm pretty stolidly Heathen in outlook. Natural forces are impersonal, wildly powerful, and govern our lives according to the laws of nature. For humanity to survive, we must understand that we are not above the laws of nature. Being an atheist materialist is not paganism

(81.99 KB 740x599 abrahamismsadism.jpg)
Things We Can Say For Certain Anonymous 09/16/2021 (Thu) 01:57:42 No. 22359 [Reply]
1. Consciousness exists 2. Jews are servants of the Principle of Evil ...anything else?
3. In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread. 4. OP is a retarded fag. 5. reddit spacing

(59.56 KB 960x720 Woman Suck.jpeg)
Anonymous 08/24/2021 (Tue) 06:09:58 No. 22081 [Reply]
I met her at the bar. We had drinks, we hooked up, and then we started dating. Then COVID hit. That was when everything started to go down hill. Instead of exercising, she now watches netflix and racks up a pretty hefty balance on my credit card, every now and again. That was how it all started. I think she went from 130 to 280 lbs, all in almost two years. For letting yourself one's self go so quickly, that's a fucking record for the history books. Even if she somehow lost all that, I still wouldn't be sexually attracted to her ever again. The excess skin is there to stay. In my mind, that is just as unattractive as being fat. Before you all judge me for my sexuality, I am not attracted to large women, nor am I attracted to women with excess skin. I find them both equally unattractive. I even rejected a formerly morbidly obese woman who asked me out for this very reason, because I knew she would have loose skin considering the amount of weight she had lost. Of course, I did it with tact. I didn't reveal the reason because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I get accused of bodyshaming on reddit for not being able to fuck her on r/relationships. Fuck, I even get called a coomer, or whatever the fuck that is, by people on 4Chan's /b/ board. There, they bring up some false studies about how my dopamine centers are fried, simply because I don't find women with skin issue attractive. For god's sake, I am twenty-three year old male who is physically fit and lives off a trustfund. Why should I stay with someone whom I don't find sexually appealing? Sounds pretty selfish to me!
There's nothing wrong with not being attracted to fat women, that's jewish mind poison, you can't change the way your brain is wired. Leave her if that's the way you feel. Maybe if more men did this women wouldn't feel so comfortable letting go; of course that's if the courts don't hand her most of your wealth. Anyway, I hope that's not actually a picture of her, just a representation.
If that is her, she was too fat before. Why would you be surprised that this happened?
>>22081 >faggot crying about getting a free slampig
>>22081 >I met her at the bar. If you meet a woman at a bar, you will end up with a woman who goes to a bar. First of all, take her off your credit card. Second of all, how and why did you allow her to go from 130 lbs to 180, nevermind to 280? It's not like this snuck up on you. You could have stopped it. Did you voice your feelings towards her before she reached Jabba the Hut size or did you quietly suffer while saying nothing?

(115.08 KB 612x408 HORSEY.png)
( 6 _ 6 ) Anonymous 09/15/2021 (Wed) 12:18:44 No. 22336 [Reply]