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(175.32 KB 1024x769 1631851925730.jpg)
Blogs ITT Anonymous 10/11/2021 (Mon) 11:30:03 No. 22868 [Reply]
Plz post interesting blog links. I'll start: http://www.voiceofretards.com/blog/

(61.34 KB 782x1043 scarygolfcoarse.jpg)
(1.11 MB 1400x1122 Screenshot 2021-02-11 184909.png)
Can /x/ or a conspiracy/paranormal board be added onto 16chan? Anonymous 10/01/2021 (Fri) 23:03:16 No. 22593 [Reply] [Last]
/x/ on 4chan, and 8kun is pretty horrible now, and there aren't really any other good conspiracy/paranormal image boards, or forums on the internet so I think it would be great if /x/ or something similar was added here.
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>>23013 I do have high hopes for this place in truth, I like it a lot because of the stock of people. It's so easy get sucked in when someone just starts acting like a nigger, it's what killed intelligent discussion on 4/pol/ years ago. This place is comfy I don want to help it grow through effortposts. I apologize for getting incensed by faggots, it doesn't do well to partake in it, even to mock them.
(938.43 KB 1389x1080 1429926672701.png)
>>23015 >I apologize for getting incensed by faggots, it doesn't do well to partake in it, even to mock them. Yes. Nordic wisdom says not to spend more than 3 words on a thrall. That is to say, one enthralled by their passions, not in self command and self-aware sovereignty. Or just, don't feed the trolls.
>>22998 >Remember anon. So as you speak, so it is. Watch you words, they become you future, your very fate written by your own tong. Beware you word lest you unknowingly seal your own fate. >>23013 >(my memory is terrible) Anon I already almost forgot your warning goddammit
>>23012 all you have done today is presume my identity and try to make personal attacks from that, then put on a sanctimonious or stoic air. this is as you tiresome assholes continue to not-so-subtly sneak in another few baseless jabs in by vaguely referring to people acting like faggots or niggers. gee, i wonder who these limp-wristed and effeminate insults are meant for? you also claimed i had been "epically btfo by the flat earth retards" and that i was lying when i said i have had no participation in that discussion. don't forget you also essentially made no argument but just called me a retard and told me i'm not allowed to disagree with you outside of pol. that is fucking retarded in itself. the main point of all good forums has been to argue and share, not circlejerk and suck each other off all fucking day. you really aren't as mature as you keep deluding yourself to be, hence why i keep encouraging you to cultivate some self-awareness. you will respond like a fragile nigger with baseless insults and wild accusations, then turn around and try to accost someone else for engaging with an argument. you will invoke random personal rules for why you are allowed completely disregard a post (then have the gall to once again take a shot in the dark at my character/identity and claim i am some circa 2016 4pol retard as if the aforementioned practice is uncommon on 4chan). something is very clearly not registering with you in regards to your own behavior. unrelated note, i don't want anyone thinking i speak for moderation. i am not attempting to do that. i am just adding my view and my reasoning behind it to the x conversation. my opinions are my own, theirs are their own. i don't think the website owner is staunchly opposed to an x board and i ultimately do not care if it is added. i would have no reservations agreeing to it if there were more organic and unique interest.
>>22849 > There were mass fires in almost every major city in the West in the mid to late 19th century as well which destroyed hundreds and hundreds of ornate buildings on September 1st 1859 ?

(23.12 KB 633x758 Tired wojack.png)
I just recovered a strange memory through astral projecting Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 15:28:03 No. 22830 [Reply]
>be me >Standing with a crowd of people (mostly fat boomers in short shorts with cameras around their neck), waiting to go on a Caving Tour >i immediately strip off all of my clothes and send a mighty dump down into the abyss >And then some niggers came along. >niggers look at me and get afraid because I am naked > my pasty white skin is practically luminous in the cave >this is weird because I'm black, or at least I was >Tfw I realize that this is my chance to do some buckbreaking >"Y'all ever been Buck broken before?" t. me >"Oh shit" t. The niggers >My footsteps echo off the cavern walls >still naked, the disembodied nigger tongues follow my rectal scent >I can feel them bearing down on me, like hellhounds on my trail >Summoning my strength, I yell, "Turn in your job applications here" and dispel the spirits > >until I notice a single bigger tongue slowly slithering up my naked legs >Suddenly, the walls shake, the ground cracks, stalactites fall from the ceiling. In the distance, I hear a deafening roar.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

stop writing these you colossal faggot

(289.52 KB 700x466 1631753694111.gif)
Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 01:41:57 No. 22815 [Reply]
i iz hongry...

/fit/ bread Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 03:33:37 No. 22765 [Reply]
Zyzz edition What are you lads doing with your bodies these days? How's your diet?
>>22765 well I was working out pretty regularly until recently but my sleep schedule is fucked lately so I've just been slipping in some pushups when I can.

