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(403.69 KB 400x368 NatSoc hero.webm)
A NatSoc we can be proud of Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 14:28:16 ID:9998a9 No. 3874 [Reply] [Last]
Based NatSoc
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>>4738 I'm not really into online RP, Stumbles. I realize you're desperate and lonely, but surely there must be a consenting adult somewhere you can play pretend plantation owner with. I'm not really into that weird Tumblr shit.
(193.12 KB 1280x1548 i3eo29J847.jpg)
>>4739 Listen nigger, when I say pick cotton, you say 'yes master' PICK COTTON
>>3874 White woman to the rescue of a nigger. Big surprise there.
(1.72 MB 666x716 swarm of flies.gif)
>>4598 the 6 triangles represent the six shekels- the average wealth a jew scams every day in every part of the world, and the pentagon represents the american building soon to be brought shoah upon something yet to be interpreted by man

(100.84 KB 1200x780 1579463621304.jpg)
Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 09:29:01 No. 8247 [Reply] [Last]
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>>8298 I'll castrate you and turn you into a portable flesh light by carving off your hands and feet so you can't run. After cauterizing the flesh with a blowtorch I'll cut your tounge out and staple your mouth closed. Now let's move onto the eyes in which I'll inject 200ccs of estrogen a day until you go blind moving on to rectal implatations. I'll the feed you via I.V drip twice a week and sell you for a glass of Vietkong Moonshine and a Type 56 where you will live the rest of your life as a reverse pogostick for a perverted Vietemese man named Mr. Fuk. HIS NAME IS MATTHEW MOULTAN
>>8301 It shouldn't come as any surprise of course that my crazy stalker posting forgeries is pro-pedo. There has always been a direct correlation between how much a person hates me and how much they want to rape children.
>>8303 I don't want to rape children, where did you get that. I just want you to stop impersonating me. I do like to carve their heads off and use them as soccer balls, I go.. I go under the water and scoop them up then we sacrifice them we bet on them and it gives power during battle.
>>8307 Silence imposter is me you speak of me not you. Yes, we'd slaughter anyone we saw we would chop their heads off and use them as soccerballs but that was not children excusively.
Ah, jeez, looks like the chuckleheads are at it again. Ya know, if you guys want muh autograph, all you have ta do is ask!!!! Jeez!!! Wow! That little slut sure looks ripe! A little too female for my tastes, but when your name is MATTHEW MOULTAN, you gotta blow off the steam, somehow! Feel The Bern 2020

(6.64 KB 336x252 voat-goat-2.png)
Anonymous 02/04/2020 (Tue) 04:44:14 ID:ddbb3f No. 4775 [Reply] [Last]
What's the overall consensus on alternative social media like voat and gab.ai?
(4.99 MB 5312x2988 mid-yawn.jpg)
>>4775 Probably better than tracebook and shitter. I've never used them though. Social media in general is a blight on the internet.
(156.62 KB 1680x1050 Screenshot-osiris-netbsd.jpg)
I think it's all a bad idea. And I'd rather use old, simple protocols also. The closer it is to plain text, the more it keeps normies away.
>>5054 I like the idea and I think it would be interesting to see a BBS with some kind of /b/ and /pol/ with ANSI art littered all over it. I wonder if there is a SSH server like that
>>4775 bring back IRC chat other than that try neocities.org the rest of this stuff is not really helpful because the smallness of the social circle is so puny you might as well just email everybody you know and forget about it


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