I need advice Anonymous 10/04/2021 (Mon) 22:03:27 No. 22685 [Reply]
I have $9.86. The unemployment department said fuck all Whites. I look like a preppy 19 year old college kid but I'm fucked. I Just got out of the loony bin for 10 days. I have no form of ID on me, no birth certificate, no SS card. I am about to swallow 40 delsym capsules and then perhaps check into detox. This is not how I was raised. This is not how my life is supposed to be. A series of bad choices and bad luck has led me to this stage at this age. I believe in God and still trust in Him, but this fucking sucks.
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>>22739 Again, you're offering no reasons why Christianity is false. Your offering your own subjective opinions. Is this really the level that pagans operate on? If you guys can't even provide an honest critique of Christianity, your LARP will never get off the ground.
>>22769 Interesting. Only watch first 15min, but certainly going to finish watching this after work.
>>22714 >Christianity >jewish this retardation needs to stop
>>22725 this guy gets it!

(260.83 KB 977x842 Screenshot_20211007_222611.png)
Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 05:28:42 No. 22766 [Reply]
thoughts on his new look?

Anonymous 09/30/2021 (Thu) 00:16:18 No. 22577 [Reply]
4chad here ama
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>>22577 is it true that jews make you people smuggle gold bars through airport security in your rectums?
>>22577 checked nigger
>>22579 >>22586 >>22687 cope jews literally give single reason why 4chin bad atleast our website is actually active
>>22586 fake news
I am also here from 4chan. I saw a picture with a link to this website and neinchan. first time on 4chan was in 2011, although I didn't start browsing until 2014 or 15. thank you for reading my blog, have a nice day. >>22762 16chan actually has decent PPH. (You) can often get (You)s while browsing the board, which is active enough.

(64.03 KB 1024x535 nervous.jpg)
Anons... Anonymous 10/04/2021 (Mon) 02:02:37 No. 22661 [Reply]
Females don't browse this site, right? They'd ruin our perfect oasis here
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>>22662 anon, she'd likely be racist, schizophrenic, and worst of all Australian. you wouldn't want a 16chan gf
>>22663 Sounds like a keeper
>>22661 My bedroom light is flickering. Wat do?
i doubt it but i would get first dibs anyway cucks
>>22661 If there are, they know enough to stay in stealth-mode. Anonymous online forums are an inappropriate place to try and wrangle simps.

I am probably one of the most enlightened individuals in the world Anonymous 10/04/2021 (Mon) 22:17:19 No. 22686 [Reply]
>Odin came to me in a dream 4 years ago and told me Richard Spencer was a federal agent, long before he is an open Bolshevik >This while being a Christian >Heavily gangstalked while receiving signs from the Lord that he will always protect me >Understand that Europeans are the true Israelites and the so called "jews" somewhere along the way stole our real identity >Understand Hitler was one of the last chances to save all of European society and he should be praised as a martyr and warrior for Europa I am a brilliant genius, enlightened, and blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
>>22686 I highly doubt that Richard Spencer is a fed. If he were a fed, he would be trying to blend in and preach the most orthodox White nationalist philosophy which the FBI believes we believe in ie, White supremacy + capitalism + Christianity + being a Republican Instead, he preaches things which completely contradict the things which the FBI believes we follow. What is really going on is that Spencer is eccentric, reasonably intelligent but not incredibly so, and an accelerationist. His views are eccentric because he is a bobo. And his slightly above midwit tire intellect tells him that the Democrats say that he is the face of White nazi-racism, so he goes out of his way to trash their propaganda by being an open Biden supporter and pro mandates. He is not dissimilar to the KKK group that supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. They knew what they were doing and so does Spencer. There is also a deeper element to Spencer's public statements. I believe that Spencer is an accelerationist. This aspect of his political philosophy became more pronounced after he lost steam in the post Charlottesville era. This shift in his personality would make sense given he was punched in the face (metaphorically) by the hard fact that protests do not work and voting will never oust the jews from power. Thus, he has adopted the idea that the only way to wake up the lemmings is to shock them awake by ruining their worthless lives with in-your-face judaism. >Europeans are the true Israelites >WE WUZ JEWZ N SHIT! My ancestors did not originate from the desert shithole of pissrael. In 1000~ years of its history, Shitreal did absolutely nothing. The jews produced no great literature (except what they copied from the Sumerians), no great philosophy, no great art, no great architecture, no great empires, no great literature (except the fucking torah), no great culture to speak of. That is what you are WE-WUZing over. A worthless shithole only one step above niggers. If it were not for Christians, no one outside of Assyriologists would even know about jews. Their worthless culture would have died in the desert or remained a random shithole desert religion. Instead, you worship jews.
>>22697 >third pic It’s common knowledge that Jesus went and preached the Gospel in Hades after he died and saved everyone who followed him. Millions of Europeans were likely saved then
>>22699 >Jesus went and preached the Gospel in Hades after he died and saved everyone who followed him So you can escape hell by worshiping the jew. That violates your other beliefs about Hell being eternal and irredeemable. The truth is that the only Europeans who deserve to burn in Hell are Christians and leftists for embracing degenerate ideals. Sin is a jewish myth just like White guilt.
>>22700 >That violates your other beliefs about Hell being eternal and irredeemable. No, when you're put in hell after Judgement Day it's final.